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Musclove, Texas

by Max Mann

Moving to Musclove, Texas with his sons to take up a new teaching position, Rick Long is startled to find a town full of huge, hung, and horny men, all of them eager to have the newcomers join them (in more ways than one).

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Part 1 Moving to Musclove, Texas with his sons to take up a new teaching position, Rick Long is startled to find a town full of huge, hung, and horny men, all of them eager to have the newcomers join them (in more ways than one). (added: 1 Sep 2004)
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Part 1

Rick Long didn't see the sign that posted the change in the speed limit as he was distracted by his youngest son, Bryce, who pointed at what looked to be a dead armadillo in the road. He had never seen one himself, having never been further south than St. Louis before now.

Just a month ago, he'd decided he wanted a change of scene after having lived in Chicago all his life, and began doing job searches over the Internet. Not being an expert at computers, he asked his sons for help. Trent, the middle one, knew the most about them, so he visited several sites looking for a teaching position. Most of the higher-paying jobs were in or near big cities, and he'd had enough of traffic, high costs of living…and his ex-wife, who still tried to insinuate herself into their lives even though she had a restraining order out against her. After two weeks, he didn't think he'd find one to suit him, but then he found an opening for a math teacher for a high school in a town he'd never heard of before: Musclove, Texas. The pay was over twice what he was earning now, with an excellent benefits package. He submitted his resume, and heard immediately from the principal, Joe Rob Thorne. He was surprised to learn that the one thing which prompted the call was reading about his three sons. Joe Rob explained that his academy is an all-male, private academy (but not affiliated with any religion), and since his sons were all of high school age (Bryce was entering his freshman year, Trent was a junior, and Jeremy a senior) they could be students there and not be charged tuition if their father was a teacher there. After discussing the school, his pay, and life down there, he made an unusually quick decision and accepted the job.

Joe Rob hadn't mentioned the unusual aspect of this town; he had several men turn him down when he did, so instead he played up the town's beauty, Southern charm, and nurturing atmosphere where boys can become fine young men. And what fine men!

Now in his moving van with Bryce in the passenger seat and his other boys in back, he missed seeing the speed limit change as he looked at the roadkill. But he couldn't miss the sound of a siren. He looked in the side mirror and saw the blue-and-white, muttered under his breath, and slowed off to the shoulder. He told his sons not to say anything smart, as he had no idea how Texas lawmen were. He took out his wallet and prepared himself, but let out a small gasp when he saw Officer Carlos Huerta.

Carlos was the only police officer in Musclove, but that's all they needed as the town was very peaceful. A very large town sizewise, but not in population. Other than traffic tickets, the last big call he had was a break-in at the Thorne house, but it turned out Joe Rob had accidentally locked himself out and had broken his door down. The silent alarm had tripped, so when Carlos arrived Joe Rob had to apologize and make it up to him…which he did all night long.

Even among the men of Musclove, Carlos was imposing with his piercing brown eyes, thick mustache, and a smile that kept you guessing about his thoughts. Though not as tall, at only 5’8”, he weighed in at a full 330 lbs. of rock solid muscle. His chest measured almost 70”, his arms near 29”. His waist measured just more than each thigh at 41”, with thick 25” calves in a diamond shape. He was one of the first to take part in Doc Schmidt's experiment, and though most of the participants had better results than he, Carlos had no complaints, for what he lacked in size he more than made up for in energy.

Carlos asked Rick for his ID, who fumbled with it for a moment, asked if he knew how fast he was going, then asked where he was headed. When Rick said, “A town called Musclove,” Carlos told him the correct pronunciation—the C is silent—then told him he was at the city limits and offered to take him into town, then tore up the ticket he had been writing. Rick was surprised by this gesture and thanked him. He gave him the address of the house he was moving into, and Carlos escorted him the rest of the way.

When they got to the house, Carlos offered to help him move in, and for the first time all four Longs got to see how powerful he was as he lugged in the heaviest furniture without breaking a sweat, even for a hot Texas day. As the boys were settling in their new bedrooms, Rick heard a knock on the door and saw another hugely muscled man, wearing a pair of bermuda shorts and sandals, in the doorway.

“Hi, you must be the Longs! Sorry we missed you arriving or my son and I would've helped you move in. I'm Keith Zimmer.”

Rick shook his extended hand; Keith was careful not to grip him too tightly. Keith stood 6’1”, with almost 400 lbs. of pure muscle on his body, with everything in similar proportion to Carlos but larger. Rick said, “Geez, I thought Officer Huerta was big…something in the water here?” He laughed nervously.

Keith flexed his arm to an awesome 33” around. “You know what they say, everything's bigger in Texas. Even though I'm originally from Rochester, I've adapted myself pretty well, huh? Oh, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude and show off like this, but you'll see all the men here tend to do it.”

“What about the women?”

“Oh, there's no women here. You could call this a commune, but don't call us commies. This town was founded by men who just wanted to live their lives free from the constraints women bring. Most of us here are divorced, a couple widowed, some single men…but we have the same outlook. Hey, Carlos!” Carlos had just finished installing the refrigerator and was wiping his greasy hands into his tee shirt. He'd taken off his shirt and Rick gaped at his huge hairy chest, the nipples pointing almost downward, the eight-pack rippling. Although Rick considered himself fit, he felt awkward around these behemoths. “Hey, Keith! Just helping the new guy and his sons move in.”

“Sons, how many?”

Rick said, “Three.”

“Got one myself inside the house now, you could meet him later. You all done setting up here?”

“Yeah, I'd say so. Thanks, Officer Huerta, for your help. Care for a beer?”

“No, thanks, and you can call me Carlos. Oh, Keith, you wanted me to see that computer program you just got…should I come over now?”

“Sure. Rick, it was nice meeting you, and I'm sure we'll get along just great.”

After they left, Rick and his sons ordered pizza, and gave the massively muscled delivery boy a $10 tip; Rick thought with that kind of body he'll need lots of food to keep up his strength. They talked about the men they met today, and wondered if they'd fit in. Trent didn't mention it aloud, but he'd done some research into this town throught the Internet, and what he read both worried and excited him. Especially after he'd recognized both the cop and the delivery guy.

The town had been founded by two men, Dr. Heinz Schmidt and Ned Garrett. Heinz was the son of a doctor, an escapee from Nazi Germany and a pioneer in hormone research. The rumors following him were that he'd been hired by Hitler, who wanted to use his theories in creating the perfect Aryan, but had to flee after openly praising Jesse Owens and his performance at the Olympics. Ned was a rancher interested in trying to breed his cattle so they'd have more meat. It was unclear how they met, but soon they began a lifelong partnership that resulted in Ned selling his stock and turning his vast ranch into the town of Musclove, a town devoted to health, harmony, and men.

Trent clicked on one of the links, and found himself looking at some of the men of this town in various poses, including that cop. Side arm, double bicep, most muscular, all were incredibly blessed with the kind of muscle Trent dreamed of having on his scrawny body. He clicked another site, which said it featured male nudity and must be eighteen to enter. That never stopped him before, so he clicked…and those same men were now nude, and Trent felt his heart pounding wildly as he saw the huge penises each of these men possessed. When limp, they reached their knees and when hard most reached near the base of their broad necks. They posed with their hard and limp cocks…Carlos' shot was a double bi from the back, showing off his hard, round, furry ass, and his huge cock dangling down to just above his knees. Trent often visited this site before he moved, and saw the picture of the delivery guy, Aaron Thorne, posing with a birthday cake saying “Happy 18th, son”. From the center appeared what seemed to be a giant pink candle…but of course it was his huge hard cock with splotches of frosting…or was it cum?…covering it. Trent came in his pants when he saw that picture, wondering if the 18th stood for years or inches of cock?

After dinner, they went to bed, but only Trent had even a vague idea of what was soon to happen to them.

Meanwhile, Carlos, Keith, and his son Oliver were also in bed, but wet with sweat, saliva, and semen from the intense lovemaking session they just shared. Oliver was going to be a senior, and looking forward to having the final dose of the doctor's formula; he already weighed as much as Carlos, with the same measurements, but on a 6' body. One injection left, and then he'd be as big as dad…everywhere.

Oliver asked, “So what do you think of those new neighbors of ours? Will they be the first to not take those shots?”

Carlos said, “Well, the way they were all looking at me I wouldn't be surprised to see them all lined up at Doc Schmidt's office tomorrow morning. Especially that middle son. So skinny, you know he wants a piece of this.” He flexed his now sweaty arm and kissed it.

“Yeah, well right now I want a piece of this.”

Keith moaned, “You're gonna empty me out, son,” as Oliver grabbed his father's massive cock, currently limp at 16” long by 4” wide.

“Bullshit, dad, you got enough cum in those balls to fill a tub. You filled my ass, now fill my stomach.” Oliver stretched his jaw as wide as possible and fit the spongy, bulbous head into his mouth. He began sucking the huge dick down his throat, inch by thick inch working its way down his young gullet.

Carlos' cock quickly hardened at the sight of this incestuous love. He often wished he had a son to enjoy this way, but that was the only disappointment in his life. He often enjoyed the sons of the other men in this town…now that Aaron's driving, he often speeds just to have Carlos administer some hot punishment. He quickly moved behind Oliver and with one quick lunge sank half of his hard, tanned 20” cock inside the young man. Oliver was used to being fucked at both ends so he didn't bite down on his dad's lengthening member, which soon hardened to its full 24 1/2” of massive masculinity.

Keith moaned, “Yeah, son, you're so good, you're the best cock sucker in town. Twist my balls, boy. Ooh, yeah…” Oliver loved to hear his dad talk dirty, ever since their first time back when he was a freshman. He worked on his dad's dick lustfully, hungry for more of his super-nutritious cum. He'd sucked off the video store clerk, the other man in the store, and Aaron already today, and as the doctor would always say, you need to suck five cocks a day in order to get enough calories. And it's always best to suck five different men to make sure you have a variety of cum in your belly. With four new men moving in, there would soon be more cum for everyone.

Carlos and Keith worked in tandem; thrust for Carlos, pull out for Keith, then vice versa. They'd been doing this for so long their rhythm was perfect, and after twenty steady minutes neither could hold out anymore. Carlos came first, his spicy jism shooting deep inside Oliver's bowels. As always, his load was so big that cum began seeping out of Oliver. Hearing those squishing sounds, Keith sighed loudly and began erupting down his boy's gullet. Oliver began taking his dad's cock immediately, wanting to taste that delicious cum, wanting to swallow his dad's semen while he watched. Keith always watched his son do this, and Oliver would look up with those sexy blue eyes as he drank every drop of his cum. Still the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Oliver's huge young throbber still hadn't come, so Keith and Carlos took turns lapping the huge young cock from pre-cummy tip to heavy ball base. Their toungues often met, and they couldn't resist a hot French kiss around the cock. Finally, their mouths met at the tip, and their tongues licked the huge head. Oliver cried, “I'm cumming,” and both men sank their mouths around the head, drinking the boy's sweet jism as he exploded.

Carlos showered and left; father and son snuggled in b ed.


“Yes, son?”

“I'm so glad we moved here. You think think the others will feel the same way?”

“Maybe not at first. Remember how shocked I was? But we've been here over three years now, and I'd never want to leave. I love the town, all the men…but most of all, I love you.” His kissed his son gently on the mouth. “Good night, Oliver.” And the two huge men fell asleep, as almost all the men of the town did, with cum in their bellies and asses.

Almost, except for four, but they too would soon know the joys to be shared in the town of Musclove, Texas.


Part 2

Over the next week the Longs adjusted quickly to life in Musclove. The sight of massively muscular men and teens, while at first disturbing, soon became commonplace. Those men performed the most mundane of tasks—shopping, reading at the library, even going to church—either shirtless or wearing the flimsiest of tees that barely covered their massive pecs. The only men who dressed were those with jobs out of town, and their suits were designed by the local tailor, Theo Eoannou, with every mighty bulge both emphasized and toned down by his designs. One special feature all his pants had was the hidden pocket in which to contain the pendulous cocks for the men of the town. Every size dick could fit in it and not leave a prominent crotch for outsiders to gape at.

At church, the non-denominational leader, Father Phil Fredericks, welcomed the Longs to town warmly. The paintings and sculptures of God and Jesus were done by local artists Adam and Antony Nowak, twin brothers originally from Poland. Rick found their painting of God throwing Satan into the fires of hell inspirational, but Trent thought God was unusually sexy with his massive, striated, vascular body. He'd soon meet the model for the creation, Dr. Heinz.

Trent felt like a walking hormone all week. Every time he met someone new, he'd stammer and occasionally giggle, not knowing how to react to each of them. Especially as he'd seen their nude pictures on the website and knew just how hung they were. He'd surreptitiously try to peek at their crotches, but never saw their glorious bulges thanks to Theo's pockets. Soon he began wondering if those were just some bizarre morphs as he'd seen on other sites, but they hadn't looked altered in any way. He'd wonder how could they hide cocks that big, but even if they weren't really that well hung the men of Musclove were still the sexiest men he'd ever laid eyes on. Every night he'd go to bed with his own sizable erection needing relief. He always thought his last name was perfect for him; even though he was the class geek back in Chicago, he was also the class stallion with over six limp inches of thick cock that would grow to over 8 1/2” hard; only a couple of jerkoff buddies saw it, but bragged about his size to the guys. Soon his nickname went from “Trent Razor-thin” to “Tripod Trent”.

After church, Trent decided to visit the video store to see if any new Sega Genesis games were in stock for rental. He looked over the stock when he came across one he hadn't heard of, “O. Lympus, Secret Agent”. The box showed a hugely muscled man holding a pistol ala James Bond, with the Parthenon in the background. He brought the box up to the counter and asked the counterman if there was any way to check the game out before he brought it home.

“Sure,” said Luke Fredericks, the pastor's nephew who worked there. “Let's go in back, the television's set up there.” Trent was near drooling as he looked at Luke's back from behind…the basketball sized shoulders atop a broad v-back tapering to a slim waist above a pair of round, jutting buttocks. He adjusted his cock, trying not to get aroused.

Luke popped the disc in and the game introduced Orville Lympus, a once-geeky scientist who, after a lab explosion had doused him with chemicals, turned into a studly superagent. The explosion was caused by a rogue agent who stole those chemicals for a dictator in a small island country who wanted to turn his army into an unstoppable force. It was up to O. to recover the chemicals and defeat the army.

The game had the basic moves with decent graphics, and Trent found it fairly easy to control and play. Trent asked Luke if there were any cheat codes. Luke said, “I don't think you're ready to learn those yet. I'll show you once you are.”

Trent asked, “What do you mean by ready? C'mon, this game is easy. What kind of cheat codes would you need to help?”

“It's not for help. It's something else.”

“What? Come on, you can tell me.”

“No, I said you're not ready yet.”

“What if I guess what they're for; will you tell me if I'm right?”

Luke thought about this for a minute. “Okay, but only if you're right.”

Trent decided to take a guess based on what he'd seen on the website. “I'll bet it's x-rated, and it involves Orville, and maybe some other guys from the game, naked, maybe doing some bodybuilder poses for the camera, maybe posing with each other. Maybe even having sex with each other. And they're all sporting these gigantic dicks, hanging down to their knees. And when they're hard those things reach up to their pecs, some up to their necks, maybe even up to their own mouths so they can suck themselves off. They're all so big, and hot, and masculine… just like all the men of this town. Just like you.”

Luke's breathing grew heavier with each word from Trent's mouth. The pocket in his shorts was designed to hold a limp cock but not a hard one, and soon the outline of Luke's huge cock was visibly stretching down to his knee.

Trent gulped when he saw the cock pressing outward, trying to escape its cloth confines. He looked into Luke's lusty green eyes, licked his lips, and asked, “Am I right?”

Luke grabbed Trent by the collar and kissed him fiercely. Their mouths parted and Luke's thick tongue swirled around Trent's. He broke the kiss and asked, “Does that answer your question?” Luke got up from his chair and begin stripping sensuously, all the while saying, “So you like big men, huh? I'll bet you went to the website and saw all of us hot studs so big and naked. Big hard muscles, bigger than any fuckin' Mr. Olympia. See my pecs? The nipples point down, that's how big they are. Look at these guns. I can get these babies up to thirty inches when I'm pumping iron. And no gut, just a dense eight-pack so tight and firm. But I know what you really want now.” He took Trent's hand and placed it on his crotch.

Trent moaned. “It's real. Oh my God, it's incredible.” His hand travelled up and down the thigh, feeling the hard, thick cock. He looked up at Luke who said, “Go ahead. Take it out and see the real thing.” He undid the shorts, pulled down the zipper, and proceeded to haul out inch after magnificent inch of manhood. When he finally freed it, Trent found himself gawking at the cock he held. He knew it had to be at least 18” long by 6” around, but by how much more he wasn't sure. He lifted the cock, and the head reached above the middle of Luke's pecs. He stammered, “H…How…how b…”

Luke said proudly, “Twenty-two and a quarter inches long, eight and one-eighths inches around. Pretty big horsecock, huh? And it's gonna get even bigger once I'm a senior.”

“Whu…what do you mean by that?”

“Later…for now, get to work on this big slab of beef you got all hard and ready.” Luke grabbed the side Velcro strips and tore off his shorts, letting his orange-sized testicles flop out. He now stood naked except for his sneakers and ankle-high sweat socks, his mighty cock stiff and throbbing, his body lightly sheened with perspiration.

And Trent fell in love. He sighed as he kneeled before Luke and said, “You're beautiful. I never saw your picture at the website, but you are the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on. Thank you.” He took Luke's cock gently and pulled it down to his salivating mouth. He tasted the pre-cum oozing from the tip…sweet and salty. He tried to slip the soft but fist-sized purple head into his mouth but was unable. He didn't care as this was the most intense feeling he'd ever experienced, caressing the huge shaft with both hands, reaching down to the blond, furry, heavy balls.

Luke offered much encouragement. “Oh, you're good…oh, yeah, keep licking it. Mmm, your tongue feels so nice on my cock. Don't try to get it all in, just do as much as you can for now.” Minutes passed as Trent kept sucking, licking, and wondering how long Luke could hold off cumming. But Luke had trained himself well not to cum until he wanted. And just when Trent put his mouth over the head, Luke grabbed the back of Trent's head, pushed the head in, and began spewing his load into Trent's surprised mouth. He moaned loudly, “Take it all. Drink every hot drop of me. Drink my cum, Trent.”

Trent tried to take as much as he could, but the load was so big that it began spilling out the sides of his mouth. He was in such a daze that he didn't realize he'd shot his own load into his pants. A minute passed and Luke's shots were still strong enough to jerk Trent's head back as they hit the entrance to his throat. But the spasms subsided, and Luke pulled his cock out of Trent's mouth. Cum still poured from it, and Trent licked up every last drop.

As Luke's cock deflated, he looked down at Trent and said, “That was excellent.” Another voice said, “Yes, that was, son.” They turned and saw Father Phil Fredericks standing in the doorway. He'd come by for some afternoon delight with his son, but when he saw Trent trying to take his boy's huge dick in his mouth he decided not to interrupt. Instead he pulled out his own massive 27 3/4” cock and slowly masturbated himself to the erotic sight. Now he stood with his shirt open, tugging at his huge nipples with one hand as he milked his cock slowly with the other.

Trent didn't know what to do. Here was the town preacher, a man of God, stroking an even bigger cock as he watched his son getting blown. He was scared yet more turned on that ever.

Phil walked over to his son and kissed him deeply. Then he turned to Trent and said, “So you sucked my son's cock? You beat me to it, but that's okay. I'll just suck him later today. But we have a rule. Whoever sucks my son's cock also has to suck mine. Any objections?”

Trent said, “No, none whatsoever.” He took hold of Phil's cock with both hands and began stroking every inch of the tremendous member. He looked up at the preacher, now shirtless except for the white collar around his thick neck, and brought Phil's dick to his mouth. Trent was in a daze; he'd never sucked cock before, and now these two studs gave him the chance to suck the biggest cocks he'd ever seen. He felt as if he'd died and gone to heaven.

“Praise Jesus, you've got a good mouth,” Phil said, “but my ass needs some action too. C'mon, son, slide that dong deep into your dad.”

“Yeah, dad, you love my big dick poking inside you. Hey, Trent, wanna watch my dad take every inch of me inside him? Just move over to the side, and you can still suck dad off while I fuck him.” Trent moved himself around so that he could watch from the side; he couldn't fondle the preacher's balls, but he had to see this.

Trent was surprised to see Luke's cock without a condom, but he had no time to ask why before Luke slammed at least a quarter of his cock into Phil. Phil gasped and said, “Aw, yeah, son, no one can dick me the way you do. Ram it in me, boy!”

“Naw, dad, I want Trent to see this in slow motion.” Trent gazed at Luke's cock stretching his dad's rectum. Inch after thick inch entered Phil's colon, and Phil moaned appreciatively. Trent had stopped sucking Phil as he watched this, but Phil grabbed his cock and tapped him over the head with it. Trent was stunned for a moment; the cock was so heavy it felt like a baseball bat hitting him.

“Keep sucking it, kid. Yeah, that's right, you're doing good. Ah…ooh, son, fill me. Fill me up!”

“Three quarters of the way there, dad.” Slowly but surely, Trent watched every inch of Luke's giant cock make its way inside Phil until Luke's balls were slapping against his dad's. The sight was too much for Trent, whose cock exploded again, only this time he'd taken it out and now came all over Luke's bare leg.

Luke felt the orgasm, looked down, and smiled. He bent down and smeared the cum on his fingers, then tasted it. “Mmm, delicious. Hey, dad, have some of Trent's cum that landed on me.” He put his fingers in front of Luke who licked them clean.

“That's pretty good, but I know it'll taste better once he's grown.” Trent wanted to know what Phil meant by that, but his mouth was full of precum that was leaking steadily from Phil's phallus. Now Luke was fucking his dad forcefully, taking foot-long strokes. Phil grabbed his cock away from Trent and begged Luke to suck him off.

Luke spun his dad around, still impaled to his dick, so the father and son were facing each other. Their hot mouths met, and coming to his senses for the first time since the sex session began, Trent realized this was incest. Hot-blooded, illegal, father-son incest between two massively muscled behemoths. And he started wondering if the whole town is like this. Do all these studs have sex with each other? Even when they're family members? Brothers, dads, sons, uncles, nephews, cousins…maybe even grandfathers and grandsons? And suddenly he started thinking of his own family, his brothers and father. He didn't want to imagine it, yet he had to admit they were very attractive men…but what else is going on? He had to find out, and soon.

Luke had his mouth around his dad's cock, urgently going down on him. Phil didn't know what he was saying as he enjoyed this rapture; it was almost like speaking in tongues. Sex with the men of this town always made him feel closer to God, but with his son the intensity was greater. He could always count on Luke to make his eyes roll back in his head, he just knew the right spots to turn his body into a quivering lump of muscle jelly.

Luke reached down and gently squeezed Phil's testicles, and that was all Phil needed. Phil shouted, “Praise Jesus, I'm cumming!” and Luke readied his mouth. Trent thought he could see the semen going up the huge shaft; he knew the orgasm would be powerful. Luke's head bucked as he accepted the first volley of his dad's cum, then the next, and the next… Luke was swallowing every drop, and now was emptying himself inside his dad. Phil shook as he felt the orgasm deep inside him; it always felt like Luke was filling his stomach with cum. But the cum would absorb into his body, as with the other men in town, so they never appeared bloated.

When everyone was done, Trent said, “I can't believe this. I just had sex for the first time with the preacher and his son! I got cum all over me; I can't go home looking like this.”

“Don't worry, you can come over to our house and I'll wash those clothes for you. The least I can do for helping break a young man into our world.”

“Well, thanks Father Phil, but I have to ask you…what was all this talk about growing?”

“Surely you don't think my son and I—for that matter, all the men of this town—were born this big?”

Luke asked, “Haven't you gone for your school physical yet?”

Trent said, “No.”

“So you haven't met Doctor Schmidt.”

“No. Is he the one responsible for all the men being so big?”

Phil said, “Yes, he is, and he'll be the one who'll make you grow as big as us.”

Trent stared at him. “You mean I can be as big as you two? Even…”

The two laughed. “Yes, your penis will grow as big as ours…and from the size of what you have already hanging out of your pants, maybe even bigger. I'm sure you have a lot of questions to ask. Let's get you cleaned up, and maybe I can answer some of them for you.” The three men got dressed, and Phil kissed his son goodbye.

And Trent decided he needed to visit Doctor Schmidt as soon as possible. But not before he had a chance to sample some of the other studs of Musclove, Texas.


Part 3

Phil took Trent to his house to wash his clothes and give him a shower after the sex they just shared. But Trent was feeling extremely horny, and had been rubbing Phil's cock to bursting during the drive. So when they turned in the drive and found the mayor, Calvin Thompson, waiting for them, Trent immediately grabbed the hugely muscled black man's crotch and began sensuously running his hand up and down the thick thigh, causing Cal's immense cock to fill and stretch the cloth.

Phil said, “Isn't he something? He can't wait to grow, and I have a feeling once he has there won't be any stopping him.”

Trent said, “I can't help it. I want to be like all of you so bad I can taste it. Still do.” He smiled at Phil and licked his lips.

Calvin said, “We'd better go inside before you get into trouble. What would happen if your father saw you groping me like that?” The trio walked into the house and immediately Trent threw down Calvin's shorts. He began licking the quickly rising dong as he sat at the kitchen table. “You might want to stop sucking for a moment so I can explain to you how you can become one of us.” Trent stopped licking the fully-grown shaft, but continued stroking Calvin as Phil told him how Dr. Heinz has a formula that when injected into the body creates a surge of glandular secretions—testosterone, adrenalin, etc.—that changes the body into a supermuscular one. Due to the fact that an overload of male hormones are created, the body also gets hairier and the genitals grow to massive proportions. The formula came about one day when working on some other formulas for growing cattle, pigs, chickens, and other livestock. While trying to inject a bull, it suddenly kicked the doctor and the syringe stuck him. Suddenly the doctor began growing as the hot Texas sun beat on him. His biceps burst from his sleeves, pecs leaping from his chest, quads shredding his jeans, and his cock breaking through the zipper. All this while his lover Ned stood watching. Soon Heinz was naked except for a Stetson and boots, a Germanic god of power and lust. But he was scared of others finding out this new secret, especially any ex-Nazis who could be spying on him. So he kept quiet about his find, only allowing very close friends in on the secret, and eventually joining him as musclemen.

Soon the ranch they lived on became too small to house everyone, but Heinz had become wealthy thanks to other medical discoveries that he was able to sell to major pharmaceutical companies. So he bought more land, building houses and roads, and soon had a small community, but not yet a town. Over time, more men would arrive and fall under the spell of muscle, some who were already into it, but more who saw how healthy and happy all of them were and decided they wanted in on it. Almost all those men were straight, including Phil and Cal, and needed some time to come to terms with the fact that, even if they were still attracted to women, after their transformations their lives would be devoted to gay muscle sex.

“I don't think you'll have a problem with that, Trent, but your brothers, and your dad…they'll come around eventually, but they can't know about what will happen to their bodies, and minds. Otherwise they might leave you behind and go back home.”

“I won't tell, Calvin, I promise I won't.”

“You're a good boy, Trent.” He sucked in his breath. “Phil, suck my cock. I'm about to cum.”

Phil got up and grabbed Cal's manhood, stuffed the head in his hungry mouth, and eagerly drank every drop of semen Cal ejaculated. It took a couple of minutes, and Trent watched in awe as he saw Phil's throat swallow, his muscular Adam's apple bobbing up and down. Yes, he wanted this…now!

Phil took Trent's clothes to the wash, and the three proceeded to shower together. Trent took his time soaping up the two musclemen, feeling the density and power from their calves, up the quads, around the glutes. He caressed the rippling backs, the mighty shoulders, and around to the steely abs and overhanging pecs. Even their mouths felt muscular as he kissed both of them. When Calvin started sucking his cock, Trent tried holding off but his powerful lips and tongue were too much for him and he had the strongest orgasm of his young life.

Later that day, with Phil and Dr. Heinz (whom Phil had called) giving support, Trent admitted to his family his desire to become a muscleman. Rick was surprised to hear this and immediately objected, afraid of what might happen. But as the doctor told his story and Phil offered his own feelings, calling his new body a blessing from God after he'd been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, Rick found himself understanding why they like their bizarrely huge bodies. He looked at Trent, who resembled his uncles with their skinny necks and gangly limbs. As much as he wanted to say yes, he needed more info.

How much would it cost? Are there any side effects? What about food; how much would he need to eat? Certain foods he'd need more of? And as he talked to them, they started mentioning things he'd wondered about but never said out loud. Why were the doorways in his house so wide? And why did the built-in weight room have such heavy dumbbells? Why were there so many mirrors? Why was the bathtub and shower so large?

Rick was apprehensive, yet fascinated at the same time. He wanted Trent to be happy, but couldn't he be so the way he was? Maybe it was just peer pressure of a different kind. Then Trent asked his dad if he ever succumbed to peer pressure before, when he was given a marijuana cigarette last year by his then-best friend who was later kicked out of school…or when some bullies tried to get him to pick on a classmate who was as geeky as him. He knew what was right and wrong, and this felt so right to him he had to be a part of it. Rick felt so proud of him that he agreed to have Trent undergo the therapy, but when Jeremy and Bryce asked if they could also do it Rick said to see what happens to Trent first before he allows any more.

The next morning Rick dropped Trent off at the doctor's ranch. Heinz had told Rick that seeing someone grow can be disconcerting and he wouldn't want Rick to have a heart attack. Rick agreed, still wondering if he made the right decision, and hugged Trent goodbye. Trent had tears of joy in his eyes as he thanked his dad and said, “Don't worry, they'll take good care of me.” Heinz had told Rick no one had ever died or even had a bad reaction to the formula, but how could Rick not worry?

Trent walked into the doctor's huge house and was stunned by its decor. Paintings and sculptures, all from the Nowak twins, of massive bodybuilders in all sorts of erotic poses…and all sorts of costumes. Everything from leather to business suits to spandex, and all filled to capacity with rippling, striated, beautiful muscle. To his left was a mirrored weight room as big as his old house in Chicago. Soon he came to the lab, much smaller than the rest of the rooms but filled with beakers and containers with many different colored liquids in them and a large mirror on one wall.

Heinz had prepared the formula the night before, filling a syringe with 4/5 of a full adult dose. His rule of thumb was 1/5 of a dose for teenage boys from 8th grade, then another 1/5 each year after. Luckily there were no underage boys in town at this time. He told Trent to strip, and Trent quickly undressed. Heinz looked at the nude young man…thin, but very nicely endowed. He knew Trent would be pleased with the outcome.

He told Trent he could watch himself grow as the formula worked on his frame, and he'd also be videotaping the growth. He asked if he'd like to see someone grow, and Trent asked if he could watch Father Phil turn into a musclestud. Heinz looked through his catalog and found the tape. He pressed play and Trent saw the formerly corpulent cleric—he didn't recognize him at first—change slowly. Trent was told the formula would be injected into his scrotum, but not inside the testicles, so the first apparent change started in the genitals as they became visible from under the fat. The belly started tightening and the penis began sticking out further and further. Muscles became visible in the legs, then veins began snaking out. The stomach soon rippled into a six-pack as his chest puffed up with power. The veins snaked over his pecs and onto his arms which lost their flab. His shoulders grew rounder and higher, and his neck thickened. The entire process took about fifteen minutes, but to Trent it seemed like a second. Soon the magnetically mighty presence he knew as Father Phil smiled happily, then sexily as he stared at his image in the mirror. He hit a double bicep, then began caressing his newly formed body. His fingers lingered over his pecs, his grape-sized nipples hard and inviting. He tenderly flicked them, then worked down to his hard abs, around to his buttocks as round as bowling balls…and as firm too. Onto his meaty thighs, and then to the awesome cock. He hefted it and it began stiffening. He stroked it lightly, then firmly, watching pre-cum ooze. He continued jerking his cock until he couldn't take any more and with a great sexual yell his cum erupted from his cock and splattered his mirror image. And as Phil wiped the cum from his hands onto his pecs, then into his mouth, the tape went black.

Trent's dick was hard throughout the tape and leaking with pre- cum. Heinz wanted to wrap his lips around the large staff, but knew it would be better shortly. Trent told the doctor he was ready, and Heinz set the tape. Then taking his syringe, he told Trent to sit on the table. Trent opened his legs as Heinz held the testicles in hand, then injected the fluid into a spot under them.

The fluid felt hot, but not painful as it seeped into Trent's balls. They began to swell, and Trent could feel them churning, the fluid slowly spreading from his groin and outward. When it reached his heart, it started beating heavily, and when it reached his head he almost passed out. But he didn't, and watched himself in the mirror as the new Trent emerged.

He had seen morphs of guys on another website, but watching it happen to himself seemed unreal. As with Father Phil, his genitals grew with his already good-sized penis lengthening further. Veins popped up around his groin as the adipose tissue thinned. His abs were the first muscles to become prominent as they grew, the washboard bulging sexily into a six-, then eight-, pack. Next he watched as his glutes ballooned into two round globes; grapefruit…melon…bowling ball. So hot!

His thighs swelled with power as his quads twitched into newly strengthened fiber. Then his calves shook as he stood, turning into those diamond-shaped babies he always wanted. He spread his legs further to accomodate his thighs and his penis dangled heavily, his cock nearing his knees with no sign of stopping. The growth spread upward as his chest inflated outward into two mounds of pecs with a cleft deep enough to hide a hand inside. Trent's heart raced with infused blood as it strengthened. The shoulders broadened and rose, the neck thickened, and his arms swelled with might, the forearms erupting to the size of small hams.

Trent tried hard to contain his pleasure and willed his cock into limpness so as not to waste his first orgasm. The growth soon completed, and Heinz marvelled at the new Trent before him. Still youthful looking, even with the hair that sprouted on his chest and face, but all man. Trent began posing before the mirror, caressing his new ultramasculine form. He especially loved his pecs, lightly coated with dark hair, two silver-dollar sized nipples facing downward…just like Luke's. He wanted to rush back to the video store, but Heinz told him it was time to see his muscles in action.

Trent strode naked into the gym, all eyes on the new hunk. Three men had stopped lifting, then cheered and whistled lustily. The redhead was Ned, Heinz's love. The goateed brunette was Theo, with his measuring tape at the ready. Phil was the third, and he walked up to Trent, grabbed him by the neck, and kissed him deeply, darting his thick tongue inside Trent's hot mouth. Trent eagerly kissed all of them, saving his most passionate one for the doctor. “Now I'm one of you,” he said joyfully.

Heinz had Trent lift weights that were beyond anything he dared dream of, yet even with the first lifts it was apparent Trent was much stronger than expected. Five-hundred pound curls, one-thousand pound bench presses, a ton of weights on leg lifts…and Trent barely broke a sweat. When Theo started measuring Trent, all the men were amazed.

30 1/2” arms…67 1/4” chest…34” waist…38 3/8” thighs…23 3/4” calves…impressive even after being pumped up, but more so since Trent had one more injection to go before full growth. Only one more muscle to measure…

All four men reached down and hefted Trent's new schlong. The intensity was too much for him as it quickly grew, forcing each of the men's hands apart. They stroked the teen's dong slowly, sensuously, and soon precum began oozing from the tip. Each took turns licking the fist-sized head, until the cock was at full stiffness. Theo took his tape measure and read the measurements off at 26 3/8” long by 10 1/4” around. Heinz knew very few men reached the 30” mark, so he knew Trent's cock would pass that point next year with his final shot. If genetics held, the entire Long family would turn out to be as muscular and hung as Trent.

Heinz told Trent that to maintain his stature he would need to suck five cocks a day, or at least include anal sex so the cum could travel into the stomach for ingestion. He also said the stomach stops producing acid during sex, so deep-throating them would be no problem. The four men stripped, and Trent had a tough time deciding whose cock to suck first. Theo's was the shortest, just over 21”, so it'd be easiest. Ned was the biggest, a 32 1/4” proportionally perfect giant. He'd had a taste of Phil's yesterday…but eventually he chose Heinz's beautiful two-foot phallus to take first.

Trent hesitated, but Heinz told him that his muscles stretch to accomodate these supercocks, both orally and anally. Trent kissed the doc's cock, then eased the head into his mouth. He saw his cheeks bulge in the mirror as he sucked, slowly taking more of Heinz's beef into his esophagus. Meanwhile, Theo positioned himself behind the teen's rump and quickly slid half his dick into him. Trent's eyes widened as he yelled, the vibrations of his throat making the doctor moan. Soon Theo worked up a rhythm as he fucked Trent's virgin ass, and now Trent was moaning in ecstasy. It was difficult for him to think clearly as his cavities were full and his body on fire. Phil and Ned worked on Trent's cock, taking turns shoving the meat down their expert gullets.

Trent could no longer hold his cock back, and his first orgasm shot from his cock splashing all over the two men's faces. Theo was next, and he yelled as the tight ass clamped down on his shooting load. Finally, Heinz gave Trent his load, emptying his rocket almost into the teen's intestines.

For the next few hours, Trent and the men experimented on as many positions as his young, huge body wanted. Trent was insatiable for cock and cum, and he couldn't wait to take on every stud. He also couldn't wait to have his dad and brothers turn into musclemen. Theo gave him a few outfits to wear and showed him how to position his cock so it didn't appear obvious.

“Ready to go home, kid?” Phil asked.

“Kid? Who you calling kid?” Trent asked as he flex his bicep.

“Okay, ready to go home, stallion-dicked muscle hunk teen?”

“Yes I am, mule-dicked muscle man preacher.” He kissed the men goodbye and got in Phil's car. He felt wonderful rubbing his shoulder against Phil as they drove, another success story for Heinz and another lover for the happy, handsome, hung, and horny men of Musclove, Texas.


Part 4

Trent awoke the next morning feeling cramped by the now-small full-size bed. He saw the twin peaks of pecs before him, and gently caressed them. It still felt like a glorious dream, the transformation, the intense muscle sex, the reactions on his family's faces when they saw the new Trent. He had to keep his cock from growing when his brothers squeezed his arms simultaneously, and Rick was at a total loss for words.

When he hugged his dad to thank him, he had to be careful not to crush him.

He had to sleep nude as he didn't receive any new pajamas from Theo, and he quickly developed a morning hardon as he stroked his body.

His dong slithered up his abs and over his chest, the huge head greeting him a happy hello. He smiled as he slid a finger around the head, then bent forward to give it a wet, sloppy kiss. But he soon stopped when he heard the voices of his family nearby. He turned to his side and turned the covers up, but the voices faded down the hall. Damn, he'd have to get them to grow soon; trying to hide his nude form would be near impossible.

He threw on yesterday's clothes, grabbed a new set, and went into the bathroom. The shower didn't feel so spacious anymore, and the water felt so good running down his new form. Good thing there was a brush, he could no longer reach his back by himself; no wonder the men showered in pairs. So much more to lather, and soaping up his cock brought it back to erect. He thrust his hips forward, fucking his hands with his schlong.

Again, he wanted to cum, but held back.

He decided to try a different look, so he shaved his short beard, first to a goatee, then to a mustache. He liked that look, so he kept it.

He put on a teal tank top and the specially-designed khaki shorts from Theo; he really couldn't see his cock or balls outlined. He went down to breakfast, where he ate four eggs, a quarter pound of links, a glass of grapefruit juice, and a glass of milk. Not an extreme breakfast, but more than he ever ate before. Rick watched him carefully, estimating how much it would cost to feed him now; if he was going to agree to let his other sons grow, he'd need to know if his salary would cover it.

Trent walked next door and rang the doorbell. When Oliver opened it, his eyes widened. “Trent, is that you? Come on in. Dad, Trent's here, and he took the formula!” He closed the door and immediately thrust his groin into Trent's round buns. The two began an easy dry humping as Keith walked in, still adjusting his tie. He walked up to Trent and began to hump him from the front.

“You sure got the hang of this quickly; took me a couple of weeks before I had no qualms about gay sex,” Keith said as he hungrily kissed the transformed teen. “Too bad I have to go to work, or I'd spend much more time with you.”

“What about a quick blowjob,” growled Trent. “I really want to suck you off.” Trent reached down and unzipped Keith's pants, releasing the rising prick. Trent dropped to his knees, grabbed it, and stuffed almost half down his throat. Keith grabbed Trent's hair and began to fuck his face with just over two feet of hard cock while Oliver reached down to slip off Trent's pants so he could greek him.

Trent's cock flew out and the head was visible over his cannonball shoulders. “Wow, looks like you got a whopper, Trent. Stand up so we can see it.” When he did, Oliver said, “Damn, dad, his cock's bigger than either of ours!”

“Well, if anyone's gonna drink him down it'll be me!” Keith said as he reached out and grabbed Trent's schlong. Keith and Trent continued sucking each other as they stood while Oliver slammed inch after inch into the horny teen. Trent had been so aroused earlier that he couldn't help but cum quickly and steadily into Keith's vacuum-like mouth. Trent then dropped back down as the father and son fucked him from each end. “In…

out…in…out,” they chanted as they worked to simultaneous climaxes (the two had lots of practice and were well-known for their talent).

Keith pulled up his pants and kept his cock out for Trent to lick clean. Trent had seen pictures on the Musclove website featuring clothed men with their huge cocks and balls sticking out from the zippers of their pants. In person, it was even hotter, and Trent wanted to blow Keith once more but he settled for sucking the last drops from the limp tool. Trent and Oliver kissed him goodbye as he left for work, grabbing his crotch with a big smile on his face.

Oliver said, “Now it's my turn, but I want you to fuck me good and hard.” He laid on the hardwood floor and lifted his mightly legs into the air, grabbing his ankles and showing his inviting pucker. Trent got into position and quickly slid his stiffening member into Oliver, who clamped his glutes on the invader. Trent used all his might to maneuver his dick all the way through Oliver's colon, sending shivers of delight through both their bodies. They kissed fiercely, moaned breathily.

“Push ups…do push ups,” Oliver urged. Trent positioned himself and Oliver grabbed him. Trent pressed his arms upward and lifted Oliver's body with his, then lunged into his ass on the downstroke. Trent's head swam with joy and lust; he felt so desirable, masculine, just too fucking hot and sexy. His life would be devoted to muscle and sex with all the men here, and the men to come. It never felt like too much; no, it wasn't enough! “Yes, yes, dear God, yes!” he screamed as he came inside Oliver.

The two teens cuddled afterward, the sweet smell of sex lingering in the air like fine perfume. They talked about how different things will now be for Trent, and Oliver explained how he'll learn to control the intense urges over time, how he'll be able to enhance sex so it becomes less animal and more spiritual (although the animal will always be fun).

Trent liked hearing Oliver say they'd take him under their wings to turn him into a man.

“They?” Trent asked.

“The townsmen. It takes a village to fuck a musclestud.” Trent smiled as they kissed.

After getting dressed, Oliver decided to show Trent the best spots in town for sex, whether it be quick or slow. Trent took his shirt off and felt the wind under his pecs as the sun beat down on them. Men he'd met in passing before now stopped him to say hello and leer at his new massive body. A couple hugged him, making sure to fondle whichever part they liked best. With each head turn, each smile, Trent felt confidence that he'd never had. He played up for them all, especially bouncing his pecs from side to side. He loved the feel of his chest, as he'd never had one before.

Oliver took him to the river shaded with many trees; no men were there now but the familiar masculine smell said someone had been there recently. He brought him to the school, the Schmidt-Garrett Academy, where Oliver told him one period a day was devoted to sex with anyone and everyone, and the men of Musclove knew just when to arrive. The next stop was the convenience store with take-out/delivery services for the pizza made by the owner, Dino Ventresca. But on the other side of the business was a mini-studio where some porn movies featuring the men of Musclove had been made; currently the set looked like a Old West saloon as it was being prepared for a new movie, “Big Black Buck”, featuring Calvin Thompson as a sheriff determined to bring justice to a town currently overrun by the Condon gang, with Mike Bullock as Dick Condon, the roughest, toughest, and studliest outlaw in the West. Mike didn't bottom often, on film or in real life, so watching his hairy globes get split by Calvin was going to be a thrill for all involved. And he was due to arrive back home with his twin sons, Sean and Seamus, after being on a working vacation on the West Coast where the three were paid handsomely by wealthy Internet executives and Hollywood A-listers to worship their godlike bodies.

Dino was about to show Trent the set when a teenager walked in, apparently lost. The three turned to the lanky youth, who stared at them with a mixture of fear and awe. He gulped nervously. The teen stuttered, “I…I…I'm sorry, I think my mom and me made a wrong turn. H…How do we get back on the interstate?” He spoke with a heavy twang.

As Dino brought out a map to point the way, Trent couldn't help walk up to the young man, an image of his former self. He was cute, with his short dark hair and tan skin. And his eyes…there waa something in those eyes that drew him immediately. He watched the teen, nervously trying not to look at them. But when the teen turned, he bumped right into Trent.

“You're trying to avoid looking at us, aren't you?” The teen gulped again. But there it was, a sudden flash in his eyes. Trent couldn't explain it, but it was as if he'd met a soulmate. “You're wondering what it's like to be this big? I used to wonder, and now I know. What's your name?”

“L…Larry. Larry Singer. Please don't hurt me.”

Trent was stunned. “I would never hurt you.” And he meant it.

Why would he say that to a total stranger? He took the teen's hand and guided it to his chest. Larry moaned softly. “How old are y ou?”

“S…s…sixteen .” Larry couldn't believe this was happening.

If his mom caught him touching another guy like this…

“So am I.”

Larry pulled back his hand as if he'd touched a stove. “No. No, y…you…you can't be.” Larry backed up, then ran out the door. Trent wanted to run after him, but was stopped by Dino.

Dino said, “He'll be back.”

Trent asked, “How can you be sure?”

“I saw the look in both your eyes. He'll never forget you, and he'll have to come back. He's in love with y ou.”


“Did you feel something different when you saw him? Did you see a spark in his eyes?”

“Well, yeah, kinda.”

“It's destiny. You've met your future husband.”

Before Trent could say anything, the door opened and in strode three hunks, an older man followed by two younger ones. Oliver and Dino immediately kissed them hello as Trent stood back. He hadn't met the Bullocks before so he wanted to feast his eyes on the magnificence before him.

Although all the men of Musclove were desirable, Mike managed to stand out among them. He wasn't the most muscular, handsomest, hairiest, or biggest dicked, but no one matched the combination so perfectly. At 525 lbs., his entire body curved with rounded, thick muscle…except for his lantern jaw with a dimple in his chin that looked carved into him.

Trent figured the chest had to be at least 80”, arms at least 35”, thighs 45”, calves 30”…which were fairly close to accurate, and still large on his 6’5” frame. Black hair with a few flecks of gray lay thick on his head, mustache, and over his body.

His twin sons, Sean and Seamus, looked like younger versions of him, just a couple of inches shorter but still magnificently proportioned as their father. Sean wore a thin goatee while Seamus remained barefaced, the only way to tell them apart. All three had piercing blue eyes, and Trent couldn't help but be taken in by the overpowering presence of the three hunks. He tried to walk up confidently to them, but inside he felt like gelatin.

Mike looked Trent squarely in the eye, and Trent gulped. “Well, well, look what we got here. A new stud for me to sample. You're one of the Longs, aren't you? Jeremy, right?”

Trent licked his lips. “Actually, I'm Trent.”

Sean said, “You're Trent? You mean we're gonna be in the same class together? All right!” He and his brother high-fived. “You know dad's the coach, and just wait til football season starts. We don't even need pads, and the uniforms are so hot…and the endzone celebrations when we score a touchdown…no wonder our scores are always 70-63!”

Mike said, “So you're a junior, huh? Shit, I thought my boys would be the biggest, but looks like you're gonna give them a run for their money. The rest of your family as big and hot as you?”

“No, sir, I'm the first one to grow.”

“Sir?” Mike immediately got aroused, and his immense cock began to stretch in his shorts. He walked up to Trent and looked him in the eyes. “You've got good manners, kid. Your daddy raised you right. Do you call your daddy 'sir'? If you don't do what he says, does he spank you? Does he pull down your pants and smack your tight ass with his big, strong hand?”

Trent couldn't believe what he was hearing, or how turned on he was by it. His cock grew, and soon the two pouches were touching. Mike ground his crotch into Trent's, and Trent moaned. The two sons never got tired of seeing their studly dad turn even the biggest men into his fuck toys, and now they joined in, rubbing their expanding cocks against each of Trent's big glutes.

“Is the back room available?” Mike asked Dino. He nodded, and Mike lifted Trent so the teen's legs wrapped around his waist. Trent was so lost in lust he didn't notice the cameras or lights surrounding the tables, chairs, and bar. He just saw three hot men sensuously stripping like a family of giant Chippendales…but once they were naked he thought of Clydesdales. The twins' cocks were just as big as his own, standing straight and proud, but Mike's amazing cock made him feel faint. Mike's cock was just shorter than Ned's at an even 32”, but the thickness made his sphincter twitch…an awesome 16” even around with plenty of snaky veins. And his testicles seemed unimaginably huge, as big as grapefruits with plenty of black hair coating them. Mike had been known to cum over a quart at a time, and his cum was determined to be the most nutritious of all the Musclove men by Heinz.

Mike stood above the seated teen with his legs spread wide, the huge balls resting on Trent's pecs. Trent licked them as the twins went to each side, grabbed a hand, and wrapped it around their throbbing cock.

Mike continued his dirty talk; no one could resist his sexy voice once he got going…

“Yeah, lick these big sperm factories. Get them nice and wet.

Mmm, daddy loves your hot tongue. Now in your mouth. Easy…aw, yeah, you look so fuckin' hot with that huge baby maker stretchin' your jaw.

Now gently bite down…aaaaahhh, fuck, I'm gonna be shootin' my load soon.

Take it out. Now time for my boys. I wanna watch you with them. Who's gonna do what?”

Seamus said, “I want his ass, dad.”

Sean said, “But so do I.”

“Now, boys, don't be selfish. Haven't I taught you the joys of sharing?”

Trent's eyes widened when he realized what they were going to do, but he was so lost in lust he could only moan. The twins grabbed him, put him on the floor, and threw his legs over his head. Milking each of their cocks, they smeared their cum on Trent's sphincter. They counted down, “Three, two, one, blast off,” and shoved their cocks simultaneously into Trent. Trent gasped as he was filled like never before…hell, he'd only grown yesterday and still had to get used to his muscles stretching to accomodate the mighty genitals of Musclove men.

The teens grabbed Trent's cock and took turns fellating him as they shoved inch after inch of muscleteen manhood deeper and deeper.

Trent looked up and saw Mike stroking his massive hardon, bending it down til the head was a few inches from Trent's wet lips. He lifted his head and flicked out his tongue to catch the drops of precum oozing from the tip. The smell of sex in the room intoxicated Trent…so masculine, so raw. He didn't even realize he had come til he saw the twins licking his semen off his cock…and each other's lips.

Now it was time for the Bullocks to explode, and did they ever!

After having only each other for the past two weeks, taking on the new beefy boy sent them over the edge. The twins came within seconds of each other, the frenetic rubbing of their cocks against one another and inside Trent was too much to handle. They screamed as their juice emptied from their swollen testicles…so much juice it leaked out of Trent's sore hole. But when Mike let go, even Dino and Oliver in the next room heard him…

“Gonna erupt, kid. You gonna take all my cum? I got so much you're gonna hafta keep swallowing for about 10 minutes straight! You ready, Trent? Cuz I'm blowing! I'm about to blow! Boys, take your dicks out of his ass and squeeze my balls. Aw, yeah, squeeze your daddy's nuts. Big fucking hairy coconuts with so much milk…OH, YEAH!

OH, FUCK, YEAH! Aw, good, drink it boy, drink all this daddy cum.”

Trent drank thirstily, but even then plenty of Mike's semen spilled out the sides of his mouth. His new mustache was white with semen, and he couldn't begin to time how long he'd been drinking, but his stomach felt full…probably due to the twins' cum as well as Mike's.

Soon only drops remained, and Trent squeezed Mike's cock as if he were wringing out wet clothes in order to get every drop of his seed.

The next few hours for Trent were a blur, as he took on Sean, Seamus, Dino, Oliver, and several other men of the town. And he never tried to waste a single drop of their juices, whether orally or anally.

During a lucid moment, he felt like some kind of superstud superslut…

and he loved it! And if it felt this good fucking and sucking these men, imagine how much more intense it would be with his family. After showering at Oliver's, Trent came back home…and a third of his wish was coming true. Jeremy told him, “I've talked to dad, and he said it was okay for me to grow also.”

Trent pumped his fist in the air…one down, two to go.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meanwhile, somewhere in Oklahoma, Larry Singer had listened to his mother, Phyllis, rant all the way back home after their stop in Musclove.

She'd seen some of the men and decided they were freaks, inhuman specimens who looked nothing like real men. They couldn't be Christians, what with all their flaunting and such…and she tried to remember where she'd heard the name of the town. When she did, she immediately shut up and didn't say a word the rest of the way. He tried to talk to her, but she went to her room, lit candles in front of a large crucifix, and prayed quietly.

He went to bed confused, scared…and to his surprise, aroused. He tried not to think of his sinful feelings, but he couldn't forget the extreme masculinity, especially Trent. He didn't know his name, but something inside him told him he had to go back. He had to see him again, and he had to know why his mother reacted this way. She only did when there was something important she had to tell him, but for now she wouldn't say a word. Little did Larry know that his destiny was set for him, and one day soon he too would find his true home in Musclove, Texas.


Part 5

Rick called the doctor to schedule an appointment for Jeremy to take the formula and join Trent in muscle growth, but the doctor had gone to a convention in Europe and wouldn't be back for another week. When he told his youngest son about his decision, Bryce asked when he'd get his chance to join his older brothers as musclemen.

“Now, Bryce, don't be so impatient, your brothers are older, and Trent has shown himself to be quite mature with his new body. I don't think you'd be able to control yourself if you were that large.”

“But dad…”

“Don't 'but dad' me. I'm not saying you won't be allowed to grow, but not right now. And my decision is final.”

Bryce stomped to his room, and Rick sighed. He didn't know in a few days he'd change his mind for good.

That Sunday Joe Rob held a barbecue for the teachers as well as their sons. Normally this was an excuse for an orgy, but since there'd be “ungrown” attending all sex had to be put on hold. Rick would meet his fellow teachers for the first time, including the language teacher Gaetan Lemieux (originally from Montreal whose sexy accent enhanced every student-teacher fuck session), science teacher Ken Sakai (from Honolulu, and his biology lessons always had perfect attendance), art teacher Adam Nowak (whose twin Antony would also teach; you couldn't tell them apart until you fucked their asses), and phys ed teacher Mike Bullock.

Trent had been hoping for some hot student-teacher interaction that day, and was disappointed that he had to wait until his family went home. He understood, biding his time while his ass itched to be fucked.

Rick was introduced to his fellow teachers, and found out from Ken that the previous math teacher had died in a car accident in New Mexico; all the muscle in the world couldn't prevent a head injury if you don't fasten your seat belt, no matter that you're wrapping it around four-hundred pounds of solid beef. His organs were donated, and at this moment several lucky men who'd received the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, even the corneas were walking around their cities and towns aware of their new strength and virility since their transplants. Soon they too would find themselves drawn to Musclove and its denizens.

Mike had heard the legend among Musclove men that you'd know your soulmate the first time you met him when you'd see stars in his eyes. He scoffed at the superstition, even though Gaetan and Dino, the store owner, swore they fell in love at first sight. As did Theo and Virgil Huckabee, the town's CPA (and nowhere was there a sexier accountant than this Tulsa native). But when Mike's eyes met Rick's, he saw the light the others had mentioned, and it struck his soul with the force of lightning.

Mike had prided himself on his dominant role among Musclove men; everyone could honestly say he was the sexual champion, a role he could claim in his straight days as well. He was almost always a top, and even when he was a bottom those who fucked him knew who was in charge. But now he had this urge to follow Rick anywhere, hang on to his every word, bask in his presence. His need to be near Rick caused everyone else to take notice and wonder if Mike had met his ungrown match.

Rick, being ungrown, wasn't able to experience the light, but did find himself able to unburden his fears and talk more freely with Mike than with all the other men in town. He admitted that he was looking for some companionship, but his divorce had made him gun-shy.

He asked Mike what he did for women after his divorce.

Mike hemmed and hawed, not wanting to admit he'd taken the growth formula on the day his divorce went through so he didn't have any women since. “Oh, I've made do,” is all he said, thinking how he fucked this man's son recently and how hot he'd be once he was grown. Then he thought of his ex-wife in order to reduce the pressure building between his thighs.

Sean and Seamus emerged from the Thorne house, adjusting themselves after a vigorous quickie with Gaetan's half-brother, Guillaume. Even though they knew the rule, when they saw the sophomore heading for the bathroom they figured (correctly) the door would be open and he'd be waiting for them. Mike introduced his twin sons to Rick, mentioning they would be sharing classes with Trent. As the conversation continued, Mike found out about the other two sons and asked whether they're interested in growing.

Rick said, “I tried to make an appointment for Jeremy, but the doctor will be back tomorrow. Bryce wants too as well, but he's too young.”

Mike asked, “How old is he?”


“That's how old my boys were when they first grew.”

Rick's jaw dropped. “They had that much muscle at that age?”

Mike shook his head. “Didn't Trent explain the process to you?” Now Rick shook his head. “The boys don't get the muscle all at once. Adults do, but depending on the boy's age, he gets only a partial dose. My boys only got two-fifths at their age, and they've received another fifth at sophomore and junior levels. They'll get the last fifth next year, and by that time they'll be giving me a run for my money in the muscle department. Trent got four-fifths of a dose, with the remainder next year. Jeremy would be getting a full dose since he's a senior.”

Rick thought this over. He now understood why the younger boys weren't nearly as big as the older ones. So if Bryce were to get a smaller dose, he might be able to handle that. He looked into Mike's brown eyes, and calmness came over him.

“Okay,” he said, “if that's the case, then I guess there's no harm in Bryce growing as well.”

“Good man.” Mike slapped Rick on the shoulder, then yelled, “Trent, come here, your daddy's got something to tell you.”

“What's up, dad?” Trent said as he wiped barbecue sauce from the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

“Well, Trent…I've decided to let Bryce grow as well.”

“Oh, Dad!” Trent's hug almost knocked the wind out of his father. Two down, one to go. “But what about you?”

“Yeah, what about you,” Mike asked with a strangely eager crack in his voice. He cleared his throat. “No reason you can't join your sons in this.”

“I don't need it. I'm quite comfortable with my body the way it is.”

“But, dad, don't you want to know what this feels like?” Trent asked as he flexed his arm, showing off a Himalayan peak of biceps.

“Yeah, Rick, wouldn't you feel uncomfortable being around your sons with all three of them being bigger than you? Believe me, I know how much I weigh and I don't feel it because of my strength. I know you would look magnificent if my body was on yours.” Mike turned crimson. “Uh, I…what I mean is…”

Rick laughed. “I know what you meant to say, and I'm flattered by it. I'm not saying I'll never do it, but I'm already used to being around men with much larger muscles than mine, so I'll get used to my sons being the same as the rest of you. I just don't have the desire for it.”

Trent and Mike accepted his reasoning, but each of them was determined to get Rick grown soon.

Once Doctor Heinz had come back, Rick called him and made the appointment the next day for Jeremy and Bryce to have their shots. He wouldn't be able to take them to the ranch since he had a meeting at the school, but Jeremy had his license so he drove with Bryce and Trent, who was alone in the back seat thanks to his size. He tried not to get aroused as he thought of his older and younger brother growing into hypermuscular, hypersexual studs and having their way with him in just a few hours.

When the boys entered the house, they gazed in wonder at the sculptures and paintings. Trent told them that the Nowak brothers had asked him to come over and pose for a sculpture in a few days, and maybe they could also pose as well.

After they entered the lab, Heinz told the boys they would need to take off all their clothes, which made perfect sense since they wouldn't be able to fit into them anymore. Theo, the tailor, was on hand with a good variety of shorts, tees, and other menswear for the boys to try on after their growth.

Both boys were quite impressive for their ages. Jeremy looked like a college senior with his naturally hairy chest, well-defined muscles, and his long, limp penis measuring almost seven inches. Bryce had yet to grow any hair on his chest, though patches appeared under his arms and around his groin, from which grew a healthy five-inch limp penis. His testicles, though, were already the size of Jeremy's.

After Heinz told the brothers how they were getting their shots, Bryce asked Trent, “Did it hurt at all?”

Trent smiled. “No, it didn't. It was the wildest, best feeling ever, and I can't wait to go through it again next year when I'm a senior. You'll feel the same way, I'm sure. Too bad Jeremy will only get one chance, but at least it's a full dose. And I know watching you grow will be just as amazing as the real thing.” Trent could barely contain himself as he saw Heinz inject each brother, first the full dose into Jeremy, then the partial dose into Bryce.

Instead of sitting, the brothers stood and faced each other as the formula began its magic. Trent asked each of them what they were feeling as he watched both of their bodies react.

Jeremy said, “Damn, my heart is racing, like I'm having a heart attack.”

Bryce agreed. “Yeah, and I'm feeling dizzy, too.”

“That's what I felt as it kicked in. Oh, yeah, I can see it starting on both of you.”

“Really? Where?”

“Look down.”

Bryce did and saw his penis lengthening and thickening between his thighs. Jeremy did the same and gasped as he saw his limp phallus as big as his regular erection.

“Holy shit,” cried Jeremy. “You didn't tell us about this!”

“Thought you'd freak out and not wanna go through with it if you saw just how big mine got. Now that it's started, you might as well see what you'll be sporting.” Trent undid the belt of his khaki shorts, unbuttoned the top, and slowly slid them down his redwood-thick legs. Inch after proud inch appeared, seemingly without stopping, until it just passed his knees. Trent stepped out of his shorts, standing naked below the waist before his dumbfounded brothers.

“C'mon, doc, Theo, show my brothers what you got.” The two men pulled their shorts off to show their heavy cocks, both just smaller than Trent's. The three stood in a line before the growing teens and produced spontaneous erections. Trent held his massive cock with one hand, saying to Jeremy, “You might end up with even more than me. And when you're through with your shots, Bryce, you could be the biggest of all.”

“Oh, yeah…biggest,” Bryce sighed deeply as his young body expanded with dense muscle. Jeremy felt the growth hitting him as well, but his mind wanted it to stop. He could sense the changes going through it, and grew frightened. Maybe he was naive, but he never thought the guys in town could all be…gay. They were so masculine, macho…not flamers like that boy Jordan from his old school whom he once threatened to beat up. But the way those big cocks all grew so fast, and the looks in their eyes. Shit, his own brother was a muscle fag, and now he and his brother were turning into them as well!

But the growth dazed him with intense pleasure, and every time his old self would peek through the reverie a new sensation, each stronger than the last, would pull him back in. He looked at Bryce, wondering if the boy knew what was going on, or even if he cared.

He watched his little brother's body change before his eyes as Bryce's abs formed into small loaves of muscle, the legs swelling as big around as his waist. A fourteen-year-old Mr. Olympia in the making, all in less than thirty minutes. And he'd end up bigger, matching the adults in their size. He had wanted this, but not the side effect.

He moaned, “You're…turning me…gay.”

Theo stepped forward and said, “Not really. Bisexual, yes, if you're straight. You'll still be attracted to women, but you'll realize that no one will satisfy you sexually other than a man like us. And you'll want to end up pleasing us as well.”

“Even Bryce?”

“Of course. He's no longer a child. Look as his beautiful, powerful body. Men work out for years and don't end up with that much muscle. What do you think, Bryce? Will you mind gay sex with a body like that?”

Bryce hadn't been paying attention to them, focusing on flexing his new muscles as they grew, watching his biceps bulge with every movement, feeling his chest as it plumped with sinew, running his hands all over his new frame. But when he looked up, and saw the lusty leers on the men's faces, their monstrous erections pointing upward, his young cock responded as he said, “If it means growing as big as all of you, fuck no!”

Jeremy gasped, and hung his head down as he succumbed to the muscle, the change, the inevitability. He wanted to fight it, but he felt resigned to his fate, an unwilling pawn to his desire to be as big as every man in town. And in a few minutes, he was more than their equal as the growth abated and his body accepted its new size. Bryce's ended soon after, and the two newest behemoths stared at each other's massiveness.

Trent grinned as he ogled his brothers. Jeremy ended up growing as big as the biggest men in town, such as the mayor and the principal. He could tell his older brother was near five-hundred pounds of thick, mighty, hairy muscle, and the cock that dangled between his oaklike thighs would end up one of the biggest as well. Heinz noticed this attribute as well, and hoped this one would be the first to reach the yard-long mark.

As for Bryce, who could think this stud was just fourteen? He could tell his younger brother would end up as hot as his older ones, with his hard schlong reaching near eighteen inches as he stroked it gently. The hair on his torso formed a perfect T pattern, thick on his pecs and genitals and trailing nicely between the two.

Heinz needed to take measurements and ushered the teens into the weight room. Jeremy temporarily forgot about his fate as he lifted hundreds, thousands of pounds effortlessly. He'd catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, think what an incredible man he is now, and grow aroused until he focused again on weights. He didn't want to think about sex, but watching Bryce learning to enjoy his new body became too much. He strode over where his nude brother did arm curls with two-hundred pounds in each hand.

“Here, let big brother show you how to do it properly,” Jeremy said as he grabbed three-hundred pound dumbbells. He hefted the weights like pillows, and Bryce watched intently, his young cock remaining hard throughout the workout. The combination of strength and sexuality became too much for Jeremy and his cock grew to titanic proportions, reaching to the top of his inflated pecs.

The two teens dropped the weights to the side as they walked to each other and rubbed their new bodies against each other. Bryce turned to Trent and said, “Come over here, bro. Check us out.”

Trent sauntered to his brothers, huge cock swaying, and began stroking their backs, shoulders, and arms, oohing over them. Bryce shivered with excitement, and Jeremy couldn't resist the pleasure his middle brother ignited in him. Trent bend his head towards Jeremy, and instinctively the two mouths met in a hot, wet kiss. He pulled away, and moved towards Bryce who eagerly opened his mouth and stuck his tongue into Trent's hungry maw.

“This is wrong…so wrong,” moaned Jeremy.

“But it feels so right?” Theo asked as he placed his manhood against Jeremy's deep ass crevice.

Jeremy gulped. “Yes. Oh, God, yes!” And he bent himself forward, inviting Theo to take his anal virginity. Which he did, slowly and powerfully. Bryce accepted Heinz into him, as the vocal teen begged to lose his virginity in every way. Soon the five were in position with Trent in the middle getting fucked by Jeremy while sucking Bryce. Bryce gasped when he saw every inch of his schlong disappear down Trent's throat, and giggled deeply as his brother's nose tickled his pubes. Soon the newly-grown brothers experienced their first superorgasms, which had them yelling at the top of their lungs in ecstasy.

The next few hours were spent in an orgy as other men came to the house to experience the new bodies. But in the end the three brothers ended up together, exploring the joys of fraternal, incestuous love.

“What do you have to say?” Trent asked after he finished drinking Jeremy's thick jism after a three-way suck-off.

Jeremy lapped up the semen from Bryce's spent cock and said, “I guess it'll be okay. The gay sex was better than I thought it'd be. Still kinda freaks me out, though.”

“Did you know I was gay even before I grew?”

“Well, I had a hunch.”

“I knew you were,” Bryce said as he licked Trent's sore cock. “I found those Colt magazines under your mattress.”

“What about you?”

“I'm great! Shit, never thought I'd get laid like this, and this happens every day? Thank God dad moved us here!”

And when the three brothers came home, wearing Theo's clothes, Rick complemented them on their new bodies.

But that night, the three of them decided that, as much as dad might not want to, they were going to turn their dad into the hottest stud in Musclove, Texas.


Part 6

Over the next few days, Jeremy faced his new desires for gay sex with his brothers and other Musclovers, but even though he'd end up thoroughly satisfied with each fuck and suck, and other formerly-straight men assured him his feelings were normal considering the circumstances, he couldn't assuage his guilt. He had been starting to feel more strongly religious, having been influenced by a former girlfriend back home who remained a virgin while he dated her. He attended her church services under the guise of interest while wanting to get into her panties, but with each mass he found himself more attuned to her church's strict beliefs, including homosexuality as a sin.

Now his internal conflict threatened to drive him crazy, so one afternoon he went to the church to ask for guidance from Father Phil. He walked up to the church, still getting used to walking with his barrel-sized thighs rubbing against one another, and knocked on the door. Phil often mentioned during mass he could usually be found on weekdays inside for what he called consultation, but others called great sex.

Phil opened the door and saw the troubled look on the young stud's face. He ushered him inside, and locked the door, putting a sign in the window stating he was “in prayer”. He asked, “What help can I give you, my son?”

“Oh, Father Phil,” Jeremy sighed as he sat down in the office, “what am I going to do? I thought I knew what I wanted, but now I don't. Why did this stuff make me gay? Isn't it wrong to turn someone's sexuality upside-down? I want to hate it, but then I start sucking some guy's cock…oh, I'm sorry.”

“That's okay, Jeremy, I hear vulgarities all the time.”

“Um, okay. Well, as I was saying, I start sucking another man off, or we're fucking, and it's going all through my muscles and brain, like a drug, and I'm thinking all that time how good it feels, and then it's over and I'm back where I started and I want to hate it cuz I believed it to be a sin. It says so right in the Bible, and it's not like I think gays should be put to death or somethin', but…now I'm gay too and I don't know what I should be feeling.” He hung his head.

“Jeremy,” Phil said as he reached under his chin and lifted his face, “we can't rely on the Bible for every single word of advice. Do you realize how many contradictory statements are in it, and if it all God's word then God is contradictory? That makes no sense. We have learned so much over the centuries, especially when it comes to sex. But small-minded people continue to use the Bible as a way to force everyone into one mindset. I know, for I was once like them.”

“You, Father? But you seem so liberal.”

“That's now, but not then. I had been taught sex for procreation only, and I lambasted every politician and celebrity and doctor who believed otherwise. And, I'm ashamed to say, when gay men started dying of AIDS I was rejoicing at their funerals. But when I became ill and moved here for my health…I never believed in karma, but it's as good an explanation for why I'm the man I am now.”

“How do you reconcile yourself with this?”

“I've done a lot of meditation and prayer, and I've come to the conclusion that God wants me this way. And I've come to understand that sex isn't a sin, but denying one's self the pleasure in sex is. Took me longer than most to understand this, until the day I got gang-banged by about half the town and ended up begging for more. I became such a slut.” Phil licked his lips and laughed.

Jeremy laughed nervously. “But…I'm scared of losing my old self. I wanna stay the way I was, like when I was back home.”

“I understand, and that will stay a part of you, but we all grow, figuratively and literally. The new Jeremy is a better one than the old, and I think you know it, but you don't know how to release it or you're afraid of what will happen once it's released. Don't fear it, Jeremy. It's a new form of love, that's all. It's muscle love, like the name of our town.” As he talked, Phil placed his hand on Jeremy's shoulder, then slid it down his horseshoe triceps, tracing his fingers over the ridges and veins. He continued to whisper “muscle love” as he reached out to cup Jeremy's jutting pecs, tweaking the stiff, strawberry-sized nipples.

Jeremy began losing himself in Phil's words, the hot breath upon his skin, the razor stubble bristling against his own. Two passionate pairs of male lips touched, and two musclebound hunks threw off clothes (although Phil kept his collar on, a nude man of the cloth). Although not a yard long, Jeremy's thirty-one inch cock was one of the biggest in town, and no man could resist the challenge of taking it all.

But Jeremy's eyes shone with lust as he asked Phil to slide his mighty manhood into him. Phil lay on the floor and watched as Jeremy sat on his pole, easing the powerful erection deeper with each second. Jeremy stroked his cock tower roughly as grunts and moans passed his lips. But as they reached a steady rhythm, Jeremy started saying phrases Phil couldn't fathom.

“Prijs de god van spier en geslacht,” then “Elogie o deus do musculo e do sexo.” Phil heard words similar to “muscle” and “sex” and wondered what was happening. Then Jeremy said, “felicitez le dieu du muscle et du sexe,” and Phil realized Jeremy was speaking in tongues as he slammed his cock deeper into the teen. It seemed he repeated the same phrase, but in a new language with each breath. And when he reached his climax, Jeremy shouted, “Praise the god of muscle and sex!” as his majestic cock erupted, spewing warm, sweet manseed over their bodies. One last lunge inside and Phil repeated, “Praise the god of muscle and sex,” as he came inside the muscleteen. Jeremy quivered as he felt the preacher's semen flow into him.

After they'd separated, Jeremy asked Phil what happened as they fucked. “I felt like something took over me, and I could actually watch you pound my ass. I wasn't the same person, and I still don't feel as though I've come back down from some cloud.”

“I've never had this happen with me before, but as we had sex you began speaking in tongues. Do you know what this means?”

“No, Father Phil.”

“This means God has chosen y ou.”


“Yes! He wants you to preach the word of muscle to the masses. This is your destiny, my son.”

And as he heard these words, Jeremy felt as though a light shone into his heart. He gazed at Phil, then fell to his knees before the nude preacher. “I am your humble servant, O God. Teach me the ways of your love through my fellow musclemen so that I may be worthy to spread your name as your prophet. Praise the god of muscle and sex.” He reached up to caress Phil's phallus back to stiffness…

Meanwhile, on the northern edge of town, Dan Rogers, the owner of the gas station and favorite grease monkey (make that grease bull) of the townsmen, had just finished filling up the mayor's tank—as well as his Escalade—when he noticed a solitary figure weaving down the road carrying a suitcase. It didn't look to be a Musclover; too skinny. Then the figure stopped and suddenly fell. Dan immediately ran, his magnificent legs bounding with each step, covering a mile in almost three minutes. He'd been used to the sun, growing up in Phoenix, and knew the deadly effects of heatstroke.

He saw a dark-haired boy in jeans, his lips cracked by dust and dryness, unconscious. He hoisted the youth over his left shoulder, and took the luggage with his right hand. After he sat the youth in a chair, Dan checked to make sure he was still breathing. He found a bottle of poppers in the back room and brought it under the teen's nose. The boy reeled back as the smell hit him.

“Whe…where am I?” he asked, then saw Dan staring at him with concern.

“You passed out about a mile down the road. This is my gas station. My name's Dan. You okay? You might need a doctor.”

“I…I think I'm okay. I just hadn't had anything to eat since last night. One guy offered me food, if I…I did stuff to him. I wouldn't, and he threw me out of his car.”

“Are you a runaway?”

“No, I got nothing to runaway from. But I gotta find someone.” He paused as he carefully considered his next words. “You're a really big guy, and I was told about a town called Musclove with lots of muscular men living there. Are we close to it?”

Dan smiled. “Right within city limits. Say, would you like a cold drink? It's on me, and no funny stuff.” Although, he thought, the kid was damn cute.

“Dr. Pepper, please.” The teen gulped it down after Dan handed him a can.

“So who you lookin' for?”

“A man I never met before. My dad.”

And Larry Singer proceeded to tell Dan about his recent visit and his mother's reaction. “She was always really religious, but now she couldn't control herself. She kept talkin' damnation and hellfire, and she'd look at me as though I was the devil. Then two weeks ago I woke up, and I found this note from her.” He passed it to Dan, who read the following:

“Son, Forgive me for what I'm doing, but this is the best for both of us. I can no longer reconcile my past life to my current one, and must break free in order to be saved. That means leaving you behind. Please don't blame yourself for my sinfulness; you have been a joy, but it is time you knew the truth.

I was a wicked child, who sought to torment her parents at every chance. I smoked, drank alcohol, danced, all before I entered high school. And then one day I met a boy unlike any I'd met before. So dark and handsome…you look just like him at that age. He was two years older than me, and he swept me off my feet. I didn't believe his words of love at the time; all I wanted was to lose my virginity. Which I did, but I was so silly to think I couldn't become pregnant the first time. I did, and when it happened my parents sent me to Wyoming to live with a maiden aunt to have the baby. There I realized my sinful ways and vowed to change them. I purposely lost touch with that boyfriend to keep myself pure, and have remained so.

But I never told that boyfriend about you, and now I realize what a grave sin that was. A father and son should be together, and it is time for me to step out of the picture so you and he can get to know each other. The last letter from him said he was moving to Musclove, Texas, to take a job there. I pray he still lives there, or has family. His name is…”

Dan's eyes bugged when he read who Larry's father is. When he looked at Larry he saw the strong resemblence, without the muscle.

“Do you know my father?”

“Yes. Oh, yes, of course. This is a small town, and we know everyone here. I'm just…shocked. And I know he will be. I'm sorry your mom did this to you, but I know your dad will be overjoyed to meet you. I'll set everything up.” But all Dan could do was leave a cryptic message on that man's voice mail…

At the same time, Trent and Bryce had just completed a workout session, and were in Trent's room after they showered together. Rick was preparing himself at school for the first day, so the boys had the house to themselves. They dried each other off, and as they did their hands roamed over each other's bodies.

“Man,” Trent sighed as he fingered his brother's treasure trail, “you sure ended up one hot stud. No way anyone except us would know you're only fourteen.”

“Shit,” Bryce said, “I'm such a man now. All this body hair, and muscle…and cock! Dude, I can't wait til I get my other shots. I'm gonna grow so big. I can't wait to be your, or Jeremy's, size. You think the doc might change his mind and give me the rest of that formula?”

“I wish he'd give me the rest of mine, too, but we gotta be patient. There's plenty of time for us. You don't know your own strength yet. You almost slammed me through the wall while you fucked me just now.”

“Yeah, that was wild. Damn, incest is so cool! So perverted, and so hot. Especially with brothers like you and Jeremy. I love you both so much.” Bryce reached out, took the back of Trent's neck, and brought their faces together for a wet, loving kiss. Bryce moaned. “Mm, now my ass is itching. C'mon, bro, fuck me with that giant dick of yours.”

The two brothers got into position, Trent laying atop his bed and Bryce impaling himself onto Trent's cock. Since his growth, Bryce loved being fucked, especially taking his brothers on both ends. As he slid down Trent's schlong, he began sucking his own 17” cock, pretending it was Jeremy's monster.

Their copulation was so intense neither of them noticed when the bedroom door opened and Rick walked in. He had forgotten some paperwork and drove back home; the boys had told him about their workout, and he wanted to ask them what they wanted for dinner. But the sight of Trent's pythonlike member disappearing into Bryce's nether regions caused Rick to choke his words as he suddenly realized what his sons had really turned into.

Rick gasped loudly, and the boys turned around to see their father, ashen-faced, wide-eyed, and open-mouthed. But before they could speak, Rick crumpled to the floor in a heap, his eyes rolling back into his head. The boys ran to their dad; Trent checked his pulse, which was racing, and his breathing was shallow. Bryce called Heinz, who said he was on his way. And as they waited for the doctor, they realized what had to be done.

Rick Long now had to become a true citizen of Musclove, Texas.


Part 7

“He's coming to.”

Rick blinked his eyes, and tried to focus. He didn't recognize his surroundings, for good reason. After he'd passed out, his sons called Heinz in a panic fearing he'd suffered a heart attack, or stroke. Upon initial examination, Heinz determined he'd suffered shock and fainted, and they should bring him to the clinic. When the muscleboys admitted their dad had caught them in the throes of incest, Heinz agreed with them that Rick had to be grown now.

But they were worried about how he'd react, not only to the drug but his new body and brain. So Heinz brought the unconscious man down to his basement and a special room Musclovers called the “Doctor's Office”. Even before their growth, Heinz and Ned were into B+D and leather, and once they'd grown their passion for it increased as well. Others, after their growth, had joined the duo in turning the room into a pleasure garden of kink. Shackles and thick leather straps were attached to the brick walls in various spots, and other gear such as masks, cat-o-nine-tails, and ball gags could be found throughout the room. In the center was the famed “Operating Table”, with the thickest straps of all to hold down the ankles and wrists of the willing victims.

But this time an unwilling victim lay spread-eagle and naked in front of them. They had taken Rick's clothes off, and the boys looked in awe of their father's hot torso. He still kept in remarkable shape; Heinz used a caliper to determine 8% body fat. Sparse but dark hair outlined his eight-pack abs and the curves of his tight chest. His long, lean legs had the striations of a triathlete's, and his ass rode high and firm. With his good looks, he had enough to qualify as a Playgirl centerfold.

Except you'd need a third page to fit his huge cock. Even limp, it measured over seven inches long and two inches wide. Until he graduated from college, he couldn't get away from being called Dick Long. He had thought about changing his names, both first and last, but his mother had named him after her grandfather, and how could he explain that to her. So he stopped going to the gym, building one of his own in his old house, and married a woman who didn't care for sex with the lights on. He dressed conservatively, never showing his massive bulge in skintight clothes. And although he secretly loved being more hung than the biggest porn studs in the business, with just over eleven inches when fully erect, he never let on.

Now his two younger grown sons stood near him, each swallowing the drool pooling inside their hungry mouths. He moved his head and tried to change position, but was held back by the straps. He raised an arm, then the other, finally his spread legs. He began shouting in fear.

“Wha…what's going on? What are you doing? Get me out of here!”

Heinz calmly said, “There's no need to yell, Rick. No one can hear you; the walls are soundproofed. Besides, I'm not going to harm you. Your sons called me and told me what happened after you found them engaging in incestuous love.”

“You turned my boys into some kind of sex freaks!”

“Your sons were willing to become like us, even if they didn't know the consequences. But ask them what they think now. Would they still want the muscle knowing what they do now? Go on, ask them.”

He turned his head to them. “Trent?”

His middle son said, “Well, dad, I was already gay even before I grew as big as them.” Rick let out a small gasp. “So I'd still want the muscle no matter what.”


His youngest son thought about it, then said, “Gotta be honest, dad. Yeah, I'd still want it too. Being gay is pretty cool, and I'm gonna grow even more muscle and cock over the next few years. I can't wait to see just how big and hung I get.”

Rick turned his head away, trying not to cry in front of his sons. Then he saw the syringe in Heinz' hand and panicked, flailing his strapped limbs. “You're not getting away with this!”

“Please calm down, Rick, there's no need to be so agitated. You knew one day you'd become one of us. It's what brought you here in the first place; a small part of your brain recognized what this town was all about, and accepted it. You chose to deny the obvious signs, but in your subconscience you wanted it. And now, faced with your desire, you struggle. Your sons had no such trouble admitting their need for muscle. I'm sorry you weren't able to come to me and accept the gift willingly.” He walked between the spread legs. “Please don't think this is being forced upon you. This is for your own good.” Heinz took a firm hold of Rick's scrotum and place the needle against the skin.

Rick jerked his lower body, kicking his legs, doing whatever he could to prevent the inevitable. Suddenly he screamed and his body tensed rigidly. Heinz cursed in German as Rick went limp, breathing heavily.

Trent asked, “What happened? Is he okay?”

Heinz said as he lifted the table at an angle so the three of them could watch the transformation, “Your father's leg bumped against my arm, and I think the needle went into his testicle. I hope this doesn't damage him in some way.”

Hoarse grunts made the trio look and see Rick's sac swelling enormously, first the left testicle and then the right. Each grew to the size of a coconut, and then his already large cock began to stretch as though a sausage grinder was packing pound after pound of meat through his tube steak. It grew longer and thicker each second, soon reaching his knee without any signs of stopping.

Rick's muscles started expanding with explosive results. His abs were the first to grow, ballooning and then tightening into hard cobbles, an incredible ten-pack visible to the naked eye under the spreading hair. His glutes lifted him from the table until only his round, high ass the size of ripe honeydews was touching it. Soon his cock, which was reaching down from his groin about two feet, and balls were lifted higher as his thighs began to crowd them upward. The legs touched, then pushed outward as his quads had no other way to move. Each strip of muscle was visible, each leg as big as a roast pig. The calves soon looked the size of Thanksgiving turkeys.

The trio couldn't contain their lust and proceeded to disrobe. They stroked themselves in front of Rick, each hard cock pumping precum down their long, thick shafts. But Rick paid no attention to them, focusing on the strange feelings his brain relayed.

He could feel each muscle surge with power as his frame took on previously inhuman proportions. He could sense the density, the utter mass he was taking on. And although his body welcomed it, he wouldn't allow himself to enjoy the experience. He wanted to remember every bit of this moment, when his choice was taken from him and he was turned into a behemoth. If he had to live with this body, then so be it. But he wouldn't live the life they wanted for him.

The growth spread upward, reaching his chest. As Rick watched his chest, he was reminded of a Three Stooges film where one of the three put a natural gas hose inside a cake to make it bigger, except he had two triple-layer cakes for pecs. He woke from his reverie when a splash of cum landed on him after a joyous shout. He lifted his head with his bull-sized neck over the mounds and saw Trent grab Bryce's throbbing cock and aim the rocketing jism at his mouth. A portion of his brain felt delight at the sight, but for a fraction of a second. Anger overwhelmed arousal as Rick began tugging the straps with his expanding arms. Another blast of jism landed on his belly, this erupting from Heinz' schwanz.

“Mein Gott,” Heinz moaned as he watched Rick change into a titanic muscleman bigger than any other Musclover. Even the muscles in his face seemed to grow as Rick clenched his jaw. Basketball-sized arms sloped into football-sized forearms that jerked on the straps. Every sinew flexing, demanding escape from the leather that bound him to the table. Heinz wondered whether they could hold Rick much longer, considering no one had ever abused the straps this way.

Heinz soon had an answer, for Rick's muscles showed their incredible power as he broke the two-inch thick restraints on each side at once by flexing his body into a “most muscular” pose, screaming intensely. With his arms freed, he bent down and tore the tethers attaching his legs as if they were made of toilet paper. He walked a couple of feet, thighs rolling like waves, and stood in front of the trio breathing heavily. His expression made Heinz afraid for his own safety.

“You fuckin' bastard,” he said with a deep, low voice that startled everyone, including himself. “I oughta kill you for what you did. With this body, I could rip you apart limb from limb, and no jury would ever convict me. But I have three sons to raise, three sons to deprogram, and me going to jail wouldn't help them. So, as soon as I can, I'm getting us the hell out of here and telling the world about you and your freaks.”

Heinz stared down Rick, cleared his throat, and said, “The world can see for themselves, if they know where to look. Strangers pass through town all the time. State politicians campaign here. We're not hiding, I can assure you.” He folded his arms under his chest, jutting his pecs.

Rick hesitated for a moment as his eyes focused on the doctor's chest, but his brain continued to fight the new sense of masculine pleasure. He buried it further into his psyche, willing all desire for muscle and cock away from the surface. He wanted to show them all he would never become one of them.

“Sons, put your clothes back on. As soon as I get home, I'm calling Mr. Thorne and giving my two-week notice. Then we're packing up and heading back to Chicago.”

Bryce said, “Aw, c'mon dad, you can't be serious.”

“I am dead serious. And I'm going to have all three of you see psychiatrists…no, wait. I'm taking you to a church that'll show you how wrong those feelings you have are, and they'll teach you to be straight again.”

Trent spoke softly. “Even me, dad?”

Rick looked at his son, remembering his admission of being gay even before his change. He hung his head. “I don't know. All I know is right now I want to leave this town…and get some clothes for myself, too. God, look at me. I'm gonna need a circus tent to cover this body.”

Heinz said, “Theo, the town's tailor, is upstairs waiting for us. He has some clothes already, but it's possible they might be too small for you. With all due respect, you must be the largest, most muscular man in town.”

Rick's ears picked up a tone of awe coming from the doctor's voice. He looked over his body, at the hills of sculpted muscle packed into his thinned skin. A movement of his arm, a turn of his neck, and the sinew flexed visibly. And the buried desire resurfaced like a shark, then dove back into the repressed waters. He looked at the three and sneered. “And you're not gonna have me. You can look at you want, but lay one hand on me and it's your funeral. You better warn all the men in town. I'm grown…and I'm pissed.”

The foursome walked upstairs, Rick's feet thudding with each step. Theo's eyes widened with lust when he saw Rick's gargantuan nudeness, but Rick's visage stayed furious. They didn't bother to measure Rick for fear of setting his anger off, and Heinz worried that Rick might vandalize his weight room so exercise was out of the question. They handed him shorts, shirts, and pants, but even the biggest sizes wrapped around Rick's body like a bandage. And his gigantic penis wouldn't fit inside the specially-made pocket, so Rick was left with his cock running down his left thigh, visible to the naked eye. He couldn't wear shorts due to its obscene length. Rick grabbed whatever he could as Theo stood back, trying not to reach down and stroke himself. Meanwhile, Heinz got on the Internet and e-mailed the townsmen to tell them of Rick's growth, and to warn them not to attempt to seduce him or they might face his wrath.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Carlos had finished teaching Aaron Thorne yet another lesson about what happens to speeders in Musclove. Aaron was walking away with a satisfied grin and was about to tell Dan about Carlos' new nightstick dildo but caught himself when he saw the ungrown Larry behind him.

As Aaron walked away, Larry asked, “Is every man here a bodybuilder or something?”

Dan said, “Something like that. C'mon, let's talk to the policeman.”

Carlos was buttoning his uniform as the two walked in. “Hi, Dan. And you must be Larry. I'm Officer Huerta.” When Larry shook his hand, it felt as though a blanket surrounded it. “Please, have a seat. From what Dan told me, you want to get in contact with your father who lives in Musclove now, and he is unaware of your presence. Is that accurate?”

Larry nodded. “Yes, and I'm afraid of how he'll react. I'd like him to be happy, but what if he never wanted any children? Or if he has another family and it creates some kind of problem with his wife?”

Carlos placed his hand on the teen's shoulder, completely enveloping it. “I can assure you we are a very family-oriented town. No young man would be turned away from here. And I'm sure whoever your father is, he'd be thrilled. I was told you have a letter from your mother with your father's name on it. May I see it?”

Larry handed the note to Carlos, who put on a pair of reading glasses. He read it carefully, and when his eyes reached the portion stating the father's name…he blinked his eyes, threw off his glasses, read it again, then looked at the young man in front of him.

Larry said, “Da…” but Carlos hugged him so hard the word was choked off. And tears of joy fell down both their faces.

Three lives changed forever that day. But while Rick chose to become the most miserable man, Carlos and Larry, father and son, found themselves the happiest men in Musclove, Texas.


Part 8

By the next day the townsmen had heard of both Rick's intent to leave town and Carlos' newfound son. No one believed Rick would go, especially after seeing his extreme growth. They couldn't imagine he wouldn't want to join them for the best sex ever, and even with the warning Heinz had given several men tried to seduce him upon sight. But Rick's phenomenal strength overwhelmed them as he'd grab each by the throat and lift them over his head. He'd catch the outline of a hard cock begging for release if he looked at the bulging crotch in front of him, which he did each time. And his mouth would water for a moment before he'd put them down and walk away.

When he met with Principal Thorne that day, he was sure he'd made up his mind. He practiced what he would say, and he was convinced nothing would make him change his mind.

Until Joe Rob said, “Twenty-five thousand dollars a year above your current salary.”

“Excuse me? Do you expect to buy me off like that?” He tried to fold his arms, but there was no way to do so over his Himalayan pecs.

Joe Rob tilted his head to the left. “No…think of it as…compensation. Besides, you left your old job because of the poor pay. Think of what you have here: a small classroom, free tuition for your sons, a great benefits package. This is the most exclusive academy in the state. Do you think you can get what you have here elsewhere?”

Rick gulped. The divorce had erased his savings, and he needed to feel financial freedom.

“And if you leave, we can find another teacher who would readily move here in a moment's notice. Do you want to lose your security because you were changed?” Joe Rob stood up, his groin throbbing lustfully. He began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “I can make sure you never want to leave us. Just look at what you'd be giving up.” Two awesomely huge pecs, sprinkled with silver among the brown fur, appeared.

Rick couldn't tear his eyes away as the principal unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and reached inside. “Do you know how hot you are? Do you know how hard you made my cock when I saw you walk in? Look what you do to me…to all of us.”

The smell of sex started to permeate the office as Joe Rob's mighty erection appeared, dripping precum from a head the size of a billiard ball. He stroked himself unabashedly in front of Rick, who stood riveted to the spot as though screws had been driven into his shoes.

“Come here, Mr. Long, and get your first taste of Musclove manhood.”

The seed that was planted when he grew was sprouting, taking root. But it hadn't yet reached the surface. So with a strangled “NO” exploding from his mouth, Rick ran out of the office, out of the school. In his panic, he left his car behind as he continued running, his massive frame jiggling with masculine pulchritude, sweat leaking from his body under the hot Texas sun.

Soon the run turned into a jog as Rick's muscles began sending pleasurable signals to his brain. He denied himself a chance to workout after his change, and for the first time he understood the wonder of his body. The moistened cloth clung to each crevice, heightening the sensations. When he stopped to catch his breath, he felt his chest through the thin, damp cotton. By instinct he slowly circled it, feeling the shape, the size. He reached a hardened nipple and tugged at it. He gasped, then smiled.

He wanted to know.

He made his way off the road, his cock throbbing painfully in his shorts, begging for escape. He found a wooded area, and once he felt certain no one could see him he began stripping. First the shirt. Once he became bare-chested he started playing with his heavy, globular pecs, tweaking the nipples until they reached the size of plastic, twist-off bottle caps. The cool breeze rustled the fur like a Kansas wheatfield.

He reached down and slowly pulled down his shorts. Two mounds of glutes appeared, and body dew slithered down to his hirsute crevice. Rick had no words for the blissful sensations; he sighed, moaned, growled as bumped and ground his exposed ass. His hardon could no longer be contained, so he reached to the front and pulled down…and down…and down…

With a loud and heavy thwack his cock hit him in the chest and face with enough force to bruise a normal man. He reeled back, the cock swaying with him. He steadied himself by grabbing it with one, then his other, hand. His mind needed a few seconds to register that his hands were circling his cock, but not touching. His mouth dropped when he saw the incredible width of his manhood, and he looked up…and up…and up…

“Oh, my God,” he said faintly as he saw the head of his cock several inches over his head. It was the first time he'd seen his erection, and he knew it would be big, but never expected anything so massive. He had no idea if his already large penis had grown in proportion to the rest of his body, or whether the direct injection into his testicles caused it, but he knew intuitively that his cock was the biggest in all of Musclove…the biggest in the world.

And it was. Heinz had wished to see a yard-long cock ever since he started growing the men, but Rick wouldn't allow the measurement of any muscles. He expected Rick's would be the first, but Heinz would never have guessed just how gargantuan it would grow. Rick's monstrous organ would measure almost a full foot over even the longest Musclove penis, with a circumference as big as a regular bodybuilder's flexed arm.

He moved his hands up the shaft, and his eyes rolled back as the nerves concentrated every pleasurable stroke to one area of his brain. He bit his lips in an effort to hold back ecstatic screams when he hefted his heavy scrotum and rolled his grapefruit-sized testicles together slowly. All he could focus on was the intense sexuality of muscle and cock. He wouldn't have paid attention to anyone else watching him: his ex-wife, a Musclover, the president, the pope.

Moisture landed on his face, and he smelled sex. Rick looked to see if anyone else had joined him, but he stayed alone. More drops, stickier than rain, and he turned his eyes upward to see precum spewing from his knob. He curved his cock downward as his fluid ran copiously. He stared at his spitting python of manhood, then did the only sensible thing.

Rick opened his mouth and slid his magnificent dong inside. He remembered the only time he ever sucked his cock; he'd heard the famous limerick about a man from Nantucket for the first time after his classmates razzed him in the gym shower about his size. That night teenage curiosity caused him to look at his erection, just under ten inches then, and wonder if he was big enough to do the same. He held his cock with one hand, bent forward, and easily touched his lips with it. He quickly locked his bedroom door, took off his clothes, and positioned himself. He kept his mouth open, and this time the head entered completely, along with a couple of inches. His eyes widened with shock, not only because he could, but also because it felt so natural. His cock twitched with delight as he moved his mouth up and down the engorged organ. If he had more flexibility he was sure he could take it all, even down his throat.

Now, however, he needed none for his penis had grown to such an inordinate size that he stood and sucked himself lustily. Without a second thought, he took more and more of his manhood until it reached the entrance of his throat, and with one push it inched down his esophagus. His vocal cords vibrated around his cock as he moaned joyously. More and more slid in and down, and Rick started fucking his throat. His head swum with indecent thoughts of his townsmen doing the same to him; Joe Rob, Keith, his sons…oh! his boys!…and Mike…twitch…twitch…

Rick's eyes went wide as his schlong throbbed wildly inside his mouth. His balls churned and he shut his eyes in fearful anticipation, the same emotion he felt as a teen about to cum in his mouth. But this was no ordinary orgasm, as his testicles produced enough man-milk to feed half the town. A geyser of cum rocketed from his genitals, through the long tube of flesh, and into his stomach. One second, two, three, and still no stopping. He pulled his cock out in a panic, pissing cum into the air, hitting branches twenty feet high. His cock stopped for a moment, then the second shot erupted for another five seconds. Rick screamed in ecstatic pain as he emptied streams of jism around, and onto, him. He held his schlong like a champagne bottle, for this was a celebration of ultramasculinity beyond comprehension. He was Richard Zachariah Long of Musclove, Texas, the strongest, hunkiest, hung-est stud in the world…

but he still wasn't ready to share himself with the town. When his cock began deflating, he gazed at the scene around him. Cum dripping from branches, landing in small puddles, the aroma heady and intoxicating. He laughed to himself for a moment, then slowly put his clothes on. He rationalized, on his way back to his car, that as long as he enjoyed himself alone he won't need to have sex with other men. But the seed would reach the surface and sprout in the next couple of days, and Rick would accept his fate gladly.

Meanwhile, at the video store, Luke and Trent were discussing which celebrities they would love to see grown to their size.

Luke said, “I'm telling you, dude, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon together would be so hot. And if one did it you know the other would too. Just think of Ben in his Daredevil costume all beefed up…” Luke stroked his stiffening cock.

Trent said, “Yeah, but they'd probably want only each other. Now me, I think Hugh Jackman would be hotter than the sun all grown. And he'd be so hairy too. And I think I read Guy Pearce was into bodybuilding as a teen.”

“Got a thing for Aussies, huh? Have you done Nigel Rowe yet?”

“The mailman? He's given a special delivery for my ass a couple of times with that uncut beauty…and I can tell where this is going.” Trent started heading for the back but the front door opened and when he saw Larry and Carlos walk in his heart leapt.

“Hey, Luke, Trent,” Carlos said with a huge, sexy smile. “I'd like you to meet someone special.”

Luke said, “Dad told me about it last night. You must be Larry. Hi, I'm Luke Fredericks, the pastor's son. And this is Trent Long; his dad's the math teacher at school…if he decides to stay in town.”

Trent gulped as he extended his hand. He saw the light again, and his palms grew sweaty. “Hi…we met before, didn't we?”

“Oh my gosh, yeah! I met you at that convenience store when my mom and I got lost. Had no idea I'd end up living here one day…or that I'd ever see you again. But I could never forget you. A guy my age built bigger than any bodybuilder I've ever seen. You are so…incredible.”

Trent blushed. “Thanks, but I'm not the only one. I've got a younger brother, only fourteen, and he might end up being bigger than me. Phil's a teenager, too. Did Carlos show you the school we go to?”

“Yeah, he registered me for classes, but…I used to get bullied a lot back home, and I'm afraid it's gonna happen all over again.”

“I know all the guys in town, and some of them might like to rough it up, but if any of them try to hurt you you just come to me. I told you I was once like you, so I've been in your shoes. I wouldn't mind being your bodyguard.”

“Th…that's awful kind of you. No one my age has ever been this nice to me before.” Larry's white teeth gleamed as he smiled shyly.

“Well, I don't want to see a newcomer unhappy. You have a great smile; you should show it more often.”

Carlos and Luke could sense more than mere attraction between the two teens. Trent was flexing his muscles like a peacock fanning his tail for a mate, and Larry eyed him appreciatively.

Luke whispered, “Is it me, or does Trent have a crush on your son?”

Carlos said, “More that that. Dino told me Trent told him he saw 'the flash of love' in Larry's eyes when they met.”

Luke gasped. “Did he use those words?”

“No, he didn't know about it until Dino told him about knowing your soulmate by the flash. If it's true, then my son is going to be so lucky to have met his soulmate so early.”

“Hey, I got an idea.” Luke told Carlos his plan, and Carlos agreed. Luke walked over to the two and said, “Trent, remember when I showed you that video game about O. Lympus the first time.”

“Oh, yeah, I'll never forget that!”

“Well, why don't you and Larry go in back, and you can teach him the game…for his first time.”

Trent nodded and said to Larry, “Come on. I'll teach you everything I know.”

Larry followed him inside and Trent closed the door. Carlos walked up to Luke and planted a wet kiss on his hot mouth. “I gotta get back on duty. Make sure you and Trent take good care of my son.”

“You're leaving him in capable hands,” Luke said as those hands traveled inside the tight uniform and kneaded his glutes.

Meanwhile, Larry had bounded onto Trent, rubbing his hands everywhere along the muscleteen's frame. His urgent mouth pressed tightly against the stunned stud. “I ain't naive,” he said breathlessly. “I knew what all that 'first time' talk was. You figgered out I'm gay, right?”

“Kinda. Yeah.”

“Is the whole town gay? I ain't seen no women here; nothin' but musclemen everywhere. Big, beefy, hairy, handsome musclemen.”

“You figgered us out pretty quickly.”

“Even my pa?”

“Even him.”

“Wow! Well, if that's the case, with all these big guys, how come I never stopped thinking of you?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Trent kissed Larry with gentle strength, liquid electricity flowing between the pair. He slowly disrobed the quaking teen, cooing tender endearments. He placed his lips upon the young penis, coaxing it to its full six-inch erect length, then sucked him.

Larry moaned as he watched the muscleteen fellating his young tool, and ran his fingers through the thick hair. “Thank you,” he sighed between ragged breaths, the rapture of sex, torturous and sweet, pulsing through him.

Trent said nothing, stimulating his loverboy with mouth, tongue, and lips for a couple more minutes until Larry's body couldn't hold back. A sudden thrust into Trent's mouth prepared him for Larry's first orgasm. But Larry was unprepared for the intensity, and he cried out when the first shot flew from his balls into Trent's vacuum of a mouth. Trent held Larry's small ass as he swallowed spurt after spurt of teen seed, and licked his lips as he drained the softening cock.

“Wow,” Larry said once he gained composure, “I can't believe it! I just had my first hummer, and it was better than I dreamed it would be. I'm never gonna forget this, never ever. Now it's my turn! I gotta know what that feels like.”

Trent stood. “I'd love you to, but I gotta warn you…”


“I'm extremely large down here.” Trent patted the bulge snaking inside his shorts, and Larry gawked at the massive slab. “I'll understand if you don't want to; I was overwhelmed the first time I saw one this big as well.”

Larry kneeled before his lover, reached up, and felt his first Musclove cock through the cloth. “Be gentle with me,” he beseeched.

“I promise,” Trent said as Larry slowed unzipped his shorts, pulled them down, and freed his throbbing schlong. Larry's eyes widened as he witnessed the thickness and length of Musclove manhood for the first time. He reached out and touched the warm flesh, and knew no normal man would ever be able to satisfy him.

“It's…it's…” Larry groped for words as he groped Trent dong, bringing his mouth closer and closer to the flared head, “it's…beautiful.” And Larry's curious lips kissed his first cock, savoring the steely heat.

Trent had heard so many synonyms for the size of his cock, but no one had ever called it beautiful. And here was ungrown Larry telling him so with absolute honesty and unpracticed devotion. Trent became so choked up with emotion that he couldn't say another word as Larry continued his first act of fellatio.

His young mouth alternated between youthful vigor and caution, knowing more than the head wouldn't fit inside his wanting maw. He traveled the entire shaft, and nuzzled his face in the thick, musky pubes, relishing the aroma of ultramasculinity. He lapped up the sweat from the juicy orbs descending between Trent's sequoia-like thighs. Larry looked up past the hilly pecs and saw the soft smile on his lover's face. He moved back to the top, opened his mouth as wide as possible, and eased the baseball-sized knob in.

Larry moaned excitedly, wishing he could witness what Trent saw below him. He moved his flattened tongue along the ridge and felt seminal fluid ooze from the slit and coat it. The male ambrosia slid down his throat, awakening his taste buds, msking him crave every drop. He sucked harder and his hands squeezed tightly as he milked the mighty pole. He gazed up one more time to Trent's handsome visage…and saw the flash.

Trent saw the flash, then felt the waves travel through his body and straight to his genitals. Without warning, he screamed lustily as his balls sped his juice through his schlong and down Larry's gullet. Larry felt the semen hit his stomach, and to his shock his cock grew erect and began shooting another load over the two of them in mere seconds. Trent's meat popped audibly out of Larry's mouth as he continued spraying over the teen's face, neck, and chest.

Larry coughed as he felt drowned in semen, but loving every moment, every smell, every drop. Trent began licking his seed off the teen, then reached up to hold his lover's face and kissed him with a passion he knew could never be shared with anyone but Larry, not even his own family.

When the two lovebirds stopped kissing, they were greeted with an “ahem”. They looked over to the doorway, where Luke stood clad only in his shirt and Nikes, stroking his own oversized teenhood. “I hope I'm not interrupting, but I heard Trent scream, and I never heard a sound like that that made my cock so hard so fast before. If…if you don't want me to join you, I'll understand, but could I watch the two of you make love?”

Larry suddenly grew bold, understanding the passion he could flare inside another man. He strode over to Luke and grabbed his cock with newly expert fingers. He said, “I'll let you join us if you tell me one thing. How can I grow as big as you, and Trent, and every other man in this incredible town?”

Larry Singer…the latest in the line of men to succumb to the desires found in Musclove, Texas.


Part 9

Rick never could knot ties correctly. Today was no exception as the school year began, and he wanted to maintain a professional look by covering the mountainous muscles he now possessed. He tried to make every act as normal as before his growth; at times he succeeded but moments would arise, such as when he put his gabardine pants on, or when his silk tie slid between the valley of his pecs, that his sexual yen would well up. He believed he was controlling his desires very well, allowing only his lips to touch his colossus of cock and drink his heavy cream. But his sons began noticing his frequent disappearances, the quiet moans of self-love from every room of the house; the bathroom, his bedroom, the laundry room, the gym. They correctly surmised that their father had taken a shine to his new body, but hadn't yet crossed the threshhold for other males. So they made every attempt to seduce their father—walking around naked, jutting their asses as they bent over the bathroom sink to shave, groping his body at every turn—all to no avail.

He walked down the wide stairwell and saw his shirtless sons engaging in sexy horseplay, grabbing cocks, asses, and every inch of muscle atop their handsome bodies. He immediately interrupted them with a loud throat-clearing, mostly so he wouldn't keep staring at them.

“Shouldn't you boys be dressed more appropriately?” he asked.

Jeremy said, “C'mon, dad, it's supposed to hit the low 90's today, and there's nothing in the school's dress code saying you have to wear a shirt.”

Bryce said, “Yeah, dad, I'll bet no one but you's gonna wear one. Might as well start fitting in with the rest of us.”

“I don't have to do anything. Remember, this body was forced upon me.” Those were the last words he said until everyone had finished their breakfasts, enough food to feed the Dallas Cowboys. He tried to engage in chitchat while driving them to school, but the talk always seemed to come around to sex. His temper flared when Jeremy said the principal enjoys getting rimmed.

The boys had been correct. When he pulled into the parking lot, only Rick wore any kind of shirt, which now clung wetly to his body thanks to the humid Texas air. All around the lot teens and teachers were kissing or tweaking nipples, fondling fronts and backs with unbridled lust. Rick did his best to ignore them, as well as the hoots and whistles that met him when he passed by, and the sounds of sex from inside several of the homerooms as he strode to his classroom.

The bell rang to signify the start of the day, and the principal's voice, deep and sexy, came on the intercom to welcome back the students and teachers, paused for a moment of silence for the teacher Rick had replaced, and then introduced the new students and teacher. Rick's face grew red when Joe Bob said, “Maybe he'll learn some things from you boys as well,” then chuckled suggestively.

Rick stood in front of his first group of students, introduced himself, and when he turned to write his name on the blackboard one of the sophomores said, “God, look at the ass on him! I'd love to sink my tongue between those cheeks.”

Without thinking, Rick flexed his glutes back and forth, jiggling them like aspic. It wasn't until he'd heard the catcalls from his students that he'd realized what he'd done. For the rest of class, Rick stayed seated behind his desk, suddenly aware of his new id threatening to break through. At the bell, every one of his students strode to the desk, showing their huge teen bulges, then walked away shaking their buns behind them.

The second class arrived, and Rick stayed in firmer control, making sure never to give the freshman, including Bryce, any chance to pounce on a lapse of judgment. He heard one of them whisper to his son, “Dude, why's your old man so uptight?”

Bryce said, “He's still not used to being grown. He just needs to get fucked, that's all. Once he's had a cock up his ass, he'll be fine.”

Rick glared sternly at his son, who defiantly sat upright in his desk and said, “You know it's true, dad. It's going to happen, and I hope I'm there to watch it. Maybe I'll even be there to DO it.”

The thought of his youngest son impaling him on his impressive teenhood wouldn't go away for the rest of the class, no matter how much Rick tried to shift his focus away. Bryce would sit there, legs splayed, package bulging, absentmindedly rubbing his chest and tweaking his luscious nipples. Rick tried to bore him, and the rest of the teens, into a stupor to get their minds off getting off with each other.

He succeeded in lulling the boys into monotony, but once they'd left his class he locked the door and pulled down the window blinds. He sat at his desk, reached into his pants, and eased his schlong out. He felt so dirty as he masturbated, placing the head against his lips and imbibing in his juice. He sucked himself ravenously as Bryce's words echoed in his brain: “It's going to happen”. Rick consciously knew, but when? Where? Who? Would one of his sons take advantage of him as he slept? Would he have a chance encounter with another jogger in his favorite spot in the woods (which seemed to be grassier and leafier lately)? Or…here at school? A parent-teacher meeting, a detention class. The bell rang as he thought about his sons and their third period classes. Is Jeremy learning about a different kind of invasion during history? What kind of scientific discoveries is Bryce experiencing? And Trent…gym class…with Coach Mike Bullock…

Bullock. Musclebound, hairy, hot, daddy Bullock. His sons had told him that before his growth Mike was the most desirable man in town, and still is since Rick refused to allow himself the pleasures of muscle sex. Had he fucked all three of his sons? Did they tell him how much they loved taking his massive cock down their throats or up their asses? Did they ever call him “daddy” as he made his sons blow their wads all over him? That handsome, beefy, cocky bastard.

“I'll show him.”

Rick became consumed with resentment, no longer thinking clearly as he stood up, cock towering over his head and oozing precum, sinew and veins appearing through the thin, tanned skin. He unlocked the door and strode into the hall, kicking off his pants as they fell past his ankles. The smell of his semen wafted through the hallway, under the cracks of every door as he walked past. And as soon as it reached the nostrils each muscleman and muscleboy had orgasms of such magnitude that ecstatic screams echoed through the hallways and in Rick's ears. When Gaetan opened his door to find out what the commotion was, he saw Rick walking towards him clad only in a shirt, tie, and loafers. His dick grew instantly hard as Rick pointed his schlong and shot a wad of precum onto Gaetan's chest so forcefully that it knocked him back against the wall. Three of his students were slurping up the pools of cum from his body as Rick turned towards the gym. He ignored the passionate cries behind him as students and teachers emerged from their classes and into the hallways, fucking each other against the lockers, drinking fountains, and trophy cases.

Finally he reached the locked gym doors, grabbed each handle, and without batting an eye ripped the heavy oak doors from their hinges, throwing them aside like pizza boxes. Mike's students were startled by the commotion, but when they saw Rick's nude, godlike figure and smelled his pheromones they erupted in their shorts.

The only ones who didn't succumb immediately were Mike and Trent, who had been standing near some bleachers. Rick swaggered to them with a scowl on his face, and when he looked into Mike's eyes he saw the “flash” for the first time. But his jealousy wouldn't allow him to understand the love, and he quietly but fiercely asked the burning question.

“Bullock…does my son…do my sons…call you daddy when you…fuck them?”

Mike gulped. Even before he made his entrance, he sensed Rick was on his way, and he would have to submit to him. And when he saw Rick's naked form he wanted to melt into his sequoia-sized arms and be ravished. He was no longer the alpha by whom all other Musclovers could be compared, and he was willing to accept his demotion. For he knew he and Rick were destined to be together eternally.

“Yes,” he said.

“Is this true, Trent?”

Trent looked at his father with unabashed desire, licking his lips at the sight of his dad's awesome cock, desiring just to hold it with his hands, to feel it pulse under his fingers. “Yes,” he said, but Rick interrupted him before he could say that he'd called other men the same appellation.

“Now, coach…who's his daddy?”

“You are.”

“Who's his daddy?”

“You are.”

Rick moved in. “Who's your daddy?”

Mike wet his lips. “You…you are.”

Closer. “Who is?”

Head tilted back. “You are. Daddy.”

And the seed that had been planted at Rick's growth burst through his psyche like Jack's beanstalk from the ground as he attacked Mike's mouth with his own, kissing him with such fierce passion that Mike's orgasm shot a hole through the parquet floor.

Several classmates joined Trent, who sucked and fucked the teen as he watched Mike kneel before his father and kiss his balls gently, continuing to moan “daddy” to him. Trent witnessed his father experience the ultimate expression of muscle love and wished he could take Mike's place.

“Suck me,” Rick commanded, watching the coach submit to him and his desires.

Mike slurped his way along the shaft, murmuring words of worship. “Oh, sir…you're the mightiest, the greatest…the ultimate, the pinnacle…our king, our god…you are Musclove.” Mike reached the head, kissed it softly, and smeared the precum over his lips and tongue. He felt a tingle as the fluid altered them to stretch further in order to accomodate the grapefruit-sized head. When the precum reached his jaw, it helped it to widen like a python's. Everyone in the room was amazed at Mike's oral ability, including Mike himself.

Rick's nervous system exploded with human electricity, sending sensations coursing through every millimeter of his frame. He threw off his shirt as his brain commanded every muscle in his body to flex at the right moment, creating a rippling motion that swelled like a tsunamic wave. Mike looked up as he sucked and shot another glassful of cum, this time making a hole in the wall over twenty feet away.

Rick lost himself to the sensory overload, accepting his place at the apex of muscle. He gazed at the students, their throbbing schlongs aching for release anew. “All right, boys, time for you to worship me as well. Over there, you, stop fucking my son. Now, all of you, in a circle around me. Trent, you face me. Keep suckin' me, coach! Now, listen to me, son. When I say go, you are gonna shoot a great big wad of cum into my open mouth. Then every one of you is going to follow him, giving me a teen cum shower, til every inch of my body is covered in your jism. You got that?”

The teens nodded, moaning their assent as they beat their meat frenziedly. Trent eyed his new father, thanking whatever fates had brought them to this point. He aimed his teenhood at his father's strong, chiseled face.


Trent's eyes rolled back and he yelled rapturously as cum shot from his cock like lightning from a thunderhead. And with perfect aim, his seed arced over Mike's body and landed in his dad's gaping maw. One by one, each of the students reacted the same way, orgasmic bliss on every face, pummelling Rick's body with volley after volley of teen cream.

Rick felt the splashes of male juice as he savored the taste of his son's cum. He started laughing like a warrior who'd vanquished his greatest foe. He'd conquered his fear, for he was in control, now and forever. He looked down to Mike, who had over half of his gigantic schlong lodged in his throat, his beefy mitts caressing the rest.


Their eyes met, and when Rick saw the flash this time he understood. A fog of mistrust lifted, and the purity of love enveloped him. “Oh, Mike…my Mike,” he sighed, and his body shook as his balls churned cup after cup of cum, surging through every inch of his schlong, until he erupted like Vesuvius into Mike's belly. Rick screamed joyously as he emptied himself into his new lover.

And what happened next would be known from that day forward as “The Miracle of Musclove, Texas.”

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