Take me, change me

by NBCK99

When John Truman finally gets intimate with Scott, his hot teammate, John’s body suddenly changes into Scott’s deepest fantasy.

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You know how when you're young and naïve and in love, someone older and wiser will warn you that you can't change the person you're with? Well, those people have never met me. Okay, so it's true that you can't change my personality. I am the way I am, and I'm quite happy with that. I will always be quintessentially John Truman. But I have a unique ability that makes dating… well, interesting to say the least. I discovered my ability a long time ago, and while it's definitely exciting, it has some serious drawbacks. The main problem is that I don't actually have any control over my ability. It just happens. It's not always fun being at the mercy of something I can't control.

Okay, I know I haven't actually explained anything yet. I want to wait so you can see it through my eyes. Anyway, I should start this story back in high school before I knew about my ability. Puberty hit me pretty fast, and a lot of people assumed I was older than I really was. I was taller than most guys my age, my face already looked pretty mature, and I was already shaving. Sometimes I wore a bit of stubble because it made me feel more mature than the baby-faced guys around me. My cock was pretty impressive too, and I liked showing off a bit in the locker room. I knew I looked good. I worked out, swam, and played lacrosse, and my growing body soaked up every bit of exercise. I had everything going for me, except I didn't have a girlfriend.

I'm not sure when I figured out I was into guys. I admit it took me longer than it should have. I would jack off to videos of hot gym studs and tell myself I was just turned on because I wanted to look like them. Well, I did want to look like them, and I was well on my way, but I wanted far more than just that. I think Scott Rennier had me pegged long before I even admitted it to myself. He befriended me as soon as we got on the varsity lacrosse team together. We started hanging out practically all the time, and we would work out together in our school's weight room. He was always encouraging me, and I can see now that he was trying to subtly flirt and test the waters to see if I would flirt back. I was totally oblivious.

Thankfully Scott was persistent. He started finding excuses to bare his torso around me, and he would linger a little too long in the locker room before finally changing back into his regular clothes. I found myself fantasizing about his body. He was bulkier than I was, but the bulk was clearly all muscle. He was almost too large for a sport like lacrosse, but he insisted that football wasn't for him. He started talking about how he was going to take up rugby in college. I was much more long and lean, but while I loved my body, I wondered what I would look like at his size. When I started jacking off to thoughts of his body, I got scared. I wondered what my friend would think if he found out.

Once I started thinking about Scott sexually, I couldn't get him out of my head. I got more and more concerned that he knew I was attracted to him, and I started analyzing everything he said. That's when I noticed the subtext. I couldn't believe how often he called me "stud" when we were working out together. And I noticed that he would complain about the temperature and take his shirt off whenever we were at his house or my house even though his house was definitely always colder than mine. And I noticed the affectionate way he would pat my chest when he complimented me on my progress at the gym.

Finally one day my worst nightmare came true. We were at my house, and Scott was shirtless as usual. I was trying not to stare, but I had become increasingly obsessed. His pecs were getting very large, and his abs were ridiculously cut. He was leaning back casually, but I could imagine that he was trying to show off his buff body. I was a horny teenager, and my hormones took over. I started getting hard. I tried to hide it, but I wasn't exactly small. When I tried to adjust myself, Scott's eyes went straight to my crotch.

"I knew I was right about you," Scott said with a big grin on his face.

I tried to play it off. "Right about what?"

Scott just laughed. "God, you are so cute. Your denial just makes you cuter." Scott seemed to realize exactly what he had said after the fact. "Wow, I've been waiting to say that out loud for like forever," he said. He leaned toward me and shamelessly ogled my lean, toned body. Soon I could see that he was getting hard too. I had seen his thick cock plenty of times in the locker room, but I was still surprised by just how big his bulge looked as he tented his pants.

Once Scott's lust for me was out in the open, a barrier in my mind seemed to break. Part of my brain started reacting to the situation before the rest of me could catch up. "You really think I'm cute?" I heard myself asking. "Your muscles are so much bigger." I could see Scott's cock jump at the compliment.

"Your muscles look great too," Scott told me. "You're getting there. God, it's so hot to watch you work out. You'll be as big as me soon enough. Or maybe you'll be bigger."

Scott was verbalizing my fantasies, and it was amazing. I had never talked to anyone about the sexual side of my desire to work out. Before I knew it, I was pulling my shirt over my head. I leaned back, mirroring Scott's position and showing off my hard-earned abs. "So you think this looks good?" I sounded downright sultry. I had never imagined talking to anyone like that, but it just came out naturally. My cock was starting to seriously strain my pants, and I loved that Scott could see it. After all my months of harboring fears, I had finally jumped headlong into my lust for Scott.

Scott clearly loved what he saw. He leaned toward me like he was about to rub his hands all over my body. He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly he froze. At first I didn't understand. Based on the look of shock on his face, I thought something was wrong. I started internally freaking out. Maybe I had somehow messed things up before we even got started. My brain went into overdrive as I started to overanalyze the situation, but then I realized Scott's expression had morphed into one of awe. That broke me out of my thoughts long enough for me to realize that I felt tingly all over. It was the weirdest sensation. My whole body kind of had that pins and needles feeling that you get when your foot falls asleep and then you try to move it. But I also felt a sort of burn in my muscles, as if I had just finished doing squats, crunches, pushups, and pullups all at the same time.

Scott reached a hand out and placed it on my bicep. "Shit…" he whispered huskily. I could feel as my skin moved under his hand. I felt frozen in place, but my head slowly swiveled of its own accord. That was not my arm. I mean, it totally was, but it was bigger. And it was growing. I flexed, and Scott gasped as my bicep balled up under his hand. It was huge. Not bodybuilder huge, but at least as large as Scott's. No, it was definitely larger. And it was still growing. What I was seeing couldn't be possible, it couldn't be real, but I wanted desperately to believe it was. Scott finally pried his eyes away from my arms, and I followed his gaze to my torso. My abs looked like a stack of bricks. Now, I had some nice abs, more defined than Scott's, but my stomach now looked like someone was using photoshop in real time, contouring each muscle to be perfectly defined, impossibly taut. Above my gorgeous abs, my small but defined pecs were getting thicker and meatier. They definitely weren't so small anymore. As they pushed out in front of me, I felt my whole upper body thickening up. Even though I couldn't see my reflection, I knew my body was developing the v-shape I had longed for. My pecs kept ballooning until they were definitely larger than Scott's.

I was pretty much in a state of shock, but some part of my brain managed to awaken and alert me to a problem. "Scott, my pants. I need you to help me take them off. Now."

Scott licked his lips and grinned. "Alright, big guy. Getting eager now, aren't you?"

As hot as the situation was, Scott's reaction kind of annoyed me. "No, I mean look at my legs. My thighs are totally constricted."

Realization dawned on Scott's face as he looked down. "Oh man, your thighs are huge. Are you uncomfortable?"


Scott hurried started unzipping my pants and pulling them down my massive thighs. "Well for what it's worth, you look amazing with your pants painted on like this."

I sighed with relief when Scott managed to tug my pants all the way down from my thighs. Then I took a good look at my huge, powerful legs and realized they turned me on just as much as they turned him on. Even my calves were thick with striated muscle. My body was stunning. I looked like the gym studs I had jacked off to. I was bigger and more defined than Scott. And Scott was right there, worshipping my naked body. I wondered how I had managed to pretend for so long that I wasn't totally, desperately into him.

"So, uh, has this happened to you before?"

Scott's question broke me out of my reverie. "No. No, this is totally weird and crazy for me. But, uh, it's really hot too."

Scott leaned in closer. "Tell me about it. It's unbelievably hot. You look like my fantasy come to life." Something in my brain knew to file that away for future reference, but in the moment I didn't really care why I had grown. I just knew that my formerly secret crush was sitting on my bed staring at an augmented body that he had fantasized about. And it was my body. Scott wanted me so bad, and it made me feel amazing. My boner was straining my boxer briefs, and I reached down to release it. I froze when my hand touched my crotch. I looked down in awe.

"Holy shit," I murmured.

"You must be so turned on right now, growing like that," Scott said. "I hope the fact that I'm here ogling you turns you on more." I nodded mutely, and then my gaze involuntarily went back to my bulge. Scott followed my gaze. "Geez dude, you're a grower, huh? I mean, I've seen you in the locker room. No offense, but your endowment seemed pretty average."

I tried to steady my breathing. I was slightly freaked out, but I was mostly very, very turned on. "Well, apparently I am a grower," I said, gesturing toward my built muscles.

Scoot gasped. "Wait, you mean… that grew too?"

"It's definitely never been this big before."

"Shit. Oh man. I always imagined… I mean, you looked pretty average, but I kind of hoped… I mean, what gay guy doesn't love a huge dick?"

I smiled. "I can't really answer that last question. I only just admitted I was gay a few minutes ago, remember?"

"Yeah, right before you blew up."

Those words—you blew up—reminded me how hard I was. Growing like that had pushed my hormones into overdrive. "Well, you want to see it, right?"

In answer, Scott placed his hand on mine. "Let me do the honors." And then he did something I wasn't expecting at all. He kissed me. I had tried imagining what my first kiss would feel like, but I'd always imagined kissing a girl, and the idea just hadn't excited me. This was fireworks. Scott's lips against mine felt amazing. He seemed to love it when my stubble brushed against his skin. I wrapped a muscular arm around him. My lips parted, and his tongue gently probed my mouth. He clearly had experience. My regular self probably would have been a bit intimidated by his level of expertise, but in my new body I felt virile and powerful. I was letting him control the situation since he knew what to do, but I could easily take control any time I wanted.

As Scott and I kissed, I felt his hands pull at the waistband of my underwear. When my boner was freed from its cotton prison, it slapped my hard abs. I wriggled out of my underwear as Scott slid them down, and then I felt his hands on my ankles. His hands slid up my slightly hairy legs, feeling my powerful calves. His hands slowed their trek as they felt up my thick, muscular thighs. I gasped as his fingers caressed my inner thighs. And then he was fondling my balls. They felt big and heavy in his hand. His other hand began to stroke my cock. I was amazed by how long it took for his hand to get from the base to the head. He wrapped his hand around my cock and gripped it tightly, and it dawned on me that his hand didn't quite reach around my shaft. I had to know just how big I was. I finally broke off the kiss so I could inspect myself.

My eyes widened in shock. My cock must have grown even more since it had been release from my boxer briefs. It was massive. Scott looked down to confirm what his hand had already felt, and he sighed. "It's perfect," he told me. I was once again in shock. I reached my own hand out to grab it, and I discovered that Scott and I could both hold the shaft of my cock without quite touching the head. "We have to measure this," I heard him say.

"Top left drawer of my desk. There's a ruler there." I spoke robotically. My mind was only on my own body. All that time fantasizing about Scott, and now that I was with him I couldn't stop thinking about myself. Not that he seemed to mind. In fact, maybe he was getting off on that.

The moment Scott took his hand away from my cock and stood up, I missed his touch. I wrapped my second hand around my cock to fill the void, but it wasn't the same. Soon Scott returned, ruler in hand, and carefully measured my monster. "Damn," he breathed. He drifted into stunned silence, so I had to prompt him.

"How big is it?"

"A little over ten inches. I thought I was big, and I'm eight and a half." Slowly it sank in. Scott was well hung, and I was a good deal bigger than him. A new level of confidence welled up inside me. I had never felt so powerful, so masculine, so utterly desirable.

"Well, are you just going to stare, or are you going to worship this body?" I asked. The tent in Scott's pants moved, and I knew I'd asked the right question. He bent over my cock and licked it from the base up to the tip, and then he swirled his tongue around the huge head. I had never felt anything like that. He wrapped his lips around my cockhead and swirled his tongue around, but that only lasted for a few teasingly short seconds before he pulled away.

"God, your body is so hot," Scott whispered. "It was great before. I loved watching you work out and get bigger. But this… you're a god, dude."

I flexed my arms and bounced my pecs. I knew exactly what Scott needed. "I'm bigger than you now. Touch me, feel my power." He didn't need to be told twice. He rubbed his hands all over me, feeling every ripple of my muscles. He begged me to flex for him, and he kissed my biceps, licked my huge pecs, felt up my abs. He couldn't get enough of my body. I could sense that our dynamic was gradually shifting. He was the one who knew what to do, how to worship a body and turn a guy on, but I was the guy with the power. I didn't even have to do anything. He was hard just from seeing my transformed body. When he finally removed his pants and boxers, I just leaned back and watched the show. He started stroking himself, getting off on just the sight of my body.

"Hold on there, little guy," I said. A shiver of pleasure ran through Scott when I reminded him he was the smaller one. "We'll make sure you're taken care of after you've seen to my needs." I could hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth. I'd always been confident, but I'd never thought of myself as especially dominant. I had looked up to Scott as a larger, more overtly masculine guy. Now I was getting off on the role reversal, and he clearly was too.

Scott let go of his stiff rod and returned his attention to my body. He kissed me and rubbed me a little more, but his attention soon returned to my huge pole. He stroked it with one hand and began to kiss the tip. Once again his lips glided over my cockhead, and he started going down on me. Once again he showed that he clearly had experience. I would have been totally intimidated by a cock as large as my own, but he seemed eager to try and get as much in his mouth as he could. I was getting more and more turned on, but I began to realize that even an amazing blow job wasn't enough to truly satisfy my newly enlarged dick. All the secret thoughts and desires I'd locked away flooded into me at once.

Scott took a break from going down on my cock to kiss me, and I took action. I pulled him toward me so he was laying on top of me, and then I rolled us over so that he was pinned underneath my thicker, more muscular body. "Fuck, John," Scott said, "you're so heavy." I kissed him again and then slid bad, moving away from him. I pushed his legs up, making use of the moderate flexibility he'd developed in lacrosse training. Scott's eyes widened. "Hey, wait a minute. You haven't even done this before, have you?"

I shook my head. "No, but I have to right now." I gestured toward my long cock. "I mean look at me, this thing is built for fucking."

"Listen, I don't bottom," he protested. Already his voice sounded less firm.

"You said this body is your fantasy. Why do you want me bigger than you in every way?"

Scott's breathing became shallow when he was reminded of my increased size. "It's just… I've never even taken a regular sized cock, let alone…" His voice faded as he stared at my huge pole.

I noted that his protest about not bottoming had already completely vaporized. He and I both knew the truth. "You want this so bad, don't you?"

"Hell yeah. Just… be gentle, okay?"

I kissed Scott one more time. "I want you so bad. I couldn't possibly hurt you." And yet I wondered if he could really handle my monster. I'd never done this at my normal size, let alone at this size. Still, my need was taking over. I was dripping copious amounts of precum. I started aiming for Scott's hole.

"Wait. I definitely can't take you if I haven't been opened up a bit. You really don't know anything about this, do you?" I shook my head. I realized that I still had to rely on Scott's experience. He reached his index finger toward me, and I instinctively licked it, coating it with my saliva. He began to finger himself, making a show for me as I watched his loosen up his hole. One finger became two, and I could see that he was getting even more worked up as he probed his hole. After a little while he pulled his fingers away and looked straight at me. "Alright big guy, you're up. Show me what that monster of yours can do."

When I lined myself up, I couldn't believe how huge my cockhead felt against his puckered hole. I tried to be gentle, but I knew I wouldn't be able to insert my huge cock without a powerful shove. I thrust hard, and Scott cried out. "Are you alright?" I asked worriedly.

"Fuck yeah," he wheezed. "Dude, you're so huge. It hurts, but damn… it feels incredible." Scott's words made me feel a little more confident, and I began to push myself further in. He moaned with pleasure, and I got lost in the amazing sensation. His ass massaged my stiff cock in a way I hadn't imagined. I began to thrust rhythmically. I wanted to make the most of this moment, but I'd been completely, impossibly aroused ever since I first grew. I knew I couldn't last much longer. Scott once again made use of his experience. He may not have bottomed before, but he knew how to rock his hips in rhythm with mine, increasing the pleasure for both of us. I thrust harder and harder, and I pushed my hands into Scott's muscular chest.

"Oh god, I won't last much longer," I breathed.

Scott had reached down and was jerking himself as I pushed deeper and deeper into him. "I won't either. John, this is so fucking hot." We reached a fever pitch, and he shouted, "Do it! Cum in me!" In moments, I exploded into him. It was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever experienced. Scott cried out as he shot his own load all over his chest. I leaned down and licked some of it up before pulling myself out and collapsing next to him.

As we lay there, I realized I was shrinking. "I guess the growth isn't permanent," I said with disappointment.

"Hey, I can't have you being bigger than me all the time," Scott replied, but I could tell he was disappointed too. "At least you won't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. And you won't have to explain to your parents how you suddenly put on massive amounts of muscle." I started feeling better as I thought about the real life implications of my growth. Then Scott shot me a wicked grin. "Besides, now we have an excuse to find out if it happens again next time I make you horny." With that thought in mind, I kissed Scott hard.

4,033 words Added May 2016 24k views 5.0 stars (23 votes)

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