The salt

by RdyRoger

Trav gets his hands on some salts that cause all kinds of sexy growth and transformation. Using them on himself is great, but growing other people without their realizing it is even more fun.

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Part 1 Trav gets his hands on some salts that cause all kinds of sexy growth and transformation. Using them on himself is great, but growing other people without their realizing it is even more fun. (added: 1 Jun 2010)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 Cousin Greg from the UK comes to visit, and quickly becomes a new source of temptation for Trav.
Part 6 Some time at the pool leads to some unplanned growth for Trav and his guys.
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Part 9
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Part 1

The salt was something I stole from my uncle's lab. He's the original absentminded professor, has about a zillion degrees and is so smart that he really is hard to understand sometimes.

Well, I visit the lab pretty regularly, and Uncle Joe is a chemist, studies DNA and RNA and organic chemistry and growth factors and all that.

He and I joke around a lot. He does a lot of research projects, but this was an odd conversation. I was helping him store away a bunch of different jars, they were chemical compounds that were DNA triggers he'd been researching.

It happened because he made a chance comment, one of the jars I was holding, it slipped a bit and Uncle Joe laughed and said, “Travis- don't drop that one or the girls will like you a bit too much!”

Joe doesn't know my preference goes the other way. Gay. That way. Don't think he would really care either.


“That's a male growth factor!”

“What, like magic penis pills?”

“Oh, no, nothing like those ads you see on TV or the internet.” Uncle Joe was always so literal!

“What's it do then?”

“This stuff actually works!- it triggers key receptors in the y chromosome, and turns them on for a while.”

“If it works why don't you sell it?”

“What, and have everyone walking around maxed out alpha male?” Uncle Joe shook his head at the thought. “You have no idea what that would do to society!- Imagine the biggest guy you ever saw in the locker room- and then imagine every single man being that big. What difference would it make? It's the contrast between people's physicality that makes for dramatic and romantic interest. No, some people have to be small, for some people to be big.”

“I guess I get your point.”

“Okay then let's finish up in here and grab some lunch!”

I watched as Uncle Joe carefully set the jar in the cabinet, top shelf, left, in front, and locked the glass door. It was just another jar among many- with a white piece of tape and red marker lettering scrawled a series of numbers… GF—2009- M -135. I found myself memorizing the numbers. I was almost in a flop sweat.

“So are all those jars in there different kinds of growth factors?”

“Mostly failed, but yes. The idea is simple… just take some proteins in your DNA and replace them, or alternately insert a lot more copies to enhance some characteristic, or just turn on a dormant gene.”

Uncle Joe laid his hand on a notebook crammed with papers. I guess that was all the notations on the different growth factors.

That night I found myself laying in bed. I had already jerked off three times and I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about GF-2009-M-135. I wasn't a bad looking kid I knew I was athletic enough and blonde hair and green eyes can really melt a man's heart. I was 15 years old and I knew that already. But I couldn't stop thinking about that GF. What would that be like, holding a penis twice as thick or twice as long?

Before I knew it I was out of bed. The sun was barely coming up. I dressed and grabbed a frozen waffle and ran out the door. Before I knew it my feet were leading me to the university. It was really early and there weren't many people about, a few janitors wheeling their mop buckets and heading home after a long night of work. I was too young to be a student but from a distance no one noticed and I was in the organic chemistry building and then down the steps and the long hall freshly mopped and past the little kitchen and the lab was there. I jimmied the lock with an ATM card. Seriously, I had never done anything like that before but I'd seen enough TV to know it was maybe possible. The university was old and the locks were old and worn as the tile floors. Anyway I was inside the lab and light was coming in the casement windows. I used a garage key to jiggle the cheap lock on the cabinet and then it was open. Before I could even think about it my hand was on GF-2009-M-135. It was heavy enough. There was almost a full jar of white powder, nothing special looking- it looked like table salt. I looked around the lab and found an empty envelope in a box in my Uncle's desk drawer. I scooped a lot of the granules into the envelope, then I put the jar back. It looked the same, I'd taken maybe 10% of what was there. I rejimmied the lock shut and folded the envelope and stuffed it in my back pocket. I walked out the door. Then I was past the kitchen. Then I was up the stairs. Then I was outside… and 5 minutes later I was walking home on city streets. I made it back home before even my Dad woke up for work. Even my dumb kid brother Trey was asleep still.

I went into my bedroom. I looked into the envelope. A lot of white powder. If my parents found that it would look bad. I went down to the kitchen and rummaged in the junk closet. There were a couple of old salt and pepper shakers there. I grabbed them and filled one with pepper. In the other one went the GF- it was almost full. I left them in my top desk drawer upstairs. If anyone saw it it would just be a set of salt and pepper shakers, and I took enough snacks into my room at night that no one would even think about it.

Then I realized… I had no idea on the dosages, or HOW I was to take the drug? I couldn't ask my Uncle. Maybe I could take them orally. What if they needed to be dissolved in solution and then injected?

I decided that the safest way to start would be to take a tiny dosage orally. That way, if nothing happened in a month, then I could try an increased dosage. And in the meantime maybe Uncle Joe would drop a few hints.

I took a very few of the granules in my hand and licked them to taste it. Well, I figured three small little grains wouldn't kill me even if it was poison. And I knew it wasn't.

Okay, so I know that you know that I know how dumb and stupid that was. But what happened was not that I dropped dead. Or got sick. Or anything. The salt looking grains tasted like salt. What a surprise.

I put the salt shaker away in the drawer and decided to do nothing for 24 hours. Because if I had a bad reaction, you know, best to start with a tiny dose!

I sat there for 15 minutes. Nothing. Not a burp. Not a twinge. Not a hick-up. Nadie. Nunca. Zip.

So I went downstairs and ate some more frozen waffles and went to High School. I didn't run better in track that day, nor did I develop superstrength or otherwise radically change. I did feel my dumbness increase. I guess I thought I would blow up like Superman. Just didn't seem that likely in retrospect.

At any rate the week went by. I had no noticeable reaction and I forgot about the Salt. Friday night I was up in my room eating some french fries and doing homework. I took the Salt and shook a bunch onto the fries and ate them.

I woke up Saturday morning. In the shower I panicked. My penis, my testicles, well it might have been charitable to say they were a handful Friday night. Now they were a double handful. That wasn't the only thing different. I'd swear my hair had grown out some overnight. And my jeans were a bit tight in the thighs and butt. And maybe they were a little bit shorter? Or maybe I was a bit taller? And I did feel… stronger, healthier. My libido was 100% and I jerked off vigorously in the shower and that was great. My Med T shirt was nice and tight and I had a lot of energy. That was a great Saturday. Spent the time riding my bike, seeing some friends, saw a dumb movie and then made out with Joey Franco behind the theatre for a while. HOT! We didn't go that far but he seemed entranced with me and my cock felt rock hard.

So that night I was home late… went to sleep. Woke up Sunday… no surprises. Same as Saturday morning.

So that was interesting. I guess those DNA replications did their thing and were done.

I measured myself. I was 5’11” tall but that was wrong. I was supposed to be 5’10” tall. And my penis was a nice 7” hard and my balls were a bit heavier than I was used to. And I was horny. Hornier, anyway. Or rather, more sexually able. 3 times a day was not a problem for me at all.

Joey Franco and I made out again on Tuesday night. He liked my tight stomach and my ass and my cock… We hadn't done more than kiss and jerk off together but I figured we'd do something soon. Joey was a hot little Italian with blonde hair and blue eyes… one of those sexy northern Italians. He was about 5’7” tall and had an average 5” cock.

Anyway I figured I hadn't used too much of the salt, maybe only half a teaspoon if that. Joey and I were going to the movies Friday night… some alien action flick Joey loved them. I told Joey I'd treat for popcorn. He didn't protest too much so I went to the snack bar and bought two popcorns. Then I poured about a teaspoon of the salt into each of the tubs and carried them into the theatre.

With the butter and the salt on the Popcorn Joey had a tasty little treat… we both finished off our popcorn and watched the movie. Everything felt okay for me. No hot sweats, no shivers, so that was good. In fact nothing much happened except we kissed a lot after the show. I told Joey I wanted to have lunch with him Saturday… he invited me over for a swim so I said sure. His parents didn't mind… and it turned out they were going to be visiting friends Saturday afternoon so we had the place to ourselves.

Saturday morning I woke up and stretched. I could feel my muscles popping and stretching and the sun was streaming in. It felt good.

I stood up and looked in the mirror.


My brown hair was shaggier than ever. I was taller… now a bit over 6'. I had abs. Real abs, not flat stomach abs. And biceps and pecs and my thighs were big and muscular and my butt was really sexy. Oh yeah, and my package. Nice! I was north of 8” now. And my balls were much bigger.

When I pulled on my jeans they were too tight and too short. I snuck a pair of my Dad's work jeans, and they fit. Hell, they looked GREAT.

But I couldn't wear my medium t- shirts… they didn't fit. I had a Large t shirt from some movie promotion that I never wore cause it was too big. It fit pretty well now.

My waist size hadn't changed, still 32” so I was able to wear my swim trunks. You'd scarcely notice my package if it didn't swing back and forth when I walked.

I ate a big breakfast and headed to Joey's for our swim date.

Joey… umm… what is it about Italian men? He was about 2 inches taller and more muscular. And his blonde hair had grown out about an inch overnight it looked like. And his package filled out his trunks nicely.

We swam around and kissed and played grab ass and rubbed our cocks together hanging on the side of the pool. Damn Joey! He definitely had a bigger piece of meat in his trunks!!

Joey even mentioned he was taller, that he was having a growth spurt. Then he laughed when he realized he'd said spurt.

Did I mention he was shy for being such a horndog?

Well we laid out on the deck on the cement. I preferred that to the deck chairs, I loved to feel the sun on my skin and the hot cement. And I got a great view of Joey's chest and his package.

I volunteered to buy lunch. There was a burger joint at the end of Joey's street and around the corner.

We pulled on our shirts and shoes and I grabbed my wallet and we walked over to the place. They had the combo meal for $3 and change so I bought one for each of us. I walked with the tray to the back of the restaurant and sat down.

“Darn!- Joey, can you run up front and grab some ketchup… and ask them for some extra mustard in a cup on the side?”

“Sure thing Trav!!”

He ran up there… I knew it would take extra time to get the mustard on the side… so I had about a minute to grab some little paper packets from my wallet and open his burger and dump about a half teaspoon of the salt on it and then another half teaspoon on the fries. I did the same for myself and Joey was back about a minute later.

I grabbed a fry.

“I salted your fries I hope I didn't put too much on yours, I like a lot on mine and I wasn't thinking….”

“Oh, no,” Joey assured me. “I like em salty!!”

To prove it he picked up one of the steak cut fries and wiped up some of the extra salt and bit into it.


I ate one of my fries. “Tastes almost as good as kissing you!”

He blushed. Mission accomplished. I hoped I didn't overdo the salt. I had waited a week between my first and second dosing. But I knew that Joey wouldn't mind having a big cock or being tall and muscular. I sure didn't… and I wondered for the first time how much of this Salt was good for me? I pushed aside the idea and enjoyed my cheeseburger with the blond hottie in a little corner of paradise.

After lunch we did what any normal teens would do. We went back to the pool and swam for another 2 hours… wrestling and horseplay and chasing and a crazy version of Marco Polo that had you swimming laps and climbing out of the pool and diving back in and just physically exhausting yourself. Then we laid out in the summer sun for a tan and a nap. I fell sound asleep, and so did Joey.

I woke up on my stomach which was a good thing, I guess I was aware enough to turn over so I didn't burn. I looked over. Same thing for Joey. Joe…whoa…. whoa ….eeey!

Maybe there was more in those little paper packets than a teaspoon. Maybe it was more like a heaping teaspoon.

Then I realized what had woken me up. My .. junk was being strangled. I reached down and grabbed my cock… holy shit this was my cock? and rearranged things so they were tightly packed but not cutting off circulation!

I looked back over at Joey, who groaned and rolled back over onto his back. Good thing he was wearing stretch trunks. Seriously. He looked a lot bigger, more muscular and built now like a junior bodybuilder guy or something! And he looked taller too. His blond hair had grown out another inch it seemed. Hot… looked like a surfer stud now! He woke up and looked over at me and blinked.

“Damn are you pumping weights Travis?”

“Uh, yeah, I have been. ”

“Keep it up I like.”

I leaned across and kissed him.

And then both our junk was being strangled as we got turned on. In a few seconds, without even saying anything we had stripped and I was on top of Joey and kissing him and rubbing my hands around our two big dicks squashed together….

“Oh god oh god oh god I'm going to…” and we both shot together… wow. What do they call it, the little death? wow. I grabbed the towel to sponge down Joey who had a pool of cum on his chest and face and hair.

It seemed we were even more turned on though so we jerked off again together a few minutes later and that was even more intense.

So we did it again.

I was rubbing the towel on Joey when we heard the car in the driveway. We pulled up our trunks and I threw the cum towel in the laundry hamper and we both dove into the pool.

Both of us were still rock hard and we had a big problem, our cocks sticking straight up. So we leaned up on the side of the pool and chatted with the parents until they finally went into the damn house and left us alone. By then we'd both gotten soft enough to stuff our junk back in our trunks and I pulled back on my Dad's work jeans and they fit me tight. They'd been at least loose that morning. And they were a bit short.

I went home. That night my Mom exclaimed, “Travis when did you get taller than your father?”

My Dad was 6’1” tall. I was definitely taller than him. I spent the rest of the next two weeks slouching around the house a lot.

And I went to the store and bought some larger t shirts, actually XL t shirts. They were loose on me and I looked more normal that way. And I spent a lot of time in the shower. I was now a super shooter and when I came it was for a minute or more at a time. After the first volley of cum my balls would just keep churning out more and it would continue to pump, dripping down my cock like a river. Did I mention my 9” cock? Well, I may be exaggerating a bit. Actually, I mean I was under-exaggerating a bit. My 9”+ cock was my new pride and joy and my testicles were now as big as any I'd seen in the locker room at high school, even the football team seniors.

I'd heard that Joey was turning into quite the slut through the gay and lesbian center at school. Well I guess I was too. Joey and I saw each other at school and in the locker room. His cock wasn't quite as big as mine but he'd had less of the salt. It really had made him… bigger in that dept. He had a good thick 8” on him now. Not that my cock didn't swing and sway when I walked to the showers now.

Well, I guess you know that we couldn't keep away from each other.

I saw him eyeing my cock and I was looking at his cock and his ass. I knew that we'd both had some experiences with other guys and I know that we wanted a rematch.

He asked me out to a movie on Friday. BINGO!

“Sure thing Joey but only if we do something on Saturday too.”

“Okay but my Mom will be home..!”

“Oh I was thinking we could go for a hike… ride our bikes up to the ranger station and lock them there and take an afternoon hike, I can pack a lunch. It's still early summer so the woods will be really green and stuff.”

“That's a great idea!” Joey's eyes flashed. Damn he was cute. His eyes actually flashed when he was happy. I looked at him. I was about 6' 1-1/2” tall. He was about 5’10” I guessed. Maybe taller. And his muscles looked great.

“Are you taller?” I asked him. “You look taller! I think you're still growing.”

Joey insisted on buying popcorn this time. argh~! When he came back with the buttered tub- he'd bought the large for us to share… I didn't have the chance to slip in the salt. But then I said, “Dude you forgot the napkins. I'll save the seats… get the napkins. Unless you want me to lick your fingers in the theatre?” Joey went to get the napkins. Such a hot guy and so shy. Go figure.

I slipped a paper packet out of my pocket and shook a heaping teaspoon of salt onto the popcorn the minute he was out of the theatre. I mixed it up as best I could and waited. Joey was back in a trice.

That was the thing.. see, I had this kinda wild fantasy about Joey… seeing how big and hung he could be. I guess I was still shy myself. I nibbled at the popcorn- it sure was salty. Joey ate a lot of it and realized he was being a pig.

“Dude you're not eating any popcorn”

“Yes I am.” I grabbed a handful and ate it.

There was about a quarter of the tub left. He pushed it on me. “You finish it.”

“Let's finish it together.”

“I just ate more than half.”

“No you didn't.” I grabbed another small handful. “See?”

He grabbed a handful. And ate it.

I think I ate about 1/4 of that popcorn. Joey ate the rest. He watched me to make sure I ate some though.

I don't even remember what the movie was. Afterwards Joey was the same as ever. We made out. It was splendid.

Saturday morning I woke up and stretched.. felt good. I sat up suddenly. I had the ride with Joey today!

I jumped out of bed. I looked in the mirror. I was bigger. Not much, but definitely bigger. Hair was definitely shaggy again. Maybe 10 lbs. I was 6’2” tall also. And… well, I guess Uncle Joey was right in stating it was a Male Growth Factor. Seemed thickness was a factor after a certain length… although that had increased to 10”. Wow. And my balls were frankly like heavy stones in my bike shorts.

I ran into Trey in the hallway. He looked me over. He was about 5’7” or so and a decent enough kid except he was 18 months younger than me and a complete pain in the ass because he was my little brother.

“I can't wait until I grow tall too!”

“Right, runt.”

That's when I notice Trey's eyes looking at my bike shorts. And then I felt guilty.

“Hey, I hit my growth spurt when I turned 15 you are only a bit behind me anyways. I heard that younger brothers are statistically more likely to grow bigger than their older brothers anyway.”


“Yeah, Mom had to experiment when she was cooking for me! You get better nutrition!”

He hit me. Not hard, a brother shove tap hit that said he was feeling better. His eyes kinda grew wide though, as he felt my pecs bounce his fist off them like hard rubber.

At breakfast I slipped about a teaspoon of THE SALT onto Trey's eggs and hash browns. He ate them.

So I don't hate him so much, okay? Geez. Shut up already.

I headed over to Joey's with a packed lunch and some water and soda and such.

When I got there Joey was getting yelled at by his Mom to get a haircut. He came out of the house. What a sight to see. His blond hair was shaggy. Tell me, do you think it's wrong that I want Joey to be a super stud? I mean, should the choice be mine or his? And should I be bigger or should he be bigger? I like both ideas. I would just have to wait and see what I did when it came to it.

“Don't get a haircut,” I told Joey. “I like your hair.”


“And you're definitely getting taller you look taller than you did last night!”

He almost said something about it, but I guess he just figured he was a growing boy. And he was… growing into a man. And what could he say anyway? People grew as big as people grew and that was that. Nothing anybody could do about it to change it or anything~ !

Joey Franco was now standing 6' tall. And he looked like a bodybuilder. You could see it especially now in his bike shorts. I mean, I had trouble looking at anything but his bike shorts. He had a banana in his bike shorts. And a couple of oranges. But I never saw a banana that thick.

“Nice shorts” I said to Joey as we rode out of the driveway. And they were… very pnuematic- as were mine I saw as I looked down. When did that happen? Oh, yeah. I did that to myself. HOT!

“No wonder your Mom was yelling about your hair she couldn't let herself look down.”

The ride up the hill wasn't as bad as I remembered it… but I had a lot more muscle in my legs and glutes now so I guess that made sense.

We locked the bikes at the ranger station where the ranger promised to keep an eye on them and then we changed into jeans for the hike. You don't want to wear bike shorts on a hike.

Did I mention Joey Franco took off his bike shorts to change into his jeans? I tried not to look. I tried not to stare. Oh hell I stared. When he pulled down the shorts his junk just expanded down- as the support went down so did his giant low hangers and his big soft cock… he was as big as me now. Definitely.

Maybe bigger. I shivered. I liked that idea. Looking at Joey I thought about what Uncle Joe had said. Some people had to be smaller for some people to be bigger. I wanted to be one of the bigger ones, and I wanted Joey bigger than me. It just clicked at that minute. But I would have to be smart about this.


So we hiked up the trail a couple of miles and cut across from the stream and found a perfect little secluded hideaway with green grass, no bugs, the stream was running nearby and we were under the shade of some old trees.

The chicken sandwiches were really good if a bit too salty. I apologized to Joey again cause I loved salt. He laughed. No big deal.

My chicken sandwich had about a half teaspoon- a level half teaspoon- of salt in it. Joey's… Joey's had another heaping teaspoon.

And… I insisted he eat another half sandwich that I put another 1/2 teaspoon of salt on when he went off to pee. Just the thought of that cock of his unleashed! I shivered again. Do you think I was out of control? Maybe.

Nothing happened strange. Joey didn't get sick, thank god, or anything like that.

Sometimes I just get really lucky. I'd heard that Joey had given a couple of blow jobs to some of the guys. I'd never done that but I couldn't stop myself. Joey and I made out and we stripped and he was in my arms and I looked in his eyes and I knew that I would be looking up into his eyes the next time I saw him…. instead of him looking up into mine. I picked up his cock and blood rushed into it and it was hot and warm and firm and thick and heavy. Damned if I wasn't a bit bigger than he was, but I knew that was gonna change. I learned to give my first blow job on Joey's 9”+ cock. I swallowed every drop of his salty cum and sucked on his cock for minutes after, lapping it up. Then it was my turn and he went down on my 10”. He made little happy sounds as he tried unsuccessfully to swallow every inch of me. I liked that it made him happy.

Looking back, I guess Joey was so over sexed that he really wasn't paying attention to what was going on. I mean, he was just growing up.

After we… exhausted ourselves, we pulled on our clothes again and curled up together and fell asleep under the tree.

I guess it was a reaction to the salt, that we were tired. I did read somewhere that your body did its growing in your sleep.

When I woke, Joey was spooned in my arms and I could feel his lats swollen against my biceps.


Part 2

I felt great… it was still early afternoon, I could tell from the sun and the watch on my wrist. I'd had to start using different fastening holes on the watch band as my wrist was so thick now. I had to ease it back another hole as my arm had grown bigger in my sleep.

Joey moaned softly. I was a bit uncomfortable.. my arm was pinned under him… and he was heavy. I could tell he was bigger. but how much bigger?

I rolled out from under him and stood up. I felt stronger. I'd had another half teaspoon of the salt. My junk in my basket felt heavier, that was for sure. I stretched and I could feel the newly grown muscle in my arms and legs and torso.

I looked down at Joey. He looked bigger. I'd dosed him with a heaping teaspoon of the salt and then another half teaspoon.

Joey… wow. I sat down and waited. He woke up about a half hour later. I could swear he grew in that half hour. His shaggy blond hair was brushing his neck and shoulders and his legs were muscled and long. His calves were certainly bigger, I'd spent the morning riding up to the ranger station watching his ass and legs. And his thighs… they were definitely fighting a battle with his jeans. And winning.

“Hey sleepy head wake up!”

“mmmm I feel so good! Joey stretched and his t shirt ripped. He stood up. He was taller. He was two inches taller than me. I moved up the slope of the hill so he would still have to look up at me.

“Damn flimsy shirt!” Joey's shirt was skin tight on him and didn't reach down to his waist band anymore- he looked like one of those football jocks with the short cut jerseys that expose an inch or two of their abs. But that can happen when you grow 4 inches in an afternoon. And Joey's abs were phenomenal.

And his jeans… ummm… painted on. And I wanted to tear them off. And he was a bit disoriented. I don't really blame him. He'd been 5’10” tall the day before.

I kissed him. His tongue had grown bigger too and he stuck it down my throat and I sucked on it. HOT.

In a minute we were removing… not quite tearing off our clothes although both our shirts took some abuse. When I pulled open his button fly jeans it was like his boxer briefs had been one of those party favor snakes in a can. Boing! Amazing amount of mayhem going on in Joey's trunks.

I grabbed his junk through his fly and massaged his cock and his big stones. He moaned. I saw a wet spot start on the boxer briefs so I pulled them down and that magnificent package was in front of me. I was in heaven. Pig heaven. He was a lot bigger… my Italian stallion. Or really he was more like my Italian Bull.

I say this because his banana and oranges had been replaced with a cucumber and giant navel oranges. And his junk hung a lot lower, halfway down his thigh. He was over 11”. During his nap his cock had grown 2”. And you may remember I mentioned a thickening aspect to the growth? Well it made a difference from my giant cock. His cock was at least an inch bigger in circumference than my cock. My now 10-1/2” cock and my 6' 3” height was nothing compared to Joey's 11-1/2” cock and 6’4” height. His thickness wasn't just happening to his cock and balls. He looked like a competition bodybuilder now. Arms were definitely huger than mine, and he had that double bicep extra muscle thing popping up going on. His lats were really thick now which gave him a lot of thickness through his torso, and his pecs were glorious. I had big thick strong pecs. Joey had… huge thick steel fibers running across his chest and his veins were so developed… so vascular. And big nipples. And his quads and calves were huge. Only the fact he was so long limbed stopped them from being completely freaky.

We made love on the grass again and again. I came 6 times. Joey came 8 times- or was it 9?

We had to wash off in the stream which was ice cold. We splashed around in it but didn't stay in for more than about 5 minutes because of the temperature. I have to tell you, even bathing in an ice cold stream my cock soft… shrunken down ice cold water tiny was still over 6”. Joey's was 7”. In ice cold water. It wasn't ever going to be inconspicuous again. I liked that I have to admit. I was still incredibly turned on but I knew we had to get home before dark. Joey was in a bit of a daze. The cold water made his nipples hard. Very sexy. Maybe it was too much growth in 24 hours. Maybe it was the incredible sexual energy he must be feeling.

I got Joey out of the stream, we managed to dry off a bit with a couple of tiny gym towels from the knapsack. I had to wipe Joey down and ring out the towel a couple of times. He was huge! A lot of wet skin to wipe down.

I got him dressed and we hiked back down the trail. Joey was going to need some new shoes his feet were a lot bigger now and he was in some pain from the hike back.

We managed to retrieve the bikes from the ranger station without incident although the ranger looked at us… and especially Joey Franco… very curiously.

I have to tell you that we both looked obscene in our bike shorts. Especially Joey Franco, he looked like he had a cucumber shoved in his jock. Well, he did, it was just a meat cucumber.

I had my wish. Joey was bigger than me, taller, thicker, more hung, more bull balled, and more muscled. I loved it. But I knew that I had overdone it. I would have to lay low on the salts for a while.

“You really have hit your growth spurt stud,” I told Joey as I rode away leaving him looking confused and distracted on his front porch.

Well, what else was I gonna say?

I got in after dinner, ate until the fridge was half empty, and went to bed. I didn't see Trey the runt until the next morning. I was heading out of the bathroom and I'd had a long shower and I was still sporting a chubby under the towel. Trey just about bumped into me. I didn't recognize him. Then my mind recalibrated. The salt it seemed was more efficacious when administered to a 13 year old. Trey was about 4 inches taller than yesterday, from one teaspoon of the salt. He was 5’11” tall. When Trey realized what he'd just about bumped into, he looked up and straight at my chest. So then he looked away from that. He pushed past me and slammed the door. Ah, brotherly love. And that wasn't all. His soft teen body was gone, he was slender with big defined muscles and a shaggy head of dark brown hair.

And he had something else going on from the sound of him gasping and pounding his meat… I could hear it in the hallway even with the water running in the shower! No one was around. I peeked through the old fashioned keyhole. Trey was in silhouette in the shower, his hand grasping his cock and it stuck out another handful and he started stroking with two handfuls. Hmm… better not give Trey anymore salt. At breakfast my Mom told him to get a haircut and that he needed some new clothes.

“I have some nice clothes I've outgrown- Trey can have them. Looks like you hit your growth spurt, Trey- no Big deal.”

Trey turned red. Mission accomplished.

My Uncle Joe was surprised by my growth I think… but then he was so distracted anyway. And I made sure to wear an XXL t shirt when I went to see him and baggy sweats and a tight jockstrap (OUCH!) underneath to keep things in control and slouch to not be so tall.

“You look like you're growing up!”

“Yeah I'm working out. It was your idea.”

“How is that my idea?”

“You told me that someone had to be small for someone to be big, so I started working out on the weights at the gym.”

“Oh… and how is that for you?”

“It's okay, I like being bigger, makes sports and stuff easier. And it feels good too.”

“Exercise is the best preventative medicine!”

I loved my Uncle Joe. But he was a cornball.

Just then the telephone rang. Uncle Joe was called away. I promised him I'd hang out and keep an eye on things.

I watched him head out the lab an down the hall and up the stairs.

I was across the lab and the cabinet wasn't even locked. I took another generous helping of GF—2009- M -135 and folded it up on an envelope and into my backpack.

Then I opened the notebook that my uncle had put his hands on the first time he told me about the GF. There was a lot of descriptive abstracts in there. Looks like the one for GF-2009-M-135 was one of the more successful ones. There were many others, and a lot of them were described as effective, at least as effective as the graphs showed for GF—2009- M -135.

One promoted muscle density, one helped sexual performance, several targeted genitals, some hair, some height, some muscle development. It appeared that a lot of the earlier numbers had been developed for different tests to synthesize the GF—2009- M -135. There were a few higher numbers, but not many.

I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down a bunch of the numbers I was interested in and one or two word descriptions of the factors affected.

I was a fast reader. When my cell phone rang I just about jumped out of my skin though.

I answered it. It was my Uncle Joe. He was going into a meeting, wanted me to lock up the lab when I left. I told him I was working on some homework, and would take off in about ten minutes.

I closed the door to the lab. I had a bunch of envelopes in my backpack, all filled with different GF factors. I especially took some of the singularly targeted powders, and 5 of the higher numbers that seemed similar to GF—2009- M -135 but with different balanced GF. And I had used the copier to take the copies of the pages that I was interested in.

At any rate it was fun. Or I was out of control. 15 years old, 6’3” tall and hung 10” and muscled like a middleweight bodybuilder and horny all the time… and with a body that could supply endless energy for sexual pursuits.

I realized that I would need to work on some of the other friends I had. There were a bunch of guys I knew through the Gay and Lesbian Center, and even some straight friends who were cool.

I wanted to continue with Joey, who was making my tender young heart feel crazy things I never felt before, but I didn't want to make any mistakes.

I went home, waited until everyone was asleep in the middle of the night.. and poured the salts into spice bottles I picked up at the thrift store. I labeled them and stuck them into a shoe box in the back of my closet. hah hah. I then pored over the notes and tried to understand what I was reading. It wasn't really that difficult. Uncle Joe was a smart guy. Everything was very self explanatory. Some of the notes though… who wanted longer toes? or bigger feet?

I was tempted to try some of the powders on myself but I was okay with me the way I was.

Then I heard a noise in the house. I froze. It was a squeeking. I padded down the hallway, avoiding the noisy floorboards and heard voices in my brother's room. My little bro had company! And it didn't take me more than about 2 seconds to realize he was having sex with another man.

I looked in the keyhole. It was Trey and his pal Freddie. Freddie was an average guy. I was stunned. Trey wasn't straight. Trey was gay. I didn't laugh. I wanted to though. Freddie was sucking on Trey's cock.

This put a whole other spin on things. Why he wasn't out to the rents I had no idea. Then I got it. He didn't want to disappoint them the way I had. Since I was gay he HAD to be straight.

I listened at the door. It was pretty much what you'd expect. Freddie was going on about Trey's big 7” cock. Trey was proud of it.

That was pretty fun. I'd given Trey that piece of meat. And his trim strong body and 4 inches in height. Freddie was worried about his size, Trey said it was fine. Then Freddie was going on about his weight and how he was going to hit the gym. Trey told Freddie that he liked short guys and not to worry about it. Not everyone could have a big cock and he liked Freddie fine.

I couldn't believe it. My little asshole brother was actually a decent human being. And… I thought about Trey and Freddie, two little 13 year old teens who were just junior size queens.

I went back to my room. I thought very carefully about Trey. He had to come out. I didn't want to out him though, that would be too uncool, he'd never forgive me… and I decided I shouldn't be so selfish. Really, some people have to be small for some people to be big, but not my family and friends.

The next morning I salted Trey's eggs again.

“Dad, I think Trey might be having a growth spurt! What if he gets to be 7' tall and bigger than me?”

“Don't talk nonsense Travis!”

“Why not that would be cool! Then I would be the big brother!”

“Nope, you'll always be a runt to me no matter how big you get!”

“Ha ha, younger brothers grow taller than older brothers.”

“Is that so?”

Trey was shoving his eggs in his mouth. I guess his appetite improved with his secret sex trysts at 2am.

“Well, we'll see.”

I saw Joey Franco, the blond 6’4” muscle god in the locker room. He winked at me. I winked back. He looked down at his package and gestured. Then he mouthed silently, “Can you believe this fucking thing?”

I nodded vigorously. I looked down at my package and then back up at him.

“What are you two fags up to?” It was skinny little Zeke. Zeke was black and cute and fun. He was completely straight, totally happy to hang with gay guys, and one of our best friends. And he was a football fan. I didn't get the attraction. But it didn't matter.

“Hey Zeke,” I said. “We're going to work out later, why don't you come join us?” Joey raised his eyebrows. I stared hard at Joey.

“Hey sure Zeke, that would be fun we could use the company I am so tired of Travis being so perfect I could use someone normal to hang out with.”

So we cajoled Zeke into working out with us. That was the start of our working out, which was fun and felt good and I really believe helped me feel even healthier than just with the salts. I mean, you gotta drive a car, right?

From there it was easy for me to spring for some smoothies for after the workout.

I took a small amount- 1 teaspoon, of muscle density improver. Would be great to have more strength for my size.

I fed Joey a heaping teaspoon of GF—2009- M -135. I liked what it had done for me, so I figured why not just keep going?

It was a good three weeks from the last time I had salted Joey. So that was forever to me. But I didn't want to screw up. Summer break was coming up, last thing I wanted to do was screw up. We'd screwed around once more together. I know that he was screwing around with some other guys… but hadn't done anything he needed a condom for yet. And I was the same.

I wanted to put two heaping teaspoons into Joey's drink… but I knew that I needed to be patient. So I was.

For Zeke, I could have done the same… But I figured I should try some of the other salts. I used another formulation, it seemed more effective in some ways on the muscle graphs, it looked as though there would be a different sort of growth for muscles and height and other factors.

So I put in three teaspoons for Zeke. And … I added in two teaspoons of genital growth factors. The truth is Zeke was tiny in every way. And I figured I could help him out, I know that he was embarrassed and he was always checking me out… and especially Joey. But that was okay. Straight guys have size issues too! His dream was to be a pro football player. Not too likely for a guy 5’3” tall.

My smoothie tasted fine.

I guess Joey's did too he drank it right down. Damn I should have put in another teaspoon! But no. Joey's growth spurt had cause a lot of concern and comment. Most of the guys at school now knew Joey was the big man in one way or another. I figured I should buy him an XL t shirt with an arrow pointing down and the word “HUGE” above it. Although I could wear that myself.

Zeke however, he didn't like the taste of his smoothie- too salty. I encouraged him to drink it down. He drank about 2/3 of it. Then he said he didn't want the rest and Joey chugged it down. Well, what was I going to say? No wait I poisoned that drink?

I figured Joey had about a teaspoon of the new growth factor number I'd intended for Zeke. And at least a half teaspoon, maybe more, of the genital growth factors. So that was … oops.

See, Joey's Mom had gotten crazy when her boy had grown up literally overnight. But at any rate, people were used to Moms going on about how they didn't want their babies to grow up. So she learned to accept it. Or shut up about it. Probably if more people had paid attention to Joey when he was short they might have noticed… but they didn't even look at him until he was 6’2” tall.

I think Joey Franco didn't let himself think about it. I had said to him that I had noticed him growing for 4 months. He kinda looked at me funny. But he didn't argue. I told him I read about some guys can grow 2” in one month. “Really?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I'd told him, “but I was wondering when you were gonna buy some bigger clothes! Not that I didn't enjoy the view.”

“I didn't even realize that I needed bigger clothes.”

“Yeah well I guess you didn't notice until your pants started strangling your cock.”

“Is that all you like me for?”

“Not by a long shot. I had my eye on you when you were 5 and a half feet tall!”

I guess he decided to believe me. Fortunately the confusion seemed to pass. I think it helped him to forget the transition. I know he went into the bathroom sometimes to jerk off- heck I did too, but he did more often. But he'd gotten his new body under control, or at least worked out an accommodation to his new needs and desires. At least he was still the same sweet sweet boy I liked. He still had all his geek friends and spent time to go out of his way to be nice to people not as built as him. Frankly, he could have been Superman how nice he was.

I went home that day- but I made sure to tell Zeke and Joey both that I thought they were getting taller! (Separately of course) Zeke thought I was teasing him.

At any rate… I went home.

“Hey Mom where's Trey?”

“Poor guy was all beat from school. He went upstairs to take a nap.”


This was a lot to deal with all in one day. I was always over committing. As well as perhaps now over-cumming. If that is possible.

There was a knock on the door. I opened the door and looked down on Freddie. Freddie, Trey's boyfriend. Freddie looked at me, looked down and checked out my big bulging junk in my basket (hey it's a curse I have to bear. or bare. often I hope.) and then he looked up at me.

And blushed. Hey I was getting used to it.

“Hey Fred come in and hang out!” I sure wasn't gonna call him Freddie. Fred suited him better.

He shuffled in. His black hair was spiky with gel and his eyes were so dark they were black. Sexy. No wonder Trey liked him.

“Trey is upstairs asleep but will be down for dinner come hang with me in the living room we can watch some BSG or Star Trek.”

Freddie didn't argue. Most people didn't with me. Hey, being eye candy is fun. And it's polite to share. And even more fun.

“So Fred where are you from?”

He knew what I meant.

Mostly Eastern Europe, Hungary, Romania it turned out. Not that I knew what that meant.

I told Freddie I was going to the kitchen. I zapped some tater tots and ran up the back stairs to my room. I'd prepared Freddie's salt earlier. I brought in a saucer of hot tater tots, liberally salted, and I had one for myself. Regular salt. For me. Not that I wasn't tempted.

I gave Freddie his salted potatoes. They were still hot and he was hungry. I gave him a cola and he didn't argue. I ate my fries and watched him eat his potatoes. He literally licked the plate clean (when he thought I wasn't looking) He was nice. He deserved a break. He made Trey happy.

So why not share some of my salt with him?

I heard someone stumble on the stairs.

I'd used another double teaspoon on Trey… including a muscle density boost and a a genital boost as well. I mean, why not? What was anyone going to say… your penis can't be that big? What are they going to do arrest him?

Trey entered the room. He was OVER 6' 2” tall. Even after allowing for the shaggy dark brown hair flowing around his head. Almost as tall as me. I stood up and yeah my eyes were still a bit above his. He was slouching some though. I felt a flush of embarrassment. But no, let him enjoy it. He was rubbing his head. And he was still a lot more slender than me. But with bigger muscles than this morning. I mean, he was still only 13 years old. My runt brother. What a hot sexy ass on him now! He was walking around in briefs and they were wrapped around his bobbing smooth butt cheeks like Christmas ribbon. I'm not even going to comment on the basket.

Okay I will. I think… he was bigger than me. I'm pretty sure of it. I mean I knew what I looked like in the mirror. I guess that genital boost did the trick. And being young. I guess you're growing then so it makes you grow more?

And his stones. I won't even call them testicles. Humongous- big as Joey's that's for sure. whoops. But Joey had some of that genital growth and more powders too!!!

I looked over at Freddie. His jaw was in his lap and his tongue had unrolled like a WB cartoon. Okay, not really. But it sure gave that impression.

“Hey runt!” Trey rubbed his head, he was confused. “I bumped my head on the closet door!”

I had to bite my lip to stop from laughing. Never knew Trey was so funny!

“Fred is here!” Trey looked up. “Oh hi Freddie I forgot you were coming over I'm still really sleepy.”

“Trey get upstairs and put on some board shorts at least to cover up your junk! And a t- shirt. Freddie, you'd better walk him upstairs and help him find his clothes. And then make him lie back down… you can read a book or something I am gonna watch the next two hours of BSG before I go out tonight.”

Fred nodded and stood up. He was short next to Trey. Well, he liked Trey being tall and big. I knew that from my eavesdropping. Hey, I know it was uncool but I didn't plan it. And I didn't hang around either. I did actually jerk off like 3 times thinking about them going at it down the hall. But that's not important right now. And Trey… well, we'd see. Fred would be tall and big in other ways though, as in really muscular and hung.

I'd selected for Fred two heaping teaspoons of a GF that was limited in height growth by about 1/3 of GF—2009- M -135 and was higher on some of the muscle developments. Then I'd added in a muscle density factor so he wouldn't be crushed by my runt brother. And then I added in a whole teaspoon of the genital growth factors, skewed to sexual performance and… um… well, if you thought my brother Trey had big balls… see, when I'd been listening at the door Trey had said how much he liked Freddie's balls. Not that they were great but you know, he seemed fixated on that a bit so why not give his boyfriend something they could both enjoy?

Fred was only 5’4” tall so he wouldn't really get too much notice until he was over 6'. At least, that was my experience. And I wanted to give Freddie some real muscle so he shouldn't grow too tall too quickly.

Freddie went over to Trey, who was a bit wobbly. Trey leaned on him and they went slowly upstairs.

My Mom came in and asked where the boys were. I said they were doing homework and I made them some dinner. She was running out to see a friend and Dad was on a business trip. Good timing.

I told her to stay out late and have fun. When her car drove away I listened at the back stairs. Sounding like it had the other night. I was gonna have to get Trey to open up to me and give him some pointers on discretion. If Mom walked in she'd be scarred for life. They reached a climax and then went at it again for about 10 more minutes. I sat on the back stairs, jerking my thick 10 plus inches and cumming into a bath towel.

After I wiped down after my 3rd eruption I heard the doorbell. I shoved my softening junk in my shorts and went to the door. When I opened it I saw the silhouette of a tall man with blond hair.

It was Joey. He seemed disoriented. Actually, he looked really sleepy. Almost like he was sleepwalking.

“Hey Travis.”

“Joey come in you look beat!”

I kissed him and brought him inside. It was just at 5:00pm so the night was still young.

“Travis I need to lay down I am soo sleepy I just need a nap I don't think I can make it home…”

“Sure thing big fella.”

I half dragged him upstairs and into my bedroom. I'd been dreaming about this but.. not quite like this.

He kissed me. I was on fire. He was on fire. I think I remembered to close the door. I didn't worry about making any noise… I knew Trey and Freddie were pre-occupied. Actually I think they were asleep again.

But I was on fire and so was he. He was tired but you know, men with 11” cocks and giant balls the size of large navel oranges can perform when they are tired. He shot a huge load on my chest and I shot on my chest at the same time and he wiped me off… and then rolled next to me and snuggled and was out like a light.

I looked at the clock. 5:30pm.

I dozed too. I'd forgotten, with all the incredible stuff going on, that I'd had the teaspoon of muscle density improver and so my body too was crying out for rest… and growth.

At about 8:00pm I woke up.

Big Joey was in my arms. I felt so STRONG. I looked and I was ripped. And I was a lot more vascular now. That muscle density improver did it's thing. The veins all over my body, especially like my biceps and pecs, were much bigger. And I was harder- denser, stronger.

Joey was snoring lightly. He was so damned cute. I figured he'd be out for a while. His body was bigger. He was bigger and taller. He was laying on his side curled up in the blankets. I couldn't see his package. I tried to lift the blanket and he pulled it tighter around his body in his sleep.

Okay, Okay, so I would wait. His back was broad and huge. His lats were so broad and his traps were huge too. And his delts. And his swollen triceps.

His right leg was sticking out of the blankets. His calf to me looked like it was the size of a Christmas ham. I threw the blanket over him and sat and watched him sleep for the next hour and a half.

And grow. When he finally woke up he was groggy again.


“Hey I think you got a cold or something you were out of it. How do you feel now?”

“I'm okay, good, really I feel great. Still a bit sleepy though.”

I kissed him and reached under the blanket. His chest was enormous- warm living muscle, thick and heavy and my hand brushed his nipple, which felt big as a silver dollar with pencil eraser sticking out of it an inch.

I felt down his brick sized abdominals into his thick bush and my hand encountered… a miracle.

A giant, living, miracle… attached to the man I realized I loved. Not just lusted for. Loved.

I reached lower and his testicle were the size of grapefruits in my hands.

I felt movement under the blanket as his cock stirred into new life. I reached down and grabbed it. I was able to get his giant knobby oversized cock head into my mouth and a few more inches and that was it.

When he came in my mouth cum shot out my nose. He shot again and it spewed forcefully around my lips and down his monster. I swallowed as much as I could but there was more and more. I realized I was cumming too, he had reached down, ever the gentleman, and stroked me off.

We fucked around more. Joey drifted in and out of his confusion.

Finally I got up at 10:30 pm. Joey stood up and walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He was taller- if there'd been some question if he was over 6’4” there wasn't going to be one anymore. He was over 6’6”. Like by maybe an inch. I knew I was 6’3” tall and he towered over me it felt like. Although that might be the huge thick widely muscled body he commanded now. His ass was to die for. Like Hercules. He turned and stood in the bathroom doorway. He was backlit again, and his cock draped down over his newly enhanced huge dusky jewels and swung pendulously between his legs. I will never forget that sight.

He didn't say anything. He seemed to just accept it now. He got dressed… I loaned him a XXL shirt I had from the thrift store but he tore out the sleeves putting it on. He pulled up his elastic microfiber boxer briefs and packed … stuffed his meat in it. Thank god for stretch fabric. He pulled up his jeans. They were too tight and too short and he had a rediculously huge meat tube hanging down his leg but he buttoned the jeans and left.

I washed up quickly. I went down the hall. Trey's door was open. Freddie was gone. Trey was downstairs watching BSG.

“I already watched this episode”



“Where's Fred?”


“You guys get your homework done?”


“Hey Trey.”


“I'm happy for you little brother. Fred is a great guy. But you gotta tell Mom and Dad soon.”

Trey was quiet for too long.

“They'll hate me.”

“They will never hate you.”

“What about…?” he looked at me and the runt's eyes were actually glistening like he might even shed a tear like a human being.

“I will never hate you. You're my brother. I love you.”

I don't remember him crossing the room but he was in my arms and I was holding him and he was crying and he was taller than me and his biceps were huge and I could feel his big cock and two huge stones pressing into my hip and none of that mattered.

He was my little brother and I was going to make everything all right.

Besides, I told him, now we'd be able to go out to bars and parties together and cruise guys and watch out for each other.

I gotta hand it to him he's a tough kid. He actually managed to laugh at that while he was still sobbing in my arms.


Part 3

The thing of it was that the parents were so freaked out by Trey coming out of the closet that they completely overlooked the fact that he was a now 14 year old kid who was slightly taller than my 6’3” tall frame. He was still lankier than I was… but muscled enough that he would have been a good candidate for a male model except he was 25 lbs. too muscled- And he was 14.

And.. well, you know… he was huge. Probably as big as Joey, you know, in the shorts. Or the longs. Or the pouch. Or, as Trey called it when he had to wear speedos or jammers for swim team, the ouch. As in too tight.

Seriously, when he lounged around the house, wearing his new sweats, his package was ever present. When he walked down the hallway in the morning, scratching the bit of hair on his belly that threatened to bloom into a treasure trail, his toothbrush still jammed in his mouth, his pendulous meat was contained by his boxer briefs but certainly not constrained… the lycra just gave up and gave into the demands of gravity as he leaned against the hallway door, chatting with me and lounging. When he would lean against the door frame his package would hang down his left leg. When he stood upright, his meat quite obviously pointed between his legs and to the center of the earth. When he strolled down the hall after coming in from school, his package swayed like a pendulum between his legs in his baggy jeans. When he needed to wear briefs cause he wanted to wear shorts, he would pad down the hallway back to his room from his morning trip to the bathroom, his balls would be visible under the stretched fabric, below his bubble butt, between his thick thighs as they swayed in synchronicity with his stride.

Trey was … amazingly, a nice guy. We even did things we hadn't in years, played chess, or watched TV without arguing. And he even went on a morning jog through the neighborhood with me.

The birthday party was kinda weird. He was … you know, and the other kids, well, not so much… at all. But he was super nice to all of them, and the girls too, although he was now officially “Gay”.

No big deal, wow. Even since I came out- what a rough time I'd had… They all thought it was no big deal.

Then Trey told me at the party, later, that he was happy I'd taken all the heat. He gave me the credit for coming out first at the school in my freshman year and that was the start of the G&L center. Well, it was true I was one of the founding members but I'd never been president even. Which I pointed out to him. He said that being president was nothing compared to being the first one to come out.

Now I was gonna get all emotional so I changed the subject.

I stood up cause Mom yelled that Joey was here.

“Happy Birthday, Runt.”

It just made Trey smile these days. Which was the point.

I walked out onto the terrace and Joey was there. All 6’6” of him. And, he was so happy to see me, his eyes lit up with that turquoise flash. Have I ever mentioned his gorgeous eyes? Not that it would have mattered if his eyes were brown or hazel or black or blue and any other color you can imagine… he was Joey Franco and I was seriously stupid over him.

He looked at me. I looked at him. Every inch of him from his blonde spiky gelled hair to his turquoise eyes… I mentioned his eyes were turquoise, right? to his beautiful smile and his pecs, the valley running down between them into his rock hard abs and down to… wow, and his big legs and calves and feet and… he was looking at me looking at him. He smiled like a little kid. Dumb, he was the tallest guy at the party. But that's what it looked like to me. I never wanted that smile to leave my life. And he could see that. I knew it. I blushed.

Score one for Joey Franco. He finally got me to blush.

“Hey handsome!”

“Hey gorgeous.”



It was enough. And the kiss was full of promise of many wonderful moments to come.. and days- maybe even weeks. I wasn't going to make promises to myself about stuff like that. Made my heart skip a beat and my stomach hurt. BFs- more trouble than they were worth I am sure!

Then we were in the party and it was Shakespeare and lights and the room was spinning and people were laughing and happy and I can't remember a single word said that night. Didn't really matter… it was Joey and I was Travis and that was everything.

Fred wasn't there.

I was wondering about Fred. He'd been hanging out with Trey but I hadn't seen him. I asked Trey if he was coming… but there wasn't a definite answer. Yes he was still my bothersome brother and cool as he seemed to be turning out he did manage to irritate me. But that was normal. We were brothers. And I hadn't seen Fred when he'd snuck out of the house the prior week… so I had no idea about the results of the muscle growth and genital growth factors I'd given him. I mean, two heaping teaspoons and then the teaspoon of muscle density… and the heaping teaspoon of genital growth with the added sexual performance enhancer and big balls enhancer too…

Well, that was starting to make me wonder. Did I give him too much? or did it not really work?

So I made a point of asking Trey if he and Fred wanted to go to the beach with Joey and I. It worked, so we made plans to get on our bikes on Saturday and head out to the beach. Joey was kind of wondering why I invited my brother along, but I explained to him about Trey and Fred and that they might need some friendly advice and some friends to hang with. Besides, I figured, Joey and I would have time on the beach for ourselves, and it wasn't like we were gonna have sex there cause there was way too many people!

So we packed up a lunch and Mom gave us some money for soda or pizza too.

We were standing in the driveway, I was there, Trey was there, Joey was there… towering over us, but so sweet. Trey was definitely taller than me. He'd done a lot of growing up recently and that was the visible part. But being tall and muscled and sexual… it made him grow up inside too. I hope it didn't ruin his childhood. He pretty much missed everything from 14 to 21 thanks to the muscle growth factors.

I heard a bike approaching and turned. It had to be Fred. And sure enough it was. He pulled up and stopped. He was breathing pretty hard, he'd raced over here it seemed.

I gulped. He was… I mean, it wasn't, I didn't think… well… he was different. Yes, that was it. He'd grown, from 5’4” he now stood about 5’8” tall, but… well, his muscles… they were, I mean, gigantic. I didn't realize that what I had given him would have such an effect. Maybe I should have because of Joey getting some of the same in Zeke's smoothie… but really… how the heck did he get into those bike shorts? They were straining at the seams… and that wasn't all that was straining… looked like Fred had something really big going on in his trunks too…!—a big round bulge.

Well, we just hit the road. Joey seemed oblivious to the changes, I wasn't sure if he really even knew Fred was Freddie.

We rode down to the beach in a couple of hours. That was fun. The weather was great and it was on to full summer now. Joey was already developing the golden brown tan blond surfer look from a couple of hours in the sun.

When we got to the beach the weather was great. We locked up the bikes, and not far from them put down some towels and kinda did the discreet change your clothes on the beach with nobody watching if you were lucky and get your trunks on.

I wore a speedo, bright red. Was a bit tight getting it up the thighs and stuffing my meat in it but I had checked at home to make sure they would hold.

Joey whistled at me. “Go whistle at yourself you big… everything!”

Joey wisely wore some yellow square cut stretch trunks with red stripes on the waistband and down the sides. On most guys it wouldn't have looked like anything much but Joey couldn't have worn less and not been arrested for indecent exposure.

He just grinned at me. The sneak. I know he was learning that I was powerless to resist that sneaky grin.

Trey… well, he was a male muscle model, only, the gay catalogs would sure love to have him model their briefs. CK where are you ?

He quickly pulled down his bike shorts and was naked from the waist down. It was the first time since the change I had seen him. Okay, so he wasn't as big as Joey. Maybe. But for being 6’3” + and built like he was… WOW. His thick white penis flopped down, longer than mine, and he was sporting bigger balls than mine too. He grinned, a bit embarrassed from being naked, ducked his head and grabbed his trunks, which were—a red speedo… same as mine. I mean, the exact same style. He fumbled with them, trying to hurry, so of course it took longer and we all got a good long look. Nice! He pulled the red stretch fabric over his thighs and then packed his meat in his pouch awkwardly. The he stood up and smiled, relieved. He stripped his t shirt off over his head and so did I. His speedo was the same as mine.

“Wow, same speedo.”

“Mom took me to Extreme Sports in the mall yesterday.”

“Oh, right on the sale rack as you walk in?”


“ I bought mine on Wednesday over there after school.”

“You two could almost be twins,” said Fred.

Trey looked a bit embarrassed but happy. It was pretty obvious that Trey had a bigger package, but hey, I was still the big brother.

Otherwise, except for the fact I was so much more muscled, and my hair was lighter and Trey was a bit taller, well, yeah, we could almost be twins, but we weren't. We were brothers and it looked like it.

So then Joey stripped off his XXL t shirt. WHEW! That boy is gonna give me a heart attack. I mean, just when you think you get used to something you take it outside and get it practically naked in the bright sunlight at the beach. I noticed Joey had bigger pecs than I had even realized. He stretched to get the kinks out of his back from the bike ride and loosen up for a swim.

“Showoff!” I told him.

He looked at me with a lazy smile and smiled. The bastard.

He knew I was loving it. And Trey and Fred didn't mind it either!

So it was us in our swimsuits and Fred was being kinda awkward but he turned his back and pulled down his bike shorts and then when he went to step into his trunks I saw his cock and balls, hanging from up under his muscle leg as he lifted the leg to step into the swimsuit.

Seriously. wow. He had balls bigger than Joey. And a super thick cock hanging down over them. wow. That genital growth factor extra really kicked it into overdrive- overgrowth- I guess.

I didn't say a word as Fred pulled his navy blue square cut trunks up. They kinda got stuck on his thighs so he had to relax his legs and kinda work them up. When they got stuck again Trey walked over… the ASS on my little brother!… and knelt down in front of Fred and gently helped him tug the trunks over his thighs. Fred managed to pull up the stretch fabric over his giant balls and cock, and stuffed his hand down the front to push things down. Then he was dressed.

Okay the square cut trunks had probably been a good idea, but the stretched basket pouch was so big and heavy that instead of making a straight cut line of fabric across his legs, the basket hung down more than 50% below the fabric lined across the top of his quads and that only accentuated how big his basket was.

Not that I was complaining!

He looked phenomenal… Black hair and eyes and giant muscles… truly giant muscles, and he was wearing navy blue trunks with those dark hair and eyes.

If it wasn't for Trey and Joey… well, relationships complicate things. But they are worth it!

We didn't say anything. Well, I said, “Race you to the water! Last guy in is a lazy lounge lizard!”

Hey, I was 15 okay?

We dove into the surf, we'd wait for a big wave to head for us and break and we'd dive under it and feel the cold bracing water bouncing us around under the ocean. Or we'd turn if the timing was right and body surf into the shore on the wave.

It was great. We had a lot of fun. But that wasn't all that happened that day.

We were facing some pretty big waves and decided to come in when a lady up the beach started screaming. I don't even remember making the decision but the next thing I knew my feet were pounding the sand as fast and hard as they could and I was running up the beach to where she was screaming and pointing.

It only took one second to see what was wrong. Out in the water a man floated face down next to a surfboard.

“He hit his head!!!!”

I dove in the water and plowed through it using the breaststroke which is the fastest stroke if you have the power. I reached the man in about 15 seconds and then noticed that Joey was right beside me. I grabbed the guy and got him turned face up but he wasn't breathing. I grabbed one of his arms and Joey grabbed the other and we dragged him fast as we could to shallower water. The minute I could stand I picked the guy up and started giving him mouth the mouth in the surf. Joey was right beside me as he helped me get the guy up to the beach. Trey and Fred were trying to keep hysterical lady off of us so we could work on the guy. He had a shallow cut on his forehead but it was bleeding. I think that was a good sign, right? Dead people don't bleed like that do they?

Well it seemed like a million years but it was probably just 30 seconds or less and the guy heaved convulsively and we flipped him over… actually Joey just picked him up and turned him like he was a matchstick, and the guy coughed water out of his lungs and then he puked and Joey pounded him—very lightly- on the back and said, “just breathe!”

Then the lifeguard was there and five minutes later the ambulance was there and the man and his weeping girlfriend were gone. They'd left all their stuff on the beach so we gathered it up and asked the lifeguard where the hospital was. It wasn't really too far away so we decided to make a short day of it and changed back into our bike shorts and gear. Trey rubbed down Fred with a towel and I realized I was doing the same for Joey.

The lady had left her purse and the guy's wallet and everything. The police hadn't even arrived before the ambulance was gone and now there wasn't really a reason for them to show up.

We dressed in silence, it was really different. The sun was yellow and the sky was blue and we didn't have anything of import to say.

We made pretty quick work getting to the hospital and we found the lady and her guy… Fred just kinda shoved the bundle into her arms and she set it down and she took her purse and the guy's wallet and we just wished them well and backed out of there and headed home. I think he was gonna be okay.

After we'd ridden about a mile Joey said, “I'm starving.”

Joey didn't get hungry… Joey got starving.

So that broke the ice again and we laughed and stopped at a park and recreation center and laid out our lunches.

There was a public bathroom there, thank god… and while the others went off to use it I kept an eye on our stuff and salted Fred's and Trey's and Joey's sandwiches.

What..? You didn't think I was going to pass up the opportunity when Trey thought it would be cool to be 7' tall?

We ate in silence, but the company was good.

“Good thing we went to the beach today,” Trey said.

Joey Franco leaned over to me and said in my ear- I'm pretty sure Trey and Fred heard cause Joey had a very resonant sexy voice, “I think watching you stand in the surf and give mouth to mouth to that guy is the sexiest thing I will ever see.”

My cock throbbed in my bike shorts and I had to literally hold my hand down on it to keep it from springing to a full erection.

Then I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “when I got out there and turned around and you were right on my tail… that was the best moment of my life.”

“Just keep watching, I'm gonna keep on your tail.”

Then I had to get up and walk away cause I did spring a boner.

See how much trouble boyfriends can be?

There, I used the BF word. I guess I was stuck.

Kinda super glued, actually.


Part 4

And so that was that, or so I thought. Our adventure at the beach. We were going to ride home right away but the guys were starting to get sleepy. I told them we could take a nap and no one argued. It was about 1:30 pm and we had time. I was pretty tired too. This was because I was still emotionally exhausted from rescuing the guy this morning at the beach and the other guys had had their salt in their sandwiches.

I wanted to keep things going, but I didn't want it to be too obvious. So I put a teaspoon of the growth factor that I'd given to Fred into Joey's sandwich, he would get much more muscular but only a few inches taller.

I dosed Trey with the old tried and true GF-2009-M-135. Another two level teaspoons of that, and I put in some muscle density too.

And for Fred, well, he'd blown up huge but he was still only 5’8” tall. And he was pretty smooth. I knew from our little talks Trey had a thing for a guy with a hairy chest. And Fred still, while having huge balls, had the smallest cock of the four of us. Although that was like saying the smallest battleship was small. Still, I decided to dose Fred with the same thing I was giving Trey, only using 4 teaspoons GF-2009-M-135. And I added in some cock GF, just a half teaspoon, that was all. And a muscle density half teaspoon, and then a teaspoon of hair enhancer. I figured Fred could always shave his chest if he wanted. I had a bunch of folded papers with me, with the salts marked and kinda preplanned. I lost one of them in the park, but that was okay- although I wanted to beat myself up about it. It was a packet with two teaspoons of GF-2009-M-135. I was getting kinda sleepy too.

We were laying down and Trey said to Joey, “I told you he wouldn't even notice!”

“Notice what?” I asked.

“Joey dumped all of that salt in your sandwich and you didn't even blink.”

Joey looked chagrined his joke hadn't worked.

“I guess you really do like salt on your food!”

“You mean you took that whole like 2 teaspoons of salt… and dumped it in my sandwich?”

“yes, and the rest of the other packet too.- there was a bunch in there.”

What the heck were they talking about? I knew that I had the two teaspoon packet of GF-2009-M-135. That had been fed to me I guess. But the other half packet? Was it the hair or the cock enhancer or?? I reached over and grabbed my pack and rummaged in it. What came up missing was the rest of the testicle packet/sex enhancer/genital enhancer I had fed Fred a couple of weeks ago. It must have fallen onto the blanket… and the guys thought I was bringing table salt to the picnic in wrapped paper to avoid carrying a whole salt shaker. Then I rummaged in there some more. There was another package missing. It was two teaspoons of sex enhancer.

“Did you guys put some salt on your sandwiches?”

“Trey did.”

“Yeah, too much really. Pretty salty sandwich lucky I had the soda to wash it down.”

I laid back on the blanket and worried. But sleep overtook me and the next thing I knew the sun was lower in the sky. It was 4pm.

I was afraid to move. It didn't feel.. too different. So I sat up slowly. Yowee. That felt different. Like a tree falling up in the forest. I looked over and the other teens were stirring. I stood up. My shorts were damned tight and my package was damned big. Even just sitting up I could tell things down there had rearranged themselves like a crazy ass home remodel.

My watch was laying on the blanket, the strap had broken.

I stood up. I walked to the bathroom to take a leak and assess the damages. There wasn't a mirror in there, but I was definitely a couple of inches taller… close to 6’5” or more. I could tell from the doorframe, I was taller. then I pulled down my shorts and my great white whale flopped out. Moby Dick. Or Moby Cock. And my balls were saying, that thing ain't coming back in here! Because they were now the size of softballs. But I took a leak and managed to stuff everything back in.

I turned and looked and standing in the doorway was Joey. He was 6’10” now. And his muscles had grown explosively. His thighs were much increased, as were his lats. His pecs were so big that now his bullet sized nipples pointed straight down from the underside of those massive pectorals. His neck was super thick… and his biceps… they must have been bigger than any, ever. I couldn't even wrap my mind around it… 24 inches, maybe 26 inches? I just couldn't tell he was so freaky.

His package bulged thickly, and his smooth skin stuck out in all directions from inside the muscle t he was wearing. Thank God it had been an XXL or XXXL. Now he had a freak thing going on. I have to say his bike shorts suffered the most. Even stretchy as they were there was a limit to what they could hold!

“Hey Joey!”

“Oh man I gotta pee!” Joey stood at the urinal and pulled out his meat. If my cock was Moby Dick his cock was an aircraft carrier. Yeah, you could land fighter jets on the top deck of that massive miracle of meat. If you could avoid the giant vein running down the top of it.

I staggered back outside. I was still groggy and so was Joey. And everything was different, being taller. Had to adjust my balance quickly.

Trey was just getting up. He stood up. He wobbled a bit and straightened up. Yeah, we weren't twins anymore. And though I was 6’5” tall, my runt brother was 6’7” tall. We measured the next day. Right then, though, I knew when I looked up a couple of inches to his eyes how much taller he was than I. And he was gorgeous. His lankiness had vanished and his pecs were giant, his ass was even more gorgeous and … his package, well, that had increased as well. like 50%. I'd thought he was big. Now he was huge. His hair was even shaggier, dark brown… he was gorgeous.

I wondered whether his balls were going to pop out of the hem of his Bike shorts. Fortunately, his legs were so muscled that wasn't possible.

Fred finally was the last to wake. If we others hadn't grown his growth would have been impossible to deny. When Fred stood up Trey's eyes bugged out. As did mine. Fred's cock had grown, and was clearly outlined in the bike shorts… traveling around the side of his hip and trying to reach his ass. At least that's what it looked like to me. And anybody else who looked. I'd given him just half a teaspoon of the GF for penile expansion. Apparently that was a lot. oops.

Fred was 6’3” tall now and that was amazing…! except that we were all so much bigger! and his muscles were even bigger. His bike shorts had ripped at the lower hem but held. And there was a forest of dark hair curling up out of his muscle t… Trey's eyes bugged out. Bingo! Trey's eyes followed the black hair running up Fred's treasure trail between his brick thick cobbled abdominal muscles until it disappeared from view under the bottom hem of the muscle t- (now 4 inches above his waistband) and exploding out in a luxurious covering of perfect density over Fred's pectorals perfectly visible thanks to the incredible expansion of his pectoral width. Trey's muscle t was now the equivalent of a thong where earlier in the day it would have passed for briefs. It was stretched thin and looked frankly ridiculous. And as I mentioned it was 4 inches above the hem of his bike shorts, whereas when we'd stretched out for our naps it had been tucked in the top hem of the shorts.

Then Trey had to adjust himself. It didn't do much good. Trey… was in considerable pain on the way home. Not hard to understand with Trey's newly jacked libido… which with his now greatly expanded meat was causing him some real constriction.

Myself? Oh, shut up. Hell yeah I was being strangled in the shorts. I needed to get home and check out the new territory!

We all got on our bikes and rode home. It had been a long day. I shoveled a late dinner down and so did Trey- after running upstairs and changing into his sweat pants, although that would never hide the size of his meat flopping around every time he moved… we went to bed. I could hear Trey pounding his meat down the hall. But I was so sleepy. I thought maybe I still had some growing to do so I was exhausted?

I felt a lot better the next morning.

I woke with Trey sitting on the side of my bed. It was early morning, the sun was shooting in my window sideways from the sunrise.

I, as was usually, had a hardon in the morning when I woke up. I suddenly realized Trey was naked. Then he leaned over, kissed me, and put my hand on his huge meat, hanging over his massive quad and directly pointing at me.

“Trey this is so wrong.”

“What are you going to do, get me pregnant?”

I couldn't resist. It seemed that two teaspoons of sex enhancer did more than just affect the dosed person. It made that person pretty much irresistible to anyone they wanted.

I KISSED Trey back. I couldn't stop myself as the waves of lust rose over me. I was naked under the blanket but Trey just whipped the blanket off and it flew across the room. I was laying there, all 6’5” of my body, with my massive balls and newly expanded cock, instantly growing rock hard. Trey got up on the bed on top of me with his 6’7” body. His dark shaggy hair cascaded around his male model face in the early sunlight. His weight was pressing me down. Fortunately I'd had the muscle density improver. Trey kissed me, then sat on top of me and compared his cock and balls to mine. His cock was longer than mine by two inches. And his testicles were almost the exact same size as mine, although his were slightly bigger- longer in the long diameter than mine.

Rubbing our cocks together was amazing… precum started to ooze from our glans and Trey was mesmerized.

“I am bigger.” He sounded astounded. Wonderment. He cupped his hands around our shafts, rubbing them together… his was definitely longer, and thicker than mine, especially at the base… He looked so turned on, so happy.

“You're still my little runt brother!”

Trey kissed me then, shoving his longer tongue down my throat and his longer cock thrusting against my cock and abs.

“Oh God,” he gasped.

“ohhhhh!” I bit the back of my hand to keep from shouting. It left marks!

And we came. A hot flood of cum, spurting in long streams flooded my chest and abs. It didn't stop for two minutes. We were both covered in sweat, gasping, and delirious when it ended.

So we did it again.

Afterwards, in my arms, after he'd carefully wiped down my body with a towel, he said, “I know you love Joey.”

“I do- and maybe you're falling in love with Freddie.”

“I just wanted this before it was impossible.”

“Me too.”

“Will you fuck me, Travis?”

Trey looked at me with worry, his dark green eyes sparkling like emeralds through the shaggy brown hair falling down his forehead. I knew he was worried that it was too much to ask for.

“Sure, little brother. Have I told you you have an ass to die for?”

Trey blushed. See, still my little brother.

It figured that I would be the one to fuck him, since he had the bigger cock. But it didn't really matter. I was strong enough to support him easily, and I slid into him so carefully and slowly, watching the worry and lust on his face turn to wonder and joy as I carefully, slowly eased into him a minute, and an inch, at a time. thirteen minutes later I was full inside of him… and then I started to slowly fuck his sexy ass. I couldn't believe the warmth and wetness engulfing me and Trey was bucking his hips, his arms thrown back on the mattress around his head and smiling.

We came together again. I eyed his about 15” monster and wondered if I would be able to take it. I wanted it.

I sat on top of him, my muscle holding me effortlessly, and my sphincter opened around his blunt cock head and I took him inside of me and he fucked me and I rode him like a bull. It hurt, but not as much as it felt good. And .. I didn't know my brain could do that thing it did when I bottomed.

Now I understood why it looked like Trey almost passed out when I came inside of him.

Then we were momentarily sated, and tumbled together on my bed.

“Boys! Breakfast in ten minutes!!!”

“Okay Mom we'll be right down!”

We showered together to save time. Well, that was the idea, anyways.

Still, fifteen minutes later Trey and I were seated… rather tenderly… at the breakfast table. We were both still wet haired and steaming from the hot shower.

Trey was wearing his sweats, which now were too short on his ankles, and I was wearing board shorts and an XXL t shirt.

Mom laughed at us sitting uncomfortably. Dad looked up from his paper for once. He always kinda blinked at us in surprise when he looked at us these days.

“Guess that Bike ride to the beach yesterday was a little longer than you thought?”

“Yeah Dad, it was longer than I thought.” said Trey innocently.

“Yeah, it was longer than I imagined it ever could be!” I said. Trey just looked at me, that scamp. Those innocent eyes. Well, I knew the truth! and I smiled back.

Mom and Dad cleared out and we volunteered to clean up the breakfast dishes. Well, it was suggested.

“What are we going to do?” I asked Trey.

“Nothing.” he said. “Except have some fun.”

Well, he did have a point there.

Mom gave us a credit card to go shopping for clothes at Dad's insistence. He pointed out to her that we were growing boys and not buying clothes wasn't going to keep us shorter it would just get the neighbors talking. That was all Dad ever had to do, talk to Mom about the neighbors and she gave in.

We rode our bikes to the mall. We got a lot of looks. I was 6’5” and that is surely tall but not unusual. But put me together with Trey at 6’7” and we looked like a basketball team- only like Mr Olympia blown up to those heights.

We bought socks and sweatpants and XXL t shirts for Trey and XXXL t shirts for me and some muscle t shirts and I bought some jeans that fit nicely and Trey did too, but we had to search two stores to find his size. I bought us some nice short sleeve dress shirts for school and new dress shoes and some sandals and tennis shoes and bike shorts for us, and some compression shorts and … we had a problem with the swim trunks. Unless we wanted to wear board shorts swimming. I asked a clerk where we could find some speedos with some… ummm. extra room and he looked at me blankly. Then he looked down and his eyes bugged out.

There was a store for men that sold sexy swim wear, and they had racing briefs that were very stretchy. We rode our bikes there and the old lady running the place was a chain smoking fat gal named Blanche but really nice and she made us some new red matching swim briefs, took two off the rack and cut new front panels for them and had they sewn while we waited. She wouldn't let us pay. Insisted we'd “made her year” and to come back in a week and she'd have some more briefs and underwear ready for us. Blanche told us she'd been a showgirl in Vegas. She was nice and loud and funny but I don't think she missed anything… not even the way Trey and I were looking at each other.

We tried not to spend too much money and I think it was okay, but we really needed new clothes!

When we got home we raced upstairs and dressed. Trey came in with his new board shorts and muscle t and sandals.

I knew he did it just to show off.

So I wore sandals and a muscle t and some some new square cut sports shorts.

Okay, we were showing off for each other. Then we went out to show off to the town.


Part 5

Well, we hit the park next to the new shopping center. They'd just put in a new gym there. We locked our bikes in front of the gym and stood out front checking it out.

Right then Zeke came walking up, carrying a gym bag. If I hadn't known him for 8 years, I wouldn't have recognized him.

“Hey Zeke!” I blurted out.

Zeke stopped. He looked at me. He looked at Trey. Then he looked at me.


Now you need to know I'd slipped Zeke 2 heaping teaspoons of an alternate growth factor that I labeled #3 for convenience, and 1 and 1/3 teaspoons of the genital growth factor… at least, that was what I figured he'd drunk in his shake before he gave the last bit of it to Joey. Maybe he'd finished more of it than I'd thought. Maybe he'd had like 3 level teaspoons and 1 and 2/3 teaspoons of the genital growth factors. Because, little 5’3” Zeke was now 6' and 220 lb of muscle, big smooth dark muscle that mounded on his body and all of the muscles seemed to be pointing to his crotch, which swelled amazingly big. It wasn't like he'd had anything there before, but now he might as well be the king salami in his class!

“Wow! It's good to see you! Are you joining the gym? OMG is that Trey?” Zeke blinked up at Trey in astonishment.

“Yup he's hit a growth spurt, looks like you did too!” Travis stared at Zeke's quite different body.

“Shut up Travis.” said Trey.

“Bite me.”


“You wish.”

“Gag on it.”

“hah!” Okay that was weak. Darn.

See… just like regular brothers. I guess. Zeke looked reassured to see us behaving normally. I'm sure his world had been pretty rocked by his changes. He was heading into the gym… we hadn't seen him because he'd been running around like a fool hitting every willing girl he'd been able to meet. Guess having a giant salami and huge pectorals made a difference with the ladies. Guess it was the same with the gay guys. Trey and I exchanged that look… that gay guys give each other when their straight male friends are talking about their sex with women. You know, we don't go on about our gay sex in front of straight guys. At least, I don't think we do. Do we? If so, I'm sorry.

But it was all good. Zeke was happy… and was hoping to get bigger so he could play pro ball. I'd have to figure out how to manage that—he'd been a way good friend.

Turned out it was easy. He took us on a tour of the gym. I bought us some sports drink and dumped 4 teaspoons of 135 in his drink. I figured the potassium drink would hide the salt, and it did. He smacked his lips and said, “have to stay hydrated for the workout!”

Okay, so I overdid it. But last time I'd given him a smoothie he hadn't even finished it. Trey and I finished our drinks and headed out so Zeke could get home to rest. He was suddenly tired and needed some sleep.

“A growing NFL star needs his sleep,” I teased him. He said he'd been out late the night before… couldn't quite remember her name though. Geez, and they say gay men are sluts.

He left. Fortunately he didn't live too far away. I'd never given anyone that much all at once… he would quite likely end up… well, huge. 6' plus that 4 teaspoons… 6' 4” at least I figured. and on top of… his obviously massive package. Well…

He wanted it.

Although, I reflected, that Zeke growing up into a football star would certainly take him away from us. And that if he'd stayed … tiny, or normal… well, he would have… probably hung around with us. But I couldn't do that to such a great friend when I had just the easiest way of making him… helping him.

He'd have to live with it- just like Trey and I.

Well, anyways with all the hormones going through my body I just couldn't stay sad. Just then my cell phone rang. It was Mom. Where the heck were we?

Greg was coming in today. Oh crap. Cousin Greg from the UK. He was… some relation, I guess, although it was a bit fuzzy. A second cousin or something. Anyways, he was coming to enjoy the summer in the sunny USA and we had to keep him entertained. I couldn't really even remember him very well I think he was 18 now and last time I saw him he was 15 and I was 12. And he had a cool English accent but not snooty or anything. That I remember.

So we were chatting up the cute little asian guy at the counter. He gave us a discount offer rate card for the gym. Apparently they liked buff men to work out there, as that inspired others to work out as well. We had to tell him… his name was Jordan, to give us permission slips for our parents to sign. He looked surprised and asked how old we were. Fourteen and fifteen we told him. When he found out Trey was the youngest he just about freaked. He stammered a bit, about working out and growing up and how that would help us become more muscular… and he looked at my massive biceps and Trey's pecs and fell silent.

“Some people get all the luck” he commented. He wasn't angry or jealous or … just commenting, like the weather. I thought it was very cool that a guy would be okay with his rotten luck. I asked how old he was. He said he was 21. He looked like it might be possible. Maybe. Although he looked younger than most of those actors they cast in those teen soap operas.

So we grabbed permission slips and took off for home. We made it in time to go with Mom to the airport, to greet Greg.

Mom started giving us this nervous lecture as she drove to the airport. It was about Greg and his visit and blah blah blah…

I had no idea what she was talking about. I said as much. Trey laughed.

“I think she's trying to tell us that Greg is gay and we're supposed to show him a good time.”

Mom nearly swerved off the freeway.

“What is this like a gay epidemic in our family?” I demanded.

Well, at least the idea was there. And no, we apparently were not to take Greg to gay dance clubs. Not that there was anything wrong with that, as Mom pointed out.

“Wow,” I said. “Joey and I can go out dancing on Tuesday night. It's a youth dance thing at the Fireplace. And 11pm it's 18 and up, but we can go dancing from 7pm to 11pm.

Mom said we would definitely not be doing that, and if we did, we would be home and in bed at 11pm.

Trey and I smiled. If she qualified it, it meant we could go.

“If Trey and Fred come we can cut out at 9:30pm and get home by 10pm.”

Mom didn't say anything more. I gathered that Greg was having some trouble at home, I guess that was due to the fact that his parents were less accepting. Or maybe not, but anyway he was having a tough time of it. He would be 18.

So when we met him at the terminal he hugged my Mom and looked at Trey and I and we did the awkward pat-hug thing. Well, it worked. Greg's eyes kinda bugged out and he asked Trey how tall he was. Trey told him 6' 7” tall. Mom nearly fainted.

“I can't believe I gave birth to you two giants!” She looked like she wanted to have a retroactive hernia. But it broke the ice and we laughed. Did I mention Greg had a sexy English accent?

“Greg, with your sweet accent you are going to be very popular here!” I told him.

“We're all going out dancing at a gay club on Tuesday, it will be so much fun!” Trey told him. His enthusiasm can be infectious, i think even Greg thought going out might be fun.

That afternoon I saw Greg staring at himself in the mirror in the guest bedroom. Well, it was Mom's sewing room, but it had been turned back into a bedroom for Greg's visit.

Greg was staring at himself. He was bare chested and his arms were thin and he was about 5' 11” tall. He had sexy brown curly hair and he was not fat at all. He was going to be gorgeous when he got a bit older.

“You know that I'm just a geek, right?” Greg asked me. “I take after Mom's side of the family. I'm creative but… my brothers and my Dad, they're giants. And now I come to America and my little cousin Travis is 6’5” tall and HIS little brother Trey is 6’7” tall!”

“So? it's not a big deal.” I could have bit off my tongue the minute I said it. DUMB!

But Greg just smiled. “I just need to be brutally honest.”

“Greg you're being way too honest, why not give yourself some time? You're not even full grown yet!”

“If I'm not even full grown yet at 18 what does that mean for you at 15?”

Now that startled me. I hadn't thought about that. Was i still going through puberty? It didn't seem likely, as.. well, I was already so mature.

“Hey you should come to the gym with Trey and I—we can work out together. I can show you some exercise routines and you can spot for us.”

Greg looked doubtfully at my giant arm when I said that.

“I just wish I had some pecs!” he pushed on his chest and looked at my jutting out chest wistfully.

I tried to slouch. That didn't work for me anymore. Not at 6’5” tall it didn't.

Well, you know I went to my room and closed the door and opened the closet and got the shoebox out and … went through the papers from the lab.

So that was kind of interesting. There were a couple of variations I wanted to try. GF-2009-M-137 was an iteration further up the number from the 135 I'd been using. I had a lot of it as there had been a big jar of it, and the graphs seemed to peak more quickly- there was definitely more muscle density with this formulation, and the genital factors and sexual potency also seemed more efficacious. I'd learned that word from Uncle Joe at the lab. Sounded like you were ordering a bubble-up. Which I'd had once at a mexican corner store… oh right, where were we?

So the 137 also seemed to promote muscular coordination and such… faster reflexes and all that. Hmm… I might have to try one teaspoon of this myself!

But Greg was going to be here for six weeks and I hoped I'd have the chance to help him out.

So I determined to start right away, before the rents got used to him a certain way. That meant he needed to start growing now, ASAP.

He wasn't short, he was already 5’11” tall… so he just needed a boost to help his confidence. Although I wondered if he had a big muscled body and a big dick and balls if he would still feel the same on the inside? I kinda did feel the same, only a lot more horny. Growing had definitely helped my self confidence and I was getting used to people watching me every where I went. Thank God I wasn't a movie star actor wanna be. That would be… difficult with my current hobby!

But I knew that I still remembered being short and weak and not with this magnetic sexuality thing going on. I hope that with his disorientation coming to the states and the sudden sun we could keep him distracted. Greg had become my project.

Shut up! GEEZ. I promise you I met a lot of people and never thought about giving them any GF!

But Greg was family, and gay, and cute, and, you know, Mom said I had to boost his self confidence and help him fit in. I knew the best way to do that was to stand out.

So I took two teaspoons and asked Greg if he wanted a tuna sandwich. It was just that easy.

Greg kinda looked at the sandwich funny, as I know it was salty tasting, but salty tuna is yummy… esp if you have a soda to wash it down. He must have been hungry from the plane cause by the time I ate my sandwich he was done.

“Another? There's tons in the fridge and it will just go bad if we don't eat it.”

Greg nodded. We were watching American sci fi TV shows and he was very into the big screen TV HDMI. Well, I said I'd be right back and I ran up the back stairs to my room and grabbed two more teaspoons of the 137 and then down the back stairs to the kitchen and made the two fastest tuna sandwiches of my life. I gave it to Greg and he ate it. But he did comment that us yanks liked to use too much salt.

“With your use of spam you think WE use too much salt?”

“Spam was imported from the USA in World War II.”

“Oh.” I didn't know that.

Greg smiled. The little guy had a way of winning you over to his point of view.

About a half hour later he was suddenly tired.

“Oh man I cannot stay on my feet.”

He wasn't on his feet, we were watching BSG season II but anyway he really couldn't keep his eyes open. He got up and was staggering practically. I “helped” him up the stairs by picking him up, slinging him over my shoulder while he snored gently and carried him upstairs and laid him in his bed. I loosened his pants and the top buttons on his shirt. He was half awake and I said, “It's just jet lag, Greg. Hits you like a brick wall sometimes. Sleep it off, Dad will be home later.”

“sslsrleely” he said and closed his hazel eyes. He was so cute. He had a little scruffy I need to shave thing going on, but he couldn't grow a beard. At least not yet.

I went down the hall and called Joey and he was home in his room and we jerked off together on the phone. He was going to come over tomorrow to hang with Greg so that was cool.

The I looked in on Greg. Snoring lightly. I went through his open bag. He wore medium shirts and some not very big underwear… most of which was going to be useless. I needed to do something but what? I knew it had to be drastic… So I took most of the shirts esp the tiny ones and his underwear and threw it in the neighbor's garbage. I left the back door open.

“Mom, Greg needs some clothes to fit in. His stuff is so going to get him ragged on.”

“Take the credit card and get him something like the kids are wearing here. Lord knows your father can afford, it, you'd think we'd go on a vacation sometime or …” I snuck out of the downstairs master bedroom, where she was doing her quilts.

Mom had great concentration. Which was great, when she wasn't concentrating on ME.

i took some of my new clothes and laid them out for Greg.

He was.. already different, and it was only an hour. Well, when he woke up he stumbled down the stairs and I caught up with him. “What happened to my clothes Travis?”

“Oh the neighbor's dog… came in the back stairs. Sorry, I left the door open. But we're taking you shopping tomorrow and buying you new clothes.!”

“These fit kinda funny…”

And then Greg stood up… and up… and up some more. He was … much improved. His hair was amazing and .. oh, yeah, you wanted to hear about how he was 6’3” tall and had pecs that stuck out and… well, the new muscles on his body made him stand up straight, that's for sure. He couldn't slouch unless he tried. And he had an amazing ass.. kind of like Trey's only not so extreme. And he was sporting.. wow. Nice big lump there.. reminded me of Joey the morning we headed out on our ride. And he looked.. well, like he was sporting a lot of girth there. Nice fat cock.

“Snap out of it,” I told myself. “He's your cousin!”

And myself said back, “and Trey is your brother.”

I groaned.

“What's wrong?” I looked up. Mom was there. She looked at Greg and blinked, then shook her head. She looked again.

“Greg took a nap… jet lag hit him like a brick wall,” I told Mom.

Greg yawned.

He woke up enough for dinner with Trey and Dad and Mom. Dad was working so wasn't going to be around until the weekend, we were supposed to go off road camping. Maybe. Greg was very… skeptical of camping. He swam and played badminton, whatever that was. And he liked biking so we could definitely go on a ride and hike. Come to think of it, he ran at school too. Wasn't riding and swimming and biking like triathalon stuff? Why did he have such a downer image of himself?

Well, he did say his father and brothers were giants. hmm.. I wonder how tall a giant was?

“Greg, how tall are your father and brothers?”

“Dad's like 6’6”.

Greg scratched himself absentmindedly and his t shirt rode up for a second. NICE symmetrical abdominals! And the waistband on his briefs was pulled down and away from his belly. hmm… something was weighing that down.

“Greg I have a razor you can borrow if you want.”

Greg reached up and touched his five o clock shadow.. “umm… thanks!”

It was an early evening but Trey did mouth to me as we trudged up the stairs, “I want you to fuck me!” He exaggeratedly pointed to my crotch and then to his amazing ass.

What a goof!

I was a lucky guy.

The next morning Greg came downstairs all awake and feeling good. From the fact he'd about run out the hot water in the shower, I think he was enjoying the … change of scenery.

And he was even taller and bigger. He was 6’4” tall. The t-shirt from the night before was certainly in more serious distress. I guess he grew more over the night. I loaned him some of my sandals.

“Well Greg, who do you want to do today?” Trey asked from the stair.

“You mean what do I want to do today?”

“That's what I asked.”

“Oh, I thought…”

“What?” Trey has the most innocent look for a 6’7” tall ..well, teenager. Then he looked at me and winked.

I had created a monster.

So why did I have a big smile on my face?


Part 6

So right then Joey Franco showed up. And when he showed up… my god, he was 6’10” tall… I was 6’5” and he was bigger than I was…! Not to mention the freak thing going on!

And when he looked at me, my heart melted. And then I felt guilty. Cause of Trey.

I looked at Trey. Trey looked at me. Joey looked at us. Greg was oblivious. Joey knew.

How he knew? He knew me.

He frowned. And then he shrugged it off and a smile returned to his face.

“Hey Loverboy.”

“Hi Muscle Man!”

And that was it. I was forgiven… and it was as if it was all the other random dalliances. Joey smiled and me and “pretended” to yawn… and then he stretched. The sneak. Fortunately we were in the living room with the vaulted celings. His hands… his arms… stretched over his head… in a big Y. His t shirt pulled out of his pants and popped up his abs about 6 inches.

I think I went blind for a minute.

So we decided to show Joey a good time… he wanted to go swimming in the summer sun and who could blame him? We could have gone to Joey's house but I suggested the local pool. It was adjacent to the gay district, it was summer, we wanted to show off and Greg wanted to meet people. Besides it had olympic sized lanes, and a lunch counter and a juice bar and … well, hot guys.

When we arrived, (I borrowed a bike from the next door neighbor lady for Greg- she said her husband would never miss it and he could use it for the whole time he was here!) we locked up the bikes, and walked in. I didn't expect the reaction we got. Which was everyone was absolutely silent. People eating stopped eating, people talking stopped talking, and … well, we were the center of the stage.

After that broke we found some space on the cement and settled in. Some of our classmates were there. Trey had called Freddie so he should show up soon. And… well, we were quite the scenery. I was looking VERY good in my new red speedo, that Blanche had made. Trey wore a matching red pair (which only showed up how much huger his package was!), and I gave Greg a blue pair that Blanche had made for me. He looked damned good in them, with his hazel eyes and the bright blue swim briefs. They were racing trunks too, not square cut, so that only accentuated Greg's newly enhanced package with the low-hanging bulge.

He was older than I was but he looked like my little brother, more than Trey did, because of the fact he was an inch shorter than I was. This was a concern to me as Greg had told me that his father was 6’6” tall. And I was determined that Greg would be at least that tall when he went home. Heck, I wanted him to be 6’8” tall so he would have some real size advantage and security… wouldn't be pushed around at home any more or intimidated.

He'd told me that he was a waiter, part time, in Lincoln, wherever that was. I was pretty sure he'd be getting better tips too- since his package would be more near eye level for the patrons when I was done with him. He told me he had to pull his beautiful curls back into a lame pony tail to work. He was more than nicely muscled for a swimmer… or a medium weight bodybuilder to be fair, but I thought bigger arms and pecs would be helpful to his work too. I noticed his little treasure trail I saw the other day was a bit thicker, but it was only because his dark curly pubes were bigger! His chest was still smooth as were his abs… he did have a need to shave now, but that was just natural…. for him now. His nipples too seemed a bit bigger and … ummm.. perkier, or maybe that was the breeze or the fact his pectorals were filling out his chest so nicely.

And his ass… luscious. A crime. There'd be a photo off his ass up in the post office with the other top ten FBI most wanted. HOT! Especially in that bright blue spandex racing trunk… and … had I yet mentioned his incredibly kissable lips and his obviously thick cock? The girth was amazing, and he was soft.

Nevertheless, Joey Franco had my attention, the giant blonde 6’10” tall muscled man with the overstuffed package. I wanted to get him alone soon! But not until I had finished my hosting duties with Greg. Greg was a hit at the pool, if still a bit shy, but I saw some guys chatting him up… feeling up his biceps, and … obviously wanting to feel up everything else. He was blushing but enjoying the attention. We did go swimming. I shot through the water very fast due to my enhanced muscle density, although I had to tread water to float, but then again, that wasn't a problem… anymore.

Joey… Joey, Joey…. like Hercules… astounding! and that golden tan flawless skin and all that Italian heritage stuffed into his green trunks! whew!

And Greg was an amazing swimmer, cutting through the water with his excellent form. He swam a quick 50 laps and almost leapt out of the pool at the end of it, he was barely winded and laughing! His curly hair held up under the wetness too, making him look like a Greek god statue!

Fred showed up and that was the end of Trey looking at anyone else. Fred… was so sexy hot. Muscled. Cute. Dark hair, dark eyes…. He tanned quickly too… which only showed off his muscles more. Did I mention all the huge hairy muscle packing his 6’3” frame and his cock which wrapped around the side of his hip? He wore black spandex stretch trunks, probably to try and hide his cock. Which might work, in a dark room, with all the lights turned off. Anyway, Trey had to stuff his long tongue which hung down past his chin back behind his teeth and behave. Yeah, he was having to grow up fast! Turned out that Fred had called Zeke, who arrived shortly after Fred.

Zeke was now 6’4” tall… and much more muscular. He was well on his way to being an NFL star if he wanted. If they had jockstraps that would fit him. He wore an overstuffed bright yellow swim trunk, which looked great against his dark chocolate skin. Which bulged everywhere with massive muscle. He was an inch taller than Fred, but he was not as incredibly thick as Fred. Or as hung.

Which seemed to bother him a bit, as he compared himself to Fred. Zeke didn't even try to compare himself to Joey. That was definitely a losing proposition.

That's when the perfectly average Samuel showed up. He was white and 5’8” tall, and neither muscled or thin, his hair was medium brown and he was average looking and the only things definite about him was that he was our friend and gay. I had my fanny pack with me… so I had some of the Salts.

This was a great opportunity… because I wanted a fresh willing test subject.

First thing Sam said was, “I hope you know that there's a rule against having an exclusive tall guys club at the High School.”

We all laughed. It was okay. Sam joined us and he made a few comments about our bodybuilding and height increases and then he said something that made me think of Uncle Joe for the first time in about a week. “I guess someone has to be the tall guy.”

“Was that something you wanted, Sam?”

“Heck, who wouldn't?”

“Just stick with us today, maybe it'll rub off. Besides, you look taller to me. Maybe you're still growing.”

“Sure I do.” Sam was such a comedian. Deadpan delivery, had everyone in stitches. Came from a pretty sad home life, spent most of his time looking after his little sister.

I had with me #4, as I labeled it. It was something that was a bit confusing. It changed melanine concentrations and was very effective with muscle density and genital enhancement, but the growth seemed more confined to the bigger muscles from the charts… exaggerating the bigness of the bigger muscles, I thought. And it was more effective for height too.

So I volunteered to go to the snack stand with the orders. I had Mom's credit card and carte blanche for lunches for Greg and friends.

Hey, Dad would have paid, but would have groaned more about it.

I ordered the sandwiches, burgers, and drinks and fries.

I took the order, set in cardboard boxes, to the side and salted them to taste.

Sam got 4 teaspoons of #4. I put some in his sports drink, some on his fries, some in his sandwich, the rest in the ketchup for the fries.

Greg got 2 teaspoons of #3 in his sandwich.

Zeke, well, I wanted to get him going. I gave him four teaspoons of the # 2 I'd been giving Fred with such great results.

Trey got another teaspoon of 135 in his sandwich. Well, a heaping teaspoon. And I'd added in a bit of a new genital growth I hadn't used before.

Joey, of course, got NONE. Hey, I was greedy but he was 6’10” tall. So that was definitely enough for now.

Fred got more of the #2, which should keep him on path to be Trey's dream date. Do you think 3 teaspoons was too much?

Well, I didn't take anything. I wasn't going to do anything now but I knew I might have to “catch up” later.

So they dived in like wolves, and that went very well. I was too busy though, watching the others eat.

They were watching me eat after they had finished and I suddenly realized my burger was really salty.

From the look on my face they obviously thought it was funny… cause they burst out laughing I was holding about 1/4 of the burger in my hand and set it back down… I'd already swallowed the last swallow. I drank down my water to clear the saltiness from my mouth.

“See Zeke, you put like 4 teaspoons on that burger and he barely noticed!!!”

“You shouldn't have done that!”

“Sorry,” said Joey, sheepishly. He grabbed the remaining burger and chewed it and swallowed it down. He looked chagrined. He took a drink of water. “Yeeha that is salty!- I didn't mean to ruin your lunch.”

I was stunned.

“You guys need to stay out of my fanny pack!”

“Why, I didn't see any XXL condoms in there. Not that we don't know you need em!” said Zeke.

Trey spoke up. “Hey, I'll get you another sandwich.”

“No, that's okay, no big deal, it was pretty funny. But let's not repeat that joke, please!”

After that they broke up the chat and I had a minute alone with Greg. “Sorry.”

“It's Zeke, always has a chip on his shoulder.”

“That's a big shoulder.”

I was looking in my pack. “What did they put in my sandwich?”

“Those salt packets left over from your bike ride, Fred said they were.”

“Did anyone else use some?”

“Well, I did, but I guess my fries were pretty salty anyways. You yanks. We poured the papers out to see how much there was- then I took another for my fries. When you went back for napkins.” I couldn't believe I fell for the napkin trick!

“Do they really still say Yanks over there?”

“Well, I do, for comic effect and to relieve tension.” Well, it did make me smile.

I wandered over to the trash can and searched for the papers. There was a couple.

There was a whole bunch of 135 missing- same thing I'd first taken. And, there were two packets of something related to genital growth and sexual performance. I knew that I must have had the #135 it was so much salt. But that meant Greg had been given… taken… the genital growth packet… like a teaspoon. And I'd discovered with Fred that… 1/2 teaspoon was a lot. It wasn't the same exact formula, I kept telling myself. I wanted to get home and have a look at those charts. i had looked through them but they were running together in my head… and I was getting sleepy. I wanted to go home but I couldn't persuade the others. They were all sleepy, from the swimming they thought, and wanted to nap in the sun. And I was getting tired, I thought I would fall off the bike if I had to ride home.

And then, I was laying down and thinking… Joey had at least a teaspoon of that #4. or more. And I'd had a teaspoon of an untested genital growth packet. Sleep closed in and I succumbed.

When I awoke, the sun was lower in the sky. I was okay, though sleepy. Joey was sitting up, watching us. He had an odd look on his face. Like, he knew. But how could he? It was impossible. It was more impossible than people getting tall naturally.

I sat up. oh. Things were different. Things felt different. I was bigger. all over. Thank God for spandex. My red briefs- my junk- it was so tight the fabric was approaching see through and threatening to unravel. Well, I was definitely borderline freaky muscle now. I stood up. I was taller. A lot taller… than I had been, at least 6’8”.

Joey stood up. He was bigger, taller, at least an inch. So he was still three inches taller than I was. But my package was approaching his size if not bigger.

Sam was the most changed. Joey would have noticed if he wasn't so fixated on me. Sam was a lot taller. He had grown almost 8 inches to 6’4”. Only the fact we others were taller kept him confused. His skin looked more golden brown and his eyes were now green. I thought they'd been hazel. Now they were green. And his hair had grown out and the new hair was… yellow. Blond, actually. Sam had changed to a blond man with green eyes. And his package… was enormously bigger. His muscles… they were, you know, bigger, but his pecs were huge, his abs were there but his quads were huge and his biceps were huge. He was exaggerated muscle… smooth, and it was damned sexy. He looked like a Nordic wet dream, or he would when he cut the brown hair off the end of his blonde locks.

There was no time as the others woke up one after another. We were groggy and even I was having trouble concentrating.

Greg, little Greg… little Greg was 6’9”—an inch taller than I was. And huge… especially his junk- the girth on that boy's cock must be astonishing. I realized with a start that I must look like him. He was just a bit taller, and I was just a bit more muscular. That new formula I had tried on him was twice as potent as the 135 I'd been taking. And it showed in the way his muscles were so giant, strong, and bulged enormously when he flexed them. His hair on his belly had extended up to just below his navel, a generous dusting of sexy man pubes… but his abs and pecs remained obstinately smooth, and more giant than ever. Hi nipples were bigger too, I could tell, and from the way he moved I could tell they were extremely sensitive. I wondered if they were wired to his ass or his cock?

Trey was taller too, 6' 10” tall. He'd grown almost 2 inches. He was magnificent. Trey and I were much closer in size now, although I was about the same overall as Greg, I still had a bigger package than Greg. And from the feeling of my cock and balls churning in my swim briefs, I knew that there was a lot of changes going on downstairs! Trey might have some competition from me now… that bothered me. I definitely wanted my little brother to be the big man!

Fred was a brute- He was 6’6” tall, chest, arms, abs, legs and ass covered with black coarse hair, and his cock now quite obviously reached around past his hip. His arms were longer and his muscles exaggerated, He now had a hot muscle ass and Trey couldn't keep his eyes off of Fred.

Zeke… well, he was definitely NFL material now. An African American GIANT- he was almost my height of 6’8” tall and built thickly, with swathes of wide muscle flowing over his body. Gone was his smooth chest, he now had a lot of black curly hair spread across his pectorals. His abdominals bulged thickly, a muscled gut that swelled huge but none of it was fat! Zeke was a muscle cabled powerhouse. His package had swollen too, and it was obvious that he was in pain from the constriction. He took off first, making excuses. He walked to his bike bent over a bit, and got on it and rode away… “Ow!” was the last thing I heard him say as he pedaled away.

I promised to call Joey tomorrow, and he was fuzzy headed enough to think that was fine. I pulled Trey off of Fred, and we headed home with Greg. Tall Greg, who was having some trouble balancing on the bike. He adjusted enough that we made it home with his long legs pumping and I realized I would have to adjust his bike seat up when he wasn't looking.

Well, when we got home Greg complained of Jet Lag and crashed. I was feeling kinda fuzzy but made a good show with Trey at dinner- when I was changing my clothes for dinner he walked by my room and stared at my bigger junk. He didn't say anything but I know he was … wondering. Well, there I was standing naked, my junk hanging all the way down my thigh… well I was at least as big as Trey now, in the shorts, and… well, he was happy being the big man.

That night at dinner I put a teaspoon of the GF for genitals in Trey's food with another teaspoon of the #2 formula I'd used on Fred. It would give him the boost to be a bigger man. And from the experience with Fred, more muscle and additional length on his cock too.

Well, I was still sleepy, but the second dosing in one day hit Trey like a freight train and he barely made it upstairs. Which was sad, because I was hoping we could fuck around. He collapsed in the bed, snoring lightly, and I made it to my room before lights out.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought I was alone and then I saw in the twilight room the hulking shape of my brother.

“Hey Trey!”

“You're awake.”

“And you're still brilliant!”

“I'm scared I'm growing so big.”

“Well there's nothing anyone can do about it Trey, it's just natural.. We're just a tall family.”

“I mean, I like it, a lot, but I don't want to be a jerk to everyone. And they all want to… touch me. Even the ordinary people.”

“I know.”

“What do I do?”

“You just be super nice and set boundaries- and then stick to them. No one can be mad if you're honest and don't tease them.”

“Yeah, you're right!”

“Feel better Runt?”

“Yeah… hey, I'll show you a runt!”

He turned and loomed over me. In the darkness I couldn't see clearly but he was bigger. His hazel-green eyes gleamed in the scattered light. I reached up towards his belly… he was erect and enormous.

I gasped as my own cock sprang erect and hard as a flagpole. Our tongues met in the dark and twined around each other and we kissed deeply. I swear that Trey could lick my tonsils with his tongue.

We… proceeded to comfort each other. Wild lustful urges rose in us as we both felt the increased masculine sexuality asserting itself. Trey was quivering, his muscles pumped and rock hard, so taught with need and anticipation and the demand for release.

When he came I shoved a pillow in his mouth to stifle his roar. I came for 2 minutes. Three minutes later Trey's swollen cock finally stopped pumping cum and he shuddered with the final release- and then I felt his iron muscles relax under my hands. And then he curled up with me… his massive muscle against mine… warm and safe.

Later he fucked me and I returned the favor. His massive meat gave me orgasms in my ass, it was incredible. I'm not a pussy-boy faggot- normally I'm a pretty regular guy not a pig bottom- not that there's anything wrong with that! But I was exactly that for Trey that night.. Even now, thinking about it, I still- remember those moments of intense closeness and sexual ecstasy. And I don't regret a moment of it.

In the morning he padded back down to his room. His ass definitely needed arresting. Before it stopped my heart. When he turned and looked back at me, standing in profile at his door, his immense phallus hanging soft and thickly rounded and sagging low from its own weight, I think my heart did skip a beat. Maybe two.

I rinsed the sopping cum towel in the shower and wrung it out. I forgot my strength and almost tore it in two.. but I caught myself and dumped the now squeezed dry towel into the laundry hamper.

There, all the evidence was gone, save for the ache in my heart.


Part 7

The next morning we slept in a bit.

When I got up I felt bigger yet again. I must have grown another half inch in the night.

Downstairs Mom and Dad were deep in denial, and Dad I think had decided to be proud of his giant stud sons. I mean, they had to have some sort of emotional response. In the course of a few months Trey had sprouted from 5’7” to 6’11”

I suddenly realized…. Joey was 6’11” tall. He would have to get bigger. I needed him bigger than Trey. Okay, so I have some issues.

After Mom and Dad headed off for the day, Trey went to the back door and brought Fred in. He was so… tough looking. I think he was thicker looking. At any rate he and Trey headed upstairs.

I was left alone with Greg.

I had an idea. It was a cruel, selfish, mean, self serving idea.

I mixed up 6 tsp of the sexual stimulant that I had given to Trey with such terrific results- in a sports drink for Greg and Joey and.. well, me.

I asked Greg over to Joey's for a swim. Greg LOVED to swim in the sun. We showed up and as promised Greg's parents were gone. I passed around the sport drink and Joey and Greg, and I, all gulped down the drinks pretty quick. We took a quick swim and then I suggested we lay out in the sun so Greg could work on his tan. Soon we all drifted off to sleep. It was only an hour later that we woke. Greg was looking stunned. I knew what was going on and I was… so turned on I was willing, ready, and able. Joey, he was in a worried state… he was having some major action doing down below and it was a problem until we all looked at each other and we KNEW.

We stripped off our racing briefs in record time. I was smaller than Greg, whose muscle seemed to have grown again in the night, and he was taller than I- effectively we were close to the same height, although I did have to look upwards one lousy inch to look Greg in the eye. Joey, he was bigger in every dimension… I was astonished to see he was more hung than Trey. Must be his Italian heritage. Not that I believed in stereotypes.

We stood close together, the heat was amazing. I pulled Joey's head down… well, Joey LET me pull his head down to my lips… and that was the start of the first 3 way orgy of my life.

Have you ever cum and then it just made you harder and hornier and more randy?

Have you ever achieved release to discover it just led to a new level of sexual intensity instead of sweet relaxation?

Have you ever experienced a muscle pump that just led to more pump?

When Joey entered me it… was incredible. I fucked Greg while Joey fucked me. We flipped in so many different positions we were rediscovering everything anyone had ever done in any position sexually. Finally we were exhausted, so we cleaned up. Then I was so turned on I pulled down Joey's trunks and fucked him again. After he cleaned up again he laughed when he saw me staring at him with lust in my eyes. “Travis you have to stop man!”

“I don't ever want to stop fucking you Joey Franco!” Joey's meat started to swell again in his trunks.

“I don't ever want you to stop either!”

So I took off his swim trunks again.

As I was fucking him Joey was so hot and happy and turned on. Greg was sitting, stroking his big meat, watching us.

“I wish your cock was as big as mine! I love your cock fucking me I wish you had a baseball bat to fuck me with! Fuck, I wish it were bigger than MINE!” Joey gasped, laughing as he was orgasming and I was pounding his prostate.

BINGO! hmm…

Greg and I left before the rents came home. We'd swam and fucked the day away. Greg seemed … confused, with the lust running through him and his newly enhanced and expanded body.

“Wnat do you think, Greg?”


“Is Joey right?”

“About what?”

“Do you wish I had a cock bigger than Joey's??”

Greg blushed. “Hell yeah! Fuck who wouldn't want you to with the way you've been pounding us!!?”

Trey and Fred… Fred was enormous and hot and muscled and hairy… somehow had avoided being caught fucking by our parents. Cause it was obvious that's what they'd been up to.

I saw Trey, naked, in his room. I swear that he was waiting for me to come down the hall. He was so tall and muscled and huge hung. He looked at least as big as Joey. It was impossible to tell, as he was soft. So I didn't have measurements of his erect cock compared to Joey.

I went to my room and mixed a teaspoon of the growth factor, for genitals, the extremely effective one that had had such a remarkable effect on Fred with only 1/2 teaspoon, but I used a full teaspoon, in a glass of water and drank it down.

I laid down to take a nap. I woke in time for dinner. umm… well, that was when I really realized that there really was no going back with the Salt. My penis was enormous, even soft, and thick, it looked bigger around than a beer can. Joey was gonna get his wish. I laid in bed, looking at the swelling phallus laying thickly across my brick like abdominals.. and i jerked off. I Jerked off and I could feel my incredibly heavy testicles… my stones… my boulders… jerking with the pulsing of my heartbeat and in rhythm with my pounding fists.

When I came I flooded my chest with cum. I came for 5 minutes. When i finished, I mopped up and hopped in the shower. When I hopped in the shower, my cock slapped against my tremendous quadraceps with a meaty slap. I was gonna have to get used to that.

I pulled on some boardshorts and went down to dinner.

Greg was looking guilty. Trey was looking smug. I was… introspective.

I decided to lay off the salts. For now. At least.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh. You have a cock so huge that you can't stuff it into a speedo anymore and you'll stop making it any bigger too!

A few weeks later, and some interesting orgies later, Greg got some news. I think he didn't know if it was good news or bad news. Maybe it was both. But the thing of it was, he wasn't going back to Lincoln in the UK. Not even Lincoln Nebraska. He was going to finish out a year as a senior in high school here and then go to University in the USA. He didn't want to talk about it and I didn't ask him after the first time. Maybe the situation at home was different, maybe it was the photos he emailed his family… he did look considerably different in them.

But he was happy too… and he made friends, both straight and gay and he stayed in the guest room that became Greg's bedroom and it was all cool. He mentioned that the only thing he really missed was being a waiter. I guess people have different things that make them happy, or maybe it was a place at home that he felt safe.

Oh, and Joey… Joey was delighted with my recent growth. Let's just say that the little blonde twink had become a giant muscled hung twink. He was versatile but more of a bottom, esp if i was the guy who was going to fuck him. It made me happy, making him happy. And yeah, I was freaky big hung now. Joey loved it.

We had to get Greg registered at High School. American High School. Greg was in for a shock. Maybe being 6’9” tall and muscled and hung… and having that sexy Brit accent… would help. Yeah, yours truly and his little brother and our boyfriends all had to go back to High School.

Those last days of summer, they were amazing. The best summer of my life, I think, when I came into my own, when Joey and I officially started going steady and Trey and Fred (No one called him Freddie anymore, except Trey when he wanted a serious fucking) were now unofficial boyfriends. Heck, they were 14 years old! And we- Joey and I- were heading back to school as giant horny hung muscled 16 year olds.

That was the thing about the Salt, see, someone has to be small for someone to be big… but I did discover that there was a certain size that was plenty big for anyone… anytime. And all my friends were big.

When we went into the high school, it was when the change really became apparent. We stood about a foot taller than the average students. Just twelve lousy inches. But … the difference between 5’8” and 6’8”… that was quite a difference. Why? because I figured out that we look other people in the eye… so we measure a person's height not with a tape measure but by whether we have to look up at their eyes or look down to see their eyes.

So that was my big philosophical breakthrough. The only people I looked up to were Joey Franco, Greg, and Trey. Which was just fine by me.

When Sam showed up at the school, his height increase to 6’4” was almost completely ignored, eclipsed by the taller boys' “Growth Spurt.” He was an exaggerated blonde haired green eyed stud, massively muscled, hugely hung… and yet I thought he could use some improvement. I knew he looked up to us… we had fucked around, he was hot and sexy and fun. Things had improved for him over the summer. He'd been able to get a decent job making money working in a supermarket evenings and weekends, his drunken father had started behaving much better and his mother wasn't half crazy anymore. And his little sister adored her big brother.

I took two heaping teaspoons of the same GF I had used on Sam originally… I had it on standby, pre-measured. And it didn't take long for an opportunity to arise. I salted his salad at lunch. He was having a chef salad. We had all taken to eating better, I think the demands of our muscles made us want a better diet. It even tasted better to us than greasy fast food. And we were servants to our internal combustion engines, as my Mom liked to say.

Okay, so now you know where I get the dorky sayings.

At least I got her good looks too.

I didn't have to worry, Sam ate the whole salad, even spooned up the last of the raspberry vinaigrette dressing and sucked that down.

I admit that it was … exciting to be changing up a friend again. It had been months and I had been very good.

It was hysterical seeing Sam try to make it through the rest of the day… he just about fell asleep in class once, and he did doze off for a minute in the locker room after basketball practice. That was funny.

Well, he finally made it home and took a nap before his evening shift at the supermarket. I made a lame excuse to walk home with him, he didn't care he was so sleepy. I left him at the doorstep, he went in to sleep. He had four hours before he had to get up to go to work.

Well, you know I hung around the supermarket to do some shopping for my Mom. I couldn't wait. Sam.. Sam was now the biggest, buffest, blondest, hungest, tarzany flash gordon looking stud you ever saw. I didn't know he could get blonderer or more greenerer eyed. Okay, well, it sure looked that way to me. And his pecs… his lats, his biceps… HIS ASS… his quads and his calves. Did I mention his deltoid and his trapezius? And the massive horseshoe triceps?

Well, he was now my height, which I thought was perfect. And even more perfect was his blond nordic danish scandanavian cock- which I inspected personally the next evening in the showers at the gym. Wow. Sam was cooked. He wasn't overdone. He was perfect.

If I didn't have my major hunk of blonde man muscle I might have melted for Sam.

But that's fine.. cause he and Greg started staring really hard at each other. Greg… was actually shy and embarrassed around Sam. It drove Joey and I into hysterics. Sam was 17 and Greg was 18 so that was a no no but no one cared. And they were very discreet. And it was a problem that would cure itself by next summer.

After i boosted Sam I started actively looking for some people to “help”.

We had befriended Austin, the hot little japanese guy at the gym counter. He was short. He was buff for being so short. But… he sure wasn't a muscle giant like I was. So … I offered Austin a sports drink and he accepted. We would work out together, and sometimes run on the treadmills together. So that was the funnest thing, running next to Austin and wondering how much of the drink he would consume. I'd put in a new mix of 135 and what I thought of as Fred's genital growth factor, with some of the GF I'd used to make Fred into such a macho muscle monster.

So that was about 6 teaspoons of the growth factor in there. You see, Austin NEVER finished his sports drinks. He usually threw away half of them. But maybe he'd … I don't know… at any rate he drank the whole thing. That was unexpected. He was off tonight and we were supposed to see a movie. When we got to the theatre he was okay. But he fell asleep about 10 minutes into the film. Too bad, it was a good action flick. 2 hours later the lights came back up. i was able to see a bit more of the “damages” if you could call adding muscle damage! He was already a couple inches taller.

Well, he was already taller, a lot taller than the 5’4” he'd started at. And his arms and chest were swelling and he had a definite bulge in his package.

We went to his place, and I crawled into bed with him. He didn't say no. He was pretty out of it and I stripped him and then stripped myself and curled up with him in my arms. He dozed off. I held him in my arms. After a while I noticed his abs were getting more defined, and hairier too. He felt great in my arms. Now I have to tell you I'd put two teaspoons of the genital growth factor into the mix.. Yeah, I know. But I figured he'd only drink half!

Well, he was sleeping, and growing. and he was growing there too. His cock, I held it in my hand and it slowly got bigger. After an hour it was definitely at least two inches longer. It just kept growing, as did his muscles, while he slept. He developed a beard shadow and his black hair grew out shaggier and longer. His pecs were muscled and he grew taller. In the middle of the night, he suddenly almost woke up and then fell back into a more natural sleep. The salts had run their course.

The next day at the gym.. he was 6' tall. And he was much more endowed. Not like I was… but wow. And he was so butch and his voice was deeper too. So that was the start of it. But he figured out what happened.

He came to me the next week. He was friendly enough but he was very insistent and demanding. He knew that I'd spiked his drink. You just don't grow 7 inches overnight. I tried to laugh it off but he had the proof of his own growth measurements and his—observations of me and my family and friends.

Finally I asked him what he wanted.

“I want more,” Austin said.

I swore him to secrecy. Secrecy that I would undo it if he told anyone EVER. He couldn't even ever mention it again out loud, even to me.

Now I couldn't undo it but he didn't know that. And he really only wanted… to be bigger. I didn't really understand that he was a muscle and size fetishist. I liked muscle but Austin obsessed about it. He wanted to be big, as big as me or Trey or even Joey.

I hemmed and hawed and told him that I didn't exactly have the way to make it come out exactly. And that's when Austin put his hand on my giant salami and said, “And I want one of these!”

I pointed out that I couldn't wear speedos and he shivered. That was exactly what he wanted. So I figured out that I needed to add in some more of the genital growth factors too. And some of the sex—lust.. performance enhancer should keep him occupied.

So I sat down to figure out what to give him to take him all the way. I put in another full teaspoon of the genital growth factor. And then I used a mix of the 135 and the “Fred” GF. That had worked really well the first time. He'd grown 8 inches on 6 teaspoons and I gave him 7 teaspoons this time and the genital growth factor, and then I added in two teaspoons of the sex performance enhancer.

I mixed it into a sports drink and brought it to the gym and we went to his place. I gave it to him and he drank it down. He gulped it down. “Salty!” he said. Then he kissed me.

Well, that was nice. I kissed him back. I fucked him for about a half hour, and then he started to get really sleepy.

“Say goodbye to speedos” I told him. He grinned deliriously and drifted off to sleep.

I figured it was better to give it all to him at once and be done with it. If he kept his bargain, as I had kept my side of the bargain, he'd never mention it again.

I was naked in his arms so I just stayed there. He grew slowly, over the next 6 hours. When he was done he was about 2 inches taller than I was, hairy, huge, built like a powerlifter and he was hung with a huge dark slab of asian meat. He was about as hung as I was so he should be happy with that. His cockhead was really a big knob, too. His little penis had been like that, now it was the same only so massive!

So when he woke up … his face was so tough looking, handsome but seriously studly. His voice had dropped an octave and he staggered as he tried to get his new center of balance.

He looked at his awesome muscled magnificence.. he lifted his new cock, he looked at me and said, “I want more.”

uh oh.


Part 8

I tried to argue with him. You can't argue with Austin. Esp a 6’10” tall Austin. I had never made anyone taller than 7', not even Joey Franco. I was terrified. Austin was 2” taller than I was and horny… a Giant. He was a muscle freak and wanted to be freakier. He wasn't as BIG as Joey, but he wanted to be bigger. He wanted to have a bigger cock, bigger testicles, he wanted more hair on his chest, he wanted to be taller, and he wanted much more muscle. As much as he could possibly have. And he was very persuasive.

I didn't know what to do. He was a muscle stud and I was scared. He was very aggressive with me. He seduced me and we were on his bed, our hard cocks pressed together, and he was looking at them together. Then I realized, he was comparing them, with a cold clinical eye. My cock was bigger than his by a couple of inches and I was thicker, and my balls were bigger. And I had a bigger chest, and biceps. Austin wanted more. He knew I could give him more and I found it difficult to say no, especially when Austin was fucking my ass with his amazing tool. He dominated me… I had never been in a situation where I was a slave boy but that's what Austin made me feel like. I told him no, though. He was rough and insistent. I lied and told him that he couldn't have any more for at least a month or he would get sick. He didn't believe me. He made me worship his muscle and came in my face and mouth repeatedly. It wasn't sexy fun like with my friends, it was humiliating. I wouldn't cry, though. I wouldn't give him that satisfaction. And there was a part of me that loved being dominated. I hated that part of me, because I loved Joey Franco so much, it made me feel unclean and that just turned me on more. Finally Austin was done using me and he let me go wash.

When I came out of the bathroom I stopped. Austin was drinking a glass of water. I looked, and saw that my fanny pack was open. There were little scattered torn papers laying on the table. He had gone into my stash of Salt that I had been carrying, and he was drinking them down. He looked at me with a victorious, treacherous smile on his face. I felt sick. Austin didn't deserve this. And I didn't know what he'd taken. I walked forward and he backed away. He let me survey the damage.

I had marked the papers with abbreviated codes… but they were easy to figure out if you knew what they were. Joey had taken 4 teaspoons more of the “Fred” GF and another two teaspoons of the alternate genital growth factor that settled in the testicles. He looked at me triumphantly with that sick smile and I literally cringed. I was so glad I didn't have anymore of the 135 in my pack, I thought I had but I had used it at the swimming pool I guess… and the other Fred genital growth factor.

Austin suddenly was very nice to me. He told me that he was just playing rough and he thought I had liked it. It was as if he'd flipped a switch, he was suddenly Mr Nice Guy again. But I wasn't fooled. Still I was torn between the desire the leave and the desire to stay and see what happened to him. He said he was hungry, that he was a growing boy still. I didn't argue when he went into the kitchen and made us some soup and sandwiches. I was famished, from the sex, and hey, it does take a LOT of calories to feed my muscles.

After I finished the soup, I sat back and stared at Austin. He laughed. Then he pulled out of his back pocket two more papers … that had been in my fanny pack. it was a teaspoon of the Fred genital growth factor and two more teaspoons of the Fred muscle growth factor—that had made Fred so freaky muscled and hairy.

I told him he was crazy to have taken those on top of the others. He laughed again. He'd put them in my soup. I looked in the bowl. It was empty. I shivered.

Austin laughed again and said he wanted a big muscle slave.

I realized he had no idea what he'd done to me. My cock was already huge. This.. .this was like I'd been raped. I was turning into a distorted muscle hung stud and I knew pretty well what those two “Fred” GF packets would do.

Then Austin pulled his final trick. He pulled out another packet- empty. It was the sexual performance enhancer, another two teaspoons. I'd marked it in now smeared pencil, sx enhcr. Not much of a code, I guess.

“And what does this do?” Austin asked me in his sexy deep voice.

“Don't tell me you put that in my soup!”

“No, I didn't”

“Austin, you shouldn't have taken that… it's a sexual performance enhancer, it could make you out of control.”

“Yeah, I guessed that. But… I didn't take it.”

“You told me you didn't put it in my soup!”

“I didn't, I put it in your sandwich.”

I thought about trying to stick my finger down my throat but it was already too late. I had a pretty fast metabolism and even as I thought of it my stomach growled for more food.

Austin was blinking already, he was sleepy. And I was feeling tired. I could feel the insistent tug of sleep. I was terrified. What would this treachery do to me?

To make it worse, as Austin climbed into his bed, he told me, “Hey, turnabout is fair play.”

I knew he was right. I was sleepy tired and it was late now, but I wasn't going to head home. I called Trey and asked him to cover for me… that I was staying over at the Franco's to study. I figured Mom and Dad, if I was lucky, wouldn't even realize how late I would get home.

I refused to get in the bed with Austin so I sprawled out on his corner group sofa, fortunately he had an 8' sofa. I was gonna need it.

I felt my eyelids getting heavier and I—drifted off to sleep.

I woke in the middle of the night. It was 2 am and I'd been asleep for 3 hours. I felt refreshed… and okay, in general. I always felt horny these days and I felt about the same… or so I thought. What I didn't realize was that my brain now worked fine until I was sexually aroused. Then I was insatiable… a complete sex pig. I looked and there was a scattering of hair on my pecs.. my pecs were enormous! Joey Franco sized now. I gasped. I looked down and there was my massive meat hanging over my hip and down onto the sofa cushion. It was bigger, longer, thicker than ever. And felt even heavier, that was for sure.

I looked at my massive quadriceps, they had blown up with new growth. And they were hairy now, and I had a hairy muscle belly and my pubes had exploded too, like a dark curling jungle.

I stood up. I'd gained about 50 lbs and I was 6’10” tall now. My flaccid penis… like a monument, a mockery of normalcy… like one of those Tom of Finland drawings that Sam had showed me.

But those drawings were fantasy and this was reality. It was the reality I would have to live with.

I went to Austin's bedroom. He was sprawled across his bed, snoring.

He was enormous. I was disgusted with him, and I felt humiliated. I struggled into my boardshorts and pulled on my overstretched t shirt and it ripped. It ripped all over. I didn't care. I went downstairs and got on my bike and rode home.

When I got there I snuck up into my room. I thought that I was going to be alone that night, but Trey came into the bedroom.

He was so nice I wanted his company. He was in my arms and my meat, it came erect.

“I might be taller but you are definitely bigger in the basket” Trey whispered.

“Hey, you're still younger than I am… who knows how big you're gonna get?”

“As long as I'm still taller than you I don't care.”

My sexual stamina now was incredible. I stayed hard continuously. Even when I came, for minutes, I stayed hard. Only when I felt satiated, and that seemed more dependent now on my mood than on any physical limitation, did I even become flaccid.

Still, it was so good to have Trey in my arms after the terrible night I'd had with Austin. I realized that I didn't want that sort of slave boy relationship… Trey, and Joey… and Greg and Fred… they were the people who cared about me.

So I guess I finally grew up.

I slipped Trey another teaspoon of salt 135 in his breakfast. He was going to get his wish of being 7' tall.

I went to go see Joey Franco and I dosed him again with another 2 heaping teaspoons of 135 in his lunch. Wasn't hard to do as we were so busy having sex he wasn't paying attention to anything else.

Then I went to go see Uncle Joe.

I'd been avoiding him.

I went into the lab and he looked at me. Then he recognized me. Then he blinked.

I told him EVERYTHING.

I've never had such a terrible feeling as the look on his face when I was telling him what I'd done.

He wasn't cool about it.

He asked me a lot of very embarrassing things, especially about Austin.

I answered honestly. I was so scared but, you know.

I won't tell you I felt better about it. I guess I was at least happy to not be lying to Uncle Joe anymore.

Uncle Joe told me about his experiments, and that he'd not reported the results to the government. I was now his lab rat. I mean, he didn't say that but he took a blood sample and ran tests.

Apparently the mutations were stable. I wasn't going to die or explode and grow another head.

He looked at my enlarged genitals and measured. I didn't ask. I knew already.

He ran me through some strength tests and I guess I was a lot stronger than I'd realized.

Then he sat, and thought, and waited. I mean, it was like hours. Felt like it anyway. I was this huge hulking muscle stud, sitting on a lab stool, afraid to move.

Finally, he spoke.

“We can't tell anyone.” I felt hopeful. “We can't tell your parents or your brother or your friends.”


“We can't let this get out. I'm years ahead in research. If it got out, people… they would go nuts. You've seen what people do with steroids, which can kill their liver and kidneys and testicles. Even though my “Salts” as you call them, are relatively stable metabolically, we can't let this loose in the world- and it would get loose in the world. It would be bad. We need even a few more years of civilization on this planet. How many calories a day do you eat?”

“6000 or so.”

“There's enough people starving already. You few won't make a difference… but if you tripled the demand for food worldwide?”

I gulped.

“You see why it's so important that no one find out?”

“Yes, Uncle Joe, I do.”

“So now I need to think about your friend Austin.”

“He's not my friend!”

“No, he's certainly not that,” Uncle Joe said gently. “But he's a good example of how most people would behave. I'm rather surprised you seem to have picked your 'test subjects' well.”

“Can, can you undo what … I mean, can Austin…?”

“Can I shrink you boys? No. Too dangerous.”

I admit I felt relief. Being 5’8” after being a 6’10” muscled hung God would have been a major bummer.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

“The reactions would be unpredictable, the results might be organ failure or shut down… you are definitely, at least unless I make some brilliant breakthrough, going to be the size you are now.”

Uncle Joe quizzed me a lot about Austin.

Then he went to his gene sequencer and ran some simulations. Then he made a new formula.

“You have to give this to Austin, but NO ONE else.”


“It will temper his… aggressions. He's too dangerous and from what you tell me he would do injury to people.”

“So what did you…?”

“I modeled the change on your personality markers, only I knocked down the aggression even more than yours. I think he will lose his taste for dominance and crazy dangerous sex pretty quickly.”

It was easy. Too easy, really. Austin actually showed up to work. That was enough to make comments. People were convinced he'd been on the juice, and that was easy to hide the real growth factors. He smirked at me and I wanted to punch his giant stupid face in. Okay, so maybe I am a bit aggressive. So Uncle Joe is a genius. But he smirked at me cause he was 7’2” tall and truly a giant, a Chinese giant. And he was wearing a spandex unitard to show off. And man did he have a lot to show off.

He was so hot and I hated him so much. And he knew it. I was angry at myself for being so wrong.

Here's what happened. I had my gym bag, I put a sports drink in the bag and it was just a bit empty, like I'd had a few sips. I put the two teaspoons in the drink, and left the torn paper in the bag as well. I went off to get a drink at the fountain, I made a show of looking in the bag to check the drink was there, kinda casual like and then ran across the gym floor. Austin was pretending to ignore me in that I am watching every move you make way. Then I pretended to look to see what Austin was doing and I then went into the bathroom. I waited for 120 whole seconds and then came back out. Austin was looking at the paper, which I am marked in smeary pencil '135 msl grwth”. I looked alarmed and Austin grabbed up the drink.

“No Austin don't!” I said. I guess I'm a pretty good actor because he immediately drank the sports drink to the bottom. I made a show of oh no how could you and I wanted to be bigger than you and all that.

He smiled and ordered me to come with him to his place. I thought that would be a good idea, so I did.

I'm not spiteful. I'm not vengeful. But maybe I'm more like Trey than I would like to admit.

We got to his place and he dominated me and fucked me. I let him. It was just a waiting game. At least he wasn't hurting someone who couldn't take his size.

Finally, about an hour later, he got sleepy.

“Oh no you are going to be too huge!” I told him.

He must have known something was wrong but he was too sleepy. Maybe I'm not that good of an actor after all. Maybe I had a smile as wide as my face when I said that. But he fell asleep.

He woke 4 hours later.

“Oh man I have the WORST headache!”

He sat up and I walked up to him. He flinched.

“What's wrong, Austin?”

“Dude, you're huge!”

“yeah so are you?”

“I thought you were gonna hit me.”

“I don't hit people.”

“Yeah I know, it's just that you're so huge!”

“What do you mean?”

“You scare me.”

And I realized I did scare him. He was suddenly VERY sorry about everything, the way he'd acted, and he wanted to worship my big muscles. He didn't seem to realize that he'd changed at all and I didn't tell him.

I have to admit I liked his new personality. But then I realized it was the same as mine, only… not aggressive at all. Super Nice guy.

He went back to work the next day dressed down and was super nice to the customers. He helped re rack the weights, he offered to help people move their apartments, (the joke was he just picked up the apartment building) and he was generally a terrific guy to everyone. He kept apologizing to me until I made him promise to stop. And I had to let him worship my muscle and cock to prove I wasn't mad at him. Which was pretty funny, cause you know, he could pick me up and snap me in two. But that idea would horrify him now.

Who knew I was such a nice guy?

It was great cause I always had him for a spotter at the gym if Joey couldn't make it when I was there.

Trey… Trey was too distracting if I was working out. When I was on the bench press if Trey was spotting me, it was too sexual. I was afraid I would get hard and my cock would poke out of my boardshorts. Which is what I wore over the giant jockstrap that kept my junk in check. Or tried to, anyway. Thanks to evil Austin I was carrying a huge burden even with my height and muscle and … well, it was just freaky sized junk, okay?

BTW, it turned out Austin was Korean. Who knew?


Part 9

Well, I thought I was in the clear but my Uncle Joe put me to work at the lab for penance.

I didn't argue. I knew I got off lucky.

Joey had grown with the last infusion I had given him, he was now 7' 1” tall and thicker than ever. He was my dream… made flesh! A lot of flesh- all of it muscle!

As for Trey, he got his wish and topped out at 7' when the last of the salts kicked in for him.

I didn't tell Uncle Joe that I had just given them a dose when I went to go see him.

Trey spent a lot of evenings in my bed, when he wasn't with Fred or I wasn't with Joey. And sometimes we both had Greg in bed with us. Greg was tall and sexy and hung and had full muscle bellies and huge swollen pecs and his ass… mmmmm… well, he was 6’9” tall and so he wasn't as big as Trey or I. But as the weeks went by, something happened. I noticed that Greg seemed to be getting a bit taller. Over the course of a month he gained an inch and was about my height. I didn't know if it was his normal growth or what.

After two months he was definitely taller than I was. His cock was definitely longer and thicker too and his balls had grown. I knew that he wasn't getting any salt, but it was starting to worry me. Trey, he was the same- I mean, he wasn't changing like Greg. But Greg was starting to catch up with my runt brother… in all departments! Finally, one day, Greg announced that he was taller than Trey. They measured. He was, a bit. A very little bit but he was taller.

Trey took it well, like I said he'd grown up in a lot of ways. But the growth disturbed me. I couldn't figure it out. And then one day Greg was 7’1” tall and more muscular than ever. I started watching him very closely. I didn't notice anything, and then one evening he came bounding up the stairs with his limitless energy and stopped by my room. He was carrying a plate of fries into his room… while he studied he liked to snack. He opened my top desk drawer, reached in, and pulled out a salt shaker- the SALT shaker. He poured a liberal dose of salt—like a teaspoon- onto his fries and smiled and replaced the shaker in the top drawer and said, “Cheers!” and ate a french fry and then headed back to his room. I watched his muscled ass bounce as he headed out my bedroom door.

I was stunned. I had quite literally forgotten about the Salt in my desk drawer. I looked and it was maybe half full. Greg had seen it, and was borrowing salt from time to time.. and growing! So no wonder his cock was three inches longer than it was a couple of months ago, and his chest was 4” bigger!! And he'd just poured another heaping teaspoon… if not two teaspoons… of 135 onto those fries.

I sat for a minute, looking at the half empty salt shaker in my hand. Then I realized I could stop Greg from eating the fries and the Salt. I stood up, walked down the hallway and into his room. Just as he stuffed the last handful of french fries into his mouth.

“Oh, did you want some chips?”

“Uh, no, thanks… I'll get some of my own… they just… smelled good.”

“Like me?”

And I was in Greg's arms and kissing him. I grabbed his swelling package and hefted it. He was big, not as big as I was by a long shot, but his half hard cock hung halfway down his thigh, thickening prodigiously as I grasped it through his sweatpants. A major big thick-girthed handful, and I had very big hands. I thought about his cock growing another couple of inches in length and another couple of inches in circumference and him swelling taller and even more muscular, perhaps as muscled as Joey… and tore down his sweatpants and took him to the bed and mounted him from behind. He gasped in pain and joy and moaned as his cock hardened fully in my grasp. I fucked him for a few minutes, then flipped him over and continued to fuck him as I kissed him long and hard and deep… his mouth was still salty and I smelled our heady musk mixing in the bedroom and I came in his ass, hard. He gasped and moaned and clenched at the bedsheets as I unloaded a Travis sized load deep between his bouncing muscle glutes and then laid back as i just kept pumping, and cumming, deep inside him. After a moment he said, “oh god” and started to shoot himself, his cock bouncing up and down, shooting on his pecs and then on my muscled abs and pecs and then back down and spraying a long streamer of cum across his chest again. Finally I pulled out, still cumming, and the look of joy on his face energized my gigantic testicles and I suddenly shot a streamer across Greg's face and then he opened his mouth and looked at me and I leaned down and kissed him and our cum mingled with our saliva and the taste of salt and chips…

I wiped him down and he wiped me down, and I cuddled with him. He was suddenly tired. I stayed with him until I was sure he was asleep. I stood at the door, watching him sleep, splayed out across the California King Bed that my Dad had purchased for him… and was filled with deep still satisfaction, looking at him, being with him, knowing that he was safe and far from his troubles back in the UK.

Needless to say, I swapped out the Salt with salt. I hid the remainder with my stash back in the closet in the shoebox.

The next morning, I heard a thump and a muffled curse while I was sitting at the breakfast table. A moment later Greg clumsily stumbled down the stairs. My god he was built like Joey Franco. He was bigger than Joey, especially his pectorals and his quadriceps. WOW. Greg was rubbing his forehead.

“I hit my head on the closet door.”

“Get used to it,” I replied. As he sat down I surveyed his new growth. 7’3” at least, and his pecs stuck out wider than ever with his XXXL green muscle T and looked ridiculous, a stretched and shredding rag across his massive smooth expanse of chest. It didn't help that his shirt popped up about 6 inches from his waistband on his blue-green floral print boardshorts. Which, by the way, bulged dangerously as never before as his junk pushed up when he sat down at the table. Mom was used to making big breakfasts, and she looked at Greg and headed back to the waffle maker.

Greg politely took a plate and four waffles off the tray with his fork and slathered them with butter and poured maple syrup all over them. Then he cut them and forked a giant mouthful into his handsome face and looked up at me and his hazel eyes sparkled under his shaggy brown loose curly hair and he smiled and winked at me when no one was looking. Trey look at Greg and rolled his eyes at me. But he had a sparkle in his eyes too and I knew that he was very competitive… in every department.

So that was how Greg ended up bigger than Trey.

I had learned my lesson, or so I thought. That was before the accident.

My Uncle Joe ended up in a pretty bad car accident, and he was seriously injured. They didn't know if he was going to make it. It was one of those things that happen at the wrong second and there was no avoiding it… shows how fast things can change, for good or bad.

I was glad we answered the cell phone when Mom called. I mean, I usually did answer the phone, you know, but, well, Mom's voice was shaking. We were to come home immediately.

My Mom told Trey and I on the front steps when we came home early from school. I never thought I would see that look on her face.

Trey and I went to the hospital of course and Uncle Joe was out like a light. He'd been pretty badly injured, and they'd sewn him back together.

“He's just got to get better!” Trey kept saying over and over again. I have to say that seeing him sit next to Uncle Joe's bed, looking so helpless… that was worse than seeing him short or weak. Why are hospitals so… clinical?

I went to the University lab- I jiggled the lock although I would have just as easily ripped off the doorknob if I had to and and went to his notes. I read them as fast as I could. I knew only a little bit of what his work was but he'd told me enough to give me some clues. It seemed that the regenerative part of the DNA muscle growth factors might help him heal. It would take a good dose, though- the scale on that was very low response curve- but it did work. I mixed up 4 teaspoons of 135 and snuck it into the hospital. I had to figure out where the cameras were in intensive care, and when the nurses came by. I refused to leave, and, well, there my size helped. I sat in the corner and read magazine articles to Uncle Joe although he was out like a light still. The doctors hadn't yet said the word coma.

After a while the nurses let me be and even let me sit with Uncle Joe after hours cause he was so critical. I took an eye dropper and started feeding him the solution. I had to bend over him like I was talking to him and block the camera with my back. I put in a few drops at a time. His health was fragile and he was very weak so I needed to do it slowly. I wouldn't have taken the risk but I'd heard the doctors talking. They didn't expect him to live. And if he did… well, it wouldn't be much of a life.

I'd mixed it strong so it didn't take more than a couple of evenings for me to give him the whole dose. He did look a bit taller and better, he was definitely healing. While I was waiting I read some more notes, and looked up reports on the internet, and tried my best to figure out what to give Uncle Joe. I couldn't ask for help, they'd surely take away all the Salts and I wouldn't be able to stop that, without stupid escalating violence, so my massive muscles were useless here. I had to use my brain and I sweated harder than I ever had. Finally I figured that the Sam GF that changed Sam more blonde had the possibility of healing while it re-wrote someone's DNA file- that was a clue that may have saved Uncle Joe. So I gave him 3 teaspoons more the next night again. And he woke up on day 6- his hair was blonde and shaggy and his eyes were a more penetrating blue. He was okay, a bit shakey.

“Travis” was the first thing he said when he woke up. I was across the room in about two seconds and was shouting and Trey ran down the hall and into the room and the nurses ran in and the doctors were they in a few minutes and they were all congratulating each other and taking credit for Uncle Joe's recovery. Well, they did save his life after the accident. The look on Mom's face… that was a great moment.

Trey got real quiet and I thought he was going to cry but he didn't. That was going to make me cry so I had to stamp my feet and congratulate the doctors and the nurses and I didn't get to say anything to Uncle Joe that night. They doctors rushed us out and Uncle Joe got some real sleep. Greg was beaming with happiness. He'd taken a shine to Uncle Joe.

The next day Uncle Joe was awake and smiling and I was able to speak to him a bit. His eyes opened wide when he realized what I was telling him. He didn't even notice he was taller and muscled but he was laid out in bed and I guess the whole coma thing was an excuse.

He told me he hadn't thought much about regeneration using the salts, as the response had been low on the graphs. But I guess it was enough to heal him, after he was sewn back together.

He regained his strength quickly from the influence of the salts and the DNA replication. The doctors said it was a miracle. He checked himself out before they wanted him to leave. But he had to, as his wounds were healing too fast.

Uncle Joe agreed that what I'd done was okay, was okay, because his life was in danger and we shook on it. A miraculous recovery- even his scars faded away and healed over with new skin. But he was six inches taller and my Mom thought she was going crazy. Also because he was like 45 and looked like he was 25. Apparently the DNA was regenerating and making him younger. We told everyone the shock had lightened his hair color. He was shaky enough for the first week that even his increased size didn't look as impressive as in the next few weeks when he started standing up.. straighter.

And… umm… Uncle Joe had always seemed kind of asexual to me. But the dosing had awakened whatever dormant libido he had and he ended up going out to gay clubs with Trey and Greg and I and Joey Franco. So he became a bit of a party animal. I noticed that his junk got bigger too. I wondered if he dosed himself some after the hospital. Not that I was going to ask. OR that he was going to admit. Nevertheless, he was 6’4” tall and looked damned good in an XL muscle t. Especially if he wore royal blue. It was that blue eyes blond hair thing going on with the blue speedo or muscle t… Nobody believed his age so he just started saying he was 27. That was at least believable to people.

Our entire relationship changed. Uncle Joe was a young guy now and dancing and making out and I know he had quite a few conquests of his own. We even flirted like friends do…we never quite crossed the line to full on make out sex. I thought about it a lot. But I decided against it. Bad idea, I guess, Uncle Joe was near and dear to me and I didn't want to fuck that up. I mean, I did, but just not that way. Okay, I wanted it both ways but I chose one. Whew. Good thing I hadn't dosed Uncle Joe with the sex performance GF.

As for myself I had learned to control my massive libido and my massive cock. It wasn't always easy. Wanting something so badly and not being allowed to touch it, or to share that feeling…. sometimes I felt lonely. I was a sexual athlete, a 16 times Olympic gold medal athlete in the sexolympics in the category of fucking insatiable fucking sex fucking sex fuck cumming. I I was tall, but not as tall as Greg, or Trey, or Joey, and I was muscular, but not as big as Joey, or even Greg, and I was hung- bigger than I'd ever dreamed- or wanted. I could even sit on my giant soft cock and tease my own anus as I got harder, and softer, a cushion with my huge cockhead pressing at my own sphincter before I grew a semi and it forced my anus open and slipped in… and then fuck myself for a while until I couldn't hold back and I had to pull my cock out of my own ass and let it grow fully hard, springing savagely, rampantly erect.

You see it wasn't the size of my monster that was the real thing that enslaved my life, it was the 4 teaspoons of genital/sex enhancer and and 2 teaspoons of pure sex enhancer that Austin slipped me. And constantly, in the back of my mind, I heard Austin's voice, “hey, turnabout is fair play.” That echoed in my mind, every time the lust rose in me as inexorably as my cock rising against my muscled abdominals. Sometimes Greg, or Joey, or Trey, would come to help me and fuck me and suck me and I would pound their ass cumming 10, 15, 20 times in 3 or 4 hours, and the beast went back to sleep for a while… but always with one eye half open, ready to spring back to full attention, and my mind would dim as the lust overwhelmed my senses. And I even turned to gentle Austin, who was a giant, sexual monster himself, who was able to satiate my desires with his own. When I was with him, even in the act of sex, I couldn't help but think of being him being my angry muscle master, and that he had, in some twisted way, gotten his wish that I would be his superhung slave boy. That was the year that flew by and I had many conquests, but I managed to put in my time at school and even got some work part time weekends at a furniture factory… mindless but my muscles loved the exercise. My muscles couldn't get enough exercise, running, lifting, jumping, swimming, until they finally strained with sweaty exhaustion for a few minutes. That always, unfortunately, was followed by an intense sexual arousal within the hour.

But I learned not to let that switch in my head flip until it was safe to do so, and I learned to be satiated, if necessary, with less than complete sexual depletion, which was so hard for me to achieve, as the lust just rose higher and higher in my brain if left unbridled.

I looked forward to the day I was 18 and Joey and I were adults and could date more as adults… maybe even live together. I don't know if we would have ended up dating or not, if the Salts hadn't been in the picture. But they were, and we were so compatible. We didn't even need to finish each other's sentences. Sometimes we just looked at each other and we knew. It was best on those days. Being that close to someone was incredible.

That summer I was 17 Uncle Joe took us all to Hawaii. Joey and I and Trey and Fred and Greg and Sam. Joe had to (yeah I was calling him Joe. Joey was my bf and Joe was my uncle) ((Well, heck, he looked about 20! Uncle Joe just didn't work anymore!)) make up some BS scholarship excuse to include Sam, but once his parents knew it didn't cost them any money they were happy to see him go. Sam's little sister stayed with my Mom for the week we were gone. Sam wouldn't leave if she was home with his parents. I gotta tell you I never stopped thanking the universe for my Mom and Dad (and Joe) after I met Sam's parents.

At least the muscle growth made it possible for Sam to be strong physically, and that bolstered his mental strength. I really felt for those who were weak in those situations. We had it easier. It was easy to be strong.

Hawaii, what a paradise. The beach was sandy and the rain forest was full of jungle and the sun was sunny and the tropical rain was wet… it was wonderful. And there was a lot of pineapple juice. Greg took a liking to that, apparently they didn't get a lot of citrus in England. 6 ounces of OJ in the morning was a treat! And the water! Heaven… If I could breathe underwater I would never have come back up. Joey and I managed to have some fun underwater sex with some scuba tanks on a moonlit swim too. Wow. Variety… it helps!

Greg and Sam were… you know. and it was good. Except for one thing. Sam turned out to be a major size queen. And Greg was sure hung. But, Sam was always staring at me- cause, you know. It made Greg… well, Greg was pretty cool, but it would keep Sam's attention if Greg… was bigger, or at least as big, as I was.

Well, Sam was looking at my crotch a lot. Hell, I was looking at my crotch a lot. But he was definitely being cool. I decided on one final gift for Greg… and that was a teaspoon of the Fred genital growth factor.

I knew Sam wanted it and I knew Greg wanted Sam. I had been with Sam and he definitely liked it.

I know it's not usually polite to make people into freaks but this was a special case. So i had some with me in my pocket, and I contrived to sit next to Greg, and I put it in his food on the airplane. He of course sucked it down while complaining his salad was too salty. He promptly fell asleep, and woke up when we arrived in Hawaii 4 hours later.

THAT was fun. His expanded junk was pushing up (and expanding down his pants leg) and his seat belt was actually too tight so he had to loosen it.

Maybe one teaspoon was too much. But I knew Sam wouldn't complain. I guess it was the right thing to do, they are still together all this time later.

Greg even asked me about it. I told him Trey and I were huge and he was part of the family as well so it wasn't surprising he was superhung too. That seemed to… at least answer his question. Lamely, but he bought it. It made sense.

Joe (formerly Uncle Joe) was having a lot of fun with his new body. He was more normally sized than we were, I must say, and while our imposing physical presence was more noticeable he seemed to slip away with a lot of men and come back with a very satisfied smile. Guess he had the family sneak gene that Trey had. What?—Who, me? I don't know to what you are referring!

I wish Zeke could have come but he was off at some NFL training something camp summer something anyways he was getting his wish. He'd always be my friend no matter where he was and I knew it. He was massive and huge and hairy and … very different on the outside, but on the inside, or when it was just us around, he was able to be just Zeke and not the NFL muscle monster.

Greg was so big now, Sam was very happy, if a bit sore. I felt somewhat sorry about that, and contrived to slip 2 tsp of Sam's special salt into his food the first night we were in Hawaii. He grew overnight 2 inches, and even more exaggerated muscles and cock, but I think the extra size let him handle Greg's monster cock. Maybe the fact I knew that Greg and Sam slept with Greg's Cock up Sam's ass that night helped the GF accommodate Sam to Greg. Whatever the causes, they seemed made for each other.

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