Reality Pack

by Thorn

What happens when the program you’re working on for school has a downloadable mod? You investigate it of course!

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Part 1 What happens when the program you’re working on for school has a downloadable mod? You investigate it of course! (added: 28 Nov 2020)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6 Trevor’s family gets closer than ever, while Trevor explores ways to make his school more interesting. (added: 12 Dec 2020)
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11 The guys group up and head to the spa. (added: 26 Dec 2020)
Part 12
Part 13 After waking up after a fun night, Trevor tries to enjoy the rest of the little trip. (added: 6 Feb 2021)
Part 14 All seems to be going well in preparation for the Valentine’s Dance, until some big things occur back at home. (added: 20 Feb 2021)
Part 15 It’s the night of the Valentine’s Dance, but no school dance has ever been like this. (added: 27 Feb 2021)
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Part 1

Today was the start of my senior year of high school (I had skipped a grade back in elementary). I was looking forward to attending this school year as the summer was quite boring and before we went on break. Anyways I should probably mention the basics. My name is Trevor and I am currently 18 years old. I currently live with my older brother Derek who is 19 and my step father Matt, who is 32. I have a secret that is fortunately able to be shared in my household and that is me being gay. I decided to tell my older brother before telling my father and who knew he would end up being understanding? My step-father was also proud of me.

Matt had been taking care of us ever since our mother passed away in a car accident when I was around five years old. Matt is a very handsome and that is something I cannot lie about. He stands at 6’2 and has a stocky build. Still quite buff from his college football days, he only has a slight chubby stomach but that does not take away from his large pecs and biceps. His 18-inch biceps often hug at his shirt while his pecs often strain the buttons. Watching him leave every morning for the office is always such a sight. Not to mention an ass to die for whenever he turns around. What? Sure, it may be a bit taboo to find your step-father attractive, but I’m gay. Deal with it.

On the other hand, my brother Derek is only a year older than me. Although we are brothers we are shaped rather differently. Derek stands at 6’0 and is similar to my step-father. At school, he plays football and is a part of the team, which started when our father pushed him to sign up for it. He’s leaner but toned with a sexy six pack and some defined pecs, though he’s nowhere near the size of my father. His brown hair is always coiffed and his chiseled jaw is always on display for all to see.

Okay, I may have a thing for my brother too.

On the other hand, I’m not too bad myself. I’m leaner and have a somewhat toned stomach from PE class (yes I suppose that class is actually beneficial) and am 5’10. I’m not as muscular as the rest of my family but who could blame me. Sure I may be pretty average, but no one compares to the fine specimens known as my father and brother.

Throughout the first week of school everything was pretty bland. Nothing new or anything exciting was happening. As usual, I attended my classes, hung out with some friends (especially my buddy Miguel), ate lunch, came home, did homework, and followed that routine. I waited for my brother to come home as usual, in his uniform and sweaty. His shirt would stick to his chiseled chest and his hair would still remain totally coiffed. I was on my computer in my room when he passed by to take his after-practice shower.

Having a few hours before needing to make dinner, I decided to play with a program. I had been working on some code for my programming class for school. Our task was to replicate a game so I decided to do a knockoff of the Sims. It was coming along quite nicely but I needed to continue coding the final bits and pieces.

Suddenly I received a pop up on my screen. This happened quite often when programming, as the links to aid us provided by the school often were not as protected as one would assume. The pop up was titled “Realism Pack.” I guess someone before me also tried to make a version of the game for their own project so I decided to use their pre-made pack. A warning appeared once I attempted to download it: “WARNING: Changes Are Permanent.” Well, duh, this would permanently change my program in hopes of giving me a better grade. I decided to download it and it took about only five minutes to transfer. In the distance I could hear the shower turn on, since the room was quiet now that I wasn’t typing.

Opening up the pack I noticed it was incredibly detailed. Whoever made it really was dedicated to their project. It took a moment loading in its location and I realized the environment was quite familiar. It was my house.

The two story home in the suburban neighborhood I had known for most of my life was staring right at me through my laptop’s screen. I clicked the door on the screen and used the mouse to view the inside of my home. I couldn’t believe it! Everything was just as it was in reality. The fridge, the couch position, the painted walls, even the crack on the garage door. Moving upstairs I could see the entrance to my room. Going inside things only became freakier. I could see myself on my bed with my laptop. I looked up imagining if I could see a hidden camera but nothing was there. I waved my hand and my replicated character did the exact same. Curious, I clicked my character and before me stood my statistics

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lb.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Minimal
Penis Size: 3” flaccid, 5½” erect

This pack wasn’t lying when it said “Realism,” judging from my physique. Sure, some of those statistics could be easy to guess. I didn’t have a hair chest or arms, but my penis size? I’ve measured before and only topped out at average. One way or another, this was very unexpected.

Deciding to investigate further I clicked the “Orientation” Category. A slider appeared with a bar ranging from Heterosexual to Gay. Mine was all the way to Gay, which was accurate. The next I decided to check out was “Penis Size.” Judging from the realism of this pack I had to see if it could do the impossible. The Penis options varied from length size, girth size, head size, shaft thickness, ball size, semen volume, and a checkbox to make all changed proportional to the gentialia. I slid over to the erect slider and moved it up by one inch. Instantly my avatar began to get a boner, which was translated onto me as well. Feeling the pressure in my groin I slipped my cock out of my shorts and saw its ruddy head pulsing with blood. The shaft looked a little thicker too. Moving to my drawer I grabbed a tape measurer and measured the length and girth of my penis. It had grown to 6½ inches long and was 3 inches in girth. I began to stroke my cock and felt the amplified pleasure of having a slightly bigger dick. Moving back to my computer I looked at the other options but decided on something a bit more devious.

Having had a little bit of fun with myself I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. Moving the programs in-game camera down the hall I managed to get a camera view of the bathroom that my older brother was currently showering in. The steam would have been an issue if I had been in the room in reality, but in game nothing could stop me. My brother was lathering his body with soap, rubbing it across his pecs as his nipples pointed outward. As he turned around I caught a glimpse of his delicious cock. I had never seen my brother naked, but hearing about the stories at school, I knew he had something special. It looked fat with the thickness being larger in the middle. Curious, I decided to look at his stats.

Height: 6’0
Weight: 185 lb.
Orientation: Straight
Hair Pattern: Medium
Penis Size: 5” flaccid, 8” erect

A smirk grew on my face as an idea came to mind. While my brother was showering I decided to give him a little gift that I discovered I had the power to give. Clicking the “Height” tab, I moved the slider up by one so he would become 6’1. It was unbelievable. It was slow but I could see Derek slowly grow a bit taller. To him, it went unnoticed. Next I decided to increase his muscles up by 10 pounds. He’s been working hard at practice and he deserves it. His body began to fill out a bit more but most of it went toward his pecs. Like our dad’s they were already beginning to stick outwards just a bit more and gaining a nice shape to them. Derek wasn’t very hairy, but had a nice treasure trail leading up his abs so I decided to leave that alone for now. Onto his penis I used the slider to make it grow one inch longer erect. Just like me, I could see his avatar begin to breathe heavier as an erection formed. My brother’s virtual penis slid longer and longer and began to rise as it reached its new 9-inch glory. He began beating off his girthier dick and let out a moan when he finally came which I could hear from my room. As it deflated, it definitely looked heavier than before and his balls seemed to be as large as golf balls. After finishing up I could see my brother begin to get out of the shower and dry off. Before closing out I noticed I forgot a very important tab, the Orientation tab. How often does one get to live out their fantasies? The answer is not very often. I slid the Orientation slider all the way to gay. Now he would be like me. Before you ask if he deserves it I would like to say there was nothing wrong with his attitude before, but having the opportunity to have a gay brother like you? Of course I am gonna take it. That’s when I noticed a sixth tab labeled “Suggestion.” The instruction box stated you could type and input a suggestion you wish for each avatar to have. Immediately I began to type in the suggestion that Derek would be less prude and wouldn’t mind showing off to me.

Immediately I heard the bathroom door begin to unlock and I switched tabs on my laptop. Out came Derek shirtless and in his jockstrap he had to wear for the team. It was rimmed with gold and was black. As he walked out he stopped by my door. I nearly had a heart attack. His still somewhat dripping muscles glistened in the daylight with his wet hair. The main attraction lay below those lightly furred abdominal muscles. His bulge was the size of a large orange. I had never seen him walk about in his jock before but it was definitely not built to withstand a larger piece of meat. Most men topped out at 5-6 inches, but he had that size, soft. Due to his fat cock, you could see his pubes sticking above as his penis was pulling the jockstrap down.

“Hey Trevor, when are you making dinner? I’m starved from practice today.” He moved slightly causing his bulge to bounce. Noticing the unfamiliar extra weight he looked down and noticed his pubes sticking out. “Woah, sorry about that dude. I guess my jock shrunk in the wash. Haha. I tried putting on my shirt but it was a little snug. I guess I need to go clothes shopping. When you need help with dinner let me know.” He turned to walk away causing his bulge to bounce again as he turned to show off his bubble butt. Damn, I was going to need to get used to this.

The rest of the day went by as usual, apart from the new thrill of watching Derek walk around the house in just his jockstrap as I made dinner for the three of us. Whenever he bent down to get something from the pantry his bubble butt would spread and his bulge would bounce around. When we heard dad’s car approach the driveway Derek quickly went upstairs to put on some sweats and a t-shirt. We ate dinner normally but I couldn’t help but see Derek’s eyes drawn toward me and my dad. He had a lustful look in his eyes. When we were cleaning up for dinner I was sure I could see a change in my brother. He was much more handsy with me, caressing my shoulders and even touching my butt, even though he stated it was an accident.

During the night I could hear moans coming from the room next door. I couldn’t believe I could hear my brother jerking off right next door. In all my years I have never heard him masturbate. I know he had sex quite often as there were stories at school of him having a large libido, but I guess when you become gay in a day you begin to realize there’s a lot more material to jerk off to and fantasize about. In the morning dad had already left to work while Derek and I were getting ready in the bathroom. As I was brushing my teeth I could feel his crotch rub against my ass. I noticed he was smirking in the mirror. “Hey Trevor, do I look a bit bigger to you?” he questioned. Of course he did, but where he was referencing I didn’t know.

“I mean, you have been working out a lot at your practices. Dad said you had the frame to build muscle easily,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But I guess other things have been growing too.” He winked as he began to brush his teeth.

After our conversation this morning I came to the conclusion the program was able to alter the bodies of any avatars it could get its hands on and provide suggestions for those avatars to do. However, because the avatars still were based off of real people, there would be actions influenced by the suggestions which was evident at the more flirtatious behavior my brother was having toward me. Not to mention, his bulge always looked a bit chubbed so his libido must have increased with his cock size. Another important fact I noticed was that although physical changes could be made, the avatars were still aware of them.

Over the next two weeks I decided to spend my time observing my brother through the program. I decided not to make any changes to my body because I wanted to experiment with someone first. Thankfully over these weeks my father diddn’t noticed anything odd. Rumors went around about my brother and his large fat cock in the locker room, which I knew all too well to be true. I did catch him on my screen a couple times receiving blow jobs from guys he met at parties. And lately it seemed he was getting quite friendly with one of his teammates, Andrew.

At home alone, I put in my earbuds and put on the volume to hear what the avatars were saying. From what I could hear, it seemed to be about the usual. The guys that blew him were often impressed by his size, but Andrew seemed to be taking it to another level.

“I knew you were big before but I didn’t know you were this big. How big did you say you were?” he said while licking Derek’s balls.

“I’ve always been big. But I guess I had a growth spurt recently. I’m up to nine inches right now,” he spoke while throwing his head back.

“Well, if you got a growth spurt at this age, who’s to say you won’t get bigger?” Andrew began to move his tongue along Derek’s shaft. Derek managed to get some words out in between his moaning.

“I wouldn’t mind that. I got no idea how big my dad was, and who knows how big my step-dad is. But if I grew bigger I wouldn’t complain.”

That sealed the deal. I had enjoyed growing Derek the first time and now that he said he wouldn’t mind growing a bit more, I was more than happy to oblige. However, I needed to go about this cautiously. Making him grow an inch at a time was too much of a noticeable difference. I was going to need to go slowly.

The next day when we were home from school, I decided to go upstairs and open up the program. Derek was downstairs watching the television. Opening up the program to use the camera view I found his avatar. He was sitting down shirtless wearing his sweatpants. His bulge was hidden but was visible if you looked close enough. I moved into the “Penis Size” tab and moved the slider up so his penis would grow half an inch. Looking at his stats, his flaccid penis was now 6½ inches long and his erection was 9½ inches. He was large, but soon he would approach the fabled monster cock territory of double digits.

At dinner dad acknowledged the gains Derek had made in the past two weeks, even though he made them in one day a while ago. He also noticed he grew an inch and was closing in one his step-dad. While Matt went up to go shower after a long day at work, I noticed my brother’s bulge in his sweatpants while we cleaned up. It was growing more apparent, even in its soft state. As it was bobbing around in his sweatpants I wish I could rub my face against it.

“Damn, I need a bigger jock. I swear this thing keeps bouncing around.” Just like that he pulled down his sweatpants showing his jock to me. Needing a new one was an understatement. It was overtaxed and was being pulled lower by his soft tube. “Trev you don’t mind right? We’re brothers and we’re both gay so no biggie.” That was the first time he told me he was gay, even though I had known for quite a while. As he continued to work I noticed he had to keep adjusting his crotch. I had no idea if he had taken notice that it had grown bigger, but his jockstrap definitely did.

Giving him a week to get used to his new size was a good plan, but I was growing impatient. I was ready to give him another half inch. Tonight he was out at another one of those weekend parties he usually gets invited to. The night progressed and it seemed Andrew and Derek were getting hot and heavy once again. They left the party together and moved outside to Derek’s car. As Andrew was giving Derek another blow job I noticed Derek pulled out a bottle of lube from his glove compartment. It seems tonight was the night he was going to fuck Andrew. Although it was only on my screen and not in real life, I could only imagine how hot the sight of them having sex was. I pulled out my own cock and began to stroke it. Derek applied lube to Andrew’s twitching hole and began to probe it was one finger first before moving into two and eventually three for good measure. As he lined up the head with his hole, I had a wicked idea. I watched as Derek began to fuck Andrew in the back seat of his car. Andrew’s avatar was moaning and also whimpering in pain and pleasure. As they continued I saw Andrew was slowly relaxing and accepting Derek’s pulsing cock into his eager hole. I began to move the slider when all of a sudden I saw my door slam open.

My cock rested beneath my laptop and was behind a pillow so my dad didn’t see I was masturbating. He wished me a good night and headed off to bed.

Heart racing, I turned my attention back to the screen and noticed that Andrew was whimpering even louder. I guess he was really enjoying it. Derek was pounding away hard at Andrew’s ass, barely allowing him to catch his breath. I guess I was wrong because eventually Andrew pulled himself off Derek. Derek’s avatar was surprised and I could see that Andrew’s avatar was upset. They both put their clothes back on and Derek drove Andrew home to drop him off. About thirty minutes later he walked through the door and headed upstairs before locking his door.

I decided to go knock to check up on if Derek was okay. I opened up his door and found him sitting on his bed with his hands on his head. “What’s wrong Derek? Is everything all right?” I asked.

“No, I may have done something that hurt a friend of mine and I didn’t even realize it,” he moped, his head downward, dejected.

“Well, what did you do?”

He got up and gave his pants a tug downward as they seemed to have gotten a little stuck at his crotch. Tumbling out was his larger bulge in his jock. It was massive. It had to have been the size of an eggplant. It rolled as it came out of his pants. “I hurt him with this!” he shook his bulge for emphasis which did not take much effort. “Andrew and I were, you know, having sex when all of a sudden he started yelping out in pain before he yelled at me to stop. He said my cock was too big for him and told me to take him home.” His eyes began to look a bit sad.

“Derek, you can’t control the size of your penis. Besides, it can’t get too big right? You can’t have too many more growth spurts,” I said as I walked to sit down next to him on his bed.

“I can feel the difference though. It feels heavier. Let me measure it.” He walked over to his desk drawer and took out a tape measure and then pulled down his jock to let his long fleshy snake flop about. Soft, it was massive. Bigger than the bulge it made inside that jockstrap, that was for sure. He held out his soft cock and I positioned the tape measurer. It read 7½’ soft.

“Woah Derek! That’s a fucking monster! That’s bigger than what some men are hard, and you’re still soft.”

“I guess you’re right.” He began to feel a bit more pride in his cock. “You’re right Trev, some guys are naturally just larger. Guess I’m one of them haha. It’s nice to talk about this stuff with a gay brother. Not gonna lie, most guys ogle me for my dick, which would be a lie if I said it wasn’t nice, but it doesn’t matter if I might grow larger. I’m going to need a bigger jock strap though.” He leaned in and gave me a hug. I could feel his flopping monster wiggle against my leg like a dog’s tail wagging. Before leaving Derek rested his hand on my ass and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I closed his door and walked back to my room and swiftly turned on the program. I had not remembered increasing his penis size so large. I click on Derek who was stripping in his room and checked his stats.

Height: 6’1
Weight: 195 lb.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Medium
Penis Size: 7½” flaccid, 10½” erect

His dick had grown by an entire inch! No wonder why it was massive. But when did it happen? Then I remembered when my dad came into my room and scared me. I must have moved the slider a bit too far. No wonder why his endowment has gone up. Then I realized why there must have been a fight between Andrew and Derek. While Derek was fucking Andrew I must have slid the slider too far causing his dick to grow rapidly while he was inside of him. No wonder why Andrew was pissed and Derek grew hornier. I continued watching Derek until he decided to lay in his bed. Not being able to get the image of his dick out of my mind, I knew I was not yet done. Derek was in my sights right now. Tomorrow is a new day.


Part 2

Days had passed since the night I visited Derek in his room. At school he was a little apprehensive whenever he saw Andrew, which made sense. He’d hurt one of his teammates and that was something he couldn’t forgive himself for. On the other hand he seemed to have grown quite accustomed to his new endowment. I heard stories of Derek becoming quite the manwhore around school. No one would openly say he was gay because he still fit that straight-jock type (which is partially true since I changed him on my own whims, oops). I didn’t want to increase his endowment size any further for now so I decided to leave him be. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to fiddle with his other statistics though. Being such a kind and loving brother, I decided he deserved another reward. One for his hard work at school and one to help get him out of his little funk.

Opening up the program at home I saw Derek was in his room at his desk doing some schoolwork. Looking at the tabs I thought he would look hot if he had a little more meat on his bones like our dad. Moving the slider up I increased his weight by another ten pounds. He shifted in his seat as I watched his avatar bulge with new muscle. His t-shirt began to strain at his chest once more while his biceps fought for room as well. His legs bulged as they grew in size and I noticed he seemed to lift up a bit more. I guess this time some of that muscle mass went to his already delicious bubble butt. Not that I was complaining. Next I wanted to try out another tab I did not get the chance to play with yet, the “Hair” tab. His body hair percentage was only at 35%. Knowing how my father is I thought it would be sexy if Derek followed suit. I bumped up the slider to 50%. I cursed myself as I realized that even thought I may have just made him hairy, his shirt was obstructing the view. I would need to wait longer for that view.

Lastly, I moved to the suggestion tab. Derek’s advancements over time have grown quite bolder but I craved something more. Something even more… forbidden. I input the suggestion that Derek doesn’t mind walking around naked whenever he’s alone at home with me. On top of that, he would be open to letting me touch his body whenever I wanted.

Turns out I didn’t need to wait too long to see the view that I craved. While I was downstairs cleaning Derek walked by completely nude! His soft monster slapping against his thigh, bouncing with every step he took. His muscles… damn. They look good enough to lick. His pecs were larger and his abs were more chiseled. His thighs grew in size which in turn gave him a larger ass. He winked at me. His growth of hair grew more apparent. The once light hair trail that rested upon his abs grew into a small brown furry forest. His pecs were covered in brown hair encompassing their shape and width. Curly hairs surrounded his nipples and his pits looked a bit more hairy too. What I didn’t expect was some hot stubble on his face. It only added to his drop-dead gorgeous looks and charms.

“Hey Derek, I didn’t know you decided to grow your hair out…” I waited for his response as he picked up a banana from the kitchen.

“Bro, I never used to be this hairy. Guess that growth spurt from before is happening in more ways than one. I don’t mind it though, it makes me look hotter.” With that he flexed his pecs. Watching those mounds plump up with his pert nipples was driving me over the edge. “Hey Trev, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit.” He motioned for me to take a seat beside him.

Who was I to deny him? “Sure, what do you need, Derek?”

“Well, my muscles feel a bit sore so I was wondering if you could give me a massage.” His puppy dog eyes were not fooling me. I watched enough porn to know where this was going, and I liked it. I began to rub his shoulders which were hard and wide. I then moved my hands onto his ample pecs. They must have stuck out at least 4 inches. The growth of hair caused his pecs to be nice and soft but also fun to play with as I swirled patterns into. I swept my thumb across his nipples which caused Derek to moan. Who knew he was sensitive there? Or maybe it was the sudden growth to his chest that made them more sensitive. They did look a big larger. It was then when I noticed another one of his muscles beginning to flex. “Sorry Trev, it seems like I’m getting a little excited.” He shifted as I watched his cock begin to roll to his right thigh but grow a bit longer.

“Little is an understatement. That thing is gigantic. How does it feel to have such a big one?” I began to move my hands slowly downward toward his chubbing shaft.

“It feels great. I didn’t know how heavy it would be, but it’s so sensitive. Trying to hide it is a bit difficult since it bounces around a lot. You see it right? Even my balls have grown to the size of large eggs. During practice some of the guys try to cop a feel which I don’t mind. But getting a chubby during practice is a bit embarrassing..” As if it could listen, his cock began to plump up to its full mast. Its entire 10½” pointing upward past hit belly button and looked to be about 6” around. Whoever had to take that needed to have quite the experience.

Taking me by surprise, Derek moved my hand toward the head of his erection. We didn’t speak any words. I began to stroke his thick shaft. His breathing became hotter and more rugged. Pre began to leak from the top. I glided my other hand to his balls and began to play with them. The size of large eggs, they had a weight to them and moved in their sac. Time seemed to go on forever. Derek had great stamina to keep this up. We must have been at it for a long time until suddenly we heard footsteps coming to the door. Derek and I quickly looked at each other and forgot about our father coming home. With no time to get Derek upstairs to get clothes on and his large erect cock pointing up, we had to move quickly.

“Trev, I don’t think it’s gonna go down! I’m so close!” I moved the vacuum I was using to clean and told Derek to be stand behind the couch and act like he was vacuuming. I grabbed the duster and stood by the table by the couch that covered Derek’s lower half as back up in case our dad came too close. Just then Matt walked in, surprised to see us both downstairs together.

“Hey boys! Thanks for taking care of the house. It’s good you two are taking care of the chores. Hey Derek, you’re looking good! Your work outs seem to be paying off. You reminds me a bit of me at your age…” We’d saw photos of our dad when he was around our age and he was a looker. I mean, he still is. I could see Derek’s lustful eyes watching our dads body shift as he began to take off his tie. His large pecs strained against his white office shirt. I looked over to Derek and could see his eyes drawn to Matt’s cleavage. Derek’s cock was beginning to twitch and throb. I could see pre gushing down the throbbing head. Derek’s face began to squirm. I forgot he was close. Just looking at our dad’s frame was gonna make him blow his load. Our dad began to go up the stairs and I quickly turned on the vacuum in time that Derek blew his load. His moan was loud, but was covered by the noise of the vacuum. He shot six ropes of cum as I watched some continue to dribble from his dick.

“Damn, Matt’s so sexy. I wish I could rub my face in those pecs of his and lick those nipples…” It seems my brother had also began to develop an attraction to our hot father. Good to know.

Leaving Derek be for the night I was a bit curious to check up on my dad, Matt. He’s an attractive man with a great body. It always confused me why he didn’t try to date anyone else besides our mother. However, it was sweet of him to stay with us for so long and to support us like we were his own. He worked long days to support was which was fine because he earned a good amount of money. He talked about not being able to go to the gym as often as he would like compared to his younger days, but he still looked great. Sometimes after work he would hang out with his friend José. I was a bit curious about that situation so my curiosity got the better of me. I opened up the program to check up on our step-dad. It was later in the night so he should be sleeping since he got up pretty early for work this morning. I moved into my dad’s bedroom and found his avatar was asleep. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen my dad’s body laid out like that before besides when he goes swimming. I remember when I showered with him once but he had his back turned to me. I’ve always been curious to know just how large his dick had been. Without a moment’s hesitation, I clicked his avatar to read his stats.

Height: 6’2
Weight: 220 lb.
Orientiation: Bisexual
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 8” flaccid, 10½” erect

Damn! Daddy Matt was packing a sausage down there. I guess you could say that Derek was really like Matt’s son with those genes. The only difference being Matt had a solid half inch on Derek. I checked the stats on his girth and he had a fatter dick. Erect, it was said to be eight inches around. How Matt managed to smuggle such a dangerous weapon in his pants for so long I never knew. Although that would make sense why he would wear trunks whenever we went swimming instead of speedos. He would need to or else that giant schlong of his would be evident. I got side tracked with his dick size and didn’t even realize that he was actually bisexual! Go Matt! Swinging for both teams in more way than one. I knew José was close to Matt, but maybe they were closer than I initially realized.

I decided to leave my dad alone physically for now. Although that suggestion tab would need a bit of a tweak. I have been thirsting over my dad for years and it seems Derek is starting to feel that as well. I put a similar input in that I did for Derek when I first began with him. I suggested that Matt would be very open to walking around and exposing himself by being comfortable with us. I was also a little curious about the power the suggestion tab had. I knew I could slowly make my body and Derek’s body grow through the sliders. But what would happen if I typed in a suggestion regarding their growth.

Curious I wanted to try a new kind of suggestion for Derek. I typed in that once a day if Derek felt our dad’s pecs, they would swell a bit larger. Just in case that suggestion didn’t work I thought of something else a bit more devious. I wanted to test my theory if Matt was seeing José in a different way. So I put in a suggestion that for one time a day, if my dad was seen naked, Matt’s cock would grow half an inch bigger. Not the most conventional way to test a theory, but it was a fun one nonetheless. I put the program away for the night and went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with a boner. Good old Saturdays. Not a care in the world and I was free to do whatever I wanted. I smelled bacon wafting through the air. I cleaned up in the bathroom and made my way downstairs. the sight that awaited me was something I could only imagine in my own fantasies, which I guess I kind of created for myself. Derek was walking around downstairs in his jockstrap which allowed his ass to bulge outwards. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and showed off his hunky physique. Matt on the other hand was still wearing sweatpants, but was also shirtless. He was definitely bigger than Derek, that was for sure. He turned around and I could see his large muscles shift along with his slightly chubby gut.

“Good morning Trevor! I made breakfast for you two boys this morning as a thanks for taking care of the chores while I’m out…” He placed down a plate of food where Derek took a seat at the table.

“Damn Matt, this bacon is prime. Just like your chest..” I could see Derek resisting the temptation to rub his face in my dad’s pec cleavage. I didn’t blame Derek in the slightest.

“You got some good muscle on you too, boy…” At that moment I could see Matt flex his pecs for Derek.

“Damn Matt! Those are so strong looking.” Derek reach his hands out to rub Matt’s pecs. It was subtle but I could see them plump up even larger. They seemed to expand outward and bounce a little bit as they took up a bit more room. Matt didn’t notice, nor did Derek.

“All right boys, let’s eat!”.

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. I kept ogling my dad’s pecs as they seemed to bounce a little more now. Derek seemed to be hypnotized by them wanting to get his hands on them. I caught the root of his cock showing a bit more as he was developing a semi. Matt came downstairs with a button up before heading out to run an errand. His pecs bulged through the fabric as hit black chest hair was visible. I looked at his pants and wondered how he hid such a large bulge. Derek’s was visible most of the time and his was slightly smaller than Matt’s.

I let things go for a week and decided to let the chips fall where they may before arriving to next Saturday. Matt kept coming home late and would go take and shower and be off to bed. Derek would either be masturbating or attempting to hook up with some guys he knew, which wasn’t quite working out. All he seemed to get were blowjobs, but he seemed content with that. I was getting a glass of water Saturday night when I heard the car pull up outside the front door. the keys jingled and unlocked the door before Matt entered the hall. He turned the corner and I could hear him struggling.

“Damn shirt, I must have left it in the wash for too long.” He approached the kitchen and I could see him fiddling with his button up shirt. Or should I say, lack of button up shirt. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. One of those images you would see from a porno. His light blue button up was struggling to contain his pecs. Just from looking I could see his shirt had already lost the first button and the second one was barely withstanding the dam of muscle pushing against it. The hair on his chest crept out with the large fat outlines of his nipples, pushing against the fabric.

“Hey Dad! Did you have a nice time out?” I put the glass of water down on the counter.

“Oh… yeah I had a nice time buddy.” He was still fiddling with the button, “I must have grabbed a shirt that I must have shrunk in the washer recently. I know Derek has been commenting on how large my pecs are but they seemed extra pumped all day.” He undid the second button and it flew open making his pecs bounce and jiggle a little bit, allowing the nice cool air to touch his nipples, plumping them up even more. “Awhh yeah, that’s so much better.” He flexed his pecs and stretched, causing the pair to shift. They looked like the size of melons.

“I haven’t been going to the gym too often but I guess moving those paperstacks at work have been giving me a pump.” I’d say, but for them to have reached such a size must have meant Derek was still ogling them. I wonder if he realized how big he was actually making them.

“Hey Dad, what do you say to me measuring your pecs? You haven’t measured yourself in a while I bet.” I ran upstairs to grab my tape measure and began to measure his pecs. “Damn! Your pecs are huge! They’re 56 inches.” They jutted off his torso about a good six inches.

“They’ve never been that big before. Guess age does have some benefits.” He did a hearty laugh.

“You’re only 32! You’re still a good age to grow a bit.” I put the measuring tape down as Matt continued to unbutton his shirt completely.

“Grow a bit eh? I guess so. I thought I was done growing but I guess not.” He took his shirt off and slung it over his shoulder.

“What do you mean by that dad?” I looked at him quizzically, hoping it meant what I thought it meant. He looked around the room to see if it was just us two before unbuttoning his pants and revealing his underwear. Or should I say, underwear’s. A bulge was present in the compression underwear and was jutting out by a good amount. I looked back up at his face with a surprised expression.

“I guess I should be open about this. It is just us men and all. But Trevor, I think my cock has grown a bit. That might be too much information, but I noticed it when my pecs started to grow. I’m 32, I thought puberty was over for me.” He shook his hips causing the bulge to bounce a bit.

“Well Dad, there’s a theory where when men reach a certain age they undergo changes again, sometimes called second puberty. Like they get a bit hairier and their vigor rises a tad. You’re still young but you might have hit it earlier than most men.” He began to slide off his outer compression underwear and I saw how fat the bulge was making in his other one. Even though it was supposed to hide it, it was doing a poor job. No wonder why he needed to wear two. It looked like a long banana was pushing against it with two oranges.

“Well kiddo, I’m a bit drained in more ways than one so I’m gonna go take a shower and head off to bed, haha.” He turned away and wished me goodnight. I watched as his own bubbled ass shifted in his underwear and how wedged they were from some other weight pulling on them.

I rushed up to my room and opened up the program on my computer. I had only seen my dad’s dick through his avatar and not in real life, but that bulge was massive. I’ve seen Derek’s bulge before and his is massive, but dad’s was bigger, way bigger for just being a half inch. His avatar was in the shower beginning to strip. His pecs bounced and jiggled. His avatar was examining himself in the mirror and began to press his hands against his pecs. He was copping a feel to see how much heavier they had grown. He flicked his left nipple and then began to take off his underwear. A large banana shaped tube sprawled out over his thigh. It was massive. It was a thick one for sure, only rivaled by its length and large balls. Matt’s avatar wiggled his hips. I watched as his cock waved side to side slapping his thighs. He got in the shower and began to bathe and rub his hands on his enlarged pecs. I guess Derek was having his fun with Matt so I decided to join in.

I accessed the “Height” tab and moved it up two inches. Derek may be growing, but ultimately, Big Daddy Matt should remain larger. He’s supported the both of us for so long so it’s only right he receives some benefit of lost time. He inched upward slowly overtime in the shower. He was too busy to realize. Because I was growing him I should probably go along with the story I told him earlier. I went to the “Hair” tab and bumped it up to 55%. Originally his stats labeled him at 50% hairy which was how Derek was now. Matt’s stubble darkened a bit more on his tan face and his body hair became coarser. Poking out of his hairy pecs were his large tan nipples standing at attention and pointing downward due to the weight of his chest. his lightly abed chubby stomach also grew a little darker due to the hair to make for a sexy stocky look. When he turned around I could see a light dusting of hair on his ass too, but his back and other shoulders were spared to give him that nice trimmed look. For one final gift I moved over to the “Orientation” tab and slid it to gay. I’m glad Matt met our mother and eventually led to meeting us, but I am going to be a bit selfish here and push him to only like guys. He liked them already to a degree anyways. Before exiting out the program I decided to look at Matt’s stats officially one last time.

Height: 6’4
Weight: 230 lb.
Orientiation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 9½” flaccid, 11½” erect

That explains why Matt looked like he stuffed a large banana down his underwear. Albeit a fleshy and meatier banana. Seeing Derek’s softie was a sight but Matt’s was two inches bigger than that soft. He had grown an inch and a half larger soft and a full inch longer when erect. It seems that Matt was being seen naked by someone. I assumed it was José but I need to ask him about that sometime. He’d been going out a lot meaning he must have had sex or got a blowjob at least three times this week, at least judging from what he said earlier. Daddy was definitely larger than Derek now, and more so than he was before. I hope he doesn’t mind though. My project deadline is coming up in about two days so I need to see if there is a way to transfer this new program. I’ll see what new fun I can have tomorrow, but it seems Matt already has a chestful for now.


Part 3

The weekend passed and I resumed school with Derek. I had to turn in my programming project which got me an A (woohoo!). Plus I was able to download the program as an app onto my phone so I could use it on mobile. That way it would be easier for me to carry around and monitor then needing to wait to use my laptop or lugging it out each time I was curious. I was currently laying on Derek’s bed with my head resting on his chest. His chest rose as I heard his breaths. Swirling his chest hair I found his nipples and began to pull at them. His breathing increased as I saw him getting a chubby. Rubbing the bulge in his jock he lifted his arm around me before we heard a knock on his door. Matt came in without wearing a shirt but still wore his sweatpants. His pecs bulged in the air and jiggled as he moved. Derek got up to give Matt a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Both of their pecs pushed against one another but Matt’s won the competition. His nipples jutted down and rubbed against Derek’s pecs.

“Boys, if you have a moment I would like to talk to you about something.” He sat down with us and began to tell us how much he loved us and how lately he had been spending more time with his co-worker José. They had gone on a few dates and were really hitting it off. Matt was interested to know if we were okay that he was seeing someone and if he could bring him around sometime. We told him we loved him and was glad he was getting himself out there. He kissed the both of us on our lips and I swear I saw Derek slap Matt’s ass. Matt returned the favor by grabbing Derek’s bulge. “Damn son, you got a hefty piece of equipment there. Your jock seems to be a little tight. How about we go to the mall and get some new clothes? Mine aren’t fitting me so great either.” So with that we headed off to the mall to get some new clothes for Derek and Matt.

Derek got some XL shirts since his were beginning to hug his muscular frame. Matt was a bit of a challenge. Finding work shirts for him needed custom tailoring. He tried on many but couldn’t get the last button over his pecs. The second to the last button still strained tightly against his pecs. The man helping us looked at his chest lustfully. Derek caught a glimpse of him and pulled Matt closer. He rubbed his hand over Matt’s nipples causing Matt to look down and his face began to redden. His pants he was wearing were beginning to make a slight bulge. While the man helping us left Derek began to rub his hand on Matt’s crotch and nestled his face into his pecs.

“Derek! Not here. Wait until we get home please. I don’t know if my pants can withstand the pressure right now.” Matt was right. I had seen him wearing two compression underwear just to hide his monster when soft. When sporting a chubby, the bulge only grew incredibly. We changed stores once we got shirts and pants for the two men. People were ogling the two sexy men as they strolled about the mall. Who could blame them? I couldn’t. I had the honor of living with the two of them.

We made our way to the underwear shop where we were greeted by a guy who looked like he was in his 20s. His eyes lit up when he saw Derek and but grew wider when he saw Matt. He gave them both some suggestions so they could make their selections. Both took their options to the dressing room where I sat outside waiting for their little fashion show. Derek came out first in a solid red Andrew Christians. His bulge looked delicious. With his physique, he could easily have been a go-go dancer. He turned around and looked at his ass in the mirror. Right after Matt appeared with a special suggestion made by the clerk. It was yellow with some blue squiggly designs on it. His bulge looked so fat and long. Due to its weight the top of his pubes could be seen in their furry curl. Fortunately, the root of his dick was still hidden in the pouch alongside his near orange sized balls. Derek did a double take and whistled as he saw Matt. Matt blushed and moved around a bit to feel how stable they were in hiding his endowment.

“Damn Matt, that thing is stuffed to the brim! I didn’t know you were that big.” He moved over and rested his hand on Matt’s shoulder while looking in the mirror.

“I’ve always been on the bigger size of the scale but I didn’t know it looked like this!” He kept posing in the mirror, watching the bulge shift around but move altogether as one.

A little envious, Derek pouted, “And to think I thought I was the biggest one in the house.” He slapped his bulge and moved back into the changing room.

I guess I have been neglecting Derek just a tad. He is incredibly hot, don’t get me wrong, but he deserves a little more bounce in the pouch to play with. I whipped out my phone and selected Derek’s avatar. He was currently taking off the underwear and was about to try another on. I moved to the “Penis Size” tab and bumped up his cock about an inch. His avatar was pulling up his underwear but had a confused look on his face. I put the phone away and watched Derek come out in this jungle leaf design. That extra inch really made a difference. If I had to guess, flaccid his cock looked to be about 8½ inches long.

“This is the same size as the last one but it feels a bit snugger. What do you think bro?” He turned to the side so I could look at his side profile. It definitely looked larger. I had to check his stats after to see how big he was hard. Matt came out just about then too in an orange jockstrap. The piece barely fit him and this one did expose the thick root of his cock.

He turned over to Derek and saw the impressive bulge. “If you were my actual blood I’d bet you’d have my same genes Derek!” He turned to high five Derek. The force of their high five let out a loud smack in the air, causing both of their bulges to bounce in excitement. After selecting their new underwear they picked out a few swimsuits. I compromised with Matt in convincing him into getting one pair of trunks and one pair of speedos. Derek was more than happy to buy two speedos.

On the way home Matt was talking to us about his dates with José. Apparently they started talking to one another a few weeks ago. They went out to the pier and walked around, had dinner a couple times and eventually they had dates at his house. José was a sweet man who I had met a couple times before. Usually he was invited by my dad when we host any parties or events. He’s shorter than Matt, about 5’8 and has something that always gets everyone staring. His ass is as big as a globe. Nice and bubbly. The highlight of watching him come to our pool parties is watching his ass bounce around in his trunks. Last time he was here he needed to keep pulling them up. My dad snagged a good one. José had always been nice to Derek and I and sometimes brought us food. I’m surprised that Matt and him actually have been seeing each other. It makes me a bit curious to know if José has seen my dad’s monster cock recently. That would explain its sudden surge of growth. Matt said he invited José over tonight for dinner. He seemed a bit nervous about it, especially since both Derek and I were to be there. We promised to give him some privacy.

José was supposed to arrive at our house around 6:00 p.m. Dad was nervous about the meeting and was spending extra time getting ready. Derek and I wanted to do something nice for them so we made them a pasta dinner with wine. Dad came down the steps looking as handsome as ever wearing one of his new shirts. As usual his cleavage was busting the buttons and his pants were painted onto his muscular thighs and globular ass. His crotch bulged just a bit. The door bell rang and José walked inside. He hugged Matt and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

We left the two of them to their own company. Derek and I headed upstairs to our rooms while they talked and had dinner. I heard them discussing, laughing, and taking some swigs of their wine. Peeking down the stairs I could see the two of them getting a bit more intimate. José was now sitting on my dad’s lap as they were making out. José’s large ass was grinding against my dad’s crotch, obscuring the view. José stopped kissing my dad and began to unbutton his shirt. Unleashing the two melons he began to nibble on the large nipples. My dad threw his head back in pleasure. He picked up José while his legs were wrapped around him. He put him down and the two began to clean up the dishes. I rushed back into my room as I heard the two of them come upstairs giggling like a bunch of teenagers. Then I heard the lock on Matt’s door.

I grabbed my laptop and opened up the program. I had to know what they were getting up to in there. I could see the two of them making out on Matt’s bed. José was grinding his hips on Matt’s growing bulge. José then got onto his knees and began to slowly unbutton the monster that sat before him. A large meaty sausage flopped out of Matt’s pants and bobbed around. Due to its length and girth, it pointed straight toward José. Licking his lips he began to attempt deepthroating him, but he didn’t get very far. He only seemed to take in about six inches. The two of them began to take off their clothes in the middle of their little session. José looked amazed at the size of Matt’s cock. Matt puffed his chest out in approval and began to caress José’s ample ass. Matt began to probe José’s hole with at first one finger before gradually moving into two and then three. José lay on the bed waiting for the main event. Lining up his flared head, Matt slowly began to push inside of José. I could hear a loud grunt coming from the hallway. Matt slowly slid his schlong into José’s tight hole. José’s avatar was beginning to look a bit sweaty. His nails were digging into the comforter. I could hear a yell of pain and lust. As Matt slid inch after inch into José I could tell he was having trouble. Clicking José I took a look at his stats.

Height: 5’8
Weight: 170
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Mild
Penis Size: 3” flaccid, 6½” erect

Looking over the scene I saw José needed a little bit of help handling my dad’s monster cock. Clicking José’s avatar I clicked on his globular ass. I clicked the “More Options” tab and saw there was an elasticity slide. As of now, it was at 30%. I slid it up to 45% to allow for my dad’s cock to penetrate his bubbled ass further. While I was at it I decided to increase his ass size up by two inches. I’m sure my dad wouldn’t mind pounding away at a bigger ass. A bigger ass was needed when you were being fucked by a bigger cock. Viewing the avatars, I could see José’s ass slowly inch larger. Matt smacked his ass and watched it wobble. José was moaning in pleasure as Matt stuffed his hole with even more cock, filling him up almost all the way.

The longer they had sex the bigger the storm of sweat was growing between them. Matt’s pecs were heaving and jiggled as he quickened his pace and rhythmic movements, causing José to squirm. Clicking on my dad’s avatar I decided he was doing a mighty job at this little work out. I bumped up his “Muscle” slide by 20 lbs. His frame filled out quite nicely. His back spread out with muscles while his ass pushed out further. I noticed his biceps grew bigger, approaching the size of 20 inches. His lats grew along with his tree trunk thighs. Pummeling José’s poor hole, Matt sped up even further before doing some final thrusts into his hole. I could hear the moaning and grunts emitting from their bedroom door. They had been at it for a good hour before they finished. With a feeling of a job well done I turned off my program and went to bed.

I awoke in the morning to José and Matt chatting downstairs while drinking some coffee. They went for multiple rounds last night if the shaking of the walls and constant moaning that occurred in the nightly hours was any indication. I saw Derek leave the bathroom with bags under his eyes. I guess he was wide awake all night hearing our dad fuck José’s brains out.

The two men were laughing before they took notice I joined them. “Hey Trevor! I hope we didn’t keep you and Derek up last night. We tried to keep it down but sometimes that’s a bit impossible,” he and José laughed. “Your dad warned me to be quiet but he was the loudest one! Well him and that giant monster of his,” he added, looking down at my dad’s bulge.

“Hey! Not at the table José. I barely got the thing to go down. I don’t want it to start chubbing up again so soon.” He placed his coffee back down onto the table.

“What a shame that would be!” José said and got up to wash his glass.

“Trevor, I was thinking since today is supposed to be warm, José and I were thinking of going for a dip in the pool. You know how the Californian weather is, it always feels like summer all year round.” Matt also got up and stood behind José, wrapping his arms around his chest.

“Sure! I don’t think Derek and I would mind. Have you shown José your special outfit?” I began to smirk. Looks like my trap I set for him was going to be sprung earlier than expected.

“Special outfit? What type of outfit do you have?” José looked up to Matt’s grin.

“Just a little something we picked up at the store. I think you’re gonna love it babe.” After washing the dishes, José and I went out tyo the pool and waded in the water, talking about how things at work have been for him and his latest interests. Derek slid open the sliding door and stepped out onto the patio in his light blue speedo. The sunlight kissed his brown furred chest and bounced off the light blue fabric of his speedo. His bulge bounced as he walked over to the pool and as he jumped in.

“Nice to see you joining us Derek.” José splashed some water at Derek. Derek in turn splashed some back. “Have you seen your dad? He said he was gonna join us soon.” He floated over to the shallow end.

“Yeah, he was just trying to put his suit on. I guess he was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.”

We waited for Matt to finally arrive. We heard the sliding door close and footsteps slap against the patio. We looked and saw the jaw dropping hunk of a man that was our father. His muscles bulged and contracted as he moved toward the pool. Those extra 20 pounds really did the trick. He filled out even more. His stomach also seemed to flatten out a bit. But nothing could take our eyes away from the coconut printed speedos he was wearing. They were ridiculous on him. His fat soft cock was spread out to his hip as his balls filled the pouch like his entire genitalia is supposed to. Nothing like his compression shorts, his bulge jiggled like his fat pecs. He walked into the water as we watched his bulge slowly get engulfed by the water. It looked like the size of a large softball. It was so large it looked like it would have carried its own buoyancy on its own. We spent hours in the pool just relaxing and chatting. We played a game of chicken where I rode on top of Derek’s shoulders and José rode on top of Matt’s.

By the afternoon we began to get hungry. Matt said we had some patties he could grill up to make us some burgers. In agreement, we began to get out of the pool. As Matt leapt and stood up to his full height we heard a sudden snap from behind. Those coconut speedos were no match to the pressure pushing against the fabric. The sides snapped due to the pressure from both the massive weight in front and the pushing of his bubble butt in the back. We saw his giant cock flop out of the speedo as it lay in tatters below him. He looked down and tried to cover himself. Suddenly I noticed Matt’s cock began to inch lower and lower. It wasn’t getting hard, it was just getting longer and fatter. It was sliding down his thighs coming closer toward his knees. The three of us kept looking as his cock seemed to grow larger and larger by the second. Matt moved to the table nearby and wrapped a towel around his waist, but the bulge of his fat cock was still evident.

“Babe I didn’t know you were so happy to eat. If you wanted to do that you should have just told me.” José winked as my dad was breathing a bit heavier. Matt managed and smile and said he would come start the grill after he found some clothes to wear.

I followed my dad indoors and waited in his doorway. He unwrapped the towel from his waist and stared at his cock. “Dad, are you all right?” I stepped closer to him. He turned quickly causing his cock to slap against his thigh loudly.

“Uhhh… yeah I’m alright kiddo.” I could see the awe in his eyes as he took quick glimpses at his soft cock. “I guess that speedo I bought yesterday was actually a size too small. Looks like I need to go up a size. By the way, does my cock seem bigger to you?” He shifted his weight so I could see the beast in its full glory.

“Of course it’s big dad, it’s always been. As you said before. Does it bother you being so big?” I stepped closer, inspecting the beast.

“I don’t mind being bigger of course. Hell, it feels so much more sensitive and my orgasms are intense! I just didn’t think it looked as big as it did before. Anyways let me get some clothes on so I can start the grill..” I watched as he grabbed one of the underwear’s he bought for himself yesterday. It looked painted onto the bulge. It definitely looked much larger. The root was also showing quite a bit compared to yesterday. I left to my room to change out of my trunks. Dads bulge looked much larger than before and it seemed to grow quite a bit in front of our eyes. I opened the program to investigate his stats to see what happened.

Height: 6’4
Weight: 250 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 11” flaccid, 13½” erect

Oh boy. No wonder why his cock wasn’t fitting into his underwear like yesterday and why it snapped the speedo. It was now an even larger monster! But how was it possible? Then I remembered the suggestion I input. Every time he was seen naked by someone once a day his cock would grow by a half inch. I guess last night made sense since he had sex with José. But I realized a flaw in the suggestion. I didn’t limit it to only one person. For every person that saw him once naked a day, it would grow half an inch. That explains why the growth seemed longer when his speedos turned to tatters. He grew an inch and a half in front of our eyes. I instantly sprung a boner. My dad’s dick surpassed the footlong mark in one go and grew an inch and half longer! I’m sure he doesn’t mind too much. He seemed to enjoy his beastly cock last night in the bedroom, so what’s a bit more? I needed to correct that suggestion though. That could have been a disaster if more than just us three saw. I debated about removing the suggestion completely before deciding I first needed to ask a certain someone how they felt about my dad.

I slid open the patio door and took a seat next to José. He was watching my dad start up the grill while he bumped his hips to the music that way playing. Derek was beside him chatting, giving him the pieces of meat and helping season the food.

“So José, we are a very open family so please don’t mind this question, but how was it last night?” I smirked at him. He glanced in my direction and smirked back.

“Your dad is a very sweet man, but you probably heard how much I was enjoying it. I’ve taken many dicks up this big ass before but none the size of your dad. When we first started going on dates I had an idea of how large it was, but when I saw him whip it out it was like a dream come true. Not to mention each time I see it I fall in love with it. It’s like it seems bigger than the last time I see it.” I watched as his trunks started to form a tent in his crotch.

“Do you mind how big he is?” I saw his tent plump up even more.

“Not at all! I love the challenge. Not to mention I’ve never had someone go so deep inside me before. He made sex feel different from all the past men I’ve hooked up with.” He turned his attention back to Matt.

“If he were bigger, would you be against that?” I looked nervously at José.

He turned to me and said, “He’s already so huge! But imagining that even bigger? I’d be in heaven.” He looked like he was about to drool. Good thing he was open to the idea of dad’s shlong being even bigger. It just grew not too long ago and I don’t think he’s himself has seen its new size when erect. Both he and José are in for a treat.

We ate lunch in peace before José had to go. Matt hugged him goodbye and promised to call him later. As he turned to close the door he rubbed his crotch and headed upstairs. Closing the door he sat on his bed smiling, having spent time with José. He pulled off his pants and watched as his massive cock flopped about. He had never been this big before and he didn’t know why he was growing all of a sudden. He hefted it with one hand but the girth and weight was too much. He used his other hand to grab the head and began to stroke it. The cock that hung off the bed began to lengthen and grow fatter, aiming straight forward.

Matt couldn’t believe its size. Looking down past his fat pecs and swollen nipples, he could see the monster throbbing. He stood up and stood in front of his mirror. The head was pointing straight at the mirror, already quite close to pressing up against it entirely. Needing to see his length he grabbed a tape measurer and measured his cock. It was a solid 13½”. That seemed impossible! Nearly record breaking. Matt began to use both his hands to wrap around his 9” width. He began to stroke faster causing his body to shudder. After constantly stroking his cock, he began to shoot thick ropes of cum all over the mirror. The orgasm seemed to have lasted for a couple minutes. Exhausted from draining his now softball sized balls he lay back on his bed rubbing his hand over his hairy melon sized pecs. His dick began to soften to its still much larger than usual state. Little did he know, someone was watching him the entire time.


Part 4

Derek would come home late from practice quite often and I began to grow curious. Turns out there was rumors of him having “one on one” meetings with some of the other athletes in school. Whether it be the captain of the swim team, teammates on the football team, members of the soccer team, or the only male cheerleader on the squad, you best believe Derek had found his way into their pants or them into his. Dad had an early day today so he was supposed to pick both Derek and I up but Derek didn’t arrive at our designated meeting spot. I assumed practice was running late so I headed over to the locker rooms to see where he might be. I made my way to the gymnasium and headed inside of the boys’ locker room. I looked around each row but didn’t see him. It looked like everybody had packed up for the day. I headed toward the field door but didn’t find anybody else either. Making my way back toward the locker room entrance I could hear the sounds of someone talking. I inched my way closer to the noises as the voices grew louder. Standing right beside the entrance to the shower room I could smell the sweet and musty scent of sex. I slowly brought my head to look at the shower rooms stalls and saw Derek being pushed against a wall, hunched over. His chest rubbing against the shower walls as the shower head poured water over him and a man fucking his ass.

Derek moaned and reached back to kiss the man that was plowing him. “Aww shit man, you’re going so deep.” Derek continuously moaned louder and the mans rhythm continued to quicken.

“I’m gonna come!” the deep-voiced man yelled and threw his head back.

Fuck!” Derek pushed his ass against the man one final time before pulling off. “Damn, that was great Imran. Why haven’t we done it before now?” he turned around and rested his hand against Imran’s cheek.

“We never had the time to. I’m glad everyone went home early today. Your ass is the best one I have ever fucked. It was so tight.” He slapped Derek’s ass causing it to jiggle.

“Ow! That hurt.” He playfully shoved Imran’s thick pecs, “Hey I gotta get going. My dad is supposed to pick me up today. I’ll text you later.” With that I hastily tried my best to silently move my way out of the locker room before I got caught by Derek. I headed back to our designated spot in the quad and waited for Derek to arrive. He jogged over to where I was sitting in his blue striped polo and his gray gym shorts (which had a bit of movement). We chatted and walked to our car where dad was supposed to pick us up.

“Hey boys! Did you two have a fun day at school?” He leaned over to open the door across from him for Derek as I entered through the second row.

“I had a lot of fun today,” Derek smirked. I knew exactly what he was referring to.

“I had an easygoing day. Not too much happened.” I placed my backpack on the floor. “How about you, dad? How was your date night with José?”

My dad shifted in his seat and adjusted his crotch. Turns out there were two levers he had to maneuver in this vehicle. “Oh it was a nice evening. We went out to dinner and went dancing after.” The buttons on his work pants bulged dangerously now. I could tell there was something else he was hiding about last night. After the day José came over to go swimming, I’d watched my dad jack off his giant rod to see how he handled it.

Even though José said he wouldn’t mind the size of my dad’s package I went through with the idea to take off the suggestion I placed on my dad. His cock was already massive and had grown about three inches in a span of two and a half weeks. He needed time to get used to it, and so did José I assumed by the amount of sex they were having. Dad’s bulge continued to push against his work pants. Through the rearview mirror I could see he was having difficulty not paying attention.

“Derek can you help me out real quick? I don’t want to bust through these pants. They are one of the only ones that fit me right now. Can you hurry and unbutton them? I don’t know how much longer I can keep it down!” His breathing began to grow heavier. Derek leaned over and tried to grasp the button being pushed away by dad’s bulge. He had to use one hand to push it down and use the other to get the button undone. Now free from the button’s constraint, dad’s bulge began to push his zipper down. Derek and I watched his cock continue to plump up. “Thanks Derek. These pants get to live another day.” Dad continued driving with his bulge out on display for anyone looking close enough into the car.

“Your pants may have survived, but I can’t say the same for your underwear. No wonder why José has a large ass. He needs it to deal with your hose!” Derek began to snicker as dad’s cock began to pull upward. Freeing itself from its orange confines, dad’s dick began to stand upward while his large balls rested in the underwear. “Wow, just bringing up his greatest asset gets you going huh, Matt.” Derek reached over and began to tease my dad’s dick.

“Derek please don’t, it’s hard enough to drive with this thing pressing against the wheel…” His cock was only sporting a semi but a foot of dick is still a foot of dick. Even though dad was acting like it was a burden, he seemed to be enjoying it. Derek tried to wrap his hand around the cock but it was too big. Instead he pulled it downward toward his direction.

“There, looks like we are both controlling a lever to make this car function..” Leaning down toward the swollen head, Derek began to lick as pre began to leak out. Dads dick surged forward a bit more to its full mast. “Matt I knew you were big but this is insane! You’re a fucking horse dude! How big are you anyways? This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” Derek squeezed his erection.

“Last time I measured I was up to 13½. Looks like your step dad can’t really hide this thing from you two boys anymore. It’s been difficult trying to cover up for the last decade but now that you two have seen it I see no problem in letting it out once in a while. Gives it a breather.” He scratched his balls and felt their weight.

We arrived home at last, but I wished the car ride was a bit longer. Personally, I had no problem watching my brother tease my dad’s cock while my dad continued to drive like nothing was happening. Having his dick played with all the way home, dad was still rocking his erection. Not going to fit back into his underwear he buttoned up his pants and stuck his cock underneath his shirt. That way it wouldn’t be noticeable unless somebody was looking closely. We walked through the door before dad left us alone to go deal with his own “business.”

Not wanting to become distracted about the events that happened in the car moments ago, I wanted to get down to my own business. I am kind of a snoopy person. A big fantasy of mine has been to watch my brother and dad grow, so with this new app I am not going to waste my opportunity. Watching them have their fun with their own partners makes me horny. That’s probably why I haven’t considered a partner of my own. But Derek and my dad were all I cared about. I wanted to store these memories for future jack off sessions.

But now to the important stuff. I wanted to learn more about Derek and Imran. Imran, also known as Mr. Anwar, is a substitute PE teacher at a school this semester. After Mr. Wilson got injured at the start of the semester, Imran was hired to take his place over general PE. No one expect a hunk like him to walk through those doors. Majoring in sports medicine, Imran is one of the hottest and fittest PE teachers I have ever had the fortune of laying my eyes upon. His tan skin shining and glistening with sweat when he works out with us. He face is chiseled and framed with a jawline that could make anybody swoon, outlined by his stubble. His hair has a faded cut with his bright white smile. He’s told us he likes to work at the gym part time which is evident by his thick pecs he tries to hide in his uniform and his thick thighs in his gym shorts. To top it all off, he’s only 26 years old to boot!

“So Derek, was practice running a little late today?” He was looking through the pantry for something to snack on.

“Yeah it ran just a little late.” He wiggled his ass and moved his head toward my direction, “Okay, maybe more than a little. I have a little secret to tell you Trev, so don’t freak out okay?” I sat there at the kitchen table waiting for the response I had already known from the scene I saw earlier in the shower room. Apparently Imran and Derek had been flirting with each other for a while, but because Imran is technically a teacher and Derek is a student, any form of relationship is not allowed. They had been meeting after school for a bit the past two weeks. I guess the two of them had been hitting it off pretty well.

“I know I have been fucking around with other guys but damn, Imran showed me a whole new world with his fat cock. It filled my ass up real good. Up until now I’ve been the one fucking people but he really knew how to take control.”

Who knew Derek was willing to become a bottom slut? I guess it was about time he learned about the other side of the same coin. “It’s a nice change. Usually guys have trouble taking my cock but I don’t mind taking Imran’s. He really knows how to thrust it deep inside. He really knows what gets me going. Sometimes he’d go work out so his pecs so they would be nice and pumped.” At this point, it’s obvious what kind of man Derek is into. Judging from dad and now Imran, he’s a pec man. I don’t blame him, they’re fun to watch and look nice to feel up.

“I’m glad you like him Derek! How is he managing with a student, if you don’t mind me asking?” He joined me at the table with a trail mix pack.

“He doesn’t mind. The only thing that intrigued him was how big my dick is. I guess he thought he would be bigger than I was but it’s not often a guy is larger than eleven inches. Well, except for Matt. Who knew that guy was packing!” I saw him move his hand beneath the table to adjust his crotch to prove his point. “Imran’s a good size, but he’s commented on how big mine is a couple times so I bought him these vitamins I found online to help his erections. He’s been hornier than ever, but he hopes they help increase his size.” Derek giggled a bit at the thought of them actually working.

I had the perfect scheme set in mind for Derek. He was about to get more than what he bargained for, but I wanted to go slow. Opening up my program upstairs I decided to take a look around the school to see if Imran was still there. He was in his office going through some paperwork drinking his usual coffee. I clicked on his avatar and added him to my tab list so I could easily pull him up whenever I wanted. I clicked him to view his stats.

Height: 6’3;
Weight: 245 lbs
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 4” flaccid, 7½” erect

I could just move his sliders up to get the desired results but that would be too obvious if a change like that happened all at once and out of the blue. I needed to think about this. All of a sudden it hit me. Over the next couple of weeks I would monitor Imran’s growth to make him Derek’s ideal man. I watched as his avatar sipped his coffee. I had a plan. I moved over to the suggestion tab and input a command. Each time Imran puts some creamer into his coffee, his pecs would grow over time. That way I could give Derek the pecs on a man he admires, and it would be gradual. If things got out of hand I could just stop like I did with dad’s command. Having remembered what Derek mentioned about the vitamins he bought Imran I decided to give them a little extra boost. In the suggestion box I added that the pills would grow Imran’s cock over time. Sure it may be a bit intrusive on their private life, but I wanted to see what would happen. I know Derek would want to as well. Closing the program once more I let these new suggestions take place.

A week had passed so I decided it would be time to take a peek in the locker rooms. Practice was over so I was sure Imran would be alone. I heard the showers running so like before I crept along the wall and poked my head out. I saw Imran washing his hair and scrubbing his body. He turned around to rinse his face. Due to the dividers I couldn’t see how large his cock had grown but his pecs sure began to fill out more and more. When I saw him with Derek a week before their pecs looked to be roughly around the same size, while Imran’s was slightly smaller. Now they seemed to be a bit bigger. His brown nipples stood out in the steam. The hair on his pecs were plastered to his silk looking skin. Derek was going to have some fun.

Another week had passed so this time I decided to check out the field. Imran was watching his students running the mile as I sat on the bleachers during my free period. I could tell he had been avidly using that creamer since his uniform shirt had changed to a muscle tee. When he turned sideways I could see his pecs jut out with his nipples pressing against the fabric. He was taking some times down when he took another sip of his coffee. I could see him adjusting the straps of his shirt. As students began to finish their run he continued taking down times before running back to the locker room as the period was about to end. His shirt made a visible bounce as he jogged over.

Two weeks later I saw him again when Derek brought him home. The two of them were watching a movie downstairs. I passed by to get something to drink and Imran’s chest was insane. His pecs bulged out of his muscle tee dangerously. They were approaching the size of my dad’s pecs now! They sat on his chest like watermelons, putting up a fight against the t-shirt that was resisting them. The hair on his chest began to poke out the top and could be seen coating his pecs from the side. His fat nipples pushed hard against the fabric. Derek rested his hand on top of Imran’s pecs and rubbed them like they were a ball. They had rounded out due to their weight. Imran smirked and felt his left pec, lifting it up and watching it drop. I heard a timer go off and saw Derek get up from his seat to fetch something from the kitchen beside me. A cup of coffee. He took the coffee to the other side of the counter and grabbed a bottle of creamer from a bag. I made some idle chit chat with Imran asking how he’s been. He seemed a bit weary that he was talking to the brother of the guy he was dating but he eased up a bit when he saw the coffee Derek brought him. He took a sip and smacked his lips.

“I tried making it the best I could but I didn’t know how much creamer you liked so I just added extra.” Imran brought the coffee cup back to his lips and continued to drink from it. I stood with them and watched the movie they had selected when I heard an audible gurgling. I turned to see it was coming from Imran. Imran rested his arm over Derek and moved the blanket they were using a bit. He looked down at his pecs and saw how tightly they were pushing up against his shirt. Because I was sitting from the side I could see them easily swelling larger. Much larger—I had no idea how much creamer Derek had put into that coffee but it was too much. Imran’s pecs began to flex on their own. Each flex they inched a bit bigger, a bit rounder, and hung a bit lower. His fat nipples pushed even harder against the fabric. I could see his areola’s outlined against the fabric. They were the size of sand dollars behind his nipples which seem to stick out an inch and a half. Derek was oblivious to the entire thing but Imran kept scratching his chest.. The weight on his chest was growing, literally. Suddenly, I heard a snap and noticed the straps of his tee were no longer in function. His pecs stretched out further now that the shirt fell off his chest. They were well past double-d’s, they seemed to be approaching what could only exist past that. Finally they stopped twitching. Derek leaned to rest his head on Imran’s chest, using the furred balls as a pillow.

“Damn babe! I didn’t know your pecs were so huge. Have you been working them out lately?”

Imran looked downward and saw the massive balls of flesh protruding off his chest with Derek resting his head upon them.

“I guess those new chest exercises I’ve been doing have been working out! I thought my shirt was gonna last at least another week.”

Derek leaned over to his left pec and bit his right nipple. Imran yelped out in pleasure. “Babe, careful! They’re so sensitive.” Derek kept flicking both nipples. I could see the bulge in Imran’s shorts growing fatter and longer now that he moved the blanket from view. He was going commando. I decided to leave the two of them to their fun as I headed upstairs. That creamer has done a number on Imran. His pecs were a bit larger than Matt’s now, and that is no small feet. They stick out 7 inches, not to mention his fat nipples which are about an inch long.

In my room I could hear dad and José having their own fun. The occasional “OH FUCK!”, “DEEPER!,” and “YOU’RE SO BIG!” could be heard throughout the second floor. Thanks to the loud TV Imran and Derek probably didn’t hear it. I say probably because they were getting up to their own business. Checking up on them I could see Imran had wasted no time and was already fucking Derek. His avatar was going at it. The flesh-like tube was pistoning Derek’s hole like no tomorrow. Those pills I had used a suggestion on seemed to have been working since Imran’s cock definitely did not look like it was 7½ inches. Derek’s ass was kept wavering. Imran was holding onto his ass and slapping it, causing it to redden. It’s only fair that if Derek got something from Imran, Imran gets to have something from Derek.

I went to Derek’s avatar and decided to increase his the size of his ass. The two cheeks began to swell larger under Imran’s hands. They filled out the palm of his hand but the flesh began to spill outward. The two cheeks were approaching the size of globes. Derek’s ass began to swallow Imran’s cock, pulling it in deeper. The two were panting and moaning up a storm. Each time Imran tried to pull his cock out, Derek kept pulling it back in. I guess increasing his size helped his asshole’s elasticity as well. He took in more of Imran’s cock than what he was able to before. Both cheeks swayed in the air and jiggled each time Iran thrust deeper in Derek. Both screamed in pleasure as they came. They got back up and Derek tried pulling his jock strap on. With a newfound increased difficulty, the straps were having trouble sitting on his ass. Imran grabbed one of the straps and helped pull them up his ass so it would fit.

“Babe, you got one hot ass.” Imran squeezed Derek’s left cheek to prove his point.

“I’m glad you like it. That was the best sex I’ve had with you yet. Your dick was hitting so deep.” Imran’s dick began to plump up again.

“Yeah while your ass kept swallowing it. My dick feels bigger than before though. Those pills have been working their magic.”

“I felt the effects first hand. It definitely seems to have grown. How big is it now?” Derek turned to look at Imran.

“I don’t know, I haven’t measured it. But nothing compares to these tits of mine. I’m going to need to get an XXXL now. I can’t just let these things hang out all the time, they need a bit of support.” He shook his chest to emphasize their size.

“Well duh, they look larger than breasts, you’re going to hurt your back. But they’re so hot babe, I can’t get enough of them.” Derek leaned in to squeeze one of Imran’s nipples, causing his cock to chub up even more. “Speaking of support, you gotta find some support for this bad boy too. People are gonna notice your fat cock dangling in your shorts at school. We wouldn’t want you to get called up for public indecency now would we?” Derek grabbed Imran’s hand and took him upstairs to his room. He gave Imran one of his jock straps to try on. It fit like a glove, but bulged at the pouch like Derek’s.

Imran headed home leaving Derek alone in his bed. I checked up on Dad and José and found them cuddling together in their room watching some television. I guess José was a bit tuckered out as his eyelids seemed a little droopy. It had been a while since I touched up my dad’s stats beside his penis so I looked at his slider. José was much smaller than my dad. I heard a few times that José liked how big my dad was, both downstairs and overall. I looked at my dad’s stats and moved up his height slider. I want big daddy Matt to be the biggest one in the family. He has to keep that title, ya know? I looked over his stats now.

Height: 6’6
Weight: 260 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 11” flaccid, 13½” erect

My dad’s legs began to inch farther down the bed. His torso began to grow more too. He was growing. His frame stretched and grew bigger until he reached his new height. He didn’t seem to notice but his t-shirt began to ride up on his chubby stomach. His briefs grew even more strained as his ass grew a bit larger to become more proportionate. José didn’t seem to notice the change either as he was definitely getting tired. I hope dad has some fun putting on his work clothes. He might need to go shopping again, unless he doesn’t mind showing up to work in his lounge wear. I don’t know who would be opposed to that idea. I sure wouldn’t be. I checked my avatar log and found Imran. He was currently driving home. He was shirtless of course. His pecs bulged obscenely. If someone looked at his chest, one would thing he was a woman with how large those muscle tits of his looked. His tits pushed downward and toward the steering wheel. He had to adjust them so there would be room for him to control the wheel and so he could see over the two mounds.

The days seemed to be going by normally. I was enjoying life, watching my brother and dad have their own fun with their partners. It was making me happy for them. Sometimes I felt bad because I realized I was turning them into my own fantasies, but they seemed quite content. Today I decided I would go check up on Imran during my free period. We’ve been talking more since you know, he’s been dating my brother and all. I decided to hang out with him in his office above the locker rooms. I knocked, and heard “Come in!” I entered the door and saw Imran making a cup of coffee.

“How are you doing today Trevor? Escaping the humidity?” he turned around as he continued to stir his coffee and sat down. He made good word on his promise and did buy that XXXL tee, but it still did nothing to hide those large mounds of his. As he sat, his pecs reached dangerously close to resting on the desk.

“Yeah, I’m not a fan of the humidity. I wanted to see how you were doing, and possibly avoid the weather outside,” I smirked at the hunk.

“So you’re using me for my office? How rude.” He faked a gasp and took a sip of his coffee.

“I wanted to ask you if you planned on joining us on our little vacation coming up? I know Derek has been saying he’s wanted you to join us but he’s busy with class right now so I thought why not ask you myself since I have this period off.” Imran popped two vitamins in his mouth and took a swig of his coffee.

“Sure! The Thanksgiving break is coming up soon anyways and my family is always busy so I don’t mind tagging along. Where are we going?” I could see his nipples getting harder and pushing against the tee he was wearing.

“We were thinking about going to Vegas. Dad and José have been wanting to go. Usually Derek and I just enjoy the hotel amenities, but if you go it’d make him happy.” I winked and Imran caught the hint.

“I know a few ways to make Derek happy and liven up the trip, maybe for the both of you. Let me just mark it in my calendar.” He finished his cup of coffee and reached into his desk drawer to pull out his phone. When he tugged his phone a few of his condoms came flying out onto the desk.

“I see you’re always prepared Imran,” I chuckled and he looked a bit embarrassed.

“These are old. I tried them on and they don’t really fit me anymore so I’ve just been going raw with Derek.”

“I thought no condom was too small? At least that’s what they teach us in sex ed.” I grabbed one of the packets and read the text.

“Yeah, well when you outgrow them they don’t really fit just right. I guess those vitamins that help with my libido to keep up with Derek have been doing the trick. I just didn’t expect them to make me larger. It’s difficult finding underwear that fits so I usually just go commando but lots of the boys would try to cop a feel if you know what I’m saying.” He winked back at me and headed back toward the coffee pot he kept in his office. I could already see the effects of the creamer. His muscle tits pushed out further and seemed swollen with growth. “Nothing hits the spot like a nice cup of joe. Hell does it make me feel energized. It makes my tits feel sensitive too. He turned back around with both his hands rubbing his chest, feeling them with hands as their weight shifted and bounced.

I left Imran’s office a little bit before the bell rang to go use the restroom. I was dying to see what his stats had become. I opened up the app on my phone and checked up on his stats.

Height: 6’3;
Weight: 265 lbs
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 9” flaccid, 12½” erect

I should have known he was a grower according to his original stats. Looks like I added another member to the foot long dong club. I hope Derek was enjoying his gift I gave to Imran.


Part 5

Thanksgiving break had finally arrived. Matt and Derek began to pack our belongings for our six hour ride up to Vegas. Derek was excited to go since he hadn’t been to Vegas since he was in his 20s. He enjoyed the night life and especially the slot machines. Gambling made him a happy man. He was more than willing to spend a bit of cash due to his recent promotion at work. I suppose his boss was finding that Matt was a large asset to the company. In more ways than one apparently. I don’t blame the man, Matt is packing heat down there. Hiding an 11” soft schlong down his dress pants is hard without leaving an imprint. Dad usually stuck with using two pairs of underwear to compress his package and keep it in place, but the folding of cloth at his crotch only gave hint to what treasure lay behind that zipper. His balls were also quite large which would fill out a normal jock strap on its own. He packed some button up shirts and shorts along with his extra pairs of underwear and trunks. After his incident wearing a speedo in our backyard, he decided to go the safer route. José didn’t mind the change though. Matt would often parade around his bedroom in the speedos to put a show on for José.

Derek on the other hand was packing some shorts that showed off his largest asset. Literally. He had taken a liking to his new and improved rump. He never failed to cop a feel of his own ass. Whenever he walked around the house in his jock (he didn’t bother putting on any form of clothes to cover his lower body in the house anymore) he’d adjust the straps which hugged his globes. Due to the weight pulling in the front of his groin he would need to fix the straps in the back from shifting. Speak of the devil.

“Matt do these look good on me? I didn’t know if the print seemed busy or not.” He turned around exposing his ass to Matt and waved it around to show off his new jockstrap. Matt’s cock twitched at the sight of his son waving his fat ass in front of him.

“Damn son! That ass is almost as big as José’s. Nice and plump.,” Matt walked over and grabbed Derek’s left cheek and felt its heft, “In my opinion, I don’t think it’s busy enough.” Dad stuck his now larger index finger into Derek’s tight hole, probing it.

“Aww right there Matt. What’s wrong? Did José not get you off?” Derek leaned against the wall as Matt continued to massage his hole before sticking two fingers in.

“Nah José gets me off just fine. But he’s been held up with his family lately so I haven’t had time to find a nice ride. But Derek I think you’ll do just nicely. Your little boyfriend of yours has probably opened you up enough.” Dad began to slap his fat mushroom cock head against Derek’s hole, rubbing it against his ring and giving a slight push. An audible pop could be heard as his fat head entered Derek’s hole.

Shit!” Derek yelped out in pain and pushed against the wall. Matt slowly shoved a bit more of his girthy cock into Derek’s ass and moved it side to side to stretch his hole. “Imran’s is almost as thick as yours but nothing beats yours Matt.” Matt’s cock continued to harden as he inched his dick into Derek further.

“I know we both got partners but family always comes first.” Matt shoved half of his dick into Derek.

“Is that all you got? Imran could do better than that.” Knowing what grinded Matt’s gears, Matt forcefully shoved the remaining length of his dick inside of Derek. Derek whined and rested his head against the wall. Matt’s thrusts grew more forceful and harder, causing the wall to shake.

“Does Imran fill you up as much as your step dad does boy? Does he?” Matt’s tone grew deeper and more feral. He was fucking the life out of Derek. Derek’s thick ass kept swallowing Matt’s cock, not allowing it to leave his skilled tunnel. “Shit, you’re greedy for this big dick aren’t ya.” Matt flicked his nipples before moving his hands onto Derek’s ass. He began to knead them likes fresh dough.

“Squeeze them harder Matt! They need a good rubbing.” Matt continued to rub the surfaces before giving them hard smacks that began to resonate in the air, “You like that you little slut? You’re my hot piece of ass aren’t you boy? Say it.” Matt gave a wolfish grin as Derek looked back to see him thrusting his head back and moaning.

“I’m your hot piece of ass Matt. You can use me whenever you want to get off!” With that Matt let out a roar that shook the house. His balls rose in his sac and his dick plumped a bit bigger as he began to shoot deep inside of Derek. Derek painted the walls white as he shot thick ropes of cum from his sizeable cock. Matt pulled his cock out as it slowly deflated to its slightly smaller size, leaving Derek’s hole gaping.

“I’ll let that serve as a reminder to who you will always belong to.” Matt wiped the cum off his dick and licked it as he walked away back to his room. His dick swinging like a pendulum between his thighs. Derek’s hole continued to leak the seed of his father, creating an ever continuing stream.

You think I wouldn’t know of Derek and dad’s activities? I live in the same hallway. If I wasn’t looking at the program and jacking off right now I would have known they were having sex by the sounds they were emitting. At this point, it’s just a known thing that dad and Derek fool around. Derek likes to tease dad about his cock while Matt likes to play with Derek’s bubbled ass. If José and Imran knew about our little family functions, I have no idea how they would react. Of course I could just add a suggestion for them not minding, but I rather leave the chips to fall where they may. I was packing my stuff currently but decided to stop and tune into my favorite “channel”.

José and Imran came by two hours later. It gave dad and Derek enough time to pull themselves together and apart from one another. Those two would be all over each other all day if they could. Which has happened before, as long as Imran and José weren’t over. We began our drive to Vegas and it was pretty mellow. We listened to music and chatted. Midway through the drive Imran let Derek take a nap on his right pec. They were round and large enough to be full-sized pillows at this point. The hair that covered them only made them softer. Imran watched Derek nap on his right pec and said I could nap on his left one if I got tired.

I decided to partially take him up on his offer. I rubbed my hand on his left pec as to not disturb Derek. I looked at the rear-view mirror to check if my dad or José were looking at the back seat. We were in the third row so we should be out of sight. The two were chatting about what they were excited about what they wanted to do most when we reached our destination. He was wearing a button-up but the last 4 buttons were unbuttoned to let his chest breathe. I looked up at him and began to pull on his nipple. His swollen pecs seemed to jump and flex as I did. Imran covered his mouth to stifle a moan. I attempted to cup his left pec with my hand only for the flesh to pour out of my hand. I used both hands and even then it wasn’t enough to hold its full beauty.

“Imran, how big did you want to make these things? They’re hot as fuck but they look heavy.” I was pushing the pec up and down, watching his cleavage shift. You could stick a hand in there and probably have it disappear.

“I work them out regularly, but only recently have they seemed to have taken to my new exercises. They always feel so swollen and heavy. I don’t mind though. Feeling these two fuckers hang off my chest and bounce whenever I move, no wonder why men like a girl with a nice pair of tits. They’re fun to play with. And god my nipples are so sensitive. They feel hard-wired to my cock.” He reached over his chest to grab my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his trouser snake pulsing as he tugged on his nipples. His nipples pointed out longer and downward due to his chests weight. I kept playing with his chest until Derek began to move and wake up. It was probably due to all the flexing and moving his pecs were making as he tugged at his nips.

We arrived at our destination and pulled up in front of the hotel we were staying at. We received a lot of stares. Mainly due to the large-titted Imran strutting his stuff, Derek beside him with his fat ass jiggling, and my dad with his bulge rolling around in his shorts. The three were obscene, but I got off on it, and I bet they did too. Dad managed to book a suite for the five of us. We headed up the elevator and found our luggage had already made our way up there before we even got to the room. It was massive. Large windows showing the strip of Vegas and the many people heading in and out of buildings, or just simply walking down the street. We had a living area with a large television and some couches. The room also came with three bedrooms. One had a king-sized bed which was taken up by dad and José, one had two queens, which was taken up by Imran and Derek, and the third also had two queens, but I took that up for myself. We also had two bathrooms and a kitchen, which was nice. We began to unload our stuff and set things up for the three days we were going to be here. We all went out to lunch and had a nice time before heading off in our own directions. Being underage for drinking, Derek and I obviously cannot do too much in this city.

José and dad immediately went for the slot machines. Imran didn’t want to leave us hanging so he, Derek, and I decided to explore the strip. We walked down the many streets and toured the other hotels. Imran received a lot of stairs. A few prostitutes cat-called him but that only made him pull Derek closer. It was still warm even though it was November so we decided to head back to the hotel and go for a dip in the pools. We headed back up to the room where the three of us got changed. I changed into my trunks which hugged my teenage bubble butt nicely and gave a little ummph to my package. Derek came out next with his speedo. He had ordered a size up which still didn’t leave much to the imagination. His ass was hanging out of the speedo with both cheeks pretty much exposed. The red fabric barely contained his glutes. However the pouch in front was more spacious but still showed he was packing something quite large. He was prepping a bag and put some sun block and snacks inside of it. We waited for Imran to get ready. He walked out the bathroom in his button up which still had his fat pecs sticking out. He however attempted to button them up as to not expose his chest as much to not receive as many comments as he did on our walk earlier. He wore his trunks which still hid a large cock. Although it wasn’t as long as dads, it was pretty close in girth. It was definitely bigger than Derek’s bulge. It was a half inch larger soft. The last time I checked his stats, his erect size was also bigger than Derek’s. Those vitamins must have been working quite well on him. I wondered how many he had left inside the bottle but I didn’t really care to check. He pulled up his shorts he was wearing to help conceal his bulge. Even though he was a fit PE teacher, he still kept his body hidden around others.

We arrived down at the pool and scouted out some lounge chairs near the waterfall. We set up shop and laid underneath the umbrellas. I scouted out some hot men that kept walking by. Clearly, they were ogling both Derek and Imran. I did see a hot life guard which was some nice eye candy. Imran took off his shirt letting his chest bulge out in full glory. Derek helped put sunblock on his back. Imran put sunblock on the vast amount of space his chest had. Derek volunteered to do it, but he knew if he let Derek get a hold of his pecs he wouldn’t leave his nipples alone. He didn’t want to spring a woody out by the poolside. Derek began to lather his own body in sunblock and put on a little show for Imran. Rubbing his two exposed cheeks out in public, he could have been arrested for public indecency. I’m sure no one bothered because how often do you see a hunk of a man rub two big globes that he calls his ass in a tight speedo? Not often. Once I finished covering my own body in sunblock, we made our way into the water. It wasn’t too crowded due to most of the Vegas crowd coming in Summer, but there was the occasional person floating on by here and there.

The three of us spent our time splashing each other and floating around in the inner tubes. We swam past the waterfall and joined in on the lazy river. Derek hung onto Imran as I hung onto Derek. The current was quite strong which was surprising. We bumped into a few people and got separated a little bit before linking back up. Once we had linked back up Derek looked around the water and seemed a bit worried.

“Derek, what’s wrong?” I asked him and looked around the water to see what he was staring at. Imran floated on by in his inner tube.

“Bro, I lost my speedo.” He looked seriously and moved his hands below the water’s surface to cover his junk. I ducked my head underwater and saw his large softie swaying in the water, too big to be covered up by his hands. He floated along the wall to hide his ass, but the two mounds only pushed against it.

“Derek are you all right babe?” Imran got off his inner tube but still held onto it.

“Imran, I lost my speedo. I guess the current was a bit too strong.” Imran looked around and spotted the red fabric up ahead. It was flowing in the current and making its way through some people. He quickly began to make his way toward it but his speed was diminished. His large pecs seemed to keep him afloat while slowing him down. He squeezed his chest together to keep them from causing too much opposition of force but it was no use. He couldn’t keep up with the current. He stopped moving and waited for the current to bring both Derek and I to him.

“Damn, these things are slowing me down too much babe.” He squeezed his pecs harder causing his cleavage to deepen.

“Don’t worry Derek, I’ll try to get them as fast as I can.” Thankfully not changing myself too much seemed to be a blessing. I was one of the only normal ones in my little family group so swimming on by for me was rather easy. I caught up to the speedos and quickly grabbed them. I crumbled them up and hid them in my hand and swam against the current to meet back up with Imran and Derek. Derek remained against the wall while Imran’s frame blocked him from view. Imran pushed his ass against Derek’s crotch to help block his dick while having the inner tube up front. I quickly handed Derek his speedos and we waited for him to put them back on. The current kept pushing us until we reached an exit point where the three of us made our way out back into the main pool area.

“Thanks bro! I don’t know what I would have done if I got caught without these.” He gave me that winning smile of his.

“Sorry I couldn’t be of more help babe. These things kept slowing me down,” he looked down at his chest and faked a mope. Even though they made him a slower swimmer, Imran still loved his tits.

“Aww don’t worry babe, you helped keep us afloat with those things!” Derek swam over and squeezed Imran’s chest.

After enjoying our afternoon swim, we met back up with dad and José. They told us about the games they played and how dad was scoring big time. José had no luck and eventually gave up and just enjoyed watching my dad play for the both of them. We went out for dinner and headed to bed. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear anything from either room. You’d think hotel sex would be in their books of to dos but I guess not tonight.

The sun rose and we gathered together to eat some breakfast in the kitchen. José was cooking up some sausage, eggs, bacon, toast, and some pancakes. Dad was in the shower while Imran was setting up his coffee and Derek was in the living room watching some television. We ate breakfast as per usual while discussing what our plans were going to be. We decided to visit the hotels and see what they had to offer. José and dad were going to have to leave us early though because they wanted to go out to a club later tonight. It was a fun day. We rode on a roller coaster, played in arcades, swam in pools, visited museums, and ate at some fine restaurants. We thought Imran might not be able to fit in the roller coaster due to his tits pushing against the safety mechanism so hard that pushed against his chest, but the worker made it work. José and dad left to the club which left us three boys again. Imran told Derek he wanted to hit up the casino while he was hear as well and gave him a farewell kiss before heading out. Derek and I were left alone in the room watching some television together. I laid on his chest, although large but much smaller than Imran’s, and cuddled. I gave him another blow job and played with his ass a bit. He sucked me off too which was something I hadn’t experienced from him before.

Derek headed off to his room to go to bed while I watched videos on my computer in my room. It was 2 a.m. when I heard the room doors lock buzz along with the opening of the door. I peeked out my door and saw dad and José walk in. They were swaying a bit. They clearly had more then a few drinks. They were both sweaty and all over each other. José peeled off my dad’s shirt and unbuckled his shorts, allowing his fat cock to poke out of his briefs and past his belly button. The two headed into their bedroom. Nothing could be said of the sounds they made besides sloppy drunk sex. Derek was still out like a light but I was not going to be able to sleep anytime soon. It was another hour later until Imran came back into the room. He was shuffling around in the kitchen making something. Probably had late night munchies. We did eat dinner hours ago. Dad was in the shower by now and José was tuckered out in their bed from their late night fuck session. Now that the two lovebirds quit their mating dance, I turned off my computer and tried my best to get some sleep.

I had woken up later due to my sleep schedule being fucked. Not only by the loud sex my dad and José had once again after his shower, but also by all the late nights I had been up gaming. I got up and headed to the bathroom to wash up. I noticed the vitamin container had been put in the trash can. I guess Imran had finally ran out. I would need to check up on his stats later to see how big he had actually gotten. I cleaned up and headed back to my room and pulled a hoodie on and some pants before heading out to the kitchen. Imran was making some more coffee while José and Derek were sitting at the counter top together chatting. My dad was still in his room I guess. Imran was shirtless and I found out why. He turned and his chest jutted out even further than they did yesterday. They were so large, so fat, and so round, they were the definition of massive muscle tits. His nipples looked swollen and pointed straight out by 2½” inches. They were coated in his dark hair which spread across their surface and into the depths of his deep cleavage. He finished washing up his coffee glass and threw his creamer away. His pecs were hanging down past his first row of abs. As he sat, his pecs rested on the counter top. The cold counter top caused him to shudder as it pressed against his nipples. Derek gulped as he saw his boyfriend’s chest rest upon the tile. “Damn these things are heavy. Looks like I found some support.” Imran chuckled causing his pecs to shift on the counter. Judging and looking at their size, they hung off his chest by a solid nine inches. He must have gone through that creamer real fast last night. Or his pecs were just becoming very susceptible to growth. Thankfully he finished off the creamer.

Dad walked in wearing a bath robe. He looked tired and wrecked. I guess having sex all night still makes a guy with such a high libido tired. He sat down next to me and joined us at the table. That’s when I saw it. He spread his legs to scratch his balls. His balls were now the size of large oranges, and I mean large. The hairy sac hung low but what hung lower was his dick. His draped down over the chair and pointed toward the floor, down toward his knees even further. It looked so much fatter now too. I was baffled. My dad’s dick grew again! It was massive already but now it was insane. I didn’t know how this happened. We had to pack our stuff and get ready for check out so my questions would need to wait.

We got in the car and made our way back to the house. Imran and Derek had dosed off along with José. I was chatting with my dad. The entire time he kept squirming in his seat and pawing at his crotch. “Trevor, you don’t mind if I pull this out do you? It feels really cramped. I think I may have shrunk these in the wash. Things weren’t fitting right yesterday either.,” with that notion he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his zipped. His monster cock was hanging out the bottom of his briefs by a good six inches. His balls were spilling out the side. “Now it feels like I can breathe. Man, this thing keeps giving me surprises.” He scratched his exposed inches. I had to check out his new size. I opened up the app on my phone and laid against the side of my window in case Imran woke up.

Height: 6’6
Weight: 265 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 12½” flaccid, 16½” erect

HOLY SHIT! Dads dick may have grown slightly longer flaccid but it is a fucking beast when erect! I don’t even know how this could have happened? Should I slide it down? No he’d notice something is up. On one hand, José did say he didn’t mind my dad getting a larger cock. He was really going to need to put his hole to the test now. I noticed he gained an extra five pounds. I guess that weight came from his much fatter cock and larger balls. It suddenly hit me. The thrown-away vitamin bottle. I know my dad had quite a few drinks last night but if he had some then that would explain why he went for a round two and why his dick had grown even bigger. I was such an idiot. I remembered I specified the vitamins would grow the cock of whoever had them. It was meant specifically for Imran but I guess he left them out in the bathroom. I clicked on Imran’s avatar to see how much he had grown.

Height: 6’3
Weight: 285 lbs
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 10½” flaccid, 14” erect

Good thing Derek has been having his ass stretched how over time or else he would never be able to take Imran’s size. He had grown quite a lot, basically double his original erect size. It made me happy that I was able to give him something he envied from my brother, even though my dad may have intruded just a bit with those couple of vitamins.

The hormones were raging by the time we got home. José and my dad made their way into my dad’s room while Derek and Imran ushered into Derek’s room. The entire house was filled with moans. I tuned into my program and saw the sex-capades they were up to. Derek was pec fucking Imran with his large tool. His pre acting as lube as he slid his cock between Imran’s massive pec cleavage. At the same time, Imran was thrusting away at Derek’s ass. José was screaming in both pain and pleasure as he was attempting to take my dad’s new and improved pole. It took a bit of time but he was eventually able to take the entirety of the shaft up his ass. Bless his soul for managing that task but my dad seemed ecstatic.

However what’s clear is what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Part 6

Vegas had been a wild ride. I had been quite tired after that little vacation of ours over the break since a lot of things went down. Derek lost his swim wear and could have possibly gotten arrested for indecent exposure, Imran’s fat pecs almost broke a rollercoaster’s safety guards and that was before they swelled up even larger. Oh yeah, and my dad’s massive prick grew even longer and fatter than it already was. You better believe there has been a lot of sex going on around this house. I worry that if a stranger were to walk in, they would ask what that smell was. To answer that question, I would have to say the musk emitting from my dad’s and brothers high sex drives. Derek learned he could put his dick to use and pec fuck Imran and dad learned that there’s too much of a good thing. After settling down and getting used to his larger size, he realized that being inconspicuous was going to be difficult, so he asked his boss if he could start working from home. Personally, I look forward to having my dad work from home.

Since my break is coming to an end very soon, I decided that I should come up with a new plan to make life more interesting. Family has been great an all, but I want something a little out of the box. School was coming right back around which got my gears thinking. I booted up my laptop and headed over to the suggestion tab. Being quite the saucy minx, I had made up my mind. My school would now be tweaked a bit to my own liking. My heart was racing as I began to type into the suggestion tab. Once I clicked enter it was done. When school starts up once again from our break, every student and staff member will be gay and will only be good-looking men. It was my own new kingdom that I would now rule from the shadows. No one would suspect anything. From this point on, everyone will have recognized my high school had always been like this. Now that the main deed had been done, a celebration was in order. But how to celebrate is the question.

I headed downstairs to get something to eat when I saw my dad sitting at the table eating some cake. Not the type you’re probably thinking but actual cake for once. Derek would be happy to oblige though but right now he’s out with Imran who knows where. That’s when it hit me, a bake sale! How fun would it be to have a special little bake sale for my new and improved school. I made sure to write down that suggestion in my phone’s app right away.

“Hey dad where did you get that cake?” I moved over to where he was sitting and eyed the cake.

“I bought it from the marketplace nearby, but it’s not moist enough though. Next time I’ll just buy the stuff needed to make our own here. Nothing beats a homemade dessert right champ?” he looked up at me with some frosting on his lip. I used my finger to swipe it off and licked it up myself.

“You’re right dad. Hey, I heard when school comes back from break that we will be having a bake sale. Do know what might be fun to make for it?” I continued to watch him enjoy the cake. I restrained myself by the way. I could have done a lot more with my dad right here and now, but my mind was focused onto a new plan. “Do you have recipes you think I could make to help contribute to the bake sale?” I grinned at him. Okay, there might be an ulterior motive. The contribution is to my own little kingdom of perversions. You would do it too don’t lie.

“I haven’t baked in a while since I was trying to keep my figure steady but it seems I have been doing well. It wouldn’t hurt to make some treats I suppose. It should be fun. So when did you need these treats by?” Matt got up from the table to rinse his dishes. His briefs did nothing to hide the long trouser snake pushed against the fabric.

“Well let’s see, tomorrow is Monday and I believe the bake sale starts on Friday. It’ll last over the weekend if you can help me out until then.,” Matt finished drying the dish and put it away.

“Now that I’ll be working from home I have plenty of time to help you out. Plus, it’ll give me more things to do hobby-wise. Work will go by fast and with José still working in the office and you two boys at school, I’ll be alone most of the time.” He did a fake pout so I rubbed his trouser snake, feeling its warmth increase.

“Uh huh. ‘Completely’ alone. I’m sure you’re glad you’ll have ample time to play with other things besides work.” I grabbed me an apple and chuckled as I headed back upstairs.

“That’s no fair Trevor!” I heard my dad yell out. “Damn, now I got to take care of this again.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Unfortunately, my lovely break was over. I guess break was also over for the other students but we’re talking about me here. The one thing that I was actually looking forward to today at school was to see how my suggestion would affect the school’s population and classes. Derek and I drove together and we both walked in. Everyone entering the school doors were all guys! It was looking good so far. Not gonna lie, it did give me a better view at some guys that I didn’t really pay attention to before. Were they new or were they already there before? I don’t really know but hey free eye candy!

Walking down the halls was a trip. Men, men were everywhere! At the water fountain quenching their thirst, in front of their lockers talking, and the classrooms filled with testosterone. It was like heaven. Maybe I should have gone to an all-boys prep school but I don’t think it would have been as fun as this. I got my books from my locker and headed off to my first class of the day. Mr. Tess gave his lecture as usual. He was a good-looking guy the more I looked at him. Slightly above average height, slight dad bod, kind of nerdy, not bad. But what caught my eyes were the pair of another eyes looking at me. Perhaps it was a trick of the eye but I thought I saw someone stealing a glance at me. Carrying on through the day I kept feeling like I was being watched. It was around fifth period when I decided to wait by my locker to see who was staring at me. Looking through my locker mirror I saw him. Jeremy. I turned around.

Putting on my most charming smile I could muster without trying to be suspicious I greeted him, “Hey Jeremy! How was your break? Did you have a good time?” I was selling it like a girl scout making a fortune on her cookies.

“Oh! Uh h-hi Trevor. I’ve b-been well. My break was kind o-of uneventful. Just thinking about s-stuff.” He managed to smile back but he was avoiding eye contact.

Jeremy is a baseball player for our high school. He’s great at the sport and pretty popular, but from what I picked up he is also very socially awkward. Needless to say, he’s very shy. You wouldn’t think he was considering he was pretty cute with some nice fluffy styled hair which was shaved shorter on the sides, a bright smile, and a pretty fit body (maybe I saw a glance of it before ;3). He often dressed in the usual high school boy who just got out of bed gym gear, you know the look. Something I did find kind of attractive was his one pierced ear. I don’t know why but it added to his style. But what really made things surprising was that he was pretty tall at 6’3”.

“I’m glad you had a good vacation though! Although it may have been uneventful, at least you got to relax and allow yourself to think right?” I looked up at his taller frame, waiting for him to respond.

“Y-yeah it was nice. So hey, this might be a little r-random and such but u-uh.” He was stumbling quite a bit and rubbed his head, accidentally flexing his bicep. Woof. “You s-see, I kind of always l-liked you, not in a friendly way-w-wait I mean yes in a friendly way but also in a u-um I find you also attractive.” His usual white complexion was slowly becoming red as his cheeks were beginning to blush.

I was completely caught by surprise. No one had ever actually told me they liked me this way. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t suspicious. I knew I had just turned the entire student and staff population gay, but I didn’t tinker with emotions. Jeremy wouldn’t have confessed this quickly right?

“Jeremy this is quite sudden.” I closed my locker door and looked back up at his cute blushing face. “You find me attractive?” I gave him a smirk. He looked very easy to tease.

“Y-Yeah. I liked you for awhile n-now, but whenever I felt like I had the c-courage to tell you, I would wuss out and get upset at m-myself.” He looked down at his shoes. I could see he looked really nervous right now. The poor boy must have used all of his courage to get that confession out of him.

“Well Jeremy, I find you to be quite cute as well.” I reached my hand out and put it on his shoulder, and patted it. Wow he had some nice muscles. Not big like Matt, Imran, or Derek, but they were pretty nice. More normalized it seemed.

“Really?!” his voice rose, a very drastic change from his shyer and more timid demeanor from when he approached me.

“I do.” I continued to stare at him. I know damn well I could have progressed the conversation further but I wanted him to do it. I wanted to see how he really felt about his attraction.

“Man I didn’t t-think you would say that about me!” His smile became a bit more goofy, but it was cute. “I really wanted to tell you before we w-went on break but things came up and I couldn’t do it. I was about to tell you after you left Imran’s o-office but you seemed like you were on a mission. Over the b-break I thought about how to tell you so I was waiting f-for the right moment but my h-heart just kind of leaped out of my chest.” He put his hand on his chest for emphasis and brought his eyes up to finally reach mine. They were a beautiful greenish-blue color, like hypnotizing waves. Shit.

“At that time I was rather pre-occupied.” I let out a chuckle remembering being more nervous watching Imran’s pecs swell out of control and inviting him over to Vegas on our family vacation. “But I think you’re a great guy Jeremy, and I admire your courage you had to tell me. It’s really sweet.”

Jeremy’s ears turned bright red. “T-Thanks Trevor.” He put his hand on his ears, probably feeling how hot they were getting from the compliments I was laying right on top of him. “So would you like to g-go out with me sometime? I have p-practice some days but I’m pretty much free w-whenever.” His eyes were filled with a newfound determination I had not seen before.

“I would like that a lot actually.” I myself let out a goofy smile. This boy was getting to me already.

“G-Great! Would you like to come over later tonight?” His gaze still held strong.

“Sure, I believe I can. Just text me a time.” I gave him my cellphone number so we could exchange information.

Jeremy was actually a pretty cool guy. Although his shy demeanor was prevalent for a little bit at first, he broke out of his shell eventually. That day I headed over to his house and he had prepared snacks for us as we played some video games he had received recently. On Tuesday we went out to the movie theaters. Just to tease him a bit I put my hand on his in the dark. A quick glance and I could see his face turning redder in the dark ambiance room. Wednesday Jeremy had practice so I decided to go watch him practice while I did some homework on the bleachers. His coach was barking orders but he seemed to perform well. Whenever he saw me he’d wave and his other teammates would look up at me and grin at Jeremy. Things got a little steamy that night when I stood over later. I played Monopoly with him and his dad, which was quite a fun time, more so than I expected. When we headed upstairs I knew we would be all alone, and I know he knew that too. I sat on his bed and he sat next to me looking down at the floor like when we first talked in the hall.

“What’s got you so nervous Jeremy? You seemed quite passionate about ruling the block about fifteen minutes ago.” I knew what I was doing, but again, I liked teasing him. He was a prime target.

“Oh n-nothing Trev, just enjoying having you here.” He looked at me but I could see from his body language that wasn’t the entire truth.

“Is that so? Jeremy you know we don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for. I’m not that type of guy.” I rested my hand on his muscular shoulder. He looked into my eyes.

“Thanks Trev. Don’t get m-me wrong, I like y-you a lot, but I’m just a bit late on these things.” His head seemed to sink a little bit.

“Jeremy that’s perfectly fine. Everyone goes at things differently and are comfortable with certain things at later times. It’s fine.,” I was at this point massaging his shoulders. “No need to fill down okay? How about we do this instead?” I pulled his head upward from his little slump and planted a kiss right on his mouth. We sat there kissing for what seemed like a solid couple of minutes. “Feel better?” I wiggled my eyebrows at him.

He was speechless but managed a nod. I looked down and my eyes caught the sights of a lovely bulge through his gym shorts. I looked back up at his eyes and he looked fearful like he had been caught.

“Trev I c-can explain!” he yelped but I put my finger on his lips to silence him.

I moved my hands and began to slowly massage his torso, feeling his hard lean pecs and eventually moved downward toward his cobbled six pack. I kept my eye contact with him at all times. Slowly, my hands made their way to his trained thighs. Jeremy seemed to be getting more relaxed at this point, but I could tell his breathing had changed due to his arousal. Calmly, I planted my hand down on the bulge that was pushing against his shorts. I began to run it through the fabric, feeling the heat radiate from it. Jeremy had begun to breathe a little harder. I kept kneading it and pushing it down by applying bits of pressure, teasing it slightly as to not get him completely riled up. Right then we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I removed my hands quickly and Jeremy flung himself off the bed as fast as a torpedo toward his gaming station by his television. He sat down, back facing toward the door before his dad walked in.

“How are you two boys doing in here? Need any refreshments?” Jeremy’s dad asked.

“I’m all right sir, thank you.” I gave him a nice “innocent” smile.

“I’m all right dad,” Jeremy called to his dad with his back still turned.

“All right boys, don’t stay up too late. It’s a school night you know. I’m off to bed, see you in the morning Jeremy and goodnight Trevor. It was lovely having you here.” He gave me a wave and a smile and softly closed the door before he returned to the downstairs portion of the house.

Jeremy let out a deep sigh and laid on his back on the floor. I could still see the swelling of bulge had still not gone down. I looked over at him and chuckled. “Your dad is right, it is getting late and I have to get home too. Tomorrow is Thursday so I have to prepare some things with my dad for the bake sale on Friday. Are you making anything?”

“I don’t really bake or cook so probably not. But I will be visiting your little booth to try some of your treats.” He got up from the floor and sat back down on the bed, arms embracing me.

“I look forward to it. I’ll be making some special treats I’ve never made before. Some old recipes and such, you know the biz.” I laid in his embrace for a couple of minutes before I got up and gave him a kiss goodnight. He walked me to the door and saw that I got to my car safely.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thursday had finally rolled around and I was home from school. In a way I kind of missed it because I wasn’t able to see Jeremy at home just yet. Now I know how Derek feels with Imran. Speaking of the handsome devil, he was coming down the stairs.

“Hey Trevor, how’ve you been dude?” Each step he took caused his large tits to jiggle and bounce like he was from a scene from Baywatch.

“Tired and hungry. Wait, when did you get here Imran? I thought you had gym teacher duties or something?” I raised an eyebrow. I really didn’t know when he was here or at school anymore. He always seemed to sneak out with Derek somewhere, whether it be his office, the bathroom, or the storage room closet, no place was safe from those two.

“I caught a ride here.” He rubbed his eyes and then his head. He looked exhausted.

“What type of ride?” I said in my sarcastic tone.

Hey! I don’t think I like what you’re insinuating there buddy.” He walked up to me and pressed his large tits against my face. My eyes were leveled with the bloated pieces of muscle.

“Oh I think you know exactly what I mean,” I pushed a finger into his right tit. He let out a chuckle and grabbed some water. “So where’s my brother? Did he have a long ride here at the house too?”

“Yes he did. He’s out like a light right now so I decided to come down and say hello. Where’s your dad at by the way?” asked Imran.

“He’s upstairs in his room finishing up some work things. Then he said he was going to come downstairs and help me out with baking some baked goods for the bake sale tomorrow at school.” I got out the mixing bowls and prepped some recipes.

“Ah the good ol’ bake sale. Lots of snacks to look at and gobble up. You might run into some eye candy there eh Trev?” Imran nudged me and gave me a sly little wink.

“For your information, I already have my own little snack thank you very much. Hmph.” I looked away from him and continued my prepping.

“What?! Since when? Who who you gotta tell me!” Imran’s eyes lit up with curiousity. He may be a school gym teacher but he still enjoys hearing who’s hooking up with who and the latest dating scandals among the students.

“Just a guy named Jeremy,” I responded nonchalantly.

“That tall awkward baseball player?” Imran asked.

I looked over at Imran and pulled at one of his large fat nipples, pulling it downward closer to his abs. “Ow! Uncle uncle! I relent!,” Imran yelped and pleaded as I kept holding onto his nipple before letting it go. It bounced back like a yo-yo causing hit left tit ripple with fat and muscle.

“That’s what you get for being rude. But yes, that’s him. He’s not too awkward when you get to know him some more. He’s actually a pretty nice guy. Sometimes he gets a little nervous when opening up about his feelings and interests but he gets there.,” I heard some footsteps from the stairs. Dad had finally came to the little kitchen rendezvous.

“Are you ready to bake, champ?” Matt came down sporting an apron that barely covered in large frame. His chest was pushing out over the top of the apron and I could see his bulge pushing against it as well. “Oh Imran you’re here too? Good to see you.” Matt gave Imran a quick hug.

“Nice to see you too Matt. Trev here says you two are going to be making some treats for the bake sale. Maybe I could sample some while you’re baking?” Imran gave a Cheshire-cat grin and pulled up a seat at the table.

“No shirt no service.” I called back to him.

“What! Matt isn’t wearing one either! This is favoritism.” Imran stuck a tongue out at Matt and Matt returned the favor.

“His pecs are at least covered up a bit. I can’t have your guys chest hair flying all over the dough. That’s just wrong.” I looked back at Imran who was playing with his pecs. “However, is there any treat you want us to make you while we’re at it?”

“Ooh I like coffee cake if you wouldn’t mind making some for me. I enjoy with a nice cup of coffee with some creamer.” Imran placed his hands on his stomach, daydreaming about it.

“Forget the creamer, your tits can probably produce some at this rate,” I quipped back.

“That is strike three buddy! Leave my pecs alone. You’re just jealous.” With that Imran got up from his seat and tried to cover up his tits with his hands and did a fake cry as he scampered away upstairs back to where Derek was slumbering.

“Now that the cry baby is gone, ready to get to work dad?” I noticed Matt was already getting to following a recipe for cupcakes.

“Already ahead of you son. We’re gonna make these the best goods at your bake sale.” He got to mixing the ingredients together.

“You’re right. I know they will each be incredibly special for those who eat them.,” my grin that formed was filled with mischief.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After a long afternoon and evening of baking, Matt and I were spent. We packaged up all of the baked goods we had prepared for the big day tomorrow. I headed up to my room and booted up my laptop. Tomorrow was going to be a very special day indeed. Every baked good was going to have a grand effect on whoever ate them. I opened the suggestion tab and began to type…


Part 7

After a long night of baking for the first day of the bake sale, Matt and I were spent. Imran came back around a couple times just to poke his head around the different sweets we were going to be offering. After classes, the bake sale would take place in the indoor gymnasium. Together with Matt, I whipped up some cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and even two pies which we would sell by the slice. I was a little nervous about the scheme I had concocted. Once we finished baking, I had wrote in a new suggestion stating that each sweet would change the person who consumed them in various ways. I had no idea how it would affect people, but I was bound to find out.

I set up my booth next to the basketball court near the bleachers to the far back right of the room. It was a bit out of the way which I honestly did not mind considering I had no clue how many people would come to my booth, alongside the other boys who were offering up their own delicious batches of treats. I had finished setting up my display when Jeremy had come by. He lumbered in with a smile and waved over to me. We chatted for a bit and waited for the others students to arrive. He was more charming the more I got to know him. He has taken me by surprise quite honestly.

“So Trev, do you have any special treats for me?” He gave me his charming smile and propped himself up off of the front of the booth in which he was resting his arm onto.

“Of course I do. I didn’t spend most of my evening baking treats for people for them not to be special. See anything that you’d like?” I winked at him, watching his eyes glide over the display.

“What do you recommend for me?” he leaned back down and whispered in a hushed tone. He was getting to become a bit more bold and flirtatious now that he had broken out of his shell when around me. I didn’t mind though, it was fun.

“If you want something rich, I’d say to go for the brownies, but if you prefer something sweet then go for the cupcakes. If you want something tasty, I would recommend my dad’s cookies. But if none of that is your thing then the pie is something we made for people who might be interested in something different. It’s a pecan pie so as long as you’re not allergic then I would say go for it.” I waved the pie cutter in front of his face.

“As much as I like nuts, I’ll probably select your delicious sweet cupcake since you’re so sweet yourself.” He winked back at me and started to grab his wallet.

“You really dug deep for that one didn’t you.” I gave him one of my deadpan stares which gave him a chuckle. “Besides, you get a discount. No need to pay money for it. You already reward me enough.” I grabbed a napkin and placed the cupcake on it, then passed it over to him. His eyes lit up as he took a bite. Then another and another.

“This tastes great Trev! Can I get another please?” he smiled at me with a bit of purple frosting on his upper lip.

“You haven’t even finished that one yet Jeremy! Also don’t talk with your mouth full, you might choke and what would I do then?” I watched him gobble the rest of the cupcake up. I proceeded to grab him another one and passed it off once again.

“Thanks Trev! I gotta get going to help my old man out at home but I’ll text you later. If you have any extras I would be happy to take them off of your hands you know.” With that Jeremy put his backpack back onto his shoulder and headed off, throwing his napkin out in the trash can at the gym doors exit. What am I going to do with that boy? More like what are those cupcakes going to do with that boy? Who knows. I should be more concerned but at this point I’m intrigued to see how things will play out. Besides, if things get too bad I can just use my app to dial things back a bit. I could potentially make someone forget something too but I haven’t had the balls to try that out yet.

“Yo dude nice treats. Got anything good?” the lanky boy stood in front of my booth. It was none other than eboy Ethan. He was one of the schools resident eboys who adopted the style after you know what. He is one of the three eboys that walk around and do whatever they do. To be honest, I don’t even think they know what they do.

“Well, as my booth has treats out for display, I’d like to think I offer some tasty treats. What would you like?” his glossy eyes looked over my display. He adjusted his red beanie and chains that hung down his black skinny jeans.

“Are these brownies special?” he looked up at me and back at the gym door exit which was being guarded by one of the staff.

“Very special.” I gave him a smirk. Of course I wouldn’t put pot in my brownies. Matt would kill me, but hey whatever will make the sale right?

“Dude you’re the best! I’ll take one. I don’t know how strong it’ll be so best to just eat one am I right?” he gave out the typical eboy laugh and pulled out money from his wallet.

“Yep, I don’t know how strong they are either. Make sure to tell me about it next time, alright dude?” I said slightly mocking his voice tone but he didn’t seem to notice.

Two sales already. Nice job me! Okay well technically it’s only been one sale since I gave Jeremy a “discount” called free. Still, at least I can say I attracted at least one person to my booth. I had been working my booth giving items to a couple of new consumers when I saw Imran enter the room. He was wearing a gray hoodie with some sweat pants which was doing its best to hide the large dong he was carrying around. Derek was close to his side and followed suit, but wore some shorter gym shorts showing off his favored asset.

“Hey little brother how’s the sales going? I heard you and Matt making a lot of noises in the kitchen from the whirring, the mixing, and the annoying timer going off constantly. Barely gave me time to take a nap.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes but held onto Imran’s left arm.

“A nap? You must have been hard at work weren’t you?” I gave him a chuckle. I knew damn well what his “hard work” was. Imran just looked the other way and whistled. He was the guilty party.

“So what brings you two here? Want to try a treat you guys didn’t help out with?” I eyed Imran and he looked away once again and whistled. “I’m looking at you Imran.”

“Listen I offered my help on trying out some sweets and I am merely contributing to my promise. Here are the sweets and I am here to try them. See?” He pointed to the pie, then the cookies, then looked to the brownies.

“Down you wolf. Little red riding hood over here is going to put up a fight if you try to take her basket of treats.” Derek lightly punched Imran’s arm and I waved the pie cutter in front of his face, causing him to let out a small yelp.

“Fine fine, I’ll behave myself. But do you have anything special for little ol’ me?” he gave me his best puppy dog eyes and Derek just rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Little? Have you seen yourself?” I eyed his tits. It was fun teasing him about the large size of his pecs. He knew they were massive and he enjoyed playing with them, all thanks to that magic creamer I made him.

“Yes little! I’m wearing my compression wrap anyways to hide their size. Right now they’re hidden away.” He gave an arrogant hmph. Derek reached his hand up the inside of the back of Imran’s hoodie and tugged on the wraps tie, causing it to fall out the back. Imran’s pec-tits burst forward through his hoodie and jiggled, causing the front part of his hoodie to rise as they had taken up more space. His longer and fatter nipples poked at the fabric, easily viewable.

Derek! Look what you did!,” Imran attempted to lean down to grab the wrap but his large pecs hid his stomach and blocked his vision. Derek kept laughing at his boyfriend’s overgrown chest. Imran finally found a position suitable enough to pick up and wrap up his fallen wrap.

“Hmph, and to think I was going to treat you to something nice here at your lovely brother’s booth.” He gave Derek a playful glare and Derek responded by smacking Imran’s left pec, causing him to yelp due to the oversensitivity his jugs now had. Some people in the room looked over at the three but carried back on with their lives.

“For being such a great physical education teacher and for ‘helping us out’ Imran, I do have a special treat Matt and I experimented on if you’d like it.” I began to rummage through the packaged boxes inside the booth.

“Really?!” Imran was smiling in excitement and looked like a dog wagging its tail.

“We made you a coffee cake if you’d like to try it out.” I gave him the wrapped up coffee cake and a napkin.

“This looks delicious! Thanks my favorite boyfriend’s brother!,” Imran looked back at Derek and gave him a smug smile of victory.

“Once you feed an animal it’ll always come back expecting more Trevor. I thought Matt and I taught you that.” Derek looked over at Imran who seemed to be in his own little world.

“You always feed him your cake, I just gave him one I made.” I stuck my tongue out at Derek and he gasped.

“You did not.” He leaned over and threw a napkin at me.

“I did.” I threw a napkin back at him.

We both shared a laugh while Imran was enthralled with his new treat before realizing his jugs were still jutting out in front of everyone. Apparently, he had been trying his best to keep them a secret from everyone but everyone knew they were large already. However, I don’t think people necessarily knew how gargantuan they actually were. He tapped onto Derek’s shoulder.

“Babe can you help me put my wrap back on? I can’t let these babies knock people out. I could get sued.” He looked around the room and set his eyes on the janitors closet behind my booth. “We could put it on in there.”

“All right all right let me help you out with your jugs. I’ll talk to you later Trev.” He waved his hand as he and Imran headed off behind my booth into the janitor’s closet.

While I served the remaining amount of time at my booth giving out treats to the few people that came by, I was on a second duty. Imran and Derek seemed to struggle putting the wrap on for a bit which caused some brief phrases I could here in the distance ranging from “SUCK IT IN!” to “SQUEEZE THEM TOGETHER!,” mainly coming from Derek of course. Eventually that changed into some moaning and I slowly moved some of my boxes in front of the door to block anyone from going in. One time I had to drop a box just to cover the sound of their climax. Eventually they both walked out, both with a smile on their faces. On his way out Derek took a cookie.

Alas, the bake sale for this weekend had finally come to an end. I packed up shop and waited for my dad to pick me up. He asked me about how much I managed to sell of our treats. He didn’t seem too disappointed that there weren’t too many people, but we had a decent amount of leftovers that we were going to have to keep in the refrigerator or given out to the neighbors.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was the next week after the weekend of the bake sale. I hadn’t visited Jeremy all weekend and I was missing him. I couldn’t wait to see him at school. Derek drove us today and when we arrived I immediately began to scout to see if there were any changes going on around the school. I hesitantly entered the hallway but didn’t see anything in particular that was suspicious, besides every student and staff member being a male, and gay. I was grabbing my stuff from my locker for first period when I felt arms wrap around me and a head rest upon my own.

“I missed you Trev,” Jeremy said as he rested his head on my head, leaving me trapped between him and the open locker.

“I missed you too Jeremy.” I turned back around to give him a hug. I noticed my arms were a little off positioned from what I remembered. I looked up at him and saw him closing his eyes as he held onto me. However, I needed to look up a bit more than usual.

“Hey Jeremy, did you get taller?” I asked.

“You noticed huh? I grew a bit over the weekend and couldn’t wait to surprise you today at school. I didn’t want to give away my little secret.” He squeezed me tighter before letting go.

“How tall are you now?” I continued to admire his new height as he smiled down upon me.

“Pops said I measured at 6’5” yesterday. Can you believe it? Two whole inches! I guess I’m a late bloomer, which took me by surprise.”, he stretched revealing a brief bit of a treasure trail up to his abs which were slightly on display due to his shirt not fitting on him quite right.

“I gotta head off to class but let’s go out later tonight if you’re free. We can go try that new frozen yogurt place out that opened up recently.” He gave me a kiss on my cheek and headed off to his first period.

The day was going by uneventfully until around lunch. I was doing some homework. I was sitting out in the quad when I noticed someone familiar across the way hanging out with his buddies. It was eboy Ethan. Ethan and his buddies were fooling around taking videos for a certain platform that they were enthralled by. They based their style off of it after all. The more I looked at them Ethan didn’t look half bad. He was pretty cute. He was only about 6’0” tall and pretty lean, but his style suited him. Out of his buddies, he was the only one who went out of his way to be more social with other groups at school. We made eye contact so I gave him a wave and he gave me a peace sign, showing off his painted black nails.

Without knowing, he approached the table I was sitting at and sat down.

“Yo dude, that brownie was great. Got anymore?” he adjusted his beanie and looked at me with his glossy eyes like he had done with the sweets at the bake sale before.

“Not on me right now, sorry dude.” He frowned and leaned his back against the table.

“Will you have any more on Friday again? I don’t know what was in that thing but it tasted tight.” He shifted his legs which were being sported by his skinny jeans and began to vape.

“I’ll make some more. Glad to know you found something you liked at my stand.” It was my turn to eye him over. He sat there looking out watching the clouds as I admired him. Deciding to scope him out, I could see a little lump in his skinny jeans. He shifted his legs again, allowing me to gain a better vantage of it. I hadn’t heard too much about any gossip surrounding Ethan, but it looked like he had a sizable piece down his pants. He’d be a great partner for any guy.

“Cool.” He continued vaping before the bell rang. He stashed the vape in his bag for giving me another peace sign before heading off. I gave him another look over before packing my own stuff up.

It was Wednesday when things were starting to cross my mind. If I wanted to keep tabs on any changes and how to handle them in case they got out of hand. I needed to configure a mental list of who partook in my bake sale so I could keep up with them. At home I decided to speak with Derek to see if I could get any information out of him regarding any changes. Apparently, he was up to his usual managing his sports and homework while spending time with Imran. He did mention his ass having an itch he couldn’t quite scratch but I don’t know if he meant that metaphorically or literally. Either way his large globes were quite big so he would probably need help scratching them. I did play with them for a little bit, kneading them and giving them a massage while he studied on his bed. Apparently they had been sore due to Imran’s consistent plowing.

On Wednesday I went out with Jeremy after school to the frozen yogurt place. We had to postpone our original plan because he had an exam he needed to study for and his dad told him he needed at least a B on it, which he did achieve and I was proud of him. I waited out front of the shop at one of the tables with an umbrella giving me shade when I heard him call out my name.

“Trev!” I saw my tall boyfriend run over to me. Or should I say taller boyfriend. As he ran his shirt kept riding up higher on his stomach, showing off his lean yet muscled build.

“Did you wait long?” he pulled up a seat next to me. He had to duck down as to not hit his head on the umbrella.

“Not really, I got here ten minutes ago. Careful as to not hit your head big guy.”

Jeremy let out a chuckle.

“I know I know. I’ve found I need to be more careful about that recently. I hit my head on my door frame this morning and had to ice my forehead.” He rubbed his forehead for emphasis. “Well I apologize for making you wait so today’s my treat.” He stood up and hit his head on the top of the umbrella.

I let out a little snicker. “Careful there’s an umbrella.”

“Gee thanks for that warning.” He rubbed the back of his head as the umbrella shifted back and forth from the force it endured from his head.

As we ordered from the new shop we chatted about his project he’d been working on with his dad. Apparently his dad was using his sons new height to help him hold things up in place while he hammered them in place. While the workers weren’t looking, I wrapped my arms around him and slid my hand up his lightly fuzzy abs. I brushed my finger tips against the exposed muscles . He turned back and looked down at me with worried eyes saying we might get caught. After we got our frozen yogurt we sat back down outside.

“We could have gotten caught Trev!” Jeremy pulled down his shirt as best as he could to cover his exposed stomach.

“Key word is ‘could’, but we didn’t. I couldn’t resist you just look so hot.” I gave him a little wink which caused him to stammer and blush.

“I need to go shopping for some new clothes this weekend. Mine haven’t been fitting well since my latest growth spurt. I don’t know how much longer it’ll go on for though so I might buy some larger sizes just in case.” Jeremy dabbed his his lips with a napkin to clean up some yogurt that missed his mouth.

“What size do you need to buy now anyways?” I questioned.

“Probably two sizes larger than what I have currently. I need to get used to being 6’7” now.”, he said nonchalantly.

“Six-foot seven?!,” I burst out. That was taller than Matt who I set to be 6’6”. Looks like the cupcakes Jeremy had eaten were accentuating his height since he had a fair share of it initially before his latest growth spurt.

“Yep! Who knew someone could grow four inches in a week am I right?” he sucked on his spoon happily. I knew all too well just how much someone could grow. I had my fair share of experimenting on my brother and step dad, along with José and Imran. A little bit with myself too but I’m not a big fan of changing myself. Ironic, I know.

“Do you like being so tall?” I set my cup of yogurt down.

“I love it! I’ve always been taller than other guys on average, but being taller isn’t so bad. My running times have increased, I can help my pops out more and I can cuddle you better.” Now it was my turn to blush.

“Lucky for you I enjoy having a tall boyfriend.” I smiled at him waiting for him to catch on.

“I’m gla—did you say boyfriend?” he stopped the spoonful of yogurt from entering his mouth and stared at me.

“Yep. I wanted to ask you since we’ve been going out more often if you would like to be my official boyfriend. I don’t date often so I just thought it’d be nice to ask you officially.” I sat there patiently awaiting his response.

“Of course! I mean I knew we were heading down that r-road but I didn’t think you w-would ask me first.” He looked down again reverting back to his older habits. It made me love him more.

I couldn’t resist him any longer. I got up from my seat and gave him a big hug and a kiss on his cheek. His ears turned red before leaning in to kiss me on the lips. Pulling myself off of him before getting too carried away in public, I turned back around to throw my trash away. Jeremy was ecstatic. I didn’t get the chance to really talk to him before since I tended to isolate myself but I’m glad he opened up to me that day in the hallway. I even did a bit of backtracking on the apps logs and found out he had been gay all along. That gave me comfort knowing I hadn’t changed that about him, and my suggestion didn’t force him to confess to me.

We spent the rest of the night together at his place and the two of us cuddled before falling asleep. I rested as little spoon as he embraced me as the big spoon. I felt warm and comforted by my new tall boyfriend.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Waking up to the loud buzzing of the alarm clock I woke up startled and looked around the room. I had forgotten I slept over at Jeremy’s house last night. I rolled over and saw Jeremy’s gentle face sleeping with a smile. I slowly got up and began to tap his shoulder. He wouldn’t budge. Feeling like a puppy, I began to shake him with my hands causing him to wake up startled too. His bed head caused his usually styled hair to be out place.

“What’s wrong Trev?” he yawned and stretched his large arms. I took in the view of his shirtless torso. Yep, I was gay all right.

“We’re going to be late for school Jeremy! I totally forgot it was a school night.” I got up off of his bed to look for my phone. Meanwhile he was checking his.

“Shit!” he jumped out of bed in his boxer briefs. Damn I caught a nice fish in the sea of men at school. That bulge in his boxer briefs pushed against the fabric allowing me to see a bit of his pubes from the waistband.

“I got an extra toothbrush in the hall cupboard for you to use and some product in the bathroom. I’m gonna take a quick shower and I’ll drive us. Thank god my pops is at work or he’d kill me.” He got up to grab a towel and I heard the knobs in the shower turn on.

Scrambling, I did a quick wash up routine and styled my hair with the products Jeremy had available. I did steal a couple of glances at the shower behind me but the glass was foggy except for the sights of his head which was past the shower head. I yelled out “When did you pass the shower head?”

It was hard to hear over the running water but I could make out, “A couple days ago. Why are you looking anyways? Trying to sneak a peek?”

“Maybe,” I heard the knobs turn and water stop. Jeremy reached his longer but well-muscled arm out to pull a towel off of the towel rack before emerging out the mini steam chamber with a towel around his waist. It had barely covered his nice thighs, showing off his pert baseball player butt. I could see the pushing of a nice schlong in there.

“Well that’s gonna have to wait for another time. We have to go.” And with that the two of us worked alongside each other like an old married couple handing each other things before rushing out to the car and heading off to school.

“Do you think anyone is gonna notice I’m wearing the same thing as yesterday?” I said as I looked over to see the now shorter shirt on Jeremy’s taller frame, exposing his treasure trail completely now.

“Nah I don’t think so. If anyone says something come get me right away.” Jeremy grabbed his phone to put on his music playlist.

“Wow, my knight in shining armor. How sweet. But I can handle myself thank you very much.” We both chuckled and he continued driving toward our school.

Fortunately we managed to get into the building in time before they locked the front doors of the school. We blew each other a kiss before running off to our classes so we wouldn’t receive a tardy slip.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meeting up with Derek at the end of our classes he drove us both home and inquired as to where I was last night. Dad had been worried about me so Derek covered and said I was staying overnight at a friend’s house to work on a “project”.

“So little brother, which friend were you with last night?” he pulled into our driveway. “You’re not allowed out until you tell me.” He gave me a smug grin and locked the car doors.

“You’re acting like our dad. Besides I thought Imran would have told you by now.” I loved using the Imran card.

“He knew before I did? What! I thought family comes first Trev!” he placed his hand on my head to ruffle my hair.

“At this point he is like family. But he asked me about it before you, plus you know how he sniffs out any gossip going around at school. Apparently being a teacher gives you the skeleton key of drama,” I said while Derek snickered.

“True, but we’re getting off topic here. Who is it?” he inquired and leaned in closer, eyes shining brightly like his boyfriend’s when he had asked me.

“Jeremy from the baseball team,” I relented.

“Jeremy? I know him! He’s a cool and chill guy. Pretty tall too. I’m happy for you Trev!,” Derek leaned in closer and gave me a hug. “Now we both got boyfriends huh.” He unlocked the car doors.

“Just keep it a secret from dad please. I don’t want him all up in my business about it. You know how he treats me since I’m still younger than you even though I know damn well what goes on in this house. I don’t want him to act like Imran and start using his nose like a bloodhound,” I sighed.

“Deal.” Derek got up off his seat and I noticed a wet spot. I got out the car and watching his ass bob in his shorts and saw a light wet spot in the middle of his butt.

“Derek did you sit in something wet?” I asked as he began to jiggle the keys into the doors lock.

“What?” he stopped for a moment to rub his fingers against the spot before turning red.

“Oh, uh I guess I was getting a little excited. You know how it goes, sometimes your bussy starts to leak.” He opened the door and headed upstairs.

Still shocked at not only did Derek say but seeing it with my own eyes I guess that cookie he took did have an affect on him recently. His ass had begun lubing itself and secreting more lube each time he gets excited. I wonder if Imran had found that out yet. Meh, who knows.

I waited for dad to come home. Apparently he had gone out today for one of his meetings but was happy to be back. He was getting used to being home with us more often and was always down whenever he had to leave Derek and I. Just like last week, I started to prepare the kitchen as he put on his baking outfit to make more treats for the bake sale tomorrow. I had barely noticed some of the effects of the last bake sale on people this week, so I was curious to see how much people would be effected this week from tomorrow’s bake sale.


Part 8

Baking had begun to drag on. This was only the second week and I was already tired. Matt seemed to be more into baking treats than I was which took me by surprise, but then again this had begun his new recent hobby of his. I couldn’t help but notice his loneliness had increased since we last left Vegas. Speaking of which, I haven’t heard or seen José around in a while. I would need to ask him about that soon. After telling Matt about how much I managed sell last time, we decided we would hold back on baking so much. Most of the treats last time Matt just tossed or gave to some neighbors. Now that I think about it, I wonder if those treats had effected them. I’ll need to add that to my duty of keeping track of people I could have possibly affected. Changing people was beginning to be a hassle, but I could never give it up. Dare I say, it’s too sweet.

Just like last week, I picked out my spot in the same location just to keep my booth more discreet. Although I wanted to change a good amount of people at my school, people still believed in “normalities” which I needed to stay aware of. I couldn’t just change someone to become a 50 foot tall giant or make them turn into a hulking beast overnight. I needed to be gradual and selective with those I “target.” Now that makes me sound like a hitman. Great.

Setting up my now smaller array of treats I had my cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and no pie. It wasn’t a seller last time and took too much time to make. Honestly I was disappointed with that turn out so I returned it back to Matt. What he did with it, I have no idea. This time I came prepared by bringing my phone (which was charged this time) and a book with me in case I got bored waiting for my clients. Some students came into the building but payed my booth no attention since it was in the back. Scrolling through Instagram I was too in my own world before I heard someone knocking on the booth’s table.

“Hey bro are you selling some stuff or just watching over the booth?” the big Latino man said as he wore his singlet from wrestling practice. I could see some hair creeping up on his chest and poking out the top. It was black like the stubble on his face. He seemed a little sweaty from his recent work out.

“Yep everything you see out here is for purchase. Anything you would like to try?” I caught a glimpse of his face and remembered he was one of the guys who bought from me last time when I was busy trying to mask Imran and Derek’s sounds. His name was Julio and he was on our school’s wrestling team. He was a pretty built guy but maintained a nice thickness to his figure. His muscle were coated in a nice layer of fat, giving him an off season build often seen on body builders.

“Cool dude. Um I’ll take one of your brownies then.” Julio took a napkin with a brownie in it and paid me the total due. “Hopefully this helps bulk me up. Coach has been wanting me to reach the next weight class since we got some stiff competition coming up.”

“Coach Imran?” I asked. It was weird having to add “coach” in front of his name when I had begun use to just calling him Imran.

“Nah Coach Jackson. He always pushes to reach our deadlines and mine is coming up soon. I gotta get as big as I can.” Julio let out a belch and I swear I saw his stomach push out a bit further in his singlet. He walked off and left me to my own business.

Not long after did Mr. Tess come to the booth. I really need to not let Imran and Derek distract me. I had recognized that Mr. Tess had swung by my booth last time and purchased a cookie if I could recall correctly. He was looking quite handsome today if I had to say so myself. He had a charming smile that got students to like him and even some to fawn over him as well. As he walked over I noticed he had a waddle to his step which caused me to raise my eyebrow. I’d have to add him to my list.

“What can I get you Mr. Tess?” I gave him one of my “marketable” smiles.

“Hey Trevor! You had great treats last week so I was looking forward to seeing what you had this week. Hmm I might take another cookie or two if that’s alright with you.” He reached for his wallet and dug out some cash.

“Of course Mr. Tess,” having realized the opportune moment I decided to ask him a question. “Are those new pants Mr. Tess?”

“Yes thanks for noticing,” he gave a warm smile and put his hands on them to show them off, “I had to get a bigger pair recently. I needed some more room since it seems I’ve been growing.”

“You’ve been working out more?” I took his cash and put it in my change box.

“Uh yeah. I like to stay fit like the rest of you boys you know. Anyways, thanks for these Trevor. I’ll see you in class on Monday.” As Mr. Tess began to walk away I noticed he took notice of Julio who was visiting other booths. The two eyed each other up. I grinned.

Skimming through my book I waited for my next client to show up. Hearing the squeaking of sneakers approaching my booth I looked up and saw Derek who was hugging the wall a bit as he made the way to my booth.

“What are you trying to smuggle in here Derek? From the way you’re speeding by means you’re hiding something.,” I gave him a side glance as he made his way behind the booth with me. “Did you pull another prank on Imran again?”

“No not today. I just decided to come spend time with my precious little brother.” He gave me a toothy grin. I wasn’t buying it.

“What actually happened.” I gave him a blank stare in return.

“I was wondering if you had any extra pairs of gym shorts in your locker by chance?” he gave a nervous chuckle. I looked at him and noticed his problem. His ass had grown even larger. The two masses were thick and round, sticking out from his back side like two extra large beach balls. The fabric straining against his ass so much I could see the top of his ass hanging out of them, with his crack visible.

“Jesus what have you been feeding that thing?” I let out a gasp. Oh wait, I know what I fed him.

“It’s been growing larger recently whenever Imran and I have sex. He loves kneading it so I guess it’s just been swelling larger and getting used to his abusive pounding. Ah this talk about Imran is making me horny.,” Derek looked back. I followed his gaze and noticed the wet spot on his ass. “Fuck I’m getting so horny. I start leaking whenever my hole starts to itch.,” Derek bit his lip and rubbed the two orbs.

“I think I do. I’ll write down my combination so you don’t forget it. Take some napkins and wipe yourself off a bit so you don’t leak so much. What has Imran said about that by the way?” I scribbled down my combination.

“He thinks it’s hot. Plus it makes our sex easier and my hole feels so much more sensitive. But since my ass has been growing, it takes Imran about five inches of his dick to even reach my hole,” he said casually.

“Poor you.” I gave him the scribbled piece of paper and gave him my sweater. “You can tie this around your waist to hide your little “exposed” problem.”

“Thanks Trev!,” he gave me a hug. In return I pinched his right cheek. The thick pert flesh filled my hand. I could barely grasp any of it. It’s light dusting of hair added to its appeal.

Derek squirmed, “Shit I think I leaked a bit more. I gotta go Trev. I’ll talk to you later.,” Derek cleaned himself up and tied the sweater around his waist before running off out the open gym.

I watched and ogled my brothers large fat ass move down the gym. I saw it caught the attention of a few other onlookers. Imran is one lucky guy. Watching him run reminded me of when it was just me and him when I would have some fun with him. We don’t get to do that too often anymore since Imran is usually at home spending time with Derek or the two go out. It started to make me feel a little lonely.

“Trevor!” a loud voice said as I looked up and up until I recognized Jeremy. Oh yeah, I wasn’t lonely anymore. “How ya doing babe?”

“Quite tired actually. I regret signing up for the Bake Sale. I should have just done the one day and called it quits.” I gave him a little teasing pout.

“But if you did that I wouldn’t be able to eat your sweets.” Jeremy wiggled his eyebrows and looked toward my backside.

“Break it you buy it,” I commented in a snarky tone.

“Looks like I won’t need to be buying it if I’m gentle though right? Can I get two more cupcakes by the way? They were great last time.” He pointed to his two favorite cupcakes on the display so I got them for him. It didn’t take long before he gobbled them up. Still wearing a short shirt, his treasure trail was still on display leading into his crotch and up his abs. While he was eating I ran my fingers up his stomach, teasing him.

“Damn, you’re tall Jeremy. What would you do if you got even taller?” my eyes we gobbling up all the candy they needed.

“It wouldn’t be so bad. You’ve seen my dad and he’s kind of tall so it must run in the genes. Besides, I like that you like me being bigger than you. Jeremy moved to throw his trash away in the trash cans behind me before hugging me. Slowly, I began to grind my ass against his thick thighs. Since he was taller than me, I could feel some pressure on my back. The mystery culprit was also getting quite warm.

“I wish I could ride you right here Jeremy.” I began to grind my ass a little harder against him.

“Fuck, I want to fuck you Trev. Ever since we got interpreted that night my dad came home I couldn’t stop thinking about it.,” it was Jeremy’s turn to start grinding his bulge against my back. I felt the beast getting larger and harder. I couldn’t tell how large it was. Truthfully, I didn’t want to know just yet. I wanted it to be a surprise for when we finally hook up with one another. We were getting lost in our own little world that we were forgetting where we were.

“Dude, Trev, are you here or not?” Ethan snapped his fingers in my face to get me out of my trance, causing me to abruptly stop grinding on my boyfriend. Jeremy remained behind me to conceal his large boner.

“Yeah yeah I’m here. Sorry Jeremy wasn’t letting me go.” I looked up and gave him a fake glare, knowing damn well I initiated our little fun and play.

“Yeah sorry Ethan. I just couldn’t resist holding onto my boyfriend.” He grabbed onto me once again before I swatted his arm.

Jeremy looked down at Ethan and gave him the eye. The eye stating that I was his. Ethan merely shrugged and asked for another one of my “special brownies.” I wasn’t completely lying about them being special so don’t try to make me feel guilty. As Ethan paid for the brownie I took the opportunity to notice his skinny jeans. They hung onto his legs tight, but clung to a snake like outline even tighter. Soft, it snaked down his right pant leg. At the end, a bulbous head just waiting to be teased and sucked on judging from the outline. To be honest, I don’t even know if Ethan cared enough to realize he had a fat schlong bulging out his clothes and walked around like it was nothing. Clearly he wasn’t paying attention to the hungry pubescent students and horny staff watching him walk through the gym. I would be one hundred percent willing to service him if he ever wanted me to.

My time was almost up from the second weekend for the bake sale. The time went by quickly for a little bit while I had Jeremy with me but he was kind of forced to be there since he had to wait for his cock to soften to a good size where he could conceal it. Again, I was curious to see how large it was naturally. Or growing. I had no idea. A couple more customers came by and Julio bought another two items. I met back up with Derek who managed to find the gym shorts of mine in my locker. Fortunately the second pair did conceal the top part of his ass that hung out but it still didn’t hide how obscene his globes were.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Derek and I got home and walked through the door to smelling some garlic and seasonings. We looked at each other confused. We crept together along the walls until we reached the kitchen where we found Matt cooking us some dinner.

“I didn’t hear you two boys come in! Dinner’s almost ready by the way so don’t go snacking on anything. I thought it’d be nice to make you guys something since we haven’t really had too much time with each other. Matt was cooking shirtless while wearing some sweat pants. Like Ethan at school, his fat schlong was hanging down the pant leg. It was much larger and thicker than Ethan’s though.

“This is a surprise for sure Matt. But I’m starving and I bet Trev here is too,” Derek went to go inspect the food and gave a quick nod before patting Matt on the chest. Both of them didn’t notice but I witnessed Matt’s pecs swell a little bit larger. Oops I forgot about that suggestion I put in a while ago. They looked damn fine on dad. I’ll keep the suggestion on Matt since it’s a slow and gradual one.

Matt glanced over at Derek’s scarcely covered rump, “I’m starving too.” He kept his eyes on Derek’s juicy ass. Derek caught the hint and gave him a smirk. Giving his ass a playful shake, Derek moved his ass closer to Matt. The large globes began to shake off the tied sweater revealing how much the second pair of gym shorts barely hid anything.

Watching the two gaze at each other I took notice of something else. Yes Matt’s pecs had grown a bit larger but something else was different about his body. He was still muscular with a nice coating of hair but his stomach seemed to lean out a bit more. It was by no means large before, but it seemed to lean out with a good layer of fat over his abs, making him have a thick musculature. It really showed off that he had a sexy dad bod. His body distracted me as I ate dinner. God I loved this.

As I began to clean up the table and started washing the dishes, I saw Derek had crept his way along and onto Matt’s lap. The two of them were making out as Derek was rubbing his hand up and down Matt’s body. Trying to not let them notice I was watching, I continued making noises by clanking the glasses and scrubbing the plates. Creaking was emitted into the air as I saw Derek’s reflection from a glass bounding up and down on the chair, clearly he was having a fun time riding a horse. I returned to the table to pick up another plate and some left over napkins. Trying to “conceal their fun” with a hug, I could clearly see Matt’s thick horse cock standing up and buried into Derek’s hole which was leaking down Matt’s cock.

“Having fun there you two?” I watched as the two tensed up, “You two act like I don’t know what goes on when I can hear you both moaning whenever you fuck.”

“Shit guess like it’s over Derek,” Matt began to move but Derek clenched his large globes down onto Matt’s cock causing Matt to moan out loud.

“Please Matt my ass has been itching all day. Plus I know you’ve been pent up and Trevor doesn’t care.,” Derek turned to me with desperate eyes.

“Yeah I honestly don’t care dad. I think you’re hot as fuck too and I’m glad you two are able to do this. I’m just gonna keep cleaning up though. Don’t get the table dirty please.” I maneuvered around the two, watching Derek continue bouncing up and down to get his rhythm back to take the large sixteen and a half inch dick. He had managed to take a good amount but Matt had trouble trying to get his dick to find Derek’s hole through the large expanse of flesh.

“Fuck I’m glad you’re fine with this Trevor. Your brother’s ass feels so good and I couldn’t resist. You know we can ‘wrestle’ anytime you want too you know.” Matt kept thrusting his dick into Derek while holding down his hips.

“I don’t know if I can take all of that, dad, but I’d be glad to help you out in other ways. When was the last time you fucked José anyways?” I saw his face twitch. He continued to pound Derek faster until Derek was moaning out in ecstasy, ass leaking all over Matt’s dick and the chair. Matt grabbed onto Derek’s hair as he continued to punish his ass.

“Matt oh god fuck me harder! My hole keeps itching and sucking you in. I want to take all of you!,” Derek yelled as Matt’s grunting got louder. It didn’t take long until I could hear them yell in unison and the audible splatter of cum spraying out from their dicks. Matt slowly took out his deflating cock, watching the large amount of cum ooze out of Derek’s hole dripping down his large cheeks.

I found myself getting hard watching the display as I continued to clean, “Well I’m gonna head upstairs now so I’ll let you two enjoy yourselves.”

Heading on upstairs I decided to turn in early. I was quite tired from the long day and hearing those two downstairs still making out, I knew I would need to try to fall asleep as fast as I could before they moved their little “party” upstairs where it would get unbearably loud.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The first couple of days at school this week seemed to drag on slowly. There wasn’t much that was exciting besides getting closer with Jeremy. By Wednesday, it turns out he had reached 6’9”. He was stoked and loved to show off that he was taller than everyone. The once shy guy that approached me was beginning to grow a slight cocky attitude about being larger than other guys. I kind of liked that about him. He made me feel safe wherever he went. We’d hold hands and cuddle whenever I went to his house. He claimed he had bought clothes over the weekend but I thought he was lying. He seemed to enjoy wearing clothes that were too small on his larger frame. Not only was he tall, but his muscles still continued to fill out his body in proportion to what they were like before he had grown.

Ethan and I had actually began to grow closer than I had expected. We had a few things we liked in common such as some music, games, and even some animes which I did not think he watched. It was kind of distracting at times when he moved around. His skinny jeans did nothing to cover the soft snake in his jeans. I’m sure he noticed it because he had to often adjust himself so he could sit comfortably. Ethan sometimes got distracted and would take photos and videos of himself, making sure to get his bulge in the frame.

“Where do you plan on posting those Ethan?” He finished snapping another photo.

“Why? Do you plan on following me? I always accept new followers. I thought you already had me added on Tiktok.” He turned to me after placing his phone down.

“Are you getting a lot of views? With that thing pressing up against your pants I bet you attract a lot of attention.” I got my phone out and started to look for his account.

“Damn right I do dude.” Looking side to side checking if the coast was clear, Ethan patted my arm to grab my attention. I watched him undo his pant buttons revealing the thick root of his white cock, clearly visible and crowned by some black pubes.

“Shit Ethan that’s huge.” My hand couldn’t resist itself as it reached for the root and tried to wrap my hand around it. It was really thick.

“It’s been growing bigger bro. I got a new cartridge that was claiming it was revolutionary. I thought I was just high but nah it’s been growing bigger.” He pulled down his jeans a bit more revealing more of the resting flesh. He was going commando.

“How big is it Ethan?” I continued stroking his dick.

“Last I checked it’s hanging nine inches soft but not for much longer.” We both watched as his dick grew fatter in his jeans. The seams were audibly straining as his dick became engorged with the blood filling it.


Bursting down the left pant leg was now a hole where the head of Ethan’s dick had pushed through. The large head continued to push outward, extending the rest of the dick’s length. Ethan rubbed the head of his dick like it was a genie lamp.

“Ethan your fucking dick just ripped a hole through your jeans!” I let out an audible gulp. It was one of the hottest things I had witnessed.

“I know dude. This has been happening a lot.” He grabbed his phone and took another photo of his dick sticking out of his pants.

I continued to feel up the root of his deck while he rubbed the head that was exposed. His balls seemed to be quite large as his dick was sitting up higher. “I think I’m almost hard dude.”

“Almost? Can your jeans even take anymore strain?” the hole was getting bigger as his cock pushed just a bit larger. “It feels as hard as steel!”

Ethan let out some groans as his dick was causing him some pain pressed against the jeans. “I gotta cum dude. Anymore teasing and they might actually rip my jeans. He began to rub the mushroom head faster. I did my best to keep up pace.

“Does it always feel this hard?” I gave his iron-hard rod a squeeze.

“Fuck whenever it reach full mast it does. Last I checked I topped out at a foot long.” He let out a moan as some pre-cum began to shoot out the tip. “I’m coming dude!,” Ethan stifled his moan and leaned down to cover his erection. Thick ropes of cum shot out his dick under the lunch table from where we were sitting. It shot out at a diagonal angle due to the way it was being pushed out the jeans. As it was deflating, Ethan managed to pull his cock back up in his jeans. It still bulged thickly with the head still kind of visible through the hole.

“Fuck dude we gotta do that again sometime. I know you and Jeremy are an item but if you two every want a third you know who to hit up.” He gave himself some final adjustments and wiped off some cum on his jeans before we both got up to head to our next class, signaled by the bell.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Getting home I found dad sitting on the couch looking glum while letting out an audible sigh before trying to give me a smile as he saw me walk through the door.

“Hey dad is everything alright? Want me to make you dinner?” I put my backpack down and sat next to him on the couch. I hadn’t seen his face look so down in a long time.

“Everything is fine Trevor don’t worry.” Matt leaned into me and gave me a big bear hug. His muscles pressed against my body. I embraced him and held him there until I felt something wet on the back of my neck.

“Are you crying dad? What actually happened?” I let go of him and looked at him with concern.

“I’m just overreacting buddy. José and I have gone our separate ways. I wanted to tell you and Derek for a while but I couldn’t get myself to. I’ve been busy trying to suppress my emotions by finding hobbies to do and spending time with you boys but it’s been catching up to me recently.,” some tears rolled down his eyes. Big daddy Matt who was built like a hunk and hung like a horse was crying. I’d never seen him so vulnerable.

“I’m sorry dad,” I gave him another hug and grabbed some tissues to give him. He wiped his eyes and blew his nose. “If you’re open to talking about it, you can tell me what happened.”

“Well actually, after Vegas we began to grow a bit more distant. We started talking at work because we were the only guys who were into other guys and one thing led to another. Things began to fizzle out a bit but we tried to mend them. Eventually he said he needed to help out with some family issues and moved back to Colorado.” He let out a few more sniffles.

“I know you really loved him dad. Sure he may not have been the one, but you two had some good times together yeah? That’s all that matters. Derek and I love you too and I know you’ll find someone else.” I patted his shoulder.

“You’re right, Trev, and I know that. It’s just been piling up the last couple of days. I didn’t want you or Derek to see me like this.” He let out a sad chuckle.

“How about this, I know you’ve taken a liking to baking and the two of us have been working hard on the bake sale so how about on Friday you come with me to school to get you out of the house. I know you work from home now too so being cooped up indoors all day must drive you crazy. Besides, Derek and I’s school is filled with lots of good looking guys. It might be fun to look at some.” I gave him a warm smile and a wink to try to cheer him up.

Matt gave another sniffle before laughing, “I’d like that. Thanks Trev. Who needs a lover right? We’re the singles club now buddy.” Matt grabbed onto my shoulders and shook me.

“Well… about that dad,” I winced.

“Don’t tell me you got someone now too?! Trev how could you! We were supposed to be single together!” Matt looked disappointed again.

“It’s been recent okay? Plus, no one will make me love them more than family. Family comes first right?” I saw Matt’s head perk up a bit.

“True. But I want to meet him soon young man. I knew Derek was acting suspicious the night you didn’t come home and now I know why.” Matt crossed his beefy arms across his large pecs.

“Listen dad I lost track of time an—”

“That’s no excuse for not telling your daddy where you were.,” Matt leaned in close and gave me a big kiss.

“Dad wa—” I managed to give out one last cry.

“It’s time for your punishment now Trev,” Matt growled.


Part 9

After what seemed like forever dad was finally done having his way with me. My cheeks laid exposed on the couch, tomato red from the amount of spankings he had given me. When he was done spanking and scolding me he decided to give me a taste of what a real man’s dick felt like. His pre-cum covered the insides of my cheeks as he rimmed his giant cock up and down them, teasing my hole by sometimes pressing the large apple head of his dick against me. He’d slap his large heavy dick against my face, causing his pre-cum to smear. He kept flipping me over, progressively getting rougher until he came over my back. I lay tired against his beefy frame on the couch, his large arm wrapped around my torso. His dick continued to throb and pressed against my ass as we lay together. I grabbed us a blanket and covered the two us, wrapping us up in a bundle of warmth consisting of our body heat and throbbing flesh of dad’s dick.

I had awoken a couple hours later after a good power nap, and to my dad thrusting his cock in between my thighs as he slept. Thrusting harder, his dick continued to slide back and forth between my thighs, picking up the pace. His large bicep flexed has he held onto my shoulders keeping me in place. In his slumber, his face was scrunched up. Clearly he was focused on doing something in his dream but had no idea what he had actually been doing. I lay there cuddled in his embrace, letting him use my thighs to release all of his pent up energy. It didn’t take too long until his wood began to blow, releasing globs of cum which stuck to the blanket that was covering us. Still quite hard, his dick began to deflate to a “smaller” size between my thighs. I looked back behind me and took notice of his eyes beginning to flutter open. He stretched out his arms, exposing a nice patch of hair placed on his armpits and coating of hair on his built chest which pushed against my back. Looking down, he took notice of my red ass and the placement of his dick between my thighs.

“Did I go a little too rough on you son?” he placed his large hand on my ass and began to gently rub it. Time had passed but it still felt sore from the constant slaps he placed upon my flesh with his heavy hand.

“Just a bit dad, but I should have been honest with you.” I clenched my thighs harder, causing his dick to pulse. Slowly, he slid it out from between my thighs and began to sit up, picking me up in the process.

“If I go too hard on you next time make sure you stop me please. My libido has grown a lot recently along with this dick of mine.” He shook it as it draped across his thigh and over onto the couch. “I still can’t believe how big it is and how it’s been growing so much. I looked into second puberty like you told me but I haven’t read anything about any other men having their dick grow in size.

“You could just be a special case dad. Besides, men always are envious of guys with large dicks, you just happen to have a massive one. Haven’t you always wanted a big one?” I watched my dad as he pondered upon the question.

“I was always quite a large guy myself Trev. When flaccid my dick has always been quite large, larger than most guys have seen. Doctor visits were always the most awkward. When I went to the gym before, lots of guys would stare and I’d be lying if I said i didn’t get off on it a bit but I was used to it. Once I started working for the company I had to find a way to hide it in my dress slacks without causing a large bulge. In college I didn’t really care since most guys in the locker room knew what each other were packing but being in a workspace made it more difficult to maintain a professional environment. When I noticed it began to get larger, hiding it was becoming a problem. However, my boss was quite keen on it,” he smirked and looked at the sleeping beast.

“Do you know how large it is now dad?” In my head I gave a wicked smile, but portrayed an innocent and questioning facade on the outside.

“Hmm, after that speedo incident in the backyard I measured it to be 11 inches flaccid. I did check it out when hard and saw it was 13½ inches when erect which is the largest I’ve ever seen a dick, including my own.”, he began to fold the blanket next to us while speaking.

It hit me that dad hadn’t measured his dick recently. When we left Vegas, I don’t think he knew his dick had grown so much over one night. No one would notice that unless it was gradual. Since it had been a while since we had left Vegas he might chock it down to being a gradual change, but I needed to know how he felt about all this. I was controlling him over time to a degree, but those vitamins I had were not intended to affect him. Again, oops.

“Do you think it’s grown since then dad? It’s just so big, you might not have noticed it.,” I saw the realization hit him.

“I’ll be right back,” dad said as he trudged up the stairs, naked, taking some time before shuffling back down with a tape measurer. Approaching the couch he asked, “Can you do me a favor and help me measure it Trev? It’ll be easier than me trying to reach it and pull on the tape at the same time.”

“Of course dad!” I beamed with enthusiasm. I’d do anything to help out my favorite dad.

Dad stood up in front of the couch, flashing his ample butt toward the front door. I reached for his tan cock and began to lift it. Noticing my struggle, dad picked up the first eight or so inches with his own hands and held it straight out. The remaining inches aimed toward the floor before I grabbed the remainder of his dick to hold it straight out. Gently, I placed the measuring tape at the base of his pubes at the root of his mighty cock. Holding his cock firmly to keep the tape in place, I began to pull down on it to measure as it rested on the wide expanse of warm flesh.

“One, two, three, four, five…,” I began to count as I inched the tape along his shaft. “Six, seven, eight…,” I looked up at my dad. His face surprised seeing how the tape measure reached the length of his cock previously, yet more of it remained left unaccounted for. “Nine, ten, eleven…,” his eyes began to widen now. He had noticed he still had a bit left to go. “Twelve….,” I stretched the tape a little further as it covered the remaining half inch length of his manhood, “Twelve and a half!”.

“Twelve and a half inches?!,” dad’s eyes stared down at his rod in a frenzied gaze. Coming to the realization his cock had grown even more from the last time he cared to measure. “Jesus fucking Christ it’s so big Trev! I have over a foot long cock, soft! I’ve never seen a cock as big as this before! Can you believe it?” He began to use the two hands he was using to hold his cock. They began to move up and down the long length, allowing it to grow fatter and lengthen.

“You’re up to thirteen inches dad. Oh wait, thirteen and a half now.” I continued to stretch the tape measurer as his dick lengthened even further, beginning to point straight out and not needing for us to hold onto it to stop it from flopping.

“Tha—that’s the length I was erect before Trev but I feel like I have so much more in me!” He began to stroke faster, eliciting a few grunts.

“Fourteen now dad!” I read aloud.

“Fourteen fucking inches Trev! Come on and help your daddy rub his monster cock. Let’s make it grow bigger!” His tone had grown deeper and more feral. All the excitement was getting to him.

“Fifteen inches now dad, it’s still stretching longer!” I tried to keep the tape still but his constant stroking was causing it to shuffle around a little bit. I saw his large balls bouncing back and forth in their sac, lightly dusted in hair.

“Damn boy, your dad’s been getting big hasn’t he? Getting so fucking big, just for my boys.,” dad released one of his hands from his warm cock to pump his left nipple.

“You’re a growing boy daddy.,” I leaned downward and gave the big apple sized head of his dick a lick. I was rewarded with a glob of pre-cum and moan from my dad as his dick surged out another inch. “Sixteen now dad.”

“I’m almost there Trev. Fuck,” he boomed. “I got a little more left in me, I can feel it.” He was was stroking even faster now. It was hard like iron and pulsing with heat as if it were a mighty sword fresh from the forge.

“Sixteen and a half inches dad! That must be a world record,” I popped my mouth back on the head of his engorged head, lightly sucking on it for a quick little tease before pulling off of it.

“Sixteen and a half inches of man cock Trev! Look at what your daddy’s packing son. This is what a real man has. A big, huge, fucking, cock!” His voice boomed loudly as if it would shake the house. Large thick ropes of cum spat out of his dick, splattering across my red shirt and a bit even reaching up to my chin. His balls pulsed and shook in his sac as he unleashed his monster size load. He continued to come for a minute before he stopped shooting, leaving only a thin trail of cum slipping out the large slit of his cock.

Beginning to deflate once again I had to wonder how this man could come so many times within a couple of hours. Dad did say his libido had increased but I guess the bigger the dick and bigger the balls caused more sperm production. Maybe. I’m no scientist. Perhaps that and the fact he hadn’t had sex with José for a while. His room usually smelled musky so I assumed he was getting off by himself perfectly fine but he wasn’t doing as well as he though he was.

Dad’s demeanor began to change. The aggression and dominance in his tone began to fade, his face in pure existential bliss. He remained standing there letting his cock twitch and bob up and down like a dog’s tail now that it had been satiated three times today (that I had known of).

“Damn, thanks Trev. I’d have asked Derek but he’s been too occupied with Imran.” He sat back down on the couch, spreading his legs to let his cock hang off of the couch.

“No problem dad. If you ever need help I’d be happy to oblige. You know where to find me.,” it was my turn to give him a sly little wink. He grinned. “Should we get cleaned up and get back to our usual little routine for the last time?”

Matt reached over and pulled my head into his chest and sat there holding onto me, “Yeah son. Let’s get to it.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Do these look good son? I haven’t left the house in a while.” Matt finished putting on a navy blue sweater-shirt which clung to his cut physique. He wore some jeans that attempted to be loose on his frame but betrayed him, as it hung onto his muscular lefts. Around his waist was a bulging outline.

“Dad is that your dick?” I smirked while gazing at the outline along his waist.

“Yeah.” He flushed in embarrassment, “I tried finding an inconspicuous way to position it and this looked best.” He pulled his sweater shirt down revealing a bit of his chest hair but covered up the thick outline, leaving it surprisingly hidden.

“Looks good. But now you’re exposing that sexy chest hair of yours.” I approached him and rested my hand against the hair, feeling its softness but admiring how it added to my dad’s ruggedness at the same time.

“I’m glad to know you think your old man is sexy.” He craned his neck downward and gave me a kiss on the lips.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We arrived at the school in no time. I decided I deserved a nice little break so I decided to not show up today during classes. Would the teachers be upset? Who knows and who cares. If they did I would just suggest to them they wouldn’t mind. Unpacking all of the treats took some time as dad had parked a bit far away from the gymnasium. Thankfully, he is stronger than I am so carrying and balancing all the boxes and containers was no problem, but I did have to help him coordinate his steps so he wouldn’t trip over a small step up on a curb. I guided him to my usual designated spot out toward the back of the gymnasium and he helped set me up. I brought two little portable camping chairs for us to sit in when there were no customers.

“Man you were right son, there is some good eye candy here.” Matt looked around at some of the staff helping other students and some which would walk by, checking Matt out too.

“I would never lie to you.” I gave him a week but he responded by looking unamused.

“So do I get to meet your new boyfriend you tried to hide?” he sat up in his seat, eyeballing each of the students attempting to figure out who it was.

“If he decides to swing by today. He came by the last two times so probably. You’re not going to scare him are you?” I was rather concerned. I knew how my dad could get.

“Why would I do that?” he raised his eyebrow but gave a sly smile. Uh oh.

First come first serve and guess who it was? Ethan came strolling by, walking straight past the other stalls and immediately to mine. I got up to greet him while dad remained sitting down watching the interaction.

“Well well well if it isn’t one of my most loyal customers,” I joked.

“Well well well if it isn’t my favorite brownie de—” He stopped and took notice of the man behind me, “Uh baker. Brownie baker.”

“Nice save,” I mouthed.

Keeping his voice low as to not arouse any suspicion, “So who’s the dude behind you?”

“He’s my step dad, Matt.” I turned around and he gave a little wave, flexing his bicep.

“Ah, I see.” He looked Matt up and down. “So, did you bake anymore brownies?”

“Nope,” I sighed.

“What? Really? Dude you know I always buy them.” Ethan looked a little dejected.

“Nah I’m kidding with you. Of course I made some. Just the usual right?” I already began to prep a napkin as dad got up to grab a brownie to help speed up the process.

“You know it,” lowering his voice, “Dude you wouldn’t believe how many guys have been hitting me up.”

“What do you mean?” I followed his gaze down to his crotch. His skinny jeans did nothing to hide the taut fabric from hugging his engorged genitals.

“What are you two talking about?” Matt approached with the brownie and pushed it to Ethan with a smile.

“Nothing Mr. Trevor’s Dad. Just how I’ve had a growth spurt and grown about half an inch.” He gave me a smile but I knew all too well what he really meant.

Matt approached the top of the booth a bit closer, looking at Ethan. His eyes drifted toward the boys crotch noticing the big bulge. “Boys your age do still get growth spurts after all. I’m still a growing boy too.” He thrust his crotch discreetly over the table, showing off his adequately large bulge as well. Ethan just lifted an eyebrow, not fully comprehending what he meant. Ethan took his usual brownie and headed off.

“Subtle dad. Very subtle.” I looked up at him and he chuckled.

“I didn’t lie son. I am a growing boy as we have seen and I’m not mad at it. I can’t wait to grow even bigger.” patting his bulge he returned to his seat.

Dad and I chatted and laughed while we sat around waiting for more customers. He commented that maybe we should move our location but I said that things usually pick up later and I really didn’t want to. If more people received our treats I don’t know how I would keep track of people. It would be a large job to tackle. Speaking of tackling, Julio was waddling through the aisle, hitting up almost every stall before finally approaching mine.

As he approached I took notice of some significant changes in his appearance. Although still quite chiseled, a little bit of roundness surrounded his face. Wearing an old sports team shirt, his biggest change was with his stomach. The shirt has covered his chest, but extending out the shirt was a large round ball gut with a slight overhang. His pecs seemed to have plumped up a little and so did his ass when he turned around in his large gym shorts. His belly pointed toward our stall. His belly button could be seen pushed against the fabric and a hairy trail leading up to it could be viewed from his exposed underbelly. He was chewing on a cookie already.

“Can I take two cookies, a cupcake, and a brownie please?” he wiped away some chocolate from his face which was caught in his stubble.

“Right away,” I said. His stature was imposing but awed me. Julio may have grown quite fat, but his handsomeness did not subside. Even Matt ogled the man, unaware of how sexy he kind of looked. Together, dad and I passed off the treats and he gave us a thanks. His large ass bobbed in his shorts which pulled them down slightly, showing off a little bit of his crack.

“He is one big guy,” Matt stood there watching Julio walk back down the aisle with a gulp.

“You are too you know. Stop staring, it’s impolite.” I reached up and grabbed his ear like a parent.

“Ow ow I know.” He turned his gaze elsewhere as I removed my hand.

“I’m gonna go take a bathroom break. Can you manage to hold down the fort while I’m gone?” I asked while placing the money box below the booth onto a little shelf.

“Yep. Dad’s got it boy.” He repositioned himself and took my spot and I headed off toward •the hall.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Everyone had already poured out of the school doors since it was the weekend. The only people left were those waiting outside to get picked up or those scouring the gym for anything they could buy, besides some staff members. I walked briskly down the hall and came across the bathroom. Sighing, it was locked. I moved back down the hall and up the stairs to try my luck with the second floor bathroom. As I was walking down the deserted hallway I heard some noises coming from one of the classrooms. No one should be here. Quietly, I approached the classroom door which was emitting noise and peered through the glass window. I couldn’t believe it.

Over the teachers desk I saw Mr. Tess spread out, naked. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I realized why his legs were so spread. His balls had grown to the size of large watermelons. I and others had noticed he had developed a waddle, but I never would have thought this was the reason. Both large orbs lay between his legs, resting upon the desk as support. He stroked his average-sized dick which seemed to have a consistent trail of pre-cum oozing out. Paying no attention to the other side of the room, I heard loud footsteps. Strutting across pass the desks and to where Mr. Tess was waiting was Julio. He was naked. His brown skin covered in a sexy mat of hair, belly jiggling and wobbling as he took powerful steps toward Mr. Tess. Julio positioned himself in front of Mr. Tess and stroked his own cock, pointing it at Mr. Tess’s hole.

Mr. Tess sat up, legs still spread, and began to make out with Julio. Taking his left hand, he placed it gently upon Julio’s belly. Stroking it up and down as he attempted to cover the wide expanse of flesh. Julio in turn rubbed Mr. Tess’s large testicles. Placing his lips against Julio’s stomach, Mr. Tess left a trail of kisses until he reached Julio’s mouth. The two continued to make out before Mr. Tess repositioned himself onto the desk, spreading his cheeks. Julio kept rubbing Mr. Tess’s balls, scooping up some of the pre-cum which had formed a little puddle. He began to rub it onto his above-average dick which remained hidden from Julio’s sight as his stomach covered it. Julio plunged his cock forward, entering Mr. Tess’s hole.

I was too enthralled with the escapade I didn’t even realize I was hard and leaking my own pre-cum.

Julio developed his rhythmic pace of slamming his dick into Mr. Tess and back out while kneading his balls. Mr. Tess removed himself off of Julio’s dick and began to worship his stomach again. Needing to know what they were saying, I pulled out my app.

“Did you eat up big boy?” Mr. Tess drawled.

“I used the money you gave me on top of my own. I’m going to reach coach’s weight class like he’s been encouraging me to do. Thanks Mr. Tess.,” Julio squeezed his stomach as Mr. Tess began to finger his belly button.

This was too hot to not mess with. While Mr. Tess and Julio were playing with the rounded gut I pulled up Julio’s measurements.

Height: 6’0
Weight: 280 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 6” flaccid, 9” erect

Having witnessed how much fun the two were having I clicked onto Julio’s avatar and slowly dragged my finger on his stomach. Gradually I pulled it out making it swell larger. I watched back through the glass to see if the two noticed. I could make out a slight lurching of his belly. The two continued their fun. Mr. Tess got off of the desk and leaned against it, pulling a part his cheeks. Julio and his newly expanded belly leaned in against his back and began to push back into his hole. Returning back to the app I pushed his stomach out a bit more. Now his stomach pushed forward and lay pressed against Mr. Tess back and he continued to plow into him. Julio removed one of his hands he was using to hold onto Mr. Tess’s waist and hefted his stomach. His face looked confused but broke out into a smile. The weight of his stomach, now heavier, pushed Mr. Tess further onto the table until he lay resting on it facing down.

I wasn’t done just yet. It’s been a while since I directly altered someone and I sure missed this feeling. I clicked out of the close up view of Julio’s avatar and opened up his penis slider. I inched it longer by two more inches and increased its girth by 2 more inches around as well. I clicked enter and watched as Julio did one large slam into Mr. Tess. Mr. Tess raised his head up and let out a loud moan as Julio’s cock had grown in one thrust. The two kept at it until Julio grabbed Mr. Tess and hugged him, pushing the weight of his stomach harder against his back. From what I could tell, he was shooting his load up and into his hole. Mr. Tess however was spurting cum all over the place. His large balls seemed to vibrate as his knees buckled. I could only imagine the sensations he was feeling. Both of his balls swung like pendulums as they attempted to drain his balls of cum completely, but their size remained the same, if not maybe slightly smaller.

I had had my fun. I quietly tip toed away from the door as to not make any noises to alert the two and headed to the bathroom. I took a piss and cleaned myself up. Grabbing my phone, I decided to look at Julio’s new stats before I went back to my dad.

Height: 6’0
Weight: 300 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 7½” flaccid, 11” erect

Julio seemed happy with his new and improved physique and I hoped his new weight breaking the big 3 double 0 would get him into his desired weight class.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rushing back to the gymnasium I didn’t even bother to realize how much time I spent watching Julio and Mr. Tess have sex. I walked back to see Matt talking to someone. Uh oh, it was the person I was most afraid of him meeting. Jeremy stood in front of the booth chatting with my dad. Dad drifted his gaze toward the door and gave me a wave, causing Jeremy to turn nearly knocking my dad out with his backpack as he did so.

“Hey you two, I guess you finally met huh.” I winced while giving a nervous laugh.

“You sure took your sweet time,” Matt remarked.

“I had to find a bathroom which wasn’t locked. It was like a wild goose chase.” Okay I may have lied a bit more.

“I know how you feel Trev, it took me three tries before finding one that was open. The staff seem to pick a different one to keep open every day.” He rested his hand on my shoulder.

“So…,” I eyed them both trying to not make things awkward, “What were you two talking about?”

“I was just asking this young man how tall he was. I’ve never seen someone so tall except on maybe television before.” Matt looked up to Jeremy like I did, causing Jeremy to give Jeremy some slight embarrassment since he knew the guy he was talking to was my step dad.

“I’m seven feet tall sir,” he said shyly. Here we go, he’s back to the self he was when he gets anxious.

“Damn boy! You could play basketball if you wanted. But I bet you hear that all the time don’t you?” Matt chuckled as did Jeremy, but his was more nervous as to not upset my dad.

Jeremy gave me a pleading look so I decided to swoop in and save him from the awkwardness. “So dad this is Jeremy. To address the elephant in the room, he and I are currently dating.” I gave my dad a smile but my eyes said to not do or say anything rude.

“I figured. Now Jeremy, I want you to treat my boy with respect, you hear?” Matt’s voice grew deeper.

“He does, he does, now do you want me to let you man the booth alone or do you want help?” my eyes shot daggers at my dad.

“This is a joint effort so get back here.” Dad moved over to give me room to stand.

“Is there anything you’d like today Jeremy?” I nudged my dad from behind the booth, causing him to flinch.

“Just one cupcake today. I don’t want any cavities.” He handed me some money. Matt took it and stuffed it into the money box, keeping his eye on Jeremy.

“Here you are babe,” I enunciated babe strongly just to bother my dad.

“Thanks! Hey text or call me later all right?” He adjusted his backpack on his shoulder.

“I will.,” I blew him a kiss and he looked directly at me and then to my dad before turning red and walking away.

“Babe huh?” Dad’s face looked stern.

“I didn’t make any comments when you were with José so no need to be in a foul mood,” I retorted.

He scoffed, “Well I like to see that my boys are in good hands and no one can take care of them as good as their daddy.”

“I’m in good hands dad. I’m in good hands with Jeremy just like Derek is in good hands with Imran. He’s a nice guy and looks out for me. Jeremy might look intimidating due to how tall and big he is, but he’s actually quite anxious and shy.” I watched as my dad’s face fell, realizing he might have been too hard on him.

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry son. Next time he comes by I’ll apologize to him too. I just want to make sure you two don’t get hurt.” He let out a deep sigh.

“I know dad and Derek and I thank you for that. My offer still stands, I’ll help find someone for you.” I gave him a little hug. He rubbed my head.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As we wrapped up the final day of the bake sale one of the math teachers got up on the gymnasium stage to gather our attention. Apparently there was a raffle being held for those who partook in the bake sale. If you showed up and sold items all three days then your name was to be placed inside of raffle for a special prize. I was too occupied to realize my name had been called out. Dad patted my shoulder and gave me a little shove to the stage. I walked up the steps and was thanked by the teacher for contributing to the school and the other students applauded. He handed me an envelope and ushered me off stage so he could continue his little speech.

Holding onto the envelope I walked back to dad, “So what did you win son?”

“I have no idea. I didn’t even know there was a raffle involved.,” I tugged at the golden little star sticker that kept the envelope shut. Dad stood over my shoulder as I opened it up as if it were a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Pulling out a small greetings card it read:

“Great work and thank you for contributing to the school bake sale! As the lucky winner, we give you these tickets to visit the Blossoming Vitalizing Spa! Please use the tickets to take time to relax and take some family or friends with you to enjoy this special treat.”

Behind the greeting card were multiple tickets.

“Looks like we get to go to a spa.” I pulled the tickets out and viewed them.

“I haven’t been to one before.” Dad scratched his chin.

“Would you like to come along?” I waved the tickets in front of dads face as if they were dollar bills.

“Hell I helped make these treats you better believe I’m coming along.” With a quick grab he nabbed a ticket from my hand.

“Let’s see when everyone can go,” I said.


Part 10

Dad was still looking over his ticket that he swiped from my hand while I was trying to take what just happened in. Reading over the ticket myself I decided to Google what spa this was since I had never heard of it. After some research it looked like the tickets were for admission to this new Japanese hot spring type of spa. According to the website, it had just opened up and was only accessible through ticket admissions given out to a select few people or businesses. Judging from the photos it looked quite nice. I’m not surprised there was a business venture like this in California since there’s a lot of random spots to visit. I showed dad some images and he looked quite pleased with his hard work. I stashed the tickets in my bag and the two of us cleaned up so we could go back home. We told Derek the news and he also looked quite surprised. He inquired to how many tickets I had won and it even surprised us we had managed to win six tickets.

“Can I invite Imran? It’s fine if you guys don’t want him to come if you want this to be a family trip type of thing but I figured with the extra tickets it’d be nice,” Derek said as he plopped himself down onto the living couch besides dad and I.

“I don’t mind, do you Trev? Imran keeps good company and is fun to tease. He’s become like family at this point,” Matt grinned.

“We’ve known him for a while Derek. You bring him over all the time and we know what you two do all the time,” I smirked before receiving a pillow to the face.

“Stop you! It’s embarrassing when you guys can hear.” Derek sunk deeper into the couch while holding onto another pillow, ready to fire it off at the next person to make a remark.

“You don’t say that when I fuck you Derek—” Matt leaned into Derek’s space before receiving a pillow to his face.

“Shut up!” Derek’s face turned red.

“What’s wrong with you today? You seem upset. We’re just joking with you Derek.” I used the pillow to block my face in case he had more ammo.

“It’s nothing.” He turned his head away from us.

“Derek tell us what’s wrong. You know the two of us are here for you.,” Matt put his pillow down and extended his arms out to embrace Derek. Derek remained still looking away from us pouting as dad wrapped him in his embrace, pushing him against his large body.

“I broke something at school today.” He buried his face into dad’s chest like a little kid, his voice being muffled.

“Broke something? What did you break to make you so upset?” Dad looked down at Derek’s head which was planted in his muscled cleavage. The two muscles on Matt’s chest swelled out further pushing Derek’s face. Matt let out a silent moan as the two slabs of meat grew outward and rounder, his nipples pointed straight out erect against his sweater. Matt looked down and watched his chest swell as Derek repositioned himself. He looked down in shock and removed one of his hands onto Derek’s. He used his thumb to graze over his nearby nipple. The hair visible on his chest also seemed to accentuate his manliness which turned me on. I looked down at my phone to draw my attention away as if I hadn’t noticed. Dad kept staring down in disbelief, unable to comprehend what he just saw and felt.

Derek removed himself from Matt’s grasp, letting the two nipples poke against the shirt. Matt changed his expression quickly as Derek looked up at him. “I broke a chair at school today.”

Repositioning himself and tugging his sweater a bit he looked down at Derek over his newly engorged pecs, “How did you manage that? Did you throw it?” Matt raised an eyebrow.

“No…,” Derek blushed.

“Then?” Matt waited.

“My butt was too big,” Derek said softly.

“What?” Matt asked.

Speaking a bit louder Derek spoke, “My butt was too big and it broke the seat.”

“Oh.,” Matt stood silent trying to gather the right words, “It’s all right Derek, it couldn’t be that bad…,” he trailed off.

“This was the second one this week. My teacher said he might order me a special chair if I keep breaking them. The guys kept laughing and staring at my ass.” His eyes started to water a little bit.

Matt went in again to hug Derek, “They’re just jealous your ass is better than any of theirs. Besides, you know how sexy it is. Don’t think I don’t notice you show it off in those shorts you wear.” He slipped his hand behind Derek and onto his large cheeks. He began to run along the wicked curve caused by Derek’s ass as it bulged out away from his back. Kneading the two globes, Derek began to relax and let out a few sounds. “I bet none of your classmates have an ass as talented as yours either.,” Matt slipped his hand into his short and slipped a finger onto his puckering hole, feeling it leak some lube.

“Thanks Matt. But I still have to be careful with this… issue of mine. Shopping is becoming a pain.” He closed his eyes and began to rub his hand on his own ass.

“You’re telling me. Finding clothes that fit me is difficult but enough about me. How about you go upstairs and take a nap. I’ll make you something to eat when you wake up okay?” Matt leaned down and kissed Derek on the lips. The two continued to kiss for a while before Derek nodded and got up and headed upstairs. Matt continued to sit on the couch for a little bit in silence pondering, looking down at his chest.

“Trevor, can I ask you a question?” he turned to me.

I looked up from my phone as if I wasn’t already paying attention to the entire display of arousal before me, “Of course dad, what’s up?”

“Does my chest look bigger to you?” he slid over closer to me so I could get a closer look. Both nipples were pushing against the fabric of his sweater with his chest hair being displayed sexily at the top. Unable to resist, my hand dashed toward his pecs and began to feel them up, rubbing over the hard nipples.

Not wanting to lie, I said, “They do. Have you been working them out?”

“I have been doing some at home work outs but the crazy thing is that it felt like they just grew on the spot a little while ago. I swear I could see them and feel them get bigger.” He turned sideways so I could get a better view.

“During puberty males gain some muscle mass so this could be an added bonus. Do you not like it?” I was trying to explain but trying to explain these sudden changes were becoming more difficult. Especially since I knew dad had watched his pecs grow larger first hand when Derek was up against him.

“I remember gaining some good muscle back in high school so you’re probably right. I haven’t read about men having large changes such as these. Maybe I should go to a doctor.” He flexed his chest, causing them to push against the sweater even more.

“It’s up to you but like I said before, you’re probably just a special case. Plus I thought you said you didn’t mind getting bigger recently.,” I was trying to save my own ass.

“I don’t, but it’s just strange. I’m gonna head upstairs and take an early shower and fix something up for Derek.” He pulled off his sweater struggling a bit at his traps before finally getting it off,

“Dad do you mind if I visit Jeremy tonight?” I asked.

“That guy again huh?” he scratched his stubble.

“What do you mean ‘that guy’? You said you’d be nice,” I sighed.

“I know I know. Yeah I don’t see why not. Just text me if you’re staying the night so I don’t worry about you again alright?” he turned around and headed up the stairs.

“I will dad,” I answered with a grin. I pulled out my phone to text Jeremy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jeremy swung by my house and picked me up. Dad continued to eyeball and drilled him with some more questions before I managed to bail him out once again. Derek was no where to be seen so I assumed he remained upstairs, still upset. Jeremy and I on the other hand were going to go out for a hike but since it got dark early at this time we decided to just hang out at the park on a couple of swings. He was wearing a long t-shirt that covered up his entire torso (he must have gone shopping finally) and some jeans topped off with some boots. He had difficulty trying to get the swing going since his legs were so long which caught the attention of some children nearby.

“So Jeremy, I was wondering if you’d like to tag along with my family and I to this spa I won tickets to through the bake sale.” I was swinging back and forth and he just pushed himself slightly using his legs.

“Your family?” he turned.

“Yep yep. I promise Derek’s chill with you and my dad’s bark is worse than his bite.” I hopped off the swing mid air and landed. “Perfect ten!”

Jeremy clapped. “And he stuck the landing!” he whistled as I gave a little bow before returning to the swing which continued to move, “But yeah I don’t mind coming along. I think it’d be nice. I’d be lying if I said your dad still didn’t intimidate me though.”

“Jeremy there’s nothing to be intimidated by. He’s just like a big bear, protective yet soft once he warms up to you. Besides you have to literally look down at him.” I looked up and down at him multiple times to put things into perspective.

He laughed. “I get it I get it, but he’s your dad ya know? I don’t want to be disliked by him. He’s still a pretty big guy too.”

“And you’re a pretty big guy too.” I got up and stood by him, he was almost as tall as me just by sitting down, “Your growth spurt sure did a number on you huh?” I rested my head against his shoulder as he continued to drift back and forth. The park was ours now. The street lights turned on and all the kids left with their parents by this time. Just the two of us remained in each others company, enjoying it.

“I don’t know how much bigger I can possibly get Trev. I’m nineteen years old and already seven feet tall. The doctors were surprised to see me growing still and I don’t know if I finished growing yet. Just look at my hand! My legs! The Big and Tall store barely had my size. Not to mention my feet are cramped in these too tight shoes.” He leaned down and began to pull off the boots which he struggled with. Finally pulling them free from his large feet he gave a sigh of relief as his large feet and toes wiggled around in the sand. “That’s better.”

I admired the large feet and toes that my boyfriend was wiggling in the sand. Personally I was never one who was really into feet but for some reason I was getting a little turned on watching just how big my boyfriend had become. Not just in height, but everywhere. “How big are they? Your shoes already look big Jer.”

“These shoes are a size fifteen but these puppies have gotten to around size sixteen and a half. It was hassle trying to get them into these boots but boots are pretty much the only shoe that fit me right now until I get some custom shoes. That and flip flops but it’s colder right now but my toes hang off of the ends anyways.” He picked up on the boots to observe them before tossing it back on the floor.

“My handsome boyfriend is all grown up isn’t he?” I cooed into his ear causing it to turn red before he turned around to look at me, giving me a large kiss. The two of us began to make out while we were decently eye-leveled with each other. My hands began to roam onto his shoulders feeling how trained and muscular they had become. His build still remained tight and toned regardless how much he had grown as he had grown in proportion to his height. His large hands roamed and found my back as he began to rub it. He got off the swings and picked me up, holding me close to his chest. The size difference between the two of us really turned me on and I think Jeremy liked it too. I wrapped my legs and arms around him as we continued to make out while Jeremy continued holding me as we walked over to the play castle. “Get inside,” his deep voice commanded.

“All right,” I said, not wanting to make my large boyfriend wait. I crawled inside one of the little tunnels until I reached the top where I waited inside the enclosed area where All I could see was the starry sky. Jeremy took a while to crawl in with his larger frame but he managed to finally make it. The two of us sat staring at the stars in our own private little “abode.” I rested my head in his lap and he stroked my hair. I felt the warmth coming from his groin as I lay there, resting on the growing bulge as if it were a pillow. “Someone’s excited.”

“I told you I wanted to have your ass soon didn’t I?” He gave a wolfish grin.

“What happened to you being so shy? I swear it’s like a personality switch.” I pushed him backward so he could lay flat on his back.

“You make me feel different.” He craned his neck up as I began to lift up his shirt over his stomach. He helped by pulling it up over his head and tossed it to the side. I placed my hands on his flat cobbled stomach, rubbing my hand across his light trail and up his smooth hairless chest, feeling his trained pecs. Starting from his belly button I lightly kissed his stomach, leaving a trail of kisses all the way to his chest. Jeremy’s breathing had grown into panting as if he was a thirsting dog. “Trev I haven’t done it with anyone before.”

“Neither have I.” I gave him a reassuring smile and planted a kiss on his lips. He wrapped his arms around me as I lay across his body. “You’re so fucking hot”.

“So are you babe,” he said. I pulled myself back up and pulled off my own shirt revealing my less muscular and less toned body. Jeremy’s eyes shined bright, smiling at me, not caring I wasn’t muscular like he was. I crept down his long body toward his jeans where I rubbed the bulge through the fabric. “Looks like we can finally continue where we left off at your house huh?”

“I’ve been waiting to for so long.” Jeremy began to put his hands on his buttons before I stopped him.

“I wanna do it if that’s all right with you,” I pleaded.

“Of course. Sorry, I was getting a little ahead of myself,” Jeremy looked embarrassed.

“No no it’s fine. I know it’s a little awkward since neither of us have done anything with each other. Let me take the lead okay?” I moved my hands from his bulge to his buttons and slowly undid them. Pulling the two flaps a part his bulge pushed against the zipper causing it to push down a bit more. I slowly pulled down the zipper and then his pants, leaving him in just his dark gray briefs. I squeezed the large appendage in his briefs, rubbing my hand along the shaft, tracing a vein up to the large head. Jeremy waited in anticipation as I teased his cock through his remaining clothing before finally pulling down the briefs to expose his cock to the cold night air. It was uncut and thick. It was a sexy piece of meat that I couldn’t stop ogling. It was really big as well.

“Did ‘everything’ grow in your little growth spurt?” I teased.

“Maybe,” he huffed as I still continued to play with his cock. It was thick all over which reminded me of a baseball bat. His balls were the size of baseballs as well. Pretty ironic. I squeezed his large balls and watched his cock jump a bit larger. Jeremy moaned as I continued to rub and squeeze his large balls, granting little spurts of growth to his swelling cock. “You’re a big boy aren’t you?” I breathed heavily. I removed my own jeans and briefs, letting my average size dick bob in front of the large bat in front of me.

“I don’t want to hurt you Trev so if you want we can wait until we get back to my home—” he started to say.

“No I want you right now. You said you wanted my ass so now you can have it.,” I grabbed some of the pre-cum he was dripping from his cock onto my fingers and began to push it into my hole to make it looser. It was tight.

“I don’t want you to have to do everything Trev. Come here.,” Jeremy sat upright and pulled me closer and turned me around. He grabbed a glob of pre from his engorged dick and began to finger my tight hole with one of his fingers. I yelped as the size of his fingers were quite large and thick.

“Sorry,” he whispered before plunging a second finger in. I could feel his fingers pushing in and out and around my hole as if he was looking for my prostate. I let out a groan as he pushed in a third finger. My hole felt really stretched at this point. I tried to steady my breathing, preparing for something much larger coming my way soon. “Okay I think that’s enough. If it hurts too much let me know okay?”

“I will,” I let out another groan as I felt his fingers leave my hole, leaving it feeling empty and more stretched out then I had ever felt. I repositioned myself on top of him, looking down at his chest. I placed one hand on his chest to steady my self and the other on his throbbing dick. Jeremy kept his hands on my waist to help steady me as I slowly planted myself down onto the large head. I scrunched my face as I continued to take in the large head before finally approaching the shaft. I was already beginning to pant. Jeremy was also panting at this point but his face was in a state of bliss. “It feels so tight and warm Trev.” Steadying my breathing, I relaxed allowing more of his shaft into me. After a couple of inches at a time and waiting for the pain to subside I was finally able to feel some pleasure. “Damn your dick feels good,” I said as I began to gyrate my hips.

“You feel amazing babe. Remember if it’s too much tell—” I cut him off.

“No,” I plunged myself deeper onto his shaft, taking in about almost half of his length. Jeremy let out a grunt as did I. Gaining a faster pace I began to pull myself up and down on his throbbing dick, feeling empty as some of it left my body before returning when throwing myself back onto it. I held onto Jeremy’s pecs as I continued to ride him. I was starting to get really into it at this point. Now I knew why Derek liked getting fucked by Imran and dad so much. Jeremy began to stroke my cock as it bobbed up and down as I continued to ride him faster, taking more of his cock. It hurt but felt so good at the same time. I leaned forward, moving my hips, and began to kiss Jeremy’s chest. Jeremy sat up so he could hold me as I continued to push his appendage deeper. “Fuck you’re so big!” I moaned, planting a kiss onto his neck.

“Are you sure this is your first time Trev? You’re almost taking it all for your first time.” Jeremy began to pump my cock faster.

“Must run in the family.” I winked at him, looking back and down at the thick shaft pistoning my ass. Who knew I was a hungry bottom? We continued fucking but kept our voices low in case someone were to enter the park at this time. It took some time, but I managed to take about three-fourths of his dick before bottoming out for my first time. Jeremy didn’t mind though. He took over and began to thrust himself into me harder and faster but remained gentle as to not overwhelm my body. He fucked like a jack rabbit, drilling my ass relentless pulling out almost all of his cock before plunging it back in. He dug his nailed into my back but I didn’t care, I was in bliss.

“Shit I’m gonna cum Trev,” he whispered into my ear before lightly grazing my neck with his teeth.

“Me too babe. Pump it all into me Jeremy. Give me your hot load,” I moaned. Jeremy quickened his pace. I felt an explosion of warmth shoot into my ass as he shot ropes of cum inside me. I felt some begin to leak out of my ass as he continued to shoot. My own cock began to spurt cum, not as much as Jeremy’s, but a good amount over his chest. His dick began to deflate in my ass as he pulled out, unleashing torrents of cums from my ass onto his thighs where I was sitting. I lay on top of him and he laid backward, panting in our mix of sweat and cum. The two of us lay there, listening to our heart beats for a while. I gave him another kiss before wiping my ass to get some cum off.

“Looks like we made quite the mess. Good thing it’s dark but we’ll need to wash our clothes. Sorry for shooting on your chest.” I got up and looked for my briefs.

“Don’t worry about it. It was hot. Not to mention you did most of the work. Thanks for that babe.” Jeremy stood up allowing his large softie to swing.

“I can’t believe I almost took that entire thing on my first try,” I marveled.

“I can’t believe you did either. I thought we would have some difficulties when the time came but you took me by surprise.” He got his own briefs and began to shove his softie back into them before getting his pants.

“How big is that baseball bat of yours anyways? I forgot to ask when I was too busy playing with those baseballs of yours.” I finished putting my clothes back on. I felt the back of my underwear soaking wet and a little sticky from some leftover cum still leaking out of my stretched hole. It felt so empty now.

“Soft or erect?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Ah so you know both? So you have been growing?” I smirked at him and put my hand onto his crotch as he got dressed.

“N-No just every guy knows his size right?” He was lying. “That and yeah you’re right it grew a bit during my growth spurt.”

“I knew it,” I squeezed his bulge, feeling it throb again.

“It’s eight inches soft and thirteen and a half inches erect,” he said nonchalantly.

“Damn I took almost took a cock that was over a foot long. Next time I will for sure,” I remarked.

“I can’t wait until we do it again. Hey you know my dad’s not home right now so if you wanna stay the night you can. We can, you know, explore some more things if you want. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you staying the night either…,” Jeremy trailed off.

“I’d love to. Let me just text my dad that I’ll be staying over. Last time he nearly blew a gasket when I didn’t come home.,” I whipped out my phone and texted my dad that I wouldn’t be coming home tonight and that I’d be staying over at Jeremy’s. The two of us got in the car and listened to some music, sitting in silence, just enjoying one another. I got a ping from my phone to see dad had texted back.

I opened it up and was greeted a sight of Derek on his knees pawing at dad’s bulge. He had written, “All right son be careful and have a nice time. Derek is feeling better now that I cooked up some special dessert for him ;).” I shook my head. Jeremy warmed up a frozen pizza and the two of us sat together cuddling while watching some television. It didn’t take long for the two of us to make his way into his room where we continued to “explore” the bedroom further all night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jeremy dropped me off the next morning at my house. I looked disheveled with my bed head all over and my clothes being all wrinkled compared to Jeremy who was glowing with that after sex glow. I opened the door with my keys to find dad sitting in the living room with a newspaper.

“Well well well look who it is. Had a fun night?” he drawled while keeping his face hidden behind his newspaper.

“Hardy har har,” I retorted plopping myself face first into the couch. My ass pointed upward. It was so sore after going multiple rounds last night.

“How was your walk?” dad asked.

“What walk?” I asked with my voice being muffled into the couch.

“The walk of shame of course,” dad put down his newspaper and began to snicker.

“Shut up.” I threw a pillow at him.

“I barely got Derek out of his funk now not you too,” he got up and sat beside me, putting his hand on my sore ass.

“I’m not surprised you two finally did it but I’m disappointed your daddy here didn’t get to pop your cherry boy.” He rubbed my cheeks.

“Ow ow ow,” I yelped, smacking his hand away before turning and sitting upright onto the couch. “You can have your fun with me someday just not right now. Or tomorrow. Or the day after that. I’m too worn out.”

“So is your brother. Want me to get you an ice pack? How do you want daddy to make you feel better.” He gave me some puppy dog eyes and pursed his lips like he was talking to a baby.

“Just hold me,” I barely got the words out before plopping my head into his lap. Dad turned on the television. Like Jeremy, he began to stroke my hair. I looked up at him and raised a hand to feel up his pecs which were in a muscle t-shirt this time. Both his pecs looked quite swollen and quite powerful.

“Like daddy’s tits boy?” he gave them a flex, causing them to bounce.

“I do. Maybe you’ll catch up to Imran.” I watched dad’s grin pause as he stopped to think.

“Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. He tells me how much people can’t stop looking at him and how much Derek likes them. I wanna do whatever will keep you two boys happy. Maybe I’ll change up my work outs to focus on these bad boys for you two eh?” he felt the large masses through his shirt.

I continued to play with the two balls of flesh. “Oh by the way Jeremy said he doesn’t mind coming along with us to the spa. But I want you to be nice and not intimidate him. You know we’ve already had this talk about twice now.”

Dad squeezed his chest together when my hand landed in between his cleavage. It felt so warm and powerful, “Sounds good. I look forward to having him come along. Your brother asked Imran too and he said yes. Do you have anyone in mind for the last ticket?”

“I do actually. Let me shoot him a text. Remember that kid who got some treats from our booth at the Bake Sale?” I was already scrolling through my phone.

“The loyal one?” Dad asked.

“Yep the one you said you liked and then pushed your bulge onto the table to try to outdo him. That one.” I poked his bulge.

“Ah yes, that one. The one trying to show off. Little does he know I’m bigger than him.” Dad’s cock flexed through his gym shorts.

“Calm down size queen,” I told dad. He gasped.

“Rude.” He ruffled my hair. I reached up and squeezed one of his pecs. “Damn that feels good boy, do it again.” So I did.

I shot Ethan a text. As soon as I sent him a message I already saw his speech bubbles responding. “Hey dude long time no talk, I’d love to come to the spa with you. I’m down whenever since my parents don’t really care what I do so just hit me up then. Also, hit me up whenever you feel lonely. ;).” Attached to his message was his fat shaft throbbing in a pair of skin tight skinny jeans with a shampoo bottle next to it for size comparison. It was a beast. Almost as large as my dad’s and much larger than the shampoo bottle.

“Ethan said he’s down to come too,” I told dad.

“Looks like we got our six guys ready for a guys trip,” dad hollered.

“Say dad, did you ever go to the doctor?” I sat up and placed my phone down, still feeling up his large pecs.

“I did go this morning and got home not too long before you. Turns out I’m in great shape and the tests turned up without showing anything bad. I’m as strong as an ox and as healthy as a horse according to the doc.” He wiggled his eyebrows and gave a toothy grin.

“As long as you didn’t break him and possibly get his medical license revoked I guess things are all good.” I pushed his two pecs together feeling the hefty weight.

“We were quiet. But I can’t wait to get bigger. I hope this second puberty you mentioned picks up again soon.” Dad took off his shirt, allowing me to play with the hairy flesh. I began to plant kisses on his chest and tug on his nipples.

“Derek gets to have Imran and I get to have you, right daddy?” and I looked up at dad who was enjoying my worship.

“That’s right boy. I haven’t spoiled you enough like I have with your brother. You can do anything you want with daddy. I promise.” He fingered one of his nipples.

“Anything Daddy?” I pleaded.

“Anything boy,” he growled before putting his head back, letting me play with his torso.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dad did say he was gonna spoil me so it was time I finally spoil him a little more. I opened up my app while he went to the restroom and pulled up his suggestion tab. Wanting him to have his fantasies come true and my lies become truth, I put in a suggestion to give him a second puberty. I put in parameters so he wouldn’t become young again or anything like that which would mess with his mental state, but for the next couple of months his body would undergo changes like he had during puberty. Just for fun I increased his chest size a little more while he was in the bathroom. I watched his avatar through the app feel his chest up and pull out his cock. He began to jack off. Now that we had everyone willing to go to the spa, we would be heading out soon.


Part 11

Sleeping peacefully, I lay grasped by large bulky arms. My eyes are drawn to the large balls of muscle making the biceps that keep me tightly in place. The sunlight fluttering in from the window through the blinds began to fill the room. Underneath the covers I squirm quite comfortably in a blanket cocoon and a loving embrace. I turn around to face my dad’s barrel chest and admire his handsome face. It was now January and our winter break was going to come to an end quite soon. The six of us guys had made plans to get together the weekend before our breaks ended to head over to the spa. Dad shifted slightly and squeezed me as I lay there before opening his eyes.

“Hey there buddy. Sleep well?” Dad yawned and removed one of his large arms to check the clock sitting upon the nightstand. “It’s still early.”

“I was kept nice and warm thanks to you, dad. Your body makes me feel protected and safe.” I kissed his bicep, which was still around me.

“Derek is still over at Imran’s, I guess, or else he would have texted me when he’d come home. Hopefully they don’t forget they’re supposed to meet up with us today so we can head over to the spa together.” Dad’s voice resonated at a deeper tone from his groggy state of just waking up. It sent chills down my back and a jolt to my dick.

“I can shoot them a text a little before our meet up time. Until then, what do you want do?” I asked.

Recently, dad had taken spoiling me to heart. He felt pretty bad about always hanging out with Derek more than me, especially when it came to training him for football at school. When the two of them had “secret” visits in the last couple of months he said he felt bad trying to keep it a secret from me and that he didn’t want to see me hurt. Little did he know I had known about and jump started their little visits the entire time. This last week he has been spending a lot of time with me and carries me to his bed where we can cuddle together. It’s been quite nice having a big teddy bear to come home to when I’m not seeing Jeremy. His newfound clinging behavior has also allowed me to survey the suggestion tab I had written in at the beginning of break. Wanting to keep things gradual, I began to observe him carefully. As of now, his face has become sharper and more handsome, framed by a darker stubble. An easy change to spot was that his body hair had become darker and spread out more. Dad tried to keep up with shaving but it grew back within two days so eventually he gave up besides some light trims.

I remembered when he had asked me if hair growth was a part of second puberty and I said yes. His stomach was carpeted in the dark fur as it spread up and over his large shelf-like pecs. His pubes were also quite hairier from the glimpses I caught of him naked or when his briefs were tugging a little low. The hair on his head remained quite full with a nice shine showing off he was still quite youthful. His legs and arms were also covered in a nice coating of hair. Without Derek’s own unknowing influence, dad’s pec shelf had grown a bit larger. Looking up some effects of male puberty I read that a man’s chest can sometimes swell during this time. Having already a good amount of muscle on him, I guess that swelling had just become permanent, focusing mostly upon his chest. Dad hadn’t checked yet, but he has also grown another inch in height to approximately 6’7”. His muscle mass has also seemed to improve quite a bit, noticeable in his arms and more in his ass. It wasn’t quite the size of Derek’s, but it could potentially reach Derek size. A nice layer of fat still coated his stomach, keeping his dad bod shape.

Dad had lifted himself up briefly to stretch before swinging his large legs over onto the floor with a loud thud. He scratched at his stomach before getting up and walking over to my side toward his walk-in closet. As he passed by I watched as the briefs he had bought tailor made were able to constrain his resting python, but were stretched out by not only his length and girth, but also his large balls. The first couple of inches of his cock were visible along with his dark pubes.

“Looking great dad!” I whistled at him. He turned around from his walk to the closet to flex his bicep and kiss the large mass. “You’re looking big. Have you been working out some more?”

“Just a bit but I mostly chalk it up to this second puberty you mentioned. I can’t believe it’s fucking possible to grow again but it feels so good. Man, if only I was this size back in school… the guys wouldn’t believe it. I’m still waiting on everything to grow though,” he shifted his weight, letting his ponderous bulge strain against his larger thigh.

“So I was reading up on your ‘condition’ and I wanted to ask you some questions if that’s all right?” I pulled myself up off the bed and crawled across to his nightstand to grab my phone. This was my time to quiz him about any changes he had noticed recently.

“Hit me.” He opened his closet door and tossed aside some old jeans on the floor.

“Question one, have you noticed any hair growth?”

“Oh yeah. Remember we talked about the whole shaving thing? My pits are the hairiest they’ve ever been and my facial hair is thicker than before. I like the way it makes me look though. Do you agree?” Dad gave me a smolder and a little wink before laughing.

“Agreed one hundred percent. You have no complaints from me daddy. Now question two, have you noticed a change in your voice?”

“Some guys at the office say my voice is deeper over calls so I guess so,” he replied. “I haven’t really noticed myself. It pretty much still feels and sounds the same to me. What do you think?”

“I have to admit it has been sounding deeper than what I remember it sounding like for a couple years. I guess we can mark that as a yes.” I continued to scroll down the list as dad kept digging around in his closet. “What are you hunting for anyways?”

“It’s a surprise. Now what’s the next question?” He crouched down and moved aside some shoe boxes. The door attempted to obscure my sight of him but he had grown much larger than before I could easily see his large frame.

“Question three, have you noticed any swelling to your chest?” I watched his face contort into a shape of thought with a lightbulb going off.

“My chest has seemed like it has been swelling larger and felt more fuller. I didn’t know that was a part of it.” He bounced the large two masses.

“Yep, apparently some men have some swelling in their chest at this time. Looks like you don’t need to have any concern after all. Question four, and this might be your favorite, have you noticed any growth in your ‘genitals’?” I emphasized the word to sound fancy and serious and dad popped back up to observe his crotch.

“Still measures the same as last time we measured it together. Why? What does it say about that?” He moved over and out of the closet and onto the bed now trying to look serious but the excitement in his eyes were too apparent.

“According to some cases,” I paused trying to use what I had read from multiple men to formulate a believable story for my dad, “it seems that some men’s penises undergo growth in their twenties even after their teen years.”

“I see. But I’m in my thirties.” He looked a little down.

“Well, did you have any injuries and could have potentially inhibited growth?” I was trying my best save the story to keep him on board.

“In college right out of high school, I did get an injury to my groin after a bad tackle in football. I didn’t think much of it at the time but could that have anything to do with it?” He poked at the exposed inches and twirled his fingers in his thicker pubes.

“Could be. There’s some instances where injury there stops some genital growth for a while. It could be your starting up again in your thirties rather than your twenties. How big were you in high school?” I didn’t need this information but I sure as hell wanted it.

“Let me think. Back in freshman year I had a good build but my dick was about 5” erect. I messed around with a few people back then but I guess blow jobs became a bit more difficult for my partners by the time I reached junior year. Then I remember measuring it and finding it to be 8½” with some nice girth on it, nothing like now of course,” he added. He squeezed the fat root before continuing, “But around senior year that’s when I started hearing rumors going around about me where my dick was rumored to be quite large which it was at about 9½”. My first year of college I brought over a lot of people and had lots of crazy sex. One guy in particular was into measuring and said I had the biggest dick he’d ever seen at 10½”. Not long after that I got the injury and eventually stopped playing football, focused on academics and business, met your mom after you know, your dad passed.” He stood staring at the wall, the sorrow filling his heart. I could tell he was thinking about our mother before she had passed away and he was left with both Derek and I to take care of at a pretty young age. He coughed before continuing, “But now I know you two boys and I wouldn’t change that for the world!” He gave me a tight squeeze and continued to hold onto me, rubbing my hair before planting a kiss on my head.

“I love you too dad!” I propped myself up out of his embrace to reach up little bit to kiss his nice full lips, receiving a bit of tickles from his stubble. “It seems men don’t stop growing until around possibly twenty-two to twenty-four, but a good majority stop before that. Some men said they continued to notice little changes after that so you could have been one of those lucky ones that kept growing but now might be making up for lost time.”

“Makes sense. I guess I could have been swinging around this large cock of mine back in college eh?” He pulled down the briefs exposing the over foot long soft shaft.

“Perhaps these spurts have just been random. The real question is, how big do you think it’s going to get? Scratch that, how big do you think is too much size?” My tone was a bit more serious now, even though I was playing with the large flesh tube in front of me.

“They’ve sure as hell felt random. If my dick has grown this big from lost time, I wonder how big it’s going to get once it’s done going through my second bout of puberty huh?” He pondered. “I already have over a foot of cock, so I’ll try to aim for a foot and half. Sounds reasonable, right son?”

“I think you can easily reach that size dad! I know stimulation can help increase genital growth so you might want to try that. You don’t know how long your little bout of second puberty will last you know…” I hinted at him ominously, hoping he’d take the bait quite soon.

“You’re right. I gotta get this bad boy bigger! Daddy has to be the biggest and strongest he can be for his two boys.” He got up off the bed and continued to scour the closet for a couple minutes before pulling out a box. He was grinning and blew some dust off of it before walking over to his bathroom.

“Whatcha got there dad?” I was quite curious to see what he had come out with.

“It’s the surprise I mentioned. Give your daddy a couple of minutes and I’ll be right out. Don’t leave okay?” He hurried into the bathroom and locked the door. I heard his loud footsteps stomping back and forth with a few grunts here and there. I waited for about five minutes before hearing the door lock click and the door knob turn. Dad stepped out of the bathroom smiling his white teeth. He sort of waddled out as the clothing he was wearing was obviously too tight. It took me a while to notice, but he had found his old college football jersey and shorts and was sporting them. The jersey barely looked like a jersey as it stretched out over his large shoulders and melon pecs. It had only reached halfway down his stomach, now acting as a midriff exposing his hairy stomach. The blue shorts were tight against his thighs and even tighter at his bulge. He gave a little spin around showing off his large ass struggling against the fabric. It looked like there was already two seams teared and more easily on the way.

“How do you like it? I fit into it like a glove don’t I boy?” He puffed his chest out causing the neckline of the shirt to rip, exposing some hair on his chest. “Whoops.”

“More like you’re ripping the glove. It barely fits you,” I remarked.

“That’s not true. I got it on didn’t I? I bet I can still take it for a test drive!” Dad charged at me on the bed giving me little time to react before receiving two melons to the face and a loud crashing noise coming from the bed hitting the wall. His large body was laying on top of me, causing me to cough from the large amount of force he threw upon me with his charge. His short seams ripped upon impact exposing his two plump hairy buttocks. He was laughing as I was gasping for air and holding onto my stomach and chest before coughing a couple times.

“This is why I don’t do sports.” I heaved and leaned over. Dad placed his hand on my back and began rubbing it as if I were a child needing assistance in coughing.

“Too much there bud?” he observed my hunched over body and then the damages to his clothing. I punched his exposed stomach but it barely did anything to the strong muscled man beside me.

“Just a—” I coughed, “little.”

“Looks like I can’t wear this to the spa huh?” He began to attempt pulling off his shirt but he was beaten to it by the rip down the center exposing his chest completely, opening up access to his entire torso.

“Not unless you want to be scouted for a porno.” I finished my coughing fit and reached for some water beside the bed.

“That wouldn’t be too bad now would it? My office job is kind of boring. Having something on the side wouldn’t be too bad don’t you think? Anyways let’s get ready, you have taken too long getting ready.” He turned away his head all snooty.

I have? You’re the one who was trying on old gear and tackled me.” I got up and stretched, feeling the pain in my chest and stomach.

“There’s no witnesses that can attest to that. Now come on and pack some stuff you wanna take. Text Derek and if he doesn’t respond then text Imran too. When are we picking up your friend again?” Dad had pulled a part his shorts from the back allowing them to tear away into shreds on the floor, exposing his entire body to the sunlight peeking in.

“He said he’d come by around ten to eleven o’ clock and that we didn’t need to pick him up after all.”

“That makes our lives a little easier. It’s already nine o’ clock so we better get a move on.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I was down in the living room when I heard a knock at the door. I checked my phone and saw it was about ten o’ clock. Looks like our guest of honor had arrived quite punctual.

“I’m coming!” I shouted, briskly walking over to the door and opened it. Ethan was standing there adjusting his beanie.

“Yo how you’ve been dude?” He leaned in and gave me a hug before entering the house, carrying a bag on his shoulder. “It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other man. You’re still cute as ever.”

“Thanks, Ethan, but you know I already have a boyfriend.” I closed the door behind him and locked it.

“And you already know I said I’d be down to be a third playmate if both of you are. My offer still stands.” He gave me that usual half smile he does.

“I’ll talk to Jeremy about it but don’t get your hopes up, all right?” Geez, when did I start becoming a little manwhore? Must run in the family as well. “By the way, I didn’t see a car. Did you get dropped off?”

“Nah dude I walked over here. That’s why I’m a little sweaty see?” He removed his beanie showing off his slightly long-ish hair and pushed back the bits that fell on his forehead to expose the sweat. His hair was also a little messy.

“You walked over? Dude I told you we could pick you up. Don’t you live kind of far?” I shook my head.

“Not really. Just a couple of blocks. Besides I wanted to make a video on the way over.” He whipped out his phone and opened up his photos app to bring up a video of him. He was walking down the street, hiding his face but showing off his grin. He aimed the camera downward toward the gym shorts he was wearing. The visible outline of a large dick swayed back and forth in the shorts, too small to cover it up. The longer he walked the more the shorts rid up his legs. At one point the tip of his dick popped out before he slid the short back over and tugged them down. It was then I looked over at his crotch and saw the same outline.

“Dude you could have been arrested for public indecency with that little parade you put on.” I laughed in disbelief.

“There was hardly anyone around which is why I left early. Plus I wanted to get a video today and submit it to that DickTok account. My anonymous submission has been driving people crazy. Can’t let down the fans ya know?” he grabbed at the bottom of his shorts and pulled it down to cover the softie that was threatening to expose itself to the world again. “Hey, if you ever want to film a video together it wouldn’t be such a bad idea ya know. This baby is all yours whenever you’d like it.” He licked his lips like an animal spotting its next prey.

I pondered on it. Ethan was pretty attractive. He had an air of cockiness around him that was kind of appealing but not so cocky where it drove people away. He was very confident in showing off himself and enjoyed some public attention with his little schemes. Having a third playmate was starting to sound more and more appealing. It began to look more appealing too. I looked around the house making sure my dad wasn’t around before dragging Ethan upstairs to my room.

“Hey whatcha doing?” Ethan barely managed to get out his words before I pushed him into my room and locked the doors. I got on my knees and placed my mouth over the bulging fabric, feeling the thickness of his shaft barely being covered. It seems he enjoys going commando quite often. Everyone around me these days seems to have a large dick, but Ethan’s seemed especially magnified. “So, lover boy, I know you keep up with your measurements. How big is this beast soft?” I only had to roll up the bottom of his shorts a little bit to expose the large head of his cock.

“Ten inches soft but heavy as a motherfucker. I need two hands to rub this fat dick you love so much. It gets even bigger hard. Bigger than you’ve last seen it.” Ethan peered down at me with a feral grin, watching my mouth suck on the head of his dick. It began to swell with excitement at being played with by someone new.

“And hard? I know you haven’t been keeping this thing limp all day now have you?”Mmy teasing was getting him going. More of his dick began to shove down his leg and out the bottom of his shorts, steel hard and growing fatter.

“Fifteen inches. I try to keep it down but it seems to have a mind of its own.”

“I can see that.” The dick was getting really thick now as it crept farther out of the shorts. It must have been approaching its maximum erect state before I heard a knock on my door.

“Son, someone else is at the front door. Can you get it?” Dad shouted.

“Yeah I’ll be right there!” Ethan and I scrambled quickly. His erection was still too hard to hide and sticking to his right leg. He pulled down his shorts and stuffed it in between his legs so it was pointing behind him. Quickly he pulled his shorts back up and sat on my bed and on it steel hard dick. “Ow this hurts,” he groaned before I opened the door to see dad still shirtless.

“Ah your friend’s here. Nice to meet you again, Ethan,” dad said sternly, eyeballing him as he sat on my bed in a rather uncomfortable position.

“Nice to see you again sir,” Ethan saluted.

“All right I’ll get the door. Be right back!” I left the two alone and headed back downstairs to find Jeremy with his own bag slung around his shoulder. He was fixing his hair before realizing I had already opened the door and was looking up at him. “Who are you trying to impress?” I asked.

“You of course!” he bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek before entering.

“Ethan is already here and up in my room if you wanna say hello.”

“Ah I see. He should be fun company.” Jeremy trudged along and up the stairs and plopped himself onto my bed, greeting Ethan.

“Why if it isn’t Jer-Bear.” Ethan swung his legs like a little kid, marveling at Jeremy’s height. He was still needing to look up to him while both were sitting next to each other.

“Hey dude,” Jeremy said, barely keeping eye contact.

The scene looked kind of awkward. “All right you two I’ll let you get better get acquainted. I’ve seen how you both act around each other.” I didn’t mean to give them a little scolding but I did not feel like having the little trip becoming awkward the entire time.

“Jer-Bear here needs to live a little.” Ethan rested his hand onto Jeremy’s thigh. Jeremy just sighed before glancing over to me and then back at Ethan before pulling him in for a hug.

“We’re good Trev. See?” Jeremy posed while Ethan snickered before planting a kiss on Jeremy’s cheek.

“Dude!” Jeremy pulled back.

“I’m just playing with ya man. You got a cute ass boyfriend over there.” Ethan leaned in to Jeremy’s ear acting like a devil on his shoulder. “We should have some fun ya know?” All I could do was roll my eyes.

Jeremy sat there for a moment thinking, trying to formulate a response to the proposal. Ethan wiggled his eyebrows and wore his half-smirk while stroking his hand up and down Jeremy’s thigh. I walked out the room to give them some privacy but lingered in the hallway to hear what they had to say.

“I guess I’ve been a bit too on edge with you and I apologize about that. But I really like Trev, dude.”

“I get that man and I think that’s cool, but all I’m proposing is that if you and Trev ever want a third playmate I’m your guy. I’d like to see what a big guy like you can do.”

“H-Hey!” I could hear Jeremy’s voice raise a little bit. “F-Fine. I don’t mind as long as Trev doesn’t mind. And I guess you’re kind of cute too in your own way.”

“Hehe, score!” Ethan sounded elated.

I headed downstairs to grab a couple more items and came back in to see the two of them still chatting. Jeremy looked happier sitting next to Ethan and Ethan managed to get him to laugh a couple times. “Did you two boys work things out?”

“Yeah,” they both said in unison.

Ethan spoke up, “But Jer-Bear and I got a question for you. He said yes, but do you agree to having me be a part of your little ‘escapades’ sometimes?”

“I think it could be fun. As long as Jeremy’s fine with it.” I looked over and gave him a reassuring glance. He smiled.

“I’m fine with it.” He waved for me to come sit down next to him and he wrapped his long arms behind both Ethan and me to embrace us. We sat there leaned up against Jeremy before we heard loud footsteps. It must be my dad. Jeremy quickly let go of the two of us.

“Did he meet your dad yet?” Jeremy asked me.

“You mean big papa bear? Yeah, he’s given me the eye a couple times. Other than that he seems like a chill guy.” Ethan leaned back on my bed.

“He’s given me the eye too. Don’t worry dude.” Jeremy placed his hand on Ethan’s smooth, lean stomach.

I checked my phone and saw Imran had messaged me back. “Hey Trev, Derek and I will meet up at your house soon. We had a little bit of an issue but we got things all figured out for now. See you soon!” I left the room and let dad know that Derek and Imran were on their way to the house.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Derek opened the door and brought back his suit case that he had taken over to Imran’s for when he stays over. The two had packed their belongings and were ready to go on our little trip.

“Welcome home Derek!” we both embraced and stood there for a while.

“Nice to see you too little bro. Did you miss me?”

“Of course!” I rubbed my hand across his own lighter stubble.

“Where’s Imran?” I asked

“Oh he’s uh, coming.” Derek rolled the suitcase across the floor and to the side so it wouldn’t trip anyone entering the house.

“Did something bad happen?” I began to grow a bit worried. I hadn’t checked up on Imran in a while. From what I’ve heard and seen from Derek, the two have been doing fine.

“Oh yeah yeah, nothing bad happened. Imran’s just been in a little sore.” He wiped both his hands together before heading back to the door, waving his hand outside.

“What do you mean sore?”

“His, uh, chest has been feeling more sore over the last month or two I guess. Recently he’s been having a little bit of pain but he says he’s fine. That and one other thing.” He called for Imran.

“What other thing?” I raised my eyebrow. I really should have been checking up on Imran.

Footsteps approached the door and it swung open. Imran filled the door frame, chest first as per usual. It was apparent. His chest had filled out even more looking as if giant beach balls were under his shirt. His nipples that pointed down could be seen piercing the fabric. Looking at his neckline I could see he was wearing an undershirt and another shirt on top of it to help conceal his large chest. Both masses clearly blocked his vision a bit as he misstepped and almost tripped.

“Hey Trev!” Imran pulled me in for a hug. Both of his tits pressed against my body as he hugged me, keeping me a distance from him touching his back. I felt like I was clinging onto a life raft. He struggled to keep his arms around me as they tried to pass his pecs, causing him to flex them a bit more making him groan. “Ah, they are little tender so be careful.”

Jeremy and Ethan came down the stairs to greet both Derek and Imran. They were keeping their mouths shut but one little glance and I could tell the two were staring at Imran’s large chest. My dad was starting to gain a pretty large rack but nothing as big as Imran’s muscle-tits as of now. They had rounded out a bit more and definitely seemed bigger than before. Derek and Imran headed up to Derek’s room but I could hear Ethan whisper to Jeremy, “I heard of the PE teacher with a nice rack but fuck those things are enormous.”

“I’ve never seen pecs that big before.” Jeremy was stunned.

“What I’d do to play with those.” Ethan’s shorts strained a bit more as his dick began to chub up. Jeremy’s hand mindlessly began to stroke the thick shaft of Ethan’s dick.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The six of us piled into the car. Dad sat in the front with Jeremy since he needed room for his long legs. Ethan and I sat in the back row while Derek and Imran sat in the second. Looking in the mirror I could see the seatbelt my dad wore got stuck in the cleavage of his pecs. He fiddled with it for a while before it remained in a comfortable enough position. Derek on the other hand had to help put the seatbelt on Imran since his large tits kept getting in the way. No way could his seatbelt go in between his tit cleavage like it did once before. Ethan and I watched as Imran kept rubbing his chest from time to time with a couple of pained expressions the whole way there. Ethan mouthed to me, “Do you see those things?!”

We had finally arrived at the spa which turned out to be sort of like a resort. Nothing like the one we had visited in Vegas, but it looked quite nice on the outside and inside, decorated to fit the theme. We entered and found it to be completely empty besides the concierge sitting at the check-in desk.

“Hello and welcome. You six must be the reserved grouping from that school event correct? Do you have your tickets?” he smiled while giving us each a glance over, trying not to stare at each one of us for too long. I pulled out the envelope and gave him the six tickets, allowing us admittance into the spa for our trip. “Perfect! Because we have just opened up this establishment these tickets are for RSVP treatments meaning the spa is yours privately for these couple of days, making you six the only guests here! Besides staff workers of course. We have three rooms for you each and of course the private hot spring experience and spa treatment package. Here’s your room keys and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or ask any of our staff for assistance.”

“All right, so who’s bunking with who?” Dad grabbed the three room keys from the desk and we walked over to the spa rooming hall.

“Imran and I will share a room. Right babe?” Derek rubbed Imran’s shoulder.

“Of course babe,” he responded.

“Trevor and I will share a room too,” Jeremy’s voice wavered a bit. I’m glad he was speaking up a bit more.

“That leaves me with papa bear then isn’t that right?” Ethan jogged a little bit to catch up with my dad and gave him a smirk.

“Looks like it, young man.” Dad clasped his hand onto Ethan’s shoulder.

We split up once we approached the area that had all three of our rooms. Dad and Ethan placed their things inside before heading out to explore. Jeremy said he had wanted to check out some sport muscle massages so he went down to the front desk. Derek had apparently been eager to check out the hot springs so he left Imran alone in the room since he said he wanted to rest for a little bit. I decided to go over and give Imran a visit by knocking on his door. I heard his heavy footsteps before hearing the beep the door made when he opened it.

“Need a little help in here?” I could see the discomfort on his face.

“That’d be nice. Thanks Trev,” he said, ushering me in.

“I’ll help unpack things for you so just tell me where they need to go. Not to be invasive or anything but you seem like you’re in pain Imran. Everything all right?” I needed to get to the bottom of this. Something was clearly wrong with Imran that wasn’t an issue before. If there was any way to remedy the situation I needed to figure it out now while the two of us were alone without people getting suspicious.

“Sounds good. I gotta sit down.” Imran pushed his weight onto a chair overlooking the view of his and Derek’s private hot spring.

I began to open the luggage and put away the items they had brought with them such as clothing, swimsuits, lube, and other items. In the corner of my eye I watched him mindlessly feeling up his tits, hefting them up and down, rubbing the expanse of flesh while groaning. After putting everything away I approached him. “Is there anything else I can help you with, Imran? Does your chest hurt?”

“It’s just feeling so sore and tender these days. Fuck it can you help me rub them? Derek has been helping me but I really need some relief right now.” He struggled to pull the two shirts off of his chest, as they got stuck. I had to push up his large tits and pull the shirt over his nipples causing Imran to moan a little bit. Once the shirt was completely off I got a good look at them. His areolas looked puffy and his nipples were sticking straight out. Both pec tits were covered in some nice silky smooth hair. I got to work and began to rub my hands over the flesh, kneading them like dough. Copping a feel of their heft and rubbing them side to side Imran kept his head back against the chair breathing steadily, gripping onto the arms of the chair he was sitting in. Tracing his areola I felt how soft and tender they were. Both of his nipples began to jump making Imran groan.

“Fuck, they feel so sensitive. Trev my chest just feels so sore and full. I don’t know what’s wrong.” I could see the frustration in Imran’s eyes. He looked like he wanted to cry. Both of his tits felt really full and heavy, soft yet strong. I felt up one of his nipples and latched my mouth onto it. Gently, I began sucking on them feeling them grow fatter. Imran seemed to be thrashing around a little bit in the chair. I kept sucking and switched to the other nipple, continuously kneading the flesh. Then I felt something strange.

“T-Trev don’t suck on my nipples too hard! My chest might swell up—” Imran’s sentence was interrupted by a louder groan coming from him. I felt his chest swell up even larger. It was reaching closer to his chin. I couldn’t resist so I kept sucking harder and lightly grazing his nipples with my teeth, gently biting on occasion.

“I-I feel li-like I’m going to explode!” Imran shouted and began to tremor. With a final surge of growth both of his nipples engorged a bit fatter before spraying out a white liquid. I latched onto his right nipple and began to suck on it before the volume and force of the liquid became too much for my mouth. It had tasted sweet and almost like vanilla. Both nipples continued to stream out the liquid for a couple minutes. Imran kept panting and moaning, rubbing the liquid onto his furry chest. Eventually the stream began to die down and just soaked down onto his stomach. Imran remained with his hands gripping onto the chair panting. I sat on the floor watching the white liquid cover his furry stomach. His chest continued to heave but looked to be shrinking a bit. Still incredibly huge, but not as large as they had been when he came to our house this morning. They looked the size when he had came to my booth at the bake sale.

“Fuck that felt-just… wow.” Imran looked down to his soaked chest and squeezed them, causing another spurt of liquid to shoot out of his left pec. He rubbed a finger over his nipple to get some of the liquid onto his finger before sticking into his mouth to suck on it. “This tastes kind of like my favorite coffee creamer.”

“Imran, dude, you just shot milk out of your chest!” I exclaimed, still not fully able to comprehend what had just happened.

“Derek and I joked around about how my muscle tits could potentially start leaking milk any day now but I didn’t think it was possible!” Imran was equally as stunned. He continued to rub his now smaller chest. “It shrunk a bit,” he observed.

“Your chest looks a bit more manageable now,” I commented.

“It feels less full. You know, yesterday I did find two wet spots at the tip of my shirt. I thought I had just spilled water on me or something but I guess it was this,” he went for another squeeze and of milk into his hand before bringing it to his mouth. “Damn that tastes good.”

“Looks like I can start calling you Imooran now huh?” I let out a chuckle. Imran turned his head slowly to me and tackled me onto the floor sticking a nipple into my mouth before squeezing his chest, causing a spurt of cream down my throat. It did taste good. “Hey hey, we should clean up. How are you gonna tell Derek about this?” My speech was a bit gargled with his cream in my mouth.

“It’ll be a surprise. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty hot. First my pecs grew and now I can leak milk. Fuck, it’s like a dream. I guess I have to milk these babies so they don’t cause me any pain in the future,” Imran walked over to the bathroom and brought over some toilet paper. He began to wipe himself off while standing in front of the mirror as I attempted to clean up any milk still on the floor and walls (some even landed on the bed but it had soaked in). He got his two shirts and put them back on. He struggled a bit but not as much as before.

“Should we go find the boys?” he asked with some new wet spots already where his nipples were.


Part 12

I managed to make myself look presentable again after the display of gushing milk spouting from Imran’s tits. Thankfully some of it soaked into my clothes but I had to fix my hair once again since the blunt force of his stream smacked me in the face. Imran stood beside me in the bathroom admiring his chest, giving a side pose, readjusting the heft, squeezing them together. The longer he played with them the darker the spot got at the tip of shirt where his nipples were. Whatever had happened had opened the dam. Having contained a growing amount of milk in his chest for quite some time, it seemed that there was still some dripping out of his nipples whenever he played with them. He seemed happier now that his chest had shrunk in size compared to what it was like this morning, but given enough time, I’m sure his chest would swell up larger again with more of the creamy delight.

“Stop playing with yourself Imran! You’re leaking again.” I pushed some toilet paper at the tips of his nipples to dry up the wet spots. He cooed.

“I can’t help it. It feels so weird but so hot. Besides my chest still feels tender. Here, feel it.” He grabbed onto my hands that were attempting to wipe up the spots. My palms had barely covered the outline of his puffy areolas, my hands feeling wetter by the second.

“Well, put a cap on it. How else are we supposed to go outside and find the rest of the guys? We can’t just have you dripping milk from your tits the entire time. There has to be a better way to get the rest out.” Looking around the room I was trying to come up with an plan. I looked at the bathtub and a lightbulb went off in my head. “I have an idea. Come here.”

Imran walked over to the bathtub that I was now crouched at. He looked rather confused. “Crouch down we don’t want to keep them waiting,” and so he did. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and he helped me pull it off of him. His undershirt was the wettest and the most stretched out. The neckline was drawing a little low due to how much weight his chest had been putting onto it earlier on in the day. I leaned him forward until his chest was resting onto the edge of the bath, aiming straight into the tub.

“I don’t know if this will work, but I want you to rub the top of your pecs as I squeeze as much milk out as I can,” I rolled up my sleeves preparing to get a little messy.

“Will do.” Imran began to massage the large upper half of his pecs. Meanwhile I did my best to lean over him and tried to encompass both large masses with my right arm and left. Once I had found a somewhat sustainable position, I pushed both of his pecs together hard until they were smashing against each other. I was rewarded with a pretty good amount of cream shooting from his nipples. The cream began to splash against the floor of the tub, following the grooves down toward the drain like water. Imran continued kneading his chest while biting down on his lip as to not make too much noise. I began to tug on his nipples in a rhythmic pattern as if I was milking an udder. Bits of cream shot out before I felt another bit of swelling. I let go of the two tits as they continued to spray out more cream but in multiple directions of the tub. Imran began to moan pretty loud so I quickly put my hand over his mouth to muffle out the sound. He kept kneading, draining as much cream from his tits as he could. It took me by surprise, but I felt his tongue scraping against my palm. He was trying to lick up the cream that got on my hand as if he were a dog. Lots of the cream began to formulate at the drain, becoming too thick to go down since so much had accumulated. Imran’s chest size still remained the same so it seems this was just his usual size as of now when they were milked completely. With a few final tugs I gave his tits a nice slap and told him he could get up now.

“Your tits are drained of as much cream as we could get out. Hopefully you won’t start leaking again so soon.” I gave my own hand a lick, tasting the sweet cream before running my hands in the water from the sink, watching it flood away down the drain.

“These may be drained but now my balls aren’t,” Imran whimpered. His pants had a large bulge pushing against the zipper.

“Oh brother,” I shook my head. “Hurry up, we should go soon.”

Imran nodded and began to unzip his pants but had difficulty seeing over his chest. Finally he got them open and his penis was bulging against his hip and he went to town. It was odd but I felt a bit of tightness in my shorts. I observed myself in the mirror and noticed that my shorts filled out a little more in the back. My ass looked a little bit bigger. I hadn’t altered myself in any way and I haven’t been working out. I headed out of the restroom and closed the door to give Imran some privacy but he didn’t even seem to have noticed I even left. I sat down on the bed and pulled out my app to check my own stats.

* Height: 5’10
* Weight: 165 lb.
* Orientation: Gay
* Hair Pattern: Minimal
* Penis Size: 3½” flaccid, 6½” erect

I had gained about five pounds and my butt looked a bit fuller. Perplexed I checked through the app data log history and found nothing odd. Next I investigated Imran whose avatar was jerking off in the room next to me. I clicked on his information and found nothing out of the ordinary until I spotted another little tab titled “Details”. I clicked on details and read the new text. “Can produce cream from pecs. Being filled with nutrients, it works great to help grow.” One part of the mystery was solved and I guess it kind of made sense, but I never put in that command. Unless… I had unknowingly. I’d done a pretty good job on keeping tabs on everyone from the bake sale. Some gained growth in muscles here, growth in belly there, maybe an inch or two in the dick or some pounds added to their ass but I completely forgot to check up on Imran. Dad and I spent time making him a special treat which was different from the rest that first day. This had to be the work of that one coffee cake. I don’t know why the effects had been delayed by such a large margin but here we are. I was curious to see how the cream Imran had been sampling would affect him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Before I knew it about an hour and a half had passed while I was occupied helping Imran. It was already evening and none of the guys had been back yet. I even went to go check the rooms but nope there were no responses. Imran helped me investigate but to no avail. Fortunately, the good thing was his chest had stopped leaking some cream for now so his shirt was finally dry, although if you put your hands where his nipples were it was still slightly damp but it didn’t show up on the fabric. We walked around past the front desk where we were greeted again. We gave our greetings and had asked the concierge if he had known where the rest of our party had gone off to.

“I don’t know where all of them are, but the really tall young man and one shorter than him came here to make an appointment for the sports therapy massage about an hour ago. They are probably still in the middle of their sessions. As for the boy with the beanie and the man with the large muscles, I believe I saw them head toward the dining area,” he added. He gave us a smile and pointed to the direction of the dining hall.

Imran and I continued our goose chase until we approached the dining hall, pass some nice arches. Noticing since the start of our visit, it was kind of odd just hearing Imran’s and I’s footsteps around the spa since no one else was in sight. There was very minimal staff as well. Only the concierge worked the front, there was one masseuse, a chef, and maybe one person on the janitorial team right now. Entering upon the dining hall we found it to be empty, besides the chef who was putting more food into a buffet styled trey. Out on the outside deck I saw someone sitting down. Imran and I made our way to find my dad sitting alone scarfing down plates of food while looking out over the garden. He had about four different plates of food, two had been scraped clean and another was halfway to being completely consumed.

“Hey, you two where have you been?” he was said with his mouth quite full of food. He scraped a napkin across his face to clean himself up a bit and gave a big swallow before patting his belly.

“I was just helping Imran out with a little problem but he is feeling better now, right Imran?” I turned over to him and he gave a nod.

“That’s right. He was helping me put some stuff away since my chest muscles were aching so he helped keep me company until they felt better.” He gave his pecs a little pop, causing them to smash against one another.

“How nice of you Trev. Now come spend time with your good ol’ dad. Pull up a chair too Imran,” dad said. He pushed away another emptied plate, already on the attack to consume the fourth.

“We spoke to the concierge on the way here and he said you and Ethan were together. Where’d he go?” I watched my dad’s arms flex whenever he picked up another bite of food and his neck bulge when he swallowed.

“Ah that little scamp. He was with me for a bit before he said he wanted to go off and explore a good spot to film. I didn’t catch exactly what he wanted to film but he seemed excited looking over the fencing over there mentioning many good spots.” Dad let out a loud belch. “Oops.”

“Sounds just like him,” I laughed. “Since Derek and Jeremy are still getting their treatments done and Ethan is off who knows where, and since it is getting late how about us three head down to the bathing stalls and take a nice dip in the hot spring? Sound good?” I looked them both over.

“It’s kind of chilly up here. My nipples are sticking out, see?” Imran flaunted his chest, pointing the two thumb shaped nipples at my dad and me.

“Mine are too,” dad looked down at his own large chest and saw his own thumb shaped nipples pointing outward against the shirt. “Sounds good son. I could go for a nice dip after this big meal. They don’t have any dessert yet but I’d love to wash this down with something sweet later.”

“I might have something sweet in mind,” Imran said. He looked smug and gave me a nudge.

My dad looked confused but just shrugged it off. “Sure whatever man. As long as it tastes good.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dad finished up his meal while Imran and I continued to chat with him. We carried his plates over to the washing trey where the chef would grab them and take them behind the counter and into the kitchen. We each returned to our separate rooms to grab our swimsuits for our nice little dip. Meeting up with each other once again we made our way to the bathing stall hall area. It was large and split into a male and female section. We entered the male section which lead into a locker room. A plaque rested upon the wall. We read the rules on the plaque.

   Please put all belongings into your room numbers locker and select a combination.

   Please bathe accordingly in our shower stalls or use the bathing pools.

   If choosing to wear a bathing suit, using the directed Bathing Spa.

   If choosing for a hot spring bath, please use the Nude Spa.

   Maximum occupancy per bath is 10 people.

We finished reading up the rules and found our lockers which were right next to each other, separated by a bench in the middle sort of resembling a school locker room.

“Man I haven’t been in a locker room like this in ages. How about you Imran?” Dad was looking up and down at the rows of lockers.

“I work at a school as a PE teacher Matt. I’m no stranger to a locker room,” Imran chuckled before grabbing his shirt and pulling it off over his head.

“Fuck those are some big tits you got there,” dad said as he stared at Imran’s chest, licking his lips a bit. “Makes me a little envious ya know?” Dad began to pull off his own shirt, exposing his own hairy chest which contained a shelf of chest muscles, just not quite as big as Imran’s. Imran’s chest jutted out about ten inches while my dads jutted out around maybe about six to seven. He was still a growing boy after all. “Can I give them a feel?”

“From the way you’ve been looking at them, if you didn’t ask I was going to ask you to,” Imran stepped closer to my dad, pushing his improbably large chest into my dad’s. Both of their thick, hairy, rounded pecs pushed against one another fighting for any available space. Dad’s nipples pressed against Imran’s chest while Imran’s nipples hung a bit lower. Dad began to stroke the tops of his chest and gave them a little squeeze before pushing his and Imran’s pecs together.

“I want a chest like this one day. You gotta give me your workout routine sometime,” dad said, mesmerized.

“Of course Matt. I am a gym teacher so I’ve developed quite the regime. Now which of the two options are you two down for?” Imran took out his swim trunks from his bag and stuffed the bag into the locker.

“I’m fine with either. I got nothing to hide. How about you dad?” I turned over to him going through his own bag and pulled out a speedo. Dad pulled it close to his face. I recognized they had been the pair he wore that one day we hung out in our pool with José. He looked a bit sad. “Dad, we can go to the nude spa if you want,” I grabbed his speedos and stuffed them into his locker.

“I think I’d prefer that,” he said, and there was an audible little choke in his voice. I gave him a little smile and grabbed onto his arm. “Thanks son.”

“Nude it is! I’ll head out to the shower stalls first for a quick rinse before getting into the hot springs,” Imran shucked his pants and then his briefs, exposing his long dark brown cock aiming toward the floor. I don’t even know if he knew how big it looked on him or if his chest covered the sight of his dick. Dad gave Imran a grin and smacked his chest. Imran laughed and shook his head as he headed out.

I stripped off my own shirt revealing my definitely less muscled body but still kind of lean build. I kicked off my shoes so I could pull down my pants and then my underwear, letting my average sized dick hang free. Dad meanwhile was struggling to pull his pants off of his thick thighs and especially over his ass. I helped by giving him a hand as we shimmied them off. Next dad began to take off his compression briefs (yes he still wore those whenever he went out into public). Now removed, bulging outward was a jockstrap with one of his large balls were hanging out which was once hidden beneath the compression briefs, the rest of the pouch filled to maximum capacity.

“I always forget you got some nice bull balls on top of your monster cock, dad.” I leaned over to cup the big, exposed ball into my hand, it filled my palm easily.

“A big man has to have some big balls to match his big equipment son. Wanna give them a squeeze?”

I obliged happily by squeezing the big ball. It was warm and firm, and especially heavy. Dad pulled the straps down of his jock revealing his large slightly over foot long softie, dangling between his legs and aiming down toward his knees. Both of us headed to the shower stall and saw Imran finishing up, scrubbing his large pecs and soaping up his hair. The water cascaded down his chest beautifully like a waterfall. Dad and I headed over to one of the standing shower stalls in the back and began scrubbing ourselves down. Being much smaller compared to my dad, I finished up quickly. My dad, however, was trying to reach all over his large body.

“Let me help you, dad,” I said. I grabbed one of the loofahs and began to scrub my dad’s large wide back which was void of hair. I could see each muscle in his back flexing and leading to his large arms and smaller waist, a nice bubble butt resting below that. Between his legs I could easily see the long tube of meat my dad called his cock, with two large low hanging balls. “Don’t you ever find your dick to be heavy? It’s so long too.”

“I’d be lying to you son if I said it wasn’t, but whenever I feel the heavy tug of my groin when I walk it reminds me that all that weight is all me,” dad replied as he stretched his back so I could reach every angle.

“Haven’t you gotten stares? Has anyone asked you about how big you are?” I continued to keep up the conversation so I wouldn’t pop a woody while staring at my dad’s back. My dick was already resting against his butt.

“I’ve always received a good amount of stares in the past boy, my dick before created a nice curve in my shorts and pants but ever since this growth spurt those compression briefs I’ve bought have helped hide its size. I really enjoy a lot. Fuck it turns me on more than anything, but I gotta keep things professional outside of our family. There was this one time I went to the gym while you kids were at school and I got a couple stares so I made sure to wait until some people left before showering. One guy who was pretty well built, not like your daddy of course, stayed behind cruising. I saw him staring at me throughout my workout. Anyways, when we were alone he pulled up next to me and his eyes bugged out of his head when he saw how big I was hanging soft. Back then I was hanging eleven inches I recall. I waved him over and we had a bit of fun but he kept trying to take photos and videos. I hurried up and got out of there. I enjoy flaunting my piece of meat off like any other guy, but I still like some privacy ya know?” he said.

“I get you dad. How are the briefs handling with your added size? I know I asked you this before but are you afraid of getting too big?” I asked. This time I was moving toward his butt, feeling how soft it felt but firm at the same time. I made sure to scrub each soccer ball sized cheek thoroughly.

“They’re still holding up, but I might need to move to a bigger size soon depending on how much larger this thing gets. Finding people to fuck is also an issue since not many can take this, but damn if I don’t want it a bit bigger. It’ll continue to grow but it has to stop at some point,” he turned back around to face me. “I’m ready for when the day comes that I get to try it on you, boy. I’ve seen how well that ass of yours has been filling out like your brother’s.” He moved his large hand and groped my butt.

“D-Dad Imran is right there!” I whispered to him in a scolding tone, my eyes darting to Imran who was getting ready to leave at the other end of the shower stall.

“So? He can join in on our fun if he wants,” dad said. He extended a finger that began to make its way in between my cheeks and toward my hole. Quickly I grabbed onto his balls tightly and squeezed it.

Ow!” dad yelped in pain, moving his hand toward his large balls, slowly bending downward into a hunched position.

“Behave yourself. We’re still out in public. Now come on, let’s go meet up with Imran.” I moved out of the shower stall, waiting for my dad to catch his breath and balance again. He trailed me down the hall until we reached the outside area. To the right was a giant bamboo wall, blocking our view from what I assumed to be the female baths. There were beautiful botanical plants surrounding the large bodies of spring water. Steam poured out of the pools, hazing our vision as we walked on the smooth cobbled designed surface of the floor. We follow the signs that pointed to the Nude Spa and found Imran already sitting in the water. His arms were splayed out across the edge with his head thrown back against a towel to cushion him from the hard floor. His chest bulged obscenely above the water with the lower half dipping below it. The twin outlines were still quite visible.

“You guys took your time. Come on in, the water’s fine!” Imran moved his towel to the side allowing us to submerge ourselves into the nice warm water. Steam rolled over our skin, wrapping us in heat. It felt great against my skin, my pores had already felt like they were opening up. This was also my first time being nude in a public bath. It felt nice being pretty free. Dad and Imran sat in similar positions. Each of them had sweat dripping down their foreheads and chests as if they were in a sauna. Deciding to be adventuresome, I swam out into the middle of the pool, looking around and enjoying the plants surrounding us and the stars in the sky above. I heard water splashing as I saw my dad quickly come up to me and wrap me in his arms.

“Gotcha!” he squeezed me pushing my body into his.

“Ah, let me go!” I squirmed.

“Never.” He held onto me tight, looking up at the stars above. We stood there floating for a while before Imran decided to join us two. Both of his pecs looked like miniature life rafts heading toward us.

“Look son, the titanic had sunk and now we’re saved! Life rafts are approaching!” my dad exclaimed and pointed to Imran. Imran waded over to us faster before crashing into my dad, nearly knocking him out.

“Wrong. I’m the iceberg,” Imran retorted. My dad had been knocked down and received a face full of pecs to the face. With his head in between Imran’s tits he began to blow into them and shake his head like he was motor boating. Imran let out a laugh as my dad continued to motor boat him. Imran grabbed both of his pecs and squeezed them against dad’s head. Through the steam I noticed a bit of the water underneath Imran’s chest had become murky. On closer inspection I realized it was the white cream starting to leak out of his tits. I mouthed to Imran to look down while my dad’s head was in between his chest and he grew stiff. Dad removed himself and noticed the white murky water.

“Huh, what’s this?” dad leaned down to investigate, following the trail until he arrived right at Imran’s chest. Imran gave an awkward smile as my dad figured it out. “Imran are you—is this coming from you?” He hefted one of Imran’s pecs upward so the nipple that was submerged popped up out of the water, leaking a steady trickle of cream. “What the fuck.”

“Uh, yeah,” Imran looked embarrassed as he continued to watch the trickle continue. My dad taking a few steps back in the water before leaning in again, checking out the trickle. He gave a quick tug and the trickle grew into a little spout as cream sprayed a little bit on dad’s stomach. With what remained on his fingers dad plunged them into his mouth to suck on the liquid, trying to identify what it was.

“It tastes sweet,” he smacked his lips, “Kind of like a cream.”

“Glad you like it,” Imran gave a nervous chuckle. “It’s milk.”

“Whatever it is, it tastes fucking great. I wanted something sweet to drink earlier. Looks like I found it,” dad said and threw himself onto Imran, giving him little time to register what was happening. Attaching his mouth onto his swollen nipple, dad began to suck Imran’s tit while using his other hand to squeeze the other. Moving back and forth between the two, dad was trying not to miss any of the cream trickling out.

“Ma-Matt oooOOOH. Sl-SLOW DOwnnNNN”, Imran was over stimulated by my dad’s relentless attacks at his chest. Imran was too busy being in ecstasy and my dad was too busy lapping up whatever cream he could get to notice but Imran’s chest was beginning to swell up. It started slow at first, but with each suck and graze of his nipples by my dad, his chest seemed to lurch a bit larger, rising from the water. Steadily his chest began to fill up a bit more, rounding out. His areola’s began to spread out a big larger to accommodate the growing size. “I-I feel bigger!” Imran shouted as another pulse shot through his chest. Dad was having difficulty getting any of the cream out as the trickles had stopped. Dad began rubbing Imran’s chest and squeezing it, licking around his areolas to stimulate him. Imran’s chest continued to bloat fatter and heavier, finally rising up to his chin. “Give me a break pl-please!” Imran yelled as his nipples began to engorge one last time. I moved back aside knowing all too well at what was about to happen. Dad latched onto a nipple quickly and bit down causing Imran to scream and jerk as jets of cream shot out of his pecs and all into the water. The tit my dad had been sucking was pulsing as my dad continued to swallow the gushing cream as best as he could. Whenever some began to spill out of his mouth he’d readjust himself onto Imran’s tit. The display seemed to go on for what felt like ten minutes before Imran’s tits ran dry and shrunk back down to the size they had been before swelling with cream. Dad continued switching between tit to tit to drink whatever else he could manage to scavenge.

“You make one hell of a drink Imran,” dad said happily. He licked around his lips to get any remaining cream into his mouth. Imran was huffing from the amount of sensitivity he had received from dad sucking on his tits. I could see his dick had grown erect under the water.

“They feel so sore now, but not like before,” he said. At the slightest touch Imran winced as his pecs were still reeling from their sudden growth in size and shrinkage.

“Sorry. I got a bit carried away. Do you need any help?” dDad leaned over to assist Imran to the edge of the pool where he rested his jugs onto the edge.

“They’re just feeling a little drained right now. I need to rest a bit so they don’t feel so sore and I’ll be good to go. Matt I had no idea you knew how to ravish tits like that,” Imran said. He was sweating from exhaustion and the steam.

“I’ve had my fair share with women in the past before I knew men were my thing. My talents haven’t been put into use for a while but once I saw that rack of yours I knew I needed to put them back into action,” the two shared a laugh and chatted for a little bit before Imran pulled himself out of the water. His semi was poking up a little bit as he walked back to the shower stall. Dad waded back over to me. “Imran’s going to head back to the room for a little break.”

“Well, after you milked him dry I don’t blame him. You really took a liking to his milk.” I waded over to the edge and dad followed.

“I might need to get out son, I’m feeling a little hot.” He wiped his brow and then his neck.

“We haven’t been in here too long, but if you need to step out then I’ll be fine alone.”

Dad let out a belch and groaned. “Fuck I feel so heavy,” dad said as he moved his hands up and down his body, taking in deep breaths while closing his eyes. As he let his arms back down I noticed the hair in his pits looked denser and darker, making the start of tufts. Dad scratched at his pits, feeling the fur. Suddenly, dad looked alarmed, staring down at his chest. It began to move. Dad gasped as he looked at his chest starting to swell larger. I was in awe. He was growing right in front of my eyes. Even worse, he was watching himself grow. I was starting to get nervous. His large pec shelf lurched forward, growing rounder and denser with muscle, receiving a coating of fat on top to make it look soft and supple. Now his chest began to make a slight droop, sort of resembling Imran’s but smaller. Dad continued to watch his chest grow, looking up at me to see if I was seeing the same thing. I nodded my head and he quickly pulled himself out of the water and I followed right behind. As he quickly picked up the pace back to the shower hall his pecs began to bounce up and down, crashing against his body. When I had finally caught up to dad in the shower hall he was staring at his now newly inflated pecs in the mirror, unable to say a word.

I snapped my fingers in his face, “Dad snap out of it! How do you feel?”.

Refusing to make eye contact, he continued staring at his new rack, “Big. Did I just have another growth spurt?” his mouth wad dry.

“I think so dad,” I was biting my tongue so hard I could have drawn some blood. “Let’s go back. I’ll do some research tonight but I hope you don’t mind your, um, improvements.”

“Son, I don’t mind one bit. It’ll just take some time getting use to them,” he walked over to the locker room and began to but his clothes back on. I got dressed before he did so I was able to help him get his shirt over his larger pecs. As we managed to get it over his head and slightly onto his body, a loud rip filled the room. A large rip went down the back of his shirt. His back had grown wider to help support the growth of his rack. “Shit. That was one of my favorite shirts too,” dad said as he looked at the tear. “Maybe I can get it fixed. Trev, can you pull out my muscle tee I brought?”

“Sure thing,” I dug through his bag and pulled out a white muscle tee he usually uses when doing workouts. He grabbed it and stuffed it onto his body. His wide shoulders and bulging arms pushed against his already large pecs, making them seem even bigger. The top half of his pecs were spilling out the top of the muscle tee and the rest were bulging out the sides. Only his nipples were hidden away from sight, but easily seen pushing on the white fabric, both brown and hard.

“For some reason my pits feel itchy,” dad kept scratching at his pits before lifting up his arm to take a look. The hair that had seemed to have grown more since we were in the water. It blossomed further into a forest of dark black hair, tufted and attempting to escape his pits. When he put down his arms the tufts of hair could be seen sticking out of the sides. It was faint, but he smelled a bit musky. “I gotta get back to the room.” He looked a bit distraught.

I quickly grabbed for his arm, “Dad you gotta talk to me. You don’t look all right. Your mind feels like it’s elsewhere.”

“I don’t mean to worry you kiddo. It’s just—” He was at a loss for words, “I’ve been growing a lot lately and to see it first hand, I don’t know what to think. I find it sexy as shit but right now I want to get to the room to clear my other head.” His dick was throbbing in his pants. He wouldn’t be able to conceal his dick if it were to grow erect. We hurried back to our rooms. I gave my dad a kiss and hug goodnight before he entered his room. I stared at the wall for a bit trying to think of my next move before opening my rooms door.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I opened the door to my room to see two quite familiar faces sitting on the bed laughing while on their phones.

“No no, run over here! They’re going to aim that way!” Ethan was laying on his back holding his phone to his face.

“I’m trying but I have slowness on me—I died,” Jeremy laughed as Ethan was in a panic before tossing his phone onto the bed. “I died too.”

“That’s game over. Oh hey Trev. Nice to see you.” Ethan rolled over onto his stomach.

“Hey babe!” Jeremy stood up quickly and then walked over to give me a kiss. “Ethan and I were just playing some games. Wanna join?”

“I got a new game we could play,” Ethan smirked and looked over toward the two of us. “Come on, close the door.” I closed the door behind me, following Jeremy over to the bed where Ethan was.

“What game do you have in mind?” I put down my little bag I had taken with me to the spa over under one of the desks in the room.

“Let’s play I Spy. I spy with my little eye… a hot ass!” Ethan wrapped his arms around me, grinding against my butt.

“Hey hey hey come here,” Jeremy attempted to pull Ethan off of me but he was gripped onto me too tight. Soon Jeremy was dragging Ethan who was dragging me back to the bed.

“You said I could have some fun, are you going back on your word Jer-Bear?” Ethan gave some big ol’ puppy dog eyes to Jeremy. He rolled his eyes.

“Trev might be tired and may want to go to bed,” he began to tickle Ethan until he let go of me.

“I’m awake. So did you two boys want to have some fun?” I began to pull off my shirt, exposing my torso.

“Yes!” Ethan was quick to follow suit pulling off his own shirt, revealing his slender physique. Jeremy did the same, being the most muscular out of the three of us Ethan and I couldn’t help but stare causing Jeremy to blush a bit from the attention. “You don’t look like it with those baggy clothes you wear but you got some good muscle on you don’t you Jer-Bear?”

“S-Stop,” Jeremy was getting flustered. He was nervous when it was just the two of us when we did it for the first time but now adding in a third person relatively soon made him shy.

“I’m just teasin’ ya man. Calm down. See, come here,” Ethan approached Jeremy and began to tickle his sides like he had done to him. Slowly he began to pull off his pants, leaving Jeremy in his large briefs with his own large bulge. “Nothing to hide here man. We all got one

I took off my own pants and walked over to Jeremy who was now lying on the bed. I moved Ethan aside as I crawled on top of Jeremy, resting my butt against his bulging crotch. Slowly I leaned in closer to him and began to kiss his neck before biting it gently. I felt a response immediately pushing against me. Looks like I knew one of his erogenous zones. I leaned in closely to whisper to him, “If you don’t feel up for it, I can tell Ethan not today. I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable.”

“N-No it’s fine. I just don’t have a lot of experience with t-this stuff yet.”

“We’re in the same boat,” I chuckled. Jeremy propped himself back up allowing me to wrap my arms around his neck. We began to make out for a couple minutes as I continued to grind against his throbbing erection.

“Fuck you two are hot,” Ethan was standing watching us making out as I was putting on a little show. He was rubbing the bulge in his own shorts, having difficulties trying to cover it up.

“Enjoying the show?” I twisted a bit so I could remove my underwear, my nude ass on display.

“Hell yeah I am!” Ethan exclaimed. He continued to rub the head of his dick harder.

Jeremy and I continued making until I moved down to pull off his own briefs, letting his 13½” dick rub against my ass. Positioning myself, I crouched a little bit above the head of his dick and spread my cheeks before throwing myself onto his dick. I let out a loud groan as my hole enveloped Jeremy’s large head and a couple inches of the shaft. Jeremy watched me intently as I slid up and down, trying to open myself up to the couple of inches I had just taken. Jeremy helped me gain a steady rhythm so I could go deeper onto his thick shaft. He turned me over so I was now facing the backboard of the bed. He started slowly slipping his dick in and out of my ass before picking up the pace. I let out moans as he kept thrusting, sometimes deep, sometimes to the side, he was hitting every angle. Ethan joined the two of us on the bed now with his shorts completely gone, letting his fat 15” prick bob out. It had a nice left curve to it as he used his knees to get closer to Jeremy.

“You can’t just expect me to watching you fuck his ass when you have a fuckable looking ass too Jer-Bear.” Ethan’s voice was low and predatory.

“What?” Jeremy slowed his thrusting to look behind him before he let out a loud yelp, “ooohHHH fuck!”

“That’s it, you can take it. Slow and steady Jer-Bear,” Ethan was slowly pushing his fat dick into Jeremy’s ass. Jeremy’s body was convulsing, causing him to thrust back into me.

“Shit you’re too big!” Jeremy pushed his hands against my ass, squeezing my round cheeks hard whenever Ethan began to thrust more of his dick into him. Each time Ethan thrust into Jeremy I could feel the force coming through Jeremy’s thrusts into me. It was as if we were a fucking train, literally. Ethan began to develop a steady and faster pace which began to match Jeremy’s. On my end, I felt the force of both of them fucking. My dick was leaking pre-cum more than it had ever done before. The room was filled with panting and grunts, only stopped by moans and muffled screams as we continued to enjoy one another.

“I can’t take it all!” Jeremy was digging his nails into my ass.

“Come on big man you can take it,” Ethan pushed in harder.

Our little fuck fest went on for what felt like an hour. Jeremy kept varying his thrusts while pulling me off of him to reposition me. Ethan at one point pulled Jeremy down onto his dick, making Jeremy take about half of it until he bottomed out. Ethan removed himself letting Jeremy resume fucking me. He came over and stuck his big dick down my throat as much as I could take. It didn’t take long for Ethan to return to Jeremy’s hole when we he finished having his way with me. We kept going at it until Ethan finally yelled, “I’m gonna come!”

“Fuck me too!” Jeremy yelled. With one final thrust I could feel Jeremy climaxing in me, releasing his torrent of cum into my ass. Jeremy was out of breath as he was unloading into me but receiving an extra load from behind when Ethan continued to pound his ass. I began to shoot over my stomach with some even landing on my face. We remained in position for a couple of minutes, trying to catch our breaths. Ethan had pulled out of Jeremy whereas Jeremy still kept his cock nestled into my hole. It was slightly deflated but my hole felt full and tight with his dick still there, and the blockage of cum. Next thing I knew I was out like a light.


Part 13

I woke up feeling a pleasant warmness being between Ethan and Trevor, both on either side of me as we lay together in the bed with me in the middle. I lifted myself up feeling a bit gross and sticky from the amount of sex the three of us had last night. Thank god no one came by our rooms to tell us to be quiet, but then again only Derek, Imran, and my dad were next door to us. Slowly slipping out from between the two, I made my way into the bathroom and closed the door. Looking in the mirror I took notice of my body. My ass did look fuller than yesterday, even more so today. Imran’s milk really does have some type of nutrient in it. I placed my hands beneath both my cheeks and gave them a little push up, feeling their new weight. They gave me a nice curve. I didn’t have a really large bubble butt like some people, and especially Derek, but it looked good. I was happy with it. I hopped into the shower allowing the warm water to cascade over my body. I felt the sweat and dried up cum begin to rinse off of my body as I began to scrub myself with the soap bar (it smelled really nice, by the way).

“Hey Trev, are you in here?”

“Yeah, I’m just washing up,” I called out. The door unlocked and Jeremy entered, covered much like I had been in dried up cum and the scent of musk emitting from him. The shower was small and acted more as a tub with a sliding door at the side. Jeremy slid the shower door open and ducked his head under the top railing, squeezing his body into the shower with me. His head reached far above the shower head and his head itself was already almost near the ceiling. He gave a sheepish smile down at me, taking in how tall he really was.

“How do you even shower at home now?” I moved a bit aside to give him some more room, putting me directly underneath the shower head.

“Funny you ask, pops says he’s thinking of redoing the bathroom for me since showering is annoying because of how low the shower head is. We thought about getting a detachable head but pops said he doesn’t know how much taller I’m gonna grow so he thought it might be good to just redo the bathroom. It’s been on his list to do for a while now anyways,” Jeremy reached for the soap I handed off to him.

“Well, fortunately for you this shower has a detachable head if you want to try it. Lean down a bit.” I grabbed the detachable head as Jeremy learned down as far as he could without taking up too much room between the two of us. The two of us eventually got into the groove of things, finding a steady motion—knowing when to move and what to hand off so we wouldn’t make one another fall or push one another into the wall. Except one time Jeremy accidentally shoved his cock in my face, but I didn’t complain. I helped soap up his back and shampoo his hair. We talked for a bit, laughing at how small the shower was for the two of us. Once we were cleaned up I turned on the bathwater and we tried to find a comfortable way to sit down together. It was inevitable but Jeremy’s legs were too long so we had to slide the glass door to the other side so his legs could poke out. I sat in his lap, resting my body against his long firm torso. The steam enveloped the room as we sit there enjoying each other’s company.

“It seems like we haven’t had time to ourselves in a while, huh Trev?” Jeremy wrapped his arms around me, I rested my head back against his chest.

“Was last night too much? I’m sorry if it was, I should have talked to you more about it.” I was a bit worried myself. I like the idea of living out my fantasies with the people around me, and I like Ethan, but Jeremy takes priority. Maybe I did go too far last night letting Ethan join in between Jeremy and I.

“It was fine… I think Ethan’s a chill guy don’t get me wrong, but I was caught a bit off guard is all. I can definitely say bottoming isn’t for me.” Jeremy sat quietly. I can feel his heart beating against my back.

“I didn’t think he’d go all the way with you either. We can talk to him about it. Just know that even though we may have had a third person join us, you’re the one I love, all right?” I tilted my head back to look up at him.

He gave me a half smile and kissed my forehead, “I know that, babe. I also apologize if I’m a little awkward. It’s just been on my mind and hey, I have mad respect for you when you bottom.”

I chuckled. “Jeremy, I’m new to this too. We’re both new to this and both figuring stuff out. I should have asked you more about your limits and I never want you to do something you’re not comfortable with or do something you go along with because you don’t want to upset me. I don’t want to upset you or see you hurt. Oh and you’re not awkward and all! You’re my kind gentle giant and I will always love you.” I repositioned myself so I was now facing toward him. I went in for a kiss, planting my hand on his cheek.

“Thanks, Trev, it really means a lot. I know I say that often but it really does. I am really grateful that you’re understanding and that you even gave me a shot when I asked you out. I was just a little worried you might find me weird because of my recent growth spurt. I didn’t want to seem like some type of freak to you.” He let out a sigh.

“Jeremy how long have you been feeling like this?” I was taken aback. I knew I had been changing people pretty often these last couple of months but I never wanted someone to get hurt because of it. I love having my fantasies but I don’t want to hurt anybody.

“Probably after you came over the first or second time. Especially when I met you at the frozen yogurt place. I know I shrugged it off but I was really embarrassed when I hit my head on the umbrella.” He gave a nervous chuckle. “But yeah… I was just really stoked you said yes but after growing taller and seeing how my clothes weren’t fitting me, I was little scared. That doesn’t mean I don’t like being tall though! Sometimes I really do like being tall and I feel more dominant I guess? Since I’m so much bigger than other guys but um… yeah.”

“Jeremy, I’m really sorry. To be honest, I was really surprised you even asked me out since I never really thought anyone at school liked me. I never found you to be a freak and if I ever made you feel self-conscious about your height I am really sorry. I won’t do it again. Do you wish you were shorter?” I was looking at him in the eyes, waiting for him to respond.

“No, I wouldn’t want that. You never made me self-conscious, quite the opposite actually. You made me feel more comfortable about it which has helped me out. Some of my buddies on the team make comments that I try not let irk me but I get it, you don’t see a seven-foot-tall guy around often, let alone when they’re eighteen years old. Plus the doctors said my puberty isn’t over yet so I might grow taller anyways. When that time comes you promise you won’t get weirded out right?” I recognized the doubt in his face.

“I promise. Remember, you’re my gentle giant and I love you for you and not your height okay? If you get taller then so what, that’s just more of you to love.” I gave him a reassuring smile and kissed him again.

“Thank you Trevor. If I ever get a little too rough you gotta tell me too okay? I wouldn’t ever want to hurt you. Ethan showed me how much pain it is to take a dick up your ass, but also how it can feel great too. There’s been a couple times I’ve been terrified that I might go overboard and accidentally hurt you though.”

“You won’t hurt me. I know you won’t. Don’t think about bad things like that or you’ll only stress yourself out. We’re here to relax and I’m glad we got some stuff off of our chests and out in the air to clear up. Is there anything else that’s been bothering you, Jeremy?”

“One more thing has.”

“What might that be?”

“Why aren’t you in my arms?” He reached in and pulled me in tightly to his torso. My face resting on his firm chest with his hand planted onto my head. I could feel his cock chubbing up a bit beneath me. “Sorry about that,” he blushed.

“Never be sorry.”

The two of us messed around for a bit inside the bath before getting out and draining it. I had no idea what time it was but Ethan was still knocked out on the bed sleeping. Both of us must have really tired him out since he didn’t even seem to budge. He still wore his mischievous smile in his sleep though. Ethan was holding onto a pillow and mumbling something in his sleep. His long cock was already at a semi, soon to be a full piece of morning wood by the time he’d wake up. Jeremy and I got dressed while Ethan continued to sleep.

“I’m starving. Didn’t the VIP service or something offer breakfast?” Jeremy finished putting on a gray hoodie that covered his toned body. I couldn’t keep my eyes of him.

“That’s what the brochure said. What do you feel like having?”

“Maybe some sausage,” he stuck his tongue out and winked at me. The audacity this man had.

“You can go on ahead if you want. I’m gonna go round up the others for the morning wake up call,” I pulled some pants up newly enlarged butt, giving it a wiggle in front of Jeremy before heading out into the hall.

Imran and Derek’s room was the closest so I gave it a knock. It didn’t take long before I heard the beep of the lock followed by the door opening. Imran opened the door, shirtless of course, giving a yawn before greeting me, “Good morning Trev, come in come in,” Imran rubbed his eyes. Immediately I could smell a sweet scent that filled the room. It was soothing and made me feel calm. Looking around I could see damp stains and spots on the floor, walls, and bed where Derek was fast asleep much like Ethan.

“I take it you showed Derek your new little party trick?” I moved my gaze over to the wet spots found across the room.

“Maybe just a bit. It didn’t take long for my tits to fill back up after your dad milked me dry. Derek had some fun for a bit before we called it quits. I had to milk myself a couple times because I couldn’t resist how great it felt. He also liked sucking some down too.”

Why was I not surprised? I should be used to this by now. I was curious to see what change had happened to Derek since he had been with Imran all night. Was it a big change like it had been with my dad or a subtle one like it had been with me? “I came to get you two for breakfast by the way. Jeremy was gonna wake up Ethan so I came over to let you two know.”

“Now that you mention it, I am hungry. All I’ve had has been my tit milk, which doesn’t keep me full for long,” Imran pumped his nipples and gave them a little flex causing his tits to swell a bit larger. He was having too much fun with this. “Let me clean up a bit. You can wake up Derek if you want.”

Imran grabbed his shaving kit and headed into the bathroom. I made my way onto the bed where Derek was sleeping. Looking back to check if the door was closed, I moved the sheets to get a view at my big brother. It was noticeable, but not to a big degree. His ass had grown even bigger, pretty much Kim K sized or bigger, his thighs also grew more muscular. It had to have been the milk from Imran. I planted a kiss on his left cheek and began to poke them. The more I played with his ass the more I didn’t mind having my ass grow. It could be fun. Derek yawned while his eyes fluttered open to see me.

“Hey bro, when did you get here?” he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Not too long ago. I came to get you guys so we could all meet up for breakfast. I see you found out about Imran’s little secret?” I snickered as I gazed at the different wet spots around the room.

“Maybe we got carried away just a little.” He licked his lips.

“Well hurry up and get ready. I still gotta wake up dad.”

I got up off the bed and made my way back into the hall to knock on my dad’s door. I waited a while before knocking again. Loud footsteps thudded across the floor before he familiar click of the door made its way to my ears. Slowly opening, the large mass of my dad filled the entire doorway. My gaze went up and up. He had grown.

“Good morning son,” he yawned and made his way back onto the bed before plopping back down. The room smelled a bit familiar, kind of like what I picked up on last night when we were in the locker room. It was kind of musky, but also made me feel comforted and relaxed. I shook my head. I couldn’t get distracted. My dad looked bigger as he sprawled himself across the bed meant for two, looking more like it was meant for one man his size.

“Dad wake up the guys and I were rounding up to get some breakfast. Are you coming?”

“My body is tired son. Maybe I am getting old,” he turned over, trying to wiggle himself back under the covers of the bed.

I grabbed at his leg, “Come on dad, you can sleep later. Besides, we have our appointments soon too.”

Dad remained motionless for a bit before pushing himself up, flexing his large biceps and stood up to his towering height. His large tits and nub-like nipples stood out and proud, bulge pushing down against his sleeping briefs exposing his dark pubes. He was definitely bigger. He staggered about moving around the room trying to gain his footing from being half asleep. I sat on the bed waiting for him to wash up taking in the nice scent that filled the room. It smelled just like dad. A scent only he could call his own. Coming out of the bathroom, dad looked a bit disheveled. Although his hair was not combed, the bed head still looked great on him. Nothing seemed to be able to put a damper on my dad’s attractiveness. Picking up some gym shorts from the floor I got a nice view of my dad’s rear, the gray briefs nearly being gobbled up by his crack. I don’t know how old those briefs were but they looked pretty worn out and tired from keeping itself together from all the pressure it was receiving from my dad’s mass. Scratching his belly, dad pulled on a muscle tee which stretched across his shoulders. Due to the recent advancements in the chest area, his big meaty tits stretched the shirt out so much his chest was pretty much out for display, with his nipples only being covered by the fabric. It was pretty erotic. As I followed my dad to the dining area I noticed that he seemed to shiver and bite his lip whenever the fabric rubbed against his nipples. I guess they had grown more sensitive.

We arrived at the dining hall fortunately in time for us to eat with the rest of the guys. All eyes were on my dad as he entered the room. Although Jeremy may have been the tallest among us, Derek having the biggest ass, and Imran having the biggest tits, my dad was the one everyone had an eye on. While we sat down at the table eating and telling jokes while poking fun at each other, I couldn’t help but not notice the scent that my dad was carrying. It was intoxicating. The guys at the table seemed to have caught on too as they would each take turns making glances at my dad. Even the staff was a bit intimidated by the man. He was the true alpha amongst us all, and I think deep down we all knew that. I think he knew that too, which is why he was always bringing such a strong presence with him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

While Derek, Jeremy, and Ethan finished up their breakfast, dad, Imran, and I headed out to our appointments. Since there wasn’t a lot of staff right now only a few people could enjoy the spa treatments at a time so Derek, Jeremy, and Ethan were going to explore and have some fun in the hot springs while us three had our own relaxation time today. Following a beautifully decorated hall with arches and some walls designed to look like antique wooden doors, with cherry blossoms trees ordaining them. Inside we waited in the lobby until our names were called by a cute little strawberry-hair colored twunk. Looking at his name tag on his silver-blue uniform we found his name to be Jackson.

I signed up for the deluxe spa package which included a large array of things I didn’t think I’d ever need or want, but considering this whole trip was already paid for why not go big? Imran, dad, and I lay on the massage benches, each of our heads inside of the horseshoe looking cushions. Whoever hired the masseuses did a great job as I heard my neck and back crack so much. Who knew I was so tense? Probably from all the stress of not letting people find out I had been altering them. Moving on we had a seaweed treatment. I fit into the seaweed wraps used during the treatment just fine, but that was a different story for the other two. Jackson had trouble fitting the seaweed over my dad’s large body being that he was much larger than any of the other guys, hell probably larger than most guys now. It took some rearranging but he got the wrap over the central part of my dad’s body that the treatment called for. He pretty much gave up on Imran when it came to covering his chest since his tits literally ripped the seaweed wrap a part. Imran chuckled and made a joke about it, but Jackson’s eyes were filled with surprise and a tinge of lust. I know that look from anywhere. If his mouth wasn’t closed I bet he’d be salivating. We sat in the quiet room chatting amongst each other as Jackson moved on ahead to prepare the next part of our little package. I couldn’t help but catch a familiar whiff of something in the air. I had started smelling it last night and then today when we began to eat. My nose trailed the scent to my dad who was in the seat left of me. Something was up.

At this point Imran and I moved on to our milk bath which was in a room next to a rock garden with tranquil music playing. Dad on the other hand went with the age rejuvenation treatment in the room next to us two. I had never had a milk bath before and I’m betting Imran hadn’t had one before either because we were both a little confused as to what to do or say when Jackson came to check up on us too. When he left though, I had to relieve some tension in Imran’s chest adding a whole new definition of “milk bath”. Thank god his milk matched the color of the milk we were in or else we’d have difficulty explaining what it was. We lucked out with it just being us three in the hot spring so the waters discoloration eventually faded. When Imran got called away for his crystal treatment, the milk cascaded down his magnificent body and clung to his large tits, dripping off his nipples. I hadn’t noticed how much he had weighed since it seemed most of the fluid left with him. I remained sitting alone in the bath, thinking about pretty much everything. It had been a weird couple of months but I hadn’t regretted any of them. Lately I had been struggling with myself if I had gone too far or not far enough. Did anybody else have this application? Then there’s the thing with Jeremy. Ethan seems to be enjoying his new life and as for Imran and Derek, they seem really happy. Dad on the other hand seems to be struggling a bit more too. I’m glad Jeremy and I had that talk earlier but dad seems to keep things inside, bottled up. I know he’s made remarks about liking these changes and I genuinely think he likes them, but leading a new life with all of these new “improvements” I just don’t know. I drooped down into the bath a bit more, just allowing my head to remain uncovered. Looking over to the window where my dad was I could see the outline of his large body laying down waiting for Jackson to arrive to do whatever.

When Jackson walked in I saw his outline stop, admiring the backside of my large dad. I grinned. Jackson put down some of the supplies he had carried in and set them down on top of a table of some sort. My dad’s twin peaks jutting up and out. I saw my dad’s outline move. They must be talking. These rooms are really soundproof which is a bonus, but I have a remedy for that. I pulled myself out of the bath and walked over to my bag which had my phone. Taking it back with me I opened up the app and lowered the volume enough so I could see and listen to what was happening in the other room.

“All right sir, first we’re going to begin with a simple rub down with this special cream offered here by our establishment if that is fine with you.” Jackson was smiling but his eyes were full, looking at the eye candy in front of him.

“That’s fine with me. I’ll do anything,” Matt’s gruff voice said as his head remained against the pillow.

Jackson let out a squeak, “Anything?!” realizing he got a little too overexcited he began to blush a bit. Matt lifted himself up a bit and laughed which was not helping Jackson out.

“Yeah, anything.” Dad gave Jackson a once over and grinned.

Now I was smiling. If this means what I think it means then my dad might have found someone he likes! Should I intervene? Maybe a little push… no, never mind. It might be best to watch and see what happens and go from there.

Jackson squeezed some of the cream out of a glass bottle and rubbed his hands together, greasing them up. He began to massage my dad’s chest first, rubbing the two large masses against each other and then a part. He lifted them up and down, his eyes glistening. Trailing off from his chest he touched his stomach, feeling how it was firm but still coated in a bit of fat giving him a little bit of bulk that added to his dad-like charm. Moving onto his shoulders he ran his skilled hands up and down, rubbing them and feeling how wide and strong they were which elicited a few sighs and groans from my dad. Next, he swayed his hands to my dad’s cannonball biceps. He lingered there for a while. My dad decided to put on a show since he began to flex them and looked up to Jackson.

“Strong huh? See any as big as these before?” dad asked.

“Never sir,” Jackson couldn’t draw his eyes away from the ball of muscle. He continued to knead it thoroughly.

“My thighs feel so knotted, can you rub them for me next?” dad craned his neck down and gave a little frown.

“S-sure sir. Right away!” Jackson moved himself away from my dad’s upper half and to his thighs which bulged of muscle and power. Starting with his calves and working his way up, it didn’t take long before I realized what dad had really been planning. The cloth which was covering his crotch was starting to bulge outward, unbeknown to Jackson. It took a while before Jackson did a double take and saw the rising cloth which no longer was hiding dad’s meat, but only covering the top couple of inches.

Holy shit!” Jackson let out a yell, bumping into the table as he tried to take a step back. His eyes were drawn to my dad’s dick, unable to pull them away.

“My bad, it just gets like that sometimes. Your rejuvenation treatment must be working quite well,” Dad pretended to cover himself back up but only got the cloth to fall off completely, giving Jackson and eyeful. Jackson gulped.

“Is that thing real?” Jackson’s hand was already moving toward the hard rod but he stopped himself.

“Damn right it is. I know you wanna feel it. Come on, it doesn’t bite,” Dad smirked.

I shook my head while sitting in the water. Cheeky bastard, I couldn’t help but laugh. I put down my phone and watched the two outlines of the men in the room next to me. Jackson kept feeling up my dad’s dick before moving onto his body. If the rooms weren’t soundproof I could only imagine the noises I’d hear. While watching the two I caught another whiff of that scent. As I continued smelling it I felt my dick begin to chub. I was starting to pant a little bit. Why was I getting so aroused? As the room continued to fill up with the scent I couldn’t help but pulling down my trunks and start rubbing one out. I couldn’t stop myself, I just felt so horny. I got my phone and saw that Jackson’s face was planted right in my dad’s pits, smelling him. He looked like a man crazed, infected with lust. Was this some type of pheromone? The guys at the table before were a bit fidgety when my dad was there and even now I can’t stop myself, and neither can Jackson by the look of it. But when did that happen? Was it because dad had some of Imran’s milk? Was his chest not the only thing that changed? I remember watching his pits grow hairier but I guess that was just what was visible at the time. I continued masturbating. It didn’t take long before I shot a load but my erection wasn’t going down. The scent smelled stronger. Judging from the outline, dad had his hands behind his head as Jackson was trying to take as much dick down his throat that would allow. Furiously I continued, my body feeling so hot I couldn’t help but let out a moan. It was then that the door creaked open.

Imran walked back in with his finger probing his ear. He gave a wave before returning into the milk bath alongside me. My cock was still out and erect, but thankfully the color of the fluid we were in hid it.

“My ears are going to be ringing for a week,” he was making faces and tilted his head to the side as if he was trying to get some water out. “So what have you been up to? Just relaxing?”

Trying to act normal as if I wasn’t just vigorously masturbating to the scent which was still clouding the room, I responded, “Yep, just thinking over these last couple months. How was your thing?”

“Don’t do it. I think it gave me ear problems. I much rather have just sat here the entire time. Speaking of where’s your dad…”, Imran trailed off, looking past my head and at the outlines of where the two men were. I turned my head to follow his gaze. Jackson was clearly on top of my dad. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m glad these rooms are soundproof. Imran looked at the two outlines and back at me.

“It’s what you think,” I sighed.

“I’m uh sorry you have to see that. On the bright side at least you don’t have to hear it right?” Imran gave a bright cheesy smile and pulled me in closer, putting his hands over my ears.

“Hey, we can’t hear them so it’s fine. It’s not like Derek and I don’t know what our dad does. He’s a horn dog just like Derek. And like me.” My own voice must have seemed a distance away as Imran still kept his hands on my ears.

“That may be so but Imran is here now so don’t you worry. Let’s just enjoy the rest of this trip. Your dad sure is,” Imran began to laugh watching the two in the other room go at it. He removed his hands finally just to wipe away a tear from his eye from laughing too hard before calming down into a little snicker. “I’m actually sorry. I never walked in my parents when I was younger or a sibling so this is new to me. Say, have you heard Derek and I—”

I cut him off. “Oh yeah.”

“Sorry,” he winced. “Man I didn’t know this place had some aromatherapy here too. Guess I didn’t notice it before that loud crystal banging they did for me.” Imran’s nose twitched as he sniffed the air. “Smells kind of nice.” This entire time the scent hadn’t left my nostrils but now it seemed to have made its way over to Imran. I watched him huff and twitch a little bit, moving his hand down under the milky fluid. “I don’t think I noticed how hot it is in here.”.

In just a couple minutes, Imran was getting just as aroused as I was. The first sign were his nipples growing erect. The second was when the tip of his cockhead came out the water. The big brown beast’s head was pulsing underneath his tits, trying to find a spot to nestle in between the two of them. “Shit I’m so sorry Trevor I just can’t help myself!”. Imran began to stroke his hands across his penis gently at first, before getting into a vigorous pace. I gave in easy. I began to masturbate alongside Imran at this point, not caring if anyone else walked in. I don’t think he cared either. The two of us looked at each other as we continued to stroke our own cocks. I shot a third load where Imran just shot his first. This milk bath was not gonna be clean for long. Imran looked over to the outline of my dad and Jackson clearly making out. His chest was swelling up once again, rising from the water and pushing out on the sides of him, bloating, rising back up to hitting his chin. The round orbs ready to burst. Looking at the outline, Jackson was impaled onto my dad’s dick and he was now carrying him on it. Imran and I took notice and saw they were going to head over into the milk bath!

“What do we do?!” I whispered in a panic.

“Let’s sneak out through the exit hall. Hurry!” I shoved my erection back into my trunks and tumbled out the milk bath. Imran cramped his large brown snake into his trunks as best as he could but had trouble getting out of the milk bath. I had to guide him since he couldn’t see over his full pecs. Grabbing the two towels we dried off as quick as we could leaving a milk trail behind. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my phone back in and we exited out the back.

No wonder this place was still wasn’t ready yet. We had just left a peaceful and modern spa to enter a hall filled with pipes and machinery. Imran waddled ahead of me until we had enough distance from the door. We continued to dry off as best we could so we wouldn’t have any injuries slipping. We stared at each other and laughed.

“Good thing we got out of there quickly. It’s bad enough you saw your old man pounding a guy in the room next door, I didn’t want you to have to see it live and filmed in front of a studio audience,” Imran placed the towel onto his shoulder. He tried looking down to me but had some trouble with his enlarged, ready to burst tits which hadn’t received the relief they needed. On the bright side, our erections had gone down to a more manageable state since the pheromones my dad was emitting weren’t inside of this janitorial or mechanical hall or wherever this was. “I hate to ask, but can you make sure I don’t fall on anything Trev?”

“I got you. Hopefully we can leave this place without getting caught. Thank god there’s not a lot of staff but still,” I had Imran by the arm so we could follow the same walking pace, making sure he wouldn’t trip over anything he couldn’t see. It was kind of like a horror film. The pipes would bang and spit out steam, doors would rattle, and some hisses could be heard emitting from the different machines. Imran was clinging onto me at this point, his grip tight. “Imran are you… scared?” Now it was my turn to snicker.

“N-no. I just don’t like creepy areas that are dark and—” He got cut off when a bit of steam got spit onto his back, causing him to yelp.

“You were saying?” I looked up to him and he looked away. I knew this spa was big but damn if only we had a map in how to get out. We could go back and see if my dad and Jackson had finished their little sex-capade but from experience, I know how long my dad can go at it. Factoring in the pheromones that were pouring off of him, those two would probably be a while.


“Yes Imran?”

“I have to use the restroom,” I turned my head slowly back up at him. He let out a “heh”, and grinned.

“Ugh, can’t you hold it in?” I rubbed my forehead.

“It’s not for that,” he was whimpering now.

His tits were bulging angrily now. The tanned skin looked ready to burst. Second by second his nipples began to pulse as if trying to spew out the milk but nothing was coming out. His chest was just continuing to fill up more and more. I nodded and understood the situation. Looking around I could make out a door with a triangle icon that looked like the one you’d see for male restrooms, but it was too dark to check. “Go on, that looks like one.” Imran made his way into the room and didn’t come out for about fifteen minutes. When he did, his chest was back down to the size it usually was. I walked on over to him.

“Feeling relieved?”

“Yep. But that wasn’t a bathroom, it looked more like a water pump so I just emptied out my milk into it. It could be for the milk bath… heh,” he looked smug, ready to be complimented for a job well done.

“You what?” my face was blank. I grabbed my phone and shined the light over the door and saw a description to the left wall stating “Hot Spring Water Pump”. Oh no.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After managing to escape that maze, Imran returned to his room. I quickly headed over to the hot springs to check. I was hoping the boys wouldn’t be in the water. The pump can’t circulate that fast right? Who am I kidding, I don’t know anything about this type of stuff, I’m still in high school! I made it to the locker room and rinsed off in my trunks before entering the outside area where I had been last night with dad and Imran. Sure enough, I could hear voices. Ethan, Derek, and Jeremy were all playing around in the hot spring. Looking at the water I noticed that it did have some faint discoloration.

My anxiety rose. Calm down Trevor, it’s fine. Imran’s milk doesn’t affect you if you’re in it, that can be proven from today and yesterday. It’s only if you drink some so they should be fine. I contemplated on joining the three but decided to head back to my own room to rest. My head was aching. I don’t remember much besides entering the room, showering, and hopping under the covers.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I awoke a bit later. By now it was night. Jeremy was shuffling around the room dressed in the clothes he had come in and was currently zipping up a suit case before noticing me.

“Had a good rest?” he asked. He walked over and kissed my head.

“Yeah, I just got a headache is all so I decided to rest,” Jeremy set out some of my clothes onto the bed and rolled our suitcases to the door. “We’re leaving already?”

“Well… let’s just say one of us got in trouble so now we all have to leave the premises under the condition we do not mention what happened,” Jeremy was looking at the floor avoiding eye contact.

“What happened?” I was putting my clothes on but I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

“We have to leave because your dad may have…” he couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Say no more. Are the others already ready?” I gave Jeremy a hug as a thank you for packing my stuff while I was resting. I didn’t deserve his love.

“Yeah they’re ready to go. Your dad is down in the lobby though.”

The rest of us piled back down to the lobby with our suitcases, packing it into the car. My dad stood at the lobby front desk chatting up Jackson. They were still flirting while another staff member I hadn’t seen before was ogling my dad now too.

By the time we had all piled into the car my dad apologized but the rest of us didn’t really seem to mind all that much. Considering we had all used this vacation to have sex with at least someone else on the trip, we didn’t blame the guy. As compensation since the night was still young, we took a scenic drive down the coast and stopped at the beach. Even though the sun had set, the cool ocean breeze still occupied the night sky, along with the stars shining above us. While Derek and Imran stood back at the car, Dad headed off to the restroom. Ethan was down by the ocean line where it met the sand playing an imaginary game of tag. Jeremy and I sat in the sand just watching.

“Sorry about the vacation Jeremy,” I leaned by head against his arm.

“Don’t be, I enjoyed it. I got to spend time with you, your family, some friends, and got some nice spa treatments to help with my aching muscles from baseball practice. Plus Derek, Ethan, and I had some fun in the hot springs,” he giggled.

“Like what?” I nestled my head further until it landed in his lap.

“Those two were wrestling while I was the referee, we tried guessing what we were saying underwater, I brought out a ball so we played monkey in the middle too. It was fun. Derek got real into it. At one point I got tackled with a mouthful of water,” he was rubbing my head, stroking his long fingers through my hair like he usually did. He was still staring out at the sea meanwhile my mouth was opened and my eyes squinted. It wasn’t the most attractive face but if I had just heard right Jeremy had just gotten a mouthful of water in his mouth! I hate it here. Jeremy continued, “Then I pushed Derek but accidentally landed on Ethan and he got water in his mouth and some spurted out his nose. Man you should have seen the look on his face!”

I had heard enough for one day. I decided I should just follow my own advice and let whatever happen, happen. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. After dad returned from the restroom and rounded us all up we piled back into the car. We continued our drive back home but it got interrupted by the growling of our stomach’s.

“Damn it, Matt, you couldn’t have fucked the guy after we ate dinner?” Derek groaned while rubbing his stomach. The rest of us couldn’t help but laugh. Dad merely just whistled trying to ignore what Derek had said.

“I’ll buy us all dinner, don’t worry,” he said. We drove for a bit before stopping at a buffet. With five big guys, I was sure they would wipe out the buffet in no time. Thankfully not many people were inside so we stuck to our own corner. Like at the spa, Imran, Jeremy, and dad received the most stares, but they were used to it at this point. Over the course of dinner I did notice that the cuffs of Jeremy’s pants were higher then they had been earlier. Ethan on the other hand was trying to lower his baggy sweater down over his waist as much as he could against the big bulge. Even being such a big exhibitionist, it seems he didn’t want us to get kicked out of this place now that we had finally got some food.

Dad dropped everyone off, just leaving the three of us alone in the car on the way back to our house. Once we arrived we unpacked and went straight to our rooms. It had been a long day and Derek and I had school tomorrow. I looked at the clock and saw it was already two in the morning. Before going to bed I decided to check out the Ethan and Jeremy’s stats. First up was Ethan:

Height: 5’11
Weight: 180 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Light
Penis Size: 11.5” flaccid, 16” erect

His flaccid state had grown a solid inch and a half where his erect state grew a full inch. Dad had some competition now. Ethan isn’t too far behind him. If he knew he’d probably throw a fit. But I’m sure that’s probably going to change with his second puberty. Swiping over to my Avatar Catalog I found Jeremy and pulled his stats up:

Height: 7’2
Weight: 250 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Light
Penis Size: 9.5” flaccid, 14” erect

He’d grown another two inches in height. Surely, he wouldn’t notice it right? At least not right away, I could chalk it up to being natural growth since he’s still a growing boy and all. But damn, I’m going to feel that extra inch the next time we have sex. I was kind of looking forward to it. Looking back at the clock I decided to clock out myself. I had school tomorrow now that break is over.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

My eyes peeled themselves open at the sound of my alarm clock going off. I had only slept four and a half hours. I spent five precious minutes in my bed before pulling myself together, forcing myself out of my room and to the bathroom. Derek looked just as tired with some bags under his eyes. We got ready together in unison. Dad was still out like a light.

Derek drove the two of us to school. I counted six yawns total between the two of us on the drive there. As soon as we parked I already noticed the bright happy colors on the school’s front doors saying, “Welcome Back!” Most noticeable was a poster saying, “Valentine’s Day Dance Next Week!”


Part 14

The spa vacation was the last time things were normal. I never expected what was going to be looming over the horizon, almost quite literally.

Derek and I returned to school, quite sleepy if I may add. Everything seemed pretty normal. Jeremy and Ethan were also enjoying the pain of sleep deprivation. The four of us each sported dark bags under our eyes. Ethan feel asleep in class with his book up as if he were paying “really close attention” to the material being taught. Jeremy on the other hand lulled about, knocking into a couple door frames. His old clothes were once again a little too small, like when he was about 6’6. Oh how long ago that was now. Derek decided to skip math to go watch Imran’s, often while Imran was out in the field commanding his gym class filled with horny teenage boys. Each of them tended to stare longingly at his chest, each wanting to cup and feel the massive jugs. Unfortunately, that right was for Derek and a couple of others exclusively.

That didn’t stop the boys from patting and giving some playful squeezes to Imran’s chest though. I think they caught on that something was different about him because each time he would bite his lip or flinch. If that didn’t give it away, in just one period his chest swelled back up to size. I’m assuming a few of them may have drank some of his milk because come lunch time, some of the guys who had Imran that period had some alterations. For example, Keith the soccer player had a much larger butt compared to earlier, along with thicker thighs. Meanwhile George the basketball player had shot up in height to probably 6’6 tall. Ralph, one of Derek’s teammates, must have had a big dosing as his muscles had enlarged by quite a bit, making him no longer shredded but a bit stocky and displaying a wide chest. I don’t know if they knew that they had changed in some way, but I bet they’d be back for seconds some time soon. I have to make a note to check up on Imran later to see how they went.

Anyways, what seemed like a peaceful day came to a halt in the evening. Derek and I had come home from school. Derek plopped himself on the couch and was out like a light. I was tempted to join him by planting my head on his large ass myself but I had received an email asking if I knew anyone that would be willing to be a chaperone for the Valentine’s Day dance. It didn’t hurt to ask my dad so I went up to go see him. Just as I had left him in the morning, he was still in his bedroom. The shutters were still closed giving his room a man cave appearance. His large frame was visibly taking up space on the bed. My immediate thought was that he was sick but as I got closer he would just groan.

In a groggy voice he called out, “Son is that you?”

I walked up to his bed and planted my hand on the blanketed lump, “It’s me dad. Are you alright?”

“Not really. I got up earlier this morning but found some pain in my joints. At first I shrugged it off but the pain was becoming too much that I had to lay down. I’ve been in bed all day.” Dad turned over to look at me. His face clearly showed he was in pain.

“Where does it hurt?” I asked while sliding the covers off his body to expose him to the stuffy air that had kept the room company while he had the windows and door shut all day. His body lay sprawled out over the bed. At this rate, he was going to need a bigger bed soon. He looked absolutely massive. I slid my hand down to his thighs and felt up his leg, feeling his strong calf muscles before reaching his large feet. His left leg convulsed, eliciting a pained yelp from my dad. I did the same to the right leg and I got the same response.

“My legs and arms have been feeling so sore today before gradually turning into an ache. I thought about going to see the doctor but I think I’ll just let whatever this is pass,” he sighed.

Dad had hoped it would pass but he was wrong. So was I. Later that night I could hear my dad moaning and groaning, making some audible sounds of pain. I checked the clock and saw it was three in the morning. I left my room to check up on him. Derek was already inside with a damp rag which he placed onto my dad’s head. Dad was shaking and breathing heavy. I had pulled Derek aside and asked what was happening. Apparently Derek heard the same noises I had so he went to check up on dad but found him sweating buckets and shuddering. Thinking it was a fever he tried to decrease his body temperature which seemed to work a bit, but dad kept telling Derek that his body just felt painful. I told Derek to get some sleep and that I would take over. I sat by my dad’s side all night, trying to soothe him and rubbing his sore body to help alleviate any pain. Before I knew it, it was already time for me to wake up for school. I told Derek to go on without me and that I would stay behind calling in my absence as a family emergency.

Around noon is when my dad started to breathe more easily and stopped complaining about his sore body. He even attempted to get out of bed for the first time in a day and half. When he did, my jaw dropped. He was taller. Not only was he taller, he was… bigger. Bigger everywhere. Much like Jeremy, he had grown proportionally to his previous size. Still, his previous size was already quite large. Now it was just amplified! My dad walked over to the bathroom and hit the top of the door frame, something he had come close to doing before but now, he was able to reach it. Thankfully our house had taller door frames and ceilings to begin with, but now my dad had crossed that plateau. After taking a leak he stretched, causing his muscles to pop. He leaned his head to both sides getting a creak out of his neck.

“You look smaller than usual son. Are you shrinking?” he chuckled.

“Dad, I think you grew.” My mouth was dry. Before my dad was a god but now, he looked like a titan. A growing titan.

“What? You can’t be serious.” He laughed as if I was joking but stopped to look back at the door frame. He walked back and found that his head not only grazed the top of the door frame, but went a bit past it. Now it was his turn to drop his mouth wide open. Looking back at the door frame and me a couple times as if to put together these two puzzle pieces, he finally understood what I was saying. “Son, I know you said some guys can go through a second puberty, which makes sense with my dick but this… I didn’t read anything about it affecting guys’ heights!”

Being on a steady growth over the past year at this point, dad had gone from around six feet tall to now nearly a foot taller. Grabbing the tape measure I checked his height which now reached a whopping 7’2. He was the same height as my boyfriend! I was starting to panic. How was I going to explain this? My grown man of a father is now the height of you Jeremy! Surprise! No one would believe that! I mean they could… if I used the app. I decided to wait before using it. Sure maybe Jeremy would grow taller naturally and not notice anything but that idea was long gone and out the window when it came to my dad. He knew he had grown. There was no denying that.

The rest of the day had gone by smoothly. When Derek came home he had the same reaction as I had seeing how much bigger our dad had grown. Only in Derek’s case, he popped a boner right in front of dad and tried to worship the muscles on him. Dad obliged, but was still tired and not entirely himself so they didn’t go much farther than that. He did give Derek a blow job though which seemed satiate him. It also acted as an “IOU” in the meantime. Night came again and the same thing had happened. Dad was tossing and turning, sweating up a storm and in pain. Entering his room was just like a hot box. His overall body temperature itself was heating up the room. This was something I had never thought possible. Then again, no one had gone through puberty twice in their life. No one knew what would happen if an already really big grown up man were to go through it once again. We were making history here.

Following the routine, dad was feeling better but wanted to go see a doctor. On one hand, I thought it was a good idea just to make sure everything was okay. On the other, no one would believe his medical record charts! He was just there not too long ago. No one gets that big that fast. Fuck, I really screwed up. It was dawning on me how out of control this was getting. Again at night I heard my dad in pain. I felt terrible. I was putting the man who had raised us in agonizing pain. A man who loved us and took good care of us just for a stupid fantasy I had. I couldn’t take the guilt so I opened up the details tab on my dad’s avatar which was sleeping only in briefs with a blanket kicked off the bed. Just as I suspected, the second puberty was in effect and going on overdrive. It was being gradual for so long but dad must have reached some sort of max capacity that it needed to push him over the edge. A loud roar could be heard down the hall. I made my decision. I selected the alteration from the mod pack and dragged it to the trash can.


The screen flashed. What? I thought maybe I had done something wrong. I tried again but the screen blinked with “Error” once again. I was frantic. No matter how many times I tried to delete it, it wouldn’t register. I hadn’t tried to cancel out a change while it was currently happening. I figured maybe you couldn’t. If you were to cancel something while it was currently affecting someone it might possibly hurt them. At least, that was the logic I was able to come up with. I threw my phone and screamed into my pillow. What had I done?

I ran to my dad’s room and found him trying to curl up into a ball. His arm and leg muscles were constantly flexing. His chest was heaving while he tried to perform some breathing exercises he had normally done when he was working out at the gym. He saw me come in and tears began to roll down his face. I sat beside him and picked his large head up, placing into my lap. I was stroking his hair while trying to tell him everything was okay and that I was really sorry. I really was sorry. I sat with him again all night. I had put the television on in his room to try and distract him. After a couple hours he had fallen asleep. His handsome face looked to be more rugged and chiseled this time. The stubble he usually wore was a bit thicker since he hadn’t had the opportunity to trim his facial hair.

I decided to just take the entire week off of school. Jeremy helped cover for me, as did Derek. While my dad was sleeping I went down to the kitchen to make him some food to help fill the appetite he was probably going to have. I hadn’t really seen him eat much in the past couple days so I spent time making toast, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, everything you could think of with a big pitcher of water and orange juice. I took it upstairs in a tray (multiple trips of course) and set them all out in an organized display. I dug out one of those fold-able tables from the garage and carried it upstairs to use for the large amounts of food. The television was still on, displaying white noise for my dad to sleep to. After setting everything up I felt bad trying to wake him but he needed to at least eat something.

Boy did he eat. He was like a starved wolf, guzzling down all the food on the table. Poor three little pigs. He downed the pitchers quickly too. By the end, not even a single crumb or stain of food was left. Dad burped and patted his stomach which still had that sexy coating of fat over his abs covered in his coarse hair. He was grinning which made me feel better about the situation. At least he wasn’t in any pain right now.

“Thanks a lot, son. That made me feel better and helped quite a lot. Come here,” he raised his arms out to me as if I were a toddler learning to run for the first time. I didn’t mind. I quickly obliged jumping into his embrace as he sat up. My head resting against his chest as he held me tight. Maybe a bit too tight, I felt myself choking a bit under his constriction. He apologized. “Sorry if I made you worry. I don’t know what’s been happening but I don’t want you or Derek to worry okay? I’ll be all right.” He flashed his white comforting smile, making me melt into his arms not doubting a single word.

Surprisingly enough, he was right. For the rest of the day he felt no pain. Rather he was feeling restless and wanted to get some fresh air. Issue being, he had no clothes that fit him in his current state. His briefs had torn at his thigh line displaying part of his soft cock and one of his balls too. Instead we both moved outside to the backyard patio. Dad sat down on the patio couch and it creaked as if it were ready to snap under his weight. He pretty much took up the entire thing so I sat in his lap, feeling smaller than I had felt before. We felt the nice breeze which was a little chilly, causing dad’s nipples to point out, but he kept me warm with his hairy body. We chatted for a couple hours. I left him alone for a little bit though to go clean up the mess I had made preparing all that food.

By the time I had finished dad had lumbered back in. He said he was going to go upstairs before he stopped. His large hand planted onto the kitchen island, head tilted down. I got worried, “Are you all right dad?”

“Yeah just a dizzy spell—” He was cut off as I saw his hand flex against the counter. We both locked eyes on it at the same time before his entire arm began to pulse… and grow. It was like a creaking sound filled the room as his hand seemed to enlarge onto the island, taking up more space. His arm followed suit, growing in proportion. “W-what’s happening to me?!”

My dad pulled his arm closer to his body, seeing how it was larger than his other arm. He was looking panicked and scared. I tried to calm him down but was stopped by another creak, his other arm and hand had grown to match the other side proportionally. His eyes were going wild. He leaned back and bumped into the fridge. He groaned and looked down to his feet and gasped. They elongated and grew wider. His toes stretched out. His big feet looked a bit comical, outmatching the rest of his body like his arms. He took a few steps and they created a large pitter patter against the tile. He tried walking over to me but groaned, leaning down into fetus position. His torso began to elongate, his head inching up higher and higher. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t get any words out. The only noises were from my dad and the creaking.

An “Ummmph” escaped my dad’s mouth as he torso elongated, outmatching legs. But not for long. His legs grew thicker and grew upward. My dad was sky rocketing taller and taller until his head came closer to the ceiling. His shoulders widened, now becoming wider than the fridge behind him. “ARGHHHH”, his biceps pulsed larger as if a large ball was being pushed underneath his skin. beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead. At this rate, he was going to outgrow the kitchen. I grabbed his massive hand and pulled him to the living room. His eyes continued to ogle his own body as it continued changing. His back flared up with his traps growing. His used one of his large hands to rub his head as it continued to grow with the rest of him. The stubble on his face growing darker. It was as if I was watching the scene from Alice in Wonderland when Alice had outgrown the house. My father was coming close.

With his limbs fully grown and his torso now having grown, his muscles looked a bit smaller compared to his body before. Except his arms, they had to be the biggest arms to ever exist. “Trevor what’s going on? I can’t ughhh STOP!” dad yelled, his voice deeper. He thighs grew thicker and harder. He looked back at his butt, Each cheek swelled larger and larger. They had been the size of beach balls previously but were growing past that. Even bigger than Derek’s! Each cheek continued to swell as if it were being inflated with water. Both of the cheeks rounded out in a coating of hair once they were the size of a large wubble bubble ball. Dad looked back, prying each cheek a part. His hand big enough to cup one of his cheeks but only barely. He shuddered and fell against the floor his large ass taking out a table, feet pounding against the floor. His legs were spread open as his body continued to expand. “My ass, Trev, look at my ass!” he moaned as one of his hands were now rubbing the sore spot he had just received from breaking a table. Next he began to burp, moving his hands to his stomach. Where it now looked flat due to his increased proportions it began to fill out. First with abdominal muscles that popped out. Two pack into a four pack and then a six before turning into a stunning eight pack. As he continued to burp a layer of fat coated them as it had once before. His stomach was much larger than it had been before though.

He couldn’t stop rubbing his stomach, rubbing his hands through the coarse fur. I was enamored. I climbed on top of his large thighs and onto his furry belly. His arms were pressing against the floor. He used his large hands to pick me up and move me to the center of his stomach. “It’s not over yet son, I still feel more!” he growled. His head was thrown back, chest heaving. My hands immediately explored his chest area. Each pec muscle grew taught and square before continuously bulging larger and larger. Eventually, they had reached Imran’s size pecs, overspilling onto his stomach much like Imran. They didn’t stop there, his chest rounded out and his nipples bulged downward. With a final pulse, his chest grew again becoming even bigger than Imran’s! My hands explored the vast furry canyons and found I could stick my entire head in between them easy. They radiated a lot of warmth. Dad was rubbing his nipples at this point. “God they feel so much more sensitive!”. His entire body pulsed as he grew even larger, this time proportionally. I could feel my dad’s legs widen even further as I felt my position change. “Trev I think it’s time for the grand finale!”

“What?” I asked confused. I understood why he had widened his legs. His bull balls grew down, stretching out his sack before they began to blow up in size. No longer the large oranges they had once been, each ball was reaching the size of a extra-large watermelons. I moved down his stomach a bit to feel the newly grown pieces of flesh. It was warm to the touch. Both of his balls were vibrating continuously. I continued to stroke the sac feeling the immense weight and sloshing. Dad looked down at me and down at his sac. It sac was so big we could hear the cum sloshing around in them!

“It’s coming Trev! It’s finally time!” dad was gasping and panting. His large balls were resting on the floor churning. I knew what was coming next. Only one part of his body had yet to grow, His soft 12½” cock stood up straight, hardening. The slit on the tip of his penis’ head spurt out some cum before the head itself began to grow thicker and wider, outgrowing the shaft. It didn’t take long for the shaft to follow. His erection reached 16½” like he was used to, but with a bigger head. However, it didn’t stop there. The mighty monster cock was coming to life. I didn’t even need to touch it to know it was hot to the touch. The vein running down my dad’s shaft thickened and pumped more blood into the monster. It continued to rise much like a monster creeping out of the lagoon. 17 inches and then 18 inches. My dad was laughing now, “Told you I’d reach a foot and a half!” I was glad he was finding some enjoyment out of this. 19 inches then 20. The beast wasn’t stopping. With each second it continued to grow fatter and longer, matching the monster sized balls between my dad’s legs. 23 inches and now 24! My dad’s dick had reached a world record of two feet! Not that a foot and a half wasn’t a world record, but this was something far greater.

Grabbing my phone I opened up the measuring tool and confirmed that it was indeed, 24 inches. I showed my dad. “I have two feet of man meat son! You’ll never see someone as big as me! Guess what? I’m still not done yet. I have some more left in me,” he wiggled his eyebrow, much like the time I had measured his dick to find out it was 16½”. The beast didn’t stop! It kept reaching up higher and higher, pushing itself back onto me as it filled with blood. The head of his penis was now in my face. It was as thick as a giant metal construction pipe! Finally, my dad laid onto the floor on his back. I laid on top of him looking at the engorged monster cock curved above me. He got both of his hands and tried to encompass the girth. He was able to, barely. No way would that fit in anyone without some alternations. “Go on boy, measure it for me.” I followed the length of the cock with my phone’s camera. It took a couple tries because it was so big, but I finally got the last measurement. It was 32” long hard!

“Damn almost three feet of dick. I was so close!” dad sounded somewhat disappointed. Looking back at him real quick to see his large beefy arm covering his eyes, panting. I opened the app real quick and opened up the details tab. I saw my avatar sitting on top of my impossibly huge dad. Not having too much time to go to the stats tab I just typed in the suggestion box in the details tab to make my dad’s cock grow four more inches. My dad must have felt something off as the engorged penis shucked itself a bit longer. He removed his arm that was covering his eyes and watched it grow. I pulled out the app again and told him he was actually 36” and that I had done it wrong. A wolfish smirk covered his face, “That’s what I thought. Daddy has to be the biggest. Some men can have a foot of cock if they’re lucky but I’ll always have three times that!” With me in between dad’s chest and cock, he sat up. He was using his large hands to rub the big piece of meat which was now level with his chest. I helped the best I could, but my hands weren’t big enough to get the job done. He did most of the work until he finally blew, coating the living room with his seed. Having had the more intense orgasm of his life, dad lay still for a moment. His giant cock began to deflate, as did his balls as bit as they were no longer being pumped full of cum. There would need to be a lot of cleaning.


Part 15

I did most of the cleaning up around the living room since my dad was too busy admiring his newly improved body. We did a measurement as best as we could of his new towering height and found he was now a monstrously 15’6 tall. The biggest human being to ever exist. Dad tried to help me clean a bit, but his hands were too freakishly big to hold anything properly. He was truly an alpha daddy. The biggest of the big. He was naked of course, with his big softie hanging down to his knees and big ball sac right behind. On a man so big, it actually looked quite proportional in a way. It was still massive, don’t get me wrong, but it just looked right on a man that size. Dad said he didn’t have any more pain and I believe it. He was moving around the house just fine, although he did need to get used to his new size 40 feet. He would need custom shoes from here on out.

I needed to do some damage control quick. I left the room leaving my dad to his own devices. Dad can’t just go outside as an almost teen foot tall titan so I have to make some changes. I opened the app and found myself inside of my room. I scrolled out and out and out and out until eventually I was looking at the Earth. I inhaled and quickly began to type in the Suggestion tab: “Everyone is used to the idea of really tall and big men existing no matter how rare it might be and that they find it normal.” I clicked enter and saw my screen glitch a bit before returning back to normal. I scrolled back in until I found myself in the room. I closed out the app and went back downstairs to check up on my dad.

“Son, how do you think I got so big? This is just unheard of!” he said while flexing his massively bloated chest. His giant soft cock slapping against his knees.

“Most likely your second puberty dad. It’s rare that men like you exist but it isn’t impossible. Who knows, there might be a couple guys out there just as big as you!” I grinned, biting back my tongue hoping the lie would be somewhat passable.

“Y-you’re right son. Guess I didn’t think I’d become one of those guys myself! Guess people might be a little shocked to see me but won’t think too much of it. Oh by the way, when I crashed into that table I found this paper asking for chaperones for your school. Do you want me to go?” he rubbed one of his large globes on his backside. He had a massive curve. Derek looked more related to him now.

“If you’d like to come then sure, dad! The school likes volunteers.” I watched him nod. He asked for a pen so I went to go find him one. His large fingers could barely grasp the pen, but he managed to fill out his signature. I’d have to turn it in when I go to school again.

It was funny watching Derek come home seeing our new and improved father. He could barely get a word out but wasn’t opposed to my dad’s growth in the slightest. In fact, he embraced it and embraced it he did. He worshiped my dad all night long. My dad even managed to get a couple of inches of his thick cock into Derek’s talented ass due to it being stretchy and self-lubricated from the bake sale. It wasn’t much, but both seemed to enjoy it immensely. Derek more so never having such a massive pole stretch him out like that.

It was around midnight when I was laying in my bed. Derek and dad were still having their fun so I decided to check up on my dad’s stats:

Height: 15’6
Weight: 650 lbs.
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 19” flaccid, 36” erect

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Life was very interesting to say the least after my dad’s growth. We had to make a lot of readjustments that week. A lot of custom tailoring needed to be done to fit my dad’s immense size. Thankfully he made good money to afford the clothing because fabric and designs that he liked were not cheap. When it came to work, he continued to work at home and showed up to video conferences instead of going in person. No one at his work seemed to notice just how big the muscle giant was which only gave dad a kick out of the entire situation.

By the following week our life had adjusted a bit more. Dad learned he had to duck a whole lot and that his head nearly reached the ceiling in many of the rooms. That, and he had to be careful going up and down the stairs due to his immense weight. I enjoyed my time with my dad but going back to school was something I had been looking forward to as a nice break (ironic, I know). Jeremy was happy to see me and asked what had happened since I hadn’t replied to his messages the past couple of days for obvious reasons for me, but not so obvious reasons for him. I just explained that my dad had a little health issue that we had to figure out and that everything was all good now. I was looking forward to tonight though because it was time for the Valentine’s Day dance. Jeremy had asked me immediately if I wanted to go with him when the fliers were put up. Of course I said yes. Ethan was gonna go with the other two e-boys who were spending a lot of time with him of late. Because everyone at the school was gay and in an enclosed space and also oddly attractive, hormones were raging. It was no surprise that some students and staff were together or had sex during breaks. I didn’t even need to write that in, it just was a consequence of me turning the entire school gay. Needless to say, staff were allowed to participate in the dance too which is what Derek and Imran were planning to do regardless. Speaking of Imran, I had gotten him a Valentine’s Day gift.

I snuck my way into his office while he wasn’t there and dropped off a gift. As I was about to walk out he had opened the door and caught me. He was sweaty from running with his class so he put the fan on that was sitting on his desk and sat down. I told him to open it up. He shook it a bit like a kid curious on Christmas morning and opened it up. His smile turned into a glare before he got up from his seat. I couldn’t hold in my laughter which only made him more motivated to catch me. I had gotten him a breast milk machine to help him alleviate his chest when the pressure was getting to be too much. He trapped me in his arms and forced my mouth to get a load of his chest. He smothered me for a couple seconds before letting ago. He took off his shirt which showed some clear strain from how heavy his pecs were, constantly growing and shrinking but always staying massive regardless. He needed some help working the machine so we worked together during the break to find out how to use it because neither of us thought we’d ever have to learn. He held both cups onto his swollen areolae, jamming his long nipples inside. Both suction cups were hooked up to a tube which connected to the machine that was electrically generated and had bottles that you could attach to fill up at the same time. I slowly moved the dial and pressure began to form on his areolae. He no longer needed to hold the cups there as they remained stuck on, kind of like a funny type of pasty. We couldn’t help laughing listening to the sucking noises. Just for fun, I shifted the dial to its strongest function. Both suction cups assaulted his chest relentlessly, going up and down, pulling on the nipples. Imran let out a couple yelps and had to sit down since he was not used to the sensitivity. Sure enough, his chest began to swell and the milk easily was coaxed out by the machine and into the bottles.

Even though Imran acted like he hated the gift at first, he gave me a hug after we had finished filling up about six bottles of his milk. He told me that his students were waiting at every corner to attack his nips to get a taste of his milk. He thought he might as well sell his milk since they liked it so much as an extra profit.

Clearly he was going to have many takers judging from the different gym students that were in the weight room and locker room. Some had inflated with muscle while others gained a couple inches in height. Some lucky ones grew a couple inches in penis size too. Those ones seemed to prey on those that had their asses plumped up a bit larger. No one was quite as big as Julio though. Our school had won a wrestling competition recently and it was all thanks to him! I saw the photo in the school newspaper and it was quite comical. The poor boy from the rival school was pinned down by Julio’s large stomach. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that grew too. Walking down the hall his shirt no longer covered half of his stomach. He wore a plain white shirt today with cut off sleeves. He kept pulling the shirt down, but each time he waddled walked the shirt would keep riding up. The lowest he could pull it down was to his belly button, but that never lasted longer than a minute. Most of his hairy ball gut of a stomach was out for the school to see, with two large pecs sitting atop. His cargo shorts barely remained button by the sheer weight of his ass too. Both cheeks were overspilling the shorts. His ass flesh was clearly visible. Still, he was quite handsome and carried confidence with every stride. He oddly enough gave me a hug in the hall saying welcome back. Apparently me being his sweets dealer meant he liked me enough to greet me in the hall. His strong bulky arms covered me easy, but I was being pressed hard into his ball gut. I tried reaching my hands around to get to his back but his stomach was just too big. He laughed and gave his stomach a good pat. Apparently he still wanted to get bigger according to the new diet regime he was on! Students made way for him and his bulging belly, parting the waters as if they were fish giving a big shark room to swim. It was mostly because Julio already had a few accidents running people over with his stomach, but giving a little bicep flex here and a nice smile there, they forgave him and had eyes filled with lust.

School was over so I headed home. Jeremy said he would swing by and pick me up around 5:30 so we’d be able to get in the school on time. When I got home I saw my dad wearing one of his newest outfits that was made for him. His large upper body was wearing a gray gym shirt with cut off sleeves because long sleeves were too constricting for him. He wore some large gray gym shorts as well with some big flip flops. Okay, not many outfits were made for him quite yet but this one was multi-purposeful. For the school dance there wasn’t really a dress code so my dad was content. He was a little bummed out though that he couldn’t wear it tailor made suit since it wasn’t ready yet but I cheered him up about it. True to his word, Jeremy had swung by my house by 5:30. I finished gelling up my hair again to make it styled after the effects of a long school day and put on a nice button up shirt and pants with some boots. I got a text saying that he was outside so I went to find my dad and kiss him goodbye. He said he’d meet us at the school soon. No way would my dad fit in a car now so he planned on running over to the school as his form of transportation and work out.

Jeremy got out of his side of the car with a bouquet of flowers. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips, “Happy Valentine’s Day babe.”. I grinned and pulled him down for another kiss. He was wearing a black jacket with a red shirt underneath with some pants and boots as well. We drove to the school and had parked by where there was a long line of students trying to get inside. Cute heart shaped arches led into the cafeteria doors. The hallway was decorated with paper cut out hearts with streamers hanging from the ceiling. I had to laugh when a streamer had gotten caught in Jeremy’s mouth. Once inside we entered the indoor gymnasium. More of the hallway decorations were inside. The center of the gym had colorful pink and red lights. Some of the other students were already coupled up and dancing. Some food and beverages were placed on the outer part of the gymnasium with a couple tables and such. There was even a DJ and a couple photo booths for us to use.

“Trevor, would you care to dance with me?” Jeremy asked, smiling with his hand out.

I looked down to his hand and grabbed it. Both of our hands enclosing. “Of course,” I said.

We held hands as we walked to one of the open spots of the dance floor. There were more students here than I expected. Our school population had a lot of athletes so a lot of them were here. I recognized some of Derek’s teammates from football. I noticed Ralph looked even more inflated with muscle inside of his blue suit. I wondered how he even fit inside of it. Some of the stoner’s and nerds (who didn’t really look like nerds actually) were around. Jeremy took hold of my waist as I did his. It looked a little off because of our large height difference but I didn’t care. We danced for an hour, he held me in his embrace when the songs were slower. However, a lot of us were bumping and grinding against each other when some of the faster songs were played. I went to go get Jeremy and I something to drink when I spotted Ethan and his two e-boy friends behind the stage located near the table. He had his phone whipped out taking a video of the two e-boys fighting each other to get his large cock inside of their mouths. I chuckled. He hadn’t changed a bit. Well, you know what I mean.

I returned to Jeremy with some drinks when I caught Derek sitting in a chair next to Imran who was also in a suit. The two were laughing and leaned into a kiss. The first three buttons of Imran’s suit was undone. It ill-fully fit his chest. Next to him I noticed some of the milk bottles that we had made earlier on in the day. Maybe he was gonna actually sell them. Julio walked on by not too long after wearing a “slim fit” shirt and some slacks. That shirt may have fit him when he was thinner but it did anything but that. His slacks barely covered his ass too. When he went out onto the dance floor with Mr. Tess the students made way. I felt the ground shake a bit as footsteps got audibly louder. My dad entered the gym. A lot of the students looked up at him in awe but continued what they were doing. He wore a cute little “visitor” sticker on his shirt. He joined some of the other staff and began flirting with them.

As one of the final songs of the night were coming to an end, loud footsteps pushed against the floor. I looked back at my dad but he was still standing still. I was confused. The footsteps got louder. A giant man appeared out from behind the gym stage. It was our principal, Mr. Bellman. Or should I say our “new and improved” principal Mr. Bellman. Mr. Bellman had been the school principal for a couple years. He was a pretty fit man in his mid-forties with a few flecks of gray hair with some black and gray stubble. He had a great smile and high cheek bones. He was a total silver fox. He was always kind to the students and staff but the man standing in front of us was not the Mr. Bellman I had remembered. The other students were confused and in awe of the man standing in front of us on the stage. This Mr. Bellman was a giant, much like my father. He wasn’t wearing his usual suit but some gym clothes as well. Some that were big enough to fit his physique, but not by much. The shirt had only covered his bulging pecs and did nothing to cover his furred, trained abs. His large thighs constricted as he took step onto the stage. I felt a stir in my pants. Fuck he was hot. He was always an attractive man before but what happened to him?! I looked back and saw my dad eying him up and down.

Mr. Bellman was gonna start speaking but made eye contact with my dad as well. The two large men had an intense staring contest, checking each other out before Mr. Bellman finally began speaking, “Welcome students and thank you all for coming! We greatly appreciate your work here you put in at school and we thank you all for supporting each other and showing one another love and kindness. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the night, and remember, be safe.” He smiled, charming all the students and staff. But most of all, he had charmed my dad. As he stepped down off of the creaking stage he turned showing off one really big ass as he walked over to my dad. The two were chatting. My dad was still the bigger one out of the two. I told Jeremy I had to use the restroom real quick so I left the gymnasium and went up to the second floor bathroom like the time I did when I caught Julio and Mr. Tess having sex.

I opened up Mr. Bellman’s stats on my phone while in the stall:

Height: 10’4
Weight: 560 lbs.
Orientation: Gay
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 15” flaccid, 23” erect

He was a titan, just like my father! It dawned on me, the latest suggestion I had written in wasn’t exclusive just to my father. I didn’t learn my lesson about being specific the first time now did I? Now apparently there were a few men that were overgrown just like my father. As far as I knew, my father was the biggest though. As I was about to leave the stall I caught a whiff of something in the air. A familiar whiff… that whiff. My member began to stir in my pants, chubbing up rather quickly. I gave my chubbing erection a squeeze. I ran my hands against my butt, feeling its sensitivity increase. I had a bad feeling. I exited the stall and entered the hall. The smell was stronger. As I got back down onto the first floor hall of where the gym was my erection was now throbbing. I was feeling hotter. The scent was really strong. The gym doors were opened. I peaked inside and saw all of the students in a lust-driven fit. Everyone was all over each other. Students on top of students, humping one another, grabbing at each other’s bodies with their lips locked tightly against each other. Jeremy was sitting down in one of the chairs next to Derek and Imran. Imran had torn open his suit and was fondling his tits. Derek was in his lap, grinding against Imran’s growing erection. Jeremy was trying to contain himself but gave up, pulling out his own meaty cock and began masturbating. Everybody was shucking their clothing and getting naked.

Julio was in the center of the gym naked with a bunch of other seniors groping his stomach and licking his expanse of tummy flesh while Mr. Tess was riding his dick, large balls bouncing up and down. I looked around the room trying to catch my breath. My body was on fire. I felt my forehead. I wiped off some sweat and unbuttoned my button up as I walked to Jeremy. He watched me approach him as he was continuously masturbating. I plunged my mouth onto his, both of our tongues dancing. He ripped my pants open exposing my ass. I threw my throbbing hole against his baseball bat sized dick. It felt heavenly. As I was riding him up and down I saw some of the nerds sucking each other off and giving one another hand jobs. Lots of the athletes were fucking each other. One of the bottles that Imran had with him was currently in Ralph’s hand. I watched him chug the drink. His suit stood no chance as hit muscles inflated, making him stark naked while pounding one of the volleyball players.

My attention was averted to a loud crash on my right. Mr. Bellman and my father had knocked over a table and were currently laying on its remains, making out with one another. My dad removed Mr. Bellman’s shirt like a feral animal, rubbing his nose into his exposed fit square-shaped pecs. Mr. Bellman on the other hand was trying to shimmy his gym shorts down past his globular ass. My dad got off him long enough to pull off his own shirt and undid the draw string of his gym shorts. Both men were fully naked, catching everyone’s attention. The two titans were battling it out for dominance but in the end, my dad had one. Mr. Bellman was leaning over while my dad’s three foot cock stood at attention, ready to plunge into Mr. Bellman’s hole. Inch after inch passed through his cheeks until finally my dad’s large cock head shoved its way inside of Mr. Bellman. With no mercy, my dad railed our principal barely leaving him room to talk. He was grunting furiously finally having a hole to fuck properly in such a long time. Mr. Bellman was able to take the dick all the way to the base where my dad’s large watermelon sized balls slapped and abused Mr. Bellman’s ass. As their fucking grew rougher, the entire gymnasium seemed to shake. The pheromones my dad was emitting grew stronger pushing every single man in the room over the edge. Ethan was in the corner video taping the two giants fucking, most likely for jack off material when he got home.

With some earthquake shaking thrusts, Mr. Bellman began to shoot large amounts of copious cum from his own considerably sized cum factories. The force of my dad’s orgasm was so strong it pushed some of his cock out of our principal’s hole until he eventually pulled out completely, continuing to shoot all over the gym. The scene set everyone off. All the horny teenagers and staff members began shooting their own loads inside of the gymnasium. The ceiling to the walls to the floor, everything was covered head to toe in spunk. In unison, everyone sat in post-orgasmic bliss.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When most of the students had funneled out the school with torn clothes while reeking with cum, only dad, Mr. Bellman, and I remained. Derek and Imran had gone off to Imran’s place while Jeremy said he had a curfew tonight. Ethan had left with his two worshippers a while ago. The cum covered gymnasium reeked of musk more than the pheromones. I was still a bit chubbed, but the effect was nowhere near as strong as earlier now that the two titans were no longer fucking. Both of them put their clothes back on, looking around at the mess they made. Dad walked over to me with his hand on Mr. Bellman’s shoulder.

His voice boomed in the gymnasium, “Sorry about that son, guess like we blew this dance away!” he was laughing, so was Mr. Bellman.

“I apologize for all of this, Trevor,” Mr. Bellman said. Dad looked down at him and held him tight. Mr. Bellman felt my dad’s hand move down toward his ass, ready to go once again. “Looks like I’ll have to cancel school for the next couple of days to get this place cleaned up. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” I smiled back. I looked up at my gargantuan dad, he looked genuinely happy.

“Your dad was telling me about how lovely you and your brother are, and I have to agree with him. You do well here at school too as does Derek. I hope you don’t mind seeing a bit more of me around,” he extended his big hand to me. My hand was miniature next to his, but I shook it anyways. “Unfortunately, I have to go for now, but, Matt, you have my number. Call me soon,” he winked at my dad before leaving his grip, sauntering out the gymnasium doors whistling.

“Found yourself a new man, dad?” I asked.

“And then some,” he smirked, “Damn, I’m thirsty. That fucking made me dehydrated. Let me find my flip flops and then I’ll carry you back home alright son?”

I told him okay and left the gymnasium and waited outside of the school. My dad had to duck through the hall to get out and finally reached the great outdoors. He picked me up carefully and put me on his shoulders as if we were playing a game of chicken in the pool.

“Ready, Sport?” he asked making sure I was secure.

I was so high up. It was insane. I was riding my father. “All good up here!”

Dad began walking back toward our house but each stride was a long one. We’d probably be back at our house in no time. No wonder he ran to get to the school, he’d be there in probably only ten minutes or less! As I was hanging onto his hair I felt my dad sort of stumble.

“Oh boy!” he groaned.

“What’s wrong, dad?” I was squeezing my thighs tightly so I wouldn’t fall.

“I think those two bottles of milk didn’t agree with me,” he burped.

My dad’s balance was being off thrown with every step. It was too late. He had already drunk two bottles of Imran’s milk. I shook my head ready to see what was in store. With each step, I saw his feet growing bigger and toes hanging off the edge of the flip flops. His shirt began to ride up his stomach a bit. My vantage point seemed to get higher and higher as I felt my dad’s head raise upward. The wind was flying past my face. Once again my father was growing bigger. He was grunting as if this was an intense work out, which technically, it kind of was. His body stretched and continued to grow in proportion until I felt him stop. His gym shorts had ridden up when his legs had grown, exposing a couple fat long inches of his soft cock. Like at the time at the spa when he had swallowed some of Imran’s milk, his chest plumped up a bit larger. Not as much as it did at the spa, but a considerable amount making his pec tits curve.

No one was around when we got home. Dad entered the house by crawling inside. Once inside, he stood up and bumped the ceiling, needing to crouch a bit.

“Maybe it’s time we move son into a bigger house. I’m getting a promotion soon anyways,” he pulled off his sweaty shirt and pulled off his shorts. “I’m going to take a dip in the pool out back for a bit fun. I’m feeling so hot.”

Crawling back out, my dad planted himself naked inside of the pool, causing a lot of water to overspill. His arms and legs were stretched outside of the pool and rested on the concrete. His head was resting on a piece of furniture he had moved to act as a head rest. I shook my head in amazement. Who would have thought? I decided to do one last stat check on my dad:

Height: 20’2
Weight: 880 lbs.
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Pattern: Hairy
Penis Size: 22” flaccid, 42” erect

I think for now, I’m going to put the app to rest. I’ve used it quite a lot the past year and I think my friends and family need to adjust to life. Knowing me, I’ll probably bring it back out sometimes. Watching my giant daddy enjoying the pool I shrugged and peeled myself out of my own clothes. I slid the patio door open and closed before jumping into the water, splashing my dad a little bit. I swam to his torso, using it like a life raft. I laid against his body watching the moon and stars, using my feet to tease the base of his dick.

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