The Ixlutani

by Lloyd Irving

Kyle Anderson set out with his best friend Ben Miller for one last hurrah, revisiting the woods behind their childhood homes and the mysterious cave they discovered there, before Kyle’s impending nuptials with his longtime girlfriend, Olivia. What neither man knew was that after that day neither their bodies nor their relationship would ever be the same.

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Chapter 1: The Cave Kyle Anderson set out with his best friend Ben Miller for one last hurrah, revisiting the woods behind their childhood homes and the mysterious cave they discovered there, before Kyle’s impending nuptials with his longtime girlfriend, Olivia. What neither man knew was that after that day neither their bodies nor their relationship would ever be the same. (added: 19 Jun 2021)
Chapter 2: The Hospital
Chapter 3: New Normal Kyle’s shrinking and Ben’s growth force both men to adapt to their new circumstances, and Kyle’s changes mean Olivia has to adjust as well; meanwhile, the investigation into what happened to them continues. (added: 26 Jun 2021)
Chapter 4: Shopping Kyle is forced to deal with the changes to his body as he showers and then goes clothes-shopping with Olivia. (added: 10 Jul 2021)
Chapter 5: Recordings Kyle retrieves the videos and images of the cave inscriptions and begins working to translate them. Meanwhile, matters between him and Olivia deteriorate as their intense sexual needs become increasingly mismatched. (added: 17 Jul 2021)
Chapter 6: The Apartment Forced to move in with Ben after breaking up with Olivia, Kyle is able to make some progress deciphering the Ixlutani lore and figures out the basics of what happened to them in the cave. His attempts to find his new sexual normal, however, don’t advance as smoothly. (added: 24 Jul 2021)
Chapter 7: Confessions The barriers come down between Ben and Kyle as they bare their true feelings to each other, (added: 31 Jul 2021)
Chapter 8: Changes Ben and Kyle’s relationship upgrade coincides with new insights into what’s happened to them. (added: 7 Aug 2021)
Chapter 9: Whole Again Kyle and Ben find a new normal for themselves, and over time their complementary attributes start to attract attention. (added: 14 Aug 2021)
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Chapter 1: The Cave

“I can’t believe you let her chop off part of your dick,” Ben grumbled as he climbed over a particularly large log lying across the creek bed the two of us walked down.

“Hey, I’ve got dick to spare, unlike some people in these woods,” I say with an exaggerated look at Ben’s crotch.

“Hardy har har, I’m being serious,” he responded, taking my jibe in good humor.

“Olivia didn’t cut anything off, it was a doctor that did the circumcision,” I replied with more than a hint of exasperation, as I easily vaulted the same piece of deadfall.

“She may as well have been holding the scalpel to your dick, she paid for it!” Ben retorted, becoming increasingly agitated.

“In my defense, Olivia and I have fucked more in the three months since I’ve healed than I would’ve in a year with my foreskin.”

“Come on Kyle, are you saying you agree with those bullies now, cut cock is superior?”

“That’s not what I’m saying at all, there are definite drawbacks to being cut. That first month with my dickhead rubbing unprotected against my underwear nearly drove me insane. Not to mention I pretty much have to schedule jerkoff sessions now, you have no idea how much of a hassle it is to need lube anytime you need to rub one out. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for Olivia I’d hate being circumcised. I remember what it was like to have a foreskin, unlike those assholes from gym class.” A rock shifted under me, and I checked my footing.

“However, it’s hard to complain about jerking off when Olivia demands a good fucking practically every night,” I added with a grin. “She was even wearing me out for a while! Even she admits she kind of misses my foreskin occasionally, but it’s this weird power trip for her. She gets off knowing she had me surgically altered to her whims. She calls it her ‘early wedding present’. She can’t get enough of my dick now, and that’s turned our average-to-boring sex life into a kinky adventure basically daily,” I offered in my defense.

“I don’t know man, I’m not sure there’s any amount of kinky sex that’d make me let someone mutilate my dick,” Ben mused. “If we’d been cut as kids we’d have probably never become friends.”

“‘Mutilate’ is a bit of a strong word isn’t it?” Ben only snorted derisively in response.

We continued hiking up the dry creek in silence for a few minutes as I thought about what he’d said. I must concede that Ben isn’t wrong, if not for our shared experience of being the only two guys who were uncut in school we probably never would have become friends. Not just friends, Ben is my best friend and is going to be the best man in my wedding in three months.

I first spoke to Ben in the showers after our middle school gym class when we were thirteen years old. My family had just moved across the country to the eastern United States and it was my first day at a new school in the suburbs. Ben was a late bloomer and only about four and a half feet tall, six inches shorter than most of our classmates. He was scrawny with tiny stick limbs and, whether it was from fear or the cold of the locker room, a shriveled little dick that looked like little more than a pucker of foreskin. In short he was an easy target for bullies. One asshole in particular named Liam, who wasn’t exactly blessed in the dick department himself, had Ben backed into a corner of the showers. Liam was overweight, and had a small dick, combine a hefty dose of insecurity over those issues, add a few flunkies willing to laugh at his cruelty, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a grade-A bully. Liam and his cronies had Ben cowering in the corner with their favorite, if not terribly creative, taunt of “Turtle Dick”. Noticing Ben was different than everyone else in their class and too weak to physically defend himself, they took great joy in harassing him mercilessly. They particularly enjoyed calling him a freak and telling him his parents didn’t love him enough to get him circumcised and give him a “normal” dick.

That all stopped the day I started at the school. Ben was no longer the only guy with a foreskin in that locker room and I was certainly able, and willing, to stand up to Liam physically. In contrast to Ben I’d hit puberty early and was almost 5’6” with a big swinging dick. At a casual glance I had the biggest cock in the entire room. Once I saw what was happening in the corner I grabbed Liam by the shoulder and slammed him up against the shower wall. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was something along the lines of, “Hey acorn dick, if you want to pick on someone with a foreskin why don’t you try me?” Standing nearly a head taller than him with a fair bit more muscle than he had, Liam was too focused on not pissing himself to even consider fighting back. I let Liam go and turned to Ben (paraphrasing again) I told him, “Let’s shower over here, away from the mutilated dicks,” gesturing toward the least occupied section of the shower. For several minutes, if not for the water cascading from the shower heads, you would have been able to hear a pin drop in that locker room. After that Ben and I became the best of friends, I had sort of put a bit of a distance between me and the other guys in the class after my comment on their dicks. The other big consequence of that day was that Liam never lived down the nickname Acorn Dick. He ended up changing schools and that name was no small part of the reason.

Ben and I have been practically inseparable ever since. Ben used to joke we were “Bonded by our common foreskin.” Maybe not the way I would have put it, but not entirely inaccurate. We stayed close through high school and even attended the same university, becoming roommates in a nearby apartment complex. We lived together there even after we graduated until I’d moved in with Olivia a little over a year ago.

Ben eventually did hit his growth spurt, but never became what would be termed physically intimidating. At 5’7” he isn’t exactly short, but definitely below average. Even today the description of scrawny is the most apt. Ben is really your stereotypical “Nerd” with thick glasses under his mousey brown hair, pasty skin, no muscles to speak of, and intelligence to back up the look. He got his bachelors in computer science before founding a startup of some kind. He sold it two years ago at 25 to some tech giant and made it onto more than a few magazine covers. He refuses to tell me exactly how much money he’s got, all he’ll say is he’s “comfortable”. He’s basically retired now at 27, but still spends most of his time indoors behind a computer screen to maintain his ghostly pallor.

I on the other hand am much closer to your average “jock”, at least in physical appearance. My thick blond hair, and blue eyes have always made me someone women find attractive, or so I’m told. I’m no model, but I’m above average. Combine that with my 6’0” height, broad shoulders, and reasonably muscled frame I’ve never had much trouble with women. On top of all that I’m not bad when it comes to endeavors of the mind. While I’m not quite at Ben’s level I’m no slouch in the academic field myself. Where Ben’s passion was computers, I got a degree in anthropology. I’m currently a few years into my PhD studying Native American cultures. Even if my new studies have kept me away from the gym more than I’d like, leaving me with abs closer to pudgy than rippling.

“Kyle, I’m sorry for giving you such a hard time about your operation,” said Ben after a while, interrupting my introspection. “I really am happy for you and Olivia, but I’ve barely seen you for the last six months and I don’t want to spend our guy’s weekend away arguing.”

“Don’t worry about it man, you’re my best friend no matter what our dicks look like,” I replied trying to inject some humor into a mood I’d allowed to sour. “I’m sorry about neglecting our friendship lately, it’s just with the wedding coming up and everything else going on…” I allowed myself to trail off, “but I promise to make more of an effort going forward.”

Ben was right, I’ve been a shitty friend lately and this weekend was supposed to bring us back together. Olivia has had a huge effect on every aspect of my life. Before we met, two and a half years ago, I was a bit of a playboy but all of that ended when I met her. I’m a one woman kind of man, even if there were a lot of women in a row in my younger days. It was a little over a year ago that I moved into Olivia’s apartment. It’s too big for one person, but as a successful contract lawyer Olivia could more than afford it. Even now she doesn’t want me contributing to rent. I joke that I’m a kept man, the poor PhD student surrounded by my rich lawyer girlfriend and rich tech genius best friend. But even more than that these past six months I’ve become increasingly withdrawn. Over the past year I’ve gone from seeing Ben every day, to a couple times a week, to once a month, to once every couple of months, and he’s still easily my closest friend outside of Olivia. This weekend was supposed to be a pseudo-bachelor party combined with an attempt to get our friendship back to where it used to be. It was with that in mind that we were hiking through the woods near where we grew up.

Seemingly reading my thoughts, with a smirk on his face Ben turned back to me and said, “All right, that’s enough feelings for one day, we’ve walked this far and you haven’t started the lecture yet. I know you’re dying to tell me about the Ichebs or whatever so go ahead.”

“They’re the Ixlutani and you know it! Icks-Lew-Tawn-Ee!” I yelled back with faux indignation, to which he just laughed. “I know you’re mispronouncing years of my research just to bug me, and I’ll have you know it’s working!” I said as I trailed off into laughter.

I’ve explained the basics to Ben before so I know he’s messing with me, but this dry creek bed and what lay at the end of it has probably had a larger impact on my life than anything save my friendship with Ben itself. We found this creek exploring the woods outside the suburb where we grew up, the creek terminating only a few minutes’ walk from either of our childhood houses. At the end of our journey lay a cave system that inspired my love of anthropology.

“All right Ben, you just signed yourself up for Ixlutani 101.”

To which Ben saluted me with a barked reply of, “Yes professor!”

“I don’t have my PhD yet. And why would you salute a professor?” I asked with a quizzical look on my face, which only got a shrug and laughter in response.

With a dramatic clearing of my throat I jumped right into Ben’s lesson. “The Ixlutani were a mysterious and now extinct First Nations tribe that lived in this area for thousands of years. They were known for their peaceful ways, and fearsome warriors when provoked. They maintained permanent settlements as opposed to the nomadic lifestyle typical of other groups living in this area. Virtually all that is known about them comes from legends of other neighboring tribes and fragmentary oral history passed down among early settlers.”

“Why do you have legends from other tribes, but nothing from the Ixlutani?” interjected Ben.

“That would be because of those early American settlers I mentioned. The Ixlutani were peaceful, generally content with the land they lived on and rarely tried to expand past their established borders. However the Ixlutani wanted to be left alone and protected those borders fiercely. Legends tell that the warriors of the Ixlutani were favored by the Ixlu. While there’s no direct translation for the word Ixlu it’s believed to be a proper noun for a local plant they ingested. Contemporary scholars believe this plant acted as a sort of intoxicant that caused a type of berserker rage allowing their incredible combat proficiency. Other scholars disagree with this translation, insisting within the context of the legends where it’s found that the Ixlu are a type of “Grand Spirit” bestowing blessings upon the Ixlutani people. No matter the context the Ixlu formed a fundamental part of the Ixlutani culture, forming the root of the word they used to refer to themselves. Regardless of the true nature of the Ixlu, a single warrior of the Ixlutani was regarded as equivalent to ten warriors of any other tribe.”

“That’s all fascinating, but doesn’t come close to answering my question.”

“I would get to that if you’d stop interrupting!” I shot back, to which Ben responded with another salute. “As I mentioned the Ixlutani had encounters with early American settlers. If there was one thing early Americans didn’t like it was xenophobic First Nations living on fertile land and which refused trade or contact of any kind. It wasn’t long before the colonists marched in with their guns and superior military technology to try and wipe out the Ixlutani. To their great surprise, the colonists were summarily defeated by the warriors of the Ixlutani. For the Ixlutani they considered the matter closed, but the colonists got creative. The settlers gave the Ixlutani an offering of peace hoping that they could live as neighbors without any further hostilities. This was all a ruse. The American settlers had infected the blankets and various other gifts offered to the Ixlutani with small pox and diseases the Ixlutani had no defense against. Once the population was weakened by plague the colonists marched in and exterminated every man woman and child living in the Ixlutani settlement.

“Whatever they saw there made the colonists go beyond the usual genocide they visited on the native peoples. The leader of the expedition made reference in his logs to the ‘Blasphemies and crimes against God committed by the savages’ but refused to write in any detail of what he had seen there. They felt it necessary to burn, smash, or otherwise destroy any physical remnant of the Ixlutani. Due to this concerted destructive effort basically no physical evidence of the Ixlutani exists today, and due to the literal genocide no survivors were able to pass on oral traditions.”

“That’s brutal,” Ben said. “What could they have possibly found to make them react so strongly? And why didn’t we hear about any of this in school around here?”

“Well, the American school system isn’t big on covering the atrocities that founded our country, but more than that the Ixlutani aren’t very well known in even academic circles. As for what they found in the Ixlutani settlement, that’s one of the greatest anthropological mysteries about them. What we do know is that they had numerous radical cultural and societal differences compared to contemporary groups. One of the big things we know about them is that the Ixlutani had three genders, distinct from male and female. In fact, male and female was seen as a childish construct that people grew out of in adulthood. Upon reaching adulthood individuals underwent a ritual of some sort where they chose their gender for the rest of their lives. An Ixlutani adult was either considered a warrior, a mother, or a third term without an exact English translation but is usually translated as ‘companion’. Furthermore a person’s birth sex didn’t restrict their final gender, males could become mothers, and females could become warriors.”

“As fascinating as all this is, Kyle, what does it have to do with our little trip and why are you having us lug all this camera equipment out here? Seriously, I think this backpack may kill me.”

“My backpack weighs twice what yours does, and we’re more than halfway there. And the reason for our trip and camera equipment is that I think I’ve matched samples of the writing on the walls of the cave to fragments of destroyed Ixlutani artifacts from a recent dig site. We’re going to record the walls of the cave and compare. There, I see Wolf Head Rock. We’re practically there,” I exclaimed, pointing at a weather-worn rock that only bore the barest semblance to a wolf’s head but it’s what we’ve called it since we were kids.

As teenagers we spent hundreds of unsupervised hours exploring these woods that bordered the subdivision we grew up in. It took a few months of deeper and deeper exploration before we found the cave system about an hour’s hike from the nearest houses. We established a set route through the woods to take us there without fail. Even now we follow the exact same path. We’ve completed the walk along the dry creek bed until Wolf Head Rock, a boulder smoothed into roundness when water once flowed down the creek. It’s not the most obvious description but with a little imagination the rock could have looked like a wolf’s head before all the hard edges had been worn down. From there we began hiking North West up a steady incline.

We continued our journey mostly talking about inconsequential things, really just catching up after spending more time apart than we had since we first met. Before long we reached Vee Tree, an old oak split down the middle of its trunk by a lightning strike dividing it neatly in two, which somehow managed to continue to thrive despite its traumatic past. From here we divert to due north for several minutes of travel. Conversation has started to die off and I can see Ben is really starting to struggle with his pack, focusing more on breathing than speaking. Thankfully our final landmark quickly comes into sight at the base of the hill we finally crested, Broken Boulder. Creative name, I know, but it can’t be said it wasn’t accurate. It’s a giant roughly spherical boulder which was about seven feet in diameter. The thing had to weigh more than 10 tons. Some event in its past had caused it to split in half revealing the mouth of a cave leading deeper into the hill it rested against. We had reached our destination.

“Finally!” muttered Ben breathlessly before rushing down the hill before disappearing into the opening with me a few steps behind. Ben wasn’t the only one to be happy to at our destination, while I wasn’t struggling with my breathing like he was I had a more intimate reason to me grateful. I haven’t spent much time hiking since I got cut and my unprotected dickhead has been chafing against my underwear pretty badly. It’s nowhere near as bad as the first month’s daily activities, but stomping through these woods has been a little bit more strenuous than my usual daily life.

We’d finally made it back to our childhood secret hideout. This cave represented some of the best times I’ve had in my life. Ben and I had vowed to never come here alone and to never show it to another living soul, nor even speak of it. A vow that to this day, as far as I knew, neither of us had broken. It took quite a bit of convincing to get Ben to agree to the recording equipment. It was only after impressing upon him just how much this could do to advance my academic career, and agreeing that we do this together before he relented. The opportunity to study an intact Ixlutani site with undamaged writing and pictographs could revolutionize my entire branch of anthropology. I ducked my head and stepped into, in my opinion, the most exciting archeological find of my generation.

This passage had clearly been worked by human hands, there were stone stairs leading higher and deeper into the hill, and the walls were carved with intricate pictographs and characters I recognize as symbols of the Ixlutani language. They bore many similarities to other written languages of other First Nation’s cultures but with several key differences that have made translations extremely difficult. It’s my hope that the abundance of language in this cave could act as a sort of Ixlutani Rosetta Stone, giving us a more complete idea of the Ixlutani language.

“Let’s get set up further in and we can come back and record the entrance later,” I said gesturing to Ben to head up the stairs. Together we bounded up the stairs excited to be coming back here after years away. Reaching the top of the stairs revealed a sight that took my breath away even after seeing it all these times. Sunlight trickled down from the ceiling through crystals set into the stone of the roof casting rainbow hued light that scattered around the chamber. The floor sloped downwards into a rectangular pool of water in the center of the room bubbling up from a natural spring in the far wall forming a large basin about four feet deep. The light from above reflected off the ripples on the water, dancing over the walls and illuminating the elaborate carvings upon them. In the center of the room a stone dais pushed ten feet forward out into the center of the pool before rising above the water surrounding it forming a platform 5 inches above the water level. The entire room was about 40 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 20 feet above the water level.

Every time I entered this chamber in the past I was immediately overcome by a sense of wellness and joy. I could still feel the energy coursing through this place but now it had an electric undercurrent to it, a sense of anticipation. I suppose my excitement for what this is going to mean for me and the academic community was affecting me more than I expected. I couldn’t wait to get images of this place back to the university!

“I’ll get started on the video footage, you grab the camera and get started on the still images. Go wall by wall photographing the entire surface at once, then go back section by section and get high detail images of individual passages and pictographs,” I instructed Ben, who once again gave me a mock salute before diving into the backpack he’d set against the wall of the entrance.

“You explained this before we left, I may not have a graduate degree but I think I can handle some pictures,” he replied sarcastically as he rummaged through one of the packs pulling out a camera. Ben made sure the first picture he took after turning the camera on was me flipping him off. After making sure he had a good clear shot I headed over to the other pack to retrieve the video camera to begin my own survey.

While Ben got started just to the left of the entrance, I began the video survey. I started with a sweep over the stairs leading up to the central dais, recording the words inscribed on each step leading to the top. These words were interspersed with symbols seemingly flowing towards the top of the dais where a large pictogram was carved taking up the bulk of the area of the dais itself. This image depicted two life-size human figures carved into the stone of the platform. Around these figures are flowing lines connecting these figures and flowing outwards over the edge of the dais and into the water around it.

After finishing with the central area I panned my camera to cover the back wall of the chamber, the only other section covered in a single large pictogram. The majority of the back wall was covered in both deep grooves in the rock and raised sections carved in relief providing a fantastic depiction of depth. Where the figures carved onto the dais were simple silhouettes, carved onto this wall were dozens of incredibly detailed and lifelike figures along the bottom of the wall with their arms raised in supplication towards a central figure. Lines of swirling energy seemed to lead to and from the worshiping figures connecting each other but mainly leading towards the central image. This central object was put in a place of honor over the rest of the image taking up more space than any other object. It was comprised of hundreds of these swirling strands of energy intertwined, flowing and looping around each other. It was the strangest thing, glancing at it from the corner of my eye it would look like the lines were moving around one another, but when I fixed my full attention on them they were perfectly still. It must be some weird optical illusion. Even looking at it directly my eyes had a tough time following any individual stand, it was seemingly impossible to figure out where any part of the image began or ended. It was slightly disturbing to look at but also possessed a strange beauty making it hard to look away.

I don’t know how long I’d been staring at it when Ben interrupted my thoughts, “Isn’t it hot in here? I think I need to take a break.” Turning to look at him I could see he had covered almost a quarter of the left hand wall, progress that should have taken at least half an hour. Just how long had I been staring at that swirling image?

“Yeah it’s hotter in here than I ever remember it being. A break sounds nice,” I said wiping the sweat from my brow. I hadn’t even noticed but I was sweating even more than Ben, my clothes were well on their way to drenched. The caves had always had a temperature moderating effect when we were young, warm in winter and cool in summer, but nothing like this. I hadn’t noticed it when I came in but now the air in here felt more like a steam room than the slight warmth I was expecting. I walked back to my pack and tucked the camera into its case before pulling my shirt over my head and started to undo my belt.

With over exaggerated horror Ben covered his eyes before exclaiming, “Whoa! What are we doing, naked anthropology now!?”

“Come on, you just said you were hot and I can see the sweat dripping off you from here. Doesn’t a swim sound great right now?”

“I thought this was a research expedition, I didn’t pack any swimwear,” replied Ben blushing slightly.

“This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve gone skinny dipping. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before, though the reverse is no longer true. Besides you don’t get to spend that much of the hike out here talking about my dick just to get squeamish when it’s time to whip it out.”

It was Ben’s turn to flip me off in response before pausing a moment before saying, “…Fine. It is hot and a dip in the water sounds amazing,” as he walked to his pack turned around and began stripping off his clothing.

After safely tucking my clothes into my pack I stood with hands on hips behind Ben’s turned back doing my best superman pose in all my naked glory. It took him a moment to finish undressing and turn around, but as soon as he turned around he groaned at me in mock disgust with a smile on his face his laughter ruining his attempt at seriousness. “Go on soak it all in. I know you’ve been dying to see my new dick.”

“You wish! Just get in the water so I don’t have to look at your ‘mutilated’ dick anymore,” Ben joked, calling back to the insult I used on the other boys in our class the day we met, before walking down the shallow slope into the pool.

I waited a moment for Ben to get a little further into the water before taking a running leap into the water next to him, carefully directing the splash right at him and away from the electronic equipment. When I came up for air I could see him spluttering from the water that hit him in the face, peering at me from behind his glasses I had just drenched. “What? You wanted me in the water,” I claimed with mock innocence. Ben stood there dripping silently in shock for a moment before tossing his useless glasses onto the dais and splashing me right back. We splashed back and forth for a couple of minutes before calming down and taking a moment to just enjoy the cooling temperature of the water floating in silence.

I allowed myself to just drift in the water for a moment luxuriating in the gentle currents of the cool water. The calming aura that normally suffused this place had seemed to ebb even further than when we first arrived. The undercurrent was growing stronger. There was still this sense of anticipation but it had intensified into almost an electric tingling under my skin. Between this feeling and the currents of the water caressing my body I felt myself become aroused, my dick beginning to plump towards erection. Before things could progress any further towards tumescence I got out of the water and quickly put my underwear and pants back on. Trying to act casual I called back over my shoulder, “We’d better get back to work before the light fails.” I looked back towards Ben who was now floating in the corner of the pool as I tried not to make eye contact as my dick pressed against the inside of my jeans.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Just give me another minute to cool off in the water. I’ll be right out to help,” called back Ben who seemed to be focusing intently on something in the corner of the room.

I pulled my shirt out to put it back on, but stopped before pulling it over my head. Even now I could feel the oppressive heat of the room begin to almost press down upon me once again. I couldn’t bring myself to put my shirt back on. As it was the heat was only just bearable, more clothing would make it entirely intolerable.

While I was considering my shirt Ben had scurried out of the pool after reclaiming his glasses and had already put his underwear back on. Throwing my shirt down I said, “I don’t think I can take another moment wearing that! Of course, everyone knows some of the best scientific discoveries were make shirtless.” To which Ben gave a bit of a distracted laugh.

“Yeah, this heat is ridiculous,” he replied as he buttoned his pants, remaining bare chested. Looking to distract myself so my dick could fall back to flaccidity I grabbed my camera and directed all my attention to surveying the walls. Ben seemed to be equally intent on getting back to his photography, probably hoping to get things done sooner in order to get away from this heat.

I got to work and in short order I had the distraction I was looking for. The heat became so oppressive it was like a physical force pressing down on me. I was far too uncomfortable to even think about my dick. I could feel the sweat running down my back and hear the occasional drop hit the stone of the ground. The strangest thing was that all of the heat seemed to be coming from my lower half. With a groan of discomfort I started unbuckling my pants. “I can’t take another second in these jeans!” I said to an equally uncomfortable looking Ben.

I could see him visibly relax at my words. “Thank you for saying something! I feel like I’m dying, but I didn’t want to be the weird one to suggest stripping,” he sighed with obvious relief as his hands shot to the button on his jeans.

With my pants piled up next to my bag I hesitated for a second in just my underwear. I knew it was kind of odd to strip fully nude but the hesitation lasted only a moment. Even now I could feel the smothering heat everywhere the cloth of my underwear was in contact with my skin. I couldn’t take it a second longer, slipping the garment off my legs and adding it to the pile of my other clothes. Immediately it felt like a breath of fresh air, almost as if a physical weight had been lifted from my body. Looking over at Ben he must have shed his clothes even faster than I, pulling his underwear off with his jeans in the first place. Not that I could begrudge him the impulse standing naked now myself and luxuriating in the relative coolness.

Ben glanced over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of me looking at him. Almost as soon as he saw me he blushed and turned quickly away. “We’d better get this done quickly before it gets any hotter in here. We might not even be able to spend the night like we planned if this keeps up,” he spoke into the far wall refusing to look at me even as he spoke.

“You’re right, I’ll finish with the video survey and then I can help with the still images,” I said picking my camera back up and diving back into my work even as my body began to flush for a reason that had nothing to do with the heat. I threw all of my attention into getting the images of the walls recorded to try and distract from the arousal coursing through my body. I completed most of the remaining areas of the site before I was fully erect and maintaining focus was becoming harder and harder. Soon I found my attention straying from the walls of the cavern to Ben as he conducted his work.

Glancing over at him I could see he was just as hard as I was, cock jutting forward as he continued to take pictures. I tried not to make it obvious that I was staring, only stealing quick glances at Ben’s body. We’d been in our fair shares of locker rooms and other situations where we were both naked but it had never felt like this, and we’d never both had raging erections. I felt like I was looking at Ben’s body with fresh eyes. There was something deeply arousing about the slim body I’d once considered scrawny. Ben wasn’t as muscled as I was, I don’t think he’d ever spent a minute in a gym, but the muscles he did have were well toned unlike the small layer of fat that had started to form over my own. Even his below average height of 5’7” had a certain proportionality to it, fitting the scale of his body perfectly. Finally the part of his body that I had the hardest time tearing my eyes away from was his solid cock.

Ben and I were close enough that we had talked about just about everything at one point or another. Years prior he had confessed to me that he was worried about the size of his dick, so I knew it was five inches long. At the time I’d reassured him that a five inch dick was perfectly average and nothing to be ashamed of. He’d eventually gotten me to admit that mine was seven inches long, which only set off more insecurity. Truthfully, I’ve always been pretty proud of my dick, I’ve had more than one girlfriend tell me I was big enough to go into porn. Despite what the internet might say seven inch dicks are not a dime a dozen. On the other hand Ben’s dick really is average, even a bit on the low end, but He’s my best friend and I’ve always done what I could to buoy up his self-esteem.

Standing there now I didn’t know what I was thinking, seeing his hard cock made me finally see the truth. Ben’s dick was perfect. The perfect ratio of length to girth, any bigger would have been unseemly. The way his foreskin pulled halfway off the glossy head allowing it to tantalizingly peek out to the open air. In comparison my dick was gargantuan and out of proportion with my body. The freshly healing scar halfway down its length only served to emphasize how out of place it looked. I don’t know how anyone could find me attractive when a dick as perfect as Ben’s existed in the world.

Ben turned toward me and we both quickly looked away to focus on our work. I finished the video recording and switched over to the second camera to begin on the still images. I’d only be able to make it a few images before I couldn’t stop myself from looking over at Ben’s naked flesh. More and more frequently he’d be looking back at me and we’d both be forced to quickly look away. Between the two of us we’d covered the entire cavern with wide shots but still had a few close-up images left to take, when I couldn’t force my attention back to the camera.

“We need to talk about this,” I said packing my camera back in the bag I’d taken it from. “I’ve never been this hard in my life and I can’t go more than a few seconds without staring at your cock.”

“I’m so glad you said something, I was freaking out over here. It’s all I can do to not run my hands over your body right now,” Ben said as he packed his camera away.

“It’s got to be something in this cave affecting us somehow. I’ve never felt like this before,” I said as I walked over where Ben was standing.

“Yeah, maybe we should get out of here before we do something we can’t undo,” Ben said huskily as he stared deeply into my eyes.

“Probably for the best…” I trailed off as I pressed Ben into the wall and kissed him deeply. Our hands roved over each other’s bodies pressing, rubbing. The lightest touches felt like electricity dancing over my skin and the deeper caresses sent bolts of pleasure right to my very core. Ben pressed back into me pushing the both of us toward the cooling pool in the center of the room. Neither of us could bear to break physical contact for even a moment as we moved as one into the water. There were no words, only moans of absolute bliss as our mouths were all over each other. Once we were fully in the water Ben began kissing me over my neck and chest causing explosive bursts of pleasure as his hands and tongue ran over my nipples.

I pushed my hands below the surface of the water and grabbed Ben by the hips. I pulled him upwards as he wrapped his legs around my waist pressing our raging cocks against one another. My longer thicker cut cock obscured his smaller cock below. I felt his foreskin slide up and down against my rigid pole as we gyrated against one another. I pressed my lips into his neck as he moaned my name in bliss. We stayed locked in each other’s embrace pressing back and forth in the water for untold minutes lost to pleasure.

I took a moment to come up for air, taking a moment to pant huskily and look down at Ben where he stood as I held him to my body. I pressed a hand into the center of Ben’s chest pushing us apart. I suddenly turned and walked out of the water pausing to seductively look back over my shoulder making sure Ben was following close behind. I quickly scaled the few step leading onto the central dais before getting down on my hands and knees before looking back and Ben and moaning in my most seductive voice, “I need you in me Ben.”

And I did. I needed it more than anything I ever had before. There was an aching emptiness inside me that I knew only Ben could fill. In that instant I would have given anything for Ben’s cock. Thankfully I didn’t need to wait long before I felt Ben’s weight settle on my back as he took a moment to line his turgid cock up to my waiting hole. The moment he thrust inside I saw stars, pleasure like I’d never felt before. Ben’s cock pressed directly into a knot of pleasure right inside my body radiating waves of bliss into my extremities and straight to my head. The ecstasy was overwhelming and within only a few powerful thrusts my untouched cock was spraying onto the rock below me.

Even after the most powerful orgasm of my life my cock didn’t soften for a second. Normally after an orgasm I was overcome with a sense of lethargy and satiation. This was the absolute opposite, I was overcome with a new wave of lust making me want more and more. I couldn’t get enough, I found myself arching my hips and pressing back into every thrust from Ben. It was mere minutes before I felt orgasm rise within me again blasting the rocks below me adding to the pool of cum already cooling there as it ran into the grooves engraved in the rock.

Even still this didn’t reduce my ardor by one iota, I was just as eager for each new thrust as the last. At this point the quivering of my insides must have been wearing at Ben’s resistance, I felt his jackhammer thrusts slow into a smaller grinding motion. This grinding renewed his attack on my prostate setting off a new wave of pleasure. With a final powerful lunge I felt his cock pulse within filling me with white-hot heat, as Ben writhed on my back squeezing his arms around my chest. This set me off once again tightening my ring around Ben and blasting my third load into the already sizable puddle under me.

We collapsed to the ground, my arms and legs no longer able to support us after that last orgasm. Ben laid on top of me not moving, with the both of us breathing heavily, as his cock slowly softened inside of me. After a moment he rolled off of me to lie on his back panting on the cool stone. I couldn’t muster the energy to move other than to look over to where Ben lay and smile weakly at him. He too turned his head to look at me with a smile that made me wish I had another round left in me. As it was, I was overcome with exhaustion deeper than I had ever felt. I let my eyes go closed and within moments I was asleep.

I don’t know how many hours I slept, but I was already screaming in agony when I awoke. There was a crushing pressure pushing down on my body from all directions and my skin was so cold I felt like it would shatter at the smallest movement. It was as if I was being picked up by a giant icy fist that was crushing the life of me. At the same time I was overcome by a scorching fiery pain, as if magma had been injected into the very marrow of my bones and it was straining to get out. In panic I started flailing blindly reaching out for Ben. I could feel the pain overcoming my senses and was able to only weakly utter the name “Ben…” before the agony overwhelmed me and I was lost to darkness once more.


Chapter 2: The Hospital

The next time I regained consciousness the pain had left me, but I found myself lying on an unfamiliar soft surface. I opened my eyes, looking around the darkened room I found myself in in confusion. It was night and I could see the moon shining through the open window. A light at the end of a long hallway shone through the open door dimly illuminating the area around me. Looking around it seemed like a pretty standard hospital room in terms of its contents. However something wasn’t quite right, the scale of everything was wrong. Everything was too large. I felt like I was drowning in the oversized hospital bed that extended well past where my feet rested.

Looking around the room I could see that I was alone, with no other beds in sight. Like a flash I realized Ben wasn’t here. Where was Ben!? I had to find him. I tried to get out of bed, but it was so hard to move. As I struggled I felt a tugging on my hand. I looked down to see an IV and various medical devices attached to me, they were ridiculously huge. I struggled with fingers that didn’t want to cooperate and seemed too small to properly manipulate the giant devices, but eventually I managed to disentangle or remove the objects from myself. With great effort I forced myself over the side of the bed to step onto the ground.

I should have known based on the scale of everything else that the ground wasn’t going to be where I thought it was. Instead of gently stepping out of bed I tumbled to the floor which was much further down than I expected. I lay on the floor in a crumpled heap even the small effort of getting out of bed was exhausting. I could see the world going grey around the edges of my vision.

I’m not sure if it was the monitors I pulled off or the sound of my hitting the floor, but I must have attracted the attention of an on duty nurse. She was rushing towards my room eclipsing the light from the end of the hall. She too was huge like everything around here, by my estimate nearly seven feet tall. Could this be a hospital for giants? But that’s crazy. It didn’t really matter anyway, I needed to find Ben. I’ve always been the stronger of the two of us. I’ve always protected him. If I felt this terrible there’s no telling what had happened to Ben.

“Ben…” I tried to call out for him, but my voice was so weak it came out barely more than a whisper. That final exertion was all the effort my body could manage and I felt myself passing out once again. The grey started to iris in from the edges of my vision. I could see the woman’s lips moving but sound had already faded from the world. Before she could reach me the darkness overtook me and the world went black.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When next I awoke I was back in bed, sunlight was streaming through the window, and a doctor was standing in my room. He looked down at me with a concerned look on his face. One that I’m sure was mirrored on my own. My first concern was once again Ben who was nowhere in sight. “Where’s Ben, is he all right!?” I asked with more than a tinge of desperation. My voice sounded a little strange, somewhat higher than normal, but I attributed it to fear.

“We’ll get to your friend in due time but before we get to that can you tell me your name?” the doctor asked.

“Kyle, Kyle Anderson. Now will you tell me what’s happened to Ben!?” I demanded becoming more distraught by his refusal to answer my question, but my demanding tone was somewhat undercut by my high pitched voice. I spent a moment clearing my throat trying to restore my voice to its proper tone.

“Well, Mr. Anderson, my name is Dr. Caldwell and I’ve been looking after you since you arrived here. I can assure you that Ben is alive and doing fine, but before we get to that I think it’s more important to talk about what’s happened to you,” the doctor said cautiously.

“Why, what’s happened to me?” I said with growing concern which only seemed to make my voice grow higher.

“Are you experiencing any pain?”

“No, I feel fine. Would you please tell me what’s happened to me?” I said, giving up on getting my voice to sound anything like normal.

“Well Mr. Anderson, you’ve experienced some significant physical changes,” the doctor said hesitantly.

“Like what?!” I questioned, my voice shaking a little.

“Well we don’t have baseline measurements from before your… changes so we don’t know exactly. Your friend, Mr. Miller, was able to provide us with a basic description so we know some general details. It might be easier to show you. Do you feel ready to stand?”

“Yes,” I replied with more than a hint of apprehension. The doctor pulled a low stool over to the edge of my bed before offering me his hand to help me get out of bed. Taking his hand I was again overcome by a sense of disorientation as my hand was practically swallowed by his much larger digits. He pulled on my arm allowing me to step off the bed and onto the stool, avoiding the tumble I took the last time I tried this on my own. Standing flat on the floor, even accounting for the doctor’s shoes, he had to be well over seven feet tall. My eye line wasn’t even as high as his shoulders.

“As I’m sure you’ve figured out, there’s been a significant reduction in height. How tall were you?” The doctor said looking down at me as I had to crane my head back to make eye contact. He stayed close to make sure I didn’t collapse. It hit me like a bolt of lightning, the room wasn’t oversized, the bed wasn’t an unreasonable distance above the floor, the nurses and doctors here weren’t giants. I shrunk.

“I am, or I was, six feet tall. How, how tall am I now?” I asked not sure I wanted to know the answer.

Pressing forward with his questions without answering mine, Dr. Caldwell asked, “How about weight?”

“A little over 180 pounds last I checked. Now will you tell me what’s happened!?” I realized I was practically yelling and approaching panic.

“We only took rough measurements when you were in bed, but it looks like you’re now closer to five feet tall. You also weigh about 103 pounds,” he told me haltingly.

“What…” I said breathlessly trying to sit back on the bed for support, but at my new height I was only able to lean against the frame. How could I be five feet tall? I haven’t been this size since before I was twelve years old.

“As for any further changes, perhaps it’s best if you inspect for yourself. The bathroom has a full length mirror on the back of the door,” the doctor said gesturing to the door behind him and to the side. “I’ll be right outside if you have any questions or need any help.” I walked past the doctor into the bathroom, needing to reach higher for the door knob than I expected. Once I had the door firmly closed I stared past my overlong hospital gown at my feet for as long as I could before I forced myself to look into the mirror confronting my new reality.

Even before I removed the gown I could see there had been significant alterations to my body. Even if I didn’t know my stature had been reduced to five feet my entire frame had gotten smaller. My shoulders were narrower, even in relation to my smaller height. In the past I would have best described my overall build as “solid”, but now I realized I would be forced to downgrade it to “slight”. Even in comparison to my memories of Ben, he’d never looked quite so insubstantial. Ben had always been gangly with a sense of height to him even if he was thin. I, on the other hand, was now small in all regards.

Next I turned my attention to the only part of me not currently covered by my oversized hospital gown, my face and head. I’ve always had a masculine square jaw framing a face that’s been described as attractive. I never had model-caliber looks but was above average and had my fair share of interested women. Now it was as if all the edges had been worn down, my chin was rounded and undefined, my nose small and almost dainty, the only sharp edge was my cheekbones which seemed to be held in sharper relief against the rest of my face. The whole look made my blue eyes appear larger and more expressive. My eyelashes had lengthened and my eyebrows had thinned out into a more delicate shape.

My hair had lengthened and thickened considerably, forming a rounded swooping style framing my face, coming down to around my ears. This was in sharp contrast to the shorter styles I usually preferred of under an inch in length for my hair that had just begun to thin a little on top. Now my thickened blond locks gave more of an impression of what I would call a pixie cut on a female. The other difference to my usual style was in my facial hair. Recently I’d taken to wearing a short amount of groomed stubble. All of that was gone. Running my hand over my softened cheeks I couldn’t feel even a hint of stubble on a cheek that hadn’t felt this smooth since before I started shaving. As best I could tell, I didn’t have facial hair anymore.

All of this gave my appearance a softer almost feminine look. Looking at myself I could still pick out my familiar features, I was unmistakably me, but a gentler rounded me. I was still definitely male, but much closer to androgynous than I was really comfortable with. My appraisal of my new facial structure complete meant I had to proceed with the examination of the rest of my body. It took a moment’s effort getting used to my smaller fingers, but I soon had the ties on back of the gown undone. I pulled it off my shoulders and lowered it to my waist where I held it in order to appraise my upper body. I’m not sure I was ready to see my new body in all its naked glory at once, so I clutched that gown around my hips like a shield.

Looking at my chest and arms the first words that came to mind were smooth and shapeless. In my youth I spent some time in the gym, not enough to get to body builder levels, but enough to maintain a well-toned body. I’d had impressive arms and pecs, and in the past I even had six-pack abs for a while. In recent years it’s been harder to find time for the gym and my six-pack has been buried under a thin layer of flab that robbed me of most of the definition I had built. But even with a few years of relative neglect overall I still cut a relatively impressive figure without a shirt, especially compared to most of my academically minded coworkers.

All of that was gone now, both the muscle and the flab. Everything about my arms and chest is small and flat now. It wasn’t that I was entirely without muscle, but they were all small and sleek rather than toned. I no longer had any of my recently accumulated flab, but that just made my entire body look smaller and still lacked any discernable form or definition. Looking at my body now I would describe it as lithe. My body was no longer defined by its muscles per se but I still had a certain supple grace.

With that appraisal done it was time for the moment of truth. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and dropped my gown to the cold hospital floor. After a moment to steel my resolve I opened my eyes and took in my new form in its entirety. My first observation was that my legs had undergone a similar change to my arms and upper body, slimming down and becoming sleeker. Looking from my almost dainty feet up my slim legs led me to the only part of my body that might have actually grown in my transformation, my new ass. I’d tried to keep it reasonably toned like the rest of my body in the past, but now it was on another level. Twisting a bit to the side I could see that it bubbled out from the back of my legs into a supple inviting roundness. I’d never had an ass like this before, and not that I’d gone looking for many men’s butts, but I’ve never seen anything like it on a man. My new bubble-butt caused confusing feelings to well up within me. The first word that sprang to mind was “fuckable”, which was somewhat distressing, as well as confusingly arousing, describing a part of my own body.

That arousal ended when I spun back around to look at the mirror straight on to examine the last part of my body. The part I feared the most. Looking at my new penis it was worse than I had even feared. Before, I would have considered my dick one of my most extraordinary features, at a little over seven inches. I’ve had to explain to more than one girlfriend that porn lies to you and my dick wasn’t nine, ten, eleven, or once I even got twelve inches long. Seven inches long is a huge dick, and mine no longer qualified. Even with my overall reduction in stature, my dick went much further. I’m not sure how much was the fear and how much was the cold of standing naked in this bathroom. I didn’t even know if this is just how big my new flaccid cock would ever be. All I could see was the bare head of my dick attached directly to my crotch. Flaccid I have effectively no shaft at all, just a much reduced dick-head of under half an inch long. My past taunts of “Acorn Dick” rang loudly in my ears, because that’s exactly what I looked like, a tiny acorn attached directly to my pubis.

My new cock pointed out straight ahead and away from my body, far too short to hang down like I was used to. Before, my dick even at its smallest hung down obscuring at least the top couple of inches of my balls. Now my view was unobstructed to see my similarly reduced testicles. The situation wasn’t quite as bad as my dick, but no one could say my balls aren’t small now. Before, I had a good low-hanging pair in perfect proportion with my dick, a little larger than ping-pong balls. Now my balls were held tightly up against my groin in a much reduced sack. As for the balls themselves, feeling around in my scrotum it took me a moment to find them. I could tell they were now smaller than the average grape.

I’d stopped looking at the mirror a while ago, hoping that the image itself was somehow lying to me, but now looking down directly at my penis and feeling my hands upon it I had to admit this was all horrifyingly real. Pressing my hands into the base of my dick revealed I really didn’t have a base. My new body was so thin that there was no layer of fat, to speak of, covering my pubic bone. Pressing through a thin layer of skin that was all that separated my dick head from my pubic bone I was able to see the tiniest hint of shaft circled by my circumcision scar. There really wasn’t anything more hidden.

I really didn’t want to, but just had to know, how big I was hard now. My only hope was that I was a grower and that my erect size was at least useable. I pressed and rubbed trying to get hard, but wasn’t making much progress. I used to think there was pressure to perform in front of a woman, imagine the pressure when you need an erection to prove the organ between your legs can still be called a cock. I closed my eyes and tried to remember my last night with Olivia, how it felt to thrust into her as she moaned my name in pleasure. It wasn’t long before I was as hard as I’ve ever been, cock twitching in my grasp.

I opened my eyes and looked down while I still had the courage. I was forced to acknowledge that I now possessed a dick no longer than an inch and a half at my absolute hardest. The shaft of my dick had made an appearance taking up less than half an inch of my whole package, my circ scar dividing the shaft evenly in half. The head of my dick had swelled somewhat to about an inch in size and grew firm. All together the whole organ was less than 1.5 inches and the skin of the shaft was drum tight.

I couldn’t stroke my dick in the conventional sense—it was much too short now. Even against my much reduced hands my penis was still tiny, barely long enough to make it past the halfway point of my palm. All I could do was use a couple of fingers to stroke over the head, occasionally brushing over the smaller shaft. In fact the whole thing was strangely sensitive, but not in a good way. It was almost like the feeling just after getting cut, when my dick head was in constant contact with every surface without any protection. Even more than that basically all that was left of my dick was the head. Stimulation to just the head quickly becomes overwhelming, flashing over from pleasure to pain. Even now, only a few strokes after getting hard I could feel the oversensitivity beginning to set in. My hips started twitching in response to the continued motions even as the nerves of my penis called out for me to stop.

I quickly realized I was naked in a hospital bathroom desperately jerking off the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. As if burned, I pulled my hand away from my groin and immediately crouched down to recover my hospital gown pulling it back up to cover my body. As I tied the gown back onto my body I was overcome by two realizations, each more horrifying than the last. First, just like my facial hair, my body hair had completely vanished. I’d never been particularly hairy, just an average amount in the usual places and a dusting running up over my chest and pecs. Now, nothing on my chest, nothing on my arms or legs, nothing under my armpits, I don’t even have any pubic hair around my fucking tiny dick. The second realization was that once I had the gown re-tied I realized not only didn’t my hard dick press out the front forming a bulge, it was so short it didn’t touch the cloth at all. I was standing here throbbingly erect and it was completely undetectable under a hospital gown.

How could any of this be possible? The last thing I remember I was in the cave with Ben, and now this. I’ll admit getting fucked by my best friend was not something I ever expected to happen, but last I checked gay sex didn’t result in shrinking people and shrinking dicks! The doctor outside had to have some explanation, maybe some sort of treatment to turn me back to normal. Something, that meant I didn’t have to live the rest of my life as a tiny freak. I look like a fucking elf and am hung like one too! I resolved to open that bathroom door and demand some answers.

Drawing myself up and trying to look as imposing as I could, standing at 5’0”, wearing a hospital gown. I opened the bathroom door and glared up into the doctor’s eyes before demanding, “How did this happen!?”

The doctor opened his mouth and hesitated for a moment. “To be perfectly honest, we have no idea what happened to you. I’ve consulted with experts across the country, and by all accounts this should be thoroughly impossible. There’s simply no precedent for a person shrinking as you have.”

“How are you going to fix this?” I asked, fearing I already knew the answer.

“I’m very sorry Mr. Anderson, but without some indication of how this was done I can’t even begin to formulate a treatment to reverse it. As far as all of the tests performed are concerned, you are perfectly healthy, if small. You came in suffering from acute exhaustion, but now that you’ve recovered from that your test results are perfectly normal. Without the testimony of Mr. Miller and yourself, along with the photographic evidence he provided, I would have no idea there was anything unusual about your current physical condition.”

Ben. I was so overwhelmed by what I saw in the mirror I had forgotten about him for a moment. Nearly blind panic came rushing back at the mention of his name. If whatever this was reduced my not insignificant height to… this, then Ben must have become even smaller. Five feet is horrifying, I can only image how tiny Ben must have become. “Ben! Where’s Ben!” I demanded with more than a hint of the desperation I felt seeping into my apparently permanently higher pitched voice.

Sensing my rising panic Dr. Caldwell began to speak in a calming tone, “Ben is nearby, in fact he’s refused to leave your side since he was discharged three days ago,” he said gesturing to a slept in looking chair with a pillow and blanket wadded up on it. “We asked him to wait outside for this initial medical consultation until we could be sure you were healthy and of sound mind.”

“So I can see Ben now?” I asked, hope tinging my words.

“Soon,” replied Dr. Caldwell, “but first you should know that there’s been an investigation opened into what’s happened to the both of you. We haven’t given up on getting to bottom of this and I still have hope that, perhaps, we may even be able to reverse this. There are some agents who would like to speak with you before we discharge you from the hospital and allow you to meet with Ben. Do you feel up to answering their questions now?”

“Can’t I meet with Ben first?” I asked, both hopeful for a reversal but equally irritated by delaying being reunited with Ben.

“I’m afraid the agents were quite insistent. They want to speak with you as soon as possible,” Dr. Caldwell answered apologetically. Realizing I wasn’t going to make any progress, it was probably best to get this out of the way as soon as possible. Looking up at the doctor I gave a quick nod. Seeing my acceptance he turned, opened the door and gestured to someone out of my view to the left. Dr. Caldwell stepped out of the way and allowed a man and a woman to step into the room. Making eye contact with me he said, “I’ll be just outside if you need anything at all.” Waiting for a moment and getting no signal from me he closed the door.

Turning my attention to the imposing figures now standing in my room, both stood rather stiffly in the middle of the room. They both wore black non-descript suits and ties, looking every bit the part you would assume with a title like “Agent”. I had actual Men in Black coming to question me. I’d find the whole thing comical under less stressful circumstances. The woman spoke first. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Anderson, I’m Special Agent Graves and this is Special Agent Moran,” she said gesturing to the man standing next to her, “we’re with the EPA and we’ve been assigned to look into your… transformation.”

“Why would the Environmental Protection Agency be looking into something like this?” I asked with more than a hint of suspicion in my tone.

“We are operating under the assumption that this has been some kind of chemical leak into the environment that has caused the alarming symptoms you and Mr. Miller have reported. It’s our responsibility to identify and isolate the cause of your condition so that we can ensure it doesn’t spread or affect anyone else.”

“Do you really believe this could be caused by a chemical leak? Dr. Caldwell had never even heard of anything like this.” Not bothering to hide the doubt from my voice.

“You’d be surprised what a ‘chemical leak’ can do to a person,” intoned Moran, speaking for the first time. His tone didn’t exactly inspire confidence in their story.

Shooting him a look that was none too pleased Graves continued, “With all due respect to Dr. Caldwell, he is not well versed in chemical leaks while we specialize in incidents just such as this. Now we’ll do our best to make this as quick and painless as possible but we have a few questions for you. Would you care to take a seat?” she said gesturing to the comfortable chair to the side of the room. Initially I considered refusing, but now that I thought about it my legs were feeling a little tired. It was probably best to rest. The agents waited a moment to allow me to sit and become comfortable before continuing. “Mr. Anderson, I think it would be best if you could tell us everything you remember about your trip leading to you waking up in this hospital,” said Agent Graves setting down a voice recorder on a nearby table and switching it on.

I was none too happy to divulge this story to these jackbooted thugs demanding it, but I had to grudgingly accept that it was probably my best bet if I wanted to get back to normal. I told them the story as accurately as I could remember it. My PhD thesis and the reason for our trip, our walk through the woods, the cave and the writings within, I even told them a brief account of my encounter with Ben, before finally getting to the point where I fell asleep in exhaustion. They seemed reasonably satisfied as I talked, mostly nodding as they took notes but occasionally asking questions to clarify. Once I finished the explanation they asked me to go over the directions and landmarks in the woods again. I went over it as clearly as I could, detailing the creek, Wolf Head Rock, The Vee Tree, all the way up to Broken Boulder.

As I finished the agents shot each other a look that didn’t seem too happy. They could see I’d paused with a questioning look my on my face and so Graves volunteered, “That’s almost word-for-word the description we got from Mr. Miller.”

“Why, is that a problem?” I asked curiously.

“We had Mr. Miller take us to woods in an attempt to find this cave. He brought us to the creek, but after that he just walked us along the creek bed until we reached a culvert crossing a road. There was no sign of ‘Wolf Head Rock’ as you call it. He was quite distraught, we walked back and forth several times, but he was never able to get his bearings. We’ve had teams out patrolling the woods in a search grid, but so far they haven’t found anything resembling the cave or any of the landmarks you mentioned,” said Graves, with an air of frustration.

“How is that possible? We’ve been going to that cave for years. I could practically walk there in my sleep, and Ben knows the route just as well as I do,” I claimed incredulously.

“If you’re willing, we can take you out to the woods once you’ve been discharged from the hospital. Maybe you’ll have better luck than Mr. Miller. For now do you have anything else relevant to add that you think we may need to know?”

“Not that I can think of right now.”

Picking up and turning off the recording device Agent Graves said, “Well, if you think of anything feel free to call us day or night,” as she placed her card down on the table. “Thank you for your time Mr. Anderson, we’ll be in touch.” The two of them quickly filed out of the room as I sat in the chair feeling numb. Our interview hadn’t exactly filled me with confidence about how this will turn out. I might be stuck this way.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Caldwell arrived back knocking at my door. I stood up trying to appear as tall as I could and yelled, “Come in,” in a voice that still didn’t sound like my own.

He opened the door and stood blocking the entry way and said, “If you’re willing, I’ve got someone who’s very anxious to talk to you. You’ve had a pretty busy day, so if you’d like a rest everyone would understand.”

“No, I really need to see Ben. I know I won’t be able to rest if I’m not sure he’s okay,” I replied.

“All right then, I’ll let him in. But I should warn you Ben has experienced some… changes of his own. Don’t be alarmed.” With that Dr. Caldwell stepped aside allowing the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen to walk into my room with a beaming smile splitting his face. I had braced myself expecting someone shorter than my current five feet, with my eyes locked somewhere around the doctor’s mid stomach. What I was not expecting was for a living Adonis to walk through the door that was even taller than Dr. Caldwell by a good few inches.

After a moment of stunned silence I uttered in shock, “Ben?” But gone was the scrawny man I called my best friend. His face was still unmistakably Ben, but so much… more. With a broad square chin under sharp cheekbones that framed his face in a perfect masculine manner. Even his usual mop of mousy brown hair seemed richer and more masculine than I remembered. Missing his usual pair of thick framed glasses his eyes seemed more vibrant and a deeper green that burned with an inner strength. All together it gave him a face that would make any model envious of his good looks.

This was without even bringing his body into the discussion, a body I could see quite a bit of considering all he was wearing was a pair of sweatpants a few sizes too small plastered onto his legs. The best word I could use to describe his bare chest and arms would be chiseled. In fact I think I would have been less shocked to learn a statue carved by a classical Greek artist had come to life and walked into my room, than to think this was Ben. Truly with his new appearance he could have been a Greek statute, everything about him in perfect harmonious proportion to create an ideal body. Every muscle stood out in sharp relief, perfectly defined to illustrate massive strength without looking overly bulky.

A light dusting of chest hair ran over his pecs, fine hairs the only feature that made me certain he wasn’t actually carved from stone. These hairs trailed down over his rippling abs forming a treasure trail leading into the sweatpants that concealed very little. They were so tight they were practically painted on, clearly illustrating the ample muscle that continued over his lower body. That’s to say nothing of the perfect bubble-butt pressing out the back, or the sizable bulge barely contained in the front. It looked like a lumpy grapefruit had been shoved down the front of Ben’s pants in a manner that couldn’t have been comfortable for what could only be the colossal organs within.

Before I had a chance to make my ogling too obvious Ben rushed forward lifting me out of the chair and into a crushing hug with my legs dangling in midair. It was a considerable shock to be lifted into the air as if I weighed nothing. Although I quickly realized that now, for Ben’s new muscles, I practically did weigh nothing. The experience of momentary helplessness was quite jarring, but also sent a thrill down my spine and straight to the tiny bump on my groin I was now forced to call my dick. After only a moment of crushing pressure Ben lowered me back to the floor stepping back quickly and blushing brightly. “Sorry, I’m just so happy that you’re finally awake, Kyle,” he said, clearly embarrassed by his outburst of emotion and display of casual strength.

I hadn’t realized how hard I was staring until Dr. Caldwell cleared his throat forcing me to tear my eyes away from Ben’s musculature. Looking at me he said, “Mr. Anderson, it looks like you’re mostly recovered. I want to keep you here for observation for the next 24 hours to make sure there aren’t any surprises, but after that you’ll be able to be discharged.”

“Wait, the last thing I remember was passing out in the cave, so how did we get here to this hospital?”

“I think I can help explain that, at least the first part,” Ben said drawing my attention away from the doctor. “We had fallen asleep in the cave,” began Ben, blushing as he must have been recalling the mind-blowing sex immediately prior to us falling asleep, “and I’m not sure how long we were passed out, but it had to be getting close to morning when you woke me up with your screaming. I was in a lot of pain too, but I could still function. When you said my name it awoke something primal in me, I knew I had to get you out of there and that I could do it. I scooped you into my arms and it was like you weighed nothing, I was even able to grab our bags without any real effort,” Ben said, gesturing towards my pack from the cave now sitting in the corner of my hospital room—distracting me for a moment, even as I was reeling from being told I weigh nothing, something that was horrifyingly true. “It’s all kind of hazy, I was sort of passing in and out of consciousness so I don’t remember things very clearly, but I carried you out of the cave and ran in the direction of the highway. I remember getting to the asphalt and some bright lights and then the next thing I know I was waking up here.”

“I think I can fill in the rest,” Dr. Caldwell took over. “The bright lights were the headlights of a pickup truck. Two contractors were driving to an early morning job when they saw a large naked man running down the road carrying a naked… well, in their words, a naked child.” Being described as a child wasn’t doing anything for my shattered sense of self, but even I had to grudgingly admit this body I now found myself trapped in was childlike. Not to mention my new penis that was positively infantile. “They were understandably concerned so they pulled over. Ben was able to get out the word ‘hospital’ before he collapsed and passed out completely. Kyle, they put you in the cab of the truck, and then it took both of them to load Ben into the bed in the back. They drove you both here where we treated you. Ben remained unconscious for a week. After he woke up he was able to fill us in on who the both of you were and we monitored him for two days before discharging him. Three days after that you woke up, which brings us to today.”

“Other than his short trip with the EPA Ben hasn’t left your side since he was discharged. We found your ID’s in your belongings when you were brought in but I hope you can understand why we didn’t make the connection that they actually belonged to you. You were filed as John Does until Ben woke up and filled us in on your changes. We put in calls to tell you about your stolen ID’s but obviously didn’t get a response. We weren’t able to contact next of kin until after Ben woke up, but I believe he’s been in contact with your fiancée.”

“I called Olivia,” interjected Ben, “her law firm gave me her contact information in Australia for the merger she’s on. It wasn’t quick with the time difference, so her flight’s supposed to land tomorrow. I kept it light on the details of what happened. I thought you might want to do the explaining in person.”

Ben was right of course, it would be tough to get a phone call that telling you your boyfriend has shrunken into a tiny freak, assuming she would have even believed such a story over the phone. Even so, I’m really not looking forward to that conversation, ‘Hi honey, longtime no see. Oh by the way, I’ve got the body of a child and the dick of a newborn, how was your trip?’ At least I have until to tomorrow to figure out something to say.

“If you don’t have any other questions I’ll leave you two alone,” said Dr. Caldwell, making eye contact with me.

“Thank you, I think we’ll be okay,” I replied.

“I’ll be back to check on you periodically. It was good to finally meet you Mr. Anderson” He said leaving the room and closing the door, leaving Ben and I alone for the first time since the cave.

Ben tried making awkward small talk, and I played along, doing his best to dance around the elephant in the room. Or in his case the elephant and in my case the mouse. I let him flounder around for a bit just to watch. His body might have become gigantic, but his body language was the same. Knowing him as well as I do I could tell by his squirming as he sat on my bed that he was very uncomfortable. Eventually I decided to put him out of his misery and just say it, cutting him off mid-sentence. “So how tall are you now?”

After spluttering for a moment Ben answered, “They tell me I’m 6’4”, you have no idea what it’s like to shoot up almost a foot in height overnight! Everyone looks so short…” It took him a moment for realize what he’d said, his face fell before saying, “Sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t need you to remind me I did drop a foot in height. Just being 5 feet tall does the job well enough on its own. I guess I’ll just have to get used to having conversations with your nipples from now on, they’re at perfect eye height you know. But do you really need to go around shirtless just to rub it in, or are you just trying to show off the fact that you have muscles for the first time in your life?”

Laughing at my obvious attempt to defuse the tension, he replied, “I would’ve put on a shirt but none of mine fit me anymore, and neither do any of yours. I haven’t had a chance to go shopping since I’ve been here watching your tired-ass nap in this bed for days.”

“Hey, are those my pants!?” I said looking over the grey sweatpants plastered over his lower body, with the pant legs ending inches above his ankles. Not to mention the bulge straining the front of the pants to the point I’m surprised that they hadn’t torn yet.

“What, they fit, sort of, and I was sick of having my ass hanging out of those hospital gowns. I’ll buy you a new pair once we’re out of here. Even if I hadn’t stretched them all to hell, it’s not like they’d fit you anymore,” he said looking at his own legs. “Besides, you can wear my old clothes until you get new stuff. Isn’t that what friends do, share?” he said trying to sound sickly sweet.

“You’re so generous. My knight in shining armor, carrying me through the woods to safety and supplying me with a new wardrobe. You know I only weigh like a hundred pounds now, not exactly the greatest show of strength. Are those muscles just for show, and carrying tiny little men, or are you actually as strong as you look?”

“I’ll lift you and that chair over my head if you ask nicely!” he replied challengingly before blushing. “Actually I’m stronger than I look. They tell me my bones and muscles are way denser than they should be. I weigh over 400 pounds now,” he said, flexing his muscles unconsciously as he spoke. We fell into silence for a few moments as I did some mental calculations. There’s no way someone that looks like Ben does now should weigh even 200 pounds, and somehow he’s over 400! Looking back at Ben after my revelation made me realize something was bothering him and that’s why he was quiet. His face may be a lot more sculpted now, but knowing him as well as I do I could still tell when he’s got something on his mind.

“You may look like a model now, but I can still tell what you’re thinking just by looking at you. What’s bothering you?” I said as Ben grasped the back of his neck with his left hand, flexing his arm as he lifted it above his shoulder.

“So, uh, they asked me a lot of questions once I woke up, questions about you. Like how tall you were, how much you weighed, stuff like that.” He trailed off for a moment as he hesitated. Realizing I wasn’t going to interrupt him he continued. “They also asked me a lot of questions about your… your dick. Like a lot of questions. I was just wondering if everything was… okay… down there? They wouldn’t tell me anything and I just thought…” He said becoming increasingly embarrassed and turning a brighter shade of pink with each word he spoke.

“Well this is awkward, but if there’s anyone I can talk to about this, I guess it’s you. No, things aren’t okay down there. When I got smaller I got smaller everywhere. If anything my dick shrunk the most.” I tried to sound okay with what had happened, keep the bitterness out of my voice, and I partially succeeded. I don’t know many guys that could lose most of their dick and be okay with it. I went from having a huge dick to having one that would look more appropriate on a baby. Maybe somewhere deep in my brain I thought if I could convince Ben that I was okay with it, maybe I could convince myself too. “Still it’s not all bad news for both of us, I may be hung like a toddler now but judging by that bulge I see stretching out what used to be my sweatpants that you’re wearing you could put some small horses to shame.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Ben, going from pink to red in embarrassment.

“Come on, I certainly don’t have anything to write home about between my legs anymore, so you’re going to have to take up the role of big dick member of this friendship. Seriously if that thing’s half as big as it looks from here that’s a cock to be proud of. How big is it?” I asked, setting Ben to stuttering.

“I don’t know, I haven’t really had access to a ruler since this happened,” he said bashfully.

“Ballpark it for me, I can tell you’re bigger than I used to be but how much bigger? Better yet, let’s see it. I can judge for myself.”

“I’m not going to show you my dick!” Ben started yelling before catching himself and whispering the last word.

“Hey, you’re the one who was just telling me our friendship is based on our cocks! What’s the big deal, I’m the one with something to be ashamed of in my pants… er, under my hospital gown.” My face lit up as an idea occurred to me. I jumped up from the chair and started removing my gown. “I’ve got a perfect idea. If the guy with the nub for a cock is willing to get naked, you’ve got no excuse,” I finished, as I threw my gown onto the bed standing naked in front of Ben as he carefully continued to look me in the eye refusing to look down.

“I don’t know if this is a good plan. You’ve always been the one with the bigger dick, and you’ve always tried to make me feel okay about my old little dick, but I was always kind of envious. You’re vulnerable now, I don’t want to make it worse.” That took the wind out of my sails. I knew Ben had issues with the size of his dick, thinking it was small, but I gave him a few pep-talks and I thought he was okay by the end. We both made jokes about my dick being bigger than his all the time.

“You never had a ‘little’ dick, it was average, below-average was even overstating it. I never said anything that wasn’t true. You’ve never had anything to be ashamed of below the belt.”

“I know that, ‘there are more average people than those who are big or small’ blah blah blah. I remember the lecture, and I know it’s all true. Logically I understand, and understood that, but deep down I still always hated my little dick. I don’t want to make you feel that way.”

“How about you let me worry about my own neuroses? I said I want to see your new dick and I’m not going to back down. Besides, those are my pants you’re wearing, don’t make me take them back and force you to walk out of here naked,” I said trying to lighten the mood. Once I saw Ben’s face crack into a smile, I knew I had won. With a resigned sigh Ben stood up and, with some difficulty, pulled down the sweatpants he was wearing.

What swung into view may be the most beautiful penis I have ever seen, and I’m not sure I’ve ever thought a penis was beautiful before. It was even bigger than I had thought it was now that it had been freed from its fabric prison. Standing in front of me at our new relative heights, the base of his cock was at the same height as the bottom of my rib cage. From there it dangled down below the level of my dick now. Ben stood almost a foot and a half taller than me and his dick still hung lower. He was completely flaccid, his foreskin puckering past his dick head and it still had to be at least 8 inches long and so thick I’m not sure I could close one of my new hands around it. My new dick with its bare head was so short it didn’t dangle at all, it was basically just the head attached to my abdomen pointing straight out. Hanging almost as low as his cock was a pair of hefty testicles. Where my balls now stayed pulled up against my groin smaller than grapes, Ben’s hung low in his sack somewhere between the size of jumbo eggs and tennis balls.

We stared at each other’s new endowments in silence for a few moments before Ben’s entire body flushed with renewed embarrassment. “Happy now?” he asked as he pulled his too-small sweats up forcing his girthy cock and balls back into concealment, or at least as close to concealed as they could be stretching out the front of what used to be my sweatpants. Before throwing my hospital gown back to me and carefully looking away as I put it back on.

“Perfectly happy. Now we both know where we stand in the dick department, just as we always have. And you haven’t sent me into some identity crisis over my tiny cock either. We’re both fine, plus now you get to pay me back for all those years of dick jokes I made,” I said, trying to deflect the conversation away from the fact we’d both stripped in front of each other because I’d demanded to see my best friend’s dick. That and I was just as flushed as Ben, but my rosy cheeks were due to arousal. Whatever happened in that cave must not have been completely out of my system. I was glad I got my gown on when I did because my dick had shot to its full inch and a half soon after. The one upside to my tiny cock was that my erection was completely concealed under the gown, no tent whatsoever. Ben’s cock on the other hand was straining against its fabric confinement forming a colossal bulge, and he was flaccid.

Turning away from me and walking toward the bathroom Ben looked back over his shoulder towards me before saying, “Good, now unless you want to come watch again, I’ve got to go take a piss. I’ll be right back.”

Ben spent several minutes in the bathroom, thankfully giving my dick a chance to go soft, before he returned where we continued talking about nothing of consequence. We spent a couple of hours talking, interspersed with short and tall jokes from him and I respectively. Dr. Caldwell stopped by a few times to check on us, but left quickly each time. Eventually it started to get dark and I realized I was incredibly tired. Upon mentioning it was time for bed Ben quickly and effortlessly lifted me onto the bed before I had a chance to go for the nearby stool. His effortless strength had me thankful for my miniature dick again because it made sure he couldn’t see the erection he caused by lifting me with ease.

I tried to convince him to share the bed with me, but he was adamant that he’d spent days in the chair and that he’d be fine there for one more night. Once we were both settled down for the night, I guess I still wasn’t fully recovered from the exhaustion, because I was fast asleep within minutes.


Chapter 3: New Normal

I woke up the next morning and had a few blissful moments of ignorance. Lying on my back I could feel my morning wood sticking straight up and pressing insistently against the fabric covering my lower half. Before I’d even opened my eyes, I reached down to adjust myself only for my hand to find nothing but air where I expected my dick to be. It all came crashing back in an instant, I barely have a dick anymore and I will need to reach a lot closer to my groin from now on if I want to touch it. My moments of peace after I woke up are gone, replaced by the knowledge that I’m a tiny freak with an insignificant cocklet.

I looked over and see Ben still snoozing in the chair to the side of my bed. Just knowing he was present in the room did a great deal to calm me down. His very presence seemed to act as a great comfort, making me feel safe and protected. He also engendered a few other feelings, looking over his muscled shirtless chest started to re-harden my dick after my moments of panic had brought it back to softness. My stirring must have woken him up because he began stretching before blinking open his bleary eyes.

“G’morning,” Ben slurred sleepily, “how’d you sleep?”

“Like a log,” I replied awkwardly shuffling around under my blanket. I was feeling flushed with arousal, Ben’s wakeup stretch flexed his arms and chest in ways that held his striated muscles in sharp relief under his skin. That would have been enough to get my cock straining on its own, but as he began to sit up the blanket he’d been covering himself with slipped to the side exposing his lower half. Ben’s own morning wood formed a massive bulge straining the fabric of his sweatpants running from his crotch to more than halfway to his knee. I only caught a glimpse for a moment before he pulled the blanket back over to cover himself, but that’s all it took to get me as hard as I’ve ever been. I could feel the flesh of my member straining, and yet covered in my hospital gown and the blanket on top of that it barely formed a bump in the otherwise smooth covers. Even so I self-consciously shifted until I was sitting on the bed and my rock hard erection was no longer in contact with any fabric, completely concealed in the mostly empty space between my legs.

Sitting up quickly made my overfull bladder demand some attention and I started to shift my weight towards the side of the bed. “I’ve gotta piss like a racehorse though.” I saw Ben begin to get out of the chair to help me, so I quickly raised a hand to stop him. “I said racehorse, I wasn’t talking to you, horsecock,” with an over exaggerated look at his crotch as he blushed a bright red, before shifting my tone to seriousness. “Besides, I need to get used to doing this sort of thing on my own. You aren’t going to be around me 24/7 and if this is going to be my new normal I need to be able to get out of a bed on my own,” I said, watching him slowly sit back into his chair.

I pulled myself to the edge of the bed and jumped down to a floor that still seemed much further away than it should be. My feet hit the ground and I stumble for a moment, which caused Ben to stiffen in his seat and begin to get up before he restrained himself once he saw I was still standing. “I’m fine,” I intoned, hoping to reassure him but I can see by the look on his face that he still wants to be by my side helping me. Honestly, a big part of me wanted to let him come and lift me out of bed, a thought that sent another bolt of arousal to my already painfully stiff cock.

Without any further incident I was able to walk across the room on my new smaller feet before entering the bathroom, closing and locking the door. I pulled my gown to the side exposing my tiny penis to the air of the room. A part of me was hoping that this was all some sort of dream, a weird hallucination or something, that I’d been imagining it and the dick I could feel under my clothing was halfway to its normal size. But laying eyes on it really drove home just how small it was, if anything it looked even smaller than I remembered it, but that’s just a trick of memory. There it stood proudly erect straining against the open air, all inch and a half of it. I realized this erection was going to complicate matters and I needed to get flaccid before I could drain my bladder. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on unsexy thoughts, I ran through my multiplication tables, flexed the muscles of my thighs to try to draw the blood elsewhere, all the tricks I used throughout high school to hide unwanted boners. It was working, but not as fast as I would have liked, as my techniques were fighting against the strong arousal coursing through my body.

“You okay in there?” Ben called through the door startling me, concern evident even as the door muffled his voice. I guess I had been standing in the bathroom silently for several minutes.

“I’m fine, my new cock’s so tiny it takes a while to find it now,” I called back through the door. “But seriously I’m fine, you don’t need to hover outside the door.”

“Okay,” he muttered, as I listened to his soft footfalls take him back across the room. At the very least that little scare took my attention away from my dick and caused it to soften back to flaccidity.

Standing in front of the toilet I reached down to aim my dick only to realize it wasn’t going to be as simple as the thousands of times I’ve taken a piss before. Now that I was soft all that was left of my dick was basically my cockhead attached directly to my groin. There was no shaft to grab so I had to grab directly onto the head, which was sensitive almost to the point of pain. Even so, my bladder doesn’t really care and its demands have become impossible to ignore so I relax my muscles and start to piss. This reveals my second problem, with a dick this short aiming is much more difficult than I remembered. The head basically sticks straight out from my body and so that’s where the stream goes, I press down on the head directing the flow downwards but I have little control compared to a normal dick. Small motions cause piss to splash too high, too low, and off to the left and right every time I try to make adjustments. Eventually I finish emptying my bladder but the bathroom is an absolute mess at this point. I quickly set to work with toilet paper trying to clean up all the stray urine that I can. After this disaster it dawns on me that I might have to start sitting down to piss. If I sit on the toilet, but cock my hips at a downward angle, and maybe press down on my nub, I can get it all in the bowl in future. I knew that my life was going to be different after all these changes, but the idea that I can’t even take a piss standing up was quite a blow.

I left the bathroom to see that it appeared Ben had been pacing around the room. Once again I impress upon Ben that I’m fine and with a look make it clear I don’t want to talk about what went on in the bathroom. I used the stool to climb back up into bed, with Ben conspicuously standing just within arm’s reach in case something went wrong. To his credit he honored my wishes and didn’t interfere. Once I’m safely tucked back into bed, Ben took his turn in the bathroom.

We spend the rest of the rest of the morning talking about mundane things, really just passing the time. A little after one O’clock one of the nurses came in to tell us that Olivia’s called. Her flight just got in and she’ll be getting to the hospital within a couple of hours. The nurse went on to say that Dr. Caldwell was ready to discharge me and we can get the paperwork and whatnot out of the way so I’m ready to go when Olivia gets here.

The nurse is a cute young brunette, who can barely take her eyes off of Ben even as she’s speaking to me. Her entire message was delivered with a lot of giggling, and I could see her eyes running up and down Ben’s exposed torso anytime she didn’t think he was looking. I’m not sure how often staff should have been coming by to check on me, but I don’t think it’s quite as frequent as the checks I was getting. In fact a good portion of the nursing staff on this floor seems to have stopped by over the past couple of days to check on me, but all seemed to have trouble keeping their eyes off Ben as they did so. And that included the male staff.

Before leaving the cute brunette said, looking at Ben the entire time she talked, “My name’s Claire and if there’s anything you need, anything at all, I’d be happy to help,” she said with a lot of emphasis on the “anything”. Ben for his part was completely oblivious, but I guess he’d never had a woman hit on him like that. I had to give him a jab in the ribs as she was walking out.

“Dude, she’s totally into you. You have got to go get her number!” I said urgently, but quiet enough Claire couldn’t hear.

“What? You really think so?” he said, a little stunned.

“She could barely take her eyes off of you the entire time she was in the room. She’s into you. You’re a stud now, a lot of girls are going to be hitting on you,” I said trying to keep the envy from my voice.

“Really?” Ben said, still not fully believing what I was saying. I guess the full impact of his own changes hadn’t hit him either.

“Go ask for her number before she gets too far away. She’ll say yes, I guarantee it.”

With a big goofy smile on his face he ran out the door over to her where she stood down the hallway. They were far enough away that I couldn’t hear what was said but I could see the huge smile on her face as she took Ben’s hand and wrote something on it. They exchanged a few words before Ben walked back into the room with that same big smile on his face, before wordlessly showing me the phone number she’d written on his hand.

I spent a few minutes ribbing Ben about the whole exchange and trying to convince him to see how many phone numbers he could get from the hot nurses in the hospital, but he wasn’t quite that confident yet. Soon Dr. Caldwell stopped by and had me fill out some discharge paperwork after checking in and asking some final questions. He also mentioned that the EPA wanted to talk to me before I left, but other than that I was free to go. I still had the room for a couple more hours so I could get dressed and then wait for my fiancée here. He’d be happy to answer any question she had if she wanted to talk to him, but failing that he wished me well, shook my hand, and left.

As soon as the doctor was out of the room Ben grabbed his backpack from the corner of the room and threw it up onto the bed. “Since I borrowed some of your clothes I thought it’s only fair you can borrow some of mine,” he said unzipping the bag and pulling out a selection of clothing. “They’re not going to fit perfectly, but it’s better than nothing and it’s all that we’ve got,” he said apologetically. “Feel free to take anything you want. I’ll just wait outside until you’re dressed,” he said, walking out and closing the door behind him.

Looking through the small pile of clothes I could see I didn’t have many options, but I could make do with the basics. I put the underwear to the side, it isn’t going to come close to fitting and wearing another guy’s underwear is a little too creepy, even if it belonged to Ben. I could go commando for a while. Eventually I picked out a t-shirt and pair of jeans. Stripping out of my hospital gown, for hopefully the last time, I stood naked in the room for a moment looking sadly at the state of my naked body. I quickly grabbed the shirt and pulled it over my head letting it drape over my body. It hung almost to my knees, looking more like a dress than a shirt. I looked thoroughly ridiculous, like a small boy wearing his father’s clothing.

Moving along I grabbed the jeans and slipped them on. They then quickly slipped right back off the moment I took my hands away, catching for a moment on my expanded rear end. Rummaging around in the bag I found the belt Ben had brought along, which I used to cinch the pants around my waist. I had to tighten the belt past the last belt-hole in order to keep the pants up, but I’m sure Ben could help me punch a new hole. Even now the legs of the jeans extend several inches past the end of my feet, and I had to take several minutes to roll the legs up far enough that I wouldn’t trip over them.

Next I dug out a pair of socks which are the only articles of clothing that seem to fit me halfway decently. Finally I grabbed the pair of shoes that Ben has no hope of fitting now. I slid my feet inside and they’re so much larger than my feet they barely stay on when I lift my foot. I tighten the laces as much as I possibly can and even then it’s more a matter of balancing them on my feet than actually wearing shoes. At the very least it’s some measure of protection as opposed to Ben, who’s going to need to walk out of here barefoot.

I looked thoroughly ridiculous with my shirt hanging to my knees and the legs of my jeans rolled up into massive bulges around my ankles, the comically oversized shoes that were sizes too large for my new feet, not to mention the belt that I can’t close so I need to hold it together so my pants don’t fall off. I walked over and opened the door, “You can come back inside now. How do I look?” I say holding one arm out, while the other stayed holding up my pants, in an attempt to show off my new outfit.

“You look, you look—”

“Ridiculous. Ridiculous is the word you’re looking for,” I say grumpily.

“Okay yeah, you look ridiculous. Then again I’m walking around in public practically naked, so people in glass houses and all that.”

“Whatever. Now come and help me with this belt, do you have a knife or something?”

Between the two of us we found a small knife packed away in my bag and together we punched a hole so the belt could hold up my pants, without my constant intervention. Within a few minutes of that major victory a nurse walked into the room leading Olivia behind her. She stood in the door looking shocked for a moment before speaking one word, “Kyle?” I couldn’t really blame her, but the questioning tone in her voice as she spoke my name while staring right at me hurt more than I cared to admit.

“Hi, Honey,” I replied standing up from the chair I was sitting in. There was a moment of silence as we each just stood there and no one said anything, but then the tension was broken and we rushed forward into a tight embrace. The comfort I felt in my fiancée’s arms was only slightly diminished by the fact that my head now rested on her shoulder, instead of extending above her head as I was used to. Eventually we broke contact and each took a step back to look at each other.

Olivia stood there in all her statuesque beauty, standing at 5’ 10” she was taller than your average man. She was always insecure about her height and told me how glad she was to be dating someone taller than her. I suppose she’d need to get used to her new mini boyfriend whose eye line was now below her shoulders, rather than the strapping 6 feet I could no longer reach. Her raven hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail exposing the delicate features of her face. Her vibrant green eyes had tears welling in the corners, in what I hoped was relief at seeing me alive and not in horror of my new appearance. Her clothes and general appearance were more disheveled than I’d ever seen her in public, but I suppose being told your fiancé had a medical emergency followed by days of air travel would rumple even the most fastidious person. All told, Olivia was still the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and just having her here was an immense comfort.

We were interrupted from our silent appraisals by a cough from Ben, “I think I’ll leave you guys alone for a bit. I’ll be nearby if you need me,” he said sidling out the door before closing it to give Olivia and me some privacy.

“Who was that?” Olivia asked.

That was Ben.”


“Yeah, I’m not the only one who’s experienced some changes.”

“Kyle, what happened to you, to both of you? Ben and the doctors wouldn’t tell me much on the phone, just that you were alive and stable, but I should get here quickly. How is this possible?”

“You’re going to want to sit down,” I said almost gesturing towards the chair before thinking better of it and pointing to the bed. I’m not sure I’m ready for Olivia to see me needing a stool to get onto a bed, just yet. “This is going to be a bit of a long story.”

I repeated the whole story for Olivia. I even went over the sex with Ben, apologizing profusely for cheating on her. She seemed to accept that whatever was able to alter my body like this was equally capable of controlling my actions, and she held no ill will for what happened in the cave. I filled her in on waking up in the hospital and discovering my, and later Ben’s changes, this time leaving out some of the more intimate details for the sake of his privacy. I did mention my reduced… stature below the belt but avoided going into exact details. I left it at my being “smaller”. I knew I couldn’t avoid showing my cock to my fiancée forever, but I would desperately like to put it off as long as possible. Eventually getting to the EPA agents’ investigations and the unfortunate prognosis that this was likely permanent as no one really knew how this was possible. I eventually got to the part I feared the most, not what had already happened, but what was to come.

I spoke some of the hardest words I’ve ever had to say, doing my best to keep my emotions under control. “I understand things are going to be different now, and this isn’t exactly what you signed up for. If you want to postpone the wedding, or even call off our engagement, I wouldn’t blame you. I’m no longer the man you agreed—”

“I love you for you, not your body! You are the man I agreed to marry, no matter what you look like on the outside,” she claimed vehemently.

“I love you so much.” With that the damn broke and I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. I hadn’t realized just how scared I was that Olivia would leave me, but I was overcome with relief knowing she would stay. She started crying then too, equally overcome by emotions. We both rushed forward and kissed each other passionately, Olivia needing to bend her neck down in order for our lips to meet. That kiss was the first time since waking up in this hospital that I felt like everything would be all right.

After we broke the kiss I looked up into her eyes and said with a smirk on my face, “So you still want to marry me even if you’ll need to lean down to kiss your husband at the altar?”

“We’ll get you some tall shoes,” she replied perfectly deadpan before we both broke into laughter.

With the ice broken we wiped the tears from our faces and called Ben back in to pack up whatever belongings we still had in the room. At this point there was no reason to stay and it was time to head home into our new lives. The three of us walked out of that hospital room together, Olivia and I holding hands the entire way. In some ways I felt like a child needing to reach up to hold a parent’s hand, which was deeply embarrassing. But the comfort I got from the physical contact with the woman I loved was more than enough to offset that discomfort. Holding Olivia’s hand, I knew we could do this, together.

Getting down to the lobby of the hospital we were intercepted by Agents Graves and Miller. Before letting me go home they wanted to see if I could find the route to the cave in the woods where Ben had failed. I could tell they were not particularly optimistic for a different outcome, but were determined to try anyway. Olivia was worried about me overexerting myself, but I wanted to try anyway. I realized the odds were low, but maybe I could find something to help reverse this. Even a slim hope was some hope.

The next problem arose when Ben tried to get in the black SUV they had waiting for us outside the hospital entrance. The agents wouldn’t let him come along. Something about contaminating witness testimony and confusing details, they insisted that I needed to guide them through the woods without outside interference. For a while I was afraid things might come to blows. Eventually I calmed things down promising that I’d be okay and would call Ben once I was home safely. They had a second SUV to take Ben back to his place and we both rode off to our separate destinations.

After arriving at the creek bed the Agents, Olivia, and I started walking down the path only Ben and I had taken before. The journey was much more difficult on my new shorter legs. I was starting to have a lot more sympathy for Ben’s struggles on our last trip and I wasn’t even carrying a huge backpack this time. After a few hours of slow and difficult hiking I realized I was completely lost and nothing looked familiar. Ben and I had always turned off of the creek bed once we found Wolf’s Head Rock, but I hadn’t seen it this time and we must have continued further down the creek than I’d ever been before. After telling everyone this, Agent Graves didn’t seem particularly surprised. She took a step away from Olivia and me and whispered something to Agent Miller. I couldn’t make out most of what she said, but something about “protecting itself”. She turned back to us and suggested we keep going, we shouldn’t be far from the road now. Graves was right, within a few more minutes of walking the culvert I remember Ben mentioning from his search came into view with a different SUV parked and waiting for us. It seems Graves had prepared for our failure.

From there they drove us back to our apartment in the city. No one was particularly exuberant for the ride back and we mostly sat in silence. The agents promised they would keep searching and would be in touch with any further developments but for now there wasn’t a whole lot we could do. They advised us to try to go on with our lives as best we could. With a few curt farewells, Olivia and I found ourselves standing alone on the street outside our apartment.

Once inside it felt good to be home. Looking around our large apartment made me feel just a little bit more relaxed, even if everything looked bigger than it should have been. We had a pretty nice place, Olivia’s salary from the law firm allowed us to live in a pretty nice part of town with a bigger than average apartment. My stipend as a grad student didn’t contribute much, but Olivia never seemed to care.

Once inside I couldn’t wait to get out of these clothes. My feet were killing me, that was a tough hike we went on at the best of times and I did it on tiny legs in shoes that didn’t fit properly. More than that was something I tried not to let on as we were walking, my dick was in agony. Since my reduction the head of my penis has felt like it did right after I got circumcised, exposed and sensitive. It was a few rough weeks after the operation, but eventually I got used to it. Now it was like I was right back to square one with a delicate and sensitive body part permanently exposed to the outside world. I wasn’t even wearing underwear which caused my dickhead to rub against the rough fabric of the denim and zipper directly for the entire hike. I really wanted these pants off.

I’d ditched the shoes by the door and I quickly walked into our bedroom, with my hands eagerly undoing my modified belt, when I became extremely aware of Olivia’s presence following behind me. I guess it was the moment of truth, I couldn’t put off her seeing me naked forever. Had I asked her to wait outside I know she would have, but that wasn’t fair to her. If she wanted to stay with me she had a right to know all of it, every small detail. I stopped taking off my belt and turned to Olivia.

“Remember when you said you loved me and not my body? Well, keep that in mind when I’m done taking my clothes off.” I tried to inject humor into my words, but from the tone of my voice we could both tell I was terrified. With a serious look on her face all Olivia did was nod.

I started by stripping off my shirt displaying my thin and hairless arms and chest. Olivia still stood there silently observing. I guess it was time for the main event. My hands went down to my belt, shaking more than I’d have liked, before undoing it and the button on my jeans allowing them to fall the ground. There I stood in all my naked glory, or lack-there-of now, in front of the woman I loved. I could see her eyes were glued to my crotch staring silently.

As scared as I was, I was also deeply aroused. Counting the time I’d spent unconscious in the hospital it had been weeks since the last time I’d gotten off. Standing naked in my bedroom with Olivia was sending sparks of arousal down my spine even through my anxiety. It didn’t take much to get my new mini-cock hard, and the idea of being naked with Olivia was enough to get me solid and twitching at my full 1.5 inches.

“What do you think of my new cock? I told you it was smaller. I guess we don’t have much to work with anymore,” I said, trying not to sound too dejected.

Startled from her quiet observations Olivia said, “It’s not that small. Sure it’s a little below average now, but we can work with this.” A statement that even if I knew it was a lie, made me feel better. “You always were a grower, how big does it get when it’s hard?” she had to finish, which shattered any relief I might have been feeling. My face must have fallen as she spoke those words because I could see a look of shock come over her face that must have mirrored mine.

“I’m hard now, that’s as big as it gets,” I muttered quietly, whatever self-esteem I’d held onto completely shattered by those few words.

“Oh.” She paused for a moment, clearly a little stunned and not sure what else she could say without making things worse. “Well, I still think we can work with this. It looks like it would be a lot of fun to suck on,” she said putting on a seductive tone and advancing towards me. A thought came to my head unbidden ‘sounds more like a nipple than a cock’ but even so, her tone was enough to send a fresh wave of arousal down my spine. When it hit my groin I could feel the muscles tense causing my cock to jump just a little. Olivia definitely noticed, allowing a seductive smile to light up her face. “I’d love to put it between my lips and run my tongue all around the head.” A thought that cause a moan to pass from my mouth, as she leaned down and reached for my cock. The moment her hand made contact my moan of pleasure changed into a yelp of pain causing me to jump back from her touch. “Did I hurt you?” she asked extreme concern evident in her voice.

“Sorry, it wasn’t you it was those damn jeans. They just about rubbed me raw and everything’s really sensitive right now. I don’t think I can take touching of any kind, as much as I really, really want to” I replied sadly with a lot of lust tinging my voice.

“I don’t want to go too fast. I’m fine with taking things as slowly as you need,” she replied trying to be supportive, but I could tell she was more than a little turned on herself.

“‘The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongey and bruised’,” I reply and we both laugh. “But seriously this new dick is really sensitive. Remember how bad it was right after I got cut? I had a hard time wearing pants, even with underwear, with my dickhead always exposed and touching cloth all the time. It might be worse now than it was then, and denim is not a particularly forgiving fabric. If that hike had been any longer I think I might be bleeding right now.”

“Tight underwear helped you last time, anything to lock your dick down and prevent unnecessary rubbing, right?”

“Yeah, that helped last time, but I don’t think anything I own is going to classify as ‘tight’ on me anymore,” I said looking sadly at my closet.

“Well, you can’t go out in those jeans again without underwear. I’ll go pick you up some new stuff tomorrow morning. You’re also going to need underwear for all the clothes you’re going to be trying on for your new wardrobe. They generally frown on trying on pants in the store commando.”

“I hadn’t really thought ahead that far, but I guess I’m going to need to buy new clothes. I can’t keep wearing Ben’s stuff, and it doesn’t really fit anyway. I guess I’ve got enough money saved away for a few outfits.”

“Kyle, how long have I been telling you I wanted to buy you new clothes? This is going to be my treat, and we’re going to replace everything. Really you’re doing me a favor, I love shopping and this way I can get rid of all those old T-shirts of yours that I hate.”

“You don’t have to do this.”

“I know, I want to do this. The sizes might be smaller than I was planning, but I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. We’re going to get you a respectable adult wardrobe, and all it took was a magic cave,” she replied laughing.

Our clothing discussion had taken my attention away from more amorous pursuits long enough that my dick had gone soft. I could see Olivia’s eyes glancing down at my even smaller endowment. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as I blushed in embarrassment. Olivia noticed as I started to turn away, shielding my groin from her view.

“Hey, don’t be ashamed of yourself, I still think you’re hot. Look at that sexy new ass, it’s giving me some truly sinful thoughts. That and I’m still fantasizing about getting that cock of yours in my mouth.” Which elicited a twitch of arousal from my cocklet and had it starting back to erection.

“You have no idea how much I want that too, but I really don’t think I could take that today. Besides the sensitivity issues, I’m exhausted. I don’t have long sexy legs like yours, that hike really wore me out. I think I’m ready to go to sleep.” Until I’d said it I don’t think I’d realized just how tired I was, but I really was exhausted.

“Probably for the best, I’ve been up for the better part of 24 hours and I’m still pretty jetlagged. As much as I want to use this bed for something more active, I could really use a good sleep too,” she said walking to her dresser and pulling out some pajamas to change into.

I climbed into bed, a much lower bed than the ones in the hospital which meant I thankfully did not need a stool to climb in. Even if it was more of a struggle than I was used to. I pulled the sheets over my naked body and even that soft material was enough to have the sensitive flesh of my dick complaining. Olivia talked about the clothes she was planning to buy for me tomorrow as she rummaged through the drawers finding the perfect pajama set to wear. Before she had even had a chance to strip out her current clothes I was out like a light.


Chapter 4: Shopping

When I woke up the next day, light was streaming in through the window and the clock read 9:25. I also quickly noticed that I was alone in the bed. Looking around I saw my phone sitting on the nightstand next to me. Ben and I had agreed to leave phones behind for our trip, a sort of “off the grid” adventure. That and there was no cell service out in those woods anyway. I had left my phone put away in a drawer for safe keeping, but it seemed Olivia had moved it here for some reason.

Picking it up I could see she’d sent me a message: “Gone out to pick up a few necessities. Be back around noon. XOXO.” So that solved the mystery of why I was alone. Pulling the covers off of me I once again felt the unwelcome and painfully acute sensation of fabric rubbing over my dickhead. Looking down at the head of my cock it seemed I’d recovered from the sandpapering my jeans had given me yesterday, the redness having disappeared. The oversensitivity of the sheets on my cock seemed to just be from too much direct stimulation. I really hoped my new dickhead could adapt as fast as I did after my circumcision. It was weeks of torture then, and this seemed worse.

Standing up out of bed caused my bladder to start making some demands for my attention. I walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet. As I lifted the seat I remembered the incident in the hospital bathroom. I really didn’t want to be cleaning up piss off the floor again. So I lowered the seat back down and decided to sit down on the toilet. I angled my hips and pressed down on my dicklet before I released the stream. I certainly didn’t feel dignified or manly sitting down to piss, but at least everything ended up in the bowl.

After all of that time in the hospital I’d been missing a real shower. There was no time like the present so I grabbed a towel for after and hopped under the relaxing warm water. I scrubbed my body and slowly got a closer look at each limb one by one. I hadn’t been spending the time in the gym that I should have so my muscles weren’t as defined as they once were, but before the cave I still had some definition and didn’t look bad without a shirt. My arms had never looked like those on the muscle heads at the gym, but flexing my biceps had been known to cause Olivia to make some appreciative noises. Now my arms were undefined twigs with only the barest hint of muscle anywhere on them. Even my shoulders seemed less broad than they had been.

Moving a little lower I soaped up my legs. I had never been one to skip leg day, and had ended up with a well-developed lower half. My thighs had always been rather substantial, and they still were but for wholly different reasons. From the knees down my legs had become thin little sticks leading up to soft thighs that expanded into my larger ass. Speaking of which, I’ve always had a nice ass, as Olivia like to point out, it was always well muscled and somewhat prominent. Now, in absolute terms, my ass was probably about the same size it used to be, but on my new smaller frame it looked gigantic. I could feel the strong muscular core as I lathered up my cheeks, but it was now covered in a soft layer of fat making the whole thing quite enticing. Truthfully it’s the exact kind of an ass I like in a woman, I just never thought I’d have one like it attached to me.

Moving back to my upper body I continued soaping up my chest. At one point in my life I’d had six-pack abs. Those times were a few years behind me, and I’d even started developing a bit of pudge around my midsection. Now both the muscles and the fat were gone. My entire chest was shapeless, I didn’t so much have pecs as I nipples in the middle of my smooth chest. And when I say smooth, I mean smooth. After my thorough investigation I can say for sure that I don’t have any body hair below my eyebrows. None on my arms, legs, chest, or anywhere else I could find. I haven’t needed to shave my face since waking up at the hospital and I don’t think anyone was doing it for me when I was unconscious for those weeks either. I guess that’s convenient in its own way, but it certainly didn’t do anything to make me feel manlier.

Finally I moved onto the last part of my body that I’ve been avoiding up until now, my tiny dick. It’s still been weeks since I last got off and just the gentle trickle of the soap and water running down my body before cascading off my little nub and down to the drain has been enough to stimulate me to hardness. Reaching a hand down I rubbed soap over my diminished scrotum, needing a much smaller motion to encompass the whole thing than ever before. I could feel my small grape sized testicles within, shifting inside my much reduced ballsack. I used to have some pretty hefty balls, around the size of a pair of ping pong balls; now they were lost in the folds of even the tiny flap of skin my scrotum had become.

Even these small ministrations were enough to force an involuntary moan of need from my mouth. Not being able to hold back any longer I moved my soapy fingers upwards toward my cock which was even now throbbing with need. Before my circumcision I used to grab the skin near the middle of the shaft and pull it back along my full length allowing the foreskin to slide back stimulating and uncovering the head. Then on the upstroke I’d push the skin forward causing the foreskin to re-cover the head before my fingers eventually reached the head itself stimulating it through its skin covering. Once I got cut I had to completely re-learn how to masturbate. Ever since my circumcision I’d needed lube in order to jerk off my old big dick, and the soap on my fingers will have to do for my new reduced one. Before I’d start near the bottom of my shaft and allow my lubricated fingers to slide along the taught skin of my shaft until just behind the head, focusing on the length past my circ scar. Direct stimulation to the head was simply too much, but working the shaft and remaining inner foreskin was enough to get me over the finish-line.

Looking down at my new cock I realized I was going to need to re-learn how to jerk-off once more. Before, a lot of my technique focused on the shaft. Now I basically don’t have one, even fully hard as I was now, the shaft was less than an inch long attaching my inch long cock head to my hairless groin. There wasn’t even enough room to get two fingers between my head and my body, let alone room to stroke it. The only option I could see was going to involve stroking the head. I used my soapy two fingers and thumb to caress my dick head attempting to get it clean before I got down to figuring out a new stroke technique. That alone was enough to buckle my knees and force a needy moan from my throat. I was barely able to keep my knees from slamming into the floor of the shower before I regained control of my muscles and stood upright once again. Pleasure shot through my body overwhelming all of my senses, it only took a tiny motion and I was seeing stars. It was like every nerve ending of my old 7 inches had been compressed and concentrated into my new 1.5. It made everything more intense than I’d ever felt before.

Breathing heavily and leaning against the shower wall, my need drove me back to stroking myself. Now braced against the solid wall I was able to keep my legs under me as I did my best to pleasure myself. Being forced to use only two fingers caused an unwelcome comparison forcing me to admit my new technique was closer to stroking a clit than to actually jacking off. Fighting through this uncomfortable realization I continued stroking. As I slid my fingers over my glans I was only able to get in a few motions before the sensations flashed over from exquisite pleasure into debilitating pain and oversensitivity.

A few times with Olivia she’d continued to stimulate me after I’d just cum, grinding the head into the palm of her hand. Another time, continuing to suck the head of my dick after I’d finished. Both times resulted in overwhelming pain that left me twitching helplessly trying to escape the unwelcome overpowering sensations. Once, I’d gotten her off and refused to stop sucking her clit until she too was twitching uncomfortably, showing exactly what it was like. She quickly learned that my “adorable” convulsions were not so pleasant, and something she could be victim to as well. Her little routine rapidly stopped.

I once again found myself subject to the same sensation. The sensitivity of my cock-head turned almost immediately into oversensitivity. Simultaneously the nerves of my cock were begging me to stop, but my need to get off drove me to continue. Quickly the muscles in my legs did give out and I crumpled into the bottom of the shower unable to remain standing. Even then I couldn’t tear my hand away from my crotch still rubbing as fast as I could. Soon the spasms travelled to my arms and I couldn’t keep my stroking coordinated enough to keep my fingers touching my cock. At this point I was forced to admit defeat, letting my hand drop to the wet floor of the shower even as the water continued to pound against my body. I lay there panting and not moving as my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. My cock was still throbbing between my legs like a solid little bump, but I was light headed feeling like I’d just run a marathon and I still wasn’t even close to orgasm.

Once I was able to stand up I tried to get off twice more, but both times I ended up twitching on the ground, no closer to orgasm. Eventually the water started to run cold and I was forced to admit defeat and get out of the shower. The conventional wisdom of a cold shower seems to be true. The freezing pounding water cooled down my ardor, but didn’t completely extinguish my desire. I’d gone back to flaccidity, but a big part of me still wanted to get off. Horrifyingly enough for the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish that. For my entire life, as long as I’d known what an orgasm was, I was able to get off masturbating and now it seemed that was impossible. As I was drying off and trying to warm up, while mulling over my new realization, I heard keys opening the door of the apartment and Olivia calling out as she closed the door behind her.

“Kyle, I’m home. Are you up?”

“In here,” I called from inside the bathroom. Looking around I realized I hadn’t brought any clothes in here with me and I’d need to walk out in front of Olivia naked. For the first time in my life I was filled with shame at the prospect of being naked in front of the woman I loved. Consciously I knew she’d already seen what I look like naked now, but even so a part of me wanted to hide my new shameful appearance from her. Wrapping myself in a towel as best I could I walked out into the bedroom where Olivia now stood rifling through some bags she’d set down on the bed.

Turning to look back over her shoulder at me she said, “I bought you some things,” before reaching inside a bag to pull out a small scrap of cloth. Handing it to me I realized they were a pair of white underwear. “I wasn’t sure what would fit you best now so I got you a few different styles and sizes,” she said gesturing back to the remaining bags on the bed. Indicating the pair in my hands now she said, “You mentioned having sensitivity problems and I know that after your operation tight briefs helped, so I stuck to those mostly. These are men’s smalls.” Seeing my hesitation she felt the need to prompt me, “Go ahead, try them on.”

I still wasn’t feeling great about dropping my towel, but really I had no choice. I pulled off my towel and stepped into the new pair of briefs. Pulling them up my legs I could see that these weren’t going to work. They fit over my new ass pretty well but the waistband didn’t even come close to fitting. Had I let go of them they would have fallen off almost immediately.

“I was afraid of that,” Olivia said scowling down at my waist. “Here, try these,” she said handing me a new burgundy pair, “these are a boys’ large.”

I wasn’t overjoyed at the idea of wearing boys’ underwear, but clearly the men’s underwear was no longer going to work. With little other choice I slipped on this new pair. These were better, but still not great. Once I had them on I could see that the waist was still a little big, with the elastic not even taut with room for a couple of fingers between. However these were getting a little bit tight over my expanded rear end. Looking down at myself for a moment I look back up and Olivia and give her my opinion, “These can work, they’ll stay up at the very least, but they’re a little big in some areas and a little small in others.”

“Okay, well, I also got the mediums, would you like to try those?” she said, holding out a green pair.

Trying these on, I could see that I was going to have different problems. Once I had them pulled up the waist fits perfectly, enough stretch to hold them on firmly but not so much as to be tight. The tightness came just below that, my ample bottom pressing out the back and stretching them uncomfortable over my legs. Where the larges were tight but bearable, I could see these beginning to cut off blood flow within short order. Depressingly, looking at the crotch area in the front I could see that it was the one area that wasn’t tight. The idea that I had a smaller dick than clothing designers thought a boys’ medium should have was more than a little hard to take. But the baggy surplus of cloth bunched up over my dick didn’t lie, my cock was smaller than that of a child. With some strain I pull these off of my legs before handing them back to Olivia saying, “I don’t think those are going to work. I guess I’m stuck with the larges. They weren’t great, but at least they’ll stay up.”

I put the mediums down before grabbing the larges and sliding them back on. Looking at myself I’m back to the same problem. The waist is a little loose and the ass is a little tight, but it’s at least workable. The biggest issue is again the crotch, these are even looser than the last pair. I guess I can’t really expect underwear made for someone with a halfway normal sized dick to fit me even if I was hoping for tight underwear. Even now I can feel the bunched up cloth starting to aggravate my dick head. But commando was worse so I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it.

Looking up I can see Olivia chewing on her lip looking a little distracted. Noticing my gaze she hesitates for a moment before saying, “I’ve got one more idea, try these on,” as she handed me a new set of blue cloth. Holding them up I see these are styled more like a pair of boxer briefs, than the regular briefs I’d tried so far. I’m not optimistic, but I’m willing to give them a try.

Sliding these on the difference is immediately apparent. They’re tighter overall but stretch enough that they’re tight in the right places without being too tight. Pulling them up all the way they fit perfectly around my waist and hugged the curve of my ass. The most surprising part was the groin area. The cloth curved in perfectly holding my dick down with just enough force that it was tight enough to hold everything in place to prevent rubbing, but not so tight to be uncomfortable. The little bump my dick formed in the fabric wasn’t particularly flattering to my ego, but it basically solved my sensitivity in clothing problem. My initial relief at finding the apparently perfect pair of underwear was quickly overcome by a sudden realization. There’s no way these would fit anyone with a dick. “What style did you say these were?” I ask Olivia suspiciously.

“They’re called boyshorts,” speaking slowly. With some hesitation she continued, “They’re a style of women’s underwear.” Seeing the look on my face, which full of shame and unhappiness, she started talking rapidly. “I know, I know, they’re women’s clothes, but you needed tight underwear and with your new… situation and I didn’t think the other ones would be tight enough, but I shouldn’t have just sprung this on you. You don’t have to wear them, we can switch back to one of the others, whatever you—”

“They’re by far the best choice, you were right,” I interrupted. “Thank you, these are perfect, they’re exactly what I needed. I can’t say I’m happy about wearing panties, but I’m going to have to make some changes going forward. I’m glad you thought of this, I never would have, and I would have suffered in the other kind,” I said trying to reassure her, and by the look on her face I could see she was feeling relieved she hadn’t offended me by buying me women’s underclothes.

“Okay, well now we’ve settled the underwear we’ve got to get you the rest of a wardrobe. Throw on Ben’s old clothes, for the last time, and I’ll take you down to the mall to get some stuff that actually fits. We can get you more underwear too, in whatever style you want,” she said, pulling out and handing me the rest of the pack of boyshorts, letting me see the packaging for the first time. They were emblazoned with women wearing the underwear I had on now, and they didn’t look all that different than my lower half did at this point. Looking down at myself I realized sadly that the little bump in my underwear could be mistaken for a woman with an unusually large clit poking out rather than a penis. Rather than dwelling on that horrifying realization, I got busy slipping on Ben’s ill-fitting clothing while Olivia packed up and put away the remaining bags of underwear. I was really starting to miss being uncut, instead of pulling my foreskin forward to protect my glans I was now wearing women’s underwear.

Once I was fully dressed and Olivia had finished her preparations we headed out for our shopping trip. We went down to the department store in a relatively nearby mall. Olivia suggested that we could pick up most things there and it would be faster than going to a bunch of specialized stores. She planned to take me to her tailor later and get me some custom designed clothing for my new stature, but that would take some time for delivery and I needed something to wear now.

The department store was beyond humiliating. Consciously I know that no one was really watching or paying attention to what we were doing, but it still felt like everyone I walked past couldn’t stop staring at the tiny freak I’d become. This was my first trip out in public since my reduction in stature and walking past all of these people was a surreal experience. I used to be taller than most men, now I’m shorter than three quarters of the women we walked past.

The shopping itself was even worse. I mainly stayed in the dressing room and Olivia brought clothes to me to try on. We started with the men’s department. Not a single thing fit me. We went from men’s small, to boys’ extra-large, and then to boys’ large before we found a shirt that didn’t look ridiculous. Hell, I could have probably gotten away with a medium, but I wasn’t in the mood for that kind of humiliation.

Pants were even worse. We followed a similar pattern, starting with men’s smalls before realizing that was hopeless. They didn’t come close to fitting around my waist and only held on for a moment before falling off of my expanded bottom and hitting the floor. So we progressed to boys’ sizes and encountered a new problem. Boys’ large pants were loose, but workable around my waist, but they were very constricting around the expansive globes of my new ass cheeks. Any fabric tight enough not to bulge noticeably out the back looked practically painted on. I could wear them, but I could tell within a few hours of wearing them I’d be in huge discomfort.

Seeing this disappointing result Olivia had an idea. She wouldn’t tell me what she was bringing back, just to “keep an open mind”. She brought back a few pairs of jeans, which did seem much more accommodating of my new rear end. It took three pairs before she found the perfect size, which both fit in the waist and wasn’t too tight around my new hips and ass. It took a little prodding but eventually I got Olivia to admit my new pants were from the women’s department. As much as I hated to admit it I knew these were the only things that had come to close to fitting if I hoped to look decent in public.

Altogether we bought several shirts, mainly t-shirts but a few long sleeves and other styles. Shopping in the boys’ department meant most had childish designs on them so I had to restrict our selections to flat colors without designs. We got several pairs of women’s jeans, which I carefully inspected to make sure they were as gender neutral in appearance as possible. We also got a few pairs of shorts and sweatpants from the boys’ department. The stretchier material means they won’t be appropriate in public, but they’ll be comfortable around home. That and I refuse to go to the women’s department for loungewear.

With that out of the way I now had a basic wardrobe so I could go about regular daily activities. Olivia still insisted on dragging me along to her tailor that afternoon so she could get me a few more things. I wasn’t going to be finding off the rack dress clothes anymore, for example. The man was professional about the whole thing and took my measurements quickly. By this point I had basically checked out mentally. As much as I didn’t want to admit it this whole day was pretty traumatizing. I was walking around in public in women’s pants and underwear now, which was a pretty concrete lesson on how my life is never going to be like it used to be. As it was, I had no interest in the dimensions of my new body and tried very hard not to listen as the tailor measured me and wrote it all down.

Once that was over he and Olivia talked for a long time about the types of clothes she had planned to be made. I stood there nodding when they looked to me for an opinion, but I wasn’t really listening to anything they were saying. I was mainly focused on not freaking out about everything that had happened to me. Up to this point it was easy to pretend that this was all some sort of dream. I’d wake up, or a doctor would come by with a genius idea to put me back to normal. Spending a day buying clothes really drove home that this is permanent, there’s no going back to my old life.

Eventually Olivia finished the discussion with the tailor and we were able to leave. I think she realized I was feeling a little bit out of it and did her best to cheer me up. This whole process had brought us to early evening and so at her suggestion we went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. The evening had me feeling a little bit more like myself, and I enjoyed a night of great food and great conversation with the woman I love.

Walking back into our apartment Olivia pulled me by the hand toward our bedroom with some serious come-hither eyes. “You know it’s been a few weeks since either of us has had sex. I thought maybe we could fix that tonight.” I could hear the need thick in her voice.

“Olivia, I’m not so sure about this—”

“Well, then, it’s good that I’m sure.”

“I’m not the same guy I was before. I can’t, I can’t do the things I used to… in bed. I can’t expect you to—”

“Don’t,” she said reaching down to wipe a tear off of my face. I didn’t even realize I was crying. “Don’t tell me what I want. I love you and I want to be with you. You, not the body you used to have. I understand that things are going to be… different going forward, but as long as you’re willing to work with me, I’m with you no matter what.”

“I love you so much,” I said wiping away the remaining tears before she leaned down and we kissed.

“I love you too,” she said before continuing with a smirk, “now take off your pants. I’m still horny.”

We both stripped naked in record time. I tried to keep my courage after Olivia’s little pep talk, but pulling off the women’s underwear I was wearing made it a little difficult. Even so, once exposed my tiny cock was rock hard throbbing with need. It certainly helped that Olivia stood there naked looking as good as she ever has.

Her long black hair cascaded down over her back in beautiful waves, pulled back from her face exposing emerald eyes that absorbed the details of my body. Her sharp cheekbones painted with a blush of red arousal as she bit the right corner of her full lips. Tracing my eyes down her body I lingered on her full perky breasts, nipples rock hard. Her breasts were the perfect size, just big enough for a solid handful. Of course that was before my hands became considerably smaller, now I suppose they’ll be larger than my much smaller handful. Flowing further down my eyes passed over her svelte abdomen, taut with muscle sculpted by her corporate gym. As I continued my visual journey I went to her broad hips flaring out before gently curving down to her long legs. Framed in the center of her groin were the delicate lips of her pussy flushed and swollen with arousal, even now carefully maintained to hairlessness.

I advanced upon her gently pressing her backwards towards the bed as I kissed her neck. I reach up and gently caressed her, from my perspective, larger breasts as she lowered herself to the bed. I crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees, never allowing my lips to leave her flesh. I slowly worked my way down her body kissing over her chest, lingering on her engorged nipples for a moment, before continuing over her tight stomach. Olivia was moaning in pleasure with the sensation of my lips upon her skin, it was clear she really needed this too, and this was before I’d even made my way to her womanhood.

Finally my journey came to an end between her legs where I carefully sucked each of her inner labia between my lips one by one. I gently tongued the opening of her vagina, tasting the rush of fluids that even now flowed freely from her core. I moved back up and gently danced my tongue over her clit pushing the hood back before sucking the delicate pearl itself between my lips. I spent minutes lavishing pleasure upon the most sensitive parts of her anatomy, alternating the sensations and focus of my motions to keep her moving towards the edge. It wasn’t long before I felt her hands against the back of my head pressing me powerfully into her molten depths. Soon I felt her legs squeezing the size of head as her muscles trembled helplessly in orgasm as she cried out in bliss.

I rolled off of her and laid on my back on the bed as both of us panted with exertion and arousal. Once her breathing had begun to normalize Olivia turned to me and said, “Now it’s your turn.” As she reached towards the rock hard nub between my legs. She gave it a few strokes that filled me with bliss, but before I came even close to my peak I once again flashed to oversensitivity. It was too much stimulation directly to the head, but all I really had down there was the head. Involuntarily my legs closed and I pushed her hand away.

Between pants I was able to get out the words, “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.” I could see from the look on her face that she was a little bit hurt and somewhat confused by my reaction.

“You made me feel so good, I just wanted to return the favor.”

“I understand that, but I’ve got some stuff I need to work through. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to get so intimately acquainted with my new nubbin. I’ve still got to get used to it.”

“Well if you’re sure,” she said sounding uncertain.

“I’m just glad that I could get you off. It goes a long way towards making me feel like a real man again.”

“You’re not just a man, you’re my man, and a damn fine one,” she said crawling up on the bed and kissing me on the lips. “I’m ready to wait as long as it takes for you to be ready. Especially if you keep working that magic tongue and giving me orgasms like that!” she giggled.

“You’ve got it!” I said wiggling my tongue in the open before kissing her back. With that we prepared for bed before we snuggled together and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Chapter 5: Recordings

The next days were filled with getting things back to normal. With the help of the EPA I got all updated identification with a new picture and statistics that reflect my new body. I had to get in contact with the university to explain what had happened so that I wouldn’t be escorted out by campus security just for going back to my office. Not to mention a thousand other small tasks rearranging my life to make things work with my new stature. Through it all I kept in touch with Ben over messages, who was going through similar tribulations that filled his day, new clothes, ID, reestablishing communication with business contacts so they actually believed it was him, etc.

Even after all of this time I still haven’t been able to get off. No matter what kind of technique or motion I used it hasn’t been enough to bring me to orgasm. Either I’m so far removed from my cock that the things I try will never stimulate me enough to get me off, or I go for more stimulation only to be immediately overcome by too much sensation on my dickhead directly. I was starting to believe it was hopeless. But my rising arousal kept driving me to try, only resulting in more frustration.

Returning to the university brought along all kinds of new humiliations. The first time I went to the bathroom I realized I couldn’t even use the urinals any more like a normal guy. It wasn’t that they were too high, although that was close to being a concern. No, the problem was my new cock. Standing naked at home it was a challenge to aim a dick this short into the toilet. The first time I stood in front of that urinal with my women’s jeans I realized my cock was too short to make it out of the fly. There was no way I was going to take a piss while still clothed unless I wanted to soak myself in urine. I was forced to use a stall with my pants and underwear around my ankles. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it was just one more reminder that I wasn’t normal.

The one bastion of hope I found from this whole ordeal was once I got back to the university and my research into the Ixlutani. Going in there every day is bizarre, surreal, and unsettling. I came back being forced to look up at friends, colleagues, and students that used to be shorter than me, only for them to all tower over my reduced size. It made me very uncomfortable with the constant reminder that things are very different. For their part I could tell the situation made them feel awkward too, having to sit through conversations where no one knows exactly where to look, frequently avoiding looking at me entirely as we spoke.

Where this all becomes a positive was in the footage I’d forgotten about in everything else that happened. Ben and I had finished our survey of the walls of the cave before our transformations took place. Thankfully Ben grabbed our bags on the way out and they had the cameras we’d used inside. I now had high resolution images of every surface inside that cave. Now it was just a matter of time and translation. It’s a slim hope, but maybe the answer to what happened to us can be found on those walls, even if we can’t find the cave itself again.

Upon realizing what I had, I contacted the EPA and offered them a copy. Apparently they’d taken one themselves while I was unconscious and had called in experts to analyze the footage but had deemed it “inconsequential”. However they thanked me for my attempt to help. I’m not sure how they could think that this footage wouldn’t be helpful, but I certainly wasn’t going to let it go. Even if I didn’t have a thesis riding on the content of these images, there’s no force on this planet that could stop me from finding out what those walls said.

Reviewing the pictures and video quickly made me glad for the tiny room I’d been given as an office. I’m fairly certain it was a literal broom closet at one point, barely having enough room for both me and my desk once the door was closed, but it meant I didn’t have to share the space with other grad students. The reason for my newfound appreciation of solitude was the unintended things captured in our recordings.

Watching the video I took it was clear that whatever influenced Ben and me in the cave started much earlier than I realized. The first couple of minutes were a standard scan of the walls of the cave, but before five minutes were up I had ended up pointing my camera at Ben. It was kind of odd seeing Ben in his old scrawny body, I’d kind of gotten used to the buff Adonis I met in the hospital. Even so the footage of Ben was almost sensual, I was practically caressing his body with the lens of the camera. But then he would start to turn and I would jerk the camera back to the walls of the cavern to continue my survey. The interruptions only increased in frequency as the tape went on, spiking sharply once Ben was nude. However despite taking twice as long as necessary, and meaning this tape was going to need a lot of editing if I was going to show it to anyone else, I still had a complete survey of every surface in the cave.

The photographic recordings weren’t much better. Ben had done the bulk of that work while I recorded the video, and it seems he was just as distracted as I was. Once we were naked almost every second picture was one of my naked body, not that the pictures I took were any better. I think the pictures of me were the most disturbing part. These were the last pictures showing what I used to look like. I had hundreds of high resolution pictures that showed in detail the muscles I no longer possessed, the foot of height I had lost, and the seven inch cock I wished I could have once again. Out of everything I had lost I think that was the hardest part, my cock. Even now my useless nub throbbed in the women’s panties I wore, desperate for a release I couldn’t obtain. Being forced to look at my formerly impressive cock filled me with a confusing mix of arousal and shame. Staring at what was once my functioning cock, a cock that brought me and others so much pleasure over the years, made my new nub twitch with the remembrance and envy at what I can no longer do.

Even in the footage and photographs I’d taken, Ben’s formerly unimpressive frame still held some of the magic of the cave and sent bolts of arousal down my spine as I looked at his form. The entire process of categorizing all the recordings took much longer than it should have, I was frequently overcome by the throbbing in my dicklet pressing insistently against my underwear. I would lock my door and shove my hands down my pants rubbing my nub, desperate for relief, until I was overcome with sensitivity and pain, but always far from orgasm. The frustration would buy me more time where I could focus on my work, but made sure I didn’t accomplish anything quickly.

Eventually I reached the point where I could begin the translations in earnest. These recordings were a treasure trove of new information, symbols that haven’t been seen for hundreds of years. As exhilarating as the thrill of discovery was, it also made my job that much more difficult. Translating a single phonetic expression could take hours, entire words, days. I decided to avail myself of the vast experience present in the department I worked with.

Professor McGrath, who taught me for a few of my graduate classes, was an expert in these kinds of initial steps in deciphering a new language. I decided to pick a few choice images, carefully screened to avoid any nudity, and sent him an email asking for his assistance. A few hours later I got a reply that was rather confusing. Something about issues with his email client and corrupted data files. He said he’d be happy to discuss the project with me, but asked if I could just bring up the files on a USB drive. He’d be free that afternoon or we could schedule something another day.

I immediately took the elevator to the fifth floor, walked to his office, and knocked on the door. “Professor McGrath, you said you’d have time to talk this afternoon?”

“Ah Kyle, it’s good to see you. Come in, come in take a seat,” he said gesturing to a chair across from his desk.

Walking into this room reminded me of a very different time. Even now I was constantly surprised by the apparent change in scale every time I walked into somewhere I’d spent any significant period of time. The Professor’s office was just as I remembered it from my many hours spent here during office hours while I was taking one of his classes. Bookshelves lined the walls crammed with dense leather bound tomes. Interspersed with the books are cultural artifacts from civilizations spanning the globe, remembrances of languages the Professor brought back to life.

Behind the desk was Professor McGrath himself, now standing to beckon me into the room. I’d always thought of him as a tiny old man, shrinking in on himself even as his grey beard grew longer with every passing year. Now I was the tiny one, with even the Professor’s diminutive stature stretching above my head. Mostly I remember him as kind, even now a broad smile stretching across his face and casting lines around the corners of his steely grey eyes.

Waiting for me to take a seat first the Professor lowered himself back into his chair before continuing. “The entire department, myself included, was obviously shocked by what happened to you. We’re all glad that you’re back advancing your research, but no one wants you pushing yourself too hard. We’re willing to help you however we can, including giving you more time. If you need to take some time for yourself, work from home or something of that nature, we’re willing to support that too.”

“Thank you Professor, I’ll keep that in mind. But for now working, getting back to my usual routine, seems to help.”

“As long as you know we’re here for you. Now shall we discuss the matter at hand? I understand you have some intriguing new images of a dead language.”

“I do,” I say handing him the USB I’d copied the files onto. He eagerly takes it from my hand before leaning down and inserting it into the computer under his desk. He clicks around for a few moments before his mouth draws into a small frown.

“I’m sorry to say it looks like these images are corrupted as well.”

“What do you mean? I checked them before I brought them up here,” I replied with confusion.

“Perhaps there’s something wrong with my computer then, but see for yourself these images are completely indecipherable,” he said turning his monitor so that we both could see it. “It’s certainly not like anything I’ve seen before, but this image is merely swirls of greys with a few other colors thrown in. It looks like the image is almost intact around the edges, but the center is nothing but spirals of color.”

I was understandably confused by the Professor’s words as he gestured at the screen, because all I could see was the perfectly clear image I had sent him. The carvings of the cavern walls were just as clear as they had been in person, and yet somehow Dr. McGrath couldn’t see any of it.

Clearly there was something more going on here. Trying to argue with what he could see with his own eyes was not going to productive. More than that it would only make them question my already uncertain mental state. Instead I apologized for the technical difficulties and got out of there promising to be in touch once I had things sorted out. I could tell the Professor knew something wasn’t quite right, but thankfully he wasn’t willing to press me on it.

I needed to sort out what was going on here, and hopefully do it without making everyone think I was crazy. I enlisted the help of a few other grad students to try and figure it out. The problem wasn’t Professor McGrath’s computer. Everyone I talked to couldn’t see anything but the same mysterious swirls on my computer as well. Printing the images was met with the same indecipherable spirals from everyone else’s perspective. I even tried copying the symbols by hand onto pieces of paper. Occasionally I could get through a symbol or two, but by the time I had anything resembling a full word as far as anyone else could see I simply began frantically drawing large looping spirals over the paper. Even when I used small direct motions to draw simple lines I could see the eyes of my colleagues travelling in circles as they followed paths my hand wasn’t taking. It looks like I was back to working on this alone.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It didn’t help that over these weeks my arousal had spiked to levels I’d never felt before. Since the first time I’d masturbated, when entering puberty, I’d always gotten off pretty regularly. The weeks I spent after my circumcision had easily been the longest stretch before this. Now the time since I’d last reached orgasm wasn’t measured in days, but was now over two months. It was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on my work for any length of time.

The past few weeks I’d taken to working from home most days, everyone at the university was very understanding about my “needing more time”. The real problem was that my cocklet had reached new levels of sensitivity to match my feverish arousal. Even my constricting women’s underwear proved to be too stimulating for long periods of time. I spent all my time at home naked trying to keep my hands off my nub while I tried to make progress on the translation.

None of this was helped by Olivia and her sexual needs. In the past having a girlfriend with a high sex drive was amazing, not needing to worry if she was “tired” or “not in the mood” wasn’t something I’d needed to worry about when I had a dick that was able to satisfy her. Now her body was making demands that mine just couldn’t satisfy. As it was more days than not we only went to bed after I’d buried my face between her legs and she rode my tongue to orgasm. Truthfully, spending so much time so getting so intimately acquainted with her pussy was only sending my nub to new peaks of arousal.

After a frustrating day where I’d made very little progress I walked into our bedroom only to see Olivia sitting on the bed in my favorite lingerie with a pensive expression on her face. I could tell she had something on her mind, and despite her arousing appearance this wasn’t going to be a fun conversation. Seeing me hesitating in the doorway she made eye contact and launched right into it.

“I know I said I was willing to wait until you were ready for sex,” she started before seeing the look on my face and rushing to finish her sentence, “and I am! But I can’t help but feel that I’m part of the problem. I’ve seen you rubbing yourself as you work. I know I shouldn’t have been spying on you, but you were making those cute little noises.” I could see her bite her lip at the memory of her spying on my failed masturbation, clearly she was almost as deprived as me. “So I know your problem isn’t with your penis, so it has to be with me.”

“Olivia, no it’s not that—”

“Are you afraid you can’t satisfy me now? I know you’re… smaller down there, but I’m okay with that. I’ve always gotten off with clitoral stimulation, I don’t need a big dick. Even now I’m sure you can get me off just by grinding your pelvis into mine. You can still satisfy me with your dick, I know it,” she finished looking at me with a hopeful expression on her face.

“I don’t know…”

“I know it’s kind of scary, it’s almost like losing your virginity again, but I want to do this with you. I promise it will be okay.”

I’m not sure if Olivia’s speech really convinced me, or if I was just so damn horny, but I agreed. I stripped naked and climbed onto the bed with her as we started the foreplay and removed or shifted strategic parts of her lingerie. I started by eating her out as usual, and it wasn’t long before she was literally dripping with need. Pressing me head away from her, she lay back on the bed and signaled me to climb on top of her. I took a moment to align myself with her beckoning depths, it certainly didn’t require a hand to angle my inch and a half when it stuck straight out from my groin. Before plunging in I took a moment to look toward Olivia’s face looking for a kiss for support. To my endless shame, with our groins aligned our faces didn’t even come close to one another. Olivia had to lean down in order to make our lips connect.

With a deep breath, I pressed my hips forward pressing into the heat of Olivia’s womanhood. I was immediately overcome by the familiar sensation of her lips passing over the head of my cock. As I continued to press my hips into her I was quickly brought up short as my pelvic bone pressed into the solid obstruction of her pubic mound. While this elicited a moan of pleasure from Olivia as I ground into her clit, it also made me realize how much I’d lost. The head of my cock was just able to barely enter Olivia’s vaginal canal before I ran out of cock. The moment I pulled my hips back to begin another thrust my dick came back out only to pass back through her engorged labia.

Repeating the motion pleasured Olivia as I pressed my groin back into her. Once again my dick was barely able to enter her. Olivia’s juices were flowing freely and lubricated the head of my dick. Thankfully this meant that the level of stimulation wasn’t so intense to immediately put me into painful oversensitivity. I realized that this could work, I could have sex with my girlfriend, using my cock! Even if I had to make sure my thrusting motions were incredibly small to ensure my dick didn’t pop out of her completely. Once I got the motion down I wasn’t thrusting at all, all I could manage was a sort of grinding action keeping our genitals pressed together.

But my happiness was short-lived. I kept up the motion for several minutes until Olivia spasmed and cried out in orgasm, driven there by my groin pressing into her clit. I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting and squeezing at the very tip of my dick. But I was forced to admit that this was never going to bring me off. My dick was just too short and too small to achieve orgasm this way. I simply couldn’t get enough feeling to drive me over the edge. I started pounding into her harder and harder trying to get just that little bit more stimulation to get me there, but it was hopeless.

“Kyle, what’s wrong?” My face must have been twisted into a scowl of desperation.

“This isn’t working… for me,” I replied quietly.

Olivia’s eyes locked into steely determination as she said, “Well we’re going to get you there.” She grabbed me by the chest and flipped me onto my back on the bed. It was both intensely arousing and deeply humiliating to be lifted up by my girlfriend seemingly effortlessly. Six months ago she wouldn’t have been able to budge me and now she could lift me like a child. Even so being manhandled like that sent a burst of arousal straight to my dick.

Olivia pressed me down before wrapping her lips around my dick. To my shame she could press her lips into my pubic mound before my dick even came close to her throat. She’d developed a pretty impressive deepthroat technique in the time we’d spent together. I guess going forward she wasn’t going to need that ability as long as she was with me.

She started swirling her tongue around my dick head and massaging me with her lips. This was the most intense direct stimulation I’d receive since my transformation and it was beyond overwhelming, far worse than any kind of overstimulation that I’d suffered so far. I don’t think she realized what she was doing at first. She took my thrashing and gasping to be out of intense pleasure, not of intense pain. It took me agonizing seconds that felt like they stretched into minutes before I could coordinate the muscles in my arms to press her face away from me.

I could see the shock on her face as I pushed her away from me, which quickly morphed into confusion and worry when she saw the twisted grimace of pain I wore.

“Kyle, are you okay?” she asked, her voice quavering with concern.

“No, I’m not okay,” I replied before I burst into tears.

Olivia held me as cried. Through the tears I finally admitted what had been going on with my new dick. The shame was definitely a part of the reason why I hadn’t wanted to be intimate with her, but really it was the painful oversensitivity. I explained how I hadn’t gotten off in months, and how I feared I may never again. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t want a blowjob, but that the attempt induced agony rather than exquisite pleasure. All of my fears and insecurities came pouring out and Olivia just held me until I fell asleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the days and weeks after that night Olivia backed off the sexual stuff. I think she just didn’t know where to go from here. What does a woman with sexual needs do when her boyfriend has a cock that’s virtually useless? Well I can tell you anytime she thought I wouldn’t notice, her vibrator was getting a pretty good workout. I was still horny beyond belief, and would ask to eat her out every few days. She always enjoyed it a lot, but I could tell she was too hesitant to ask me herself. She was understandably concerned that sexual interaction only made me more desperate and needy. She wasn’t entirely wrong, but I couldn’t stay away.

At this point my feverish arousal had gotten to the point that wearing pants was agony on my cock head and I was hard practically twenty-four hours a day. I’d stopped going into the university entirely. I could tell everyone was concerned, but they weren’t going to press the issue. At the very least it let me make more progress more quickly. “Breaks” were faster and I didn’t have to spend so much time trying to hide what I was really doing. That and without the distraction of clothing rubbing against me I was able to focus better.

I actually started getting enough translated to start making sense of the writings in the cave. Ben had also been understandably curious about what I’d learned and I hadn’t had much to tell him up until now. We’d kept in touch mostly through messages and the occasional phone call. Truthfully I was avoiding meeting him in person. Even now, when I saw him it inspired some feelings that made me deeply uncomfortable, and it certainly didn’t help with my arousal. Now especially with my aversion to clothing, going out in public wasn’t really an option. But I could keep him up to date through our messages and he didn’t seem to want to push me on the in person stuff.

So far my work on the translations had focused on the entrance to the cave. This area had what seemed to be the most basic descriptions and was a kind of introduction or overview of the cave itself. Most of the words the Ixlutani used don’t have a direct translation into English, so I had to paraphrase or pick similar words. Translation is not nearly as much of a one-to-one process as most people seem to believe. Not just that but much of the language used was rather flowery and ritualistic. Rather than sending Ben hundreds of lines of text I provided a summary of some of the key things I’ve learned.

The cave we stumbled upon was what the Ixlutani called the “Cave of the Warrior”. It was the place where some Ixlutani underwent a ritual where they shed their lives as children and became full adults in Ixlutani culture. Male and female were seen as childish gender constructs and only upon achieving adulthood would a person become their true self and receive their new gender, warrior, mother, or companion. This cave was where young Ixlutani came to undergo the ritual to become warriors. There were also vague references to other caves, one of which being the “Cave of the Mother”.

Back in this cave, the writings went over the warrior ritual in a little bit more detail. Apparently the ritual required two individuals. The ritual transferred something from one person to another. This something was proving to be a difficult word to translate. The best definition I’ve come up with is essence, but even that’s not completely correct. Also there isn’t a single type of essence, but numerous kinds. The Cave of the Warrior had the ability to transmit masculine essence from one individual into another.

The person donating their masculine essence had some sort of preparation done to them. The writings were non-specific on this part, but they underwent some kind of genital mutilation. It wasn’t exactly like circumcision, but not entirely dissimilar. The intent of this procedure seemed to be to expose a person’s masculine essence, making it vulnerable to the ritual.

From here the two people enter the cave and the transfer goes through the Ixlu. The essence is taken from the person that was altered, the Ixlu takes the essence into itself feeds on it, and then the Ixlu bestows the remaining essence onto the second individual. This turns the first person into a companion, and the second becomes a warrior.

I would have believed that was some sort of metaphorical or religious transference, had I not seen the very real change that Ben and I had experienced. It seems when we were kids and we went to the cave neither one of us was marked as a companion, and so no transference could occur. On our last trip I’d been circumcised and that was enough to free my essence and mark me as a companion. So my masculine essence was transferred to Ben, I became his companion, and he became a warrior.

Throughout all the writing in the cave are frequent references to the Ixlu. Nowhere do they define exactly what the Ixlu is, or how it can do what it obviously can. They frequently praise and thank the Ixlu for the prosperity and life they lead. But tenses and plurals become mixed whenever the word Ixlu is used. It’s proving quite challenging to translate. I can see further references later in the cave. Clearly I need to find out more.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

These revelations took weeks of painstaking research, but I was glad for every scrap I could learn. Over these weeks things came to a head with Olivia. I wasn’t making any progress physically, and apparently she was also starting to feel deprived sexually. So one night after filling Ben in on what I’d learned that day, she surprised me in the bedroom. Olivia was sitting on our bed wearing some brand new, and incredibly sexy, lingerie. Just looking at her sent a bolt of arousal straight to my twitching cock. Noticing me walking through the door she looked at me with her face twisted in anxiety.

“Kyle, I need to talk to you about something,” she said gesturing for me to take a seat on the bed next to her.

“All right,” I replied with no small hint of trepidation.

“I’m a woman with needs… sexual needs. I understand that you have certain… limitations now, but I’ve come up with an idea that I think can satisfy both of us.” As she said this she reached under the pillow sitting next to her at the head of the bed. She pulled out something I had forgotten all about.

Over a year ago we’d decided to try one of those silicone cock replica kits. We had a sexy night where Olivia worked me up teasing me for hours until I was rock hard and then we molded my cock and poured in the silicone mixture after it set. It made an amazing replica of my cock, every vein and wrinkle preserved in silicone. But we grew bored with it and it eventually got forgotten in our toy drawer, until now.

Olivia handed me the replica of my cock before continuing, “I thought you could fuck me with this. It’s still your cock, so it’s still like you’re fucking me. We could get a strap-on harness or something and you could even wear it like a real cock. I really hope…”

Olivia kept talking but I wasn’t listening anymore. As she talked her words faded away to silence as all of my focus changed to the cock in my hands, I was aware that she was still talking, but my mind was processing none of it. All I could think about was the object in my hand. It was my cock, my real cock. My full seven inches sitting solidly in my hand, it even had my full balls molded onto the bottom. Even running my smaller hands over it brought back memories of a better time. I traced my fingers along its length feeling, what was once, every familiar bump, groove, and vein.

Eventually my hand reached the head of my silicone cock, but as it did it passed over the ridge of my foreskin. We’d taken this mold before my circumcision. My foreskin that was now long gone in real life was memorialized forever in silicone bunched up just behind the head of my cock. Looking at it and feeling it filled me with a confusing mix of emotions, loss, anger, sadness, hopelessness, envy, desire. This is what it all came down to, my lost foreskin. If I hadn’t gotten circumcised I’d still have my dick today, but a real dick hanging between my legs, not this sad inanimate imitation in my hands.

The emotions swirling in my mind resolved themselves into a deep seething rage. Olivia was still talking when I jumped off the bed, holding the dildo like a club waving it angrily as I yelled, “How could you even suggest this! Do you have any idea how humiliating this is!? I’m not man enough to fuck you anymore, so here why don’t I just use the biggest reminder of everything I’ve lost? I don’t want to think about how I’m inadequate, how I’ll never fuck you again! I never want to see this thing again!” I yelled at Olivia as I threw the dildo against the wall as hard as I could. I was planning on a dramatically loud noise as it slammed into the drywall. Unfortunately with my new arms I could barely throw it hard enough to hit the wall, instead it arced downwards before weakly bouncing off the wall and rolling under the bed.

My tirade done, I looked up from where the dildo passed out of sight to look back at Olivia’s face. Her expression was strangely neutral, but I could see the beginnings of tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. I think it was around here that I realized I may have gone too far. Olivia refused to talk to me, she just silently gathered up and put on her clothes as I begged and apologized. She was walking toward the door before the tears started to actually flow down her face and she finally spoke, “I think I need some time by myself.” Before walking out the door and closing it behind her.

I spent the next several hours pacing frantically around our apartment. Olivia wouldn’t pick up her phone when I called her, nor would she respond to any of the numerous messages I sent her. Eventually I fell into a fitful sleep, hoping Olivia would be back soon and I could apologize or something. It wasn’t a restful sleep but it at least passed the time until it was morning. Olivia still hadn’t turned up. I spent the morning trying to get some work done, anything to take my mind off of my relationship troubles. I wasn’t very successful, in either my work or getting my mind off of things. Eventually I went back to pacing.

It was a little after seven o’clock when Olivia eventually returned. After she unlocked the door and walked in I tried peppering her with apologies, but she simply shook her head and fixed me with a steely glare. I could tell from her eyes that she had been crying, but there were no tears now, only determination. She walked into the living room, moving to sit down and I followed her.

“Please this is hard enough as it is, just let me say what I need to say,” she said cutting off my attempts to placate her. “Do you remember after your changes, when I said that ‘as long as you’re willing to work with me, I’m with you no matter what’? Well, it’s clear that you aren’t willing to work with me, and you haven’t been for a long time. Things haven’t been good for us for months, and I’ve just been too stubborn to admit it. Well after your outburst last night, seeing that even my smallest attempts to make our relation work are met with hostility and violence, I can’t keep lying to myself. Kyle, I can’t do this anymore. I’m leaving you.” Finishing her speech, she lowered her engagement ring to the coffee table. It hit the table with a quiet click as it struck the surface. Even so that small sound reverberated in my ears, ringing with finality.

“Please, Olivia, don’t do this, I can change, I can—”

“Don’t make this any harder than it has to be. The signs have been there for months, it just took me this long to realize it. Things have been over between us for some time now.” I just stood there silently letting the realization of the end of my relationship wash over me. Olivia stood back up and walked toward the door. “I’m going to stay with a few friends for a while. I want you moved out by the end of the month. That should give you plenty of time to find another place and get your stuff moved out. I’d don’t want you here when I get back.” And with that she walked out of the door and out of my life.

I spent the next couple of days in a daze. I didn’t talk to anyone, I couldn’t work, I mostly sat there in a daze contemplating how my entire life had fallen apart. I would walk around just holding Olivia’s ring staring at it, wondering how my life had turned into this. I was climbing out of bed one day with the ring in my hand, when it slipped and fell to the ground. I hear the sharp retort as it struck the ground. I got down on my hands and knees to find the ring. It must have bounced under the bed. Lowering my face to the ground, I peered under the edge of the bed and quickly caught sight of the glinting gold ring even in the dim light. However, beyond the ring I also saw the object that had ended my relationship, or at least precipitated the final blow. Lying under the bed not far from the wall was the dildo I had thrown there in my final argument with Olivia.

I pulled out the ring and also grabbed the replica of my cock. I set the engagement ring to the side for a moment before standing there holding what used to be my dick. Even now I stood there painfully erect. I couldn’t resist lowering the dildo down to compare to my current cock where I lined up the base of the dildo with the base of my cock. I knew I’d fallen pretty far, but seeing it in such stark relief was still shocking. I knew I used to be well endowed but seeing my old seven inch cock sticking out of the groin of my new tiny body made it look absolutely gigantic. Which also made my new endowment look positively puny. My new dick was definitely thinner than the old one, but it was only about half the size in width. Where I really suffered was in length, I went from 7 inches to 1.5, if I was rounding up. My entire cock was about the length of my old dick head. Seeing my new situation so amply demonstrated before me was almost physically painful.

What was painful was the stroke I gave my cock as my hand travelled down to caress myself in my arousal. I pulled my hand away from my dick and cursed in frustration before looking down at the dildo in my other hand. Looking back at my old cock got me thinking of better times, orgasms of the past, all the times I’d made love to Olivia, the women I’d fucked before her. And then my mind conjured one more memory unbidden, the last orgasm I’d experienced, when Ben fucked me in the cave. Staring at the cock in my hand started giving me ideas. My cock was a lot bigger than Ben’s was in that cave, but all I could think about was the pleasure I felt as he slammed into my prostate.

I was struggling a bit with my sexuality after getting fucked in that cave, that and I couldn’t even hope to satisfy a woman with the pathetic excuse for a cock between my legs. The thing that really made me question myself wasn’t that I got fucked, but that I loved it. I couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of Ben inside of me. The lust coursing through my veins was breaking down the barriers I’d put up to avoid thinking about getting fucked. But now all I could think about were Olivia’s words, telling me this dildo was just like my cock. I rationalized if I fucked myself with it, it’s not like I was really getting fucked, I’m just a guy using his own dick to get off. Really it’s more like masturbation than anything else. That thought was all it took, I couldn’t get that dildo inside me fast enough.

I dashed over to the drawer where be kept our sex toys and pulled out the lube, slathering myself and the dildo in the slippery fluid. I lay back on the bed and pressed the tip of my cock into my near-virgin orifice. My dildo cock was much bigger than Ben was in the cave, and it didn’t help that my body was much smaller than it had been then. But with the lube, and more than a little determination, I fought through the pain and pressed the dildo inside of me. For a few moments I started doubting myself, all of this pain and shame I felt as my asshole stretched to part around the head of the dildo. I continued to press the silicone further into my body, my doubts only becoming stronger with every passing centimeter. I was just about to give up on the whole endeavor and pull the dildo out of me, when I made contact with my prostate and I felt a pulse of pleasure shoot through my body.

I pulled the dildo out a little and pressed it back into that magical spot repeating the sensation. It was different that jerking my cock, a different kind of pleasure, but I could feel it pushing me toward orgasm. Pressing the dildo into me over and over again I could feel the pleasure building without any of the damned oversensitivity my cock experienced. At this point I felt like my hand was moving on its own, sliding my dildo cock over my prostate over and over again. I couldn’t get myself off as fast as I could jerking my old cock, I’d been pumping away for over an hour before I felt myself approaching the edge.

My arm was screaming in pain as it cramped up, but I couldn’t stop now I was too close. With every thrust I couldn’t help but gasp a little with pleasure every time I hit that bulb of desire within me. Eventually my gasps built into moans, and the moans into screams, as the pleasure within me rose bringing me closer to orgasm. It was just when I felt my arm might finally give out, that I felt myself pass over that precipice and I nearly passed out in the overwhelming ecstasy of my orgasm. For the first time in months I finally passed over that edge and felt my cock spurting all over my lower belly.

I lay there still and panting for several minutes, unable to move in the afterglow. Once I’d recovered and my breathing had returned to a reasonable level, I took a look at myself. My cum didn’t shoot out like it used to, not even making it past my belly button when I used to be able to easily shoot over my shoulder, but there sure was a lot of it. The thick white fluid pooled all over my lower belly and the base of my cock before running down over my hips and between my legs to soak into the bedspread underneath me. Even the simple act of pulling the dildo out of me was enough to make my arm twinge in pain, protesting any kind of movement after the ordeal I’d put it through. Sexually satisfied for the first time in a long time, I got up, cleaned myself and my dildo, and then promptly crawled into bed and passed out, sleeping peacefully in my satiation.

The next morning I woke up thinking more clearly than I had in weeks. While a single orgasm after months wasn’t enough to completely eliminate the haze of lust that had descended over my mind, getting off at least once allowed the fog to decrease to the point I was thinking much more clearly. Even so, now that I knew I could get off again, like a starving man standing before a buffet, I was ravenous for another orgasm.

I grabbed my dildo and lube and set about to working my prostate to another orgasm. It still felt amazing, but working myself to orgasm was exhausting. It took too much focus to maintain the proper angle on the dildo while also hitting myself with the proper amount of force and keeping up the tempo of the thrusts. I couldn’t focus on the pleasure and feelings washing over me because I had to spend too much energy focusing on what my arm was doing with the dildo.

Eventually the muscles in my arm were screaming in pain, and I was forced to switch arms. It wasn’t long before the second arm was similarly incapacitated. I tried everything I could think of, putting the dildo on the ground and thrusting up and down with my legs, small motions grinding my hips. It was all useless. I wasted the entire day in my futile attempts, but all I accomplished was hours later I was a sweaty incoherent mess lying panting on the ground, no closer to orgasm. Clearly I needed to be more desperately horny before I could bring myself off with the dildo.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Even without getting off more than once, the haze in my mind was still greatly diminished and with my newfound clarity I was forced to admit that Olivia was gone, probably for good. I couldn’t just stay here wallowing in self-pity, I had to get moved out by the end of the month. After the days I wasted I still had a couple of weeks before then, but finding a place and getting moved there would be tough to accomplish in that time.

Ben still lived in the apartment that we used to share. Now that he didn’t need the financial assistance of a roommate, he turned my old room into a guest room. If I asked I could probably stay with him until I got things figured out more permanently. Of course that would mean telling Ben about the fight with Olivia, something I’d been avoiding so far. In fact I hadn’t sent Ben a message in days, he was probably getting concerned about my silence. There was no point in putting it off any further, I picked up my phone and called Ben.

It rang several times before Ben’s new deeper voice came over the line, “Hello?” he answered groggily, clearly I had woken him up.

“Hey Ben.”

“Kyle! I haven’t heard from you in days, is everything okay?” he replied fully awake.

“No, things aren’t really okay. Olivia left me.” I spent the next few minutes filling him in on the details and answering some of his questions. I avoided most of the details around the exact, and humiliating, circumstances. I didn’t lie to Ben, but he accepted when I said I wasn’t ready to talk about some things. Eventually I led into the reason I was calling this morning. “I guess I’m looking for a new place to live now, and I was wondering if I could move back in with you? Just until I find a new place and get things sorted out… and I don’t really want to be on my own right now.”

“Kyle, you are more than welcome to come and stay with me for as long as you like. You will always have a home with me,” at this point Ben’s voice slowed and I could hear the hesitation in his words, “…but, before you agree to living with me again there are some things you should know. I don’t want to have this conversation over the phone, can we meet in person?”

I was a little taken aback by this, what could Ben want to talk about that would make me question if I wanted to live with him? Whatever it was, I wouldn’t have long to wait to find out. We decided to meet at a coffee shop not far from where I was in a couple of hours. Then Ben would tell me what he had to say.

I was more nervous about this meeting than I had been about most first dates. I immediately got to work finding out if my sensitivity had decreased to the point I could wear clothes again. Thankfully I quickly found myself fully clothed, and I wasn’t in absolute agony. Never in my life did I expect to feel so glad that I could wear women’s underwear again.

Fully dressed, I arrived several minutes early to the coffee shop only to find Ben already there, brow creased in worry. I’m certain the trepidation splayed over my face was equally evident. Despite the mood, once he saw me Ben’s face broke into a beaming smile. Seeing Ben in person I found myself thinking he was even better looking than I remembered. That smile sent a shot of arousal straight to my tiny cock, making me glad that the tent I was forming in my panties wasn’t visible through my pants. Sitting down, we started chatting and making small talk clearly both of us trying to avoid the topic that brought us here. Eventually Ben realized he’d put it off as long as he could, his face falling before he began speaking with a small quaver to his voice.

“So obviously there’ve been some changes to the both of us since the cave.” To which I only gave a small chuckle, as if to say obviously. “And those changes have made me realize a few things… I guess I should just come out and say it. I’m bisexual. I don’t know if I’ve always had these feelings and just refused to acknowledge them until the cave and this body gave me the confidence to pursue other men, or if the cave changed my sexuality too. At this point it really doesn’t matter, I’m bisexual and it feels kind of good to admit that to you,” he finished, relief evident in his voice at finally having that off of his chest.

“I’m happy for you, and obviously this changes nothing between us. You’re my best friend no matter who you’re sleeping with. You have nothing but my support. But I’m a little uncertain, why you had to tell me this before I would want to move in with you?” Ben’s face rose with joy at my support, but I could see his eyes cloud with worry once more as I finished speaking.

“It’s not being bisexual exactly which I was worried about, it’s more a consequence. Since my transformation my libido is much higher than it used to be. As such I’ve become much more… social… with both men and women.”

“And you think I’d have a problem with you going out on a few dates? If you recall I was a bit of a lady’s man when we lived together.”

“It’s not so much ‘dating’ that I’ve been doing, and it’s not really ‘a few’ either.”

“Oh,” I asked with more than a little amusement in my voice, “what are we talking about exactly?”

Clearly a little embarrassed, but backed into a corner, Ben explained blushing as he spoke. “More nights than not I’ve been bringing someone home with me, sometimes more than one someone. Apparently women and men go crazy for the new me. I know I look good now, but it’s a little bit crazy,” said Ben, who is probably the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, without a hint of irony. “Anyway, things can often get a little bit… loud. Living alone it hasn’t been something I’ve needed to worry about, but if you were going to live with me I had to let you know. And the part that’s kind of embarrassing, I don’t think I can stop. I could try to stay out of the apartment more, but there’s still going to end up being a lot of nights that are none too quiet.”

“Ben, if I recall you had to live through more than a few noisy nights when I brought a date home, and you never complained. I think it’s only fair that the situation is reversed.”

“So you’d be okay living with me?”

“I think that’s my line!” I laughed at Ben’s concern. “I’m the one imposing on you. It’s your apartment and you can live your life how you want. I’m fine with however many ‘dates’ you want to bring home.”

That conversation out of the way, I could feel the tension between us melt away. Almost like I could release the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. Both of us were all smiles after that and went back to talking about inconsequential things. I appreciated that Ben didn’t try to pry for details about Olivia, I could tell he was willing to wait for me to reveal things at my own pace.

We spent a little more time in the coffee shop before Ben insisted we head back up to my apartment so we could get things packed up. He offered to pay for movers to bring my stuff over to his place but it wasn’t long before we realized I didn’t have enough belongings for that to be necessary. All the furniture and large items belonged to Olivia and would be left behind. For the smaller items I had to get Ben’s help to look on the high shelves and lift things down. Before long we had all of my worldly possessions packed up in a dozen or so boxes.

Ben called a truck which we loaded up. I say we, but I was virtually all Ben. With my new smaller frame I struggled with even the lightest boxes. Ben’s strength on the other hand seemed limitless. In my old body I could have lifted one or two of the larger, heavier boxes at a time with a little bit of struggle. Ben would casually grab four at a time and effortlessly carry them. I’m pretty sure he could have easily carried more, he stopped at four only because it became difficult to see and maneuver beyond that point.

The sun had barely set before we had my entire life packed up and moved into Ben’s apartment. If I’d needed to get all of this done alone at my new height and strength, this would have taken me the better part of a week to get everything packed and carried out. With Ben’s assistance it was a matter of only a few hours.


Chapter 6: The Apartment

I can’t say I ever expected to be moving back in here. I really thought I was going to be with Olivia for the rest of my life. I’d been back to this apartment on numerous occasions to spend time with Ben since I’d moved out, but moving my stuff back in really had an air of finality to my life with Olivia. I think until I put that first box down a part of me was expecting Olivia to come back, to walk in the door as we were packing things up, maybe a desperate phone call telling me she’d made a mistake. Actually putting my stuff back into my old room really drove home the fact that it really was over. I’ll probably never see Olivia again. I was really hitting me hard, but Ben did his best to keep my spirits up and keep my mind off of it.

As we were moving things in we started reminiscing about the good times we’d spent in this apartment together. We traded stories of some of our best, and most embarrassing times. Being friends as long as we have, we both had a lot of stories.

“Hey Ben, remember when our landlord threatened to evict us after I brought that stacked blonde home for the night?”

“That was bad! I don’t know if she thought she was auditioning for a porno, or if she actually screamed like that.”

“Shit, I was fucking her and even I found it obnoxious. Is the landlord giving you shit for your escapades now? With that cannon between your legs, and the fact you felt the need to warn me about the noise, you’ve gotta be disturbing some neighbors.”

Looking a little embarrassed Ben muttered quietly, “It hasn’t really been a problem.”

“You telling me that cock is just for looks, all flash, no substance? It’s a real shame to have a body like that end up terrible in bed.”

With more than a little indignation Ben replied, “There’s been more than a few noise complaints.” After a momentary pause, and a return of the embarrassed blush on his face, Ben continued, “They just aren’t an issue anymore.”

“Did that hard-ass that runs this place give up or something?”

“Something like that.”

“Come on, you’re going to have to explain better than that.”

With a sigh Ben gave up on being evasive and started to explain. “Remember when you were giving me shit for still living in this place and paying rent after I ‘struck it big’. You went on and on about how I could buy a place and never need to worry about a rent check again. It got me thinking, and eventually I ended up, sort of… buying the building.”

“You bought the building,” I echoed with a little shock in my voice.

“It’s managed by a company, but this way it’s an investment of sorts. I make money off the other tenants instead of paying rent myself. It works out pretty well.”

“…and the noise complaints?”

“They pass them along to me, but they can’t exactly evict the owner of the building.”

“So you decided the best way to stop paying rent was to buy the entire apartment building you lived in. Just how much money do you have?”

“Not that much, but I’m—”

“Comfortable,” I interrupted and rolled my eyes, before Ben could repeat the only vague answer he would ever give. “Well, I was going to offer to pay my share of the rent while I was living here, but not anymore.”

“That’ll be fine,” Ben replied with a laugh.

The following days fell back into a comfortable routine, and days turned into weeks. In some ways it was like I’d never moved out. We hung out all the time and fell back into many of our old patterns. In other ways things couldn’t be more different. It was deeply embarrassing the first time I needed something off of one of the highest shelves. I had to ask Ben to get it down for me because I had no hope of reaching it in my reduced frame. I used to be the one bringing women home, now there was a seemingly endless parade of women, and men, into Ben’s bedroom more days than not. Ben was right about the noise. I’m not sure if he gravitated towards screamers, or if Ben was just that good, but most nights the apartment was overcome with a cacophony of feminine moans and screams, masculine grunts, and a few nights the combination of both.

It would have made sleeping hard, but I wouldn’t have been getting much sleep anyway. I’d reached the point where I was horny enough that it was interfering with my life and focus, making sleep difficult and fitful, but it hadn’t yet gotten bad enough that I could get myself off with my dildo. I’d tried a few times, and I could feel myself getting closer to the peak, but inevitably my muscles gave out before I could cross the finish line to orgasm. The sounds echoing through the apartment, that could have easily been the soundtrack to your average porn video, weren’t doing my arousal any favors.

Clothing hadn’t gotten to the point of being excruciating, but I still spent most of my time in my room naked. The boyshorts I now wore for underwear weren’t yet excruciating, but they weren’t comfortable either. Any time I wasn’t hanging out with Ben I was naked in my room working on further translations. I still hadn’t given up on find answers somewhere on those cave walls.

Out of curiosity I tried showing the pictures and videos to Ben. He could see the images contained in them just as clearly as I could. Ben was a little flushed and embarrassed watching it. It must have been a shock for him to see what each of us used to look like compared to what we looked like now standing in the room watching that video. It certainly still shocked me to think of it, and I’d been watching this stuff for months. It made me feel a lot less crazy knowing that Ben could see the images, unlike every other person I’d showed them to, but that was about all it accomplished. Even had I asked, Ben wouldn’t have really been able to help with any of the translations. It was still up to me.

In the past weeks I had been able to make a fair bit of progress while my mind hadn’t yet descended back into the full haze of arousal. The focus of the writings seemed to shift to the Ixlu, what they were, and what they wanted. Truth be told even the Ixlutani didn’t know a ton about the Ixlu, so their writings were often confusing and contradictory. The Ixlutani worshiped the Ixlu as gods, but that didn’t mean they really understood them. A big part of the problem is that the Ixlutani didn’t seem to have words to describe many of the concepts they were trying to explain. Hell, English doesn’t have words for a lot of this. I’ve done my best to not just translate the writings, but also to interpret them into something that makes some sense.

The Ixlu do not exist in the same world we live in. Obviously the Ixlutani do not have words for this, and this is just my best guess, but the best way I can interpret what they’ve written is that the Ixlu are extra-dimensional entities. They don’t perceive time in the same way we do, all events happen simultaneously for the Ixlu. The Ixlutani claim they exist now, have always existed, and will always exist, looking across all of time and perceiving it all at once. Time as a concept simply doesn’t exist for the Ixlu.

On the other hand the Ixlu seem to be extremely limited in space. They can only exist at very specific places and seem to be unable to move in any way. It has something to do with natural harmonies and points of amplification. The cave we stumbled upon seems to be one of these places where the Ixlu can manifest in our reality. The location determines which Ixlu can manifest and its prevailing concern. Ours was the Cave of the Warrior and there were earlier references to the Cave of the Mother. They make vague references to other focal points where the Ixlu exist and exhibit different effects.

This brings me to another confusing part of the Ixlu. The Ixlutani themselves don’t seem to know basic facts regarding the Ixlu. Primarily they cannot decide if the Ixlu is a single entity or phenomenon manifesting in many places, dozens of individuals of the same race in different locations, or if there are an effectively unlimited number with only a few able to manifest in our world. Throughout their writings the words they use to indicate the Ixlu shift and change. Sometimes they are referred to in the singular, other times in the plural. This shifts the syntax around the Ixlu, referring to it and them seemingly interchangeably, making the translations particularly challenging.

What I could find out was that the disc in the far wall of the cave was the Ixlu there. The disc covered in the seemingly endless interwoven lines. The writing becomes ambiguous quickly. I’m not sure if that disc was physically the Ixlu, something that actually existed in our universe and could be touched, or if it was simply an image of the Ixlu carved there by the Ixlutani and it was through this image the Ixlu could manifest its power. What I do know is that even when the video is paused, or when I’m looking at still camera images of that disc, it seems to shift and move out of the corner of my eye. Looking at it directly, it’s always perfectly still. When I look away and look back the pattern seems to be subtly different, but not in any way I could quantify. Without any defined beginning or end, it’s impossible to say if a single line has shifted. I would swear from one day to the next the patterns in the images had changed completely, but the file is unaltered. Obviously I have no way to record these changes so it might all be in my mind.

The final, and most confusing, aspect of the Ixlu I could decipher was the third aspect of their existence. They are unbound in time, extremely limited in their relationship to space, but it is a third aspect that seems to make up the bulk of their existence. The Ixlu are primarily concerned with a word that doesn’t translate directly. Things are getting a little reductive at this point, but the Ixlu seem to manipulate something the Ixlutani call “Ix”, what I referred to as “essence” earlier. The “Ixlutani” are literally “the people or worshipers of the Ixlu”. The “Ixlu” in turn are literally “beings made of Ix”. Ix has no directly analogous word in English, but I’ll try my best to explain the concept.

The concept of Ix is the concept of a concept. The Ixlu see the world made up of concrete units of concepts, or ideas, fundamental building blocks of essence. That is Ix. The Ixlu can manipulate this Ix in order to change our world and the people within it. The Ixlu feed on this Ix and need it to survive. At the same time they are limited by the Ix they can interact with based on their location.

For example there would be a very specific point in space where the Ixlu of “Blue” could manifest. An Ixlu concerned with and able to manipulate the “Blue-ness” of objects and the world around them. People could approach this point and make offerings to the Ixlu. The simplest idea would be to bring two ceramic vessels to this Ixlu, one painted blue, the other unpainted. The Ixlu would drain the blue from the first vessel, feed on part of the blue, and return the remainder. This returned blue could be put back onto the first vessel, slightly less intensely blue than before. However there is another option, one the Ixlutani would have used for the transaction, the returned blue could be transferred to the second vessel, and it could be transferred in new infinitely intricate patterns and designs of blue on the surface the Ixlutani could never paint themselves.

Alternatively both vessels could have been painted blue to start. The Ixlu could drain the blue from the first vessel, feed upon it, and return the remaining blue to the second already blue vessel. This would create blue of intensity far greater than the Ixlutani could achieve with paint alone. They illustrate the concept with weapons as well. They could bring two identical weapons to the appropriate point, and appropriate Ixlu where the longevity, or sharpness, or some other feature of the weapon could be drained from one and put into the other. This would result in an axe that falls to dust while the second would become nigh indestructible, or an axe that’s completely dull, while the second is sharp enough to cut a leaf in two that is dropped upon its blade.

This formed a symbiotic relationship between the Ixlu and the Ixlutani. The Ixlutani would bring objects or people possessing the type of Ix that the Ixlu desired. The Ixlu would feed upon this Ix and then move the remainder into a different object or person as desired by the Ixlutani. This meant the Ixlu got fed and the Ixlutani could magnify or manipulate any aspect of any object or person that they wanted.

Specifically the Ixlu in the Cave of the Warrior seems to be concerned with the concept of masculinity or intrinsic maleness. My circumcision signaled to the Ixlu that my masculinity was “unprotected” and that I wanted it transferred to the “Warrior” that I brought with me. So it drained the Ix of my masculinity while feeding on some of it and put the rest of it into Ben, magnifying his masculine traits while reducing mine.

Communication between the Ixlutani and the Ixlu was fraught with difficulty and confusion. The Ixlu do not have language as humanity does, instead they can only be communicated with through the limited ways humans can manipulate Ix. This was something the Ixlutani struggled with to convey their wishes to the Ixlu even as they brought them tributes to be manipulated. I guess my circumcision changed my masculine Ix in such a way that we signaled to the Ixlu in that cave that I wanted to have my masculinity drained.

I filled Ben in on all that I learned, and he was horrified by it. We’d both known that Ben had come out of our experience in the cave much better for it, while I had been… diminished. Knowing now that everything that he had gained had come directly from me, seemed to make it all so much worse in Ben’s mind.

“So you’re telling me that basically every inch that got added to my dick came directly off of yours!?” Ben exclaimed angrily.

“Well, sort of, yeah.”

“Well, then we’re going to fix this. I’ll give it back. I can’t live with all of this knowing I took it from you.”

“I don’t think you can give it back,” I answered sadly.

“We’ll just go back to that cave. It’ll drain me this time and give it all back to you!” Ben declared, eyes burning with determination.

Shaking my head sadly I had to dissuade him of the notion. “It’s not going to work. I don’t think that cave was done with me. I’m pretty sure you pulled me out of there before it had finished with me. If I ever go back there I’m not sure I’ll be leaving with a cock at all. Even if I’m wrong, I’m still circumcised and you’re not. It would just start the process all over again.”

“I’ll get cut… if that’s what it takes to fix this, I’ll do it.” I could tell Ben hated the idea, but if it would fix this he’d go through with it for me.

“I appreciate that, but I don’t think even that would do it. Then we’d both be circumcised and probably nothing would happen like when we were both uncut.”

“There are procedures—”

“It doesn’t matter,” I interrupted, “Even if we could get the transfer going in the right direction and control things perfectly, and that’s a pretty big if, things won’t be what they were before. Remember the Ixlu feeds on a portion of what it takes. Even if we could take back exactly what you gained, giving you the same body you went into the cave with, what I could get back would be less than what I gave up. It was diminished when it was given to you, and it would be diminished again if it was transferred back.”

“There has to be something we can try,” Ben said sadly, clearly feeling even more guilt over this whole thing than he felt before.

“I’ve still got a fair bit of the walls left to translate. There’s still hope, who knows what I could find,” I said, trying to sound more hopeful than I felt for Ben’s sake.

“I suppose.”

Actually perking up a little I added, “I do have some good news for both of us.”

“What’s that?” Ben answered curiously.

“Well, when the Ixlu change people they give them certain gifts.”

“What kind of ‘gifts’?”

“It was a symbiotic relationship between the Ixlutani and the Ixlu. The better the Ixlutani did, the more Ix they could feed the Ixlu, so it was in their best interest to make the Ixlutani as strong as they could. With this in mind the Ixlu did their best to ensure that no two members of the Ixlutani ever died in the same way. The Ixlu are largely ignorant of our world, so they couldn’t help in advance, but anytime someone they’d touched had died, they would alter the others to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

“In the cave it talks about how members of the Ixlutani have stronger bones which almost never break, how wounds heal faster, flesh knits itself together in days instead of weeks. It talks about people getting injured and dying of ‘the rot’ which is probably how they would have described a wound getting infected, and dying of gangrene. Once they started worshiping the Ixlu that stopped. So it looks like they were immune to bacterial infection, maybe fungal too.

“The one thing that they hadn’t died from was viral infections. They’d stayed pretty well isolated and hadn’t been infected by any viral agents. That is, until the colonists showed up. If you remember, they killed the Ixlutani by infecting them with smallpox and other viral pathogens. The Ixlu couldn’t protect them, because they’d never been exposed before. We’ve been changed since then, so we’re almost certainly altered to be immune to viruses.”

“Wait, you’re telling me we’re immune to disease?” Ben asked incredulously.

“Not all of them. There’s still probably various cancers, auto-immune diseases, and other rare things the Ixlutani wouldn’t have been exposed to that we won’t have protection from. But for the most part, yeah we’re pretty much immune to disease. I haven’t been sick since the change, have you?”


“And we heal faster in general too. I’m not out there fighting with swords or anything, but I did notice a paper cut healed pretty quickly.”

“I guess that explains why they worshiped these things like gods,” Ben said, taking a moment to absorb the new realities of our lives.

“I can’t say I blame them,” I answered, similarly pensive.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The weeks continued to pass, I continued work on my translations, and more people passed through Ben’s bedroom. It had been a significant time since my last orgasm and the sexual haze I was in started to get thicker, clouding my mind and slowing my progress. Even so I still hadn’t reached the point where I could get off with my dildo alone. Another week or two and I’d probably be back at that point, but I’m not sure I can wait that long.

Without the opportunity to bury my face between Olivia’s thighs on a regular basis, my thoughts had been drifting to pleasures less closely associated with women. The last satisfying orgasm I had was with Ben pounding me in that cave. I found myself wondering what it would feel like now, with Ben’s bigger cock. Really any cock pounding my prostate was starting to sound better and better. I knew that kind of stimulation could bring me off, as opposed to trying with my useless cock, so my fantasies had become much more anally focused. The real problem with my dildo was that my arms or legs gave out before I got off, if there was someone, anyone, on the other side of that cock then I could probably get off right now.

Ben has repeatedly tried to convince me to go out to some clubs with him. I just kept telling him I wasn’t ready. Even if I could convince a woman to date a tiny freak like me, it’s not like I could perform once it was time to head to the bedroom. Ben always got really offended when I called myself a tiny freak or any variation thereof. I know he used to be smaller, but he was never this small. I’d avoided drawing any parallels between my current form and what he used to be, saying it out loud seems far too offensive. Ben tried to tell me that I’m not as bad looking as I claim, but as much as I appreciate him trying to cheer me up I know it’s a lie. Who could be interested in someone who looks like me? I’m tiny, weak, and I barely have a cock.

Regardless, Ben has kept me up to date on his escapades in the clubs seemingly hoping that I’ll change my mind one of these days. He even tells me about the gay clubs he’s been frequenting, but that’s always been intended more as small talk just filling me in on how his days have been going. What Ben didn’t know was how closely I was listening, and the ideas it put in my head. More and more these past days all I could think about was getting someone on the other end of a cock to pound me into bliss. In a lot of my fantasies it was Ben driving his cock into me, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask that of him. A gorgeous guy like him has his pick of partners to writhe on the end of his cock. I couldn’t ask him to compromise for a freak like me. Not to mention the implications it would have for our friendship, whether he felt obligated to say yes, or was repulsed enough to rebuff my advances. Neither option was particularly positive. So instead the fantasies became anonymous men from the gay clubs Ben talked about.

Eventually I gave in to my desires. I knew Ben was going out that night, and he was looking for a woman that evening, so I wouldn’t accidentally run into him. That would be beyond embarrassing. There was one particular gay club Ben talked about which had cultivated a reputation for casual sex. I got dressed up in my best looking clothes and set out to get fucked.

Walking through that club was more than a little surreal. My past experiences with clubs has always been a little bit different, for one I was pursuing women, and for another I was the one doing the pursuing. That and I was now the smallest person in the entire room. I knew how things worked as a man trying to convince a woman to go home with me for the night. I had no idea how a man was supposed to approach a man for the same thing, knowing I’d be the one getting fucked at the end of it.

I wandered around self-consciously for a while, eventually getting a drink at the bar. I felt like every eye in the place was one me. From the moment I’d walked in the door, I was sure everyone was staring at me. Anytime I turned to make eye contact with someone it was like they hastily looked away. I’m not sure how much was my being paranoid, feeling exposed here, and how much was the regulars getting a good look at the little freak that had just walked into their establishment.

Standing at the bar my first strategy was to take the approach of most women I’d pursued, stand there and hope to attract a man to talk to me. I was finishing my second drink without so much as a “Hey” from anyone besides the bartender by the time I realized that wasn’t going to work. A big part of me wanted to admit this was a terrible idea to begin with, I’d failed and I should go home before I further humiliated myself. That’s what I should have done, but the button I called my cock throbbing away within my pants wasn’t going to let that happen.

I decided to take a more… aggressive approach. I was here, I already felt thoroughly demoralized, how much worse could it get. I looked around the bar and found a guy. He was a little on the short side, but still several inches taller than me. I picked him out because he was average to below-average looking compared to the rest of the guys here. Looking like I did I knew I had no shot with the hottest men in the room, I just had to hope that I was reaching for someone within my grasp.

I had a few techniques to try and seduce a woman, but I doubted they really applied in this situation. I tried to think about what would work on me if a woman approached me wanting to take me home for the night. It was the only point of reference I had, even if it was a bad place to start.

“Hey,” I said walking up to my chosen target.

“Hey” he answered back, sizing me up, uncertainty clear on his face.

Silence stretched between us for an uncomfortably long time before I realized I had to say something. “I really want to get fucked tonight.” I know it sounded like a line from a cheesy porno, but I panicked, and it was true. My potential date’s eyes widened in surprise at my comment.

“You want me to fuck you!?” he replied with emphasis on the me and you.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded in what I hoped was a seductive manner. At this his face darkened into scowl of distain.

“I don’t know who put you up to this, but tell them I’m not taking part in their joke. The idea that someone like you would ever be with someone like me, isn’t funny, it’s just cruel. We both know what each of us looks like,” he said abruptly turning and walking away, his face crumpled into a grimace of anger.

After being degraded like that I once again though about giving up on this foolish endeavor and going home, but my libido was still more insistent than my good sense. I tried approaching another man, but was met with similar failure, derision, and disbelief. After two more humiliating rejections I was finally forced to admit that this wasn’t going to work. I walked up to the bar for one final drink to drown my sorrows before heading home in disgrace. It was just as I was about to leave that I was approached by a man I hadn’t talked to yet.

Truth be told, he was better looking than I thought I had any chance with. I never would have approached him on my own. From my diminshished perspective it was hard to judge his exact height, but he was about average. He was brunet with his hair shaved close on the sides and left longer on the top. He was shirtless and had an attractive tattoo running down his left arm. Having just come off the dancefloor and I could see sweat beginning to gather on his bare torso. It highlighted the muscular definition of his chest as he breathed a little heavily from his recent exertion. He wasn’t the most muscular guy in here, but it was clear he put in some time at the gym to keep himself in shape.

“Hey, my name’s Christian.”

“Kyle,” I answered blushing.

“I heard what those other guys said to you, and that wasn’t cool. Some guys are way too fixated on appearance.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied looking at the floor in shame.

“If you’re still looking to get fucked, I don’t live far. Wanna get outta here?” he continued, lust dripping from his voice.

“Okay!” I replied hastily, realizing too late just how desperate that made me look. With a broad smile across his face Christian led me out of the club and back to his place.

It was somewhere on the trip back that I realized just how vulnerable I really was now. I’d just walked out of club with a man I’d never met before, before heading off into the night where no one knew I was going. Christian was inches taller than me and much, much stronger. He could do anything he wanted to me and there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop him. This must be how women always feel going home with a guy. I should feel terrified, but really I was just more turned-on.

We barely had the door of his apartment shut before I was tearing off my shirt. Once free of the restricting cloth, Christian leaned down and started kissing my neck. At first I was uncertain about kissing a guy, but the moment his lips touched my skin all doubts vanished. I pulled him close to me and started kissing him back with just as much passion. Locked together with our lips never leaving one another for long, Christian led me towards the bedroom. Once we reached the edge of the bed he lifted me into the air and threw me back onto the soft surface. Feeling so helpless sent a bolt of arousal straight to my already solid cock.

Christian then took a moment to strip off his own pants before standing there at the foot of the bed naked. He too was erect, but with a much more impressive cock than I could currently boast. It wasn’t as big as mine used to be, but it was respectable. He was cut and about average in length, somewhere between five and six inches but I couldn’t be sure exactly. Where he really shone was in girth. He had a nice fat cock, which I could already imagine spreading me open and making me moan in ecstasy.

I quickly got to work unbuttoning my pants, lifting my hips off the bed to push them down over my expanded ass to press them down to my knees. Lowering my rear back to the bed I lifted my feet into the air where Christian was able to grab the waist of my pants and underwear ripping them off of me in one smooth motion before throwing them onto the floor next to the bed.

He stood there eyes tracing over my body silently for a few moments. Eyes flowing over my shapeless upper body before reaching the nub at my crotch. Christian’s eyes widened for a moment, and I was afraid he realized he’d made a mistake bringing me home with him. Instead his turgid cock bobbed in the air as his groin tensed in arousal, as he uttered the words, “That’s so hot.” He crawled on top of the bed moving until his face was inches from my solid cock. “Can I suck it?” he asked, voice thick with lust.

“Please, I need to be fucked” was all I could utter in reply.

“Well, I never turn down a man in need,” he answered with a small chuckle, adjusting his position before grabbing me by the hips and pulling me to the edge of the bed. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. I quickly angled my hips aiming my hole towards him to help him line up the thick organ that even now I could feel drooling pre-cum onto my ass. Reaching over to a bottle of lube on his bedside table, Christian slathered the both of us in the slick fluid to ease his impending passage.

Christian wasted no time in pressing himself into me. I could feel his hesitation as he started slow expecting resistance, but my welcoming hole opened around him almost pulling him in. Shock turned into arousal as he pressed himself in fully. The sparks of joy I felt shooting through me from the initial penetration turned into an overwhelming wave of bliss as I felt his rigid cock press firmly into my prostate. I could feel the muscles inside me begin working and pulling at Christian’s cock almost begging for more. Moans of ecstasy issued forth from both of our lips at this point.

This was where Christian started thrusting and pounding in earnest. He pulled out until only the head of his cock remained inside of me before pressing himself back into the knot of pleasure within me. Out and in, out and in, three times causing the pleasure within me to grow with each impact. But it was on this third thrust that I felt his cock spasm as he pressed himself fully inside of me, unloading his thick cum as he was overcome with orgasm.

Christian slumped forward panting for a moment, before pulling his rapidly softening cock out of my hole. Panting, and with a look of shame on his face, he looked me in the eye as he brushed back long strands of sweat-slicked hair that had fallen over his face and said, “I’m sorry… I swear… that never happens to me.”

“It’s okay, it happens to everyone sometimes,” I said disappointed, hoping my lie wasn’t too obvious.

“Give me a few minutes to get hard and we can go again,” he said clearly flustered by cumming so fast. “I know what’ll speed up the process, I can give that adorable cock of yours that blowjob.”

“Actually I’d much rather get a closer look at your cock. Why don’t you lie down, and we’ll see how quickly I can get that cock of yours hard again,” I said trying my best to sound seductive. While I was desperate to keep him away from my cock and the oversensitivity I would experience there, I was surprised myself that the desire in my performance was actually genuine. I really did want to get a closer look at the organ between his legs.

“Okay,” he said with a smile before rolling over to lie on his back on the bed. I quickly threw a leg over him straddling his waist and pressing my amble bottom down onto the base of his flaccid cock. I took a moment to grind into his groin before leaning forward and kissing his neck. I got up onto my hands and knees before sliding down Christian’s body running my tongue down from his neck over his pectorals until I swirled it around his left nipple, sucking the sensitive nub into my mouth for a moment. As I shifted down his body I felt my tiny cock pressing into the base of Christian’s flaccid, but much larger organ. As my mouth continued its journey down his chest, I could feel the head of my dicklet rub its way down Christian’s member drooling pre-cum along his length.

Kissing down over his abs and past his belly button, eventually my mouth reached the base of Christian’s organ. I reached out and lifted his still soft cock up onto his belly, holding it there with my fingers as I brought my mouth down to his scrotum. I sucked first his left ball into my mouth rolling it around gently, before moving onto the right. With my fingers I could feel his cock begin to plump up once again as blood began to rush back in. Letting his ball drop from my mouth I ran my tongue up his length pressing into the point under his cockhead where his frenulum would have once been. From there I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of the cum that still leaked out of his dickhead.

Running my hands over the shaft of his cock, I realized this was the first real dick I’d touched since mine had shrunk down to hilarious proportions. I missed it. The feeling of the soft skin sliding over the solid core within. Simply being able to use a full hand to close around the shaft and be able to slide up and down, instead of being forced to use two fingers at most. Sucking on the dick of another man made me nostalgic for when I’d had a real dick of my own.

It was around the time of this sad realization that Christian’s dick got back to full hardness. I popped it out of my mouth before pressing his cock into the side of my face, looking up at him and asking, “Time for round two?” He could only nod in response, looking down at me with eyes blown out with arousal. With that I crawled up to straddle his groin once more, his vertical cock slapping against my own for a moment as my groin passed over his as I got into position. Using my hand to hold his cock up I carefully maneuvered myself down on top of him. The cum from our last tryst, still leaking out of me, served to lubricate his cock as it entered me.

Christian grabbed onto my hips and pressed me down onto his cock even as he thrust up pressing his cock back into my prostate. Pre-cum dripped from my cock, pooling onto his abs. once again I could feel the pleasure within me rising, and the muscles of my passage clenching in ecstasy. This time Christian made it five thrusts before I could feel his cock pulsing within me shooting me full of his sticky load.

The moment it happened, Christian yelled out in pleasure pressing up into me, muscles throughout his body standing out in sharp relief as they strained in orgasm, before he collapsed back onto the bed panting. The moment he realized what had happened again he blushed red over his entire body, deeply embarrassed. “I’m so, so sorry. I swear this never happens.”

“It’s all right,” I said pulling myself off of his softening organ, his cum running out of me to pool on his groin.

“I’ve never felt anything like that. How do you do that… thing you do?” he asked in awe.

“What thing?”

“That thing where it feels like your ass is a thousand hands trying to pull an orgasm right out of my soul. I’m exaggerating, but not that much. The muscles in your ass all pulse and pull in the most amazing way, I’ve never had a bottom do anything even close to that before. Where did you learn it?”

“I didn’t learn anything, that’s just how I am,” I replied honestly.

Looking down at my insignificant, but still hard cock, Christian grimaced for a moment. “I feel bad, we still didn’t get you off. I can still give you that blowjob,” he said apologetically.

“That’s okay, I’m not really a fan of blowjobs.”

“For someone who isn’t a fan of blowjobs you give a great one. Do you want to stay the night, we can go again in the morning? And I’m only, like 40% motivated to say that cause I want to fuck that amazing ass of yours again,” he said with a smile.

“I’ve got to get up early in the morning, I think I’ll just head home now,” I lied, as I climbed off the bed and started looking for my pants.

“Well, then, maybe I’ll see you around the club again sometime.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you around,” I said as I finished getting dressed.

“I’d walk you to the door, but I’m not sure I can walk yet,” he laughed, letting his head fall back against his pillow.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said with a small smile as I walked out of his apartment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After that unmitigated disaster my feelings of shame won out over my feelings of desperation and lust. For a few days at least. I did my best to write off the Christian incident as a freak occurrence. I could try again with a different guy and I’d be able to get off then. I actually convinced myself that that was true and then I ventured back out to the club again when I was sure Ben wouldn’t be there.

Once again I suffered a few humiliating rejections of shock and disbelief before someone decided to take me home. This new guy came even faster than Christian, and he couldn’t get it up a second time to try again. So once again I was forced to leave unrelieved and even more desperate and horny than when I started.

I even tried the club a third time. I suffered the humiliation again before finding a third guy willing to take a chance on a freak like me. Once again we went back to his place and once again he came in fewer than ten strokes. I was forced to admit that this wasn’t working, the problem was me and not these other guys. I guess I’m simply doomed to never get a satisfying fuck, men or women, ever again.

Meanwhile my levels of arousal had peaked once more. I was pretty sure I was at the point I could get off with my replica dildo cock once again, but Ben had noticed my increasingly foul disposition. He’d been spending a lot of time around the apartment trying to engage me in activities to buoy up my mood. It made sure I didn’t have a chance to spend some discreet time with my silicone friend, let alone ensure Ben wouldn’t be able to hear my desperate whimpers as I slid it inside myself.

The more hours we spent together, watching movies, or playing video games, the more and more frequently I had to tear my eyes away from his chiseled arms, or trying to stare a hole through his tight pants. In fact, the time with Ben was having the exact opposite effect that he hoped. I was more aroused, desperate, and miserable than ever before.

One night during a marathon gaming session on the couch, I was having so much trouble focusing that I was dying repeatedly. This led Ben to decide it was time to call it a night. I headed to bed and quickly fell into fitful unconsciousness. Tossing and turning in my bed led into vivid dreams as I drifted off to sleep. My arousal was evidently spilling over into my dreamscape. I found myself standing in the cave where all of this started once more. I was completely naked and ragingly hard. I was back in my old body, tall, strong, manly, and most importantly with a seven inch cock I could be proud of instead of the humiliating cocklet of the waking world. My restored cock even had a foreskin again.

Reaching down I gave myself a few experimental strokes, luxuriating in the pleasurable feelings shooting from my groin. For most of my life my dick had been a welcome friend, ready to satisfy my sexual needs whenever I wanted. These past months it was like my body had betrayed me, what was once the center of my sexual life only brought pain and heartache. As my fingers danced up and down my long shaft once more it was like all of the pain melted away.

Tearing me from my self-examination a feminine voice rang out from behind me. Turning to look I saw Olivia seated on the raised dais, sitting there completely nude, legs curled under herself posing sexily.

“Get over here and fuck me with your huge cock,” she breathed huskily.

I quickly walked over and pressed her back onto the stone, spreading her legs and kneeling between them before leaning own to kiss her neck. I ran my fingers over her soft folds, tweaking her clit with my thumb, before grabbing my cock and lining myself up with her nether lips. With a powerful thrust I pressed into her balls deep. Our gasps of ecstasy intertwined and echoed off the walls of the cave. I was overcome with feelings of pleasure I was certain I would never feel again. I feared that I would never feel the velvet caress of a woman’s sex over my nonexistent waking cock. Even if this was only a dream, forged from my own memories, it was a welcome experience of pleasure.

After thrusting for a few minutes Olivia changed from running her fingernails over my back to pressing against my chest and moaning, “Let’s change position.” Smiling, I pulled back and allowed my length to slip from her molten depths. Olivia rolled over before climbing onto her hands and knees, sexily waving her ass and dripping pussy as she crawled a few feet away. She looked over her shoulder before beckoning to me curling her finger seductively. Wasting no time I draped myself over her back and started fucking her doggy-style.

Bracing myself against the stone floor I was pounding into Olivia, her moans of pleasure growing louder. She was displaying the telltale signs that she was quickly on the way to orgasm, when I felt the world shift around me. The moans shifted pitch, still feminine but with a bit of a lower timbre. From one blink to the next Olivia’s body changed beneath me, so that the body I was braced overtop of no longer belonged to Olivia or even a woman at all.

I now found myself thrusting into the smaller frame of my new body. Olivia’s head and her long raven locks, were replaced by me and my short blond hair. Now instead of Olivia’s tall frame roughly lining up our heads as I thrust into her, I could feel the head of my smaller body pressing up into my chest as my cock pressed into the ass of my miniature doppelganger.

Despite my shock at the sudden shift in my dream, my hips didn’t stop moving for an instant. From outside of that body, there was a certain allure. As my hips slammed into his/my ass I had to admit that it was larger and more cushioned than that of Olivia from moments before. In fact, if I closed my eyes I could pretend the soft moans issuing from the tiny body beneath me were coming from a female.

The sensation of fucking my own ass was quickly bringing me to my peak, and I knew with only a few more thrusts I’d be spraying all over my own prostate. With my eyes closed focusing on the sensation of my ass pulsating around my cock as I felt my foreskin rolling back and forth over the head of my cock. I was moments from orgasm when I felt the world shift around me again and the sensations on my cock vanished.

The soft supple body beneath me was gone and all I could feel was my hands and knees pressing onto the stone below me. That and the solid rod of pleasure pressing into my ass, thrusting into the pleasurable button inside me. I was now in my current tiny body, arching my lower back up as I was being pounded into the rock below me. Even now I couldn’t restrain the moans of pleasure flying freely from my mouth, even as I turned my head to look back over my shoulder. I could see my old body leaning over me grunting as it thrust into me, bringing me to the heights of pleasure. Looking at my strong arms and broad shoulders I was simultaneously overcome with lust and loss, looking at the gorgeous body I had lost once again.

Wrapping his arms around my chest my old body lifted me into the air, pressing me into his chest. Pulling out of my own embrace I stood up as my larger frame did the same. The two of us standing next to each other was the harshest reminder of all that I had lost. The top of my head was only able to reach the level of my old chest, and looking up at my old face filled me with arousal and shame. Reaching out with both hands, I ran my right hand over my old cock, fingers too small the wrap all the way around it, feeling my foreskin pull over the head with my stroke. While my left hand pressed own into the nub between my legs, too small to stroke in the same way I could pleasure the cock in my other hand. Fingers pressing into the circumcision scar on my tiny shaft, I was overcome with a sense of loss.

Putting his hands on my shoulders, my old body directed me to the edge of the dais as he walked down the stairs and into the pool of water surrounding it. The dais was positioned at the proper height for my body standing on the ramp leading down into the pool to line his hips up just over the lip of the raised stone platform. Using his large strong hands, my old body positioned me on my back on the dais. He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders as he lined his cock up with my asshole before thrusting powerfully inside once more, pulling a moan of ecstasy from my mouth.

Less than a minute of thrusting later I felt the world start to shift once again, only different this time. Rather than a sudden shudder to the world with everything shifting from one blink of the eyes to the next, this was a slower shift. The rather than a sudden jolt, the world felt unstable around me almost like trying to stand in a moving vehicle for a prolonged time. Despite my disorientation I could feel my partner begin to change once more. The first indication was that I could feel the cock in my ass begin to grow, stretching my hole to new limits it had never felt before. Looking up at the figure looming over me, I could see the rest of the body begin to shift slowly over the course of about a minute. He got taller, stretching even further above me. He got more muscular, arms, chest, and abs bulging with sculpted muscle. His cock grew to unbelievable proportions, stretching me and bringing me to the exquisite line between pleasure and pain. Finally, the face of the figure above me shift and changed, my blond hair and above average looks warped and changed into the rich brown hair and model caliber looks of Ben.

“Fuck Kyle, you’re so tight,” he grunted at me as he thrust inside, receiving a moan of appreciation from me after a particularly well aimed movement of his hips.

Once again I could feel the eruption of orgasm start to build, this time centered in my ass, and not the cock I had lost yet again. With each thrust of his hips, Ben brought me closer and closer to the edge. I could tell he was getting close, his movements becoming more erratic as he grunted my name over and over. I was also finding it hard to keep quiet under his persistent pounding. Desperately and with need I was calling his name, “Ben… Ben… Ben,” quietly muttered under my breath at first, more a gasp of pleasure than a word. But as I felt the orgasm rising within me I began to call out louder and louder.

I felt Ben tense and spray within me, and that was all it took to push me over the edge into my own orgasm. In the wash of pleasure I screamed out, “Ben!” as I felt my cocklet begin to spurt into the air.

At that moment I was startled awake as the light in my room turned on as Ben threw my door open, calling my name in concern even as dream Ben’s cry of orgasm, yelling my name was still echoing in my ears. The sudden light and noise startling me awake did little to stop the orgasm that was wracking my body. Even now with Ben standing in my doorway looking down on me, the tiny nub between my legs pulsed in orgasm spurting my load out a few inches into the air before landing wetly on my groin and lower body.

I was too stunned, and still recovering from my powerful orgasm, to say anything instead I just lay there blushing silently in embarrassment. It took a moment for the concern and fear on Ben’s face to be replaced by embarrassment as his eyes ran over my body, pausing on my naked groin taking in the reality of what just happened.

He too started blushing and muttering quickly, “I’m sorry, I should have knocked, I just heard you calling my name, I thought you were in trouble, I didn’t realize you were—I should have knocked,” he uttered most of his rambling apology while studiously staring at the ceiling, refusing to make eye contact. With one more quick, “I’m sorry” Ben quickly turned and slammed my door before practically running back down the hall away from my room.


Chapter 7: Confessions

I took several moments to silently process my embarrassment as I lay motionless on my bed. I desperately wanted to pretend that this hadn’t happened. That Ben hadn’t seen me cum all over myself as I screamed his name. That a dream about my best friend fucking me wasn’t the most pleasurable thing I’d experienced in months. But as the endorphins from my orgasm wore off and I could think more clearly without arousal pounding at the back of my mind, I realized that I had to address this. Letting it linger without talking about it would only create more awkwardness and distance between me and Ben.

I cleaned up the puddle of cum I’d left on my belly before getting dressed. Sliding my women’s underwear over my ample hips sent spikes of pleasure mixed with pain from my groin as the fabric rubbed over the head of my still orgasm sensitive dickhead. Putting on pants was the last thing I wanted to do, but showing up naked to talk to Ben would definitely be sending the wrong message right now. I walked down the hallway and knocked loudly on Ben’s bedroom door.

“Just a second,” Ben called back, with a note of surprise in his voice. I could hear some movement from inside before he yelled out, “You can come in now.” Opening the door, I could see Ben shirtless sitting on his bed with the covers pulled over his legs. Even now his cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, likely remembering what he’d just see in my room. “You caught me changing for bed. Did you need something?” Ben said, doing his best, and failing miserably, to act nonchalant.

“I think we need to talk about what just happened.”

“As far as I’m concerned, nothing just happened. I learned a valuable lesson about knocking, and absolutely nothing else.”

“As much as I appreciate what you’re trying to do, I think we should talk about it. I think I need to talk about it.” As I finished talking, I could see Ben’s face fall from joking around to a look of concern.

“I’ve been struggling lately, and you just saw some of the consequences of that.” I was squeezing the doorframe so hard that my knuckles turned white even as my cheeks burned red with embarrassment, but the words kept tumbling out as Ben listened with a concerned expression on his face. “I’ve been having problems with my new body. My dick is so tiny and useless I can’t really get off on my own anymore, masturbation is not really an option. The last time I really felt satisfied was in the cave… with you. I even tried going out to one of the gay clubs you mentioned and picking up a guy, but that didn’t really turn out the way I hoped.”

“You went to a gay club? I thought you were straight!?” Ben replied incredulously.

“I thought so too, but since the cave I guess a lot has changed. I still like women, but it’s not like anything I can do can make much of an impact in the bedroom with them anymore. That and men have been showing up in my fantasies more and more. Which is why the gay club was so disappointing and embarrassing, maybe I’m not meant to be with anyone now.”

“What do you mean, what happened?” Ben asked.

“Well, I knew I couldn’t expect much at the club. Who would want to be with a tiny freak like me? I tried approaching some of the less attractive guys hoping they’d be desperate enough to fuck someone like me. Even they shot me down over and over again, like I was some kind of joke. I think one of them actually told me it wasn’t funny and that ‘someone like him’ would never go out with ‘someone like me’. I was so humiliated I—” I was interrupted by Ben’s failing to suppress his laughter at my story.

“You didn’t! Are you telling me you picked out the ugliest guy in the room and you asked him to fuck you!?” Ben choked out, laughing.

I got a little angry. “I realize I’m not an attractive guy anymore, but I thought I could find someone. And eventually there were guys who took pity on me. I can’t believe you’d laugh at me. I thought this was a safe space where I could talk about these kinds of things where I could be vulnerable, I guess I was wrong,” I said turning intending to slam the door and walk away.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Ben hurriedly said rising from the bed before sitting back down when he saw me stop and turn back. “I wasn’t laughing at you, I was just picturing you walking up to the ugliest guy in the club and getting rejected.”

“Yeah, why would I be offended by that!?” I said angrily, ready to storm away again.

“You really don’t get it do you?” Ben asked with more than a little shock in his voice.

“Get what?”

“You’re… gorgeous. You are like the perfect twink, leaning into femboi, perfectly straddling the line between masculine and feminine combining the most attractive traits of both. There are entire porn sites dedicated to guys who would give their left nut to look half as good as you do. If any guy in that club thought it was a joke to go out with you, it was because he thought you were fucking with him. From their perspective you were playing a cruel joke on them, tantalizing them with a guy they’d never be able to get. If you lick your lips in just the right way I bet you could make most gay guys cum in their pants!”

With a little chuckle I replied, “That’s not that far off from what happened.” Getting serious again I continued, “You mean there’s really gay guys who like tiny freaks like me?”

With a little anger in his voice Ben answered, “Don’t call yourself a freak! When I said you’re gorgeous I meant it.” With a deep sigh he continued, “I guess you were brave enough to admit all of this to me, and it couldn’t have been easy, it would be terrible manners not to do the same.” With that Ben threw the blankets off of his lower half to expose the massive erection that was currently trying to rip its way out of his pajama pants, before getting up to stand closer to me. “When you knocked on my door I was jerking off. When I saw you writhing on your bed in orgasm it was all I could do not to cum right there. I ran back to my room and started beating my dick like it owed me money.”

“You’re the best looking guy I’ve ever seen, how could you be interested in someone like me!?” I said in shock and disbelief.

“I keep telling you you’re gorgeous. The only reason I even hesitated to ask you to move in here, was that I wasn’t sure I could resist the temptation with you living so close. I thought you were straight and I’d just embarrass you and drive you away.”

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me every day since we left that cave, but you look like a walking Greek statue, I never thought someone like you could ever be interested in a tiny freak like me,” I said hopeful, but afraid this was all some cruel joke.

“I told you, you’re not a freak. You’re at least as good looking as I am, just in a different way. Your ample sexy ass. Your flat taut stomach. Your lithe hairless limbs. Your cherubic delicate face. I even love your cute new cock.” With each sentence Ben took a step closer to me and his voice grew huskier with each word. By the time he was silent Ben was standing right in front of me, his cloth covered boner almost poking me in the sternum.

“I want you so bad right now,” I said in disbelief, craning my neck back to stare into his chiseled face.

With that the tension broke and we both lunged at each other. Ben quickly wrapped me in his strong muscular arms before lifting me into the air. He brought our faces together and we kissed passionately, even as I ground my solid nub into his stomach. The way he clutched my ass, holding me up as if I weighed nothing, sent shocks of pleasure right to my cock. I felt so hard I thought I might explode.

With an animalistic groan Ben tore my pants and underwear off without lowering me to the ground. And I do mean tore, I could hear the fabric rip as his muscles strained to remove the cloth in between him and the object of his desire. As he was doing this, my arms were roving over his solid biceps as they flexed under the strain of his exertion. I quickly rubbed my hands over his back before tracing them over his chest, rubbing his strong pecs. I wanted to touch every square inch of his body.

Freed of the offending cloth my cocklet was unrestrained to leak pre-cum all over Ben’s belly as he continued to press me into his body as we made out. Walking over to the bed Ben spun us around before throwing me down onto its soft surface. Spending as little time apart as possible I quickly pulled my shirt over my head, moaning as the fabric cascaded over my sensitive erect nipples, while Ben took his pants off, without taking his eyes off of me. He quickly lunged forward onto the bed covering my body with his bulky muscle, pressing our lips together once more. I could feel our two cocks dueling below even as our lips wrestled with one another. The head of my tiny cock pressing into the middle of the shaft of Ben’s much larger dick, his cockhead pressing into my sternum emphasizing the size difference between us. Fully erect he had to be at least ten inches long and thicker than even his own wrist, let alone the twigs I called my arms.

Our lips parted allowing us to suck in air, even as we both panted with arousal. Ben pressed me backwards to lie on my back on the soft bed. Looming over me with his much larger frame, Ben leaned down and started kissing my neck. He traced his lips down my chest, kissing my sensitive nipples, pulling a desperate moan from me even as I felt his solid log rubbing over my legs. Continuing his path Ben kissed down over my soft smooth belly before reaching my groin and pulling my tiny cocklet into his mouth. What started out as exquisite pleasure quickly flashed over to oversensitivity. I pressed my hands onto Ben’s face pushing his mouth away from my aching organ. He looked up making eye contact for a moment, confusion written across his face. “I need you inside me,” was all I could gasp out in explanation. That was all it took for the smirk I found so sexy to soften his face back into rampant arousal.

Grabbing both of my legs he lifted them into the air bracing them against his sculpted chest. My legs were so short I couldn’t even curve them over his shoulders, I simply had to rest my heels against his chest. I arched my hips exposing my hole to him even as he ran his fingers over the entrance to my desperate depths. As he started to press a finger into me I saw uncertainty and hesitation cross Ben’s face. He pulled back and said, “Let me grab some lube, even then some people have trouble with the size of the new me.”

“No, I need you now. I can’t go another moment without your touch,” I begged desperately.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you,” Ben answered uncertainly.

“More sure than I’ve ever been.”

“Okay, I’ll go slow, and you have to let me know if anything hurts at all,” he answered sternly, waiting for a nod from me.

I braced myself and nodded as Ben lined himself up with my pulsing hole. I could feel his thick head pressing against my entrance. It felt so big, but I’d never wanted anything more in my life. Seeing him hesitate again, I put every ounce of need I could into my voice and begged him, “Fuck me.”

I expected at least a little pain, I had some experience with my dildos and the other guys I’d been with. None of them had been even close to Ben’s size, but there was no pain has his head breached my opening, his foreskin easing his entrance as he pressed inside. All I could feel was mind numbing pleasure, apparently Ben felt the same as our moans harmonized as we both cried out in bliss. I didn’t even realize I had moved, but I found my legs wrapped around Ben’s waist pulling him into me. My puny legs had no hope of actually moving Ben, but it was enough to give him the message of my desires. That was all it took to make Ben forget about ‘going slow’, as he pressed himself balls deep in me as my passage seemed to form itself around his mighty organ.

Even now there was no pain, only ecstasy as his girthy cock rubbed along my prostate sparking it with pleasure. Bliss greater than anything I had ever felt coursed through my body, flashes of light danced across my vision while I screamed in ecstasy as Ben quenched the fire inside me. As Ben pulled out and thrust back in I found myself thrashing incoherently, overcome by the sensations Ben’s cock was driving out of my core. With one hand braced under my right shoulder and the other pressing into my lower back, Ben lifted me into the air without allowing his cock to exit my hole. He lifted me up and down fucking me onto his cock, even as I popped my hips with the motion causing him to hit magical spots within me increasing both of our pleasure.

I’m not sure how long he stood there fucking me, time lost all meaning washed away by the overwhelming sensations blasting through my body. It may have been seconds or it could have been hours, but I found my muscles tensing up inside as I could feel my body dancing on the edge of orgasm. All it took was once more thrust against the knot of pleasure within me and I felt myself fall over that precipice as I was overcome by orgasm, my tiny cock spewing all over Ben’s belly before cascading down over me.

My orgasm caused my passage to clench and flex around Ben and that was all it took to bring him over his limit as well. I felt his cock pulse and flex inside me as he came, filling me with his seed, even as he yelled out in bliss above me. We came together, and then overcome by the exertion Ben lowered me back down onto the bed, pressing his body down on top of me. Even now I could feel my emissions sandwiched between us as Ben pressed his muscular body into my smaller one. Ben made no moves to pull his colossal cock out of my well fucked hole, and I really didn’t want him to.

We lay there trying to catch our breath in the afterglow for a few moments before either of us could speak. Ben rolled off of me, pulling out before flopping down onto the bed next to me. He was the first to speak, “That was—”

“Amazing.” I interrupted.

“I’ve never felt anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, things got a lot better with my new cock. I’ve had sexual experiences I’d never dreamed of, but they were nothing compared to that. That was just… wow!”

“You weren’t so bad yourself, stud,” I replied with a cheeky grin, even as Ben looked over at me and smiled back.

“I’m serious, that was… not normal.” Seeing the dark cloud pass over my features at that comment he quickly finished, “But in a good way! I’ve slept with a lot of people since we left that cave, and I’ve learned that many can’t handle the size of my new cock. Everyone idolizes a big cock, but they don’t appreciate the drawbacks. Not that I’m complaining, but unless I spend a lot of time on foreplay, and use a ridiculous quantity of lube, I’m not getting this cock inside of anyone. Even then there are a fair number of women, and men where it’s just not happening, my dick is not going inside their bodies no matter what we try. Don’t get me wrong, I make sure we both leave satisfied though other means, but for some getting fucked by my dick is off the menu no matter what.

“When you asked me to go in dry, I would have laughed out loud if it wasn’t also ridiculously sexy. I didn’t think there was a hope in hell of that working. I thought I’d press hopelessly at your opening for a bit, you’d see it wasn’t going to happen, and then you’d let me get the lube. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Your asshole opened around me and practically pulled me in, tight but oh so welcoming.”

“I was expecting a little pain. I’m not as experienced with my new body as you are, but the few times I’ve been penetrated there was at least a little pain. With you, nothing but pleasure,” I mused before Ben continued.

“It wasn’t just that, once I was inside you I’ve never felt anything like it. Your insides were pulsing and twitching, almost pulling me inside and stroking me.”

“Like I was ‘sucking an orgasm out of your soul’?” I supplied.

“That’s not a bad description,” Ben replied with a chuckle. “It was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt. You would bring me right to the brink of orgasm before backing me off, over and over again in waves. You were edging me faster and faster until I was constantly riding that peak without falling over the precipice into orgasm. And then you came and all the sensations got cranked up to eleven. It was like a religious experience, I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out!”

“Any other guy that’s fucked me has cum in less than 30 seconds,” I muttered a little bitterly.

“After experiencing your ass, I’m not sure I can blame them,” Ben answered with a chuckle that put a smile back on my face.

It was around this time that our breathing had returned to normal, and looking down I could see that our reminiscing had brought Ben’s dick back to hardness. My dick had solidified back into a much less noticeable bump as compared to Ben’s noble spire, but I was no less erect. Quickly hopping up and straddling Ben’s lower stomach, “Want to go again?” I said, rubbing my ass back into Ben’s solid pole.

“You know it,” he replied enthusiastically, before leaning up and reaching toward me.

“Ah ah ah, this time I’m on top,” I replied cheekily, as Ben lay back down, even as I grabbed his cock that I had no hopes of wrapping my fingers all the way around, and lined it up with my twitching hole.


Chapter 8: Changes

The next weeks were a whirlwind of activity. Ben fucked me every day, usually more than once. We even got a strap-on harness and Ben let me fuck him with the dildo replica of my old cock. I enjoyed it, it made me feel a little bit like my old self. It added some variety to our love making, and Ben seemed to enjoy it too. Even so, most of the time I preferred getting fucked now. It’s funny, it took basically losing access to my cock, being unable to masturbate on my own, for me to be the most sexually satisfied I’ve ever been in my life.

Getting off regularly brought my sensitivity back down to manageable levels. I was still wearing the women’s underwear to prevent unnecessary rubbing, but it meant I could wear clothing again without losing my mind. I was even able to go back to working at the university, no need for desperate “bathroom breaks” that only ended in frustration. When I got horny at work, I knew I’d be home in a few hours and Ben would be able to scratch that itch.

More than anything it let me focus on a task for more than ten minutes without my thoughts diverting to more carnal pursuits. I was basically back to my old self, mentally if not physically. In addition to reconnecting with my colleagues, and making progress on my thesis, it allowed me to make faster progress on the cave translations than ever before. In fact it only took another month for me to finish all the untranslated writing left in the cave recordings.

It wasn’t exactly the news I was hoping for. I took another week to go through everything again, hoping to find something that I’d missed. Eventually I was forced to admit that there wasn’t anything else, I’d uncovered every secret written in that cave, and there wasn’t a way back to what I was before. But there was more I still needed to tell Ben. I decided it was time to fill him in on the details.

Walking into the apartment I planned to tell Ben immediately, but this was a day where he was feeling particularly amorous. I don’t think I had a chance to get a single word out before Ben’s lips were all over mine. Even now, Ben had a way of causing a haze of lust to descend over my mind. Ben picked me up and stripped off my clothing one piece at a time as he carried me toward our bedroom as I kissed over every inch of his body that I could reach. It was only once he put me down on the bed that I could muster the will to ask him to stop.

“As much as I really, really, want this to continue, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” I said standing up off the bed and pacing in front of Ben.

I could see Ben’s face change from lust to seriousness, “Sure, what did you need to talk about?” He said sitting down on the edge of the bed. He’d never admit it, but he’d begun sitting down when I tried to talk to him so I wouldn’t have to look way up to make eye contact. He was very thoughtful, but tried not to make it a big deal.

“Well, I finished the translations the other day.”

Face lighting up with excitement, “Did you find a way to turn yourself back?”

“Not exactly,” I answered trying to keep the sadness from my voice, “but I did find something else important.”

“Whatever it is, we’re in this together.”

Taking solace from Ben’s conviction and support, I started to explain. “Well do you remember how you’re a warrior, and I became what I translated as a ‘companion’?” I waited for Ben’s nod before continuing. “Well it’s a little more than that. There’s no direct translation for the word they use for someone like me, and it goes a little bit more than just what is implied by companion. It’s more that I was made to complement you. I wasn’t just a source of masculinity to transfer into you. I’m a partner created to be everything you would want, and you became my ideal partner as well. When we were changed in that cave, we literally became made for each other.”

“Well I could have told you you were made for me, but then I would have meant it metaphorically,” Ben answered, still absorbing what I’d told him.

“There’s more to it than that,” I hesitated before getting to the crux of the matter. “Even after the cave we’re still linked by some of the energies of that place. Apparently it’s not nearly as powerful, but you can still make changes to mold me into a more ideal mate. All it takes is physical contact and mental focus from you. No major changes, like making me taller, but they weren’t very specific on what you could or couldn’t change.” I was having a little difficulty with the idea that I was basically made to be Ben’s plaything. That he could shape me to his whims. I turned away so Ben wouldn’t see the expression on my face.

Seeing that I was struggling I could hear Ben stand up off the bed before he embraced me from behind. Even flaccid I could feel his substantial member grind into my back as he hugged me. Ben wrapped his arms around my chest as he leaned down and nuzzled his chin into the top of my head. “Hey, it’s okay. This doesn’t change anything between us. Made for me or not, I love you. I w—”

I stopped listening once I felt a sensation I thought I never would again. I felt the same burning-freezing collapsing-exploding sensation I felt all that time ago in that cave when this all began. It wasn’t overwhelming and painful like it was in the cave, but certainly disconcerting. More importantly, the sensation was focused on my chest right under Ben’s arms.

Pulling out of his embrace I whipped around and angrily demanded, “What do you think you’re doing!?” Even as I yelled at Ben I was shocked to feel my chest jiggle and shake as I spun. Looking down I could see just how much my chest had been altered. I now had breasts. They weren’t large, probably an A-cup at most. While my chest wasn’t manly before, smooth and formless, now there was no mistaking, even as small as they were, that they were feminine breasts. Before I realized I’d done it, I had raised a hand and pressed it into my new boob. I was startled by the sensitivity of the soft flesh yielding under my hand and the sharp spike of pleasure from my enlarged girlish nipple.

As shocked as I was, looking up from my chest I looked at Ben’s face I could see he was stunned. He spent a moment staring at me open mouthed, before speaking almost panicked, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that. I was thinking about what you said about changing you, how you didn’t know how much you could be changed. I was thinking about ways to test it, and the thought of you with huge boobs popped into my head. It was stupid and insensitive and I didn’t mean it.”

I believed what he was saying but I was more than a little hurt. “How could you do this to me? You know I’m having a tough time with losing my masculinity, and you give me boobs!? Just the idea that I’m some helpless plaything for you to shape into whatever you want! Do you have any idea how dehumanizing that is?”

“I can only imagine, and please believe me that I’m so so sorry. I’ll turn you back, I think I’ve got a better handle on how this works now. I can turn you back, but only if you trust me to. And I promise that this will never happen without your permission again.” I could see from the pained expression on his face that Ben was sick at what he’d done. His remorse was genuine and I did trust him.

With a nod, I said sternly, “Turn me back.”

Relief evident on his face, Ben reached out hesitantly towards my chest clasping each breast in the palm of his hands. He closed his eyes and I could see the focus evident in his creased brow. After a moment I felt the same unsettling sensation as my chest began to shift and shrink. Quickly I felt the tingling fade and Ben removed his hands.

Looking down I could see my chest had been restored, more or less, to what it had been minutes before. Prior to my most recent changes my chest had been smooth and almost entirely shapeless, now I actually had a little bit of muscular definition. I still wasn’t even close to what I had been before the cave, but my chest was now pleasingly toned making me look more masculine. Running a hand along my torso I felt pinpricks of pleasure from nipples that were still more sensitive. Looking up at Ben, I told him, “I think I’m more muscular than before, and my nipples are definitely still more sensitive.”

With a little horror in his voice Ben hurried to reply, “I can try again. I focused on how I remembered you looking, but I’ll keep trying until you’re completely happy.”

“No, I mean I kind of like it,” I said blushing. The idea that this more muscular and better looking version of myself was how Ben thought of me was more than a little flattering. That and the ideas my more sensitive nipples gave me, and their potential new roles in the bedroom was also somewhat enticing. Seeing the smile on my face I could see Ben visibly relax, tension draining from his shoulders. “If you still want to make it up to me, there’s one more thing you can do.”

“Anything!” Ben replied earnestly.

Even after everything we’d been through, I still found it embarrassing to talk about my next request. “I try not to let it bother me, but my new cock is… small. It makes it difficult to do some things. Like I can’t use a urinal in pubic, I’m too short to stick out the fly of my pants and aim. And besides all the functional issues, it’s hard to feel manly or attractive with a useless nub between my legs.” I realized I was rambling and my cheeks were crimson in embarrassment, so I started to rush to finish talking. “Do you think you could make me bigger… down there? I know it won’t be like before, but even an inch would make a big difference. I know it probably won’t work, but I’d appreciate it if you’d even try. I really—”

Grabbing my hand and interrupting me Ben said, “I love you just the way you are, I’d love you if you had a cock bigger than mine, and I’d love you if you didn’t have a cock at all, but if it will make you happy I’ll do my best. I’ll make it as big as I can.” He gave me an encouraging smile before he pulled me by my hand towards the bed before he sat down, grabbed me by the hips and positioned me standing in front of him. “Ready?” he asked looking me in the eye. Waiting for a nod from me he reached out and clasped my cocklet in his hand. Flaccid as it was he could only fit two fingers and his thumb on my tiny organ.

Ben closed his eyes and his brow furrowed in concentration. Seconds passed and I felt nothing. I realized I was holding my breath as time ticked by and I started to feel lightheaded. I exhaled suddenly and that was all it took to break the spell. Ben let his hand fall to his side, and I looked down already knowing what I would find. Without the tingling that accompanied alterations, all I saw was my unchanged insignificant nub jutting from between my legs. Feeling defeated I muttered sadly, “I knew it was a long shot, Ben, but I really appreciate you trying.”

“You’re giving up too easily. I’ve got something else to try,” Ben replied with determination. Scooping me up in his arms he lifted me up until my crotch was level with his face, hooking my knees over his shoulders and supporting my ass with his strong hands. “You said changes require physical contact, well I’m going to get all the physical contact I can,” he said before pulling me toward his face and sucking my dicklet into his mouth.

In the weeks since Ben and I had started our sexual relationship we’d developed a new method for blowjobs. Neither of us could experience them in the traditional sense. I may have been made to take Ben’s gargantuan cock anally, but unless I develop the ability to unhinge my jaw, blowjobs are a thing of the past for him. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy worshiping his cock with my mouth, kissing it and running my tongue over it and under his foreskin. I’ve gotten him off with my mouth, but it wasn’t exactly what you’d call a blowjob.

Ben had developed his own technique for me. Even now, direct stimulation to my cockhead, all that I really had left to stimulate, was far too intense and quickly led to pain not pleasure. So traditional blowjobs, or even the worship I lavished on Ben’s cock were not options for me. Instead Ben had come up with a different technique. He would lift me up on his shoulders, because I’d let it slip how much it turns me on to be manhandled and carried through the air. Then he would suck my cock into his mouth, but wouldn’t do the things you normally would for a blowjob. There was no sucking, rubbing, or really motions at all. He would let my dicklet rest on his tongue, held firmly between his lips and he would do this low frequency humming thing. It vibrated my cock in just the right way to get me so hard as he pressed his tongue into the bottom of my cock, steady pressure right where my frenulum used to be. With a couple of fingers in my ass pressing on my prostate it was enough to get me to cum all over his tongue.

So finding myself perched on Ben’s shoulders, as I was now, wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary, but this was a decidedly new purpose for the position. I sat there enjoying the sensation of Ben’s mouth on my cock for a few moments, hoping this would be what Ben needed to make changes to my cock. Moments passed and still I didn’t feel the telltale feelings of change. “Ben I appreciate you trying but this isn’t wor-” I gasped as I felt the tingling start in my cock. I was changing! There was still the sensation of burning and freezing, but there was also an undercurrent of pleasure as I felt changes rippling over my cock. It only lasted a few moments but felt much longer before Ben lowered me to the bed as the changes ran their course.

Looking down at my groin I saw my cock was exactly as tiny as it had been moments before, it hadn’t grown a single millimeter. What had changed was that covering my tiny dicklet was a newly restored foreskin. Reaching down I pulled my foreskin back exposing my dick head, feeling a sensation I hadn’t for more than a year. The feeling of foreskin rolling back over the ridge of my dickhead, a sensation I thought I’d never feel a again after my circumcision. “How… how is this possible?”

Looking down at my new foreskin Ben said, “I didn’t mean to do that. I think I can get rid of it.”

“No!” I quickly interrupted, “I’ve been missing my foreskin and I’m glad to have it back. But how did you do this?”

“The first time I tried to change you I just focused on making your cock bigger and it didn’t work. Once I had you in my mouth I tried focusing on what your cock used to look like. I was focusing on the size, but I guess the mental image I had was from when you had a foreskin. Kyle, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can make your cock bigger.”

“That’s okay, you were still able to restore more of me than I thought was possible.” I couldn’t keep the disappointment out of my voice entirely, but there was a genuine undercurrent of happiness there as well.

Looking down I could see Ben’s cock pulsing with his heartbeat as it started to rise from flaccidity. With a small smirk he said to me, “What do you say we give your new cock a test run?”

“I think we were in the middle of a blowjob that you didn’t finish,” I said grinning cheekily back.

Ben leaned down to where I was laying back on the bed positioning his head over my groin. “Let me know if anything is… too much,” he said before pulling my dick into his mouth with gentle suction. He started with the usual solid pressure from his tongue and gentle humming. Pressing not onto a smooth area that used to house a sensitive frenulum but had been removed from my cut cock, instead he was pressing onto the newly restored genuine article. Then he moved onto more conventional blowjob techniques. Ben bobbed his head up and down over my crotch, although I must admit the motion needed to be pretty small to avoid me sliding out of his mouth entirely. His tongue also started to really get in on the action sliding over and around the entire length of my cock. Before I would have found this entirely overwhelming, but now my restored foreskin acted as a moderating influence. Instead of direct stimulation to my cockhead my foreskin sort of muffled the sensations, lowering them to the point of pleasure without being overstimulating.

Without realizing it I had my hands grasping the back of Ben’s head, running my hands through his thick chocolatey hair. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Ben drove his tongue into the end of my cock running it over my piss-slit and up under my foreskin. The dual sensations of his slick muscular organ playing over my cockhead while also stimulating the inside of my foreskin was like nothing I had ever felt, far more intense than just going after my bare cock head before. This would push me into oversensitivity in moments, but Ben seemed to sense that from the way my hips spasmed at the feeling. Pulling his tongue back and allowing it to slide over the outside of my foreskin kept up the pleasure without cutting it off entirely, but retreating when he did meant I didn’t flash over into oversensitivity. Ben kept up the dance between the more muted sensations and the mind-numbing feelings of pleasure on the border of pain. It was a shamefully short amount of time until I was thrusting and spurting into Ben’s mouth.

Swallowing my load eagerly Ben moved up to lie next to me on the bed as I panted from my recent exertions. Once I’d recovered enough to speak I looked over at Ben’s face smiling down at me, returning his grin I said, “That was amazing! I didn’t think I’d ever get off using my cock again and you didn’t even need to put anything in my ass.”

“I’ve got something I’d like to put there now, if you’re up to it?” Ben said, as I looked down at his rock solid cock, even now pulsing in lust with Ben’s heartbeat.

“I think that could be arranged,” I said with a laugh as I leaned over to kiss him on the lips, before throwing a leg over his chest to straddle his hips.


Chapter 9: Whole Again

I didn’t think it was possible but after I got my foreskin back our sex-life got even more intense. I could do more, and Ben was always finding and pushing new limits. But even more than that, having my foreskin back was freeing. Weeks ago, Ben had to go away for two days on a work matter. Those days were absolute torture. I had to accept the fact that I couldn’t get off on my own, masturbation was effectively off limits without weeks of desperation and mind-clouding levels of lust. Those two days of desperation really drove home just how dependent I was on Ben for my own sexual gratification. In some ways it was almost arousing, but far more it was humiliating and devastating to know that such an intimate part of myself was completely reliant on someone else. Even if that someone else was my best friend and the man I loved.

Now that I had a foreskin again, all of that had changed. Sliding my foreskin back and forth over what was left of my cock allowed me to get off. It wasn’t the overwhelming sensation of direct stimulation to my cockhead, instead it was just enough to get me to orgasm. Not that I had many occasions to jerk off anymore, Ben kept me more than satisfied in the bedroom, on average we fucked more than once a day. Really the thing that made the most difference was just knowing that I could, that masturbation was an option for me again and that I wasn’t wholly dependent on Ben. It was a small thing but it brought me much closer to being normal and a regular guy again, mentally it may have been the most significant thing to happen to me since the cave. It made me feel whole again.

The other significant change to my life was my new sexuality. I had to admit that like Ben I was now bisexual. The difference between us was that Ben still had something to offer a woman, while I didn’t. Ben may have eventually convinced me that there were gay guys who went for people who looked like me, the same couldn’t be said for women. Even if I could convince a woman to come home with me looking like this, it’s not like the organ between my legs could play any major role in pleasuring her.

Ben wouldn’t let my sour opinion of myself get in the way of our love-life. He was determined to show me that I was just as attractive as I knew him to be. That and after talking about it we both agreed it would be sexy to include others in our lovemaking. As it turns out Ben was right, the between the two of us we could satisfy the fantasy of almost any guy out there. Once it was known that the muscular hunk who looked like he was sculpted out of marble and his gorgeous little twink boyfriend were looking for a threesome, we basically had our pick of guys out there willing to join us. We didn’t bring someone home all the time, but it became a regular part of our sex-life.

As time went on we started to get somewhat of a reputation for ourselves. A reputation that wasn’t confined to the gay clubs. It all started with one of Ben’s regular fuck buddies from before we started dating. She had been missing Ben’s thick organ and she thought I was hot too. I guess my opinion of myself from the perspective of the fairer sex was at least a little skewed. She got in contact with us and things progressed from there, basically opening the floodgates. Men, women, whole orgies of people, Ben and I fucked them all. The only constant was the two of us, no matter what else happened we were always together.

One thing I learned through it all, Ben was right, his gargantuan cock wasn’t always the blessing I imagined it was. More than a few women and men simply couldn’t take it. Most were eager to try, which was to our benefit, but when the pants came off and it was time to get down to it it didn’t matter how much lube or effort we used, Ben’s cock just wasn’t going to fit. We always made the best of the situation. With men who felt like topping my ass was always accommodating, and occasionally Ben felt like taking some dick. When I was on the bottom we usually saved that for the end of the evening’s activities. Even after all of this time I still hadn’t found a guy other than Ben who could go more than a dozen thrusts without painting my insides in ecstasy. With women, and men who preferred to bottom, we frequently ended up breaking out the replica of my old cock. I’d wear it with our strap-on harness and fuck them while Ben buried his cock in my ass simultaneously.

In all situations the thing I’d learned from having a cock that was next to useless, was that sex was a lot more than just inserting a cock in an orifice. My cocklet was way too small for any kind of normal intercourse, but we never let that stop us. Some of the most memorable encounters for Ben and I didn’t involve conventional fucking. The things we could do with mouths alone were enough to get me hard by just the memory. One of the things I’d been missing the most in my sex-life with Ben was getting to eat pussy. Well, I can definitely say our expanded sex-life gave me plenty of opportunities for that. I’m not ashamed to say that within certain circles the things I could do with my tongue is the stuff of legends.

All that being said, we were no slouches when it came to more conventional intercourse either. The first time we double fucked a guy we were afraid we’d killed him. With a lot of effort we impaled him on Ben’s cock before I climbed on and took his cock in my ass. With all three of us thrusting and gyrating in unison it was only moments before the guy came violently, thrashing and screaming in pleasure. Once Ben and I pulled out and off, we found our bedmate for the evening unconscious. At first we were concerned, but he woke up before we’d called 911. Apparently, he’d blacked out from the pleasure. As it turns out it was a rather typical response when Ben and I fucked someone simultaneously. Just another aspect to add to our legend.

Eventually we branched out and created a rather popular social media presence. It allowed us to share our sexual exploits, intimate moments between just the two of us and encounters involving other people, with others on the internet. Before long we had millions of followers eagerly awaiting every new video we posted. We didn’t do it for the money, we didn’t need it. We did it all because we enjoyed it. That and it was an excellent place to find new people willing to join us for a sexual adventure.

All in all it led to an incredibly satisfying sex-life. I can’t say it was the life I ever planned for myself, but I was happy. Everyone says they want to spend their life with their best friend, well I can say unequivocally that I get to. I proposed to Ben and he said yes, we’re getting married next year. We’ve planned the ceremony for soon after they award me my doctorate. I finally finished and defended my thesis. With some careful omissions surrounding the more supernatural aspects of the Ixlutani, I was able to write the definitive work on their culture and language.

I still miss my original cock every day, but I could do worse than being a micro-dicked bisexual twink pornstar with a PhD, who gets to marry his best friend. Not the life I would have chosen for myself, but it is a happy one.

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