The dorm revised

by RdyRoger

New roommates Alex and Anthony meet and discover a shared love of muscle and a connection that has a profound affect on them both.

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Part 1 New roommates Alex and Anthony meet and discover a shared love of muscle and a connection that has a profound affect on them both. (added: 1 Feb 2011)
Part 2
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Part 1

Let’s start the day I moved into my new dorm room, the first day i was fully on my own and not living with my parents. Mixed feelings ran through me, but its freaking college and i was excited as hell. My roommate Brian was a total douche, he thought he was a tough guy ladies man. Oh man was he annoying.

Time came for the first meeting for the hall, and everyone headed for the RA’s room. I was slightly disappointed at first, there were only a few decently attractive guys in my hall. But someone walked in late, and SHAZAM! In walked a guy dressed in loose sweats and a sweatshirt emblazoned with the schools insignia. even with the casual nature of his attire, my jaw dropped at the sheer beauty of this guy. at a closer look there had to be a smokin’ body beneath the loose sweats. ah, college was gonna be great. lol.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t exactly have a way with guys.

After the meeting adjourned, i headed back to my room. the roomie waked up and said, “Sup G, me and the hall are gonna go get some food, wanna come? everyone wants to hang with the B man, you gotta come too”. i didn’t want to hang with the egomaniac at the time so i passed. as i opened my door, i noticed the super hot guy from the meeting open the door directly across from mine. I turned around and decided to try and introduce myself.

“Hey,” i said, “hows it going? being as were going to be hall mates all year i figured i should introduce myself. Im Alex”.

“Hi, im Anthony” he said. Of course, he was Italian. Figures. Super Hot. “Why aren’t you goin’ to eat and hang with all the others?”

“Ah, that guy Brian, the ’B’ man, he’s my roomie and i don’t think i could take much of him tonight. he’s really egotistical and I’m not in the mood to deal with it. Shows off constantly, brags all the time, even exaggerates about having a big cock like that will impress people. But he’s close. He’s a big dick. But hey Anthony, why aren’t you going?” He sure would be popular, I thought.

“i guess you could say the same about me, just not in the mood to bond with everyone while they’re all trying to show off for each other. This being the first day away from everything i have known is weird so I’m just staying in.”

“yeah….” i said in an awkward tone, not knowing if i should try and say something or just part ways for the night. i kinda turned to go back to my room when he interrupted my movement.

“Hey… i just rented Wedding Crashers, you wanna watch it with me?”

“Sure, I didn’t see that. Heard that movie is SWEEET. haha”

“Oh, i have the mad hookups at the video store” Anthony smiled.

“Well count me in. what about your roommate, wheres he?”

“i have a single room, so no roomie”

“oh… ok. well lets get this started!”

So, we proceeded to watch the movie. I give all the credit of getting to know Anthony to that movie. that night we didn’t go to bed, just stayed up and talked all night. Time passed and we ended up dating. Turns out I was his kind of guy. Who knew? He really seemed turned on by me. Which was just fine with me. I was happy, i mean i was dating a drop-dead gorgeous guy that had a body like nothing I’d seen before, in real life anyway. at 5’11” he had the legs and ass of an angel, powerful and lean, and his butt was so round and firm, but not oversize. a flat stomach you could crack an egg on led up to my favorite part, his firm pecs were perfect and looked great on his frame. all this connected to a flawlessly handsome angel face and smart mind. one word: HOT. i was a lucky guy. He liked that I was taller than he was, too, almost 6’ 3 1/2”. I had a decent build and was pretty handsome, but nothing compared to Anthony’s angel face and gym bod studliness.

One night we got around to talking about sex. up to now, we had not had sex but done everything leading up to it.

“Alex,” he said, “when we decide to have sex, i want it to be special. but that’s not what i want to talk about right now.”

“K, well why did you bring up bumpin uglys then? we both know when it happens itll be great, so what do you wanna talk about?”

“Cocks” he said. as blunt as could be.

“Cocks? like, my cock? yours? someone elses? whadda ya mean? haha”

“haha good one, you should do standup. no but seriously, just them in general, and my, um… preferences.”

“Go on, im listening” and i was, intently.

“Ooook.” he said. “Dont worry, there is nothing wrong with yours trust me. but i have a preference for big penises. dunno why but i just do, the way they look, feel, all that. its just so hot.”

now, i didnt have a gigantic cock but i was sitting happy at 7.5 x5.5 inches, and i know he enjoyed the size as he had mentioned it before.

“ok well i kinda figured but i hear ya. why’d you bring that up?”

“well, the first guy i slept with had an average one, probably 5 or 6 inches. but my second was bigger, like 8 and a half. that’s what made me like him. Looked great in speedos, board shorts, jockstraps, 501’s… yours is big too, and i am relieved that you are.”

“ok” i said,” thanks for the heads up. hahaha”

“haha you are such an ass. I just have to be honest with you up front.” he said playfully.

“and you’re a size queen. hhhhhhhahaha. ok ill stop, that was mean.”

“Yet true. Can’t help it. Feels so good when.. damnit, you are an ass, a funny one though. haha”

And that was that. end of cock conversation. But about a week after, something started to happen to him. not him personality, but to his body.

I started noticing his pecs were bulging a bit out of his wifebeater. maybe it was me but i totally thought it was there. Not too long after I noticed his thighs seemed bigger too, and his lats. A few weeks later i mentioned it to him.

“Babe, are your pecs growing? they are bulging out all over the place and they feel huge. In fact all your muscles look bigger.”

“Yeah, they are, its crazy. i measured myself this morning and i’m definitely bigger. And i’m not even working out. ”

“Oohh well then, how about we get you out of that undersize wifebeater and get you a bit more, comfortable” i said devilishly.

as i pulled off his undershirt, his big pecs sprang fourth. His deltoids looked bigger too. I’d thought they did when he had the tanktop on but now I could really tell. I felt his muscled chest and shoulders. He felt thick, fleshy, and densely muscled.

“WOW”, iIsaid, “they feel bigger than even last night.”

Anthony said to me “I think your right, god I feel so heavy. grab the measuring tape out of the bathroom.” we measured him and sure enough, he had grown a tad more.

“you like my growing muscles dont you” he cooed.

My 7+ inch hardon was now at full attention, rock solid in my pants. “especially your pecs, Anthony!”

“Let me relieve you of those painful looking shorts”

he pulled my wang out and preceded to slowly stroke the shaft. I coaxed him over to his bed and slid his tight jeans and boxers off.

“Take my cock Alex, oh it feels so good. oooh im so hard”

“Babe you arent lying, you’rr rock-hard and covered in pre” i said in surprise to the healthy flow of juices down his shaft, which was just a tad smaller than mine and a bit narrower.

He tugged me up and started sliding his inflated pecs up and down my shaft. oh god did it feel good, I’d never pec-fucked before and it had was a hot sexy new fantasy of mine. Any guy I saw with thick pecs I thought about with my dick between them, and now it was happening!

“I want you in me, filling me up, oh please slide your big dick in me. Oh god I love your big dick I want it in me I can’t wait anymore.”

As i centered myself for entry, i looked up at him and i swear to god i thought i saw his muscles grow a bit. i disregarded it and slid my head in his tight ass.

“Ooohhoh its been too long. go slow.” he gasped as i slid in him slowly, goin in a bit deeper each time. Once i got all the way in, he told me he wanted to be on top.

“Top huh? feeling a little cowboyish?” i laughed.

“you know it big man! now lay down on the bed!” he demanded.

he proceeded to ride me like he would die if he didn’t fuck me as hard as he could. his firm hard muscles looked huge while he was bouncing up and down on my hard cock. it was ecstasy. I was glad I was over 7 inches in length, Anthony really got off on it.

After we were done we just lay there relaxing in the wake of it all. I asked him, “I swear to god i thought i saw your pecs and lats grow while we were at it. did it?”

“I dunno but i thought my muscles were feeling a lot heavier. tho i dunno. go get the tape again”

As we measured, I was flabbergasted. his chest measured out to be 50 inches. for those of you who don’t know, that’s some huge pecs on a slender build. He was wicked buff but he wasn’t that muscular when I met him, that’s for sure!

“Jesus what should i do Alex? what if they keep growing? i wont fit into my clothes. my chest is so HUGE!”

We talked a bit and then crashed out, we were exhausted. then next morning i awoke to an empty bed. Anthony was already awake and had the tape measure around his pectorals again.

“Alex, I think I grew again. i cant get a good measurement” he said in a frustrated voice.

“Here I’ll help out. they sure do look even bigger. ….. Ok, you’re 52 and a quarter inches around.” I sat back stunned. He must have measured wrong yesterday. No one could grow that much overnight. And that was a lot of mass, adding that much circumference to an already muscled chest. But he did look a lot bigger, and his nipples looked bigger and stuck out more too. Maybe from my working his chest last night I thought.

“Fuck thats big,” he said. “I gotta go get some new shirts. No more mediums for me.” Anthony pulled on a t-shirt and it was ridiculously tight with his lats and pecs and biceps and triceps sticking out. I noticed his upper arms suddenly seemed a lot bigger than last night too. Before I could comment on that, he said

“Ok, lets go to the mall and get some things. its Saturday so we have all day to shop.”

We went around and only found a few shirts at places, I also, out of my niceness (lol) bought him a few tight tanks that fit over his expansive chest and a new bathing suit. i must say i was enjoying his new chest size. And it appeared that he did too. he really liked showing off his new muscle chest, wearing large t shirts which now were tight on his body, I didn’t mind but he always seemed to want to go to the gym or the pool and wear his skimpy suits. He would point out all the guys who would stare at him to me, then kiss me right in front of em’, as if proving he was mine. His size queen attitude was really showing through. haha like I said though, i didn’t mind. ;-)

All was fine and Anthony’s muscles didn’t grow any more. He now weighed 205, I know when we met he mentioned he weighed about 165 I remembered. Everything was idyllic, until a few weeks later, when something else started to happen.. to me…

It was weird, truthfully. one day i was just walking to class, and i noticed it seemed my cock was slightly chubby, but it didn’t feel like it was. i just decided it was nothing and went on with the day. I was aware of the size of my cock a lot more these days because Anthony was always getting off on it, whether I was naked, or wearing nothing at all. The feeling didn’t go away. it just felt like I had a bit more down there all day long. When I got back to my dorm, I was horny so I masturbated and I even measured and sure enough, it looked like i was rocking a slight chubby when I pulled down my briefs. I stroked it up and measured but there wasn’t any change in my erect size. Although I was pretty horny, about as horny as I’ve ever been. I was a bit excited there. if Tony’s pecs and muscles can do it, why not my cock…’ I thought to myself. oh well. I was still the biggest guy in the dorm I knew about, anyway. I know there were a lot of guys bigger than me but it was pretty rare percentage wise. I figured I could keep Anthony very happy. He did like seeing my package in speedos.

But as it turned out, over the next week it did grow. not by much, but i was a full 8x6 by the weekend. That was amazing to me. I’d measured myself many times wishing my cock would reach from a bit past the 7” mark all the way past the 8” mark. Especially since I met Anthony. I liked him and wanted him to stick around. I knew i needed a big hook to keep that stud on my line! ’ About then I was about 5” long flaccid, which was another benefit from my growth.

I was also super horny all the time, my balls were churning for release 3 or more times per day! I decided I was going to hold off on having sex with Anthony for a while. it would be a test of self restraint, as he always wanted me huge and he was so damn hot, but i wanted to see if my cock would get any bigger before springing it on him, so to speak. Maybe I had this thought that if I didn’t show him it would keep growing bigger until I did. I didn’t make any sense, I know, but I wanted to see what a couple of weeks would do.

A week and a half passed, and I grew 3/4 of an inch longer and almost the same thicker. i now measured 8.75” x 6.75”. One thing i did also notice and liked, was my flaccid size was growing a lot more than my erect size, and it seemed my balls were getting bigger and hanging lower as well. They sure were heavier and my package was a lot tighter and I had to exercise a bit more care so I didn’t squeeze my balls as they were now big enough for that to happen and for it to hurt. As for cock size flaccid, i was almost 4x3 soft before, and now i was 6.25x5.25. i was enjoying the extra bulge it gave me. But everything was making me horny these days. I had a constant need to jerk off and I had trouble concentrating on anything without my mind drifting to sex.

Anthony was busy with school and work, but I did notice him staring at me with appreciative eyes. I guess my bigger cock and balls was making a more impressive display in my pants.

It just so happened that night I also gave in to Tony’s advances. we were just laying there watching TV when he said to me:

“Alex, fuck me now, i haven’t had you in me for over two weeks. I want you, I NEED your big cock, PLEASE FUCK ME!” he demanded.

i just nodded. He flung the sheets off his bed and flipped me over while simultaneously shredding his clothes off. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it to be possible. hahaha. He was very enthusiastic.

“Wow Tony I didn’t know you were so starved for affection, you should have said something.” i said, half just for fun. He didn’t correct me. His name was Anthony, not Tony. He didn’t like being called Tony. He could never explain why.

As he ripped my boxers down he stopped dead in his tracks and froze staring at my blown up softie just hanging there in front of my inflated balls.

“Oh god Alex, why didn’t you tell me? How is it possible we both hit growth spurts? You’re way bigger than before!”

His precum was flowing so much i thought i saw some dripping on the bed. All I said was:

“Surprise! how about you find out just how much I’ve grown. I noticed it happening and wanted to surprise you so I laid off having sex for the last couple of weeks.”

From there he took the reins. i just leaned back and enjoyed the ride as he impaled himself on my cock, moaning and groaning, repeating over and over “You’re the biggest cock I’ve ever had now, oh fuck your soooo big” Anthony rode me into the night, and what a night it turned out to be.

The next morning we didn’t talk about it much, just that he was incredibly happy with my increase. But at breakfast, I saw something I shouldn’t have seen. As I was walking back to the table, I saw him take a bottle out of his book bag and slip some sort of green pill into my orange juice. I was stunned. It must be vitamins, I thought.

I stood there out of sight pondering what that could have been. Was I just seeing things? This was my boyfriend, he couldn’t be drugging me or something could he? It was on my mind the rest of the day, so I finally decided i would look in his book bag and see what the hell that was. When I did look though, it was gone. By accident later that night, i was grabbing some aspirin out of his medicine cabinet and saw 4 bottles with labels on them. two said ’muscle’ and two said ’penile’. Anthony had written his name on the muscle bottles and my name, Alex, on the penile bottles with a marker. The prescription was for 2 -4 pills per day. There were 21 pills in each bottle according to the label. The muscle bottles were totally empty, and one penis bottle was empty while the other was full.

I finally understood, his size-queen fantasies had influenced him and he was busy creating his fantasy in real life. Me. A hung stud for himself. I had mixed feelings, and i couldn’t decide if i should bring it up or not. I mean, I was happy with the increase, I was a super hung stud now, I was admired in the locker room at the gym, I was looking good at the pool, and I had a lot more big-dick confidence in my stride these days. Also Anthony could just deny it altogether. I mean, how could I prove something like these pills actually worked? And where did he get them?

I realized also that was how he’d packed 40 lbs of muscle onto his 5’11” frame. Although nowadays it seemed he was more like 6’ tall or even taller. I still towered over him at over 6’3” tall.

The next few days I didn’t know what I should say or if I should say anything at all. I was falling hard for Anthony and if I confronted him he might leave me. For good. So I kept an eye out and i didn’t see him trying to find a way to get me to take more of the pills, but I had a suspicion he might so I kept checking the pill bottle in his room and it was as full as ever.

My cock had topped out at about 9x7 right about then and it hadn’t grown since, so who knows? I thought he was happy with my size so I figured all our growing was done. Although I wouldn’t mind a bottle or two of those muscle pills. There wasn’t anything on the bottles though that said where he’d got them from. And the rest of the week went by and nothing happened in my genital region, so i figured he was happy with what he had created, and since i was enjoying both him and my enhancements, I wouldn’t mention what I had found. As for flaccid, my cock was now 6.75 x 5.75. I think my balls continued to grow for the next week, but it seemed to settle down and stop too. I still had that enhanced libido with my larger endowment. That was, until what happened a few days later. I think nothing more might have happened but something threw everything out of balance. It was Kenny, who made an honest but life changing mistake for me.

I woke up on Saturday sick as a dog. truthfully, I don’t think I had felt this sick since I was a kid. Anthony rushed me over to the doctor, and the conclusion was strep. DAMMNIT! Doc said i had to be careful with this cause i lived in the dorms, something as contagious as strep would spread like crazy. Anthony offered to have me stay on the futon in his room so he could take care of me, and I mean, how could I pass that up? Once we got back the strep hit me hard and I was basically bed-ridden for almost 5 days. When it all cleared up, well, that’s when things got interesting. Anthony fed me breakfast and Kenny from next door helped out as well with lunch and dinner and giving me my antibiotics twice a day.


Part 2

I awoke again on tuesday morning feeling much much better. I felt like I was covered in a pile of manure however, as i had barely moved from Tony’s futon the entire time I was not well- I was mostly delirious for the previous 4 days. Anthony was in class, Kenny fed me lunch as usual and the last 4 of my antibiotic pills and headed back to his room with an admonition to call him if I needed anything. I felt so much better about lunchtime I decided to take a shower before Anthony got back. As I got up, I peeled my boxers off and walked into Anthony’s bathroom. Since I was there, i decided to give those bottles a little check-up like I always did, and what I saw freaked me out. There were only three empty bottle in the cabinet. This triggered the first reaction it would for anyone in my situation, I stepped back and looked down….. what I saw was incredible! My cock was gigantic! It was as big soft as I was hard just a few days prior! And my balls now were easily the size of plums- at least 3 inches in diameter !

I was wide awake now. I reached over and grabbed his measuring tape off the shelf, and confirmed it. 9x6.5 soft. ’Holy shit’ i thought. ’What am i gonna do with this?’ I went back to the living room and saw the pill bottle on the coffee table. Kenny must have thought they were my antibiotics. He’d taken them from the bathroom and fed them to me over the last 5 days. I grabbed the bottle. It was empty. I remembered Kenny said these were the last 4 antibiotic pills he’d given me. I was stunned. I didn’t let myself get hard, frankly I was so freaked out I wasn’t horny for the first time I could remember in weeks. I knew that Kenny had made a mistake- a big mistake, but I wondered if maybe Anthony hadn’t brought that bottle out of the bathroom intending to give me a few more. I was hurt he was doing this behind my back. Now I was a freak. Before I’d been a big man on campus, but now…

I sat down and thought. My 9” softie and giant scrotum were hanging down the front of the sofa cushion. I decided I wanted it to be a surprise for both me and my size-queen of a boyfriend when I finally did get hard. I wanted Anthony there, he was my dream guy after all. . All I could do was take my shower, but in the process I came up with an idea that would be fun. Now that the shock was wearing off the lust was setting back in!

After my shower I laid myself out on the futon where my snake-like cock was hanging out of the covers and down the side of the cushion. I would act like I was asleep, Anthony was sure to see it once he walked into the room. What actually happened was a bit unexpected however. When he got back, he wasn’t the first to walk in. ’SHIT’ I thought. Kenny walked in first. My head was slightly covered with the blanket so I couldn’t exactly see what was going on, but I heard an unfamilliar GASP… and then Kenny said, “Jesus!” and then silence, until Anthony came in.

“Oh jesus……..” muttered Anthony. “Kenny, I’m so sorry, he’s out like a light. I didn’t expect…”

“It’s ok Anthony. jus.., just give me a call in a bit and we will go get breakfast and I’ll bring what we need for the project” Kenny said with a still obviously shaky voice. and with that he walked out and closed the door.

Anthony was muttering to himself once his Kenny left, “Jeeze, I didn’t expect him to get that big, what is he going to say? what am I going to say to him about it? does he know yet?” and then he discovered the empty pill bottle on the table… “Oh my God! I only… oh Kenny! You gave him all of them! It’s too much!” a long pause ensued after his babbling. I lay still, the realization that Anthony had given me at least a few of the pills before Kenny went bull fuck crazy with them. Then I heard; “But it is damn sexy, oh myyyy, is that hot or what?!….” he got up and moved over to the bathroom where i heard some rustling, then walked back over to where I lay. All of a sudden, I felt his warm hands wrap around my cock, or try to at least, and lay what felt like his measuring tape on my dick. he was measuring my cock while I was ’asleep’!

“Holy…! almost TEN inches!” he exclaimed.

’Whaaa?’ I thought to myself. ’Did it inflate more? its only been an hour since I measured!’ Then I remember that Kenny had given me 4 pills at lunch. Fuck. What was that going to do. I did feel a heavier weight hanging there now- was I growing bigger by the minute!?

Anthony carefully tucked my monster back under the covers. I heard him go back into the bathroom to put the tape away, then as he walked back out he said, “Wake up Alex! C’mon! Kenny wants to meet us for breakfast soon so you need to get UP!”

I faked like he startled me and sat up in bed. “Hey babe, Good morning to you too.” I said. I stood up and faked a short yawn as he walked over to me and kissed me enthusiastically. “Morning hun. feeling better? you look much better” I knew he was half referring to me, and half to my oversized penis swinging freely out the bottom of my boxers. I could feel the cool air on the head of my cock, it was arousing to say the least.

“I feel great. I finally feel human for the first time in a week! I feel superhuman in fact. I woke up right as you left for class a few hours ago so I took a shower and that made me feel much better. I guess those last antibiotics Kenny fed me did the trick.”

He made a face at me as if he thought i should be well aware of my increase, but I still played it like i had no idea. He rubbed my shirtless chest, obviously trying to be sexy(like he had to try. haha), then looked up and kissed me passionately again.

“Well, I’m glad you are feeling better, i sure missed you while you were sick…” he trailed off in that tone he uses when he wants to fuck, as he backed up un-buttoning his shirt. i was trying really hard to not get aroused, i didn’t want to “find out” my new size on my own, i wanted to see how he would reveal it to me. Tony had slipped out of everything but his boxers now and I saw his 6” cock hard in them, and he advanced back towards me. Silently he reached down and flicked my boxers down my legs. He was shivering. iI kicked them off without losing eye contact with him. My huge penis throbbed with anticipation, he was rubbing my abs as we kissed again. Finally he slid his hands down and wrapped them both around my cock. I leaned back in pleasure as he stroked it a bit, lifting it up and letting it slap back onto my thigh. ’now is my chance’ I thought.

“WHAT THE….” I said with my best surprised expression as i looked down at him holding my meat. “Holy SHIT! Tony, why didn’t you say something!!?! god damn, I’m fucking HUGE!” i noticed it was definitely bigger than when i measured it little more than an hour ago.

“I thought you knew Alex. You said you had just taken a shower this morning, did you not notice?”

“I was still half asleep, how would I?”

“Oh, well then, how about we measure it and see what you grew to?” he said with a devilish grin.

“I guess my resting let my cock do a lot more growing while I was sick.”

I didn’t protest. My soft meat came out to be a bit over 10” long and 7” around, but I was still a bit aroused so I figured my totally soft state to be around 10x7. For now. How much more would I grow with the pills that Kenny fed me about 3 hours ago? How was I going to hide this thing? Anthony started to stroke it with both hands, as he couldn’t fit just one around the shaft anymore, while licking the tip with his tongue. It got hard quicker than I expected a cock with that much volume would take. It stood rock solid slightly angled up, with a tip the size of a peach. There was no way I was going to hide this thing, I realized.

“You’re a foot long babe! 12 full inches.” Tony exclaimed. “and 8.5 around! I think the tip is thicker though. yea, it is by about 1/4 inch. so at the tip your like 8.75!”

’Damn, 12x8.5.’ i thought to myself. ’That’s the cock every guy fantasizes about’…

“Jesus, Am I too big Anthony?” I asked just to tease him. I knew already it completely turned him on. He was rock hard and his nipples were completely hard too. “It’s just so fucking huge, i don’t know what I’m going to do with it.”

“Oh, I think I can think of something we can do with it baby.” he said with that mischievous smile… “Fuck I love it! Look at this giant meat!” He couldn’t stop touching it and hefting it. “You’re my big stallion!”

Anthony took the tape measure away from my stripper-pole of a cock and started to stroke it slowly again.

“Lay down on my bed stud.” he said. “I’m going to show you exactly what a monster cock like yours is used for.” That’s the first time someone called me monster cock. But it wouldn’t be the last. I was a monster now.

As he said this, he raised my rod up and pressed it on his chest, the head resting between his huge round muscle pecs. He stroked it with one hand while squeezing his pecs on the tip with his other, I must say it felt good, interesting as I had never felt a sensation like that, so much of me being handled in such a way. It was awesome. I felt so much sensation though my shaft, it was incredible, feeling every different touch on the different length of it all, Wow…. Having a bigger cock was definitely sending more pleasure signals to my brain!

“Baby, I want to try and get it in me, its gonna be a tight fit but my ass is aching for you..” he whimpered. He was such a stud until he saw a big cock! It always made me smile. I was glad to accommodate him.

“As long as you don’t hurt yourself babe.” I replied. I was so horny now I just wanted him to sit on my monster.

He kneeled up and tried to position it for entry, but he was having a hard time. “Guess your not used to such heavy equipment huh Tony?”

“Its a steep learning curve Alex, but I’m a quick learner.” He said back, and as he did, he turned sideways and in popped the head of my dick.

“Ooohhhhoooohh. Jesus, it’s stretching me out so much. mmmmhhhhhhh”

He straightened out and started to bob up and down a bit, slowly stretching himself out deeper and deeper. The sight of such a giant cock shoved up between his muscle bubble ass cheeks was insanely hot to me. I have never heard a person moan so deeply and loud in my life, I swear I thought he was in pain, but it turned out he was speechless and moaning due to the pleasure of my swollen member sliding deeper and deeper. He had about 5 inches in now and was going for more, it felt incredible as he swallowed more and more of me. I could feel his insides stretching around my cockhead. He was so tight around me, I had never felt anything like it before, I was in heaven.

“Alex i can’t take any more, your too fucking HUGE.” Tony grunted.

“oooohh god this is crazy, it feels incredible. You are about 3/4s of the way in Bottom boy!”

“Thats IT?!?!” Anthony exclaimed. “It feels like its all in, there’s just so much.. oh wowww….” he trailed off as I started to gyrate under him. as he trailed off he started to slide up and down slowly, his muscled body shining with perspiration and gasping at the sensation.

We continued to go slowly until he came harder than I have ever seen, thrashing about like he was having a seizure, shortly there after I did as well, shooting my buckets of semen inside him and then all over the sheets. I came for like 3 minutes. After lying there for a while to recover, Tony looked at me and said

“Ok, time for a shower and breakfast! hahaha”

So he called Kenny and we got ready to go over to the commons and eat….

As Tony was getting ready I ran over to my room to change. Yes I now called him Tony. He never tried to correct me again. I guess having a giant fuckstick gives you privileges. I just had some sports shorts on and carried the rest of my dirty clothes i used. as i opened the door and threw my clothes over in my dirty clothes pile, Brian, my roommate, greeted me;

“Sup buddy, finally over the bird flu or whatever you got? i cant believe how long you were sick, I’m never sick. i guess thats just cause im such a BAMF. hahaha.” he was sitting in bed watching tv with some random guy I hadn’t seen before, i probably just missed walking in on them banging, thank god. Yeah, I’d figured out that all that macho posturing with Brian was to hide the fact he wasn’t out of the closet. He was a big fag.

“Oh by the way Jason, this is Alex my roomie”. he said to the guy. He waved.

Right then I hatched an idea to use this situation to my advantage and to put ’the B man” in his place. i knew my 10 inch softie was outlined nicely by the thin fabric of the shorts i was wearing, you could even make out the outline of the head behind the fabric, and it helped that I had taken off my too-short boxers before hand.

“yea man I feel much better, I feel like I’m a whole new man.” i said as I turned my front into their view.

“Well that’s good bro, a guy like you needs something to feel good about,” he said in a mocking tone, looking at his guy for some sort of giggle or approval.

“You are an asshole when you’re trying to show off man, but i wouldn’t expect anything less from you.” i said as I leaned against the TV. As I did so, I felt my cock shift out and around my leg, which made an even more pronounced tube-shaped bulge. Jason’s eyes instantly shot to my crotch, as his mouth slowly dropped in awe. he started poking Brian’s arm and whispered something in his ear. Brian glanced over, pausing for a second, then said,

“Dude, take that dildo out of your pants, you aren’t impressing anyone. No one has a cock that big soft, why would you even try and pass that off? I’m sorry little man but thats pathetic.” as he turned back to watch TV.

“Huh?” i said. “Do you mean my bulge? I’m confused.., I mean, I have grown a bit the last few months but that’s what guys our age do.”

“Yea he means that huge tube thing running down your leg, he thinks it’s fake.” Jason piped in.

“Why would you think its fake B? Is it different than yours? I’ve been told I’m kinda big, you always never hesitate to announce how big you are, so why do you think its fake? With how much you say yours is huge, you should be bigger, right?” i played stupid. i think i laid the idiocy on a bit hard but it got the point across.

“OK alex, lets compare cocks then. I’ll go first as I have nothing to hide.” he got up out of bed, and stood up, reaching over to get his ruler. he sleeps nude, it’s annoying and rude when you’re not in a relationship. There hung his cock, which he measured to be a 6 inch softie. It wasn’t a small penis by any means. I guess he really was pretty hung after all. I hated to admit it as he was also a dick.

“Now I’ll get it hard and show you what a real big dick looks like, not some rubber thing from the adult bookstore”. he stroked it up, and measured it. “just about 9 inches long” Brian said.

“Wow you are pretty big.” I thought, but I still win. “Ok B-man, you have a big dick, but I knew that, you do walk around bragging all the time in front of me…” I stood up straight and dropped my shorts to the ground. “Let’s measure my cock now.”

GASP!?! “HOLY SHIT THATS A GIANT COCK!” Jason blurted out. “Thats so fucking HOT!”

“Lemme see that ruler Brian.” I grabbed the ruler out of his hand as he stared, stunned. “…soft, lets see,…… well over 10 inches. so I’m bigger soft than you are hard. That’s weird, I really didn’t think I was that much bigger, if at all.” I said innocently.

“Brian, look at that fucking dick! his hand doesn’t even fit around it soft! and his balls are huuuge!” said Jason with the most wide-eyed expression I’d ever seen.

“Really?” I asked. I hefted one of my balls. “They’re only about 4 inches in diameter.”

Brian just gaped. Jason was trembling.

“Lets see what I come out to hard. I guess I have been growing. That explains all my stretched out underwear.” I said. “Jase, would you like to help me get it up?”

“Of COURSE!” he replied. Brian started to protest but realized he couldn’t do anything. I picked up my shlong and dropped it in Jason’s hands with a ’thwap’. Jason was pretty cute, blonde hair and green eyes. He was looking at it like it was the holy grail or something while he rolled it around in his hands, marveling at it’s weight. He stroked me hard with both hands as he too couldn’t handle it with just one. “The head is just so big, it’s all so thick.. I’ve never seen such a hot, huge penis.” he mumbled…

“Hey it looks like you need some help Jason. Brian, can you help stroke me hard?”

Brian reluctantly was hypnotized into stroking my cock.

“Ahh… that feels good. Alright, lets see… ah, im over One…. foot long that is. longer than 12 inches. I guess between 12 and 13 inches. I wish we had a yardstick instead of a 12 inch ruler. Oh well. Damn Brian, is that pretty big?”

Brian was speechless, jaw dropped and in shock.

“Brian? Brian are you okay?”

“Yeah, sure, that’s… pretty big, I guess, you did grow… some.” Brian finished lamely.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Do you guys like it?”

They both nodded and gulped.

I tugged my softening cock from Jason’s grip and started getting dressed in the one room dorm. I couldn’t wear any boxers I had clean. They were too short so I just decided to free-ball as I slipped into my last pair of clean jeans and a large t-shirt, my cock still rocking a semi-hardon down my right pant-leg, making the fabric taught down my thigh. I wore a Large t-shirt like Tony, but he sure filled his out differently! Both of them just stared at me and my giant bulge as I turned checked myself out in the mirror.

“How do I look?” I asked. “It doesn’t show to much does it?” and I walked out the door, back to Tony’s room, my cock pulsing and riding up and down my thigh inside my pants leg.

“Bye tripod!” Jason called out. I just laughed and waved over my shoulder and kept walking. “Call me sometime Stud!”

Anthony sure got a kick out of that story as we made our way to the dining center…. he was certainly enamored of my giant new monster cock and kept glancing at the shape pushing insistently out of my jeans.


Part 3

“God I wish I could have seen his face! I’m so glad someone finally put that guy in his place, especially since it was you. He’s such a jerk.” replied Anthony to my story as we walked into the Commons. “Yeah well he’s pretty hung so I guess he thinks he doesn’t need any manners. Of course, now I’m a lot bigger than him. Maybe he’ll be nicer now.” Tony gulped as he thought about our size comparisons. My cock had fully deflated by then, but you can’t really hide a 10x7 inch tube of meat running down one thigh, but the looseness of my jeans helped. You didn’t have to look hard to see what the bulge was however.

Kenny waved us over to a table strewn with papers as we entered the dining hall with our breakfast, and we made our way over. Kenny’s eyes didn’t move from my crotch until I had sat down, I found it humorous that he didn’t know I saw he was fixated on my junk, or even that he knew I heard what happened earlier. We all chatted a bit, I kept dropping hints about size and largeness and such, and constantly rearranged my meat, so Kenny got quite the show. Then Tony and Kenny got down to talking about their project that was due, hence all the papers laid out everywhere. as they talked I just admired the scenery. By which I mean the men. Tony look as good as ever in a tight large t shirt that showed off his chest, and Kenny was not an eye-sore in any way either. He had a very nice tight body, bulging all over like an extra-muscular swimmer—no, a gymnast. Yeah, I would guess he used to be a gymnast judging by his body type. He had streaked dirty blonde hair with a tiny bit of frizz, not as striking as Tony’s wavy brunette hair, but attractive nonetheless. Ah, it doesn’t get much better than having breakfast with two beautiful guys, and the extra scenery around the hall was nothing to complain about either. I laughed to myself as Kenny was obviously a size queen too. If he only knew what he’d unwittingly done to me… I wondered how many of those pills he’d have grabbed for himself? Probably all of them. I smiled to myself.

Once the guys were done talking we cleaned the trash up and left. As we walked out, Tony suggested we go to the Rec Center later and hit up the pool.

“Oh thats a great idea!” said Kenny staring at my crotch, “I have been so stressed, the pool and hot tub would be great to relieve some tension.” And so it was settled, we would all go and take a dip later in the day.

Tony and I went shopping to try and find some boardshorts for me so I wouldn’t flop out the bottom if rough-housing ensued, and we did find one that worked ok and was a great blue and green pattern, and we also found him a really really hot black Speedo that left nothing to the imagination when it came to his hot albeit normal bulge. i think he was in a show-off mood or something, but damn it looked good on him. So we were set for our pool-date.

After the shopping spree, we met up with Kenny and headed for the Rec center. It was dead today for some reason, as we walked into the pool area there were only two groups of people; some overly buff guys in the pool playing chicken with some friends sitting on the edge watching, and a few other people in one of the hot tubs.

The University’s policy was you had to rinse off in the showers before getting into the pool, so we headed to the locker room. There was no one but us so I just threw my stuff in a locker and walked back out after rinsing off while Kenny and Tony were still showering. As i waited for the guys to come back out, i watched the douche bags act all tough in front of the guys sitting on the side of the pool, it was so lame. I didn’t think it was possible, but these guys were even more cocky than my roommate. Tony came out of the lockers a while before Kenny, so we walked over to the small bleachers and waited there. The sports buff idiots were right in front of us, and i could already tell they were sizing me and Tony up. I think Tony could tell too, all of a sudden he just grabs me and starts making out with me like crazy, i guess he wanted to put on a bit of a show for them. He was an exhibitionist. He showed off his muscles in his speedo and he showed off his huge hung boyfriend too. As he finished playing tennis with my tonsils, Kenny met up with us and we made our way to an unoccupied end of the pool…

We stayed in the pool for a while just floating around and talking, with some horsing around a bit thrown in there. I definitely felt both of them grope my equipment a few times while we were messing around, and rubbing up against my trunks when they would wrestle with me in the water. Whether it was accidental or intentional is a mystery to me, but I didn’t mind either way. I was already getting used to the fact I had such a huge cock, and the attention that came with it. So it really was not a big deal. My cock was a really big deal, but I tried to not make it a big deal like B-man.

After a while we decided to move to one of the hot tubs and just chill for a while, we chose one that no one was using. That didn’t last long however. We were minding our own business when a few of the exceedingly buff guys came over to ruin our fun. They sat in the hot tub with us and immediately started hitting on both Tony and Kenny. They were so obnoxious, and I could tell both guys were annoyed.

One of the guys was talking to Anthony; “Hey dude you should come and hang at my crib, we have a keg tapped every night, and i would love to party with such a hunk.. mmmm gorgeous.”

Tony laughed so loud I almost laughed at how hard he had just dissed the guy. “You cant be serious now can you? who says that? hahaha!… in case you boys haven’t noticed, we aren’t interested, we’re both taken anyways.” he said back. I knew Kenny wasn’t, but I could tell he was just trying to cover for him.

“Oh yea?” the guy said, “By who? this guy? (pointing at me) Haha, i bet i not only have a better body, but a bigger dick too!” Tony just rolled his eyes.

“Size isn’t everything,” said Tony. I almost bit my tongue.

“Hey now, just cause I don’t have muscles bigger than most guys’ doesn’t make me skinny,” i said to the jackass. and i wasn’t skinny, just thin and toned. Although skinny and hung isn’t a bad thing to be, I think.

But the idiots didn’t get the hint and kept baggin on me and trying to pick up the guys. they had no manners at all, all one guy could talk about was the size of Tony’s pecs. i could not believe him, talk about bad taste… i finally decided i was done listening to these fools, and took things into my own hands.

The guys these guys were hanging with were still sitting on the edge of the pool talking, so I decided I would ask for their help in relieving us of these guy’s company. As I got up from the hottub, i made sure my shorts stuck to the outline of my dick, and I hung there just long enough to make sure both of the douchbags saw just what they were up against. Both paused mid-sentence when I did so, and I made my way over to their guys.

“Hi, my name is Alex” i said walking over to the guys, my cock still outlined by my hard trunks. Both looked straight at it before looking up at me, eyes wide with awe.

“I’m Sean” one chimed in, “and this is Stefan.”

“Ah, well nice to meet you Sean, Stefan.”

“Nice to meet you too,” they both said in sync.

“So is that thing real? I’ve gotta know, it is freaking gigantic!” said Sean, obviously the more vocal one, while Stefan just stared at the bulge in my shorts. these guys definitely belonged with my friends over in the hot tub… lol. I did laugh in a friendly way though.

“Yes, it is real, and I guess you could say it’s big. I’m blessed, what can I say?” I replied.

“Damn, you are definitely a lucky guy, wow… I’d love to spend a night with that dong.” Sean said. he definitely didn’t have any problem saying what was on his mind…

“ahem.. well, the reason I actually came over was I was wondering, can you help me out with a small problem I have at the moment?” I asked. They both stared at my cock, which was sporting a chubby chatting with these hot sexy guys. I chatted them up a bit and they finally offered to help me out, but not before they gave me their phone numbers. I figured I could just share the wealth, call them up to one of my parties and let my friends go for it, ’cause they definitely weren’t short on Hotness. They called their meat-head friends over to them, relieving us of their company. We enjoyed the rest of our hot tub time without distraction, thanks to Sean and Stefan. i thought the excitement was over for that outing, but I was wrong… I spent some time thinking about how my new giant penis was completely changing the way people behaved towards me. I was now a new person in their eyes.

After we finished in the hot tub, I went back into the locker room to take a shower. The pool and tub were over-chlorinated for some reason today, and i felt sticky as hell because of that. I also wanted to rinse my new swimwear so the chlorine wouldn’t ruin them. I pulled my trunks off and wrapped a towel around my waist before I went into one of the stalls to take a piss. i really hadn’t paid attention at just how different it felt to handle this giant new meat of mine. Walking there my cock swung like a pendulum and pushed against the towel as I strode. Just urinating was a near-erotic event with it dangling so far down with so much weight in my hands. I was beginning to understand Tony’s size queen mentality. It wasn’t just the length it was all the extra mass I was carrying… probably 3 or 4 times as much as I had just a month ago. When I came back out, there were a couple of other guys in the locker room also getting ready to shower. I made my way over to the bench my toiletries were sitting on, right next to one of the guys. they were the ones down at the far end of the pool, not the assholes that were annoying us non-stop.

“Hey, whats up. My name is Matt” the closer guy said.

“Hi, I’m Alex” I replied.

“So, I caught a glance of those guys you were with, damn, they’re smokin hot. Is one of them your boyfriend or somethin?” he asked very nonchalant.


“Which one? the one with the huge pecs? Damn that guy’s muscles are just so huge.. either way, if one isn’t taken, you should hook me up. haha” he laughed. I was really suprised at how much attention those two guys were getting, and the conversation piece Tony’s muscle pecs had become. I know they’re really big, but this was kinda crazy.

“The dark haired guy is my boyfriend. Anthony, the one with the bigger pecs.”

“Oh man, you lucky dog, I wish I were you. I don’t get how some guys get such gorgeous guys… and those pecs! Does he have a twin brother?!”

“No man, Yea, me neither man, it’s just one of those lucky things.” I replied.

“Yea…..” he trailed off. “well, you give me hope, if a regular guy like you can end up with someone like that muscle man. Shower time I guess.” he pulled off his towel and started to gather his soap and stuff. I admit, he was decently hung, i would guess it to be about 6 inches soft or so.

“Nice cock, that’s a pretty big one huh” I complimented. “You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding someone to get together with.”

“Haha I wouldn’t say it’s small, the guys don’t complain.” he beamed. “Its almost 6 soft and hard its really close to 10 inches long and 6.5 inches around.” he added, he was definitely proud of it. He should be, I think. But maybe not brag quite so much. But with that he walked off and hung his towel on the rack next to the showers and started rinsing off. His cock looked pretty damned big. What must my monster cock look like? I realized yet again what a freak I had become!

I hung my wet shorts on the locker to dry a bit, gathered my things I needed to shower, and pulled my towel off and hung it up. I made my way over a bit farther from my new ’friend’, opposite sides so my back was to him. I didn’t want to make it seem like I was trying to show off the fact my soft cock was still bigger than his very large hardon, but I also kinda wanted to see what this guy’s reaction was to my monster meat. The warm water of the shower made it hang even bigger too, probably close to 11 inches I suppose. And who knew for sure as it had been about 7 hours since Kenny had given me those pills. I wondered again where Tony had picked them up. A few minutes passed, and another guy I didn’t talk with left without noticing, or at least without saying anything. He just told his friend he would wait outside. After that, an audible mumble of “holy shit” was what I heard.

“Dude, are you serious! I mean, come on now, I’ve never seen a cock bigger than mine before!” Matt said.

I turned around letting my cock swing out a bit, then stop on my leg with a loud *slap*. He was standing there open mouthed just staring at it, it seemed that was all anyone could do when they saw it.

“No, man, It just looks really big cause the warm water” I said.

“Well yea, buy even soft you’re so long, and really really thick! you are easily bigger soft than I am, hard!”.

“Gee, do you really think so? I thought you were pretty hung.” I told him.

“Just how big is that snake?”

“Oh, Soft it’s over 10 x 7, and hard it’s well over 12x8.5” i replied, as if that were a normal size anyone had.

“A FOOT long?! Goddamn thats insane, you easily have the biggest cock I’ve ever heard of. I bet you can’t even fit your hand around that monster.”

“Oh, sure I can,” and hefted my monster meat, and pretended surprise when I couldn’t even grab a bit more than halfway around it’s circumference. “Hey, I guess you’re right!” I exclaimed.

“Seriously you are a freak!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment I guess.” I felt humiliated a bit, but what was I going to say with this giant salami hanging from my crotch? I’d better get used to being called monster and freak and stallion and stud and bull and horse and all of those labels. Because that’s what I was now. A monster-cocked Stud Stallion Bull-balled Horse-hung Freak. And there was nothing I could do about it. And I might not even be done growing yet, due to the pills I had for lunch!

“Yea man, that is, trust me I wish I had that cock.” Matt said. “Uh, this is gunna be a bit weird, but can I see it hard?”

“I guess, when you have something this big between your legs, you gotta share the wealth right? haha” I said to Matt. At least he was polite even if overwhelmed. I concentrated on Tony in that super hot Speedos he wore today, and my meat swelled quickly to full mast, hard as a rock. I have to say it was always a surprise when I was able to get a hardon in just about 30 seconds or so with this giant penis!

Matt could only stand there in awe, almost like this was a religious experience for him. the guy must really like big cocks, be it having one or just seeing one in person. I guess he’d been complimented on his forever and finally met someone bigger… a lot bigger. I compared my erect humongous meat to his giant boner and he looked small next to mine. After that, we both jerked off together. I found out that I was a supershooter as I kept shooting out ropes of creamy white cum long after he’d run out of juice! Finally Matt said ’later’ and left the locker room. I gathered my stuff after my shower and found Matt had tucked his email and phone info into my locker. I smiled and went outside to wait for Tony and Ken.

The three of us walked back to the dorm, and changed into normal clothes and met back up a little later. Tony and I decided we were just going to relax tonight and stay in, and invited Kenny to join us. He agreed, so we rented a few movies to watch later. They had plans to finish their project and order food in, so I went and ate with some friends of mine. There were quite a few stares from the people who saw me stand up after dinner and walk away to the exit. I was getting used to the attention. I met up with Anthony later, while Kenny was upstairs changing into comfortable clothes. He told me they had an interesting conversation during their study session. I guess Kenny had really taken a liking to my endowment. Tony said it sounded like he had experience with some really big guys before, and he was stunned when Tony told him how big it was. I kinda liked the fact my endowment had a certain power over people, and this was no exception.

I wore some sweatpants for the evening as we were staying in. My newly enlarged massive genitals made a huge bulge pushing out from the soft stretch material of the sweatpants. Kenny didn’t spend too much time watching the movies, I think he was watching me. But then, so was Tony. Not that I minded. They were entranced by my new hyper-masculinity.

So, we watched our movies, the first one was really good but the second was boring and really lacked any talent. Near the end, Tony decided he was a bit too bored, and straddled my legs where I sat, and kissed me deeply. I was kind-of embarrassed, Kenny was sitting right next to us, and I could see him watching intently. But Anthony didn’t give up, he continued kissing me and started rubbing my weighty cock through my pants.

“What are you doing!?!” I whispered in his ear. “Kenny is right here!”

“Baby he doesn’t care, hell he likes your equipment so much he might want to join.” he whispered back.

At first I thought about putting a stop to this all, I didn’t want to create any awkwardness towards Kenny or anyone, he was a good friend of Anthony’s. But then I got to thinking, my boyfriend seemed into this, and this might be the only chance I would ever get to have a threesome. Also on some level Kenny was responsible for my condition, so I think he deserved some sort of payback. And I was becoming overwhelmed with lust. So I just let it happen. Tony kept massaging my dick, moving it out of my pants and under my shirt as it grew hard. I could see Kenny was enjoying the show, he was still watching rubbing his own cock through his sweats. He quickly slid his hand down his pants and started stroking himself even more. Tony took my shirt off, and out sprang my solid foot long cock, to both of their delight. Anthony stood up and slid my pants off, I was now sitting stark naked with a raging erection. He grabbed Kenny’s hand and stood him up, they whispered a bit, then started to undress each other. GOD, I had never seen anything so hot in my LIFE!

First, Kenny slid Tony’s shirt off, then his own. they giggled as they caressed each others wife-beater covered pecs, cupping them as if sizing one-another up. Kenny slipped his sweats off, followed by Tony sliding out of his jeans. Tony turned Kenny around, and ran his fingers down Kenny’s back, feeling his supple butt, then ran his hands back up to pull off the wife-beater. He smirked as Tony tossed the wife-beater to the floor. Kenny then returned the favor, releasing Tony’s enormous pecs from their restraints. Kenny seemed entranced by the sheer size and weight of Tony’s pecs and oversized muscles, he hefted them and massaged them, clearly enjoying himself. they then locked eyes, and drifted in for a soft, supple kiss, I didn’t know what to do with myself, i was about to explode, it was just so damn hot.

Finally, they walked over and sat down on both sides of me, without saying a word. Tony grabbed my huge staff and slowly pumped it, looking back and fourth from me to Ken, as if teaching him he needs two hands to handle such a large tool. After watching for a bit, Kenny leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Alex, you are so fucking big, your cock turns me on like nothing I’ve ever seen. please let me play with you, I beg of you”.

I looked over at Anthony for approval, he nodded, so i gave Kenny the go-ahead nod as well.

“I’m just going to sit back and watch, I want to see someone handling this monster of his from the sidelines” Tony said, as he sat back, sliding his finger over his anus.

“Dont worry Tony, I’ll take care of your big boy here, don’t you worry at all.” Ken said in his baritone voice. It made chills run up my spine.

Kenny slid himself close to me, i could feel his heavy breathing on my neck. He reached over and grabbed my solid staff with one hand then two, marveling at its thickness.

“MY dear god, I dont know how a cock can be so big… this is just asinine!” he said.

“Its definitely not a normal, or comfortable thing to have a dick this big, but it has its up’s” I said back with a slight smile, glancing over at Anthony as he continued pleasuring himself. i saw the slightest smirk on his face, like he was pleased with what he had created.

Kenny continued stroking, sucking on the part of the tip he could get into his mouth. Even with just a little of my monster in his mouth, he still had me squirming in ecstasy, it was surprising yet oh so good. i still had a ways to go, but Ken got up and whispered in Tony’s ear. he came back, grabbed my cock again and whispered to me:

“Your generous boyfriend wants to watch me try and take you, but its up to you if you want to have me.”

“If he wants me to, then ok, how can I say no? but you gotta be on top, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kenny nodded, then quickly pulled me over to Tony’s bed, lying me down and climbing on top of my torso. I could smell his precum flowing, thankfully that might make this easier. it was no walk in the park for Anthony, so I wondered how Kenny would do with handling this huge task.

He started to mount me, and I just laughed inside at how gigantic my cock looked compared to his tight ass, it sure didn’t look like it would fit, but to my surprise, he had barely any more trouble than Anthony did. until he got about half of it in that is…

“uuuuaaaaaaghhhhhh jesus you are just too thick alex. mmmmmmuuhhhhhh” He moaned and groaned as he tried to get more and more in, really, it looked painful, but I bet he wouldn’t be wanting more and more of it in him if it was. He finally got to the limit of himself, which was only about 8 inches I guessed, but he continued getting the stretching of a lifetime. words had escaped him as he just moaned and shuddered every time he gently bottomed out. Anthony had been moaning too while helping himself, but now made his way over to me. he requested I eat him out, as Kenny rode me like a cowgirl. I was up for it, and as I did so, he faced Kenny and they fondled each other, kissing periodically when Kenny could regain function over himself. After a bit more, Kenny came just as hard as Anthony had earlier. He dismounted and laid back on the bed, looking exhausted after his long orgasm.

“My my my Alex, that is just amazing. I’ve never come like that in my life, that was just incredible!” he panted. “But I admit, I think you are just too damn big for me, I barely got more than half of you in, and your thickness is on the verge of too much.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment Ken. thanks.” I said back.

“no, thank you…” he trailed off, still breathing rather hard.

I still had not come, and neither had Anthony. “Sit back Kenny, and watch as I show you how to take this monster” Tony said, he was overly lubed from the gratuitous foreplay I gave him, and he seemed to just slide right on my still raging hard dick, much easier than before. He rode me like a champ, as Kenny sat watching Tony take me in, farther and farther. eventually Tony took what i would estimate to be about 11 inches of it, amost all if it, into him as he gyrated and groaned. We came simultaneously, as his ass tightened during his orgasm I exploded inside him. I had never felt anything as good as I just did that night. my, what a night indeed.

I also discovered I was now pretty insatiable. I could cum 5 or 6 times in just 3 or 4 hours!


Part 4

A few weeks had passed since that night with Kenny and Anthony, but I still had not shaken the strange feelings I had about Anthony turning me into his hard dream fantasy without my knowledge. I felt like I was living a dream, half nightmare, half orgy- sure, I was enjoying myself with his new huge muscles and sexy tight body, and my enormous cock; and recently we had been able to stuff my entire dick into him during intercourse, which felt absolutely amazing. there is nothing like pounding a hot ass guy with your entire foot long cock, it’s just incredible being engulfed like that. but if I had been given the choice of what size I would have been, I think I would have been OK with a few less inches. I’ve had to go around looking for underwear that will hide my endowments, and its been tough. I found some under armor stuff thats long enough to hold my cock onto my leg, while keeping my huge balls out of the way and somewhat hidden. I also had Tony sew long pouches in my boxers so that my penis wouldn’t flop out if I wore shorts. they all covered my genitals but nothing hid my bulge well. Some of my tighter jeans really showed my stuff now, but if I didn’t wear my “special” underwear, I would show like crazy. And show I did a lot of the time, on Tony’s request. He LOVED the attention our new endowments gave us, he was completely size obsessed. some days he would come over and tell me about some guys large package he noticed, and how small it was compared to mine. Whatever floats his boat, I figured it was just a stage and it would wear off, but the more it happened, the more I wanted to confront him about what he had done and how he was behaving. I was still 50/50 though, because I was enjoying the attention, I’m not going to lie. Besides, what could I do, I mean, it was done. The damage… the growth.. was already there, hanging, a living massive phallus whose constant weight was a reminder pulling and tugging at my groin and rubbing on my thighs and clothes.

At the end of the week, we had a week off for thanksgiving vacation. I lived about an hour and a half away from the town the university was in, and Tony lived about 20 minutes farther away. We had planned on me having thanksgiving with his family, so I could meet his parents and brother. Then we would go up to my house and have a late thanksgiving with them.

As I arrived at Tony’s house, I was awestruck at its sheer size, he had never mentioned how well off his family was, and well off they seemed to be. He met me at the door and escorted me inside. His family was incredibly nice, and i enjoyed their company, and his mom had a great sense of humor. I noticed something while I was there though. his brother was hugely muscled too, and his brother wasn’t even 16- although he was shorter than Tony I think he was proportionally bigger. The arms on Rodney were massive!

’This is weird’ I thought to myself. ’If Tony had to use pills to get big, then it wasn’t in his genes. But his brother was huge, so it’s gotta run in the family…’ I mulled it over for a bit, then it hit me when his dad got up and went to the kitchen. He was sporting a bulge that was also very large, not enormous like me, but definitely much bigger than I would have expected. This couldn’t be a coincidence, and I had to find out. The pills had to be in this house, and Rodney and Peter (Tony’s Dad) must have taken some! So while we were sitting down for dinner, I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I looked around in his brother’s bathroom, to no avail. But I found the same bottles in his parents bathroom that I saw in his dorm bathroom. but these were labeled:

“Growtimyacin M: formula 6. 5mg, 21 count

report all results of effects to dyna-pharm after test duration.

50mg = 25 lbs. muscle proportional

do not ingest more than 4 pills a day”

and the same for the penis bottle, except it was called “Growtamyacin G: formula 13”

Things were making sense now, and I was developing a plan…

As I was pondering what my plan would be, I snooped around the bathroom more. then I found it: it was another big box under the sink with the same type of bottles in it, all unlabeled. in the box was a typed letter:

Peter; (Tony’s father)

Here are a few samples of the latest reversal formula, based on your initial chemical structure. prelim tests have found promising results. For both the male and male growth inducers, this new reducer has shown between a 12% and 50% inch reduction in either genital size or muscle increase measurements. Try the newest rendition of the reversal formula if you like, and let me know the results as I will include them in the database. If you do intend to try them, take one pill a day until you reach your desired reduced size, or until reduction has stopped completely. thanks!

- John

I now knew exactly what I was going to do. I took a lot of the bottles of each growth inducer and a few of the reversal bottles. The boxes were full of many pill bottles, a bit scattered about. Tony’s Dad Peter obviously wasn’t much into inventory control! Tony loved his new creations so much, I was going to give him a bit more than he bargained for…

I went back and finished the meal with his family, trying not to hint in the slightest of what I had just found. I couldn’t get it off my mind however, it was so obvious now. He either took the stuff from his dad, who was obviously a co-designer of this growth drug (he must be with how well off the family was, I thought) or he gave it to him. the whole family had obviously used it, and they were definitely proud of what they had. either way, I think he should have said something, but boy, he was in for a surprise…

The next day, we ate with my family. The parents loved Anthony. they though, “oh, what a nice guy, so polite…” of course my dad was proud, whose father wouldn’t be? hahaha. My 14 year old brother Charlie however wasn’t very nice to Anthony. After Tony left for home, I asked my brother Charlie, a junior in high school, what his deal was.

“I dunno, I just felt myself focus anger on him. I’m sorry, I don’t know what was going on. I must feel jealous” he answered.

“Jealous of what?” I asked. you see, my brother had gotten the best of any genes he could from my parents. He had guys drooling over him all the time, I had al lot of fun playing the “protective older brother” with all his suitors.

“Truthfully, what else could I be jealous of? his muscles, man! you know I’m a gymnast, and how many gymnasts do you know with muscle like that? I’m probably one of the biggest on the team, and I’m no Lou Ferrigno. But Tony looks damned big and he told me he didn’t even work out! That’s just not fair.”

I felt kinda bad for him, he’s always had a bit of a personal image issue, because people always talk about his good looks and hit on him. So he’s insecure about his appearance. He’s a great kid for the most part. so I decided I would ’help him out a bit’. I was planned on having Anthony gain muscle- about 12%, as that is the minimum amount the reduction pills said they would do.

That left lots of pills I wouldn’t use, so I “gave” some to my little bro. I fed him both muscle and cock growth pills over the next few days, 4 of each each day. Actually, I doubled the dosage to eight pills of each type each day. I figured it would be okay as the docs probably left a wide safety margin in their prescriptions. I didn’t know what would happen, but it had to do something. I overdosed him a bit to get as much into him as possible, and even in the days I was there he went through some major changes. I managed to give him about 42 of each of the types of pills, so he grew about 75 lbs of muscle and about 5 or six inches of cock. He shot up about 6 inches in height to 5’11”, his muscles ballooned up and his genitals ballooned even faster. But even after I left for school after break Charlie continued to grow muscle and cock, over the next whole month! Turns out he grew huge muscles during that month. He probably knew I had something to do with it, but I never heard about it from him. As far as his cock, he’d been gifted to start with, now I’m sure he put on quite the show with the gymnast competitions. I think he was now about 11” erect from what I overheard from his friends. I did see him naked a few times in the bathroom and he was hanging at least 9” soft. His testicles too were bigger proportionally than mine, the big guy.

For myself, I planned on a 3 inch increase to my 12+ inches. Proportionally, that would double the volume and mass of my cock and make me a super hung freak. I started taking the pills right away, I had enough bottles set aside for that as, compared to the muscle pills which worked more quickly, I needed a longer time to grow. Tony and I spent some time away so he could visit at home, I stayed with some friends at the beach. When I got back to school from break, I was already an inch and a half longer. This was definitely going to be interesting, the feeling of having a massive prick grows exponentially the bigger it gets.

We both had not seen each other for almost two weeks now, so soon after meeting up we got down and dirty. Right away he realized my cock was even bigger.

“Alex, have you grown again?” he asked after he pulled my cock out of my pants.

“Yea, almost two inches. this is kinda getting out of hand isn’t it?”

“Oh no babe, not yet. lets just hope it doesn’t get any bigger.” he said with a slightly worried look on his face. he had more trouble than usual fitting me in him, but he still rode me like a champ.

I had also started slipping him pills as well. By the start of our third week back, i had grown out day by day to an astounding15 inches long, and it was now 10” inches around the circumference, still slightly thicker at the head. I hung soft at 12 inches, it was ridiculous. I had a huge, long bulge in everything I wore. It was definitely getting old fast, butI decided to wait it out until Anthony confessed what he had done before I reverted back to my ’former self’. I just kept taking a growth pill every day, until Tony realized that there was too much of a good thing going on. But would he ever think that, I wondered?

As for Tony, the fact he was bigger at the start of this round of growth pills seemed to magnify the effects. He shot up to be 2 inches taller than me in about 2 weeks, and his skin stretched tight as his muscles swelled bigger and bigger daily. I could see his lats and huge square cut pectorals literally growing, millimeter by millimeter, as he went about his day. His large muscle t shirts gave way to XL muscle t shirts, and then two weeks later he was wearing 2XL sizes. And that wasn’t the end of his growth!

We had both kind-of avoided talking about our situations, as well as avoided sex. but one night we were both turned on and finally got into it. It was a humorous attempt at our previous sex-life, it was almost more trouble than it was worth. Tony had such a hard time even getting my too-thick cock into him, and when he did, he couldn’t even take close to the length he did before. instead of getting it all in like I could miraculously do before, now I was only about 9 inches in. I have to admit though, his 60-inch chest was really fun, his arms were huge, his muscle butt was heaven, and his huge thighs and calves were packed with fibrous muscle, even though they were totally out of proportion on his frame. He was pretty super sexy bodybuilder muscle stud man. His cock was 7” just like it always was. He never commented on that, he obviously wanted me to be the bigger man!

After our attempt at painful intercourse, Tony had a bit of a breakdown and we started talking about things.

“Babe, why are we both growing again?” he asked me that night. “You have gotten SO HUGE, and I’ve been growing fast again too. I’m so much bigger- everywhere! I’m up to 265 lbs! I just don’t get this.” he trailed off. “truthfully, I don’t mind my growth a whole lot, other than barely fitting into my clothes, I do like some of the attention. But still… and you, I have to admit, you’re just too big now. what should we do?

“I dunno Tony, i agree we are getting too big, but what can we do? you can’t mess with nature right…..?”

About another week went by without much talk of the current situation Tony and I were in. I was getting bored, and tired of waiting for him to confess. It was annoying to walk around with my fire hose cock, and even more annoying that we could barely have sex. Heck, I was so big, I had a hard time even pleasing myself. It was like trying to please someone’s arm, really difficult. the only real pleasure I got out of the thing, was the absolutely surprised, even terrified looks I got from people at the gym, or in the showers after I would work out. It sure didn’t make up for much though. Or so I thought, but I was secretly turned on by the constant attention… even when it went from wonderment and admiration to shock and horror now, I still got off on the attention my giant cock brought me.

Kenny was in love with my giant meat though, and even though he couldn’t take it anymore with it’s giant size, he was always ready to help me jerk off and make out. He kept going on about how lucky I was and how hot Tony’s muscles were. So I snuck into his dorm room and dosed his milk one week with genital growth pills. He always used milk on his cereal, so I figured that a bottle in a half gallon was about right. However, he apparently also had a glass or two in the evening! I kept tabs on the milk, and it was gone in about 4 days. He replaced the milk and I put in another bottle of pills. This had about the right effect.

Kenny grew from 5” to over 9”, which was pretty damned awesome. He also became more of a partner with Tony, as Tony loved Kenny’s cock the bigger it got. I was about to dose Kenny once again with genital pills when I had another thought. I put two bottles of muscle pills in the next milk bottle. I was a bit worried as the milk had the slightest green tinge to it but Kenny didn’t notice. He drank it all down in just 4 days! So I repeated the dosing. Tony, of course, was so distracted it never occurred to him to question Kenny’s growth. But since we were both still so much bigger than Kenny in cock and muscle, maybe it didn’t seem so crazy to Tony. During the first few days of the muscle milk Kenny’s growth took off. His baby fat disappeared overnight and he developed a taught physique. But 24 hours later his biceps were about an inch bigger! All of this was made even more crazy because Kenny went off to the gym like a madman and that only accelerated his growing. He wasn’t so short anymore either. After the first 2 weeks he’d grown from 5’7” tall to 6’2” tall! That was by the end of his consuming 6 bottles of pills in his milk. Although I did have a bit of a surprise myself, Kenny offered me a slice of cake one night and it turned out he’d used the muscle milk, so I grew about 5 lbs of muscle from that one dosing! Most of it seemed to go into my pectorals and biceps too. Even Tony commented on my workouts working out!

And the kicker with Anthony was, he didn’t hate his even larger muscles as much as I had expected. in fact, I had the feeling he didn’t hate them at all, even though he pretended to complain about them to me. I think my plan had backfired on that. Tony was now well on his way to muscle freak and he just kept posing in the mirror when he thought I wasn’t watching! I doubled his dosage and he grew even faster but he just kept feeling up his muscles and growing until he was over 6’6” tall and 300 lbs! Finally he didn’t look like my little bottom twink anymore, he looked like a Viking warrior or Conan the Barbarian! So one day, I let Anthony know what I thought.

“Tony, babe, I’m tired of this thing between my legs. its just too much of a pain. We can’t have good sex, I can’t go outside without people gawking, it’s just too much. It’s a damper on life. I am going to go to the doctor to see what can be done, and if nothing can, well I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know what you will do?” he asked, obviously getting the drift of what I was saying.

“I dunno babe. i just don’t know.” I replied.

He just looked at me, not knowing what to say. and at that, I got up and went back to my room. After about an hour of studying while my roommate was away, there was a soft knock at the door, so I got up, unlocked it, then sat back down. Tony crept in, I’ve never seen him so uncomfortable and quiet in his life. I felt bad, but what could I do now?

“Alex, I’ve been hiding something important from you, but I just don’t know how to say it. It’s all my fault, and I feel terrible.”

“What’s your fault Tony? How could anything that’s going on be your fault? You aren’t feeling bad about something that’s not your fault are you?

He just sat there for a while, looking like a deer in the headlights. I went back to studying.

“I slipped growth pills into your food.” he blurted quickly and softly.

“Thats BS, you know those don’t work.”

“No, these are from my father’s work. His company has a new formula that’s being approved by the FDA right now, for sufferers of micropenis. I stole bottles from the house he was testing, and gave them to you. Same for some muscle growth pills they are developing… I took some and grew more muscle and even grew taller.” He looked at his massive forearms and shrugged his even more massive shoulders! “God, I’m so sorry, I just wanted to experiment with my fantasy, i didn’t know it would backfire!” he pleaded for a bit, while I just sat, not saying a word.

“Baby, theres an antidote.” he said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

I turned around and looked straight into his eyes, and said, “I know…”

Puzzled, he stared at me.

“I found the pills in your dorm, and the antidote in your house over break. I put two and two together. I was so pissed, so I decided to give you a taste of your own medicine really.”

“You WHAT?” he said, trying to look as appalled as he could.

“Don’t give me that, you made us HUGE, I just took us to the point where it is too much for you to handle. and I controlled the growth so we could return to our previous not-as-oversized selves with the antidote. You don’t just mess with other people’s bodies, it’s not your choice. you should have just asked me, but instead you hid it from me, and it took you forever to even tell the truth.”

I admit I felt a bit guilty about Charlie my kid brother and also Kenny but they’d both been begging for their size increases. I hadn’t begged for this meat monster riding down my thigh!

He went from angry to having tears start to form in his eyes. “Im so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. since our new growth, I’ve been so afraid of you finding out, and more afraid of you leaving because of my mistake. what can I do to make it right?” he pleaded.

“As far as I see it, this right here is enough, just the realization that you have to have respect for everything that isn’t yours. I have the antidote for both of us, and I’m going to start taking it today, and so can you. I’m going to finish studying, go back to your room, I’ll be there in a bit” I said.

“ok… I’m so sorry…” he trailed off as he left.

I headed to his room after more studying, and tossed him the bottle that would bring him back to his size before break.

“There you go Tony, we’ll be back to whatever norm we were at before.”

“I am not going to take them.” he said, tossing the bottle back to me. “This whole thing you did was arguably too much. but most of what was difficult was due to your monster cock growth. I never even meant for you to get to a foot long dong, it was an accident. I was going to give you just one or two more pills, but I left the bottle out and Kenny must have read the prescription. It was a wonderful accident though. You were perfect for me in every way before I messed with you, and you were beyond perfect after, I created my dream into a real life size queen fantasy. but lately you finally became painfully too large. but me, and my muscles, I hated them at first when I started to get freakish huge. But now that I have shirts and clothes to fit them, and the fact that I’m such a muscled behemoth… I’m used to it now. I like being the big stud, well I’m going to keep it that way.”

“Don’t you think your muscles- aren’t they are a bit too big, Tony? You look so gigantic, like you have giant inflated fake muscles stuffed in your shirt.” I reasoned. “I liked it better when you were my little stud bottom boy anyway. I still love you and your muscles are so hot! But can you really go through life at this size?”

“I like the attention, to be honest. there are guys, very few guys, but some nonetheless with huge muscles. and because of you I now one-up them all. I like having a chest that’s twice as far around as my waist. Who else has that? You don’t have to like it, but these muscles have really grown on me, no pun intended.” he argued back. “I did enjoy you being the tall hung stud but I love my muscles too much to give them up.”

“Alright, do what you will, your body.”

“Damn right” Anthony snapped back. I could tell he was still angry that he had to tell me it was him that made us so big in the first place, and that I tricked him as well. but we talked it out that night, and in a week I was back to being my slightly less gigantic self. I kept taking the reduction pills until I was the perfect size… just a bit bigger than what I’d been, almost a full 13” in length. Of course Tony was now quite a bit bigger too so he was able to take a bit more I reasoned- really, I could have gone down to 11” erect or even back down to 12” but for some reason I didn’t want to go back I only wanted a bit bigger every step of the way… I knew 15” was too big, esp with the added girth. But when my cock shrank down to just under the 13” mark on the ruler I couldn’t take any more pills. I had one in my hand and I just put it back in the bottle and put them away. So that was how I ended up at hung 12 7/8”” prior to my growth to teach Tony his lesson, I’d been 12 1/4”.

Everything was not back to full normal though, because now that Anthony was sporting such enormous an enormous muscle chest and brick like abdominals, he never wore a shirt unless he absolutely had to. He loved flexing his abs and pectorals and biceps and showing off his amazing lat spread.

The next week was a bit of time off as we cooled down though, so I called Matt from the showers. You know, Matt with the supposedly 10” erect cock who wished he had mine? I met him and we had lunch and then I went with him to his place and he worshipped my cock and I fucked him there. You could see he was already getting bigger from the pills I snuck into his lunch at noon when I was making out with him at 2pm, I’d stuffed 8 of them into his burrito when he went to the bathroom. It was so much fun I looked Matt up again a couple of days later and we repeated the date, and I not only spiked his burrito, I put a full bottle of the pills ground up into his powdered coffee creamer. I noticed he loaded up his coffee with powdered creamer in the mornings. The next week when I went to see him again, he was hung almost 11 1/2” in length, with a considerable increase in girth and testicle size as well. I checked the creamer in his cupboard and there was still a lot of creamer left to go. So good old Matt was definitely going to be getting his wish. I teased him about how his wish was coming true that he would be as big as me. But in truth, he was likely to end up 14 or 15 or 16 inches of cock monster before he was finished. But he just raved about it and wished for more and more.

As far as Kenny, he got more self confidence with his new big cock and his muscles bulging. He was 245 lbs and 6’4” at the end of three months… and about 25 lbs of that was probably from his increased workouts as he kept growing long after I stopped giving him his pills! I have to admit, it really turned me on so I dosed him once more with two bottles of genital pills and 4 more bottles of muscle pills about 6 months later. So for Christmas that year he’d ended up 6’7” tall and 335 lbs of man muscle with 11” between his legs. He loved it though so I never said a word about it.

So before the end of the semester, Tony started talking about how much he wished I was still bigger than he was. But he wasn’t going to take any reduction pills. He was asking me to take just enough pills so I was taller than he was. I thought about it and I agreed, as I was intrigued at the thought of being taller and more muscular than Tony again, so I started taking 8 muscle pills every day. That meant I was putting on about 8 lbs per day of muscle. I have to say that I’d been perfectly happy being 6’3” tall but I wanted Tony to be happy and the thought of me being taller than he again was really a big turnoff. Tony was 6’6” tall, which was tall, especially with his giant muscles! I still had the biggest cock of the two of us and I now needed to be the tallest guy and the biggest muscles too to keep him satisfied. He knew that I would do anything for him and he kept feeling my growing muscles and shivered every time he noticed I was bigger. After a week, I was now up to 260 lbs, and had grown an inch taller to 6’4” in height. But that was only the beginning for Tony. He insisted I take some more pills and after another week I was up to 6’6” tall and 305. I was just barely taller than Tony and a bit heavier and I thought that would be the end of it but I kept growing. I think Tony was putting a few muscle pills into my food or drink still, because it wasn’t another two months and I suddenly found myself looking down on Tony again, from 6’9” tall and weighing now an insanely huge 365 lbs. I was very happy to tower over Tony, so I took it upon myself in secret to take some more muscle pills until I was 6’11” tall. Tony went nuts with desire when I was so much bigger than him. I loved my muscle and strength and power, and I loved showing it off and dominating Tony. However, I was having trouble finding clothing, so I spent a lot of my time naked, or half naked, or out wearing just board shorts and a 4XL muscle T shirt, stretched almost to breaking. I got a lot of looks and I liked showing off. And Tony liked showing me off too!

Come to think of it, maybe I am a bit of a size queen too. Sometimes I would let Tony fuck me and it was great but now that I was a huge stud his 7” didn’t fill me up like it had. I asked Tony to take some of the penis growth pills. I told him it would help him keep me satisfied and also increase his libido to keep up with my over-amped sex drive. I plain wore Tony out some nights.

So he reluctantly agreed to start taking one pill per day. So I dosed his coffee creamer too, enough that he got 5 or even 8 pills of penis growth per day. So in about a week Tony was already hung 8”. He didn’t want to take anymore pills but I persuaded him to take one last round, and then I snuck more pills into his OJ. I kept at it until Tony was hung about 10”, nice and thick. He filled my ass fully and it was hot for him to fuck me, and I enjoyed that almost as much as filling him with my 13” penis! He begged me to take a few more penis growth pills so i did, so when we made out my cock still stuck out 4” longer than his and was about twice as massive due to my insanely thick girth.

Over the Spring break, Charlie came to visit for his college tour. He was now built pretty big, he’d been hitting the weights at the gym, and once I peeked at him jerking off and he was almost 11” erect. He was still 5’11” tall but was now an astounding 230 lbs of muscle mass. I of course dosed him the minute he arrived, and in the two days he stayed to visit I fed him 6 muscle pill bottles and 3 more cock growth pill bottles. I was now a raging size queen and the thought of my little bro actually being bigger and taller and more hung and muscular than I was enough to start precum leaking out of my firehose cock. So, he grew a bit and drove up to visit a friend and then stopped back overnight a week later. He was 6’4” tall and 270 lbs and I talked him into jerking off together so we could compare out cocks. He was 12” long, almost as big as I was and his balls were enormous. So I dosed him that night and again in the morning with another 6 muscle pill bottles and 3 more cock growth pills. He was heading home but I asked him to stay over for a week and visit. I told him we’d hit the gym together so we did. In another two days, he was 6’7” tall and 340 lbs and his cock was definitely bigger than mine. He strutted around like the cock of the walk! I loved it and he loved showing off. We messed around a bit, mostly jerking off, and I was enraptured with his increased size.

“What if you keep growing until you’re taller and more muscular than I am, Charlie?”

“That wouldn’t be so bad, would it, Alex, to have a big little brother?

I continued to dose him strongly every day for the next week, and he grew about an inch a day until he was 7’ tall. He had to duck under the doorways but he was gigantic. His penis was 16” full, and we tumbled together in the bed often. Fuck it was so hot to have him so big, so strong, so tall, and so close to me.

I was the luckiest guy in the world. Tony joined Charlie and I in bed, and we made Tony’s biggest size queen dreams come true repeatedly. I think he was constantly turned on with both of us in the dorm with him. HOT.

I remembered good old Matt, and I looked him up. He was astonished at my size, but I told him I was bodybuilding, and he accepted my explanation. I showed off my 14” cock to him, and Matt went nuts. Then he pulled down his basketball shorts and showed me that the voluminous fold of cloth in the front was actually his incredibly enlarged penis. It was bigger than Charlie’s, a full 18” erect. He was 13” soft. Insane. And he loved it. He loved showing off he was bigger than I was even though I was such a huge muscle giant. I loved that he loved showing me how he was the big man. Definitely Tony’s size queen addiction had worn off on me. But I didn’t mind. I loved it.

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The salt: the gym bunny by RdyRoger 6 parts 14k words Added Jun 2010 18k views 3.8 stars (4 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Other Mental Changes•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Voice Deepening•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Nonconsensual change•Restraints

The cock-off by Armie Lingo In the gym locker room, Nick and Joe get the chance to admire Cock-Off champion Steve up close. 3 parts 5,295 words Added Oct 2005 26k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle/Strength •M/M•M/M/M

Cody and Todd by klj Little green pills lead to roommate fun. 2,654 words Added Jun 2005 21k views 5.0 stars (14 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Cum inflation•Straight to Gay•Increased Libido •M/M

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