Weekly Update 19 June
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Weekly Update: 19 June

A big update this week, with lots of potent stuff from our dazzling contributors. On top of all that I have a new Patreon-commissioned story, “Vision Space”, about a space marine who encounters the unexpected while investigating a derelict alien vessel. It’s a new kind of setup for me: the prompt from my esteemed patron was an image this time instead of a textual description. The resulting story galloped far afield of the source graphic (which wasn’t set in space, and was hetero to boot), which made incorporating the imagery provided into the story I dreamed up that much more fun. Check it out, and make sure to explore the new stuff from my fellow writers as well. Comments and upvotes on stuff you like helps as always.

Friday’s Flashback collected stories involving multiple megawangs, so take a look at that if you didn’t already. The next update is a week hence, 26 June. There will be a couple of Pride-related stories at least, and I’d definitely welcome submissions with a Pride thread woven in; and I’d just as eagerly welcome stories that don’t too. In the meantime: thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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