Beta Danny’s day at the park

by Eric Aaldersen

Danny asks Luke to do some roleplaying with him when they’re in public and it has super sexy consequences.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #16 3,893 words Added Dec 2020 10k views 4.9 stars (12 votes)

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Author’s Note

Sorry for the long delay in uploading another story, everyone. But, as alluded to, I’ve been working on writing a full-length novel that weaves together the stories of these characters more coherently. To my surprise, the story and characters are changing quite a bit!

Until that’s finished, I recently re-released an ebook version of a novel I wrote a few years ago, thinking that you guys might like it. It’s not quite “alpha level” but it still gets pretty steamy in parts!


Part 1

It was Canada Day weekend, the first real long weekend of summer –no more classes just sunshine and the long awaited warm weather. Danny Dainard walked along a trail in Lakeshore Park, a huge, sprawling green space between where two rivers emptied out into the lake. But he wasn’t alone. He and Luke each had an arm wrapped around the other as they walked. Walking next to them were Brian and Carly, also leisurely holding onto each other in that lazy way that couples do. Brian’s younger brother Logan had come with them, but wandered off to explore on his own for a bit. The four of them were a good looking crew.

Danny was dressed in just a pair of well-fitted khaki shorts, sandals, and a loose green tank top which would probably spend most of the day hanging from his belt loop. Luke’s tighty-whitey tank top was already hanging from his belt loop, the hot sun pouring down onto his broad, freckled shoulders. The belt of his cargo shorts was cinched tight but hung low enough to show off all of his abs and the slightest bit of ass crack behind him. Below that his strong, wide calves tapered down into his running shoes. About ten minutes earlier Danny and Luke were rubbing sunscreen lotion all over each other’s tight, muscular torsos. Danny’s cock plumped as he thought back to it.

Since their initial bonding on the wrestling mats about two weeks ago, Danny and Luke had hung out together a lot and fucked almost a dozen times. Now that his body was getting used to the idea of having Luke around, Danny was able to control himself a little more and not have his ass start twitching just by being in the same room with his new lover. However, if Luke did anything at all to turn him on, all bets were off and Danny got horny as a bitch in heat. But most of the time that he was with Luke Danny just felt on top of the world.

Being with Luke was amazing. They were totally a couple now. Danny knew that Luke would always fuck around with whomever he wanted. And why not? It would be almost selfish for Danny to want to keep a man like that all to himself. Yet the way Luke treated Danny now made him feel really special. He wasn’t just with Danny to get his rocks off, he was affectionate, tender, loving. It was like they were forming a real bond together. Recently Luke was also fiercely protective of his new mate, not because Luke felt that he needed to be, but because Danny wanted him to be that way. Danny recalled the conversation they’d had about that last week…

“Luke, can I ask you for something?”

“Sure, dude. Anything.”

They were in the locker room together getting dressed. The two of them had spent the afternoon pumping iron together at Luke’s new gym, the one where he’d start working as a personal trainer in a week or so.

“Well… You know that I’m cool with you being sexual with other people. I know you love spreading the love, and I get that, especially with Brian. But… I think I just want to be with you.”

“Awwwe…” Luke smiled over at him and pulled his t-shirt over his head.” That’s cool man. Sure, whatever you want. That makes me feel kinda special.”

Luke took a step toward Danny, pulled him in and gave him a kiss. Danny was still shirtless, wearing just a beat-up pair of blue jeans. There was just one more guy in the locker room, a man in his forties or fifties lacing up his shoes at the other end. Danny didn’t even think he was paying attention until Luke kissed him. But Danny decided to ignore the older guy.

“Well good. But… if you don’t mind, Luke, there’s something you could do to make me feel special.”

“What’s that, man?”

“Well… I think it’d be really hot if you were, like, protective of me. Nothing extreme, but just when other guys are around let it be known that I’m taken. That I’m yours. You know?”

“Hummm…” Luke purred, that impish grin curling up the one side of his chiselled face. “Well, I’m not one to get jealous.”

“I know, I know. It’s just… that’s how Darren was with me and, well… I kinda liked it. I know you’d just be pretending. It’d be like a little secret that we have, just us. What do you think?”

“Well… I’m not gonna be mean to anyone, but… I think I could get into that. Sounds kinda hot, actually. It’ll be like… roll playing a little.”

“Yeah! That’s it exactly. It’ll be fun.”

The two of them had had their first chance to play their parts earlier that day in the park.

After the group of them had arrived at the park for the Canada Day festivities, before Logan had gone off on his own, they all stopped at a booth to buy some ice cream. Luke, not wanting to have any sugar just yet, opted to take a leak while they were close to a washroom. Danny leaned on a tree, enjoying his ice cream by himself. Logan stood at he booth still deciding what to order. Brian and Carly sat on a bench and shared one cone between them, having fun “accidentally” getting it on each other’s faces and having to lick it off. The two of them were so fucking cute together!

While Danny licked at his cone, he saw this guy make eye contact with him as he dismounted an expensive looking mountain bike nearby and took his helmet off. The guy was maybe a year or two older than Danny –shoulder length, wavy black hair, hazel eyes, and super tall! He was about six-foot-four or maybe taller with a very well toned physique poured into his spandex biking outfit. He also had a perfect set of teeth and was all smiles for Danny. He walked up with his bike and said with a nod,

“Hey, man. How’s the ice cream?”

Danny smirked and replied, “Pretty good.”

He made a big deal about licking his cone in a just ever-so-slightly provocative way as he kept eye contact with this guy. Danny knew Luke would be coming back soon and he wanted to see if his new lover would use this opportunity to roll play.

“I’m Jack,” the tall stud said, extending a gloved hand.


Danny shook his hand firmly but quickly and resumed making love to his ice cream.

“Nice to meet you. And I gotta say, cutie, you sure make that ice cream look good. Are you here today by yourself?”

“No,” Danny replied simply. “My friends are over there.”

Danny nodded over to Brian and Carly who were still absorbed in mutual admiration of each other.

The spandex clad streak looked over at them, returned his gaze to Danny, and chuckled saying, “Well they look pretty busy.”

Jack put his bike on its kickstand, hung his helmet on the handlebars, and took a couple steps toward Danny.

“You know,” he began, “it’d be a shame if you had to spend the day without any company…”

Then a deep voice cut through from over Jack’s shoulder, “Yeah, I agree!”

Jack turned his head and followed Luke as he sauntered over, wrapped his arms around Danny and pulled him in for a big, sloppy kiss.

“Mmmmm…” Luke said, smiling down at Danny as he pulled away, “My favourite flavour.”

With one of his big, thick arms still wrapped around Danny, Luke turned to Jack, locking eyes with him. Then he asked Danny, “Who’s your new friend, baby?”

Luke was still wearing his tank top, not that it did anything to disguise his imposing build to the new stud on the scene.

“Luke this is Jack. He just got here. That’s his bike.”

“Yeah… uh…” Jack stammered, his swagger melting away by the second. “Nice to meet you.”

Jack held out his hand to Luke. Luke glanced down at it, took at step toward Jack with a smirk on his face, and shook Jack’s hand, saying, “You too.”

Danny watched wide-eyed and unblinking as the rest of this brief scene unfolded, his heart pounding in his chest. He watched as Jack visibly winced at the power of Luke’s grip, even though he was obviously trying not to. Luke released his hand and, still smiling, took one more step toward Jack, who backed up just slightly.

“Nice ride you’ve got there,” Luke said, indicating Jack’s mountain bike.

“Uh… yeah, thanks.”

“Is it fast?”

“Yeah… I’m pretty fast on it.”

Luke took another step toward Jack, his big, powerful chest puffed out, his thick, strong arms pouring out the sides of his tank top. Luke had to tilt his head back slightly to look Jack in the eyes, but he did so with absolute, unwavering confidence. Jack may have been taller, but Luke out muscled him by at least thirty pounds. Jack took another half step backward, toward his bike. Luke stood just a little closer than what would be socially acceptable. Then, still grinning, Luke said in a low but clear rumble,

“Show me how fast.”

“Yeah… Uh… you guys have a good day.”

“You too, bro,” Luke said slapping Jack on the shoulder, just a bit harder than maybe he should have, as the dude put his helmet on. “I know I’m gonna have a great day. My baby here was just about to put some sunscreen on me.”

Luke took a step backward, crossed his arms over his waist and, in one fluid motion, removed his tank top before taking his place back beside Danny. Jack froze for a second while adjusting his chinstrap, his eyes widening as they took in Luke’s superhero physique in all its glory. His face was awestruck, but the crotch of his spandex shorts betrayed that, while obviously intimidated, he was also very turned on. By Danny’s rough estimation the guy was pretty well hung, too, but still had no where near the endowment that he knew Luke to be packing. Luke wrapped an arm around Danny, pulling him in and giving him a kiss on the top of his head. Danny gave a small, innocent wave and said,

“Bye, Jack. Nice meeting you.”

“Yeah… uh… bye…”

Jack made an attempt to discretely adjust the crotch of his shorts then quickly sped off.

Luke kissed Danny again and said into his ear, “So? How was that?”

Danny look him straight in the eyes and said, “That… was so… fucking… hot!”

“I’ll say!” Carly piped up. Luke had a larger audience for his performance than he realized. “I swear I can smell the testosterone from here!”

“Yeah, Luke,” Logan added. “Remind me to always be aware of who you’re dating!”

After they finished their ice cream, Logan parted ways with the group to explore on his own. And it wasn’t long after that when Luke, Brian, and Danny became the stars at the centre of another impromptu performance.

As they continued exploring the huge, sprawling park lands along the shore and the riverbanks, they came upon a large set of climbing bars erected in the middle of a sand pit. A group of four, young skater boys were fooling around on them, all of them about twelve years old, lank and lean with those shaggy haircuts that skater boys tend to rock. Two of them had their shirts peeled off revealing toned sets of abs and not a shred of body fat.

When Danny saw the climbing bars pointed and said,

“Hey, let’s get in a quick workout while we’re here.”

Luke smiled and said, “Sound good to me.”

“I don’t know, guys,” Brian replied. “Let’s do something that Carly can join in.”

“Pardon me?” Carly said, feigning upset. “Who says I don’t wanna play on the monkey bars?”

“Really?” Brian’s face lit up.

“For sure!” Carly took off her loose, white blouse to reveal the blue patterned swimsuit top underneath. “I think I can show you boys a move or two you that you wouldn’t expect.”

“Alright!” Brian said, peeling off his sleeveless neon green t-shirt and tucking it away with his girlfriend’s. Luke and Danny were already on the sand and warming up.

Carly actually looked pretty good on those bars! After getting a lift from Brian she even did some spins on the highest bar there. Brian and Danny looked damn good too, their bare, muscular torsos sweaty from sun and exertion. But Luke was the real star of this act. Since the size gains had been coming pretty easily these past few months, he’d spent most of his time lately building strength. And he could pull off some unreal tricks.

Luke’s “quick workout” that day began as follows. He jumped easily to the mid-height bar and caught it, did ten one-armed pull-ups with one arm, switched to the other and did another ten, grabbed the bar with both hands and did ten full muscle-up-to-dips, then finished with couple dozen “wiper blade” leg raises –all without once letting go of the bar!

When he finally dropped to the ground, the group of skater boys who’d been fooling around on the equipment before them applauded and rushed over to him.

“Holy crap, man!” said one of them. “You must be the strongest guy I’ve ever met!”

“Yeah,” the other chimed in. “And the biggest! Show us your muscles, dude!”

“Yeah, man! Show us!”

Just then Danny walked up behind Luke and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s rocky waist, resting his chin on Luke’s shoulder and cooed in his ear, “Yeah, stud. Show off your muscles.”

Luke turned his head to Danny, smiling, and gave him a kiss as he raised his arms in a double biceps flex.


“How big are they, man?”

“These bad boys are gonna be nineteen inches before my eighteenth birthday in the fall.”

“Whoa! You’re only seventeen!?”

All the younger boys were in total awe, little boners poking at the crotches of their board shorts.

“I dunno man,” Brian chimed in as he walked over. “I think I’m catching up.”

He brought his arms up in a double biceps flex, too, facing Luke. Both of them had playful smiles on their faces as they flexed pose after pose with each other, showing off for the younger guys.

“Show us what you got, Danny,” Luke said as he crunched into an ab pose. “Show the boys them rock hard abs!”

And Danny joined in, too.

“Whoa… Hope I get that big one day!”

“Yeah, me too! You guys look amazing!”

“Yeah! Can I feel?”

“Oh my gosh! They’re, like, so hard!”

“Think you can lift me up?”

“Yeah, man! What about me?”

“Hummm…” Luke said, glancing at Brian with a grin on his face.

A few minutes later, Luke stood on a picnic table doing alternating biceps curls with a ninety-pound skater boy hanging off each arm! And Brian was lying on a bench doing chest presses with another one of them. All the boys grinned from ear to ear as they got to feel the strength of the muscle gods in their midst. But after all that flexing, groping, and fooling around every single one of the young skater boys had a dry mouth, wide eyes, and a sticky crotch.

Danny watched Luke and Brian trade a knowing glance that seemed to say “Mission accomplished” as the younger boys, one after another, blew their tiny, pre-teen loads in admiration and worship of them. Danny got so turned on watching the effect that his boyfriend could have on other guys. He was starting to sprout some wood himself and wished Luke would take him somewhere private.

After the muscle worship session ended, Carly suggested that they find some water and cool off.

Like he’d read his boyfriend’s mind, Luke said, “We’ll catch up with you guys in a bit.”

Luke smiled and stood beside Danny, running his hand up and down his boyfriend’s bare back. Luke obviously wanted some alone time, too.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Half an hour later, Danny and Luke were in a quiet, secluded cove of birch and maple trees, just beyond the fringes of the all the festivities, all of their clothes carefully hung on a few lower branches. On the soft grass beneath a shady maple Danny sat on Luke’s lap with his legs wrapped around the bigger stud’s waist. Luke’s huge, hard cock was buried deep inside Danny’s ass gently throbbing and pulsating, filling Danny with that magical, natural lube of his that made him feel all warm and tingly as Luke made slow, small rocking motions with his hips. Danny’s cock was hard as a nail, sandwiched between the two brick walls of their abdominal muscles and leaking precum liberally. Danny lay with his head on Luke’s chest, feeling the waves of heat and energy radiate from Luke’s body and crash into him like waves on a shore, hearing his powerful heart thump inside his big, muscular chest. Luke’s broad back and shoulders rested against a cushion of moss that covered the maple’s trunk. His big, strong hands gently gripped Danny’s ass cheeks, holding him in place on his cock as they slowly made love there in the shade, strengthening the bond between them and basking in each other’s energy.

“Ohhh… Luke,” Danny purred into Luke’s chest. “This is the best. I’m so glad we got together.”

“Me too, man,” Luke sighed, kissing Danny on the top of his head and thrusting a little harder with his cock.

“Ooooh… It was so hot when you stood up to that guy who was sniffing around me at the ice cream stand.”

“Well, I couldn’t really blame him. You looked so fuckin’ hot.”

“And when you wrapped your arm around me and called me ‘baby.’ That was perfect.”

Danny wanted to do a little more role playing. And Luke seemed to catch on.

“Well… I couldn’t let some inferior stud think that he had a shot with my baby, now could I? I had to let it be known that you were mine!”

Luke thrust up with his hips and squeezed Danny’s ass. Danny gasped has Luke’s cock glided across his prostate and leaked another big glob up precum inside of him.

“Ohhh… Yeah…” Danny cried. “And how he couldn’t help but get turned on by you when he saw you with your shirt off… Did you see that?”

“Oh, yeah,” Luke said. “Anyone looking woulda seen his dick swelling inside those spandex shorts. Not bad either. But not nearly what my baby’s used to, huh?”

Luke thrust again and Danny moaned into his chest.

“Yeah… baby…” Luke continued. “Dude had a fuckin’ nubby, little pencil dick compared to what my baby’s used to…”

“Oh, yeah…” Danny moaned as Luke picked up the pace a little more. “And… and what would you have done if he didn’t back down, Luke?”

“If that unworthy, pencil-dicked stud kept sniffin’ around my baby? I… uh… I’d have whipped out my dick, and shown him what a real man looks like! Shown him he had no fuckin’ chance with you at all!”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Danny said, as he rolled his hips on Luke’s huge cock.

“Oh, yeah…” Luke went on. “He wouldn’t have been able to resist my dick either. He would’ve fallen to his knees and started sucking me off. Then I would’ve fucked his face in the middle of the park while you and everyone else watched, baby!”

“Yeah!” Danny cried as he bounced his tanned, muscular ass on his boyfriend’s cock.

“And then… and then I woulda shot my seed all over his face and left him there to lick it off.”

“Oh, fuck!” Danny gripped Luke’s chest and threw his head back as his cock exploded covering both their torsos in his cum.

Luke continued thrusting, digging the backs of his heels into the earth, his powerful hamstrings flexing to amazing proportions. By now Luke’s balls were swollen to more than four times the size of an average man’s. And he unloaded inside of Danny, crying, “Nobody breeds my beta but me!!!”

His huge, thick, nine-plus inches of cock spasmed and erupted, filling Danny’s body with his thick, powerful seed.

“Oh, yes, Luke!” Danny cried, gripping his boyfriend’s muscles for dear life. “Breed me, you big fuckin’ muscle stud! Fill me with your seed! Make me yours! Auuuungh…”

Danny’s cock spasmed and splooged all over again once he felt Luke unloading inside of him.

As they lay together in the grass afterwards, Danny rolled his head toward Luke and asked,


“Yeah, Danny?”

“What was that you called me?”

“Huh? When?”

“Just before you bred me you called me your… beta?”

Luke paused for a split second before answering.

“No, I said… uh… baby. I said nobody breeds my baby but me.”

“Oh…” Danny replied. “Are you sure that’s what you said?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In another part of the park, the newest alpha of the pack, Brian’s younger brother Logan (the newest alpha of their pack) sat under a tree with his notebook…

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #16 3,893 words Added Dec 2020 10k views 4.9 stars (12 votes)

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