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My roommate (complete)

by LenZelig

Bill’s hot adventures with his irresistible sex-god of a roommate, Andy Wang, and the others drawn into his adventures, combined with the stories of Andy’s son and his friends. (This revised and updated compilation version includes both “My Roommate” and “My Roommate: The Next Generation.”)

29 parts 223k words (#3) Added Jul 2002 Updated 19 Jun 2021 169k views (#9) 4.5 stars (26 votes)

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Chapter 1—Meeting My Roommate Bill’s hot adventures with his irresistible sex-god of a roommate, Andy Wang, and the others drawn into his adventures, combined with the stories of Andy’s son and his friends. (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Chapter 2—Teammates
Chapter 3—Getting Settled  (added: 20 Jan 2016)
Chapter 4—Starting My Sophomore Year  (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Chapter 5—Seeds of the Future
Chapter 6—Young Andy  (added: 13 Jul 2019)
Chapter 7—Raising Young Andy  (added: 10 Aug 2019)
Chapter 8—Coach  (added: 21 Sep 2019)
Chapter 9—Complications  (added: 26 Oct 2019)
Chapter 10—Champions  (added: 19 Jun 2021)
Chapter 11—The New Guys
Chapter 12—Rio
Chapter 13—Vern’s Visit Home Bill is sent home with Vern for the winter holidays to see how he interacts with his family.
Chapter 14—Olympic Preps
Chapter 15—Playing for Keeps
Chapter 16—A Family Affair
Chapter 17—The Next Generation
Chapter 18—Island Vacation
Chapter 19—New Men
Chapter 20—A Quick Adventure
Chapter 21—Olympics Again
Chapter 22—Roy’s Tale
Chapter 23—Alvin’s Story
Chapter 24—Gary, Becoming a Man
Chapter 25—Gary’s Update
Chapter 26—Pro Star Gary
Chapter 27—My Strange Day
Chapter 28—Doug’s New Life
Chapter 29—Celebration In the conclusion to the consolidated “My Roommate” and “My Roommate: The Next Generation” saga, Bill Foster Junior tells us how it all turned out.
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Author’s Note

This is a work of erotic fiction intended for readers above age eighteen. It includes graphic depiction of sexual situations, gay, straight, incestuous, and other. If that is not for you, don’t read this novel.

All characters are fictional with no relation to any actual persons implied. I hope you enjoy the story. I am always interested in feedback.

The entire story, originally posted starting in 2002, has been revised and extended throughout as of June 2021. It is also available on Kindle.


Chapter 1—Meeting My Roommate

I arrived at college to start my freshman year. I checked in late, got my room assignment and hustled over to the dorm to move in. The place was a beehive of activity with students arriving or returning from summer break.

When I got to my room, I saw that my roommate had staked out one side, stowed his stuff and gone out again. After settling in on the other side, I took the time to look over my roomie’s stuff. On registration, they gave me his name, Andrew Wang, undoubtedly Chinese-American, but his desk and bulletin board didn’t say much about him, just a closed MacBook similar to mine and a printout of his class schedule. Must be an Asian nerd, I thought. Just then the door opened and I found out how wrong I had been.

The man who entered our room was Asian all right, but huge. He was several inches taller than my six feet and, even in his loose fitting sweat suit, wet from a strenuous workout, you could tell he was massively muscular.

“Hi, you must be Bill Foster. I’m your roommate, Andy Wang,” said the golden skinned Adonis offering his hand.

I was staring so intently that it took me a few seconds to reach out my hand and weakly reply, “Hi.” His hand engulfed mine in a grip that conveyed all the strength held restrained behind it, while being firm, not painful. I gazed into his deep black eyes as he looked back at me.

I thought of myself as something of a stud. Blond, six foot, 180 pounds and a muscular build, I was a star athlete in swimming at high school and could bench press over twice my body weight. I was also gay. Now I was living with a guy I never even dreamed could exist, who could take me apart easily.

He released my hand and I stumbled back and sat on my bed, too stunned to continue the conversation. Andy just stripped off his top, revealing his tremendous development. His chest was close to 60 inches, with biceps at least 26 inches, plate-like pecs and flaring lats that tapered down to a 30 inch waist with six clearly separated ab muscles that maintained their definition even when relaxed. He hit a few quick poses, displaying each of his muscles which bulged under his glowing golden skin, glistening with his sweat, and containing not an ounce of fat. He was obviously enjoying giving me a show.

“You should be a competitive bodybuilder. Mr. Olympia has nothing on you,” I offered, getting up my courage to speak.

“I could; but, there’s a problem. I can’t find posing trunks that fit me,” he replied.

“Don’t joke. You’re fantastic. How much of a problem can it be?”

“It’s no joke,” he said, undoing the drawstring and starting to remove his sweat pants.

About to speak, I stopped. Between his huge thighs, each of which swelled with muscles thicker than his waist, was the flaccid shaft of his dick. It was as thick as my wrist and, as he slowly lowered his pants, it showed no sign of its head. Finally, near his knees the tip appeared, covered by its foreskin. He stepped out of the pants and stood upright in front of me, his fifteen-inch soft penis swinging slowly between the trunks of his legs.

With one hand he brought his shaft up to horizontal while the other gripped my wrist and guided my hand to hold it near the end. It responded to my touch, stiffening and lengthening, the pink head pushing out of the foreskin and stretching toward my mouth.

“Now do you understand?” he asked.

I nodded as he held my head in his hands, slowly but irresistibly moving me closer to his prick. I cleaned the head with my tongue, tasting the salty sweat from his workout. It was delicious. I opened my mouth and accepted the first few inches, cleaning each new inch with my lips and tongue. It stretches, impossibly long, over twenty inches, from my lips to his silky black pubic hair, the only fur on his body below his head. Beneath the shaft are a pair of orange sized balls that promise a massive load of cum.

There’s no way I can handle all of this monster, I think, but I’m going to give my new roommate my most enthusiastic efforts. I go at his shaft stroking with both hands while attempting to suck as much as possible into my fully stretched mouth. There’s still enough dick left for three normal men when, all too soon, the head presses against the back of my mouth.

Andy takes over. His hands move my head stroking my mouth along the end of his dick until the head pounds my throat.

“Try and relax your throat. Try to swallow,” he urges.

I had my share of sex in high school, but never imagined taking a dick half as big as this. My own 9-1/2 inches was the biggest I had seen. As Andy continued stroking, I tried to obey. Finally, I got it right and swallowed the head like it was the world’s biggest aspirin. Half a foot of the shaft followed it down my throat. After a moment of panic, I found I could still breathe around the pole of flesh filling my face. I gave Andy a big okay sign with my hand as a gleam of triumph showed in my eyes.

But, Andy wasn’t satisfied with halfway, he continued stroking. He’d pull a little out, keeping the head firmly down my throat, then plunge in, getting a little deeper each time. I could feel him pushing past my throat into my chest as I watched more and more of the shaft disappear into my straining mouth.

I dropped my hands to free my own throbbing member, which sprang to attention against my abs as soon as I loosened my pants.

Finally, I reached the base and my nose pressed into his patch of fine fur. I inhaled the fragrance of my new roommate, my lover. He embraced my head against his groin for a long minute as the shaft of his dick impaled me down my throat, through my chest and into my abdomen.

Then he resumed his stroking. He picked up the pace, his strokes more urgent, building to a climax. I caressed his balls with one hand while I reached between his mighty thighs to explore his ass. I found his hole nestled inside glutes as firm as marble. I stroked it lightly and felt him shudder, his dick bucking once inside my body. I inserted a finger.

The reaction was instantaneous. His ass hole clamped down on my invading finger, gripping it almost painfully as his muscular ass squeezed my hand. He gripped me tightly to his body, plunging his sword in to the hilt. I felt his balls pull tight to the base of his shaft as it began to throb. I could feel his first spurt as it shot down his dick to be delivered directly to my stomach. It was followed by another and another as my whole body seemed to pound in sympathy with his eruption.

My own dick exploded, coating his balls and quadriceps with my biggest, most powerful load ever. It was a trickle compared to what he was unleashing.

After almost a minute, he starts to withdraw, pushing my head away from his body as, inch after inch, his dick retreats from my mouth. He is still cumming. When he leaves my throat, his next shots flood my mouth. I taste his essence. It is salty, like his sweat, but with a tangy taste too. I like it.

He pulls the head from my mouth and his dick snaps upright against his trunk, the head reaching up to just below his pecs. The next couple of shots arc high in the air and come down coating my hair. He then points his dick at me as his last streams coat my face and shirt. As his orgasm finally subsides, I lick the last drops off the head of his softening dick.

Andy sits down next to me on my bed, wraps his arms around my chest and hugs me to him for an after sex kiss. His tongue plunges into my mouth tasting the residue of the load he pumped into me as his face is smeared with the cum on my face.

When we break our kiss, I lick his face clean. “I like your taste,” I say.

Andy wipes some of my cum from his thighs and takes a taste. “You taste pretty good yourself. I think I’m going to enjoy you as my roommate.”

“You can enjoy me any time you want,” I respond.

“I’ll take you up on that for sure. You have a nice body. Let’s have a look,” he says as he turns me around strips off my already lowered pants and sets me on his thighs, my legs splayed widely over his huge tree trunks. His soft shaft extends between my ass, under my balls and well beyond the front of my body as my own soft member rests along a small portion of its length.

He removes my cum stained shirt and tosses it aside. He rubs my abs which I flex to allow him to feel their definition. They’re nothing like his, but I’m in good shape with no fat. “Not bad,” he mutters, moving on to my pecs. He rubs them, feeling their firmness and tweaks the tits which instantly harden into tight points. The attention awakens my dick which starts to lengthen along his still sleeping member.

“Flex your biceps,” he requests. I throw a double biceps pose while sitting on his lap. He feels my lats and arms which bulge to shapely seventeen-inch peaks. He flexes his own mighty arms which dwarf my own. Then he grips my fists in his own hands and extends his arms. I am helpless to resist his movements. My strength is negligible compared to his.

He sweeps me up in his arms, cuddling me like a baby. I feel safe and secure in his embrace. He sucks my sensitive tits which send shudders of pleasure through my body and further rouses my dick which is soon pointing straight out from my body. It draws his attention as he curls me up to his face and inhales my dick to the root in one motion. His ministrations have me moaning in pleasure. When he snakes first one, then two strong fingers up my ass, I unleash my second load of the day.

When I soften, he pulls me from his mouth and says, “Tastes even better fresh,” and kisses me deeply offering a sample. “I think we’re ready for the main event,” he states laying me on my back on the bed. When he stands, I see that his dick is again fully hard, standing perpendicular to his body, its flaring head unsheathed and bright red. A drop of pre-cum, the scout for legions to follow, glistens in the hole.

“I’ll try, but I don’t think I could take all that. Please be careful, you could hurt me,” I said, excited by the prospect of being fucked the hottest man I never dreamed of, but still worried about what he could do to me.

“Don’t worry, I’m an expert at working all my muscles,” laughed Andy. “You’ll love it. I guarantee.”

With that he climbed on the bed and lifted my legs, bending my thighs back to my chest, raising and exposing my ass. He attacked my butt with his mouth, licking the crack with his tongue. The tip finds the target and massages and lubes the entrance. He pushes the tip inside, moving it around to loosen me up. Waves of pleasure wash over me and my penis hardens again, stretching out against my abs.

He pushes his tongue in further, and further, and further. How big is it? It expands and penetrates me like the biggest dick I ever had. But, it’s much more active, darting in, out, up, down, swirling around, massaging and probing my guts. I’m in heaven, moaning in pleasure and squirming in his grasp, my butt contracting rhythmically around his invading tongue. When he massages my prostate, I emit a squeal of delight and unload my third massive load of cum which blasts in white streaks across my chest.

Exhausted, I rest limply on the bed as he withdraws. Andy props my legs on his shoulders and smiles down at me from between them, his perfect white teeth contrasting with the dark skin of his face. “I think you’re ready,” he observes as he wipes up my jizz, using it to lubricate his shaft.

Grasping my hips, he pulls me to him until the tip of his dick touches my hole. He lets it rest there with gentle pressure. My ass lips spasm against the intruder. At each one, a little more creeps inside, expanding the opening. I wanted that dick inside me. I needed it inside me. I tried to push down on it, but his grip held me still.

“Please, Andy, shove it in,” I begged.

He gave me another smile, but ignored my plea. My own dick was again stiff. It throbbed in time with the contractions of my ass muscles.

After minutes of erotic agony, the head popped inside. A forceful shove of his hips slides another half foot in as the head rubs my prostate. Short, quick movements drive the head back and forth across my most sensitive spot. It makes me wild. I gasp in pleasure at each stroke. I arch my back as orgasm overtakes me again. The first blast of cum sails over my head. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth lay lines of white from my face to my abs. I collapse back to the bed exhausted by pleasure.

However, Andy is not done with me. He used my frenzy to slide in over half way until his shaft is stopped by a bend in my gut. The pressure inside me where no man has gone before, brings me back to reality. He leans forward, bending me double, sucks each tit till it hardens to a point, then licks the cum from my chest, neck and face. He kisses me strongly, sharing my cum. While I’m distracted he pushes past the obstruction as his shaft flexes smoothly to conform with my anatomy.

Feeling him moving steadily inward, I stare, eyes wide, at his face just above me. He breaks our kiss and leans back again. From the look on his face I can tell he is starting to focus on the sensations radiating from his deeply embedded dick. With a last lunge his balls slap against my ass. He’s in. I didn’t think it possible. I can see a bulge under my abs along the path in my gut that must be filled by his tremendous sex tool.

After pausing a minute to let me adjust, Andy leans forward, again bending me double and places his hands beside my shoulders. I grab his mighty arms as he undulates his hips to force his shaft through my body. Each stroke is over a foot long. Incredible sensations pour through me as he massages my insides. Sweat pours off Andy from his exertions, dripping from his nose, the points of his pecs and the mounds of his abs.

Minutes pass of this incredible fuck. I’m delirious. With a final shove Andy buries himself to his balls and unloads. A pulsing begins deep within me. It spreads throughout my body, dominating my sensations. My dick takes up the rhythm. An eruption occurs in my guts as cum blasts from Andy’s gun. Each shot strikes me like a physical blow. I shoot off in sympathy. It goes on and on, one minute, two, before the pounding slowly fades away.

Andy pushes my legs off the sides of his shoulders and I slide them down to wrap around his narrow waist. With his dick still buried, he rests his body over mine, his torso splashes in my cum as his weight presses me into the mattress. I hug him, gripping the backs of his widely flaring lats. We rest, our heads side by side.

After many minutes, when my breathing returns to normal, I whisper into his ear, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” he answers. With that he rears back onto his knees, holding me against his chest with one arm, my legs still around his waist. As I settle in his lap, a flex of his dick reminds me he is still inside me and still hard. Gripping my lats he slides me up and down along his shaft as my member, stimulated by the motion across the hills of his abdominal muscles, rapidly stiffens.

Again sensations wash over me, pleasure flows through my body. He picks up the pace. My brain is overwhelmed. When orgasm begins, it feels far away as I drift in ecstasy above my spasming body. The room spins.

I awaken on my back on the bed. I open my eyes to see Andy kneeling above my chest, smiling. The last few inches of his now soft dick are resting on my pecs glistening with his cum and my ass juice. The drying residue of my balls coats the fronts of both our bodies.

“How was that?” he asks.

In answer I grab his shaft and kiss the tip. Then I lovingly clean it, clear up to his balls, letting the tangy taste remind me of where it was, what it did, and the pleasure it brought. “Thank you, again,” I say, staring up into his eyes.

“How did you develop such an incredible build? You must spend hours in the gym?” I asked in awe.

Andy gave me his beautiful smile and laughed. “Actually the only time I go to the gym is to find new hot guys to fuck. I’m really not sure how I got this bod; it’s quite a story.” He reclined on his side next to me with his chest propped up by one arm. His resting sex tool flopped across my hips and on top of my own, much smaller, member.

“It was summer, two years ago,” he continued. “I had gone to the beach near home South of San Francisco just after dawn to get in a little surfing before I went to my summer job. The waves were the biggest I’d seen all year. The beach was deserted in the early morning. At that time I was 5’4”, 110 pounds with a slim athletic build from my surfing and skate boarding.”

“With a wetsuit to protect me from the cold California water, I paddled out, eager to try some new moves in the big waves. I grabbed a ride and was doing great. The wave curled over me as it started to break and I rode the tube surrounded by water. Suddenly it collapsed around me and I was tossed off my board and swirled by the pounding surf.”

“I must have been knocked out, because when I opened my eyes again I was on a table with all sort of equipment around. The room was bathed in a bright white light. I could feel my wetsuit on my body and things pressing against me at various points, but I couldn’t move or talk. There was no sound. Time passed but I couldn’t tell how much. I must have gone to sleep or blacked out.”

“When I opened my eyes again I was being given mouth to mouth resuscitation by a hunky blond lifeguard. When he saw me awaken, he backed off and smiled at me. I just reached up with my arm and pulled him down for a kiss. My body was as huge as it is today. My wetsuit had split along all its seams, only a small portion around my waist was intact. But, at the time I didn’t wonder about the changes. I had one thing on my mind, sex. My dick sprang erect as I rolled my rescuer on to his back in the sand. I pushed right up the leg of his loose fitting swim trunks and fucked him senseless on the empty public beach. It was my first sexual experience.”

“He called in sick and took me to his apartment. I made love to him all day and half the night until he fell into an exhausted sleep. Only then did I realize that I’d been changed. I knew, somehow, that it was part of an experiment, that I would never get sick, that nobody would resist my sexual desires and that I wouldn’t get anyone pregnant unless I wanted. Besides the body, I now have a photographic memory which sure helps in school and gives me more time for sex.”

“Weird as it sounds, it seems to be true. I haven’t been sick a day in two years, not even a zit. My body weight stays the same day after day. The more I eat, the more cum I produce. But, no sperm unless I consciously will it. One day, I’ll let you feel what it’s like to have superman’s sperm wiggling in your guts.”

“And you never strike out?” I interjected. “Boys and girls?”

“Right, never,” Andy replied. “I became very popular in school after I explained that I had taken part in a growth experiment and was sworn to secrecy. The equipment room off the gym became my lair. One of my friends would keep watch for teachers while I had my fun. But, once, when the coach walked in on us, the problem was easily solved and I got to use the physical therapy room thereafter. When someone’s parents would go out of town, we would hold round the clock sex parties. Sometimes, I’d do twenty or thirty kids a night until they all lay exhausted on the sheets we would spread out over the rugs.”

“And, yes, both boys and girls,” he added. “But, I really prefer guys, because girls can’t take all this in their vagina.” As he spoke his dick hardened and lengthened. “And, if I want an ass, I’d rather have a tight muscular one like yours.”

Andy slid between my thighs and lifted my legs. With one stroke he pushed his monster in. Our previous sex had prepared and lubricated the passage. I was instantly back in ecstasy. I came almost immediately but stayed hard. He used long strokes, withdrawing until only the head remained inside, then plunging in until his balls hit my upturned ass. I could see his golden brown shaft spear my pale ass. As it reached deeper, my abs would bulge out from the pressure inside. I came again, releasing just a trickle of cum from my empty balls. After fifteen minutes of passion that left me drenched in sweat and moaning in pleasure, he unloaded deep inside me. As his fire hose quenched my burning guts, I came for a third time, shooting, from some reserve, a spurt of juice onto my chest. Andy pulled out, still unleashing solid streams of jizz. He coats me from head to balls in a blanket of white.

He stepped off my bed and stood beside me. The juices dripping from his dick forming a small pool between his feet. “I need a shower,” he announced. “Want to join me?”

“Go ahead. I’m not used to this. I need to rest some.” I sprawled limply on the bed.

Andy nodded and padded off to the small bath connected to our room. In a couple of minutes I heard the sound of water. I closed my eyes to try to get some sleep.


Chapter 2—Teammates

There was a knock on the door. I looked up. Before I could say anything, the door opened and a student entered. He saw me and quickly shut the door behind him.

“You must be Bill, I’m Doug Moore, captain of the swimming team. I see you’ve already met Andy.”

“Uh, hi,” I mumbled. “How do you know Andy?”

“Oh, I stopped by earlier looking for you and we had a chance to get acquainted. I came back to see if you, and Andy, were in. I needed to see if you would come out for the swim team and to see if Andy would…well I’m sure you understand.”

“Well, I’d love to come out for the swim team, since I’m already out for you,” I answered.

Doug walked over to my bed and placed his hand on my chest, soaking it in the pooled cum still covering me. He placed three fingers in his mouth sucking off the juice. “Don’t you love his taste?” I sampled some for myself and bobbed my head yes.

“You know, I hadn’t had any sex with guys before this morning,” he admitted. “I didn’t understand what the attraction was and I had all the girls I needed to satisfy me. But, when I saw Andy, I had to be with him. He took charge of me. I felt both helpless and secure in his arms and I never felt anything so pleasurable as him inside me.”

As Doug remembered, I could see the good sized bulge down the leg of his jeans lengthen.

“Say, while I’m waiting for Andy, do you mind if I do you? I want to feel what it’s like to give instead of receive.”

Without waiting for my answer, he peeled off his shirt. I examined his body. He was a couple of years older than me, a couple of inches taller and, when he shucked his pants, I saw to my surprise, a couple of inches longer. He was in competitive shape and, like me, a natural blond. His skin, tanned after the summer, was almost as dark as Andy’s. He climbed on the bed and lay on top of me, swirling his stiff tool along my abs to cover it with cum.

I rolled out from under him, turned onto my front and pushed to my knees with my head on the pillow and ass pointed up for him. He got behind me and placed the tip at my entrance. He pushed in accompanied by a squishing sound as Andy’s cum was forced out to make room. I hardly felt him going in, he was so small compared to what had been there. But, after a few strokes, concentrating on squeezing my ass muscles, I adjusted.

“Ah, that’s it,” he purred. “You’re much tighter than a girl. This is great.”

Doug was getting into a good rhythm. I reached back and stroked my own dick to life. Then Andy returned with a damp towel draped around his thick neck.

“Hi, Andy. I wanted to see you. I thought I’d get to know your roommate better while I was waiting. I hope you don’t mind.” Through this little speech Doug hadn’t missed a beat.

“I don’t mind if Bill doesn’t,” replied Andy. “And, from the look of him, he doesn’t. I’ll join you.”

I felt the bed sag as Andy got on. Looking between my legs, I could see him take position behind Doug. When he was ready to make penetration, Andy pushed Doug against my ass, burying him in me to the hilt. Then he slid into Doug.

“Ah…Ahh…Ahhh. That…feels…so…fantastic,” cooed Doug. “I can’t get enough of this.”

When he was in deep, Andy took charge, stroking Doug’s ass with his full strength. Each inward stroke would slam into his ass with a loud smack and force Doug into my own ass. I was pounded flat onto the sheets after a few impacts. When Andy would pull out, Doug would try to rise, sliding part way out of me, only to be slammed b ack.

“I’m…I’m…cumming…,” Doug announced as he unloaded up my already flooded guts.

Andy didn’t slack the pace and the continued stimulation, front and rear, kept Doug hard. He was moaning almost continuously. I don’t know if he was even capable of coherent speech, so overcome with pleasure was he. At last, Andy gave a tremendous lunge, sandwiching Doug’s body between us. I could feel him unloading, his prick bucking inside Doug’s guts beat against my back. I shot my own load into the damp sheets as Doug added a new increment to my soggy intestines.

After a few minutes to let us recover, Andy stood up, holding Doug to his body and pulling his dick from my ass. I sat up on the bed, trying, not completely successfully, to hold all the love juice inside me. Andy slid out while still supporting a somewhat dazed Doug with one arm around his chest. Doug was also having some trouble closing his ass once Andy withdrew and soon his inner thighs were coated with the leakage.

“Everyone, shower, now,” Andy ordered. He half carried Doug into the bath while I followed.

The stall shower was built for one and would have been tight for

Andy alone, but, we all squeezed in. I faced Andy’s back and Doug faced his front. We shared the delightful chore of washing him. I took the opportunity to slide up Andy’s ass as he spread his legs slightly to improve my access. I wasn’t able to move much in the tight stall but his muscle control was so fantastic that he milked my shaft. Moans from in front of Andy told me what his pole was doing. I reached between Andy’s legs to rub his shaft as it pushed between Doug’s legs and through his stretched ass hole.

Andy began an short undulating motion of his hips which was all the confined space would allow. The heat from his ass seemed to spread through my body. The air felt warm in spite of the cooling spray of the shower. I reached under Andy’s flaring lats to hold the firm mounds of his bulging pecs. My palms rubbed the eraser-like points of his tits which poked out from his smooth skin.

Unbelievably, Andy’s dick lifted Doug off the floor. He wrapped his arms around Andy’s thick neck to steady himself while his feet slipped around behind muscular calves that were as big as our upper legs. When Andy climaxed, the contractions of his ass in time with those of his dick brought me off. Meanwhile, some of Doug’s cum arched over Andy’s shoulders to spray me in white rain.

After a few minutes more to cool down and clean up again, we left the shower. Back in the main room, we dried ourselves. Doug got dressed. Andy made no move to put on clothes. He just held me lightly in front of him, his semi-hard dick at a 45 degree angle between my thighs, one insanely bulging arm over my shoulder and across my chest while his head towered over my other shoulder. We just watched Doug as he finished dressing.

When Doug is dressed, he starts to leave, then turns back as if he remembers something.

“Bill, the swim team is having a meeting tonight at eight in their training room by the pool in the athletic complex. I’d like you to come, and, bring Andy. I’m sure the guys will want to meet him.”

I look up to Andy, who smiled. “Sure, we’ll be there,” I promise. With a final wave, Doug departs.

“Well, Bill, I’m hungry, how about you? We have some time to refuel before your team meeting. Let’s get dressed.”

“Sounds great,” I agreed. As Andy stepped away from me I felt his shaft slide through my legs and was a little disappointed that I would have to wait a few hours to experience it again.

I watched him as he put on a white lycra muscle shirt that fit him like a second skin. The low cut neck dipped below his pecs and his lats flared out almost a foot from each arm opening. He chose some blue jeans that were almost as tight as his top. They must have been custom made to conform so well to the outrageous musculature of his legs without any slack in the hips and waist. The tube of his dick was clearly visible running down the inside of his left thigh almost to his knee. Both legs were intentionally torn just below the knees. It’s a popular style that should lead to an interesting effect when Andy gets hard.

Meanwhile, I grabbed my own jeans and added a knit top. We were ready. Andy placed a hand on my shoulder and guided me across campus to the student cafeteria. It was amazing the effect he had on people. Most everyone would stare at him as we passed, but, few actually approached.

At the cafeteria, Andy piled his tray with enough food for three men his size. If he really turns all that into cum we’re in for an interesting time this evening, I thought. We found a booth and, when we sat down, I pushed in on the same side as Andy so I could feel his body next to mine while we ate.

There was one thing that still worried me. “Andy, shouldn’t we have used condoms today?”

“Of course, you’re right. These days a guy can’t be too careful. But, as I said, for some reason, I don’t get sick, and, therefore, I can’t make you sick. That’s fortunate since they don’t make condoms in my size. Another thing is the people I fuck don’t seem to get sick either. But, the effect isn’t permanent. If you don’t see me for a couple months the effect wears off. My cum also won’t cure disease. I tried. So, you don’t want to get in any bad habits, use a condom unless you’re with me.”

“Another effect,” he continued, “appears to be that my cum acts as a growth stimulant. Most of the guys I was with regularly added fifteen to twenty percent in size, speed and endurance. They also added a few inches to their dicks. The effect takes a few weeks and appears to increase with frequency of exposure.”

“So, I should be set up to make some spectacular gains. Now tell me how your magnetic sexual personality works,” I said, changing the subject.

“It’s basically just a matter of look and touch. See that guy cleaning tables over there,” indicating a well built student working about thirty feet away. “Watch.”

The kid was stacking dishes on a large tray. As he looked up, he froze for a moment as he made eye contact with Andy. He put down his tray and walked toward our table. When he came closer, I could see that he was a serious bodybuilder. At five-six and about 180 pounds he looked in contest shape.

When he arrived, he stood next to Andy, looking a little confused.

He asked, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, which way is the men’s room?” asked Andy, touching his hand.

When their hands touched, you could see a change come over him. His eyes opened very wide as he scanned Andy’s body, his face flushed and he licked his lips.

“It’s just over there. I’ll show you,” he replied at last.

Andy got up and said to me, “I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

With that he followed his quarry, who looked over his shoulder every few seconds to assure himself that Andy was still coming.

I toyed with my food. Ten minutes later, Andy reappeared and sat beside me, looking calm and collected, like nothing happened.

“Well,” I started, but Andy held up his hand.

A couple minutes later the busboy showed up. He looked like he’d spent a hour in a sauna. His face, hair and shirt were soaked in perspiration. He was trying to adjust his pants. He looked over this way, bit his lower lip and then hurried off. He was walking a bit funny. I supposed I would have walked funny after my first fuck with Andy if I hadn’t had any time to recover.

“In high school, my friends could always tell when I broke in a new boy by the walk. They would rush over, congratulate him, ask him how it was and tell him about the weekend parties.”

It was time for my meeting. We got up and left. On the way out the guy Andy fucked, looking more composed now, rushed up to him and handed him a note. He showed it to me. It said:

303 Fremont Hall Anytime

We arrived for the team meeting just after eight. It was in a room just off the pool used for training. When we walked by, a few team members were swimming laps. The training room had a weight setup, a couple of massage tables and a large Jacuzzi tub along with the normal desks and chairs. About eight guys are lounging around waiting for the meeting to start. Doug spots Andy and I and scurries over to greet us.

Doug introduces us to the team members. Andy is naturally the center of attention. I can see he is having an effect, but, compared to his performance in the cafeteria, he’s taking it slow. The guys from the pool wandered in, drying themselves. Two of them, identical twins, blond and handsome, are particularly striking. They looked familiar and, I later found out, they had done some modeling. When we were introduced, I could tell Andy was taken by them. I think he has a special fondness for blondes.

Doug went to the front of the group and started the meeting. He introduced me officially as a freshman team member and then proceeded to routine business and scheduling matters. While Doug talked, Andy moved between the twins and placed a hand on their shoulders, drawing them close to his torso. Each twin reached a hand behind his back and began exploring his muscles. Their explorations reached his butt simultaneously and their hands touched. They looked at each other across the expanse of Andy’s chest and smiled. Andy gave them a squeeze.

“That ends our regular agenda,” Doug continued. “You met Andy

Wang, Bill’s roommate. I know we’ve all been admiring his development. I asked Bill to bring him along so he could help us. I met Andy only this morning and I can tell you that he’s already made a big difference for me. Why don’t you give us a strength demonstration, Andy. I’m sure we’re all eager to see what your body can do.”

All eyes turn to Andy who raises an arm in acknowledgment. He walks with the twins over to the bench press rack and, releasing the twins with a final hug, loads the bar up with every large weight available, 600 pounds.

“Will you two sit on the bar for more resistance?” Andy asks the twins. They agree and Andy lifts them onto it, one on either side of the bench. He then strips off his top and hits a few poses for the assembled swimmers. He makes eye contact with each one, turning up the temperature. Andy lays down on the bench. He reaches up and grasps the bar right between each twin’s legs, brushing their crotches with his fingers.

He strains. All his muscles pop into dramatic relief, swelling and bulging like never before. The bar rises slowly until his arms are fully extended.

“One,” he says.

He lowers the bar and presses it up again and again, almost a thousand pounds. By the time he hits twenty reps, the whole team is counting them off and cheering him on. His pecs and triceps are pumped to inhuman size. Also being pumped is his dick. By rep thirty it has poked its head through the hole in the knee of his jeans and, by forty, another five inches have followed.

Andy stops at fifty. He stands up and helps the twins off the bar. Both their dicks are sticking up past their speedos, almost to their navels. The blond brothers crowd around him, feeling his pumped muscles. Then they combine to strip him out of his jeans. Freed from its denim cage, his dick leaps up, pointing straight out from his body, a pole of rigid flesh almost two feet long. The twins rub their hands along its length, admiring it.

Andy offers a feel to the other team members. Doug, the team captain, takes the lead by boldly getting to his knees and sucking the head into his mouth, massaging it with his tongue. When he stands up, he quickly undresses releasing his own erection. The others follow, some eagerly, some hesitantly. The touch seems to transform them so that, by the time Andy moves on, each one is hard and most are leaking pre-cum in anticipation of sex with this muscle god.

Andy returns to the twins, who looked disappointed when he moved off to show the others. Andy turns one around, grabs one by the waist from the back and lifts him effortlessly off his feet. He positions him so he can slide his shaft between the speedos and the butt. As he draws the twin to him, his dick slides through the crack and pushes his swim briefs clear off. Without even removing the dangling piece of fabric, he repeats the process with the other twin, who gives a little squeal of delight while being so forcefully manipulated.

Andy leads them to one of the massage tables and bends them over it, side by side. They look at each other, smile, then look back at Andy.

“Bill, could you help me with a little lubrication?” Andy requests. I hurry over, drop to my knees, remove the two skimpy trunks still hanging from the end and open my mouth. Andy pushes in as I lubricate the invading shaft with my tongue. I repeat this afternoon’s performance, taking him until my nose presses into his soft pubic bush. Everyone stares in amazement, most stroking their own hard tools.

Andy was not after a quick lick, he wants to cum. He holds my head as he slides his shaft through my body. The pace becomes more rapid and in a minute he starts to unload. After depositing one load deep inside, he pulls almost all the way out, flooding my mouth with his second spurt. Then he pushes back in, coating himself with his own juice as I struggle to swallow him and his cum. He pulls out again, all the way this time, still spurting strongly. He directs a shot at my hand, wildly beating my own meat. I cum. The next shots are directed at the twins, soaking their exposed asses. Then he turns around in a quick circle laying lines of cum across the assembled team.

When he finally stops shooting, his dick stays hard, glistening with cum and saliva. He steps up to the twins. He positions himself at the entrance of one of them. The other caresses his brother and draws close for a kiss. Tongues dart from mouth to mouth. With a finger, then two and three, he works some of his cum inside and relaxes the opening. Slowly, Andy pushes in. Using short strokes, he gets about a foot inside. He then pulls out and repeats the process with the other brother.

He continues until he has embedded himself to the hilt in both. I’m always surprised that his dick, which is so hard and unyielding when you touch it, can feel so comfortable when it’s inside. Then Andy alternates, taking a full stroke on one, pulling all the way out and plowing the other. This way he excites them equally. Soon their moans and cries of pleasure fill the room. Sweat beads on their backs and their hard dicks hanging over the edge of the table steadily drip pre-cum into growing puddles on the floor.

Then Andy unloads. It triggers the twins’ orgasm. The second brother starts unloading in sympathy even before Andy switches to give him the next load from his balls. The three way explosion continues for two minutes as Andy shifts between them, not wasting a drop. Finally, he lays a line of cum down the brothers’ backs from their heads to their butts. Andy bends over and shares a three way kiss with them while he rubs his cum into their backs and hair.

A couple of sophomores, impatient for their turn, urge him toward the weight bench. The evening picks up steam as Andy fucks his way through the entire team. I laid on an exercise mat and watched his performance. Sex on the weight bench, the Jacuzzi, the desk, the floor, against the wall, anywhere. The only constant was that, when his partner collapsed in pleasure and exhaustion, Andy was still hard and ready with an inexhaustible supply of cum.

After a couple of hours, Andy walks over to me carrying one twin under each arm. He had just finished doing them for the third time. He sets them down, one on each side of me. They rest, utterly spent, eyes half shut, breathing deeply.

“Now for that special treat I promised you,” he softly says to me.

I wonder what he means. He kneels behind me and I know what that means. I lift my legs and rest them on his cannon ball shaped shoulders to give him easy access.

Before he enters he says to the twins, “When I finish with Bill, he’ll be delirious. I’d like you to stay with him and take care of him until I return.” They weakly nod agreement.

Andy pushes his monster tool right up my gut and begins a steady stroke, building the pace, intensity and pleasure. I love it. Fucking with anyone else could never be truly satisfying. After too few minutes, we reach the peak. I feel him spray my guts with his juice. I shoot with him, my jizz coating my chest and abs.

As the flow stops momentarily while he builds for the next spurt, a new sensation begins radiating from the point deep inside where his dick ends. It feels like millions of tiny fingers massaging my gut from within. The sensation builds with each new spurt. By the tenth it’s overwhelming, the feelings move up and down my intestines going far beyond where even Andy could reach. He withdraws and moves off to other encounters. I don’t even notice, so focused am I on the pleasure spreading inside me. Is this what a superman’s sperm feels like?

I don’t remember much of the rest of the night. The twins took turns, one caressing my head while the other sucked my dick which continued to spurt cum. After a timeless interval of bliss, Andy returned, poured me into my clothes, hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me back to our dorm room. I must have been shooting, because, in the morning, a leg of my pants was still damp clear down to the bottom. He stripped me for bed and laid me down. Sometime in the night I drifted from ecstasy to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning for my first day of college, I saw I was in Andy’s bed. He was asleep behind me with his huge shaft up my ass and mighty arm draped over my chest. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and hear his heart beating in his chest. As I squeezed my ass muscles to arouse him, I thanked my lucky stars that I had drawn Andy as my roommate.


Chapter 3—Getting Settled

A lot has happened since the start of college when I first met my roommate, Andrew Wang. On that first day Andy just overwhelmed me with his sexual energy, but he does that with everyone he meets.

It’s not just that Andy is a Chinese-American Adonis, which he certainly is. He has the body of a muscle god, six-for, 280 lbs., sixty-inch chest, twenty-six-inch arms, thirty-inch waist with tremendous abdominal definition and thighs that each were larger than his waist. He has amazing golden-brown skin, completely smooth except for a neat bush of black hair above his cock, and what a cock. It hangs down fifteen inches between his legs when soft, the skin slightly darker than that of his body. Yet, when hard, it inflates to almost two feet of vein-covered, rocksolid flesh, thicker than my wrist. The tip pushes out from his foreskin, glowing red from the blood almost hypnotically. His orange-sized balls pump out spurts of pre-cum like normal men cum and when he unloads it’s like one of those fancy water guns that can soak you from twenty feet. He can keep that up all night, exhausting dozens of partners and still seem fresh.

He was strong. I’ve seen him bench over a thousand pounds for reps without a sign of strain. But that wasn’t his secret. It was just that when you looked into his black eyes, you would seem to fall under a spell. When you regained awareness of yourself again you were in the afterglow of the most incredible sex you’d ever imagined and there was nothing you wouldn’t do for the person that could make that possible.

I suppose I ought to bring you up to date, now that we’ve just finished the fall semester. I’m Bill Foster. I’m on the men’s swimming team. I was gay even before I’d met Andy, and pretty hot looking. At least that’s what I’d been told. I was six-feet, 180 pounds with a muscular swimmer’s build, naturally, blond hair (Andy has a sort of fondness for blonds) and blue eyes. Plus my 9.5 inch cock kept me pretty popular with the guys in high school.

When I woke up after that first night in which Andy conquered the entire swim team and sent me to levels of ecstasy I’d never imagined, I was a mess. Cum was dried on my hair, face and body. I remembered most of it being mine, but a lot was from others on the team. I thought I remembered the twins with me, but couldn’t be sure. It all sort of blended together. I was pretty sure most of Andy’s seed went into my gut. He was still there as we lay in his bed, the mighty shaft deep inside me, beating with a strong slow pulse in time with his heartbeat. One huge arm was draped over my body, holding my back securely to his chest.

When I squeezed my ass muscles around the firm pole of his shaft, he responded first with a couple reflexive twitches from his embedded flesh. Of course, with Andy’s power, those instinctive movements lifted my hips a couple inches off the bed and slapped my ass into his marble-like abs with audible thunks. I then felt his body stir as he awoke and his arm slid from my chest down my body, brushing my cock that was again hard.

He slid about halfway out of me with a squishing sound from my soggy intestines, bending me double so he could roll me to my back, coming to rest above me with my legs on his shoulders.

“Did you have fun last night?” I nodded yes, looking up into his eyes. “I thought you did,” he added. “Can you handle a little more?”

I guess my gaze was answer enough. He started to stroke, sliding smoothly inside me to depths he alone could explore. A warm glow spread from my gut throughout my body as my cock would pulse out a bit of pre-cum on each of his inward movements. He bent over me. I held onto his bulging biceps to steady myself. His head lingered over mine and his tongue darted out to lick and clean my cum-streaked face, periodically kissing me deeply so I could experience the tastes.

After a time he leaned back and announced, “There, all clean.” Then on the next stroke he punched my button just right and I spewed four fresh loads onto my face and neck. He chuckled and went back to work.

Finishing my face for a second time he started to get serious about his fucking, using long, smooth, powerful strokes that would arch my back when he was in to the hilt, his balls drawn up and deeply denting the muscles of my ass. I was out of it by this time. I gripped his arms with all of my strength to steady my thoughts, not that I made the slightest impression on the ironbulge of his muscles. Our eyes locked as the world seemed to spin around his head.

My body shook as his cock jerked inside me, spewing its load. Each shot ricocheted off my gut walls with a force I could sense even through the haze. My own seed spurted wildly as I shot in sympathy. After a few jets, he started to pull out, holding a few seconds as each subsequent eruption flooded lower in my bowels. A last jerk yanked the flaring head through my clutching ass ring. The next spurts covered me, him, and our bed, with his cum. Gradually the flow eased.

As the last drops dripped from his cock head onto my chest, I took a deep breath. He lay lightly on top of me, splashing in cum that covered me, his cock, a thick tube between us. We kissed deeply. Then he pulled back, resting on his knees on the bed, lowering my legs, widely split, over his mountainous thighs.

“Class starts in a couple hours. You need a shower.”

“What about you? You’re as covered in cum as I am,” I observed. “You get started. I have something to do,” he said, stepping off the bed.

He opened the door and went out in the hall, still naked, cock sticking straight up to his pecs, and dripping a trail of cum on the floor. I heard him knock on the neighbors’ door. A few minutes later as I headed to the bath, the sound of heavy action on a bed drifted through the walls.

When I returned after my shower the sound was from the room on the opposite wall. As I finished dressing the sounds eased. About fifteen minutes later Andy stepped through our door. He’d obviously showered next door. Though still naked, his fifteen-inch soft cock was hanging between his legs.

“Give me a few minutes. We’ll get some breakfast and I think we have our first class together.”

He put on some extremely baggy pants that hung down to mid calf and a muscle tee that fit like a second skin, grabbed a backpack, and was ready to go.

When we left the room I saw the guys from the room on the right leaving too. One was Hispanic, about five-eight and an average build. The other was an Asian guy, just five-two with a slim body. I doubt he was over a hundred pounds. They had big smiles on their faces that only got bigger when they spotted Andy.

Andy made introductions. “Hi, guys. This is my roommate, Bill. These are Luis and Tony.”

“Hi,” I added. “I heard you getting acquainted with Andy a few minutes ago.”

“The Andy and Bill show woke us this morning,” inserted Tony. “But it’s better to be in the show than the audience”.

“No offense, Tony, but you’re a pretty small guy. Were you able to handle Andy? He’s awfully big,” I inquired as we were walking.

Tony looked up at Andy.

“He’s wonderfully big but, yes, he got it all in. God, I thought it would be coming out my mouth. We will be able to do it again, won’t we?”

“Sure guys, you both took it like real studs.”

We ate breakfast with them. They were friends from high school in Alhambra in Southern California. They both had girls back home and hadn’t considered gay sex before today. I certainly got the impression they were going to try a few things while waiting for another go with Andy.

Our first class was in a large lecture hall with a couple hundred other freshmen. We sat about halfway down. Andy cautioned me to take good notes. I did, but Andy spent most of the time making eye contact with some of the other guys.

At the end of class Andy waved goodbye to me and I saw him take six or seven guys into the men’s room with him. I wanted to follow, but took the hint. I saw a couple of them around campus that afternoon and they definitely had the full treatment from Andy.

Andy never studied though he did whip out all the homework at a speed that astonished me. He went out every night, but insisted I stay, work, and study every evening, Sunday to Thursday. I knew he working his way through the thousands in the student body. He got great grades, and not just by fucking his professors, though I’m sure he did. I did fine myself through hard work. I knew Andy would be back in the room eventually and each night I got what others dreamed of.

Soon Andy would draw a crowd as he walked around. Mostly there were guys, and a few girls, looking for a repeat engagement. Quite often it was to introduce their boyfriends or girlfriends to an experience that had changed their lives. A few times friends would spot their buddies walking with Andy and realize, for the first time, that they shared a common desire.

I was pretty sought after, even when walking alone, by those that knew me as Andy’s roommate. They thought I could put in a good word for them. Several times I took advantage of offered mouths or asses from the hotter ones who thought a little extra effort would help. Most of the time I told them I didn’t have that sort of influence, but they were very insistent.

On the weekends Andy would let me tag along on his adventures. That first Friday night he went to one of the fraternities. He just went up to it and walked in. One of the members saw us, came over and started to say something, but stopped and bit his lower lip when he made eye contact. Andy put an arm round his waist, holding him close and asked where most of the brothers hang out. He led Andy to a recreation room downstairs while I followed.

There were about twenty guys in the room when Andy entered.

They looked up and you could see them fall under Andy’s spell. Several were openly stroking themselves through their pants and one was starting to undo his shirt, all without a word being spoken.

“I thought we might have a little fun. Go and invite the others,” ordered Andy to the one who led us down here, giving him a little pat on the butt to speed him on the way.

Now Andy had arrived in his usual tight tee shirt and shorts that were just long enough to cover him when soft. He just stood there at the bottom of the stairs, legs spread, as his cock grew beyond the fabric and past his knee. Every eye was on it as it rose to vertical, pushing the material until it bunched at his hip. Andy walked over to a handsome, blond, six-footer and kissed him full on the lips with his tongue diving inside as he held the stunned stud tightly to his body. The room was silent as they held the kiss for over a minute as the object of Andy’s affections eagerly returned the passion. Just then I heard feet on the steps above us. The others were arriving.

“What’s going on?” someone asked, spotting the scene below.

Several of those in the room had already lowered their pants and had their cocks out. One had stripped. I stepped away to make room as a large group crowded on the stairs.

Andy broke his kiss and turned around. The guy he was with had a hand squeezing his cock about halfway up. His shirt was stained with a few streaks of Andy’s pre-cum and he had an outrageous bulge in his pants, extending nearly to the side of his hip.

“We’re having a little party. Why don’t you join us?” Andy asked while lifting his tee over his head and tossing it aside. “Help my buddy here take my shorts off,” he directed the leader.

As expected, he obeyed. The others filed into the room and began disrobing. I wasn’t going to be the last one naked. I tossed off my stuff while I watched the two fraternity brothers struggle to pull Andy’s cock from vertical so they could slide his shorts off his leg. Both of them, with four hands, couldn’t move it more than twenty degrees. All the while it was spurting pre-cum, spraying both men, and everybody within three or four feet, getting slipperier every second.

While it was a great show, I didn’t want to wait. I saw a cute guy I’d seen with the gymnastics team standing near Andy, just watching, with his removed shirt and slacks clutched in one hand. He was only about five-four but very muscular. His white bikini briefs showed off the firm flesh of solid glutes.

I stepped close behind him, pressing my hard cock onto his ass. He felt me and pushed back into my groin.

“You won’t need these,” I said, taking the clothes from his hand and tossing them toward the wall. “Why don’t you get rid of those briefs too?”

He pushed them down and stepped out of them without any thought, still concentrating on Andy.

“Are you going to fuck me?”

I just pushed on his back with my left hand while coating the fingers on my right with the pre-cum Andy had splattered on his chest. His muscular ass cheeks spread nicely when he bent over, exposing his hairless pink hole. He shuddered as I rubbed it with my middle finger, smearing the rim with some of Andy’s juice. As he seemed to relax I pushed the finger in to the limit.

“You’re very tight,” I observed. “Try and relax and enjoy it.”

“I’ve never done this before. Ah…aaah…oooo,” he cooed as I pushed his joy button. “What did you do?”

“Just finding your sensitive spots.” I added a second finger. “It will feel even better with my cock in there.”

I reached over to Andy’s cock, still the object of struggle by the two guys trying to remove his shorts, and coated my hand with its copious covering of slippery lube. I slathered my stiff shaft with his juice and pointed the tip at the entrance. “Ready?” I didn’t wait for an answer.

I grabbed his waist and pulled. My cock head punched through his ring as he grunted in surprise and pain. I felt his muscles tighten. I left it in place, teasing him with half-inch strokes of the tip while seven more inches waited. As he got used to me he started to wiggle his ass around my intrusion. I pushed a few more inches into him, pressing my tip to his prostate. He reacted immediately.

I gave him a dozen quick pokes at the same spot, feeling him buck, shiver, and shake at each touch. He suddenly bolted upright, arched his back and clamped down on my pole as he came, spraying Andy and his two playmates with several heavy loads. While he was distracted I pushed the last half of my shaft into his warm cavity.

“It looks like you’re ahead of me,” laughed Andy. “I’d better get myself into gear.” He snapped his cock from his buddies’ grips, bent over almost double and pushed his shorts to the floor “You’re first,” he said to the blond while leaning back on the corner of a heavy pool table.

He lifted him up until he was standing on the table rails, straddling his hips. The guy’s hard eight-inch cock was standing out just over his head, dripping white blobs into Andy’s straight black hair. Andy anchored the guy’s calves between his torso and arms.

“Now sit down slowly,” he directed.

He dipped carefully lower. Andy took the opportunity to lick at his balls and shaft as his partner’s crotch passed in front of his face. By the time the cock was at mouth level Andy’s blunt mushroom had speared his glutes and rested below the puckered hole. He stopped when he felt the contact, eager yet nervous.

Andy just engulfed the guy’s cock to the root, pressing his nose into the curly, blond pubic bush. When he bent his neck forward he used the shaft as a handle to force the man down. As the tip popped in, he opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. About eight inches of the fleshy stake impaled him before he steadied himself by pressing on the boulders that were Andy’s shoulders. Andy let the cock slide from his mouth. It sprung up against his partner’s abs.

All the other brothers were gathered around watching. All were down to underwear or less and were openly stroking their cocks. A few had already shot a load while watching, but Andy and I were the only ones fucking.

I resumed stroking my new friend, using slow full-length strokes from my 9.5 inches. He turned his head and looked back at me when I started up again. I think he was so involved in his orgasm and Andy’s show he forgot I was inside him. He remembered quickly when my crown brushed his spot.

Meanwhile Andy had his hands on his partner’s thighs, forcing him to sit down further on his fuck pole. He’d push him down a couple inches then relax the pressure, allowing the guy to lift up, but not quite to where he started. In a few minutes he’d worked about a foot into the tight hole. The blond was now in a full squat with his thighs parallel to the table. He was sweating heavily, moaning each time Andy moved within him, adding a small grunt as each dip bottoms out and the invader in his guts opens up new territory.

Andy pumps his hips a few times, forcing a few more inches in with short, quick strokes. As he settles back you can see the bottom half of his cock throb as he begins to unload. This is too much for his partner. He throws his head back as his first shot goes over Andy’s head and lands in the center of the pool table. The next three spray Andy’s face. He licks up all that he can reach with his tongue.

As the last drops drip off the blond’s cock, he seems to lose his strength. His muscles go slack and he sits down into Andy’s lap as Andy supports his back. The bottom half of Andy’s still spewing cock disappears up his gut.

The guy is really out of it by now. Andy licks his face until he sees the eyes open and focus on him. He looks around at the crowd surrounding them, then back at Andy.

“I can feel you. You’re still cumming, but not so strongly.” Andy nods. “Oh. You’ve stopped. I don’t want it to be over.”

“It’s not,” said Andy, standing up with his partner still plugged, turning around and laying the guy’s back onto the table.

He put the legs up in the deep valley between his traps and deltoids, held him by the waist and extracted almost the entire cum-coated shaft until the helmet pulled against the ring from the inside. A smooth motion sheathed his sword into its human scabbard as the recipient of his assault thrashed wildly on the hard surface of pool table. A few more strokes had the guy overwhelmed, gibbering unintelligibly, eyes unfocused.

I had stopped my own fuck motions, watching the amazing scene. Most of the guys had even stopped the stroking of their own cocks as everyone was enthralled.

The blond shot another big load, but I don’t think he even noticed. Andy was upping his speed. He did a few minutes of frantic pounding of a stud now reduced to quivering Jell-O. The final stroke was in slow motion. When he bottomed out, the shaft must have flexed, lifting the guy’s back off the table for a few seconds as he fired the first volley of a new barrage of cum. The blond’s cock erupted again.

Andy pulled out slowly. When he popped free he was still spewing long white ropes of juice. He directed the first few onto his partner, soaking him thoroughly. Then he spun around, marking everyone with his seed. His partner had passed out, resting limply on the hard surface, his cock still weakly pulsing gobs of white into the deep pools of Andy’s spunk that coated his body.

Andy looked around, grabbed the nearest onlooker and bent him over the side of the table beside his last guy. His chest splashed in the puddles as Andy held him down and moved in position

“You’re next,” he announced to his new subject, stating the obvious, as his cock started to fit itself in.

As Andy went back to work, I started to get some serious fucking with my gymnast friend. I bent him over again as I started to plow him deeply.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” he urged me on. I powered into him as hard as I could, faster and faster. “Oh…yes…yes…yes,” he sighed. I hit the target again and again as my stiff cock moved through his warm, tight tunnel.

I was close. I gave him three final thrusts, pounding against his firm butt with a loud slap as my flesh contacted him. After the last I stayed buried and started to unload. As I climaxed I pulled him upright again, holding his back to my chest. As he started his own orgasm I felt his ass muscles spasm around my shooting shaft. I leaned backward as the feelings intensified, lifting him off his feet.

I lunged up into him each time I released a fresh blast. After a few I felt my foot slip on the floor that was slick with (mostly Andy’s) cum. I lost my balance and scrambled to regain it while falling over backwards. I managed to sit back, landing heavily on the floor with my butt as my gymnast buddy bounced on top of me. I was still coupled with him and still pumping my cream into his bowels.

As my passion eased, I sprawled back on the damp floor. My gymnast friend lay back onto my chest, and then rolled beside me as my softening cock slipped from his bottom.

“That was…fun,” he said, looking into my eyes. “But, I don’t think I could handle someone as big as your friend though. By the way, I’m Jack, Jack Gardner.”

“Hi. I’m Bill Foster and my friend is Andy Wang. I’m sure you’ll get acquainted with him in a little bit. Don’t worry. You’ll love it, but I’m glad I was your first guy. You never forget your first time.”

I pulled him against me and kissed him. Our tongues dueled with each other playfully.

“It won’t be my last. Could we get together again some time?”

“Sure. I’ve seen you around the gym. I’m on the swim team and we usually practice at the same time. Just stop by the swim team training room when you finish your workout.”

“Great. Ugh…You know?…Could we do it again tonight?”

Just then Andy popped into view, reached down and hoisted Jack into his arms. “Mind if I borrow your buddy. You’ve warmed him up for me I see.”

I topped a couple more guys and bottomed for a few before Andy had everyone too exhausted to move.

I awoke next morning to the delightful sensation of someone nursing my cock. I was in a bed in a sixty-nine position with Jack. His hard seven-inch piece was in easy reach, so I sucked it into my waiting mouth, tasting the juice already seeping from it. His legs were split by one of Andy’s massive thighs. As my nose pressed into Jack’s balls I had a great view of Andy’s pole. All but about six inches was plugged into Jack’s butt. His sphincter was stretched tightly around the invader, bright red from the friction and abuse of the past night. Dried fluids coated the area around it while a small trickle of cum managed, somehow, to find its way past the tight seal and soak into the sheets.

I backed off Jack’s sweet piece. “Good morning, Jack. How are you doing?”

He paused his work on me. “I’m fine. Last night was something. You were great, but Andy was incredible. I can still feel him within me.”

“That’s because he is in you, silly.” I reached between Jack’s spread legs and gave a firm squeeze of the exposed portion of Andy’s turgid dong.

Andy was roused from his sleep. As always his first motion was a few instinctive shakes of his cock that thrashed Jack’s body back and forth on the bed for a few seconds, causing him to utter a sharp cry of surprise. Then his body stirred. His arm reached around and he massaged my ass.

“Morning, Bill. Who’s our little friend here?”

“Hi, Andy. I’m Jack Gardner. Bill told me your name, but with everything so confusing about last night, I don’t think I introduced myself. I did have a great time though. Uh. … You know. … If it’s not, … I’m not sure how to ask this, but could you fuck me again?”

“Well Jack I’m glad to meet you formally. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. If you noticed, it appears we already are fucking,” moving his cock in and out a few inches as he spoke. “But, I think you want a bit more,” he added, lengthening his strokes.

As Jack started moaning I went down on his sweet dick again. I ground my crotch into his face. He took the suggestion and sucked my stiff rod into his warm mouth. Andy is so thick that any movement he makes stimulates a guy’s prostate almost continuously. Jack was so hot that his body tensed and he flooded my mouth after only a couple long strokes. I swallowed several gulps.

Andy wasn’t done yet though. He kept up his motion, building it up by increasing the speed and length of his undulations. Jack barely softened in my mouth. A few licks on the sensitive bottom of the crown and Andy’s continued stimulation had him as hard as ever in moments. The pleasure was making him moan, or, at least, he was trying to as best he could with my cock halfway down his neck. The effect was to make his throat muscles vibrate around my shaft. It was very exciting. I started to buck my hips to fuck his mouth.

Andy lifted Jack’s upper leg, bending it up until his knee was near his shoulder, spreading his ass wider to allow his cock to penetrate just a little further. As he raised his pace again I knew Andy was close. On the last stroke he slowed and I could see he had started to pump his load.

The first explosion inside him caused Jack to have a full body spasm. His throat clamped down on me and his cock fluttered wildly in my mouth as it poured out another big offering. I unloaded my own sperm. We both swallowed furiously.

Slowly our passion eased. I rolled to my back, resting after releasing Jack’s spent cock as mine slipped from his lips. Andy stepped off the bed, standing up as he extracted his cock that he’d allowed to go soft after soaking Jack’s intestines. He helped Jack get up. He was unsteady and needed some support initially. I got up too and gave Andy a good morning kiss. He licked up some of Jack’s juices from the inside of my mouth.

“I suppose we should shower and get some breakfast. Does anyone know where our clothes are?” Andy asked, looking around the room.

“The bathroom is down the hall. I’ll show you. You can have breakfast here,” offered Jack. “Damn. I feel so empty not having a cock up there,” he added, fingering his hole.

“Our clothes are probably still downstairs in the party room,” I replied. “I doubt anyone had the energy to straighten things up.”

The scene in the rest of the house was amazing. There were some beds shared by sleeping twosomes and one threesome.

They hadn’t bothered or had the energy to shut the doors. Another couple was resting at the foot of the stairs. A number of groups were huddled peacefully in the party room, its floor still slippery with puddles of cum. A few singles were draped on pieces of furniture. They probably hadn’t been strong enough to move after Andy finished with them. We found our clothes, pretty well soaked like everything down there.

“Let me toss these into the wash,” offered Jack. “They should be ready by the time we shower and eat.”

He was back in a minute and led us upstairs to the common bath area. When we entered the shower we found the blond guy sitting below a shower head. It looked like he made it up here, but hadn’t had enough strength left to turn on the water. He was still covered in dried cum. A thin white stream seeped from his ass hole and flowed along the floor to the drain.

We turned on the spray. It revived our sleeping friend. While we started getting clean we watched him awaken. It took him a minute to get oriented. You could tell when he recognized Andy. His cock sprang to attention.

“Oh. Hi. I seem to be somewhat worn out. I think you fucked me twice last night.”

“Good morning. I fucked everyone at least twice. You were a real stud. I did you four times, but I don’t think you were counting.” Andy extended a hand and helped him to his feet.

“Hey! You didn’t fuck me last night. How about one now?” I asked.

“Bill, I fucked you every day last week, at least twice a day, including yesterday.”

“I’m your roommate. You forgot about me when you met these guys. I want a fuck. I wanna fuck.” I crossed my arms and put on my best pout face. I think the effect was spoiled some by my cock sticking up vertically past my navel, already starting to leak its juice.

“Okay. You win.”

We were mesmerized watching his cock, untouched by him, inflate to its full hard length of nearly two feet and then rotate until it was upright, the large red mushroom cap glowing from the fresh blood that powered his weapon. It ended just in the groove between the thick bulging pillows of his pecs.

“Hop up and climb aboard.”

I jumped onto him, wrapping my arms around his thick neck and legs around his small, muscled waist. His strong hands held my upper chest. His thumbs extended across the front to tease my man tits. He lifted me up easily. My cock slid along his much larger one. I felt the ridge of his crown pass down my length until the tip passed along and under my balls. When I was lowered an inch I felt the blunt point knock at my door and demand admission.

I yielded easily to his, now familiar, presence. My gut swelled as the bulging head moved deeper. After just a few inches I shuddered in pleasure as he pressed my most sensitive spot. He kept lowering my body, forcing himself deeper. The tight fit gave steady friction on the centers of ecstasy. I could feel each of the many veins that crisscrossed the firmness that snaked further and further within me. My body writhed in exquisite agony, squirming in his iron grip around the unyielding flesh that pinned my butt.

Before I hit bottom of that first deep thrust, I exploded. My cock’s first shot launched between our bodies and over Andy’s head. Several more streaked both our chests and were washed slowly away by the spray from the shower. Slightly dazed in the aftermath, I looked into Andy’s deep, black eyes to focus my attention. I felt the thicker shaft near the base expand my hole to its limit as Andy’s orange-sized balls dimpled the muscles of my glutes.

He let me stay still for a few second until my breathing steadied as I eased off the peak of my orgasm. When he thought I was ready he lifted my body and my pleasure built again as I was stimulated by the movements within me. I knew from past experience that Andy was in absolute control. I released my arms from around his neck, placing my hands on the great bulges that were his biceps. Each muscle on his 26” arms was like marble. He lifted me as if I were no heavier than a basketball.

A familiar pattern was repeating itself. He stroked me long and deep, slowly building up the speed. The sensations flowed through my body, sending me into frenzy. I’d approach my threshold. The next motion would send me over and my senses would spin. The only thing that could penetrate the veil that intense pleasure cast over my mind was the sensation from my gut that became ever stronger as Andy continued his mindblowing fuck.

Each peak came quicker and the effect lasted longer until it became a continuous blur that nothing external could penetrate. That is until the throbbing began deep in the center of my soul. It built quickly to a tremendous crescendo that took over my whole body. I let the wave break over me as the world spun and I didn’t care, lost in the ultimate pleasure that only Andy is able to induce.

I became aware again. My head was resting on the iron-like plates that cover Andy’s massive chest. His slow breathing and clearly audible heartbeat helped steady me. I was in his secure embrace and he was still deep inside me, but no longer cumming. The cool shower spray helped to clear my head. “Was that what you wanted?” Andy asked. I nodded weakly. “Can you stand?”

“I think so,” I mumbled.

I released my legs that were wrapped about his waist. They hung down still split widely by the outrageous bulges of his thighs. Andy bent his knees until he dipped low enough for my feet to touch the tile of the shower floor. Steadying me with his hands on my waist, he dropped lower and away, extracting a soft, but still impressive, cock from my body. It took several seconds for my body to recover when the head finally pulled clear, but he held me as he stood back up and I regained some strength.

“Wow! Is that what happened to us?” Jack asked.

“Pretty much,” offered Andy. “Of course, Bill has had a week of practice to get used to it. You were unable to move for about an hour after I first fucked you.”

“But I was able to get up almost right away this morning when you fucked me?”

“Oh, that was only a quickie, wakeup fuck, only two or three orgasms. I always start a new guy with a thorough fuck like you just saw and revisit him later to keep up his pleasure level. Then there’s my special surprise fuck that can keep a guy senseless with pleasure all night. I gave Bill one last Sunday, but don’t go asking for one. Though, if you’re lucky, you might experience one someday.”

“Hey, let’s get breakfast. I’m always starved after heavy sex,” I interjected.

We left the shower and dried ourselves. A couple others were awake by now. Anyone spotting Andy grew erect almost immediately. Jack had regained his erection watching our scene in the shower. However, Andy initiated no more sexual activity that visit.

Well that gives you the idea of what has been happening since Andy arrived on campus. I’m pretty sure he’s made a couple thousand new friends this semester. That’s only a small fraction of the school, but it’s only his first semester. This evening we’re having a little party to celebrate the end of finals. It’s just a hundred of the hottest guys he’s met so far. Jack arranged a gym we can use in privacy and enough gym mats to cover half the floor. Each invitee has to bring a date that Andy hasn’t met yet, boyfriend or girlfriend. The captain of my swim team, Doug Moore, is bringing his fiancé.

The party should last all weekend. I’d better wrap this up. Andy and I have got to leave. The fun won’t really start until he gets there.


Chapter 4—Starting My Sophomore Year

My second year at college promised to be even more fun than my first. My roommate from last year had arranged to live at a furnished townhouse owned by the university and asked me to join him. Apparently it was rent-free. You might ask whom he had to fuck to get that. I don’t know but I’m sure that whomever it was thought they got the best of the deal.

Andy Wang defined the role of sex god. He was incredibly handsome Chinese-American, a mass of muscle six-four tall and 280 pounds with not an ounce of body-fat. His sixty-inch chest tapers to a thirty-inch waist with six-pack abs. His twenty-six inch arms and massive thighs can lift a thousand pounds like most guys handle ten. His golden skin glows in the light, smooth and hairless, except for a silky black bush above his cock. A cock that is awesome enough at fifteen-inches soft hanging between his muscled legs, but hypnotic when it extends a twofoot pole of steel, as thick as a wrist, crisscrossed with pulsing veins, topped by a reddish head as big as a fist, spurting precum like most guys cum. But when he unloads, his orange-sized balls can pump quarts with enough force to cross a large room and keep it up all night.

Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody’s wet-dream. If he would make eye contact with a person they would fall under his spell. Just a simple touch on the hand would complete the seduction. The person, male or female, was unable to resist him. A few minutes later they would be experiencing the most incredible sex they’d never imagined.

That’s what I experienced almost ever night and morning as Andy’s roommate last year. Of course, Andy must have had a couple thousand sex partners during the year, in singles, pairs and huge parties with dozens of guests lasting all weekend. He never failed to leave his partners in blissful exhaustion. When we first met he said he wasn’t always like this. He was changed somehow one morning. I didn’t understand it when he told me, but I’m more than happy to take advantage of it.

I ought to reintroduce myself. I’m Bill Foster. I’m on the swimming team, six-foot, 195 pounds and a swimmer’s build. I’ve put on some muscle last year. It might be my workouts, but Andy thinks it’s from being infused constantly with his cum. Perhaps. My cock went from 9.5 to ten inches too, but it has been getting plenty of work as well. I’m a natural blond and Andy is particularly fond of blonds.

It was tough going home over the summer. I had lots of sex with friends back home, but it wasn’t the same. I really envied the guys near Andy’s home south of San Francisco.

The address Andy gave me was just a block from campus. As I reached the front door carrying my suitcases my cock had tented out the front of my shorts, anticipating our reunion with Andy. The door was unlocked. He must be home.

Once I opened the door and heard the sounds drifting out of the living room, I knew he was home. I left my stuff by the entry and moved into the house. As I expected Andy was in action with a guy on the couch. Two others were locked in an exhausted embrace while slumped together in one of the big side chairs. The guy Andy was fucking I recognized as Luis, the Hispanic guy that shared the dorm room next to ours with the small Asian guy, Tony. Tony was one of the guys on the chair. He was sitting on the lap of another Asian guy who was a little bigger than he. Tony’s chest rested on the chest of his friend, his head resting on the shoulder and legs split over the chair arms. Tony was sitting on the guy’s stiff cock, but they were totally spent, having already had their turns with Andy. If their condition were not evidence enough, the small streams of cum leaking from both their holes and starting to pool on the hardwood floor confirmed my guess.

Andy noticed my arrival. “Hi Bill. Welcome back. Our bedroom is upstairs. You can put your stuff away while I finish up with Luis. He and Tony stopped over after checking into their dorm with Tony’s brother who drove them up.” He hadn’t missed a stroke while greeting me.

I saw Luis look over at me while Andy was talking. His legs were in the valley between Andy’s boulder-like shoulders and thick neck, bending him almost double. He was holding onto Andy’s biceps to steady himself as he was rocked by full-length strokes from Andy’s two-foot cock plowing his hole. He’d already had at least one orgasm from the looks of the cum streaks on his face and the leather surfaces of the couch by his head, but since he still had a way to go until he reached the senseless bliss that the others were in I figured it would be a while until Andy was ready for me.

I stepped out of my shorts, slipped off my shoes and stripped my top. “Go ahead Andy and finish up Luis. I’ll warm up with Tony and his brother.”

Andy spotted my erection already dripping a bit of pre-cum. “You are eager.”

I knelt in front of their big chair. It was fortunately leather like the couch and it would be easy to clean off the big puddles of cum that had already leaked. I lifted the legs of the guy Tony sat on, his brother according to Andy, and spread them across the chair’s padded arms, pulling his body down until his butt rested at the end of the seat cushion. This shoved his cock deeper into Tony’s clutching hole. I could see the brother’s ass lips twitching.

Each little spasm would allow some cum to seep from his hole where it would join the stream dripping from Tony. Neither guy seemed to react to my manipulations.

I had something in mind, but I would need to be well lubed. Andy had provided plenty, but there was no need to use the juice cooling on the chair when there was plenty being kept warm at body temperature. I leaned forward and slipped easily into Tony’s brother’s clutching chute.

All ten of my inches shoved in as Andy’s cum spurted out around my shaft as I displaced it. It felt hot inside the well-fucked gut. His internal muscles grabbed at my shaft as his face showed his first reaction. His eyes briefly focused on my face and he licked his lips. I gave him a few slow strokes, eliciting a low moan from him.

As I heard Luis experience another orgasm on the couch, I decided to move on with my plan. I eased out of the brother and repositioned my now cum-coated pole at the spot he penetrated Tony, who was still resting peacefully. I put a little pressure against their junction. The tip of my crown dug a small furrow in the bottom of the brother’s shaft and rolled a bit of Tony’s assring away. It was enough to give me a start. I shoved and got in half the head.

That, at last, roused Tony from dreamland. He lifted his head from his brother’s shoulders and looked quickly from side to side, finally twisting around to spot me behind him just as his ass ring yielded and allowed my bulb and about three inches of shaft to scoot in alongside his brother’s piece. Tony gave a silent wince as he recognized the penetration.

“Oh. Hi Bill. Andy said he expected you any minute. I guess you must have arrived while I was recovering from Andy’s greeting.

Have you met my big brother, Ming?”

I pushed in more of my pole. When I got about three-quarters in I felt myself pushing past the crown of Ming’s cock.

“Hi Tony,” I responded. “It looks like your brother is still dazed, but I did try a little sample before entering you. He’s hot. You guys must have lots of fun.”

“No. Ming’s straight and married. He was just dropping Luis and me off, but wanted to come in to use the bathroom before he hit the interstate to the south. He saw Andy and I guess things just happened. Mmm…Bill… You’re a lot thicker than I remember.”

“That’s because I’m sharing you with your brother. He feels like he has about seven inches stuffed in alongside me. Don’t you remember?”

“No. Oh. I see,” Tony remarked after pushing back against his brother’s chest so he could glance down and see his balls resting snugly on Ming’s pubic hair. “I guess Andy set me down here after our sex. I probably had passed out until you roused me when you shoved into my hole.”

We both heard Andy grunt as he started unleashing a load into Luis’ belly. It triggered a sharp exhalation from Luis as he experienced another orgasm. Andy kept up his pace as Luis writhed underneath him wracked by the ecstasy from the constant stimulation from Andy’s monster member moving inside him. I knew he wouldn’t last many minutes longer, so I started my assault on Tony’s clutching hole. His gut squeezed his brother’s pole against mine as I moved so the ridge of my cock-head stimulated them both, not to mention what the friction did for me. It must have worked on Ming too because he started coming around.

“Ming…Ming,” Tony addressed him. “Wake up.”

“Little brother? What’s going on?”

“You came in the house with Luis and I and met our friend Andy.

He fucked you. You liked it a lot. Do you remember?”

“Yes. It’s like a dream. Oooh. What was that? Is someone stroking my dick? Who? What? Aaah.”

“That must be Bill.”

“Hi Ming,” I interjected, peering over Tony’s back and giving Ming a big smile while continuing full strokes into Tony’s butt.

“You and Bill are fucking me now. It feels great with both of you in my ass. Together you must be almost as thick as Andy. How does Bill feel sliding along your shaft? He’s got a pretty nice cock. Nothing like Andy’s, but what is?”

“Oh God! I am fucking you. We can’t. You’re my brother.” Ming tried to squirm out from beneath Tony but he was pretty well pinned to the chair and his efforts only served to move his shaft in and out of his brother’s butt a few inches. I certainly enjoyed his attempt, but my hands on Tony’s slim hips kept him planted firmly on Ming’s groin. “Ooooh…God!” He exclaimed again as the stimulation from his movements started to affect him.

“Come on Ming. I love being fucked. So do you if you remember when Andy did you, and it sure looks like you’re having fun now. Just let yourself enjoy it and experiment with your movements to see what feels good.”

“It does feel good. It’s so warm and tight and I tingle all over when Bill slides alongside me.”

There was a short scream from the couch as Luis experienced another orgasm, his fourth or fifth, I think. He was starting to lose consciousness as Andy built up his pace. I knew Andy was about done with Luis.

“Is that Andy with your roommate?” Ming asked, noticing the action on the couch for the first time. He continued to move in and out of his brother’s hole trying to find what worked best for him as I helped out. “Is that what I looked like when Andy fucked me?” At this point Luis was gibbering unintelligibly while his eyes stared widely up at Andy’s face.

“Sure,” answered Tony. “That’s what everyone looks like when Andy really turns it on…Yes…That’s a good motion. Keep that up guys,” Tony ordered us as we got into a rhythm where I slid out as Ming slid in.

I managed to work my cock in position where my flange was squeezed between Ming’s pole and the bump of Tony’s prostate. I held Tony down on Ming while I took advantage of our alignment to stimulate Tony’s sensitive spot with short, swift strokes across it. Tony reacted instantly. His whole body shook and shuddered. He arched his back and gave a strangled cry as he exploded in sexual pleasure. Tony’s anal cavity convulsed around the paired poles as I shoved in to the hilt. I felt the spray against my shaft as Ming joined his brother in ecstasy. Squeezed in an orgasmic embrace my cock joined the party.

When I eased off I held Tony in position so our softening cocks wouldn’t slip out. I stayed half-hard anyway due to the tight fit of sharing the space with Ming. I saw that Tony had splattered Ming’s face and chest with several big gobs of his sperm. Tony noticed too and started licking it up and sharing it with his brother in deep kisses. Ming was initially startled by the kiss and the entry and taste of his brother’s tongue, but soon got into it. I managed to lap up a streak Tony missed and leaned over to share a three-way kiss with them.

While we were busy Andy had finished up with Luis. Breaking our kiss we saw him standing beside our chair in all his massive muscular glory, cock vertically erect in front of his torso, covered and dripping with some of the residue of the loads he’d deposited inside Luis who was now sprawled limply on the sofa. Tony and I immediately twisted around to lap up the juices. Ming hung back a few seconds before taking a tentative lick after which he joined us with enthusiasm.

“Tony, I see you and your brother have discovered some new interests in common. Get me nice and clean for Bill’s welcome back fuck.”

Ming backed off and looked up at Andy. “I can’t believe that something that huge could be stuffed up my ass, or Tony’s. It must be half as big as he is.”

“Oh, you took it all and sure had fun, but you probably don’t remember most of your fuck session. Most first timers get kind of dreamy after a couple minutes. I’ll give all of you something to remember.” Andy moved behind me. “Tony lean forward and wrap your hands around your brother’s neck,” he directed. Then Andy lifted me up by my thighs until I straddled the arms of the chair snuggly behind where Tony also straddled. “Bill, lay over Tony’s back so he’s sandwiched between you and Ming.”

When I complied our three butts hung over the front cushion of the chair with Ming on the bottom, Tony in the middle and me on top. Ming and I were still inserted in Tony’s tight bottom.

“Ready? This should be fun.”

Andy pressed his marble-like pecs to my back and wrapped his arms around the pile of guy flesh on the chair until he held Ming’s waist in his hands. Suddenly Ming started to thrash around, shaking the chair, and his cock stiffened instantly to full hardness and started to twitch against mine in Tony’s hole. However, Andy had full control so Ming wasn’t able to move enough to slip away.

“What are you doing? It’s too big,” Ming almost screamed. “It’s so hard. Oh. Oh. Oh. It’s in. I feel so full.”

“That’s just half my tip. Here’s the rest of the head,” Andy remarked as he gave a quick stab and Ming yelped in surprise. “Here’s some of the shaft.” Ming moaned. “That was my rim rubbing your prostate. Everybody likes that. Try it some more.” He gave Ming a couple of minutes of stimulation until I felt Ming’s cock erupt inside Tony’s gut spraying my member with his hot seed.

“That was great. I never had such good sex.”

“I just used the first eight inches, Get ready. Here’s the rest.”

“What are you doing? I feel you moving inside me. Where is it going? I feel it in my belly. It’s so big. It’s rubbing that spot all the time. How much more is there?” Ming was growing more frantic. “Just another eight or nine inches,” Andy assured him.

“You’re doing great big brother. Rub your hand on your stomach and you can feel him inside.”

“I can feel him just fine already. He’s like a steel pole in my gut. Every move I try to make feels like my internal anatomy is rearranging itself around him. Oh. That’s his balls on my ass. It feels like the tip is near my heart. Oh. He’s pulling out. Now it feels like I’m being turned inside out.”

I was a bit envious that Ming was getting a second fuck while I waited. Of course there was no point in being upset with Andy helping Ming explore his sexuality. It’s what he does. So I figured

I might as well help out and have a bit of fun too. I started to make steady strokes inside Tony, rubbing my shaft along the full length of Ming’s embedded pole that was already twitching from the internal massage he was getting from Andy.

“Yeah, Bill, I like that. It’s like two different voices singing in my gut. You’re the base and Ming’s the tenor. Do you like that too, Ming?”

“What? Tony? I feel…I…”

I felt Andy pound an ultimate stroke into Ming’s gut and unleash his cum. Ming went wild and unloaded in Tony’s hole triggering Tony and I to join in the mutual orgasm.

“Wow. That was a good one,” sighed Tony. “It looks like I sprayed your face again Ming. Ming?” Tony shook Ming’s shoulders. “Are you okay?”

“Tony? Yes. I’m okay. I can still feel Andy. Oh. Oooh. He’s still shooting in my gut. I’m going to… to…again.” He tensed all his muscles, moaned and sprayed my pole.

“Ming,” called Tony again with more concern. “Ming.”

“Tony?” Ming answered weakly. “I must have blanked out for a second. Andy has stopped now but I still feel him in me. I loved it but I’d be like your roommate if he keeps going.”

“I kept going on our first fuck, but I want you to remember more this time,” put in Andy. “I’ll ease out now and give Bill what he’s been waiting for.”

“It was great, Andy. Oh. Even pulling out makes me tingle all over.

Ah. It’s out. I think I’m leaking.”

“Don’t worry, Ming,” assured Tony. “That’s normal after sex with Andy. He must have dumped a quart of cum into your gut. You’ll leak for a while until your ring recovers from being stretched so wide. I’m still leaking Andy’s cum and some that you and Bill just added. Of course, it’s impossible to get a really good seal with two cocks up your butt.”

“Well I’m not leaking and I want to be,” I complained.

As if to answer I felt Andy press against my back door. It spread my butt cheeks easily. The juice covering it felt cool against my skin. The tip nestled in the center of my ass lips. Andy pressed in just a half inch or so as my sphincter nipped around the intruder. I tried to push back on it, but I was pinned between Andy and Tony. I felt Andy spew a couple shots of his pre-cum into my hole. “Do it Andy. Fuck me hard. I’ve waited all summer for this.”

“Sure. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.”

I felt my hole stretch as his flesh entered me slowly but irresistibly. The ring snapped to the shaft once the wider bulb popped into my bowels. I could sense each bump and vein along its surface as more and more eased through the sensitive band of muscle. The tight fit wiped the excess juices that still coated his member from its previous immersion in Ming’s depths. They flowed down my crack, over my balls and cock until blocked by the lips of Tony’s ass to pass down Ming’s cock.

Andy expanded my intestines as he pushed deeper. There was constant pressure on my joy button that was only heightened by the pulsing of the shaft as the blood spurted through it driven by the slow throb of Andy’s heart. More entered me until he was into the areas only he could reach. I felt him press my abdominal muscles from the inside. He kept going until the head poked the top of my belly just under my heart.

Andy just left it there for the time being. It was an inescapable presence in the center of my body, radiating warmth and beating slowly with a power that rocked my entire frame. My cock grew harder than ever, straining in the grip of Tony’s gut and exciting Ming’s well-used shaft back to hardness.

As Andy started his fuck strokes, he moved his hands to Tony’s hips so he could slip Tony almost off the paired cocks as he withdrew his own. Then he would impale Tony as he impaled me. It drove me wild and both Tony and Ming writhed in pleasure from the new stimulation.

Andy drove me right over the top. I arched my back as I spewed a huge load up Tony’s hole as he and Ming joined in the explosion. When I came off the peak I rested my head on Tony’s back. Every nerve in my body was hyper-stimulated.

As Andy picked up the pace of his fucking I was propelled back to sexual delight. I could tell that Andy was building to his own climax and we were all going to get a wild ride. He pounded my ass harder and harder. The impact reverberated through the entire pile of male flesh coupled on the big chair. The slaps of flesh on flesh as Andy drove his sex spear into my guts was punctuated by the groans, grunts and moans as the three of us reacted to the impact.

Andy gave me a final stab, burying himself to the max while holding Tony onto my groin with Ming along for the ride. I felt his pipe pulse as he pumped me with his essence. Each load reverberated in my intestines with the force of a punch. My body was sweep up into a whole body spasm of sexual frenzy, pumping its offering into Tony’s tiny body that was fluttering under my torso in his own ecstasy.

Unexpectedly Andy yanks his wildly beating member from the tight confines of my body. I barely had time to react from its snapping from my ass when I felt in plunging besides Ming and I deep into Tony, whose scream, more in surprise than pain, probably could be heard outside. My own cock was wedged against the sides of Tony’s overstretched bowels as Andy filled the center outreaching me by almost a foot. As he continued to unleash his juice Ming and I were pumped dry by the muscular waves that passed down its surface.

Tony’s body became stiff as a board as every muscle contracted in reaction to the sudden invasion. As I sensed Andy easing off his orgasm, Tony passed out. Every muscle grew slack as he collapsed onto his brother’s chest who himself was gasping in exhaustion with his head rolled back on the top of the chair. Just then the doorbell rang. “Come in,” shouted Andy.

As my cock dribbled its last I heard the door open and some commotion at the entry.

“Look at that,” someone said. “We’d better go.”

I managed to look up and spotted two big black guys. They were dressed in baggy sweat shorts and football jerseys. They were both about six foot five or six and very muscular. Defensive backs was my guess. The one on the right had a very big bulge in his shorts, but the other had a hand on his elbow trying to move him away.

As I was taking in the situation Andy reared back and stood up.

The action whipped the entire two-foot cum-coated penis from Tony’s tight butt. Ming’s cock and mine were trapped by the flange of his withdrawing crown and ejected just before his cock head pulled clear with an audible pop. As Andy rose like a golden muscle god, his sexual equipment extended out over my back and I felt juices dripping onto my sweaty skin.

“Hello Earl. I see you brought a friend,” greeted Andy. “You’re welcome to stay. We’re really just getting warmed up.”

The guy trying to leave just froze when he saw Andy. A confused expression passed over his face as he made eye contact. A big bulge that matched that of the other grew in his shorts.

“We’re pretty informal here,” said Andy while walking over to the new guys. “You’re way overdressed. What’s your name?” Andy asked the nervous guy who was a few inches taller than he but had about forty pounds less muscle.

“Henry,” he stammered.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about, Henry. We’re all friends here.”

Andy had walked right in front of him, his cock pressed against the guys football jersey had already splashed it with a couple of spurts of pre-cum. Henry was just staring down at the cock head. Meanwhile his friend had stripped off his shirt and was stepping out of his shorts. His thick, twelve-inch cock was hard and dripping.

“Let me help you with your shirt,” urged Andy.

I moved to the couch, leaving Tony and his brother sleeping peacefully on the chair in the afterglow of great sex. I lifted Luis up to a sitting position and then rested his head on my lap. He started to nurse my crown as I rubbed my hands on his hair and neck. I relaxed to watch Andy in action.

Henry meekly let Andy lift his jersey over his head and toss it aside. Andy’s cock head wound up resting in the valley between Henry’s pectoral plates.

You’re nicely developed, Henry,” said Andy rubbing his hands along the muscles of Henry’s chest “Those biceps must be eighteen inches. How do you like mine?” He asked raising his arm and putting Henry’s hand on its twenty-six inch peak all the while staring into Henry’s eyes. Henry seemed to be in a mental fog while Earl was now naked and watching the interplay between his friend and Andy.

“That’s a nice six-pack,” continued Andy running his hand over Henry’s flat, muscular, waist. “That’s a good-sized bulge in your shorts too,” Andy remarked while wrapping a powerful hand around the cloth-covered shaft as a shiver ran through Henry’s body. “I know it’s not as big as mine, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let’s have a look at it.”

Andy slipped Henry’s shorts down until they dropped off his slim hips to the floor. Henry looked to also have a thick twelve-inch piece of uncut meat. It was by now fully hard with the reddishbrown tip poking fully clear of the darker flesh of the shaft. Andy smoothed the lube from the tip over his hand and pumped the shaft a few times, bringing forth more drops of natural lube.

“Here, have a feel of mine,” offered Andy moving Henry’s hand to the middle of his pole. Henry wrapped his big hand on it, but it didn’t quite fit all the way around the thick tube of flesh. “It looks like you’ll need both hands.” Henry accepted the suggestion. “You can stroke it if you want.”

Henry took the hint and started running his hands along the steely surface still heavily coated in slippery cum and juice from its adventures in probing the depths of Tony and I. Each stroke resulted in a small jet of Andy’s pre-cum that splashed over Henry’s face and chest.

“You came already?” asked Henry questioningly.

“No that’s only a few spurts of natural lube. A cock this big needs a lot. It tastes really good. Give it a try. Earl, show Henry how it’s done. There’s plenty for both of you.”

Earl, who had been standing by just watching, eagerly stepped beside his buddy. He gripped Andy’s pole about half a foot below the tip and bent over to lick around the flange. He opened his mouth to its widest and stuffed the entire mushroom cap and a few inches of the shaft inside. You could see his tongue moving around his bulging cheeks as he cleaned the surface.

Andy had one hand behind Henry’s neck. He used it to urge Henry to bend over until his head was just above where he held the slippery pole. He licked at the juices experimentally then with more and more enthusiasm, moving up and down, even removing Earl’s hands and cleaning his fingers.

“Earl, give Henry a chance at my cock head,” Andy ordered. “You can lick my balls. See if you can get one of those big orbs into your mouth.”

Earl got to his knees while Andy split his massive thighs widely to give him access. Earl’s nuzzled his nose into the sack, licking the surface while staring up along the impressive length of the shaft and Andy’s muscular torso.

Henry took Earl’s old spot. He jacked the top, watching the foreskin extend around the crown and retract back. He extended it again and poked his tongue inside, moving it around under the hood. Andy, with steady pressure on his neck, urged him to go down. Henry mimicked what he’d seen Earl do and opened wide enough to fit in the bulbous top. Andy rewarded his success with several spurts of pre-cum that Henry swallowed eagerly.

“You’ve gotten me pretty clean, Henry. You can stand up now.”

He was a bit reluctant to stop sucking on Andy’s pole, but did as requested, however, he kept a hand holding the shaft. Andy put one of his massive arms around Henry’s muscular waist and moved him until they stood face to face. Henry had to straddle Earl who was still on his knees ministering to Andy’s balls. Andy wrapped his other arm under Henry’s and around his back, holding the rear of his head in his hand. With that and the arm about his waist he pulled Henry to him with their erect cocks pinned between their torsos. Henry’s chest was pec to pec with Andy’s broader and deeper one while Andy’s bulging twenty-six inch arms between Henry’s lats and his triceps forced his arms out to the side so Henry could only try and hold the huge melons of muscle that formed Andy’s shoulders. Their thigh muscles dueled unequally too. Forced wider by Andy’s huge muscles Henry lost contact with the floor and quickly wrapped his legs around Andy’s waist to steady himself. Andy held the 240 pound stud in the air without the slightest strain.

I think it was only then, held helpless in the powerful grip of an Asian stud he’d only met moments before, but who had already dominated him physically and mentally, that Henry realized where this encounter would lead.

“You’re going to fuck me?” he whispered.

“What do you think?” Andy asked back quietly, his face only a couple of inches from that of the muscular black athlete he held in his arms.

“You’re going to fuck me,” Henry repeated, this time with certitude.

He kissed Andy strongly. His eyes went wide with surprise as Andy plunged his tongue into his mouth, but Henry was soon sucking it with gusto. Henry became quite excited, squirming in Andy’s strong embrace, sliding his cock against Andy’s thick pole and the rock hard sculpture that formed Andy’s abdominals. When they broke their kissing several minutes later, Andy just hoisted Henry over one shoulder. Henry’s entire front side was smeared with Andy’s pre-cum. Andy was too, of course. Andy stepped away from Earl, popping out one of his orange-sized balls that Earl had managed to suck into his mouth.

“I’ll take Henry to our bedroom. Earl, help Bill take his suitcases upstairs. You guys can have some fun together while I break in Henry.” He slapped Henry’s ass once hard and walked out.

“Hi Earl. I’m Bill.”

He walked over to the couch where I sat with Luis sucking my cock. He took a good long look at the chair where Tony and his brother were still sleeping.

“That’s Tony and his brother, Ming, on the chair. Andy sort of wore them out. This is Luis, Tony’s roommate. It looks like he’s almost recovered from being fucked.”

Luis pulled off my cock, leaving it glistening with his saliva and sticking straight up from my blond bush. He sat up next to me and pulled his knees up to his chest and fingered his hole.

“I don’t really recover for a day or two. I’m still leaking Andy’s cum.” He dipped a couple fingers through the ring and brought them out dripping with cum that he licked off. “Tastes great though. Help yourself. There’s plenty for everybody,” he offered, taking another gob.

“Thanks Luis, but I have my own supply.” I licked a couple fingers worth from my own leaking hole and then took another sample for Earl. “Try some.” He did.

“I’m not gay.”

I looked up at Earl. “You’re standing here naked with your cock pointing to the ceiling, licking cum from my asshole, and waiting your turn to be fucked, but you’re not gay?” “That’s not what I mean. I have a girlfriend.”

“Luis and Tony have girlfriends and Ming is married and they like sex with guys. I’m 100% gay though. I love all cocks, but nothing beats Andy’s.”

“Bill, Tony and I dumped our girls. We’re a couple now,” asserted Luis.

“Oh. Congratulations. So, Earl, how did you meet Andy?”

“I was at the football weight-room about 6:00 AM yesterday. I like to do my heavy work early. I’m usually the only one there at that hour. I was getting ready for some heavy work on the leg press machine. When I heard someone ask if I needed a spotter. It was Andy. He was carrying a barbell in one arm. It must have been stacked with 600 pounds that had bent the thick bar into a substantial arc. As I stared, he curled the weight with one arm, showing the biggest biceps I’d ever seen. After a dozen reps I saw his cock extend below the leg of his shorts. It rose up and pointed at me. Then Andy asked me if I wanted to help him with his workout. I did. It was the best sex I ever had, but my memories are a bit confused. The next thing I am certain of is Henry asking if I was okay. I was sitting on the floor of the showers with the cool water spraying me. When I found my clothes there was a note asking me to come here today and bring a friend.”

“Tony and I got an e-mail,” added Luis.

“It sounds like Andy set up a little housewarming party. We may have more visitors. Luis, I’d like you to stay down here and meet anyone who arrives. We can pile their clothes in the entry closet. I’m sure they can have fun together until Andy gives them their turns. Meanwhile, Earl, let’s bring my bags up and see how Henry is doing with a couple feet of cock up his butt.”

There were a couple rooms at the front of the second floor. One had a queen bed and the other was set up as a study with a couple desks and computers. Sounds from the back room indicated that we’d find Andy and Henry there. We put the suitcases in the hall and went to see the action.

A king-sized bed dominated the bedroom. Andy was sitting on one corner of the huge bed with his legs split to allow one on each side of the corner. He had Henry sitting on his lap, facing him. Andy was holding the big black stud by his flaring lats. Henry’s muscular legs were draped over Andy’s arms, his knees bent over the crook of Andy’s elbows. Henry was completely helpless in this position. The best he could manage was to wrap his arms around Andy’s thick neck to steady himself.

It appeared they were resting up, but I could tell that was deceptive. Henry had obviously already had a few orgasms. There was cum streaked all over his and Andy’s chests, faces and hair, some very recent and just starting to drip. He was staring right at Andy’s smiling face, but the eyes were unfocused. Every few seconds the eyes would open wide and his entire body would shake for an instant. The cause was not evident, but for anyone who has experienced sex with Andy the signs were unmistakable. Andy’s sex pole, as powerful as the rest of him, was rocking Henry’s body as it spewed jet after jet of cum deep inside.

“Hi guys,” greeted Andy as he spotted us. “Earl, thanks for bringing Henry. He’s a real athlete. I think he may be able to handle another round or two.”

Henry understood Andy’s last remark. His eyes seemed to focus on Andy for an instant and then he looked over at Earl. However, his body was rocked again and his mind returned to the overwhelming sensations being generated internally.

Clearly we had some time to pass before Andy finished, so I decided to help Earl experiment with another aspect of his sexuality. I pushed my muscular butt into his groin, rubbing his rampant twelve-inch cock into my crack. He didn’t react immediately to my actions, as he was still intent on what Andy was doing with his friend. Earl was half a foot taller than I and with his pole sticking up another foot I couldn’t get the head into my hole even on tiptoes. I took matters into hand by reaching behind me to rotate him near horizontal so I could slip it in.

“What are you doing?” Earl asked, finally noticing my efforts, but not stopping me.

“Having some fun while we wait for Andy.” I had split my legs a couple of feet to open my glutes and was adjusting my height on my toes to get him aligned. “This would be easier if you helped.”

He didn’t help, but he didn’t try to move away either. I felt his cock hit the right spot and pushed my ass back. He started to spread me open and I did half a step on my toes backward. His crown popped in. Earl tried to pull out then while I tried to move back with him to keep him in. I lost my balance and fell against him. He wrapped me with his arms to keep me from toppling to the floor. When we were steady again he was in a half-squat with both knees between my thighs and all twelve- inches in my gut. It may only be half as thick and half as long as Andy’s, but it sure felt good. I squeezed my internal muscles around it.

“You’re nice and tight. It feels pretty good,” commented Earl.

“Let me bend over the end of the bed and you can fuck me. I’ve already been fucked by Andy this afternoon and you can feel how well lubed I am with his cum, so you don’t have to hold back. Show me what a black muscle stud can do.”

“You asked for it, fag boy.”

He eased me into position, grabbing my hips. Slowly he withdrew his shaft until the rim bumped my ring from the inside. Then he plunged back at full speed, smacking his groin on my ass loudly. He tried to pull it out just as quickly, but I squeezed him again and he slowed and moaned as the friction affected him. Meanwhile, Andy had dumped Henry onto his back in the middle of the bed and was on his hands and knees above the overwhelmed football jock. He still had his legs hooked around Andy’s arms which had him bent double and raised his ass off the mattress. Andy was plowing his partner with almost the full length of his two-foot cock at a pretty good pace. Henry was covered in sweat like he might after a hard practice on a summer day. Andy’s face was hovering about a foot over his. I could see that Henry was staring right into Andy’s eyes. I recognized it because it’s something I do too when the world seems to be spinning out of control.

A hard slap of a hand on my ass cheek brought my thoughts back to Earl. He was certainly fucking me with energy and enthusiasm. He just wasn’t hitting the best spots. I adjusted my position a little until he started connecting.

“Feel that spot. There. Try and hit that when you plunge in and rub it as much as you can.”


“Because it makes me feel good. What’s the point of having a big dick if you don’t know how to use it? Guys that are bigger and thicker have a natural advantage since they can get more friction on the sensitive spots, but if you don’t know how it’s just a pain in the butt.”

“Is that why Andy is so good? How’s that stroke?”

“Good. Good. You’re getting it. Andy has the Stradivarius of cocks and is a virtuoso at playing it. You and Henry are very nicely equipped. You just need practice. Ah. Oh. That’s it. You’re a quick learner. Let me know if you want someone to help you polish your skills.”

A sharp cry drew our attention back to Henry. His body was bouncing up and down several inches as Andy’s cock fluttered wildly while erupting inside him. He was experiencing the ultimate in sexual frenzy that his earlier orgasms had been but a prelude. His cock shoots bullets of cum like a machine gun. I’m hit with several volleys. After a minute he runs out of ammunition, but he is still being wracked by Andy’s continued release. Finally Andy finishes and withdraws, leaving a totally exhausted Henry sprawled on the bed.

Andy is kneeling on the bed between Henry’s widely split thighs. His mammoth pole extends over the prone jock’s body angled upward at about forty-five degrees. A small white ribbon of liquid cascades from the tip with only a hint of the force that propelled it moments before as the flow is just slightly modulated by the gentle contractions still lingering several minutes after the start of Andy’s explosion. The discharge forms a small lake on Henry’s belly with the muscles of his abdominals as islands poking through the surface, the brown skin contrasting sharply with the liquid. I suppose I could compare Henry’s soft cock to a beached whale, but that might be taking the image too far.

Andy turns his head toward us and makes scans Earl with a look that says he’s next. Earl stops his assault on my hole in mid stroke. He understands.

Andy gets off the bed and moves behind Earl. He pushes Earl tight to my butt. Earl’s cock jerked upward when Andy penetrated his backdoor. He started breathing rapidly as Andy filled him with inch after inch. Earl was trapped. He couldn’t move forward because he was plugged to the root in me and if he tried to move back he only impales himself more on Andy’s stake of flesh.

A tremor runs through Earl’s body as Andy punches his joy button. He pulls Earl’s hips back, sliding about half his cock out of my ass, while embedding another six inches of his. Then he pushes Earl back to the hilt into me while no surrendering any of the internal territory he dominated. Another pull and he plunges deeper into an ever more frantic jock who realizes that he is a helpless boy-toy for this dominant Asian stud.

Earl’s mounting panic is quickly overcome by the sensations of pleasure arising from the stimulation of his cock and ass. I feel his cock expand in my bowels, begin to pulse and jet its seed. His strength seems to drain with this initial release as he slumps over my back. I can still feel Andy pumping him and know that this round is just beginning.

“Let’s move Earl onto the bed. He’ll be too weak in a while to stand.”

Andy put his big arms around my chest and lifted Earl and I into the center of the bed. He laid me with my head on Henry’s abdomen as my pillow, a wet pillow. My head splashed into the pool of cum that covered it. I lapped it up. Earl rested on my back, his head on my shoulder, and his legs between mine. My legs were splayed much wider as Andy split Earl’s thighs to allow best access for deepest penetration.

“You’ve worn Earl out already. He’s just dead weight on my back now.”

Andy slapped Earl’s ass hard. I felt the impact reverberate through his body. He snapped his head up from my back as it shocked him awake.

“What? What’s happening?”

“You passed out for a minute. I expected a big guy like you would have more endurance.”

“I’m sorry. I feel funny. I don’t know what got into me.”

“Two feet of thick Chinese cock are what’s gotten into you. It’s right into your belly. Feel that. That’s my cock slipping through your gut.”

“I love that. Keep going.”

“I’m going to fuck you until you collapse, just like your buddy here and like I did with you yesterday. Henry shot five times before he passed out, but I lost you after only one. So, I want you to concentrate on fucking Bill. It will help you stay focused when the action gets heavy. Now I want you to get on your knees and elbows and move your hips between my groin and Bill’s ass.”

Earl followed Andy’s orders and his weight lifted from me and he started pulling his cock out. It felt like he got about eight inches before bottoming out on Andy and starting back in. Andy told him he had the idea, but pick up the pace. He did and I could sense that he was getting back into it.

The bed really started rocking when Andy joined the action. He was pulling out of Earl when Earl was plunging into me. Then when Earl was on the out-stroke Andy would impale the black jock, slamming into his glutes before Earl could pop free of my ring. Since Andy’s motion was about three times the amplitude of Earl’s, he was moving much faster.

It sure felt good to me. I was pushing my butt up to meet Earl’s plunges. I reached down to stroke my cock that was again hard.

“I think he’s getting the hang of it, Andy,” I observed.

“You may be right. It’s time to give him a reward.”

Andy speared Earl harder than ever, driving him down until he was pinned between us. I felt Earl shake as Andy began to unleash a torrent within him.

Earl screeched in shock as the sensations built. “What? Oh! Oh. Yes! I’m coming. Ooooh.”

I feel Earl’s hot seed spurt into me as I released into the sheets. The pleasant glow of a good climax had barely dimmed when I felt Andy resume his fuck to build up for round two.

Slap. Slap. Slap. I heard the sound and felt the impact as Andy urged Earl to get moving again. He did.

The recent commotion must have roused Henry. I felt his body shift under my head and a hand rubbed through my hair. I turned to look at his face and saw him prop up his chest with an elbow and look around at the scene on the bed.

“I must have been out for a time. You’re the guy who fucked me. Andy?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“I’m Bill, Andy’s roommate,” I inserted. “Nice to meet you.”

“I can hardly believe I was fucked by that thing except that my body knows it was in there. I can feel some of your cum leaking out too. Earl, how do you like it?”

“I don’t think Earl is interested in conversation just now,” I offered.

“Yeah. He does seem to be busy. He makes a good filling for your sandwich.”

I felt Henry’s cock poke the back of my head. I turned around and saw that it had started to come back to life since he woke up. He was partially hard and his head was poking about halfway clear of his hood. I licked at the tip and it jerked at the touch.

“Would you suck it for me?”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I bent my neck and got the head and about half the shaft into my mouth and went to work on it. It responded immediately growing harder and filling out to its full twelve inches. That pushed a couple more inches into my mouth. Henry had one of those cocks that are kind of streamlined. The head doesn’t flare much beyond the thickness of the shaft and gradually grows thicker toward the base. It makes it easy to slip it down your throat, but I really like the extra friction a wide flange gives in the gut.

“Why don’t you turn around and let Bill between your legs. He’ll have better access,” suggested Andy.

I backed off his cock to let him move. He propped his back up with a couple pillows, split his legs and raised his knees. With my head between his strong thighs, I wrapped an arm around his leg to grab his cock that had snapped to his abdomen and put it in my mouth. I swallowed it to the root and nuzzled my nose in his wiry pubic hair that was still soaked in cum.

I was getting some good action with a foot-long black pole in both my mouth and butt. I’d push back letting Henry’s tube slide through my lips until Earl’s plugged to the hilt in my butt, pushing me forward until I had my face mashed into Henry’s groin.

“I always hated it when I saw a gay guy checking me out. I despised them. Now I’ll be checking them out. You’ve really opened my eyes.”

“And your ass,” added Andy.

“I’m sure I’ll never be quite as much of a ‘tight ass’ again.”

At this point Andy started raising the tempo. He started pounding Earl harder and faster. That meant I was hit harder too. Earl was grunting and moaning as he started getting closer. After a minute he groaned and shot another load in my ass. Andy just kept pounding him, building to his own explosion.

Earl tried to keep going, but I could tell he was just being carried along by Andy manhandling him. I squeezed my ass around Earl’s cock that stayed hard even after he released a load. I was trying hard to milk Henry too, who was rewarding me with moans and tasty pre-cum.

Andy started things with an ultimate plunge into Earl’s abused ass. The stimulation from his wildly pulsing cock brought Earl to another climax more intense than his last. I shot my own load as I gulped down a hefty shot of Henry’s cream.


Chapter 5—Seeds of the Future

I was awakened by the feeling of a large cock rubbing alongside my own. This was not at all unusual for me. Since starting college over a year and a half ago and rooming with Andy Wang, I normally find myself roused by some sort of sexual stimulus. More than likely it’s the feeling of Andy plugged deep in my gut.

Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody’s wet dream. If he would make eye contact with a person they would fall under his spell. Just a simple touch on the hand would complete the seduction. The person, male or female, was unable to resist him. A few minutes later they would be experiencing the most incredible sex they’d never imagined. When I first met he said he wasn’t always like this. He was changed somehow one morning. I didn’t understand it when he told me, but I’m more than happy to take advantage of it.

That’s what I experienced almost every night and morning as Andy’s roommate last year. This year we moved off campus to a furnished university townhouse that Andy arranged to use rentfree; probably after a few hours of sexual persuasion to the right people. Andy would be out most weeknights satisfying the sexual fantasies of dozens of lucky students while I would study. He didn’t need to, always seeming to know any material needed. At the end of the evenings he’d come home to fuck me. Weekends were our time to really party and I would get to go along to gatherings where he’d take on a whole fraternity or we’d have a couple dozen friends at our place for a two day orgy.

I’m Bill Foster, a collegiate swimmer, six-foot, 195 pounds. I’ve got a defined muscular build and a nice ten inches too, though nothing to compare with Andy’s monster. I’m a natural blond and Andy finds blonds really sexy.

Thanksgiving break, a full week, had started yesterday afternoon. We were staying home, but don’t feel sorry for me. Andy had arranged for plenty of his friends to drop by. I was feeling a nice friction from the large cock rubbing mine. It seemed a little longer than mine, though not as thick. As my senses cleared a bit from the haze of sleep, I could feel that our poles were sharing a warm wet cavity that was being tightly stretched by the two members invading it.

A soft moan prompted me to open my eyes and got a big surprise when I recognized the face of Jun, the lovely, and quite petite, Chinese-American wife of Ming. Ming was Tony Han’s older brother. He had driven up yesterday with his wife to take Tony and his Hispanic friend and lover, Luis, back to Southern California for the vacation. Since Ming had encountered Andy at the commencement of the year while dropping his brother off, this trip was certainly planned to introduce his wife to the same experience that he enjoyed, while getting another round with Andy himself.

I remember the shocked expression on Jun’s face when they walked into our living room, seeing Tony and Luis fucking furiously on the couch. Then Andy came up from the basement recreation room and she was instantly under his spell.

The expression on Jun’s face this morning was bliss, not shock. Actually, I might have been the one shocked, since I’m 100% gay and I was definitely balls deep into her cunt. Though sharing it with another guy made it more acceptable to me.

Jun had definitely been given the full treatment from Andy. Cum had dried on her face when she obviously couldn’t swallow fast enough and it spurted through her lips. Numerous streams had matted her fine black hair. Her pussy was fully soaked with Andy’s juice that provided great lube for the current activity. I’m sure her gut was full too. I know mine was. In the morning after a night with Andy I’m certain no one in the house wasn’t filled beyond capacity.

Behind Jun’s head I saw the face of my third partner in this morning’s activity. I recognized him as the black basketball player who had arrived later in the evening. A big guy, about sixeleven, and an eleven-inch cock, if I remembered right. I believe I had fucked him a couple months ago when Andy visited the team locker room after a game.

“Morning,” he said, seeing that my eyes were open. “Do you mind if I change our position some?”

He didn’t wait for my answer before rolling me onto my back with Jun face down on top of me as he settled between my spread thighs while never losing our dual penetration of Jun, still sandwiched, her legs widely split beyond my own, giving him plenty of access to her sopping cunt from the rear.

He started an aggressive fuck on Jun, doggy style, while I relaxed and enjoyed the stimulation. Jun gave a strangled little cry as she came almost immediately. Her muscles spasmed around our shafts. However, the black stud was just getting started, so she was soon stimulated to a second orgasm and a third. Jun’s body bucked wildly, her head swinging side-to-side, waving the strands of her long, black, hair over my face. Finally, I felt the start of the cum explosion from my partner and joined him with my own spurting seed, our offerings mixing with the large load Andy already deposited. Jun’s final orgasm wracked her body, leaving her limp on top of me. Satisfied, the black guy pulled out, and, without further comment left the bed and room.

I saw we had ended the evening, or begun the day, in the basement recreation room. Recreation in our home means sex, so it had been equipped with four large beds, one in each corner. I saw Ming on another bed being fucked by his younger brother while Luis sucked his cock. Andy must have been upstairs with another guest. I felt Jun begin to stir again.

“Good mooring, Jun,” I greeted her.

She looked down on my face, probably really in control for the first time since awakening. “Bill?” She inquired.

“Yes, Bill,” I assured her. “We met last night.”

“Oh. What’s happening?” She cried, realizing that she was naked in bed with me.

She rolled on her side, letting my cock slip from her body. It slapped up against my abdominals, coated in cum. She stared at it, fingering the tender lips of her vagina that was continuing to ooze some of the fluids that filled it.

“Did I have sex with you?”

“Yes, eventually. Do you remember Andy? Andy Wang”

“Andy?” She murmured. “He was big, so much bigger than

Ming,” she said, remembering. “We. We. It was wonderful. No. No. What will Ming think of me?”

“Don’t worry. Ming had sex with Andy too. In fact, I’m sure he brought you here just to meet Andy. He wanted to share him with you. I’m sure you had fun.”

“It’s so confusing. My body is still so sensitive. It tingles in places I’ve never felt before. But, I do like it,” she remarked, smiling at me. “Where is Ming?”

“Over there,” I answered, looking across the room while she followed my gaze to see her husband in hot gay action with his brother and friend.

While she was still considering the scene, Andy walked in with a guy I knew from the wrestling team. Andy had already pinned him a few times this morning based on the fresh cum dripping off his body.

He saw Jun and I on the bed and came over. With his massive muscles gleaming in a light sheen of sweat, he looked magnificent. He dwarfed the smaller wrestler, who was about my size, but much more muscular. Jun was staring at Andy’s hard cock that stood straight up in front of his body, bubbling precum.

“Hi, Jun. How are you this morning?” Andy asked, sitting down on the bed next to her. “I think I’ll fuck you again,” he said, stroking the tits of her pert breasts that instantly hardened to firm points as a flush of blood colored her skin.

Her hand wrapped part way around the firm pole of his shaft about halfway up its two-foot length. Jun contemplated the man who was about to possess her again.

“Will I get pregnant?” She whispered.

“Only if you want to,” Andy assured her. “Do you want to have my son?”

Jun’s eyes screamed yes, but she replied, “I can’t agree without Ming.”

“Ming, come over here,” Andy directed.

As Ming began to disentangle himself from Tony and Luis to obey Andy’s summons, I pulled the wrestler down onto my lap, slipping my ten-inches up his cum dripping ass. I figured I should have my own fun while watching Andy with a woman. While I’d known he’d fucked hundreds of women in the university, this was my first opportunity to see him in action that way.

Ming hustled over with Tony and Luis trailing behind. He looked at his wife, her hand still gripping the middle of the long pole of flesh sprouting from Andy’s groin.

Andy looked him square in the eyes and asked, “Do you want me to have a son with your wife?”

Ming nodded his assent as Jun looked on and smiled broadly. Andy put his hands around her small waist and lifted her effortlessly in the air, holding her suspended. The large blunt mushroom cap of his sex spear nestled between her firm breasts.

Jun’s small hands still held it at about a foot below that point as Andy smeared her skin with his slippery natural lube.

Andy lifted her higher, letting her hands slip along his length until the flaring crown pressed onto her fingers. Her hands now held him just in front of the gash that marked her entrance. Andy looked far too big to fit the small opening. Jun shuddered as she pressed the flesh to her clit and was rewarded with a spurt of fresh juice from the tip.

“Put me in your wife,” Andy directed Ming.

Ming reached around his wife’s hips and brushed his hands on top of hers before taking hold of Andy from her. She held onto the top of Andy’s head as Ming pushed the steely point at her tight opening. Everyone watched silently as it disappeared in her body.

Everyone but Jun that is. It drove her frantic, yielding a continual string of high-pitched squeaks and moans. Suddenly you could see her every muscle go taut. She threw her neck back so she was looking up at the ceiling, arched her back and split her legs out about forty-five degrees, feet pointed and toes curled. She remained frozen in that position for almost a minute as her skin flushed and she breathed in shallow pants, uttering not a sound. At the end she exhaled loudly and you could see her muscles slack. She now rested limply in Andy’s grip, sweating heavily. It was a foretaste of what was to come because Andy was only a quarter in her.

The next motion of Andy continuing to penetrate her sent another wave of pleasure through her body that snapped her eyes wide and the muscles all over her body trembling. Again and again she was pushed into an orgasm that drained her energy only to be reinvigorated by the next motion as Andy moved slowly deeper inside her warm womb.

Andy took about fifteen minutes to completely penetrate her. I think I spotted at least half a dozen orgasms wash over Jun, but there might have been more because toward the end she was definitely dazed and had lost muscle control with legs, arms and body twitching in an uncoordinated fashion.

Andy let her rest on his lap. He had about twenty inches up inside her, leaving a four inch cylinder near the base, as thick as Jun’s forearm, joining her to his groin. He cradled Jun’s back, holding the five-two delicate Asian beauty against his chest, her head resting on the firm pillows of his massive pectoral plates. Jun sat in the valley between Andy’s tremendous thighs, each one bigger around than her torso. Her legs were bent up near her waist to allow her to accept most of Andy’s pole. It seemed certain that way up inside her the blunt head must be pressed to the top of her uterus, but I knew Andy would be careful with this delicate flower.

“Ming, bring some towels soaked in cold water. I want your wife to be refreshed before we continue.”

When Ming returned Andy started cleaning Jun off. The cool water revived her. Her eyes focused on Andy and her body began to respond. She relaxed as Andy cleaned off the residue of a night of non-stop sex. Finished he tossed the towel back to Ming and bent his head forward to kiss Jun who returned it passionately, caressing his large tongue with her own as he explored her.

“How do you feel?”

“Wonderful. So alive. You’ re so big,” she observed looking down to where Andy entered her. “I can feel you way up here,” rubbing her body just below the level of her firm breasts. “When your heart beats the big vein on top of your shaft pressed my button. It’s so exciting. But before, when you were moving, I was on fire. I. I. I can’ t describe it.” She looked up at Andy’ s face. “I don’t want it to be over,” she whispered.

“Actually that was just the prologue. I wanted you to recover so you would remember when we created our child. Do you think you are ready?”

She nodded and licked he lips as she stared back at him. Andy hooked her knees in the crook of his elbows as he held her back, pressing Jun to his torso as he laid her onto the center of the bed. He placed a couple pillows beneath her hips. His body hovered over hers, almost three times her size and weight. The few inches of dark shaft that extended beyond the blood engorged lips of her pussy throbbed with quiet power.

Silently, her lips mouthed the plea, “Fuck me.”

Slowly Andy withdrew several inches from her body and, just as slowly, shoved it back. The effect on Jun was electric. She wrapped her arms around her chest and hugged herself tightly, upper body rocking, while moaning softly. Andy continued, longer and faster, building to his climax. Jun thrashed on the bed below him. She tensed with the first orgasm of this new round, then relaxed, sweating and panting as the pleasure continued. Another orgasm hits her. She shrieks. Her hands grab at the boulders that form Andy’s shoulders. Her nails try to press into the skin, but can’t dent the firm muscle. The pleasure is continuous and too much for the woman to stand as Andy strokes through her body. The cries of joy echo through the house. She is close to collapse when Andy plunges in for the final stroke and begins to unleash his seed.

Jun had a few seconds to recognize that Andy had stopped. You could see her begin to recover when she felt the throbbing of the incredible phallus that transfixed her body. Her eyes grew wide as the first pulse plunged down the shaft and must have been clearly felt as it moved up the flesh of her tightly stretched vaginal canal and spewed into her uterus.

Now Andy doesn’t normally release sperm when he ejaculates. When he does it is special, having a superman’s seed swimming through your body. He gave it to me on our first night as roommates and each year on my birthday. While normal sex with Andy is intense, this is a whole different level.

I could see her sense it, just a little, as the first legion is deposited inside her and begin to move. More and more spew forth filling her up and starting to explore. I see she can feel them. It’s like a wave of pleasure spreading out from the epicenter that is the tip of Andy’s pulsing sex organ.

“Oh! Oh! Oooh!” She ejaculated, her voice rising in pitch and volume.

Her arms wrapped around the thick pillar of Andy’s neck. A muscle spasm lifted her entire body off the bed, only supported by her arms and the pole that speared her body. She remained locked in this embrace of Andy for over a minute before her arms let loose and she collapsed to the bed unconscious, yet still wracked by the spasms of a continuous orgasm.

I came up the ass of the wrestler sitting on my lap as other onlookers joined in. I saw Ming shoot his load over the prostrate form of his wife as Andy finished inseminating her and began to remove himself from her body. Jun continued to writhe on the bed, stimulated solely from the swimming sperm within her.

It was early afternoon before Jun’s body relaxed into a deep contented sleep. Andy had another round with everyone in the meantime. I was one of many, including her husband, Ming, that dipped into the unconscious Jun’s flooded twat. My cock was massaged to orgasm by Andy’s squirming seed. My sperm had no chance in a battle with Andy’s. I could feel some of his seed swimming up my tube, even against my ejaculation where they tingled my nut sack for the next day, keeping me constantly erect.

After a lunch we dressed Jun’s limp body and helped Ming, Tony and Luis load their SUV for the trip south.

A couple weeks later, we confirmed Jun’s pregnancy. Jun had her son just a few weeks before school started for our Junior year.


Chapter 6—Young Andy

Tony brought us pictures when he started the fall semester. The baby was nine pounds at birth and had Andy’s facial features. His four-inch stiff cock surprised the doctors in the delivery room. Tony says the baby has been named Andrew Ming Han. He eats constantly and is growing quickly. Jun has had her hands full with the new baby and Ming has taken some leave from work to help out.

However, after the first couple weeks, we had trouble finding out information. They insisted all was well but really provided nothing new. Andy promised to visit over Thanksgiving break, but Ming and Jun said they would bring young Andy up for a visit.

So our break this year was not planned as the continuous orgy we had last year. Andy had combed the toy stores for gifts for his infant son. We cleaned and straightened the house in anticipation of their visit, though we knew the three-month-old couldn’t possibly notice.

Just Andy, Luis, Tony and I awaited their arrival. Just after five we heard a knock on the door. When we opened the door we all had a big surprise. Jun and Ming flanked a young boy, just a bit shy of four feet tall, about the size of a ten year old. But he was like a miniature version of our Andy. He had his arms possessively around the waists of two young guys who appeared to be high school athletes. He had a big smile but everyone else appeared frazzled.

Needless to say, young Andy was not a normal baby. We learned he was talking in a week. By a month he was almost three feet tall and stronger than Ming. By six weeks he had discovered sex, first with his parents. At that age, about three and a quarter feet tall, his cock was twelve inches. He joined their bed one night and left both parents exhausted and satisfied. They got little sleep the next month until young Andy discovered the pleasures of the athletes at the local high school.

Now at three feet ten inches and one hundred fifteen pounds, young Andy had a sixteen-inch cock as thick as a beer can. He was a tiny version of his biological father with a muscular fortytwo inch chest tapering to a twenty-inch waist. His eighteen-inch arms and twenty-six inch thighs appeared massive on such a small body. In the weight room at the high school he benchpressed five hundred twenty pounds for a dozen reps. But he didn’t go to the high school to exercise his muscles.

At the door, Jun introduced Andy to his amazing son. Randy and Hank, the high school athletes, were called his boyfriends.

“Mother, they’re not my boyfriends,” the youngster insisted. “They’re just fuck buddies. It’s a long ride. I can’t go that long without sex and you and Ming aren’t able to drive after we have sex.”

“He’s right about that, Andy,” Jun confirmed. “Ming and I spent a week in bed with him when he discovered sex before he tried other partners. We gave the first pizza delivery boy a twenty dollar tip.”

“I really didn’t expect this,” confessed Andy. “You should come in.”

Young Andy spotted Tony and Luis in the living room, dropped his buddies and ran to Tony. He hugged him about his waist and said, “You must be Uncle Tony.” He kissed Tony on the lips, pushing his tongue in Tony’s mouth. “Let’s have sex,” he stated, breaking the kiss and pushing Tony to the floor. Tony was under his spell and allowed the youth to pull off his clothes. Everyone was watching the scene, but the boy ignored us, concentrating on Tony.

“He’s definitely your son,” I observed. “He has your sexual energy, but no experience with controlling it.”

“I think you’re right, Bill. You’re lucky, Jun, that he hasn’t injured anyone in his enthusiasm. Has he produced sperm yet?”

“No. We would have certainly noticed that if his were anything like yours,” offered Ming. “But, he cums almost as much as you and hasn’t gone more than two or three hours between sex sessions since he discovered it. He was fucking his buddies the whole trip from L. A. We asked him to give them a break when we reached the Bay Area so they could be ready for our arrival. It looks like he’s recharged and ready to go again,” Ming added, looking at young Andy finish stripping Tony.

The kid pulled his tee shirt over his head, revealing an upper body development almost as big relative to his smaller size as his biological father’s. His cock was already straining against the loose fabric of the baggy sweat pants he wore. He stood up over Tony and kicked off his shoes and socks. Tony tried to sit up but he pushed him back to the floor with a foot to the center of Tony’s chest. He stepped between Tony’s legs and pushed down his pants. The shaft of his cock stuck straight out from his groin with a slight upward arc. The head was an angry red mushroom sticking out of its foreskin. It spurted a stream of pre-cum onto Tony’s chest. He only had a few strands of black pubic hair above the shaft.

He knelt down and grabbed Tony’s legs by the back of his knees, pushing them up and back to bend him double and upend his ass. A quick adjustment put the tip of his spear at his uncle’s hole. He didn’t waste time shoving all his sixteen inches up Tony’s gut.

“Oh, you’ re already soggy,” Andy exclaimed as his thrust displaced cum already filling Tony’s ass.

“Yeah, Andy, the other Andy, did me this morning.”

I’ll soon make you forget that, uncle,” the powerful youngster announced as he started to power his cock through Tony’s slim body.

“Why is your son ignoring you, Andy?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” answered Jun. “We told him who his biological father was. He’s seen your picture and knows why we were traveling here.”

“Well he seems occupied for the time being with his uncle,” Andy observed. “I’ll see how he handles himself. He certainly seems to be skillful. But there’s no need for us to just stand around watching when we can have our fun too. Let me help you with your clothes, Jun. Luis, you can have some fun with Ming and Bill can handle your son’s two buddies.”

Well that was enough for me. There’s no need to puzzle over things when I could be having sex. I went over to the two high school studs and put an arm around each guy’s waist.

“Come with me,” I suggested, leading them to the recreation room downstairs.

They allowed me to direct them while gazing at young Andy pounding his uncle. As we reached the steps, Tony’s high pitched squeal announced his first orgasm.

I steered the boys to one of the four beds we had in our play area. We had changed all the sheets this morning, but one bed was already messed from our action with Luis and Tony and the room always retained a strong sex smell. I liked it. I was heading to one of the clean beds, but the boys pulled me toward the used one. They flopped down on the soaked sheets and started tossing off their clothes while I stripped by the bedside.

Randy was about five-eight with a trim muscular body really just starting to develop. He had a nice six-pack and a seven-inch cut cock that was already hard. Hank was about five-ten built like a young bodybuilder. He had a little treasure trail that led from hard abdominals to an eight-inch uncut piece that was standing straight up against his torso. Young Andy had them well trained. They were eager for male sex, staring at my ten-inch tool that was bubbling some lube, anticipating the action.

I sat between them and shared a kiss with each one. I figured I’d get to know a bit about them before I fucked their brains out. They said they were both seventeen and juniors at their school. They were both on the wrestling team and were working out after class in the school gym with the rest of the team when Andy walked in. Someone demanded to know what he wanted. His answer was sex and the questioner the first. By morning everyone in the gym was exhausted. Their coach caught them in the morning, sprawled over the exercise equipment. Before he could react Andy had fucked him senseless.

Wow was all I could think. Apparently Andy has been working through the high school student bodies like his biological father has been doing at the university. The guys didn’t know why Andy chose them for this trip, but the other students really envied them. I saw they’d had quite a ride on the trip here. Both their ass rings were red from the strain of accommodating Andy’s thickness. Leakage had soaked the seats of their slacks in the few minutes they’d had them on.

I dipped a few fingers in Hank’s hole. It was filled with cum as I expected. I tried a taste. It tasted like his father’s. No sense in waiting, so I positioned Hank on his knees with his face in a pillow, and plugged my cock into his chute. I’ve gotten used to sloppy holes filled with warm cum. Of course, mine is the same way. Young Andy had his buddies trained well. Hank clamped down on my entering shaft, giving me great friction, in spite of the fact that I’m not nearly as big as what had been stretching him earlier.

As I got to down to a smooth, steady stroke, I directed Randy to straddle his buddy so I could eat out his ass. I pulled him back onto my mouth with a hand around his waist and one stroking his hard cock. I lapped the juices that had leaked down the crack and coated the back of his balls before probing his ring with my tongue. He moaned as I forced a couple inches inside, tapping the reservoir of sex juice stored within. A tasty flow coated my tongue until I pulled out, savoring the flavor before swallowing and going back for another.

After a few minutes of this, Randy asked if he could fuck me. I’ve never said no to that question, so in a few seconds I was sandwiched between the two high school studs, enjoying my cock up one ass while another stroked mine. It was Hank that came first, spurting his seed onto his chest and the bed sheets. The contractions of his orgasm, milked my cock, adding to the load in his bowels, while Randy mixed his seed with the juices I always held from my roommate. As the glow faded we disentangled and lay side by side by side on the large bed as our breathing returned to normal.

I’d not yet fully recovered when young Andy came down the stairs carrying his Uncle Tony over his shoulder. He’d already fucked him to exhaustion. Tony’s exhaustion that is. Young Andy’s sixteen-inch cock was standing straight up along his torso, dripping streams of pre-cum down its impressive length.

Just looking at him made my cock hard. He saw the scene on the bed and locked eyes with me. I knew I was his next conquest and there was nothing I wanted more.

I’ve seen my roommate put guys under his spell, but he can control it and uses it only when needed. When I first met him he sensed I was gay and just let his natural charms seduce me. I guess the son, really only three months old, in spite of the way he looks and acts, can’t control it yet. He just exudes a raw sexuality to everyone he’s interested in and now that was me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he deposited his uncle on one of the other beds and walked over here. He said something and the other guys rushed away. He was looking at me and his mouth was moving but I couldn’t hear anything except a low rumble in my ears. I could see him clearly, his powerful body just in front of me, but the rest of the room was indistinct and blurry.

I knew he was a couple of feet shorter than I, but he seemed huge to my eyes, filling my field of view. He was kneeling on the bed between my spread legs. He lifted my upper body off the bed until I was facing him vertically suspended, my ass a couple feet above the bed, my legs were splayed with my knees hooked in the crook of his massive arms. He handled my weight as if I were no more than a stuffed play toy. And to him, I probably was.

As I looked down, as if viewing the scene from a point outside my body, I saw his cock. It appeared to be glowing. Every few seconds a spurt of pre-cum leapt from the tip, spraying my body. I lost sight of it as he positioned me above it. Then I felt the tip touch my hole. It felt hot to my skin. My ass lips were trying to suck it in. I wanted it inside me so badly. He lowered me onto himself as I felt my hole spread to welcome him. I felt bolts of his pre-cum spear into my already cum-coated gut. He was like a miniature version of his dad in so many ways. The cock wasn’t that miniature as it forced its way inside, stretching me like only his father could.

He wasted no time sliding into the hilt. In a slow, smooth, motion he lowered my body onto his steel pole. It throbbed with each beat of his heart with a quiet power that dominated my senses. I remember looking down through the space between our bodies, my head high above his, seeing his calm face as he licked the shaft of my dick as it lowered past his mouth, looking past his muscular chest to his groin where the irresistible rod of flesh began, looking along its length, still a whole foot visible until it disappears in my bottom.

The shaft slowly sinks deeper as I descend toward his base. It goes further up inside me, spreading sexual sensations to my balls and straining cock that is now sliding in the valley between massive pectoral muscles. I explode. I started shaking and bright lights in a rainbow of colors seared my vision. I closed my eyes but it made no difference. I drifted.

My body was limp when I recovered awareness, though still held securely in the hands of my child stud. My face, his face and our torsos were soaked in my seed. I felt the last pulses of the fading orgasm pump a few weak spurts from my cock and looked down to see the sticky fluid running down the shaft and over my drawn-up balls to coat the initial inch of the thick cock that had now thoroughly penetrated my depths.

He looked up at me, a slight smile on his angelic face. He lifted me up, sliding my body over his rigid fuck-pole, spreading exquisite sensations of sexual pleasure through my body. My entire frame shuddered as I gasped out a loud moan. His smile broadened to a devilish grin when he saw his effect on me.

After raising me over a foot off his lap, he lets me slide down his pole. My balls press into his few strands of pubic hair as my cock rubs along the hills and valleys of his granite hard abdominals. I try and steady myself by gripping his shoulders between the flaring triangles of his strong neck and the boulders of his deltoids. As he continues a steady slow stroke, my excitement builds and builds. I give up to ecstasy as I explode again.

He was moving me faster when I recovered enough to notice. I barely had time to register the fact when the continuing stimulation from his internal massage of my gut overwhelmed me again. I think I screamed when I came again. I gave myself up to a sexual release. As I crested the peak, he came, throbbing with power and unleashing a torrent of his hot cum deep into my body. I lost all memory of time or place.

I was on my back on a bed. My knees were bent back to my chest. There was a huge cock up my ass. The world started to come back into focus. I saw Andy’s son bent over my body. I remembered he had been fucking me. I thought I recalled him bouncing me on his lap. As my mind cleared, I saw the others from the house gathered around the bed. They seemed concerned about something. Andy had a hand on his son’s shoulder, as if restraining him.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Sure. Your son has been fucking me. You know I always enjoy a good fuck and he’s great.” I felt my cum drying on my body and face. “We just started and I must have already shot a few loads.”

“You shot ten times in the half hour we’ve been watching,” blurted out Tony. “He must’ve been doing you for well over an hour. Ming heard your screams and got Andy.”

“You weren’t very coherent, but seemed to be enjoying the sex,” added Andy. “But after a while I figured I’d get my son to give you a breather.”

“He’s your son for sure. I didn’t know it was so long, but I know I enjoyed it. Oh god! I feel that cock way up inside me, almost as deep as you go. It’s like a base drum beating in my gut. Can’t you let him fuck me some more?”

“All right, Bill, he can do you once more, but then I’ll have to insist he give you a chance to recover.”

Andy removed his restraining hand from his son’s shoulder and stepped back. He watched, holding Jun and Ming to his side. His cum was dripping down the inner thighs of both husband and wife, so it was obvious what he was doing before coming to my rescue. But now the youngster and I were the centers of attention.

Young Andy flexed his cock inside me lifting my lower body up to my shoulders off the bed. He twisted around, sliding me across the sheets until my torso slid over the side. Relaxing his cock, my head and shoulders lowered to the floor. He stood on the bed over my ass, pulling out about half his sixteen-inch cock. He pushed down, plunging into my clutching hole while pressing on my upper thighs, bending my body into an arc. My toes touched the wooden floor behind my head. I stared up at his powerful body, towering over my ass.

Only half an inch of cock was visible above my widely stretched hole. My own ten inches were like a steel pole angled out over my head. It was thick, but his was over twice as thick. Each of his big balls spread on either side of his shaft like small oranges. They forced my own, much smaller orbs, down, pressing them with their weight of stored cum.

He reached a strong hand between my legs, gripping my straining member at its midpoint, maneuvering it along my face until the head pressed my lips. I opened my mouth as he inserted the head of my own cock into my mouth. As he rested more of his muscular weight on my butt, three or four inches followed the crown into my oral cavity. I tasted the copious residue of my previous loads.

He eased out of my gut while relaxing some of the pressure bending me double, allowing a couple inches of my cock to ease from my taut lips along with a foot of his cock in my belly. He started pounding my butt while forcing me to fuck myself in my mouth. It was only seconds before I lost myself in pleasure, moaning continuously around the plug in my mouth while tasting my own pre-cum that dripped steadily onto my tongue. I could just stare, eyes wide, at his stupendous shaft as he pounded my insides with foot-long strokes.

He wasn’t wasting time building my pleasure. I came. It was all I could do to swallow my cum fast enough to avoid choking on my seed. I didn’t go soft as he continued to stimulate my internal pleasure spots, now faster than ever. I saw his cock swell as his first burst passed down its full length as he plunged into my gut to the hilt for a final thrust. As he bottomed out, I felt him unleash his cum. As he pulsed powerfully in the center of my body, I flooded my mouth again with my second load.

Continuing to unleash his cum, he withdrew most of his massive shaft from my body until the flaring head beat against my prostate with each new jet. The loads he’d infused in my body became too much. Each new increment forced up a river of juice around the tight seal my ass lips made to his thick pole. As I watched, stunned, it flowed down the surface of my own cock. I strained to open my lips wide enough to allow enough of a gap around my cock to let it into my mouth. I was rewarded by the taste of his cum.

He must have unloaded for a couple minutes before I felt the throbbing in my gut fade. I wasn’t counting, having all I could handle with my own spurting cock as his orgasm forced mine to go on and on. I swallowed furiously to handle the juices flooding my mouth from my own seed and the flood, ten times as much, that poured down my cock from my overfull colon. I was upset when the others watching the scene scooped up some of the overflow flowing down my pole for their own tasting, not that I could do anything about it with my head nailed to the floor by my own dick.

Finally the moment ended. The kid eased off me and my body relaxed and my cock pulled from my mouth. He reached down and grabbed my chest tossing me over his head as his cock was yanked out my body. I landed on my back in the center of the large bed, exhausted, but still tingling, from the aftereffects of great sex.

“He’s a great fuck buddy,” I heard him exclaim. “But I’m hungry now. Mother, how about some refreshment?”

I saw Jun react to his demand by straddling her son’s lap, sitting, facing him, on his rampant cock. With his maleness embedded in his mother’s pussy, young Andy began to nurse strongly at his mother’s breasts. I saw Jun toss her head in orgasm as her son continued to drink from her.

The young muscle boy pulled off the breast, licking a few drops that lingered on his lips.

“Do you want to try some?” He asked, looking at his biological father. “I love it and it has everything a growing boy needs. Mom has two breasts and makes plenty of milk, so we can share. We can share mom’s bottom too if you’ll slide up beneath me like I do with Ming.”

Andy accepted his son’s invitation by lifting him together with Jun onto his own lap. As he set them in place his own two-footlong pleasure pole extended beneath his son’s bottom, sinking into Jun’s gash just below the spot where her flesh was pried open by the thick probe already impaling her. As Andy sunk about eighteen inches of his prick into her, a penis that was fifty percent thicker than his son’s, Jun’s canal was stretched as it hadn’t been since the birth of the boy that was now sharing her with his dad.

Of course, I doubt she thought anything about the unique sexual situation she was in. The stimulation from two massive cocks in her cunt as her fuckers drank deeply of the milk from her breasts had her in a continuous state of orgasmic bliss as she thrashed about in uncoordinated spasms in their combined embrace. Everyone else in the house was just watching the show.

After feeding for half an hour from the semi-delirious woman, both men allowed themselves to reach their own sexual peak, coming simultaneously, flooding Jun’s womb with their male essence. Once their cum began to overflow her vessel, they lifted her off their still jetting hoses and placed her on the bed next to me. I tried to comfort her, holding her in my arms, her body still wracked by a continuing orgasm that showed no sign of fading.

The Andy’s two cocks sprayed their cum high in the air like a fountain. It rained down on everyone like a summer shower. Andy hoisted his son off his lap, tossing him in the air with a twist, catching him when he’d rotated 180 degrees and allowing him to settle on his erupting cock in one swift plunge as the young boy wrapped his arms and legs around his father’s powerful torso. They shared a deep kiss as the son’s cock creamed both their chests, lubricating their muscles as their bodies embraced.

As Andy and son were sharing their passion, I rolled on my side to check out Jun. She was not shaking as violently anymore. Perhaps she was coming around, though her skin was still flushed and body warm and damp from sweat, covered, as we all were, with drops of spewed cum. A steady ooze from the massive load deposited in her body made it past the reddened lips of her cunt.

I saw a small trickle of milk dripping over the shaped surface of her left breast. I leaned over to lap it up. It had an unusual taste. It made my mouth tingle. I put my lips over her tit to try and get some more from the source. I was rewarded with a generous squirt that filed my mouth. I swallowed. I loved the taste now and wanted more. She had plenty to offer. I could drink from her breast as fast as I could swallow. My body felt warm.

As I drank deeply from her milk, my cock grew hard, but I didn’t want to stop my feeding to satisfy my awakened sexual need. I just rolled on top of Jun and plunged into her well-used hole. It was much tighter than I’d remembered from last year, in spite of giving birth and, just moments ago, hosting two massive cocks, each much thicker than my own. At least the cum filling her provided more than enough lubrication.

I must have suckled a few quarts by the time I released my load. When I finished I was exhausted. I rolled off Jun onto my back on the bed, catching my breath, my body flush with heat.

“What happened to you?” I heard someone say. I looked up to see Luis staring at me.

“I’m just resting after fucking Jun. What’s the problem? I’ve fucked a few girls, even Jun last year. I’m still gay and I’ll be happy to prove it to you anytime.”

“It’s just you look bigger,” Luis responded. “Your pectorals, lats and arms seem thicker and, if your cock has gone fully soft after your fuck, I’d bet that’s bigger too.”

I raised my arm over my chest and flexed. My biceps did look much bigger, like I’d added a couple inches to the thickness of my arm and my chest was deeper too.

“I think you’re right. Why don’t you suck my cock and we’ll see if that’s affected.”

It was. Luis was really struggling with it and when he backed off it was hard at, maybe, twelve inches. He didn’t hesitate at straddling my hips and sitting down on it. Its size was no problem for my Hispanic friend, well used by Andy, who was still twice as long and thick.

“How did you grow so much and so quickly?” Luis asked while bouncing on my cock.

“The last thing I did was drinking Jun’s milk. Maybe that had some effect on me?”

I shot a big load up Luis’ gut while he creamed my chest.

“I think I’ll try it too,” he said, pulling off my, again, softening pole and crawling over to Jun. She was still sprawled on the bed beside me, exhausted from the double fucking by both Andys. She instinctively cradled Luis’s head as he started to feed on one breast.

It worked. We all tried it and I went back for another meal. I only gained a little the second go. There seemed to be a limit, but everyone gained about twenty-five percent in muscle mass and cock size. Except for our Andys, that is. It didn’t seem to effect them, but they were already huge, even by comparison to our enhanced size.

Little Jun was the center of attention for the next couple of days with a suckling mouth at each breast and at least two holes filled with cock continuously. It seemed to help her energy and milk production to have Andy, young or old, feeding their cum to her stomach from either, or, often both, ends.

When the orgy of growth and sex was over, Jun was a mess. Dried and drying cum coated her body and hair and seeped from her orifices. Her breasts, momentarily drained, had recovered some firmness. Her overstimulated body was wracked by weak, involuntary, spasms from a multi-day orgasm that would continue for another few hours. Her eyes were open, but unfocused, as she was overcome by pleasure.

It’s amazing what adding twenty-five percent of your body mass in additional muscle will do to even an ordinary guy, but everyone here started in decent shape and the two high school kids were already athletes. Tony was still the smallest at five-four, but now looked like a muscular gymnast. The cock that grew to 7.5 inches was a nice bonus. His big brother, Ming, was more like a lightheavyweight class bodybuilder and Jun will enjoy his nine inches when she recovers. Luis is about a weight-class down from Ming, but he started smaller. His 8.5 inch cock is only small if you’re used to Andy. Young Andy’s fuck-buddies really turned out great. They’ll have to move up a couple weight classes in their wrestling, but, with their now huge muscles, they’ll easily pin their opponents. With Randy’s equipment now at 9.5 inches and

Hank’s topping ten, I think they’ll be pinning a lot of guys in bed too.

We carried Jun gently to a shower and cleaned her thoroughly, grateful for the gift her milk had given us. We put her in the guest bedroom, watched over by Ming. When she calmed down eventually, she drifted off to a sleep that lasted twelve hours.

After putting Jun to bed it was time for some overdue rest for everyone else. Andy (senior) took his son’s fuck buddies, Randy and Hank. Tony and Luis got together to explore the pleasures of their new size. And young Andy grabbed me as his new toy.

I do mean grabbed. He reached around my waist and tucked me under his arm, carrying my now almost 240 pounds like it were nothing heavier than a pillow. He tossed me into the center of one of the cleaner beds and jumped in after me. My added size only meant that he could be more unrestrained in his use of my body. It would have been hopeless to try to resist him if I were so inclined. I wasn’t. No matter how single-mindedly he used me for his pleasure, the result was unimaginable ecstasy for me.

Sometime later I either passed out or fell asleep. When I awoke, he was on the other bed with Tony and Luis, whom he had already fucked to the point of their exhaustion. He was about to come back to me when his dad came down to call a halt so we could eat something to regain our strength. I, for one, was grateful for the break. I’d never thought I could overdose on sex before.

Though for all the sex I had, it was nothing compared to little Jun, who we put through another marathon after she awoke to see if we could gain any more size. Unfortunately, we couldn’t. But it took her another day after it for her to recover and, by then, our break was almost over and it was time for them to head back to Southern California.

Andy insisted that they leave his son to stay with us. It was the only way he would be able to teach the youngster how to control his sexual powers. He didn’t know how long before his son began producing sperm and, in his current state, that would soon lead to thousands of super-sexual children and a breakdown of normal society.

Young Andy recognized his father’s wisdom, though I could see him planning more fun with me in his mind. I knew I’d be in for a rough time until he learned more control, but I was happy to make the sacrifice to save the planet.

I could tell Jun and Ming were disappointed, though they were promised frequent visits. Randy and Hank offered to help them out and, that seemed a good alternative, as they were now all accustomed to more action than one normal partner could provide.

Jun would pump her breasts for several more moths and ship the frozen milk express to here for young Andy to use. She makes a lot. We stored almost a gallon in just the last day.

That night in the master bed between Andy, father and son, I didn’t get much sleep.


Chapter 7—Raising Young Andy

That night, our last before classes resumed, I spent in the master suite between Andy, junior and senior. I’m Bill Foster, Andy Wang’s roommate since we both started college.

Andy was a muscle god and his son, only a few months old, is quickly becoming much like him. He certainly isn’t a normal baby but more like a miniature version of his dad, with all his powers but no experience in using or controlling them.

They switched off between my ass and my mouth with the one I was sucking serving my cock. Of course, Junior is only three feet ten inches so when we sucked each other we couldn’t get us both to the root but, with his sixteen-inches and my twelve now, we could get more than a mouthful. Of course, he is not officially a junior but that’s what we call him.

With two super-studs enjoying my services I was delirious most of the time. Eventually I passed out or fell into an exhausted sleep.

The room was filled with morning light when I awoke. A tongue was stroking the end of my cock in a warm mouth. There were a few inches of cock in my mouth too that I was reflexively nursing in my sleep. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Junior’s piece in my mouth. There was a cock in my ass that was from his dad who had one of his big muscled arms around my chest holding me on my side against his body. I thought big Andy was still sleeping.

“Good, you’re up,” Junior said after popping my pole from his mouth. “Get ready for my big morning load.”

He resumed sucking me while using his hips to fuck my throat with ten-inch strokes. That motion must have awaken his dad. His cock always twitches a couple times as he wakes and that shakes my whole body. He didn’t say anything but went to work fucking my ass. I was quickly in heaven.

I shot at least a few times before they released their loads. My senses blur when either Andy has sex with me. The only thing my mind records are the physical sensations from my body. There is pleasure and joy each time I climax but it is nothing compared to the sensory overload when they cum.

Junior wasn’t kidding about his big morning load. Some went straight to my stomach but he pulled out to flood my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but lost a lot.

We uncoupled. Big Andy pulled his two-foot pole from my ass. I leaked some of his cum as my hole tried to recover from the extreme stretching. Junior let my cock slip from his mouth and withdrew his own. I swallowed twice to eat the residue. He turned his body so we were face to face. He had a satisfied smirk on his face as he looked at me. I could feel the spilled cum running down my skin. He took a couple fingers and wiped up the excess and pushed them to my lips so I could lap up what I spilled.

“I want a few more rounds with Bill,” Junior told his dad.

“No son. He has class in a couple hours.” Dad corrected him.

“Take him to the shower to clean up. He needs to be functional.”

“With you and Bill busy, I guess I’m on my own this morning. I’ll look around. I’m sure there are lots of hot guys to play with.”

“No son. I’ll make a few calls and arrange someone to be with you.” He reached for his phone. “Now, get Bill to the shower.” Junior helped me off the bed and, with a strong arm around my waist partly supporting me, helped me to the big master shower. He got me inside and leaned my back against the stone tiled wall. Then he turned the water on, giving us a cool rain from the overhead sprays. I felt better as it washed the caked cum from my body and hair.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Junior announced. I started to form words of objection but he spoke forcefully before I could start. “Silence!” I stopped. “On your knees,” he directed.

I obeyed. On my knees I was face to face with him. He raised a hand and put two fingers at my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and he pushed them inside where they pressed against my tongue while my lips were almost at his knuckles.

“That’s better,” Junior stated, satisfied with my compliance. “I must obey my father but you must obey me. When I tell you to do something you will do it without objection or question. Nod your head if you understand and agree.”

I did. I was surprised myself at my acceptance. He wasn’t using his persuasive powers on me. I wasn’t under his sex spell though I knew he could easily apply whatever magic he and his dad have over regular folk. He was demanding I recognize his superiority and submit willingly and I did. It must have satisfied him. He used his fingers in my mouth to slowly stroke my tongue a couple times and I took that as a the equivalent of a pat on the head from my new master and smiled around the intrusion. His smile in reaction told me that I got his intent right and he was pleased I understood his action.

“On your hands and knees,” he directed, removing his fingers.

I complied quickly, turning away so as to offer him my ass. With me like this and he standing I was at the perfect height for penetration. He wasted no time giving me all sixteen inches and starting a smooth fuck stroke.

“Don’t worry,” he assured me. “This is just a gentle fuck that will restore your energy and leave us both nicely satisfied.”

It was fifteen minutes a pure pleasure. I was fully aware the entire time and I could feel my energy building along with my excitement until we had a simultaneous explosion at the end. He pulled out and I stood up. We had a chance to clean off before his dad joined us.

I didn’t mention that Junior had fucked me and the shower had washed away any evidence. We both just washed big Andy’s body and hair. Cleaned and refreshed we exited the shower.

While we got dressed for class young Andy made a nice breakfast. With my latest growth from Jun’s milk all my clothes were tight but I found some jeans and a knit shirt that still fit. My cock, nine inches soft, was easy to see stretching the material no matter how I placed it.

As we were finishing breakfast the front door opened and our friend, Earl walked in. He was wearing his football jersey and tight-fitting team shorts that showed off his big bulge. He was carrying a football.

“Hi, guys,” he greeted us. “Andy, I’m happy to help out and play with your son. You didn’t say how old he is. I brought a football in case he wants to toss it around in your back yard.”

“Thanks, Earl,” Andy replied. “This is my son, Andy Jr.. He’s only a few months old but you can see he’s kind of special. He takes after me.”

Junior stepped out from behind the table and gave Earl his first good look at him. Since he was naked his massive muscles and hard, sixteen-inch, cock that stood up between his thick pectoral plates were on display. He curled an arm to show his eighteeninch gun. It was almost as big as Earl’s twenty but he’d soon learn it was much stronger.

Earl was taken aback by the sight but the bulge in his shorts got much bigger as he filled out to his full twelve inches. I thought Junior must be working his magic on the Black college stud but only a little, leaving him still capable of rational thought. He dropped the football to the floor, realizing that they would not be playing with it.

“You’re a good buddy to do this on short notice,”Andy continued. “I’ll make it up to you. Henry will be here after lunch around one to take over from you.”

Henry was also on the football team, a big Black stud like Earl and his best friend and fuck buddy. Junior stepped forward and took Earl’s hand to lead him downstairs to our playroom. I was glad we took the time to clean it up last evening before bedtime. Earl allowed himself to be led by the smaller boy.

I cleaned off from breakfast before Andy and I headed out for our day’s activities. I had a couple classes and hit the library over lunch. There is no swim team practice on Monday so I hit the weight room. Everyone remarked about my new size and I got to exercise my new twelve-inch cock in a couple muscled asses.

It was almost six when I got to our home. The main level was empty but the sounds from the lower level made it clear where the action was. I peeked down the steps to not disturb them. Junior was fucking Earl who was still here. Henry was trying to recover from his own recent fucking, laying on his back, breathing heavily, covered in cum spewed from earlier loads and leaking from his ass.

When I returned up the stairs Andy was entering.

“Hi Andy,” I greeted him. “Earl is still here. Junior has given him and Henry a full workout. They are exhausted but Junior is still going strong. I have an idea that might work better. Let me see if I can set it up.”

“Okay,” Andy agreed. “I’ll go down and rescue the guys.”

I left our house and headed to the fraternity that I’d visited with Andy on our first weekend at college and several times since. My last visit with Andy was at the start of the semester a couple months ago. It was planned ahead of time and we partied with the brothers all night. A few had brought their boyfriends to meet Andy. I don’t think any of their guys have girlfriends anymore.

I knocked on their door. Andy would have just walked in but I’m not Andy. I was greeted by one of the guys wearing just some nylon running shorts. He recognized me. I had fucked him on our last visit. I stepped inside.

“I’ll get Vince,” my greeter stated and ran off.

Vince Taggert was the guy that had initially met us on that first visit. Now a senior, he was fraternity president. They thought he was responsible for Andy’s first visit and he and we never bothered to correct that impression.

Vince arrived with another member, both nude, led by our greeter. When the greeter got to the door he shucked his shorts and tossed them in a bin that had a pile of clothes.

“Hi Bill,” he started. “You know Harry, my bedmate. What brings you to visit? Will Andy be joining us?”

“Vince, Harry,” I began. “I was hoping to speak to Jack Gardner. Is he in? And, no, I’m alone this visit. When did you guys start going nude?”

Harry was a sophomore on the water polo team. Being on the swim team, I see him often and we fucked after practice several times as well as on our visits. He has a boyfriend on the team that fucked me once as I was doing him.

“We decided on nudity around the house shortly after your last visit,” Vince explained. “We have so much sex with each other that clothes are a distraction. Jack isn’t back yet but should be in soon. We have a rack for shoes and dump your clothes in the bin and let Harry and I entertain you until he arrives. You look bigger than we remember.”

“Sounds great,” I agreed, shedding my garments. “I am bigger, particularly where it counts.”

In the main room there were eight guys having sex. A couple waved at me as we passed. We headed upstairs after Vince told one guy to send Jack up when he arrived.

Vince ushered me into his room. It had one queen bed and a couple desks.

“Things are a lot more open around here,” I observed. “What does bedmate mean? Are you boyfriends?”

“Yes, that’s Vince’s doing,” Harry explained. “After your first visit, a lot of us were confused about what happened. Quite a few said that despite that night they were still straight. I was pretty sure I wasn’t. I had been fucked by Vince after Andy had done us both a couple times and I woke up in Vince’s bed the next morning with him still inside me. We shared a bed ever since but we both have boyfriends. You’ve met mine. Vince has a boyfriend on his soccer team. We invite one or the other in a few times a month for overnight fun. Even in the frat we are not exclusive. Once or twice a week, Vince will swap me with another brother.”

“After that visit,” Vince continued, “four of our guys came out to everyone as gay. Two had been exclusively tops and one a confirmed bottom. They volunteered to teach us the ropes. I wasn’t sure even though I was fucking Harry regularly but I took them up and learned a lot. Once Andy visited the soccer team’s locker room I knew I was gay. I have a boyfriend on the team with a thick eight inches that tops me. But just looking at you has got my hole twitching. You have got to fuck me.”

“Me too,” Harry insisted.

I dropped a load in both boys. I had just finished Harry when Jack knocked on the door, opened it and entered. He was nude. I pulled my still dripping cock from Harry’s ass and knelt on their bed.

“Guys,” I started. “I have something to discuss with Jack. Could I borrow your room and have some privacy?”

They got up and left, shutting the door behind them. I moved to sit on the edge of the bed. My hard twelve inches was sticking up from my lap. I gestured for Jack to sit on it and he did, wrapping his legs around my waist and holding my shoulders.

“You’re bigger,” Jack observed. I had been fucking him regularly after his gymnastic practices.

“Yes,” I agreed. “It is connected to why I am here and what I want to propose to you. You see, Andy has a young son that now lives with us. His son is special. Only a few months old he is three foot ten, 115 pounds, with eighteen-inch arms, forty-twoinch chest, twenty waist, twenty-six thighs and a beautiful sixteen-inch cock that he is almost as good at using as his dad.”

He was about to say something but I popped two fingers in his mouth and pressed on his tongue like Junior had done to me. He stopped trying to speak. I was happy he accepted my dominance. I hadn’t tried to do that before, just friendly fucking with I guy whose cherry I popped. Since he’ll be living with us it will make things easier. Of course, Junior might not like his boy to be submissive to anyone except him so I’ll need to be careful if he’s around.

“Big Andy arranged a couple football studs to stay with Junior today, but he exhausted them,” I continued. “I figure if he has a steady relationship, Junior will be more careful. You should be perfect for that. You are a short guy so not too much taller than he. Your gymnast muscles are as big as his but you’ll find he is well stronger than you or I for that matter.

“You’ll live with us and escort Junior where he wants to go but keep him out of trouble. Junior obviously can do what he wants but I think if his dad tells him to respect your advice on whether his actions are appropriate, he will. Your pay is room, board and all the great sex you can handle. I suspect it is a lifetime position. It is Junior’s call whether you go to classes or keep on with the gymnastics team. If he allows it he’ll be tagging along and probably fucking those he’s interested in. Andy Senior will see that you graduate with a degree and honors even if you miss some classes. Nod if you understand and accept my offer.”

He did. I removed my fingers, wiping the wetness off on his cheek.

“Any questions?”

“No, you explained it pretty clearly,” he stated. “I’m looking forward to meeting him. He sounds pretty hot. But before we go, could you breed my hole?”

I stood up and laid him back on the bed and gave him a good fucking. He shot once before I seeded his gut and he came again. When I pulled out we both had streaks of his juice on our torsos.

“Do you want to grab a shower before we go?” I asked.

“No need,” he replied. “I like smelling of cum. Since Andy has been around, most of the hot guys on campus do. It sort of advertises our availability to each other. Haven’t you noticed?”

Now that he mentioned it, I did. I just hadn’t realized it was intentional.

We left the room and headed downstairs. I spotted Vince and Harry in action with different partners and told Vince that Jack would be staying with us from now on.

At the door Jack retrieved his clothes but I couldn’t find mine.

“The bin is pretty much a free for all affair. I’m the shortest guy so I never have a problem. Just take anything.”

I rummaged through the pile and found a pair of jeans that were a nice fit for my new size and a blue denim jacket that looked like it matched the jeans. I could only button the bottom two buttons on the jacket because my chest was much bigger than the original wearer but the outfit looked hot on me like that. Whoever had the jeans last must have had about seven inches based on the pre-cum stains on the left leg. My nine soft inches extended beyond that point. I donned my shoes and walked Jack to our home.

When we arrived, I saw that Junior was fucking his Uncle Tony in the big chair in the main level while his dad did Luis on the couch. Everyone looked up when we entered.

“Guys,” I began, “this is Jack Gardner. Jack you know Andy of course. He is fucking Luis and Junior is fucking Tony, technically his uncle. I brought Jack to be Junior’s companion on a permanent basis. Andy, I apologize for not discussing it with you first but I wanted to see if Jack would agree first and he has. I just saw that having guys in for Junior to fuck wasn’t working and I thought that a steady relationship might work better.”

“I guess I’m to be in your charge,” Junior said. He had pushed back from Tony so only his cock-tip was inside. “Do you think you’ll be able to handle me?”

“If you are anything like your dad, nobody on campus can handle you if you don’t want to be,” Jack responded. “I won’t try. But I like a good fuck and I’ve no doubt you can provide that. And if you listen to my advice, I think we can have a lot of fun and I’ll keep you out of trouble.”

“That’s actually a pretty good answer,” Junior admitted. “I like you already. Bill’s idea is worth a try.”

“Sounds like it is settled then,” Andy Senior confirmed. “But, son, I want you to listen to Jack’s advice and, when traveling outside, you are not to fuck him so senseless that he can’t do his job. Bill, you get a special reward tonight.”

Junior pulled out of Tony and took Jack upstairs to his room, now their room. I replaced him in Tony and Andy and I had some fun with them. About an hour later a couple brothers from the frat stopped by with Jack’s stuff. We had them bring it in but left it on the main level for now. Andy fucked them both before sending them on their way.

Andy invited Tony and Luis to spend the night and they eagerly accepted. Andy took me to my room. I got on my back in the center while Andy lifted my legs and positioned himself behind me. He told Tony to plug my hole as soon as he pulled out and stay in me all night. I knew what was coming but Tony was puzzled by his instructions.

Andy started a smooth fuck stroke. I was instantly in heaven. I enjoyed a nice orgasm after only a few minutes as Andy upped the pace. Finally Andy unloaded deep in my gut as I shot again. As the jets of his cum started to ease, I felt the tingling of millions of his super-sperm swimming in my belly. Andy pulled out and Tony plugged my hole.

“Enjoy my gift,” Andy announced as he left for his room with Luis, turning off the light as he went.

Initially his swimmers were deposited a couple feet up my gut. But the tingling spread steadily in both directions. I quickly had a third orgasm as the sensation spread. Tony probably thought it was from him pumping my hole with his seven-inch pole.

Soon the fastest swimmers got down to where Tony was. He gave a little gasp when he felt them squirming around his cock head and spreading along the shaft.

“What was that?” Tony asked.

“That’s Andy’s sperm. He doesn’t normally release any for regular fucks. It’s my reward. You should feel what they’re doing to me. My whole belly is a mass of pleasure.”

“I feel them plenty,” Tony stated. “They are all around my cock. I…I think they are swimming up inside me. Oh, ah, ah, I’m cumming. That flushed them out. Oh, they’re back again.”

This time his balls were drained. Soon he had swimmers flooding his nut sacks and massaging his prostate from the inside out. It drove him wild. He was cumming every few minutes but that only slowed the new arrivals a little. He collapsed, exhausted on top of me. I hugged him to me and wrapped my legs around his thighs to keep us coupled. We soon both passed out from too many orgasms, too fast.

It was morning when I became aware again. Tony was resting beside me so sometime in the night we uncoupled. By now Andy’s sperm had spread to every part of my body. I could no longer feel them in a specific spot but I felt energized from head to toes and that was literally what his seed was really doing inside me.

Tony was still in delirium. His cock was still fully hard and from the tip came a steady trickle of cum, not the spurts of a normal orgasm. His entire crotch area and the sheets beneath him were soaked. The waterproof mattress pads we use earned their cost back.

I carried Tony to the shower and set him on the floor wedged into a corner as I turned on the water. I washed myself while watching Tony. The spray had washed him clean but he was still in his own world, oblivious to external events. I left him in the shower.

I dried off and stripped the bed. I was coming back from starting a load in the laundry when Junior and Jack emerged from their bedroom. They were naked as was I. They both had big smiles. I was pleased to see that Junior had not fucked Jack senseless but it must have been good. Jack was looking down at the shorter stud with an expression that mixed awe and love. Junior had his arm around Jack’s hips and was holding him to his side in a way that said Jack was now his possession.

“You two look good,” I observed. “How was sex with Junior, Jack?”

“May I talk to Bill, Master Andy?” Jack asked.

“Yes, Jack,” Andy replied. “You may speak freely in this house, at class or in the gym.”

“Thank you. Bill, the sex was great. We worked out how I will do my job. I can make recommendations to Master Andy but the final decisions are his and I am not to argue if he decides on a different course. I learned enough about him last night to trust his judgement. I think you and his dad only see his young age and small size but I know he is a man. My man I am proud to say.”

“Jack has a great ass and a talented mouth,” Andy asserted. “We’ll have lots of fun together. When you have a few hours I need to thank you.”

“I’m just glad it worked out. Your dad already thanked me. I feel great but Tony is still out of it.

As I was saying that Big Andy and Luis emerged from the master suite and caught the part about Tony.

“What’s the problem with Tony?” Andy asked.

“I think some of your sperm got into his cock and they’re stimulating his balls and prostate. It has driven him crazy. I left him under the shower spray to try and revive him but unsuccessfully so far.”

I led everyone to the shower where Tony was still sprawled under the spray. Big Andy picked him up and we dried him off and laid him on the bare bed. He went to suck his seed out but Junior wanted to try. Junior pushed his cock up Tony’s ass and bent over to take his cock that was still leaking a steady stream. Junior forced three quick orgasms out of Tony, each getting his cock to spurt normally. Then he pulled out and backed off the bed. Tony was still unconscious but his cock wasn’t leaking.

“I think I got most of it out of him,” Junior reported. “Your sperm tastes sweet. Tony is exhausted but this is normal sleep. I think he’ll be fine when he wakes up.”

“I’ll stay with him,” Luis said, getting on the bed to lay beside his boyfriend.

We left them. I went with Big Andy to get dressed. I had clothes in his master suite where I often spent the night.

“Jack is totally submissive to Junior,” I told Andy once we were alone. “He calls him Master Andy. This might not work out.”

“I could tell that by their body language,” Andy stated. “It is actually good. Junior learned to assert his dominance without fucking Jack into submission. In any relation with a normal man Junior will be dominant but he needs to learn how to assert it more subtly. When we first met, you knew without any words that I was the dominate male. I didn’t even need to use my persuasive powers. You just sensed it. Don’t worry, Jack will still be able to guide Junior around but he understands that he has no real authority or control so he will limit his advice to only when it is necessary.”

I thought about what Andy told me. It is true. I, everyone he meets, is submissive to him. I never actually thought about it. It just happened naturally, automatically. I’ve never seen Andy assert dominance on anyone. They just do as he directs without resistance or complaint. Junior can’t do that yet but he put me in my place yesterday quite easily and obviously he easily handled Jack.

“I guess you’re right,” I admitted. “I suppose a normal guy like me can’t really understand what it is like to be you or Junior. I never thought of you as my master, just as a friend. You gave me great pleasure and never asked anything in return but I would willingly do anything for you. Junior has been more assertive but I suppose he had to be. One can’t help thinking of him as a little kid but actually he is a man.”

We were dressed for our day and left the room. I had class in an hour and Andy and I would hit the Student Union for some breakfast first. On the main level we met Junior and Jack, also dressed for the day. Jack was getting his books and supplies from the stuff they delivered.

Junior had on red nylon running shorts and a white muscle tee with a scoop neck that fit like a second skin. His cock, eleven soft, was running up under the top, the bulge of the shaft and crown clearly visible. Even soft his pole was almost a quarter of his entire body length. If he had it down it would extend past his knee. As it was the tip was only three inches below the scoop of his neckline. If hard it would reach to his Adam’s Apple.

“We’re going to do some clothes shopping first,” Junior announced. “I want to get some college clothes and something stylish. I’m going to upgrade Jack’s look too. Then he has a couple classes and gymnastic practice in the afternoon. It should be fun.”

“Let me give you some money, Jack,” Andy offered.

“No need,” he countered. “I have plenty and you’re already paying me plenty. God…my boyfriend will be at practice. What do I tell him about Master Andy?”

“Jack, relax,” Junior told him. “I know you like your boyfriend but how we handle him, your family, friends and fuck buddies is my responsibility now.”

“Yes Master. I know. He usually comes back to the frat with me after practice and spends the night and we had planned a date, clubbing in the Castro, for Saturday night.”

“Well, I’m sure he won’t mind spending the night with us after I explain things to him and clubbing sounds great for Saturday.”

“It looks like your day is set,” Big Andy said. “Bill and I need to leave now.

He ushered me out with him.

“I think we’ll make it a double date on Saturday,” Andy said once outside. “I want to see how he handles the club patrons but we’ll stay in the background.”

I didn’t see anyone again until after swim practice though I did hookup with one of my regular fuck buddies between classes. My new size and strength really improved my times. I should be competitive in the NCAA and nationals.

I went to the showers with the twins, identical, blond, with muscled bodies, long legs and tight butts. I was planning on fucking them both. Andy has visited all the sports teams but my swim team was first. Post practice sex in the showers is our usual routine and partners vary. I have a few guys that I bottom for but I’m mostly a top with the team. The twins are strictly bottoms and great at it. There are a couple others waiting for seconds after I seed their guts.

I had dropped a load in one twin and was close on the second when the gymnasts hit the showers. I saw Junior walk in between Jack and another guy who was a few inches taller than Jack. The boyfriend, I figured. Junior had an arm about each of them and all their cocks were hard.

Junior saw me and brought everyone over.

“Bill, this is Rex Randall, Jack’s, now our, boyfriend,” Junior made the introduction.

I’d seen him in the showers and even fucking Jack but, except for Jack whose cherry I popped, I hadn’t fucked gymnasts. The teams mostly tend to fuck among themselves except for Andy. It’s a team bonding thing.

“Nice to meet you Rex,” I replied. “My buddies are my teammates and identical twins, Dave and Dallas Harper. Dave has a tiny mole on his right butt cheek. It is how we tell them apart.” I pointed out the mole as I continued my fuck stroke in

Dave’s ass. “Guys, with Rex are Jack Gardner and the stud is Andy’s son. We just call him Junior.”

“He is almost as big as his dad,” Dallas observed. “You have got to fuck us with that.”

“I plan to,” Junior asserted. “I’ve never done twins before and you two are hot. But Rex is my first fuck in this session.”

He had Rex get on hands and knees under the spray head next to us, spread his knees apart and stepped between them. With

Junior standing Rex’s hole was at the perfect height.

“Dallas, smear some of Bill’s cum you’re leaking around Rex’s hole,” Junior directed.

Dallas reached into his crack and his hand came out coated with my cum. He spread it around and went back for more cum. Junior told him to push the new stuff inside and he did.

Then Junior put himself in position and punched his tip and about four inches inside. Rex winced at the sudden penetration. I gather he was mostly a top. He’d taken Andy before but not for several weeks. Junior started a smooth fuck stroke as he pushed more of his long shaft in. Junior was in halfway, about eight inches, when Rex’s nice eight-inch cock spurted his juice onto the shower deck.

“God damn, Master Andy, you’re as good as your dad,” Rex blurted out. “Give me all you’ve got. Harder, faster, deeper.” Junior gave him the final eight inches in one powerful thrust. “So deep. So thick.”

Then Junior was really pounding him but Rex was loving it. He had a second orgasm before Junior seeded his gut, triggering the third. When he stopped shooting Junior pulled out, still hard. He went around to Rex’s front and placed his member by his mouth. Rex cleaned it off without prompting, taking about ten inches orally and doing the rest with his tongue. He swallowed what he lapped up. Meanwhile Jack was eating out much of the load from his ass.

While this was going on I had finished up in Dave and pulled out. When the twins saw Rex was almost done his cleaning duties they got down on hands and knees, side by side with their butts touching and knees spread wide to give Junior good access. They were both still leaking my cum so their holes were ready. Junior took a moment to decide which one to plug first. Dallas was on the left and got the honor of taking all sixteen inches in one long, slow stroke. He then pulled all the way out and repeated it with Dave. He left it buried for a minute then started to fuck Dave deep and slow.

While we were watching Junior’s action, Jack and I helped Rex to his feet. The normally well-balanced gymnast was a little shaky after such a powerful fucking. We semi-supported him between us.

“It looks like your boyfriend likes Junior,” I observed to Jack.

“Yes,” Jack confirmed. “I was foolish to worry. Junior handled the day perfectly. He took me first to a nice place with trendy clothes and we both got a good selection. They are being tailored to fit our muscular shapes better. They won’t fit too tight in most places but close enough to emphasize our build. Junior made sure mine would confirm to my nice bubble butt that he says I should be proud of. They should be at our house when we get home. We got special service and a good price by fucking the young manager in a dressing room.

“In class I told my professors that Junior was a young gymnast visiting from China. It sort of explains his size and build. They gave permission for him to audit the class with me. He still had on the outfit we left with this morning. He looked so sexy everyone, including the professor, was having a hard time concentrating. At the end of the class he just went up to the sexiest guy who was about to leave with a sexy girl and told him to meet us in the nearby men’s room. The guy laughed at him but a few minutes after we entered, he followed. We didn’t bother with a stall. Junior just fucked him by the bank of sinks while he sucked my cock.

“We were in the locker room where I was getting into my gymnastic gear for our practice when Rex arrived. His locker is next to mine. I was going to introduce Junior but he stood on the locker room bench to bring him up to Rex’s height and said, ‘Rex, I’m Andy Wang Jr.. You are important to my boy, Jack, and that makes you important to me too.’ He called me his boy. I felt proud.

“Rex started to reply but Junior gave him a sharp slap on his cheek and said, ‘I didn’t give you permission to speak. If you won’t hold your tongue, I’ll hold it for you.’ He pushed two fingers from the hand that just slapped Rex through his lips and pressed his tongue. Rex was confused but he accepted Junior’s discipline. ‘Now Rex you are my boy now too. You may call me Master Andy. You will listen to me and if I tell you to do something you will do it instantly and without objection or complaint. Jack has permission to offer suggestions to me, you do not. But I make the decisions for all of us. If I am not around you will obey Jack as you would me. Know that I am not asking you to accept or reject but just laying out for you the rules for your life from now on. If you understand nod your head.’ And Rex did.”

“Jack, when you tell it like that it sounds so degrading,” Rex said, having recovered his strength. “As Master spoke I realized that he was offering me a chance for a new life with a real man to care for and love me. Sharing him with my boyfriend was a bonus. Yes, he didn’t give me a choice but that’s because he knew it was best for me. Letting Master make these decisions is one of the benefits of our relationship. The sex is pretty great too.”

“After I’d nodded my agreement Master removed his fingers and wiped the spit off on my cheek,” Rex continued. “I was sad that I had done something to displease him but I sort of liked having a piece of him inside me, even only fingers. He gave me permission to speak freely in the gym, in class and when we were alone. He didn’t fuck me or Jack in the locker room. He knew we’d need our strength for practice. He went with us and we showed him our routines. He wanted to try and he’s a natural gymnast. He was soon doing things nobody ever attempted. Jack and I gave him some instruction on some technical things like body line and pointing the toes. He picked those up almost instantly. Everybody came to watch. It was an amazing demonstration. He could win the world championship easily.

“Well, Coach offered him a full scholarship then and there. He told Coach they should discuss it in his office and went off with him. All the guys on the team mobbed us wanting to know more about Master Andy but we didn’t know how much he would allow us to tell so we just said that he is a good friend of ours.

“Our practice was almost over when Master brought Coach back. He had obviously been fucked hard. He was soaked in sweat and smelled of cum with streaks on his bare arms and legs and a few gobs in his hair. But Master looked like they had just had a pleasant discussion and was smiling. Coach explained that Mr. Wang, that’s what he called Master, would be assisting in our training and we should follow his directions as if they were his. Master thanked Coach and told him he would not be needed more today and sent him off. He then told everyone to shower.”

“Coach usually joins the sex play in the showers,” Jack added. “But not today.”

“Not ever,” Junior stated, having just finished with the twins. “I’ll take care of his needs if he does as I require.”

“Master Andy,” I addressed him, “may I fuck Rex.”

“Junior or Andy is an acceptable address from you, Bill,” Andy stated. “But my requirements for you still apply. You can fuck Rex or Jack whenever you wish. You boys understand?”

“Yes Master,” They said in unison.

“Thank you Andy,” I added.

It was a long shower for everyone as Junior fucked all the gymnasts and a few of the swim team. Rex enjoyed my twelve inches. I’m still a little thicker than Junior. I let him fuck me in return. I thought he was better as a bottom but didn’t let him know that. Junior didn’t put any of the jocks out of commission but they all had fun. Whenever he pulled out of a guy someone was always waiting to suck out and swallow as much of his load as they could.

When he called an end to the fun, he was surrounded by all the athletes, gymnasts and swimmers, praising his sexual skills and trying to arrange more. Finally he had to act.

“Guys, guys,” Junior said, turning around and raising his arms. Everyone became quiet and stepped back a few feet to give him room. “We had fun. I’ll be at every practice and meet, so this is not a one time thing. But who I fuck and when is my choice. Don’t ask me ever. If you follow my direction and impress me with your skill and work effort you might, might, get a special reward. Understood?

There were nods and murmurs of agreement and the crowd broke up and let us get dressed in peace. The gymnastic Coach was waiting by Jack’s locker. He must have had a shower in his office because he looked composed. He had a team gym bag with a selection of workout clothes and team gymnastic uniforms in a size that fit Junior. He showed one jersey. It was red, embroidered in white over the left chest saying, ‘Andrew Wang Jr.’ and just below ‘Coach’. Even with computerized embroidery, that was fast work. Junior thanked him and the coach looked pleased that he had satisfied him.

We walked to our home. Junior told Rex he would be spending the night. He smiled.

At our house a young guy was waiting with some packages.

“Your clothes, sir,” he said addressing Junior.

“That’s good service. Bring them in,” Junior directed as I opened the door.

“Try some on, Jack,” he said once we were inside.

Jack put on a pair of black dress slacks and a white silk shirt. The slacks were form fitting around his hips and ass. The rear seam tucked partly into the groove separating the globes of muscle. They flared some to give room for the thick thighs but you could easily see the bulge of his cock directed down the left. The top matched his v-shape but had some room until he did a most muscular that stretched the fabric to the limit. The bulge from the upper arm seemed ready to pop the seams but they held.

“There are matching outfits for you,” the man said. “Won’t you try them on?”

“No need,” Junior retorted. “This shows your work is good quality. I’ll need another set to fit my other boy here.” He indicated Rex.

“Certainly sir. If I can take some measurements I can bring them by tomorrow afternoon.”

He pulled out a tape and notepad from his back pocket and went to work.

“I think we will come by your store about eleven tomorrow. We can pick them up and express our appreciation for your good work.”

“Excellent sir. They will be ready. Can I get anything for the other gentleman?”

“Maybe later. We will let you know.”

His work done Jack ushered the young man out just as Big Andy was entering. The man did a double take coming body to body with the full grown version of his young client.

“Who was that?” Big Andy asked.

“The tailor,” Junior replied. “I have new outfits for Jack and I. Jack has one on and it is sexy. The new guy is Rex, a teammate of Jack’s and also my boy. He will be spending the night and we’ll pick up his clothes tomorrow.”

“Hi Rex. If you’re on the team I must have fucked you a few times. I’m sure Junior will take good care of you. The new duds look hot but I can’t let you pay for them. How much did they cost?”

“Dad, I’ve got it covered,” Junior insisted. “First, we got a great price; only $750 for twelve outfits for each of us. Second, see this?” He pointed to the embroidery on his athletic shirt. “I’m the new assistant gymnastics coach. It pays one hundred thousand a year and gives me rank and identification as an associate professor. Plus my pay comes from an alumni athletic slush fund and is totally off the books. There is ten thousand cash in the gym bag under my new gym clothes.”

“I assume you got that the same way I got this house for our use,” his dad mused. “You are learning quickly.”

Rex was pointing to his mouth and trying to get Junior’s attention. He finally noticed.

“Rex, you can speak freely in our house,” Junior directed. “I am glad you remembered the rules though.”

“Thank you Master Andy,” Rex acknowledged. “Yes, Andy, you fucked me several times but your son is damn good. He also earned his new title. He’s a natural gymnast. In his first time working the stations he was doing things no one else in the world ever attempted. If he can teach some of that to us he’ll be worth ten times what they’re paying him.”

“Enough boys,” Junior said. “We’ll let dad judge by the results. Jack and Rex put the clothes in our room. Rex, tomorrow you bring all your stuff here. You’re moving in. Our bed is big enough for three. While you do that I’ll make dinner for everybody.”

We broke up. I got my cleaned sheets from the laundry. Luis and Tony put them in the dryer before they left. After I made the bed I joined Andy in the master suite. He tossed me on the bed and it only took me a minute to shed what little I was wearing. He raised my legs to his shoulders and put his long pole in position.

“How many holes has this been in before me today?” I asked jokingly.

“Not as many as Junior’s apparently,” was his answer.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen you in action.”

I was about to say more but he shoved all two feet up my gut and turned off my brain. He bred me three times and I hosed both our bodies with my juice multiple times before he rolled to his back holding me on top of his muscular torso. It was a workout. Slowly my breathing calmed down to normal.

“You know,” I mused, “I can’t fathom how lucky I’ve been to have drawn you as my roommate and have the chance to be part of your life and everything.”

“Well, I’ve been lucky too to have you as my friend. No matter who I fuck on any day I know you’ll be here, a true friend and companion in life’s adventure.”

“Yes, that is important,” I agreed. “I think Jack and Rex are filling that void for Junior. You don’t know how much like you he is but I can see it clearly.”

There was a knock on the door. “Dinner is ready,” Jack announced from the other side.

We headed down still nude. Jack and Rex were there standing behind two of the chair in the dining room. They were also nude. The table was set and there was a large salad bowl in the center. Andy took the head chair with me to his right. Junior entered, also nude, carrying a large tray of lasagne that he place near his dad and then took the seat at the opposite end.

We ate and made small talk. I remarked that Junior was an excellent cook and everyone agreed. It was just a typical family meal. There was no need to cover our bodies because everyone had had sex with each of the others. When you know a person’s insides there is no need to hide the outside.

We got back to sort of a routine. It was Thursday and I had brought a friend to our house for some sex over lunch. We were down in our playroom and I’d just dropped a load up his ass when we heard the doorbell chime. I got up to answer it and my buddy followed.

It was a package delivery. I opened the door and told the delivery guy to bring it in. He wasn’t expecting to be standing next to two nude college jocks. It was obvious what we had been doing. My cock was still mostly hard and coated with some of the seed from the ass it had bred and my friend had gobs of my cum-load that had leaked out and were dripping on the floor from the bottom of his ball-sack.

The package was for Junior. I signed his pad. The guy was about our age, maybe a couple years out of high school and in good shape. He had a nice sized bulge trying to poke out of his brown uniform shorts.

“I know you can’t linger for some fun with your truck doubleparked. Too bad. I’d love to see if that butt is as tight as it looks. I’m Bill. You know our address. Come by in the evening, say about eight. If I don’t answer the door just say, ‘Bill invited me for some fun’ and someone will take care of you until I’m available.”

He didn’t respond. He reluctantly turned and left, staring at both of us until the door blocked his view. On his way to his truck he passed Jack and Junior returning. They had on their new fitted jeans and white gymnastic team tops that left nothing to the imagination, particularly in Junior’s case. He’ll be back.

“You got my delivery,” Junior stated when he entered and saw the box on the floor.

He opened the top. Inside was a styrofoam cube. He lifted the top to reveal the contents. There were twelve plastic quart bottles and a few bricks of blue ice-packs to keep them cool. He pulled one out and handed it to Jack.

“These are bottles of my mother’s milk,” Junior explained. “We are going to freeze and store it for several months. With the effect it had on you and others it should be valuable. These are fresh. I have one for every member of the gymnastics team and a few for me. I am, after all, a growing boy. Drink up Jack.”

He chugged the whole bottle, remarking afterward that it tasted great. I went to put the others in the fridge.

When I returned I could see the change in Jack. He had gained about two inches in height though still just five-four. Under his shirt the upper body muscles were dramatically bigger but, if anything, his waist was tinier as he lost the little body fat he’d had. The bricks of his abdominal muscles stood out through the tight fabric. His fitted jeans actually fit even better. His butt was no bigger but it was tighter and a narrowing of his hips compensated for the added muscle shape so his jeans rode lower. If he weren’t wearing a top there would be some of his crack visible. The jeans had been slightly loose over the thighs but that was taken up by the new muscle. You could see the outline of his cock, now about seven inches soft.

“With this body you won’t be able to match me in the gym,” Junior stated. “But I will be able to show you and the others how to do tricks nobody else can do. However, now I want to see how tight that butt is.”

“Yes Master Andy,” Jack replied as they ran up to their room.

I had an hour before class so I took my friend downstairs for round two.

I was getting fucked in the shower after practice by one of my teammates when the gymnastics team joined us. You could hear their excited babble well before they entered. They’d gotten their upgrades and their practice broke all previous limits. Now they wanted to try out their new cocks.

Since the gymnasts all wanted to top, we swimmers were bottom boys. It wasn’t the usual pattern but no one objected. The swim team has twice the numbers of the gymnastics team so my fuck wasn’t interrupted until Junior came and slapped my buddy on the ass. He got the hint and pulled out. Junior replaced him. He gave me all sixteen inches in one thrust and started to fuck.

“Bill, it went even better than I expected,” Junior remarked while keeping up a steady stroke. “Besides strength and size the milk improved their coordination and they were already amazing, being gymnasts. What they did today in practice will blow everyone away. It seems to have boosted their ego as well as cock-size. Your teammates should expect to bottom for my guys regularly from now on. But it looks like they are enjoying it.”

Then he picked up his pace and fucked me to three big explosions before filling my gut. Then he had Jack and Rex fuck me. By the time we left the shower ever swimmer was carrying gymnast cum. I was special, I had some from every gymnast in my belly.

When we left to get dressed there were a lot of new friendships between gymnasts and swimmers that I thought would extend beyond the showers. Before I pulled up my jeans I stuffed one of those pads girls use in my crack. I keep some in my locker and at home. Considering my sex life it’s best to be prepared.

On the walk home Junior showed me his new university ID. It had his photo in his embroidered gymnastic shirt with the text ’ Andrew Wang Jr.’ and below ‘Associate Professor’. The back had his vital statistics, age 23, height 3’10”, weight 115, hair black, eyes black. Cock size wasn’t listed but you could see the top few inches under the material of his shirt in the photo if you looked closely. In person it was even more obvious and we got quite a few looks as we went.

Junior’s other news was that his gym bag has another ten thousand in cash. A bonus that is likely the first of many.

Our delivery guy did stop by. I was in Junior’s room getting fucked when he showed up, but Jack and Rex, who were playing downstairs shifted to double teaming him until we finished. His ass was as sweet as I expected. Junior claimed him for the overnight but he gave me Rex for the night as compensation.

Big Andy was out for the night at the home of some of his regular fuck buddies. These were three Chinese graduate students. Apparently their families in China are very rich and well connected. They bought them a nice place to live up in the hills. Andy visits them a couple of nights a month. Sometimes I get to go too. They all have slim, muscled bodies and their largest cock is six inches. No matter, they love bottoming. Andy has arranged some of his other friend to visit them regularly so they get action a few times each week. A couple months ago they gave Andy their one year old Mercedes C-class sedan when they got a new E-class.

It was Saturday finally. Junior was still planning to go clubbing with his boys. Big Andy said we would go along but sit well away from them and not interfere. Junior wasn’t happy but was wise enough not to challenge his dad.

We took the Mercedes with Big Andy driving and me in the front passenger seat. Junior sat between Jack and Rex in the back. They were wearing their fitted jeans with matching white muscle tees, Junior’s without the embroidered name and title. Andy and I had jeans and blue knit shirts, not fitted, but muscles and packages our size can’t be hidden, especially in Andy’s case. Junior pulled up his tee and let his boys take turns sucking his cock. He feed them both on the ride.

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant near the club Junior wanted to hit. Our waiter was a really handsome young Thai. All their waiters were kind of cute but I think ours was the best. He couldn’t take eyes off us and always hovered near. Neither father nor son was working any magic on him. It wasn’t necessary. We still had some time so we ordered dessert.

Big Andy told our waiter that if he had a place to do it he could pick one of us to fuck him. He looked first at Big Andy, then Junior. I could see he wanted them but was scared of their size. With their boost Jack and Rex would be big in any other company but it seemed my twelve inches was tempting enough and not too large that he was afraid to risk it.

I followed him to the back and through the kitchen. He opened the door to a room with three double bunk beds. The staff must live here until the restaurant opens. He shed his shoes and then carefully removed his shirt and hung it on a hanger on a hook on the wall. His torso was nicely sculpted with decent pectorals and defined abdominals. He unbuttoned his black dress slacks and stepped out of them. He had a slim seven-inch uncut cock, already hard. He hung his slacks carefully on a second hanger.

While he did that I shed my duds with much more abandon. When he turned around he saw me nude and hard.

“You’re bigger than anyone I’ve had by seven or eight centimeters. Please take it slow.”

“Do you have any lube?”

He got a bottle from a drawer built into the bunk beds and handed it to me.

“Great. That will help. Start by sucking my cock.”

I sat on one of the lower beds and spread my thighs wide to give him access. He went down on his knees a got to work. He started with just the crown in his mouth, licking it all around with his tongue. He knew what he was doing. While he was working I lifted his hips up and worked the lube around his hole. With the outside slick I probed him with one finger and then two, working lube inside as far as I could. He had now gotten five inches in his mouth. I shifted to three lubed fingers and he took them nicely. I used my hand in his ass to urge him forward to take more of my cock. He did. I let up the pressure to see if he would back off. When he didn’t, I urged him to take more. I got eight inches in before he resisted going deeper. I was part way down his tight throat. It was time to fuck.

I pulled out and lubed up my pole. I thought the beds too small and confining for a good fuck so I had him lean against the wall and spread his legs wide. I stepped between them and put my cock to his entrance. He felt it and actually pushed back against it until the head popped in. I thrust in a few more inches and started my stroke. I found his prostate and played with it with my cock-tip. He was moaning quite loudly. A couple more minutes and I got him shooting, hands free.

As he sprayed his seed on the wall and floor I pushed in until I had about eight inside and waited for my Thai friend to calm down. When he relaxed I started stroking, going deeper and soon was in virgin territory. A couple minutes more and I was in to the hilt. Then I started to build to my own release, giving him slow ten-inch strokes and gradually going faster and harder. He was loving it as much as I was loving the friction all along my shaft from his tight ass. My Thai friend was really loud by then.

Another young Thai opened the door and looked at the scene.

He unzipped his slacks and pulled out a nice, hard, eight-inches. I pointed to my ass. He grabbed the bottle of lube, used some and pushed himself in me in one thrust. Now I was shuttling between Thai ass and Thai cock. When the guy fucking my ass started to get aggressive I knew he was close so I started fucking my Thai to orgasm. Soon the guy behind me shoved in and held it. I shoved in to the ass I was fucking and started to unload just as my ass was filled. My first Thai shot a second load on the wall.

We uncoupled. The second boy moved to eat out his load from my ass. While the first just rested against the wall. After doing my ass he did the other Thai’s ass and then licked my cock clean. He then offered me a small hand towel to try it off. I retrieved my clothes and started to dress as did my initial partner.

“You guys were fun,” I told them. “By the way, I’m Bill Foster.”

“I’m called Nut,” said the guy I fucked. “This is my older brother, Chai.”

I walked with them back to our table where everyone else had finished dessert and introduced them.

“We close at eleven,” Chai said. “If you stop by around midnight we’d love to have fun with you.”

“Thanks,” Junior said. “But we’ll be at the club down the street. Why don’t you join us there, my treat. I’m told they usually have a long line even late so give me a call at this number and I’ll come out and get you in.” He gave Chai a business card.

The others stood up and we left. Junior put a hundred dollar bill on the table.

Outside there was a line that stretched almost to our restaurant. Junior ignored it and walked to the front where a burly guy in leather vest and pants controlled the entry. We hung back. The guard put his bulk in the way to block Junior’s group.

“We’re VIPs,” Junior stated and used an arm to brush the guard aside.

He got out of their way, saying “Yes sir, my apologies.”

We waited a couple minutes and then Andy moved to the door. The guard just looked at him and backed away. We went in. It was dark and loud inside. Junior and his boys had a table by the dance floor. There was seating on a balcony level that overlooked the dance floor. Andy went to a spot opposite where the others were sitting. All the tables were occupied but Andy just found the one he wanted next to the rail and told the three men currently using it that it was ours. They left without a word and we sat down.

A waiter came over and Andy ordered overpriced cold sodas for us both. We never use alcohol or drugs. This place has a twenty dollar cover and it won’t take many sodas to exceed that. The waiter was nothing special.

It was a good location for us to watch the boys without them noticing us. Junior got up and went on the dance floor with Jack. The dancing for everybody seemed to be grinding bodies together in synch with the beat of the loud music. They did that quite sexily. They moved next to a couple sexy boys, both blond and muscular. Some words were exchanged and they switched off, one with each blond. After some more dancing the beat changed and they invited the blonds to their table.

Junior freed up the nearby table with a word to its current occupants who left without complaint and they pushed the tables together and all sat down. Our boys were drinking sodas but their new guests got beer. Junior had the blond he was dancing with right next to him. The new guys were about six foot so well taller than Junior or the gymnasts but not nearly as muscular.

Junior stood up and kissed the blond next to him. With one hand he held the back of his head and the other guides the blond’s other hand on a tour of his long cock that was hard under his shirt. When they broke the kiss the blond stood and they went off together.

“It looks like Junior found some action,” Andy said. “Why don’t you check it out.”

He made eye contact with a pair of tall muscular Asian guys at the bar. They had a biker look going with leather pants, boots and an open vest that displayed their muscles. They both came over. I stood giving one my seat and went off with the other, telling him to lead me to the place were we could get it on.

They had a dark room off the back of the main floor that seemed to serve that function. We went in and I brought him in for a kiss, giving him tongue and making clear that I was his top. After the kiss, with my eyes adjusted to the dark, I spotted Junior over by the far wall. He had the blond on his hands and knees with the removed pants draped over his back and was fucking him hard. I thought there is no need to be a sneak and took my guy over there. I leaned him against the wall, pulled down his pants to his upper thigh and started fucking.

“It looks like you are having fun,” I said to Junior.

“Yes. This is Greg. His brother, Gary is next. Then I’ll let the boys have them. You here to check up?”

“Of course. But it looks like you have everything under control.”

“It looks like you found a hot number. Want to switch for a while?”

My guy started to say something but I slapped his ass hard and felt his muscles spasm around my cock.

“Sexual matters are for men to decide,” I told him. “Bottom boys listen and serve.” But Junior’s suggestion was really an order so I continued, “sure, switch,” and pulled out of my Asian stud.

Junior pulled out too and we changed. I knelt behind the blond boy and pushed right in to his still open hole. Junior pushed the big Asian to his knees and thrust into him. I had only worked eight inches into him but that is only halfway for Junior. The tough-looking Asian stud was soon whimpering as Junior kept going deeper.

“I let you fuck Greg to keep your cock warm but don’t cum in him,” Junior cautioned. “You can nut in this guy after I breed him.”

I had to obey Junior but he didn’t say I couldn’t get Greg to cum so I worked his ass. By the time Junior had worked over the Asian I had gotten two orgasms from Greg. It was time to switch back.

I knelt behind the Asian stud, now thoroughly subdued. He had his head on his arms on the floor with his ass sticking up and dripping a lot of the cum Junior just deposited. He had shot a couple times with most of his loads going somewhere in his pushed down leather pants. I shoved in all my twelve inches in one thrust. He was very loose after Junior had worked him over but I’m just a little thicker than Junior so there was still good friction. After being in Greg I was ready to shoot so I gave it to him hard, fast and deep. There was no pain now. He was moaning in pleasure. It only took about five minutes for me to seed him and he spurted again with me.

I stood up and pulled up my pants. Then I helped my Asian to his feet. He was wobbly. I pulled up his leather pants for him. They were tight-fitting but I got them up. He had about an eight-inch cock that was still mostly hard. I didn’t know how he wore it so I just tucked it in pointing to his left hip. It made a nice bulge under the leather. I straightened his vest for him. He still looked a mess with a sheen of sweat on all of his skin and face, mussed hair and cum drying on his pants, vest and trunk. I put an arm about his waist and walked him back to our table, leaving Junior and Greg to finish up.

When I got back the other Asian was seated on Andy’s lap, feeling his hard cock under his shirt. He was smiling but when he saw the condition of his buddy he looked worried. I put my guy into a chair, took my seat and had a big drink of my soda.

“Junior is doing fine,” I reported.

Just then we saw Junior return to their table with a happy Greg. He left Greg with the boys and took off with Gary.

“I guess it is our turn,” Andy said, standing and leading his guy off.

Andy had gotten beers for our guests. After a few minutes my stud had recovered enough to take a swig. That seemed to help so I asked them about themselves. I still didn’t even know their names.

He was Mark Yi and his buddy, Joe Kim. Both Korean-Americans. They are personal trainers that work private clients in the Bay Area and at a gym in the Castro. Mark said he hasn’t bottomed since he was seventeen. He is twenty-six now. He thinks Joe is an anal virgin. I told him that, by now, he’s not. He said Junior was rough but it was exciting though he is not really into that type of action. I was fun. He asked how big Junior was. I told him. I exchanged numbers with him. He was definitely interested in meeting us again.

I saw that Junior was back at his table with a very happy Greg. He sat down and Jack and Rex took both boys away. Then Andy returned with Joe. Joe looked a lot better than Mark did. I would say he was giddy. He had an arm about Andy’s shoulder and was telling Andy how great he was. He sat down and took a big drink from his beer.

Junior was sitting alone but he pointed at something. A minute later two young men, maybe early twenties joined him. They sat down and talked. He got a call on his cell and left for a few minutes, returning with my two Thai friends from the restaurant. Just then Jack and Rex returned with their boys and they all crowded around the table and made introductions and got a fresh round of drinks.

Then Junior left with the two Thai boys. Andy took the opportunity to have some fun with Mark who had recovered from his first round. I chatted with Joe. He had indeed been an anal virgin but it was great. He shot three big loads without touching his cock. I told him that Andy is exceptional but he and Joe should just switch off now that you’ve gotten into butt fun. I mentioned that I gave Joe my number and we might be able to see them again.

Junior returned with two happy Thai boys just as Andy came back with Mark. He also looked energized from his fuck session. Joe suggested we come to their place for the night but Andy declined and suggested they might want to explore things themselves. He sent them off.

The two Thais went off with Greg and Gary, leaving Junior and his boys with his new friends. Junior said something to Rex and he left. A couple minutes and we saw him heading toward us. “We’re with two guys. They invited us to their home. Junior wants you to come too. Here is the address.” He gave Andy a slip of paper.

At the gate he said tell the intercom we are with Junior and it will open for you. He left. It sounded like those guys were rich. Andy decided to go. We settled up and left just as Junior’s group got up. We were just behind them heading outside. It was about one thirty in the morning.

We saw a big limo pull up and all got in the back. It drove off as we walked to retrieve the Mercedes. It turned out the address was on Billionaire’s Row, big mansions surrounded by high walls. We pulled up to the gate, said the magic words and were admitted. We were directed to park in the circular drive to the side of the main entrance. The door was opened by staff as we approached. We were directed to a wing on the right at the top of the big main staircase. We came to big double doors and Andy knocked. It was opened by one of the guys from the club. He was shirtless. We went in. He closed and locked it behind us.

Junior, Jack, Rex and the other guy were already nude in a lounge area. The other guy from the club was on his knees with about six inches of Junior in his mouth. Junior made the introductions. Our hosts were brothers, Jason and Marcus Howard, Jay and Mark, twenty-five and twenty-three, both Stanford graduates. They are old money. Their parents are away doing international charity work and the boys have very well paid positions in their charitable foundation. They know their boys are gay. The boys promised them marriage and grandchildren but they will still keep an active gay life. They frequently have guests and the staff of the mansion won’t be a problem.

Mark was the one sucking Junior. He was six foot with a gym toned body and defined abs, brown hair and six-inches hard. Jay, who opened the door was an inch taller with an inch more cock, a similar body and also brown hair. We were all much more muscular and better hung so the brothers must have known they were bottoming tonight. They both had nice firm butts and Mark had worked about ten inches of Junior into his throat so they were probably experienced in oral too. We would definitely test their limits.

Andy and I shed our clothes. Andy had Jay get on his knees and nurse his cock. Jay certainly never imagined having one two feet long in his hand, much less his mouth but he was willing to try. He put the tip to his lips while stroking the lengthy shaft with both hands. He licked around the crown. Andy had to press the back of his head to get him to open and accept the first few inches.

Meanwhile Junior had hands holding Mark’s head on both sides as he worked himself deeper in his throat. He had twelve inches in and was making progress. You could see his throat expand and relax each time Junior pressed in and pulled out. Junior only had a couple inches to go when I saw his exposed shaft pulse as it pumped cum. He pressed in the last inches and Mark got the first volley right to his stomach. Junior pulled back until the head was in Mark’s mouth so he could taste and swallow his cream. Mark tried but lost a lot past his lips and it dribbled down his chin to the floor.

“Mark, you’re a great cocksucker but you spilled too much of my top quality protein,” Junior said, helping Mark to his feet.

He wiped up the spillage on a couple fingers and fed it back to Mark.

Jay couldn’t take more than a couple inches of Andy into his throat without gagging but Andy is much thicker than Junior. I can do him though. Andy let him work on his end in his mouth and with his hands for a few minutes.

“Here it comes,” he warned. “Be ready to swallow fast.”

Jay gave it his best effort but it was just too much, too fast. He pulled the spurting cock from his lips. The next burst soaked his face and hair. He jumped to his feet, getting the next shots on his trunk and groin. I then jumped in to drink the rest.

“Brother, you should see yourself,” Mark said. “Andy, can I try…when you are ready to cum again.”

“Oh, I can cum again, just as much, right now,” Andy assured him. “But I was thinking of seeding your ass. I think you’ll love my long cock in there.”

“Surely, it would never fit,” Mark said. “The biggest either of us have taken was not half as long and not nearly as thick. Has anyone ever taken it all?”

The four of us raised our hands.

“You invited five studs into your home,” Junior said. “You knew we were big, though we’re probably bigger than you imagined. What did you think was going to happen? I’ll make it clear to you. By morning both of you will be carrying sperm from all of us and your asses will feel great even, especially, with the biggest cocks in them. It will be the best sex in your lives. That’s not a boast, just a simple fact. Now where do you like to get fucked?”

“We’ll do it in our bedroom,” Jay stated. “Can you give me a hand cleaning this off?”

“Boys, help him,” Junior directed.

Jack and Rex licked up the dripping cum and fed it back to him from their tongues. In a few minutes the cum was gone but his skin was damp with their saliva.

Mark led us to their suite. The big bed, about double king size, was the first thing we noticed. They had a sitting area with a huge TV on the wall almost as big as the one in the lounge. Attached was a bath with a huge tub and a shower that could easily hold all of us. Another door led to an office with two desks, facing each other, shelves of books and filing cabinets. We all went back to the bedroom.

“It’s bigger than my bedroom,” Junior stated as he picked Mark up by his hips and easily tossed him ten feet onto his back in the center of the big bed. He jumped up after him and bent his legs back to his chest, upturning his ass. “Boys, feed Mark your cocks to muffle his sounds when I open his ass.”

“Where do you keep your lube?” I asked Jay.

He got a bottle out of the nightstand and I tossed it to Junior. He was kneeling behind Mark. Jack and Rex has taken over holding Mark’s legs back. They had their cocks, tips touching, just above Mark’s lips. The boys would push the end in so he alternated sucking each one. Meanwhile Junior was working the lube around and in Mark’s experienced hole. Even though Junior’s groin was several inches behind Mark’s ass, his long pole pressed beside Mark’s six-inch member and several inches beyond it. It was dripping pre-cum continually onto Mark’s abs. Mark was staring at it, no doubt wondering what he’d gotten into. From his angle it must be easy to see how much thicker Junior was compared to his normal dick.

Junior put lube on both hands and rubbed it down his length, getting it nice and slick. He tossed the bottle back to me. I lubed up Jay’s hole and then rubbed plenty on my cock. I held Jay’s hips and slowly pushed in a few inches.

“Why not use the bed to fuck me, Bill?” Jay asked as I entered him since we were both standing near it.

“I’m just warming you up for the real fuck,” I answered. “I’ll get your first dozen inches relaxed and slick and then Andy will take over and go twice as deep.”

And I did. I slowly got all of me inside. The first eight inches were pretty easy but he was tighter after that. I think the last two inches may have been unexplored territory. I wasn’t trying to bring him or I off, just getting him comfortable with a big cock so he could take a really big one.

When I thought he was ready I pulled out and put him on the bed. I bridged his body with mine in a sixty-nine position and took his hard cock in my mouth. I pressed my cock to his lips and he let me enter him. Meanwhile Andy had lubed his long pole and lifted Jay’s legs to his shoulders. I had a ringside view as he put the tip in position and shoved a few inches inside.

I could feel Jay’s cock buck in reaction to the penetration and he tightened his mouth around my cock. Andy started a steady, slow, stroke that pushed all his pleasure buttons. I had done my part well and I saw more and more of his thick, veiny member slide in Jay. He was trying to moan but the sounds were muffled by my cock filling his mouth.

Andy had about ten inches in when I heard Mark having his first orgasm of this round. With my head between Jay’s upraised thighs I couldn’t see any of the action beside us and wondered how much cock Junior had used to bring him off. That seemed to inspire Andy to bring Jay off. He started upping the pace and adjusted his angle to give extra pressure on Jay’s prostate. It only took a minute to get Jay to spray his cum in my mouth.

Andy used the opportunity to shove in six more inches. He was now in sixteen and had eight to go. Jay was getting a little frantic. I knew what he was going through. Andy was in so deep he is feeling him in places where he’d never felt anything before. Yes, you’ve had poop in there before but that is not alive, throbbing, moving and trying to rearrange your insides. I moved a hand to his abdomen and could feel the end of Andy’s thick cock moving under the firm muscles of his belly. I began to buck my hips to fuck his mouth to distract him from what was going on inside him.

I watched Andy’s trimmed, black, pubic bush gradually move closer to Jay’s firm butt. Finally the last inch was in and I took all

Jay’s seven inches in my mouth and pressed my nose into Andy’s hair.

“You have all of me, Jay,” Andy announced. “Now feel what it can do when I really get going.”

Andy did a foot-long stroke, pulling out and finishing in to the hilt. So he was working over the deep twelve inches where nothing has been before while the first twelve get friction from the sliding shaft. It was working on Jay. He was trying to writhe his body around but me on top of him and my cock deep in his mouth had him mostly immobile. I started to match my fuck in his mouth to Andy’s in his ass.

After a few minutes of that I was rewarded with another drink of Jay’s cum. Andy took that as his cue to build his speed. He went faster and faster. Then there was a final thrush and he released his juice. I had timed myself right and shot a load in Jay’s mouth.

That was enough to force a third orgasm from Jay.

I could feel Jay relax as Andy stopped pulsing in his gut. He thought we were done. I knew better. Andy held himself still for a minute until he felt Jay relax around his embedded flesh. Then he resumed his fuck stroke, slow to start but steadily building. Jay was super sensitive after three orgasms and Andy’s thrusts had him quickly on the road to another. I started to fuck his mouth again and work his own pole with my tongue and lips. It took another fifteen minutes for Andy to pump more cum into him and I to feed him more of mine. Jay fed me twice.

“That was the best sex ever,” Mark asserted.

“Yeah,” Jay agreed.

It was near four. We were tired. We all got under the covers in the big bed. Andy was still inside Jay and Junior in Mark. Jack, Rex and I were in the middle. I slept facing Jay after giving him a good night kiss where we shared the taste of the remains of each other’s cum. Rex eased up into Jack’s ass for the night.

Mark turned off the lights with a voice command and we were quickly asleep.

Movement on the bed awakened me. Morning light flooded the room. The commotion was Junior and Jack double penetrating Mark. He wasn’t liking being stretched so wide but Junior was fully up his gut and had arms around his chest to hold Mark to him. He had a couple fingers in Mark’s mouth to prevent him from objecting and muffle any sounds. Jack had worked his full eight inches in alongside Junior and was stroking about two inches while Junior was stroking six. As I watched Mark started to get into the fuck as pleasure overcame his fear and pain from the double entry.

It looked so hot I figured I’d see if I could try it with Jay. He and

Andy were still asleep and Andy still had about sixteen inches in him. Watching Mark had gotten me hard. I scooted down the bed until the end of my cock was at the right level. Then I carefully lifted Jay’s left leg over my right thigh so I had access to the point where Andy entered him. I moved my tip to the juncture and applied steady pressure. I could feel the flesh start to yield and pressed a little harder. Jay was still sleeping but he was trying to back his hips away. Andy behind and inside him limited his freedom and I placed a hand on his hips to hold him steady and calm him. It worked. I felt my crown slip inside. Steady pressure got me another three inches. Jay’s body tensed as the double thickness reached his prostate. I started to stroke that area.

Andy regained full hardness from my friction on his bottom inches. I knew he woke when his cock twitched a couple times, rocking Jay and I with its strength. That got Jay to open his eyes but he was disoriented by the unfamiliar signals his body was sending his brain. He was sandwiched between two very muscular bodies, each much bigger than his slim defined frame. Andy was way up inside his belly while his bottom was being stretched beyond its previous limits. He looked at me then turned his head to glimpse Andy behind him and then back to me. I kissed him and pressed my tongue into him as I worked another inch into him. I could feel his cock on my abs. He was hard. I kept stroking and adding inches. Then I felt Andy start a motion, going out a few inches as I went in and then in as I went out. That was enough to trigger Jay into spraying his seed.

I kept going until I had about nine inches inside. That was the limit as I had to use a few inches to reach his entrance from my position in the front. Andy extended more than a foot beyond where I could reach. We kept up our thrusting for another ten minutes or so before releasing our loads and getting a second from Jay.

“I’ve never had two cocks in my hole before,” Jay said. “It was great. And you guys are huge. I didn’t imagine I could stretch so wide.”

“They doubled me too,” Mark said. “It was painful being forced open. I tried to get you to stop.”

“You didn’t say anything,” Junior countered.

“You had fingers in my mouth. I couldn’t speak. You should have stopped.”

“And then you wouldn’t have had all the pleasure we gave you once you were opened enough to accept us both,” Junior responded. “You came five times before we finished. You are two slim bottom boys servicing five muscular tops. As long as we are here we are going to use you anyway we want. If you have a problem with that just ask us to leave.”

“About that,” Jay began. “Can you stay over tonight too?”

“Junior, Jack and Rex don’t have classes Monday morning,” Andy stated. “But Bill and I have class at eleven. We can stay until about seven.”

“Stay until nine and we’ll arrange a helicopter to fly you back,” Mark said. “We have a pad out back. One of our staff will drive your car back in the afternoon.”

“That is settled,”Andy agreed. “And you two boys just signed up for another day and night of sexual service. Now I think it is time to try out your huge shower.”

I had a chance to fuck Mark in the shower while Jack and Rex did Jay. When we got out the sheets had been changed and the bed made.

“We usually have breakfast in the garden on Sunday if the weather is nice like it is today,” Mark said.

“Your have your club clothes but you might prefer gym shorts,” Jay added. “Our waist size is similar and we have some that are loose in the legs and might handle the mass of your thickest thighs. I don’t know about those big cocks though.”

We each picked out a pair. Mine was blue. Junior took a red pair and cinched up the drawstring waist. With his short size it extended to his knee but that still left a couple inches of soft cock exposed. Andy wore white. The material was tight around his huge thighs and the tube of his soft cock was clear. But he is sixteen inches soft and that meant it was about six inches beyond where the leg was covered. The brothers decided it wasn’t a problem.

They took us on a tour as we went to the garden. There were a couple guest suites in this wing that they use when they have friends over that don’t sleep with them.

Down on the main level they showed us a very complete gym. There was a bar on a massive bench press bench. It had two, twenty kilo plates on it, so sixty kilos total. I figured that was about what these boys could manage. Andy removed the twenties and put the four fifties they had in the rack on the bar then added back the twenties plus two more on each side, so 340 kilos, counting the bar. He got in position and pressed it off the rack and did twenty easy reps with the weight and put it back on the rack. The exertion got him partly hard so he was now showing eight inches.

“With a setup like this,” Andy observed, “you should have developed some serious muscle. You may not be using good form. I’ll give you the number of a couple personal trainers that could help you. I think you’ll find they can help you in other ways too.”

We went out to the garden. A table was set with seven chairs. It had a nice spread. Off to the side there was a station with a chef ready to make omelets, pancakes, waffles or whatever to order. He smiled seeing us and would look at Andy and Junior as often as he could, definitely gay.

We were hungry. Junior talked about his gymnastic work and getting the team ready for the NCAA championships. He had three weeks but thought they would take them easily. The national and world championships were in the summer and, by then, his guys would blow everybody away. Jack and Rex gave a demo of some basic tumbling on the lawn.

Jay said that if they are as good as we promise their charity can use them for promotional work. The pay would be great. Junior invited them to come up for their practice on Friday and shower with the team afterward. They knew what that meant. Then they would stay at our place for the weekend and they should expect to be used hard. They agreed.

We let Junior and his boys take the brothers inside for fun while

Andy and I stayed out to enjoy the garden. Andy wanted to talk.

“How do you think Junior is doing?” Andy asked to begin.

“I think he is doing great and I’m sure you do to. You just need confirmation. We saw him handle himself at the club. He was dominant without being too aggressive. Everyone deferred to him because they sensed his superiority. He is not at your level. I think his small physical size lets some think they can cower him.

Those he quickly sets straight.

“You know he asserted dominance over me,” I added. “I can’t challenge him on any decision and I will submit to anything he wants of me. But what I’m telling you is not based on that. Well, maybe in part it is. You see he subdued me not with the sexual magic you both have but on a pure physical level. I guess I was impressed that he subdued me so easily.”

“I knew you became submissive to him by your body language when you are together,” Andy said. “But I agree that he uses his assets in a mature fashion. I gather that the condition of the Asian stud I sent you to fuck was his doing, not yours.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “He knew I was there to report on him. He pulled me off of that muscular Asian stud and took him apart sexually as I watched just to demonstrate he could. Then he went back to give the guy he brought to the back room the most pleasure he’d ever had.”

“I agree that he’s shown he can be sexually responsible,” Andy stated. “We don’t need to watch his every move. But he still hasn’t started making sperm and he has had no female involvement as yet so there are unknowns.”

“Well, he might be strictly gay,” I suggested. “We could try to set him up with a girl.”

“I really don’t know,” Andy thought out loud. “If he suddenly starts making sperm with her, I’m a grandfather before I’m twenty-five. We’ll see how he develops on his own without forcing the issue.”

That seemed to be what he wanted off his chest. We went back inside to join the fun.

When we climbed into the helicopter Monday morning the brothers were not there to see us off. We had left them happily exhausted, covered in cum, in the center of their big bed.


Chapter 8—Coach

After our return from the weekend in San Francisco things got back to normal. Of course, normal in our house meant lots of sex. Big Andy often had a guest for overnight or spent the night outside. Sometimes I would sleep with Andy and his friends but I also would invite friends in to share my bed. Junior usually had one or more of the team come over with their boyfriends. He has given me permission to fuck Jack or Rex whenever I want but if he wants me to join his action, either to be fucked by him or his guests, that takes priority over whatever plans I might have made.

It was finally Friday. We had big plans for the weekend. I was in the showers after swim practice getting a standing fuck under the spray from one of my swim teammates. We heard the gymnastics team approaching after their practice, boisterous as usual. My fucker speed up to get his release before they arrived. He seeded my ass just as we spotted Junior entering with his arms around the waists of Jack and Rex.

Next was Enrique Ramirez with his arm around the back of Jay

Howard, followed by Feng Zhu holding Jay’s younger brother Mark similarly. Jay and Mark, our billionaire friends from last weekend had been invited to observe the gymnastics practice and stay the weekend with us. They were followed by the last two team members, Joe Johnson, Black and the biggest gymnast at five-eight and also biggest at eight point five inches, and Jim Jervis, five-six and seven inches.

Since Junior had dosed all his gymnasts with his mother’s potent milk they had gained size, muscular mass and even more muscular strength and improved their already great coordination. While not an effect of the milk they have also become very sexually aggressive. Junior says that they need to attack an ass like they attack their gymnastic apparatus. They do. Since my swim team practices at the same time and we share the post practice shower with them, we reap the benefits. All of our swimmers had been fucked by all of the gymnasts and, of course, Junior. Some are now their boyfriends but they often switch off during showers.

Enrique’s and Feng’s boyfriends are the identical twins, Dave and Dallas. They brought Jay and Mark over to them and made introductions. The boyfriend relationship is somewhat unusual even for the sexual free-for-all we have. Dave and Dallas freely switch off between Enrique and Feng. If they have clothes on or it’s really dark and you can’t see the tiny mole on Dave’s right butt, they really can’t be sure which twin they have. Sometimes they even swapped in the middle of the evening. Also the twins are widely considered the hottest bottoms in our university and I agree. So they are open to sex with other hot guys beyond just their boyfriends. If you spot them around campus they are always walking with a guy or two with a hand caressing their butt, having just fucked it or about to. They were each carrying sperm from some of their teammates by the time their boyfriends arrived but not mine this day.

Junior came over to me. I got to my knees so we could speak face to face. Junior doesn’t like to look up at me when we talk.

“How was the practice?” I asked.

“It went well,” Junior replied. “Jay and Mark were impressed. The boys are every bit as good as I advertised. Now they will find out they are just as good in other ways too.”

Enrique and Feng had their boyfriends leaning against the wall under adjacent shower heads while Jay and Mark fucked their asses. Then the gymnasts entered them. Dave and Dallas had had their legs together when they were entered which required their fuckers to straddle their thighs to fuck. Once everyone was coupled they spread their legs wide, forcing open the legs of the guys fucking them until they lost contact with the floor. Enrique and Feng stepped up between the spread legs and held the boys they were fucking by the hips, thrusting the suspended boys in the middle into their boyfriends or back onto them. All this happened so quickly and smoothly that Jay and Mark had no time to react. They went from a normal fuck sandwich to one where they had lost all control and were just toys to be used for the pleasure of other men. I was certain Junior planned it. The billionaires are powerful in their own world but in our world they serve our needs.

Then Junior fucked me followed by some of his team. His guests got a sample from everyone on the team in the ass or mouth. It was a pretty typical post-practice shower.

We were walking back to our lockers, drying ourselves with gym towels when we saw the official gymnastics coach by Junior’s locker.

“Who are your guests?” He got out before Junior silenced him with a nasty look. He swallowed hard realizing he was in trouble.

“I told you not to bother me,” Junior stated. “I don’t tolerate disobedience. On your back on the bench,” he demanded and the coach complied.

Junior ripped off the coach’s gym shorts and had Jay fuck his ass with his legs on Jay’s shoulders while Mark straddled his chest and fed him his cock.

“My guests, now enjoying your holes, are Jay and Mark Howard,” Junior explained. “They run the Howard Family Foundation, a charity. The foundation will be sponsoring our gymnastics program, paying my salary as coach, upgraded facilities and full scholarships with generous stipends for our athletes. Since I will be Coach we are kicking you upstairs to Assistant Athletic Director with a modest raise. I don’t want to see your face in here again. If I do the consequences will be severe. Their lawyers will be by Monday to make the arrangements official. Boys, seed his ass and mouth. Then go and clean your stuff out of my new office.”

They did. He scurried off to do as he was told, looking scared. We dressed and took the short, pleasant walk to our house.

“We hired the personal trainers your dad recommended,” Mark said. “They train us Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and spend the night with us. We should make good gains now. We told them we couldn’t train tonight but when we told them our plans they wanted to come along and your dad okayed it. They cancelled their clients for the weekend.”

We were home. Jack ran ahead to open the door and we went in. Andy Senior was already home. He was fucking Nut, the Thai waiter from the restaurant last weekend. His big brother Chai had obviously already been fucked and was sprawled, exhausted, in the big chair.

“Welcome back guys,” Big Andy said while keeping up his fuck of Nut. “I invited our Thai friends from last week and they brought their new boyfriends. They offered to cook for the weekend. The boyfriends, Greg and Gary, are downstairs with your trainers.”

Nut was finally experiencing a two-foot cock and it looked like he was enjoying it. His own cock had spewed several loads on his muscled belly. That belly normally would be flat but the cobblestones of his abs on the left side were bulged up by the thick intrusion beneath them. Chai on the chair turned his head to look at us but his eyes seemed glassy as he was still dazed from his fuck. He was leaking cum on the leather cushion and his own seed was dripping over the side of his torso.

We heard the sound of people coming up the steps moments before Greg and Gary entered the main level followed by the big Koreans, Mark Yi and Joe Kim. They were in high spirits. I’m sure Mark and Joe had just fucked the two twink brothers. Then Mark spotted Junior and his expression changed. He looked scared. He went to his knees in front of Junior.

“Please sir,” he begged. “Don’t fuck me like you did last weekend. I know I have no right to tell you how to use me but it was so intense it drained all my energy.”

“Don’t cry,” Junior told him softly, wiping a drop from the corner of his eye with a finger. “I should not have used you like that. But Bill had brought you down to check on me and I wanted to demonstrate that I could handle even a powerful stud like yourself. So I used my cock to drive you into such a sexual frenzy it left you weak and disoriented. So much that Bill practically had to carry you back, but not before he added a load to your ass too. You’ve probably never been used like that and, though I will use you again, from now on it will be pure fun for you as well as I. But, I don’t even know your name.”

“He’s Mark Yi,” said the billionaire Mark. “He’s my trainer because we are both Marks. Of course, mine is short for Marcus. The other one is Joe Kim. He trains Jay. When they sleep over they switch off. Both are great tops given that they only have eight inches. Size does matter after all.”

“Well Mark Yi, come on up to my room and let me make amends for last weekend,” Junior said. “Joe come too. You can fuck Jack until I finish with Mark and then we’ll switch.”

“Thank you sir,” Mark said, standing and letting Junior lead him up the stairs followed my Jack and Joe.

“Jay, Mark, I’ll be done with Nut in a few minutes and then Bill and I will make you feel welcome,” Big Andy said while keeping a steady stroke in the slim Thai.

I went over to the couch where Nut was on his back. His eyes were shut as he concentrated on what was going on inside him. I put my hand on his cum soaked belly and spread the fluid over his light brown skin. Nut opened his eyes.

“Nut, how does it feel to have Andy’s two-foot pole inside you?” I asked, placing my palm over the bulge it made under his tight abdominal muscles and pressing down until I could feel the moving hard flesh underneath.

“Last weekend, I was too scared to try it,” Nut admitted. “But I really enjoyed your cock that was bigger than any I’d had before. And then Junior did us at the club. When Andy called to invite us, Chai and I knew it meant we’d be fucked by him. We knew Andy was big but when we saw it hard it was even bigger than we imagined. Chai being the older and bigger went first. Watching him I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I could see and hear that Chai was getting pleasure along with the discomfort. Andy knows how to handle his huge pole in small guys. And once Chai was opened up…well you can see what the fuck did to him.”

“Chai was fun,” Andy confirmed. “But he doesn’t bottom regularly. Nut took me much easier.”

“You can see how it rearranges my body as Andy thrusts,” Nut said. “I can feel its power inside me. It pulses with blood in time with his heartbeat and every little twitch is so strong it shakes my whole body. Just having something like that within you is so erotic. The sensations go right to my brain and cock.”

“We know,” the boys and I said almost simultaneously, wishing they were in Nut’s place.

“Okay Nut,” Andy began. “Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Fucked? You’re already fucking me,” Nut responded.

“Oh, I was just getting you loose and playing with you,” Andy stated. “The real fuck starts now.”

Andy started speeding up and lengthening his strokes. The effect on Nut was immediate. His muscles tensed up and he arched his back in a full body convulsion as his cock spewed more seed. His cock stopped spurting but stayed hard. His body fell out of the arch but started shaking, not just from the pounding he was getting but because his brain was just randomly sending out signals. Some of those were to his cock that every minute or two would sent forth a single jet of cum, not the multiple jets from a true orgasm. Then Andy made his final plunge and jetted his juices into Nut’s abused gut. Nut gave a scream and had a final true orgasm before going limp.

“Why don’t we continue this up in my room,” Andy suggested, pulling out of Nut.

I followed them. Meanwhile Rex took Greg and Gary down to the playroom asking them if they had ever spit roasted a stud.

“Thank you for recommending Mark and Joe,” Jay told Andy once we entered the master suite. “They have already corrected the errors we were making in our training and they are fun in bed.”

“When we first met them they acted like real alpha studs,” Mark added. “They were sexually aggressive from our initial greeting and throughout the training session. We did invite them to stay the night but we knew from their actions that they were going to fuck us, invitation or no. They were pretty decent tops too but nobody can match you and Junior.”

“But when we saw them here with you they were totally submissive,” Jay continued. “We didn’t expect that from them.”

“They are alpha studs in normal company,” Andy explained. “But even an alpha can sense the presence of a superior male. They did and acted accordingly. When you get them back in your bed they’ll be back to normal.

“Enough talk. Jay, I’ll start with you and Bill will fuck Mark.”

Andy had just finished with Mark and me with Jay when Nut knocked on our door to announce that dinner was ready. We went down, still nude, Mark and Jay still leaking cum and all of us still splattered with residue of the numerous loads they released. Of course that was pretty much the norm. Mark and Joe had been well fucked by Junior and appeared in awe of the tiny stud.

Nut and Chai had prepared a delicious Thai meal for us all. It was true Thai spicy, not the toned down versions that they normally serve Americans. They had packed food for us all for the entire weekend, saying that serving us all great food is a partial payback for the great sex they will be having. A couple of their many cousins are filling in for them at the restaurant.

After dinner we had the rest of the gymnastics team join us with their boyfriends. The evening was just a nonstop orgy. After midnight I took our Thai guests and their boyfriends, Greg and Gary, to my room for the night. I had fucked Greg last week at the club when Junior switched off to Mark Yi but Junior hadn’t let me seed his ass.

“Greg, Gary, I saw you go off with Nut and Chai after Junior had fucked you all,” I said. “I gather you are now boyfriends with them.”

“Well, sort of,” Gary admitted. “They took us back to their closed restaurant and we went to their bunk room. The other Thai guys were there. Their younger brother, Win, just eighteen, and three cousins. Win was really kind of hot, nice muscles and eight inches. He was happy to see us because as the youngest he bottoms for the others. That was our function for the night. We didn’t get any sleep but it was great.”

“In the morning we invited Nut, Chai and Win to our place,” Greg continued. “It was just a short walk. We just slept together until early afternoon and Nut whipped up some omelets for everyone. We had gotten back to sex when our neighbor walked in. He and his wife have the big apartment on the top floor. He works at Google like we do. His wife knows he is bi and doesn’t care if he fucks us. He’s quite a stud, good muscles and almost nine inches. Well he sees Nut and Chai fucking us and me sucking Win’s cock. Win pulls out of me and goes to him. Before he knows what was happening he is beside us on the bed with Win’s eight inches up his ass. I think he was an anal virgin before that. A couple hours later his cute wife pops in to find her husband. She was expecting to see him fucking us, she has watched him do it before. But instead she finds him with two Thai cocks sharing his ass and a third down his throat. Our Thai friends just break off from her husband that they had mostly exhausted already and brought his wife to the bed where they each fucked her, seeding her cunt before carrying them, still naked, back to their apartment.”

“Yes, Greg and Gary are our boyfriends, “ Nut confirmed. “We share them with everyone when they stay over at the restaurant, which they’ve done twice more in the last week. The other nights we stay with them. It is nice to have a big bed and a real shower.

Win has adopted the upstairs couple and stays with them when we are with our boyfriends. He told the wife to discontinue birth control and intends to breed her. Her husband now knows he is not man enough to satisfy a woman but Win will take care of his sexual needs.”

“It was cool seeing how easily our boyfriends took over our neighbors,” Gary admitted. “We knew they were real men but even so we never expected them to turn what we thought was an alpha male and his wife into their sluts.”

“You were fun when I fucked you last week,” I said. “But I wouldn’t have pegged you as so dominant. What happened?”

“Junior happened,” Chai confirmed. “We saw him in action at the club. When he took us to the back room to fuck us he told us that we could be more like him if we just had the confidence to assert our superiority. After he dropped a load of cum in both our asses, and he was great by the way, he told us to go over to two hot muscled White boys making out before their own sex and tell them to clean our cocks and eat out the loads in our asses. They were both bigger than us but we did as Junior directed. We went over to them, shoved them both to the wall and made our demand. They went right to their knees and got to work. It was a real turn-on for us both. When they finished we got them to their feet and kissed them, tasting some of Junior’s cum from their mouths.”

“Junior told us we did good,” Nut continued. “He said he was giving us Gary and Greg and we should take good care of them.”

“They have,” Gary stated. “Chai and Nut are our special studs but we love it that they share us with their brother and cousins.

We are two well satisfied White boys.”

“Well, since you’re such studs now,” I began, “you can decide how you want to use me.”

They decided to double fuck me. Nut lay on his back and I straddled his hips, taking his cock. Then Chai pushed in from behind me while Gary and Greg fed me cock alternately. I pretended they were stretching me wide but together Nut and Chai are not as thick as Big Andy. They did get a good rhythm working my prostate and I shot a couple times before they seeded my gut. I took their boyfriends’ loads in my mouth too.

Chai pulled out and I rolled to my side with Nut still inside. We cuddled together for bed with Gary pushed into my front. I heard Chai fucking Greg as I drifted off to sleep.

Movement on the bed woke me. It was morning. Nut pulled out of my ass. I felt some cum dripping when he popped out. I didn’t know if it was from last night or if he’d shot some fresh stuff while I was still sleeping. He and Chai were going to make breakfast for everyone. Nut told me to go back to sleep. He scooped up some of the leaking cum and feed it to me on his fingers saying it would satisfy my hunger until they had the meal ready. It tasted fresh and a little spicy, maybe a residue from all the heat they served with dinner last night. I was definitely developing a taste for Thai food.

Greg had also awaken when Chai pulled out of him. I turned over and pushed into his ass. It also had fresh cum. I gave him a good fuck for several minutes until we both shot. Then we must have gone back to sleep.

Sometime later we were roused by Nut announcing the meal. We grabbed a quick shower and I took the opportunity to fuck Gary under the spray while he sucked his brother’s cock. We then went to breakfast still nude as was everyone.

The Thais had set it up as a buffet because we had so many with the gymnastics team and their boyfriends. Everyone was in high spirits after a night of great sex. Like we had, most had taken showers to wash off the dried cum from last night’s fun but several were still leaking fresh juice from stretched holes that were just incapable of keeping all the cum inside.

Personal trainers, Mark and Joe were leaking particularly badly so the twins got behind them on their knees to lap up the juice and try and clean the insides with their tongue. Meanwhile Enrique and Feng, likely responsible for the cum deposits, were chatting with them while munching on their food.

I went to the kitchen where Nut was standing by the range ready to make omelets to order. He was wearing a white apron tied about his slim waist and nothing else. He had what looked like an overall tan but was just his natural color. That firm, brown, butt that I’d had before was tempting. I ordered an omelet with mushrooms, onion and cheddar cheese and pushed my cock into his hole. He turned his head back and cautioned me to keep him him steady while I fucked so he could do the omelet. I held his hips under the apron tightly in my hands as I began my stroke. I watched over his shoulder as he made the order. As it neared completion I picked up my pace. Nut was having trouble concentrating and his hand movements were unsteady. I kept him on the edge until he slid the omelet onto a plate and put down the pan. Then we had a great climax together. I eased out of him. He turned to me and handed me my omelet. He moved a hand inside his apron and came out with a finger coated in the load he just shot. He smeared his cream along the top of my omelet saying it was his special sauce. It was my best tasting omelet ever.

It was late Sunday evening. Everyone had gone home except for our core group. We were down in the playroom where we had just changed the cum soaked sheets and started a load in the washing machine. Mark and Jay were sitting on the edge of one of the beds with their trainers sitting on the floor by their feet. They were telling us the arrangements they made for the gymnastic team’s trip to the NCAA Nationals the week after next.

“The competition is in Atlanta,” Jay started. “We’ll take the foundation’s Gulfstream G550 from Oakland International’s business terminal. The venue is State Farm Arena so we booked a club floor at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta for the team. It will give us some privacy and is very near the arena.”

“That sounds good,” Junior confirmed. “How many can we take?”

“The plane is configured for fourteen,” Mark stated. “You and the team make seven, plus Jay and I. We have five spaces to work with. The hotel floor we booked is big suites but can easily accommodate more than twice our numbers. We just wanted to assure privacy.”

“Bill and I will come,” Big Andy stated.

“No Dad, you can’t come,” insisted Junior. “This is my responsibility and I don’t want you looking over my shoulder. Bill can come as equipment manager if you want someone to spy on me.”

“This is the first time you’ll be away and on your own,” Big Andy explained. “I’ll stay in the background.”

“Again no, Dad,” Junior repeated. “You think of me as your little boy but I’m a man. On Monday I’ll be the official gymnastics coach with the rank of full professor and a $300,000 a year salary. Jay and Mark are buying this house for me, so you will be living in my house not me in yours.” Jay and Mark nodded in confirmation. “I did this on my own without your help. And everyone in this room, yourself excepted, knows I’m a man not a boy and they all are carrying my cum in their gut as proof.”

As he mentioned that everyone of us squirmed on our butts remembering the time today that Junior had jetted his cream into us. I had to admit it was a good argument.

“Okay,” Andy agreed. “I’ll watch the meet on TV. But I want a report each night from Bill on how things are going.”

“With that settled,” Junior said, “I’ll take Bill and a photographer slash reporter from the campus paper. He’ll do publicity and can freelance some photos to the local papers. Interest will be high once the word gets around about how we are blowing away the other schools.”

“Good,” Jay agreed. “We have three seats open so we will take Mark and Joe. They can assist Bill and you’ll have a couple more bottoms to service the team.”

“We’ll free our schedule,” Joe confirmed. “It is Wednesday through Sunday, correct? All your gymnasts are such aggressive tops, not to mention yourself, that I don’t know if any of us will be functional by the end of the competition. I think it will take me a day to recover from this weekend.” He rubbed his abused, muscled, bottom.

“Just one more thing,” Jay added. “Our chefs have been with us for six years and they want to open their own restaurant. We agreed to finance it. We really enjoyed your food this weekend as well as your other talents and we were hoping that, Chai and Nut, you would agree to be our new chefs.”

“It sounds interesting,” Chai said. “What is involved?”

“It is a 24/7 on call job,” Mark began. “You do the standard meals for family and usually the staff. You have two days off each week but not both together without advance permission. When we are on travel, like the Atlanta trip, you set your own hours or take your own vacation.”

“The pay is a hundred grand a year plus benefits,” continued Mark. “The basement is set aside for staff quarters. You’ll have a private bedroom with en suite facilities and very nice common areas and a complete kitchen. All the staff are gay. We generally spend a night or two each week in the staff quarters and when we don’t have guests in, as your employers, we have an open door policy. Since the staff is all gay and hot and we are both bottoms that means exactly what you think it means.”

“The mansion kitchen is top of the line, fine dining restaurant quality,” Jay added.

“We have cousins that will be happy to take our spots in the restaurant,” Nut said. “What about our boyfriends?”

“They could visit you any time,” Mark stated. “The staff often have guests in their quarters. But, Gary and Greg, you said you work for Google. What do you do there?”

“We modify the coding on search algorithms to improve the results,” Gary said. “Of course, these days they are asking us to make the results conform better with company preferences instead of what the user might be asking for. The work environment is very gay-friendly.”

“We can use you at the foundation,” Mark stated. “We’ll offer fifty percent over what Google was paying you, plus benefits. The foundation operates from a building only a couple blocks from our compound. The ground floor has office space for formal meetings and foundation staff each have an apartment on the upper floors. Most work from their apartments and set their own schedule. You’ll find we are extremely gay friendly too.”

“It’s a deal,” said Gary after looking at Greg. “We’ll give a week’s notice tomorrow. They have a couple dozen doing code in our group so our loss is no big deal. We can start a week from Monday.”

“Good,” Jay confirmed. “We’ll have the Chief of Staff get in touch with you tomorrow and you can move to your apartment any time after that.”

“Our brother and cousins can help you move,” Chai offered.

“And give your new place a proper housewarming,” Nut added.

We then broke up for the night. Junior took the billionaires. Andy had the Thai brothers for the night. Jack and Rex would entertain Greg and Gary in the playroom and I got the personal trainers in my room.

I decided to experience them as a bottom this time, one in my ass and one in my mouth. They were really good. They chatted in Korean the whole time. I pulled off Joe’s cock to tell them to switch to English but Mark slapped my ass hard and told me that their chat didn’t concern me. I was pretty sure it did but I was bottoming tonight and a good bottom always obeys his top.

Monday afternoon there is no practice. Junior had me meet him in his office. There was a plaque outside that read, ‘Professor Andrew Wang Junior’ and below ‘Head Gymnastics Coach’. I knocked and opened the door when I heard him invite me to come in. The old coach had cleaned out. The walls were bare except for a single photo framed on the wall behind the desk.

It was a big desk and a big chair behind it. Junior was sitting in the chair and it made him look even smaller. The top of the desk was clean except for a shut laptop and a name plaque that said the same as outside.

I took a closer look at the photo behind him. It was a team shot that was probably taken just hours ago. Junior and the team in gymnastics outfits. Junior was between Jack and Rex with his arms outstretched and one hand on each boy’s shoulder, doing an Iron Cross. The other four teammates were beside Jack and Rex, two on each side. The Iron Cross position lifted Junior’s head to the height of the others though his pointed toes were a foot off the ground.

“I know,” Junior growled. “I have a new desk and chair coming tomorrow. Go see Jack in the gym and he will show you what you need to know as equipment manager.”

Just like that I was dismissed and left to find Jack. They have a checklist for packing for meets on the road. Everything stows in three large trunks. Two go to the venue and one to their hotel. I took the trunks’ dimensions to make sure they would fit in the Gulfstream’s baggage hold. Turned out they would.

We were leaving at seven in the morning Wednesday. There was a van outside with a trailer for luggage waiting for us. Junior, Jack, Rex and I were wearing lightweight track suits in the school colors tailored to fit our muscular frames. We had on a white lycra muscle tee underneath and all but Junior had a jockstrap. Junior, even soft was too big for a jockstrap so he had his pole riding up under the tee. The long bulge was easy to see under the fitted suit. We had our personal gear in a couple rolling duffle bags. We stowed our gear and climbed into the van. Big Andy watched from the doorway as we pulled away.

The next stop was the Athletic Complex where we picked up the rest of the team and the trunks with the gear we had packed the prior afternoon. The team had outfits matching ours.

Also there was our photographer and reporter, Paul Evans. Paul was five-eleven with a defined muscular body, call it a swimmer’s build, though he isn’t on the team. He does work out regularly in the student gym. He had visited the practices in the last week, taking shots to be used in his reporting. Naturally everyone on the team has fucked him but that was what he expected. I’m certain Junior fucked him before selecting him to travel with us. He was in brown khaki slacks and a university logo knit shirt. His face was flush so he was probably fucked just prior to our arrival but I couldn’t spot anyone that was obviously his fucker.

We loaded up and our van drove to the airport. They drove us right up to where the plane was waiting. The airport people took care of our bags and we were escorted up the steps to the plane by the cabin crew. They were two muscular young men in grey slacks and fitted white short sleeve shirts that highlighted their bodies and showed off their decent biceps. In most company they would be considered as big-muscled, but not in this group.

They were obviously gay and they took the occasion of showing us to our seats to feel up our bodies. I returned the favor, pushing my crotch into one of their asses while he was stowing some gear. He pushed back with a very firm butt.

Junior and I were seated in the second row in very comfortable, forward-facing, seats, one on each side of the aisle. The first row seats were similar but rear-facing. There was a table between the two rows. It looked like you could stow the table and both row seats could recline to a flat position. The rest of the seating was similar except that at the back end there was couch type seating that ran parallel to the aisle. At the very back was a door.

The crewman came by and asked Junior and I if we wanted something to drink. I asked him his name. He was Tim and his partner was Juan. Tim had red hair and a few light freckles on his face and bare arms. The cute, almost boyish, face didn’t really match his hard muscular body. It was easy to see the outline of his hard cock angled off toward his left hip under his tight pants, a good nine inches. He wasn’t wearing underwear and the slacks were so fitted I could clearly see the ridge made by the end of his foreskin that had retracted most of the way off his crown. I ordered a Coke since we were headed to Atlanta. He smiled down at me. I was pretty obvious in checking him out and, with our earlier butt bump, he knew what I was packing.

I guess I should describe Juan who was asking the teammates toward the rear for their drink orders. He had black hair and a light brown skin that gave him a Hispanic look that you would expect from his name. He was more of a bulky muscular build and had a rugged face that matched it well. He also had a goodsized bulge but I couldn’t tell how much.

Tim returned with our drinks. Junior had requested orange juice. Tim came from the rear so the door must lead to the galley and, most likely, the washroom.

A limo pulled up beside the plane and Tim went down to greet the new arrivals. They were, of course, Mark and Jay and their personal trainers. As soon as they were aboard, Tim raised the steps and sealed the door. Mark took the seat opposite me and Jay was opposite Junior. Junior complemented them on their luxurious plane and thanked them for their hospitality.

As soon as everyone was seated, Tim spoke some words into a hand mike. We heard the engines start and soon the plane started to roll to our runway. Tim gave a short safety briefing and sat on a pull-down seat opposite the door. Juan must be near the back. There was only one plane, a 737, ahead of us and we were in the air just before nine-thirty.

At altitude the ride was smooth. The seatbelt sign winked off and Mark undid his belt. He then stood and made an announcement.

“We, Tim and Juan are members of the mile-high club. Does anyone want to join?”

All hands went up. Tim and Juan quickly collected the glasses from the drinks. They put them in the rear galley and returned quickly absent their clothes. Six of the seats could fully recline and the front of the couch in the rear could lift up to form a bed.

I was eager to try out our hot flight attendants but our hosts came first. I had Mark on his back with his legs in the air as I knelt behind him and pounded his ass. Junior was doing Jay. Instead of reclining his seat into a bed, he had Jay kneel on the floor with his chest on the cushion while he stood between his spread out knees and fucked his ass. Jay’s cock was hanging down in front of his seat, dripping pre-cum on the leather and carpet.

“I could get used to traveling like this,” I told Mark while just gently stroking my thick cock in his ass. “You are much better entertainment than an in-flight movie.”

“With the summer competitions and promotional tours for our foundation you are going to be regulars,” Mark said. “You know you are a better fucker than Tim or Juan and before we met you, Andy and Junior, we considered them among the best in the world and, believe me, I have the experience to make such comparisons. I know you are just toying with me now but you have me right on the brink and I haven’t touched my cock.”

I adjusted my angle a little and caused Mark to spew his seed over his torso.

“See, that’s what I mean,” Mark said when he calmed down. “Before we met you guys we had only cum hands-free from fucking only a few times. Now it is the norm. Our trainers, even our Thai cooks can do it to us.”

“I never thought about it,” I admitted. “Maybe we learn to be better by experiencing what Andy and Junior do to us. Maybe you and Jay should try topping and see how you do.”

“I don’t know about Jay but I’m having too much fun on the receiving end to want to switch,” Mark stated firmly.

I saw Junior was going hard into Jay with all sixteen inches so I picked up the pace with Mark, knowing he’d want a turn with Mark after he exhausts Jay. When I got going Mark was no longer interested or capable of conversation. I made him shoot twice more before filling his ass just as Junior pulled out of Jay.

Jay was just resting with his head on the cushion of his seat, leaking cum from his hole that dribbled down his cock to add to the pool of his own seed soaking the carpet below. He was in no shape for more fucking.

I saw Feng get up from fucking Juan on the couch converted to a bed and figured to try seconds with the hunky crewman. Juan was just resting after a vigorous fuck from Feng but not out of it. He still had his legs split wide because Feng had been between them. I just took Feng’s former place. Juan’s cock was still semihard and pointed down between his spread thighs. I’d say he would be about eleven inches fully hard. It had cum at least twice while Feng was working his ass, laying streaks of juice on the cushion that extended past his feet.

I put my hands on his hips and raised him until he was on hands and knees. I just pushed into his still loose opening that was leaking some of Feng’s load. I was several inches taller than Juan and much more muscular even though he was a big muscle stud himself. I used steady pressure until I had all twelve inches into him. The last few may have been virgin territory as I could see and feel him tense up as I bottomed out. With me fully inside I was bridging his back with my arms just behind his on the cushion. My chin was just over his shoulder.

“You’re Bill,” he said turning his head to look up at mine. It wasn’t a question. “We never had anyone on this plane bigger than me and today we have two.” He was obviously talking cock size. “Tim and I usually top our guests but almost everyone here today sees us as bottoms. I’m not complaining. The guy who just finished in me, Feng, was good. He was smaller than I but my size didn’t faze him one bit. He was very aggressive and dominant. He wouldn’t let me touch my cock and I didn’t have to. You are bigger than me, not just in cock-size, though you did open almost three inches of my deep gut, but in muscle mass. My arms are eighteen inches and they look small next to yours. Give me your best, good and hard. I’ll show you I’m a real man even on the bottom.”

“Juan, relax,” I suggested. “I know you are a stud. You have nothing to prove to me. I’ll do as you ask. But, when Junior fucks you, don’t ask the same from him. I’ve seen him put guys bigger than you out of commission when he lets loose.”

And I gave him a real power fuck. I got him to shoot three times before I creamed his gut, forcing a fourth. When I pulled out Rex took a turn.

I went back to my seat at the front. Mark and Jay had their seats only partly reclined and were recovering from Junior’s fucks. Junior had the other crewman, Tim, kneeling on the cushion of his seat with his arms draped over the back while he stood on the cushion between Tim’s knees, holding his hips and fucking his ass.

Junior had just finished dropping his load in Tim when our pilot entered the cabin. He smiled, seeing the activities. It was what he was expecting. I noticed he had already unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a well-muscled torso, good pecs and defined abs. He looked in his early thirties.

“Tim, gather up Juan and serve our guests some beverages,” he directed. “It looks like everyone could use some rehydration after shooting so much cum. Then serve the meal. We’ll still have almost two hours after the meal for fun before our descent to Atlanta.”

“Yes sir,” Tim replied, stepping off the seat.

Tim’s body had a sheen of sweat even though the cabin was cool. He had shot cum on the seat back and his front and he was leaking from the fresh deposit in his gut. But, he went right to his task.

“This is our pilot, George Wainwright,” Jay introduced. “These are Andy Wang Junior, the gymnastics coach and Bill Foster, who is assisting him this week.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Junior replied. “It looks like you came to share in the fun. Take Tim’s place on my seat and I’ll show you some.”

George wasted no time removing his uniform and did as directed. He had a nice firm butt and an eight-inch cut cock that was hard. Junior spread his cheeks apart and examined the hole he would soon ravage. My guess is that, like the other crewmen, he did not bottom often and his hole did not look it. Junior used the cum that Tim had spilled on the seat to lube around the entrance and pushed a three fingers inside to loosen him up. Junior’s own cock was already slick from his earlier activity. He used his free hand to put it in position and speared the entry as he removed his fingers. George squealed as he took eight inches in one thrust. He started a slow fuck stroke working deeper slowly.

Tim and Juan had returned. They were still naked but looked composed. They had wiped off their bodies and combed their hair. They were passing out damp and dry towels to let the others do the same and using some to clean up sprayed cum. The guys were wrapping up their current rounds, taking seats and putting up their tables. Juan made it to the front and we took towels from him. Juan smiled, seeing Junior fucking the pilot.

“George was tighter after I got to eleven inches,” Junior stated. “You’ve fucked him, Juan.”

“He usually helps us out with the guests,” Juan said. “But sometimes we deadhead to pick passengers up. He likes my big cock but Tim has fucked him too. He does us too. We’re all versatile so we can meet our guests needs but we all prefer to top. But if my boyfriend was as good as any of your team, I’d bottom gladly every day.”

“What do you think George?” Junior asked. “Are you ready for my last five inches?”

“God, yes. You’re great,” the pilot said firmly. “Give it to me hard, fast and deep.” He used the words I cautioned Juan about.

“Junior, I know he wants you bad but he still has to fly the plane,” I cautioned him.

“I know.” Junior acknowledged. “We’ll have fun but not too much.”

By this time Junior had all sixteen inches in our pilot. He was definitely enjoying it and had cum twice already. Junior was speeding up and giving him long, deep, thrusts. A few minutes later Junior flooded our pilot’s gut while he shot another volley of his seed onto the seat.

Tim and Juan were standing by with towels to wipe Junior and George down. Our pilot was initially unsteady on his feet. Juan supported him a little while cleaning him off. He recovered quickly though. After Tim finished Junior he wiped off Junior’s seat. He was still standing on the cushion.

“Junior, I want to thank you,” Pilot George said. “That was the best fuck of my life.”

“No thanks are necessary,” Junior said. “It literally was my pleasure. But, since you offered, you can thank me by letting me fly the plane for a few minutes.”

“Junior, at your size, you couldn’t even reach the pedals,” I countered.

“Bill, don’t second guess me,” Junior cautioned. “This plane has the latest Gulfstream Symmetry flight deck, ten touch screens and side sticks for manual control. I can handle it.”

“It should be okay,” our pilot said, putting on his uniform. “We are on autopilot en route. But I’ll be in the right seat if you get in trouble.”

George led Junior to the flight deck. I followed and they didn’t try to stop me. The cockpit was impressive and, to me, confusing. There were video screens displaying a dazzling array of information and other bits and pieces that I knew nothing about. George introduced Ryan Baker, his First Officer, currently in the right seat. Ryan was in his late twenties by my estimate with a build similar to Tim though he was a blond. He got up and George took his spot and fastened his seat belts. The pilots had five-point straps holding them to their seats.

When George was in position he told Junior to sit in the left, pilot, seat. Junior did and fastened his restraints. He mover the seat well forward of its original position so his hands could easily reach the displays in front of him. There were fancy joysticks on the sides that must be part of the control system. He checked that he could reach and move them easily in his position but they had no effect. Finally he picked up the mike for the radio and adjusted its fit on his head.

Junior was still naked. Strapped in his seat, his knees did not reach the front of the cushion so he sat in a lotus position on top of it. His cock, still half-hard at maybe fourteen inches, extended well beyond his crossed legs.

Junior touched one of the screens and the display changed. He started flipping through the options very quickly. In a couple minutes he was back to what I thought was the original display. He touched one screen.

“Autopilot disengaged,” Junior announced. “I’ve got the aircraft.”

I didn’t notice any change but I could see Junior making tiny movements with one of the joysticks.

“Let us try a forty-five degree turn to the right.”

The plane turned and banked but there was no sense of motion because the bank was just right to counter the force of the turn so the deck appeared to still be straight down. Junior then did ninety degrees left and then right to return us to our course. He then used the radio to call Denver Center and request an increase in altitude of two thousand feet. They granted the request. A few seconds later he added power and we started climbing. Once steady he requested a return to our original altitude. Denver Center asked the purpose of our maneuvers and he replied that we were demonstrating some of the capabilities of the aircraft. They granted our descent. Once steady, Junior reengaged the autopilot and thanked George for letting him fly. He unstrapped and we headed back to our seats.

Back in the cabin everyone was enjoying their meals. Tim and Juan brought our up once they saw we’d returned. It was a large lobster tail paired with a tender steak, some potatoes and green beans. The steak had a mushroom sauce and there was a cup of melted butter for the lobster. We were both drinking Coke but Mark and Jay had wine.

“How were you able to fly the plane?” I asked Junior once we were settled.

“I’ll tell you but you are not to tell dad,” Junior requested and I agreed.

“I am a knowledge vampire I guess,” Junior continued. “When I fuck someone I can add their knowledge to mine. When I fucked the gymnastics coach I learned all his training techniques but I’m better at using them than he was. When I fucked the pilot I learned how to fly but my vision, reflexes and motor control are way better than his. Still when I took initial control it took me a few second to calibrate my feel for how the plane responds to the controls since I’d never felt it before. That was what I was doing when we were flying straight. It is a useful talent. How do you think I learned to read, write, figure and cook and many other things. I can speak, read and write Chinese, Korean, Thai and a few others.”

“That explains a lot,” I remarked. “But this is too big not to tell your dad. I think he’ll be impressed and trust you more.” Junior agreed to let me tell Andy but not until we were back from this trip.

I had some vanilla ice cream for dessert. Then Tim and Juan cleaned up after the meal and we still had almost two hours for some fun.

I figured I’d get to know our photographer, Paul, better. He had attended some of the practices in the last couple of weeks, taking photos. A couple of times the team had invited him to shower afterward and I saw him there after my swim practice. But the gymnasts monopolized his services and I hadn’t had a chance to fuck him yet.

I snagged him before anyone else snapped him up and led him forward to my seat. Jay and Mark had been taken aft by some of the team and Junior was busy opposite me with Juan. I sat in my seat and had Paul stand on the cushion with his feet outside my upper thighs and squat down. I reclined the seat until my upper body was at about a thirty degree angle. Paul put his knees on the seat back beside my waist and I guided my cock into his bottom as he sat back. All twelve inches slipped in easily.

“I’m not in a hurry,” I told him. “You are nice and warm inside. Can we talk?”

“Sure,” Paul agreed. “You’re Bill Foster, the equipment manager. You’re bigger than anyone except Junior. My ass feels nice and full. Even just resting inside me I can feel the power from your cock. What do you want to talk about?”

“How did you come to get this assignment?”

“You know I’m on the university paper,” Paul began. “I was assigned to do a story on the new gymnastics coach. I went to his office Tuesday morning, knocked and announced myself and was told to come in. I did. Junior is very short and he was sitting behind a huge desk in a big chair. I giggled. That was a mistake. Junior hopped up, standing on top of the desk. He told me I disrespected him and need to be punished. He then told me to rest on the desk with my ass hanging over the side. I was shocked and scared but I did it. He squatted by my hips and slapped my ass with his hand three times, hard. It stung. He then asked me why I had come and I told him. I asked him to tell me about his background and how he was selected to be the coach. I was still draped over the desk. He just laughed and told me he fucked his way into the job.

“I didn’t believe him him and threatened him saying he would be in big trouble for hitting a student,” he continued after bobbing up and down on my pole a couple times. “That was a bigger mistake. He told me he would prove it. He would fuck me. I said no way. I was straight. I was. I had a sexy girl and regular action. I tried to get away. He grabbed my crotch and shoulders and lifted me up until I was on my hands and knees on that big desktop with him. Struggling was useless. He was too strong. He slapped my ass again, hard. I stopped struggling. I let him take off my pants and briefs. Then he tossed his own clothes on the big chair and I saw his body, the big muscles and that cock. I’m just over seven inches but he was more than twice as long and thicker too. I was scared. I again told him no and that University policy is no means no, so he has to stop. He laughed and said I could add rape to slapping a student when I file my complaint.”

I knew that Junior could have gotten Paul to do anything he wanted with a look or gentle touch. But he seems to avoid using his power. He wants to dominate those around him by the force of his personality and have them submit to him willingly after he adjusts their worldview. That was the process Paul was describing.

“Anyway he fucked me. He stuffed my briefs in my mouth to keep me from screaming for help which I was about to do had he not anticipated it. It was painful at first but soon I began to like it. I had an orgasm after only a few minutes without touching myself. He wouldn’t let me. It was my best cum ever by miles. I mean I shot ropes along the desktop way past my head. Junior removed the briefs from my mouth, they were not needed anymore. A few minutes later I shot again even bigger. I bent my head to look between my spread legs. He wasn’t even in fully. The amount he had left looked to be as long as my own, very hard, cock. I didn’t have the ability to contemplate what that meant as the stuff he had already in me was doing things to me that I’d never felt before. He fucked you so you know what I mean but when it’s your first time you’re just so excited and confused and lost in the incredible sensations. Well, from that point on things are just a blur. Afterward I was told he came in my gut twice.

“When I became aware again I was laying flat on the desktop. My front was soaked from the big pools of my own seed I was sprawled on. Junior was laying on my back, his long pole still inside me. I mean I could feel it, alive, throbbing, powerful, not just in my ass but way up into my belly. If I hadn’t already known it, it would have told me; Junior owned me now, inside and out. I then noted there was another guy in the office. Junior introduced him as Jack Gardner, a gymnast. He had Jack get my camera and take a few pictures of us. Evidence he called them. He knew I wouldn’t be filing a complaint. I still have them in an encrypted file on my laptop.

“Junior then told me I was going to be the team photographer and the team fuck-toy. Jack would get me cleaned up and give me a team shirt to replace my soaked one. I would attend practice this afternoon. Once I did I would understand why he is the coach. After practice I’d shower with the team. That was where I first saw you but, with everyone fucking me, I didn’t get to introduce myself. As team fuck-toy I was to give everyone my number and they can call me anytime they want me to visit them for a fuck. I was to drop anything I was doing and fill their needs no matter where or when. The guys all have regular boyfriends so I only get two or three calls a day. I usually tell whomever I’m with or my professor if in class that it is urgent business for the paper. If I meet a team member walking around campus they always come over and kiss me. I tell anyone with me I’m their team fucktoy. I’m proud to be so. Most of my friends I tell think I’m kidding, but then I offer to bottom for them. Only one took me up on it so far. When he stuck his piece in my hole and it came out coated in gymnast cum, he knew I spoke the truth. Then I showed him how talented I am. Oh, I broke up with my girl.

“Now, how about I show you how talented I am?”

He started to fuck himself on my rod. He was good. He knew how to work a cock with his internal muscles. I used hip thrusts to remind him that I was the one in control. We had two nice orgasms together before I lifted him off me. I gave him a gentle tap on the butt to send him in search of his next partner.

Next for me I chose Tim who had recovered from Junior’s fuck sufficiently to enjoy another. I did him missionary style on my fully reclined seat. He had a trimmed red pubic bush above his cock, very pale skin with light brown freckles scattered all over. He was full of Junior’s cum and still had lots of his splattered over his muscular front. We were both well satisfied from all the earlier sex so I just gently stroked him and we chatted.

They usually have sex when flying Mark and Jay but this flight sets a record by an order of magnitude. It was their best flight by miles. When they fly the guys’ parents it is strictly business but that is only two or three times a year as they do long stints in their overseas locations. It has been over a year since they were back at their San Francisco home and that was only for two weeks over the holidays.

He has a boyfriend that lives with him back in San Francisco, a real estate broker. He tells him everything. His boyfriend really envies him. The guys have a couple parties at the mansion each year for all their staff, a holiday party around Christmas and a mid-summer barbecue. He brings his boyfriend. With everyone being gay the parties are really orgies.

At that point he reminded me that we were getting near to our destination and we should wrap this up. I then started to seriously fuck him and we had a nice mutual orgasm a few minutes later. I let him get to his duties.

Tim went to the address mike and announced that we would start our descent in twenty minutes. He and Juan went to the rear and passed out towels so we could clean off. We got back in our clothes and sat down. They came around once more, now dressed themselves, to pass out drinks.

Sitting, facing Mark, I could see he was very happy. So was I. It was a great flight.

We landed at Dekalb Peachtree Airport just before six and taxied to the Executive Terminal. A van, similar to what we had in San Francisco pulled up near the plane. The engines were shut down and Tim opened the door and lowered the steps. Mark and Jay did not book a limo for this end. Everyone would be going in the van. Tim said they would be staying at our hotel but be along later after cleaning the plane and doing some paperwork. Once the luggage was in the trailer we started off.

First stop was the State Farm Center where we stowed the two gear lockers in the area designated for our team. Next was the Ritz-Carlton. We were met by the manager and a hoard of uniformed staff to handle the luggage. Jay got out first and had a short talk with the manager. He motioned for the rest of us to disembark and we were escorted directly to a bank of elevators.

Our floor was twenty-five. A staff member keyed the elevator for us. There were more staff on the floor giving out key cards. The rooms here were all Executive Suites. We would be two to a room. Mark and Jay had one suite, Junior and I another, Jack and Rex, Enrique and Feng, Joe and Jim, the Korean-American trainers, Mark Yi and Joe Kim, and our plane crew arriving later, George and Paul and Tim and Juan. Photographer Paul was a single but he would have plenty of visitors or be visiting.

With the rooms assigned Junior got everyone together in the Club Floor lounge for a chat.

“First, you should assume that you are on video in any public area,” he began and pointed out a couple cameras covering the lounge area. “The hotel provides nice robes for guests. If you leave your room we should be dressed or wear a robe. Second, the hotel staff has lots of cute guys, many of whom are probably attracted to you, but keep the action among our group to avoid complications. Third, get plenty of rest tonight. You’re all sharing a bed but wrap the sex up by ten. Wake up call will be seventhirty. We’ll leave for the arena at nine and our competition begins at ten with a thirty minute practice session to get the feel for the various apparatuses. We start on horse. Team finals for the top six teams in preliminaries start at eight in the evening. Individual apparatus finals and men’s all-around are Saturday afternoon. Let us win everything and our flight home will make today seem tame.”

We broke up and headed to our rooms. They were very nice. There was a comfortable sitting area. Fruits, cookies, cakes and such were set out and, of course, anything we might want at any hour was just a phone call. The bedroom had a big king-size bed and a couch set by the window. The view was spectacular. The closet had the robes. I noted that one was sized to fit Junior so the brothers must have given them the info. Our bags were waiting here. The bath had a huge walk-in shower.

There was a knock on the door. We went to answer it. It was Mark and Jay in their white robes.

“The accommodations are great. Thank you,” Junior began. “How did you manage to book a whole floor only three weeks out?”

“Yes, obviously these suites book well,” Jay stated. “They are three thousand a night. But with a little money and the proper connections, miracles can happen.”

We then thanked them in a more personal way but followed our own rules and broke it off at ten. That was only seven West Coast time but, with the energy we expended in the air, we were quickly asleep.

State Farm Arena was not packed for the preliminaries. There were perhaps three thousand when we competed. Junior as coach, and myself, Mark Yi and Joe Kim, as assistants, had floor access. Paul had access with a Press Pass. Our credentials, each with our picture, we worn on straps around our necks. Our cheering section, the plane crew and the brothers, had the best seats in the house just off the floor.

There were sixteen schools that sent full teams and some sent individuals for the all-around or to compete in specific apparatuses. We were in the second group with teams from five other schools. Oklahoma, a perennial powerhouse, was in our grouping. We started on pommel horse. They were just ahead of us on still rings. Then would come vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar and we would finish on floor exercise.

Junior’s strategy was to start each apparatus off with an exercise that was championship quality. The judges would be forced to give it a high score. But the following gymnasts would progressively add difficulty forcing even higher scores assuming perfect execution. The final gymnast in each apparatus would be unreal, way beyond what anyone else was capable of. Each team member would be last in one apparatus. Enrique would be last on the horse.

Only the five best scores count in the team competition. For the all-around and individual apparatuses each school can only have two competitors in the finals.

I’d seen the team do amazing things in practice but this was the collegiate championship. I need not have worried. We blew all the other schools away. The team finals in the evening went just as well and were televised on the CBS Sports Network. Paul filed the story for the university paper. We were national champions.

With Friday off as the women take over the arena there was no curfew and a big celebration. The brothers had a dozen bottles of fine champagne delivered to our Club Floor lounge and Junior relaxed the alcohol prohibition for the night. We had a midnight dinner to celebrate with everyone in their white robes and nothing else. We then moved the activities to one of the unassigned suites on our floor.

The teams competition and victory had their juices flowing. The rest of us were bottoms for this night. Junior even took a load from each team member. I had never seen him or his dad bottom before. Sometime in the wee hours people went back to their normal rooms.

We slept late. I woke up in bed with Tim and Juan. I wasn’t sure if it was my room or theirs. It turned out to be theirs. I fucked them both as we shared the big shower. Our white robes were discarded in the sitting room. They were identical so we just picked one. My pick smelled like Tim when I had it on. The key cards did not have room numbers listed for security. We checked the three using the door to their room and mine was the one that didn’t work.

In the hall we saw others of our group in their robes. Breakfast was waiting in the lounge on our floor so we headed there. The gymnasts were already there sitting with Junior. They were still excited from the competition. They were discussing the moves they made. Since a lot had never been attempted before, tradition says the move would be named after the person who first performed it in a meet. They all would have their names immortalized, some more than once. Though without a dose of Junior’s mother’s milk, no other gymnast would stand a chance of executing any but the simplest ones.

It was a free day for us. Some were planning on visiting the

Georgia Aquarium. Others were looking to tour CNN. The trainers Mark and Joe invited Tim and Juan to go to the fitness center where they would give them some training tips. I thought I’d tag along and check it out.

I changed into my gym clothes. I decided to wear a track suit bottom over my shorts until we were in the fitness center because my nine inch softie still makes a big bulge.

The fitness center was luxurious and well equipped. The staff looked pretty fit too but no match for the Korean boys or me. Tim and Juan were to start on weights. I decided on cardio. Normally I get that from swimming but our hotel did not have a pool. There was a bank of very impressive treadmills.

I shed my track suit bottoms and put my favorite tunes on my phone and started it up. I raised the speed and got a feel for the machine. It was an easy pace so I kept raising the speed until it wouldn’t go faster. It still felt easy so I added some incline until I thought I was getting a good workout. Then I just relaxed and listened to my music.

I was interrupted after a while by one of their staff motioning to me to stop. I slowed the machine down and finally stopped. I took out my earbuds.

“The treadmill is not made to go that fast for so long,” he was saying.

“How fast does it go and how long was I on?” I asked.

“Twenty miles per hour and it must have been forty-five minutes,” he said. “The motor was starting to overheat.”

Now that he mentioned it, there was a slight electrical smell in the air. I looked at the machine. The display showed just over fifteen miles and I still had a ten degree incline set. I wasn’t breathing heavily but it did feel like I got a good workout. I saw where he was looking and checked myself.

“I’m a little stimulated by a brisk jog,” I admitted. “It gets a couple inches bigger if you are man enough to try it.”

He would be a fun fuck but I figured he would be to scared to take me up on my offer. With all the talent in our group he wasn’t worth the effort to try to seduce.

I headed over to join the others. They were on bench press. Tim and Juan were pressing 220 pounds for ten reps while Mark spotted and Joe corrected their form. Two-twenty was a good weight for them and well over their body weight. I figured Mark and Joe could do mid three hundreds.

Joe added another twenty pounds to the bar. This was harder. Tim did four reps and Juan five with Mark giving a little aid on the last rep for both guys. Joe added ten more. That was their max. Both barely managed a single rep.

Mark and Joe then challenged me to see who could lift more. I was bigger than either of the Koreans but I hadn’t gone really heavy for some time. Lighter weights for lots of reps is better training for my swimming. I accepted naturally.

Joe loaded the bar to three-forty, using a couple hundred pound plates, two fifties and a forty pound bar. Then Joe and Mark pressed it easily for ten reps with Tim and Juan spotting at each end of the bar. But the ease of their performance led me to revise up their lifting capability. I got down and did twenty reps.

I suggested we get serious or we’d be going all day. I took off the fifties and added two more hundreds for four-forty. That was harder. Joe did three reps and Mark five. I did eight. I could have done more but I didn’t want to discourage them. We added two tens and Joe did two and Mark four. I stopped at five. Then we replaced the tens with twenties. Joe couldn’t complete a rep. Tim and Juan had to help him rack the bar. Mark managed two. I stopped at three. We added back the tens and Mark managed a single rep. I stopped pretending and pumped out ten good reps. Mark conceded defeat.

They wanted to see my limit. I took off the small plates and used four fifties instead. That made six-forty and we had used all their heavy plates. Mark and Joe replaced the smaller boys as my spotters. I did five good reps but I felt each one. With two twenties more, I did three. With two more tens, I could only do one. So seven hundred, about three times my body weight was my limit.

They moved Tim and Juan through several other exercises working on their form while I checked out some of the machines but I didn’t go heavy. We finished with a session in their sauna, but there was a security camera in there that was easy to see so we kept our towels wrapped. We took a sexless shower to finish the visit and headed back to our rooms where we had plenty.

Saturday’s all-around and event finals were broadcast live, partly on the main CBS network. It was anti-climatic. Jack took allaround with Feng second. He also took the floor exercise competition. The other five each took the crown in one of the other apparatuses. Paul had lots of photos of the guys in action and we posed for group shots outside the arena, starting with just coach and team and finishing with everybody, even our plane crew.

The flight home was wilder than the trip out. First, George let Junior handle the plane from engine start to takeoff and climb to our cruising altitude in violation of a dozen FAA regulations. He was perfect. We were in the air just after noon local.

After sex we relaxed over another great meal. Junior allowed the team to have wine but he stuck with soda because he wanted to land the plane. He went over the plans for the future.

“The USA championships are in Kansas City in mid July,” he began. “Our guys will blow the competition out. They will then be the men’s USA Gymnastics Team. I will replace the current coach. The World Championships will be in Stuttgart, Germany at the end of August. Our biggest competition should be the Chinese team. There was a Chinese news crew filming our guys on every apparatus Saturday. The crew wasn’t present for Thursday. So, I figure, they heard about us and sent their people down to see how good we are. Their coaches are probably trying right now to figure out if they can duplicate our performance. I don’t think they can.”

Junior was optimistic and made it sound almost easy. I hoped he was right. The brothers will make arrangements for our travel.

We arrived in Oakland just before three. Junior did the landing and it was the smoothest I’d ever felt. At the Business Terminal there was a big crowd waiting to greet us so we went in instead of transferring right to our van. Most were boyfriends and fuck buddies but the university chancellor and athletic director were there to celebrate their new NCAA championship team. The chancellor made a short speech and introduced Junior and the team members. Paul took plenty of pictures but there were some local press there too. Andy had set it up.

Most of the guys caught rides with friends. I went with Jack and Rex to our van to return the trunks of gear to the gym. The brothers and their trainers had waited outside by their limo. Before leaving they invited everyone to a celebratory party next weekend at the mansion. We all shared some deep kisses before going on our separate ways.

The big news actually involved me. When I got back to swimming I told the coach I wanted to try the longer events. With my muscles, I’m built like a sprinter and my times from fifty to two hundred meters were nationally competitive. But I remembered my treadmill session in Atlanta. It turned out I could keep my sprint pace or close to it in longer events. We have a twenty five yard indoor pool for practice and meets. For five hundred yards and sixteen-hundred-fifty, I smashed the records. I would keep doing the two hundred yard freestyle and the relays.

The NCAA championship was at Michigan this year a few months after our Atlanta trip. Everyone was going to make the trip to Ann Arbor to root me and the team on. For the gymnasts they’d be routing for boyfriends and fuck buddies. Andy was going. They would take the Gulfstream. I would fly and stay with the team. It’s important for team spirit.

I took all my events, setting new records in the two longest. We won the title as a team. The twins and I took the Gulfstream back, arriving several hours ahead of the team’s commercial flight to SFO. We took the limo to the mansion for a layover of a couple hours and then to the airport to join the team for another victorious return celebration. There was enough time to introduce the twins to Nut and Chai. We headed to the airport with some Thai food in our stomachs and Thai cum in our asses.

I punched my ticket to the swimming nationals. They were at the end of July at Stanford so no real travel. It is in a fifty meter pool like the Olympics. I’ll did two, four, eight and fifteen hundred meter freestyle events and the four hundred individual medley. Victory here put me on the national team for world events. I had placed second in my two hundred free event but won the others, setting new world records. My new international swimming competitions would not interfere with helping out the gymnasts.

Next are the Pan Am Games in Rio this October.

Chapter 9—Complications

We were now two weeks out from the gymnastics world championships in Germany. I was in Junior’s office going over the arrangements with him and Jack. Junior was confident that they would win easily and I certainly agreed.

There was a knock on the door and Junior told whomever it was to come in. The door opened a two muscular Chinese men entered. They were both wearing suits but it was easy to see they were well built. They shut and locked the door behind them and both pulled out weapons and pointed them at us.

One spoke in rapid Chinese.

“Speak English,” Junior said although I know he speaks perfect Mandarin Chinese.

“We have your parents,” the one that spoke earlier said in good but accented English. “They are safe and well and will remain so if you follow our instructions. Your team will finish second to China in Germany and your parents will be released unharmed. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly,” Junior stated. “Put your guns down on my desk.”

They did. Junior took them and put them in his desk. He stood up on the desktop and approached the men standing just in front of it. He raised a hand and gently stroked their cheeks. They just stood dazed. This was the first time in a while that I’d seen him use the power over people that he and Andy had.

“Take off your clothes,” Junior directed and they did.

Junior got down from the desk and said, “on your hands and knees and don’t make a sound.”

Junior removed his gym shorts and shoved his cock in the one that did the talking without any prep or lube. You could see it hurt but he stifled his scream. He pushed it in to the hilt and took a few slow strokes. Then he pulled out and did the other one. He didn’t cum and neither did they. He walked to their front and they dutifully cleaned his cock with their mouths. He dried it off on one of their shirts. Through it all Jack and I just watched.

“Get dressed,” Junior then ordered. They did and stood silently, waiting. “You will leave here. When you are in your car you will call your boss. Tell him I agreed but want proof that those you hold are alive and well before the team leaves for Germany. You will then return to San Francisco. Once on the Bay Bridge you will drive your car off the bridge and into the bay. You will not try to escape the sinking car. Do you understand?” They nodded. “Leave.”

“Was that necessary?” I asked. “They would have answered any question you asked under your control.”

“Yes, It was necessary,” Junior said. “I could have asked them anything but I didn’t know all the questions. Now I know that they are being held in a secure area in the basement of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. They are alive and well. Even if I did as they demand they would be killed after the meet and their bodies shipped to China in a diplomatic crate. I also have full floor plans for the building, door access codes, names and faces of all their security people and lots of other useful information, like the identity and positions of a few dozen Chines spies. I think it is time to talk to my dad.”

He got the guns from his desk, engaged the safeties, ejected the clips and cleared the round in the chambers. Then he dumped them in his gym bag.

“Will they really do what you told them?” Jack asked. “You murdered them.”

“I think they will,” Junior said. “I never gave anyone a command like that before. We’ll hear about it on the news if they do it. I prefer to think that they committed suicide when they messed with my family. Let’s go.”

We met Big Andy back at our house and Rex returned a few minutes after us. Junior explained the situation. We had the local news going on the TV with the sound muted. During his explanation they broke in to show the scene on the Bay Bridge. There was a big gap in the guardrail on the new section and divers working in the bay beneath. Traffic was backed up for ten miles.

“What do you want to do?” Andy asked.

“I plan to go to the consulate and get them back,” Junior stated.

“I’ll go with you,” Andy stated.

“I can handle it,” Junior insisted.

“I’m sure you can but you can only look in one direction. I can watch your back.”

“I’ll go too,” I added. “You may need some extra hands to take care of Ming and Jun while you deal with the security.”

“Count us in too,” said Jack, speaking for himself and Rex.

“No,” Junior said. “I don’t want anyone on the gymnastics team. But thanks for offering. We can use a couple more and I know who.”

“When are we going,” I asked.

“Tonight, two AM,” he answered. “I’ll call Mark and Jay and let them know we are on the way over. The consulate is not far from their home.”

We waited until we’ll after evening rush hour. The Bay Bridge jam had cleared. Andy drove the Mercedes with Junior in the passenger seat and me in the rear. We stopped at a sporting goods store to pick up five identical warmup suits in black.

At the mansion, Mark and Jay came out to meet us. They were in gym attire. Their Korean trainers were with them. It was one of the days they train and stay over.

Inside Junior explained the situation and asked the Korean boys if they wanted to join us.

“It sounds dangerous,” Joe admitted.

“But we will go,” added Mark. “How do you plan on getting in?”

“We could go up to their door and they would let us in,” Junior stated. “But they always have private security and often city police out front and I don’t want to involve them. I got the procedures and passcodes to get them to send a car for us. We’ll have them drive us into their garage and I have all the codes to enter the building and the secure areas.”

Junior went over some other details with the brothers. They called Nut in the kitchen to tell him to prep a light midnight meal.

We then had time for some fun made even more exciting by our knowledge of what we were going to do tonight.

Andy and Junior fucked the brothers and I offered my ass and mouth to Mark and Joe. Then we had an excellent dinner. After we ate I gave my compliments to the chefs by dropping a load in both their asses. By then it was time.

We went out a side gate to the Lyon Steps and walked down. The Chinese had hacked the city’s security cameras. Junior got on his iPad and entered some codes and the cameras at the foot of the steps were looping. We entered the blacked out area and changed into the track suits. Right on time our ride showed up, a black SUV with diplomatic plates. We hung back and Andy walked up to the vehicle. He was a Chinese of about the right size.

Once he had eye contact with the driver the rest of us piled in. Junior told him to dive us into the consulate and he started right away. Junior restored the Lyon cameras and disabled those surrounding the consulate. We soon were in the garage. Junior told the driver to turn the car around and wait for our return.

The door from the garage had a keypad. Junior keyed in the code and it unlocked. We went inside. Junior knew where everything and everyone was. He ran to the security office and keyed the door code. He surprised the half-asleep watch officer and turned off the system. We soon had several people meekly following our group.

Another secure door led to the basement. Next stop was communications. That had two people that were added to the group. Opposite was our main goal. Junior opened the door. There were two men inside. One was reaching for a weapon but stopped when he made eye contact with Junior. Our guests were told to keel on the floor and remain quiet.

Andy left to collect the guard at the front door and their head spy who was asleep in quarters on the upper floor. He soon returned with them. We had twelve men and two women kneeling quietly. They were everyone in the building overnight.

Junior went to the room holding Ming and Jun and keyed the door open. He hugged his mom and led them out. He told Mark to take them to the SUV and wait there for us.

When they left he pulled off the leaders pants and shoved his cock up his butt. When he pulled out he had me open the big safe in the corner, giving me the combination. Inside were two big stacks of US currency. I was told to put the stack on the right in our gym bag and take all the files on the upper shelf.

He took out the two guns we had confiscated and handed one and a spare clip to the spy leader. He was told that when we leave the room he is to kill the others then kill himself.

We left and soon heard shots. Our final job was to burn the consulate. We each had barbecue lighters. We set fires in the basement and then the first floor on the way back to the garage. The building was burning fiercely when we left.

We got in the SUV and told the driver our destination. It was another temporarily unmonitored area. We got out. Junior told the driver to drive onto the Golden Gate Bridge, stop in the middle and jump into the bay. He drove off. Another SUV pulled up.

“We have a plane standing by to take you home,” Junior said. “You may notice a car outside. It is private security but I don’t think you will be bothered again. We still have some more work tonight but I’ll call you tomorrow evening.”

He hugged Ming and kissed Jun on the cheek and helped them inside. He shut the door and it drove off. Another SUV pulled up. Nut was driving. We got in and we’re taken to the mansion. Mark and Jay were outside to greet us. We could easily see the glow in the sky from the fire at the consulate.

“It will be a total loss,” Jay said seeing where we were looking. “The fire department is just working to keep nearby buildings safe. The Embassy in D.C. denied them permission to go inside.”

We went to the sitting area near the brothers’ room. We shed our track suits. I could see we were all tired. It was four in the morning.

“Here are the numbers and passwords to five accounts at different and very private banks,” Jay said handing Junior a slip of paper. “Change the numbers and passwords the first time you log on. The sixth is for your transit account; same instructions. You don’t want to transfer money directly from an account you are looting to one you control. Send everything through this one. One percent of everything you deposit in that account is instantly deducted as a fee. When you finish the transfers, delete the account and all record of the account and any transfers in or out are permanently deleted.”

“Thanks,” said Junior. “I’m about to join the billionaire’s club.” He opened the gym bag. “This bag contains about $500,000 in cash. Bill, the other money pile was counterfeit. The files are the real prize. They were placed here as insurance by various senior leaders back in China. If they are killed or arrested, relatives living in the West get an envelop with instructions on how to get access to the money they have looted over their careers. By morning it will be in my new accounts. The head spy at the consulate thought it would be about five billion dollars.”

We were tired. There were too many for the brothers’s big bed so Andy and I took one of the guest suites. We were asleep right after we hit the mattress.

The room was flooded with light when I woke. Andy was awake too, hugging me to him. He pushed his big cock inside me.

“Andy, did we do the right thing last night?” I asked. “There are, what, seventeen people dead. Could we have just gone to the authorities. The thugs that visited Junior would have told everything. When Junior said he wanted to talk to you, I was hoping you’d have something better.”

“I trust my son,” Andy said. “You told me about his power and we have seen it demonstrated. He knew and chose a course based on what he knew. Taking his mother, the woman I chose to birth him, was extreme. It required an extreme response.”

I didn’t feel any better but Andy was probably right. He fucked me and for the moment my worries went away.

After a shower we went out to the lounge area. Most were already there having a brunch that Nut and Chai were serving.

“What can I get you?” Nut asked. “We had hoped to serve in the garden but you can still smell smoke.”

“Thanks for letting me borrow your office,” Junior said, entering from the brothers’ suite. “I finished. I am now worth nine point three billion dollars after ninety-four million in transfer fees. This envelope contains copies of the files we took and the copy of a thumb drive. The original drive was double encrypted but I had the keys. I think it lists every Chinese spy in the Americas plus many others around the world. We’ll drop it in the mail to the FBI on the way home.”

It was a standard brown envelope with a computer printed mailing label and eight ordinary first class stamps. I don’t think Junior slept last night.

“Welcome to the billionaire’s club,” Jay said. “We still have you beat by about four times and you can’t really advertise your wealth. We can help by funneling some money though our charity and turning it into legitimate, even tax-free, income.”

“About that,” Junior said. “I was thinking of giving your foundation a billion or two to thank you for all your help.”

“No need,” Mark insisted. “It was from friendship we helped and we don’t even solicit outside donations for our foundation. If you want to do a specific project later, we can work something out.”

“Mark and Joe,” Junior began. “You helped and I want to thank you. The bag has bundles of bills. Each one is twenty thousand. Take ten as a down payment. I’ll be happy to buy you a gym and apartment or house anywhere you want.”

“Thanks Junior,” Joe said. “I think we’ll skip the gym for now but it is nice not to need count each dollar to make rent each month. Though taking these boys as clients made our lives much easier.”

“And our lives a lot harder,” Jay added. “But we are finally building some muscle and you were so excited after last night that my ass is still trying to recover.”

“I have Juan on the phone,” Mark said, holding the phone to his ear. “Your parents are home. They slept most of the flight and are sleeping in their bed now. Juan and Tim brought them to their house. They will stay a few days to cook and straighten up the house. It looks like their kidnappers tore it apart.”

“Did they get your milk?” I asked.

“No,” Junior stated. “Jun stopped lactating and I had all the frozen sent up here. It is in two freezer chests in our basement and I have a generator in the garage for emergencies. The men I fucked had no knowledge of it and they had not bothered to interrogate Ming or Jun. It was just a general search for any material that could shed light on my methods.”

“We had better get going,” Andy said. “It is only a week before we leave for Germany and Junior has a gymnastics practice in the afternoon.”

Junior lay down on the back seat of the Mercedes and was instantly asleep.

We found a curbside mailbox along Market Street and I dropped in the envelope before we got on the bridge. As we drove I checked for news on my phone. The current theory is that the fire was started by a disgruntled employee who later committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. The car he abandoned on the bridge was spotted leaving the consulate just after the fire is thought to have started. The fire department is still spraying water on the wreckage of the building but cannot enter until a team from the Embassy examines the site. Fourteen staff are reported missing. It was also mentioned that the car that drove off the Bay Bridge also belonged to the consulate. Two bodies were recovered in it.

When we returned to our house Andy carried a still sleeping Junior up to his bed. Jack and Rex were there. They had been worried about us. They knew where we were going and the news of the fire was all over the TV. I showed them the bag that still had three hundred grand in cash and we told them the rest. I thought too many people already know what happened for it really to stay secret but it is so fantastic who would believe it. American authorities would not do anything because with a hostage rescue no jury would convict. The Chinese however would not be looking to arrest us and they will figure it out eventually.


Chapter 9—Complications

We were now two weeks out from the gymnastics world championships in Germany. I was in Junior’s office going over the arrangements with him and Jack. Junior was confident that they would win easily and I certainly agreed.

There was a knock on the door and Junior told whomever it was to come in. The door opened a two muscular Chinese men entered. They were both wearing suits but it was easy to see they were well built. They shut and locked the door behind them and both pulled out weapons and pointed them at us.

One spoke in rapid Chinese.

“Speak English,” Junior said although I know he speaks perfect Mandarin Chinese.

“We have your parents,” the one that spoke earlier said in good but accented English. “They are safe and well and will remain so if you follow our instructions. Your team will finish second to China in Germany and your parents will be released unharmed. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly,” Junior stated. “Put your guns down on my desk.”

They did. Junior took them and put them in his desk. He stood up on the desktop and approached the men standing just in front of it. He raised a hand and gently stroked their cheeks. They just stood dazed. This was the first time in a while that I’d seen him use the power over people that he and Andy had.

“Take off your clothes,” Junior directed and they did.

Junior got down from the desk and said, “on your hands and knees and don’t make a sound.”

Junior removed his gym shorts and shoved his cock in the one that did the talking without any prep or lube. You could see it hurt but he stifled his scream. He pushed it in to the hilt and took a few slow strokes. Then he pulled out and did the other one. He didn’t cum and neither did they. He walked to their front and they dutifully cleaned his cock with their mouths. He dried it off on one of their shirts. Through it all Jack and I just watched.

“Get dressed,” Junior then ordered. They did and stood silently, waiting. “You will leave here. When you are in your car you will call your boss. Tell him I agreed but want proof that those you hold are alive and well before the team leaves for Germany. You will then return to San Francisco. Once on the Bay Bridge you will drive your car off the bridge and into the bay. You will not try to escape the sinking car. Do you understand?” They nodded. “Leave.”

“Was that necessary?” I asked. “They would have answered any question you asked under your control.”

“Yes, It was necessary,” Junior said. “I could have asked them anything but I didn’t know all the questions. Now I know that they are being held in a secure area in the basement of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. They are alive and well. Even if I did as they demand they would be killed after the meet and their bodies shipped to China in a diplomatic crate. I also have full floor plans for the building, door access codes, names and faces of all their security people and lots of other useful information, like the identity and positions of a few dozen Chines spies. I think it is time to talk to my dad.”

He got the guns from his desk, engaged the safeties, ejected the clips and cleared the round in the chambers. Then he dumped them in his gym bag.

“Will they really do what you told them?” Jack asked. “You murdered them.”

“I think they will,” Junior said. “I never gave anyone a command like that before. We’ll hear about it on the news if they do it. I prefer to think that they committed suicide when they messed with my family. Let’s go.”

We met Big Andy back at our house and Rex returned a few minutes after us. Junior explained the situation. We had the local news going on the TV with the sound muted. During his explanation they broke in to show the scene on the Bay Bridge. There was a big gap in the guardrail on the new section and divers working in the bay beneath. Traffic was backed up for ten miles.

“What do you want to do?” Andy asked.

“I plan to go to the consulate and get them back,” Junior stated.

“I’ll go with you,” Andy stated.

“I can handle it,” Junior insisted.

“I’m sure you can but you can only look in one direction. I can watch your back.”

“I’ll go too,” I added. “You may need some extra hands to take care of Ming and Jun while you deal with the security.”

“Count us in too,” said Jack, speaking for himself and Rex.

“No,” Junior said. “I don’t want anyone on the gymnastics team. But thanks for offering. We can use a couple more and I know who.”

“When are we going,” I asked.

“Tonight, two AM,” he answered. “I’ll call Mark and Jay and let them know we are on the way over. The consulate is not far from their home.”

We waited until we’ll after evening rush hour. The Bay Bridge jam had cleared. Andy drove the Mercedes with Junior in the passenger seat and me in the rear. We stopped at a sporting goods store to pick up five identical warmup suits in black.

At the mansion, Mark and Jay came out to meet us. They were in gym attire. Their Korean trainers were with them. It was one of the days they train and stay over.

Inside Junior explained the situation and asked the Korean boys if they wanted to join us.

“It sounds dangerous,” Joe admitted.

“But we will go,” added Mark. “How do you plan on getting in?”

“We could go up to their door and they would let us in,” Junior stated. “But they always have private security and often city police out front and I don’t want to involve them. I got the procedures and passcodes to get them to send a car for us. We’ll have them drive us into their garage and I have all the codes to enter the building and the secure areas.”

Junior went over some other details with the brothers. They called Nut in the kitchen to tell him to prep a light midnight meal.

We then had time for some fun made even more exciting by our knowledge of what we were going to do tonight.

Andy and Junior fucked the brothers and I offered my ass and mouth to Mark and Joe. Then we had an excellent dinner. After we ate I gave my compliments to the chefs by dropping a load in both their asses. By then it was time.

We went out a side gate to the Lyon Steps and walked down. The Chinese had hacked the city’s security cameras. Junior got on his iPad and entered some codes and the cameras at the foot of the steps were looping. We entered the blacked out area and changed into the track suits. Right on time our ride showed up, a black SUV with diplomatic plates. We hung back and Andy walked up to the vehicle. He was a Chinese of about the right size.

Once he had eye contact with the driver the rest of us piled in. Junior told him to dive us into the consulate and he started right away. Junior restored the Lyon cameras and disabled those surrounding the consulate. We soon were in the garage. Junior told the driver to turn the car around and wait for our return.

The door from the garage had a keypad. Junior keyed in the code and it unlocked. We went inside. Junior knew where everything and everyone was. He ran to the security office and keyed the door code. He surprised the half-asleep watch officer and turned off the system. We soon had several people meekly following our group.

Another secure door led to the basement. Next stop was communications. That had two people that were added to the group. Opposite was our main goal. Junior opened the door. There were two men inside. One was reaching for a weapon but stopped when he made eye contact with Junior. Our guests were told to keel on the floor and remain quiet.

Andy left to collect the guard at the front door and their head spy who was asleep in quarters on the upper floor. He soon returned with them. We had twelve men and two women kneeling quietly. They were everyone in the building overnight.

Junior went to the room holding Ming and Jun and keyed the door open. He hugged his mom and led them out. He told Mark to take them to the SUV and wait there for us.

When they left he pulled off the leaders pants and shoved his cock up his butt. When he pulled out he had me open the big safe in the corner, giving me the combination. Inside were two big stacks of US currency. I was told to put the stack on the right in our gym bag and take all the files on the upper shelf.

He took out the two guns we had confiscated and handed one and a spare clip to the spy leader. He was told that when we leave the room he is to kill the others then kill himself.

We left and soon heard shots. Our final job was to burn the consulate. We each had barbecue lighters. We set fires in the basement and then the first floor on the way back to the garage. The building was burning fiercely when we left.

We got in the SUV and told the driver our destination. It was another temporarily unmonitored area. We got out. Junior told the driver to drive onto the Golden Gate Bridge, stop in the middle and jump into the bay. He drove off. Another SUV pulled up.

“We have a plane standing by to take you home,” Junior said. “You may notice a car outside. It is private security but I don’t think you will be bothered again. We still have some more work tonight but I’ll call you tomorrow evening.”

He hugged Ming and kissed Jun on the cheek and helped them inside. He shut the door and it drove off. Another SUV pulled up. Nut was driving. We got in and we’re taken to the mansion. Mark and Jay were outside to greet us. We could easily see the glow in the sky from the fire at the consulate.

“It will be a total loss,” Jay said seeing where we were looking. “The fire department is just working to keep nearby buildings safe. The Embassy in D.C. denied them permission to go inside.”

We went to the sitting area near the brothers’ room. We shed our track suits. I could see we were all tired. It was four in the morning.

“Here are the numbers and passwords to five accounts at different and very private banks,” Jay said handing Junior a slip of paper. “Change the numbers and passwords the first time you log on. The sixth is for your transit account; same instructions. You don’t want to transfer money directly from an account you are looting to one you control. Send everything through this one. One percent of everything you deposit in that account is instantly deducted as a fee. When you finish the transfers, delete the account and all record of the account and any transfers in or out are permanently deleted.”

“Thanks,” said Junior. “I’m about to join the billionaire’s club.” He opened the gym bag. “This bag contains about $500,000 in cash. Bill, the other money pile was counterfeit. The files are the real prize. They were placed here as insurance by various senior leaders back in China. If they are killed or arrested, relatives living in the West get an envelop with instructions on how to get access to the money they have looted over their careers. By morning it will be in my new accounts. The head spy at the consulate thought it would be about five billion dollars.”

We were tired. There were too many for the brothers’s big bed so Andy and I took one of the guest suites. We were asleep right after we hit the mattress.

The room was flooded with light when I woke. Andy was awake too, hugging me to him. He pushed his big cock inside me.

“Andy, did we do the right thing last night?” I asked. “There are, what, seventeen people dead. Could we have just gone to the authorities. The thugs that visited Junior would have told everything. When Junior said he wanted to talk to you, I was hoping you’d have something better.”

“I trust my son,” Andy said. “You told me about his power and we have seen it demonstrated. He knew and chose a course based on what he knew. Taking his mother, the woman I chose to birth him, was extreme. It required an extreme response.”

I didn’t feel any better but Andy was probably right. He fucked me and for the moment my worries went away.

After a shower we went out to the lounge area. Most were already there having a brunch that Nut and Chai were serving.

“What can I get you?” Nut asked. “We had hoped to serve in the garden but you can still smell smoke.”

“Thanks for letting me borrow your office,” Junior said, entering from the brothers’ suite. “I finished. I am now worth nine point three billion dollars after ninety-four million in transfer fees. This envelope contains copies of the files we took and the copy of a thumb drive. The original drive was double encrypted but I had the keys. I think it lists every Chinese spy in the Americas plus many others around the world. We’ll drop it in the mail to the FBI on the way home.”

It was a standard brown envelope with a computer printed mailing label and eight ordinary first class stamps. I don’t think Junior slept last night.

“Welcome to the billionaire’s club,” Jay said. “We still have you beat by about four times and you can’t really advertise your wealth. We can help by funneling some money though our charity and turning it into legitimate, even tax-free, income.”

“About that,” Junior said. “I was thinking of giving your foundation a billion or two to thank you for all your help.”

“No need,” Mark insisted. “It was from friendship we helped and we don’t even solicit outside donations for our foundation. If you want to do a specific project later, we can work something out.”

“Mark and Joe,” Junior began. “You helped and I want to thank you. The bag has bundles of bills. Each one is twenty thousand. Take ten as a down payment. I’ll be happy to buy you a gym and apartment or house anywhere you want.”

“Thanks Junior,” Joe said. “I think we’ll skip the gym for now but it is nice not to need count each dollar to make rent each month. Though taking these boys as clients made our lives much easier.”

“And our lives a lot harder,” Jay added. “But we are finally building some muscle and you were so excited after last night that my ass is still trying to recover.”

“I have Juan on the phone,” Mark said, holding the phone to his ear. “Your parents are home. They slept most of the flight and are sleeping in their bed now. Juan and Tim brought them to their house. They will stay a few days to cook and straighten up the house. It looks like their kidnappers tore it apart.”

“Did they get your milk?” I asked.

“No,” Junior stated. “Jun stopped lactating and I had all the frozen sent up here. It is in two freezer chests in our basement and I have a generator in the garage for emergencies. The men I fucked had no knowledge of it and they had not bothered to interrogate Ming or Jun. It was just a general search for any material that could shed light on my methods.”

“We had better get going,” Andy said. “It is only a week before we leave for Germany and Junior has a gymnastics practice in the afternoon.”

Junior lay down on the back seat of the Mercedes and was instantly asleep.

We found a curbside mailbox along Market Street and I dropped in the envelope before we got on the bridge. As we drove I checked for news on my phone. The current theory is that the fire was started by a disgruntled employee who later committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. The car he abandoned on the bridge was spotted leaving the consulate just after the fire is thought to have started. The fire department is still spraying water on the wreckage of the building but cannot enter until a team from the Embassy examines the site. Fourteen staff are reported missing. It was also mentioned that the car that drove off the Bay Bridge also belonged to the consulate. Two bodies were recovered in it.

When we returned to our house Andy carried a still sleeping Junior up to his bed. Jack and Rex were there. They had been worried about us. They knew where we were going and the news of the fire was all over the TV. I showed them the bag that still had three hundred grand in cash and we told them the rest. I thought too many people already know what happened for it really to stay secret but it is so fantastic who would believe it. American authorities would not do anything because with a hostage rescue no jury would convict. The Chinese however would not be looking to arrest us and they will figure it out eventually.


Chapter 10—Champions

It was Sunday afternoon and we were leaving for Stuttgart, Germany. We had a chartered luxury Boeing 777 as our ride. The Gulfstream would have needed a refueling and crew rest break but we are taking the crew and their boyfriends as part of our rooting section. The Boeing is configured to seat fifty. There are ten private cabins in the forward section and forty comfortable seats in the main cabin in a two, two, two arrangement. In the middle is a lounge area with a stocked bar. There are eight washrooms and four of them are extra large and have an enclosed shower. With the extra seating the boyfriends of the gymnasts get to come along.

Family members of the team are also coming via commercial business class a couple days later. They are staying at a different hotel so they won’t be a distraction. All the team are out. Gay male gymnasts are nothing new but having the whole team gay and publicly out is a first.

Our group is staying at the Le Méridien Stuttgart. We took the entire top floor but it is only four floors high. There are a couple huge suites on that floor and plenty of other suites. Mark and Jay are to be in the Presidential Suite with Junior, Jack and Rex in the Diplomatic Suite. Andy and I and the other team members and their boyfriends have regular suites. We are a couple miles from the venue, the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, but van transportation is arranged.

We have heard nothing further about our adventure. They did find the remains of the missing in the debris but they were shipped back to China in a diplomatic crate without being examined locally. The Chinese team sifted through the rubble for almost a week with the aid of heavy equipment before letting others on the site. I think we took what they were looking for.

With the big plane we were leaving from San Francisco International. Junior requested to observe the takeoff from the cockpit. The head pilot readily agreed, no special persuasion needed. Since the USA Championships, Junior has been as much in the news as his star gymnasts. Junior thanked him and gave him a big smile. The pilot was in his early fifties but still in decent shape. Sometime during the flight I was certain Junior’s cock will be up his ass.

I had one of the private cabins along with Mark, Jay, Andy, Junior, Jack and Rex. The other three were unassigned and available for anyone that needed some privacy.

One of the cabin crew came in to check on me. He was Asian, about five-ten with a well-defined, lightly-muscled build. I asked him his name. He was Alex Han from Singapore. I am definitely going to try that pretty butt.

We were in the air just after two. It would be eleven hours nonstop. We would be in at about ten in the morning. When the seatbelt sign turned off I got up and went to the lounge. I asked the guy behind the bar if they had any German beer. They had something called Aldersbacher on tap. He said it was good so I tried a glass. It was good.

I sat in one of the comfortable chairs in the lounge. Tim from the Gulfstream came over with another guy.

“Bill, this is Brian, my boyfriend,” he said. “Brian, Bill.”

I stood and held his hand. Brian was blond with a defined body. He had a more angular face as opposed to Tim’s almost boyish look. I sat back down and they took the seats on either side of me.

“We’ll take two of what he’s having,” Tim said to the barkeep. “It is nice to be pampered on a flight instead of doing the pampering. This is a great vacation for us.”

“Tim told me a lot about you,” Brian said. “You’re as big as he described.” He was looking at my lap.

“Yes, It is hard to hide,” I admitted. “It would be a big deal if I wasn’t hanging out with Andy and Junior. What do you do Brian.”

“I’m a real estate broker. My properties are mid to high end condos and townhomes in the city.”

“Give me a card when we are at the hotel. I have a couple friends that are in the market for something like that.”

We talked for a few minutes and finished the beer. Then Tim said,

“Bill could I have a word in private with you?”

“Sure,” I replied. “We’ll go to my cabin.”

“Are you two going to get it on again?” Brian asked. “And without inviting your boyfriend to share.”

“No Brian. It’s not like that, at least to start. Give us fifteen minutes and knock on his door. Which is yours, Bill.”

“We’ll be in five.”

We left. Inside I sat down. Tim stood.

“We flew Junior’s parents home,” Tim started. “They told us they had been kidnapped and Junior rescued them. We saw the reports on the consulate fire and put two and two together. Were you there?”

“Yes, I was. Obviously we don’t want to spread that around.”

“The others on my crew know but we will keep the secret. I haven’t even told Brian. I dream about what that must have been like.”

“I dream about it too sometimes but wish I didn’t. I’d prefer to dream about fucking you.”

I stood up and started removing Tim’s clothes while he worked on mine. There was a knock on the door and we let Brian in. He was out of his things in a jiffy.

I put the seat to its flat position and had Tim and Brian rest their chests on it as they kneeled on the floor. I saw they had prepared for the flight by lubing their asses. I had prepped too and had a small bottle on the table by my seat. I slicked up my cock and pressed it to Tim’s hole. He opened up easily and, very slowly, I pushed in all twelve inches. Tim gave a soft moan and Brian turned his head in time to see the last six inches disappear into his boyfriend. I gave him a few long, slow strokes.

Then I pulled out and shifted to Brian. I pressed to his hole. It spread open and my tip started to enter. He was tighter than Tim because he hadn’t had Junior or Andy yet. But I wasn’t the first in this hole. I thrust my hips and my crown breached the gate. I gave him a few more inches and felt the hard lump of his prostate. I worked his sensitive spot with quick strokes until he sprayed his seed on the carpet. As he came I pressed deeper, getting all but the last two inches in. I started stroking again and soon got the rest into him. Then I gave it to him long, hard and deep. When I shot ten minutes later, he came again.

“I told you he was good,” Tim said as I reentered him.

Another ten minutes and I creamed Tim’s ass as he shot his second load. I eased out of him and helped him stand up. Brian, still on his knees, licked off a final drop on Tim’s tip and then sucked me to clean off my pole. He managed about eight inches. He let me slip from his mouth and we both helped him stand. He gave me a kiss.

“That was great,” Brian said after we broke the kiss. “When you graduate, you should marry us both. You are going to need more than one man to keep that big boy satisfied.”

“It’s a tempting offer,” I admitted. “You both shot good loads but it looks like Brian’s puddle is the biggest.”

There was a knock on the door. Tim opened it. It was Alex Han telling us that they were about to start dinner service and asking if we wanted drinks beforehand. He wasn’t surprised to see us naked. We hadn’t made an effort to be particularly quiet nor had others as we could tell the other cabins were in use. He looked us over and mentioned that he had a break after the meal service. I asked and it turned out we could have our meal in the lounge.

We got dressed, just a white muscle tee and track suit bottoms for me, and went to the lounge. Junior was there talking to the senior captain. The Captain was in a chair and Junior sat on his thighs facing him with his feet by the Captain’s hips. This equalized some of their height difference so he could talk face to face. He hates looking up.

Junior was comparing the side sticks on the Gulfstream versus the yoke on the triple seven. Junior’s outfit was similar to mine but as usual for him his long cock was run up under the tee. It must have been wet when he dressed because the moisture had made that part of his shirt almost transparent. I figured that cock had already been up the Captain’s ass so Junior knew as much about flying the plane as he did and probably already tried out the controls he was discussing. The veteran pilot was listening intently to Junior but, from time to time, his gaze would shift briefly to the very visible cock. Junior was casually rubbing a couple fingers along the side of the older man’s face as he talked, casually asserting his physical dominance. He may have given the Captain a little nudge to start but it wasn’t needed now.

I introduced Brian to him and Junior thanked Tim for taking special care of his mom. Then we got three seats about a round table. Alex came over with three beers and gave us menus.

“I can’t decide. Which is best Alex, the lobster Thermidor or the steak?” I asked.

“You guys are not flying commercial. It is fifty thousand an hour to charter us. You don’t have to decide. Get both.”

We did and they were both great. After dessert he cleared our plates and recommended we get some sleep because it would be morning in Germany when we landed. We still had eight hours


I went back to my cabin and put the seat flat. I got out the pillow and blanket and lay down. There was a soft knock on the door. It opened and Alex Han stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

“I am off duty for the next four hours,” Alex explained. “We have a small bunk room on the lower deck but I thought I might be welcome here. Am I right?”

“You are indeed,” I confirmed. “I was half expecting to see you.”

He removed his clothes and hung them on a hook. Then he pushed the blanket to the side and pulled my shorts off. I removed my tee. I was naked on the flat cushions. He stood over me.

“You’re even bigger than I thought,” he said. “Relax and let me do all the work.”

He bent down and started to lick along the shaft of my cock. I was already hard. He licked around the tip that was a few inches above my cobblestone abs. His hand pulled it to vertical and he sucked in the first few inches. He was good and started to take more and more of me. He climbed up on the flat seat and I split my legs so he could kneel between them. As he repositioned he kept me in his mouth. He was now in a better angle and started working me into his throat. I’m pretty thick as well as long but he kept going. I could easily see his throat bulge when he pushed deep onto me and it was tight around my flesh. Finally he had me all. His pert nose was in my pubic hair. He looked up my trunk at me and I gave him a big smile and softly rubbed my hand over the hair on the back of his head. He slipped his tongue past his lips and traced along the full circumference with the wet tip. He then started bobbing up and down along my pole.

“I’m close,” I warned him after a couple minutes of that.

He was instantly off me.

“I want your cum in my ass,” he stated.

He let me ease off my excitement and then scooted forward to straddle my hips. He reached behind and put me in position and sat down on me. I entered him easily. He sat back until I was in him to the hilt and just rested there enjoying being filled.

“Do you have sex with your passengers often?” I asked. He obviously has had plenty of experience.

“No, it is strictly against company rules,” he confirmed. “But your guy, Junior, has already fucked our Captain and with everything I’ve seen and heard the rules are out the window for this flight.”

“You should try Junior if you have a chance,” I suggested. “He’s bigger than I and a way better top.”

“No thanks,” he said, surprising me. “I’m a rice on white type of guy and you are perfect.”

With that he started working my cock with his ass, building our excitement and then letting us calm down. We played for about half an hour before I seeded his gut and he sprayed ropes of cum over my torso. Then he just leaned forward and rested on my body as I wrapped my arms about his back. We fell asleep like that.

I was awaken by a knock on my door. It was Alex announcing breakfast. He must have slipped off me sometime earlier without waking me. I just donned a pair of shorts and went to one of the washrooms that had a shower and got refreshed. Enrique and Dallas were waiting outside when I exited. The shower would be really tight for two. I went back to my cabin and put on my arrival clothes.

I went back to the lounge for breakfast. Tim and Brian were sitting with the Korean trainers, Mark and Joe. I said hello and told Brian that these were the guys that were in the market for a new place. They’d obviously fucked the boys before breakfast. I’m sure Brian will take good care of them.

Everyone was getting ready for breakfast and arrival. I ate with Nut and Chai and their boyfriends, brothers Gary and Greg. They had swapped boyfriends with Enrique and Feng for the night. So they had fucked the twins. Now everyone was back with their steady partners.

Alex brought our breakfasts. I asked him where they were staying. They had a hotel near the airport. Wednesday they are picking up a Saudi trade delegation in Berlin for a flight to Jedda. Then Friday they are taking a group from Dubai to Monaco and they go empty back to Stuttgart, arriving Friday evening and stay over for our return Monday morning. The Monaco group got a special rate to let them offset some of the cost of the return flight from Arabia.

It was Junior’s voice out of the announcing system telling us that we had started our descent. The seat belt sign came on and everyone returned to their seats while the crew prepared for landing and removed any trash. I filled out the entry form and got my passport ready as I looked over the German countryside. It was a sunny summer day.

The landing was so smooth I did not feel a bump when the wheels touched. Junior was definitely at the controls.

We were met at the terminal by officials from USA Gymnastics. They helped us through the entry procedures. It was the first stamp on my passport. Junior had a new passport too. Like his other papers it had him at twenty-three years old. It was easy for him to get an official birth certificate from a dazed county clerk that had the necessary information. Of course if someone really checks they would find he is two years older than his listed father and only two years younger than his mother.

We were soon in a bus headed for our hotel. The gymnastics folks that met us would transfer our gear to the arena. Before we left they gave us our assigned practice times and a schedule for media and press that wanted interviews with the coach and team members. The Thursday and Saturday evening finals would be shown live in the afternoon in the States.

We were soon settled in our hotel. Junior had a team meeting in his suite. As his assistant and equipment manager, I attended along with the Korean trainers. As a team representing our country in international competition we all had a full set of matching team clothes and the gymnasts had official outfits to wear in competition. We were only to wear the official team duds. Junior told everyone to have fun but to get to sleep by ten local time. Everyone had their boyfriend with them in their suite but after ten is sleep time. We had an early afternoon practice session at the arena. The team would take a van. Our friends would come by bus.

We were at our practice. Junior had me watching the Chinese team practice. I could see they had learned to do some of the simplest of our new moves but their form was far from perfect. The Chinese had one of their assistants watching us and a cameraman shooting video.

Junior was watching his team perform and Mark and Joe were up on the competition floor to spot guys doing the most difficult moves on the horizontal bar. Junior was trailed by a few representatives of the press. In preparation for the trip he had fucked German and French graduate students so he was fluent in those languages.

When the practice was over our guys went to the locker room to shower and change. I was giving Junior my report on the Chinese when he was approached by the Chinese assistant coach that had been watching us.

“We know what you did,” he said in good English.

“What are you talking about?” Junior replied though we both knew.

“The only ones in our San Francisco consulate that are still alive are your parents.”

“So you are confirming that you kidnapped them and held them in the consulate. Do you also wish to confirm that it was part of a Chinese government plot to fix this competition?”

“We know you have a way to make people do things,” he said. “If it appears I am under your control I will be shot by a hidden sniper.”

“Why not shoot me?”

“You know why not.”

“Ah, the safe. Yes, I only released part of what I had to the FBI. The rest is an insurance policy in case anything happens to me or those near me. I see your government understands. Is the purpose of this little chat to offer a truce?”

“Yes,” he confirmed.

“I accept,” Junior replied. “But tell your superiors that the consequences of breaking this agreement would be severe. Go.”

He turned and walked away rapidly. I could see his fear when he was talking to Junior.

“That’s good news,” Junior said to me.

“You believe they will just forget what we did?” I asked.

“They will remember but the contents of the safe were insurance policies for some top officials in their security services. It had proof of corruption on all their top people. They can’t let it become public. We won’t be bothered.”

We got to our van but Jack Gardner was missing. Junior asked if anyone knew about it.

“He went with one of the girls from the women’s team,” Feng reported. “He said he would get back by himself before dinner. Are you fucking him enough coach? Maybe he is thinking of going straight.”

“Okay, we’ll go to the hotel and I’ll talk with him when he returns. I don’t want anymore solo adventures.”

It was a couple hours later and Junior was reviewing the practice session with the team in his suite. There was a knock on the door. Joe went to answer it. Jack was back and with him were the five female gymnasts. They came in.

“I’m apologize for missing the van,” Jack began. “Ashley asked to speak with me.” Ashley Simpson was the best on the woman’s team and the oldest at nineteen. “They want you to coach their team too.”

“Coach Nelson abuses us,” Ashley stated. “If we don’t have sex with him he cuts us from the team. We tried reporting him but he’s protected somehow.”

“You’ve done wonders with the men,” said Carla Anderson, another of their best. “Can you coach us, please.”

“You know I have sex with my gymnasts and they have sex with each other and share their boyfriends. We probably have way more sex than you do,” Junior told the girls. “It helps bond our team but no one does it against their will.”

“Well you wouldn’t have to force any of us to have sex with you,”

Ashley stated and the other girls nodded agreement. “You’re hot.

I’d do it right now in front of everybody just to prove I’m sincere. I can see the outline of your hard cock under your shirt. It’s huge.”

“I’ll help you,” Junior told them. “And it’s my soft cock. I’m much bigger when hard. Do you have a contact number for Nelson?” Ashley gave him a number and Junior made a call.

“Nelson, Wang here. Your girls came over here and are doing some bonding with my guys. We’re at the Le Méridien, room 410. Come right over and we’ll get it sorted out…Good, I’ll expect you in half an hour.”

He ended the call.

“I wasn’t joking about wanting sex with you coach,” Ashley said, starting to remove her clothes. “Your guys are all hot. You’re all supposed to be gay but let us see how gay you really are. Nelson expects to see us in action so we’ll give him a show.”

“We don’t want to get any of you pregnant,” Junior said.

“There’s no chance of that,” Carla said already nude and trying to pull off Junior’s tee. “We are all on the pill. You don’t want feminine issues popping up during an event. But you would not want to be around us a week after this championship is over.”

We were all gay but five very pretty, supremely toned and ultra flexible women were offering their bodies freely for mutual pleasure. No one tried to resist. I think everyone except Junior had at least some experience with straight sex.

Ashley as the acknowledged leader took charge of Junior. He allowed her to push him down to the carpet where she straddled his thick thighs and went to work on his cock with both hands and her mouth. It was soon sticking straight up from his groin at its full sixteen inches. She considered it from a gymnastics viewpoint on how to mount this new apparatus. She decided to do a handstand holding the sides of Junior’s hips and slowly rotate her body, still balanced on her hands, until the tip slipped into her cunt. She settled slowly lower until her knees touched the floor beside Junior’s hips. She worked more and more into her, moving up and down along the long pole. She had almost twelve inches when she arched her back and screamed in orgasm.

Junior was looking intently at her working along his pole. He started thrusting his hips up to meet her coming down. She had a second orgasm. This seemed to drain her strength. She leaned forward with her arms outstretched. Junior raised his arms and they clasped their hands together. Ashley was no longer bobbing on Junior’s thick pole. Instead Junior was thrusting it in and out in short, fast strokes. She had another orgasm and another. Her eyes were wide just staring at the boy beneath her. I could tell Junior was getting close.

“My balls are tingling,” Junior almost shouted. “I never…”

He quickly shifted his grip to Ashley’s hips and ripped her off his cock. Moments later it spurted a jet almost to the ceiling. Others followed. The gobs of cum on the carpet were pulsing with the activity of billions of tiny super-sperm. I put a couple fingers in a large deposit and could feel them. I put some in my mouth and let them swim on my tongue.

“That was my best sex ever!” Ashley exclaimed. “Why did you pull out. I’d love to carry your seed in me.”

“You would have orgasms from now to morning,” Junior explained. “It would drain all your energy. You took my virginity with women and I shot my first sperm. Here feel some in action.” He dipped into one of the pools and spread some cum on her left nipple.

“I can feel it,” Ashley said in surprise. “After sex my nipples are so sensitive.” She made a sharp cry as she had another orgasm.

Then Tia Nguyen came over leading Mark Yi to get me into action. I was standing but she hoped up, holding my shoulders and wrapping her legs about my waist. Then she sat on my pole taking all twelve inches in her pussy. Then she had Mark push up her ass. We did a standing fuck in her front and back holes with my cock rubbing against Mark’s inside her. She loved it and so did I. While we fucked the short gymnast Mark and I were kissing each other. The top of Tia’s head only reached our shoulders. We both shot into her.

We were still coupled when there was a knock on the door. A nude Joe Kim opened it and let Coach Nelson into the room.

“Where is Coach Wang,” he shouted.

“Here,” Junior said, getting to his feet. “Come here.” Nelson stood in front of the nude Junior. “Get on your knees. I don’t like to look up when I talk.” Nelson knelt on the carpet. “Your gymnasts tell me that you force them to have sex with you. Is that true?”

“Yes,” Nelson answered. It was impossible to lie. Junior had full control over him. “With me there is no need for force or threats but I’m a man and you are pond scum. Take off your clothes.”

He did. Junior ordered him to get on his hands and knees and stood behind him. Nelson screamed when that big cock was shoved in him in one thrust. He took a couple strokes and pulled out. It was pretty messy. Nelson doesn’t clean himself out like we gay guys do. Junior had him lick his pole clean. He was told to get dressed.

Then he got his orders. He was to go to the arena, call a press conference, announce his resignation as coach and confess his crimes. He would name the officials that helped him cover it up. Then he and his assistants would fly home. He had until midnight to be out of Stuttgart and noon tomorrow to be out of Germany. On return to the States he would go to the authorities and sign a full confession. Junior’s final word to him was ‘go’. He practically ran from the room.

“Thank you,” said Ashley.

“I’m your new coach,” Junior confirmed. “Bill, Mark and Joe are my assistants. They are not familiar with your equipment or apparatus. You’ll show them what they need to do at your practice tomorrow morning. My guys practice in the afternoon.

“Next thing is to give you a boost,” Junior continued. He went to the fridge and took out a quart container. “This is my mother’s milk. I still drink a little every day. I’m a growing boy. It is pretty potent. All of my gymnasts have had some. I’d like you to try it. But I have to caution you that no female has ever had some so I can’t be certain of the results but I think it will help you.”

He poured about two-thirds of the container into five glasses.

“We trust you coach,” Carla said and they each drank their glass.

The change, if any, was subtle. They didn’t gain height or muscle size like males do, nor do they have cocks to grow bigger. Their bodies did appear more sleek, their breasts a little bigger and they stood out more, but none of the girls were big breasted to start and they weren’t now either.

“I feel stronger, energized,” Tia said.

“And horny,” said Malika, a lithe Black beauty.

That was the signal for some more action. I slipped out, I’m not really into straight sex, and filled Andy and the brothers in on developments. Andy was most interested that Junior had shot sperm for the first time. The issue was could he control it like Andy could. Mark and Jay were more focused on the chaos that Nelson’s confession would generate in the gymnastics world. It might give them an opportunity to assume total control of the program.

I was more focused on the immediate problem of what we are going to do with five girls in the middle of our gay group. I went back to Junior’s suite and knocked on his door. Rex opened it. He told me that Junior was in bed with Ashley, fucking her up the ass, while Jack and he took turns in her front. The other girls are each with one of the other team members having fun with them and their boyfriends. Women are supposed to like threesomes with two men. I guess we’ll see if that is true. Everyone will meet for dinner at seven in the hotel restaurant and then the girls will go back to their hotel for the night. So Junior had it under control.

It was obvious that everyone was in high spirits at dinner. We had told Nelson that his girls were doing team bonding to get him to rush over but that was exactly what happened. After dinner the female gymnasts wanted to spend the night but Junior, their new coach, insisted that they rest up for their practice tomorrow.

At practice the girls were in high spirits. They went through their routines flawlessly. They compete on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

When they finished their routines Junior demonstrated some new skills on the uneven bars and beam. Then he had the girls try them. Every one found they now could do more flips, twists and leaps than they ever thought possible. The beam felt as stable as the floor. He had them repeat their routines with added skills. They still looked perfect to my eye but I’m not a judge. For the final half hour he had one girl on each apparatus and two on floor, Ashley and Carla, try some new tricks.

I was spotting Tia on the beam. She tried a double front somersault. Her first attempt she was slightly off and I caught her as she fell. But she landed the second and was perfect on the third. Then she added an immediate back flip after landing. It worked. She did a double front for the dismount and stuck it. She went right back up and did a full routine. It looked perfect. By now none of the other female gymnasts on other teams were practicing. They were just watch our girls nail tricks none had seen before.

Needless to say they were high on their own physicality when we left the floor. They tried to take us to their locker room but there were other teams there so Junior suggested they work their energy off with each other. They must have because they looked happy and composed when they emerged.

Of course they won. The photo Sports Illustrated chose for their cover was Junior flanked by the girls on one side and the boys on the other with a couple dozen gold and silver medals that both teams won draped about his neck.

We had enough extra seats on our charter for the girls to fly back with us. They fit right in with our easy going sexual environment. It was only being forced to have sex with a man they detested that was the problem. To our guys with a preference for topping, a hole is a hole mostly. The guys who strictly bottomed didn’t appreciate the competition. I like a good fucking but I realize that with a twelve-inch cock lots of boys and now girls want to ride and I don’t like to reject them.

I was settled into my cabin waiting for takeoff. I figured Junior would be at the controls. He did get his pilot license earlier in the summer but there are many certifications and logged flight hours before it is actually legal for him to handle the controls with passengers aboard.

There was a knock on the door and Alex Han came in. He had a German beer for me.

“We leave you for a few days and everyone turns straight,” he says but I could tell he was joking. “I’ll have to work my ass off on this flight to turn you back.”

“That bubble butt of yours might do the trick, at least for me.”

“We caught the show Saturday and Sunday evening. The boys and girls were amazing. Thanks for the tickets.”

I heard the engines start. Alex left to prepare for takeoff. We were in the air just after one. It is almost twelve hour to San Francisco but it will still be afternoon when we arrive thanks to the time difference.

When the seatbelt sign turned off I got up and shed my clothes. No one will be wearing anything the entire trip and no one is planning on any sleep either. Of course no one got much sleep last night. The excitement from our victory transferred into sexual energy that we are still working off.

Mark and Jay were outside talking to Andy when I exited. Then Junior returned from the cockpit. He was nude before we took off. Everyone began praising his piloting skills. I went over to the group and got to my knees.

“I think Junior knows he’s a great pilot,” I began. “If I could change the subject, now that you can shoot sperm, Junior. Could you shoot some in me. I’d love the honor of being the first to carry your seed.”

“Are you going to compare and see who is more potent,” Andy said but he was kidding. I’d had his in me several times.

“The first time just happened,” Andy said. “It would be interesting to see if I can make it happen. You earned the right to make some requests, so Bill, let’s do it.”

We went to the lounge and I rested my chest on the cushion of one of the chairs. Junior got between my spread knees behind me and put his cock in position. He pressed forward and it entered easily. It felt great in me. I’ve had plenty of cocks in me and Junior’s and Andy’s just feel different. They are bigger of course but it is more than that. I can sense the power, it pulses and writhes inside me, shaking my whole body. Sometimes you think it might rip your belly open but it doesn’t.

Junior started with a slow fuck stroke, deep and long. It pushed all my sensitive spots. He triggered my orgasm. He sped up. I shot again and he went faster. He plunged in fully, all sixteen inches and sprayed my gut.

“That was just regular cum,” Junior said. I already knew because I couldn’t feel anything swimming inside. “Let us try again.”

He resumed his fuck stroke. This time he held me just short of orgasm as he built for another release. I felt him get close but then he slowed down. He did that several times. He built back up once more.

“I can feel the tingling,” Junior announced. “Get ready, here it comes.”

He shot into me, several strong spurts. Then I felt them, wiggling inside me, searching for the egg I didn’t have. I had one orgasm, then another and passed out.”

I was in my cabin. The seat was flat and I was laying on it with a pillow under my head and a blanket covering me. The blanket was soaked with my cum. I could still feel Junior’s sperm but they had spread everywhere and the sexual stimulation had eased.

Alex opened the door.

“Great, you’re back with us,” he said. “You slept for seven hours. Can you stand? I’ll take you to the lounge and get you some food and drink.”

He helped me to my feet but once upright I was okay. We went out and I sat. Junior was sitting opposite me. The Captain, also naked, was sitting on the carpet by his right leg. Ashley was kneeling on the left side bent over the armrest sucking Junior’s cock. Enrique was sitting on a couch with his boyfriend but I couldn’t tell if it was Dallas or Dave.

Alex returned carrying a tray with my dinner and a beer. He sat on the left armrest of my chair, facing me and balancing the tray on his thighs and started feeding me like I was a one-year-old. It was pretty erotic.

The Captain was leaking cum from his ass so Junior had probably fucked him recently. He looked subdued with his chin on his chest. He was, as I thought, in decent shape for an older guy. There was a little definition on his abs but he carried a few extra pounds. He was about six inches soft.

“You seem down Vern,” Junior said. I hadn’t heard him called anything other than Captain before. “I know you liked me fucking you, so what is the issue?”

“I loved you fucking me,” he said. “That is the issue. What do I tell my wife?”

“You tell her the truth,” Junior said. “You met a man that freed you from your sexual inhibitions. You will then take her to bed and give her the best sex of her life. You will find you can stay hard as long as you want, even after shooting, and you can cum multiple times and drive your wife crazy with your skill and stamina.”

He said it as conversation but it was a mental command that Vern’s body and mind would obey.

“Why don’t you tell me about your family,” Junior suggested, though he’d been in his ass and already knew everything. It must be to put the man at ease.

“Yes,” he began. “My wife is Lilly. She is three years younger than I and still looks very pretty. I love her. We have three children. My oldest is eighteen and starts USC in a few weeks. He is a swimmer and got a partial athletic scholarship. I also have a daughter, sixteen and another son, fourteen. He starts high school next month.”

That is a fine family,” Junior stated. “Bill here is a swimmer on our university team and now on the national team. He is the current world record holder in the eight hundred meter and fifteen hundred meter freestyle. Why not have your son join our swim team. I’ll talk to the Athletic Director and get him a full scholarship with room, board and a stipend.

“I have a new gymnast, a freshman in the fall semester. He’ll replace Rex on the university team after he graduates next year. Your son would be perfect for his boyfriend.”

“You want me to send my son to your school so he can have a gay relationship with your new gymnast?” Vern asked not believing what he heard.

“Exactly,” Junior confirmed. “But these things are not exclusive. He’ll have lots of opportunity to have fun with other boys and I promise you we’ll see he gets some time with girls too. When he comes home for the holidays you’ll have a confident man who is sexually dominant in normal company. I guarantee it.”

The Captain didn’t realize it but Junior was telling him that his son would be sexually dominant in his family, fucking him, his wife and the other siblings.

“The girls would be happy to teach him how to please a woman properly,” Ashley said backing off Junior’s cock for a minute.

“Being a boyfriend is great,” confirmed the twin with Enrique. “My brother is my identical twin so we share Enrique and Feng between us. But if they are not with us we are open to any hot guy. We are generally considered the best bottoms on campus. I can hardly walk from one place to another without someone rubbing my butt.

“A month ago my brother and I were going to the Student Union and we saw four guys playing beach volleyball. We stopped to watch. One of them recognized us and called to the others. They stopped the game and came over, surrounding us. We were in the middle of a scrum of four hot guys wearing only skimpy speedos. They were all a few inches above six feet, so well taller than us. In seconds we each had hands feeling our butts. Then our pants were unbuttoned and pushed down to mid thigh. They had all pulled their cocks out. The smallest was just under eight inches and the biggest almost ten. My brother and I had big smiles because we knew they were going to fuck us and they did. When one guy finished we were turned over to the guy on his left. We’d wipe the cum coated cock that just left us with our hands and taste the seed. A couple of them were able to cum a second time. When they finished with us they tucked away their spent cooks and we pulled up our pants. They started to go back to their game not having said a word to us. But we grabbed them by the front waistband of their speedos and insisted they tell us their names. We gave them our number and invited them to call us if they wanted more. They call us a couple times a week.”

“The twins are strictly bottoms,” Junior said. “I’d bet your eldest is both versatile and bisexual and I can assure you he’ll be confident and happy in that role as the twins are as bottoms. I’ll contact you in a couple days and we’ll make the arrangements.”

“I trust you,” he said. “We’ll do as you suggest.”

“I knew you would,” Junior said. “We need to go to the cockpit to prepare for landing. Ashley has me ready to cum. Put both your lips at my tip and you can share the load with her.”

The Captain leaned over the other arm of Junior’s chair and kissed Ashley open mouthed around the end of Junior’s pole. I saw it pulse as he pumped cum and both swallowed quickly but they lost a little that smeared their faces. Junior’s flow eased and you could see both licking around the crown to clean of the residue. They broke their kiss and both licked around their lips to get the stuff they spilled.

Junior stood and helped the Captain to his feet. They went forward. Junior had his left hand on the Captain’s butt as they walked.

“I’m going to have to get to work in a few minutes,” Alex said, putting the tray on the table. “How about a quick ride to cap our flight?”

I just put my hands on his hips and lifted him up so he could straddle the chair, facing me. He was only about a hundred forty pounds so he was pretty easy to handle. I just put him in position over the tip of my hard cock and shoved him down on it. He let out a long moan as he took it to the base. Then I started moving him up and down. A few minutes later we both shot our loads. We rested a couple minutes with me still fully inside him. We shared a kiss and I lifted him off and set his feet on the floor beside my chair.

A short while later I was just relaxing, dressed in our team travel clothes, looking out the window as we came in over the bay for our landing. Things seemed pretty perfect, great friends, great sex, success and excitement. What would the future bring?


Chapter 11—The New Guys

It was an exciting summer but now it is time for a new year, the senior year for me and my roommate Andy Wang. We still live in the townhouse, now owned by his one year old son, Andy Junior.

Junior had used his mother’s milk that had fueled his rapid growth to improve the performance of his gymnasts. I’d had some myself and gone from six foot to six-two and now a twelve inch cock. My endurance for swimming is off the charts. I’m on the national team and hold several world records. I was the natural choice to be captain of the university swimming team.

It was in that capacity that I was heading to the dorm room of our newest member, Vernon Talbot Junior, the son of the 777 pilot that had taken us to Germany and back. I knocked on the door and heard someone telling me to come in. I did.

Vern was on his back in one of the beds being fucked by the newest member of the gymnastics team, Toshi Hamada. Toshi had come up a week early to get gymnastics coaching from Junior. He had already gotten a dose of the milk and gone from five-five to five-seven and now an 8.5 inch cock. He’d stayed a night at our townhouse and fucked me with it and I returned the favor. Vern seemed to be enjoying it.

Vern was about five-ten and had a tight, defined body, good muscles but not bulging and a well-defined six-pack. He has darkish-blond hair and was deeply tanned from the summer sun. His tan line showed he normally wore skimpy speedos to the beach or pool. He had an untrimmed blond bush above a hard seven-point-five-inch pole that was decently thick. It had already shot at least one load from the stimulation Toshi was giving him. “Vern, I’m Bill Foster, the captain of the swimming team,” I began. “I came by to welcome you to the team. We have a team meeting at the athletic complex this afternoon at five. It is good to see you and Toh hit it off so well. I’m sure he’ll take good care of you.”

“It’s not what you think,” Vern sputtered. “It just sort of happened. I’m not gay. I have a girlfriend back in L.A.”

“And a boyfriend as a roommate,” Toshi added.

“Don’t worry about it,” I assured him. “We’re very open sexually around here. Toh has already fucked me and I did him too. I think I’ll join you guys.”

I started removing my clothes.

“What will my dad think, finding out I’m into gay sex?” Vern wondered aloud.

“Your dad flew us to Germany and back,” I told him. “He loves a big cock in his ass as much as you appear to. In fact, you were recruited to be Toh’s boyfriend as much as for your swimming ability. Most of the gymnasts have swimmer boyfriends but we’re very flexible. Expect to be passed around. Your dad knew all that before we contacted you.”

“Dad knew?” Vern said.

“Absolutely,” I assured him. “He was promised that we would make you into a man, confident and assured in any situation. You are going to learn how to please a man with your mouth, ass and cock. Then we’ll turn you over to the girls. When we send you home for the winter break you’ll be the man of your house. Your mom, dad, brother and sister will love your new skills.”

“You expect me to have sex with my parents and siblings?” Vern questioned.

“By the time you go home it will seem natural to you,” I assured him. “But for now, I’ll show you how a man handles a cock in his ass. You can fuck me while Toh fucks you.”

I got on their bed on my hands and knees. I always keep myself cleaned out and lubed just to be ready. Vern got behind me and I felt the tip of his cock push between my cheeks. He hesitated. Toh had gotten behind him and just shoved back inside, pushing all Vern’s inches into me. Toh had full control of the action, fucking Vern and, with his hands on Vern’s hips, controlling his fucking of my ass. Meanwhile I used my internal muscles to squeeze Vern’s cock to heighten the sensations.

“God, your ass feels incredible,” Vern said. “It is tighter than any pussy I had and it feels like you’re milking my cock.”

“That’s your first lesson,” I stated. “The bottom is not just a passive hole for a cock. Make love to it and force your top to give you his seed. You can feel what I’m doing. Try it on Toh’s cock.”

“Good boy,” Toh said. “When I share you with my friends I want them to be impressed with your skill.”

“You’re going to share me,” Vern said surprised.

“It’s not your concern,” Toh insisted. “I’m your boyfriend. You have to trust me to take care of you sexually and in every other way. It is only natural that the sexually dominant partner takes the lead in a relationship. I can tell your body understands. Can you get your mind to go along?”

“I’m starting to understand,” Vern admitted. “But I already shot three times, I don’t think I can cum again.”

“Vern, you’re not understanding things yet,” Toh insisted. “You cum when I want you to cum.”

Toh punched his trigger and Vern shot a load in my ass. I wasn’t surprised. Toshi had played around with a few guys in high school but also had a steady girl. He knew he was joining a solidly gay team. Besides gymnastics he’d had an advanced course in gay sex over the last week. Junior had me bottom for him most of the time and by week’s end he was pretty good. He knew that Vern was to be his boyfriend and fuck toy but that it was his job to train Vern. It looks like he is off to a good start.

Toh continued his fuck, not letting Vern go soft. I worked Vern’s cock while Toshi used him to give me a good fuck. I felt Toshi speed up his thrusting, building to his climax. Helped bring Vern along and Toh had him at a good angle to stimulate me. A few minutes later we all exploded simultaneously.

As our passion eased I leaned forward, letting Vern slip out of me and rolled to my back on the bed. Toh pushed an exhausted and satisfied Vern to the bed, laying on top of his back, still inside him.

“Now do you understand,” Toshi said softly with his mouth right by Vern’s right ear. “We’re boyfriends but it is not an equal relationship. I own you. When we are together you do as I say, immediately and without question. When you are not with me you are free to do as you wish, even have sex if you see a cute boy or girl. Are you agreeable to my conditions or do I need to find a new boyfriend?”

“No, I mean yes, I agree,” Vern said quickly. “You don’t need to search further. I am your boy.”

“It looks like things are under control here,” I observed, meaning Vern. “I’ll leave you now. Vern, don’t forget the team meeting at five. Toh, you are welcome to come if you wish.”

I got up and started to dress.

“I’ll make sure Vern is there but I’ll pass,” Toh replied. “Vern should feel free to bond with his teammates.”

I left them.

I got to the meeting just before five. Most everyone was already there. I saw that the twins had captured Vern. He had one on each side.

Vern was wearing the team’s warm up suit. Like everyone we had given him one size smaller so it stretched over his muscles. The twins, however were in matching white Lycra tops and minishorts that appeared painted on. The shorts even conformed to the cleavage in their butt, emphasizing that area, which was the idea. They both wore sandals that were barely more than thin pads so they almost looked barefoot.

They had unzipped Vern’s top and each had a hand rubbing his muscular trunk. Vern looked confused. We had a few minutes before the meeting so I went over to them.

“Vern, I see you have met the twins,” I began. “Dave and Dallas are identical, except Dave has a tiny mole on his right butt cheek.They never tell you which is which, so if it matters to you, just pull back their shorts and check. Even their boyfriends, gymnasts, Enrique and Feng, don’t bother anymore. They’re completely interchangeable. They are considered the hottest bottoms on campus and I certainly agree. It looks like you haven’t picked up that their actions mean they want you to fuck them.”

“Freshman are so slow on the uptake,” said the twin on Vern’s right as he reached into his bottom to feel the now hard cock. “Why don’t you pull back my shorts and check out who I am?”

Vern did. There was no mole so it was Dallas on his right.

“Anybody who pulls back my shorts has to feel my bottom,” Dallas insisted.

Vern put a had on the firm, round muscle.

“Not like that,” Dave said. “Feel along the crack to the hole.” Vern did as instructed. “Now put some fingers inside.”

“It’s full of cum,” Vern said, having now two fingers in Dallas who had leaked a big gob on his palm once the ring was breached.

“It should be,” Dallas confirmed. “I’ve been fucked six times already today. You’ll be seven.”

“It’s already eight for me,” Dave added. “It looks like someone did you too.” Dave had his hand behind Ver and obviously a finger or two inside him.”

“Vern, as you can see we are very close as a team,” I explained. “We never refuse a request from a teammate. Feel free to fuck them while I get things started.”

I went to the front and began by introducing Vern who was already inside Dallas. He got a few hoots from his fellow swimmers most of whom would fuck him tonight or soon after. We had a few other items to go over and then we got down to some fun sex with guys we hadn’t seen much of over the summer.

I finished up with by giving Vern a powerful fuck and shooting a big load in his gut. He was a little dazed by his latest orgasm. I stayed still inside him to let him recover.

“I remember my first day,” I told him. “It was a lot of fun. How is your day going?”

“I never imagined it would be anything like this,” Vern confessed. “I lost count of how many times I shot today and I haven’t even touched my cock. Is it always like this?”

“Pretty much,” I confirmed.

“I really don’t understand how my relationship with Toshi works,” he added. “He is a great guy but…”

“That’s actually easy,” I assured him. “Once you understand that he is in control you learn you don’t have any need to think about things. Just listen to Toh and obey. He will take care of you.”

“So I just give myself completely and unquestioningly to Toshi’s control,” he said. “I never really have done that with anyone. Sometimes I even question or object with my dad and mom. But Toshi feels different than they to me. He is somehow more to me than my parents. My body wants him but my mind still has questions.”

“It is not something that can be explained,” I said. “Trust your feelings. In a few days I predict you won’t have any doubts.”

I then started another power fuck. He shot twice more before I seeded his gut again. He was really disoriented after that.

I asked the twins take him to his dorm room. We dressed Vern. The twins were back in their Lycra outfits but the dampness from their cocks had made the front almost transparent. I figured they would get Toshi to add his seed to the mix both had in their asses.

Vern was a freestyle sprinter in the pool. His stroke was fast and powerful but he needed work on his turns and start. In the twenty-five yard indoor pool we use for college swim meets, the race can be won or lost on the turns. With coaching and practice, Vern made good progress and his times got competitive.

He was popular with the guys but as a freshman and the new guy he bottomed mostly except for the twins. With him I was versatile because Junior had directed me to check on his sexual progress. After a couple weeks I would rate him as a good bottom and an adequate top. With his normal submissiveness to Toshi, he seems to lack the confidence to assert himself when he gets a chance to top.

That would not do. Junior had promised his dad that he would see a son confident in any sexual situation. He invited Toshi and Vern to visit our home for the weekend. They’d been over before and we’d all fucked them but this would be their first time overnight; three nights actually, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ashley Simpson was coming up from Stanford to teach Vern and

Toshi how to please a woman properly. Junior will work with her Saturday afternoon in the gym. The girls all have their own coaches but Junior has set up visits for them for a day or two every three months. I’m not into girls but Tia Nguyen has a crush on me and I didn’t want to reject her. I fucked her a couple times on her visit.

The swimmers and gymnasts both have practice Friday afternoon. We walked to our townhouse in a small group after our usual post practice shower orgy. There was me, Junior with his boys, Jack and Rex, and Toshi with Vern. All but Vern wore warmup suit bottoms and white Lycra muscle tees. Toshi had Vern in white Lycra mini shorts that left nothing to the imagination. It is his normal daily outfit. Toshi likes to advertise Vern’s sexual availability. Vern actually handled it quite well. He does get fucked a couple times a day but he’s not shy about going up to a hot guy and suggesting they might enjoy a ride on his barely contained hard cock.

We made a pretty hot group. Often guys would come over to walk with us and chat. Mostly they were guys that Junior or one or more of us had fucked. Always they got around to saying how eager they were for a repeat.

We arrived home. Tim and Juan from the Gulfstream were waiting outside with another hot guy. Andy must not be home yet. We all entered. Junior had invited them for they weekend so we had more bottoms. Juan had brought his partner, Pablo. He is a paramedic in the San Francisco fire department. He is from Brazil and about six foot with a sleeker build than the very muscular one of Juan. His cock almost matched Juan’s ten inches. Tim’s boyfriend, Brian, had several showings over the weekend and couldn’t make it.

Once inside Junior addressed Vern. “I promised your dad that I’d send him back a son confident in any situation. How do you feel you are doing?”

“That’s hard to say,” Vern admitted. “In the last month or so I’ve had more sex than my entire previous life. Toh has been a great role model and mentor. He encourages me to expand my sexual boundaries. I was concerned when he told me to dress like this but I knew it was his decision and not for me to question. It is an open invitation for anyone to have sex with me and Toh’s rule is that I can’t refuse. But my body and attitude is intimidating enough that mostly I only get approached by hot studs that think they can handle me. Initially I was passively waiting for guys to approach me but I figured out I could take the lead. If I see a guy I like I just go right up to them, usually with full body contact so they can feel my hard cock against theirs. It almost always ends with me fucking them. Though, the few I don’t get to cum, I let finish up in my ass. I’ve even done a couple girls.”

“He’s been a good boyfriend and very obedient,” Toh confirmed. “We’ve all fucked him in the showers after practice so you know he is good at handling a cock.”

“I agree,” Junior said. “This weekend we take Vern to the next level.”

He went to our kitchen and returned with a glass of milk that he handed to Vern.

“This should give you a boost,” Junior stated. “All the gymnasts and Bill have had it. Drink up.”

Vern drank. Thirty minutes later it was done. His tight-fitting Lycra clothes had given out at the halfway point though he still had some shreds dangling from the neck and waist. He had gone from five-ten to a fraction over six feet. Though not huge, he now had serious muscles, really nice pectorals with nipples that looked to be made for sucking. I’d say his arms were about seventeen inches. He had a dramatic v-shape and his abdominals would classify as cobblestone instead of merely defined. Finally, his cock was now about nine-point-five and even thicker than before. All-in-all, he was a very hot package.

While he was growing we had all shed our clothes and Big Andy had returned. Ashley wasn’t expected until later in the evening.

“That worked even a little better than I expected,” Junior observed while tearing away the last remnants of Vern’s garments. “I’ll take the first turn in his newly muscled ass. Do you mind if I borrow your boy, Toshi?”

“He’s yours for as long as you want, Coach,” Toshi replied, recognizing that he was being told, not asked, but that Junior had recognized his authority over Vern.

“Thanks,” Junior replied. “Tim, we could use you as a bottom.”

“It would be my pleasure to break in his new cock,” Tim said.

“We’ll go to my room,” Junior stated. “Vern follow me and bring Tim.”

Junior started up the stairs. Vern put an arm about Tim’s waist and herded him following Junior. The two guys were about the same size but Vern was noticeably more muscular than the welldeveloped Tim. And, while Tim was nine inches, Vern now had him beat, both slightly longer and thicker. Toshi’s influence was easy to see too. Vern had a trimmed blond bush above his pole and had lost his tan line with an even golden-brown tone all over. It was a nice contrast to Tim’s pale skin. As a redhead he burns easily so avoids too much sun.

Big Andy decided to take Juan and Pablo. The three gymnasts then looked at me and I knew I’d be bottoming for all of them. I suggested we go to my room and we followed the others upstairs.

Junior had given me permission to fuck Jack and Rex whenever I wished so I could have topped them. But the gymnasts like the dominant role and I love to bottom. I suggested Toshi go first and the others didn’t object. He raised my legs to his shoulders and eased his nine inches inside.

“Junior is happy with how you’ve brought Vern along,” I said while he was giving me a slow fuck stroke. “How has it been for you?”

“Well,” Toh began, “I came from an environment pretty similar to Vern’s. I was just a typical high school athlete, dating girls and trying to get them to put out. Then I got here where sex is just as natural as breathing. It was a big change but liberating too. I got a one week course in sex before Vern arrived. I was more than a little nervous as I began seducing him from the moment we said hello.

“I started by just staying physically close to him, dominating his personal space. I complemented him on his body and felt his muscles and invited him to compare them with mine. Thanks to my milk dose I was way more muscular and stronger than Vern even though I was a few inches shorter. He was initially uncomfortable with me being so close but I could see him starting to react sexually, getting harder, his skin flushing red and breathing heavier. It gave me confidence.

“Pretty soon he was naked on my bed with my cock up his ass. I never asked him if I could fuck him. I just went from one thing to another and Vern was so confused and excited that it never occurred to him to object. He’d already had three orgasms and a load of my sperm in his gut when you joined us. By that point I knew he would do anything just to keep experiencing sex like that.”

“The way you had him dress makes him a walking ‘fuck me’ sign,” I observed.

“That was the idea,” Toh stated. “Look, I fuck him every evening and morning and he gets plenty of action from the gymnastics and swim teams but we are all guys he knows and are comfortable with. The idea was to get him comfortable sexually in any situation. Getting hit on by random students has done that and, as he said, now he is often the aggressor.

“I take him with me to parties or just a walk around campus. Normally I have an arm about his waist with my fingers tucked under the waistband of his tight shorts. It marks him as my sexual possession. And nothing breaks the ice with a guy I’m interested in fucking than offering Vern’s services. He was self conscious about it at first but now he’s proud that he is essentially owned and controlled by me.

“Now that he’s gotten his own milk boost, he is actually bigger and more muscular than I. But I don’t think it will change our relationship.”

“I think you’re right about that,” I agreed. “But It should make him more assertive with others.”

Then Toh got serious about fucking me and Jack fed his cock to my mouth so our conversation was over.

I enjoyed being the toy for three hot studs. I just let them do as they wished. I shot several times and took multiple loads in my mouth and ass. Some time later I realized that I had stopped being fucked. There was still a cock in my hole but not moving. Someone was speaking. I slowly came out of my sex induced daze.

“Hi Bill.” It was Juan speaking from the side of the bed. “I see you are back with us. I was telling the guys that we have pizza downstairs. If you think you were out of it you should see Pablo. Andy is still fucking him.”

Juan had obviously been well-fucked too with cum drying on his torso and dripping down his inner thighs. I likely looked similar. In fact, Toh, Jack and Rex would be disappointed if I didn’t. It means they did their job and displaying me to everyone, exhausted and happy, is a top’s reward. It advertises their skill. Juan left and the guys helped me up. Toh slipped his arm around my waist to give me a little support and guide me as I was still unsteady. But it was also the possessive embrace he used with Vern.

As we left my room we met Junior, Vern and Tim. Vern had his arm about Tim’s waist like Toh had with mine. The big redhead was still deep in his sex daze moving on autopilot guided by Vern. It looked like Junior was pleased with the progress Vern was making.

As we were eating Ashley arrived. She wasted no time getting out of her clothes as nobody else was wearing any. Junior got to fuck her first but each night she slept with Toh and Vern in our basement playroom. Before leaving on Sunday afternoon she had been fucked by everyone except me. Just prefer guys and we had plenty to choose from.

Sunday evening I had a one-on-one session with Vern in my room. He and Toh would spend the night with Junior but we had a couple hours. He offered to bottom but I was more interested in him fucking me. He wasted no time getting me in position and shoving in balls deep. Except for Andy and Junior we were all pretty loose and carrying sperm from past encounters for lubrication so there was no need for preliminaries. He started me off with a gentle stroke using all nine-and-a-half inches.

“How has the weekend been for you?” I asked.

“Great. My boosted body is really powerful and this cock can get anybody’s attention. That is a pretty big confidence boost.”

“Yes, It feels great inside me and you are getting really good at using it to stimulate your partner. How was your time with Ashley?”

“She is a really hot girl and taught Toh and I how to best stimulate her from front and back. Once we got going it was really easy to get her to orgasm. By this morning Toh and I could get her to orgasm whenever we wished. We had to stand her in the shower for ten minutes to revive her.

“It is sort of a power trip driving a girl senseless by fucking her. But I still think sex with guys is better, less pressure.”

“I’m with you on that,” I agreed. “Are you still concerned what your family will think when you return for winter break?”

“Not anymore,” Vern replied. “Look, dad could never do mom like I could. How can I let my mother or sister go through life without knowing the pleasure I can give them? Or my dad and brother. It would be selfish. One thing Toh has taught me is that sex is about sharing. I freely share my body around campus. How can I not share it with my own family?”

It made sense. But he was ahead of where I was. I hadn’t been home in over a year and Andy never mentions his family. I started another question but Vern cut it off by getting serious in fucking me. He was certainly getting to be a good top. I forgot my question and just enjoyed a fierce plowing.

Tuesday at swim practice I had a chance to see Vern in the pool. He was way faster and his improved coordination made his turns better too. His reaction time was faster. He was always first off the mark at the start which is pretty important in short sprints. Vern was doing butterfly and freestyle up to 200 yards, or 200 meters in international competition. I was doing longer distances. The only event we shared was the 4x200 relay where we would both swim legs.

I asked one of the national coaches to stop by to look at him. We went to an Olympic-size pool and timed him. Unofficially he broke several world or Olympic records. The team for the Pan Am Games was set, but he should easily be a star for the Olympic team next summer.

When we returned to the deserted locker room so Vern could shower and change. Vern just pushed the surprised guy against the bank of lockers and started kissing him and stripping him out of his clothes. He was in his late twenties and still in great shape, a former Olympian but not one of the big stars. When his mouth wasn’t filled with Vern’s tongue he would insist he was not gay but he had stopped struggling minutes ago.

We got him out of his clothes. He had a respectable eight inches. It was hard. He was still insisting that he had never had gay sex and was happily married. Vern just kept kissing him and he was kissing back. I felt his ass. Initially he tried to move it away from contact but soon he was letting me finger his hole. I probed it with one finger. It was tight. I really believe he was a virgin back there.

I spread the globes of his ass and dove in with my tongue. I licked around the ring until I felt it relax, then pushed some tongue inside. I kept that up until he was comfortable with it and shifted to stretching his ring with a couple fingers. That caused him to give another plea for us to stop but while saying that he was pushing back onto my fingers. We ignored him. I soon was able to insert three fingers. I told Vern he was ready.

Vern put him on his back on the locker room bench and stood by his head. He apologized for not having any lube but suggested that if he gets his cock nice and wet it would go in easier. He lowered it to his mouth and he accepted the suggestion without additional protest. With his cock slathered in saliva, Vern straddled the bench and raised the coach’s legs to his shoulders.

He was in position and pressed against the puckered hole.

I had a good view as the hard pole of an alpha male initiated a new bottom boy. The crown popped in followed by a couple inches of thick shaft. Vern started a slow fuck stroke gradually sinking deeper. As he did our victim kept muttering, ‘no, no, no’. I didn’t think he was trying to get Vern to stop. Instead his words were to himself trying not to react to the unfamiliar pleasure of having another man inside him. A couple minutes later he had a powerful orgasm. His cock spewed several jets of cum onto his face and chest. Vern just kept going. He shot twice more before Vern seeded his gut. Then I had a turn. I got two more loads from him as he was cleaning Vern’s cock with his mouth.

Then we all had our shower. Vern was kissing our new friend under the spray. There was no resistance now. I ate out the mixed loads from Vern and I in his ass and stood up to share it with him in my own deep kiss. There was no hesitation as he accepted the gift and swallowed it down.

“Coach Brady,” Vern said, addressing our new friend, “I’m sure you can find some way to get me on the roster for Rio.”

“Please, Mister Talbot, call me Nick,” he said. “I’ll get you on. I guarantee it.”

A couple weeks later Vern was offered a swim-off against a couple team members, 100 and 200 meters, freestyle and butterfly. He beat both by several body lengths and broke a couple of his unofficial records. He was on the squad for Rio.


Chapter 12—Rio

For the Pan Am Games we chartered a luxury 787. It seats forty.

Junior didn’t want the triple seven for this trip since he wants Vern to be a surprise when he gets home next month. His folks don’t even know he is competing in the games.

We have both the gymnastic teams and Vern and I. Since I’ll be competing, Toshi is coming as equipment manager, assisted by trainers Mark Yi and Joe Kim. Besides Andy and Junior we have our billionaire benefactors, Mark and Jay Howard. We are also bringing Tim and Juan from the Gulfstream crew with their boyfriends Brian and Pablo. Pablo grew up in Rio and can guide us in the local culture. Junior had fucked him earlier and picked up Portuguese and his knowledge of the city.

We are not at a hotel for this trip. Jay had arranged to rent an estate from a fellow billionaire who decided to vacation on the French Riviera while his city hosted the games. I gathered this Brazilian was also gay. His home is on the beach. The main house has sixteen bedroom suites and quarters for staff and there is a guest cottage with an additional three bedrooms. It should be quite nice.

We were leaving from San Francisco International at four in the afternoon. The flight is about fifteen hours which gets us in about noon the next day. The plane was set with four small suites in the front cabin, an expansive lounge area in the middle and comfortable seating in the rear cabin in a two, two, two configuration.

The Howard brothers had the front two private cabins. The other two were left unassigned for anyone who wanted privacy for sex or sleep. I had a seat in the lounge area facing Big Andy on the right side of the plane.

“Would you like a drink before takeoff,” I heard. “Or something else.”

“Coke is fine,” I replied before recognizing it was Alex Han from the triple seven. “Alex, I didn’t know you were working this flight.”

“I’m normally on the 777 but, unlike pilots, we cabin crew have some flexibility. When I saw the booking I pulled a few strings to get on. You might notice we have an all male crew. I made sure they knew what to expect. For myself, when we land in Rio, I’m taking a couple weeks of my vacation time and I’ll work your return flight.”

“You’ve got to stay with us,” I blurted out. “Andy, is that okay?”

“Yes,” he replied. “I guess you have a bedmate.”

“Thanks,” Alex said. “I was hoping you’d invite me. I didn’t book a hotel.”

He handed me a coke that he had brought with him. He took Andy’s order and left to continue his duties.

We were shortly in the air for the long flight. Let us just say it was typical for us. We arrived on schedule two days before the games open and transferred to our luxury digs.

The staff was waiting out front when our bus pulled up. There were six, all young men from about age eighteen to thirty. Only one was Black. The others were deeply tanned. All wore fitted black slacks and a sheer white top. You could see their firm muscles through the material. All were obviously well hung. Eight inches was the smallest in my estimate. The Black stud was just over ten. They got us settled.

Alex and I took a suite that opens out to the pool area through a sliding glass door. They had a large, infinity edge pool that overlooked the ocean. A wooden walkway led to the beach. We were away from the hotel areas so there were only a few locals enjoying the sea, sun and sand.

The women got the guest cottage. It was on the opposite side of the pool.

After we got settled I thought I’d just relax in the sun by the pool. I was getting out some speedos but Alex reminded me there was no need. We applied plenty of sunscreen to each other and went outside. There were several lounge chairs where two could lay side-by-side and we chose one.

I must have fallen asleep. I awoke to the feeling of my cock sliding into a hole. I opened my eyes to find Tia Nguyen sitting astride my hips. She was as naked as we and, behind her, teammates Ashley and Carla, also nude were watching.

“Hey, he’s mine,” Alex said from his spot beside me.

“You weren’t using him,” Tia responded. “That twelve-inch hard pole, sticking straight up, was irresistible. It feels great inside me. I’ll get it nice and slick for you with my natural, organic, lube and you can take it up your ass when I’m done.”

She went to work, sliding along my pole. Tia is almost eighteen and a senior in a suburban Houston high school. After the scandal involving Coach Nelson, her parents know she has been having sex. Now though it is sex of her choosing. Her mother is on the charter we booked for family. It doesn’t arrive until tomorrow and they all are staying at a hotel near the gymnastics venue.

I’m gay but having my pole worked upon by the cunt of a worldclass gymnastics beauty is a special treat. Tia had a few orgasms before getting my seed. She lifted off me and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek before rejoining her friends.

Alex wasted no time taking her place. He bobbed up and down working my piece until I unloaded up inside him and he sprayed my torso. Then he just lay on my chest with me still in him. We dozed off again.

“Bill, wake up,” I heard as I felt someone shake my shoulder.

It was Vern. He was nude but with him was Coach Brady in the outfit issued to team officials, white khaki pants and a red knit shirt with blue trim. He was carrying a small briefcase.

“Nick wants to discuss our schedule,” Vern continued. “We can go to my room.”

“Sure,” I agreed. “Give me a minute.”

I stood up still holding Alex. I lifted him off my cock, tossed him into the center of the pool and dove in after him. I just swam to the side and climbed out, followed by Alex. The residue from our sex was washed off. We grabbed a couple towels and let Vern lead us. His suite was next to ours. We entered via the sliding glass door. Toshi was resting, also naked, on the bed.

“Guys, this is Assistant Coach Nick Brady of our swim team,” Vern began. “On the bed is my boyfriend, Toshi Hamada, a gymnast, and with Bill is his friend, Alex Han. Now, introductions over, Nick you might as well get out of your clothes. You know we are going to fuck you after you finish your business.”

“Yes, Mister Talbot,” The coach said, getting a couple sheets of paper from his case.

“You can call me Vern and the others, Bill, Toh and Alex,” Vern told him. “But that familiarity does not diminish the respect and obedience you will give each of us.”

“Yes, Vern,” Brady said, handing a sheet to Vern and I and then getting right to removing his clothes.

More than his words, his body language told me he accepted his inferiority, even to Toshi and Alex that he had never met.

“These are the schedules for your events,” he began, while continuing to disrobe. “Vern you are busiest, swimming the 50, 100 and 200 meter freestyle and the 100 and 200 meter butterfly plus the four by one hundred, four by two hundred and four by one hundred medley relays. All have qualifying heats. On the relays you are definitely swimming the finals but we can substitute other team members in the qualifying. I won’t know until a day or two before about those.

Bill, you have the 400, 800, and 1500 meter freestyles and the 400 individual medley plus the four by two hundred relay. You should be at the venue at least an hour ahead of the scheduled event time. It is normally a half hour drive from here but plan on twice that with the extra traffic for the games.

“The opening ceremony is Friday evening. Tomorrow, Thursday, you can come by the aquatic center and practice in the pool. It is the same pool used in the 2016 Olympics but rebuilt in a new venue.”

“Thank you, Nick,” Vern said. “Who do you want to fuck you first?”

“Why you sir, of course,” he replied.

And we did. Except, Alex, a confirmed bottom, got his ass plowed as he and I sandwiched Nick between us. We all rested on the big bed, Nick with his head on Vern’s chest.

“So Nick,” Vern began. “You are eager for gay sex now. Do you have a regular boyfriend or fuck buddy?”

“Actually no,” he admitted. “I went to a few gay clubs and I got lots of attention from guys most would consider well built or handsome and some well hung too. I guess I fit that description too. But they didn’t turn me on. Yet when I see you or Bill and now Toshi and Alex I get rock hard instantly. I was hoping I could be your boyfriend or fuck buddy. Sex toy is okay too. To tell the truth I can’t even cum in my wife anymore unless I am imagining you fucking me. We’ve been trying to have a child but no luck so far.”

“I didn’t actually change you,” Vern said. “I just revealed to you what you were all along but had suppressed. But, now that I did, I guess I’m obligated to care for you. Where to you live?”

“Santa Monica,” Nick replied. “I run and coach an aquatic club there when not performing my duties on the national team.”

“That’s really good,” Vern said. “I live in Westwood, near UCLA. I’ll come by your house when I’m home on winter break. I’ll be able to satisfy your needs and I’m certain I can get your wife pregnant. She just needs to be with a real man and I’m sure you know that is not you.”

“God, one part of me says I should be outraged at what you proposed,” Nick said. “But the part you awakened in me sees this as right and is overjoyed. That part knows my wife and I both need a man in our lives and you are offering to be it.”

“Good boy,” Vern told him, rubbing his hand through his hair. “You’ve accepted that your role in life is to serve and please real men. Now you can be happy.”

And it was obvious that Nick was. It would never have entered my mind to do our initial rape of Nick, and that is what it was. And then to completely take over his life, even his wife. But Nick accepted it without one complaint. I thought back to what Junior promised Vern’s dad and realized that he had delivered.

The actual competition was anti-climatic. We won all our events and in world record times too. The gymnasts swept their golds too. Vern and I got several very nice endorsement deals from sponsors looking forward to the Olympics in Tokyo next summer. If we do as expected there we will earn several million dollars but we got very substantial advances on that. When your pals are billionaires it doesn’t sound that impressive but it is nice to have enough money in your pocket so you don’t need to ask if you want to do or buy something.

The swimming was on a nine day schedule, starting Saturday, the day after the opening ceremony. The gymnastics also starts and finishes well before the games close on the third Sunday. It meant we had some time to explore Rio.

The final Saturday night Pablo took a group to one of the most popular gay clubs. We had Pablo and Juan. Tim was a single since Brian had to fly back a week earlier to handle his real estate business. Junior was taking the hottest member of the estate staff, a stud named Rivaldo, the gardener who doubles as the driver. He was six-two and two hundred twenty pounds, all muscle, and a twelve-inch cock that was maybe a hair shorter than mine but just as thick. Then there was Toshi, Vern and Nick.

I was taking Alex Han.

We mostly wore muscle tees and tight slacks. We borrowed one of Toshi’s tees for Alex. For Nick we used one of the sheer seethrough shirts the estate staff wore. We were a hot-looking group.

Rivaldo drove the estate mini-bus to a new-looking building just a couple blocks from the popular Copacabana Beach. We arrived just after sunset. They had blocked off a space for our vehicle just in front. Two muscular young men came forward to greet us while a third held open the main door. We got out and entered.

Inside was a nicely decorated reception area with a counter and another young man behind it. Pablo spoke to him in Portuguese and he replied at length. Pablo turned to speak to us but Junior replied to the man in his language.

“We have booked the entire club for the next eighteen hours,”

Junior told us all. “We also brought in thirty of the hottest Brazilian males for our pleasure. They have been guaranteed five times their normal rate and were tested and certified by a doctor Rivaldo trusts when they arrived this afternoon. They are ours for whatever service we desire until we leave tomorrow about noon. Come to the counter to get a key for a locker for your clothes. If you need anything during our visit just ask a staff member. They will be the ones wearing clothes. Any question?”

There were none. We got our keys. Each had a number and an elastic cord that fit around your wrist or ankle. The locker room was just past the door from the reception area. It was clean and neat. There were about a hundred lockers and there were sinks, toilets and a large shower area off to one side.

As we were stripping I asked Alex, “Have you ever been to a place like this?”

“A few times,” he replied. “Twice in Bangkok and once each in

Berlin, Hong Kong and here in Rio. This is way nicer than the ones I visited. I like that all the money business is taken care of; bargaining with the boys is such a turnoff.”

We both put our keys around our ankles and entered the club proper. The first area was a lounge with sitting areas and some small tables. On one side was a bar with a staff member, a young, muscular male, behind it. There was a posted price list that I gathered did not apply today. A long table near one wall held some food.

Filling the room were a couple dozen naked Brazilian men. All were very well hung and very muscular. Most were Caucasian but deeply tanned and without tan lines. There were about five Black Brazilians that, if anything, were even more muscular and better hung than the Caucasians. A couple beat my twelve. I’d say the biggest was thirteen and thicker than me too. But even the smallest cock must have been eight and a half and most were in the nine to ten range.

We were looking around. There were so many hot guys it was hard to decide who to choose. Two came over to us. One was the biggest Black, about six-six and a hard thirteen inches, muscles even bigger than mine. He put an arm around my back and held me to his side. The other was about six foot and nine inches. He latched on to Alex. Except with Big Andy, I’m not used to feeling small in sexual situations but I was now.

“Hello. I’m Julio,” said the Black stud holding me in good English. “You look like you could use some companionship. My friend’s name is Marcelo. He only has a little English.”

“Julio, I’m Bill and my friend is Alex. With so many hot guys it was hard for us to decide. I’m glad you made the decision for us. As a matter of fact, we’d like you to continue to make the decisions for us. Show us both a good time. We are in your hands for anything you want to do.”

“That is a wise choice, Bill,” Julio confirmed. “You have the thirty best boys in Brazil. At our level we all know each other. We are very well tuned to the needs of our clients but the vast majority want to retain control and their choices often don’t match their needs. I find that they are sometimes afraid to do what they really want. My read on you is that you usually feel in control in a sexual situation even if you bottom. As a big muscular guy there are few people that could make you feel insecure. I’m one of them. I’m holding you and can feel your involuntary trembling. You are just a little worried about what I might do. I’m not going to reassure you. I plan to test your limits.”

It was uncanny how accurate Julio was about me. I thought about changing my mind. Then I realized that Julio might not allow me to change my mind. I told him to make the decisions and gave him carte blanch and that certainly is license to ignore any attempt to back out. It wasn’t something I could reason out. It was a matter of trust. I had made a choice and I would stand by it.

“I’m not comfortable with this,” I heard Coach Nick almost shout from across the room.” I wasn’t the only one with second thoughts.

“It is not for you to decide, Nick,” Vern told him firmly. “I want a cock, or two, up his ass and in his mouth from now until we leave,” Vern told two big studs that had Nick held between them. “And the only things he is allowed to eat or drink are cum and urine. Feed him well.”

I smiled thinking I was not the only one with no control. Julio herded me to a corridor and Marcelo followed with Alex. He opened one of the doors along it and we went inside. He locked the door behind us.

The room had a single king-sized bed with a couple night tables on each side. There was lube and condoms laid out on the tables. The walls on either side of the bed had large full-length mirrors.

Julio pushed me to my knees and stood before me. He was partly hard, about eleven inches. His foreskin only partly retracted, revealing the tip of his crown. It was more of a reddish brown than the almost deep black shade of his skin and pole. I held it with both hands and moved the tip to my mouth.

I licked around the skin covering the end and then pushed it through my lips, taking the first five inches. I worked the part in my mouth with my tongue and it grew rapidly to fully hard. I backed off and admired it at it’s full thirteen inches. It was alive and bucking in the grip of my two hands, as powerful as the stud that wielded it.

I took it back inside and began to bob up and down on it, working more of it inside. I let the end slip into my throat. Julio then held my head to hold it in place. I moved my hands to the globes of his ass and pressed him to me, shoving another two inches into my throat. Now I had eight inches inside me and enough in my gullet to squeeze with my throat muscles. He used his grip on my head to fuck my face, working himself deeper until my nose mashed into his curly black pubic bush. I could just see his face looking down at me between the firm muscle mounds of his thick pecs when I glanced up.

“I knew you would be a challenge even for me,” Julio remarked. “You are the first person to take all of me orally. The previous record was twenty-five centimeters and you have all thirty-three. I said I’d challenge your limits and thought they were pretty high but I’ve now revised that up.”

He started face-fucking me hard. Taking his thick flesh all the way out of my throat and slamming it back in until I mashed his groin. He was going to cum soon at this pace. He held off for three minutes before I felt his embedded meat spasm as he delivered his seed right to my stomach. After a couple shots he backed off and the rest flooded my mouth. I swallowed it down.

When he stopped shooting he pushed the still partly hard pole down my throat again, holding me to his groin.

“That was quite excellent, Bill.” Praise from someone like him made me feel good. “Here is something to wash down my cum.” He released a strong stream of urine. I could feel the warm fluid squirt from the deeply buried tip and run down the tube to my stomach.

When the flow stopped he pulled out of me. I licked the last drops from the tip as it exited my mouth.

“Please let me taste it next time,” I requested. “Anything you choose to give me is a reward that I would like to treasure as much as possible.”

“You earned my respect,” Julio stated. “I will honor your request.”

He lifted me to my feet and we kissed. His tongue probed my mouth and I accepted his dominance. He grabbed my hips and lifted me easily off the floor and tossed me onto the bed.

“You know what is next,” he stated. “Do you want me to use lube or a condom?”

I was surprised he asked.

“No condom. I want you to breed my ass deep. And if my saliva hasn’t made you slick enough I accept the consequences.”

“I thought that would be your answer but professional ethics demands I ask even though you ceded control.”

He placed me on hands and knees, intending to mount me from behind. I spread my knees wide to give him best access. He had his left hand steady my waist as he put himself in position for entry. I felt his tip on my hole.

“You took me by mouth,” Julio said. “Let us see how you do on the other end.

He punched it into me, getting several inches on his first thrust. He immediately began a fast stroke, working his cock deeper. I’ve taken Andy and Junior regularly and knew I could easily handle his pole but I kept my gut tight so he had to work to push in deeper.

“It’s big but don’t stop. I can handle it.”

He was good. He knew how to stroke me for best stimulation. I had an orgasm after just a few minutes and he only had in eight inches. Involuntarily in the afterglow I relaxed my gut and he slid in a couple more inches before I squeezed down on him again.

“You are doing great so far,” he encouraged me. “Only a little more.”

He kept pounding me hard. I got pushed down to my elbows and it gave him a better angle. He gave a last, extra powerful thrust and it over came my internal resistance and he bottomed out in my gut. He was long enough and thick enough that when I reached down I could feel the bulge he made under my taut abdominal muscles. He wasn’t as deep as Andy or Junior could reach but no one other than they had been that far inside me before.

“I can feel you stroking my cock through the flesh trying to contain it,” Julio remarked. “If I fuck you hard do you think it will hold me or will I rip you open?”

“I guess I’ll find out since I left the decision up to you. But if I die, I’ll die happy.”

He fucked me at full power, holding my hips and slamming me toward him as he plunged inward. I had a second orgasm almost immediately. Ten minutes of furious action and he jetted a big load in my gut as I shot a third time.

He rested his muscular trunk on my back. His head was over my right shoulder. I turned and we kissed. He wiped up some of the cum I’d shot on his fingers and fed it to me. We kissed again and he swiped back some of my seed on his tongue.

Julio eased out of me and rolled to his back on the big bed. He pulled me on top of him, wrapping me in his thick arms. One hand was on my upper back and the other on my ass, idly fingering the hole he so abused.

“You are every bit the stud I hoped you’d be,” I told him. “But you don’t need me to tell you that. You know how good you are.”

“I appreciate it anyway,” Julio admitted. “I never had anyone who could take what I gave you. I’ve fucked half the boys here tonight and if I gave them what you took they’d have been begging me to stop after a couple minutes. I’ll give you my private number. If you are ever in Rio again, call me. I’ll be your personal guide for as long as you want, no charge.”

“Thanks, I I’ll take you up on that,” I assured him sincerely. “I’ll give you mine too with a similar offer if you visit the States. I’m hungry and thirsty. Can we break and get something?”

“Sure,” he agreed. “I have some more urine on tap if you want.”

“Of course. I wasn’t joking when I said I would treasure any of your bodily fluids you wished to give me. I just requested you let me taste it but I understand that is at your discretion.”

“Then get in position.”

He released my back and spread his legs so I could kneel between them. I took the end of his, now soft, pole into my mouth. A few seconds later he released his stream. The first flow flushed the remaining sperm in his long member. But soon it was pure. It was a little sour and a little bitter but not bad. Since it was from someone I respected deeply I was very happy to get it. I licked the last drop from the hole in the tip when he finished and then licked my lips to show my appreciation.

He stood up and then helped me off the bed. Alex and Marcelo were still going at it. I’d been so wrapped up in Julio that I had paid them no mind. We just left them to their fun.

There were sounds from some of the other rooms as we walked to the lounge. The lounge was empty except for the guy at the bar. Julio had me sit and went to the bar, telling the bartender something in their language. He then went to the table and got a plate of food. He returned with the food just as the beer he ordered was placed at our table.

Julio sat down and told me to sit on his lap, facing him. He had sat with enough room behind him so I could wrap my legs around his waist. He helped steady me by holding my hips as I sat, letting his thick flesh enter my bottom. It felt good to have him inside me again.

He took a long drink from his beer.

“This is Cervejaria Nacional. They stocked the good stuff for your visit,” Julio said. “Try some.”

He took another big swig and held it in his mouth. I placed my lips over his and he transferred the liquid to me. It did taste good and packed a punch. He had some of the food. Most of what he’d chosen was Brazilian barbecued meats. After he swallowed a mouthful he took another, partially chewing it before passing it to my mouth. I tasted his saliva mixed with the flavor of the meat. It was intimate and erotic. We had a second beer.

Two Brazilian boys entered. They were in high spirits and looked like brothers, tanned, muscular and both near ten inches. They started to greet Julio in Portuguese.

“Speak English for my friend,” Julio demanded.

“Of course,” one said, corrected. “We just finished double stuffing one of the Americans. I don’t think he had done that before but he got into it once we had him stretched open. We’re going to get something to drink.”

“They have good beer,” Julio told them. “But first drink from Bill here. With all you had from me you must need to go.”

One bent over and took the last three inches of my cock in his mouth. I was part hard from sitting on Julio so it took a few seconds before I could release my flow. He drank it all, stood up and the two boys went to the bar.

“That normally would cost a lot extra,” Julio explained. “But we are being paid very well for tonight plus we all know who you are. Bill Foster, Vernon Talbot, Coach Wang, you are all over the papers and television covering news from the games. Your four world records impress me almost as much as your ability to match me sexually.”

“Julio, if they had world records for sex, you would hold a lot of them. I am honored to serve you for this night.”

At that Julio stood up, carrying me still riding him to continue our fun. He found a room that hadn’t been used yet and set me on the bed and immediately resumed fucking.

It was a great night. I feel asleep in Julio’s embrace with him still inside me and woke up with him fucking me. We were back in the lounge with me again on his lap being fed. This time it was orange juice to drink and a big omelet.

Some of our group had wandered in. Pablo and Rivaldo were talking with a couple of the boys in Portuguese while Tim and Juan sat nearby eating. Juan, knowing Spanish, might be able to understand some of what they were talking about.

Vern and Toshi came in together, saw me and came over. I introduced them to Julio. They were in high spirits.

“We must each have fucked a dozen hot boys,” Vern reported. “How many did you fuck?”

“None,” I admitted. “I was with Julio the whole time and he fucked me. I had a great time with him.” I leaned in and got more of our omelet from his mouth.

Then two guys came in supporting an exhausted Coach Nick between them. They eased him into a chair. Nick was in a daze and covered in fresh cum. We all had splotches of dried or drying cum on us but Nick was soaked in it. A dozen or so guys must have just shot their loads on him as a final gift.

Alex came with Marcelo and another tanned stud with almost eleven inches. He’d been well fucked.

Junior was last to return, walking between two studs who were two feet taller than he but it was obvious from their body language that they recognized Junior as the dominant male.

After we showered and dressed, Julio gave me his card and I entered my info on his phone. I hope I see him again.

Rivaldo drove us back to the estate and then returned Nick to the hotel where officials were staying. He had recovered physically but was still trying to come to terms mentally with what he experienced.

Big Andy was back. He had taken the gymnasts, male and female, to a party at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.


Chapter 13—Vern’s Visit Home

I had to work hard when we returned to catch up with what I’d missed while in Rio. I only had a couple more finals to take before our winter break. That is when Junior gave me an assignment. I was to go home with Vern and report on how he interacts with his family. I’d seen Vern in action and knew he’d do fine but when Junior tells me to do something I have to do it.

We flew to L.A. first class which was still a downgrade from the private flights. Vern’s dad met us at the airport.

I went right up to him and held him to me with my arm around his waist. I’m both taller and way more muscular than he and I just reminded him of that fact.

“Captain Talbot, I’m Bill Foster. You might remember me. I was on the flight to Germany and back with you. I’ll be staying with you and Vern over the break.” We hadn’t told him I was coming. “Junior promised you a son that was confident and dominant in any sexual situation. I think you’ll see Vern is all that and more.”

“Bill, I do remember you. I read about what you and Vern did in Rio. Vern you should have told us. Your mother and I would have come along to cheer you on. I guess Bill you can share Vern’s room for your visit.”

“Dad,” Vern began in the tone of a man correcting a child. “There can be only one man of the house and from this moment on that’s me. I’ll decide where Bill sleeps and with whom. I’ll decide where you sleep and with whom too. Bill you can drive us home while I demonstrate to dad why I’m in charge.”

We walked to their car. Vern’s dad was visibly worried as he walked between us. He had a Honda Pilot SUV in the lot. We put our stuff in the back. I got in the driver’s seat and dad and son went in the second row. I started it up and punched home on their GPS.

They didn’t live far but in traffic it would take almost an hour. Vern had his dad kneeling on the seat facing the back with his knees spread, allowing him between them. He was fucking him with full strokes and three fingers in his mouth to keep him from talking. But Vern was talking.

“They told me you like a cock in your ass. That seems to be true. You like me fucking you don’t you Dad? You can nod your head. I thought so. It is probably even hotter that it is your own son doing you. Another yes. I’ll be taking care of mother sexually too.

That is no longer your responsibility. Do you understand. Good. And Sandra and Richard.

“Bill is a good friend. I’ve told him he can fuck anyone in our family whenever he wishes. But he’s not really into girls so it will probably be you, me or Rich.”

Vern forced his dad into orgasm, spraying his seed on the leather seats while moaning around the digits in his mouth.

“One final thing,” Vern added. “My boyfriend, Toshi Hamada, lives in San Diego. Two days after Christmas he will come here for a visit and stay about a week. We are roommates at the university so he fucks me regularly. I’m a lot like you Dad. I like to take a cock in my ass if it is from a real man. But unlike you I know that and have a person I love to fill my need. I expect Toshi will fuck all of us, even you Dad.”

“The GPS says we will arrive in five minutes,” I announced.

“Better get him presentable, more or less.”

Vern gave his dad another orgasm, pulled out and had his dad clean off his pole with his mouth. Then he helped his dad get back in his clothes. Vern looked fine but his dad’s face and hair were wet with his sweat. He looked like he’d been used hard which he had been. The car’s interior smelled of cum.

I turned into their driveway. Vern leaned forward and pressed the button to open the garage door. It had space for three cars. The middle space was occupied. Vern said to use the space nearest the door to the house.

Vern led the way into his house. I followed, partly supporting his dad.

His mom was in the kitchen preparing some food. She had a red apron on over an everyday green dress. She was in her early forties and looked younger. She must have been a beauty when young but was still trim and fit. She was about five-seven and had shoulder length blond hair in a lighter shade than her son.

“Vern,” she said. “You look fantastic. You really should have told us. Rich started a big album with all the stories and pictures.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Vern said softly. “We wanted it to be a surprise.”

He went to her and kissed her. But it wasn’t a mom kiss. It was the kiss a boy gives to his girl before sex. She was initially startled. But the feeling of her son’s hard muscular body against her and the lingering smell of his cum had its effect on her. You could see her body change when in her mind she was no longer kissing her son but her lover.

“Bill Foster?”

I heard my name as a question and turned to the sound. It was from who I presumed was Vern’s, soon to be, fifteen year old brother, Rich. He was about five-five, light brown hair cut short, with a fit body and the beginnings of some muscle.

“Yes, you must be Vern’s brother Richard,” I responded. “Vern invited me for the break. We are together on the university team as well as the national team.”

On hearing his brother, Vern and his mom broke off their kiss and turned to face the new arrival. Vern still had an arm about his mother’s waist.

“Wow brother,” Rich said. “You’ve gotten big and muscular. I have picture of you in your swimsuit but you’re even more impressive in person.”

“Yes. My program at the university has really helped me. You’re starting to put on muscle too.”

Vern had gotten hard and his bulge was very visible under his slacks, angling off almost to the side of his hip. I could see Rich taking quick glances at it probably hoping it isn’t noticed. I, at least, was still soft.

“You have to let me show you my album,” Rich said excitedly.

“You’re in there too Bill. I knew you were teammates.”

“Sure Rich,” Vern said. “Where is Sandra?”

“She is over at a girlfriend’s house,” his mother said. “She should be back shortly.”

Just then we heard the garage door open. Soon Sandra entered. She was almost seventeen and quite tall, about five-ten. She was a cheerleader at her high school and was a true beauty with light blond hair that matched her mother’s and nice breasts. She was wearing a short skirt that was not much longer than a cheerleader’s outfit and a white knit top with a scoop neck that showed plenty of cleavage. She did not wear a bra or apparently need one.

“What’s the matter with Dad,” where Sandra’s first words.

Vern Senior was just standing by the door to the garage, disheveled and dejected, observing his son usurp his position.

“Dad is having a hard time adjusting to me replacing him as head of our family,” Vern told her. “But Mom seems happy with it and you and Rich will be too.”

“Vern, I didn’t know you were so big,” Sandra said, shifting her attention from her dad to her brother.

“Yes, I’ve put on a lot of muscle,” Vern said. “Or do you refer to one muscle in particular?”

“It is kind of obvious,” she said, blushing. “My boyfriend can’t come close to you.”

“Are you still going with that quarterback?” Vern asked. “You need to have sex with a real man so you know what you should expect.”

“Maybe,” She was considering what Vern said. “Who is the other guy?”

“That’s Bill Foster, Vern’s teammate,” Rich broke in.

“Hi Sandra,” I said. “I’ll be staying with your family over our break.”

“We need to put our stuff away,” Vern stated. “Why don’t we go to my room. Mom, I’ll see you later; you too Dad.”

Vern led the way and I followed. Sandra and Rich came too. Vern’s room was not big. They had dusted it in preparation for his return home. It had a full-size bed that would be tight for two guys like us. It had a desk, night table and dresser. There were some trophies displayed on the dresser and posters on the walls from the swimming at the Rio Olympics from 2016. He had a small closet. A bathroom connected his room with that of Rich.

Rich’s room was nearly identical except the posters were from the Pan American Games. Most were of Vern in action but one featured Vern and I side by side in speedos posing with all our gold medals hanging from our necks and spaced along our broad chests. Sports Illustrated cropped the shot for their cover but the poster has our full bodies. The bulges in our speedos are pretty outrageous.

“These are the speedos from the poster,” Rich almost shouted, digging through his brother’s stuff while unloading his duffle.

“Yes,” Vern confirmed. “You can have them. Bill and I are required to wear Nike now but we get it all free. Can we get a little privacy? Bill and I need to change.”

“What’s going on?” Sandra asked. “Rich is too blinded worshipping you to notice but I know you’re up to something.”

“You know I was originally scheduled to go to USC,” Vern explained. “Then I got a better offer. Part of the deal was that Dad was promised that when I returned for break I’d be confident in any sexual situation. They kept their promise. Dad knows I’m more of a man than he. I fucked him on the trip from the airport.”

“Dad is gay? You too?” Sandra asked.

“That’s just a label. People don’t fit neatly into boxes,” Vern said. “Dad likes gay sex and once he realizes it he’ll be quite happy. I like all sex. I’ve done plenty of gay stuff and have a boyfriend but I’m great with women too, something I plan to show you and Mom. I have sex several times a day. Sandra, I know you’re not a virgin. Have you done it with your quarterback yet?”

“Once,” she admitted. “You think you are going to have sex with Mom and I. No way. What are you doing?”

Vern was removing his shirt and signaled me to do the same.

“We asked for privacy to change but you decided to stay. Enjoy the show.”

Vern had his shirt off and began on his slacks. Neither of us were wearing underwear. His cock popped free and pointed straight up. He was hard. He stepped out of his pants and was naked before his sister and brother. A few seconds later, so was I.

“How does your brother compare with your quarterback?”

“Wow, Vern, he’s a boy compared to you,” Rich said.

Then Rich looked at me and gulped. My twelve-inches were hard and starting to bubble some pre and I’m taller and more muscular than Vern.

“Let’s give them some privacy,” I suggested to Rich, leading him back to his room. “You can touch me if you want,” I offered once we were alone.

He wanted to but hesitated. I took his wrist and guided his right hand to my cock. I was too thick for his small hand to wrap fully around it. His own cock was hard in his pants, about five inches, not bad for his age.

“Have you ever fucked a girl?” He nodded no. “A guy?” Also no. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“You’d let me fuck you,” he said looking up from my cock to my face to see if I were joking.

“Sure, you have to start sometime, so why not now? Besides, you won’t find a better man to be your first conquest.”

I moved to his bed and lay down on it. He was still holding my cock.

“First, take off your clothes.” He did, quickly.

“You have a nice body and a pretty big cock for your age.”

“Thanks. I do exercises every day.”

“Straddle my head with your knees, facing my feet.” He did. “Now lay forward on my torso and you can play with my cock while I play with yours.”

I stroked his hard pole and he ran his hands over mine. I held his hips and pulled him to me until I had his cock in my mouth. I started licking around it with my tongue.

“This is cock sucking. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. If you want to make me feel as good as you, try sucking mine. I’m much bigger so just try to put the head in your mouth and lick around it.”

He was tentative at first but he managed to get me inside. After some experimenting he pushed forward and took a couple inches of shaft too. I shifted to his hole.

“I’m rubbing a finger around your asshole to loosen it up. You need to do that to me before you enter me.” He was so small that wasn’t necessary but I wanted to teach him good habits for when he fucks his friends. “Once you feel it relax you can push in a finger or two to stretch the opening for your penis.”

“That feels good.”

“You can also lick the opening with your tongue. That’s called rimming and should feel even better. It also gets the opening wet to allow your penis to slide in easier. You should also use a slick substance called lube when you fuck your friends but you won’t need it for me.”

“Rimming feels great.”

“One final thing before you start on me. I’m going to put a couple fingers in your hole.” I did. They went in easily as I’d gotten him nice and relaxed. “I’m touching a spot inside you that is really sensitive. When you have your cock in try to rub the tip over that spot in me.”

“I see. When you touched it my cock tingled.”

“Okay, that’s the short course in fucking. Let us see how you do. Shift position and kneel between my legs.” He did. “Now raise my legs to rest on your shoulders. You should see my hole. Play with it like I showed you and when you think it is ready put your cock at the opening and shove it inside.”

He was a good student. He was soon inside and fucking me. I let him know when he was on target. I stroked my cock to try and be ready when he shot. He lasted just over five minutes before jetting his seed in my ass as I spewed a big load over both our bodies. I had him stay inside me. He recovered his hardness quickly and started to fuck me some more. This time he lasted over ten minutes before giving me a second load as I came again too. He eased out and lay beside me on his bed. He was breathing heavily.

“That was incredible,” he said. “Was I good.”

“You saw me shoot twice. That should answer you.”

He obviously has a long way to go but it was a pretty good effort for his first time.

“You know, Bill, when you were showing me what to do, that felt pretty good and it was obvious you really liked my cock in your ass. Could we try you fucking me?”

“Maybe later. Why don’t we see how your brother and sister are doing.”

We got off the bed. Rich went to get dressed but I told him there was no need. When we opened the door to the connecting bathroom, the sound of sex from Vern’s room were clear.

When we entered the room Vern was fucking Sandra with fast, full-length strokes as she thrashed on the bed beneath him in the grip of a nearly continuous orgasm. She was staring up at him, muttering ‘Vern’ mixed with moans.

“So that’s how a woman reacts to being fucked,” Rich observed.

“It is if you are doing it right,” I said. “When you have more practice you can make guys react like that too.”

“You’re saying that if you or Vern fuck me, I’d react like that.”

“Eventually. Vern and I are big guys and there will be some pain until we get you stretched inside so we can slide easily. We know how to handle beginners so we take it slow until you are comfortable.”

Vern had sped up as he approached his release. He made one last deep plunge and seeded her cunt. It was obviously not his first load as cum spurted out around his shaft as new stuff was pumped into her. Vern stayed motionless, still balls deep in his sister, waiting for her to recover. It took a few minutes.

“Vern…god…Vern,” Sandra was getting some focus. “Where did you learn to do that? I’ve talked to some of the girls you dated. They thought you were good but what you did to me was… I just don’t have words for it.”

“I learned to be a man in college. Now you’ve learned what to expect when a real man has sex with you.”

He slowly eased out of her. His cock, still partly hard, was coated in his cum and her lube.

“Can I clean it for you?” Rich asked. “Bill showed me how to suck cock.”

“Sure kid. Did Bill fuck you?

“No, Vern, he let me fuck him. It was fun. Could you fuck me?”

Then Rich went right to work on his brother’s cock. He would lick the juice off its surface and swallow it down. When it was mostly clean he put the end in his mouth. He was able to take about six inches. Before he pulled off and looked up at Vern, “You did great,” Vern offered to encourage him. “If you liked the taste, your sister is keeping some warm inside her pussy. Can you eat it out of her?”

“He’s my little brother. You can’t have him do that,” Sandra protested but Rich already had his lips over her dripping gash.

“Sandra, the cum he is eating was put there by your big brother,” Vern reminded her. “We are not going to limit our fun with old fears. I’m going to teach Rich to be a man so he can be here for you and mom when I go back to college.”

Rich did a good job on his sister’s pussy.

Lilly, Vern’s mom, called up announcing dinner as Rich finished up. We all went down, still naked. Vern had his father take a different seat and assumed his place at the head of the table. He moved without complaint.

The meal was delicious. Sandra and Rich were encouraged to talk about the sex they’d had. Vern Senior was uncomfortable but Lily could not take her eyes off of her big son. I was seated next to Rich and he kept looking down at my cock. He saw me watching him check me out and gave me an embarrassed smile but a few minutes later he was back looking at it.

After dinner was cleared away Vern announced the plans for the night. He would sleep in the big Master Suite bed with Lilly and Sandra. His dad would be in Sandra’s room. I was to fuck him and then spend the night in Rich’s bed.

Vern stayed downstairs while the ladies cleaned up from dinner. I took Senior and Rich up to Sandra’s room. It was definitely a girl’s room with pink walls and pink sheets on a queen-sized bed. She displayed some cheerleading trophies and the wall posters were of some popular music stars. She had a photo of her in her cheer outfit with a boy in a football uniform.

“Can I watch you fuck Dad?” Rich asked once we were in the room.

“Sure Rich.” I agreed. “First, get me the bottle of lube on the nightstand in Vern’s room.”

He ran off and I started to strip his dad. He had that same look he had on the plane after Junior fucked him on our return flight.

“Captain, I can see you are unhappy about how things turned out,” I began. “You shouldn’t be. First, Vern is a man every father should be proud of. He is exactly what you hoped he would be. Second, you are now free to explore your suppressed gay desires without worrying about what your wife and family might think. They actually will support you. I’ll have Alex Han, one of your cabin crew, be your guide. He can show you a world of hot men that can satisfy your needs. You just need to let your old life go and accept your new one.”

“I can’t help thinking what might have been had I never taken that flight,” he mused.

“I’ll help you. You would be flying around the world having routine sex with your wife when home and gay fantasies that you never act on. Vern Junior would be an average swimmer at USC instead of a champion with possibly eight figures in endorsement deals. He would be trying to get some girl to put out instead of dominating any sexual situation. He has a hot boyfriend who loves him, Toshi Hamada. You’ll meet him in a few days. Lilly and Sandra would never have known what great sex is really like. Sandra would probably marry a boy that is only pretending to be a real man, much like you were. And Rich would not have had a great role model that assures he becomes a real man just like his big brother.”

“I actually know that,” he admitted.

“That is part of the problem,” I told him. “You are thinking too much and not letting your feelings guide you. But I can fix that. When I fuck you, you won’t be thinking, only feeling.”

I pushed him to his back on the bed. Rich had returned and handed me the bottle. I got him ready and eased inside him.

I plowed his ass for over an hour, demonstrating several different positions for Rich. Senior was easy to stimulate anally. He is a natural bottom. I got him to shoot several times and came in his ass three times myself. After his third orgasm I had Rich lick up his spewed cum and feed it to his dad with his tongue. He accepted the meal from his boy eagerly. Then I put him on hands and knees and had him suck Rich’s boy cock while I kept up my fuck. I was able to time my orgasm and his to match Rich. He swallowed his boy’s cum. A couple of his orgasms later, I seeded him a final time and eased out, leaving an exhausted man to recover on the bed.

“Dad, really liked you fucking him,” Rich said when we got to his room. “Will I be like that when you fuck me?”

“Everyone is different, but I think you’ll like it. Most guys do. Some guys say they only do the fucking and don’t take a cock inside them. It makes them feel powerful and in control. I like to fuck and to be fucked. I think you will too.”

“I’m ready. Can we get started?”

“There is no rush,” I reminded him. “We have all night. We will start with a shower.”

I had him sit on the toilet and empty his bowels. Then in the shower we cleaned off the residue of earlier sex and the stuff on my cock from inside his dad. I washed his ass thoroughly and put some soapy fingers up his hole. Then I used the hand spray to direct water up inside and let it drain out until it ran clear. We got out and dried each other.

“Start by playing with my cock,” I told him when we were on his bed. “Get to know the part of me that will be going inside you.”

He held it in his hands. He pulled my foreskin and licked around underneath it. I gradually came to fully hard.

“I’m amazed at how big it is,” Rich said. “If it were inside me it would come up to here.” He rubbed the top row of his abdominal muscles. “It’s really thick too and my waist is so tiny.”

“It is natural to worry,” I told him. “It is your first time. I promise I’ll be careful.”

I was concerned too. I’d never fucked anyone as young or as small as Rich. In California sex with anyone under eighteen is rape even if both parties are experimenting high school kids.

I pushed him to his back and raised his legs to my shoulders and gave him a good rimming, pushing my tongue into his hole. Then I used the lube to get him slick and my fingers to loosen him up and lube him inside. The last step was to lube my cock and stroke it up to fully hard.

I had three fingers in his hole when I put the tip on his opening.

His own cock was hard and leaking onto his belly.

“This may hurt some. It is okay to scream.”

I stabbed the crown inside as I removed my fingers and it popped right through his ring. I left it still with just the head inside him.

“Rich, you are no longer an anal virgin. Are you okay?”

“There was a stab of pain when you shoved it in but I’m good now. It feels like I’m taking a big dump. Ahhh. You pushed in some more and touched that spot you told me about.”

“You’re doing really good. I’m going to start stroking you.”

I only had four inches inside him but I started to move in and out slowly, just a couple inches. I was able to add a little more each time I pushed in.

“You are so thick that any movement rubs my spot. God…”

He had his first anal orgasm and he hadn’t touched his cock.

“Now you know why your dad and I like to get fucked. I’m not in you halfway yet. It gets better.”

I just kept it up slow and steady. He had a second orgasm at about the eight inch mark. I was doing four inch strokes at that point.

“It doesn’t hurt but I can sense you inside me like you are moving things around. When I have my hand on my abdominal muscles I can feel your hard flesh underneath.”

It took maybe ten more minutes and another orgasm but I got the rest into him. I just held it in place with my groin mashed against his bottom. The bulge under his normally flat belly was easy to see. He was rubbing a hand along it and I could feel the pressure on my shaft inside him. His own cock was still hard after spraying its seed three times as I went in. It was just beside the the flesh distorted by my presence and was half as long and half as wide as the disrupted area.

“Are you all in me?” Rich asked. “It feels weird inside me. It is not just that it is something big inside me but I can sense that it is alive, throbbing and twitching, even when you hold it steady.”

“Yes stud, you have all of me. You did great so far but now that you are open and loose the real fuck begins.”

I started a slow stroke of about six inches. His eyes opened wide as the stimulation went right to his cock that started bucking against his belly and leaking more pre-cum. I gradually sped up and lengthened my thrusting building to my own orgasm. I drew it out for maybe ten minutes before shooting deep in his gut as he sprayed himself with more cum.

I stayed still as he recovered. Rich just looked up at me but didn’t say anything. I resumed my slow thrusting. I must have pumped him for close to half an hour before we both exploded again.

I eased myself from him and lay on the bed beside him. We were both exhausted and fell right to sleep on top of the sheets with the room lights still on.

It was morning when we awoke. Rich wanted me to fuck him again but I suggested he do me. I just lay on my front on the bed, spread my legs and he climbed between them and went to work. He lasted over ten minutes before shooting.

We got washed and ready for the morning but went down still nude. The others were already there, having breakfast and also nude. Lilly and Sandra were giddy from a night with Vern. Senior saw Rich and I enter and got up and came up to me to thank me for last night. I saw that he now fully accepted his gay nature and his son’s superiority. He was happy. I pulled him to me and we shared a sensual kiss in front of everyone. Meanwhile Rich was showing the others his no longer virgin asshole. They were a happy family again.

Rich got his fuck from his big brother but he was hooked on me.

We invited Alex Han over for Christmas Eve and he stayed a couple nights, sleeping with Vern Senior in Sandra’s room. They have a charter on the 27th to Tokyo, Singapore and return on the 3rd. Alex will show Vern the gay scene in both cities. They will be going to the gayest New Year’s party in Singapore with dates that will make the first night of the year memorable for both of them.

We had business on the 27th as well. We visited Coach Nick at his aquatic club in Santa Monica where he runs their elite swimmer program. Rich wanted to come along and Vern was okay with it. We wore our Nike swim suits under their best warmup suits. Rich had a matching outfit. Vern had full sets of Nike gear for he and Sandra as Christmas gifts. Why not; for us it was free.

We met Nick and he showed us the facilities. Then he took us to the club’s owner and we made a deal. We joined the club with free membership and use of the facility, plus a cash payment for every day we train there. A nice raise for Nick, who we said was responsible for bring us in, was included. Vern should train here almost every day in summer and frequently on school breaks. I’d probably only be by when I’m down visiting. Rich also gets free membership and enrollment in a junior program in exchange for Vern running some clinics for young swimmers.

We then went to the pool and stripped off our warmup suits. We were mobbed by the swimmers who instantly recognized us. I did a 200 IM while Vern took the next lane and did 100 meters freestyle and 100 meters butterfly. We talked to the swimmers and signed autographs when we got out. The wet swimsuits clung tightly to our very visible cock bulges. Most of them, men and women, would have gladly have had sex with us.

But we were here for Nick. We dressed and followed Nick to his house about a mile south of the 10 freeway. It was modest but nice.

We went inside. Nick’s wife, Laureen, is a middle school teacher and was off for the holidays. She was home. Nick started to introduce us but Vern stopped him.

“Laureen, I’m Vern Talbot. I’m here to apologize to you and make things right.”

“I know you.” Laureen said. “You’re the swimmer Vern found for the national team. He told me about how many medals you won in Rio. And your friend is Bill Foster. What do you have to apologize for?”

Instead of answering he hugged her tight to his body and kissed her. She was initially surprised and resisted his embrace. But you could see her relax and respond to Vern.

“How? Why?” She was confused but turned on. “My husband is right here.”

“Bill and I fucked Nick. He is really into using his body to please men now and I’m sure you noticed he isn’t able to perform with you like he did. That was my fault but I’ll be taking over for him. You will find me much better sexually than Nick ever was. He can’t get you pregnant but I can. While you will remain married to Nick you will be raising my children. No questions now. I think a little time with me in our bedroom will answer everything.”

And she just let him lead her off, leaving Nick with Rich and I. “Well Nick,” I said. “It looks like it is up to us boys to amuse ourselves until they are done. Get out of your clothes. Rich will fuck you first.”

“You just tell him what to do and he does it?” Rich asked.

“Pretty much,” I said. “Nick, you explain it to Rich.”

“Yes, Bill. You see Rich, Vern and Bill are what are called alpha males, actually more like super-alphas. Lesser men, like myself, naturally serve and obey them. In exchange for my obedience they give me pleasure. You can see my wife sees it too. Once Vern has sex with her she will do anything he wants. I feel lucky and grateful to have been chosen. After all they could have anyone they want.”

I had Nick bend over the couch so Rich could stand behind him as he fucks. Nick knew we were coming and you could see he had cleaned and lubed himself in preparation. Rich just pushed in and started to fuck him.

“Bill, you and Vern have fucked me. Will I be like Nick?”

“No Rich. I think you’ll be more like your big brother. You liked fucking your sister and your mother and they certainly enjoyed the pleasure you gave them.”

“Yes, Mom treats me like someone she wants to please. She knows I’ll be in her bed when Vern is back at school. And Sandra looks at me like she did her quarterback boyfriend instead of an annoying little brother. Even Dad wants me to fuck him.”

“You see they sense you are a man and react accordingly. Even Nick here knows that you have the right to fuck him. Vern and I didn’t make Nick like this. We just revealed to him his true nature.

Now he has come to terms with it and is happy, just like your dad.

“It was the same with you. We didn’t make you an alpha male. We just revealed it. But the experience you are getting with your brother and I as role models is moving you to super-alpha territory and others sense that.”

I made a bet with him that if he can get Nick to shoot in the next thirty seconds, I’d fuck him while he continues in Nick. He won with five seconds to spare. With a few days experience I was able to enter Rich easily. I used my fuck in his ass to control his pace and angle with Nick. He immediately recognized what I was doing and adjusted his fuck to match mine. Rich has a real talent for sex.

We had just had a second three way orgasm when Vern returned with a very happy Doreen. We uncoupled. Nick was exhausted but Rich and I were energized. We helped Nick up and supported him between us.

“Doreen is happy with our arrangement,” Vern announced.

“I can see Nick is too,” Doreen said. “Can I convince you to spend the night?”

“I’ll spend a night or two with you and Nick before I head back north but I can’t do it tonight,” Vern told a disappointed Doreen.

“Yes. I’ll treasure what time you can give us,” Doreen said. “It is a shame you have to go away for school.”

“I was thinking that now that Rich is in the junior swim program where he will train most weekends that he might stay with us,” Nick offered. “I could pick him up Friday evening and return him Sunday afternoon when the training session wraps up. It would be much more convenient since we are close to the club.”

“That’s an excellent idea,” Doreen agreed. “Since you’ll be sleeping in the guest room there is plenty of room in my bed for a man.”

“Enough,” Rich cut it off. “I’ll think about it and maybe we will try it. But you must understand that, if I stay here, I will sleep in the master suite and who sleeps with me is my decision. It is possible I might invite a fellow swimmer to stay here with me. If you are okay with my rules I’ll let you know.”

They both were. Vern and I were impressed how Rich handled the situation. He is learning quickly to assert his power over sexual inferiors.

It was a great winter break for me and everyone. Toshi came up before New Years and stayed a week. He had sex with everyone and he and Vern spent a night at the Brady house.

On New Year’s Eve I got a Skype video call from Julio in Rio. It was 2 AM there and he was in the living area of the hotel suite of his client that he’d left in an exhausted sleep in the bedroom. Rich was fucking me when the call came in and I introduced him to Julio. Julio gave him a video tour of his body and Rich was suitably impressed. Julio told Rich to look him up if he were ever in Rio and it was a sincere offer.

It turned out we were able to take him up on his offer. In mid January. Junior passed on a request from Jay Howard. One of his billionaire friends had a gay son that wanted to take a few of his buddies to Carnival and, knowing Jay was gay, asked if he knew anyone that could make suitable arrangements. Since I had told everyone on the Rio trip about my friendship with Julio, it eventually came to me.

Julio set everything up. Vern allowed Rich to miss a few days of school so he could go along. We flew down on the Friday before Fat Tuesday on the son’s family Gulfstream G650. There was no open sex on the flight but the rear of the cabin had a private bedroom suite. Rich and I took the son in there and, after we had fucked him for a couple hours, he knew we were in charge and he and his friends would follow our directions.

Julio met the plane at the private terminal. He had a local boy that spoke English for each guest. We were booked in luxury suites at one of the best hotels on Copacabana Beach. Carnival is a busy time for guys in the business of sex but this gig was paying many times what they’d normally make so these were the best. I recognized a few from my sex club adventure. Julio’s cut for arranging everything was even better and he could relax in a luxury hotel suite with us except for a few breaks to sort out problems.

The boys had a great time. Jay said we earned him a favor from someone with top connections. Rich and I both enjoyed our time with Julio and Julio gave Rich some pro tips on sex.

The highlight for Rich and I is when we spent a night in Julio’s beautiful apartment. He invited the youngest of his four brothers, Galtero, seventeen, as Rich’s companion. Galtero was almost six foot with a sleek muscled frame instead of the massive development of his eldest brother. He had a good ten inches and Julio had taught him how to use it. Rich loved bottoming for the young Brazilian as much as I did for his big brother.

We took a memory photo with Galtero standing behind Rich with his arms around him. Rich, head turned to the side and up, is accepting an open mouth kiss from the Brazilian boy. The contrast between the black and white skin is beautiful. Galtero was actually fully inside Rich’s ass for the pose but the shot is waist and up so you can’t tell that. It was so hot I took a similar one with Julio. All four of us use them as screen pictures on our phones.

Well that is where things stand. The big thing coming up is the Tokyo Olympics next summer. I’m still Andy’s roommate but we both have many others in our lives. I’m his friend and frequent bedmate but we are not really lovers. The same goes for Junior. I still dream of possible futures but will any be real?


Chapter 14—Olympic Preps

It is the end of June and I leave for Tokyo and the Olympics in three weeks. A lot has happened. I’ll get you up to date.

First, after Winter Break, Junior shifted Toshi Hamada to diving. He had his six for the men’s gymnastics Olympic team and the shift would give Toshi a chance for his own glory. The Chinese often use gymnasts as divers and were favored to sweep diving gold in Tokyo. I’m sure denying the Chinese a couple more gold medals was one reason Junior shifted Toshi.

Toshi took to it instantly. He gets about a meter higher than anyone else off the springboard and about half a meter on the platform. That means more somersaults and twists. But, at entry, he is always perfect. He swept the three meter springboard and ten meter platform at the NCAA championship which earned him an invitation to the Olympic trials where he should repeat his sweep.

Since the end of school I have been living in L.A. with the Talbots and training at the aquatic club. Toshi is here training too. The house is pretty crowded but we love sharing beds so it is ideal. I’m generally with Vern’s young brother Rich. He’s turned into a real stud. I also fuck Senior when he is not away on a charter. Toshi and Vern are good fuckers but I really miss Big Andy and Junior. They are up north as Junior does final work with the gymnasts.

We all flew the Gulfstream to Omaha for the swimming and diving trials. Junior and the gymnasts were able to cheer Toshi, Vern and I for a few days before taking the hop to St. Louis for the gymnastics trials.

I had a nice suite with Big Andy while Toshi and Vern shared another. The qualifying heats and finals kept us pretty busy.

It was day five of the trials. I had won my final earlier in the evening. Now I was resting on Andy’s muscled torso following his vigorous fuck of my ass for almost an hour. I had cum five times and he three. I was pleasantly exhausted. His fucks are more of a workout than one of my swimming events but I recover quickly.

Andy’s two-foot cock, still hard, was fully up my ass. My own, twelve inches, was pressed between our bodies. The bulge under my normally flat, muscled abdominals from his thick pole inside, pressed along the length of my own shaft and several inches beyond it. Even through the sheath of firm muscle that separated us I could feel the throbbing power of his resting member against my own.

“I really missed having you inside me,” I confessed to Andy as we broke a kiss. “Nobody really compares though Junior and Julio come close. Training down in L.A. I get plenty of sex. Vern, Toshi and Rich are decent fuckers but they can’t get me as satisfied as I am now.”

“You need the Olympic sized pool for your preparation,” Andy stated. It was true. “I could visit but I think you need to feel satisfied on a steady basis so you can focus. Let me work on it.”

We flew home on Monday morning, June 29th. The Gulfstream picked us up after the short hop from St. Louis. The gymnasts were in high spirits after qualifying as expected. We had a few hours until our next stop to drop Vern, Toshi and I off in L.A.. Tia Nguyen insisted on a fuck and I enjoyed it. I’m not really into straight sex but Tia is very talented and I get off on the fact that she clearly loves riding my pole.

My next fuck was Junior. He has grown to four-foot-four now with almost eighteen inches. He still is just shy of two years old. It is easy to forget that when he is fucking you.

He took me kneeling on my seat with my arms draped over the back as he stood on the cushion between my spread knees. I had a good view of all the action going on down the plane but once he got going that all became a blur. I came several times but wasn’t counting.

“Bill, Bill.” I heard my name being called. It was Junior. “Are you back with us?”

“Umm, yes. I think,” I replied as my head cleared. “Only a few guys can but me in a daze like you and your dad can. That’s why I miss it so much when I am not with you.”

“I know,” Junior responded. “Dad told me. I’ve got a surprise for you when we land. You need to be in top shape, mentally and physically for Tokyo.”

He didn’t explain more before pulling out and heading to his next fuck. Tim came over with a coke and a towel. He wiped down my sweaty body and cleaned off the cum I’d shot and leaked on my seat before eating out as much of Junior’s several loads as he could so I didn’t leak more. I just rested and sipped my drink. I could see Vegas out the window just to the north.

Junior landed us at Hollywood/Burbank Airport. He had completed his commercial certification and it was actually legal. This was the stop for Toshi, Vern and I. There was a black stretch limo waiting for us on the tarmac. Vern’s young brother, Rich was waiting by the open passenger compartment door with another man in a dark business suit,

Tim and Juan, the only ones dressed besides us, opened the door and deployed the steps. We went out and they retrieved our bags from the luggage hold. Rich ran over as soon as we exited to give us his congratulations as we walked to our ride.

We got in and started off. The guy in the suit was a lawyer. He had papers for me to sign. I was the new owner of the aquatic club. I told him I didn’t really have time to manage a business but he said that was taken care of. The limo was headed to my new house. It was titled to the club for tax purposes. This must have been the surprise Junior hinted at.

Instead of heading to Santa Monica the limo turned north on the Pacific Coast Highway. We pulled into the drive of a modern, beachfront house in Malibu.

We got out. The lawyer handed me the keys. There were no actual keys, just fobs. Three obviously were for cars. The fourth with no logo was for the house. I went to the door that I heard unlock at my approach. I opened it.

Standing just inside was my Black Brazilian stud, Julio, and beside him his youngest brother, Galtero. They were both naked. I dropped my bag and ran to Julio who hugged me to him. I loved being surrounded by his big muscles and feeling that thick thirteen-inch cock pressed against mine. This was my real surprise.

When we broke our kiss Julio explained that Junior had contacted him a few days ago. He will take care of the club business end as well as take care of me. He said he was a good businessman and I didn’t doubt him.

Galtero will stay at the Talbot house mostly and do his senior year of high school at Rich’s school. Rich, already excited by seeing his Brazilian stud, was overjoyed at the prospect. Julio then gave us a tour of our new home. It had six bedrooms, all with views of the beach and ocean, and eight baths. The living room, dining and kitchen were open plan with a wall of glass looking out. The three car garage had two of the latest Corvettes, a red convertible and a silver hard top. There was a large white Mercedes SUV for when we needed more space. The big deck off the beach included a deluxe outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, and a two lane lap pool where each lane had a current generator.

I said this home must have cost ten million dollars. The lawyer said it was actually thirty-five million. He then said our business was over and offered to drop the others off but we said we’d take them back later.

Julio started to remove my clothes. We could be seen from the beach but probably not below the waist because of the wall around the deck and we had privacy screens on the sides to shield the view from the adjacent houses.

We all had sex on the comfortable lounge chairs on the deck. The noise attracted the attention of a couple surfers that peeked over the wall. Galtero spotted them and invited them to join us. We all fucked one or both of them.

It was late evening. I was relaxing in the master bedroom with

Julio after his latest vigorous fuck of my ass. We’d lent the Mercedes to the boys to return to Westwood. Julio and I were alone in the house. The room was dark except for moonlight pouring through the big windows looking out on the beach and ocean.

Julio was explaining that Junior offered him a million dollars a year to manage the club and take care of me. He would have done it for free. I figured I’d call the lawyer and see if we can make him my partner instead of my employee.

Julio also said he plans on staying active as an escort. He has a number of former clients in the area. But it would only be a couple nights a week and only outcalls for overnight bookings. He charges ten grand for twelve hours, eight to eight, and is already booked until the Olympics. He obviously doesn’t need the money but he gets pleasure and prestige, servicing and dominating the normally powerful males that can afford his services. I saw no reason to object to that. After all, they were renting a bit of the pleasure that I’d be getting all the time.

My normal routine is that after Julio gives me my wake-up fuck, except for nights he is with a client, I head out in my swimsuit for a barefoot run along the beach. I normally run five miles out and four back. I swim parallel to the beach in the ocean for the last mile. It normally takes me about an hour. I grab a quick shower on the deck and Julio and I eat breakfast there.

Once Julio wanted to run with me. He had to drop out after a couple miles even though I was going half-speed so he could keep up. After, he told me he now understands how I can endure his vigorous fucking so well.

After breakfast Julio drives me to the club in the red Corvette, top down. He is a very aggressive driver. A couple days on he took me on a drive up the coast road after a morning at the aquatic center. We were north of Santa Barbara, speeding along with our top down when a CHP car flashed its lights behind us. Julio slowed and pulled over to the side by a cliff face and stopped. The patrol car stopped behind us and two young male officers got out. One stayed by our rear bumper as the other approached the driver’s side door. Julio had laid out his international driver’s license, passport and registration on the dash in front of the steering wheel and had his hands on it.

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“Ninety three miles per hour,” Julio replied. “I was trying to reach two hundred kilometers per hour if we had a decent straight stretch.”

“Get out of the car,” the officer demanded. “Both of you.”

He stepped away from the door and his partner at the car’s rear drew his weapon. I opened my door and got out as did Julio. We were directed to lean on the car’s side held away by our hands and spread our legs. We complied.

Even leaning Julio towered over the patrolman, who was maybe five-ten. His partner was about an inch taller. Both were mid to late twenties and in good shape. Their short-sleeved uniform shirt showed biceps about sixteen inches; decent muscles, but nothing like Julio, or me for that matter.

The first officer began a pat down of Julio. We were wearing white shorts and tees that fit our bodies like second skins. It was obvious they concealed nothing. The fast driving had made Julio hard. Half his thirteen-inches was sticking up under his tee that leaking pre-cum had made almost transparent. The officer holding his weapon couldn’t stop staring at it. I was still soft but nine inches are hard to hide in tight shorts. The search stopped when the patrolman touched Julio’s cock. He just froze holding his palm against the hard, damp pole.

“That is the only weapon I carry,” Julio told the officer, turning his head to look directly at him. “It takes a real man to use it and I intend to use it on both of you. You won’t need that little toy,” Julio said to the one with his weapon drawn. “Give it to me.”

He did. Julio dropped it onto the seat of our car. They were under his spell. I’d seen Andy and Junior do that but never figured a normal man could. Of course, Julio was hardly normal.

“Officer Tom Fenton, Officer Kevin Smith,” Julio said reading their name tags. Tom was the one that frisked him and still had his hand over his hard shaft. “I’m Julio and my partner is Bill. We are going to fuck you. Let us go over to your vehicle. It will give us more privacy.”

We walked them over to their patrol car and had them lean forward with their hands on the roofline and legs spread. Julio was behind Tom and I had Kevin. We removed their gun belts and pushed down their pants and underwear. They were both hard anticipating what was to follow. Tom was about seven-anda-half and Kevin almost eight. Both had firm stomachs, tight butts and muscled thighs. We didn’t have lube with us so we rimmed them thoroughly and loosened them up. I noticed both wore wedding rings and, if Kevin weren’t a virgin anally, his hole hadn’t been explored very often. But they were very docile and both clearly enjoyed our preparations.

With the cliff behind and the car in front we had good concealment from the passing cars. By now both of us were slick with our own anticipatory juices. I stood and slid my length along the crack of Kevin’s ass. He turned his head to look back at me. He bit his lower lip. He was scared about what was going to happen but too turned on sexually to resist.

I stroked my hand on his face and bent forward to kiss him. He didn’t know how to handle a kiss from another man and just stayed passive at first. With my mouth over his mouth I brushed my tongue along the line between his closed lips. Shortly he relaxed and opened his mouth to let my tongue slip inside. As I played with his tongue inside his mouth I felt him start to respond to my kiss.

Still kissing, I put my tip against his hole. He reacted by trying to break our kiss but I had a hand on the back of his head and am way stronger so I kept us pressed together. My other hand was on his abs to control his lower body. I could sense him try to struggle as I began to enter him. It was a futile effort as I slowly forced open the gate and popped inside. I added a few more inches and started stroking. When he began to relax I broke our kiss. His expression was no longer fear. It was awe.

“I’d never been fucked before,” Kevin admitted, confirming my suspicions. “It hurt a lot when you were pushing in but feels great now. I don’t know why we are letting you do this. I even gave up my weapon. We never do that. But I’m glad I did, whatever happens.”

“I know partner,” Tom said. Julio had entered him and was stroking him slowly. We were both in about half our length. “I had a friend in high school and we both experimented fucking each other. It was nothing special and I never tried it again. But that was nothing like this.”

“I normally charge a thousand dollars an hour,” Julio said. “And while Bill doesn’t do this professionally he is pretty good too. You are getting the best service and we’ve barely started with you.”

We fucked them for the next hour, switching partners around the half hour mark. They had multiple orgasms and we each seeded them twice. When we finished they both slumped down, sitting on the asphalt of the shoulder, backs resting on their patrol car. They were exhausted and drenched in their own sweat. Their pants were still pulled down to mid thigh and their uniform shirts fully unbuttoned. Both soon had small streams of cum running down the pavement to soak into the earth at roadside.

We were still fresh. We sat beside them, waiting for them to recover. No words were spoken. They just looked at us and each other, trying to process what just happened.

“I’m sorry we stopped you,” Tom spoke finally. “I mean I’m glad we did or this wouldn’t have happened but I can see that it was not proper to stop your ride. Clearly normal rules don’t apply to you.”

“We didn’t mind at all,” Julio told them. “We all had fun. I assume I won’t be getting a ticket. I’ll give you our address. Come over about eight and plan on spending the night.”

“We’ll be there” Kevin affirmed. “We can tell our wives we need to work extra shifts.”

We helped them up and got them redressed. They were still leaking our cum so there pants bottoms soon sported a big wet spot. Hopefully it will dry before their shift ends in a few hours. I got Kevin’s weapon from our car and returned it to him. They gave us a decal to place to the right of our plates, front and rear. It is supposed to guarantee we won’t be stopped again or flagged by any automated red light or speed cameras.

We kissed both officers goodbye and took off again. Julio did break the two hundred kilometer and hour mark just a few miles further on. That evening they knocked on our door promptly at eight. They were both in uniform but had changed to fresh ones. It was a fun night.

After the Olympic Trials we got Toshi hooked up with several sponsors. He got a small advance but it pays big if he wins in Tokyo. Vern and I took a couple days to shoot spots for our sponsors. If we won events as expected they would play the commercials in the broadcast. The three of us also did some up close and personal segments for NBC.

In the run up to Tokyo I am at the club training every day along with Vern and Toshi. We have times each day that the Olympicsized pool is dedicated to the elite swimmers, several hours in the morning and afternoon. Besides us we have several others on the Olympic swimming team, men and women, training here.

Nick and two assistants do the coaching but Vern and I help out. Nick’s wife, Lilly, is pregnant, due in early September. The child is probably Vern’s but Rich can’t be ruled out.

I usually take a few sex breaks during the day with other elite swimmers or Nick and his assistants. I get plenty of offers from the junior swimmers but except for Rich and Galtero I decline. The two youngsters get plenty of action though.

They do one or two sleepovers a week with other junior program swimmers, boys or girls, they have fucked at the club. These inevitably end with the two boys fucking the entire family. Vern and Julio don’t let them accept if there is anyone younger than high school age at the home. After the first couple sleepovers word of what happens got around and the boys were even more in demand from kids wanting to surprise their parents or older siblings.

It was interesting seeing a parent, big brother or big sister pick up their youngster after such a sleepover. That the youngster they were picking up had sex, probably the latest being in the locker room just before their arrival, was no secret. They would usually introduce their latest partner unless it were Rich or Galtero that their parent already knew. But, since we normally left late, the boys would always come over to say hello, kiss and fondle them publicly. They were instantly submissive to the sexually dominant boys.

Naturally Julio is in big demand. Like me he sticks to the adult, mostly elite program, swimmers. Unlike me he is open to fucking females. He has plenty of opportunity. Running the club takes little of his time. We almost doubled our rates and have a huge waiting list.

During our second week, Julio approached me with a proposition. He was booked for tomorrow, Wednesday night, and the client wanted an all-male threesome. He asked if I’d like to be the third. I’d never done sex for money though I had gotten a few offers in the last couple years. But it was an opportunity to share some of Julio’s world so I agreed. He was getting twenty-five grand for the night from a long-time client. He or I didn’t need the money. The price was a way of reminding the client of his value. I asked who it was but Julio said it would be a surprise.

We left at seven in the red Corvette. In Beverley Hills we turned to go up the hillside. We climbed higher. Homes here were modern estates with a panoramic view of the entire Los Angeles basin. Julio turned into a drive just before eight and punched a code into the gate mechanism. It opened and we drove inside. There was a six car garage. One bay with a double door was open and had an empty slot. Julio drove in and we got out. He closed the garage door and we entered the house.

Waiting inside was the hottest young action star in Hollywood, a handsome face, athletic body but only about five-eight. He looks taller in his movies. He was supposed to be a stud, always pictured with a hot starlet by his side. I could see he recognized me. I wondered if he ever beat off to a copy of that poster of Vern and I that Rich has.

Julio made the formal introductions. Our host showed him a cloth bag with our payment. Two hundred fifty hundred dollar bills is quite a stack though still much smaller than what I carried out of the Chinese Consulate. He got his money’s worth and then some.

He fell into an exhausted sleep laying between us on his big bed just after midnight. Julio was still deep inside him.

I woke up from the sound and motion of Julio fucking our host. It was morning, just after seven. After Julio seeded him again we carried him to the big shower where we spit roasted him under the warm spray suspended in the air between us.

His cook had come earlier and set out breakfast on the deck overlooking the city. We were back in our white shorts and tees while our host had just a robe. As we ate our host was thanking us for last night. Julio explained that they had first met five years ago during Carnival and seen each other about twice a year since. One of those was a seven day stay on a private island in Tahiti. It was clear there would be more regular contact now that Julio was in the area.

As we were leaving, just after nine, we were presented with tickets to the premier of his new movie at the end of August and invitations to the party afterwards.

Julio drove us direct to the club. I wanted to do an hour of laps and I had a clinic on breaststroke for our junior swimmers at noon. En route I told Julio that I enjoyed my night as a sex worker and thanked him for including me in that part of his life.

For our second weekend we decided to have all our friends over for a housewarming party. It was short notice but the following week we leave for Tokyo.

We included the full Talbot clan. Senior was bringing Alex Han as his date. Rich and Galtero are bringing a couple of their fuck buddies from our elite program. We told them that their junior swimming partners were too young for this party.

Andy and Junior are flying down from the Bay Area. The are taking the Gulfstream but Junior will solo pilot it on the short hop. Along with them are Junior’s boys, gymnasts Rex and Jack, the

Howard brothers, trainers Mark Yi and Joe Kim, and their cooks, Nut and Chai, who will handle all the food preparation for the weekend. Tim and Juan from the plane’s crew will be staying too and they are bringing their boyfriends, Brian and Pablo. Tia Nguyen and Ashley Simpson are along too. Ashley is thinking of switching to diving after this Olympics. As a diver she might compete three more Olympics.

The official party is Saturday afternoon and night but the Bay Area group will be arriving Friday to let Nut and Chai make preparations.

Finally we invited our highway patrolmen friends, Tom and Kevin. We had asked them over one evening, just for a relaxing fuck after their shift and not a full night. As we were relaxing on our bed in the afterglow of good sex, Julio made the invitation.

The two guys were clearly excited but they looked at each other for a few seconds before Tom replied.

“We’d love to accept but we’ve been talking about this a lot between us. Can we bring our wives?”

“You know your wives wouldn’t just have sex with me,” Julio said. “There will be lots of bisexual guys, some with cocks bigger than mine. They would be expected to have sex with anyone who asks, as would you. Do they understand that?”

“Well, they don’t know about the party,” Kevin stated. “We just found out about that. But we’ve told them about you and what we did together. They both want to meet you and we want them to meet you.”

“We love our wives,” Tom stated. “You showed us what sex should be like and it would be selfish not to share you with them. We were going to ask you tonight but you beat us by inviting us to your party. Once we tell them, I’m sure they’d love to come.” “Are they on the pill?” I asked. “With the amount of cum they’d be getting they are almost sure to get pregnant.”

“That’s the idea,” Tom stated. “We told them about you and they want to have a child sired by a real man. We both understood. It would be an honor if you chose us to raise your child.”

“I already have a young son, almost three,” Kevin stated. “He’d love a new brother or sister.”

“From me it would almost certainly be a brother,” Julio declared. “I’m oldest of four brothers. My father had five brothers and his father three but no sisters. Men in my family seem only to have sons.

“But you know I’d want to make sure my son is raised right,” Julio continued. “He’ll need a male role model and he would soon understand that you are not his real father. I’d expect to stay involved.”

“Certainly,” Kevin agreed. “We wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe between you and his younger brother, you could teach our first son to be a man too.”

“Okay,” Julio agreed. “With all the seed they will be getting at the party I can’t guarantee the child is mine. I’m seeing a client tomorrow night but if you bring your wives the evening after, I’ll breed them and Bill will entertain you as you watch your wives enjoy a real man,”

I noted that even though I had fucked them both and would again, it was Julio that they easily recognized as the dominant male. I knew it too.

We shared a shower and they left. Julio and I went to our deck and relaxed together side by side on a double lounger in the warm evening air.

“So you are going to start a family,” I observed. “Tom and Kevin sure seemed eager to offer you their wives.”

“It is a way to bind me to them,” Julio admitted. “It guarantees them both a lifetime of great sex. But they are good people. I couldn’t find better to care for my sons. I’ve had lots of offers. That Hollywood client we shared a night with once offered me millions to marry him. He even offered to come out as gay. I declined.”

“But you came here to be with me when asked,” I observed.

“I would have done that for free,” Julio stated. “I love you. I never thought I’d fall in love with a client but that was never our relationship despite how we met.”

“I love you too,” I confessed. “But you knew that. It is more than love. I trust you. I’m a big man and only a few others are able to dominate me sexually and you are one. I’d do anything for you and you know that but you’d do anything for me and I know that as well. Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” Julio agreed. “We’ll make the official announcement at the party.” He rolled me on top of him and we kissed.

When the gang from the Gulfstream arrived in a big van with a luggage trailer, they took over. Julio realized that even he needed to defer to Big Andy or Junior. We offered Andy our Master Suite and he invited us to stay with him. Junior and his boys had the Second Master and we let the others decide how to split up the other four bedroom suites. In addition we had spread out a dozen full-sized inflatable mattresses. It would also be warm enough at night to sleep on the deck.

I found it interesting to watch Julio with Big Andy. At six-six Julio is a couple inches taller and about twenty pounds of muscle heavier though Andy is way stronger. But instinctively Julio knew Andy was the superior male even before clothes were shed and he had his first clear view of that two-foot cock. Julio went right to his knees in front of Andy and reached for his member with both hands. He stroked it and licked along its surface, starting from the root and working up toward the tip. Andy was putting out a steady flow of natural lube that Julio was lapping up as he neared the crown.

After a few licks of the tip, Julio moved his head back a little and just stared at the long pole pointed at his face. It spurted a short jet of pre that splattered off his upper lip, leaving white streaks on his brown skin. Julio licked his lips and looked up at Andy who smiled down at him.

Julio opened wide and swallowed the first few inches. I could see the motions of his tongue as he worked on the inches stuffing his mouth. He took more and more. Julio was a professional but he’d never had a cock half as big as what he was on now.

He had the flaring crown in his throat now. It was easy to see the bulging caused by the thick flesh he was trying to swallow. He had to back it out after a minute to grab a few deep breaths but then he was back at it. I could see the bulge working deeper until the tip passed below his collar-bone.

Eighteen inches was his limit. I could see him looking at those last six inches. He wanted them inside him. Andy saw that too. He held the sides of Julio’s head and started stroking. He’d back off to let him breathe but then plunge in, much faster and forcefully than Julio did in his own efforts.

A couple minutes of that and Julio’s lips were in Andy’s black pubic bush. Andy held him there for half a minute before backing off so he could breathe. Andy then just did a slow fuck of Julio’s throat with eighteen inch strokes, gradually going faster as his orgasm approached. A final thrust until fully embedded and I saw the root pulse as he began to unload. I could see Julio’s throat bulge as the first jets sprayed seed direct to his stomach. Andy then backed out until just the head was in Julio’s mouth. The next jets made him swallow quickly to try to keep up but a lot seeped around his lips and dribbled off his chin.

When the flow stopped Andy pulled his pole from Julio’s lips. He was still hard. He helped Julio stand. Julio had sprayed ropes of his cum along the floor.

“You are the only person besides Bill to take all of me orally,” Andy told him.

Andy held Julio to him and kissed him, entering Julio’s mouth to sample some of the seed that still lingered there. Julio, normally dominant, comfortably assumed the submissive role to the superior Asian male.

“Are you ready to try me in the other end?” Andy asked when he broke the kiss.

“Yes,” Julio stated. “I’m a pro. Most of my clients want me to fuck them but a few want to fuck me. They had nothing like your weapon though. But the first time I fucked Bill he had just finished sucking me to the root and he insisted I do him with only his saliva as lube. I’d like you to do me the same way.”

“I’ll honor your request,” Andy told him.

They moved to the bed and Andy raised Julio’s legs to his shoulders and put his pole in position. I lay on my side next to Julio with my hand on his right pectoral muscle, fingering his firm nipple. He turned his head toward me and we kissed. I could still taste Andy on his tongue.

Andy pressed in slowly. His entry was fairly easy and he started a slow fuck stroke with his first eight inches. Gradually he sunk in deeper. I observed Julio’s reactions. He didn’t seem to be in pain. My guess was confused. He was feeling Andy in places no one had explored before and he didn’t seem to know how to interpret the signals his body was sending to his brain. He wasn’t moaning but instead there was a mixture of grunts, groans and squeals with a sharp exhalation each time Andy bottomed out on his latest thrust. A few times I thought Julio was going to say something, his eyes focused and he inhaled a deep breath but then one of his random noises would interrupt and his mind went back to what was going on inside him.

I knew what he was going through. I’m used to it but it was Julio’s first time servicing someone that was more of a man than he. I moved my hand to stroke his face.

I knew Andy could have triggered Julio’s orgasm at any point but he held him just short of the brink so he could experience his penetration with a mind unclouded by post-orgasmic bliss. After the one foot mark it was easy to track Andy’s progress as the thick flesh expanded his large intestine along the left side of his abdomen. I placed Julio’s left hand on the bulge and moved mine just below his.

You could buy a dildo long enough and thick enough to cause a similar bulge if you could get it in far enough. But Andy wasn’t an inanimate intrusion. His flesh was alive, powerful, throbbing and twitching inside Julio. We could feel its power through the dense sheath of muscle that covered Julio’s belly.

I thought it took about half an hour to work all of Andy into Julio’s gut, keeping him just on the edge of shooting the whole time. Once he was in Andy just left himself pressed to Julio’s muscled ass to let him recover. It took a few minutes.

“How does it feel to have two feet of cock in you?” Andy asked once he saw Julio’s eyes refocus on his smiling face.

“I’ve had cocks in me before plenty of times,” Julio said. “I’ve trained my youngest brother, Galtero, and he is almost ten inches. Yours is like nothing I’ve felt before. It goes way further, right up the middle of my body almost to my chest. I can feel its power. Every twitch shakes my body and it throbs with the beat of your heart. Your cock is telling me that this body I wear is no longer mine but its. When your cock is done using it, I know I will borrow it back but it will still be yours.”

“That’s a new perspective,” Andy admitted. “It’s interesting. I’ve never fucked someone with your experience. Now that my cock owns your body it is time to show it what it can do.”

Andy started with slow, full-length, strokes that put Julio instantly in heaven. Then he did some rapid thrusts of the tip along Julio’s prostate, triggering his first explosion. His first jet went clear over his head. The next several sprayed wildly before the last gobs oozed onto his belly. I got hit with a couple. Julio shot twice more before Andy unloaded causing him to cum again. He shot once more before Andy dropped a second load into the dazed Brazilian stud.

After the second load Andy rolled Julio to his side and lay down behind him, still fully embedded. I lay on the bed facing him, watching him slowly recover.

“I want to thank you Andy,” Julio said. “You don’t need me telling you how great you are. You know. It is just that for the first time I got to experience what I try to do to those I have the pleasure of fucking. I’ll be a better man from it.”

“You will,” Andy assured him. “But my cock has adjusted your body for its comfort and is not ready to lend it back to you. I think it’s time we all got some rest.”

There was a knock on the door and our Thai cook, Nut, entered. He was naked and carrying a plate of spring rolls.

“I have a bedtime snack for you,” Nut said. “And I was hoping I could share your bed.”

“Thanks, Nut,” I said. “My cock could use a warm home for the night.”

Nut fed us all a spring roll and climbed into bed. Julio said, “lights out” and we were in darkness. I gave Nut a gentle fuck until we both shot and drifted off to sleep.

I was awaken by motion on our bed. It was morning and Andy was fucking Julio again, but just a gentle wake-up fuck and not the intense workout like last night. Nut must have left earlier to get breakfast ready and prepare food for the housewarming party.

We showed Andy the big walk-in steam shower in the Master Bath. Julio demonstrated the features, one of which was voice control. Then I got spit roasted by the two big studs, Andy up my ass and Julio down my throat.

Nut and Chai had set out a nice breakfast buffet on the deck. It looked like everyone had fun overnight. Toshi had already stopped by to take Ashley to the club and show her his diving.

Junior had prohibited her from using the ten meter platform to avoid any injury but she can try the three meter springboard.

Our other guests arrived promptly at noon. No one likes to miss out on any of the action. The first business with everyone here was Julio announcing our engagement. We decided to hold the ceremony early September after the Olympics. Everyone gave us congratulations.

When the group started to split off for an initial round of fun, Junior pulled Julio and I aside and took us to his bedroom, locking the door so we would not be disturbed.

“Bill, tells me you’re a pretty good fucker,” Junior said to Julio. Pretty good was way understating how I described Julio.

“I try to assure everyone I fuck has a good experience,” Julio said, getting to his knees in front of Junior. I had told him Junior did not like to look up when he talks with someone and Julio remembered. “I’ve never had any complaints and my services normally command a premium price.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Junior stated. “I’d like you to fuck me.”

I was surprised. I never saw anyone fuck Junior, not even his dad. Then it struck me that Junior was acting like he were my dad. He was going to decide if Julio is good enough for me. I hope Julio realizes the stakes on his performance. He was a powerful alpha male to me but would he be good enough for Junior?

“I’ll give you my best. I always do,” Julio assured him.

Julio stood and picked Junior up in his arms, carrying him cradled against his thick chest to the bed. He placed Junior on knees and elbows on the bed and got in place behind him. He put a big hand on each muscled globe of Junior’s ass to spread them and expose his hole. He dove between them and tickled the ring with his tongue and lapped the crack to get it thoroughly wet. With his tongue back on the hole he pressed on the opening until he eased inside, eventually getting in a couple inches.

He backed off and, using the copious pre-cum his hard cock was leaking, soaked a few fingers. Then it was back playing with Junior’s hole, getting him comfortable with one, two and then three fingers inside. With his other hand he spread his natural lube over his hard shaft. That done he used his free hand to spread Junior’s knees about a foot apart and moved close with his own knees outside Junior’s. Julio’s tip nestled at the point where his three fingers entered the miniature muscle stud.

Julio used his hand, still soaked in his juices, to reach under Junior’s body a stroke his long hard pole that pressed tightly to his torso. As his second stroke reached back to the root Julio pulled out his fingers and shoved in his crown. It popped in followed by a few inches of shaft. Julio moved his hands to Junior’s hips and started his fuck.

Junior seemed to be comfortable. Julio is pretty thick and I assumed Junior’s ass was virgin but he didn’t seem to have any discomfort and his hard cock was leaking steadily onto the sheets. I thought I’d slip under Junior and suck his cock but he stopped me, saying Julio must do this solo.

Julio was working slowly deeper. Junior had his first orgasm at about the ten-inch mark. That let Julio just shove in the last three inches. He didn’t pause but built his speed and force as he neared his own release. Another ten minutes of vigorous action and Julio shot deep in Junior’s gut as Junior exploded again.

Julio leaned forward, putting his hands beside Junior’s forearms.

The tall, Black stud completely bridged the body of the miniature muscle man beneath him. He was still fully inside Junior. Julio placed his head beside Junior’s and they shared a kiss. Junior let Julio push his tongue into his mouth.

“I’m not done with you,” Julio stated after breaking the kiss.

Julio leaned back and lifted Junior off the bed, pivoted him until he faced the ceiling and lay him back on the bed on sheets soaked with the cum from his earlier loads. Junior’s legs were now splayed wide and draped over Julio’s thick upper thighs. That thirteen-inch member was still fully inside.

Julio held Junior by his hips and started thrusting. With Junior at four-four, Julio’s cock was a quarter of the length of his entire body and Junior’s waist was only about twenty inches. That meant the cock inside him occupied a big chunk of his internal volume. The bulge reached up almost to the bottom of Junior’s thick pecs. Face up, Junior’s own hard cock reached up to the small hollow at the base of his neck.

Julio brought Junior off again and started to speed up for his second release. I think Julio realized that he couldn’t hurt Junior. His fuck was hard and fast, his groin hitting hard on Junior’s butt as each thrust hit bottom. He kept it up for another fifteen minutes before releasing his seed and triggering another big explosion from Junior’s cock, most of which splashed off the bottom of his chin, spraying droplets everywhere. Julio leaned forward and kissed Junior again.

When they broke the kiss, Junior started talking to Julio in rapid Brazilian Portuguese. Occasionally Julio would say a word that I assumed was acknowledgement or assent to whatever Junior was telling him. Once they both laughed. I took that as a good sign. The talk went on for quite a while.

“Julio is a good match for you,” Junior said in English, turning to me. “My talent seems to also work when I am fucked. I learned a few new words that Pablo didn’t know and some other things. You have my blessing. At the ceremony, I’ll be giving you away.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “What were you and Julio talking about?”

“Most of it was man to man stuff that you would not understand,” Junior answered. “Julio will fill you in on anything you need to know. You should learn Portuguese.”

Julio eased out and Junior told us to leave him alone for a few minutes. We left. Once outside I jumped in front of Julio and asked him what Junior said. Julio said he passed Junior’s test. Junior told him he should double his rates. Julio said he only knows of five others that charge what he does, two in New York City and one each in Vegas, Miami and here in L.A., and they offer an hourly rate with a two or three hour minimum. But he’ll do it.

I pressed him for more. He told me Junior will pay for the wedding. He will have a wedding planner contact me next week.

He will charter a plane to bring my family and friends up from Brazil. You are to invite your family too.

My family knows I’m gay. It is prominent in most of the feature stories about me. But I wonder if they’ll be more shocked that my husband is Black or that he is an active male escort. Of course, once they meet him they’ll know why I’m marrying him.

Julio and I then split up to mingle with our guests. My first stop was our deck where I saw Ted Hanson recovering on one of the air mattresses we spread out. Ted was Rich’s date for the party. He’s nineteen and is on the USC swim team where Vern was supposed to be. For the summer he is in our elite program and has made good progress. The club was where he met Rich and how I knew him. I had not fucked him yet, something I intended to remedy in the new few minutes. He’d obviously already been fucked. The cum leaking from his ass was collecting in the grooves of the mattress.

“Ted, how is it going,” I said approaching him, kneeling beside him on the mattress. “It looks like you are having fun.”

“Yes,” he said. “A Thai guy, Chai, just fucked me. I went up to him thinking I would fuck him since I’m bigger in body and cock but somehow I wound up on the bottom with him plowing me. That always seems to happen to me.”

“You should try his younger brother, Nut,” I suggested. “ I f you ask him nicely he might let you fuck him. You’re Rich’s date. How are you and he doing?”

“Yeah, I guess it is a bit odd that me, a college guy, is the date for a fifteen-year-old. He’s dated several guys in the elite program and has lots of junior buddies too. I’m lucky he chose me for your party since it’s great. His friend Galtero brought Ron. Rich told me you required their dates to be over eighteen.”

“Yes, that was the rule,” I confirmed.

“I invited Galtero and Rich to visit my home for an overnight,” Ted added. “By that time I’d heard all the stories from others so I knew what was going to happen. I’d only told my parents that I invited a couple guys from the club to visit and spend the night. They assumed they’d be about my age. I bring them in and started to introduce them to my parents. It obvious both are younger than I, Rich considerably. Meanwhile they are starting to remove my clothes. They never had a chance. By morning they’d fucked everyone, Mom, Dad, my older brother and me at least twice. The folks keep asking me when they will visit again but that’s Rich’s call.”

I fucked him and left him on the mattress with fresh stuff oozing. I mentioned him to Nut and he promised to ride him later in the evening if he’s still functional.

Next I saw our two highway patrolmen, Tom and Kevin, being led into a bedroom by the trainers, Mark and Joe. I slipped in after them.

“I see you two are having a good time,” I said to the naked cops. “Mark and Joe will make it even better. Where are your wives?”

“The party is great,” Tom replied. “But we haven’t seen the girls since your announcement. They are probably riding cocks just like we are. They both think they are pregnant but it is too early for the tests to show anything.”

“They are probably right,” I said. “Women seem to know. I’ll tell Julio.”

When I left them I ran into Tia Nguyen, almost literally.

“There you are,” she said angrily. “Come with me. Now where is your big Black stud?”

She started leading me using my cock as a leash, looking for Julio. She found him and grabbed his cock with her other hand and herded us to one of our bedrooms. Jack Gordon and Rich were relaxing on the bed after Jack had apparently fucked Rich. She chased them out saying she needed the room and locked the door after them. She pushed both of us onto the bed. Either of us must have been at least double her weight but we let her have her way.

“We need to get some things clear,” Tia said addressing Julio. “You are going to be Bill’s husband but I am going to have his kid. After that I might have yours. They say you are bi so you’ll need a woman as well as a man and you won’t find anyone better than me.”

She straddled Julio’s hips and took all his hard inches into her cunt.

“I’m a world-class gymnast and my strength, flexibility and muscle control are unmatched.”

She was working his cock with her internal muscles. It is really a fantastic feeling and it even surprised Julio. But, after a minute of that, Julio flipped Tia so he was on top in a push-up position. Tia wrapped her legs about his waist as Julio started to fuck her.

“Tia, there are things you need to learn,” Julio said while continuing to fuck. “I am not Bill. I’m an alpha male and my partners, male or female, defer to me. You may make requests but I make the decisions and you or Bill will accept them without question.”

He didn’t expect Tia to answer. She had a strong orgasm as Julio just kept stroking deep in her cunt. She had another and another and her body started shaking as she lost control. Julio flooded her cunt with his sperm and just stayed motionless, still deep in her body. It took several minutes for Tia to recover.

“I understand,” were her first words. “You’re as good as Junior but full-grown.”

“When do you turn eighteen?” I asked her.

“September sixteenth,” she replied. “After the Olympics I’m done with competition and I’ll go off the pill. Gymnastics has been my whole life and I just want to be a woman. Your woman.”

“We accept your offer,” Julio replied. “And I will grant your request to have Bill’s child first. But remember the rules.”

“I will, Julio. And, thank you.”

“Now leave Bill and I alone,” Julio told her. “My youngest brother, Galtero, brought a date. He has been fucked too often and hard at our party and is confused and soaked in cum.”

“That would be Ron Cramer,” I told him.

“I’d like you to find him, get him cleaned up and show him a good time to boost his spirits. We want everyone to enjoy our gathering,” Julio directed.

He rolled Tia so she was on top of him again. She lifted off his long pole and left to do Julio’s bidding. We were alone.

“Junior told me to include Tia in our new family,” Julio told me.

“She’s a fine woman and will be a good mother for our children.”

“I like Tia,” I admitted. “But I’m glad you’ll be the one to take care of most of her sexual needs.”

The door opened and Mark Yi and Joe Kim walked in. Joe locked the door behind him.

“We love your place,” Mark said. “Junior bought us a lovely

Victorian, five bedrooms, four baths, fully updated on the inside. We have a fully equipped gym on the lower level and have a number of clients we train there. It has a great private garden too. It’s on Clay Street.”

“The Howards have given us good recommendations and we have a number of rich clients,” Joe added. “There are a few where we spend the night at their place or ours. We each get two hundred an hour for training and a thousand for a night of extra service.”

So you are my competitors,” Julio said. “As a professional courtesy I won’t charge you when I fuck you.” They laughed.

“Bill, did you tell Julio how you earned this home?” Joe asked. “Since the Chinese know it is not a secret. We just don’t spread it around but Julio should know.”

“What should I know?” Julio asked.

“Was there any news in Rio about the fire in the Chinese

Consulate in San Francisco?” I asked him.

“I remember it was mentioned as reason for increased security at their Rio Consulate ahead of the Pan American games,” Julio said. “What does that have to do with you?”

“Mark, Joe and I with Big Andy and Junior set that fire,” I confessed. “The short version is that the Chinese kidnapped Junior’s mother and her husband and threatened to kill them unless he let the Chinese win the gymnastics world championships. They were being held in the Consulate and Junior learned they would be killed even if he did as they asked. The five of us went at night to the Consulate, rescued them, killed everybody there and burned it down. I carried two duffle bags of cash and files from their secure safe out of the building. The cash makes the stack we earned the other day seem tiny but the big payoff was codes to secret accounts. Junior transferred over nine billion dollars to his own accounts. Their house, this house, the club and even having you here is Junior’s way of thanking us.”

“You said they know?” Julio questioned.

“Yes, the only people in the Consulate still alive were their hostages,” I confirmed. “From there it was easy. But the files we took are explosive so we have a truce. I hope they honor it. I don’t know what might happen if not. I’m not proud of what we did but there really was no other option.”

“It was a once in a lifetime adventure,” Joe said. “We all knew it could be dangerous but Junior was our friend and he needed us even if it was just as extra hands. We had to help.”

“But, the rumor going around is getting fucked by Julio is an adventure too,” Mark said changing the subject. “And, as you can see, Joe and I are up for that adventure too.”

I was glad to get off past memories. Julio started on Mark and I fucked Joe. Then we switched.

As things wound down for the night we grabbed a bedroom with Tia. She told us she took care of Ron. He was happy to see he could still perform with a woman. Tia thinks he really prefers a good fucking but hasn’t come to terms with that yet. She left him on an air mattress in the kitchen between Chai and Nut. The Thai brothers will be gentle with him.

We put Tia between us and I fucked her ass while Julio did her cunt. Tia loved it and Julio and I had a little sword fight inside he body. After we both shot we drifted off to sleep still inside her.

We had a morning round and a refreshing shower and everybody enjoyed a brunch on our deck. We went to the door and said farewell to the departing local guests. The group from the Bay Area had a van coming at two to take them to their plane. They helped us clean up. The professional grade pots, pans, knives, and party platters stay with us as housewarming gifts. We got everything back to normal in time for their ride.

Julio and I were alone in our home. We went to our bedroom, flopped down on the freshly laundered sheets and slept until the next morning.


Chapter 15—Playing for Keeps

It was Sunday, July 19, and we were starting out for a Tokyo. We were taking the chartered 777. Vern Senior was the lead pilot. We had Vern Junior, Toshi, Rich, Galtero, Julio, Coach Nick and I plus three more swim team members that trained at our club. We’d do a hop from LAX to SFO to pick up the gymnasts and then head to Tokyo.

We’d be staying in the Olympic Village. With our schedules, Tokyo traffic and such, a hotel wasn’t practical. Besides the village is part of the experience and there are lots of hot athletes to meet. Through Nick I got coaching credentials for Julio but Rich and Galtero will stay at the hotel we booked for families. Most of them will arrive on Thursday, first-class commercial, and they all have tickets for the Opening Ceremony on Friday and all our competitions.

Alex Han stopped by with drinks. He generally sticks to White guys but for Julio he’ll make an exception. He didn’t get a chance to hook up with either of us at the house warming. He and Senior have a charter from Brunei to Tokyo on Thursday after deadheading down the night before but then they both will take leave until our return flight.

We took off from San Francisco just before two. We’ll arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport in late afternoon, Monday, thanks to crossing the International Date Line.

We added the gymnasts, Andy Senior and Junior, Jay and Mark Howard, trainers, Mark and Joe. Big Andy and the trainers have coaches credentials and will stay in the village. The Howard’s have a luxury suite at the hotel.

The flight was our usual fun. We were about forty-five minutes out and everyone had recovered and gotten dressed. I asked Junior if I could observe the landing from the cockpit and he agreed.

They had a couple pull down seat in the cockpit. The copilot put me in one and fastened the five point harness and took the other jump seat. Junior was in the left, pilot seat, and Vern Senior on the right.

Junior took the plane, contacted Tokyo Approach and was cleared to descend. We had just reached twenty thousand feet, still over the ocean, when Tokyo alerted us to high speed conflicting traffic to our south. Junior and Vern both looked out the left windows to try and spot the problem.

“I see it,” Junior announced. “Two jets on afterburner at our altitude.” He keyed the announcing system. “Crew, secure loose items, take seats and strap in. Guests secure anything that is loose and insure your seatbelt is tight. Do not unbuckle or get up.” Then it was back to work. “Transponder, off,” he announced as he flipped a switch. “Flaps retracted.” He added some power as the flaps came in. “They fired two missiles,” Junior announced in a calm voice.

“Evade,” Vern said.

“Too soon,” Junior replied. “Vern, put your hands on the throttles and, when I say, give me full power. I’ll need both hands and all my strength to override flight envelope protection to do what will be needed.”

I could see the missiles heading straight for us. They were quickly getting close. “Now, full power.”

Junior yanked the controls. The right wing came up and up until we were upside down. The streaks of the missiles passed right under us, below our heads, as we continued rolling until we were upright again. Junior pulled back the throttles.

“You did a barrel roll,” Vern said. “It has never been done before.”

“It was theoretically possible but you need to be strong to override the flight computers. We are not done. The jets are closing in. They look like Chinese J-15s. They each carry a cannon. Vern, I’ll need you on the throttles again.”

“What are you going to do?” Vern asked.

“We are going to see who can turn faster,” Junior told him. “Here they come. Add power.”

This time the left wing came up as our plane banked and turned right. We tilted thirty degrees, forty, fifty. The Chinese fighter needed to fly faster and they could not turn as tightly so their cannon could not target us. They followed us around pacing us. I felt the weight from the g-force.

“The airframe limit is two-point-five gees,” Vern announced. “You are exceeding it.”

“There is a safety factor of at least one hundred percent,” Junior said. “I need all my strength to get the aircraft to do this.” He looked out the left window at the fighters trying to match us. “I have eye contact,” he announced and we steadied out. The two Chinese fighter matched us to our left. I could see the pilots looking at us. A few second later they flew off.

“I think we are okay,” Junior said. “My control isn’t as good without direct contact. Transponder, on, flaps ten degrees.” He eased back on power and turned back to the approach track. “Tokyo Approach, the conflicting traffic was a lost military flight.

They are clear now. Are we cleared to continue our approach?” We were.

Vern told his copilot to check on the cabin and report any damage or injuries. He left.

“What will the fighters do?” I asked.

“I know what I told them to do,” Junior said. “But with just eye contact I don’t know if it will work. We will know by the time we land.”

There was little damage. Feng’s iPad flew out of his seat pocket and shattered its screen. Alex had finished securing the bar in the lounge and wasn’t buckled in when we rolled. He went flying but Julio snatched him out of the air and he finished the adventure on Julio’s lap. Vern thought we took over four gravities so our plane would need an airframe inspection before it could be cleared for further use but they can do that at Narita.

The landing was smooth and we were met by Olympic officials who smoothed the entry procedures. There were reports of an accident on the Chinese aircraft carrier, Liaoning. It sank. Japanese and American forces are assisting the search for survivors.

I shared a room with Julio in the Olympic Village. We watched the reports on the BBC channel. They showed video from a Japanese Coast Guard ship shadowing the Chinese carrier of two jets diving into the ship at full speed and exploding. There were fewer than a hundred survivors. A Chinese radar plane also crashed at sea about the same time.

Julio asked me what is next. I’d seen Junior’s expression after landing and just said, “More.”

China would be represented at the Opening Ceremony by their Premier. He would have massive security and, even if you could kill him, he is not that important. If Junior needs my help I’d offer it.

Coach Nick came by to give me my schedule and the times we had to practice in the official pool. I’m a busy dude for days two through nine and then it is all free time until the Closing Ceremony.

There was a team meeting Friday afternoon of the entire United States team. There are hundreds. We were briefed on the

Opening Ceremony and we were to select the flag bearer. Normally that is a past gold medalist and there were several good candidates. But Ashley Simpson nominated Junior for his role in stopping the abuse that plagued the woman’s gymnastics team. Junior got up to thank her and it allowed him to make enough eye contact to assure the result. He had a plan and this was part of it.

When we assembled I lined up in the second row so I could watch Junior. Julio would be at the back with the other coaches and officials. Having a coach as flag bearer was a first. I noticed that Big Andy, who could have marched as a coach, was not here.

We got our cue and marched into the stadium. Passing the Emperor, Prime Minister and other dignitaries, countries dip their flag in respect, but not the United States. At that point Junior raised the flag high with one arm and waved it about. He had all eyes on him.

After the ceremony I went up to Junior.

“What are you up to?” I asked. “I know you well enough to know you have a plan.”

“I made eye contact with the Chinese Premiere,” Junior said.

“Every eye in the stadium was on me when I waved our flag.”

“Will he suicide?”

“Better,” Junior said cryptically. “If it works out it will be on the news. You take care of your competition and I’ll take care of China.”

I won my first two gold medals Sunday morning with the finals of the 400 IM and 400 freestyle, both new world and Olympic records. With the NBC interview after the freestyle swim I introduced the world to Julio as my future husband and he kissed me in congratulations of my victory live on their evening broadcast.

Monday Vern got his first gold with the 4x100 relay win. Tuesday he got his second in the 200 freestyle. He got another

Wednesday in the 200 butterfly and we both shared glory in the 4x200 relay win.

Back in the locker room several of the Chinese swimmers seemed agitated. I pulled out my phone and got a Wi-Fi connection. The BBC was relaying reports of gunfire widespread in Beijing but there was no statement available from government sources.

I thought of asking Junior. He was at the gymnastics venue getting Jack and Rex ready for the all-around competition this evening. The gymnastics hold their finals in the local evening and not the morning as the swimmers do to accommodate NBC. They already had team golds for the men and women and all the men would have qualified for the all-around but each country can only have two in the final.

Since neither Vern or I had any heats this evening we got Julio and headed over. The arena was empty as there were several hours until the event begins. Our credentials got us inside but not on the floor. We took some seats just off and watched the men practice. Big Andy saw us and came over. We filled him in on the news reports. He told us we couldn’t talk here.

We met him in the concourse and found a storage room we could use. He filled us in.

When Junior made eye contact with the Premiere, he suggested that he recommend a meeting of their top body, the Politburo Standing Committee, to decide what to do next about their Junior problem. Meanwhile he was outside making eye contact with everyone assigned to the protective detail. Thanks to the increased security it was twice as large as normal. Their suggestion was to volunteer for security for the meeting. When everyone was inside, they were to burst in and kill them all. Then they would take their weapons and go through ministries and government buildings and kill as many high-ranking functionaries or military leaders as possible while shouting revolution and urging others to join them. Andy said it sounds like that is where we are now.

When Junior said he’d take care of China, I didn’t expect this. He plays for keeps. But they did try to kill us all so I didn’t have any problem with it.

We went back to watch the practice and were joined by the girls. Their all-around competition is tomorrow night. Ashley should easily take the gold. Tia is the second competitor and should get silver. We had Tia sit between Julio and I.

When practice was almost over I saw the Chinese coach that had confronted Junior in Germany go up to him. They talked. He appeared angry. He made a hand signal and the noise of a shot fired from near the top of the stands filled the arena. The Chinese’s head exploded, sending gore a dozen feet down the mats on the floor. He crumpled to the ground. There was pandemonium in the arena.

The Olympic site was locked down for two hours until a review of security cameras showed the gunman had left the area. Fighting was reported at the Chinese Embassy in the city. It was declared the Embassy of Free China by those inside. The gunman was identified as an assistant coach with the Chinese team. Two more assistants are missing. Three other officials with the team were killed by the gunman as he fled.

There was some debate but the evening events were allowed to go on as scheduled. It was decided that the chaos in China had spilled over to their Olympic team. That was truer than they knew. Andy had not forgotten about the agents embedded among the Chinese team.

In the evening, Jack took gold, Rex silver and a Japanese gymnast got bronze.

Back in our room we got an update on the news. Beijing was still in chaos. There was video of soldiers passing out weapons and ammunition to people. There were also reports of fighting in Shanghai, Guangzhou and several other cities. CCTV seemed to be reporting actual news and the Chinese internet firewall was down allowing a free flow of information.

We turned it off and Julio gave me a relaxing fuck. I forgot the news and went to sleep. I had my 800 freestyle final in the morning.

I won my event and Vern took the 100 freestyle.

The news at lunch was the Beijing claimed to be under control of a self-proclaimed Free China committee. The bodies of the dead Politburo members were displayed in Tiananmen Square for TV. They were dumped into the Mao Mausoleum that was then torched. Committees claimed to control several other Chinese cities. Senior Party members were now being arrested instead of shot.

Everyone else had finished before Toshi started diving. He got his three meter springboard gold on August 4 and the ten meter platform gold four days later. Toshi, being Japanese, was popular with the Tokyo fans. His only problem is that he doesn’t speak the language.

Platform was one of the last events. The Closing Ceremony is on the ninth.

The final morning Toshi, Vern and I took a photo to match the one from Rio. Vern was in the middle with his ten gold medals. I was on his right with five and Toshi on the left with two. We all wore our swimsuits but Sports Illustrated cropped it again for their cover. The second cover for that issue had Junior with his male gymnasts to his right and female to his left. He was wearing all their medals, thirty-five, gold and silver, on his neck.

In the afternoon we had a party for all the families at the hotel we booked for them. Julio and I sat with my family. They were accepting of my gay life and Julio as my husband, though we didn’t mention the escort part. Our arrangement with Tia Nguyen did get some questions but, on the other hand, they will have grandchildren. And we didn’t have sex with them.

My younger brother, Cliff, now seventeen, definitely was interested. But we didn’t do it in Tokyo. Julio invited him to visit us in Malibu at the end of August before school starts. He’ll be with us for eight days. My parents know we will have sex with Cliff but they are okay with the visit.

Tia brought us to see her family. Her parents were polite but uncomfortable with her choice but Tia was her own woman. I suspect they were concerned with Julio being Black. We also met her older brother, Dinh, a senior at Rice this coming year.

Dinh was a muscular young man, almost six feet tall. We had heard a lot about him from Rich and Galtero who had adopted him as their personal fuck toy as they were staying at the same hotel and didn’t have access to the Olympic Village. Julio mentioned that his young brother had told him a lot of nice thing about Dinh and he should plan on visiting. His reaction to that was a mix of embarrassment that we knew about him and excitement about sex with us.

At the Closing Ceremony the olympians enter in a mixed gaggle instead of country teams. Andy, Senior and Junior were talking with a number of members of the Chinese team, encouraging a number of them to run for office in the upcoming elections.

Fighting in China had mostly ended except for a few dozen isolated holdouts surrounded by insurgent army units or the new citizen militias. Charters for local and provincial governments were published along with a new proposed constitution, all to be submitted for approval in a national referendum.

Junior told us he and his dad had been preparing for the eventuality of China ending their truce. They had influenced Chinese nationals working in the Valley to return to China. With their American tech experience they easily slipped into key positions. They were primed to disable government and military communication and computer systems and free the internet if they heard of revolution starting. It obviously worked but I realized that Junior was planning on ending the truce even if China didn’t.

We have a five PM departure from Tokyo and I got permission to sit in the cockpit. It will probably be less exciting than last time. Junior and Vern were going over the preflight checklist. The plane had checked out fine after its ordeal and they didn’t miss their Brunei charter.

Vern asked Junior how he knew that the plane could handle an almost five gravity turn, double the airframe rating. Junior explained the limit was based on the commercial version with hundreds of passengers and their stuff plus a full fuel load. We had less than fifty aboard and only thirty percent fuel remaining. Plus there is a generous safety factor in the rating.

The control system tried to prevent flying outside the envelope he explained but, with strength, it lets you override it. If we were in an Airbus plane with no override we’d be dead. Vern obviously knew all this since Junior’s knowledge of the aircraft came from him. Junior’s brain just makes better use of what Vern knew.

The flight home was both smooth and fun. I told Andy and Junior I would not be returning to finish the few remaining credits I needed for graduation. Vern and I each got seven figure performance bonuses from our endorsement deals and will clear several million more in the next year. The aquatic club also yields good income and Julio makes over a million too from his twice a week escort gigs. Julio, Tia and I should enjoy life. Junior said he’d take care of getting my degree and he did.


Chapter 16—A Family Affair

We arranged for my brother, Cliff, and Tia’s, Dinh, to visit us from August 21 to through 30. We got United flights that were due in within minutes of each other Friday evening. We took the big Mercedes GLE SUV and dropped Rich and Galtero at the terminal to meet the boys. They gave us a call and we returned to pick them up.

Julio was driving. I got out of the front passenger side and hugged Cliff. Tia got out from the second row and gave Dinh a sisterly kiss. Dinh’s plane got in first and it looked like the boys had been a little physical in their greeting.

I put their bags in the back. Rich and Cliff took the third row with Galtero, Dinh and Tia in the second. We headed out.

“Cliff, I’m sorry Galtero and I didn’t hook up with you in Tokyo,” Rich said. “But we’ll have plenty of fun this week.”

“Dinh is happy to see us,” Galtero said. “He has a tent in his pants already.”

“What are you doing?” Dinh asked in a loud voice.

“Relax,” Galtero urged. “I’m just letting your cock out. It must be uncomfortable so hard and confined.”

“That’s a good idea,” Rich agreed. “I’m interested in what you got, Cliff.” It looks nice sized.”

“My little sister is right here,” Dinh objected.

“Don’t mind me,” Tia said. “I like to watch boys play with each other. And watching my big brother makes it even better.”

“It looks like Cliff has seven inches,” Rich reported. “Dinh has you beat by an inch but you might still grow. I only have six inches but I won’t be sixteen until November.

“Cliff, you knew you’d have sex on your visit,” I remarked. “Have you ever done anything with a boy or a girl?”

“Yes, I knew,” Cliff admitted. “I guess Mom and Dad did too but they let me come. You and Julio looked so happy together. I had sex with my girlfriend after the Spring Dance but usually we just make out. Mostly I play with myself. Rich is the first man beside me to hold my cock. He’s making it feel real good.”

“I can make it feel even better,” Rich stated. He undid his seat belt and went down on Cliff’s cock, easily taking it all.

“That’s a good idea,” said Galtero, undoing his seatbelt, getting down between Dinh’s knees and inhaling his eight-inches.

“God, Galtero,” Dinh moaned. “You fucked me for two weeks in Tokyo and I’m not in L.A. fifteen minutes and you are getting me moaning again. And I still don’t know your last name.”

“In Brazil, when someone is really good,” Galtero explained, backing off Dinh’s cock, “they are known by one name. My big brother is Julio and I am Galtero. We are gods of sex.”

“That is a little premature, little brother,” Julio stated. “You won’t start escorting until you are eighteen in January. Until then you are just an amateur. I’ve trained you well and can get you started.”

“What will he charge to start?” I asked Julio.

“I think five hundred an hour with a two hour minimum and twenty-five hundred for a night is about right,” Julio mused. “I’ll introduce him to some of my clients. If he performs as well as I expect, he’ll be pretty busy.”

“See Dinh, you are getting premium service,” Galtero said. “In a few months you couldn’t afford me. But we’ll be family so you’d still be free.”

“You didn’t last very long,” Rich remarked, pulling off Cliff’s cock after taking his load. “I’m a pretty good sucker.”

Rich then surprised Cliff by kissing him and feeding him some of his cum with his tongue.

“I think you taste pretty good,” Rich said. “What do you think?”

“I don’t have anything to compare it with,” Cliff admitted. “But it was okay.”

“We have some time until we get to the house. You can suck me.” Rich offered. “Just do what I did to you with me.”

Rich moved to the left edge of the seat and leaned back on the side of the car with his left leg off the cushion. Cliff unbuckled and lay on the seat with his head only a few inches from Rich’s stiff pole.

“Don’t just look at it,” Rich admonished. “It is hard and wants to play. I have six inches but I think I’ll be bigger than you when I’m done growing.”

Cliff put a hand on Rich’s pole.

“I suppose I’m the only cock other than your own that you touched. You had your skin cut off but I still have mine. If you stroke me you can watch it slide over the tip and pull back.”

“I can’t believe I’m getting sex instruction from a kid younger than me,” Cliff remarked but did what Rich told him.

“Okay, lets get this clear right away,” Rich said sternly. “I’m not a kid. You’ve had sex once. I’ve done it hundreds of times, men and women, even more than ten times with Dinh. I have four moms and two sisters of my fuck buddies expecting, though in all but one we can’t be certain if it’s Galtero’s or mine. So I’m a man and you’re my boy and student. If you listen to Galtero and me, we’ll make you a man by the end of your visit.”

“Yes sir, Rich,” Cliff responded. “I want to be a man and I’ll be a good student.”

“Will you teach me to be a man?” Dinh asked.

“No, Dinh,” Galtero said. “Your temperament is more suited to make men happy. Once you accept that you will be happy too. You loved being our boy in Tokyo and you’ll love this week even more. When you finish college my brother will get you matched with a good husband.”

“Galtero is right,” Julio confirmed. “You’ll be my brother-in-law. Family. We want you to be happy.”

“Enough play,” Galtero said, slipping off his shorts. “I’m going to fuck you.”

He pulled down Dinh’s pants to the knees. He got on the seat, unbuckled Dinh and lifted him easily onto his lap, sliding all ten inches inside. Dinh did not resist and gave a soft moan as Galtero entered him. Galtero held his hips to move him along his pole.

Cliff who had Rich’s piece in his mouth backed off and asked Rich, “ Are you going to fuck me?”

“I’ll fuck you plenty,” Rich confirmed. “But Julio ruled that your brother will take your cherry. Your hole looked nice when I was sucking you. It is probably pretty tight in there. It won’t be as tight after Bill and Julio take their turns. Anyhow you are doing pretty good on my cock. Lick around the end in your mouth and slide it in and out through tight lips while keeping your teeth clear.”

Rich had his hands on Cliff’s head, controlling his motion and fucking his mouth.

“You did a good job,” Rich said. “Here is your reward.”

He shot his cum. Cliff tried to pull off but Rich had control and Cliff was forced to swallow. When the flow stopped he let Cliff back off.

“How does my cum taste?” Rich asked.

“Um…different. Maybe a little saltier. Not bad. It was a lot,” Cliff responded, licking a few leaked drops from his lip. “You know, guys at school use cocksucker as a derogatory term but I don’t see why. You gave me pleasure and I gave you pleasure. It was fun.”

Rich pulled him up for a kiss and Cliff let Rich explore his mouth. Meanwhile Rich had a hand down the back of Cliff’s pants and was playing with his hole.

We arrived at our Malibu home and pulled into the center spot in the garage between the two Corvettes. Galtero had seeded Dinh ass just a minute before and Dinh sprayed cum over his thighs and pulled-down pants.

We piled out. I got the bags from the rear. Rich and Galtero were just carrying their shed shorts while Cliff and Dinh had pulled their pants back up but Dinh’s seat was already wet from leaking cum. We had our laundry room that also serves as a mud room as you enter from the garage. We shed our shoes and clothes. We are mostly nude around the house.

“Wow, Bill! You are really built,” Cliff exclaimed. “I have that new poster of you, Talbot and Hamada with your medals. You look big there but even more so up close.”

“Do you look at my poster and beat off?” I asked him. He looked away and didn’t answer. “I guess that is a yes.”

“Cliff, Dinh, get naked too,” Julio directed. “We generally are around the house and besides Bill has a whole new wardrobe of all the latest Nike stuff for both of you.” They did. “Bill and I will take Cliff and Galtero and Rich will play with Dinh.”

“I’ll go with my brother,” Tia decided. “You can fuck me in my ass while they fuck you.” Dinh looked about to object but Tia cut him off. “Shut up. I know you’ve been fantasizing about it for years. I even found your secret stash of photos of me. Some were stained with your seed. But only Bill gets my cunt until I’m pregnant and I think I might be but it’s too early to tell for sure.”

That was the first time I heard her say she might be knocked up. I’d been fucking her once or twice a day since she had a period right after the Olympics when she stopped her pills.

Cliff looked like the boy he was, walking between Julio and I. Our Master Suite is on the second level above the open plan living, dining and kitchen on the main level. The garage, laundry and mechanicals are on the bottom. The Master Suite has a window wall overlooking the beach and ocean with a private balcony. The Second Master Suite fills the rest of the ocean side and is identical. We have four other bedroom suites on the top level and all have at least a partial ocean view.

“This is a great place, brother,” Cliff said looking at the ocean view where the sun was just setting. “I know you got good endorsement deals but it can’t be close to what this costs.”

“This and the aquatic club were gifts from a friend,” I said. “We can chat more later. Now we have a cherry ass to explore. Let me get you ready.”

I showed him how to clean himself out internally. Then we did a shower and I showed him how to lube up his own ass. We went to our bed. It was fully dark outside and we had dimmed the lights in our room.

I had Cliff on his back, legs on my shoulders and three lubed fingers up his ass. Julio was laying on his side next to Cliff, gently stroking his face.

“I think you are ready,” I told him.

“Me too,” Cliff said.

My cock replaced my fingers after a quick stab and I started stroking him with my first six inches.

“There was pain when you first shoved in,” Cliff reported. “Your cock is thicker than your fingers. But it feels great now. I beat off a lot thinking about this and now it’s real.”

“I’ve thought about this too,” I told him. “But I haven’t needed to beat off in almost four years and this week, at least, neither will you.”

I triggered his first orgasm. Cliff’s untouched cock spurted ropes of cum. A few shots landed in his brown hair. Julio wiped up most of the mess on his fingers and fed it to Cliff. After the last feeding he left a couple fingers in his mouth and stroked his tongue. Cliff instinctively knew that the big Brazilian stud had the right to use his body any way he wished. Meanwhile I had opened Cliff up enough to get nine inches inside him. I triggered Cliff’s second orgasm and, while he was shooting, added my final three inches. I left it still, fully inside, as he eased off the peak.

“You have all of your big brother in your no longer virgin ass,” I reported. “Now I’ll show you how good sibling sex can be.”

Cliff couldn’t say anything with Julio’s fingers in his mouth but he gave me a loving look and smiled around the intrusion.

He had two more orgasms before I shot and another before I shot a second time. Then Julio replaced me in Cliff’s ass. He was so open and loose that Julio just pushed in all thirteen inches in one thrust. I moved, kneeling by Cliff’s head and had him clean off my cock. He didn’t hesitate despite knowing where it had just been. Cliff was always a good student.

I’m a pretty decent fucker even though I enjoy bottoming. But Julio is a pro. He quickly had Cliff in a delirium of pleasure. He fucked Cliff hard for half an hour, shooting twice while Cliff put out small spurts of seed every couple minutes from balls that had been totally drained. After Julio’s second cum, Cliff passed out.

We went to sleep with Cliff resting between us and Julio still in his ass.

I was awaken by the sounds and motions of Julio fucking Cliff. The light from outside brightened our room. Julio was just doing a light morning wake up fuck and not the intense experience he gave Cliff last night. After ten minutes or so, both shot and Julio eased out. Julio then kissed Cliff and I and I kissed Cliff.

“Brother, your fuck was great,” Cliff told me. “But Julio was amazing. I didn’t know gay sex was this good. I should have started years ago.”

“Julio is a top professional,” I told Cliff. “People pay twenty thousand dollars to spend a night with him and he is booked months in advance. The guys you’ll be with mostly this week, Toshi, Vern, Rich and I are all pretty good and likely a lot better than buddies in your high school at home. You’ll be able to teach them a few things.”

“What is the plan for today?” Cliff asked.

“First we get washed up and cleaned out,” I began. “Then I normally do a morning run and swim. Five miles along the beach barefoot, four miles back and a mile swim parallel to the beach. It takes about an hour but, if you want to come, I’ll do a pace you can match. Then some breakfast and we are off to our aquatic club. It is Saturday and I do a clinic for those in the junior program at one. Galtero and Rich are both junior swimmer so they will take Dinh and you and you’ll meet some of their friends.”

“It sounds like fun,” Cliff said. “I’ll run with you. I can do better than a five minute mile on a track but not nine of them and I never tried swimming a mile.”

“We’ll try half the distance and see how you do,” I said. “I’ll be with you on the swim and we can head to the beach if you tire before the half mile is done.”

“Galtero and Rich are going to fuck me at the club.” Cliff said. It was not a question.

“Definitely,” Julio confirmed. “The boys are way oversexed. They’ll do a number of the swimmers, some well older than them, and they’ll probably invite you to share most of them.”

“Just consider it part of this week’s sex education,” I said. “I want you to observe how confident they are in dealing with other boys and girls and even adult men and women and see how others respond to them.”

We ran five miles at a six minute per mile pace, three up and two back and then hit the ocean for swimming. Cliff made almost three-quarters of a mile before tiring and we headed for shore and walked the remaining distance.

The others were eating breakfast on the deck, naked as normal.

Cliff had recovered from the morning exercise on the walk back. We stripped out of our swimsuits and washed the salt off at the shower on the deck.

I had Cliff lean forward against the wall, spread his legs and pushed up his ass for a quick fuck. We both shot about five minutes later. Galtero tapped me on the shoulder. He wanted to take over. I pulled out and dried myself.

Galtero turned Cliff around and lifted him off the ground by his hips and then lowering him onto his upright pole. Cliff wrapped his legs about Galtero’s waist as Galtero pumped his ass in a standing fuck. I sat next to Julio as we watched and ate some breakfast. Tia had put out scrambled eggs, potatoes, fresh strawberries, orange juice, milk and hot coffee and tea.

Galtero fucked Cliff for ten minutes under the spray before they both shot. Then they left the shower, Cliff still riding Galtero’s cock. Galtero turned the water off and handed Cliff a towel. He dried both their upper bodies and Galtero moved them to a chair. Cliff was sitting on Galtero’s lap, facing him, legs still about the waist.

Galtero piled a plate with food. He took a fork full of eggs and swallowed it down. The next he put in his mouth, put his lips over Cliff’s and passed the food to him. It was how Julio fed me at the sex club in Brazil. Cliff loved it as much as I.

Julio remarked as we watched the boys that Cliff was much like me. He enjoys submitting to a superior male but would easily assume the dominant role when appropriate. When he gets back to his high school that is going to be almost all the time.

Dinh, Julio observed, was harder. He will almost always be submissive. He actually likes being so but he still feels that he should be dominant and is unhappy. Once he comes to terms with his submissive nature he can be happy. Julio, as usual, was right and I remembered Vern Senior.

After breakfast we donned swimsuits and warmup suits over them. We had some casual clothes for later as we booked dinner at Gladstones On The Beach in Malibu just south of here. We piled in the big Mercedes and took off, Julio driving as usual.

We have three pools. There is the fifty meter Olympic pool, equipped with starting platforms, electronic timing and lane dividers. We also have a twenty five yard pool that can be set up to train for college events but is normally available for free swimming. Finally we have a diving pool with one and three meter springboards and a ten meter platform.

Before I do any training, I make a point of going around and greeting our swimmers. Many of the elite swimmers beyond college age have jobs that they fit training around. We open at seven AM and don’t close up until nine PM. This being Saturday it is eight to eight and Sunday is nine to six.

Julio, after we arrive, meets the staff, goes over any issues and does an hour or so of paper pushing. Then he is out and about greeting members, taking a swim and getting in a couple casual fucks.

Vern was already here swimming laps in the big pool. That meant Toshi would be here too. I found him at the diving pool working with Ashley Simpson on the three meter springboard. Ashley was a natural for diving. She already could beat any male diver except Toshi and blow away the females. She will dive for Stanford and there is no reason she couldn’t compete in both male and female events.

My clinic today for the junior swimmers was on the start. Vern helped me out as we demonstrated proper technique. Then I illustrated some common errors. We had the junior swimmers get in their starting positions and take off one by one, stopping in mid pool to hear our assessment. We went through the group three times before letting them practice with coaches observing.

Being a Saturday, we had many parents watching from the stands on both sides of the big pool. I went over to meet and greet them and talk about their young swimmer. They always appreciate hearing that an Olympic star knows and follows their youngster’s progress. Some also have kids in the Dolphin Program for pre-teens. We run that Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in summer in the small pool and Saturday and Sunday mornings during school.

I was talking with a couple parents when their son ran over, trailed by Galetero and Cliff. He said that Galtero indicated they could stay over Tuesday night and bring their friend, Cliff. I had told them that they could do sleepovers on Tuesday or Friday since Julio is booked those nights. With just Tia and I, we can work with Dinh without distractions. They were eager. The son indicated that his mom was pregnant and I congratulated her. After birth it should be obvious whether Galtero or Rich is the father.

After my rounds I went to the small pool to do some laps. Junior’s were still using the big one. I just started swimming and lost track of everything else. Suddenly I was pulled clear out of the water. It was Julio. We’d be leaving soon and it was time to rinse off and change.

The men and women lockers are split up into Dolphins, Juniors and Adult/Elite. Julio and I entered the Adult lockers. We stripped our suits and headed for a shower. We saw Rich fucking Ted Hanson, his date for our housewarming. Ted was sandwiched between he and Dinh, that Ted had entered. Galtero and Cliff were both fucking elite swimmers while Ron Cramer talked to them. He and another guy were waiting a turn so instead of Julio and I doing it together we invited them over for a ride.

After our sex Julio and I were getting dressed. Cliff was sharing my locker for the visit.

“How did you like our club,” Julio asked.

“It was great,” Cliff said. “Rich and Galtero introduced me to all the junior swimmers. I think they must have fucked all the boys and most of the girls. It seemed like they all wanted the guys to sleep over, even their parents. We are going to do it twice next week.”

“We do have a lot of sex,” I admitted. “Julio and I get plenty of action with the adults.”

“So do they. I was a little surprised by that,” Cliff admitted. “They went right up to these two buff swimmers, put an arm about their waists and herded them into the showers for sex. The older guys just let them. Well actually, they looked eager for what they knew was coming. They saw another and just called him over for me to fuck. When you two came in there were even guys waiting for a fuck. How do they do that?”

“It’s about confidence,” Julio told him. “They know they can perform with anyone they want. The ones they choose sense that and respond. They probably don’t even know why. But, naturally, after they experience a good expert fuck, getting another and another is their top priority.”

“So Cliff,” I began. “When you go back to high school will you be able to take charge like Galtero and Rich? The guy we saw you fucking in the shower was really enjoying it. You can imagine what would happen if Galtero were in your high school. You just need to make that happen with you instead.”

I saw a steady development in Cliff. He was learning from Rich and Galtero. Sunday afternoon I spotted Cliff walking between one of the junior swimmers his age and his mom. He saw me and directed them to come over and introduced the mother to me. It was easy to tell Cliff had just fucked them both. I mentioned that Cliff was my younger brother.

Tuesday evening with the boys out on a sleepover and Julio with a client overnight, Tia and I had a chance to spend time with her brother. We took him to the Master Suite, had a nice refreshing shower and steered him to the big bed laying between his younger sister and me. By now being naked with his sister, she gently stroking his hard cock, was natural.

“So Dinh, how is your visit so far?” I asked him. “I know the others fuck you but everything seems fun and friendly.”

“They are actually very nice to me,” Dinh said. “I’m four years older that Galtero and Cliff, six years for Rich but I feel that I’m the kid and they’re the adults. Sexually and socially that seems to be the case. Even Cliff who had like zero experience now seems so self assured.”

“Yes, Cliff certainly picked up a lot from Rich and Galtero,” I agreed. “What about you?”

“I tried to follow their example,” Dinh said. “At the club I came on to a couple hunky swimmers. We went to have sex but somehow I always wind up on the receiving end. I had fun but they weren’t as good as our guys or you and Julio is amazing.”

“How about you fuck me,” I suggested. “Have you ever topped?” He shook his head no. “Well, you bottomed enough to know the routine. Go to it. I love a good fucking.”

He got right into position. Tia handed him a bottle of lube and he slicked up his cock, spread some around my hole and passed the bottle back. He had eight inches of average thickness and just pushed right in to the hilt in my experienced ass.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“Hot and tight all along my cock when it is in you and the friction when I slide in and out sends tingles to my balls.”

“Your angle is a little off,” I told him. “Remember how your prostate felt when you were fucked. Find that spot in me and bump it and rub along it with your cock.” He adjusted. “There, that’s it.”

We were in no hurry. Dinh played in my ass for half an hour before he shot his load. I stroked my cock along with his fuck and was able to shoot with him. When he stopped cumming he eased out and I pulled him up so he rested on my torso, our cocks pressed together between our bodies.

“You did good,” I told him. “Did you enjoy being the fucker?”

“It felt good,” Dinh said. “My ass must be wired to my cock. When I’m fucked my cock is always throbbing. Getting direct stimulation feels different. And I feel more pressure as I’m responsible for your pleasure too. I think I prefer getting fucked.”

“Some people do,” I said. “I go both ways but I prefer being the bottom if my partner knows his stuff. Anyway, if you want to fuck, my hole is always ready for you. And I’m sure Tia is also always ready to help out her big brother.”

“Yes,” Tia confirmed. “I enjoy a cock in any opening.”

“I’ll try it little sister but now I’d like Bill to fuck me,” Dinh said. “I think what I need is to be the guy everyone wants to fuck and maybe find a special guy that wants me.”

And that was Dinh breakthrough. He was much happier and he realized that he was surrounded by tops that were way better than your average alpha male stud. That was why everyone wanted to be with them but he was.

That night before bed, Tia came back from the toilet with her home pregnancy test. It was positive. We both wanted to tell

Julio but he turns his phone off when with a client.

The next day I met Julio when he pulled into the garage in his Vette to give him the news. He congratulated me and went to Tia and gave her a big kiss.

He’d had a shower and breakfast with his client so he just changed clothes and we left for our club in the Mercedes because we’d have the boys in the afternoon.

We got there about ten and the boys were still out. Julio went to do some work and I changed and did laps. About an hour in I saw them with the young man they visited last night. He was a junior swimmer, Jorge Rojas, seventeen like Cliff and Galtero. They had changed into their swimsuits and were headed to the pool. They were obviously happy and talking animatedly.

They stopped by to greet me and started doing laps. I pulled Cliff aside and we sat at the bottom of the stands poolside.

“So, How was your sleepover?” I asked Cliff.

“Fun,” he said. “Galtero and Rich had been there before. Jorge’s Mom is divorced but she got a good settlement. They have a nice house with an ocean view near Santa Monica Pier. Besides mom, Jorge has and older brother and sister that both go to UCLA.

“His mom picked us up from the club. Jorge, Rich, and Galtero were in the second row and I had the front passenger seat. They started making out with Jorge as soon as we were under way. Meanwhile their mom asked me if I was as good as they. I told her she would have to judge. She was early forties but looked younger, pretty sexy in fact.

“Anyhow when we got to the house, big brother and big sister were waiting already naked. Both were pretty hot. The brother, Jose, was all of six foot, well-muscled and about nine inches and the sister, Dora, about five-seven, bouncy C-cup breasts and an athletic body. From the look of Jose’s cock and Dora’s cunt, they had fucked each other while waiting for us.

“Galtero took mom and Dora and Rich took Jorge, so I had Jose take me to his room. He was bigger than me in both body and cock so I figured I needed to show him I was the boss. When we got to his room I slapped his ass hard and ordered him to get on the bed. He did.

“I shed my clothes. I went to the dresser and emptied out his underwear drawer and put my shorts and tee shirt in it. He complained that this was his room and to leave his stuff alone. I told him to shut up that while I’m here this is my room and, if he is an obedient boy, I might let him share the bed. If not, he will be on the floor when I’m not fucking him. He shut up.

“So I took my time and explored the room. I found his porn stash, a mix of gay and straight, but the gay stuff was obviously more used. There was a black dildo about a foot long that I told him we could use.”

“Taking over his room like that and going through his stuff is very dominating,” I remarked.

“Yes, That was the idea,” Cliff confirmed. “I wasn’t done yet. He had some sexy underwear that I tried on. A stretchy white number really outlined my hard cock so I told him I’d keep it and put it in my drawer. I tried on a couple more and tossed them on the floor. Then I went to the bed holding the dildo and one of his briefs.

“He had set out some lube and I used that on the dildo and had him pull his knees to his chest. I teased him with the tip for a while before inserting it and starting to work it in. I told him he was too noisy and stuffed his briefs in his mouth. I was just looking for an excuse; they were going in his mouth one way or another.

“I eventually worked it all the way in. As I said, it is twelve inches, so even a couple more than Galtero. I don’t think he had fully inserted it in his own play. Then I pulled it out in a quick motion and put myself in and started fucking him.

“After I got into my rhythm I pulled the briefs from his mouth and had him suck on the end of the dildo. He had prepared for our visit so it wasn’t too slimy but I was pleased to see he did not try and resist and open his mouth to let me insert it.

“I got him to shoot three times to my two and from then on treated him as my personal slave. His mom and younger brother and sister thought his submission and obedience were cute. My first task for him was to eat out Galtero’s cum from his mother and sister and then Rich’s from his brother.”

“Why were you so tough on him?” I asked.

“I guess I really shouldn’t,” Cliff admitted. “I’d been watching how Rich and Galtero take control and wanted to see if I could do it. Jose was older, bigger and more muscular than I but my confidence and aggressive attitude completely cowed him.”

I thought that Cliff had learned a lot in his visit. When he returns to his high school he will rule.

Today is our wedding day. Tia and I are both marrying Julio in a ceremony held at the aquatic club. Junior got us a marriage license from an Alameda County clerk that was under his spell. Julio is listed as spouse 1 and both Tia Nguyen and William Foster are listed as spouse 2. It will be filed and our certified copies obtained the same way.

Junior chartered the 777 to fly Julio’s family and friends from Rio. His other two brothers also escort as well as several of his friends. Alex said the flight was almost as wild as one of ours. The private cabins got plenty of use.

After the ceremony we are off to Tahiti for a two week stay at the private island Julio visited before. The young Polynesians that staff the island surely remember him. It should be fun.

One final note. Junior is off to Beijing in a week for the October

1st dedication of the new Goddess of Democracy statue in Tiananmen Square. He donated fifty million dollars for its construction. This one is thirty meters high on a four meter square base covered in white marble. It is a replica of the one hastily erected thirty one years earlier. This one has a steel frame supporting the form built of fiberglass and sheathed in copper. The torch, held out in both hands as in the original, will project a brilliant white beam of light into the sky. On June 4th, China’s new national day, the beam will be red. The base is engraved on one side with the names of the dead from that day. The other three sides have the dead freedom fighters from the current revolution, 963 names so far, but it may go a few higher as some wounded are in poor health. The top band running around the base has a quote from Thomas Jefferson in English and Chinese, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

It did not surprise me to learn that Junior had contacted Chinese exiles living in the United States to draft the new constitution and local charters that saturated the country once the internet was freed from censorship. Most of these exiles are now back in China holding key positions in the interim government. They credit Junior as the godfather of the revolution but his true role is still unknown.

But that doesn’t concern me. More importantly both Andy and Junior have agreed to be godfathers to my child. He or she should have an interesting life.


Chapter 17—The Next Generation

Bill Foster here. Well, actually Bill Foster Junior. I’m fourteen. I saw my dad’s story and thought, why not tell mine.

First off, my family is a little unusual even for these modern times. My dad is Bill Foster and my mom is Tia Nguyen. They provided the sperm and egg to make me. But my father is Julio, the head of our family.

Julio is the dad for two sons my age but their mothers are the wives, Sarah and Cathy, of two former California Highway Patrolmen, Tom Fenton and Kevin Smith. The two boys, Dai and Kal, were born the same day that I was. There were three different hospitals so it was a busy day for Father. Dai and Kal live with us a lot and we consider ourselves brothers.

I also have a one year younger brother, Taddeo where Julio is both dad and father and Tia the mother. Rounding out our family and another year younger is Tien. My dad is her dad since Julio only seems to produce sons and Mom wanted a daughter.

Just like our family was not normal, neither were we. Both Mom and Dad had some of Andy Wang Junior’s mother’s milk and that affected me and my young brother and sister. Sis and I were most impacted since we had it from both sides. But it also made my Mom’s milk more potent. It wasn’t to the level of Junior’s mom’s milk and there was no change for those who already had the stronger drink. Father tried some and gained about five percent in muscle mass and a half inch on his penis but no change in height.

So I had that milk for my first six months and Tia produced enough to support Dai and Kal too. Tia lactated for three months and we stored enough for the full six months and weekly boosts there after. We had more fresh milk on her second and third pregnancies and have plenty stored away in a freezer.

Now Andy Junior looked like he does today only smaller when he was very young and he was way tall for his age too. I’ve seen the pictures. That wasn’t us. We were tall but still in a normal range; maybe at the top three percent on the growth charts. We were not miniature muscle men but we weren’t normal kids either. Our bodies were defined and you could see we had good muscles but not huge. We were strong too.

At age six, I was four feet two inches and Dai and Kal just an inch shorter. We were almost fifty-five pounds. By twelve when puberty hit, I was five-five and Dai and Kal, five-four. I was just over a hundred pounds and Dai an Kal weighed a little more, so more muscular. Well muscled but not big muscled, we could still bench press over 400 pounds for reps. We were well hung too. At six years old I had five inches and my brothers maybe a quarter inch more. By twelve I had eight inches and they eight and a half.

Obviously we knew we were way bigger than other kids and way stronger too. We tended to stay and play together and often included Taddeo who was only a year younger and not that much smaller.

I am blond like my dad. Tien got her mom’s black hair. We and Taddeo have a little Asian mix in our looks that everyone seems to like. It shows mainly in the face and our builds are sleeker, lighter boned. Dai and Kal look bigger and more powerful and actually are. Father’s sons share his dark skin but in a lighter, chocolate shade. I like it and, from a young age, I tried to maintain a deep tan so I could look more like them. Living on the beach in Malibu with a nice private deck, it was easy to do.

When we hit puberty at twelve my godfather, Andy Junior, gave us all a drink from his original mother’s milk. It was getting down to the last dozen bags from the original stock in his freezer and two are set aside for Taddeo and Tien. The effect was dramatic. I grew in a few hours from five-five to six feet and had real muscle. My cock went from eight inches to twelve. Dai and Kal grew to five-eleven and thirteen inches. While I still had my sleek, swimmer’s build, they were real muscle gods.

In the years since we continued to grow. At age fourteen I am six-four with a thirteen-inch cock. Dai and Kal are six-two and fourteen inches. Taddeo, a year younger is six-one with twelve inches and Tien, now twelve, is almost five-eight and has beautiful D-cup breasts.

Besides our immediate family we have outside friends. Dad’s friend and fellow Olympic champion swimmer, Vern Talbot Junior had a son with the wife of his coach. Vern the Third, who everyone calls Trey, is a few months older than I. He got some of Mom’s milk while growing but not enough for full benefit. But, like us, he did get a dose of the original when he reached puberty. Now, almost fifteen, he is six-one with a nice swimmer’s build and a ten-inch cock.

Our other constant companion is the son of Toshi Hamada and

Ashley Simpson. After a year of diving competition Toshi and Ashley married and Ashley took a year off to have a child. Their son, Tatsuo, had the same advantages as I and the same interesting Asian mix. At twelve, nearly the same age as Tien and just old enough for Olympic diving, he is six foot with eleven inches. Vern Junior and Trey live with them.

Tatsuo, Trey and I have taken after our dads. Tatsuo in diving and Trey and I in swimming. Next year will be our first Olympics and fifth for our parents. Trey and I have beaten all their world records unofficially so our dads will get their first silvers but we will all share gold in the 4x200 relay.

Tatsuo, Toshi and Ashley will be in the synchronized diving events too. In past games Toshi and Ashley competed in the men’s springboard and platform synchronized events but this time Tatsuo and Ashley will do springboard and Tatsuo and Toshi, platform. Ashley used to compete in men’s diving since she could beat any man except Toshi. She will stick to the women’s events this time except for the springboard synchronized. It will be a close call to see if Toshi or Tatsuo get the gold in the men’s individual events, a battle between the athleticism of youth and experience of age.

My earliest memories were of swimming, Dai, Kal, Trey and I in the small, twenty-five yard, pool. Trey and I could swim rings around Dai and Kal but once out of the pool they were dominant. That was a pattern that holds true to this day. Our parents told us we could swim before we could walk even though we were walking at seven months and running around by eight.

Mom ran a preschool for us at the aquatic club. I was three when it started and we had Taddeo, Tatsuo, Trey and Tien with us. We were all good students. Over the next year we learned to read, write and do arithmetic. We already spoke English, Portuguese and Vietnamese from home and we could read and write it.

Dai and Kal spent about half their time with me at our beachfront home. When they did, we would share the bed in my room. Our family was generally nude at home. I would see Dad’s and Father’s big bodies and wonder if I would get as big. At night in bed we would rub our bodies together and test our strength. Dai and Kal were always stronger than me so it always ended with me pinned under one or both. I didn’t mind that at all. It was just friendly fun.

We knew all about sex as we’d often see our parents have sex with each other or with friends staying at our house. So we knew that our penises would fit into mouths, cunts and asses and we tried that out during our play and it felt good but it was not really sexual.

Kal has a brother, his father’s son, Kyle, who is almost four years older. By the time we were three we were stronger than he and by seven we were almost as tall. We included him in our games which were usually very physical and he didn’t mind that we were younger. As our physical dominance grew we tended to treat Kyle like he were our younger brother, helping him and instructing him.

Naturally Dai and Kal’s fathers and moms were frequent guests and I sometimes stayed at one of their homes. We were pretty hard to control, especially as we grew older, even though Julio insisted we obey their parents as if they were he. We would but, more and more, they were reluctant to assert any authority over us.

One of my early memories was the trip to China we took after the

Paris Olympics. Dai, Kal and I were three. We had all gone to Paris to watch the competition but, at three, we weren’t much interested. Most of the time we were looked after by a French teenage girl. I think she was seventeen. She took us around the city and we picked up a lot of the language. We all loved the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Back at our hotel suite with our folks mostly out at the venues we engaged in our normal roughhousing. We were then about fortytwo inches tall and forty-five pounds but our bodies looked more like those of teenage boys, just smaller, and our cocks were about four inches. We were strong too. We each could easily lift double our body weight.

We were writhing about on the bed in our usual game. The winner is the one that gets his cock in an ass first. Usually it is my ass but sometimes Dai or Kal get tied up with each other and I can score. I had already been stripped of my shorts and was trying to pull off Dai’s top while Kal took his shorts. Our minder came in and tried to separate us but the three of us just pulled her into the middle and started to strip her.

She initially tried to escape but combined we were too strong. We had seen plenty of sex and knew how to stimulate her. Kal was the first to enter her pussy while Dai and I sucked her breasts. Kal stroked his cock in her hole until she squealed in excitement. Then Dai and I had a turn with the same result. Our cocks were hard but we didn’t experience any orgasm and we were way too young to shoot sperm but is was fun to see that we could have that effect on a woman.

After that she would do anything we wanted. We played with her a couple times each day. The next to last day of the games we asked her to bring her boyfriend. She said any of us were better at satisfying her than her boyfriend so why involve him? Dai told her that we will demonstrate to him how to be better but we also wanted to see how he reacts when we play with him.

She brought him while everyone else was out at the Closing Ceremonies. He was eighteen, about five-eleven, with a slim build, flat stomach with just a little abdominal definition, a seveninch cock and a very round butt.

She introduced him to us and we took charge. By this time we were pretty fluent in French. Kal took our minder to our bedroom and we followed. The French boy was surprised that when we got there Kal started undressing his girlfriend and she was letting him. We told him that he is not able to satisfy her like we could and we need to improve his technique. He tried to break free and leave but Dai and I took him down and pinned him on the floor. Combined we managed to handle him easily. Had he had any real muscle we probably would have needed Kal to help.

Once he realized he wasn’t going to escape us he let us strip his clothes and we shed ours. Seeing our bodies he realized we weren’t normal kids. You don’t see many three-year-olds with six packs, biceps, pecs and four-inch cocks that were almost as thick as his seven-incher.

We told him to watch Kal who was fucking his girlfriend. Kal gave her three good orgasms in about twenty minutes and pulled off. Kal told the boyfriend it was his turn. He was hard from watching the action plus Dai and I were playing with his cock as he watched. He got on the bed, entered his girl and started fucking. It wasn’t the same.

Dai got on the bed behind him and held his hips to adjust his pace and angle. It was an improvement. Then Dai slipped his cock into the boyfriend’s hole. Coupled like that it was like Dai was using the seven-inch piece as if it were his own. He brought the girl off twice before letting the boy seed her cunt.

By then we had pretty much exhausted our girl. Dai pulled the boyfriend off and put him on his back next to her and got back in his hole. Meanwhile Kal and I ate the boy’s seed out of the cunt. It was the first time we had tasted cum. It wasn’t bad. We had seen guys cum a lot but this was our first chance to try it. I coated a couple fingers with the stuff and fed it to the boyfriend. He licked my fingers clean.

Dai got the boy to shoot again and pulled out. I took a turn. His ass was warm on my flesh and gripped it tightly. I practiced stroking him to see what worked best and eventually he shot again for me. Then Kal had his turn. By then our girl had recovered enough that Dai and I took a turn with her. Her insides still had plenty of cum that soon coated our cocks.

After, we all just rested on the bed. We saw on the TV that the ceremony was almost over so we straightened things up and got back into clothes. Dai made the boyfriend promise to take good care of his girl. Then Kal suggested he find a boyfriend also to take care of his ass. He said it felt really good inside it and Dai and I added our agreement. Dai told him that if he didn’t use it he’d be missing out on a lot of fun.

About an hour later we were back in the main room when Julio and Tia returned. Dad was with them carrying his stuff from the Olympic Village. Our flight home was tomorrow afternoon.

Our minder introduced her boyfriend. He looked nervous. Julio and Dad are pretty imposing and Mom makes his sexy girlfriend look ordinary. He still smelled a little of cum since we had simply wiped it off with a towel before he got back into clothes. But, if that didn’t make things clear, Dai had a hand full on the curve of his butt that he accepted as natural while Kal’s hand was rubbing the inner thigh of his girl.

Our parents smiled at us in recognition of what we’d been doing. Julio told them that he hoped we hadn’t been too much trouble and gave our sitter a two hundred Euro tip.

When they left we got our first sex lecture from Father. We were told we could play with each other but outside of family we must stick to those over sixteen or adults and only if they were willing. That was fine with us. Normal kids our age didn’t spark our interest. When we discussed that later in bed we decided that though the boyfriend wasn’t willing at first he was before we had sex with him so that was okay.

I got off track. I mentioned we had a trip to China after the Olympics. It was billed as a cultural exchange. We had the gold medalist gymnastics teams along with Dad, Vern, Toshi and Ashley with their swimming and diving medals. Us kids got to go too. Leading the group were my godparents, Andy Wang and Junior.

Since the revolution, Junior had been an unofficial advisor to the new government. Of course at age three, I didn’t know about that. I just saw that he would have meetings with lots of important looking people as we traveled. Most were exiles he had met before the revolution and now held important positions. Looking back, I guess his status was sort of like Deng in the post-Mao communist government; no official position but his advice was followed as if he were the boss.

China had sent a plane for our trip. We started out in Beijing. The official events were a couple evening gymnastics exhibitions to sold-out arenas.

We had a minder like we did in Paris, a male Chinese gymnast, who took us around to see the sights while our parents were busy. This time we had Trey with us. Our younger brother and sister were still at home.

The first day he took us to a gymnastics training center where kids, some as young as us, were practicing. We wanted to try some of their moves. We were able to borrow some shorts and tees that fit us and got on the mat to try some tumbling moves. The young Chinese demonstrated and we tried. We picked it up really easily. I managed a triple forward but took a half step on landing. I did do a double back though. Then we tried some of the apparatuses. I really liked the horizontal bar. We made some friends and picked up a lot of Chinese. In the showers after the session they helped us soap our bodies. We would have loved to do more but Father had put them off limits.

Our minder wasn’t off limits though. We had him naked and on the bed just a few minutes after returning to our hotel. We took turns with him. He shot a lot and we all tasted it. It tasted different than the French guy.

He was embarrassed to be used by four kids but excited at the same time. From then on, though he was with us, we were in charge. Julio knew immediately that we had had sex with him. I think he expected it and was quietly proud of us taking control of an older boy.

We toured a number of major Chinese cities, Harbin, Hangzhou,

Guangzhou, Lhasa, Hong Kong, Taipei and ended in Shanghai. In

Lhasa they put on an exhibition for the Dalai Lama in the Potala Palace. Junior had funded the installation of pressurized rooms in the palace that brought the apparent altitude down from the normal 14,000 feet to about 7,000 because during his long exile the Dalai Lama had lost his altitude adaption.

In Shanghai besides the exhibition we had the official formation of the South China Seas Development Corporation. It was jointly owned by China, forty-eight percent, Brunei, eight percent, Vietnam, twenty percent and Philippines, twenty percent. Junior, whose idea it was, had the remaining four percent and was trusted to balance the interests of the other countries. He named Julio as the president.

The corporate offices are in Santa Monica. There could be no commercial development and no money flow to anyone when the area was in dispute. Now about half the area is a marine preserve with a number of exclusive resorts. There is a thriving fishery in the rest. But the big deal is oil and natural gas. Oil production is at six million barrels per day, equal to North Sea production at its peak. With natural gas we are talking about a hundred billion dollars a year in income. The other activities are afterthoughts.

Junior gave the income from half a percent of his share to Dad and another half percent to Mark Yi and Joe Kim, friends from San Francisco. That’s hundreds of millions today even after taxes. Father gets two million a year salary as president. He retired from escorting. His youngest brother, Galtero, services most of his old clients and is in demand. Well, Father is mostly retired. He still does two or three gigs a year for special occasions, charging fifty thousand a night.

Tom Fenton was brought on as head of security with Kevin as his deputy. They travel out to the islands a few times each year. The artificial island with an airstrip that China constructed serves as a hub for the resorts, accessed with a short boat ride, and base for air and sea patrols of the islands. Tom and Kevin both have new homes in Santa Monica not far from headquarters with plenty of room for when I, Taddeo or Tien stay over with Dai or Kal.

The 2028 Olympics were right here in Los Angeles. At age seven my brothers and I were more interested in watching Dad and our buddies’ parents compete. And, naturally, we were more into sex.

By then, income from Bill’s share of South China Sea development was over two hundred million a year and climbing. He had started the Bill Foster Foundation to develop swimming and diving talent and the aquatic club was placed under it.

Coach Nick Brady was now running it and he has about a dozen coaches on staff. Everyone in the program was selected and on scholarship. They purchased an apartment complex where parents could stay with younger swimmers in the program for those not in the local L.A. area. It was a fully integrated program 8AM to 5PM with its own private K-12 school. We also attended school there but our classes were separate from the others. They still did toddler swim classes at the club and several other locations. They were also free.

At just over seven years, I was four-five and sixty five pounds and Dai and Kal were and inch shorter and sixty-eight pounds, so more muscle. I had five and a half inches and my brothers were just short of six. Taddeo, a year younger, was four-one and had five inches. If you had a photo of us without a way to judge our height you would think we were well-developed high school athletes, not kids six and seven. Tien at age five could pass as a supermodel from the waist down but no breasts spoiled the illusion.

It was a week before the games started and we were all at our Malibu home. Our parents were out. Dad, Vern and Toshi were at the club getting in some final training. Until the games ended it was dedicated to elite swimmers and they had most of the U.S. swim team training there. We would have been a distraction. We would have. My brothers and I had fucked several of the early arrivals.

I was relaxing on our deck working on my deep tan when Dai called me over. He was at the low wall surrounding our space, looking toward the ocean. A powerful hurricane halfway between California and Hawaii had picked up the surf. There were four surfer dudes on the sand getting into wetsuits to try the waves. They were pretty well built.

“Those guys look pretty hot,” Dai said, sizing up his next conquest.

“You going to seduce them?” I asked but I already knew.

“No. You are, brother,” he stated. “I was thinking that we should have steady boyfriends that we can call on for action when needed. Someone with transportation so we are not dependent on our folks.”

It was a good idea. These guys looked early twenties and were probably young professionals or perhaps aspiring actors based on their looks and builds. But Dai or Kal usually handle the initial seductions.

“Why me?” I asked. “Your idea is great so why not you get it going?”

“It is time for you to step up,” Dai told me. “We’ll back you but you take the lead.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “Let’s get everyone and do some surfing.”

We went in and got the others into the plan. We all wore our small swimsuits. Tien had a backless one-piece that was padded so she appeared to have breasts. We didn’t use wetsuits since the cold doesn’t seem to bother us. We grabbed our boards from the rack at the base of the steps from the deck and ran to the water. I took a bigger board so I could ride double with my sister.

The four guys were already riding the big waves. We joined them. They were good. We were better. I did tricks with Tien, raising her overhead or having her ride my shoulders. When the guys headed in we stayed out for several more rides as they watched us from the beach. I gave a signal and we all took a last ride to shore. We all ran over to where the four young men had settled.

“Do you mind if we join you?” I asked.

But we didn’t wait for their answer before sitting down, one or two of us beside each of them. I made introductions. Beside my brothers and sister we had Trey, Tatsuo and Kyle. Kyle you remember was Kal’s half-brother and four years older. He’d had some of my mother’s milk so he had a nice defined body but not the muscles or strength of Kal, Dai or I. At eleven he was fournine and about eighty pounds with a four-inch cock. We, even Taddeo and Tien, tended to treat him as our little brother and he realized that despite his greater age that was the case.

Our surfer dude friends were, Jim Thornton, Gavin Richards,

Caesar Hernandez and Mike Wang. I asked Mike if he were related to my godfather, Andy Wang, the famous gymnastics coach, though I knew he wasn’t. Jim and Gavin were about six feet tall, Caesar a couple inches shorter and Mike was about fiveeight. All were nicely developed. They had peeled off their wetsuits to their waists so they didn’t overheat.

I told them that we lived here and invited them to use the shower on our deck and take a break. They accepted. We helped them bring their stuff to our house and stacked all the boards on our rack. Once on our deck I went to Gavin, who seemed to be the leader of the group.

“Let me help you with your wetsuit,” I suggested and started stripping it off him. I ‘accidentally’ pulled his board shorts down to the top of his thigh while doing so. “Sorry about that,” I said. “You are pretty well hung.” He had about six inches soft. “You might as well lose the shorts too. We’re pretty casual about things around here.”

“Hey, enough,” Gavin insisted, pulling up his trunks. “We’re not going to have sex with a bunch of young, horny teens. We are going.”

I pushed his back against the wall, surprising him with my strength. I may only be sixty-five pounds but I can bench threetwenty for reps. I figured Gavin could manage, maybe, twoseventy. I held him there with one hand on the center of his chest and with the other stripped his trunks to below his knees. He looked down at me stunned that a smaller guy was doing this to him. In fact, he was so confused by what was happening he really wasn’t trying to resist me.

“On your knees,” I told him. He complied, slowly, hesitantly, but he complied. I thought he is starting to understand who is the man and who is the boy. “Pull my swimsuit down,” I directed and he did. I was hard. My cock stood vertical when freed. I turned on the shower spray. “You know that cock is going up your ass but you are going to suck on it first.”

He did. I saw his own piece, just over eight inches, was hard. I let him suck me for about fifteen minutes under the shower. I had both my hands lightly on his head, not controlling him but letting him know I could if I wanted.

I looked around. Dai had Mike Wang doggy style on one of the lounge chairs. Kal was fucking Caesar while he sucked Kyle’s cock. And Jim was fucking Tien while Trey fucked him and he sucked Taddeo. It looked like we were putting our new friends to good use.

I lifted Gavin off my cock and left the shower. We dried each other off. I took him to an unoccupied lounger and put him on his back, raising his legs to my shoulders. He looked up at me, knowing what was coming.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?” I asked. I just wanted him to acknowledge his submission to complete his conversion from a man to our sex toy. “Have you been fucked before?”

“I know,” he admitted. “I’ve not been fucked before. I get plenty of action from ladies. I don’t know why I’m letting you do this.”

“I bet you did get plenty of attention from females,” I said. “You have a good body, nice muscles, firm, defined middle, good pecs, decent cock and a nice ass. It certainly got our attention. As to why you and your buddies are taking cock for the first time it’s because, for the first time, you met men, us. Lots of guys look like men and pretend to be one, sort of like you were. But, when you meet the real thing, you know.”

I didn’t waste more time in talk. I punched into him with no real preparation. It hurt at first but that was soon replaced by pleasure. I may only have an average adult-size cock but I knew how to use it. I gave Gavin a quick orgasm. Then another and an another. He was writhing on the lounger as I hit all his sensitive spots driving him into a sexual frenzy.

I, none of us, actually experience orgasm from our sexual activity. Our cocks feel good moving in a tight hole or warm, wet mouth but it’s nothing like what Gavin was experiencing. And, naturally, we are too young to produce sperm, much less shoot it. I do like the taste of sperm and I was tasting plenty of Gavin’s as I worked on him and feeding him his seed too, letting him lick it off my fingers. The real payoff for me is taking an adult male and overloading his brain with sexual pleasure. Once they experience that they will do anything for the person that might let them experience it again. That was where Gavin and his friends were now.

I gave Gavin a final orgasm and kept motionless fully inside him. I watched as he slowly emerged from his sexual haze. He looked up at me, figuring he needed to say something but not knowing how to express what he felt.

“I know what you want to tell me,” I told him. “We plan on using you and your friends regularly so this was just a taste. You’ll be steady partners. When we need your services you will come and do as we request, whatever that might be.”

“I understand,” Gavin acknowledged. “You know I’ve never had sex like that or even imagined sex could be like that. I guess I’ll break it off with my girlfriend.”

“No need,” I told him. “I’m sure she is sexy and I’d like to meet her. She’ll enjoy me as much as you.”

I just started fucking him again for a couple more orgasms and then switched off with Dai taking him and I tried Mike. In the next couple hours I tried them all. I finished up with Caesar. By that time our friends were really frazzled. I helped Caesar over to the shower and let the cool water revive him. We dried off and I lay with him on one of the big loungers. Tien and Taddeo went off to get us some food, pizza and cold fruit juices.

We found out a little about our new friends. Mike was youngest at twenty-three and Gavin, oldest, at twenty-five. They had all graduated from USC and were aspiring actors as we had thought. They had all had a few minor roles and Gavin had done some commercials and print modeling. Caesar and Jim had gigs tending bar for a company that caters a lot of Hollywood parties to get some extra money and, with luck, meet someone that could advance their careers. They are roommates that share a rental apartment in West Los Angeles.

We had some refreshment and I was just casually feeling up and kissing Caesar when the adults returned. Father, Dad and Mom had already shed their clothes. Vern and Toshi, expecting to drive Trey and Tetsuo back to their place, still were dressed but the tight shorts and tees didn’t hide anything. They saw us naked kids with our naked guests and knew what we’d been doing. It was not an unusual sight except these guys were a little older than our normal playmates.

Dai introduced everybody and told Julio that they were intended to be steady boyfriends. Julio was delighted because he though that a steady relationship would be better for us than the casual sex that was our regular pattern.

I recommended Julio fuck Gavin first. He did and Dad took Caesar from me. Vern and Toshi took the other two. Mom ordered dinner from one of the local fine dining restaurants that offered delivery to their upscale clients that could afford the service. We could and it was our usual pattern.

After our new boyfriends had a couple of fucks from the adults they were not in any shape to drive home. Dai and I brought Gavin and Mike to the bedroom suite we shared. We have a sitting area with a loveseat and big recliner. Dai and Mike took the loveseat and I put Gavin in the recliner and went downstairs to bring up some dinner for us all.

I sat on the small coffee table and we all had some dinner.

“You were great Bill,” Gavin told me. “But your dad was amazing. He told me to give him our cards.”

“You were fucked by Julio,” I corrected him. “He’s my father but he’s Dai’s dad. Bill is my dad. Our family is not traditional but Julio is the boss. Now for you and Mike just know that we are the bosses and we’ll deal with our parents. They like you and feel that we should have a steady relationship with you. Julio asked for your cards because he has lots of friends in Hollywood and probably plans on putting in a good word about you.”

“Everyone knows Bill, Vern and Toshi,” Mike said. “We were surprised they were your parents. What does Julio do in Hollywood?”

“Julio is actually the president of a multinational corporation,” I told them. “But he used to be a top escort with numerous clients in top tier positions. They had to be; he charged twenty thousand a night. Now he has mostly retired from that life and his youngest brother, Galtero, is servicing his old clients. But Julio still does a couple escorting gigs a year as special favor to old clients. He charges fifty thousand a night, not because he needs the money, but as a reminder of his value. Consider yourself lucky you got a free sample.”

“I do consider myself lucky,” Gavin admitted. “Not just for Julio, though that was fantastic, but that you guys, Dai, Bill, all of you, want me, us, in your lives as friends. I never could have imagined I’d be the boy toy for a group of young teen studs but it is quite exciting. Here we are sitting, having a good meal and chatting but all I can think of is that I’ll soon be in that bed and you’ll both be fucking me.”

“We have to tell you,” Dai began, “that we are not teens but just seven years old. We can’t cum and don’t experience orgasm like you do. It is pleasurable to stroke our cocks in tight holes or warm mouths but we really like that we can use our sexual skill to dominate older kids and even adults like you.”

“Seven,” Gavin repeated. “You don’t look or act like it. Now my brain is saying how can you let kids dominate and control you but my body is telling me that you’re superior males and it is not our place to question you but only submit and serve you. I guess it is not something you can reason. I’ll go with what I feel.”

“Good boy,” Dai told him. “You are going to enjoy your new life.”

We took them to bed and fucked them until we fell asleep.

Having steady boyfriends worked out great, even better than I expected. I got Gavin as mine primarily. Dai claimed Caesar, Kal got Jim and Taddeo took Mike. When we were out together we would share or swap and Trey and Tatsuo got plenty of action too.

First off we attended the Olympic events together, primarily to watch Dad compete. I introduced Gavin to some of the other swimmers on the team, a number of whom I’d fucked while they were training at the club. It was a little awkward when the guys started discussing being fucked by me with me right there. A few times that led to a three way in the athlete’s room in the village.

All our boyfriends’ careers started to take off soon after. That was obviously Julio’s influence. Gavin got a recurring role on a popular TV show and some interesting supporting roles in movies. He started to get invitations to events and parties where he could meet important people. I was his date. Julio took me to his tailor to get a tux for the formal events and some stylish clothes for the less formal ones.

Gavin was not shy about introducing me as his boyfriend though we pretended that I was nineteen. Except for my short stature I could easily pass. It was obvious from our body language that I was the lead male in our relationship. At these parties, filled with handsome men and stunning women, when I’d mingle the room with Gavin and we’d get talking with a couple or two, gay or straight, it was obvious that they were reacting to me sexually. Gavin saw it too and remarked to me how hot it was to see everyone desired his boyfriend. One time we went home with one of Hollywood’s power couples, supposedly straight, and we both fucked both of them. Gavin got a nice role in their next movie and we became regular guests of theirs.

A couple of times a week I’d have Gavin sleep over with me. If Taddeo wasn’t entertaining Mike we’d share Gavin and he’d repay the favor when Mike visited. Tien got into the action too as I definitely wanted to improve Gavin’s skill with women. He was decent by normal standards but not by ours. Once we got the basics down with Tien, Julio and Tia had him for a few nights to give him advanced training. By then he was almost as good as me.

On weekends, if we had a late party, I’d spend the night at his place. Then Gavin would have to share me if any of his roommates were home without their boyfriend. Then there were times we’d stay with Dai or Kal at the home of their mother and father. By this time Dai and Kal were fucking their parents regularly and we would join them before spending the night together. Kyle has been well trained by Kal and having Jim handy for Kyle to fuck was invaluable. But even more important was teaching Kyle how to dominate and control the adult male. It wasn’t natural for Kyle but his younger brother was a good role model and patient teacher.

As sort of a graduation exercise, Kal sent Kyle to a party with Jim. Gavin and I were attending too so I could keep an eye on him though we kept our distance unless I felt he needed help. Many of the guests knew Jim was not with his normal companion and asked him about it. Whenever that happened Kyle would answer, not Jim. He’d explain that his brother couldn’t make it and asked him to take care of Jim for the night. Then he went on to say that he’d be happy to take care of the questioner too if he though he were man enough. He finally got a good-looking stud to take him up on his offer and the three of them left the party.

In the morning when Kyle returned with Jim we got the story. They’d spent the night at the stud’s condo in West Hollywood, taking turns fucking him. Kal said that Kyle had proven himself a man and it was true. But the fact of it is that Kyle didn’t need to prove himself to Kal, me or anyone. He just needed to prove himself to himself and he did. From that night you could see the change in his confidence and how he interacted with us and others.

The first time I brought Gavin to Trey’s house was for a weekend visit he was so in demand that he barely got a break and that was with Galtero gone all Saturday night with a client. Sunday evening after a final fuck from Galtero he could barely stand. Trey and I dressed him and I drove him back to our place in Malibu. We had taken dad’s new Corvette. I had a couple blocks to attach to the pedals so I can drive it. It’s not legal for me to drive but it’s not legal for me to have sex either.

After the L.A. Olympics, Junior retired from coaching. He turned that over to Jack Gordon and Carla Anderson, two of his original gymnasts. Jack and Carla married after Paris, when they retired from completion, and have a son and daughter, three and two. Rex Randall, also one of the original team lives with them. He takes care of Jack’s gay side and the kids when the others work. They live in the building that Junior and his dad once owned near the university.

Junior and dad moved to San Francisco, a couple doors down from Mark and Jay Howard. They invited Mark Yi and Joe Kim to live with them and stole the Howard’s Thai cooks, Chai and Nut, but the Thais had a couple cousins that were happy to take their place.


Chapter 18—Island Vacation

Junior took a ninety-nine year lease on an island in the South China Sea and built a private retreat on it. It is in the resort area about a half hour by fast boat from the airstrip and there are no other inhabited islands in view. They invited all their friends out for two weeks over the holidays. We were all together on the 777 that Junior had leased for long term. Trey’s grandfather is the senior captain and his partner, Alex Han, heads the cabin crew. Trey’s granddad is still in great shape and Alex is a fantastic bottom. I try to fuck both of them whenever I visit. My hole gets a workout too from Trey’s dad and his Uncle Rich and my Uncle Galtero.

We all flew out together on the 777, arriving in mid afternoon of a sunny day and transferring to the island. We brought nothing with us. Wallets, phones passports were all collected and secured on the plane. We even changed out of our clothes for sarongs that were standard wear, when you wore anything, on the island.

The island had a main house with ten bedroom suites and dining facilities for everyone. In addition there were a dozen bungalows each with two bedrooms, a common area and a large shared bathroom. There were no room assignments. Gavin and I took one bedroom in a bungalow and Dai and Caesar the other. Most of the adults took rooms in the main house.

There are a dozen permanent staff on the island, a mix of young men from the Philippines and Vietnam. For our large group they had brought in extra.

As we were getting settled a young Vietnamese man came in and introduced himself. He was Bui Phong and he told us that he takes care of this bungalow and those in it. He spoke good English. Bui was about five-eight with a nicely muscled swimmer’s body and clearly defined abdominals. He had on a short sarong wrap in a green floral pattern that didn’t reach to mid thigh. His hard cock was pushing against the material and clearly outlined, a good nine inches.

He asked us if we wanted any food or refreshment but we had an other type of service in mind. Our sarongs were soon on the floor. Dai started by fucking our houseboy but then I had him fuck Gavin and I. He was a talented top and seeded both our asses before doing the same with Caesar.

The shower was big enough for all five of us. After we dried off we had Bui get us the short sarongs like he wore in stead of the knee-length ones we wore from the plane. There were plenty in different styles in the drawers.

By then it was dark. Bui brought us dinner which we ate with him on a patio just outside. It was a nice night. The island has just a few dim outside lights, mainly for path illumination. The sky was clear, dark and filled with stars, many more than you could see in

L.A.. The band of the Milky Way was easy to see.

We saw Kal and Kyle with Jim and Taddeo with Mike headed to the main house led by their houseboy. They had shifted to the short sarongs as well. They saw us sitting outside and decided to join us instead. They introduced their houseboy, Cao Pham. Cao was another well put together Vietnamese boy but, judging by the outline against the sarong fabric, Bui had him by an inch. He went with Bui to bring more food. They were talking in Vietnamese as they left, but Mom had taught it to us and we could tell they were talking about us.

When they returned and started serving the extra food, Bui was still talking to Cao in Vietnamese. He told Cao that Dai likes to top but the others, meaning Caesar, Gavin and I, enjoy a good fuck. I then told him in Vietnamese that I like to top too and will prove it when we go to bed tonight. They were properly embarrassed knowing the remarks they thought private were not. Dai piped in, also in Vietnamese, that Bui has a nice tight hole and Taddeo added that Cao does too. I then added in English that my mother is Vietnamese and taught us all the language but we should stick to English for the others but we don’t mind discussing sex.

After dinner we turned in early. We were tired from the long flight.

I claimed Bui but started with a fuck of Gavin and then did Bui. We fell asleep with me still deep in his ass.

It was a great time. They had gear for most any water sport, except fishing since the resort area is in a marine preserve. Gavin and I learned to scuba dive. The water was warm so we were nude except for the scuba gear. The reefs around our island were pristine and teaming with color and fish. On our first dive after qualifying we went off by ourselves and I fucked Gavin as we hovered weightless twenty feet below the surface. When Gavin shot his sperm into the ocean clouds of small fish rushed in to eat the treat. One even nipped his tip.

We all had a traditional Christmas dinner together in the main dining room. The next day Bai came to say that Junior wanted to meet Gavin and me in his suite. That certainly meant sex.

Now Junior is only a couple years older than I. But at ten he was probably full grown, now standing six-six, hugely muscled, and sporting a twenty-six inch cock. He’s bigger than his dad in every way. He can still do gymnastic moves no one, not even his gold medalists, could do but the parallel bars and horizontal bar must be specially constructed to handle his weight and size.

We knocked on his door at the precise time and were told to come in. We were both wearing our short sarongs. Junior was also in a sarong that came almost to his knees, still there was a few inches of partly hard cock extending beyond the fabric.

“You’re right on time,” Junior said as we entered. “I like that. It shows respect. Bill, I hear you and Gavin are boyfriends. Is it serious?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied. “I’ll be eight in ten weeks so we won’t be marrying anytime soon but I really like Gavin. We, Dai, Kal and I, sort of seduced Gavin and his three roommates a few months ago. While we pass them around and share them with our friends, I think Gavin and I have a special connection.”

“I like Bill,” Gavin stated. “You know, even though I’m older and bigger, Bill is really the one in charge and I like it that way. I’m an actor and a pretty good one too. I can act like a man but when I’m with Bill I can be the boy I really am.”

“Well, Gavin,” Junior said removing his sarong. “Are you ready for a ride on a real man’s pole?”

“I’ve had Bill’s dad and Julio,” Gavin told him. “They are pretty big but that’s a monster. I’m ready to do it.”

“Good boy,” Junior told him.

Junior took him to the big bed, casually removing Gavin’s sarong as they walked. Gavin was hard. I shed mine. I was also hard but Junior was only half hard, maybe twenty-three inches. He tossed Gavin into the middle of the bed like he were a pillow and climbed on behind him, raising his legs to his shoulders. Junior played with Gavin’s hole with a few fingers and soon had him dribbling pre-cum onto his flat stomach. We had both cleaned out and lubed ourselves up preparing for our visit.

Junior pushed his pole alongside Gavin’s. Gavin has a nice eight inches, a great piece in the normal world, but it was not a third the length and only half as thick as what he was about to take. I could see him looking apprehensively at it as Junior used his flowing pre to coat its surface and bring himself to full hardness.

Dad had told me about Junior’s special power and how he fucked Julio before they were married. I was somewhat apprehensive about what he might learn from Gavin but I still was confident that I knew Gavin’s heart.

Junior put himself in position. God, what a sight. Junior’s hips were more than two feet from Gavin’s ass where the tip of his cock nestled against his hole. The opening was twitching, nibbling at the tip, eager to have it inside. Junior applied a little more pressure and Gavin’s experienced bottom opened easily to let him in. Junior is only a little thicker than Julio so the first inches were not a problem.

Using just the first foot, Junior brought Gavin to a quick orgasm. I moved over and licked up the spewed cum, feeding some to Gavin on my tongue. Junior worked himself in deeper and was soon plowing virgin territory. It was easy to follow his progress from the distended flesh bulging up the left side of Gavin’s belly. We both had a hand on the bumped out flesh.

Gavin was just staring up at Junior. He looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t know what.

“That’s okay,” Junior told him. “There is no need for words. Just relax and let me take care of your needs.”

At that point Junior had about eighteen inches in him and was slowly stroking him in foot-long thrusts. The remaining eight inches that bridged the space between Junior’s groin and Gavin’s ass was as long as Gavin’s entire cock. At that point, Junior gave a few quick, short strokes to trigger another explosion from Gavin. He went back to long and slow once Gavin stopped spewing his seed.

Junior gave Gain another orgasm just as he added the last half inch. He kept himself pressed to Gavin’s ass as my boy calmed down. When Gavin recovered he looked up at Junior, then down his body to see the wall of muscle mashed up against his bottom. His own cock, still hard was dribbling the last drops of cum from the hole in the tip. Lifting his head off the bed he could follow the path of the intrusion inside him, up his left side and turning right for several inches just below his muscled pecs.

The bulge collapsed as Junior withdrew several inches before slamming it back. He started long, fast thrusts building to his own release. Gavin dropped his head back to the bed as the sensations from inside overwhelmed him. Gavin had another orgasm before Junior pumped his ass full of cum and he shot again. Junior stayed still, fully plugged, letting Gavin recover.

You could see when Gavin’s eyes refocused and he regained awareness of the outer world.

“I heard Bill’s dad and Julio talk about you,” Gavin said after a silent minute. “They are powerful men and super studs but they were in awe of you. I didn’t understand but now I do. It is an honor to have your seed in me.”

“You have my cum in your gut but not my sperm,” Junior told him. “My dad and I can control our sperm release. If we couldn’t there would already be thousands of kids like me and the world is not ready for that. If my sperm were in you, you’d know.

“One other thing special about me,” Junior continued. “When I fuck someone I learn all about them. I know things about you that you’ve forgotten. But the most important thing I know about you is that you love Bill. You see beyond his age to the strong man that he already is. You need Bill in your life to be in charge of you, guide you and love you. I don’t need to fuck Bill to know he loves you too. You’ll be happy together.”

“Thank you, Junior,” I said. “Will you fuck me too.”

“Not today, Bill,” Junior told me. “It will be one of my presents to you when you finally marry your boy. But now Gavin, I’ll let you feel what a real man’s sperm feels like swimming in your gut.”

Junior started to fuck Gavin again. Gavin shot again as Junior built to his release. There was a final stroke and I could see the expanded flesh on Gavin’s taut belly pulse as the long tube buried inside him pumped its load. Gavin shot again. He seemed to recover and looked up at Junior. Then he felt it from deep inside. I’d heard stories from Dad who had experienced it a few times. Gavin’s eyes opened wide but he wasn’t seeing anything. Everything was focused on his insides.

“He’s going to be out of it until morning,” Junior told me. “I have

Bui waiting outside to help you get him back to your room.”

“Thank you,” I told him.

“There is nothing to thank me for,” Junior said. “I’m your godfather. Your parents keep me informed on how you are doing. Very nicely, I’d say. Even at your young age you are already a man in every important way. Gavin knows that, not just in his mind but in his heart. You are lucky to have found him so early in your life.”

I didn’t say anything further. I just got Bui who was just outside the door. We got Gavin off the bed. He was in a daze but could stand if I gave him some support and stability. Bui wrapped one of the discarded sarongs around Gavin and the other around me.

Both our stiff cocks stuck up above the wrap, Gavin’s bubbling cum almost continuously.

We walked him between us back to our bungalow. We got smiles from friends we saw on the way. Seeing someone overdosed on sex was not an unusual sight. We put Gavin in the bed and let him rest. He was still lost in the pleasure coming from deep within.

I just lay down next to him. Bui hoped on, undid my garment and his and sat down on my stiff rod. It felt good being inside him. He bobbed up and down on me until he shot his sperm over my chest and stomach. Then he just leaned forward, resting on my body with me still in him. We fell asleep.

When I awoke it was morning. Bui had left sometime in the night. I was laying beside Gavin who was sleeping. I noticed that his cock was no longer hard. You could see where his cum had dried. There was still some liquid dripping down the side of his trunk just above his hip.

I rolled to my side and gave a light shake to Gavin’s shoulder. He stirred, opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Bill,” he began. “How long was I out? I can still feel them inside me but it’s nothing like what it was in the beginning.”

“It is the next morning,” I told him. “Do you remember what Junior told you?”

“Yes,” Gavin confirmed. “But I didn’t need Junior to tell me I love you. I knew that and so did you. But it is nice to think that no matter how successful I am in Hollywood or you in sports that we will be together.”

“You’re my boy and I’ll take good care of you,” I promised and then I kissed him.


Chapter 19—New Men

Another Olympics has come and gone. I’m twelve. My big news is that I shot my first cum last week. Dai and Kal had their firsts a month ago. My cock had been throbbing when I had sex for a month but nothing came out. Then last week Dai was fucking me and I felt his cum squirt inside me. My cock throbbed again but this time a spurt of white cum flew from the hole and splashed on my right pec. It wasn’t a lot but when he fucked me again in the morning I shot again and more. We both tasted it. Then I fucked Dai. I shot some more inside him as Dai shot too. He made a lot more cum than I did. But he told me he didn’t shoot as much when he first started.

I called Gavin and told him to come over and spend the night with me. He was doing promotional appearance for his new movie in the afternoon but he’d be here. I set the DVR to record the show he would be on. We’d watch it in the morning.

At just over twelve years, I was five-five and one hundred one pounds. I was always well defined but I was starting to show some muscle size in my pecs, arms and thighs and my abdominal muscles started to take on a true cobblestone look. I was bench pressing about four-forty for ten reps. My cock was now eight inches.

Dai and Kal were an inch shorter, ten pounds heavier, all muscle, could press about fifty pounds more and had a half inch more cock. Trey was an inch shorter than me and hasn’t yet shot cum to my knowledge. Of course I told Father, Dad and Mom the big news. Then, after breakfast, it was off to the club and our private school.

Gavin arrived at nine. I hadn’t told him my news. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Two years ago he had his big break, staring in an actionadventure flick that did three hundred sixty million domestically and almost five hundred million in foreign markets. He had earned two million for the role and another two on profit participation. They rushed a sequel into production to establish a new franchise. It premieres next month. He gets twenty million for this one and makes another twenty if it does as well as the last. With other projects he should make seventy million this year.

We bought a nice estate in the hills above Malibu for a cool ten million. It has five bedrooms, six baths, great outdoor spaces and a panoramic ocean view. I generally spend Friday night through Sunday evening with him there and there is often some social event to do. Gavin is in demand for the A-list parties. We were at one a couple weekends ago, chatting with the producer of Gavin’s film. He recommended we try a gay escort to add some spice to our lives. He had one he uses regularly that he said was expensive but worth every dollar. We agreed just to humor him and he gave us the number. It was all we could do not to laugh. It was the number Galtero uses for his clients.

Anyhow, I was eager to get Gavin into my bed but my parents were home and it is only polite to stop by and exchange a few words and we did. Gavin was the only one in clothes and I was unbuttoning his shirt as he talked. My folks didn’t give away my secret but I almost did. My cock was hard and I started to leak. Pre-cum was a new development. I wiped a drop off and tried to stand just behind Gavin so he wouldn’t notice. Julio broke it off and sent us off to have our fun.

As soon as we got to my room I stripped him, tossed him on the bed and jumped on top of him. We kissed for several minutes. Normally I’d mash my cock against his but I was still leaking so I kept my hips off to the side and rubbed his hard pole with my knee.

I broke off our kissing and got in position. As I expected he’d prepared himself before driving over. I just pushed in and started fucking. I brought him off a couple times without shooting myself. I was new at trying to control myself but I knew the signs and backed off before going too far. But after Gavin’s second cum I took off and went for it, trying to bring him with me. I held off for another ten minutes before I slammed into him and released my seed. It was more than this morning, a lot more. Gavin shot with me.

“I felt that,” Gavin said. “You can shoot now.”

“Yes,” I confirmed. “My first was last night. You’re the first person to carry my seed inside them.”

“It’s my duty as your boy from now on to see that none of your cum goes to waste. It felt like a lot. Next time shoot in my mouth. I’d love to taste it.”

“Maybe you can taste it right now.”

I pulled out and put my tongue at his hole. A few seconds later a good blob of cum oozed out and I lapped it up and fed it to him. I went back for a couple more.

“Delicious,” Gavin opined.

“You’re prejudiced,” I told him. “You’d drink my urine if I let you.” “Damn right,” he agreed. “Did you ever let someone try it?”

“Once,” I admitted. “I was fucking an Olympic swimmer and had just given him a second orgasm but I felt the need to go. He didn’t want me to leave and offered his services as an alternative.

He was a hot fuck so I tried it. He obviously liked it but it was too weird even for me. I never did it again.”

“That’s good,” Gavin told me. “I’ll have plenty of cum to savor from now on. It felt like you shot a lot.”

“My first cum wasn’t much. But it seems to be increasing rapidly. Do you want to try sucking a load out of me?”

We hadn’t done much oral. At least him on me because there was no payoff. But that has changed now. Gavin went down on me. After ten minutes of increasing pleasure I shot in his mouth. He swallowed most of it down but left a little for me to lick off his inside surfaces.

“That was good,” I said. “Now that I can shoot cum, you’ll never be able to control me.”

“Bill, I’ve known you for four years,” Gavin said. “I’ve never been able to control you. You control me and that’s the way I like it. Now that puberty has hit, your sexual needs will only increase but I’m up to the challenge.”

“I know you are,” I replied. “That’s why I love you.”

“You said that Junior had something for you once you hit puberty.”

“Yes,” I confirmed. “I’m to get a drink of his mother’s breast milk. It is very potent. My mom’s milk was special but this is more so. My dad says it will change me almost instantly so I’m bigger and stronger. He and Mom have both had it. Dai, Kal and Trey will get it too but Trey hasn’t shot cum yet. I think Junior is waiting to do everyone together.”

As I told you when I began my story we did get our boost. We gave Gavin some of my mother’s milk that we had stored. It didn’t make him taller but he got about five percent more muscle mass and lost about five percent body fat. He is definitely more buff. He got almost an inch to his cock too.

I went from shorter than he to taller and much more muscular but still a sleek swimmer’s build. We made the explanation of a late growth spurt to those that knew us as a couple. I had always acted as the adult my age didn’t support but now I looked the part. I could easily pass for early to mid twenties.

Trey and I also started to beat our dads in swimming. Unofficially we broke their world records but we decided we would finish close second in any formal competition until the Olympics. My dad had always concentrated on longer races but I was competitive with Trey even in sprints. We decided to split it up. In shorter races I would do backstroke and breast stroke and Trey, freestyle and butterfly. We would team with Trey’s dad for the 4x100 relay and all four would do the 4x200 and medley relay.

I started joining dad on his morning run and swim. I could keep up easily. I think he knew I was faster than he even though I didn’t show it. Dad is only a few years from forty but hasn’t lost his fitness. I just had advantages from birth thanks to him.

Our first big event after our boost was the premiere of Gavin’s new movie. We both needed new tailored tuxedos. It was for a Friday evening, a week before it opens in the United States and internationally. I had arrived at Gavin’s place a couple hours early. The studio was sending a limo.

We had time for a leisurely shower where I fucked him and time just to relax on the bed. He showed me a script his agent had sent over earlier in the week. It was a period drama about the work and death of Raoul Wallenberg. I’m a fast reader. I scanned the first fifty pages and sampled some in the middle and then the last ten.

“It’s very different from anything you’ve been in before,” I said.

“Yes,” he confirmed. “But it is the type of role that gets noticed.” He meant for Oscars. “If I sign on it gets a go for production. If not, it probably sits on a shelf. “They offered me two million for the part, much less than I could command.”

“I can tell you want to do it. Respect from your peers is important and an Oscar would look good on the mantle in the living room. Go for it.”

“I thought you’d say that. I’ll tell my agent.”

We dressed and the limo took us to the theater, the Fox in Westwood. We got out. I stayed in the background as Gavin talked with the Hollywood press and local media. Inside he greeted and chatted with others before taking our seats. Several knew me. I had visited Gavin on a couple of his location shoots for several days. I had also fucked a couple of the hotter supporting actors.

We took our seats. We didn’t have to sit through popcorn and soda commercials or coming attractions. The movie ran two hours, ten minutes. I liked it.

There was a party afterwards. Gavin received lots of congratulations. They project a big opening. Gavin worked his way around, talking to other actors and actresses and those behind the cameras. We saw one of the producers that had financed the original film and made out handsomely had a hot date with him. It was Galtero. When we talked we all pretended not to know each other. Gavin told him his hot date was making his boyfriend, me, jealous. The guy asked Gavin if he was ready for movie number three. Gavin said he was. His contract for this film has options for three more but there is no script yet.

After a while Gavin said softly to me, “How about we split? I can’t wait to get your cock in me.”

“This is a big day for you. There are lots of built guys here. Let’s invite a couple to come with us and we’ll both fuck them,” I suggested.

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“Those two look hot,” I said indicating two early twenties guys with athletic builds chatting up a couple actresses.

“They seem more interested in girls,” Gavin observed. “Are they gay?”

“My experience has been that anyone I’m interested in will be gay for me. Remember how we met. You’re my boy. I’m your man. I’ll take care of things.”

We went over to them.

“Girls, we’d like to speak with the guys alone,” I began. “You’re cute and there are lots of guys for you besides these.” They looked disappointed but left us.

“You’ll have more fun with us than you would have had with them,” I told them. “I’m Bill Foster. Gavin, who you know, is my boyfriend. We’d like to invite you to our place for a little fun.”

“I’m Jerry Evans,” said the taller one with blond hair like mine. “My buddy is Antonio Rodriguez.” Antonio was just shorter but more muscular. He had black hair and the darker complexion of a

Hispanic. “Are you related to the Olympic swimmer?”

“He’s my dad,” I replied. I noted that they didn’t complain about me chasing off the girls or immediately reject the invitation. They were as good as ours. “You looked like you were ready to split. We have plenty of room in our limo.”

“You want to fuck us?” Antonio asked. “I’m not gay. We had those girls ready to go with us.”

Antonio it seems will need a little convincing.

“Antonio, can I call you Tony?” I began and put an arm around his back with my hand on his far shoulder. “That declaration, ‘I’m not gay’, that was you trying to convince yourself. We both know you want me to fuck you. Your cock knows. It’s already hard. It looks to be a decent size, eight inches. Mine is bigger.”

“Sure, my friends call me Tonio. You can call me that.”

“Tonio, for tonight I’m going to be your best friend,” I told him. His resistance was gone. “Let’s go.”

In the limo Gavin played with Jerry who seemed more compliant while I loosened up Tonio. I lifted him off the seat and set him facing me, straddling my thighs. We were still fully clothed. I placed one of his hands on my pole. I’d told him I was bigger than his eight but he didn’t expect what he felt. Twelve inches are more than a handful.

I pulled him to me for a kiss. He didn’t want to be kissed but I was too strong and we touched lips. He still tried to keep me out. I let him push back and slapped his ass hard. The crack of my hand on his muscled ass reverberated in the space.

“What was that for?” Tonio asked, stung by the pain of the blow. “You were fighting me, Tonio,” I explained. “You decided to come with us. From then on all the decisions are ours. We will take care of you and we will all have a good time. If you resist, we will still enjoy fucking you but you won’t like it very much.”

“Can’t I change my mind?”

“You don’t want to change your mind,” I told him. “You are afraid to give up control but you know you don’t have any control over what will happen. Once you accept your situation you will feel better.”

It was advice I’d give others but it was true. I pulled him in for another kiss. Initially he was passive but did not resist. He let me enter his mouth and play with his tongue. Gradually he started to respond and he pressed his body against mine as we felt each other’s muscles through the clothes we still wore.

We arrived at Gavin’s Malibu home and escorted our new friends inside and to our bedroom. We hung the four sets of formal wear in the closet and it was time to get started. I suggested we all shower first. It would give us a chance to clean them out, something these formerly straights probably didn’t do, and we could get their holes relaxed and lubed.

We were bigger than they, both in body and cock. I had twelve, Gavin, nine. They easily beat Tonio’s eight and Jerry only had just over seven. We washed each other which gave them plenty of opportunity to explore. Then we turned our attention to preparing them. When they were clean, inside and out, we turned off the water. We dried each other and returned to the bed.

Tonio was still apprehensive but not resisting. Jerry appeared eager. Gavin put him in position and bent him almost double to kiss him as he slowly breached the entrance. When he broke the kiss he had gotten half his stiff pole into Jerry and he started to fuck. It was obvious Jerry liked it.

Gavin mostly bottoms when he has sex with me or my family but I didn’t neglect his education just so he can handle situations like this. And, just like I am following in my dad’s path as a swimmer, Dai and Kal plan to escort like their dad and uncle, at least for a few years. They have let Gavin top them to practice their bottoming skills because they need to be expert in any situation. Mom and Tien have helped too to teach him how to properly please a woman. It means that when we are together, whatever sexual situation I decide to pursue, I can be confident that Gavin can handle it.

I had let Tonio watch his friend lose his anal cherry. Now it was his turn, I pushed him to his back beside the others and straddled his chest, placing the tip of my cock at his lips. He knew what I wanted. He took a tentative lick of the end. A gob of my pre-cum dripped onto his tongue. Since my milk dose I put out a lot more pre and regular cum, way more than your normal male produces. Tonio soon opened wide and took the end of my long shaft inside and rubbed it with his tongue. I rewarded him with a steady flow of my pre-sex juices.

I leaned forward until I was on my hands and knees, bridging his head. In this position I could fuck Tonio’s mouth and I did. I used tiny strokes and only the first few inches. I could bend my neck to see how he was doing. He looked okay but I didn’t try to get him to take me down his throat. I just kept it comfortable for him. As I got close I sped up. I gave him a warning and told him to be ready to swallow. Seconds later I shot my seed into his mouth. He listened to me and did not try to push me out. He drank my cum.

I pushed back until I was straddling him again. My cock popped from his lips still oozing the last of its load. I slid back. My cock left a trail of slime on his chest. I bent down and kissed Tonio, tasting my cum on his lips. He accepted my kiss eagerly. When I broke our kiss Tonio started to speak but I pressed my index finger over his lips to indicate it was not time to talk.

I got in position and raised his legs to my shoulders. Tonio looked down his torso at my cock resting beside his own. The tips were side by side even though my groin was below his butt. My cock, slick with his saliva and my cum, was significantly thicker than his own. I pulled it back and he felt the end press his entrance. I applied some pressure.

I was watching Tonio’s face as my flesh slowly forced him open and moved inside. It wasn’t showing pain. He looked surprised by feeling something he’d never imagined. My crown cleared the ring and a few inches of hard flesh eased in behind it. I started a slow fuck stroke. I could see Tonio react when I found his sensitive spot. I’m big and thick enough that every movement stimulates him.

He went to grab his cock but I brushed his hand away. He was leaking pre like crazy. When he came I wanted no doubt about who was responsible. A minute later his gun went off. The first couple shots sprayed his face and the next few laid lines on his chest and abdomen. I wiped up some of his cum on my fingers and brought them to my mouth and licked them clean. The next time I put my fingers in his mouth for him to lick. Then I alternated between me and him until most was gone.

As I was doing that I had kept up my stroke, working deeper. As I got more in my strokes became longer. Tonio shot again. This time I kept him just on the edge as I slowly opened him up until he was taking all twelve inches. His body was mine but it wasn’t what I wanted. He needed to acknowledge his submission. “Tonio, I’ve remolded your gut to match my cock,” I told him. “Until you find someone bigger, good luck with that, no man will fit you quite as well as I.”

“Yes, Bill,” Tonio said. “It feels so big when it is inside me and empty when you pull it most of the way out. Please make me cum again,” he pleaded.

“You’d cum if I shot my seed inside you,” I told him. “Do you want me to breed you?”

“Yes, of course,” he replied quickly.

“But there is a catch,” I added. “If I give you my seed you have to agree to let me seed you again whenever I want. That means if I call you, you come to me, cancelling any other plans you might have. You are mine to use at my pleasure. If that is acceptable to you just say the word and we’ll start you on your new life.”

“Yes, please. I agree,” he said frantically. In the state I’d put him he would agree to anything.

I pumped him hard and fast for another five minutes before flooding his gut and triggering his own release. It made his previous shots seem small in comparison.

I let him recover and then started round two. Then we did round three. He shot six more times but the last couple were only dribbles from empty balls.

Then Gavin and I switched. He said I’d so exhausted Tonio that all he’d be able to do is push up his hole and sleep with him and he did. I got ready to fuck Jerry.

“I agree too,” Jerry said as I prepared to enter him. “Gavin was good but I could tell your fuck of Tonio was a whole different level. Having you call me offering that kind of pleasure is something I’d love.”

“I like a man who knows what he wants and is not shy asking for it,” I told him. “Let me know if I meet your high expectations.”

So I fucked him. Jerry was very verbal and made it clear he was loving it. He had cum a few times as Gavin fucked him. I got three more out of him and seeded him twice. Then we cuddled together and fell asleep.

The sun was high in the sky when I awoke. Gavin was finally getting to fuck Tonio. I started to stroke Jerry and that woke him up. We fucked them and switched to do the other. Just gentle sex but it was fun for all and we didn’t exhaust our guests. We followed that with a refreshing shower.

“I really enjoyed last night,” Tonio told me as he soaped my body.

“I’m not sorry about what I agreed to. It means I get to experience the best night of my life again. But could I ask a favor?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Sometimes, when I’m working or on a location shot, coming to see you immediately would be awkward and, if it happens too often, I might be considered unreliable and not be able to get work,” Tonio explained. “It would be great if I didn’t need to come then.”

“I understand Tonio. If you send me your schedule I’ll make sure I don’t interfere with your work. You too Jerry.”

“About work,” Gavin began as Jerry was soaping him. “The second sequel will start shooting in about a year. We don’t have a script yet. And there is another project I’ll be on. Leave me your cards. I’ll see if we can find a part for you. Anything with lines and screen time is useful and, if you impress the director, you might get something significant. Besides, it is always nice to have friends around when on location. Bill visits me when he can.”

We left the shower. Gavin’s houseboy was finishing remaking the bed with clean sheets. He is Thai, another of Chai and Nut’s many cousins. He is five-ten with a sleek, defined muscular body and and the all-over tan color so many Thais seem to have. He wore his usual outfit, white Lycra micro shorts and a white Lycra top that displayed a every muscle and were so thin the brown color of his skin partly showed through it. The bulge from his eight-inch cock, a little deeper brown than his normal skin was barely contained in the skimpy shorts. He was called Gem. Gem stays in the background when we have guests over. But when Gavin is home alone they generally sleep together. Gem is a talented, almost exclusive, top but he will bottom for me. I do often let him top me when I visit.

We introduced Gem to Jerry and Tonio. He came right up to them, feeling their cocks and butts, even touching their holes and remarked to us that they must have been fun. He then told us that he had set out breakfast on the patio. He left us carrying the old sheets and our used towels.

We lent the boys some gym shorts since they only had their formal wear. We donned the same and headed down to breakfast. The patio has a panoramic ocean view. Gem was there waiting. He cooked us some omelets. We had a leisurely meal and chatted with our new friends.

They were looking at our crotches and obviously wanted another ride before we sent them home. Jerry final got up the courage to ask. I told them Gem would fuck them both. I made a bet with Gem. If he could get both to shoot, hands free, within five minutes of penetration, I would let him breed my ass. He won the bet.

The guys got dressed in their formal shirts, mostly unbuttoned, and slacks and carried the rest as we got an Uber to take them to the apartment they shared. Then we went back to the patio where Gem collected his winnings.


Chapter 20—A Quick Adventure

I did have an interesting adventure in the summer of my thirteenth year. China had sent an aircraft carrier battle group to visit San Diego. The United States, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada and Chile had signed a NATO style alliance about ten years earlier. India joined a few years later. China had been replacing most of their Russian equipment with American designs and this was their first of three aircraft carriers. It is about eighty percent the size of an American carrier and it is nuclear powered and operates American F-35s with catapult launchers.

As part of the visit they were hosting a reception for U.S. Navy personnel and local VIPs. Julio was on the list. Julio, Dad, Dai, Kal and I drove down in the Mercedes. It is about three hours. Julio took the first stint as driver while the rest of us had fun in the back two rows. Dai and Kal fucked Dad and Dai fucked me before I let Dad top me. Then Dad drove and Julio fucked us all. When Julio did Dai, Kal felt sorry that I had not had a chance to top and let me fuck him. Dai and Kal are great tops but they plan to escort for a few years once they are eighteen so they know they have to be good bottoms too. Kal really knew how to work my cock when I fucked him. They mostly top me but, when I get the chance, I really enjoy fucking them.

We had booked a couple suites at the Hotel Del Coronado where we would spend the night. The aircraft carrier piers are nearby. We checked in and showered the sex smell from the ride off and headed to the Navy Base. The invitation got us a pass and directions to where we could park.

I spotted the Chinese ship right away. They had set up a tent on the flight deck for the reception. We went aboard. An officer checked our invitation and identification against a list. He welcomed us and offered our group a tour of the ship. Julio accepted and a young officer who spoke good English came forward to lead us.

The first stop was the hanger deck. We were shown the aircraft, the elevators to lift them up to the flight deck and other facilities. Then we headed into the ship. I hung back and as my family followed the guide I took a side passage to look around on my own. I found some steps and went down a couple levels.

Leaving the steps I didn’t see anyone so I just walked. It appeared to be a berthing area. I passed a washroom and heard the sound of a shower. There were several doors further down. I stopped and was debating with myself whether I should open one.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” I heard from behind me in Chinese.

I turned. It was young Chinese man with a towel wrapped about his waist. He had just left the washroom I passed. He was early twenties, about five-eight, good pecs and defined abs, decent biceps and nice legs leading to a round butt. Not bad I thought.

“I was with a tour but I seem to have lost them,” I answered in Chinese.

“I’ll get you back after I get some clothes. Follow me,” he directed.

We went down the passage a few yards and he opened a door. He motioned for me to go in and I did. It was a berthing compartment with twelve bunk beds, six on each side stacked three high. There were twelve lockers on the back wall and a couple chairs and a table in the center. Four of the bunks were occupied by young men wearing just underwear. One was looking at a magazine and the others were watching phones or pads. They looked pretty hot and the guy with the magazine had a definite hard going, about seven inches.

“Is this where you live?” I asked in Chinese. “I’m Bill. I got separated from a tour group.”

“Yes,” my sailor said, removing his towel. He had a cock that was five inches soft and a patch of black hair above it. “I’m Li. The others are Ling, Gui, Wei and Yang.” Wei was the one with the magazine.

“Where are the others in your room?” I asked.

“They are on a tour of Sea World and won’t be back until late,” Ling on one of the bottom bunks explained as he sat up. “We have to work today.”

“Are all Chinese sailors so handsome? Li here has a very nice body and the rest of you look like you do too.” I went to Li and started to feel his muscles. “Just being with you guys is enough to get me hard.”

“How come you know Chinese?” Wei asked, putting down his magazine. I saw it had pictures of nearly naked Chinese girls.

“A friend of my dad is Chinese,” I replied. “I have visited China a few times and picked up the language. I find Chinese boys are very friendly and I hope we can be friends.”

Ling stood up and came over to me where I still had hands on Li’s body. He started to feel mine. Wei and Gui had also gotten out of their bunks and I was soon surrounded by the Chinese sailors. I was six-two at that age so I was well taller than any of the Chinese. Ling was the first to discover what I had in my pants.

“The American is huge,” Ling said, feeling the bulge under the denim of my jeans. I was hard and over twelve inches.

“Which of you is brave enough to try and ride it?” I asked. “But I’ll give you a choice. Take me in you or, if you are scared, you can fuck me. Who wants the first ride?”

“I’ll go first,” Li offered. “I’m already undressed.”

I was hoping he’d volunteer. Li had a very sweet ass. I got out of my clothes. Ling hung them on one of the hooks by the door. I had a small half-ounce bottle of lube in my back pocket for emergencies like this. I had Li lean against a bank of bunks and spread his legs. I lubed his hole and my pole. Then using a couple lubed fingers I eased into his hole. He took it easily. I was not the first to explore him as I expected. Li turned his head and looked at me. He wanted cock not fingers.

I pushed into him. He took me easily but he was tight inside. I’m pretty thick. I started to fuck him. The others were getting out of their underwear. They had decent bodies, well defined with a little muscle from hard work not gym. Wei had the biggest cock at just under eight inches. The others were five to seven.

“You are so big,” Li remarked. “It feels great so far.”

“What was the biggest you’ve had?” I asked him.

“Twenty-five centimeters,” he answered.

“I’m thirty-two but I only have twenty in you now. Don’t touch your cock,” I cautioned him. “I’ll take care of you.”

I triggered his orgasm. He spurted his cum on the taut sheets of a bottom bunk while I added a couple more inches. He shot a second and third time before I was all the way in him. Then I pumped him hard and fast until I shot up his gut and he came again.

I pulled out. Li sat in one of the chairs to recover. His ass was oozing my cum. Ling was next. I fucked all but Wei who wanted to fuck me. He wasn’t very good so I brought him off quickly.

“Bill, that was my best fuck ever,” Li told me and the others I’d fucked added agreement. “I guess we should be getting you back before they start a search.”

“You guys were fun,” I told them. “You have nice bodies with butts perfect for fucking. You took my big meat without a whimper and I know it hurts some until I loosen you up deep inside. Your holes were nice, warm and tight. I’d love to fuck the whole crew if they are as sexy as you.”

“I bet every guy feels tight to that monster,” Yang said. “It may take me a few days to recover. But our friends won’t believe us when we tell them about you. Can we take some pictures together?”

They all wanted photos so I agreed. Wei took one with me and the four I’d fucked. In that one we were all naked. I was between Gui and Yang with an arm about each guy’s waist while Li and

Ling knelt in front each with his hand wrapped about my shaft. Then I did an individual shot in a standing fuck. I only had a couple inches in for the photo so you could see most of my long pole bridging the gap between us. Wei, who I didn’t fuck, got a shot of me kissing him with my tongue deep in his mouth. I had them give me a copy of each for my album.

Li put on a uniform and led me up to the flight deck where the tent was set up. I spotted my family and we went over. I told them that I got separated and Li guided me back. Father thanked Li in Chinese then Dai added that he hoped I had been properly grateful for Li’s assistance. It was obvious to Li that everyone knew what we had been doing plus he was almost surrounded by five huge men. He said a few words and left hurriedly.

We sampled the food, all Chinese dishes, set out on tables inside the tent. There was a bar but we stuck to fruit juice or tea.

The Chinese captain came over trailed by a younger officer. He addressed Father and Dad by name and asked them what they thought of his ship, The Fourth Of June. They said they were impressed by it and the crew. The next carrier due next year will be called The Twenty-Ninth Of July after the recent revolution and the last about three years later is to be the Fourth Of May after a significant date about a hundred years ago.

I asked the Captain where he was during the revolution. He said he was a young officer on a destroyer based in Qingdao. On July thirty-first, two days after the start in Beijing, crowds of city residents massed to seize the government buildings. Their Political Officer told their Captain to use the destroyer’s guns on the crowd. The government offices were just inland from the ocean front. He and the other junior officers talked the Captain out of taking action. They tossed the Political Officer overboard. The new Chinese People’s Navy does not have Political Officers.

Once the Captain moved on Dai, Kal and I split from our parents and moved off on our own. As soon as we were away they pressed me to tell them what I really did when I disappeared. In a low voice, switching to French, I told them.

“Would you like a spring roll?” I heard in English from behind us.

It was Ling, carrying a tray of what he offered. Yang was beside him with a tray of something I didn’t recognize. About half of each were already served.

“Ling, Yang, these are my brothers, Dai and Kal,” I said switching to Chinese. “They have spring rolls bigger than mine. Would you like a sample?”

They told us to wait by the tent opening on the bow side while they completed their rounds. We did. A few minutes later they returned with empty trays and we followed them out. Once inside the ship Ling led us to a room used to store parts for the aircraft.

Dai pushed down Ling’s pants and went right up his hole while he took my cock in his mouth and, eventually, his throat. Meanwhile, Kal fucked Yang standing up with Yang’s legs wrapped around his waist. After we dropped our loads, Ling told us to wait here until they returned and he and Yang left.

A few minutes later the door opened and three Chinese sailors entered saying Ling sent them. We each fucked one and they left without giving us their names. A few minutes later three more Chinese sailors came in. These were younger, probably teenagers, and they looked nervous. We all had our pants unzipped and open with our cocks hanging out and the front of our knit shirts pulled up and behind our thick necks exposing our torsos.

“Are you here to be fucked?” Kal asked in Chinese.

“Yes, Ling sent us,” one responded. “He said you were big but we’ve never taken anything like that.”

“We’ll be gentle,” I promised them. “If you find it too uncomfortable just tell us and we’ll stop.”

“Come on. You’ll always regret it if you don’t try,” Dai added.

That convinced them. They weren’t virgins but we took our time working ourselves all the way inside them. They each shot a couple times before we were buried and the real fuck started. They loved it and were very vocal. Two of them gave a loud squeal as we seeded their guts.

The door snapped open just then. A Chinese officer in a white uniform stood in the entry.

“What’s going on here?”

“Lieutenant Zhou,” said the one I had just breed.

“It’s okay, sir,” Dai said. “We were just exploring friendly relations with some of your sailors.”

Dai pulled out of his guy and went over to the officer. His cock was still pulsing a few last spurts from his orgasm. Kal pulled out too and stood next to the young sailor he just seeded. The officer stood in silence taking in the muscled bodies and long, thick cocks. Dai pulled him inside and shut the door behind him.

“We haven’t fucked an officer yet,” Dai informed him. “You’ll be our first.”

He just let Dai loosen his belt and pull down his pants, exposing his ass. Dai turned him around and got into position, bending him forward while holding his hips.

“Suck my cock,” Kal directed. “We don’t want too much noise that someone else might try to investigate.”

Kal was still hard. He’d only cum twice in the last half hour so he had plenty left. I’d cum six times since we’d been onboard so I left myself inside my last guy to keep me stimulated and just watched Dai and Kal. The officer was looking at Kal’s cock. It’s tip was inches from his mouth. It was dripping from cum and had some streaks from the insides of the sailor he just fucked. Kal had his hands holding the sides of his head but wasn’t trying to force him. It wasn’t necessary. He opened his mouth and Kal inserted a few inches through his lips.

That was Dai’s cue to start slowly pressing into the firm ass in front of him. With no real prep and just cum for lube it must have hurt but he took it without a sign of pain. Dai started a slow stroke and worked himself in deeper.

Meanwhile I was holding the sailor I fucked to my body and rubbing my hands on his firm, lightly-muscled, torso. He turned his head and looked up at me. I bent my head and gave him a deep kiss that he eagerly returned.

The other two had gotten some rags and were wiping up the cum leaking from their holes. They came over to me and I gave each a kiss too.

“I never thought I’d watch an officer being fucked,” one of them remarked. “I had that cock in me. It’s huge.”

“The other one came out of my ass and he has it deep in his throat. I can see it bulging,” the other added.

“They are my brothers,” I told them. “The one in the ass is Dai and the one in front is Kal. My name is Bill.”

“I’m Ming,” said the guy I was fucking. “My mates are Chen and Jin. We were scared when we saw how big you all are but it was great. I love feeling you inside me. I can feel your power. Every throb and twitch of that thing shakes my whole body even though it is just resting. It was a wild beast when you shot inside me.”

“You can have a second load if you want,” I offered.

“Yes, please,” Ming said without hesitation.

“Chen, Jin, you drink his cum,” I directed. “You can alternate loads but I don’t want you to spill a drop.”

They immediately dropped to their knees and Jin put Ming’s piece in his mouth to take the first deposit. I started my stroke again.

Dai had already gotten one load from their guy while he was opening him up. Now that he was in fully he was really pouring it on and Kal was fucking deep into his throat.

I got my next load out of Ming as my brothers seeded their guy who had his second load as they came inside him. They let the abused officer recover but I kept going. Ming had his next load as they resumed fucking. The officer thought they were done with him and tried to struggle as the action resumed. It was useless. He was still plugged at both end and firmly gripped by guys much stronger than he. Pretty soon the mounting pleasure drained his energy and will.

I got another load out of Ming before flooding his gut for the second time just as Dai and Kal dropped another in their guy. Ming turned his head and we shared another kiss.

Kal pulled out and Dai brought the officer upright, holding his body tightly to him. He was a mess. He had several cum streaks on his uniform shirt and he had leaked a lot of Kal’s spunk out his mouth. His eyes had that glassy look of someone lost in pleasure. Without Dai’s support I doubt he could stand.

Dai eased out. A lot of cum followed, flowing through his overstretched hole. Dai sat him down on a crate, leaning his back on the wall. His pants were still down to mid thigh.

“Guys,” I told the sailors. “I want you to take care of your officer. We don’t want him to get into trouble. I think he’ll need a fresh uniform and a wet towel and a comb to look presentable. Can you do that?”

“Yes, sir!” Chen said. “Mr. Zhou is a good officer. We don’t want him hurt either. Count on us.”

The next time the door opened it was Ling, carrying a fresh tray of food. We got back into our clothes. He led us back to the party.

We rejoined our parents who knew what we had been up to. Well they raised us and knew us. Put us on a ship with a few thousand hot sailors and it was inevitable that we’d find a way to fuck some of them.

We saw Chen and Ming a little while latter. They were serving a spicy pork dish and something with chicken, also spicy.

They were nervous once more, being close to the boys who had just fucked them. We took our time sampling what they were offering.

“Father, Dad, these are Chen and Ming,” I said in English, causing them to turn toward us.

Julio, who had been chatting with a U.S. Navy admiral, said in Chinese, “it looks like our sons have been busy this evening. I hope they helped cement friendly relations between us and China.”

“Yes, sir,” said Ming, blushing some realizing that they knew what we’d been doing. “Very friendly. We are all taking a little bit of America with us.”

Our folks turned back to their original conversation and I asked Ming about the officer. They got him cleaned up and in a fresh uniform. By then he could walk unassisted though he had a folded rag in his pants to absorb continued leakage. They have them too. They had to continue their rounds with the serving trays.

It was time to leave. We were soon back in our room at the hotel. We grabbed a shower and were getting ready to get into bed when there was a knock on the door.

I went to answer it, putting my body behind the door since I was naked. It was Li in his sailor uniform flanked by two Chinese in uniforms of Chinese Marines. I let them in. I didn’t know how they found us. I had mentioned our hotel but not our room.

They quickly shed their clothes. The two Marines were both nearly six feet tall and much more muscular than Li. Our suite had a bedroom with two big beds. Dai and Kal took one with the Marines and left Li and I the other.

Li and I sucked each other in a sixty-nine until we both drank each other’s seed. Then I fucked him to a couple more orgasms before dropping my second load up his ass. We fell asleep.

It was a fun trip.


Chapter 21—Olympics Again

I think I have you up to date. Now at fourteen I’m off to my first Olympics as a competitor. This year they are in Shanghai, China’s second summer games. Junior made their final presentation of the bid to the IOC ten years ago. Naturally, they chose Shanghai.

China is a lot different and it would be another story to list everything. But just adding anti-pollution technology to the coal power plants made a big difference and they are well on the way to replacing most of the older ones with nuclear power. Air quality in Shanghai for the games won’t be an issue and they won’t have to shut down the city as was done for Beijing.

Junior would be the world’s richest man just from the three percent he retains from the South China Sea development. But he used that income, over three billion a year, to make other investments, mostly in China that easily doubled his wealth. Dad’s half percent puts him on the list but not near the top. We kids also have small stakes in Junior’s China investments as do many of his former gymnasts. So Dai, Kal, Taddeo, Tien and I are actually pretty rich.

We are flying to China on Junior’s new plane. He bought a Boom Corporation supersonic airliner with a custom interior that seats thirty instead of the normal seventy five. With the lighter cabin and cargo load he had them add extra fuel tanks to almost double the range to 8,000 nm. It will be under five hours from San Francisco to Shanghai.

One other change he insisted upon is the ability to override the flight computers. The company told him there was no need but they added a disconnect button. It disables the system for just five minutes unless pressed again.

Junior had Vern Senior trained on the new aircraft but he took his usual shortcut by fucking their senior test pilot. Then he took his aircraft out with the test pilot, Vern and himself to see what it could do. Alex Han, who is going to be one of the two cabin crew for the plane, went along strapped into a crew seat in the main cabin. He said it was a wild ride.

The big news from me is not the Olympics. I married Gavin. We had a big fourteenth birthday bash for Dai, Kal and I at the beach house. All the family and our friends were there. Right after the three of us blew out the candles on the cake, I got down on one knee and asked Gavin if he would marry me. He said yes.

We flew to Massachusetts where a man of fourteen years can marry with parental consent and had a private ceremony. I knew my parents would approve. Gavin and I have been a couple for seven years and recently I had been spending most nights at his home.

I did get the fuck Junior promised me several years ago. I don’t have any dark secrets that he could discover but he did learn that Trey and I are faster swimmers than our dads.

At the opening ceremony Vern Junior carried the U.S. flag. His forty gold medals in four Olympics made him the obvious choice. Trey walked beside him. Vern raised our flag high as Junior had done years ago as we passed the box of the Chinese President.

Junior was in that box along with the current IOC head, the six year old Dalai Lama and Cardinal Zhu of the Shanghai arch diocese.

When Vern lowered the flag he passed it to his son. It was symbolic of what would happen in the competition.

Gavin, my father, mother, brothers and sister were up in the crowd somewhere. They had a luxury box, one of a ring that hung below the upper deck. Then I saw it. A window opened and a couple American flags were being waved by Dai and Kal.

The competition went as expected. Trey and I broke all our dads’ world and Olympic records but we all shared new ones in the relay events. But the big news was unexpected.

The 777 Junior had leased was being sold by the leasing company. The prospective buyers, looking over its history, saw the airframe inspection and wondered why it had been required. It turned out that, at the time, maintenance personnel had downloaded data from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder but did not review it when the inspection showed no damage. But the data, on a flash drive, was still with the records, so they took a look. It was a story on a popular Sunday news show back home, Monday morning in China the day after swimming and gymnastics wrapped up and diving begins. They had done a video simulating the planes motion synchronized with the cockpit conversation. I saw it from a BBC feed on the TV in our room at the Olympic Village.

Vern Senior, the listed pilot in command, was first to be contacted. He told them he had no comment and alerted Junior. That afternoon Junior said that he did not want to distract from the games but he would explain everything the day after the games conclude.

That didn’t stop everything. The cockpit voices identified the attacking planes as Chinese carrier-based jets and the sinking of the Chinese aircraft carrier on the same day was easily found. There was plenty of speculation and theories. Us kids knew the story, at least parts of it. Our parents were on that plane. But the stories were all speculative and without fresh facts they stayed off the top of the news.

NBC, at least, wasn’t interested in anything that distracted from their coverage of the games. Our dad and son stories got plenty of air time. I was also able to do a segment with Gavin. While my age was mentioned in other stories, it wasn’t in that one and I certainly looked old enough to be a match to my spouse.

Saturday, the next to last day, Junior got everyone together in his apartment. He owns the top two floors of a luxury building on the Pudong side riverfront. He has a helicopter hanger on the roof.

He explained what he will be saying on Monday and said that he briefed the Chinese government of his involvement in their revolution. Many were former exiles that he had worked with and encouraged in the year prior to the revolution. They knew him as an early supporter of a democratic China but not of the actions he took to bring it about. Needless to say, the Chinese won’t be a problem.

Anyhow Dad was happy that everything will be out in the open.

Gavin thought it would make a good movie and he’d love to play Dad even though it is just a supporting character. I was more focused on us. We had a private civil wedding and I thought, once home, we should do a wedding celebration and invite all our friends. Gavin agreed and added we should have a real honeymoon too. I thought of the private island in Tahiti that my parents went to. That would be fun.


Chapter 22—Roy’s Tale

It was the summer after the Shanghai Olympics. I had completed my sophomore year at UCLA where I am on the swim team. About a month before the end of the school year, Coach called me in. He had recommended me for a summer program at the aquatic club in Santa Monica run by Olympic Medalists, Vern Talbot and Bill Foster and their sons. They had accepted me.

I’d heard about it. You can’t apply. It is by invitation only and they invited me. I had been planning on going home to Mission Viejo in Orange County where I train and swim with the Nadadores men but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I’m Roy Palmer, twenty years old, a good student in a pre-med program and a nationally competitive swimmer in freestyle and butterfly. I can’t match Talbot or Foster but I still had dreams of making the national team before the next Olympics. The top two qualifiers get to go so it is a race to see who finishes second to our stars.

The Spring Quarter ended the second Friday in June. I spent the weekend at home and drove up on Monday with a suitcase and a couple duffle bags in the trunk. I had a ten AM meeting with

Coach Nick Brady who runs the operation. I was right on time.

When I entered his office he had another swimmer already there. I knew him. He was Gary Johnson who swims for the University of Texas. I had four races against him at the last NCAA championship. We both won two. He had flown in from Houston yesterday afternoon. We were to be roommates, sharing an apartment in a complex owned by the club.

Coach Brady welcomed me and got me set up with an access badge and took biometrics of my right index finger. The biometrics were the keys for my locker and the doors in the club and apartment complex.

Brady explained the program. Training and coaching was scheduled for six days a week. Sunday’s are open but the club is available for personal practice and training. Pretty much everything is provided. Meals are free at the cafeteria and they have a shop with a full range of sportswear, donated by Nike, so also free for us. Our room has a kitchen and fridge but we were responsible for stocking that. He told us that our first event was a physical assessment in the gym at one and that gave us some time to get settled and have lunch.

I left with Gary. He had moved into our room, 302, yesterday. I drove my car over and parked in our assigned spot under the building. He helped me carry my stuff to the room. My finger unlocked it.

It was a one bedroom suite with a small kitchen and dining set in the sitting room. It had a large, wall-mounted, TV. It was displaying the club app with our schedules. It looked like we could review training videos on it too but none were yet available. The seating was a large leather couch and a big reclining chair.

The bedroom had two queen-sized beds and a dresser. Gary had his stuff in half the dresser and some in the large closet. The bath had a big shower and double vanities. Gary had set up on one.

I figured I’d shower and change into gym gear and grab some lunch before our physical assessment session. I wore my gym shorts and a tee under my UCLA warmup suit. Gary took a shower after me and was attired similarly with his UT warmup.

We walked across the street to the club. They had eight electric city cars at charging stations outside the door with spots for twelve. We could get one to use with just a finger scan. It would be useful for Gary who flew in.

We went into the cafeteria. There were a number of tables, some with club members or staff already eating. At the front was a counter manned by a young Asian man, Thai, I guessed, from his dark complexion. We went there.

“Hello,” he greeted us. “I can see you are new. I’m Peng. Give me your order and I’ll bring it to your table.” He handed us menus.

“What do you recommend?” I asked. He was looking us up and down like he was checking us out.

“The Pad Thai is excellent,” he said. “There are plenty of Western choices but you will find Thai very pleasing.”

We both took that. I noticed there were a couple more Thais in the kitchen doing the food. We found an empty table.

Our food was soon served. We chatted. Gary’s coach had recommended him for the program as mine did for me.

We went to the gym. They had separate facilities for men and women, both divided into elite, junior and dolphin locker rooms. We found our lockers in the elite section and put our warmups in them and headed to the gym in our gym gear with our access badges on a ribbon about our necks.

The gym was very well equipped with a variety of machines for cardio and strength plus free weights. There were several people working out, both Gary and I knew a couple from collegiate competitions. We had a few minutes so we went over to say hello. After we greeted them they asked if we had our physical assessment yet and, when we said no, they just smiled. Then a couple big Black guys entered and our friends told us they were the instructors.

We went over to them. They looked even bigger up close. I’m five-eleven and we’ll muscled for a swimmer. These guys were well over six feet and way bigger. Both just wore white gym shorts that were almost painted on and so sheer the dark tone of their skin showed through. Even without the thin fabric their cocks would have been unmistakeable, a thick bulge angling off to their left hips and so long that the tip actually popped the material out beyond the edge of their hips. They had to be at least eleven inches. I have eight and have seen a couple in the locker rooms bigger than mine but never anything like that.

One put his left arm across my back and held me tight to his side. His badge, hung from his neck like ours said, “Dai”. The other one held Gary similarly. He was Kal.

“You must be our new trainees,” the one holding me said. “I’m Dai and my fellow trainer is my brother, Kal. We are in charge of your physical training and by that we mean not just your muscles and endurance but training your mind to use your body in any way the situation demands.”

“Right now you are uncomfortable,” Kal stated, correctly. “We came right up to you and are in your personal space. You are not used to that. Not used to someone who can dominate you and that is what we are doing.”

“So that is your first lesson,” Dai continued. “You have no personal space with us. We are dominant and we will control you and your body. I think you already understand that we are not giving you a choice, accept our dominance or go home. We are just telling you how things are.”

“We understand,” Gary said softly as I nodded agreement.

“You actually don’t but you will,” Dai said, squeezing me to him with a little extra strength. “You sense that we are superior males and instinctively assume the submissive role that is appropriate. Part of your training will be on how to serve a superior.”

“But we will also teach you how to interact with your equals,” Kal added. “And, naturally, how to assert your dominance over lesser men and women. Those, you will find, will be most of whom you encounter, once you return to your regular lives.”

They really weren’t asking us to obey them or anything. They just assumed we would and I realized that was true. We actually did know instinctively it was our duty to do as they said.

“First up,” Kal began. “We’ll take some initial photos. You can strip off your clothes.”

We did as we were directed even though there were a couple females in the gym. As I was getting naked I looked around. The guys we had greeted earlier were having sex on a weight bench in full view. Everyone else acted as if that was a normal sight. It probably was.

“This is our assistant, Ten,” Dai introduced a young Thai, carrying a high-end digital camera and wearing mini gym shorts.

Ten was my height, five-eleven, but more muscular. He must have gotten his name from his hard cock which was easily ten and already oozing some pre-cum, making the material near the tip see-through.

He took pictures of us from all angles. Then we were tested for strength. I benched three hundred, Gary two-ninety. Then we did cardio on a treadmill to test our top speed followed by two miles at a five minute per mile pace.

“Great,” Kal told us as we finished on the treadmill. “Go with Ten and he’ll prepare you for phase two.”

We followed Ten into the locker room. He went to the showers, hung his badge on a hook and started to strip his gym shorts. We did likewise.

“What is phase two?” I asked as we entered and he turned on three adjacent shower heads.

“Dai and Kal will fuck you,” Ten told us. “My job is to show you how to clean yourself out and get you loosened up. If you haven’t pooped this morning you should start in the toilet.”

We had just before heading out.

“Good,” Ten said. “The shower, like those in your room, has a couple hand sprays. This is standard wand and should be used to get your crack nice and clean.”

He demonstrated on himself, spreading his legs and bending over to open his crack. I saw that his hole had some cum leaking from it but the spray washed it away.

“The other wand you insert in your hole, just the tip, and fill your gut up,” Ten explained as he demonstrated. “You can hold it inside for a minute and then release it.” He did. The water streamed out carrying cum and some ass juice but mostly clear water. “If you do this right after you pooped it is best to release the first couple into a toilet but this washes down the drain easily. Who wants to be first?”

I volunteered. He had me bend over and used the spray to wash my bottom. He soaped it up and got a razor from the shower tray and shaved my crack clean. Then he switched to the other wand. I felt the tip on my hole and he pushed against it until it sealed tight. He started with a slow stream of warm water. I felt it fill my gut.

“Enough,” I said.

“A little more,” Ten insisted. He had a hand on my abdominals to hold me in place. “Hold it in,” he said as he stopped and removed the tip.

I did until he told me to release it. The water was a lot dirtier than what he released. He washed it down and the bits that got on my legs. Then we did it three times more until the water released was clear. Then it was Gary’s turn.

“Ten, are you related to Peng, who we met in the cafeteria?” I asked as he worked on Gary.

“Yes, he, Dang and Ram are my cousins,” Ten confirmed. “We are a large family. I have thirty-two cousins, twenty are male, and a brother, Gem, who got me this gig.”

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“We have a room in the apartment complex you are in but we never sleep there,” Ten stated. “We just hook up with others for the night. I’ll be with you and Gary tonight.”

“Were you going to ask us?” I said.

“No need,” Ten responded. “I just told you. Oh, you’re new. I’ll explain. My badge has a green dot. You badges have white. That means you are beginners. After some training, you’ll advance to yellow and then green. Anyone with a higher or equal color, male or female, can ask you for sex and you are required to accept. If they have green they will rate your performance. Get enough good marks and you advance in status. The junior swimmers in the program have red dots and are off limits. The older ones play with each other but we pretend not to notice.”

“How many times will we have sex each day?” Gary asked as he released clean water from his gut. “Will we have time to train?”

“Newbies generally have sex about four or five times a day,” Ten explained. “When you get more experience, it will be more. The sex is actually part of your training. If you want to be a worldclass athlete you need the confidence world-class sex can give you. But you’ll have plenty of swimming too. As for me, I’ll fuck you both a couple times this evening and again after we wake up. But, I could tell you’re both cherry and my job is to loosen you up for Dai and Kal, so get ready for your first lesson.”

Ten had me lean against the wall under the warm shower spray. He got on his knees behind me and spread my legs wide. I felt his tongue lick along my crack and settle at my hole. He licked around it before pushing the tip inside. It was a new sensation but I liked it. My cock grew hard, a full eight inches. Ten wrapped a hand around it and slowly stroked it as he played inside my hole. I started to leak.

Ten pulled his tongue from my hole and stood up, pressing his body to my back, his left arm about my chest and his head beside mine. He raised his right hand, gooey with my pre-cum, to my lips. I opened my mouth and let him put his fingers inside me and licked my juice off. He kept them in me for a while after, just stroking my tongue. I thought he is just showing me that he is in control. I knew he was. He removed his fingers. I looked down where I could feel his pole pressing my ball sack from below. I could see the last few inches as it extended beneath my own hard pole. The light brown shaft was thicker than mine.

“We are almost ready,” Ten told me. “I just need to lube up my cock and your ass and then use my fingers to loosen and stretch your hole. It may hurt a little at first but you’re going to like it. The real fun is going to be when Dai and Kal fuck you but I get to warm you up for their monsters.”

He did as he told me and resumed his spot behind me. By then my hole was eager to be filled by this Thai stud.

“I’m ready,” I told Ten. “I thought about asking you to take it slow and be gentle but I realize that you know best how to initiate me and my body is yours to use however you want.” “Good boy,” Ten said acknowledging my remark.

I figured he was a year or two younger than I but with Asian guys it is difficult for me to tell. But to him I was the inexperienced one and I guess I was. Here I was, ready to be fucked, having gay sex for the first time and I was just accepting it as normal and natural. I guess it is. Dai and Kal, even Ten, radiated superiority and dominance. It was instinctive to submit to them even though that instinct had never before been triggered in me.

He pulled back and I felt the tip of his pole slide up my crack until it found my opening. He pressed it lightly to me. He put a little more pressure and I felt it start to spread my flesh apart. I could feel my ass muscle spasm, tighten and relax, again and again. But each time it relaxed just a fraction more would slip into me.

Ten let the tip tease me for a couple minutes before surprising me with a sudden thrust that forced me open and allowed the crown and some shaft to shove inside. I gasped as he breached me but it wasn’t painful. I felt him inside me. It stuffed me like a big turd but it was not just a passive presence in my rectum. It was warm, alive and throbbing. A part of the powerful Thai stud standing behind me was now inside me.

He pushed in a few more inches and started to stroke my gut. I reached behind me and felt his pole where it entered me. There was more than a hand’s width separating my hole from his groin. I returned my hand to the wall as he slowly put more into me. My cock was bouncing from the sensations each time he moved.

Ten did a minute of rapid thrusts and my cock spewed its seed onto the shower wall. When I calmed down I felt Ten’s body pressed to my ass. He was fully in me. I could feel it way deep inside me where I’d never felt anything before. I could sense its power, feel the blood pulsing through it in time with the beat of his heart. My body was his now to use for his pleasure.

And he did. Ten started long, powerful strokes through my gut. The sensations went right to my cock and my brain. Gary afterward said I was just moaning and occasionally saying Ten’s name. Finally the cock inside me exploded, jetting its seed into me as I shot again.

Ten eased out of me. I didn’t want him to go but I was drained and dazed. I just slumped to the floor, resting under the warm spray with my back against the wall.

When I recovered, Gary was getting his power fuck. I saw Ten shoot inside him as Gary sprayed his seed onto the tiles. Ten eased out of him and helped Gary sit beside me. He then stood, straddling me with his cock in front of my face, slimy with cum and whatever from inside Gary. I knew what he expected of me. Yesterday I would have thought it disgusting but I did not hesitate taking him into my mouth and cleaning it off with my tongue. It tasted a mix of salty, bitter and sweet.

Ten held my head and gently moved himself through my lips. He was still hard. He slowly fed me more of his pole. When it hit my throat I gagged and he backed off. It took several tries but I finally got it to slip down my throat. My nose was nestled in his fine pubic bush. I put a hand on my throat and could feel where it expanded my neck.

Ten eased out and helped my stand. There was a small puddle of his cum below where I’d sat. The spray soon washed it away. He helped Gary up next and we left the shower.

“I know you enjoyed being fucked,” Ten observed as we were drying ourselves and getting back into our gym clothes.

“I guess that was obvious,” Gary told him. “They were my two best orgasms ever and I never touched my cock. But it sort of messes with my head that you, Ten, another man, used my body for your pleasure. I feel that my body is no longer mine. I gave it to you to use and my mind tells me that I am now yours to use whenever you want. It’s not just the dot thing on the badges but something deeper.”

As he expressed it, I knew I felt the same way. Ten now owned my body.

“Good,” Ten said. “You have correctly recognized me as a superior male. I’m sure you know already that Dai and Kal are too even though they have not yet fucked you. When my cousins fuck you, you’ll enjoy it but you won’t see them in the same way. But once we train you and you visit your old friends, they will react to you like you did to me and you’ll be able to understand how they feel about you. But it is a responsibility, having that sort of power over another person.”

We went back to the gym. Dai was fucking one of the female swimmers. I recognized her from the Olympic telecast. She took a silver. Her friend and fellow Olympian looked on. The friend had already been fucked and was dripping cum from her cunt.

Kal was spotting a male swimmer on the bench press. Both were wearing gym shorts but Kal’s now bulged a couple inches past his hip bone. There were several others working on equipment and a couple guys having sex on a gym mat. But everyone was acting as if this were normal and I guess it was.

Dai and Kal finished up their current activities and joined us and Ten. Dai was still hard, his cock, coated in cum and female lube, was easily fourteen inches and even thicker than Ten. The dampness had soaked the thin material of his tight shorts making them transparent where his cock was. Seeing it I knew why they had let Ten start us off.

“I don’t need to ask you if you enjoyed your introduction from Ten,” Kal said. “Everybody does and your body language shows that you’ve accepted him as superior.”

“You’re apprehensive about sex with us,” Dai continued. “That’s normal. We’re both over fourteen inches. Get on your knees and get acquainted with the cocks that will soon be up your asses.”

We didn’t hesitate. I knelt before Dai and Gary, Kal. I pulled his shorts down, freeing that cock that sprung up almost vertical, reaching to the top row of his abdominal muscles. I held it in both my hands. The surface was soft but hard just beneath. It took more strength than I imagined to move it down toward horizontal. I saw a small flow of juice at the tip and licked it off. I had to open wide to get the head in my mouth.

I’d had had Ten in my mouth but this cock was bigger and more powerful like the man it was attached to. The shaft extending from my mouth to Dai was longer than Ten’s entire piece. Dai put one hand on the back of my head. He wasn’t pressing me but just using it to urge me to take more. I did. It took a few tries but I relaxed my throat enough to let him slip into it. It felt, was, big in there but I managed somehow. Once the flaring crown got below my Adan’s Apple, the rest was easy. I had my nose in Dai’s wiry black pubic hair. The sex smells from his earlier encounters were distinct.

“That’s pretty impressive,” Dai said. “You’re a natural cock sucker. Such talent deserves a reward.”

He put both hands on my head to steady and control me and started to fuck my throat. There was little for me to do. I could squeeze him some with my throat and rub the bottom of his thick pole with my tongue as it moved in and out of my mouth. He built the pace until he made a last thrust holding me, fully impaled, against his crotch. I felt his pole throb as the first jet pushed past my lips and down the long tube to jet out the tip. I could feel it hit my insides deep in my chest. He started to pull out. The second burst was still so deep there was no need to swallow but the third flooded my mouth and I tried to gulp it down. But others followed so quickly that quite a lot escaped my lips. When the flow eased I had a chance to catch up. I captured the last spurts on my tongue before he pulled out. He was still hard.

“I didn’t think anyone could cum so much,” I said, looking up at Dai. “Tastes good.” I licked the stuff smeared on my lips.

Dai helped me stand and used his fingers to wipe up the cum on my chin and feed it to me. Then he led me over to a padded massage table. It was the perfect height for fucking. I lay back on it and he raised my legs to rest on his shoulders.

I looked down my body at the big stud who was getting set to fuck me. My legs are strong and developed from my swimming but his upper arms were thicker than my thighs. Every muscle on his torso was bulging and defined.

And then there was that cock, darker than his chocolate tone, with a reddish-brown head. The skin covering the tip was fully retracted. It was slick and shiny from my saliva but fresh juice was bubbling from the hole in the end. Yesterday I thought I had a big cock. I never imagined something like this even existed.

I looked into Dai’s eyes. He smiled down at me. I thought, he knows what I’m thinking, scared of his size and power yet eager to experience having that inside me. I wondered what it would be like to be him, powerful, confident and casually dominating everyone around. I didn’t have time to ponder it. I felt him position himself for entry.

He applied pressure and my soft flesh yielded to the steely shaft pressed against it. He was thicker than Ten. I sensed my insides as he expanded me to make room for himself. Several inches followed the crown into my gut in that first thrust.

He started a slow fuck stroke. Every movement of him inside me stimulated my most sensitive spots. I reached to stroke my cock but Dai brushed my hand away. My own cock was tingling, bouncing and dripping pre-cum. He pushed me over the edge. I lifted my head off the bench just in time to be struck by three blasts of my own seed full on my face. I flopped back down as the next few sprayed on my chest and belly.

Dai wiped up the cum on my face with his fingers. I thought he was going to feed it to me but he brought them to his own mouth and licked them clean. He went back for seconds and thirds and then smeared the rest on the skin of my face and trunk.

Now he had ten inches in me and was opening up new territory. His crown was up past my hip bone. When I looked down I could see the bulge up the left side of my normally flat, muscled, abdominals. He let me rest a hand on it. I could feel the hard shaft underneath the muscles. But it wasn’t just a lump inside me. It was pulsing with power and moving, not just the in and out from Dai’s thrusting, but flexing and wriggling on its own as if trying to escape from my internal tissues attempting to contain it. But it was all so stimulating, I came again. When I calmed back down from my orgasm I noted that his thrusts ended with him tight to my butt. He was fully in me. I looked up at Dai and he smiled. He started to speed up and lengthen his strokes. I was instantly back in a heaven of sexual frenzy, on the edge of exploding but just short. He kept me there for what seemed like forever. Then there was a final plunge into my ass and his buried member went wild inside me as it spewed its seed deep in the middle of my body. I shot too but barely noticed amid the sensory overload from what was happening inside me.

I was in a daze for a few minutes. When the world came into focus again, Dai was pressed tight to my butt. He was still deep inside me but his member was calm, resting. It still throbbed with quiet power. As long as it was in me I realized that my body was its, not mine. I looked up at Dai. He knew what his fuck had done to me. I was about to say something when he started stroking again. My thoughts fled as pleasure took over.

I was sitting on the floor in the shower. A cool spray was falling over me. I didn’t remember anything after Dai starting to fuck me again. Gary was standing under the adjacent shower head.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Dai fucked you senseless,” Gary replied. “Ten and I brought you to the shower to recover. You’ve been sitting under the water for twenty minutes, leaking Dai’s cum onto the tiles. Welcome back.”

“Were you fucked,” I asked him.

“Yes, Kal did me. It was great but I didn’t react the way you did,” Gary replied. “They said you are especially sensitive to anal stimulation.”

What does that mean? Am I going to be a bottom boy from now on?”

“Your asking the wrong guy,” Gary said. “My first gay sex was an hour ago like you. Maybe Ten can help you. He was getting some things but we are to meet him by our lockers once you recover.”

I got to my feet. I felt great, energized by the sex I’d had. We left the showers and grabbed towels to dry off. Ten was waiting by our lockers.

“Roy, I see you recovered,” Ten said as we approached. “I’ve put a selection of our club gear in your lockers and a full wardrobe will be sent to your room. It’s free from our sponsors to all members.”

I opened my locker with the finger sensor. Inside were a new warmup suit, swimsuits and gym gear in the red and white club colors.

“How did you open our lockers?” I asked Ten.

“Staff, this can open any locker or door in the club or apartment complex,” Ten said, holding up his right index finger.

“It’s good for opening up asses too,” I joked.

At Ten’s direction we donned our new swimsuits with a warmup suit on top and aqua socks for our feet. Our next event was to meet our coach at the pool.

Ten led us to the Olympic-size pool. There were several swimmers and coaches already working. Our new coach was waiting for us.

“Coach, these are your new recruits,” Ten began. “Roy Palmer and Gary Johnson. Roy, Gary, Coach Heath Winston will be your trainer. He is a coach on the national team and Shanghai was his first Olympics.”

Heath was obviously a swimmer himself. He was probably in his late twenties, six feet tall, tanned skin and blond hair. He had on a red club-logo knit shirt that highlighted the muscles beneath it. It was embroidered with ‘Coach Heath Winston under the logo though he, like we, had his badge hanging from his neck. He had white shorts on that hugged his skin. A nice bulge was obvious, about six inches, soft I guessed.

“How is your wife doing?” Ten asked him.

“Things are going smoothly. She’s five month along.” Heath told him. “We found out by ultrasound it is a boy. You’ll have a son in a few months. You are coming over this weekend, right?”

“Of course,” Ten confirmed. “I’ll leave you to your training.”

Ten left us. I was still trying to get past hearing Heath’s wife was having Ten’s child and he seemed fine with it.

Heath had reserved us two adjacent lanes. He had us warm up by doing a couple laps freestyle and butterfly and then had us race each other for a hundred meter freestyle and then a hundred butterfly.

When we got out and dried off he showed us our races on a large video display at the side of the pool. We were tracked by underwater cameras the whole way. He could freeze or slow the playback to point out problems. We did another couple races and our form was better. He then had us practice while he observed. After another half hour he had us finish up with twenty laps, alternating sprinting and cruising, for cardio development.

We swam for a couple hours that first day. After Heath left us we chatted with some of the others we knew from the NCAA championship. We left with a couple. When we put on our badges theirs showed yellow dots. They’d been here two weeks. They took advantage of their status to fuck us in the shower. It was fun but not anything like what we had earlier.

Once we dressed we went to dinner in the cafeteria together. We chatted about the program and they showed us how to use the app to view our schedule for tomorrow and access training videos. Apparently training videos included the sex we had in the gym. They showed us how we could book a bed mate for the night once we advanced from white. They tried to select us but someone reserved us first. It didn’t indicate who.

After dinner we returned to our rooms. Gary and I make a quick run in one of the electrics to a nearby Vons market to stock our kitchen and fridge. After we put the stuff away, I thought I’d watch the video of Dai fucking me. I was about to turn on the TV when there was a knock on our door.

I went to open the door but it opened before I reached it. It was Ten and his cousin, Peng. They were both wearing white tees and tiny gym shorts, little more than briefs, that fit them tightly. Peng, who I knew was fit from seeing him in the cafeteria, was not nearly as muscular as Ten, but still showed decent muscle and defined abdominals. He had a very nice, round butt and about seven inches in the front. He was several inches shorter than Ten, about five-seven.

“Hi Roy,” Ten greeted me. “You know Peng. We will be spending the night with you. Hi Gary.” He had come from the bedroom after hearing our noise. “We’ll be sharing your beds tonight. Peng is an excellent bottom.”

“Thanks, cousin,” Peng said. “But, I don’t get to ride your pole as often as I’d like. We always try to spend the first night with new arrivals.”

“Are we getting right to it or can we offer you something?” Gary asked.

“No rush,” Ten told him. “Do you have milk? Alcohol is bad for performance though some guys need it to overcome their inhibitions. We have none and after a few days with us neither will you.”

They got out of their clothes, as did we. We just left them in a pile on the floor and moved to the couch. Gary brought a tray with four glasses of milk.

“Ten, why did I react so intensely to Dai’s fuck?”

“Everyone reacts as their prostate is stimulated by an anal fuck,” Ten explained. “You are one of the lucky guys that have a deep sensitive spot but you need a big cock to reach it. I watched the video of Dai and you and I think I may be just long enough to reach it. Peng is sensitive deep too. But he is shorter than you so your cock might be long enough to hit it. You’ll know when you do by his reaction.”

“Don’t worry Gary. I still enjoy smaller guys,” Peng assured him.

“Can I ask you what is your relationship with our Coach?” I asked

Ten. “I don’t want to pry so it’s fine if it’s private.”

“I don’t mind,” Ten assured me. “First let me tell you about Heath. He’s fairly rich. His family is old Boston money and his dad runs a big investment firm there. Heath swam for Harvard. He was good but not great and went into coaching after graduation, becoming an assistant at Harvard. He planned to do that for a few years before joining his dad’s firm. He married Cathrine, Cathy, also from a prominent Boston family, straight after graduation.

“He had a good reputation as a coach,” Ten continued. “So Coach Brady recruited him for our staff a couple years ago. With a good salary, a nice house as a perk and the promise of an Olympic coaching gig, he accepted. Well Heath was a good coach but he was overwhelmed by the sexual environment here. He had thought he was a man but he’d never actually encountered a real man before. We have plenty here and Heath was well used and naturally submissive.”

“It only got worse after Shanghai when Dai and Kal came on as physical trainers. That’s when I came on too, just after I turned eighteen. Peng had recommended me to Dai. Well, I was only here a short time, but I could see Heath was struggling. I talked to my cousin’s and we unofficially adopted he and Cathy into our family.”

“Yes,” Peng added. “Ten is the youngest of us here at the club but for obvious reasons he’s our family head. But, anyway we were happy to help them.”

“Peng is being too modest,” Ten countered. “While sexually I’m in charge, Peng, Dang and Ram are men too. It is not a matter of preferred sexual position or orientation but of knowing who you are and asserting yourself with equals and inferiors and knowing and acting appropriately with your superiors. You will do that once we train you but Heath was confused in such situations. He needed a man to take charge of him. That is what we did.”

“Dang is with he and Cathy tonight, Ram, tomorrow and me,

Wednesday. Ten generally does the weekends.”

“It sounded like he said Cathy was having your child,” I mentioned.

“Yes,” Ten confirmed. “Obviously Heath isn’t man enough to satisfy a woman. Cathy was happy enough with him before they came here. She never had sex with a real man for comparison. Even that dropped off as Heath became dependent on cock. We saved their marriage. They were both excited to have my child and I’m excited to be getting a son. Eventually Cathy will have a child from each of us.”

“Hey, enough talk,” Peng stated. “My ass needs a cock in it.”

Peng got on his knees, leaning over the side of the couch, offering Gary a good view of his hole nestled between the firm globes of his ass. It glistened with the lube he’d applied before coming over.

Ten stood and I did too. I led him to the bedroom. Once there he spun me around and hugged me to him. We kissed as our cocks mashed together between our pressed bodies. We were both hard in anticipation of imminent sex.

Ten kissed me. It was my first kiss with a man. It was clear to me that I was the one being kissed. Ten controlled me orally with his mouth and tongue as easily as he could with his cock. I loved feeling him inside my mouth, dominating my space. He brought his tongue back to his mouth and returned it with a big gob of his saliva that he deposited on my tongue. I swallowed it as readily as I would his cum.

He broke our kiss and we moved to the bed. I was eager for his fuck.

“I really am anticipating your fuck,” I told him. “How am I different than Heath?”

“Well, Heath would not be anticipating,” Ten explained. “He would passively be accepting. When you get a turn with Peng, you will easily switch to the active roll. Heath can no longer do that. He is only comfortable being used by better men which my cousins and I are. We make the decisions for he and Cathy and they know we will take good care of them.”

It was a new concept for me. But there was no time to ponder it. Ten got in position and entered me smoothly. He was great and when he was in almost his full ten inches he found my inner sensitive spot. He could see from my reaction when he was on target and pretty soon that was every stroke. I shot a few times before he filled my gut.

Then I had a turn with Peng bottoming. I was long enough, just, to touch his inner spot and brought him to a couple nice orgasms before I shot. But Peng wasn’t just a hole for my cock. He squeezed and worked it with his internal muscles to heighten my pleasure or relaxed when he wanted to let me avoid shooting too soon. It was a technique I needed to practice to be a bottom guys want to fuck.

We did another round with each before we drifted off to sleep. I was still in Peng hugging him to me.

All in all it was a pretty nice first day.

The next day Coach Heath told us that the boys had given us permission to fuck him whenever we wanted. We did it in the showers after our swim training. Gary and I felt that if we didn’t use our benefit right away he’d feel we were rejecting him. But after that he wouldn’t give us orders but phrase his advice as suggestions. We followed it like orders though and our form and times improved.

Friday we had a race among eight swimmers in the program. Vern Talbot and his son and Bill Foster with his were there to witness it. The elder Talbot and Foster, gold medalists in multiple Olympics head up the coaching program. We all did a hundred meters butterfly race followed a half hour later with a twohundred meters freestyle. I took the butterfly race with Gary a close second and we reversed the order on the freestyle. Third place was a couple seconds back. All four times were personal bests for us though not near the Olympic and World records our audience held.

The four Olympians came by after to congratulate us and praise Heath on his coaching. It was deserved. At the start of the week our times would have placed us in the middle of the pack. In a few days with Heath we made real progress.

The older two left with Heath, leaving us with their sons.

“Keep up your training and you’ll be on the team with us for the World Aquatics Championships next year,” young Vern told us.

“That is our goal, Vern,” I told him as we donned our warmup suits.

“Call me Trey,” he told us. “All my friends do. Come with us.”

They walked us toward the gym and locker rooms. I figured they were going to fuck us. With all the sex we were getting amongst our training routine, I’d have been more surprised if they didn’t. We knew Bill and Trey were only fifteen years old. But they looked fully adult. Both were big guys. Bill was six-four and well muscled, not as big as out trainers, Dai and Kal, but big for a swimmer. Trey was about six-one and not as muscled as Bill but much more than Gary or I. Both had big bulges in their warmup suits. I figured Bill was almost as big as Dai or Kal and Trey must have over ten inches.

At the gym, Dai was working with one of our fellow swimmers on the leg press machine. Kal had just pulled out of fucking another who was recovering on a gym mat. Ten had one of the female swimmers on his massage table and was working on her shoulder and arm muscles as he straddled her hips with his cock deep in her cunt. There were a few others working out individually or in pairs and another pair having sex. It was pretty normal.

“Brother, Trey, we heard Roy and Gary won the races today so we were expecting you,” Kal said as he walked over to us. His big cock, still hard, was coated with some of the cum he’d deposited in his partner’s ass.

“Yes, they were well ahead of the others,” Bill told him. “How are they doing on the physical training program?”

“They both have added twenty pounds to their bench press in the week and we expect their progress will continue,” Kal reported. “Sexually it has been good too but you’ll obviously know that directly soon enough.”

“They are actually ahead of where we expected,” Ten said, having come over after giving the girl he was working on another strong orgasm. “Roy has a deep sensitive spot and has picked up some of Peng’s bottoming skills. Gary is good but not at Roy’s level. How is Gem?”

It felt a little weird to hear two guys that have fucked you discuss your sexual skills with two who were about to.

“You know. You call him every day but you should visit your brother more,” Bill said. “He’s practically part of our family and sleeps with Gavin and me whenever we don’t have guests. We are taking him with us in a few weeks to Gavin’s location shoot in Thailand but we haven’t told him yet. You can give him the news.”

“That’s great,” Ten said. “Gem knows all the best boys in Bangkok. You’ll have lots of fun.”

“We will,” Bill agreed. “But we got an invitation from a couple young princes to stay at the royal guest residence. Since we are openly gay, I expect we will be getting a lot of royal Thai ass to fuck. But there is always plenty of down time between takes and Gavin has a luxury motor home on location. I’ll ask Gem for some names. There are always plenty of go-for jobs on these location shoots.”

“Enough chat for now,” Trey said. “Our friends need to wash off the chlorine from the pool. We’ll fuck them in the showers.”

We went with them to the locker room. We started to head for our lockers but Bill and Trey said we could put our stuff in theirs until we were done. We were soon naked. Bill and Trey looked even more impressive without clothes. Bill had over thirteen inches and Trey was almost eleven.

Bill had a bottle of lube in his locker. I asked to borrow it and relubed my hole. We had prepped and lubed before the race but the water washed the lube away. Bill then let me slick up his big cock. It felt as powerful as the rest of him. I really wanted that thing inside of me.

They led us into the shower room. We had a small audience. Someone had turned on a couple spray heads along the far wall for us and we went there.

Ten was there watching with the girl he’d been fucking. Ten was behind her hugging her body and probably up her ass. She was really quite sexy, five-eight, red hair, pale skin with a few freckles, good firm breasts about a C-cup. She was still leaking Ten’s cum from her cunt. I thought her light skin and Ten’s deep tan color made an interesting contrast.

Bill positioned me leaning to the wall with my legs spread and got behind me. He fingered my hole for a couple minutes and probed inside. Then I felt him at my back door. He applied a little pressure and slipped in easily. He went right to work.

With a steady stroke he moved gradually deeper. When he hit my deep switch he triggered my first orgasm. I sprayed my cum on the wall. He gave me full-length strokes and built to his own release. He held me on the brink of shooting for a long time before jetting his juice in my gut and triggering my release.

He eased out of me. I turned around and leaned my back on the shower wall for support. I was happy but it had been a real workout. They swapped. It was Trey’s turn with me.

Trey picked me off the floor, holding me by my hips. I’m a wellmuscled hundred-eighty pounds but he handled me as if I weighed twenty. He stepped in and lowered me onto his hard cock. The almost eleven inches slipped into my cum filled chute easily. I wrapped my legs about his waist. My back was still leaning on the wall.

Trey alternated moving me up and down on his pole and holding me steady while he thrusted in and out. I came twice in the next half hour before he added a hefty deposit to my already full gut and I shot again.

He pulled out of me and I unwrapped my legs and stood beside him. I was physically exhausted from an hour of nonstop sex but tried not to show it. Lots of cum was leaking from me as my ass was having trouble closing up after being stretch so wide for so long. I made the best of it by reaching behind and scooping a lot of it onto my fingers that I then licked clean.

“You boys did very good,” Bill told us. “We can get a little enthusiastic when our partners are particularly good but you handled it well. Let us get dressed and you can join us for dinner.”

We were joined for dinner by Dai, Kal and Ten. We had a big round table in the cafeteria. I was seated between Dai and Bill. It was somewhat intimidating to be sitting with five guys way bigger than us, all of whom have fucked us. They were all younger than we but it felt like we were the boys sitting with men and, I guess, that was true.

Bill praised my bottoming skills. Trey said Gary was good but not at my level. Dai and Kal thought it was excellent progress for our first week and said we should be ready to top soon. Ten said we should start our straight sex training too and Dai agreed. Gary said we were not virgins when we arrived. We’d had plenty of sex with girls. That got the guys laughing. Trey explained that if you can’t get a woman as sexually excited as you were when we fucked you, you have a lot to learn. But you have the best teachers he added.

The conversation then turned. Bill wanted Dai and Kal to compete in the next Olympics. He though Dai should take up decathlon and Kal do the throwing and strength events, javelin, shot put, discus and hammer. Dai could add pole vault, high jump and long jump if he wanted more medals. If they competed they could join Trey and he in the Olympic Village instead of staying at a hotel and watching from the stands.

They were interested in the idea. Then Dai brought up that since their dad was a Brazilian citizen when they were born, they could compete for Brazil. America has lots of medalists but they’d be gods to Brazil where their grandparents and a couple uncles still lived. It was assumed by everyone they’d win and that’s undoubtedly true after they master the technical skills.

We finished dinner but before we left Dai updated our badges to yellow dots. After we guys left we spotted two of the swimmers we defeated this afternoon and used our new status to have them for sex tonight. We topped them both. It was a nice change and we got to try some of the things that we had enjoyed as bottoms.

The next day there were races for the female elite swimmers. One of the winners was the sexy redhead that Ten was working on yesterday. The other was a very hot blond number. With all the gay sex we’d been having I certainly still reacted to the opposite sex.

The winners got congratulated by Trey and Bill. We figured we’d watch as we had been yesterday. We stopped when they entered the elite woman’s locker room.

“What are you waiting for?” Ten asked, coming up behind us and pushing the door open. “Several girls watched you yesterday.”

Inside the girls were getting out of their suits. Several waved to Ten. None were concerned with men in their locker room.

“Ten, you and your friends can use my locker,” said a shapely, brown-haired number, hanging up her suit.

“Thanks, Sue. These boys are Roy and Gary.”

“I know,” Sue stated. “I watched them get their reward yesterday. I was only two-tenths behind on the freestyle or I’d be getting fucked today. Ten can you come over this evening? Watching Viv and Lou will get me super hot. You can bring your friends too.” “Sure,” Ten agreed, “I need to get them trained in straight sex.”

“If you get half as good as Ten you’ll have so many women begging for your cocks you won’t need men,” Sue advised.

I expect we’d still appreciate the variety in bisexuality. Though a woman couldn’t please my anal hot spots. Yet there was no denying that Sue and the other female swimmers were sexy. You’d have to be near a hundred percent gay to turn down the chance to get it on with one of them and we weren’t.

Today’s action was taking place on a couple air mattresses spread out on an open area of floor. I realized the mattresses were here for just this purpose, sex. Trey was fucking Viv, Vivian, the redhead Ten was with yesterday, missionary position. Lou was getting it from Bill Junior doggy style.

As I watched they both had an orgasm, then a second and a third. Lou lost muscle control. Her head slumped to the pad, her legs limply draped over the sides of Bill’s thick thighs as he supported her hips and continued fucking her. She had another orgasm.

I’d fucked plenty of girls but never had seen any react like these two, not even in porn. They were obviously in ecstasy. It was incredibly hot to watch.

Ten was fucking Sue up the ass while they both looked on. One of the other girls backed onto my hard cock and I started a slow stroke up her ass as I hugged her to me. I put one hand on her pussy. Her hand was already there playing with her clit. I pushed a couple fingers inside her. She was very wet. The girls on the mattresses had another orgasm and she joined them.

Now Trey and Bill were building to their own release. Their partners were delirious from the sensations. Ten minutes or so later they both shot. Cunts overflowed with the massive load as the girls squealed in a last orgasm. I pumped my cum into the ass of the girl I was holding as she came again.

Both pulled out and hugged their partners to their bodies. They were both exhausted and dazed, eyes wide but unfocused. These were trained athletes in peak condition. I knew why they laughed when we told them we’d had plenty of sex with girls.

It took a while but Viv and Lou recovered. First their eyes started to look around and their muscles firmed up as they regained control. First they turned to look into the eyes of the stud that fucked them. They didn’t say anything. I knew from experience when the sex is that good it is impossible to express what you feel in words to the person responsible. The boys just gave them a gentle kiss and helped them stand. Then they and everyone headed to the showers.

It was just before eight when there was a knock on our door and Ten let himself in. He was just wearing his sheer white mini gym shorts. The ones that let his skin color and cock show through. We were dressed in white gym shorts and tees but not see through.

“I see you’re ready,” Ten began. “You can lose the tops.” We did.

“When we enter the room go to Sue and her roommate,

Dauphine, and kiss them. Roy, you have Sue and Gary,

Dauphine. The kiss is important to establish your dominance and control. You’ve been on the receiving end when I’ve kissed you. I want you each to kiss me like you’ll kiss your girls. Your mouth must dominant hers. Push her pubic mound tight to your hard cock and roam your hands over her body, especially breasts and ass, to establish that no part of her is off limits to you.

We tried it with Ten. He remained passive.

“You both did good,” Ten reported. “Gary, be more aggressive with your hands and, both of you, use more strength. These are athletes you’ll be fucking. You won’t hurt them and they expect their men to be powerful. When Dai, Kal or I fuck them, we don’t hold back. You saw what it is suppose to be like. How close can you come to matching them?”

The night went well. I got Sue two orgasms on my first fuck. When Ten did her she had eight by my count. But, on our morning fuck, I got her to do five and I shot twice. Ten said he was satisfied with our progress but we needed more practice.

Sue and Dauphine invited me back for Sunday night without Gary. He was jealous but I accepted.

That night I managed to shoot three times, twice in Sue and once in Dauphine. But I got four orgasms out of Sue the first time and six the second. Dauphine had five. I did them both in the morning with another five for each.

I was running late so told them I needed to leave to get dressed for gym. They told me to stay. They had clothes in their closet for guys short on time. Sitting on the toilet in front of two naked girls was uncomfortable even though we’d had plenty of sex together. Then we showered and Sue used the hand wand on my ass to clean me out for the gay sex I’d get in the gym.

We had breakfast together in the cafeteria. Before we split, they to the pool and me to the gym, they invited me to stay over whenever I wanted. A week ago that would have been a dream come true but today I get great sex from guys too.

Next week I won both races, the fifty meter freestyle and a four hundred individual medley. That meant I got a double fuck. I had added another twenty pounds to my bench press and I was breaking my personal bests at all my distances. Sue also took one race and was a close second to Vivian in the other. She had her victory fuck from young Bill and I lost count of how many times she came. Of course, Ten fucking me up my ass while we watched made it hard to keep track.

That evening I was with Sue and Dauphine. We were resting on the bed after I had a round with each of them.

“I know I’m not Bill but I hope you enjoy my efforts,” I told Sue. “I get so much gay sex but I still enjoy a sexy woman.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Sue replied, turning to her side. “Bill, Dai, Kal and even Ten are super but you are almost in their league. I came five times just now.”

“Me too,” added Dauphine.

“Back at Michigan with my boyfriend, I’d be lucky to orgasm once while he had his fun,” Sue stated. “I can’t go back to that after this. I’d marry you in a heartbeat. But that’s for later. Will you be my boyfriend? I know you are bi. That’s okay. With everything going on this summer we will both have sex with lots of people. I get in on with Dauphine too and obviously share you with her.”

“To tell you the truth,” I started. “I like being fucked by the big studs here. I get to cum multiple times and it is a lot of fun and less pressure than with you ladies. But I don’t feel as close to any of the guys as I do with you. I’ll be your boyfriend. You really are already thinking of me as marriage material?”

“Yes, I totally understand. The sex here is amazing and so free,” Sue responded. “But having a special someone is important too.

And I was serious about marriage eventually if things work out as

I hope. One thing though. I promised Ten that when I married I’d have his kid first. I hope you are okay with that. We’ll have plenty of our own.”

“I promised him too,” added Dauphin. “So did Vivian.”

“I guess Ten is planning a big family,” I said. “He already had one on the way from Coach Heath’s wife. Ten is going to be with Dai and Kal. Once Dai and Kal turn eighteen they are going to do escorting. It seems to be a family tradition. Ten will be their houseboy and I think he will do some escorting too. I couldn’t afford what they expect to charge but I guess Ten will visit us or we him pretty often. I’m for it.”

The next week I won both my races again and my personal bests continued to improve. As a reward for consecutive double wins, Bill allowed me to top him. I did my best and got him to shoot twice before cumming again with me. I earned my green dot. That night Gary and I entertained all four Thai boys. We were white meat between two tanned bodies all evening. It was great.

Sue also won twice. One was unofficially an American record time. She asked if she could give one of her fucks to Dauphine and Trey fucked her but then did Sue after.

That night, as was now my usual routine, I was with Sue and Dauphine. We were relaxing after our initial round.

“I won’t be able to make it next Saturday,” I informed her. “Bill and his spouse, Gavin Richards, the movie star, are hosting a party at their place in the hills above Malibu. It’s guys only. All our male swimmers, Dai and the Thai boys and some of Gavin’s movie friends will be there.”

“We won’t be left out,”Sue said. “Ashley Simpson and Toshi

Hamada are hosting a party for the female swimmers. Trey and his dad, Kal and some others will be there. I love our sessions but this should be a lot of fun too.”

The next weekend we took the club’s electrics to the party. The estate was gated and inside there were several cars already parked in the drive or adjacent grass. The door to the main house was propped open. We went in.

We were greeted by their Thai houseboy, Gem, Ten’s older brother. He was nude. Gem was about five-eight with a sleek, defined, swimmers build. Ten is more of a muscle-boy but Gem still looked powerful with sixteen-inch guns, muscled pectoral plates and cobblestone abdominal definition. He had an eightinch cock that was already hard and poking out and slightly up.

He told us to put our clothes in bins arrayed by the entrance. Everyone was wearing the red and white warmup suits with nothing on underneath. We were soon naked and headed out to the back yard where the party had started.

The back had a panoramic view of the coast, up toward Santa Barbara and down to Los Angeles. You could see planes taking off from LAX, climbing over the ocean and turning toward their destinations. There was a half moon high in the sky providing some illumination and dim outside lights around the yard where a hedge gave some privacy without compromising the view. On the opposite side of the yard was a guest house, open with its lights on.

The fun had started. Dai was fucking Gavin on one of the lounge chairs. Young Bill was in action with someone I recognized. It was Antonio Rodriquez who plays an FBI agent in last season’s new hit procedural drama on CBS. I didn’t know he was gay.

Ten was helping a guy up from the air mattress they’d used for their sex. They went to get a drink. I joined them.

“Hi Roy,” Ten greeted me. “This is Jerry Evans. Jerry meet Roy Palmer. Roy is the top swimmer in our summer program.”

Ten handed Jerry a cold beer and got fruit juice for himself and me. I don’t use alcohol. It hurts performance both in the pool and in bed and, after a few weeks in the program, I don’t have any sexual inhibitions or anxieties that need loosening.

“Hi Jerry,” I greeted him. “You look familiar. You must be one of Gavin’s actor friends.”

“I had a number of supporting roles in movies and television,” Jerry said. “Next spring I’ll be one of three leads in a new HBO drama about three gay escort roommates. They will shoot ten episodes for season one. I have five sex scenes.”

“I wish you luck and hope it’s a hit,” I said. “No offense but you look a little small for an escort.” He had just over seven and only slightly above normal thickness.

“They have cock doubles for close-ups,” Jerry said. “One of the others is smaller than me. In action you can’t tell what we have. In four of my sex scenes, I top. In life though, I generally bottom.”

“I’m versatile. You can top me. Ten is a good teacher. He can give you some pointers on technique.”

I lay on the air mattress they had just left. There was a little pool of Ten’s cum that had overflowed Jerry’s ass between the rows of tubes. I used some for added lube around my hole. Jerry lifted my legs to his shoulders, pushed in and started a slow fuck stroke.

It was okay but nothing special. Ten gave him suggestions and had him pound me more aggressively. He became more verbal, telling me to take it as if he were fucking me with a lot more cock than he actually had. Was that part from his dialog on the show? He lasted about ten minutes before shooting. He pulled out and sprayed my torso with his cum.

We had an audience when we finished. Gem came by with a huge older Black stud. Ten made introductions. The big stud was Julio, dad to Dai and Kal. He was six-four, hugely muscled and had almost fourteen inches. He must be near forty but looked much younger. He had heard that I was the best swimmer in the summer program from Bill Senior, one of his wives, and Dai and Kal said I was a good fuck. That sounded like an opening and I suggested he should judge for himself and lay back on the mattress.

Julio pushed right in. He was huge but I’ve had his sons and they are even bigger. But they didn’t have their dad’s experience. I was instantly in heaven. I shot four times before he flooded my gut. I was a little disoriented as Julio finished and pulled out. Gem helped me stand.

Ten introduced Jerry to Julio and mentioned that Jerry would be playing an escort in a new series. Julio told him he just saw an escort, him, in action but he might like a more intimate demonstration. With that he just hugged Jerry to his muscled body and kissed him. That instantly brought out the submissive bottom boy that was Jerry’s true nature. Julio put him down on the mattress and gave him a real power fuck. Twenty minutes later, Jerry lay senseless and covered in his own spewed cum.

Julio moved on, leaving me with Gem and Ten. They looked at each other and decided something between themselves without words as brothers can. They moved me to a free mattress and Gem lay down. Ten maneuvered me to straddle Gem’s hips and sit down on his eight-inch pole, facing Gem’s feet. It slipped in easily. Then Ten got in front of me and raised my legs to his shoulders as I lay back on Gem. I felt his tip touch me where his brother entered me. He pushed at the juncture and slowly my flesh gave way. He eased inside me beside Gem.

I never had two cocks inside my ass at the same time before. Each of the Thai brothers was fairly thick. Together they were thicker than anyone I’d had before and I’d had some really thick ones. But it felt a lot different than a single cock. First, the paired poles weren’t round and my hole couldn’t seal properly so I felt the big load I got from Julio leaking out. Second, there were two crowns and two independent motions, so I got stimulated in many spots in an unpredictable fashion.

Initially, Gem stayed still as Ten stroked his crown along the bottom part of Gem and across my prostate. A few minutes of that and I shot. He took that time to push in deep. Ten is teninches so a couple more than his older brother. I could feel it when the two tips passed each other.

They both started stroking me. Sometimes they moved together and sometimes in opposite directions. I would lose track of who was where until my deep spot was triggered. Only Ten was long enough to reach it.

I shot my cum again and again. Ten eventually had me bent double with my ankles beside my head. He started fast, fulllength strokes up my gut as his brother stayed still. A few minutes of that and he made a final plunge. Both brothers’ cocks jetted their juices inside me as I came again.

We rested in the afterglow. I moved my legs to wrap Ten’s waist to hold him inside me. Both their poles were still twitching in my gut, putting out the final small spurts of sperm. I could feel some of it leaking down my crack.

Ten lowered his head beside mine and kissed his brother beneath me. I turned my head and watched as their tongues played with each other. They both turned a little toward me and we made it a three-way. It started with us licking each other in the middle but soon the dominant Thais were both inside my mouth, shoving my tongue this way and that.

As we kissed Ten had started to flex his hips, moving his cock inside me. They broke the kiss and treated me to a second round of double fucking. It was as good as our first. When we finally untangled we were smeared with cum. Ten and I had my stuff smeared over most of our torsos while Gem’s groin and thighs were soaked with all the seed that leaked from my ass.

Gem directed us to an outdoor shower pillar set in the middle of a circular concrete pad. It had three heads, two already in use. We shared the third and soon were cum free though I was still leaking a little.

Gem left to take care of his duties and see that the food set out was replenished and to wash some of the used towels. I told Ten that I thought his brother is hot. Ten agreed and told me he plans to breed him with Coach Heath’s wife about a year after his son is born. The siblings, hopefully brothers, would then have the same age difference but Ten’s would be the older one.

I have an older brother too. He is three years my senior and in law school. He swam for UCLA too but I beat his times even before this summer. He was always bossing me around but that is going to change.

I had several other encounters into the evening. But best was being invited to sleep with young Bill and Gavin in their bed for overnight. As Bill fucked me, I fucked Gavin. It would be difficult to say what was best, Bill’s expert fuck or the fact that I was fucking one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

It was a great party. After that, my times continued to improve until I was in territory only a Talbot or Foster had exceeded. I was no threat to Bill or Trey but I could beat everyone else. Sue also moved to near world record pace in her events.

It meant we got a lot of attention both in training and sexual. My bench press got up to three-eighty. Our gym sessions always wrapped up with a fuck by Dai or Kal. Then after our pool training in the afternoon, Ten would have us both on adjacent massage tables, relaxing our muscles before depositing his sperm in my ass and Sue’s cunt.

For Labor Day weekend Sue and I were invited to spend it at Dai and Kal’s Malibu beach home. That Tuesday our program would conclude but we were offered membership in the aquatic club. Membership is by invitation only and we both accepted.

Sue transferred from Michigan to UCLA where she was given a swimming scholarship. Coach Heath arranged it with my coach at UCLA and they were eager to get her when they learned her times. We will share a room in the athletic dorm but we also will have a room at the club’s complex. Until school starts we are going to stay with my family in Mission Viejo.

Friday afternoon there was a farewell party for the summer program invitees. There was food and beverages but mostly it was a last chance to have sex with those you might not see for a while. I made a point to do Gary, Dauphine and Coach Heath. When the party ended and everyone was splitting up into small groups for a final night, we grabbed a quick shower and met Dai and Kal for the trip to Malibu.

They had a new Mercedes SUV. Bill drove with Trey in the passenger seat. We rode in the second row sitting on the laps of Dai and Kal. We all had club warmup suits but ours were pushed down to let the big cocks up my ass and Sue’s cunt. None of the boys were actually old enough to drive but they’d been driving for a couple years already. They weren’t old enough to have sex either but they’d been doing that even longer. We got in a few orgasms on the short trip as Dai and Kal timed their release to just prior to our arrival.

They pulled into the middle slot in a three-car garage. There were a couple cars parked just outside on the short driveway. The boys pulled our warmup suit bottoms off before we got out. Sue and I leaked their cum as we walked into the house. Everyone stripped off completely in the laundry slash mud room that attached to the garage. Nude we were herded into the main living area.

Julio, Bill Senior, Tia Nguyen, brother, Taddeo, and sister, Tien, Kal’s older brother, Kyle, and Bill’s wife, Gavin, were already there and nude like we were. We had met all of them before at various times over the summer but I’d only had sex with Julio and Gavin.

Taddeo was a slightly smaller version of Dai and Kal. He was sixthree and had big muscles but he didn’t have the blocky bodybuilder look. He was sleeker with a smaller waist giving a dramatic v-shape. He had thirteen inches. He had more of a caramel skin tone, lighter than his brothers and his face, especially his eyes, gave a somewhat Asian look.

Kyle was about five-ten, smaller and, at nineteen, older than his half-brother, Kal. He had an athletic build but nothing like Kal. He had a nice eight-inch cock. He was comfortable being around the younger but bigger boys, sexually and physically far superior.

Tia and Tien were both stunningly beautiful and sexy. Tien, only thirteen, was already five-eight and taller than her mother. Both could be models. Tia was in her early thirties but looked younger while Tien looked like she was in her late teens. Being naked with a group of big men was nothing new to them and I figured they’d had sex with all of them.

“Welcome, Roy and Sue,” Bill Senior greeted us. “I have been following your progress all summer and am very pleased with the results. Roy your times put you equal or better to any male swimmer except for the Talbots and Fosters. Sue you are only a few hundredths from world records in several events. The party this weekend is to celebrate your progress.”

“Before we get started we have something for you,” Bill Junior said. “I have a glass of milk for each of you. This is some of Mom’s milk we froze and stored. It is very potent. We were raised on it as infants but just one glass can have a dramatic effect. Drink up.”

He handed each of us a glass. It looked like normal milk. We drank. It tasted like milk. A couple minutes after my body tingled and I told them I felt hungry. I was given a big glass of a protein drink. Sue was given the same. We drank the glass and had a few more before the hunger went away.

I had a chance to see the results. Sue was Sue but sexier. Her breasts were only a little bigger but much firmer. Her whole body was like that, no big muscles but everything was firmer and she said she felt stronger.

I had definitely gained some muscle mass and lost almost all my body fat. I was shredded. I also felt stronger, way stronger. The other big change was my cock. It was now nine inches. It all happened in less than half an hour.

“You definitely got full benefit from the milk,” Dai said. “Roy you should be able to bench about five-fifty and even you, Sue, should do about three-twenty. But don’t get cocky. Kyle can match you and my brothers and I easily double you and Mom and Tien can double Sue. So be respectful when you fuck my little sister, Roy. She is stronger than you and is not shy about demonstrating it on any cock inside her.”

Everyone laughed. I did notice Dai said when I fuck his little sister, not if. But Bill Senior had a hand about my very muscled waist and I expected he was planning on starting me off. It looked like a Julio and Tia had dibs on Sue.

“We have six bedrooms,” Bill Senior said, leading me upstairs. “One suite is for Julio, Tia and I and the kids each have one. This one is nominally a guest room though where guests sleep usually depends on who they are with at the time they are exhausted. Even when it is just family anyone could be in any room.”

“I’m not surprised, having plenty of experience with your kids at the club,” I told him. “I’ve never been in such a free and open sexual environment. It took me by surprise but I love the freedom and they’re very good. I never imagined sex like that.”

“Yes, the kids are really good,” Bill said as we entered a suite with an expansive ocean view. “Dai, Kal and Taddeo plan to escort when they turn eighteen like their dad and uncle, at least for a while. Julio has trained them very well and Tia, Tien and I assist in the training sessions. Junior won’t escort but he has had the training.”

“You know sir,” I began. “You have been a hero of mine since I was just starting swimming at four years old. I have that poster of Talbot, Hamada and you with your medals from Tokyo. It is still in my room at home.”

“Do you ever beat off looking at it?” He asked. I blushed. “I guess that is a yes.”

“Now I get to be fucked by my hero,” I said.

“How about you fuck me,” he suggested. “You have a newly grown cock and a new strong muscled body. Let us see what they can do. I always enjoy a good fucking and the kids say you are pretty good.”

He got on his back with his ass at the side of the bed and lifted his legs, holding them too his muscled chest with his hands inside the knees. His big cock was flat to his abs. The tip extended past his naval. I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck my hero but my cock could; it was hard and leaking.

I got on my knees and held his ass in my hands. His crack was clean and hairless. The hole was a little red and had a drop of cum in the center from earlier sex. I licked the crack and then concentrated on his hole. The cum at the entrance was fresh. There was plenty more inside when I pushed my tongue through the ring. It was obviously an experienced hole. I pulled my tongue out and licked his balls and along his long pole to the tip where I dipped it into the little pool of pre in the valley between his abdominal muscles.

I moved back and put my now bigger cock in position. It felt harder and stiffer than I’d remembered as I pushed against his hole. It eased in slowly, all nine inches. I started to stroke him. I watched his reaction until I felt I was at the optimum position. I sped up and got him to shoot a few minutes later. His gut clamped down on me and I had to hold still until his orgasm ended and he relaxed. I almost shot myself but managed to hold off. His internal vice grip on me actually helped keep me from triggering too soon.

I resumed my fuck stroke. I varied my pace to keep Bill just short of exploding while I moved to my own release. I kept going for almost fifteen minutes before I did a last few quick, hard thrusts to push me over the edge. I plunged in to the max and shot my seed. It brought Bill to another climax. He clamped down on me but I was already all in and spewing my cum.

I stayed inside as we eased down from our sexual high. I scooped up some of the cum he’d shot on my fingers and fed it to him, sampling some myself.

I was still rock hard. I usually soften a little after a good cum. Maybe it’s an effect from the drink. Anyway, I started a slow fuck stroke, built us both to another peak until we shot again. I eased out.

Bill surprised me. He grabbed me by my waist and flipped me to my back. He was so strong. Before I realized it he was in me to the hilt and really pounding me with full length strokes from a cock well over a foot long. It was great. I shot twice before he seeded my gut.

“You were great,” I told him as we recovered laying on our backs on the big bed. “I wish I were as good a fucker as you.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Bill told me. “I’m mostly a bottom. Julio, Dai, Kal and my son are way better than me. But you are pretty good yourself. Getting fucked regularly by Dai, Kal and such you think you don’t have their skills. But once out in the normal world you will come into your own. Now you had better move on to your next fucker. I’ll see you again.”

I hoped he was right. I got up and left the room. Kyle was outside waiting in a chair in the common area shared by all the bedrooms.

“Roy, great,” Kyle greeted me. “I was been waiting for you. Kal and I have you next.”

Kyle was Kal’s older brother, now nineteen. He was five-ten with an athletic body and decent muscles. Arms were about sixteen inches and his waist was very slim, about twenty-eight, with well defined abdominals. He had good pecs, shoulders and traps, giving a good v-shape. He had a trimmed, small triangle of pubic hair above an eight-and-a-half inch cock, slightly thicker than average. He was deeply tanned with no tan line, much like Bill Junior.

“I’m all yours,” I replied.

He led me to one of the other bedroom. Kal was there, nude, sitting in a comfortable chair, looking at a tablet.

“Edwardo, I’ve got to go now,” Kal said to the tablet. “Our guest is here.”

“Let me see him,” came from the speaker on the tablet. Kal pressed the screen and pointed the camera on the back in our direction. “He looks like a lot of fun, cousin.”

“He is. Roy, come here and say hello to my cousin, Edwardo, in Rio.”

I went and knelt beside his chair. On the screen was a muscular Black male, late teens or early twenties. He was shirtless. Kal adjusted the angle until my face was on the outgoing feed.

“Hello, Edwardo,” I said.

“He looks even better up close,” Edwardo said. “Would you like a ride on this?” The image shifted to show his erect cock. It wasn’t as big as Kal’s but still it looked over a foot long.

“Sure,” I replied. “If you are as good as Kal it would be literally my pleasure.”

“I am,” he assured me. “I normally charge 5000 Reals an hour and have plenty of bookings each week from those that appreciate quality service. But for friends of my young cousins, the first two hours are free.”

He ended the call.

“He was joking,” Kal said. “Those are his normal rates but you would be free for your whole visit. Have a seat. You are still breathing hard from Bill. Kyle, get Roy a cool drink and some dinner.”

I sat in a chair matching Kal’s as Kyle went on his errand.

“Dai and I were very happy with your progress over the summer,” Kal said. “Physically and sexually you have become a real man. You probably don’t realize what that will mean. Here, with us, you naturally assume a submissive role as you recognize, properly, that we, Dai, Ten, I and others are your sexual superiors. But once you are in the outside world you will find that others react to you as you do to us and you will casually dominate them in normal encounters and sexually.”

“Bill Senior said much the same to me a few minutes ago,” I reported.

Kyle returned with food and drink for everyone. Three covered dishes and a pitcher of fruit punch. He put the dishes down and poured drinks using glasses from a small wet bar in the room. The meal was a stuffed chicken breast, potatoes and a salad. It was good.

“We usually order in from one of several local fine dining restaurants that provide delivery service,” Kyle told me. “Take Kyle for example,” Kal said, continuing our previous discussion. “He’s nineteen but by the time Dai and I were four and he eight we treated him as our little brother.”

“Well, I am,” Kyle said. “It is not age. By four they were much stronger than I and already getting sex from older boys and girls. They were smart too and confident. I just naturally followed them and they took care of me. Julio had forbidden them from sex with young boys or girls but, I guess, everyone knew I’d be an exception.”

“Kyle is being modest,” Kal said. “He enjoyed our games even though they always ended with a cock in his ass, mouth or both. But we taught him to be a man. For the first years he attended our private school at the aquatic club but he was shifted to an elite private school in Santa Monica for grades eight through twelve.”

“Elite is right,” Kyle said. “Over forty thousand a year. But what a change. I was physically stronger and more athletic than even the top senior boys and had much more experience sexually, both gay and straight. They didn’t know why but they reacted to me as their superior and I was. Even the teachers and coaches could sense I was special. I had my pick. After I had fucked a few boys and girls word spread and I’d have kids trying to arrange a way to have sex with me.”

“By Winter Break in ninth grade, Kyle had as boyfriend, the senior quarterback, and girlfriend the, head cheerleader,” Kal told me.

“Yes, it was pretty cool,” Kyle said. “I loved being dominant after years of submission. I sort of went overboard. I’d join the football team after practice or a game and fuck my guy in the showers and then do some of his teammates and the cheerleaders would have parties where I was the only boy. If I were horny during class I’d just call a guy over to suck me off under my desk while the teacher pretended not to notice.”

“He brings them home sometimes. Not here but our home with mother and father in Santa Monica,” Kal said. “So, I’ve fucked them. A few I’ve invited to fuck our parents.”

“Your parents?” I questioned.