Magic eye

by RdyRoger

Once he found out the secret of magic growing things suddenly seemed really easy for Al, until the day he was startled by Turner while he was staring deep into his hot friend, Tony.

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Part 1: Tony Once he found out the secret of magic growing things suddenly seemed really easy for Al, until the day he was startled by Turner while he was staring deep into his hot friend, Tony. (added: 10 Aug 2019)
Part 2: Tommy
Part 3: Turner
Part 4: Chad Using his magic seems to be getting easier, so Al tries helping out his handsome but under-equipped friend Chad. (added: 21 Sep 2019)
Part 5: Tracy Tracy is worried that his size-queen boyfriend, Zeke, will leave him for someone bigger… so Al tries the obvious solution.
Part 6: Liam The growth cloud Al cast when he was trying to boost Tracy turns out to have affected Liam, too.
Part 7: Mark and Dirk After getting a few pointers from a wizard, Al goes to the beach with his buddies and they decide to grow a hot couple.
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Part 1: Tony

I suppose I never would have found the way to see magic if I hadn’t been listening to a radio interview with some guy pointing out that all solid matter was pretty much just empty space.

That, along with the old text I was reading on philosophy, gave me a way to think of a 6th sense, not light or touch or sound but a different type of vibration, at the very microscopic level. If I looked at things just a certain way, I was able to see the shapes of matter and see how empty it all really was.

It was really easy to coax the atoms into agreements to be a bit further apart for a while, or permanently too. I could also make them closer together, if I tried a bit.

Well, after a few weeks of experimenting with table salt and turning the grains into boulders in the back yard, or enlarging some plants, or encouraging them to grow in a certain new way…

Well, it just became easier and easier. I had no plans to try this on myself or anyone else, or exact any revenge, as I knew how dangerous it might be. Although there were those who could use a bit of comeuppance. Or shrinking down-ance, ha ha. But here’s where I slipped up.

Tony. Tony was a friend, and a decent looking guy, and although we never dated we were both members of the Gay student alliance. I had a bit of a crush on him, I admit it. He had brown eyes flecked with gold and his hair was that dark eyebrows lighter blond-brown on top of his head. Sexy, right?

I was horny one day, and he was in the locker room, oblivious to me, chatting up a few friends. He had a lean smooth toned body, not any real muscle, and was not gifted with a large dick or anything a gay man might desire, but he was gonna do okay in life, he was so great.

So I was sitting there, and I started to look at Tony and his friends Mark and Frank. Then I started looking at them in that special magical way, you know? I could see them, their shapes and volumes and forms and the way the atoms communicated with each other, and I could even see Tony’s junk through his underwear. It was a perfectly fine normal and good-looking set of cock and balls, but I’d never quite looked at another guy with magic before, you know? So I was looking at the ways his dick worked with his balls and how constricted some things were, you know, like how much cum his prostate would make, or how often he’d be horny, and how big his cock was or how it could grow bigger, how much more his cock grew when he got a hard on, and how his balls were constricted in growth by the rules of all the genetics in his family tree, and I started to fantasize about how cool it would be if his junk was just a bit—more free—or bigger, or productive, and influencing on his emotions, like he was a total horndog, and then I thought about how big his cock was, and how it could so easily be so much more…

“Al!” a voice boomed and a hand slapped me on the shoulder, a bit too hard. I jumped. “Wake up dude!” It was Turner. Always screwing with people, never could leave anyone alone. “Oh, hey,Turner,”

“Let’s go, man, we got class!” And I looked and Tony and Mark and Frank were gone already so I grabbed my books and headed to class. I didn’t see Tony until last period. That’s when I saw it. Yeah, I check out guys’ packages. Tony’s looked a lot bigger and heavier. I looked again with magic and saw that something was happening in his body. Something magical. When Al made me jump in the locker room I’d been deep into thinking about Tony could have been and somehow I jumped a bit and that made me affect Tony. There was this energy haze, dark red, in his body but definitely centered on his junk. Dammit! I thought Hopefully not too much, I thought. It seemed like not too different, I mean, his junk was definitely bigger, but nothing grotesque, and his aura didn’t look sick. It looked healthy and vibrant.

I contrived to walk home with him, and he asked me inside. Something was bothering him. He said, “Al, I am so freaking horny I can’t stand it…! You wanna, you know, mess around or jerk off or something?”

“Sure, I am too!” I lied to Tony. Well, I was horny, Tony was practically panting like a racehorse. Horse, get it? And before I barely finished the sentence Tony had pulled off his tee shirt, slid down his jeans and boxers, and was starting to stroke his considerable meat. “Fuck yeah!” he said when he saw his junk was doubled in size. “Wow so fucking hot! My junk never felt so heavy no wonder my underwear was so tight!”

He was just turned on so I don’t think he was seeing clearly but after just a minute, and I was barely pulling down my briefs, He blew his first load. He was grunting and moaning like it was his first time ever. He sprayed a lot of cum onto the floor.

Next thing I knew he was giving me an amazing blowjob. I tried to look at him, so I could see what was changing in his body, but you know, blow job.

After he blew six loads (and I two) he was still feeling randy but he was sated for a while at least. It seemed that the changes were continuing to Tony’s junk, as I was pretty sure he wasn’t hung 8” soft when he pulled his pants off. Maybe 6” had been swinging there.

But it looked like whatever magic I’d unleashed, it was abating, I mean, the energy of it, it all seemed to be settling into a new rhythm, it looked like. He was sort—operating normally again. Only with a much more productive prostate gland and much bigger junk. Fuck this was so weird. Well, I eventually went home. Tony stayed in bed, snoozing.

So I thought that was that, you know? So for a few days everything seemed normal-ish and Tony asked me on the third day to come over for some fun. Well you know I did. But the thing was when I got there and Tony dropped his baggy jeans and boxers, his junk was a lot bigger, huge in fact. He was swinging something like 11 inches soft, and erect, well, we never got that measured because he just kept getting bigger and harder and coming more and more. It was intense. He was a total sex machine and just being in the room with him was enough to completely give me an aching hard on.

I had to do some serious thinking about this. I could try to undo whatever I could remember, which would almost certainly mean missing some aspect of whatever it was that I’d done when Turner startled me the other day. But if I didn’t do something, then, well, this could just continue. Tony was already too big to fuck most guys, and I know if he kept growing, or if his lust kept growing… he could be in real trouble. As incredible as it was to have a hot horse hung friend to have fun with, I didn’t want to really ruin his life.

Maybe, I thought, I could just… put the brakes back on whatever I’d loosened. As soon as Tony was sated, and that took an awfully long time that day, he tumbled into his bed and started to snooze, his giant soft dick and huge balls splayed out. As I looked at him, I saw a change, right before my eyes. His dick, which as I’d mentioned was 11” long soft, simply started to grow while I looked at him.

His balls were swelling, incessantly growing larger and heavier, and his cock grew another two inches in length, hanging further down his naked hip until it almost touched the bedsheets. and as that stopped I saw that his entire penis became fleshier, thicker, heavier. He was now swinging a 13” long flaccid cock, that was 8” in circumference. or more. fuck.

He can’t really be that big, I thought. I looked over to Tony’s desk and grabbed a ruler and measured him. Fuck, he was over 13” soft, and it looked like it was starting to inch larger yet again. His junk just throbbed and rippled and swelled larger, and this time i noticed his testicles swelled up large enough to make his scrotum tight on his balls, until his sack grew and relaxed and his giant balls slipped lower as his scrotum grew. His cock—the ruler showed me he was swelling past 14” now.

This was already gone way too far. At least Turner wasn’t here to make me screw up! I sat down and calmed myself and summoned my magic sight and looked deep into Tony. I saw what had increased in his makeup, certain aspects of gender and lust and size… but I didn’t see why it kept changing. I looked down all the pathways of energy in his body, and I found what seemed to be the source of this energy, that was fueling his growth. It was a trickle of red energy, it looked like to my sight, and it emanated close to his heart. I saw that it was unbalanced, that it was all directed to constantly increasing Tony’s size and lust. At least I had discovered the thing that I thought needed fixing. There wasn’t anyway to just shut it down, not that I could see, and I worried doing so might kill him, so I just diverted it to the rest of him, restoring balance in his energies and letting a more natural order overtake the distribution of his energies to all the aspects of his being.

So…. I thought I’d “fixed” the problem, and it seemed that I had. Tony certainly didn’t lose any size in his junk, though, or have any apparent decrease in his lustful priapism. But it was manageable, and we certainly had fun together with his sexual stamina.

But that wasn’t the end of it. I started looking deep into other men and women too, seeing how their energies worked. In Tony, there’d been a trickle, small but constant of this red energy. In most it was absent, and the few that I found with any in their system, usually muscle jocks or performance athletes, had only a tiny fraction of what Tony had flowing through him.

The week went by, and the next week, and it seemed okay, and then one day Tony was in the locker room and I looked at him again with just my regular sight. He looked bigger. Not his junk, but all of him, taller and stronger too. I mentioned it to him and he said that he was having a sudden growth spurt, and was already 6’1” tall almost. This from my 5’10” friend of a few weeks ago. Well I went home with Tony that night, and we had an insane amount of sex, and yes, he was taller and his muscles were bigger, his whole carriage seemed stronger, like his bones were thickening as well as lengthening, and his strength was suddenly off the charts. Two weeks ago we’d wrestle for fun. That night, he pinned me effortlessly. Over and over. And he fucked me too. It hurt but I loved it. I started to realise I loved him. And what was happening to him couldn’t just continue. I mean, it would kill him, eventually, I supposed. So when he finally passed out as usual, (he was very predictable in that way) I spent a few moments looking at him with my regular sight. No question about it, he was growing bigger before my eyes, a bit taller, a bit wider, a bit thicker across the pecs and lats, all without moving a muscle. The sex must be some sort of stimulant, I supposed. He seemed to grow most right afterwards.

So then I called up my magic sight and deep dived into his being where it was easy for me to find that trickle of red energy. It seemed about the same, maybe a bit more, or maybe I was just more worried. But I did something I hadn’t dared to do before, which is I dove into it to see its source.

There was a twisted bit of space and time right close to Tony’s heart, and that was where it was emanating. I swam through it, and it enveloped my consciousness, and I looked at the source. Love. Or sometime akin to it, it seemed I’d knocked a hole in Tony’s space time continuum when Turner made me jump with alarm. That crack, that twisted bit, was where the red energy was leaking up from some lower dimension. I’d been admiring Tony and the backlash of my scare was this damage. But how to stop it? I tried various forces and ideas, but nothing seemed to work, in fact, it made the energy flow a lot faster it seemed. This was no good at all. Any tampering I did just made it worse. I backed away, my mind and soul submerged in the flow of this red energy. I tried to balance his flow a bit, so it would be longer before he was in trouble again, I diverted as much of the energy to anything other than his height or muscle or cock or balls. It worked, a bit, I watched as the red energy took over some of his weaker systems and they seemed to pulse with new energy and strength.

I finally backed away and found may way back to my own body. I sat there in silence, waiting for my consciousness to fully subsume in my body, and I looked at Tony. Damn it. He looked bigger again. Especially more muscular. It was like finding Callum Van Molger or Holger whatever in your bed one day. I’d caused more damage with the red energy increasing in flow when I tried to stem its tide.

I stood up and my boxer briefs ripped. Out tumbled my junk. My much, much, enlarged junk. The red energy had affected me strongly while I was immersed in it. My 2.5” soft, 6” erect dick was now 9” flaccid, and really thick. My balls were disproportionately huge, like large oranges. I was also now about 6” taller and built like Captain America. I was actually bigger than Tony, by quite a lot. My muscles were swole with power. I looked at the clock. I’d been “out” for about an hour. Plenty of time for the red energy to work on me. I felt solid. Strong. Powerful. None of my clothes were gonna fit. I borrowed some of Tony’s cargo shorts, which were not baggy at all on my expanded quads, and my giant muscled glutes, and a muscle tee, which was ridiculously small on me.

I made it to the thrift store before they closed and bought some things that fit the new me, then I went home to survey the damage.

I hid from my Mom, and snuck upstairs, aware that my tread was now that of a big muscle man. I locked my bedroom door and turned on the lights and looked in the full length mirror. I gasped, a bit. I was gorgeous. Freaking gorgeous. Not just big and muscled but my skin was flawless and my features seemed far more handsome, more regular, perfected. I pulled off the muscle tee, not that it did much to hide anything, but it was astonishing to see that much muscled flesh comprising my body. I pulled off the cargo shorts, and they were a lot tighter than when I’d pulled them on a few hours earlier, and I stood naked except for my socks, and my junk tumbled down and flopped a new, larger grown weight. I mean, I was 13 or 14” flaccid. My balls were gross big and only the size of my body and musculature made any of me look in any way reasonably proportioned, except of course I wasn’t. I looked into myself with my magic sight and there was a residue of that red energy suffusing my body, but it was decreasing. There wasn’t any flowing into me. Hopefully the worst of the damage was already done. I stood there checking myself out and I heard my socks rip, a bit. My feet were expanding, as were my hands. Suddenly I was completely overcome with exhaustion, and I made it to my bed and fell across it and was out like a light.

In the morning, it was worse. I was a lot taller—I figured I’d measure at the gym on the scale (it had a slidey ruler thingy) and I was also stupidly big muscled, and my junk was so big there wasn’t gonna be any hiding it in cargo shorts. I wore the baggiest khakis I’d found, and they were too short, too tight, and there was a glaring big dick bulge running down my inner right thigh. Way, way down.

I went to school. I was suddenly the centre of attention, due to my size, but most seemed to accept that I’d just grown this past year. But talk about BDE—Big Dick Energy, or is it BDC—Big Dick Confidence? I felt different and everyone acted differently with me, even my closer friends.

I refrained from saying, “hey—my eyes are up here!” but man was I tempted. Especially Turner. So him I just sorta would chat with and stretch a bit, pretending to yawn, and of course I had to flex my bicep tight when I covered my mouth politely, and then I sat there and said, “Damn my shoulders are tight today! Really sore and swole from the gym!” Turner’s eyes bugged out as I rolled my shoulders, the giant muscles putting on quite a show. “Ah, that’s better” I said. I was lying, I felt great, never better, but it was a good excuse to flex without appearing a deliberate show off. Turner didn’t complain anyways.

Tony came into gym class, and he looked at me, and he knew. i mean, how could be not?

He was bigger than before although not as tall or muscled or frankly as hung as I was. But he still had that red energy flowing into him. I explained it all, and Tony is pretty smart, he caught on quick.

“I hope you can forgive me!!” I said.

“I’m not mad at you I just can’t decide whether to beat up Turner or put him on my Christmas card list.” Tony said. “Look,” he said, “If you can figure out a way to stop this red energy, then everything will be cool. We can get pretty far in life being tall, hung, muscled, male model sorts of guys.”

I spent the whole next day reading ancient texts and quantum theory, and it wasn’t too hopeful.

And although my growth had stabilised, Tony’s continued to skyrocket. In another day he was gonna be my size or bigger.

Finally I decided to try to brute force it, if I could. Tony was screwed if nothing was done. So this way there was some hope.

After a bit of fun comprising a two-hour, cumming-10-times session at Tony’s, he was resting on the bed and I dove into him to try and stop the damage.

I found the trail of red energy quick enough, and followed it, but to do that I had to dive into it, so I went as quickly forward as I possibly could to limit my exposure.

I found the rift quick enough and grappled with it, and red energy spewed out in great quantity, but I managed to seal the breach to the point that nothing detectable was coming through. There was still a… something there, but it just wasn’t opened. I waited, and it seemed stable, so then I came back to myself. When I awoke, Tony was also awake. He was looking at me. He was changed, his muscled form bigger than ever. I realised it was the red energy that had spilled from that rift while I was brute forcing it shut. He was about as big as I was, now.

The thing was, he wasn’t looking at himself. He was looking at me. I’d grown again. Quite a bit. He was as big as I’d been, now I was bigger than that.

I may have previously slightly exaggerated my size due to my panic, (hey you try going from medium to XXXL in a week!) but no more. Now I was a muscle monster.


Part 2: Tommy

Okay, so I never even fantasised about being 7’ tall. But I was now. Tony was only 6’8”. I won’t even tell you about my junk except I came to appreciate the utili-kilt. Tony was the only one to match me, ever, in the bedroom, and I liked him long before this started so it wasn’t unreasonable we started to date. It was easy enough to tolerate the unkind jibes people would make about the giant muscle men, when I was in his company. I think he felt the same. We had excellent hearing. Red energy improved.

We were too big for a lot of purposes, but we did get invited to a lot of pool parties. And I enjoyed making the people I met feel special, like I’d wanted to feel before all of this happened to me. I was super careful to give attention to anyone who was nice or who I could find even one thing to compliment. It was easy to compliment a man’s eyes, for instance, or the feel of their hair, and I made it clear I was with Tony, but we had an open relationship. We had to have an open relationship. Our libidos demanded it. But an off the chart libido also meant you could perform at will, essentially. So I tried to heal a lot of hurt with kindness and encouragement.

Besides, if you could cum 20 times in a day at a weho pool party, wouldn’t you once in a while? They never thought to card us, we were both 18, legal adults but not for drinking. Occasionally I would sneak a beer, but I never really liked more than one for a party. So I found myself carrying the same bottle around about one-third full all night saying things like “I am so blitzed” or, “This is my sixth beer.” Hey, don’t judge me.

I still studied magic but I didn’t practice it on people. And I stayed away from Turner. At least I did try. Because that’s what happened. You know how when you get a new toy and can’t stop playing it? It was like that with magic and me. A big video game. I kept looking at all the guys in school, and thinking about what I’d do to them if I dared, as it were. And of course now that I was a muscle beast with a very high libido, it was difficult to think of anything else, you know?

So I was looking at Tommy one day. Skinny little slender short Tommy, who had always been a good friend, and still was, even though I know it was more difficult for him now I was a muscle beast. I just wasn’t as relatable, and Tommy didn’t spend 3 hours a day having sex. He didn’t know how much I was getting but he knew things had changed. I was sitting alone, watching Tommy in the library, doing his homework, and I wasn’t planning on anything, I swear, but magic was coming easier and easier to me as I practiced. So I was daydreaming about what I would do to Tommy, if I were to do something to Tommy, and I saw all the energies balanced in his body, and knew exactly what push to give to punch a hole inside Tommy and let in some red energy, and I was thinking about how it would all work, and how much to give him, and suddenly a hand slapped me hard on the back out of nowhere, stinging, and it made me jump, and it was Turner standing there with that fucking shit eating grin on his face. “Wake up man!” I stood up and Turner stumbled backwards.

I stuck my finger in the middle of his chest and said, “Don’t touch people without their permission!” I knew I was pretty intimidating. Turner apologised and floundered and exited. I turned around and Tommy was gone. He’d taken off. I wondered if I’d scared him off by intimidating Turner. I didn’t want to be a bully especially in the eyes of my friends. Sheesh now that I weighed about 380 lbs you’d think I was made of eggshells, everyone was so worried about upsetting me like I would ever ever hurt anyone. I just wouldn’t. I think they knew it, but… 380 lbs. I get it.

The next day passed and I didn’t think of anything but schoolwork and spending time with Tony. The next day Tommy was back. He’d skipped a day, said he felt off and rested, and dummy me didn’t even connect the dots. So we did the gym class, although it was a breeze for Tony and me, but we tried to be cool and play fair and all. Tommy did okay, I do have to say, we were playing basketball and he jumped up and slammed in a basket. Whoo! Everyone cheered. Even Tommy looked surprised. But back in the locker room, that’s when I saw it. Tommy’s cock was huge. I only got a glimpse of it, from the back on the side as he was dressing, and I was stunned. Dude was swinging 8” soft, 12” erect probably, and his balls were like oranges. I knew that wasn’t right. I looked at him and realised his shirt, his regular old baggy loose school tee shirt that he wore at least twice a week, that was way too big for him like some emo fashion statement, was pulling across his shoulders and lats. When he stood up his pecs stuck out like a shelf of muscle under that stretched and complaining t-shirt fabric. The bottom hem was only a couple of inches below his waist on his blue jeans, which was certainly a lot higher than I’d seen it before, like usually his shirt tail was 6 inches or more below his belt. And even in his baggy jeans, I saw the evidence of his growth. After gym he switched his shirt to a muscle tee and a green button-down shirt. Maybe he was going out after school, or maybe his regular old tee shirt was now way too fucking tight?

His junk was rolling around as he moved, stretching and overstretching his boxer briefs, so he had a lot of junk rolling and bulging under the canvas denim of his baggy jeans. His legs looked longer and were definitely piling on muscle. Those jeans were tighter now too cause his quads were swole. No wonder he’d made that jump shot with ease. Oh, hell.

I started to pull up my magic sight but before I could do anything Tommy said, “See you tomorrow I gotta run!” and was out the door! I went after him as quick as possible but I was naked and had to dress and his bike was gone and he was nowhere in sight.

I went by his house. He wasn’t there. I went by his house after dinner and knocked, and his folks said he was spending the night with a friend “up hiking” the back trail. So that was it until tomorrow.

I sat with him the next day at lunch, early, before gym, that was hours later, and he was definitely bigger. He was kinda weirded out a bit. I asked him what was wrong.

He whispered to me in confidence, “ Al, I made a wish on a shooting star last night and it came true!” He looked at me, already sorry he’d said anything, and I said, “I bet I know what you wished for because I wished for the same thing a couple months back.”

His eyes grew open wide. “Is that what happened to you and Tony?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Nearly tore out the sleeves on my shirt, I had to not do that sort of thing.

“Yeah, but Al, my junk… it’s big.”

“I believe you.”

“No, I mean, it’s really big, Al.”

“I still believe you.”

“Al, it’s massive, and I don’t know what I’ll do if it keeps getting bigger.”

“How big is it?”

“Well, you know how I’ve seen you in the showers?”

“Yeah, I noticed a few people checking me out from time to time.”

“I’m that big. I’m as big as you but you’re 7 feet tall and I’m barely 6’1”. I measured this morning. And that’s not the worst of it. I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it. Just looking at you I wanna rip your clothes off and … I can’t even say or I’ll rip the crotch out of my jeans.”

“I’ve had that sorta problem myself, Tony and I…”



“You wanna skip gym and go to my house my Mom’s gone all day?”

“Let’s go!”

And we were on our way off campus, and the guard looked at me funny because I was leaving towards the end of lunch period but you know, 7’ tall and 380 lbs. So in about 45 minutes we were at Tommy’s and upstairs in his bedroom and in that sort of awkward two seconds of chit chat before we started to undress.

But Tommy said, “Let me undress you. I want to undress you like a present.” I let him. It was cute. He was cute. And definitely taller than 6’1” more like 6’3” tall … that’s a lot of growth in a day. Last week he’d been, what, 5’6”, maybe 5’7” tall? and I noticed when we were walking to his place his big dick bulge just got bigger and bulgier as his dick was obviously getting bigger… not just longer but a lot thicker too… it was really obvious by the time we got to Tommy’s.

“Fuck, man,” Tommy said, cupping his hand on his bulging package, which even in his big hand overwhelmed the size of his grasp, “I just hit this growth spurt it feels like just last week but I’m growing like a weed.” He flexed his bicep, looked at me with a wink and said, “Everywhere. I’m growing like a weed everywhere.” He slid across the room, kissed me, and stepped back to unbutton his own shirt first. Something was strange, though, because he was growing so very fast. Even unbuttoning his shirt, a shock of sexy chest hair ran across his pecs, but even as I watched it seemed the cleft in his pecs just deepened a bit more, the shadow there got a bit darker, and some of his chest hair slipped down between his pecs as his skin grew with the burgeoning muscle swelling under it. It was slow enough you couldn’t see it like in real time, but every time my eyes strayed back to his chest or his upper arms they looked just a bit bigger. He tried to slip off the shirt, but it stuck and then tore a bit when his bicep flexed on his right arm. I guess he was a right-handed guy, he was probably just a little bit bigger on his dominant size.

“Dammit, I liked that shirt,” Tommy said, throwing the torn remnants to the ground.

“I like that shirt too,” I said, “but you look better shirtless. We can find you another green shirt.” That was a bit of a joke, Tommy tended to like brighter colors for his shirts, usually green or purple of some kind, but usually wore dark jeans or slacks. Today though he was wearing blue jeans, and I watched as he let go of his package still in his jeans where he was holding it up like a display, so he could take off his torn shirt, and as he let go his junk, pressed behind the denim, slid down. I mean, way down. Like, halfway down his thigh for his balls and his cockhead was pressed what looked painfully tight behind the fabric about five inches above his knee. And he was a tall guy now with long legs. I gulped. He saw me staring and laughed.

“Like you aren’t hung like a horse!” Tommy said, teasing me. “Or am I wrong? Are you hung more like a bull, or maybe a mule?” He had moved closer again, and his hand over my junk through my slacks was incredibly tantalising and sexy and mesmerising. Fuck this guy was a natural at seduction. Lucky me, I thought. His hand slid along my junk, and when he reach my big knobby cock head, he said, “Hmmm. I can’t quite decide. Horse, bull, or mule? I’m leaning towards you having a mule dick.” As he said this it was so hot my cock swelled in my pants and lengthened, the knobby bulge sliding lower on my leg.

“Well, which is it?” I asked a bit boldly, and he smiled and felt my cock growing fatter and he slid his hand lower to find again the bulge of my even larger cock head—the glans inflating mightily as I became aroused.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry, I was wrong,” he said a bit sadly, but still teasing. “This is not a mule dick. Perhaps it’s a donkey dick.”

You understand I was getting larger as my junk inflated. I kinda smiled, I knew I had a damn sexy grin than made guys wanna tear off my clothes and… do everything.

“Uhhh… ohhh…. no, no, I was wrong again,” Tommy said just a bit sorrowfully. “This is a monster cock and huge balls package, no doubt.” Fuck my pants were gonna rip if this kept on!

I watched his face as he carefully and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, and I helped him slide that off, and then I had to sit down so he could pull off my giant sized muscle tee I usually wore under my shirts, and he struggled to get it over my lats, and I was looking at his pecs, now much bigger and more luscious than the day before, even more dense hair sticking out from his carelessly manicured chest. Fuck.

He had an area of short, dense sexy hair between his pecs and spreading across them. I glanced down. Tommy was obviously enjoying himself, he was obviously sporting a considerable hard on, his fat erection jammed down his thigh. I had to stand up again for him to unbutton my trousers and then he just pulled them and my super stretchy boxers down over my muscle ass and giant quads and he saw my giant cock, just starting to rise to its full glory, and he grabbed it, and licked it, and it twisted in his grasp as I sprang rampantly erect in about 15 seconds, but he was holding on and stroking it and… well, it’s always wonderful to make a new connection with a lover, you know? Especially someone as sweet as Tommy. He played with my dick a while and my cock was sticking up, right to the bottom of my pecs, and then I stopped him gently and started to undress his jeans. His muscle tee shirt came off easy enough It was cut in a low swoop on his chest to show off his pecs, it was black and sexy, and as I pulled the stretch fabric over his head I looked down and saw his 6-pack abs seemed to be growing and splitting into an 8 pack. Fucking Hot.

But I had to seriously wrestle his jeans down over his ass and considerably more muscular legs, and then I gasped. He wasn’t hard at all, you see. He was fucking huge and he wasn’t erect yet. His dick was almost as big as mine and he wasn’t even hard. Fuck me but that was so fucking hot. Such a turn on. I kinda forgot about the save Tommy in mortal peril of outgrowing his basketball gym shorts and everything else.

I grabbed his fat member and stroked it and he shivered. I swear his eyes unfocused, I mean, he was in the zone. His cock took almost a full two minutes to become completely erect, or at least as erect as I could tease it into becoming, it was still a bit spongy like it was gonna grow a few more inches any second. His cock was way bigger than mine. What had I done? Poor Tommy.

Well, we sucked and fucked and did anything we could think of, and I swear in the few hours we were… occupied, Tommy’s cock did grow about another two inches, still remaining a bit spongy as if it was gonna get bigger and harder any second. His muscles were nowhere near as big as mine, but he was about 6’5” tall or so. I did enjoy his giant dick smacking me on my face (gently) and all over my chest and shoulders. Fucking amazing piece of meat!

Then about the 7th time he came, he stood up with a twisted sorta expression on his face, and his cock was still erect, not even softening, and his giant grapefruit sized balls were dangling below, and he kinda gasped and moaned and cried out and grabbed the base of his dick, and as I watched and he strained his fucking cock extended another 4 fucking inches in about 10 seconds. His balls grew heavier, hung lower, expanding larger and larger. Holy fuck!!! I had waited too long or something! I reached out and grabbed onto his tower of meat, and it was still spongy feeling. As soon as I grabbed it he came, shooting more than ever, and then after about 20 streaking shots of cum flying everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) He grabbed onto the base of his cock again and started straining as blood vessels rose up all over his body and especially on his cock as it swelled fatter and longer and longer yet again!!! I looked down and his testicles were now growing into definite softball sized territory.

I opened my magic sight and jumped my mind into his body, which was aflame with red energy. Tommy was gonna burn up. First thing I could do was divert the flow of energy away from his genitals and into the rest of him… by which I mean, his height and his muscles, primarily. I held most of the red energy away from myself but it was everywhere, coming from every direction, and I dove deep and found the twisted crack in space time where the red energy was streaming into Tommy. I grappled with it. This was a lot worse than with Tony. There was so much more, but I just forced it closed. There was a red energy haze permeating Tommy, and I jumped back to myself. I was disoriented for just a few seconds and I looked up as Tommy swelled with growth, quickly, adding inches to his height and breadth and a hundred lbs. or more of muscle to his body just as quickly as I typed this sentence.

Hell, it looked good on him. But he wasn’t much slowing down. There was still a lot of red energy in him and he grew and grew. Finally it subsided, and he came again, showering the room with a cum fountain.

Finally things kinda stopped, you know. for a few minutes. We checked the mirror, after we wiped the cum off of it with a towel. I was definitely bigger. Tommy was freaking almost as tall as me and definitely was more muscled. Fuck what a monster. My own cock had grown up to the centre of my pecs but Tommy’s reached all the way to the base of his neck. Complete monster cock. Finally though, even though Tommy’s dick was bigger than ever, it was rock hard under the soft skin—not spongy anymore, at all.

I had to try shrinking someone—not my favorite thing, but Tommy was way off the charts even flaccid where his cock hung down 13 or 14 or 15”, depending on the weather, it seemed, and it’s root was so wide his pants had to be buttoned on the top of the shelf it created.

I couldn’t wish Tommy, if he got bigger, you know and then I thought… “Turner!”


Part 3: Turner

My experiment with Turner started okay and then went off the rails. I found him in the library, reading, so I had him distracted, and I could try. So first thing I knew I needed some red energy, I thought. That was my first mistake. But what could I do? Turner was about 6’ tall and had a bit of muscle and … I was looking with my sight…. his package was actually pretty decent. He had about 4” soft but I could tell he was a grower… so maybe he was 9”? maybe even 10”? His balls were big too. So, perfect for the test. See I was gonna temporarily shrink him for like one day with the red energy. He’d get smaller, if it worked, and then rebound in a day. Not an exact measurement, you know, but the next day.

So I knocked a hole in reality inside Turner and directed the red energy to temporarily shrink his cock, balls, muscle, and height. Damn it worked!! His package shrank to half sized, as I slowly coaxed it to, and his muscles slimmed down until he was more of a swimmer build, and he shrank too, I could tell cause his sleeves became too long.

I’d be able to see him later in gym class. I made sure there was a sort of deterioration on the shrinking, that would dissolve it in a day. He should rebound to himself, none the wiser. I left a good flow of red energy to power his “stasis” as the littler guy. It was simple.

You know, for being such a big, muscular, nice, handsome guy, I was pretty dumb, every once in a while.

He dressed in gym class, tied his shorts a bit tighter, he was definitely 2 inches shorter at least, but then again, when a 6’ guy becomes 5’10” tall standing next to a 7’ tall muscle monster, there is really not that much difference in contrast. I could tell, because I knew. But no one else seemed to notice. On the basketball court, Turner had some trouble. But I have to give him credit. He redoubled his efforts, being lighter he compensated by jumping higher. He was a hell of a jumper. I wondered if his muscles were still as strong now but just lighter and smaller? I didn’t think that was how it worked, anyways, I got lost in the game.

Turner every once in a while would grab at his junk and pull it down, like it wasn’t hanging as low as he was used to. I didn’t laugh. I swear. Maybe a smile, but I knew it would all go away tomorrow.

Well he went home. I went to Tony’s. Tommy came over. That kept us occupied, you know, I almost forgot about Turner when I told Tommy what I was doing. He was actually grateful. I mean, dude, his cock was huge. Bigger than huge. A day or two and probably I could take 5 or 10 inches off of Tommy’s cock. Whatever made him happiest. I wanted him to be happy. Yeah, he’d figured out it wasn’t the wishing on the star thing. I think perhaps it was when I was fucking Tony and he yelled out something about how fucking happy he was I’d made them grow.

Well, I can be a distraction in the bedroom, to Tony’s defence. But Tommy said he would not go back to his old normal, but something a bit less unwieldy between his legs would be nicer for gym. And the pool. And fucking.

So the next morning I was almost to school when I remembered Turner. I found him sitting, a bit dejected, in the quad by the lunch benches. He told me he’d had “really weird dreams” last night.

Well, I knew he’d be back to his usual jackass self after study period, or soon after that. I peeked at him and saw it was all going perfectly, the red energy was feeding the shrink “routine” I guess I’ll call it, but it wasn’t gonna last much longer. Easy peasy. I hate that expression. Now.

So study period came and went, but no change. I peeked. Just a few hours more, maybe.

So I’m in the gym locker room and Turner is there and I contrive to be close enough to watch him but not to stare or be too obvious. We’re dressing for gym class and I see Turner shift, just a little bit bigger. I mean, he swelled up a bit taller and his shoulders filled out his shirt a bit more. It was kinda hot. I didn’t even bother to peek with magic I was so sure of myself.

I glanced, yeah, he’d put on his jock and it looked a bit smaller than normal, but definitely bigger than before. Not as big as normal, but close to normal. His biceps were definitely filling his gym shirt sleeves again, experiment a success! Now I could set up Tommy, but permanent, whatever he wanted.

Tommy would be so happy.

We played basketball again, hey the coach was a fan so that was that, and I liked the game. It’s about ten minutes into the game, and I catch a breather, and I look, and there’s Turner the showoff, high fiving his buds and looking just like yesterday. I don’t have time to look with my magic vision, but it’s obvious Turner’s junk has returned as well bouncing in his shorts.

So the game goes on, and on, and after about thirty minutes Turner and I are kinda going one on one, he’s got the ball, I’m defence, but he slips under my arm, jumps and shoots, scores, turns and sticks his finger in my face and says, “In your face, Albert!”

Hey, that’s one of his nicer sayings. But suddenly the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. I mean, I’m way taller than Turner, but… Turner’s maybe 6’, right? Not anymore. Now he’s 6’5” or so. Not that he’d notice looking up at my 7’ stature but still. WTF? I was in the middle of the game and I couldn’t use the sight without concentration. Also didn’t help that Turner was pounding up and down the court like he was in the Lakers or something.

With my regular vision I could see two, no three, no four other things. One was his cock flopping in his shorts was way bigger. No wonder I’d noticed it earlier. Two, his scrotum and balls were obviously way bigger too. Boing boing flippity floppy. His balls were huge, even for a 6’5” guy who’s now 6’6” tall. three, his muscles were growing fast. Hell, they weren’t growing they were inflating, swelling, I feigned a stitch in my side and tagged out, sat down, opened my magic sight. Oh, hell. He was growing like … like a weed. Oh yes, the fourth thing? Mr. Insufferable was now handsome as a male model. What had I done?

I couldn’t see much as he was moving so quickly. But all the routines were down, and he’d rebounded to his original size, and a lot more. I realised his whole body was suffused with red energy. A lot of red energy, everywhere. He looked like a forest fire inside. WTF?

Then it hit me. That red energy had fed his shrinking, but it hadn’t gone away, it was still there. I’d coaxed it into going backwards for a day, and it had “filled up his tank” (I’d like to fill up Turner’s tank his ass was amazing in those shorts now… oh, right, sorry) and all that red energy spilled out everywhere when the wards fell on the shrinking spell routines. I couldn’t do anything until Turner slowed down. I went back in the game and played like crap and Turner let me know it. Then he turned and smiled at me, about 6’8” tall heading into Mr Olympia territory and said, “This is fun!” Oh yeah, I forgot number five. His voice alone would now give you a hard on. I thought was my secret superpower.

What? What was fun? Me fucking up? Him beating me? Or did he realise he was taller?

While I was watching him, he turned around and did that grab and pull and arrange your junk thing from yesterday, when he’d been a too small guy. Now, today, even through the fabric he was grabbing a monster cock and balls quite obviously. And so he pulled his junk down, way, way down. then he looked at me, smiled and winked. That asshole he obviously knew he was growing!

So I tried to do the magic thing while he was in the middle of the game. Big mistake. By big, I mean mean big. I ended up making the tear inside him a whole lot bigger, all at once, and red energy, more than I’d ever seen, came flooding into this universe. More importantly, I=into Turner. And some into me as well.

His growth easily redoubled. He’d been maybe 6’7, 6’8” tall? Nope. in moments he was approaching my height. And I was over 7’. His muscles were expanding like carnival balloons. Whatever size his cock had been, now it was bigger.

OMG, out of control. The coach blew a whistle. Free throw. Everybody stood still. I jumped my mind into Turner’s body. I wrenched and grabbed and twisted shut that tear in space-time. More red energy spilled into me and a whole lot more into Turner.

I came back to myself. Turner was not far from me and he walked over to me. Right up to me. He was still swelling. Even his basketball shorts were being ripped open on the sides from is very, very long and swelling huge quadriceps.

Yup. He was taller than me. Obviously. Like by two inches, maybe three. As he got to me his growth diminished and stopped.

“Hey Albert,” said Turner, “that was an awesome game. Wow. You really do like ’em big, dontcha?”

And he walked to the locker room. I trailed behind in defeat. He stripped by carefully peeling his shorts off. His jock had long since exploded. The remnants of his XL muscle tee were so tight after trying for a moment he stripped it off by tearing it. He walked to the shower. I walked to the shower. Fuck he was beautiful. Like Captain America beautiful. Only two inches—okay, three inches taller than me. And as my granddad used to say, that man was very big all over and “very well set up.” Which is how they used to describe hot muscle guys.

His cock sprang rampantly erect. So did mine. We were about 10 feet apart. We both jerked in the hot steamy shower. That was an image to remember. Burned into my brain, more like. We both came together, him I thought in triumph, me in defeat. I hated we were in sync like that so easily. I didn’t know you could cum in defeat. Trust me, you can!

Turner, that new American Superhero, wrapped a towel around himself and went to the student store for clothes. We had some overweight kids so they had really large sizes.

I dried and dressed in silence. So did Turner. For once he shut up. Thank you Lord for small favours. Okay it’s a big favour to get him quiet for ten minutes. Turner’s hair looked fucking fabulous. Hey, I’m gay, I can legit hate on that. He was standing there in gym shorts, I think he’d found a giant jockstrap too, which actually made his package more distracting. Still a bunch of swinging meat, but a bit more guesswork and mystery involved God I hated this guy. Every time he moved his junk swayed or bulged and made me want to spring a boner.

He’d split the shirt in front down the pec crevice, which fucking looked hot as hell, and the fat guy sleeves clung and pulled on his astonishing huge biceps. I turned to leave. Turner being quiet was unnerving me.

“Hey, Al,” said Turner, “Wait a minute.”

I waited.

He walked over sexy as sexy as fuck, and said, “I just wanted to say thank you. This is awesome. I’m so happy. And I’m sorry man, I was wrong about you. I didn’t even think you liked me.” He looked down at his incredible body, glanced at the mirror and said, “Obviously I was mistaken. Wanna hang sometime?”

“Sure.” I said, not realising I said it, still startled as fuck by the fact Turner was actually a human being.

“Tomorrow?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said cleverly.

As he was heading to the door, he spun back and said, “Don’t worry, man, I know. With great power comes great responsibility. I won’t be so much of a dick. Not so much, anyways.”

And he smiled that infuriating smile and exited. Fuck I wanted to fuck that fucking fuck fucker now. Maybe tomorrow? Was Turner gay? or bi? Oh, God what if he’s asexual? Well, I guess we can cuddle, if he likes that. Tony and Tommy and we can make a giant sized puppy pile. Or perhaps regular puppy pile out of giants…..


Part 4: Chad

So you know how I mentioned the magic was becoming easier and easier? I mean, there was so much to learn, but I was able to learn a new technique to open and close a red magic gate pretty quickly, without all of it spilling onto me. If I warded myself I could work with it and not grow to impossible size.

Things went along, as they do, towards summer, end of junior year in high school, and Turner and I actually became lovers and friends. Which isn’t surprising, as we were both turned into sex monsters by the red energy. Tommy, well, he was willing to be patient while I learned, so I could reduce his giant cock to something at least manageable. I gotta hand it to coach, he had the home economics teacher sew up some swimsuits for our junk. Even Tommy. Of course our genitals were impossible to ignore, but they were covered. And one day, looking around, I realised all the guys had speedos that showed what they had. Some didn’t have a lot, but everyone, you could always see what everyone had and everyone (especially the girls with the straight boys) pretended they couldn’t.

I mean, when my dick was 6” long, it was 2.5” flaccid. But that of course made a 2.5” bulge in my swimsuit. So everyone always knew, now they just knew I had more. I don’t know why that was reassuring to me, but a lot of my embarrassment (you try walking through a locker room swinging 14” of cock and see if you get embarrassed! yeah, I thought so.) just vanished. I was me, I was this size, I was gifted with an insanely beautiful and powerful body and I had an extremely high libido and could have pretty much as many mind-blowingly intense orgasms every day as I cared to. And I had a few similar friends. And I was learning magic, something I’m sure almost everyone denied existed.

I’ll tell you something funny. Or just human. When I was perfectly average in size and looks (Mom said I was handsome) people would always say to me, “Al, you’re too nice.”

I don’t even know what that means. I mean, I understand the idea, but there really wasn’t anything special about me. I didn’t cure cancer or save someone’s life or anything. I tried to be helpful. Being gay, especially in elementary school, my self esteem had taken a few hard knocks so that was maybe why I was always volunteering or bringing stuff to parties or *ahem* volunteering at the comic-book conventions… But after I grew, no one said I was too nice. They admired my muscles (a lot) and asked how tall I was (often) and guys in the locker room would whisper the question, “What’s it like to have such a big dick?” or some variation of that (every day it felt like). But they never said I was too nice.

I didn’t change in that way, I didn’t become pushy or a jerk or think I was all that or anything. But then one day I was talking with Tony and Turner both about a party and bringing some drinks and maybe chips and a few salads and my Mom could probably bake a ham if she has time…

And at the exact same second, Tony and Turner both said, “Al, you are too nice.”

“No, I’m just too hungry. All the time.”

That devolved into laughter, then touching, then wrestling, then insanely hot sex. Hey, I’m still human. I think.

Hah. Well, for some strange reason that “callback” to before I grew was greatly comforting and I kept thinking about it. I mean, I could “improve” a few more of my friends. It was perfectly plausible guys could have a growth spurt in their junior year. That would be nice. Would it be too nice?

Yeah, I wanted to try some magic. Again. But who and how and how to change them? I wanted to only make guys more like they wanted to be. I know not everyone wanted to be a giant muscle monster. Just 98.65% of guys.

Yes, the giant muscles constantly suffused my body with feel good endorphins. Was I high? Well, I was “up” at least.

And then I thought that if too many guys got huge that would be a problem, you know, entire high school hulks out type publicity. So that made me think about Chad. I kid you not. Handsome kid, about 5’8” tall, had a muscular chest and upper arms from the gym, and a penis the size of a … well, something small. Not that there’s anything wrong about that. And I have been with guys of all sizes and had a great time.

He was one of the many who stared with avarice at my junk and once he’d said, “What’s it like?” all nonspecific and I pretended I misunderstood him.

Well, I decided to help him out. And also try some newer techniques. I figured if I tore a bigger hole in the fabric of space-time, more red energy would leak out more quickly. And now that I could control that red energy, I didn’t need to set up a weeks—long growth experiment.

I was stalking Chad, almost. But, he sat down to eat his lunch. He was wearing loose cargo shorts, and a too large muscle tee. But what I was interested in was the junk between his legs.

I dove in with my magic eyesight and set up a pattern of pathways that led from where I would open his red energy gate, and I led that path right into his cock and balls and libido and his prostate and a few of the less active sexual systems would now be getting supercharged.

It took about five minutes, in all, then I tore the gate inside of him, bigger than any of the others I had made, and It tore a bit more than I had planned. A red stream of energy, practically a river, flowed on the path I had set. But the flow quickly increased until it was spilling out of the pathways and all throughout his body. I had just a second to look at his junk which had grown astoundingly, and then the pathways collapsed and the red energy flooded into Chad everywhere.

I took a second to look at him with my regular eyesight. He was kinda frozen, as the magic overwhelmed him and he grew like a rocket taking flight. I could see a hard, large lump in his shorts, and it was rapidly growing. Also his shoulders and pecs had also astoundingly grown in seconds. that was about the most I could see from where I was, except his quadricep on his right leg had expanded from sturdy to giant and was now giant heading towards gigantic.

Oh fuck, I thought. I can’t let this go on. In the few seconds delay, I saw his junk bulge had doubled in size. I dove back in and swam through the red magic to the gate and it fought me. But I twisted the gate and it fought back! I was almost fighting a living thing that seemed to want out!!

After a moment of panic, I gathered my wits and forced the gate closed in a new way and jumped back. Red energy was still flooded everywhere around me and all through Chad.

Well I sat and watched the energy get dissipated into Chad. He kinda blinked, looked at the sandwich in his hand and devoured it. He was hungry. Go figure. But how much damage had I done with my stupid plan? I stood up to walk over to him and my shoulders tore out of my shirt.

In my panic I also had been flooded with red energy from the surging gate. I was big, bigger again, and there was still red energy flooded into me, looking for something to hook into and grow inside my body. I tried to twist the energy away from my muscles and height, a bit too late, but then the energy jumped into my libido. All of it. I felt like I’d been electrocuted. But electrocuted with desire.

But I was even more concerned about Chad and also thinking about fucking him too. He stood up, swaying and off balance, and his meat flopped down inside his shorts’ leg, and bounced. Fuck it was big. And then bigger still. Still growing.

I walked to him and said, “Hey, Chad.” He looked at me and his eyes looked hypnotised when he looked into mine.

“Holy Fuck, Al,” Chad said, “You’re so fucking beautiful It’s hard for me to look at you.” And he glanced down, hiding his eyes from mine, and said, “I have never wanted to fuck anyone as much as I do you right now.”

Well, I knew it was the red energy. But my blood was hot and a haze of lust diminished my vision.

“Let’s go to my place…” I managed to squeak out.

We left everything in our lockers and went straight to my house where I threw the cover off the jacuzzi and climbed in. Fuck my legs were big. I sat down on the bench. Fuck my ass was even huger. I mean, I was sitting on two giant thick firm glutes, and it sorta felt like using a medicine ball to play with during the gym class I rolled around just a bit not on fat, but incredibly thick muscle.

Well, I had been distracted looking at myself and Chad slid into the water next to me. I saw from the corner of my eye he was naked, hung fucking huge, and then it was just his head and the very top of his traps sitting above the bubbly water line.

I didn’t know what that last blast to my libido had done, My libido was off the charts, But it had done something more. Chad looked at me and sighed, he literally sighed, and looked away.

“Don’t stare at me like that,” Chad said. “You’re too beautiful. It hurts to look at you. And you’re with Tony you could never be mine.”

I looked at Chad. He was still pulsing and full up with the red energy. I looked at my own large muscular arm. I still had red energy flowing in me. What would it do? But I was so fucking turned on. “I’m here with you now. He shivered. It must be my voice it seemed more resonant. “Kiss me.” I said.

He slid closer and leaned in. As our lips touched fireworks exploded. Not just the sex kind although that was happening. It was the energies in our bodies. They were entangled or interacting some way. I looked down. I was burning with red fire, as was Chad. Oops.

Chad started grunting and thrusting his hips underwater. Something huge rose to the surface and broke into the air… the tip of his fantastically huge cock. and soon another foot of shaft followed into the air. Chad was growing as big as Tommy. He grabbed onto his cock and that only made it throb and pulse larger.

Meanwhile I was similarly distracted… I was growing again, growing everywhere, all at once. I was thrashing around a bit but it made no difference. I was locked in another cycle of growth. I leaned back in the bubbles, and stared in wonder as my nipples and giant hairy pecs broke through the water to the surface, thrusting into the air. How big was I?

Chad came suddenly, and then I felt my erection stretch longer and swell thicker and poke up at the bottom of my ever more massive pecs, and then I shot as well, very quickly. I looked over. Chad was gasping, leaned back, floating in the spa, and I noticed his flaccid cock was only about a third the size of his erect cock. Still massive, but actually he could fit that in his jeans. Then I saw something else. He was leaned up against the edge with his back, and floating with his legs out in front of him, and although he wasn’t moving, his legs were extending further and further across the spa towards the other side! He was becoming very, very tall. How tall? Hard to say. Finally his feet hit the other wall and he started to scrunch up a bit when he stopped growing. Very slowly, he unlimbered himself and stood up. He was so tall that standing in the water his waist was more than a foot above the waterline. His cock hung down just to touch the water, about 13” long, and he reached up and stretched.

As he pulled at his muscles and joints I heard popping and cracking and suddenly his shoulders were a foot wider. His chest too. Little muscle twunk Chad was now about 7’ tall or more, and his cock was well over a foot long. His testicles were about 2 times bigger than you’d expect on a man with a cock his size, so they were really huge and heavy, but he didn’t seem to mind the weight. He started to stroke himself again but he didn’t get an erection. Slowly, his cock extended further and fatter, completely soft, now about 15” long. Fuck. He looked very strange though, like something was bothering him. He kept looking at himself, feeling his chest or arms like they were sore.

That’s when I saw it. The red energy I saw was surging inside of him. What was going on? There was so much I didn’t know. I forgot about my own growth and watched as Chad’s muscle chest expanded explosively fast with ripped muscle like steel cables under his skin, his chest, biceps, and forearms swelled with freaky new veins, but those were subsumed for the most part as more and more muscle started to grow on Chad. His arms were way past the size of a volleyball player, even more suddenly than a football player, and then they quickly grew and grew to Mr Olympia size… and beyond. His muscles just kept growing. Blond Chad was a 7 foot tall muscle monster and his growth wasn’t stopping. Finally his body seemed to be almost muscle bound, but then he slid skyward four inches and the muscle kept piling on. Oh my god. I looked at him with my Magic eye and saw that there was a sort of reservoir of red energy. I spilled it out, threw away as much as possible to the surrounding water, and felt a blast of it hit me. However, it did stop Chad from growing. But at the last second, I saw a flash of intense energy, and his libido flared and—hard to explain, but it grew bigger inside of him. He was a huge guy and now his nerves and such controlling his libido were growing like mad. He ended up with a system about four times bigger than he’d had, and I’d already boosted him.

I felt my ass pushing away from the wall of the spa as it grew against the cement I was seated against. I felt my quads expanding to tree trunks, cut like diamonds, and swole like gigantic watermelons. Everywhere on my body I was experiencing further growth. I turned my Magic eye inward and found to my horror a great deal of red energy had transferred to me. I scooped as much as I could with my mind and threw it away, out of my body where it hit Joey Marks, one of our normal-sized friends who had come to use the spa. I’d of course forgotten I’d invited him. He looked funny, and bent over for a second, and grabbed his junk, like he’d been kicked in the nuts. No, he’d been sprayed with a bolt of red energy and a lot of it had struck him right in the balls. But whatever pain he felt seemed to pass, and I looked at him as he suddenly stood up straight, arched his back like he was looking at the sky, and heard his speedos rip as his junk tumbled out of his shredded pouch, now far too small to contain an explosively fast growing cock and set of truly humungous balls. He stretched taller, growing, towards the sky, and his cock unrolled like a firehose between his legs almost reaching his knees. Then his growth carried his cock skyward as his legs grew longer. His muscles similarly were expanding without any letup, and his formerly pasty white skin took on a darker golden tan in the sun and his pubes exploded with growth like a forest of black curly hair, shooting up his treasure trail and fanning across his growing pecs in seconds.

He continued to grow for a few moment. Then there was a flash, like in Chad, and I looked, and his libido system was suddenly gigantic. The red energy was gone from his body but the damage had been done. Little Joey Marks was now Giant Joe Marks and he was checking out his body, his goods, all at once. Then he looked about like a predator who’d caught a scent, looked down at Chad in the spa, and jumped in. He wrestled Chad to the wall. Chad didn’t say no so Joe sucked on Chad’s meat until it was hugely rampantly erect. Joe’s own cock was fully hard, although not as big as Chad’s, but they ended up pressed cock to cock, stroking with four large hands that looked small on that cock tower, and then they exploded with cum. I joined them for the next round.

The play went on until it was almost dark. I don’t know how many times we came, each of us maybe 30? This was completely out of control. We’d wrecked the spa but I made sure the filter was clean and we showered outside before going into the house. My Mom was hiding in the back bedroom, she loved me even as a giant but if she didn’t see the sex it didn’t happen in her mind. Funny, right?


Part 5: Tracy

The next day back at school was interesting. The largest of us were sent to the back of the classrooms, so the other students could see. Chad joined us, and there with scarcely a murmur from anyone.

At lunch, I sat with some of my normal-sized friends. Tracy was a nice guy and the others took off to get to gym on time for their after-lunch class. Tracy and I were laughing and joking and it was just… great. He had a boyfriend, and was a member of the gay straight alliance at school. Something Tracy said, he was joking about Zeke, his boyfriend being a size queen, and I said, “If everyone was as big as they wished they’d never have sex! I mean, your partner would just look at it and say ‘Put that thing away!’”

We busted up laughing. Then Tracy said, “Zeke wouldn’t!” and that set off another gale of laughter. I guess I was needing some release from all the stress.

“Did Zeke ever tell you the biggest cock he found?” I asked.

“He claims to have found some guy with over 12” swinging. I guess he didn’t get much bigger hard, but damn. What would that be like carrying that around?”

“Uhhhh I’ll tell you about it sometime!” I said and there was another fit of laughter. About then Tracy and I headed to science class, which was pretty boring but I was sitting in the back and Tracy was off to the side. And I could see his crotch. He was wearing loose khaki pants-trousers so he had a lot of room in them. I was still a bit peeved at my failed Chad experiment, but thought I might be able to help out Tracy. Zeke said he found a guy with 12” soft? Maybe Tracy would like to bring 13” soft home to his boyfriend.

Before I even knew I’d decided to I was setting up a spell inside Tracy. This time I opened the rift more carefully. There was still a lot of red energy streaming out, and it was flowing where I directed it to go… mostly into Tracy’s cock and balls and prostate and his “libido system” as I thought of it.

I returned to myself, sitting in the classroom, and I was staring at Tracy’s crotch. Fortunately no one was paying attention to me. Not much seemed to be going on, and I wondered if I needed to boost the red energy flow. I remembered that the growth had for most of the guys taken place over at least several days. What could I accomplish in 30 min of science class? I waited another minute, opened my magic sight, and tore open the rift carefully until there was a brilliant stream flowing into Tracy’s body. So much so in fact that I diverted some of it to his muscles and his height. He was about 5’10” tall so a few extra inches he wouldn’t complain about, I guess. and the muscles, well, he was my friend. What I was gonna be chintzy about it?

So that took several minutes to tinker with. and then I closed my magic eye and looked at Tracy. His bulge was finally starting to show an outward curve, sticking up from between his legs. He was concentrating on the lecture and wasn’t paying attention to the fact that every minute or two his cock grew a half an inch or so… not to mention his khakis turning into high water pants as several inches of ankle was now showing.

So far it didn’t look like much had changed with his cock, I mean, the bulge stayed pretty much the same. I was distracted as I watched his arms inflating with dense hard strong muscle fibres. Not to mention his shoulders were getting pretty wide, and his pecs were seriously starting to strain his complaining tee shirt, I think he wore a large, now he was gonna either wear a super tight XL or a looser fitting XXL.

I glanced again at his crotch, which still looked the same, really, and his muscles and height were taking off. I looked again with my magic eye and realised my error. Tracy’s cock had continued to rapidly grow, along with his expanding nuts, but it arched up over his balls, making the bulge I was seeing, and then down between his legs inching towards his knee. It just slid down between his legs, and I couldn’t see it from where I was sitting at a side angle. It was hidden between his legs. What I’d thought was his entire package bulge was just where his cock arched up over his balls. Anyone could make that error, right? His pants were so loose that there was plenty of room for a 14” coke can thick cock down his right pants leg and two grapefruit sized balls splayed out between his thighs, but down his left leg. Wow.

I jumped back startled, and when I looked with my regular sight Tracy was actually finally filling his trousers with his expanding muscle quads. They were filling out fast. That must mean the inside of his thigh was getting tighter and tighter as his cock grew and his upper legs increased in diameter. I admired his muscles for a few moments—hey, I’m human, and it was pretty awesome and then I realised I better stop the growth or Tracy was gonna end up with a cock like Tommy’s, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but,—and then remembered what I needed to do.

I jumped into Tracy, found the red energy gate, but I took a wrong turn the wrong way and got lost. I didn’t have a red energy trail to follow ‘cause red energy was everywhere around me. After a few minutes I managed to backtrack and find the gate, and finally I wrenched the gate rift closed. There was red energy floating all around, being absorbed and turning into muscle, bones, and cock, and most of it did seem still centered on his cock. But even as I watched it became less and less and was absorbed. I closed my magic down and looked across the room.

Well, I may have overdone it a bit. I admit. Taking that wrong turn, that added many minutes to his growth. But how much? As I watched, Tracy shifted his legs like he was going to cross them, then decided not to and settled back and slid down just a bit in his seat. When he opened his legs I saw something huge running down inside his right trousers leg and gulped. He was gigantic. Tracy now had a 14” or 15” or 16” long flaccid cock, much thicker than a coke can, more like a jam jar, and his testicles were squeezed into his tightly stretched basket under the protesting fabric, and they looked almost as big as softballs. And umm… his guns were like 23”. Oops. Class was ending and people were standing up and getting their books and stretching and etc. Tracy stood up and I saw his junk bulging glaringly through the thin fabric, almost bursting through it seemed. OMG. I had no idea. His cock ended just above his knee, and he was a lot taller now. His balls bulged like nothing I’d seen, and if he had worn any other trousers I would have seen what was going on. Tracy reached down and pulled at the fabric around his crotch, and that seemed to relieve whatever was being pinched. And his cock slid down about two more inches. He was cut, so there was a huge bulge in the fabric where his glans flared big and wide… and I was pretty sure he was about 17” flaccid, and hugely thick, like a firehose. Holy shit.

So we headed off to gym, and I have to say, Tracy seemed oblivious and in good spirits. I still towered over him although he was 6’5” easy. And he was gonna be wearing a super tight 2XL tee shirt. I think a 3XL would fit him kinda snug. His current tee shirt was torn in several places, his smooth ripped muscles bulging through. But he was high with the new energy in his body, and talked excitedly about a new video game he wanted me to come over and play. Talk about clueless!

But the point is, the experiment was a success, I finally could control the red energy with reasonable certainty. Now I just needed to figure out how to shrink something for good. So it didn’t bounce back like before. and bigger.

In the gym locker room Tracy was discovering he’d changed. He shredded his tee shirt stripping it overhead, and he looked at the shirt in his very large new hand in confusion. I knew to him it probably looked like a little kid’s shirt from his new perspective. His pants were very tight. Must be stretch fabric, I thought. His waistline was the same size, but his ass and legs and junk were taking up all that available real estate. He looked at himself in the mirror, bare chested with brawny muscle like a bodybuilder, and then he looked at his ridiculously tight and way too short trousers. He blinked.

“Wow, Tracy you finally hit your growth spurt! Looks good on you, man!”

He carefully stripped and was naked. He knew something was massively wrong. Or massively right? He looked in the mirror. A lot of the guys were looking at him, slack jawed. His pendulous meat was very impressive. Not like mine, but still huge by any standard. I realised I was holding my breath. Then Tracy slowly smiled and flexed one bicep. He jumped a bit, surprised at how big it was flexed. Looking at him, I could tell he probably had 25” upper arms. When I’d gotten lost inside him he’d continued to grow. I’d ripped that gate open pretty wide and all that red energy shot through like a searchlight. I should have been more careful. He lifted his meat in his hand, and hell yes it was really heavy. He was discovering its weight.

Right about then the coach came in screaming we were supposed to be on the field, and took one look at Tracy, walking into his office he opened his desk drawer and threw a box at Tracy. Then he yelled again at everyone, which meant he was normal. For him.

I looked. Tracy was holding an XXXL jockstrap in his hand.. He stepped into the leg holes awkwardly, pulled it up, gathering his meat and potatoes in the giant mesh pouch, and then maneuvered the waistband around and over and up and stretched the band and over his giant muscle glutes and was dressed. The jock didn’t hide his size, but it did constrain it. I tossed him an extra pair of super big gym shorts, which he wore the rest of the day.

It was really fun seeing him discover what his new body could do, run and leap and he was very strong and much more coordinated now. His features were more handsome too… and his acne was gone. He had a beautiful clear complexion, with a bit of a tan. That red energy sure healed what ailed you!

Perhaps the most fun thing to watch was watching his junk swinging in his basket as we played basketball. He was, it turned out, 6’7” tall. Oops. Yeah, I think Zeke is gonna stick with Tracy. Looked like true love to me. Ha, okay I am cynical, but Zeke was with Tracy before he was huge hung, so he liked him for who he was, this I hoped would simply add to their fun. I seem to recall Zeke enjoying staring at the big muscle guys too. Now he had one of his very own. I was gonna play it cool for a while and then ask Tracy how Zeke was or contrive to visit with them together.

So the next week, Tracy’s settled into being a pretty big man, he had new shoes and clothes, and everything was looking good. I sat with him at lunch and asked him how Zeke was. Tracy frowned. Uh oh.

“He’s kinda jealous to be honest. Told me a few nights ago he was sure I’d leave him for a muscle man guy with a big cock. “

“You would never hurt him.”

“Yeah, last week we were out and I saw giant muscle Tommy and I got a chubby. Zeke noticed. Can’t really hide it you know?”

“Yeah, I know. But you didn’t mean anything bad.”

“Yes but I think I’m wearing Zeke out. I’m uhh… pretty insatiable, if you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I do. Maybe it will work itself out,” I said, not believing a word of my bullshit. I had upended their relationship, and I had to at least try to fix it. I had to grow Zeke, so he wouldn’t think Tracy would ever leave him. I knew how that worked. Whatever one person feared would happen, they subconsciously made it come true.


Part 6: Liam

I didn’t have any classes with Zeke so that weekend I had a pool party, all the usual suspects were there. No sex, no nudity, mixed crowd, everyone was having a fun time, and I have to admit the muscle guys were enjoying the admiration. Well, I insisted that Tracy bring Zeke, and he did.

Here’s what happened.

Liam happened. Liam the lion. That was his nickname, he was a shaggy haired white kid with a good tan and a few freckles and pretty much ordinary in every way. He was only about 5’3” tall too, which I think made him a bit self-conscious.

Well, he showed up and I didn’t know who he was. I thought he was a guest of one of my friends so I went up to greet him.

“Dontcha recognize me, Al? I’m Liam! And I have been going to the gym like crazy!”

See, the reason I didn’t recognise him was he was over 7’ tall—maybe 7’3”. And he was gorgeous and his eyes sparked. And did I mention his muscles were massive? I mean, really big.

He flexed a bicep for me. Omg when he flexed it was even bigger than I thought and he laughed. The look on my face must have been priceless. He was high on the muscle endorphins all right!

“The doctor thinks it’s the water, or something in the air from the Air Force base… I don’t care what it is but I’m glad I got a dose of it! I have to admit I’ve been admiring you and the other hung muscle studs from afar!”

But what had happened? I hadn’t touched him. As far as I knew no one in my home town knew anything about magic. I hadn’t been noticing him recently, we only had Science class together… Science class? Where I’d grown Tracy the week before?

I searched my memories and I think he’d been sitting in a straight line behind Tracy from me. Somehow the red energy must have hit him. But how? Did I project though Tracy and unconsciously somehow Liam had a shadow of the same spell cast on him? Liam came into the party and everybody whooped. He showed off a bit. I guess no one had seen him for a day or two, so all that recent growth must be pretty impressive to everyone.

Tracy walked up next to me and said about Liam, looking at him by the pool, “I saw him three days ago and I swear his arms were half the size and he was a foot shorter!”

So then Liam went into the pool house to change into his swimwear. He came out—he was wearing a sky blue compression style speedo sort of briefs, and his package was gargantuan. Maybe even bigger than Tommy’s…. or mine!

He got up on the diving board and was taunting the boys in the pool. It was a perfect chance for me to look at him with my magic sight. I jumped into him and it was chaotic. But there was red energy, and I traced it back to a tear I’d probably caused when I opened one in Tracy last week!

But it was weird, it wasn’t constant, there was a sort of sputtering, an ebb and flow of energy flashing brightly, then almost dark, almost off. I reached out to close it and as I made contact the gate ripped wide open and a giant amount of red energy seemed to explode out of the rift, right into me and Liam, and I wasn’t warded or prepared for this. I was kinda stunned and came back to myself and I looked at Liam on the diving board. The boys in the pool probably didn’t notice, because how could it be real, but I saw his muscles swelling pretty darned fast and he slid about 4” taller and his speedo got super tight on his bigger muscle glutes and his junk swelled dangerously fast, and the spandex got that stress lines showing the lines of force trying to break free.

Well, those stretched furrows in the spandex were pointing to something glaringly obvious. Liam’s cock was growing—well, explosively is not an overstatement. His balls were two giant lumps growing bigger and bigger and sinking lower and lower as the fabric stretched from the weight.

I was still kinda stunned and I looked at myself. I was growing bigger. A lot of red energy from that rift tear went right into my “face” even though it was ethereal. I was supercharged with red energy. A lot of red energy, and even as I grew it didn’t seem to diminish. That meant I was charged up like a battery!

I was about to jump again into Liam this time warded and try to fix the breech, but right then he jumped in the pool. I don’t think anyone else saw it but I saw it with my magic sight. It was like a red explosion of electricity through the water. More red energy than I’d ever seen by like 100 times. And a lot of it sprayed into the air and hit me and any of the boys around the pool. It was everyone at the party. There were seventeen people there, Liam had been the last to arrive.

Myself, I felt the jolt of red energy. I was recharged. Supercharged. The other men just kinda looked around and Reggie said, “Was there just a small earthquake?” His red hair was kinda standing up, like electrified, but I was concerned with the red energy I saw burning inside him like a beacon.

I looked at my forearms and hands. They were growing quickly, my fingers lengthening and thickening, and my forearms even piling up with huge muscles. I glanced down and all I saw was my smooth shaved pecs growing ever thicker, ever wider, and hanging even lower, and then lower again. Also hair was sprouting up all over them and I’d just shaved them! Right then Liam climbed out of the pool using the steps in the shallow end. He was gorgeously magnificent and huge. And growing. His junk was like a soccer ball stuffed in his spandex swimsuit, only with three magnificently obvious lumps, two gigantic balls and a massive cock that was probably as big as a loaf of bread. He was approaching 8’ tall if not taller. He was still charged with red energy as I was and everybody else too, and I jumped into him, warded, determined to close that rift. He was full of red energy, like I said, but the rift was gone. It must have closed in the explosion. Maybe it collapsed.

But what was I gonna do with a pool full of growing young men? Well, what do you think I did? I am human. I joined them in the pool Liam decided not to use the diving board again, I think he was afraid his weight would break it. Everyone jumped in the pool. I dove down underwater, and looked. I saw speedos swelling with new burdens, I saw regular swimwear that the mesh lining tore out of and the cock of the guy grew out, longer than his swim shorts, growing down his leg and out his shorts in the pool water and floating back and forth. It was kinda sexy. I saw ridiculously stretched boxer brief lycra swimwear overfilled with newly grown and still growing massive cocks, and I saw those same swim square cut boxers bulging almost comically with their huge bulges showing in exquisite detail the size of the men’s testicles.

Beyond that I saw muscled arms growing longer and thicker, I saw legs kicking in the water suddenly six inches longer, then a full foot longer, then a full foot and a half longer, and I saw those legs bursting with growing gigantic quads—their growth further stimulated by their vigorous swimming and horseplay. Get it? Horseplay. Although these guys were already growing past what you’d think of as horse hung in the locker room. More like hung like a mule, or a donkey, or a bull, or even just monster cock and balls like a cheaply done internet muscle and cock size morph… only this was real, perfect, and exquisite.

Well, I came back up to breathe and everyone started making out. Zeke just about jumped on me and kissed me while Tracy watched with approval before he tackled giant Tommy.

Zeke—he was the guy I’d been planning to grow today. I didn’t think it was going to be necessary because I’m pretty sure, thinking about it, that Liam had jumped into the water right next to Zeke. So Zeke was blasted with a nuclear bomb of red energy. I could feel his tongue growing in my mouth, I could feel his cock growing in my hands, even thicker and longer, second by second, and I reached down and Zeke moaned as I massaged his incredible huge new testicles. They swelled in my grip.

We were standing in about 5 feet of water, So I stuck up a couple of feet, and Zeke just to his chin—he was uphill from me—at least that’s where we started out at. About five minutes of mind blowing making out and Zeke was as tall as me and I was approaching 8’ in height. Also his cock was so large and so long it breeched the surface not long after mine did and continued to grow even more quickly than mine. He was catching up! And I was fine with it. He was so fine. His eyes, his skin, his face, every line perfected on his insanely muscled body, and he grabbed onto both of our cocks, pulled them together, (I helped) and we both moved up and down in the water, the loose skin sliding over our rock hard cocks, which were still growing! and we were both dripping a stream of slippery pre-cum which increased the pleasure. I’d never felt anything like it. I realised my libido was—as the saying goes—through the roof, and that meant not only my desire but the pleasure I experienced from my desire.

And I was used to an amped up sex drive. Zeke and the other men—they hadn’t experienced anything like it so even the straight boys were fucking with the gay boys. Or maybe at that level of sexual desire all the lines blurred and you became… what was the word? Omnisexual I heard once.

Zeke was giddy with happiness. He continued to grow, as did I, and neither of us came until probably a full fifteen minutes after Liam jumped in the pool. As the red energy finally was diminished and used up, and the giant muscled men with huge cocks stopped glowing red to my magic eyesight, we came. Oh boy did we cum. We came for minutes and minutes, I don’t know how long, and then we did it again with various combinations of these remarkably changed men, until I ended up with my Tony—magnificently even bigger, in my arms, and I had just enough thought to look and see Zeke and Tracy kissing. I couldn’t tell who was bigger, probably Tracy, which was good, as Zeke liked to worship muscle and was a size queen. ha ha.

Well, Monday at school was interesting. Good thing they had tall ceilings in the hallways and classrooms. They ordered 17 new desks and chairs for the giant teen men.


Part 7: Mark and Dirk

I was still determined to figure out this magic though. I felt the red energy had even made me smarter, or at least more clear headed and clear thinking, and I redoubled my efforts and started searching the web… even the dark web, for answers. If there was magic out there, I’m sure they knew why all these teens grew huge in a day, but I didn’t think I could be “tracked” if I wasn’t using magic. Not that I’d necessarily hide from anyone.

And then one day someone—a proper wizard, appeared in my bedroom. It was nice he waited until I wasn’t jerking off or having company, I’ll give him that.

Trevon the magic man, as I came to think of him, became my teacher, although he said I had to learn a lot of it myself. I was abashed at the naked crazy sexuality I’d used the magic for, and he just laughed and said he’d done a lot more than I had… back in the gardens of Babylon. I gulped when he said that. He was not old looking, nor like I was, a teen man just 18, but a late twenties sort of look that was a bit timeless except for the ancient wisdom that hid some sadness in his eyes. He hid it, but I saw it. He one day offered to teach me Mesopotamian, which was a language used in a lot of magic texts, and he told me to keep secret about magic to all but a few confidants that I trusted, or I would get in trouble. The sort of thing I was doing was covered in the general noise of the world, but it wasn’t the creator’s wish that all of mankind had magic. I guess we had a lot more evolving to do.

So I asked him, the thing that had been bothering me. How to shrink, undo, the effects of the red energy. He said the red energy came from a time before creation and when it entered our universe it became matter, in whatever way it was directed. He said it would be “hundreds” of years before I could learn to unmake something I’d made with the red energy, because E=mc2 and you really didn’t want that much matter converted to uncontrolled energy. He said I would be “prevented” from ever doing it until I was ready. I asked what he meant and he said I would be “stopped”. I guess the creator reserved the big parts of creation and end of the world stuff for himself. It made sense, if you think about it.

In the meantime, I was staring at an amazing summer before my senior year in High School, I had an incredible boyfriend and a few… ahem… friends with benefits on the side, and I was already used to being so tall. My friends had adjusted and—even giant Liam, wouldn’t go all the way back if he could. I don’t think any man would, so I think they just accepted the BS about biological attack gas from the Air Force base and we proceeded to live our lives. Even Tommy said he was okay with the giant cock, as it was a lot more fun than what he’d had.

People mostly left us alone, I mean you’d think people would come from all over the world to see one of us, but they didn’t, it’s like no one could focus on thinking about the giant men for more than a minute or two if they weren’t in our proximity or our lives. Trevon, I thought.

One or two showed up, muscle worshippers mostly, and if they seemed good people I obliged them if I wanted. I only turned away a few, who had very dark clouds hanging over them. Most of them were bright and sunny. But then, I met them when they had the one thing they craved for a day or a weekend, giant muscle and giant cock to worship. That has to make someone with their desires pretty darned happy.

Of course I continued to grow people, only without quite so much chaos. But I figured I’d be a terrible shit-heel if a friend of mine wanted a boost here or there and I didn’t secretly help them out. As long as I was covert, it was okay. I could cure a few illnesses, not as many or the dire ones you might imagine, sadly, and I wrestle with that thought even today, how can I help the sick if magic will only cure a few illnesses? The world, like people, is complicated, and equally has good and bad potential depending on the choices we make. I choose to make the people I love happy. And the joy they got from the gift of better sex, better orgasms, stronger bodies… it was a joy for me to give to them.

Someday I may meet you, dear reader, I suppose.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

So if you’ve read this far, I know you must be into growth. Of course, to you this is just a story. It never really happened. You’ve never heard of really tall men, or giant muscle men, have you? or do your eyes kinda glaze over and you can’t quite remember where you heard that story about those giant men?

Well I went to the beach with a bunch of the guys, Tony, Tommy, Tracy, Zeke and Liam. Liam was a sight. I mean, we all were, but OMG he got beaten twice as hard as anyone else with the muscle and giant cock stick. Ha ha.

So we had our swimwear, and a few shaded canopies, and some drinks, (I’m not saying what, I was only 18!) and we had our giant cocks, huge muscles, taller than fuck bodies, killer smiles and a libido that wouldn’t quit. Ever. A sure recipe for fun or trouble.

That first summer day at the beach I spent “helping” people. It was good practice for me. Yes, it was a gay beach, but not a nude gay beach. I didn’t want people to get heart attacks. Anyways, there’s a couple, a gay couple, not too far away, and they see us and we say hi. Mark and Dirk. Ha ha. Like Dirk Diggler, right? I was already formulating my plans. The were both slender, Mark more muscled than Dirk, and I could see they were in love. I saw this: Mark was staring at a hung guy walking by, (okay it was Zeke) and you could see a sense of longing, and Dirk kinda saw Mark looking, and he was sitting on his towel, knees bent and arms akimbo, and he just glanced down to his woefully flat package.

That cinched it. I looked at Dirk, and Tony said, “Hey are you…?” and I shushed him. He shushed and watched, fascinated. I opened my magic eye, and I had to close my real eyes, the sunlight was so bright, but I shook my head, looked with my magic, and jumped into Dirk. I thought. Yeah. The creator was teaching me a lot of lessons, not quite sure what they were just yet.

But I was definitely in the body of a young man, and I set up the pathways, so much easier for me these days, and I tore open a modest hole in space, and red energy flowed into Dirk and into Dirk’s package. I thought. So I jump back to me, all proud of myself, and I see that Mark had moved closer to me to get a drink from their cooler. He was kneeling there, and I thought to myself, I didn’t… but I did. I jumped into the wrong guy. Tony didn’t know, but I was chagrined. But even as I was lambasting myself, as Mark was kneeling there, he shifted his knees a bit wider apart. It was happening that fast. I saw in his rainbow striped speedo (gay pride, brother!) his junk was already looking larger. I let it grow for a while, because it was fascinating, and Tony was fucking enthralled. After about three minutes Mark stood up and brushed the sand off his knees. Then he moved back over to join Dirk on the beach towel. Well, when he stood up his junk bounced, it was now heavy enough to do that. Budgie smuggler, right? When he brushed the sand off his knees, his body swayed slightly side to side and his junk, even heavier than seconds before, swayed in the lycra swimwear. Which was starting to stretch the straight rainbow flag bars in the fabric so the bars were distorting like through a wide-angle lens, you know. When he stood upright, and he started the walk forward, to reach the blanket corner, his junk swayed and bobbed. Now the rainbow bars were definitely way stretching in the middle.

I admit it was fucking hot to look at, so I kinda just let it continue. He was swelling fast, man. Fast. He turned the corner, walking on the sand so he didn’t track sand on the towel, now he was walking away from us. He had a nice ass, not much of an ass, but definitely a cute butt, and for a guy with a bit of muscle on his arms and legs and chest you’d think he’d have a decent butt to balance it out. But nature is cruel. Then he turned back around, sat down on his butt and brushed the sand from his feet. He was pretty thorough about it, he even took the corner of the towel to wipe between his toes without getting sand all over. Now while he was sitting on his butt, his knees were of course bent so he could reach his feet, (he had large, cute feet) but it almost completely obscured our view of his basket. His gorgeous rainbow basket. Well, we waited patiently, enjoying the anticipation, and it took a bit longer than I realised both the walking away from us looking at his butt and him cleaning sand off his feet, and so I only saw a smidgen of the edge of coloured fabric behind his leg. So finally he’s done, he reaches back to lift himself with his arms so his butt is in the centre of the towel, and he finally splays out on his back in the sun, napping while sunbathing. But when he finally lays down and straightens his legs, we could finally see his basket. It looked like a balloon. Not one of the standard party sized rubber ones, but the smaller sized, 5 or 6 inch diameter ones, and his junk literally rolled towards his thigh, towards us, and he shifted his body to be more comfortable and reached down with his hand on the far side and pulled his balls up from between his legs. Holy fuck he was a lot bigger than I’d realised. I was looking at his cock rolled up in the lycra, but his balls were hidden between his legs until he pulled them up to get comfortable.

“Holy fuck,” I said to Tony. “Holy fuck,” Tony said to me. His junk was twice as big as I’d thought. That set off a bunch of laughter, so loud Mark looked over to see who was making all the noise, completely oblivious to his growing package. Well, that set off another gale of laughter and a bit of wrestling and then I jumped up and looked. Oops. yup. I jumped into Mark’s body and was about to close the gate when I thought about his cute butt. and how it deserved to be a strong muscle butt to balance his body. So I set about running a new pathway, which only took about a minute or maybe two minutes, well, no more than three minutes for sure, all the while the red energy was flowing into Mark’s junk, and then I diverted it into a path to grow his muscles more proportionate and add some height to him. I opened the gate a bit more to let in more red energy so he’d grow faster. I jumped back out. I looked. Okay, Mark was now rainbow flag party balloon guy between his legs. I’d been distracted with wrestling and kissing and then with setting up the new spell. And all that time Mark’s junk had been growing. And when I’d started all of that, he’d already been plenty big if not too big already. Now he was jumbo cock man. The lycra was so stretched you could see the entirety of his cut cock, his gigantic cut cock, trying to burst out of the lycra. The rainbow flag bars were so distorted they were ovals. and the fabric so stretched the sun shone through it and you could see his naked skin through his stretched thin as fuck lycra suit. OMG. It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

“Oh my God, yes!” said Tony, “Do the other guy and let’s invite them over!”

Well, who could deny a request like that when I was so horny my cock was 50% erect and there was a gigantic wet spot on my fortunately navy blue swimsuit. I wanted to take out my cock and jerk off right there. Seeing the sunlight go right through the thinly stretched fabric and revealing the naked skin of his giant cock and balls right out there in the broad daylight, it was ten times hotter than if he was completely naked. I was getting one of those suits for Tony and I—you better believe it.

So I’m thinking all this and whispering these hot thoughts into Tony’s ear and he’s so turned on his dick is getting hard and he takes an extra towel and covers his junk—all casual like you do when you pop a boner at the beach that happens to be about two feet long. I loved turning him on.

All this time, I’m totally not even thinking about Mark, who’s growing with the more energy gate I set up, cause I’m so fucking horny, so I jump in Dirk, and right as I do it I remember his name is Dirk, like the fake porn star in Boogie Nights or whatever it was, and I promise myself I’m gonna make sure that Dirk is more hung than Mark.

Dirk is wearing a bright red lycra suit, way loose in the crotch, but I guess the bright color was supposed to make your brain think it was bigger. Well, I was gonna make it bigger. Especially when I saw how small his junk was. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some guys like that. But I knew from earlier how Dirk felt. So I set up the spell, and rip open a rather large tear in space time. Red energy floods in brightly. Not like with Liam in the pool, but definitely full power, as it were. So the red energy is flooding his junk, and it’s taking a second to break through his genetic constraints, so I give it an extra push, and not only does the red energy flood Dirk’s junk, I can sense it swelling very very fast. In a minute it was going to be twice as big. I jumped out, and watched the fun. Fortunately Dirk was on his back, and his legs were closed, so his balls were above them in the crotch, so we would get the full show. In just a minute he had a budgie sized bulge, very respectable, but I was gonna give him so much more. Right then Tony moved behind me, threw the towel over my crotch, reached under it and pulled my half hard junk from my damp swimsuit, and I can feel myself spring to full erection in about ten seconds or so, and he throws another towel over my shoulder and cock and starts stroking my cock. Jerking me off in public. Watching one of my projects grow. I barely glanced to Mark, only to compare the size of their two baskets. I’d set it up so Dirk would have a wicked fat long tool that would keep any bottom satisfied. So Dirk’s bulge is now about the size of that small party balloon I mentioned, maybe 5—no make that 6 inches in diameter. Already the red lycra pouch was full. But as I was practically drooling and my eyesight was going in and out cause of the jerking me off, I watched Mark’s package, glancing quickly at it, and then to Dirk’s. So Dirk’s package is about 4 minutes into his growth, and it’s almost as big as Mark’s, and I’m starting to be able to see through the stretch lycra (I guess the lining tore out) which is super hot, but then as Dirk’s package surpasses Mark’s in size, and I was certain it was bigger, and it was practically just as see through, and I came. Just the idea of Dirk being bigger than Mark, I came. I shoved the corner of the towel in my mouth so I wasn’t making noise, which only turned me on more, so I came for about 3 minutes. I told you my orgasms last a very long time. It’s heavenly, truly. But of course, I’d forgotten about Dirk in all the excitement.

Dirk’s swimsuit, volume—wise, was now twice as big as Mark’s. You think Mark’s package was see through?—Dirk’s was on full display, you could see just about as much naked skin on his enormous junk as red fabric, if not more. definitely more skin. Lycra, how does it stretch so far? Anyways he’s still fucking growing and Tony’s still playing with my cock and I’m starting to get ready for round two but I control myself and jump into Dirk, and I redirect his red energy into his muscles, a bit into height, but he was already tallish, so more muscle for sure, and that took about two minutes and of course the red energy was flowing into his now massive monster cock and he was still growing. But I got it done and I diverted the red energy and I came back to myself and Tony kissed my lips and I was rock hard, I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my back, so hot and long and fat and heavy—I could even feel his giant balls pressing into the small of my back, and I lost it, I was totally hard, the wave inside me rose and rose for minutes, and then I came again, and managed to not shout in ecstasy. Super hot, and I was looking at the super stretched super packed beyond full red see through better than naked swimsuit just 20 feet away or so, and I was just fucking crazy with lust. I can feel Tony thrusting and stroking on my back, and then I hear him whisper, oh my God, and I feel hot streaks of cum painting my back.

Tony cums for a couple minutes and I admit I stroked myself while he was shooting on my back, and that was so hot and I was already hard I could feel my juices flowing so after a minute I was cumming. Finally we calmed down. We always brought an extra cooler to to beach, with extra towels and swimsuits. Because, you know, super shooters. You learn to adjust.

That took a while. It always does with us. So Tony says, “Al…”

And I look. Beyond the muscle man bodybuilder with the enormous red swimsuit, behind him, his boyfriend Mark was snoozing. And gigantic. I jumped into him and closed the rift.

I jumped back out and was about to jump into Dirk when Tony whispers in my ear, “If Dirk is the top, shouldn’t he be bigger than Mark? Shouldn’t he be a power top?”

And Tony starts stroking my cum slick cock under the towel. I’ve managed to get my cock halfway to flaccid but this just turns me on. More than ever. The fact Tony is insatiable. The fact he wants Dirk to dominate Mark in the bedroom, and not only be more hung, bigger cock, bigger balls, but taller and also bigger muscles. And I’d set it up so Dirk would grow more muscle than height, so he was gonna get hugely muscled to get taller than Mark, and so I’m reaching under the towel and jerking myself furiously, hard, and it feels so good, and Tony’s in rhythm with my stroking, and that is incredible… so about five minutes pass, and then I cum for two minutes. In there Tony manages to shoot two giant loads on my back which I can feel running down in the butt crack of my swimsuit so hot and warm. So, I’m occupied.

I come to and I look at Mark and Dirk. Dirk is definitely bigger than Mark. Definitely for sure bigger than Mark. I jump into him and turn off the red energy, which glows, pushing more muscle into Dirk, and I’d swear I could hear it complain when I stopped it, but it stopped.

So what do you do in a situation like that? You just wipe yourself down, roll up your towel, wrap another towel about your waist to cover up anything you miss, walk down to the trash can, dump your cum towels in the trash, and go down to the water, drop your towel and run and dive into the waves quickly before anyone can see your navy blue swimsuit has cum stains in it. so. It’s a bracing swim you dive through the waves a bunch of times, and that washes you clean, and you put your arm around your boyfriend as you pick up your dropped towels from the sand, and the water is running down your perfect skin, already starting to dry, and you whisper in you boyfriend’s ear, “Tony, did you bring more towels?”

And he smiles and says, “Plenty.”

“We’ll see.”

So then you go rudely wake up your disoriented new friends, get their phone numbers, invite them to a swim at your house, and then you watch as they stand in amazement and look at each other, and fall into each other’s arms, and walk away, the giant guy with the giant package leaning on the huge guy with the even huger package, and then you walk back to your towel, and lay down to dry in the sun, and when you wake up, you do it all again.

That next time, with Tony, what makes me cum is the memory of Mark reaching over and placing his hand over Dirk’s giant package, and shivering with desire. And you look down, and now Mark’s package is getting bigger because he’s getting a hard on, and that’s so fucking hot you cum for three minutes.

And Tony whispers in my ear, “It’s a miracle their suits didn’t burst.” And that’s so hot you both cum immediately. and then the next time, Tony whispers, “Can you imagine how big Mark and Dirk are? I can’t wait to see them in person at your pool.”

And you cum for three more minutes. You learn to hydrate.

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