The salt: the gym bunny

by RdyRoger

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Part 1

Well, if you're reading this you know what's happened. Here's how.

I worked out (if you can call it that) at the new gym in the mall. In fact, being the gay teen that I was I was probably the first in line to sign up. I do remember the new employees had trouble filling out the forms because they'd never done it before.

Still, what good was it going to do me with all of my big handicaps? The sum total of which was smallness. Skinny, not slender, not lightly muscled. No muscles. And, you know the guy at the gym with the smallest package? Yeah, that was me. And my voice. Squeeky. I had a dearth of testosterone. I don't even want to talk about my height. Let's just say the day I actually measured 5' tall I had a celebration (inside) because I thought I wouldn't get that tall. And then I spent another year waiting for 5’1” tall, and it never came.

From across the street I looked like a kid. I had to buy clothes in the boy's section of the department store, but that became so embarrassing I just ordered everything online.

I was so small I was almost elfin, I guess. The tiny kind of elf- not the cool Lord of the Rings elves. and certainly not the sexy kind, I had a skinny face and a skinny everything!

But I'm getting depressed so I'll just let you know my hair was black and stringy and my eyes were brown.

Okay, so I was at the new gym… which quickly became my new favorite home away from home. One day there was a new guy working there, whose name was Austin. He was a giant. He was amazing. I was in awe of him. He was over 7' tall. I couldn't stop staring at him. I mean, he was HUGE.

I stumbled by him for a week, and then one day as I came in he said, “Hi Jacob!”

“Oh, hi.”

“Aren't you talking to me anymore?”

“Oh, I …” and he laughed

“Jacob, it's me, Austin.”

“ummm … I'm confused?”

“I grew bigger, I used to work the counter and I was only 5’2 or so? We used to chat all the time?”

I looked, and then I saw that it WAS Austin. But I would NEVER have recognized him. He was way cool though. I think he was lonely. We ended up having lunch, and then he came on to me.

Yeah, that's what I said. But he was serious. He was so horny that he needed to get off all the time and I was happy enough to worship his muscles. But when I saw his giant penis, that was, just incredible.

And when he came it was like nothing I'd ever seen. or felt. My own puny cock was shooting and dribbling. I never imagined I would be with such an incredibly muscular, tall, huge hung Korean stud.

Well, afterwards I asked him about his growth. He just said that some guy named Travis at the gym had some salts that made you grow. I asked where Travis got them, and he said he didn't know. Then he started jerking off again. That occupied my attention and it was only later I thought about Travis again.

I wanted some of these salts. But Austin made it pretty clear he didn't think Travis was handing any of them out.

I knew who Travis was, of course. He was huge, not a giant like Austin, but way huge. I mean, everyone is huge when you're only 5' tall. But instead of being a foot taller, Travis was 2 feet taller than me. And Austin, he was 3 inches taller than that! You wouldn't think it would make a big difference. But those three inches did make a difference and take Austin into giant territory. And I'd heard from some guy who saw Travis in the bathroom and said he was hung bigger than a horse. And he hung out with a bunch of really huge guys.

I found myself following Travis. I stayed way back and staked him out. He never saw me. I took several days to finally follow him home, and when I got the address I looked up the tax records and found his family name. Then I did some research and it didn't take long to connect the dots to his Uncle Joseph who was a molecular biologist. He had a lab at the university and darned if it wasn't in the basement of the old science building, and it was very empty esp in the late evenings or on Sundays especially. No one, and I mean know one, even knew that it was there, And no one certainly went into the basement level unless they had business there. So I just waited, and spied. It didn't take too long. I planned a “reasonable excuse” and wore a janitor uniform I “borrowed” and had altered to fit me. But no one was even around. The lock took a minute to jimmy and I was in. And I had the entire night. I photographed his notebook and took samples of each of the salts in the large jars in the cupboard, which the lock was pretty flimsy. So in a few hours, I was home, and I uploaded the photos and started to read.

I couldn't BELIEVE what the graphs and test results said. He even had racial marker DNA that turned on or off anything including skin and eye color. I made my plans. Austin had told me how powerful this stuff was. I wasn't going to overdo it, I wanted to enjoy the ride and take my time with it. I'd spent all my life being small, now I was going to enjoy, a little bit at a time, becoming a giant. I planned it out, you see, and weighed and measured the salts and labeled them and dated them. I stashed them in my room, and I went out to the clubs that night. No one looked at me, except out of pity. Austin was nice enough to look past my diminutive size and enjoy my company. But I knew I was just fun for him, he wanted a BIG man.

But I wasn't going to leap forward and be like Austin… probably not ever, and certainly not right away. I was going to be careful and enjoy what I was going to become. I had some money as my parents had passed away and… well, there wasn't anyone going to notice anything about me as I really didn't have much in the way of close friends. Which is why I hung out at the gym all the time.

Well, the next thing you know was to plan out the changes. I wanted to enjoy a variety of different sorts of experiences and I knew that the only real limit was I couldn't reduce my size, as it would put a strain on my liver and kidneys that they wouldn't be able to take.

So I read up on all of his formulas, esp the newer ones, which he'd tailored for all sorts of interesting modifications. One that was kind of interesting to me was being a blond muscle twink gym bunny, the sort you see all the time, all worked out and tight and toned.

So I took the first package with my dinner that night. It was 3 tsp of this sort of skinny blond tall hung gf… not what Joseph had used for “Sam”, whoever that was, but a variant that was something blah blah… sampled different growth factors, the model had been slender, muscled, tall, very hung, and blond and green eyed and very coordinated, apparently a very good dancer. I felt fine, and after about an hour I was sleepy. So I laid down on the bed and I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning, very rested. I felt great, actually.

I stretched and my curled fist hit the wall over the headboard on my bed. That was different! I suddenly needed to take a leaki. I got up and walked clumsily into the bathroom to take a leak. My junk was crammed into my briefs and I was surprised when I pulled the ginches down. Surprised like in snakes in a can party favor surprised. My cock … previously non existent, was now a good 3 incher soft and was quite happy to escape the overly tight briefs. I took a leak, a long, loud, thick streamed leak now, and finally could think when it didn't feel like my bladder was going to explode. I examined my cock again, definitely thicker, and 3” long soft, and also I now actually had testicles instead of grapes. After that I looked in the mirror. My hair had grown out two inches and was more blond. My eyes were greenish, which was much better than the blah brown hazel they had been. I also had real swimmer pecs, for the first time. And I looked toned. I was like zero percent body fat but at least that showed off my slender form and muscles. My upper arms were a bit bigger. I tried getting dressed, but my jeans were too short by 4 inches so I wore some shorts. Then I started getting curious and horny as I woke up more so the next thing I knew my shorts were around my ankles and I was stroking my 3” cock and it got longer and longer and longer and I discovered I was what they call a “grower” because I was a good 7” med thick and that was on my first dosing of the Salt. Very cool! I came and actually shot a good 4 shots on the mirror. That was a lot for the old me! This was great.

I looked a lot better- more handsome. I measured myself and I was 5’4” tall. WOW. I know you're probably laughing, but for the first time I was approaching a more normal height. Previously, I'd been so short I was like a kid. Now, at least I was in the range of a very short adult male. I shaved my head pretty close, so I had a brown-blond buzz cut. My skin looked good and I went for a swim at the gym. I swam some laps, and laid out in the sun. Austin was there and said hi to me. He didn't really seem to notice anything different, but he was distracted by some hot huge guy chatting him up… Jonathan, I think his name was. When I said hi to them, I was surprised that my voice didn't squeek so much. It had a bit more timbre in it, which was cool. I later discovered I now had a decent singing voice (tenor) and I went out to Karioke later that week. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anyways I came in after the nap in the sun and I got an unexpected surprise. My skin in just about an hour had turned to a great golden brown tan. So now I had hazel greenish eyes, tight toned body, dark blond hair, and was taller. Yes well I was 4” taller… imagine how great that felt, if you were suddenly 4” taller- and fit and had a decent average cock. I was able to reach up and get glasses out of the cupboard without straining. By the time I was done, I would be able to reach the top of the kitchen cabinets. I was going to enjoy the heck out of this. Seriously. I was going to MAKE it last.

Austin was gone when I left, probably took off with Jonathan I expect. When I saw him again, that was a big surprise.

I wasn't going to take any Salts for the rest of the month. It was March, and my plan was to enjoy the Spring and GROW into the Summer.

I have to admit, I slept around with more guys in that one week, than I had in the last three years.

My plans worked for a while, then went horribly wrong.


Part 2

Austin was gone from the gym for a couple of days, which kinda bugged me, as I wanted to show off to him a bit and see if he noticed anything. I knew he was the horniest guy around, so I figured I could have some more hot muscle worshipping sex with him too. And that did happen, but not as I expected.

I went out and danced and flirted and got a couple of blow jobs in the car from guys at the clubs and hooked up once or twice. It wasn't anything crazy or special, but being a blondish twink definitely suddenly attracted a lot of tops to me all different sorts of guys, some muscly, some tall, some black, white, asian, all types. Which was fine, as I enjoyed being a bottom… hell, I loved it.

Three days later, I went to the gym for my workout, which seemed more productive now- I FELT better when I pumped iron, I worked out more frequently now, as opposed to just hanging out at the gym.

And then Austin came back to work. HE WAS HUGE. Bigger than before, and his junk bulged massively and his testicles… they were, huge. You know, like, oh my, hello Austin, holy fuck what is that in your pants? Two coconuts?

So we went back to my place after he got off and I got him off. He was too big to fuck me, but we fucked around and I teased him to ejaculation again and again. He rubbed his huge penis between my legs and up my buttocks too, and then would shoot huge loads of hot cum in my hair and down my back. Get this, he'd run into some more of the salts, and he was now 7’7” tall and 507 lbs. His muscles were so amazing and huge, and I really got off on his giant pecs and biceps.

I was actually able to fuck his ass too with my 7” cock, but it barely made it past his muscled glutes… still it was enough to make him rampantly erect and to shoot again and again. He was so amazing I was really turned on. Much more so than the last time I was with Austin, and I realized it must be the salts kicking in and making me hornier… I was “edging” and in a haze of lust. Austin seemed consumed by it, but he was careful not to hurt me. And there was something amazing about his giant cock, so big laying across my face while I licked it, or the smell of his massive nuts when I shoved my face between them.

You should know that as much as I enjoyed muscle sex with Austin, I had no intention of getting taller than 6'. I had spent a long time being way short, I didn't see the attraction of sticking out in the opposite direction. I wanted to fit in, be fit and muscled and handsome and a bit better hung. Heck, I already had a 7” when it was all the way hard. How much bigger would really be practical? And the blond twink thing was really working for me. I didn't want to blow it like Austin, as much as he seemed to enjoy it.

Well, I kept working out and fucking with Austin, you know it's really easy to have sex with an oversexed muscle god because they NEVER say no.

And I whored around with a lot of studs. My little blond twink thing was going great!

Two weeks later I was ready for the next small step. I took the premeasured packet of Salts just as I had planned. This was another 2 tsp of the same salts. That should be sufficient to really make me more desireable!

I went to bed that evening yawning, wondering what the morning would bring.

The next morning I woke and the sun was streaming in and I felt really energized.

I stood up swaying a bit, and again felt the need to empty my bladder and I hurried to the bathroom and again I had a surprise. This time my cock was bigger again in my hand, another couple of inches. I splashed in the bowl and then shook my cock and measured it. I was 5” soft. Wow, that was great. My testicles were now about the size of hen's eggs, so that was great too! I remembered that these salts were supposed to make me tall and blond and hung, and I suddenly realized that Joseph wasn't kidding around! I looked into the mirror and I was taller and greener eyed and blonder- and handsomer, higher cheekbones, more heart shaped face, my lips were certainly more kissable looking. Even my eyelashes had thickened and lengthened, drawing attention to my green eyes. And my pecs- I had real pecs, and real biceps. I was still totally ripped too. I measured and I was already 5’8” tall. That was to be expected, you know, because I was taking a height stimulator with the blonding thing and the hung thing… so I was now at the low end of my acceptable range in development. I loved being so much taller. No one looked at me anymore, except to admire my gymnast's build or the 5” bulging in my shorts.

That was the last normal day I had… although I didn't know it then. I went to the gym and Austin looked at me and was really nice. He seemed even more attracted to me, I didn't think he even notice I was taller. Why would he- what was the difference between 5’4” and 5’8” to a guy 7’7” tall? The answer is… NOTHING.

We went to my place and had some hot sexy fun. Even with my now 5” soft Grower cock, it only grew to 9.5”, and that was just on the big side of big… I mean, people would definitely look twice at that, no doubt, but… they wouldn't call the sex police or anything.

Then Austin, well, then he wouldn't leave. I thought he was just, you know, being Austin. And horny. He could just cum and cum and cum for hours, if you encouraged him. Or if you didn't. And you know, I thought I was a bit more muscular. And I was now 5’8” tall. But that was nothing next to the 7’7” tall behemoth that was the hairy 500 lb korean daddy stud Austin with his enormous package. He wanted to play a game… so I was pretty horny from the new salts and I agreed and he tied me up and gagged me.

That was hot. But then he started searching through my apartment. Which wasn't a big place, you know. But I suddenly realized what was going on. He DID notice my height increase, and even if he didn't notice that, the difference between a 7” cock and a 9.5” cock even a guy as big as Austin would notice. I couldn't even talk to him, because of the gag in my mouth. The bedframe was steel and I couldn't move it a millimeter it was so strong. I was tied spread eagle on the bed, face up.

Then I heard Austin in my desk drawer. I heard him take out the metal case with the salts.

When he came back in the room, a few minutes later, he had my notes in his massive gorrilla hands and he looked at me and smiled. “Now we're gonna have some real fun!” he rumbled. I looked at this giant, as tall as the ceiling, all 500 lbs of him, with his hairy legs and chest and pubes and arms and beard shadow already growing in at 11am and then I looked down at his penis. Austin saw me looking and he laughed.

Now you may know that Austin was huge hung, with giant testicles. But you don't really understand, because he was literally a freak. He worked behind the counter at the gym so people wouldn't see his crotch when they walked in. That was management's idea. Right. Like people wouldn't look when Austin was 500 lbs and 7’7” tall. When he wore his unitard to the gym, his package was like two coconuts and a giant squash shoved in there. He was thick even soft, and he was a grower like I was, but even when he was not erect, that squash was so thick around you needed two hands to encircle the shaft, and the length even stuffed in there was 13 or 14 or 15”. He was always sporting a half chubby, it seemed anyway. Which was only even bearable because he was such a behemoth. When he was erect, his cock was so long, it rose up to 28” between his pectorals and he could fuck his own pecs. That's why he couldn't fuck me, he was too big.

Well, the next thing that happened was a suprise again. Austin left, and returned an hour later. He was busy in the kitchen, and I heard him banging and clattering around.

Then he came into the room again. He already had an almost full erection, his meat swinging and slapping his knees.

He was carrying an IV bag and some plastic tubing. He fed the tubing up my nose and down the back of my throat and I had to swallow it. Once it was in my stomach he hung the IV bag over the bed and it started dripping. In a few minutes I had a salty taste in the back of my throat. I jerked hard at the ropes but it was useless.

I watched the IV bag—there was about a quart of water in it, drain about a cup into my stomach and then I started to get really sleepy. Austin came over and increased the drip rate, and I jerked about violently. But it was no use.

I passed out.

When I woke up the sun was shining in the side window. I felt very groggy. slowly I started to wake up. Austin was nowhere in sight.

I noticed he'd propped a pillow under my head, and I looked down at myself when I could focus.

My cock, my genitals… they were so big! I'd thought 5” soft was big… try 8” soft and beer can thick! And from what I could see (and feel) from my testicles, they were now much bigger, almost as big as baseballs.

I was a lot taller. That was certain. I also was more muscular, but only with normal sized muscle pecs and ripped abs and some size to my quads. Almost certainly Austin had given me more of the blond tall and hung that was certain.

I tried the ropes, and they were still too tight. I couldn't break them. Austin must have heard, because he came into the bedroom and I looked at him. He'd been into the salts too. His genitals were even bigger now, and he was probably 550 lbs. I guess my eyes grew pretty wide at the sight of him and he shook his hips, and then stroked his penis to 32” erect.

“you like?” asked Austin. “You want this?”

“You want to be hung like this?”

I shook my head violently and that seemed to excite Austin. He climbed on top of me and started stroking our cocks together. I was incredibly horny. I was erect in about 15 second and my cock was 13” long, and really thick. Soon Austin shot a load on my chest and face, and then that set me off. I couldn't resist it. I shot and shot, shuddering violently with the force of the ejaculation and the wild orgasm. I had never experienced anything ilke it.

Austin took out the gag. He gave me some water. I thought about shouting for help but he saw it in my eyes and I knew to keep my mouth shut. He was going to have his fun, whatever I thought.

Then he shoved the gag back in my mouth. I'd thought he was going to let me go. But he went back toward the kitchen and came back a few minutes later, with another IV bag. I really went crazy thrashing around then. It was no use, i wasn't anywhere muscled enough to break these ropes or a steel welded bed frame!

Austin held up the bedside mirror so I could see myself. I was taller, about 6' 2” tall. And I was hung 13” hard with big balls and muscled and ripped. Austin held up a ruler next to my cock and my cock was longer than the ruler. He smiled at me. And my hair was platinum blond and my eyes were emerald green.

I was also completely hard and erect again. He attached the IV bag to the plastic tubing and hung it up, and set it to a fast drip. He smiled and smiled while he jerked us both off again. In another few minutes, I passed out again.

The next time I woke up I was really bleary. I felt different. The straps were tight but looser, as I had grown taller. I managed to get one free before Austin came in and double tied my hands and feet again. I wasn't going anywhere.

After I… calmed down, I took stock of the situation.

I looked down and I now had to crane to look over my pecs, as they stuck out about an inch and a half. And my nipples were sticking out a lot farther than I remember. I was a lot taller. But that wasn't what was causing my anxiety. I was worried by the feeling of something heavy and thick and soft and long and smooth laying on my abs. And the fact that when I tried to move my legs closer together, my balls were scrunched together and it HURT. Ouch. Lesson one, when you're hung. Don't get your junk twisted up between your legs.


Part 3

I was laying there, and I was feeling sorry for myself. The reason I was feeling sorry for myself is when I had craned my head forward, to look over my now protruding pecs and my giant golden brown nipples that stuck out about 3/4 of an inch, was that I looked at my penis. It was staring straight at me, my one eyed trouser snake, and from the angle I had trouble seeing how long it was, because I didn't know how TALL I was. But I didn't have any trouble seeing how thick it was. Soft, laying there, it was 8” in circumference. I saw that it was laying on my golden brown tan skin, and I saw the curly blond bush of hair around its base, and I saw that it was resting flaccid and heavy up within a few inches of my pecs. I twisted and jumped in bed, and that caused it to flop down my right thigh. It flowed from the now obscenely thick base, across my hip, and hung down the side of my glute until it just touched the sheets, while I was laying flat on my back. I was a freak. No one had a normal cock this size, I was 12” long soft.

I was a lot stronger, and my biceps were mounded with muscle. I strained but even though the ropes were now looser yet again, as I had grown a lot taller, the double tied ropes were too strong for me to break. The bed frame creaked but held fast.

And I was even hornier. Austin, hearing my struggles, came into the room, and for the first time I realized I wasn't covered with dried cum, so he must have cleaned me up some. But the thing is, to moment I saw him standing there, all 550 lbs of him, I felt a rush of sexual arousal that for the first time I didn't feel I was in control emotionally, or sexually. I just wanted sex, needed sex, needed every inch of Austin touching me all over. All I could think about, all I wanted to think about, was the rush of lust that flooded my body as my new cock flooded with blood and became erect for the first time. My erection quickly grew and I felt my cock pushing up at my new pecs. I looked down again at my cock, now red and angry and erect and thicker and only about 10 inches from my chin. I became so hard it lifted off my abs and pointed straight at my face. My testicles felt enormously heavy and they were on fire. Precum starting dripping, then running in a thin stream from the slit of my massive blond cock.

Austin smiled a filthy, evil smile. He knew what I was feeling. He held up the mirror for me to see. Long long blond hair and green green eyes… and handsome… like a tall God. I was muscled, and I would be bodybuilder sized but for the fact I was stretched so long and tall. I was a lot taller, and even through my lust I could see that I was now almost as tall as my bed was long. An 84” California King. Don't laugh, it came with the place, so I took it. Although when I used to lay in bed at night and wish I were taller, I didn't realize that I would be looking down on myself from a mirror and realized that I was 6’9” tall! And then Austin reached down between my spread eagle legs, and lifted my left nut for me to see. It filled his hand, bigger than a baseball. At that the room because hazy and I looked down as my cock sprayed a huge burst of cum into my face and onto my pecs. It just kept shooting.

After I finally stopped cumming and could think again, the clock on the wall told me that I had lost about 5 minutes. My entire face and hair and chest was completely covered with cum. Also I realized that Austin had been jerking off and shooting on me as well. He took out my gag and let me drink some water.

“When are you going to let me go?” was the only thing I had time to ask before he shoved the cum soaked gag back into place. The thought of the cum soaked rag had my cock springing erect again. Anything was likely to turn me on now. At least he had the courtesy to answer my question.

“I'm not. When you break free I'll leave.”

I tried. I really tried. But the ropes were too strong and the bed was welded.

He was back a few minutes later, with another IV bag. I shuddered because I was so afraid of what it would do to me. I wanted it, you see. Even if he'd let me up then, I'm not sure I could have resisted. I would have taken it willingly. But there was a core to me inside that was sick, a sick pit in the feeling of my stomach that was soon filled with salty water as the relentless IV bag continued to drip Salts into my stomach.

I was angry with him, and with myself, because I wanted it. If I didn't get free now, I wouldn't be able to stop him. I was going to end up over 7 feet tall, with another bag. God knows what else he was putting into it.

I guess he read my mind, or my eyes.

“It's more of the same, and a bit more to help that along… some aggression and some muscle and some extra genital growth this time, and some especially for your tiny balls to get man sized (he hefted his cantaloupes as he said that) and some extra sex enhancer … a lot of that… and some of the semen increase gf, that will help you really be a super shooter.” My eyes must have really gotten wide then. Austin laughed. “Heck, you barely shot a 1/3 cup of cum onto your face- but next time….” He laughed and walked out. I felt the bed frame creaking as I fought but the Salts overtook me after about five minutes and I drifted off… or rather, blacked out.


Part 4

I woke and it was 9am. I was way out of it. But there was sun in the window. I must have slept all night. Something was different, I was partially sitting upright. Austin had shoved a couple of sofa cushions under my back. That made it possible for me to see my body in the morning light. I had to sit upright, as I was now taller than the bed was long. By a lot. I was at least 7’6” tall now.

When I could focus my eyes more clearly, I saw that in addition to being 7’6” tall I was more muscular. I jerked at the bedframe and it creaked but held. I tried harder- thinking maybe I could break the ropes. Then I saw that Austin, while I had slept, had quadruple tied the ropes. Even with my 4 inch thick pecs and (my God my nipples were sticking out one and one quarter inches!) my 21” biceps I wasn't able to rip the ropes or get the welded bed frame to move. My shoulders were mounded with muscle too I noticed. I was angry and I yanked hard and the bed moved an inch but didn't give. My hair was so long now it hung down in front of my face. I flipped my blond locks back and then I forgot my anger for a second. My abs were so thick now… my legs were so long and my quads were pretty big around now, and I could even feel my glutes- I must have a big muscle bubble butt because I could feel the my lower back was actually lifted up a bit of the mattress. But that wasn't what got my attention. It was my phallus. It wasn't… it wasn't even human looking anymore. I saw my 9” circumference meat, and it was draped over two massive softball sized testicles that was two big to fit between my legs, even with them splayed wide open. So they were shoved up above my legs in my giant scrotum… and there was my gigantic phallus falling like a waterfall over them and down between my legs.

But I couldn't see how long it was, because my view was blocked by the angle I was at and the two softballs between my legs and the thickness of the base of the shaft flowing over. I wiggled and the heavy tube of meat rolled back and forth a bit, but didn't flop forward. I could feel my cock laying on the sheet, between my legs. I couldn't tell how long it was. It felt, well, massive, but I thought this was my imagination, I was still reeling from the massive dosing and my hormones were surging.

I closed my eyes until I felt a bit better. When I opened them I was the same. Austin had been busy. He'd taken the cheap dressing mirror off my door and stuck it to the ceiling over my bed. I was able to see the damage—well, the permanent changes—that Austin had forced on me. I was angry about that. Then I remembered. Aggression. He'd given me a dose of aggression, changed my brain chemistry. How much? I didn't want to—hurt anyone. Except maybe Austin. He could use a lesson.

I felt the blood surging through my body and I started to feel better. I jerked on the ropes again, but it only started to anger me so I stopped. I didn't want to break my wrist. I was built like a heavyweight bodybuilder now, albeit stretched out—normally I'd be maybe 6' tall like this, but now I was stretched out to 7’6” tall. Like a Gumby, I thought. Or a stretch arm- whatever the name was.

As I started to feel a bit better, I started to feel something that was going to stay with me for the rest of my life. I started to get turned on, horny. How much had Austin given me of the sex enhancer? A lot, he'd said. How much would Austin think was a lot?

I started to get turned on by the thought of Austin giving me a lot of sex enhancer. And he'd given me a lot of the gf for testicles. That was obvious. I wasn't as big as his cantaloupes, but he was likely to do worse to me if I didn't get out. I looked at my hands with my bound wrists, and I looked at my swollen, strained biceps. It was hot, being tied up. Everything I was thinking about was making me turned on. And it didn't stop at romantic. Kinky was hot now. I searched my feelings. Leather… that was hot. Short guys. They were hot. (Where did that come from? I'd spent my life escaping from being short.) Guys of different race- they were all hot, the more exotic the better. Unless they were all american white guys next door. That was equally hot too. Guys with muscle, that was hot, guys with big cocks, that was really hot. I looked up at the mirror over my bed and I looked at how tall I was. That was hot. I looked at my muscle. That was really hot. I looked at my giant cock, that was hotter yet. And then I really looked at my cock, I'd been so out of it, I didn't realize that I could see my cock. I saw how thick it was… the only scrotum I'd ever seen bigger than mine was on Austin. Mine was virtually hairless, my pubes were golden and curled around the base of my cock, but otherwise I was hairless except for wisps of golden hair in my armpits.

I was so big, but nowhere was I bigger than in my groin. My cock, I focused back on it. I was trying not to think about it. But I had to face it. My 9 inch circumference cock, was draped up and over my shoved up scrotum and then down between my legs, where even though my legs were splayed wide both of my inner thighs were touching the sides of my thickness. And then my cock draped down, to where my bubble butt was lifting up my body off the bed, and touched the sheet, and then further down the sheet, towards my knees. Laying between my thighs, was a giant, knobby, cockhead. It was giant. It was attached to me. It was on the end of my penis. My penis. My giant, oh my god, penis.

It was so hot. I started to get hard. This was what Austin wanted. It made me angry. But part of me wanted it. I thought about Austin and I thought about him fucking me. That was something I wanted so much. I wanted him to violate me. No matter how much it hurt. But then I thought about fucking him and I wanted that even more. I would fuck him back to the stone age where the huge musclebound neanderthal deserved to be. Fucking Cro Magnon Austin. I was so turned on that I wasn't surprised when my cock slapped upright against my torso. I had felt it engorging with blood, felt my blood pumping, my pulse increasing.

But then it twisted up, as it thickened, rising like a python in a snake charmer show. And then it became completely hard, and slapped up against me. The big knobby head was at the end of my 18” shaft. It was so thick. I was a grower, that was for certain. And I was facing it… facing the giant knobby dripping flowing truth. And as I accepted it, I came.

Austin was right to laugh. I think the first shot was 1/3 of a cup. I didn't care. It felt so good. I was lost in the orgasm. After a few minutes, the shots subsided, but my cock kept streaming a constant flow, and my cock was pulsing inside as the cum flowed and pumped across my chest.

Finally, my orgasm stopped, and I watched in wonder as my cock became flaccid, and retreated away from my chest, resting again at the bottom of my pecs.

There was the sound of clapping. I looked up and Austin was applauding. He had a bigass hanging hardon, but he was ignoring that to taunt me.

He took out the gag. He let me drink water.

“Why?” I asked. My voice was a baritone, with a sexy timbre to it. Even Austin's eyebrow shot up at the sound of my voice.

“Because you were chicken. Coming to me and worshipping my muscle and cock. I saw you come into the gym, obviously using the Salt. But did you use it? No, you wasted it. You were afraid.”

I started to get angry but he was right. I stopped. “It was my decision.”

“Not anymore. Ready for round 4?”

“What are you going to give me?”

“More of the same- much more.”

“I figured you were scared.”

Austin's brow furrowed. I didn't have to pretend my anger. “You're afraid to give me any real muscle or strength. Sure you're a size queen and you'll make me hung and tall, but you're the hypocrite.”

He shoved the gag back into my mouth. HOT! He went into the kitchen. I heard him banging around. I didn't know but I knew he was not going to let a challenge past him. He was looking pretty angry when he came back in. I realized he hadn't given me any real muscle like his because I could escape the bed if I had the muscle to do it. But if I kept going the way it was, I would be 9 feet tall and have a 20” soft cock. Not too practical. Maybe, maybe, he would take the challenge and I would be able to break the bed.

He hooked up the IV and set it to dripping faster than ever.

“You want real muscle and strength?” Austin shoved his flexed bicep in my face. “I'll give you muscle.”

I tested the ropes but they were too tight and strong. The back of my mouth tasted VERY salty. How much had he put in there?

Austin had a good way of reading my eyes.

“I put in 6 TABLESPOONS of MUSCLE and 2 TABLESPOONS of muscle DENSITY- On top of what I was planning on giving you already.” He reached down and hefted my flaccid penis. “You really need to add some thickness to this, Jacob- give people a show.”

And that was the last thing he said to me. He walked out of the bedroom. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 10:30am. Could all of that have happened in 90 minutes? What day was it? I was so confused. I looked up. The IV bag was already halfway empty. I looked out the window and the sunlight was the last thing I saw as sleep overcame me.

When I woke up again, it was still light, outside, barely. I'd been out for hours. But there was still plenty of light in the room.

When the room stopped spinning, and the salts finally left my bloodstream, I was scrunched up higher on the sofa cushions squashed under my massive shoulders. Everything was different. My body was so different, that I had trouble seeing, I think my brain was adjusting to all the different parts that I now had… I certainly didn't have the body that I had when Austin tied me to the bed. I looked down. My muscles had muscle, and they had muscle. I was covered with smooth giant muscle, golden brown tan skin, light green green eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, and more muscle. It was like wearing a rubber inflated suit, except that it was me. I was the muscle that made up the muscle suit. It was me, I felt the strength in every fibre of my being, and I looked up in the mirror. I was taller. I was so thick with muscle, I no longer resembled the man I was when I went to sleep. I overfilled the California King Bed. By at least a foot. Crap, I was 8' tall.

I looked at my giant pecs ( the nipples stuck out about 1 3/4 inches!!!) and I looked at my enormously thick legs and arms. I pulled. The bed frame shattered and collapsed. I pulled the bits of rope off my wrists.

I laid on the collapsed bed and pulled the plastic tube out of my nose. Ouch. Well, it wasn't pleasant.

I tested my limbs. I decided to crawl to the bathroom. I peed into the toilet upright on my knees. I couldn't stand. That was a very long piss.

I crawled into the shower, and turned on the hot water. I let it run over my body, and scrubbed with the soap. I was so… angry, humiliated, and turned on. I cried with frustration. I was always going to be turned on. I would have to learn to ignore it. To control it. After a minute, I realized it wasn't doing me any good. So I shampooed my long platinum blonde hair, and then rinsed. I used the shower bar (carefully) to help myself stand up. I drank from the shower head, it seemed I couldn't get enough water. I discovered why, I was dehydrated, and my muscles actually got bigger as the cells filled with water.


Now I was even bigger. I had balance, but I didn't know how to walk. My legs had to roll around each other due to the enormous size of my quadriceps. I took baby steps out of the shower, ducking to not bump the ceiling, and went into the kitchen, where I ate everything. Everything, in the kitchen. I ate it. I ate a handful of vitamin pills too. I stopped at eating the paper towels. I hoped this wasn't going to be a constant thing, I would starve to death or go broke if I had to eat this much at every meal. Fortunately, my kitchen and living room had 10' ceilings. I would have to put my bed in the living room. When I got a custom sized bed I would fit in. And not break.

But fuck it, I decided, I will deal with it later. After another trip to the bathroom, I toweled my hair dry, and brushed it out and blow dried it. I was starting to feel, well, not human, but not bleary anymore. It looked okay. I wasn't used to my face. It was a good face, but I hadn't quite seen anyone with such a broad jaw before. I had big features, but very regular. I decided that I was drop dead gorgeous. I guess it could have been worse, Austin could have mixed up everything and made my face—disproportionate.

Austin, there was no sign of Austin. He left the rest of the Salts on the kitchen table. I had no idea what he'd given me, or what he'd taken for himself. He'd cleaned out the trash, so I would have to rely on memory.

Maybe I would think about it later. What was the point now? I found I could walk, ducking and bracing myself on the walls in the hallway. I walked up and down for a while, getting used to my new center of gravity.

At the end of the hallway, my bedroom door was there, and when I looked in, there was the smashed bed. It looked so small to me now. I looked away and kept practicing. After I was doing better I went in to the living room and stood up. Whoa! I felt vertigo for a minute, like when you stand on a chair to get something off of a tall shelf. But I wasn't standing on a chair or a ladder. I was standing on two tree trunks, AKA my legs. I hadn't really stood up yet. I was looking at my apartment door, and I when I looked level, my eyes were level about 8 inches about the top of the door. And that was my eyes. I was literally one floor tall. 8'. After another half hour of practice, I got out the carpenter's tape measure. I measured myself against the wall and measured from the floor to the ceiling. Crap. I was 8' 3” tall.

Was I the tallest man on earth? I didn't think so. But now I would have to get used to being looked at because I was too tall, instead of too short. At least people wouldn't shove me, or step on me.

I'd have to avoid dark alleys. Didn't want to give people heart attacks.

So I had NOTHING to wear. I guess I could make a loincloth out of a towel. If it was long enough, it might cover my penis.

I was going to have to get used to my cockhead resting against my knee. I would have to either wear a dress- which I wasn't going to do- or a Kilt, which might be good in Scotland, but I wasn't IN Scotland, or … I guessed Spandex, like Austin. I found my lip curling back when I thought of him. No, I was NOT going to wear Spandex. Because Austin did. I would have proper clothes made.

I picked up the telephone, gently, I almost crushed it. My hands were so much bigger, and my fingers much longer and thicker and stronger.

I called a friend. Nick was a sci fi geek who did costuming. He was gay, and he could sew. So, I needed some help. He didn't recognize my voice. I told him I had a frog in my throat, and asked him to come over with his sewing machine and supplies and all the cloth he had. I promised to pay him $100 and since he was a sci fi fan he had nothing going on because it wasn't Friday night and there were not Star Trek movies opening. Okay, so I'm a fan too. But I don't dress up. Well, just the one time, to help out. I told you I was Elfen.

He showed up and let him in. He came in and I kind of closed the door behind him and I crossed the room and sat down right away to make him feel a bit more comfortable… so he didn't have to look up so much.

Nick, fortunately, was a sci fi geek, so he was familiar with the concept of what happened to me.

He was one of the few people you could trust, a very average guy with a sharp sense of humor. After the surprise, and the confusion, and the conversation, and the discussion of what a JACKASS Austin was, I mentioned the spandex.

Nick immediately saw my concern. He interrupted me. Me, Jacob, the 8' tall giant. Nick was so cool. Made me feel normal. “That's just crazy talk, Jacob. You're not wearing Spandex. Except to comic-con.”

“I'm not going to comic-con.”


“In costume.”

“Everything people wear, is a costume. So get used to it- use it to your advantage.”

We had a discussion and decided upscale casual, a bit baggy. Because he noticed I would kind of hang to one side or the other. We decided on the right leg.

(Can I just tell you that I did jerk off with Nick, and he was amazed by my giant penis, and by the flow of copious cum, and the size of my testicles… and yes, he had to shower afterwards.)

So Nick measured me and he had some blue fabric and some patterns and he made me one muscle t shirt ( because it was a simple pattern he claimed- I decided not to laugh), one pair of boxer shorts, and a pair of jean- style slacks. I didn't have socks big enough. And you know, I decided shoes were passe, it going into Spring.

It took hours. But he worked fast and for payment, instead of money,—no- he didn't ask for more sex- I did that for free- he asked me to go out with him. That night. To a gay bar. In a gay neighborhood. Because, he said, I couldn't be a hermit, and I would have to deal with it, so I should live my life as normal as I could.

So we ended up in his car, as he had an SUV I could fit in. I realized I needed to buy a new car in the morning. And look for a new job. I couldn't- explain this. Easier to just start over as a new person.

So we ended up there. It wasn't hard getting there. But when I got out of the car, anyone could see me. And they usually stopped in their tracks. It wasn't the muscle, I think, it was the 8’3”.

Anyway we went into the bar. Bars have high ceilings. That's a good thing. I liked bars more now. I had a Beer, then a whiskey. It—helped a bit. Normally, that would have put me under the table. Now, I felt slightly relaxed.

Nick and I were given some space, and we sat down, I had to pull the chair sideways and watch my long long legs stretched out so I didn't trip anyone as they walked by. This was so surreal. I didn't hate it, though. People looked at us and talked. I learned quickly to ignore the comments. Except for one. Someone said something really insensitive about Nick. And what Nick and I might do together. And what it might do to Nick. And they said it where he could hear it. And I stood up. He wasn't drunk. He was an ass. I grabbed him politely by the shoulder and said, “May I speak with you for a moment?” and walked him to the back of the bar. He didn't go willingly. But it doesn't matter when he's being marched along by 520 lbs of muscle. I explained to him that he was going to have an early evening or I would forego civilized behavior and tear off his legs and use them for toothpicks.

He didn't pee himself. I think. But he left. I sat back down and stretched out my legs, and, oddly, I wasn't all torn up emotionally like I normally would be from a confrontation like that. I was a different person. Nick was looking at me oddly too. “Are you okay, Big Jake?” Oh God. Yeah, it stuck. Duh. But only my best friends get to use it, and only sometimes.

“I'm fine.”

“Well, you acted out of character.”

“I don't want them saying things about you. It's not fair you're just being a friend.”


“I'm going to have to get used to being a different person, aren't I? Everything is going to be new, even me, on the inside too.”


“Hey Nick, thanks for being my friend, before.”

He didn't say anything.

“I just wanted you to know I noticed, okay?”

He didn't say anything again. Nick took a sip of his drink. “My God,” he said, “Your penis is enormous.”

I laughed with him until I almost cried.

Things got easier after that. Nothing makes a gay man more happy than feeling up a muscle man's flexed bicep. I was going to make a lot of friends… it was a great conversation piece. I was sitting there, giant, and tall, and huge hung, and enormously muscled, so much so that even the custom muscle t was showing signs of wear, and my pecs were hanging off my chest, hard and tan.

“I'm going to have some fun,” I announced to the world in general.


Part 5

We had a lot of fun. Everyone knew Jacob, now. Before, I didn't even get blinked at. This was going to take some… adjustment. Also, the flirty boys were definitely having some MAJOR effect on my libido, and I didn't want to get out of control in the middle of the patio. These people had camera phones.

Nick was a bit tipsy after a few drinks. Okay, two drinks. I realized it would take a LOT of beer for me to get drunk. Weighing what I did, you know, but I wasn't interested in getting drunk. A drink was nice. Two drinks, okay. Three… not really interested.

Nick was a lightweight. He was okay, but a bit stumbly, and he kinda almost fell when he tripped. So I walked him out of the bar, half carrying him so he wouldn't fall, then I just picked him up in a fireman's carry and walked to his car. He didn't weigh anything. Maybe 135 lbs. It felt like I was carrying a cup of coffee across the kitchen, for all the weight of his body affected me.

I got the keys from him and put him in the passenger seat and managed to squeeze behind his steering wheel without breaking anything and I drove us back to my place. It was obvious Nick was going to spend the night, and his company was welcome, after Austin's.

When I got to my apartment, I parked, and helped Nick upstairs and he was a lot more alert. I set him on the sofa and went into my bedroom. Thank God I'd used a mattress cover. I pulled the sheets off the mattress, dragged the mattress into the living room, and put some new sheets and blankets and pillows on the mattress on the floor. And I returned the sofa cushions to my sofa.

Nick and I cuddled on the sofa and he was getting sleepy. I was exhausted, frankly. I was still reeling from the effects of the growth, and the emotional strain was pretty awful and I'm sure that contributed to my exhaustion.

I crawled to the mattress on the living room floor and laid down. It worked okay, although my feet stuck off the end of the mattress about a foot and a half. But I used two blankets and Nick crawled in with me and cuddled, I spooned against his back. He was listening to my breathing, and I know my chest must have felt incredible against his back. My giant nipples were erect and pushing against his lats, and my enormous cock had a gigantic chubby and it laid so that the base of my cock was at his ass and then ran down the back of his legs. His back felt pretty awesome against my abs and pecs. He finally took a breath.

“Just, laying here, next to you, it's incredible.”

Right back at you buddy. Maybe someday I'd have the courage to say it out loud.

What was I, the biggest coward in the county?

“Get some sleep Nick,” I told him. “We've earned a night of rest.”

I passed out like a light. Not passed out like with the Salts, but into deep, restful sleep filled with half remembered dreams of strength and sex and lust and romance.

As I said, I had some powerful dreams but none as good as waking up with Nick in my arms. He was facing me, now, and using my huge forearm as a muscle pillow, I was so thickly built that even my forearms were like giant inflated exaggerated bodybuilder porn dreams he was facing me, as I said, and my 33” erect penis was cradled against his chest. He smiled, he was in heaven.

“This is amazing,” Nick said.

“Good thing I'm a grower or I wouldn't even be able to wear pants.”

That was the start of a very intense, romantic and slow morning of sex. I was so powerful I could hold Nick endlessly in any position, including letting his ass sit on the giant bulbous head of my penis, and using my arms I could hold him there, while he rubbed back and forth on my penis throne and jerk himself off. When he came, I would shoot a fountain against his ass, which would make him thrash around. Of course he didn't have anything like my staying power.

I didn't care. He was sweet and didn't mind me spending time alone to jerk off or otherwise pleasure myself, which I had to do every 3 hours, or I wouldn't be able to think.

He ran out to the fabric store and came back with bolts of different fabrics. He had the basic pattern so he made me 4 pairs of slacks and denim jeans each, I cut them effortlessly with the giant shears and he ran them through the sewing machine. Then I cut some bright colored stretch fabrics and I watched as he ran up 10 even bigger muscle t's than the night before, with wider chests. Then he sewed up 10 pairs of overlong, oversized boxers for me.

He was able to run them pretty quickly, as he had a custom machine which made the seams a lot easier.

And then he made me a pair of boardshorts, sized for me, with a sling inside to hold things in place and above the knee.

He tried some different spandex, and found a strong stretch weave and used that for some boxer briefs. I wasn't sure they would be much help but I didn't complain.

Then he ran me up some Hawaiian shirts so I didn't only have to wear muscle t's. Um, the sleeves were a problem. But he just made them big enough to fit over my biceps like grocery bags with a couple of hams shoved in them.

Also he bought me the largest sandals and socks he could find. The socks were okay if stretched to the limit, the sandals were too small but would stay on my feet.

And then it was early evening and he was trying something new. I hesitate to tell you, but he wanted to make me a speedo. He had some swim fabric stretch stuff and he measured from a regular speedo I had, multiplying the measurements to accomodate my waist and giant muscle glutes and ass, and then he measured, you know.

He whistled.

“maybe if I line it. or double up the fabric for the pouch.”

He did both. Well, It was a speedo, and it did fit. And as I said, I was a grower. So I could squash my meat soft into the voluminous pouch and—well, the pouch was so long it ran 2/3 of the way down the length of my thighs. But it was street legal. Technically. He ran up 3 of each color.

By then it was pretty late. I'd run to the store and stocked up on food and also we ordered in 3 large pizzas. Nick had 3 slices. I ate the rest.

But at least although my appetite was huge, it wasn't like yesterday, so I could probably get by on 12,000 calories a day or so.

So after that I put on a show for him in my new clothes, he reinforced a few seams, and it was a victory. He worshipped my cock and muscles and I climaxed again and again. He was exhausted. And then he asked.


“But we wouldn't- I wouldn't, but I could keep up with you better- in bed. And…”

“Look what it did to me!”

“I am.”


“Look at me Jacob.”

I did. He was average. I was, well, I was remembering what Austin had done to me. This was different, it was consenting.

So I took the salts I had left, and there were in fact a lot, and we discussed the options.

He definitely wanted more height and muscle and cock. But how much? And what kind of body did he want?

He was italian, so he was olive complected with dark dark brown hair and eyes. That suited him fine. I suggested he try some of the newest stuff, that was designed for maximum results for cock and sex enhancer and muscle and height and exaggerated primary and secondary sexual characteristics. There were only three higher numbers, but the 166 was the most effective on the charts, by quite a bit.

He wanted to make a lot of progress quickly but I cautioned that he should start slow. He said he was 5’9 and almost difficult to describe as he was so average. I think that was what he wanted to change. It seemed the 166 would help exaggerate his male characteristics so that was a plus for what he was looking for.

So, after a bit of an argument he drank down 5 teaspoons of the 166. That much of what I took would make him about 5-6” taller and add maybe 70-100 lbs to his frame. But I didn't realize the asymptotic growth curves on those charts. Even though it was only about 1/3 higher on the charts, what that really meant was something much different. They weren't linear, they were logarithmic.

He passed out pretty quickly. I mean, he drank down the stuff, burped, and sat for about 60 seconds. Then he slumped over and started snoring. Poor little guy. He'd worked his fingers off helping me out by sewing today.

I put him on our bed and stripped off his clothes. His clothes… would have to go to the thrift store, he'd never wear them again. About an hour later I noticed… well, that something was unusual.

I heard Nick thrashing about a bit. He was running a fever so I took a wet towel and wiped his forehead down, that seemed to help. He was kinda red all over, flushed, and he already looked a lot bigger. I took the measure and he was 6’2” tall. In one hour. That… that wasn't possible. He'd grown 6 inches in an hour. I pulled back the sweaty sheets and looked. He was much more—Nick. He now had a hairy chest, and his muscles were swelling on his frame as I watched. I could actually see the growth as I watched, a bit at a time. He was built like a middleweight bodybuilder. His biceps were 18” already. Why was he growing so quickly? I had been out for 4 to 6 hours each time Austin had…

I pulled back the sheets some more. Well, I wanted to see. He already was swinging a huge fat thick cock where before, he's been, maybe 5” or so… call it 6” to be generous, and now, well, his scrotum was hanging over the side of his thigh and actually pulsing and jerking as I watched… and his penis, flaccid, was a good fat 10” already. And that was slick with sweat, pulsing, and twitching.

Maybe the 166 worked faster? I went and got the charts. That's when I saw the big mistake. Almost all the gf worked about the same, within a point or two of each other on the charts, but when I looked at the 166, I saw that this was much higher, by 4 or 5 points higher than most of the other gf salts. But then when I looked at the scale up the side of the chart I realized that it was logarithmic. Like as in a 6.0 earthquake ain't too bad but a 7.0 is a good shaker- because it's 10x stronger than a 6.0.

And Nick, we'd given him 5 teaspoons of something that i realized was significantly more effective than anything I'd been given. His five teaspoons were like 25 or 30 teaspoons of what I'd taken. That could mean… he… 5’9” tall plus 25 inches? He might end up bigger than me. And the charts showed 6 points improvement on secondary sexual characteristics and aggression and …. genital growth.

It was about 30 minutes later I went back to check on Nick. He was really hot. I carried him into the bathtub and ran cold water and put him in it. It really seemed to help. I tried to wake him but he was delirious, but I did manage to get him to drink a bunch of water.

The water in the tub was heating up from his body and I kept changing it out with cold tap water.

I grabbed the measure and he was already 6’5” at 1 hour and 40 minutes. And he was now built like a heavyweight bodybuilder. And vascular… and hairy. And… his cock was floating in the tub, flaccid, 13 inches long.

Every thirty minutes I forced him to drink more water. And he continued to grow. At two and a half hours he passed the 7' tall mark, and was already more muscular than I'd been at a similar height tied to the bed. But Nick's muscle was so dense and … fibrous, he looked so powerful. His abs were bricks and he was so broad across the shoulders now.

His nipples stuck out two inches already and his biceps were like soccer balls. What would they be in another couple of hours?

When the clock passed 3 hours he was 7’4” tall. And he was now much bigger than Mr Universe. His semi erect penis floating in the water was a 17” long monster torpedo, bloated, with a huge knobby head on the end of his titanic shaft.

When the clock passed four hours he was growing past 8' tall. I tried to wake him up. I thought maybe it would slow the growth. I couldn't wake him up. His penis was no longer floating because his massive legs with their giant quads were overfilling the tub and his chubby, red and swollen, was laying up towards his knees 22”. Which was good, because his knees were bent and he was forced into a sitting position. This gave room under his legs for his massive cantaloupe sized bull testicles which had become his most obvious feature.

When the time reached 4 hours 40 minutes his fever suddenly subsided. I thought the salts had done their worst. I carried the 565 lb. behemoth in my arms back to the living room and laid him down and toweled him dry. He was warm but sleeping normally.


Part 6

Nick continued to sleep. The redness faded slowly from his skin, and face, and genitals.

The tape showed him to be at 8’6” tall. DAMN. He was half a head taller than I was. His muscles were so dense and huge they rolled and swung around his body like sacks of meat anytime he moved. I knew from my own experience, that as big as he was now, he would fill out even more massive with an uptake of food and water. Those massive bags of muscle would swell up and harden until they only flexed when Nick wanted to move them.

Damn. I looked him over. His penis was 26” long, flaccid. It didn't look like much of a grower, though he was uncut with a massive overgrown foreskin.

I ordered out 6 extra large pizzas veggie topped with meatlover's and they arrived about 30 minutes later. Shortly before six hours, he woke to the smell of the pizzas. It was the most caloric-intensive way I could think of to restock his depleted body before something went seriously wrong.

His voice… croaked, his throat was dry and yet there was a deep, vibrant bass tone to it. Basso Profundo, really… but not rumbly stupid, just amazingly sexy.

He woke up and his belly was rumbling. I sat him up and fed him a pitcher of water, and then 2 giant pizzas. That seemed to fill his gut for a few minutes. I knew from my own experience he would be starving again in 20 or 30 minutes. It was actually like 15 minutes. I'd forgotten you know, he was bigger than I was now. While he was laid out on the floor, it was easy to pretend he was my size. Maybe his chest was bigger, you know…

He wasn't able to talk for about the first half hour anyway. He was really out of it. But as his body flooded with nutrients and fluids, his pulse picked up to the rhythm of his new body and he was able to say his first word.


I shoved another pizza at him and counted my fingers to make sure I still had all of them.

After another hour, the pizzas were gone and 3 gallons of milk with them. But, his skin darkened to an Italian olive tan and didn't look red or pasty anymore. And those pecs? They filled out 4 inches thicker and 6 inches wider.

He dozed off again. I let him sleep. He needed it after the insult to his body that the amazing forced growth had done in the last 9 hours. I slept too, curled up against him, so he knew someone was close by, and in the morning, about 8am, I woke rested, and Nick's eyes were open. He looked confused. Maybe it was the exaggerated masculinity of the features on his very very handsome face, which was in no way pretty anymore, or the 3 inch beard he was sporting already, or the shoulder length Tarzan of the Apes haircut his dark dark brown hair framed over his wide forehead and noble brow. But I immediately got a huge boner. Unavoidable.

That was when I discovered that Nick's muscles weren't the only thing about him that had thickened up a lot with a bit of nutrition. I'd heard that pizza could be fattening, but this was ridiculous. Some people have skinny hard penises, some have fat round chubby semi hard penises. Nick had a very thick penis, curving up and pointing straight to heaven, and each chamber was so swollen and defined that it wasn't round, it was like a giant cucumber, with two equally giant bananas tied on top, and the whole thing wrapped in hot dark Italiano skin. His penis also flared wide at the upper end on the sides, then his massively oversized head was there, red and dark and perfectly formed and pulsing with his heartbeat. When he was erect, his foreskin pulled back and vanished so it looked as if he was cut. That's how massively erect his penis was.

And it was bigger than mine. I was going to have some splaining to do to him, if we ever did anything again other than fuck. You see, it just kinda naturally happened that I tried to enter him… and it worked… and there was no stopping us then.

Yeah, Nick the dick learned to bottom and fuck before he learned how to walk. About 11am we managed to stop. That was even better, when we were holding each other after it stopped.

Nick, fortunately, was able to think again. And I told him, that the Salts had been much stronger than we'd realized. I started to apologize and he stuck his tongue in my mouth to shut me up.

Okay, so he wasn't stupid. He'd figured it out. He crawled down the hallway to the bathroom, he refused to let me carry him. He wasn't quite 4 feet wide, so that was good, i figured. The hallway was 4 feet wide. It looked like he was three feet wide plus change. Ie, he had to twist his shoulders sideways to fit through the bathroom door. He used the toilet and then he got in the shower and I helped scrub him down. I'd already been thinking I needed a bigger shower enclosure, and a higher shower head. With Nick, well, a lot of water went on the bathroom floor. Fortunately I bought a lot of towels. His amazing body was coated with dark hair, and the water cascading over his giant muscles matted the hair to his chest and abs and legs and ass and forearms… what a gorilla! But what a handsome man. My brain sprained itself trying to think about it.

Anyway Nick recovered pretty quickly after the shower. He was more talkative, and the only thing he would ever say was that “this is more than I wanted, but it's infinitely better than what I was.” And then he just wouldn't talk about it anymore. He'd talk about working out, making costumes… sex, more sex, then sex again, but no regrets. I took that as a cue. Even I was short next to Nick.

I toweled off his wide lats, mounded with muscle (and hair!) and then used the blow dryer to finish him off. His dark brown pubic hair was amazing and ran in a dense forest of almost black curls and waves across his body. His natural scent was all man, all musk, pleasant, not rank… it was a constant high just being around him.

I helped him stand for the first time… you have to remember that Nick was 69” tall last night… 5’9” (so he claimed- but he was probably 5' 8 and 1/4”). This morning, when he woke up…. Oh yeah, he was 8’8” tall. That's 104”. So he'd basically grown three feet taller over one evening. I guess he'd grown a few more inches in the night, or I had measured wrong when he was on the floor unconscious. For all I knew, he'd grow more today and tonight again. He- well, it wasn't his fault, it was an accident. I felt terrible about it. We were in a rush for him to put on some size, but didn't think it through.

So you'd think that being 1/3 taller shouldn't be so hard to get used to. You have to factor in though that it happened overnight. And then there was the fact he was now 610 lbs. (I told you he'd filled out after eating!) Yesterday he'd been maybe 145. So you know, each of his legs weighed what he did yesterday. And then there was the fact he was so top heavy.

Nick practiced walking in the living room until he lost the vertigo and then he practiced not breaking things when he moved, or sat, or picked something up. Fortunately he was a smart guy and his brain if anything was improved by the salts. He learned quickly.

Umm, and one time, when he turned around to quickly, he was standing by the kitchen counter and his massive meat swung around and just kept on swinging when the rest of him stopped, and there was a loud THWACK as his cockhead slapped up against the drywall and rebounded. He cracked the drywall but I didn't say anything about it. I figured my apartment was going to take a lot more abuse from now on. Fortunately the living room, dining room and kitchen I could stand upright in. And they were decent sized. Smaller to me than they'd been, but certainly big enough to deal with for a few weeks.

Nick and I rested and ate that afternoon, then Nick spent some time relearning to sew with his larger hands, which were still pretty darned good at being so precise considering how big he was- his fingers were like big sausages it seemed. And he taught me to sew, too. It seemed like a skill I would need. He showed me how I could take any pattern and remeasure it and size it up to my new measurements. Then it was just fabric and heavy thread. Double seam stitched everywhere. Even the speedos. Especially the speedos.

So Nick made some clothes for himself with my help. Nothing he'd made me would fit him, except the muscle t's. And those, well, let's just say he needed bigger shirts. He actually preferred to wear a full t shirt, because he was so hairy. But either way he dressed me was impressive. And handsome and his Italian heritage, which previously had been very unnoticeable, was now VERY obvious, in his darkly impressive and handsome looks, his hairy chest, so macho manly and strong… and of course, his now unstoppable cock.

That night he wanted to go out again. I agreed but insisted we go to a different bar. I didn't want people seeing him with me again so soon, they might connect the dots.

I kinda missed my little Nick, but Italiano Gorilla Nick with the Swinging Dick was more than a trade up. He was the same sweet guy, although his personality did change. He was ever courteous and helpful like he'd been when he came over with his sewing machine, perhaps even more so. But he didn't take crap from anyone, at all. He just drew boundaries like a line in the sand and if you respected them he was your best friend. If you tried to fuck with him or anyone he liked, well, you never made that mistake twice. And you probably had to change your underwear too. Nick, as handsome as he was, was pretty intimidating if a storm cloud of a scowl crossed his normally sunny cheerful face.

I realized that he towered over Austin even more than I would, so I was happy that he was around. He stayed at my place, he could have gone home to his apartment, but our new similarities I think meant we needed a support structure. And not just because he knew how to sew giant jockstraps. Because he and I, together, were normal, in a world of people who suddenly were so much smaller than we were. And, our increased libido and giant cocks and incredible strength meant the two of us were likely to hurt anyone else we might have sex with, if we were to indulge our desires. So we had fun. This is not to say we didn't have some three ways. There was a guy at the bar who WAY came onto us. He was 6’9” tall so we had some fun with him. He only weighed like 265 or so. But he was a man at least close to us, so he was- more easy to be attracted to.

I learned that I needed to judge people esp men by their masculinity and not their height, there was no way I could be with someone so much shorter than I if I thought of them as children. But I made a mental adjustment and I had fun with men of every size and age and race.

the next morning….

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