Bottoms up

by Ziel

Chess, a haute and hung twink, is too proud and too big to bottom which is a shame given how nice his ass is! But things change when he visits a trendy new club for his birthday.

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“Walk into the club like what up I got a big cock!” Chester sang obnoxiously as he strode into the club with his two friends flanking him.

“Is that really necessary?” Jessie groaned.

“Yeah. Chess, it’s not like your big dick is a secret…” Danny concurred as he snuck a quick glance at the pronounced bulge in Chester’s tight short shorts.

“Oh, hush. It’s my birthday, so I’m allowed to have a little fun.” Chester snarked back. He then turned back around and faced the crowd that packed the dance floor in the club he had just entered. “You hear that, bitches! I’m 21! Time to get wuh-wuh-wuh-wasted!” Chester announced loudly to anyone who would listen.

“Dude. Not even. You’re twenty-four as of fifteen minutes ago.” Jessie sassed back.

“Shut it! They don’t have to know the specifics. I’m hopin’ for a free drink. I bet I can convince that hot bartender that I’m a fresh-faced babe new to the devil’s elixir.” Chess replied.

“I’m pretty sure he’d see you’re lying when he checks your ID.” Jessie responded.

“Yeah. If they don’t card your twink ass, that would be some gross negligence,” Danny added.

“And what an ass it is!” Jessie added while giving Chess’s bubbly booty a playful squeeze.

“Hey! Hey! Hands off the merchandise!” Chess protested. He then gestured with both thumbs towards the thick bulge of his crotch. “Besides. We all know the main event is in front.”

Jessie rolled his eyes in response but didn’t make any other attempts to push the issue. It was obvious that Chester wasn’t going to listen anyway. The dude was already trotting happily towards the bar to flirt with the bartender.

“Hey, sweetie,” Chess said with a flirtatious wink to the bartender.

The bartender gave Chess a quick look up and down and returned the smirk. “What’ll it be, stud?”

“Oh, I dunno. What’d you recommend? Go easy on me, though. It’s my first time,” Chess said with pouty, feigned innocence.

This caused the bartender to cock and eyebrow suspiciously at the hung twink. “You don’t say…” he mused.

“Yes. I’ll have you know, it’s my birthday,” Chess replied.

“What year?” the bartender asked flatly.

“Every year,” Chess replied.

“ID,” the bartender said with a sigh.

Chess pouted indignantly and said, “Spoilsport…”

The bartender gave the card a quick glance and rolled his eyes. “Happy birthday, Chester. Twenty-four is a big number.”

“I told you!” Jessie called out from across the dance floor.

Chess didn’t even break his gaze with the bartender. He just flipped the bird behind his back in the general direction of his friends. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his friends who called him out on the gesture.

“You offering up that sweet ass?” some rando called out from the crowd.

Chess glared in the direction of the voice and shouted back, “Ha! You wish. If anyone’s gonna be doin’ the fuckin’ it’s gonna be me!” Chess then reached down groped the thick bulge in the front of his short shorts to make it clear that he was packin’ schmeat.

The heckler from the crowd turned to a friend and said, “There’s no way that’s real. I bet you he packs it.”

This comment really struck a nerve with Chess. He quickly hopped up on the nearby bar, unzipped the front of his shorts and let it all hang out. His huge, thick foot-long floppy and his two massive, orange sized cojones spilled out for all to see.

“I guess you’re right. I am packing!” Chess jeered as he rocked his hips from side to side, causing his massive sausage and giant eggs to slap back and forth against his hips and thighs. As his cock swung from side to side, the tip of his long cock reached all the way down to his knees at the lowest point of its swing. His antics got no small amount of cheers from the crowd. Even Chess’s would-be heckler nodded approvingly at the display. There were a few people however, who were not as keen on the show.

“C’mon, man… you’re making an ass of yourself,” Danny said. He had made his way towards the bar where Chess was putting on a show and was now gesturing for his big-dicked buddy to hop off the counter. Jessie was also quickly traversing the crowd to help Danny diffuse the situation.

“Dude! You tryin’ to get us kicked out?” Jessie hissed when he got back towards the bar.

“As if they would. This is the best show any of these guys have seen all week. I bet they’re all dying for more,” Chess remarked with a smug smirk.

“God. Whatever. I just hope you’re more fun when you’re drunk,” Jessie groaned. He then helped Danny get Chess off the counter and then gestured for the bartender to send a couple of drinks their way.

Chess didn’t pay any attention to the drinks that the bartender had surreptitiously slid their way. Had he looked he might have noticed the drink he was given was a strange shade of purple and not the typical amber draught that the bartender had placed in front of Jessie and Danny. Chess merely reached out and grabbed the closest one and started drinking.

“Ugh. It’s bitter,” Chess grumbled after downing the glass in a single swig.

“That’s because you’re a big weenie,” Danny said.

“The biggest weenie,” Chess corrected and gave his still freely flopping package a good shake.

“Dude, put that thing away,” Jessie grumbled.

“Fine, but only because the zipper is chewing at my taint something fierce,” Chess said. He then began the process of loading his bait and tackle back into his shorts which normally would be a simple enough process, but for some reason he couldn’t quite get his junk to sit right. He reached his hands down the front of his shorts and tried to adjust his package in such a way to really accentuate his meat, but the front of his shorts didn’t seem to grip his curves in a way that he liked.

“Something wrong?” Danny asked.

“Not really… I think I stretched my pants out,” Chess grumbled.

“Because you keep stuffing it so full of sausage,” Jessie commented. He then reached for Chess’s glass and handed it to the birthday boy. “C’mon. Stop nursing your drink and let’s get this party started.”

Chess barely paid any mind to Jessie’s comment, but he did accept the drink and once again power slammed the majority of the glass on one swig.

Meanwhile, Danny was doing some mental calculations. He was sure he had seen Chess nearly drain his glass mere seconds before. How was the glass so full all of the sudden? Had Jessie ordered a refill while they weren’t looking? Had the bartender topped him off without mentioning it?

“When did you get a second drink?” Danny asked.

“That’s his first drink, isn’t it?” Jessie asked.

“Who cares so long as I don’t have to pay for it,” Chess replied. He then waved to the bartender and gestured to his nearly empty glass.

Jessie and Danny exchanged nervous glances. While Chester’s attention was focused on the bartender who was working his way back to their portion of the bar, Danny and Jessie continued their silent conversation which was carried out entirely via facial expressions and pantomimes, but their discussion was cut short by the sound of the bartender loudly setting something on the counter for them.

“Here is something special on the house,” The bartender said. He then gestured towards the glass in the center and said, “Since our birthday boy here seemed to enjoy the first glass so much, I have brought a third for him.”

The bartender then gestured towards the two smaller glasses which were filled with a different colored liquid than whatever Chess had been drinking. These brew in these other glasses had a greenish tint to it.

“And for you two… Here’s a little something to make the evening more enjoyable,” the bartender explained.

“Hey. This isn’t what we agreed t—” Danny began to say, but he was quickly interrupted by a sharp elbow to the ribs given by Jessie.

“That sounds fantastic. Thanks!” Jessie said to the bartender before Danny could make any other complaints.

Danny glanced over at Chess, and saw that Chess was already reaching for the third glass. “Hey, maybe you should slow down a bit,” Danny said.

“As if. Unlike some little boys here, I can hold my liquor,” Chess said with a smug smirk. “Besides, I’m not even tipsy yet. I could drink twelve more of this weak-ass pisswater and still be fine for more.”

Truth be told, the alcohol content wasn’t what had Danny so worried. There was a special trick to the drinks at this bar. It was part of the reason he and Jessie had talked Chess into coming here for his birthday… of course convincing Chess to do anything usually involved convincing Chess that he came up with the idea first.

“Yeah. Don’t be harshing his vibe,” came a voice from behind them.

Both Chess and Danny turned to see the heckler from earlier. The new arrival made a gesture towards the bartender that everyone nearby understood immediately. Before anyone could say anything else, another round of drinks was served for everyone at the bar, but then the man then did something that really surprised the three friends. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a shiny metallic card. At first the friends thought it was one of those platinum credit cards with the obscene credit limits, but upon seeing the club logo on it, they started to piece it together.

“The key to the VIP room,” the man said and handed the card key to Chess. “I bet you boys are going to want to get the party properly. After all. You said it’s your birthday, right?”

The man then turned to the bartender and handed him a set of keys. “I’m headed home for the night. Be sure to lock up,” he said.

“Sure thing, boss,” the bartender said.

The man then turned back to Chess, and after examining the cocky twink up and down for a moment said, “Since I’m hookin’ you up… why not give me one last look at that big dick of yours.”

“You think just because you bought me a drink I’ll put out?” Chess teased.

“You’re right. How silly of me,” the man said. He then gestured towards the bartender who produced two more glasses.

“Ooh. You really know how to sweet talk a guy,” Chess said with a smirk. He then undid the fly of his shorts and let his heavy meat flop out for his audience to enjoy. “Is this what you wanted to see?” Chess asked playfully as he rocked his hips from side to side. The motion caused his thick meat and heavy nuts to sway back and forth like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.

The man was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the motion of the cocky twink’s impressive member sway from side to side. Chess somehow was grinning even wider than the strange man. The Cheshire-cat-like grin on his face was one of almost manic glee as he soaked up the praise and adoration of the entire crowd.

Emboldened by the cheers and the lusty gazes upon his huge cock, Chester reach out and grabbed a drink in either hand and began chugging both glasses at once. The crowd around him quickly settled into a ritualistic chant of, “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Once both glasses were completely drained of their contents, Chess raised both hands into the air victoriously. His fat cock and heavy nuts dangled between his thighs. The tip of his thick dick only just barely reaching his knees.

The man and the bartender exchanged a knowing grin at one another. The man then turned and began to walk towards the exit, but as he passed Chester, he placed a hand on Chess’s shoulder and said, “Thanks for the show, kid. I almost want to take a moment to kiss that cock goodbye.”

“That’d cost you extra,” Chess said with a smug smirk.

“I bet it would,” The man said with a cryptic chuckle. He then gestured towards the bartender for another round of drinks and vanished into the crowd.

Danny stared incredulously at the man as he vanished. He felt like he should say something but what? It wasn’t just that Danny was confused by this turn of events. His mind was feeling so foggy, and his cock was feeling so hard! Danny couldn’t remember the last time he was this horny. Danny didn’t have time to try and collect his thoughts though. Jessie was already on the move.

Jessie quickly scooped up the card key from the counter and nudged Chester on the arm. “Dude. We have got to check out the VIP room.” He said excitedly.

“Hell yeah!” Chester said as he quickly downed yet another drink.

Jessie gave the bartender a quick glance. The bartender understood immediately and pointed to a small hallway on the far side of the dance floor. Jessie and Chester wasted no time is pushing through the crowd to get to the VIP room, and Danny was dragged along with them.

It didn’t take them long at all to find the doorway the card key opened. A quick swipe was all it took for the door to slide open and reveal the room to them. The VIP lived up to their expectations and then some. In the middle of the room was a large, plush couch and against the side wall was a giant glass panel. The three guys could see their reflection in the glass, and somehow that just spurred them all on to start disrobing.

Jessie was the first one to start peeling off his clothes. Danny was about to protest, but even he couldn’t deny how horny he was. His mind was so hazy. All he wanted to do was whip out his dick and let the cool air waft over his naked body.

“Fuck. Have I told you how hot you are?” Jessie moaned as he leaned in and started to nuzzle the nape of Chester’s neck.

“You’re preaching to the choir, man. Everyone knows how hot I am,” Chess teased, but he didn’t dissuade his friend from kissing his neck or helping him from peeling off his shirt. It wasn’t long at all before Chess’s big dick was nearly fully boned. His rock-hard member stood up straight and tall and almost reached his belly button.

Chess broke away from his pal’s embrace long enough to push his shorts down and step out of them. The teeth of the zipper were digging into his sack, and there was something that was gnawing at the back of his mind. He caught a brief glimpse of his reflection. His dick seemed somehow slimmer. His cock, which usually reached up to his top row of abs now barely reached past his belly button. His nuts, which were normally the size of your average oranges now looked the size of apples. Chess knew it had to be a trick of the light. Something about the way his pants were shoving his dick at a weird angle created this optical illusion. He was sure that once he was free of those pesky clothes, he would be back at his former glory.

“God. Your ass is so hot,” Jessie moaned as he knelt down and nuzzled Chess’s soft cheeks.

“Hah. I never understood your fixation with asses, man. Cock is where it’s at,” Chess said with a chuckle.

“You’ll be singing a different tune once I wreck that sweet ass of yours,” Jessie moaned. Jessie then shifted so that instead of nuzzling his pal’s soft cheeks, he was nuzzling his face into the cleft between Chess’s bubbly butt cheeks.

“W-whoa, man! Homo don’t play that!” Chess stammered, but despite his protests, Chess couldn’t bring himself to shove his friend away. Chess’s ass was incredibly sensitive all of the sudden. Even just feeling his friend’s nose and lips rubbing against his crack was enough to make his cock shudder and sway. Chess struggled against his own arousal. It took every ounce of his self-control to not cum right then and there.

“You’ve just never let yourself try it,” Jessie said breathily between licks and nuzzles of his pal’s tempting ass.

Meanwhile, Danny was also fighting his own libido. He had never been into Chess like Jessie was, but he couldn’t deny how hot it was to watch his buddy eat out their other pal. Before he knew it, Danny had plopped onto the plush couch and had his own respectable dick in his hand and began stroking it to the show.

Chess’s mind was beginning to fog over from the sheer intensity of his arousal. “And… I’m not gonna… let myself try it…” he moaned breathily as he slowly surrendered to the feeling of his friend’s tongue against his ass.

“Don’t say that. You expect me to believe you wax your ass and don’t want it played with?” Jessie teased.

“I wax… everything…” Chester mumbled. He was feeling so weak. His legs nearly gave out from under him. He had to brace himself against the mirror to keep himself upright. His dick was pressed against the mirror. Pre was flowing freely from the tip of his cock and cascading down the glass. Chess could feel the wetness oozing from the tip of his cock washing against his lowest row of abs.

Even amidst the haze of his own arousal, Chess knew something was off. His dick should be pressing against the top row of abs not the bottom. His cock didn’t even reach his belly button? In fact, it fell short of the mark by quite a good margin! Something had to be wrong, but he was struggling too much to keep himself from cumming to try and rationalize what was happening.

“You’ll be begging for my cock soon,” Jessie teased as he rubbed his fingertips against Chess’s tight hole.

Chess tried to protest, but all that came out were a few breathy whines which devolved into low moans as Jessie’s fingers slipped into him.

Chess could feel the flight or fight response welling up withing him. He was a big dick alpha stud. He gave dickings—not took them! He wasn’t some pillow princess! But even has he tried to work up the strength to resist, his own arousal was winning out. He was so horny. He was so close to cumming. He needed something to push him over the edge, and as he felt Jessie’s fingers slip deeper into him, it started to dawn on him what he needed.

“Oh… fuck…” Chess whined as Jessie’s fingertip grazed something deep inside him that he never would have thought existed. The pleasure was so intense that Chess’s legs started to buckle under him. His cock gave a lurch, and then he felt hot, sticky spunk wash over his fingers.

It all happened so fast that Chess didn’t even have time to really process it all. One second he was leaning against the glass, and the next second he was on his knees with a hand around his cock and stroking intently, but even amidst the euphoric haze, Chess could tell something was up. He only had one hand around his cock, and that’s all he needed.

Chess glanced down. His stomach was coated in spunk. The amount of jizz seemed unreasonable especially compared to his golf ball sized tested. It was so hard for him to believe that that much spunk had been ejected from his six-inch rod.

Chess stared in awe at his own cock. Even in the haze of the afterglow it was clear that his dick was less than half its former glory and he was as hard as he had ever been. “W-what the…” he mumbled under his breath as he stared at his now fairly average dick.

“And that was just my fingers. Imagine what a real cock would feel like,” Jessie gloated.

Chess tried to stagger back to his feet and take stock of his cock, but before he had a chance to, something odd happened.

While Chess and Jessie were having their fun, Danny was left to his own devices. He sat back on the couch and tugged at his dick like a man possess while he watched his friends go at it. Jessie was fairly average down there so he only really needed the one hand. He started by playing with his balls with his spare hand, but his hand soon brushed against something unexpected. The feeling of his knuckles knocking against plastic managed to snap Danny from his haze long enough for him to glance at what he had found. To his surprise he found that there was a remote poking out from between the couch cushions.

Danny glanced at the remote and began to curiously poke at buttons to see what they did. The lights in the room suddenly turned on… as did the lights on the dance floor! It soon became clear that the mirror Chess had been pressed against was a two-way mirror! Now that the lights were on, they could see out onto the dance floor and the dance floor could see in on them!

Chess was shocked and horrified and more than a little turned on by the crowd that had stopped gyrating dead in their tracks to stare at him in all his nude, cum-coated, and fully-boned glory. Under normal circumstances, Chess would love all the attention he was suddenly getting—and to a certain extent, he still did—but that was several inches ago. His painfully average looking rod was now openly on display.

Jessie reached down and helped Chess back up to his feet, and in one fluid motion he pulled Chess back up and spun him around so that he was now pressed chest to chest and dick to dick against Jessie. Chess was too shocked to say anything. His mind was reeling from a conflicting mishmash of feelings. On one hand he was horrified by the changes he was experiencing downstairs. He didn’t want anyone to see him like this—least of all the friend he constantly teased about their own dick size, but on the other hand, Chess was hornier than he had ever been in his life. Even after busting a nut that felt like the largest climax of his life, he was still rock hard and dribbling pre, but perhaps worst of all was this strange sensation in his backside. His hole was practically begging for something more. Just Jessie’s fingers had sent Chess over the edge. Imagine what something bigger could do.

Chess tried to suppress the thought. He was a designated alpha. He was a big dicked top who only ever did the fucking. The mere thought of allowing himself to bottom caused him to reel… although… could he really claim to be a huge, hung alpha with his current measurements? They say size doesn’t matter. They say it’s what you do with it that counts, but they also say the world is flat so…

Chess grappled with his thoughts. He still didn’t understand what was happening to him or why. Images of the previous day flashed quickly into his mind. This club… he had never heard of it before today, but Jessie and Danny had insisted Chess go. Those weird drinks… that guy from the dance floor… He seemed to know more than he let on.

“… one last look at that big dick,” the man had said.

“… kiss that big dick goodbye.” That’s what he said, right? Something close to that anyway. They were odd phrases at the time, but Chess was too busy basking in the spotlight to think anything of them. That man knew something. Add to that the fact that he had the VIP card and the bartender deferred to him, it was clear he was high in the pecking order around here. He might even own the place.

Chess’s thoughts were scattered and hectic enough without Jessie nuzzling the nape of his neck and grinding his dick against Chess’s own reduced rod. The heat of his pal’s body against his own. The feeling of Jessie’s dense muscles against his skin. The sensation of Jessie’s powerful arms wrapped around Chess’s body. They all made Chess light in the head and hard in the cock. Chess’s subconscious was screaming against his own thoughts to throw caution to the wind and let Jessie have his way, but even as Chess’s inhibitions steadily crumbled, the anxiety welled up inside of him. What if the changes were permanent? What if he never got his big dick back? What if he got even smaller? Chess wanted to push Jessie away and demand that he fess up, but Jessie didn’t give him the option.

“I’d say you’re ready for part two,” Jessie moaned sensually into Chess’s ear.

“W-what!?” Chess stammered.

“You can’t claim to be strictly a top after cumming from just me fingering you. What do you say we skip the pretense and get straight to fuckin,” Jessie moaned.

Chess tried to protest, but he was betrayed by a delighted lurch from his cock.

“That’s what I thought,” Jessie chuckled. “What’s that you always say. Biggest dick tops, right?”

It was at that moment that Chess became painfully aware that he no longer stacked up to his pal where it counted. His balls were pressed against Jessie’s own. His cock was pressed against Jessie’s rod. Jessie’s cock eclipsed his own by a good margin. Jessie had him beat for both length and girth! Jessie—the guy Chess had teased for his small cock for as long as they had known each other—had a cock that stood a good head taller than Chess’s own. The tip of Chess’s cock barely reached the lower ridge up the puffed-up glans of Jessie’s now larger cock.

Jessie’s fingers dug into the soft, supple flesh of Chess’s big, bubbly ass cheeks and slowly crept inwards towards the expectant cleft of Chess’s eager ass. The feeling drove Chess wild. He never imagined having his ass played with could be so sensual… so hot…

The words were out of Chess’s mouth before he even realized that he was saying them. “Fuck me…” he moaned under his breath.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear,” Jessie said with a chuckle.

Jessie was only a hair taller than Chess, but he was a regular at the gym. His body was sculpted into thick, meaty perfection from years of diligence. As such, it was relatively easy for him to spin Chess around and lift him into position. Chess suddenly found himself once more facing down the audience from the dance floor. He could see a transparent reflection of himself superimposed over the crowd that now watched him intently. In his reflection he could see just how small his cock had become.

It was clear that Chess had lost even more mass while he was wrapped in Jessie’s embrace. His cock was now shy of the average six-inch mark by a good margin, but then again, he knew that already. Even the short-cocked Jessie who’s five-inch glory was the subject of ridicule from Chess for ages was now a good deal bigger than him. Chess had a cock that now didn’t even reach the four-inch mark. He had a cock that was smaller than he had had in middle school. The dicklet he now sported looked like it’d be more at home on a third grader and not on a full-grown man. He had a pint-sized cocklet atop a pair of nuts the size of cherries, and despite how horrified he knew he should be by his current predicament, Chess was as horny as he had ever been. Some part of him was excited. In fact, some part of him was downright ecstatic by the new and improved Vienna sausage between his legs. Such a tiny dick was perfect for a cock-hungry butt-slut like him.

The thoughts racing through his mind blind-sided Chess. He had never in his wildest dreams would have believed he could ever even think that—let alone feel it, but a growing part of his subconscious was exulting in his new measurements and was excited to see what came next, and that portion of his mind was quickly drowning out the portion of his mind that railed against fate at his dwindling dong.

In many ways, Chess was glad when he felt the tip of Jessie’s cock press against his tight ass. Not only was he so hungry for it that he moaned in spite of himself when he felt it press against his expectant hole, but he welcomed the distraction to quiet the raging tempest that was his own thoughts.

Chess could feel his tight hole stretch to accept his pal’s cock. On some level, he still wanted to resist. He still wanted to claim to be too hung to bottom, but he knew those days were behind him, and judging from the gazes and gestures from the audience, they all knew it too.

Danny continued to rapidly stroke his cock as he watched Jessie plunge into Chess’s supple cheeks. Danny found himself wishing he could see more of what was happening. From his seat on the couch, he was directly behind Jessie and so was only really seeing Jessie’s beefy backside as the stud plowed into the moaning twink.

Almost as if in answer to Danny’s prayers, his thumb brushed up against a button on the remote. Screens flickered to light all around him. Suddenly, he was no longer so far removed from the action. He was now bombarded by images of Chess getting reamed from every possible angle. It defied logic. Some of these angles would be impossible to get a camera poised for, but that didn’t seem the matter. Danny could see Jessie’s cock actually sliding in and out of Chess’s ass. He could actually see Chess’s now kiddy dick as it bobbed and shuddered from both the intensity of Chess’s arousal and the intense pounding his ass was receiving, and it soon became apparent that Danny was not the only person who could see all this. Panels all around the dance floor flickered to life. It was as if the walls of the club themselves has become large-screen TVs that now broadcasted the passionate fucking for all to see from every possible angle. Many of the audience were fixated on the whines and writhes of the formerly cocky twink as he begged to be fucked harder and deeper than ever before, but most were fixated on the screen that showcased what was left of Chess’s dwindling dick for all to see.

Chess couldn’t take his eyes away from the screen. Even though his cock was now displayed on a nearly IMAX-sized screen, it still looked fucking tiny! There was even a series of graduated lines on the side of the screen to track just how poorly he now measured up. Chess felt light-headed as he tried to figure out just how many inches he was sporting, but a mix of euphoria from the intense fucking his hungry hole was receiving as well as a general haze that had settled over his mind from his incredible horniness and the overtly surreal nature of everything that had happened made it nearly impossible to focus. As best as Chess could tell he now fell short of the three inch mark. His cock was now barely longer than his thumb and nowhere near as thick. He now had close to a fifth of his former length. He had a dick suited for a kindergartener not a college stud! His nuts, which would formerly rival oranges for size had shrunken from the size of cherries mere moments before to the size of cherry pits!

A mix of hormones, shame, excitement, and exhaustion wracked Chess’s body. His legs trembled and threatened to give out from under him, but Jessie was not done with him yet. Jessie didn’t even take his cock out of Chester’s ass to do his next trick. While still buried to the hilt, Jessie reached forward and slipped his hands behind Chess’s knees and then hoisted the slender dude up into the air. Chess suddenly found himself leaning back against Jessie’s broad, beefy chest while he now sat atop Jessie’s cock. Chess’s legs were held wide so that the audience had a very good view of what little was left between Chess’s legs.

Part of Chess wanted to cover up, but part of him was excited by the gazes from the crowd. Everyone now knew he was sporting a cock fit for a pre-schooler. His dick was not even two inches long! It was shorter than his thumb! It was thinner than his pinky! He had a tiny pair of testes that were outclassed by peanuts! Hell, they were outclassed by peas!

Danny leaned in closer to the monitors that filled his field of view. The sounds of Jessie’s thighs slapping against Chess’s soft, supple cheeks and the whines and moans from the two participants filled Danny’s ears. Danny was so close to cumming. He couldn’t think about anything other than how hot the spectacle before him was. He was so horny that he dropped the remote and set both hands to work on stroking his cock. Danny was nowhere near blessed enough to fit both hands on the shaft, but that didn’t stop him. He stroked his cock passionately with one hand while the other hand rubbed the swollen, glistening head of his over-stimulated cock. Pre flowed freely from the tip of his dick and coated his hand and dripped onto the floor below. A huge, glistening glob of pre dripped off his hand and onto the remote that lay at his feet prompting yet another series of videos to play on the screens around the club.

A familiar face suddenly filled all but a few screens—the screens that focused on Jessie’s cock ramming into Chess’s hungry hole, and the screen that chronicled the steady shrinkage of Chess’s formerly foot long dong. The face of the man from earlier who had given them the VIP pass now showed on many of the monitors. An annoyingly upbeat tune blasted from the speakers and the name of the club flashed on the screens behind the man. This was some kind of commercial.

“My fans, I come to you today to showcase our newest, greatest hit. Long has our club been known for its unique concoctions. Our fan favorite is without a doubt the libido-boosting Midnight Jackhammer!” the man said and gestured towards a large glass filled to the brim with a familiar greenish liquid. “This brew can keep you hard as diamond and fucking like a piston for hours on end!”

The screen then changed and a new drink appeared in the background—an even more familiar purple beverage. “And now we’re proud to present our newest attraction—Bottoms Up!” The man paused dramatically while a large image of the drink that Chess had consumed several glasses of soaked up the spotlight.

“Too long have we focused our attention on the giver and not the taker, but that ends now. With the new Bottoms Up even the pickiest of bottoms will be craving that cock, but don’t take my word for it. Let’s speak with some early adopters!”

The screen then shifted to a view of a buff frat bro who was too busy reaming himself with a large dildo to do anything other than moan blissfully. His chest was already coated in spunk, and yet his huge cock was still rock hard.

“Come on down and get your Bottoms Up today!” the man said as the video slowly faded away to dark, but right before the video faded completely a fast-talking voice rattled off the required warnings.

“Please drink responsibly. Consuming too much may cause some permanent changes such as reduction in mass of penile tissue.”

The last bit of legalize hit Chess like a truck. He somehow knew the changes would be permanent but hearing it out loud really made the truth of the matter hit home. He was never getting his prized hog back. He was going to have a baby dick for the rest of his days, and judging by the reactions from the crowd, it seemed a lot of them were coming to that same conclusion. Some looked shocked. Some looked excited, but still many more looked on with perverse glee as they watched what was left of Chess’s formerly foot-long glory steady dwindle away. Wherever Chess’s gaze fell he would see the universal hand signal—the thumb and forefinger close together—to show that they were all talking about how tiny he had become.

Chess shuddered with shame and excitement. He was so horny that he just wanted to cum and cum again. His tiny cock bucked and lurched with glee. Spurt after spurt of jizz erupted from the tip of his dick, but despite the continuous spurts, the actual volume of seed splattering against his crotch barely amounted to a thimbleful. Chess’s rice-sized stones didn’t have the ability to produce enough spunk to shoot forth from his inch-long dicklet.

Far more cum was now oozing from Chess’s ass than from his cock. Jessie had pumped load after thick, sticky load deep into Chess’s ass. Feeling the warm, sticky good ooze out of him somehow made Chess even hornier. He wanted to reach down and stroke his cock, but not only could he not move his arms to do so, but he didn’t even have enough cock to stroke!

Chess now officially had a baby dick. His infantile cock was barely as long as the upper segment of his pinky and thinner than a screwdriver. He had taken Tylenol bigger than his dick was now. If he had tried to grip it between his thumb and forefinger, he would have completely eclipsed the entire shaft. Gone where the days when he could wrap both hands around his shaft and have plenty of room to spare. Now Chess couldn’t even get a couple fingers around it!

Danny couldn’t hold back anymore. He let out a loud cry of euphoric bliss and let forth a spurt of jizz the likes of which he had never seen before. The spray of jizz arced up into the air well above his head. Much of it plastered his face and coated his hair, but still more of it splashed down on the remote on the ground at his feet. A thick layer of spunk quickly coated the device causing several buttons to become depressed in the process. Lights all around them started to flick off. Screens everywhere suddenly went dark. The view of the crowd on the dancefloor faded from view as the two-way mirror that Chess was displayed in front of reverted to a one-way mirror.

Seeing his measurements on the big screen was one thing, but seeing his reflection in actual size somehow struck home even harder just how small his dick had become. Chess’s cock was only a couple centimeters. His cock was barely as long as the shaved portion of a pencil and was barely thicker than the cylinder of lead contained within. His nuts couldn’t even classify as nuts anymore. They were barely bigger than balls of couscous. Chess was born with a bigger dick than he was currently sporting, and yet despite how strange it looked, Chess found that he kind of liked it.

Finally, Jessie reached the limits of his stamina. He plunged his cock deep into Chess’s ass for one last spurt and dumped another load of hot, thick seed into his buddy’s bottom. Now fully spent, he slumped back and lay down on the plush carpet of the VIP room. Chess, meanwhile, was along for the ride. Before he could fully comprehend what was happening, he soon found himself lying on the floor with his pal’s arms wrapped around him. Jessie was murmuring something, but Chess couldn’t make any of it out. Jessie sounded like he was barely awake, and Chess was so spent that he would soon be following his friend off to slumberland.

As Chess lay there drifting in and out of consciousness, he was only vaguely aware that his cock had finally seemed to stop shrinking. For better or for worse, this was his size now. On some level, he had accepted that, but as he steadily drifted off, his thoughts were filled with images of huge, thick cocks… and dreams of what it would be like to ride them.

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