by RdyRoger

A pair of bracelets let the wearer gain the proportions and attributes of any figurine you pick up. Once you understand that, you start to realize there are some very well-built figurines out there...

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Part 1 A pair of bracelets let the wearer gain the proportions and attributes of any figurine you pick up. Once you understand that, you start to realize there are some very well-built figurines out there... (added: 1 Feb 2009)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Part 1

When I first got the bracelets I had no idea what they were… but it didn't take long to figure it out! I liked the look of them, bought them in a thrift store for $1. They were leather, with a brass buckle and studs. I tried them on at home in front of the mirror… I had a sculpture that I had bought, it was sitting in front of the mirror so I picked it up to move it. But I couldn't set it down. My hand wouldn't let go. Now you should know that this particular figurine was a gay man's wet dream… an exaggerated supermuscular tall bodybuilder, a black man with small gold ear hoops and a sexy seductive smile and a big bulge in the green speedos. The glutes were a musclestud's dream, the calves were enormous hams and the thighs were bulging double thick with veiny cables of thick, layered muscle. The pecs were huge and broad and wide and and wide pointy sexy nipples stuck out. The back was broad and thick and muscled and the arms were enormous, with gigantic traps and ohmygodnormous biceps.

I had fantasized about this statue and this hot black bodybuilder…I'd imagined he was well over 6' tall… perhaps 6’8” sometimes, or sometimes I had fantasized about him being 7’2” tall… wondering what someone so tall and so big would be like… that exaggerated muscle even bigger on a giant man's frame…!!

I hardly felt anything… a bit of dizzyness for an instant… and then I swelled and grew and I looked up and the image of myself in the mirror grew bigger and bigger and black and my lips swelled and my nose broadened and I felt that the room was shrinking but I was growing!!! taller and taller and taller and bigger and bigger!! in less than a minute I was the exact image of the bodybuilder, only more perfect and more beautiful, the intent of the artist made perfect. I looked down and in my hand I held a slightly smaller statue in the same style as the black bodybuilder statue… but this was an obvious representation of me!!! or the me I was a moment before. I set down the new figurine and looked in the mirror again. I was wearing the wristbands still in my new form but everything including my clothes had switched to the representation of the bodybuilder.

I felt WONDERFUL and sexy and huge and the muscles and the testosterone pumping through them had me superhorny in a few moments. I felt my nipple and a sexy jolt of energy hit my groin and I had to pull down my speedos before they burst! My new cock was a good 6 incher soft that quickly grew to 8 solid inches. Wow. this was awesome! In a few moments my uncut cock was shooting a huge load on the mirror.

I Loved it… my moans of excitement were the moans of a bass voiced african american man… I so loved my new voice it drove me to spew again in just a few moments.

Obviously the artist intended that the bodybuilder should be an insatiable sex machine made of muscle because I was unfatigable. Finally I picked up the figurine of my old self to look at it. It looked just like me! Then I felt a wave of—something… and very quickly the figure in my hand turned into the black bodybuilder and I turned back into myself and I was standing in front of my mirror with several huge loads of cum still dripping down it.

I took off the bracelets and picked up the statue. Nothing happened. I had it figured out already!!! Any figure I held I became… and the figure became me until I picked it up again.

I had collected a lot of statuary and figurines and I knew that I was going to have FUN!!

Then I had a thought… I opened up my toybox and pulled ou t several dildoes…complete with big balls and in sizes from impressive to oh fuck what is that thing????!!!

I picked up the bracelets and put them back on. I reached out and hesitated… better not pick up the gigantic black dildo… being in a white body. I picked up something slightly more modest, the 12 inch beer can cock dildo with the giant balls hanging below them indicating massive size…I'd fantasized about having a cock this big and imagining how big the balls would be with a cock this size.,,.. I guess I had fantasized right. I was afraid it wouldn't happen but in a moment I saw the dildo in my hand shrink… and quickly turn into an exact copy of my original cock. and hanging between my legs were a giant low hanging set of balls and of course the 12 inch erect cock springing from my groin like a giant cucumber. I touched it and it was warm and real and heavy and aching and hot and hard and it grew bigger and harder and the sensation was so sweet that I shot. ummm… did I mention that I'd fantasized about this huge cock and balls being supershooters? well, they were.

After the first amazing SPLAT of cum on the mirror and the hip bucking heart wrenching fantastic orgasm I saw that I had shot about a cup of cum all over the mirror, wall, and um, yes the ceiling!

I loved this… where did these bracelets come from??? I quickly unbuckled them and hid my “original” in the toybox. I would never switch back!! Wow I was huge hung with a giant set of balls and a 12” erect cock that shot huge huge loads!

If I could find a figurine with huge muscles and a sexy face and huge cock and balls… wowwow!!

Then I had a thought. I opened the toybox and picked up my original. In 15 seconds I was holding a giant rubber dildo and my 6” cock was back between my legs.

I took off the bracelets and picked up the black body builder statue. I imagined him even taller…7' 8” tall and very sexy and insatiable and with the deepest, sexiest voice ever. I imagined that a stud like him would naturally be huge and only go to the gym to pump and meet with his friends. I imagined the quality of stud he was. I imagined how he could take huge cocks and big fists and was impervious to pain which would only feel like pleasure to his huge muscles. I imagined how handsome and sexy he was and how sensitive his nipples would be and how much he craved fucking and being fucked and how much he loved to kiss and how huge his tongue was.

Then I picked up the giant 15” black dildo and imagined what that would be like… how big and thick and hard and heavy, how sensitive and sensual it would be, sliding between someone's legs soft or sticking up rock hard and throbbing and pulsing with each heartbeat. I imagined what it would be like soft, still huge and thick but soft and heavy, I imagined that it never was any shorter than 10” even completely soft. And I imagined how huge those balls must be on this monster cock… twice as big as the one's I'd sported with the 12” cock I was sure… and then I imagined how much precum it would leak and how much it would shoot. it wasn't a big shooter. It wasn't a super shooter. It was a firehose. And I imagined how those huge balls would swell even bigger and churn when they were ready to shoot a huge load.

I set down the dildo and picked up the bracelets. I remembered what I'd imagined for the black figurine and then I fixed that image in my mind and I picked up the figurine and stared at it. I started to swell larger and the figurine in my hand shrank and turned into average white guy. I set it down and looked up at the mirror. I was magnificent. I was still wearing the bracelets and I turned and picked up the giant black superthick 15” long mule like dildo and held it in my hands. In a second I felt a flash and the dildo in my hands shrank to 8”. I looked up.

There was a massive bulge in my speedos. MASSIVE. I could feel the weight of the cock, the heaviness of the giant balls as even now they began to churn and demand sexual release. The speedos had adapted to the secondary change, stretching to fit the massively enhanced genitals. I dropped the 8” dildo and took off the bracelets and I was a sexual god.

When I walked into the bar everyone looked. Everyone. I smiled at one guy and nodded pleasantly and he swooned. I was so much bigger than everyone else! I was head and shoulders above everyone else even the tallest other guy was only about 6’6'” AND I WAS 14” TALLER THAN HE WAS!!

“HEY SHORT STUFF HOW'S THE WEATHER DOWN THERE?” I boomed in my bass voice, tempering the power of my voice with a smile. I watched him blush. He probably wasn't used to blushing.

I took his hand and put it on my bulge and that was the start of the wildest orgy of my life. Martin was freaked by my giant size, the way my 15” cock hung down to my knees swinging to side to side the shaft warm on my black thighs and the huge head slapping on my knees.

The whole bar took turns servicing me. I told them my name was Monroe. It fitted, a name for a stud from Detroit I told them.

They didn't care. I woke in the bar in the morning, the floor covered with drying cum and I was still the giant black man. I was Monroe. I liked being Monroe. I woke feeling energized and sexy and I was ready to go… really ready to go but everyone else was still wasted and fagged out on the booths and floor. I showered naked in the kitchen, spraying myself with the warm sink sprayer. I pulled on my baggy boardshorts, and the xxxxl muscle t and I was dressed. I was more naked and sexy dressed than I was naked if that were possible. My cock was warm and huge resting against the fabric and my huge hairy black leg. I was a macho fuck machine and I knew it. My chest… my massive pecs stuck out as I stood proud and tall and strode through the streets back to my modest house. I stood in the bedroom and pulled wads of cash out of my pockets… the money… probably all the money from the bar last night. It was thrust on me, I didn't ask for it.

Monroe was a wonderful invention. I Loved Being Monroe… I might be him permanently. But not yet… There was so much more to try!!!!


Part 2

I went on the internet and ordered… well, I ordered every dildo there was and every mask of every movie star and every statue, figurine and toy I could find.

Then I looked at the figurines I had in the house… there were 12 or 14 of them, muscle men, surferboys, all sorts of male representations of hot.. and usually gay… sensuality.

Then I reluctantly put on the bracelets again, and picked up the 8”black dildo. In a moment it swelled to the 15” massive black dildo… and I looked between my legs and saw 8” of soft cock. It was nothing!

I laughed to myself and picked up the statue of myself. The room grew as I shrank, back down to 5’10” with a 3” soft cock. I was back to myself. It was a relief, almost. The bed called to me and I laid down on the sheets and was asleep in seconds. When I woke it was a few hours later. I felt good. Rested, as if I had recovered from an exertion. Well, I guess the stress of the change was a psychological exertion! I wasn't used to being someone else!

It was Saturday about 3pm. I looked for my next selection…. there it was- an animated, supermuscled tall blonde surfer boy holding a surfboard and with flashing white teeth and a sexy wholesome all american demeanor. Well, at least I was going for something different… sort of. I did have a thing for muscled hung guys!

I stared at the statue, imagining how tall it was… he looked tall, not over 7' that was Monroe territory but he was definitely a good 6’4” tall at least. and muscled…more muscled than Monroe, Surfer boy was exaggerated muscle in every sense…I imagined how that would translate into a real world musculature… where would this guy get shirts? and his nipples were huge and slightly swollen… obviously very sensitive. I wondered if he wasn't more of a bottom… more of a stud on the sand and a needy bottom in bed. He had that look… that sexy look…

And an incredible bubble butt… oh yeah, this was going to be good!

I picked up surfer boy and felt the transition begin. I grew 6” taller and MUCH wider… huge musculature, esp the upper body and thighs and butt. The cock was a respectable set that was okay and felt good… but I wasn't satisfied with that. But with surfer boy being a bottom (and yes I was feeling the need) I still wanted more. I went to the chest of toys and looked in. There was the exact thing I realized I was looking for! A big tan dildo—about 12” long, but incredibly thick. And I mean, it was like grabbing a liter bottle when I picked it up. It was cut and sexy and HEAVY. In a moment something between my legs started to feel heavier as the dildo in my hand became lighter. huge it grew between my legs, swelling thicker and thicker. I had always wondered what an incredibly thick beer can cock would feel like and now I knew.

The only problem.. or deficiency, was the testicles. They were average-normal. That wouldn't do. But how to affect that? I looked in the toy chest and nothing really jumped out. Then I saw on my dresser an exercise ball, a squeeze ball that fit in the palm of your hand… I had another and I picked them both up and I held them and looked at them. I imagined them hanging in a giant scrotum, being a huge set of testicles. One was slightly larger and would hang lower. I knew the scrotum was shaved on my surfer body so I imagined a giant set of balls the size of the these squeeze balls, full of cum and ready to blast and I held them down and in front of my fireplug cock and imagined what that size would do to me and then I felt a transition and the balls in my hand shrank to the size of the surfer boy testicles and the surfer boy testicles between my legs grew in their sack HUGE!!!

I knew that imagination was an active part of the transition and I guess that was enough.. something respresentational that worked.

I was a tall thick hung bull balled bottom boy blonde surfer stud. I looked about 16 in my face, until you looked at the rest of my huge body.

This was awesome. I wanted to hit the baths right away.

I was a hit as I knew I would be. There was a fellow there named Mikey who was soooo sexy and he liked fucking me and I asked him home. He had a good six incher on him and I was going to do him a BIG FAVOR, if he would return the BIG FAVOR in the best way possible.

I turned the lights in my bedroom low and I put the straps on his wrists. I told him I was going to hypnotize him into being a sex machine. Mikey was willing to do anything to be with me… he liked blondes and I knew my green eyes were hypnotizing enough!!!

I had him close his eyes and selected the biggest dildo in the toy chest a 14” cock with a big knobby head and a thick shaft and big big big big balls attached. I told him he was going to be a superhung superstud top fucker and he was going to make love to me all night, filling me with his giant cock and spewing load after load from his giant balls.

I made him close his eyes and put the dildo on his fingertips. In a second his hand flexed and grabbed the dildo and I watched as his 6” cock and tiny balls grew huge… his cock was longer than mine although not thicker and I made sure to suggest that he was a supershooter too…

His hand opened and he was moaning, I picked up the 6” dildo and set it on the dresser. I loved the way he looked laying there. I reached down and undid the straps and set them aside. I stroked his manhood hard and sat on it. It was astonishing, my ass wanted to be stretched and it was. Superstreched and deep and hot and every nerve fiber was alive… I was a total pussy boy and I came instantly. He reached up and grabbed my nipples and I came again. He was lost in the fantasy and he fucked me till the sun started to rise, then we fell asleep on the bed. I woke alone. The straps were on the dresser, as was the 6” dildo. There was no sign of Mikey. He was gone with his new giant cock and balls and… well, that was that. I didn't know his name or address and I didn't begrudge him… my god I thought about him laying there in the night, his giant flaccid cock laying across his abdomen. I hoped I saw him again. I carefully put away his dildo and put in the straps and picked up the little balls and in a minute they swelled large in my hand. Next I picked up the dildo from my surfer transformation and finally my figurine. I was myself again. I wasn't tired this time, I felt energized. I was happy for Mike, wherever he was out there. He was going to have a lot of fun.

It was Sunday and I wondered who to be. Then I saw it.. .a hot cute studmuffin man… well, he could be on vacation at the beach. Ken, I mean, who wouldn't want to be that gay boy once? I told myself firmly that Ken was a total whore who worked for money and used his looks for getting anything he wanted and that he was so sexy he could charm anyone out of anything!!

I picked up the doll and I looked in the mirror and I was gorgeous. I looked amazing!! But there was a lack of much of anything between my legs so I picked up a big uncut cock and balls dildo, It was something that hinted at hispanic, I knew that it was also a huge grower. HUGE. I felt something shift in me, and then I looked up and Ken was a VERY sexual being. His white slacks had a huge fold of cloth hiding my giant uncut cock. I went out on the blvd. I fucked men and let them suck me off and I collected all the money. They couldn't believe my name was Ken. Believe it, I told them.

My cock was a huge rod that curved to the right… a giant cuban banana. I told them I was partly Cuban. My huge cock was my Cuban part. They loved it. They loved me. They thought it was great!!! I was Ken the Cuban hung prostitute. I was unstoppable.

When I went home that night I was still hopped and ready to go. I pulled all the money out of my pockets… it was a pile of about 3000 dollars.

I decided my next change would be more … challenging. I really enjoyed being a different man, a different voice, a different set of desires but somehow still me deep inside.

Then I decided that I wanted to be myself only huge and muscular and hung. I took a photo of my face and taped it on a beautiful humongous bodybuilder statue. I had purchased a lot of sex toys at the local shop, I picked out the “white dream”- the biggest uncut set of cock and balls I had ever seen. They were molded to look flaccid… hugely flaccid.

I knew that this was going to be a terriific fun thing… myself only hugely muscled and perfected and hung. I thought about the perfected me and did the swap. There I was, recognizably myself, handsome and hot and studly and huge hung. My god these genitals were amazing!!! I stroked myself and this huge cock rose before me. Only it wasn't Ken or Monroe or Surfer stud, it was ME.

Okay, so I am a size queen. What I hadn't told you yet was that I fantasized about the bodybuilder me being a stud that put on muscle easily… very very easily. The gym wasn't crowded but the guys there all followed me around finding reasons to work out close to me. I was okay with that!! So I had Joey measure my biceps- 20” of rock hard muscle!!! I dropped 140 lbs on the curl bar and started to pump. And man did I pump !!!! I watched my biceps throb and grow thicker and thicker and stronger and stronger!! The pulsing energy in my biceps was amazing!!! Then I did some triceps extensions and my upper arms swelled massssssssive!!!! I had Joey come and measure my pumped up arms. 26”. Fucking incredlble. Bigger than Mr Universe. Well, after that I just had to work out my pecs!

Several days later I had some time free and I restored myself to my original form. I was easier with it now, but when I was “normal” I wondered why all the rooms were so tall and the furniture so big. I was used to being the big man now. Most of the time.

But I had found this cute little gay looking asian statue, a very sexy man with a slight build and a perfect bubble butt. I decided that this guy was only 5' tall… I was trying something a bit different. I put on the straps and picked up the statue. I felt some trepidation as the room grew around me. I was a shrimp! I looked in the mirror and there I was a cute little asian man. Then I picked up the giant dildo I had preselected. In a moment I was huge hung, my flaccid penis arching over my big balls and hanging flaccid to my knee.

I pulled on some loose jeans and a t shirt and I went to the baths. Did I have fun! Everyone wanted to fuck me until they saw my giant cock and then they begged me to fuck them! I had some of both and it was hot.

Later I let two hot guys suck my cock… there was plenty to go around and they were both working it hard… and I was inexhaustible.

Then I looked up and saw Michael. Michael with the 14” long penis. Michael who had the transfer that night I was the hot blonde surfer stud. He looked at me and I looked at him and he knew. I don't know how but he looked at me and said, “it's you!”

I didn't deny it.

I let him suck my huge cock while I did him… a wonderful magical 69.


Part 3

Later in bed back at my new pad he wanted to know what happened. I didn't tell him, I didn't want him to be tempted to steal the wrist straps.

He told me he wanted to be a massive hung huge bodybuilder, with the same penis and balls he had now but a super heavyweight bodybuilder body, hairy and masculine and sexy but with huge huge pecs and bi's… this guy was a complete muscle freak and he dozed off telling me about his dreams.

I put the straps on him while he slept. I took out his old dildo, his real cock… and put it in his hand. His cock returned to normal, average. He moaned but still slept. He seemed under a spell. I took one of my bodybuilder statues… a supermuscled one. I took a pencil and drew a 5' o clock shadow on the face, a good heavy dark one. Then I pencilled in the hair on the chest, the hairy pubes, and the hairy legs and ass … even a patch on the small of his back, pointing down to his glory hole… and then I went back and emphasized his nipples a bit… and evened out his eyebrows and took some paint and touched his eyes green. I wrote on the ass of his speedos, (in very tiny script) 7' tall, 295 lbs, hung 15” xtra thick bull balled supershooter.

I didn't know exactly what that would do, I thought it was like one of those t shirts that said + or 9” or something. I thought a minute, then wrote on the front of the speedos jock/athlete/nice guy/loverboy/musclefreak. Then I thought about it a second. I went to the toy chest and found a GI Joe with a muscle t. I pulled the too small muscle t on the bodybuilder statue and wrote on the overstretched fabric, “I can cum 20 times a day”

On the back I wrote “MACHO” then added the word “SUPERSTUD”.

and then I wrote “VERSATILE”

and then… just for fun… “SIZE QUEEN”.

I very carefully put the statue in Michael's hand. It rested there for a second and then began to shrink… slowly… as his fingers curled around the statue and his fingers swelled and his body grew longer and heavier and the mattress began to sag from the added weight and his legs stuck out further and further over the edge of the bed. As his upper torso expanded massively the dark hair curled up from his new speedos and then up his pecs and around the swollen nipples. Then his hand uncurled and the figurine slipped from his fingers and shattered on the floor.

OOPS. I hadn't planned on that.

I swept up the pieces and put them in a plastic container and placed it away in the chest. I took the straps off of Michael's wrists and then I put them on and switched back to me. I got out the blond surferstud I had been wearing when I met Michael. I wrote on the surferboy t shirt, “More bottom but will top MUSCLEFREAK” then on the back I wrote carefully, “BEST FRIEND SUPERLOVER POWERBOTTOM” and then with a smile I wrote on the ass across the boardshorts “BEST BUBBLE BUTT SEXIEST MUSCLE ASS” and then across the front of the shorts I wrote “SIZE KING” (I had to pick it up with a towel because I didn't want to touch it too soon) I studied it, looked at it, imagined it bigger even than the first time, 6’6” tall and 270 lbs. I finally touched it and my fingers clung to it and in moments I was huger, blonder, more handsome than the first time. I went to the dildo chest and I drew out the big dildo and balls I'd worn the first time with Michael. I looked at that liter bottle sized dildo and something clicked in my mind and I thought, “this is soft,” and “this cock can cum 20 times per day” and then, “this cock is 24” long hard”.

I touched the dildo and my hand wrapped around it. I felt a weight on my groin… growing heavier, pulling down as the dildo in my hand shrank from 14” to only 6” long. I looked down. WOW.

I put away the figurines carefully. I took off the straps and hid them. Then I woke Michael.

Michael groaned and stretched as he awoke… the light in the room, the way it highlighted his musculature, his massive size, the hairy chested magnificence of the huge man… I was breathless in anticipation.

His eyes opened suddenly… they flashed the most amazing green. “What's different?” he asked.

His voice had more timbre but was mostly unchanged… he looked down across his massive hairy chest. His eyes grew wide at the sight of his erect nipples.

He lifted a hand, a massive, strong, veined, long fingered hand, and then his gaze traveled down to his massive veiny with the blood visibly pumping through the muscles forearm and then to his gigantic upper arm.

He shuddered, he was in shock.

It's okay I said to him.

Slowly he stood up. “I feel so different… so strong”

“Be careful not to break anything.

He straightened up and then reflexively ducked. He wasn't so used to being so close to the ceiling.

Wow! He looked down. There was his massive meat. “You did it!” he said. Then he looked at me. “You again!- but not you…”

Yes I had modified my blonde surfer stud body.

“I have to see” he walked slowly to the mirror. He gasped. He was magnificent, Tall, SuperMuscled Stud. He turned and looked at me- standing there in the bedroom doorway, he overfilled the door side to side and was taller than the doorframe. He was magnificent.

It's too much! I can't walk around like this…. you have to change me back.

Unn… I can't.

I'm sorry I can change you but not back, and I'm not sure what happens if I change you when I've already changed you… you might get bigger!!

He grabbed his bicep. Even with his big hands his bicep was enormous.

He started to get hard. His cock slowly became erect… lengthening, bigger and bigger. His nuts were churning in his scrotum and he grabbed his sack and then put both hands on his cock and started stroking. He had a five-hander… that's how big his cock was.

In a moment he was sweating, grunting, panting, in ecstasy… and then he shot across the room at me… he shot and shot and drenched me in his cum.When it was finally over, he stood, all his muscles pumped huge, and slowly regained his senses.

“That was too much…I couldn't even think…! I couldn't even…”

He looked at me and I turned so he could see my ass in profile and pulled down my boardshorts so he could see my bubble butt muscled ass cheek. His cock swelled bigger, redder, and harder. His nuts churned and looked even bigger and heavier!

His touch on my skin was like fire… I smelled his musk, felt his hairy muscled chest, and twisted his nipples as he plunged deep into my ass.

My brain was on fire, his lovemaking filled me and comsumed me and then we were laying on the sagging mattress, curled into each other's arms. I felt content. Michael, though, was afraid.

“I can't be this… it's too much! I can't walk down the street, I'm so huge, I'm not normal. And my cock… what am I going to wear that I can go out in public with this massive package???”

I told Michael the truth, that something had gone wrong with his transition and there was no going back.

He hugged me close and thought for a long time. I knew that what I had done to him marked him for life. He would never be normal again. And I knew that his life would be dominated by his insatiable sexual desire.

We showered, and I became erect and fucked him in the hot steam. His huge muscles turned me on, just like the lettering I had written on the figurine t-shirt, which had transferred to the full size t-shirt and the intent of which became burned into me. I was a bottom, but did feel the need to top a musclefreak.

After we were dry I handed Michael an XXXXL muscle t. He overfilled it but it fit.

Spandex shorts clung to his ass and his package, and I had some extra baggy boardshorts that fit him… although they were not baggy at all on Michael.

His giant feet went into the largest pair of sandals that I owned.

He was awesome. I stood next to him staring into the mirror. And that was the time that I remember the best, just watching us standing together. We were already becoming fast friends… obviously with benefits.

The dark hair curling up out of his muscle t, on his arms and legs, just made his handsome face with the dark bearded shadow even more handsome.

“It's what you wanted.”

“Yes, but I don't know if I can live with it.”

“Try for now… See if you can't master your new body.”

He got down on his knees and looked at my massive package… he pulled down my sweatpants and touched my thick cock and it stirred. He kissed it and I was on fire… My cock was growing erect, longer and heavier and his lips were on it and then I was in his mouth… my massive cock growing and he looked up at me and grunted his need. He wanted me to face fuck him… he needed my giant cock, he was a size queen and I was a size king and we both needed to fulfill our desires.

He laid on his back on the bed, his head hanging over the edge and I fucked his face, my cock snaking deep down his gullet. He looked so content, with my giant cock deep down his throat.

He needed my size to satisfy him, to balance his massive muscle and studly need to top and dominate.

When we walked down the street his face burned with embarrassment. People whispered and pointed. He towered over everyone, I know that he felt they were like 12 year olds he was so much bigger and stronger and muscular.

I had an odd feeling just walking down the street, my huge muscles pumping with every step… it was amazing, I had never felt so strong… and the weight of my humongous cock and balls swaying in my boardshorts was obscene… but I wasn't doing anything to show it off… just my thick muscled thighs pushed my package into tight relief against the fabric of the leg of the boardshorts… and they were tight enough that I might have been wearing speedos but the weight of them stretched and pushed against the fabric as I walked… giving my rod a constant stroke as I moved.

I guess even more people would be looking at me except for the fact Michael towered over me… and was even more massively muscled. And… well, it was a very good thing his boardshorts were cut very long and loose. A 15” long erect cock turns out is about 11” long soft… at least Michael's was.

Ummm…. what's your name? Michael asked me.


“That's a good name for a hot blonde surfer.”

“Thanks… but this isn't the normal way I look.”

“It's a good look for you… I like it… you might consider keeping it”.

“thanks… I might… but there's a lot I want to try myself before I settle on anything… I'm sorry about… your change being permanent”.

“How did that happen? Are you sure? I mean this is what I always dreamed of even if it is a bit extreme.”

“I think you can change again, but not back to your original self. That's not possible, I think it would be very dangerous to try. Your… icon… was damaged.”

Michael thought about that for a few moments. We walked in silence, the boardwalk was beautiful and the sun was out and the light played on Michael's eyes and his muscles… he was so beautiful. I shivered, thinking simultaneously about having him fuck me and also my liter bottle cock pounding his ass. I wanted both of those things right now!

Michael watched me watching him and smiled. He knew what I liked… the original clothes we'd been wearing were carefully stored away in my home and the scrawled notes on the shirts and shorts we'd been morphed into had amused Michael last night between bouts of sexual athletics. He stripped the muscle t off over his head. His massive chest was glistening and sweating in the hot sun. He walked off towards the beach… throwing his shirt on the sand and diving into the ocean. He ducked his head under the water and stood up… his boardshorts were tighter than ever and his balls looked like they were swelling… I knew what that meant. I stripped off my shirt and ran into the ocean… we swam out a bit until we were past the waves and the water came up just to my shoulders. I kissed Michael.. his sweet boyish stud face so sweet, as sweet as his huge tongue plunged deep into my mouth so I could suck on it like it was a big cock… His eyes were beautiful, he was the nice guy loverboy macho stud that I had wished for him. I twisted his nipple and I felt something under the water bump into my stomach… it was huge and blunt and warm in my hands… Michael's cock was so heavy. My cock swelled in my shorts and it took just a second for me to free my humongous massive erection and lay it alongside Michael's in the water. I looked around and there wasn't anyone too close to us… and I started to stroke our cocks together, rubbing them between my long-fingered hands and watching Michael as he started to swoon.. I reached closer and rubbed his swollen balls.

“You know what I love about this the best?” Michael asked.


“I can come twenty times a day….” and with that his head arched back and a warm fluid shot underwater against my stomach… in another second I felt my cock swell 100% rock hard and shot an equally massive load into the ocean around us.

“ What is that…” Michael asked… “number one for today?”

“Only 19 more times to go…”

“And with only 12 hours left in the day” Michael said with a smile.

I laughed and Michael kissed me again… and while we were locked into the romantic clench I felt his muscles swell and flex and he shot another hot massive load against my abs in the cool water.

Later we ended up at the bathhouse… well, who wouldn't? Michael was a hit, we were both a hit.

There was a nice guy there, average but a great cocksucker and just really sweet. He was just amazed at our bodies… so we invited him to join us at home. Sam was such a nice guy. We quizzed him and he told us his fantasies as we brought him to climax after climax until he was exhausted and sleeping sprawled out on my bed.

Michael looked at me with that smile of his and left. He walked to the corner liquor store to get some beer and while he was gone I went to work.

Sam was an extreme fetishist, he loved big muscle and hairy chests and big football players… so I thought I might make him into a linebacker… I had many figures of football players. Looking through them there was one that intrigued me. A linebacker from the local NFL football team… a big blackhaired grizzled twentysomething… built thick, with huge quads and calves and glutes that stuck out a mile like hams stuck in the uniform… a big gorilla of a man, 6’6” tall, easily 360 lbs… massive shouders and huge arms and a muscled gut that filled his midsection… in my mind this looked like Sam's dream… I knew that Sam was a big size queen, and had a thing for nuts… big balls… so I thought I would give him the thing he wanted…

I looked over the slight figure of Sam laying across the bed sheets… he weighed perhaps 135 lbs, if that. I picked up a thin line marker and wrote on the back of the jersey of the linebacker figure “built like a gorilla hung like a bull”

Then I used the marker to draw an outline on the pants, of an enormous bulge hanging down the left thigh of the figurine.

I then wrote on the front of the jersey, HOT, HANDSOME, HAIRY, TOP MAN

Then on the rear of the pants I wrote across the butt “open for blondes”. Well, I did enjoy topping a big muscle man… so how could I resist with the incredible muscle body I was giving to Sam? I held up the figure and looked at it and imagined it and thought, “Sam is still a sweet guy”.

Well, that was enough, I thought…. I put the straps on Sam and carefully made sure that the figurine wasn't going to be anywhere near the edge of the bed this time. Then I carefully laid the figure on Sam's open palm. In a second his fingers closed around the football player figurine and then the change began. I heard a creaking from the bedframe as Sam began to grow… dark curly hair grew across his belly as his abs swelled with muscle, but in a moment Sam's jockey shorts began to change as well and grow across his body, morphing into a football outfit. But that wasn't the only thing I was watching. His face became more handsome, chiseled, and strong with a dark bearded shadow but as I watched a football helmet grew up around his face, obscuring the changes to his face, to my disappointment. His muscles swelled massively, his legs… grew and grew until each of them weighed more than he used to in total! and there was an ominous stretching sound as his huge cock and balls swelled and pushed against the fabric, snaking down his leg as I had drawn on the figurine, which now was shrinking in the massive wide palms growing with thick long fingers wrapped around the shrinking figure.

Still Sam continued to grow, until his legs stuck off the end of the bed to his knees… finally the change stopped, Sam groaned, a deep sexy moan and I quickly took the figure and the straps and hid them away.

Sam suddenly sat up. He reached up and peeled off his helmet and looked around alertly.

“Hi Sam”

“What's… what?” he looked at his hands, the helmet, the uniform.

“It's magic, Sam… what you wanted.”

Sam stood up, and up, and up… no longer did I tower over him. In fact, he was a bit taller than me to my chagrin. I could fix that later I thought, but subconsciously I must have wanted him… a bit bigger. No where near as tall as Michael, but still, more impressive in stature than I was. And talk about an impressive gorilla like physique! Sam strode across the room to the mirror and stared. Then looked down and stared. He reached down with his massive hand and grabbed the bulge hanging down his left thigh. Even with the size of his hand it was still enormous. Sam's eyes widened at what he hefted.

“Yes, Sam, that's all… you!”

Sam stripped off the jersey and kicked off his cleats and unlaced his pants in short order . In a few minutes he was almost naked, except for his custom giant jockstrap. His entire body was almost black with curly dark hair. Every movement caused his thick swollen muscles to push and and strain against each other, the pecs and biceps pushing against each other, the biceps and triceps struggling for dominance on his upper arms, his massive three headed deltoids fighting each other for supremacy of his extra wide shoulders.

slowly he moved his arms, savoring the feeling of his might and staring into the mirror. Then he looked down again.

“Let me help you with that,” I said and got down on my knees and peeled down the jockstrap.

The cock, well, the cock was… enormous, and as the jockstrap was pulled down over Sam's hairy massively muscled thighs his cock descended still further, no longer constricted in the overstretched fabric. The testicles… now that was a work of genius, I knew Sam had a thing for that and my subconscious must have been working overtime. The testicles tumbled down in the giant scrotum, huge, hairy, raw looking and bluntly protruding and supporting the humongous meat that arched out over and down to a giant, uncut, loose, veiny foreskin wrapped protectively around the massive blunt giant plum shaped head of Sam's cock.

I reached up and grabbed with both hands on Sam's testicles and squeezed as hard as I could. Sam moaned in ecstasy, his huge silver dollar sized nipples hardened and his cock throbbed and grew filling with blood. I pushed Sam back across the bed, he let me do it, I could never have forced the massive beast without his willingness. I made a strong fist, raised it high and looked into Sam's begging eyes. I punched his nuts as hard as I could and Sam shouted with pleasure. His cock literally sprang erect, huge and throbbing up across his hair muscle belly, reaching to his pecs.

Copious amounts of precum spilled out of his cock and wet his hairy belly and his balls, when I punched them, they swelled up red and angry and heavy, doubling in size. I grabbed them like giant softballs and squeezed and leaned into them. Sam gasped in ecstasy and writhed on the bed. I pulled back another fist and watched Sam's eyes begging me to be brutal. I punched his testicles once, twice, three times in rapid succession… not pulling back a bit. Sam shouted and his penis swelled red and angry and his testicles swelled bigger, now three times their original size. I beat on Sam until his balls were soccer ball sized and he shot about two cups of hot jism all over me.

He came three more times and then finally gasped, begging me to stop. I didn't. I beat on him again and his cock swelled up over his sternum, his balls swollen even bigger and heavier, and then I lifted his massive legs over my shoulders and plunged my liter bottle sized cock up his ass. After I pounded his ass and came in him he shot again, this time even more, then passed out insensate across the bed.

Slowly his massive balls began to deflate back to “normal” as he rested. I crawled up on his massive cum soaked chest and rested, sticky with our mixed cum.

Michael meanwhile had gone into the liquor store and there was a blonde twink working behind the counter. He was just 21, barely, Michael knew he had to be to work there but looked younger. He grabbed a six pack and walked up to the counter. It was a slow day and nobody was there.

The blonde twink was staring up at Michael in shock, and a slow smile spread across Michael's face as he took two steps to the front door, twisted the lock shut and turned to look at the blonde twink as he fell to his knees in front of Michael.

“What… how big are you??? Is that…. REAL???”

Michael laughed as the clerk hefted the package before him in the supertight biker shorts.


Part 4

Okay so I was having a lot of fun and I was out at the bookstore and there was this display of that musical and that hot young little studmuffin star… you know, the singer dancer guy with the boyish grin and the wall to wall smile?

Yeah, I'd always had a thing for him, he was built like a gymnast but had been working out and always seemed to be hiding a big thick one in his pants, cause thy were always dressing him in saggy jeans and the like…

Well there was this … action figure of him. Looked pretty good. Very sexy as a matter of fact.

I had a couple of friends that we went through transformations together… and I suddenly realized I could date this incredible sexy young guy. So I started to call around and Frank agreed to become Z. I was thrilled. But he wanted me to become something special too… He'd had a thing for this tall bear with dark black curly hair all over his body and chest and the guy was on this other sci fi tv show and actually had an action figure. The actor was built like a tank and the action figure accentuated that aspect of him of course. So when he showed up with the M figure I was pretty excited.

So you want me to be Z? Frank asked, looking over the action figure. The muscles were a bit exaggerated but not like the M action figure.

“Absolutely!!!” I told him.

“I dunno… not sure I want to be a teen idol!”

“try it it may rub off on you! besides it's not the actor it's the action figure that looks like the actor but it's actually the character from the films… he's supposed to be incredibly handsome and sexy and an excellent dancer and athlete.”


“And he's huge. His junk is enormous… they could never dress him in tight pants like an MGM musical star!!!”


“Un huh!!”

“Well then I always wanted to be a teen idol!!”

I had Frank put on the wrist straps and then he reached to pick up the Z action figure. Now I have to tell you that before I placed Z on the dresser for Frank I had done a little work on the figure. I had stripped the clothes off and then sculpted huge genitals on the figure. I drew in some curly pubes, and I pulled up some white briefs that I had stenciled, Size Queen on the front and Open Access on the back I labeled them size 32 waist. Then i had lightly airbrushed in some extra muscles and chest and leg and pit hair. I put on a white muscle t with the label size 50 chest, “I put on muscle just looking at weights” labeled on the back and Gay Super Lover Stud Muffin on the front. Then I put a miniature tape measure up the back of the figure, and labeled it so that the Z figure was 6’6” tall. Then I replaced the clothing on the figure. So when Frank's fingers tightened around the figurine, he found himself shooting up the 6’6” tall and with a 50” muscled chest, he looked like Z but his voice was more resonant and he was suddenly holding a miniature figure of himself. He put it down and looked at himself in the mirror. “Wow” he said in that familiar but even sexier voice.

I grabbed the wrist straps and put them on and grabbed the sci fi bear star. I'd modified that a bit, so be more muscled and taller and more hung too, cause I wanted Frank to be happy.

When I was done changing I realized I was pretty close to the ceiling in the room. My gut was ample but muscled and hairy as were my pecs. I was covered with coarse black curly hair and I topped out at 365 lbs when I stood on the scale. I had a buzz cut and a wicked goatee and a 5 o-clock shadow and I was horny and feeling mean.

Frank—as Z- stripped off his shirt and discovered the muscle t and the tape measure. Then he stripped his jeans off and gasped at the massive junk in his white briefs. He read what was printed on the front of his briefs… Size Queen… and then looked up at me. I unzipped my camo pants and my magnificent cock fell out. Frank was all over me … and I was all over him. It was so fun to kiss that sweet face and make out with his overmuscled body and exaggerated junk. Mine however was freaky big… made him weak in the knees… size queen that he was. And I was happy to fill up his “OPEN ACCESS” which he found amazing.

If you can make someone happy… why not, right?

After we'd fucked around a bit and had some hot fun I grabbed Frank by the hand and walked him into the gym room at my home. His eyes fell on the weights and I sat down and we chatted. I was waiting to see what happened. Sure enough, he couldn't stop looking at the weight sets. His muscles in his chest started to swell larger and his biceps and triceps started to swell.

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