Weekly Update 24 July 2021
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Weekly Update: 24 July 2021

Another diverse crop of contributions this week, hopefully with something you’ll like. My own offering this week is a continuation of the Patreon-commissionedResolutions”, with Ray discovering more and more ramifications of the changes he’s induced in his sexy boss Danny and, inadvertently, himself.

As I noted on Twitter, I found out recently that on some browsers the stories were only showing the first page when you went to print or save to PDF. I tried various means of massaging the code to get around this, but I couldn’t find a good solution. In the end what I did instead was create an additional, bare-bones version of the story page for printing and PDFing, with no Bootstrap or anything else but basic HTML and simple styles. To load this page, click on Print/PDF in the bank of buttons just under the tag routers. One other small change: I added an “Update History” section at the bottom of the story page with links to Updates and Flashbacks that story has appeared on, in case you are curious about the stages of a story being posted, or you’re looking for what else was posted or surfaced along with that story. Note that this only goes back to the Spring 2016 site migration. It’s not that I don’t have records of when each story and chapter was posted going all the way back to the beginning, but there are no news posts to link to from before that particular transition.

This week’s Friday Flashback celebrated seven-foot-tall guys, so check that out if you missed it. Humble and sincere thanks to all of my awesome Patreonites—and if you want to support the site or my writing that’s a good way to do it. The next update is a week hence, on 31 July. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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