Weekly Update 26 December 2020
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Weekly Update: 26 December 2020

Two things to talk about this week. The first is that there’s some fresh holiday content down below as a part of this update, including my contribution, “Burst”, and some non-holiday stuff too. Hope you find something you like.

Second: Turns out it’s been five solid years of regular, biweekly updates since I set this schedule and stuck to it, back in late December 2015. That got me thinking. These days, my biweekly updates are pretty hefty contributions-wise; and for my part I’ve been writing three or four new chapters for each update. For the 24 biweekly updates in 2020, for example, I posted 85 new chapters across 36 stories—an average of 3½ chapters added, or 1½ stories updated, every other week. What if, instead four chapters or so every two weeks, I started aiming for two chapters or so every week? Updates every Saturday seems like it would be close to the same amount of work for me, and definitely smoother for everyone else, writers and visitors alike.

So, I’m going to try it. Starting this week, and in celebration of five years of steady biweekly updates, I’m going to attempt a shift to a new schedule: smaller weekly updates every Saturday (and quick flashback posts on Fridays, too, so I can keep surfacing old stories). Under this new plan you’ll be able to come to the site on any weekend and know that there’s fresh material from me and from the site’s growing stable of contributors. Now, I inaugurate this new era with a warning that the scheduling might not work out for me; I do have a real life and a real job with varying levels of time commitment required. But I love this site, and writing as BRK is one part of my life that makes me reliably happy. I’m going to give it a shot. The next update is… (drumroll please): 7 days hence, next Saturday, 2 January. Get used to that! ::fingers crossed:: In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff:


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