The professor of reality

by RdyRoger

Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand.

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Part 1 Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand. (added: 22 Dec 2017)
Part 2
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Part 1

So I was at the Professor’s with David. He cleaned up over there.

Well this is what happened. I was using the bathroom off the lab, and I was seated, and I wasn’t careful and the urine splashed under the rim of the toilet bowl. So I’m cleaning it up and David and the Professor investigate what’s taking me so long. I tell them what happened, wash my hands, and say, “Gee, if my dick was only a foot long soft it would hang down and I wouldn’t have this problem!”

David laughed, but the Professor ignored me. Or I thought he did. David knew I had a regular 6.5” erect dick, which I was perfectly happy with. Just on the big side of average. Not a gym dick, you understand, I was about 2.5” long flaccid, hence my trouble when I was being careless. Oh well. We’re all human.

The Professor was doing research into the nature of reality itself! David and I always said that like it had a big echo… itself…itself… itself…

So after a while David’s almost done with his work and the Professor asks my help with something. He stands me in the middle of his gear, explains I shouldn’t move while he calibrates the machine, and I’m standing there helping out with this big laser gun pointed at my crotch.

“Hey, Professor, is this safe?” I asked, a bit nervously.

“Oh, Maxwell, nothing is safe,” and while I was pondering his reply he fired the machine. I just saw a bit of a flash, really, sorta purple light. “but this should fix your problem right away.”

“What the hell just happened? Did you shoot neutrons at my crotch or what?” I was freaked out.

“Oh, no, nothing so simple. That was a precisely calibrated reality field expansion tesseract.”

Well, I figured it was harmless, you know, Some sort of light show thingy or something.

“Ha ha, not funny Professor. You scared me!”

“Maxwell, while nothing is safe I would never be the one to do anything to hurt either you or David. Run along now and I’ll see you tomorrow David.”

So David and I head out the door, and walk the two blocks over to my house. “So do you wanna come inside?” I ask him.

“Sure thing-!” and he kisses me like usual and that’s pretty cool. David’s a handsome blond twink—short, slender, cute. He’s 5’8” tall and I’m 5’10” tall. He has a perfect 5” dick on him, perfect for his size.

I’m feeling extreme pressure from my raging hard on in my pants about now so I grab his hand and drag him up the back stairs to my room and lock the door.

He starts pulling off his shirt, as do I, He is a bit quicker so he’s standing there in his boxer briefs when I kick off my jeans.

Something feels a bit off, but I’m so randy I could care less. David is staring at me though.

“What?” I ask.

He doesn’t say anything but he walks over to me and pulls down my boxer briefs. “Holy fuck!” says David.

I look down expecting to see my usual 6” erection, but….hanging there, just a bit chubby, above a giant set of balls, is my cock. And it’s about 13 inches long. Barely even chubbed a bit.

I was gonna reach down but David beat me to it. He grabbed my cock, and his fingers felt small on me. Then my brain re-calibrated and I recognised his hand was normal size, it was my cock that was big. Real big. David stroked me once and it was like freaking fourth of July fireworks in my brain. I never felt anything like that much pleasure from any orgasm and he was just barely stroking me.

David stared at my cock, mesmerised, and as it swelled prodigiously I grabbed onto the coke can thick shaft with one, then two hands as it lengthened. It was long and thick and fat and was getting longer…! My God I was like two fucking feet long when I was fully erect—hard as steel! Fuck!—and my fingers were forced apart as it grew firm, a giant tower of erect meat, and swinging below two giant hairy testicles, each about five inches along their longest diameter! They were huge and potent!

I was so turned on I couldn’t even speak, I could barely moan and pant. I stroked this massive cock—it certainly wasn’t my cock—and pretty quickly it was fully dripping pre-cum like I never even dreamed, sticking out about 22 inches, and then I shot my load on David. It was a huge blast of cum, like some fake porno. I shot about 12 long streams of cum on him. He was gonna have to shower before he went home. And borrow a set of my underwear. His were soaked with my cum. He was on his knees, cum dripping from his hair and face down across his already cum covered chest. He blinked in astonishment.

“That is the fucking hottest thing that has ever happened to me!” said David.

“No fucking shit!” I said. Sorry about the profanity. Then I said, “What the fuck happened to me?”

My cock was drooping, becoming flaccid, although I felt even more turned on, but it continued to shrink until it was merely a foot long flaccid cock hanging down over some gigantic balls I sure didn’t have this morning!

We both realised about the same time. It was impossible, but… the Professor. Somehow his tesseract had expanded my genitals until they were—well, until I had a foot long soft cock. I had about 4 or 5 times bigger genitals than this morning. But how? And why? I hadn’t even felt anything, not except the fear of being shot with a laser cannon. I hadn’t even taken off my jeans at the lab.

“Fuck, I guess this is what you get when you hang out with a super science genius,” I said. Then I walked to my bed, learning a different balance with my enlarged genitals, and sat down.

David was still on his knees, cum dripping all over him. Suddenly we both started laughing, not because it was funny but to relieve the stress of being so freaked out.

Needless to say, David spent about three hours examining my new cock, giving me blowjobs as best he could manage, and generally having a grand time. Finally I felt sated. We were cleaned up and curled up on my bed, both of us staring at the giant root of my foot long flaccid cock, with fascination.

David reached for it again but I slapped his hand away. Not meanly, but I said, “I don’t want to start again! I want to think about this.” My mind was finally clear enough to think about thinking and I was trying to figure out what to do.

“David, what should I do?” I asked.

“Waddaya mean?”

“I mean, look at this thing, it’s a foot long soft!” Already I could feel it stirring.

“What you should do is nothing,” said David.

“What?” I demanded, “the Professor has to fix this.”

“Not necessarily. And not necessarily tomorrow anyways.”

I stopped to think about me, a junior in High School with a foot long schlong walking into the showers at the gym. Okay, I admit I was surprised to find that idea a turn on. Guess I had some exhibitionist in me.

Well eventually David went home, but not before I posed for him in a lot of my underwear, almost all of it too small now, but I had 5 pieces that would accommodate my cock and balls—black stretch boxer briefs, one oversized white jock strap, and some blue spandex briefs that were super stretchy.

We figured out I could wear my same jeans with new underwear and although I showed a big bulge if you looked, I guess you might think it was keys or my wallet or my foot long soft cock.

The Professor worked late and slept in, so I knew I wouldn’t see him until after school.

All day long during school I had this big weight in my jeans, not just my cock but my huge balls too. They were heavy! I admit it felt really good. Hot. Sexy. It didn’t help that David winked at me whenever I looked his way. Finally we dressed for gym in the locker room and I actually managed to hide my giant endowment changing in the corner of the lockers. Although I had a much more obvious bulge in my gym shorts, as my overstrained jock strap wasn’t quite up to the job of holding… 2 pounds, 3 pounds? of human cock and balls.

We played b-ball and I did really well, better than usual, by quite a bit, and it just seemed I not only was quicker and stronger and had more energy but I was able to reach the basket easier.

David said it after the game. “Max, you’re at least 3 or 4 inches taller than you were last night.”

I looked down at David. I always looked down at David, a bit, he was 5’8” tall to my 5’10” tall. Only now I was looking down on him about 6”. I was at least 6’2” tall. Everyone ignored me all the time anyway, so they just didn’t pay attention.

Until the showers.

I was gonna forgo a shower, but the coach was watching with his shrill whistle yelling at us to get in the shower and soap the sweat and grime off of us. He insisted everyone shower, as it was his policy etc. So I did. But when I walked to the shower with my gym towel around my waist, (and it was a gym towel that could have been 4 inches bigger in every direction!) and threw the towel over the hanger, and stepped up under the faucet sprayer, now 4” closer to my face than I was used to, and started soaping up and everything was normal for about 30 seconds. Then it got really quiet, none of the guys were talking. A few were whispering together, a few were casting glances at my swinging foot long completely flaccid fat cock, and 3 guys were staring. “Gay!” I thought.

David saved me, weirdly, he walked up beside me to the next shower, and said very loudly, over the water spray, “Geez, Maxwell you really did have a growth spurt! I thought you were kidding me.”

He laughed and said, “I’ll believe you next time you tell me something, I promise.” So somehow everyone went back to…washing, and also staring, but… I wasn’t considered a freak. Of course they hadn’t seen me hard. Down, boy! I thought. Yup I was pretty turned on. I guess they thought I was probably one of this men who didn’t change size much when I got turned on. But I was a grower…!

I sure had a gym dick now!

Well we made it off campus, me in my high water jeans now too short for my legs, and made a beeline for the Professor’s lab.

I didn’t accost him or accuse him, he was an odd duck, so I asked him really conversationally, “Hey Professor, how did you manage to lengthen my cock yesterday?”

His brow furrowed like he was expecting me to complain but I said, “I mean you completely fixed my problem. But I noticed I’m about 4 inches taller than I was yesterday. Not that I’m complaining about it!”

The Professor blinked and then said it was something residual field anomaly effects from the primary expansion.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought it was.”

“I can undo it if you want me to,” said the Professor helpfully. I opened my mouth to say yes but the word no came out instead. I thought, “What did I just say?” but I wasn’t sorry.

I suddenly realised I didn’t want a 6 inch erect cock that was only 2.5” soft after having a 12 inch soft cock. I also didn’t want to have a regular set of testicles when I could keep these huge balls I had stuffed in my crotch!

I mean, it was a bit extreme, but, really, what was I gonna do walk into the showers tomorrow and show up with a 2.5” flaccid cock?

How was I gonna explain that, and also what if the Professor screwed up and shrank me too much? Nope. I wasn’t going back under that machine.

I went over into the corner to sit and think. It was my favorite spot in the lab. David was whispering to the Professor, telling him what a great thing he’d done, and etc, I couldn’t really hear him. I started thinking about life with a permanently giant cock. I did have a big grin on my face I think.

But the Professor went back to work and David went back to sweeping the pristine floor.

My mind was lost in a haze, when suddenly I realised David was standing in the machine, acting all nonchalant, but completely stock still, like a posed mannequin, and before I could even open my mouth there was a bright purple flash from the laser. I mean, it looked powerful. A lot brighter than I remembered but now I was watching from the sidelines when David was getting shot with who knows what tesseract field thingy. Geez, is that what happened to me yesterday? Lucky I wasn’t KFC cause I was chicken and I wasn’t going back into that laser machine, not ever. Nope. That looked like it should burn a hole right through you.

David stood still for a second, looked at the Professor and asked, “All done?” and the Professor said something. He was already studying charts and graphs and equations on his giant projection computer screen. He did a lot of work on it, and somehow automated a lot of the functions so he worked fast.

David walked up to me and smiled and said, “My place or your place?”

I looked at his crotch. It didn’t look any bigger, but then I remembered mine was normal until we started walking home, and I don’t think I was taller yesterday but I was this morning. I told this to David and he hugged me and said, “Just figured that out?”

It felt weirdly good, being so much taller now and having David, this short blond twink in my arms. He really had to look up at me. Hot!

Well, we went to David’s. His Mom worked night shifts and his Dad left over fights about his gay son going to reprogramming camp, which his Mom opposed.

David had a really nice, although older, king-sized mattress, which was funny because he was a short guy. I teased him about it sometimes.

When we got out of the Professor’s, walking to David’s house three blocks away, I said, “David, you could have been fried in that machine! You know the Professor is crazy!”

“You didn’t get fried yesterday, “ he said calmly. I hate it when I’m excited and he’s calm, because he’s always right. “And I didn’t hear you say change me back, when he offered.”

“Yeah, well, I had this toilet seat problem….” He laughed.

“But what if it goes… you know, wrong? And who knows how tall I’m going to get? I may be begging the Professor to undo it before I turn into a giant!”

“A giant? So would that be so terrible?” I ignored David and changed the subject.

“So does your cock feel any different?”

“Maybe a bit,” said David.

We walked in silence for the next block.

“Yes, definitely… I feel something…” said David.

“Okay, I get it, I guess most men would take a chance to have a giant cock that was this freaking wonderful. I know you know how this makes me feel.” I admitted to David.

“That’s mostly because I wanted to feel it myself you know, why I asked the Professor,” said David, “I would hate myself forever for giving up an opportunity like that. I saw how freaking insanely hot your orgasms were last night! You couldn’t get enough and you were unstoppable. Not that I wanted you to stop!”

David was walking a bit funny, so he reached down and adjusted himself. Whatever he moved around gave him some extra room in his crotch.

“Oh, David,” I said, “what have you done?”

At David’s house I followed him upstairs. He looked great, I mean his ass looked great in those slacks that fit him so well.

Now it was my turn. It was a bit sooner than yesterday with me, you know, but David was feeling it. So I just had to see! And I admit I thought about the fact I’d still be bigger than David, because he’d had barely a five inch dick. He might have a 10” long soft cock. Which I would be very happy for him to have, you know.

We undressed, and I stripped completely naked. Having a fat foot long soft swinging in the breeze gives you confidence.

David was hiding a giant bulge in his crotch, he was wearing really too large black underwear for a little guy—almost like he’d planned it. Of course he’d planned it!

I pulled down his square cut stretch boxer briefs underwear and there was a thick root, large balls, big long cock… not as big as mine, you understand, but really big, like 9” long flaccid.

But as I stared, I saw his genitals were inflating larger. Right in front of my nose.

Soon he had 10”, 11”, 12”… and he slowed to what seemed a stop at just over 13.5”.

We measured. “Why are you bigger than I am?” I asked.

“Because we’re both size queens although you won’t admit it and I’d rather have an inch too long than 3 inches too short.”

“So the setting on the machine, it was different for you?”

“Of course, it has to be custom for everyone. You’re not mad I’m hung a whole 1.5 inches longer than you soft?”

And I realised I might be a bit jealous, but never mad. Not with David.

“Hell, no, David, if it makes you happy I think it’s fucking hotter than anything!”

So I reached out and grabbed his fat cock near his root. Shit it was thicker than mine! “What did you tell the professor?” I asked.

“I told him our size difference and asked him to make me just a bit bigger than you. I mean, I expected maybe a half inch. but I got an inch and a half. Oh well.” But as we were talking I was staring. Things were still changing. I could feel his shaft in my grip swell thicker, but not like he was getting erect. I measured him again. He was 14” soft now.

“Better make that two inches bigger than me, David.”

He looked down, startled, and then we both watched as his cock hung lower still and grew just a bit more to 14.5” long. That was a lot more than my 12”, if you were to compare, which I was.

I could feel his shaft swelling in my hand, then I was stroking him, and he was becoming more and more erect, a bit slower than I had yesterday but he had to pump even more blood into his monster. I looked under his shaft and yes, he had two giant testicles. Bigger than mine by about 50%.

“What did you ask the Professor?” I demanded.

“Just a few custom modifications. Nothing to worry about or lose sleep over.” Well, it was his turn to shoot all over me, and yeah, he shot even more cum. Like 20 shots. Fucking hot as hell.

I caught some in my mouth and swallowed. It tasted—better, weirdly. He had one of those big walk in showers so we had a lot of fun in there.

After a few hours we paused. I don’t think David was even sated or close to tired out, although his meat was soft. 14.5” soft. “Measure me!” said David.

The fucker was 15” soft now. I looked at his balls and realised they’d swollen to an even bigger magnitude than a few hours ago. His shaft was even thicker still. Fuck!

I thought I had problems with 12”. I can hide 12” in loose jeans. I yelled at him.

“No you really can’t, Maxwell, or rather, I can hide my 15-inch long, 4-inch wide soft cock just about as easily as you can hide your 12-inch by 3 and a half inch—” Suddenly David stopped. He was staring at my cock, you know, we were in his bed, and then he demanded, “Measure yourself!”

“What, no, I mean,” but David already had the tape measure in his hand and he looked up at me and said, “13.25.”

“Oh, that’s just because I am not completely soft.”

“Is it?” David said ominously.

“Stand up, stand up!” he back me to a wall and he grabbed a book and a pencil and marked my height. He carefully measured.

“6’5” tall,” he said.

“What, that’s impossible, I’m still about the same bit taller than you I was after practice today.”

“That’s because we are both growing, Max. I’m taller, maybe 3 inches, and you’re taller, 3 inches. So we didn’t notice tangled up in the shower. But what does that mean for me tomorrow?”

I tried to think about the math growth percentages but David said, “Don’t bother. The machine was set different for me.’

“What are you not telling me?”

“To give me about a 2.5x bigger cock, the residual field effect is also bigger for me.”

“Let’s hope it stabilizes for me tonight,” I said to David. I had an image of me going back into the machine a thousand times, never getting it set right. Too big, too small.

I was gonna stay with him but he wanted me to leave. My trousers were such high waders I stopped at Target and bought new pants and a t- shirt that was a size bigger and for Tall men.

I went home and went to bed early.

In the morning I was glad I’d bought the two inch too long jeans at Target. They were about right on me now, because I was 6’7” tall. I was a really tall man now.

I even looked more muscular and manly in my mirror, which, I thought, was because my balls were making a lot of testosterone, being so big. I flexed my arms. They were brawny with muscle, with good sized biceps. I measured them at 18”. Wow.

So I was waiting for David at school. He was a bit late to class, so made a big entrance, you know. He’d had to buy new clothes in the morning. Well, it didn’t look too bad. He was a tall teenager now, still had cute blonde hair. After our first period class I stood next to him and he was my height exactly. 6’7” tall.

“You look amazing!” I said to David.

“Do you really think so?”

“Yes I do you horse hung stallion.”

“Stop talking like that… I’ll get a hardon.”

“Sorry,” I said. What I neglected to mention was David’s 15” cock was 26” long erect. That’s a problem. But not as much of a problem for a 6’7” man as it is for a 5’8” man.

So we went through the day. Most of the kids thought we were transfer students, I didn’t look much like me and he didn’t look anything like the blond twink from yesterday. Even our voices were different, more resonant.

On the basketball court we pounded up and down and …well, we were the new stars. At the end of the game I realised I was looking up at David’s eyes. This was a new dynamic, him being the big man. We measure on the scale and I was 6’8” tall. He was 6’11” tall. In one night!

In the locker room I stripped and wrapped a towel around myself.

David threw his towel over his shoulder and walked naked to the showers.

Well, people stopped looking at me too much that day in the showers. Because David was sporting about 7” more than I was, it looked like. Even his shaft looked much thicker than last night. His balls were twice the diameter as mine!

Everyone had a circle jerk sort of in the showers, watching David and I, me about 23” erect, David 29” erect. Fuck. We both blew huge loads so then did it again.

Watching David soap up his giant body, that massive cock and pendulous swaying balls, the soapy water cascading down everywhere was freaking insane. Whew!

After showers, we dressed.

“I just hope this ends well,” I said to David.

The Professor seemed pleased with David’s results, they’d matched his calculations apparently. Does that mean David had asked for a 15” soft cock? hmmmm. I wondered if David told the Professor he now had a 17” soft if that would be too much for the Professor? Or would he think that was fine? He’d mentioned 2.5x expansion… so.. Was mine 2x? or…?

David did most of his work in silence.

“Hey, Professor, I wanted to thank you again for what you did for me with your machine!” I said. He blinked and then remembered and smiled, “Anything for my young protégés, Maxwell.”

“Aww thanks Professor. I had a technical question about your new technology…?”

The Professor was very pleased. “Yes dear boy, what is it?”

“I noticed the residual field effects continued to affect my height since I saw you last, and wanted to know if that was going to continue or end?”

“Oh, yes, well, a bit difficult to say, stretching space-time effects the surrounding reality”

“I understand.” I really did. Wow.

The Professor beamed. “Yes, well, the energy from the laser should be completely dissipated by… oh, maybe another three days. After that the reality matrix is stable. In the meantime I should caution you both against exercising too much unless you want to be bodybuilders. I’ve loosened the constraints of reality about you and they haven’t, well, tightened up yet.”

“Oh, that’s why I was more muscular this morning after playing basketball yesterday.”

“Yes, quite right, you are both very intelligent. If I’d had more students like you two I wouldn’t have left the University.”

“That’s okay, Professor, I think having bigger muscles will make me stronger and it will be easier for me to… exercise and work.”

“Quite right, Maxwell, but don’t neglect your homework with David.”

“Oh I promise I won’t!” I assured the Professor. He seemed to have no idea that he’d created two giant man-beasts.

Walking away from the Professor’s house I looked at David. He seemed taller again.

“So that’s why our orgasms are so off the charts… we’re still in flux, changing…” I said to David. Who was now about 7 feet tall. And hotter than ever.

“You want to come to my place?,” I asked David.

“Gym first.” David replied. So we went to the school gym which was open but mostly deserted, and we did a complete full body workout routine, all the major strength exercises, squats, bench press, standing overhead press, deadlifts, seated bench rows, on and on, six sets of each at six repetitions to max failure … and a really thorough workout for my abs. Owwwww.

And David was already stronger than I was. I mean, his bench press was 90 pounds more, just for starters. He pounded out the bicep curls with 90 pound dumbbells. I was using 70 pound and straining to do six reps. David was going 10-12 reps. And if it seemed tough he just gritted his teeth and wouldn’t give in and then somehow he was curling impossible weights. He was bench pressing with 5 plates on each side of the bar. He was doing incline squats with 20 plates. How? I think he forced it into reality. Easier with the matrix loosed about us. I took his example as a challenge and went back and redid some of the max weights, just to prove maybe I could.

He really pushed himself. “Max, we have another two days, me maybe three…”

“… and then the Professor puts you back in the machine again!” I said. David looked scared at the thought of that.

Then we went to my place. Forgot about homework. Had wild sex for six hours nonstop, egging each other on with compliments and teases. Definitely looked more ripped and hard, but not massively huge with muscles or anything. Still, the matrix was solidifying. Who knows where we would be in the morning? Changes were occurring just more slowly.

David went home about 11:00 pm. He didn’t look too much different or that much taller than earlier. Hmm.

I woke up bleary to the alarm clock, reached out, and smashed it to pieces. uh oh. My arm was massively muscled.

I stood up slowly. I walked to the full length mirror. Yes, I was a bit of a bodybuilder. Like Lee Haney was a bit of a bodybuilder. Didn’t seem much taller, maybe a bit.

When David arrived at class; holy shit. I mean, wow. Just that different setting on the machine or one day earlier gym workout than me and he walked in. Tall, blond, gorgeous, muscled like a gorilla, with his giant cock of course.

When David woke up, he told me, he was all tangled up in pyjamas and sheets and blankets and he was kinda freaking out because he felt this huge weight on himself. He was feeling the weight of his own massive lats on his back as he lay on his stomach. They were each about 6” thick. Yup, he staggered to his feet, tossed off the bedclothes, ducked for a second cause he thought he might hit his head on the ceiling, but he didn’t. He was only about 7 foot 5 inches tall then.

So he stood, slack jawed staring in the mirror at his magnificent body and giant muscles and giant cock. He felt his pectorals. They were huge, ripped, and hard. He flexed his biceps in the mirror. A giant 15” diameter ball sized bicep popped up and he gasped in astonishment.

He had to sit behind his desk at school, his knees wouldn’t fit under the desk. Well, neither would mine. He looked at me and winked. There was my little blond twink. Now inside a giant bodybuilder muscle dream body.

I also have to say one more thing, you know, that I was a lot more sexual now… I mean, the six hours of sex last night really changed my reality. I looked at David. I could tell he was thinking the same thing.

At PE, the coach was fortunately a sub, so he didn’t know we weren’t supposed to be giant men.

My XXL gym shorts were strained to contain my goods and my massive quads, while I threw David the largest I had bought, a 4XL pair. They were painted on that giant with his monster cock and muscles straining to burst the fabric.

Basketball was a dream, so easy now. Of course I could probably play pro football now, especially if I hit the weights one more time…

Well, my weight stabilised and so did my size. I was 6 feet 9.5 inches tall.

David, well… David was 7 foot 8 inches tall. And he carried a lot more muscle than I did. But I was okay with it, I mean, I liked it, but not in a bad way. I was happy for him. I might be a Mr Universe—he was beyond that.


Part 2

Well, you know that our buddy Eric wanted to know what had happened to his friends to make them giants—and he knew that David worked for the Professor.

So he confronted us, demanding the truth, and we told him and his best friend Sam what had happened. Eric was sorta pudgy, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, South Asian sorta guy I always liked his beautiful darker skin. If he lost weight he’d probably be handsome. He had a normal sort of uncut cock, you know I’d never seen his erect but it was probably 6 inches. Right then his face was pudgy too.

Sam was a very small guy. Claimed to be 5 feet 2 inches tall but I think maybe he was just 5 feet tall. He was black, handsome enough but his voice was kinda squeeky. But he was a good guy.

So they came along to the Professor after we asked permission. The Professor was gratified people liked his work and he needed test subjects, I think, and he was glad we didn’t just show up demanding something.

So after a conversation (private, I didn’t get to listen) with each of the boys separately, The Professor in pretty quick order ran up a design for Eric and another for Sam.

Eric just stood there with this look on his face, you know… like something was gonna go wrong and he wouldn’t get the reality changing laser blast. But after fiddling for way too long the Professor was ready, and Eric stood there absolutely still, and BLAM! Purple light laser blast. Eric blinked. “Is that it?” he asked. “Did it work?”

“My dear Eric, that was the whole procedure.”

“But it was so… I didn’t feel anything.”

“Quite right, why would you feel anything when your reality is changing? You are in the middle of it changing too! So you wouldn’t feel anything. If you did that would be a problem. Now go sit down and let me finish up with young Samuel here.”

And the procedure was started up again. This time Samuel went and whispered something to the Professor, who then changed some settings. It was making me crazy. What was he doing to them?

What if he made them into freaks too big to live normal lives? Although that was hot in my mind, I knew it would be a trouble.

Well, Sam stood there, and then he whispered something again to the Professor, who changed one setting. What was he doing????

Pretty soon the setup was ready, Sam stood there, and the Professor clicked the button. BLAST! went the purple laser. I gotta learn to look away when he fired that thing. I saw spots.

Then the Professor kicked us out but made Sam and Eric promise to check in with him for the results for his study notes.

Eric was squirming in his seat with anxiety and anticipation. Or was it something else going on I wondered?

He jumped up and practically ran out the door. He ran all the way down the block, then back again, and kept doing stuff like that while we hiked over to the school gym. It was after hours and I locked us in so we would be undisturbed.

So then came the moment of unveiling. David and I stripped so the other teens wouldn’t be so self conscious. Well of course they were, we were both working to try and make them more comfortable.

Eric was sweating from all the running he’d been doing. He said it was to lose the fat, that he could change himself really fast if he burned off the fat in the first three days.

Sam was pretty quiet. I asked what he’d been talking to the Professor about.

“I only have about a 3 and a half inch cock” admitted Sam. “I wanted to be sure I was big enough to be noticeable you know, so I wouldn’t regret it later, chickening out and missing the opportunity.”

“Come on guys quit stalling,” said David. “We’ve seen you plenty of times in the locker room in the buff.”

Eric and Sam stripped simultaneously, so I found my eyes darting back and forth super fast.

Eric took off his dress shirt, and then his t-shirt underneath. Then he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his slacks, and I saw there was already something going on there because he sorta had to strain to release the top button.

He was wearing red Andrew Christian briefs, the stretchy spandex kind, which was good because he was already showing a big size increase in his package.

Sam stripped off his Henley, kicked off his shorts. Sam was wearing cheap white briefs from JC Penney it looked like. There wasn’t too much going on in his basket yet, but he’d gone under the laser second.

Finally David walked over the Eric and pulled down the red briefs, which took some doing.

While he was doing that I walked over and started to pull down Sam’s briefs but he said, “Not yet.”

Eric was standing there, David pulled down those red briefs, and out tumbled a 10 inch cock and plum-sized balls, his cock not as thick as mine or David’s but darned impressive.

“Well, that’s different,” said Eric. He hefted his meat. It was large in his hand. Then he let it fall back down.

I thought that maybe he’d, you know, chickened out and told the Professor not too big so he only had 10 inches. But boy was I wrong. I could see his meat was still growing. It wasn’t too fast but it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Soon it was 11”, which was a major upgrade from 10” cause he was thicker now too, but he kept growing, his cock hanging longer and lower, until he was a full foot long.

But 12” wasn’t enough for Eric, apparently, because his cock insistently grew bigger and bigger. Pretty soon it was 13 inches long and it kept growing. Then it was 14 inches long… and it seemed to stop.

Hanging down behind his massive cock was a set of balls that looked like two baseballs in a sack. Huge.

“Wow, you went all out!” David said, “You look awesome!”

With Eric’s permission he started stroking Eric’s new beef log and it starts to get erect. Pretty soon there was 20” of cock standing out, proud and hard.

Sam, we’d forgotten Sam. I turned to look at him and saw something slowly expanding in his briefs. Already he looked like he was packing, maybe about 7 inches or so. Also his balls seemed really big, in comparison to the size of his cock, you know?

Pretty soon those tighty whiteys were pulling pretty tight. It started to look uncomfortable, so he finally pulled down his briefs and stood there naked. He blushed but he was pretty turned on I think.

So he’s got maybe—maybe 8 inches hanging there. I thought to myself, you know, at least he was reasonable in his size increase, right?

Well I was wrong. Sam looked down and lifted up his meat. We watched it. It seemed to be growing, but a lot slower than Eric’s had. I commented on it.

“Yeah the Professor said mine would take more time because it was a bigger change,” said Sam.

I almost laughed because I thought, “Sam has an 8” soft cock but he’s unhappy because it’s not big enough.

Eric looked at the weights and said, “I might as well get started.”

Well he didn’t know anything about weight training but both David and I were there to help. We started him on squats using just the bar, you know, to learn balance.

I turned back to Sam.. Now he was finally entering the mythic size cock range like us. He looked to have at least 11 inches hanging there. He was cut with a large knobby glans at the end. He looked at me with sort of an intense gaze and says,” I told the Professor to make mine really big.”

“Uh… did you specify a size range?”



Because the Professor was weird. How big would he think big was? We would soon find out.

I looked back and Eric was on the bench press now. Again, with just the 45 pound bar. But he was learning.

I turned back to Sam and was startled. His cock had expanded a lot while I was looking at Eric. I didn’t think I’d looked away that long. But he was hanging 13 inches, and then he sits down in a chair, leans back and splays his legs apart. He’s looking at himself in the mirror.

Before too long Sam’s at 14”, about the same size as Eric, which is really too big, but he doesn’t stop growing. Sam keeps feeling his meat, as it grows larger and heavier, and his small hands look tinier and tinier on his cock. His balls were already larger than Eric’s.

“Oh Professor what did you do?” I thought.

Sam was soon 15” long, then 16” long, then 17” long, then 18” long. I was about ready to drag him back to the Professor when he stopped growing.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I mean, you could hang 18… or maybe 19 inches of cock in loose trousers.

Forget 501’s. Never gonna happen. Sam had been far too small and now maybe he was far too big.

He started to stroke his meat, which actually took some effort it was so big and heavy. But the nerve connection thing must have kicked in because he was squirming with joy at the sensation flooding him. I mean, I was maybe jealous for a second, but Sam seemed out of control. Oh, and by the way, he had two softballs hanging there. Fortunately the left was higher than the right. But how was he to get that in trousers?

Pretty quick he had a big fat chubby going on, and I mean big and fat chubby when I say big and fat.

Finally, and it took some time, he was hard. He was, I have to admit, magnificent, his cock about 24 inches long. Monstrous but, you know, he could walk around with it. Although he was clumsy. His balance was way off. He probably weighed 120 pounds, and 20 pounds of that was cock and balls.

He wanted some help so I obliged him and he shot like a water cannon maybe 14 or 17 blasts, I don’t know, I lost count. When he was done, he sorta leaned back in the chair, and his cock was slowly becoming flaccid, shrinking down until it was merely 18 or 19 inches long.

I looked over and saw Eric was taking a break. By which I mean, he had my boyfriend sucking his huge cock. Finally Eric shot a gusher of cum, and his cock softened a bit, but he was sitting up and bright eyed and as soon as he could get his cock back into his gym shorts (he’d changed) he went back to the weights.

“Hey man, you gotta clean up!” said David. So Eric took the hose and washed both his and Sam’s cum down the drain. At least it was an easy clean up. “So what’s next?” asks Eric. So I start him on deadlifts. But this time at least he had a couple of 25 pound plates on the bar. And it seemed a lot easier for him.

Then I turned back again and looked at Eric and saw that his fat was disappearing. It wasn’t completely gone, but it was definitely disappearing fast. And for the first time I noticed how hairy Eric was. I think his hair was growing in thicker and darker, especially on his pecs.

Sam seemed a bit recovered, and I found his shorts and handed them to him with his underwear. Well, no matter how stretchy the spandex, Eric wasn’t going to fit into the Andrew Christian. He pulled them on and tried to stuff his balls in the pouch. No go. So then he tries to shove the tip of his cock in the pouch, but it loops back up higher than his waistline. Then he tries to pack it in like some zig zag snake thing, and it still stuck out to high. And the red fabric was starting to show strain and unravel. Already I could spot two tiny holes in the spandex, that just kept getting bigger.

“Hell, I might as well fireball!” said Sam.

He pulled up his shorts and his cock hung down past the hem about 8 inches. He was able to button the shorts higher, which didn’t help the cock hanging out problem, but he had to cover his monstrous balls. He stood up, clapped his hands and walked to the weights. But he got on a treadmill and started running first thing. He was a little guy but a decent runner so I think he did like 5 miles right away. But when he got off the treadmill he wasn’t even breathing hard. It was like easy for him.

Eric came over then and got on the treadmill and pounded out 7 miles. He was covered in sweat, exhausted but happy when he was done. I’d increased the incline on Eric. A lot. His ass was already looking fine in his gym shorts, not blown up or anything, but tight and round.

Well I took Eric under my wing and David took Sam and we did our complete whole body workout. It took 2 hours normally to do that, but we were at it about 3 hours because we had to teach them what was what. Finally we’re like done, and suddenly Eric and Sam remember to thank us, and they do, and then they can’t stop saying thank you. They’re eyeing each other, and they’re going to go get some “food.”

“You can use the pool house…” said David. “Just cover up the mattress with a Jacuzzi cover so you don’t soak the sheets in cum. And make sure you wash everything down the drain, not into the pool!”

They promise okay and head out. They’re gonna go to someplace to get some chicken and then to the pool. Well, Sam had to do something about his “indecent exposure” problem. So he looped his cock back up his trouser leg and hung it through the crotch and back down the other leg.

Well here’s what happened. I was kinda worried about them, especially little Sam. I follow them to the chicken shack and they ordered two giant buckets to go. hmmm.

They still looked the same as they always had except Eric had slimmed down, definitely , and if you didn’t look at his monster crotch, he looked like any other kid at school. I knew that wouldn’t last.

So after they made it safely to the pool house without any of the school bullies bothering them, I knew they would be okay.

Tomorrow morning, they wouldn’t have to worry about bullies anymore. I did wonder how tall they would become, and how muscular. David was gigantic because he’d been exercising right after his reality blast, and these two if anything had overdone the training David had done by 50%.

So they made love together that evening, screwing each other in every conceivable way that still fit, and then they fell into a deep slumber, curled up in each other’s arms. I thought about that later. Them spending the night together with reality so fluid for them… any wonder they fell in love and became a couple?

I headed over to the pool house at first light with clothing for the guys. I looked in and saw two large men sleeping together, barely fitting on the California King mattress.

I looked again. These weren’t men. They were giants. Eric’s arm hanging off the mattress looked as big as a leg, and Sam’s gargantuan arm made Eric’s look tiny. What had Sam told the Professor?

They were naked, of course, their massive junk splayed out, and as I entered the door the sound of the latch woke up Sam. The giant black man on the mattress started to move. There was a deep, rumbling groan of waking up and yawning, and then he froze. He remembered. He carefully climbed out of bed, trying not to awaken Eric, but Eric was already stirring without Sam by his side.

Sam stood up. and up. and up. Shit, he was taller than 8’ I thought! Even more freaky was the incredible size of his muscles. He stretched his arms wide-yawned. Then he turned to look into the mirror. And froze again. Then he moved his arm. The massive arm in the mirror moved. He posed a double bicep—cold—and his arms and shoulders were bigger than David’s. I think his biceps were in the range of 27 or 28” even then.

I looked over. Eric was sitting on the edge of the bed. His knees stuck up because his legs were so long the mattress wasn’t set tall enough for him. But he looked comfortable enough. That was the first time I noticed how incredibly handsome Eric was. Almost as handsome as my blond David. I think Sam’s loving gaze transformed Eric overnight. Eric was enjoying the show. A lot.

I looked back at Sam. He was definitely a new man, even his face was regularised in features and proportions and my mind recalibrated to the new Sam, forgetting the old Sam, and I realised this black man in front of me was one of the most beautiful men I’d ever seen.

“Wow,” said Eric.

Sam held out his hand to Erick who gathered himself and stood up carefully. And up. and up. and up.

I was gonna have to get used to seeing that. Eric was 4 inches taller than Sam, although Sam was far more massively muscled. Then I realised, they had another two whole days before reality “tightened up” around them again. What would Eric do today in the gym, being taller than Sam? Sam had really been short so this sorta made sense, looking at them.

Their cocks both looked a bit more impressive than last night, but nothing more than maybe another inch or two each.

Eric kissed Sam gently, and then they turned and looked into the mirror together. It was so beautiful. Truly. I thought about all the people on Earth, stuck with the hand they’d been dealt, and here the Professor had figured out how to let people become fully realised. To be who they were on the inside on the outside.

Eric, by the way, was ripped. I mean, not an ounce of fat on him. Sam was likewise ripped but he was not as cut as Eric. Eric’s desire to get rid of the extra fat must have been… well, he changed his reality. A bit easier than for most people. I walked up and stood beside them, Me, really tall and muscular massive bodybuilder me, and I was short and slender compared to these two Gods.

Eric also had a lot of body hair, black and curling. Not too much, I thought, but just right. His chest was a masculine wonderland. Eric’s brown skin from his Southeast Asian mixed heritage looked exotic and sexy. His eyes were now more that green-brown with gold flecks you see on men from Rio de Janiero.

Sam’s hairless smooth ebony black flawless without a blemish skin stretched tight across pectorals that were each as wide as most men’s chests. His delts were truly the size of soccer balls. And he had very wide, thick lats, which gave him a tremendous deep-V shape to his torso. His eyes were a darker brown, it seemed, so that his pupils looked larger than they really were. It was part of his handsomeness, I guess.

They exclaimed over each other’s giant muscles, admiring each other. I was kinda on the sideline, and that was okay for me.

I was happy for them.

Then Eric clapped his hands together and said, “I can’t wait for school.”

I threw the clothes to them, stretch denim loose jeans, and 3XL and 5XL muscle t-shirts. I gave each of them a pair of special spandex underwear I’d learned to sew together by modifying store-bought with a lot of extra fabric in the crotch. Now, I was hung 13” plus a bit, soft, so Eric’s meat fit into the pouch pretty easily. If his cock wasn’t so damn thick it wouldn’t have been near so tight. Oh well.

Sam pulled up the briefs I’d given to him, carefully stretching the leg holes over his enormous quadriceps. They stretched like crazy but didn’t rip. He was able to pack his genitals into the crotch pouch, and all I could think was thank God spandex was so very stretchy. Remember, Sam’s soft cock was a lot thicker than mine, his balls were 50% larger at least, and his flaccid cock was 6 inches longer than mine. But it held.

I have to say something. Watching these two guys together was really hot. And you know what? All it made me want to do was run to David and have sex for 8 hours straight through. Which was the only thing straight about us, but we had that stamina.

I should mention I took up sewing. I made my clothes and David’s clothes. I took a design for men’s jeans, or t- shirt, or muscle-t, or dress shirt, or slacks, and I scaled them larger for me and even bigger for my massive David.

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