Alpha Logan claims a beta

by Eric Aaldersen

Shortly after becoming an alpha, Brian’s younger brother Logan sites a beta of his own while working out in the local gym.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #17 4,961 words Added Dec 2021 12k views 5.0 stars (5 votes)

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Author’s Note

Hi, everyone. Long hiatus, I know. But I’m still working away on a novel adaptation of these stories. Look for it early in 2022. Consider this story a teaser. In the meantime, you can check out my other title, “Randy Talbot’s Closet”. It’s not as hard core at the Alpha Jocks series, but I’m proud of it. Enjoy!


Part 1

A few weeks after becoming an alpha, Logan joined Brian and Luke at Luke’s new gym for an early morning workout. The gym was quiet and they had the free weights area to themselves, so they all felt comfortable talking alpha stuff together without being overheard. It was chest day.

Brian wore a beat up sleeveless t-shirt with the neck torn out and a pair of basketball shorts. Luke wore his standard gym uniform, a tighty-whitey undershirt and sweatpants. Logan, as usual, was completely clad in his big brother’s hand-me-downs: cinched drawstring sweatpants and an old stringer tank top that barely covered his torso resulting in almost constant nip slips. Logan never would have worn something so revealing to the gym even just a few weeks ago, but now he liked showing off a little. Now that he had a little something to show off.

“So how does it feel so far?” Luke asked as Logan slid under the chest press bar. These days Logan was lifting a full plate on each side for reps, but that was already getting pretty light. Luke didn’t even help him raise the bar as he lifted it.

“Pretty freakin’ awesome!” Logan said as he pressed the weight up. “I never knew anything could feel this good.”

“Yeah, he’s doing great,” Brian said as he pumped out bicep curls with a couple dumbbells. “He didn’t regrow a foreskin like I did, or anything supernatural like that. But he doesn’t need his eyeglasses anymore. Ain’t that right, Loge?”

“Yeah!” Logan said as he pumped. “And that’s great!”

“I’m a little concerned about his sense of smell though. He doesn’t seem to have it yet.”

“No?” Luke said. “I’m sure that’s just around the corner. Your strength sure is growing quickly enough.”

Luke grabbed the bar at the top of Logan’s rep and racked it for him.

“Hey,” Logan said. “I wasn’t done.”

“Dude, that was sixteen reps!” Luke said with a chuckle.

“Really? I wasn’t counting.”

“Uh-huh,” Luke said, nodding and smiling. “Yeah, I’d say this bar needs some more weight on it for your next set.”

They loaded the bar for Luke’s set, four plates on each side, which was getting to be light weight for him. Logan positioned himself to spot.

“So,” Luke said as he lifted the bar. “What’s the best part?”

“Honestly,” Logan said, looking over at Brian as he pumped out more bicep curls, “being closer to Brian. We share so much now and we don’t feel inhibited at all. And when we…”

Logan looked around. No one in earshot. But he lowered his voice a bit anyway as he continued.

“And when we breed each other? I mean… fuck, it feels so awesome. It’s like I get filled with all of his strength and vitality. And it lasts for, like, hours. And it feels like each and every time a little bit of it stays with me.”

Brian racked his dumbbells and came closer, throwing and arm around his brother’s waist and kissing the top of his head.

“I feel the same way, bro.”

At twelve reps Logan racked the bar and Luke sat up.

“Damn, that’s getting light.”

“Only for you could 400 pounds be light,” Logan said as they started stripping the weight again for him.

“But have you bred any betas yet?” Luke asked Logan.

“No. I… I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. I mean, I’ve never even been on a date before. I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“You don’t need to know,” Luke said. “Just do it. You gotta remember, Logan, stuff like this is easy for an alpha. Worrying about what to say and do to attract someone is beta shit, bro. You just need to find someone you wanna bond with and just… do it. The beta will follow your lead, trust me. Besides, you may not be able to smell it yourself yet, but alpha musk is coming off you good and strong. That’ll do the work for you more than anything else.”


“Really. And leave that plate on.”

“Huh? I can’t lift two plates on each side.”

Luke smiled, “Oh, something tells me you can, Loge. Just give it a try. I’m spotting, I won’t let you hurt yourself.”

“Well…” Logan said, looking at the loaded bar. “Sure! What the hell.”

“Attaboy!” Brian said, slapping his little brother on the shoulder, taking a seat to watch and cheer him on.

Logan slid under the bar. Luke helped him get it off the rack, but Logan’s form looked perfect so far. He lowered it slowly to his chest, without resting it there and then started to push as he exhaled.

“Yeah, bro. C’mon, you can do it!”

“Go for it, Logan. Push!”

The bar inched up super slowly, but Logan didn’t let up. He just kept pushing. Luke’s fingers hovered under it in case Logan needed help, but so far he didn’t.

“All you man,” Luke said. “Push!”

Logan felt his blood rushing through his body. His grip on the bar tightened. He felt sweat pour down the sides of his body. He gritted his teeth. He felt an energy and determination fill him like a charge of electricity. His chest was on fire, but he pushed even harder and harder until…

“Yes!” Luke said, racking the bar for him. “Way to go, Logan!”

“Way to go, bro!”

Logan swung his legs, stood up with a big smile on his face, walked over to Brian and the two brothers embraced in a big bear hug. Brian lifted his brother off the ground a few inches then let him down, just like he always did when they hugged. Logan loved it.

“Thanks, bro. And thanks, Luke,” Logan said, locking hands with his spotter. “I never would’ve tried that on my own.”

“No problem. Alphas look out for each other.”

Just then Logan spotted another guy looking over at them from across the gym. He locked eyes with Logan briefly before looking down and setting up his own bench for presses. He was Logan’s age or maybe a year older. He was also about Logan’s size, but maybe a inch shorter. Then Logan recognized him. It was Simon McAlaster; they’d shared the same French class last semester. Logan had always thought he was cute, but never even got he courage to introduce himself. He doubted Simon even knew his name. But… it seemed that Logan had caught his eye now.

“Who’s that?”

Logan heard Brian ask, but didn’t turn to look. He was still checking out Simon McAlister.

“Huh? Oh… his name is Simon. He’s in my year.”

“Cute,” Luke chimed in.

“Very,” Brian agreed.

Logan watched as Simon cranked out reps on his bench press, the guy’s gaze safely turned toward the ceiling. He was pushing less than half the weight that Logan had just conquered, and his form wasn’t great. But Simon still looked good doing it. Logan knew that he was on the school’s track and field team, he remembered Simon getting an award on stage at the end of last year for something like that. He had this thick head of curly, blond hair, clear skin that looked kinda pale all year round, a little ski slope nose and a pair of sparking green eyes. Simon was also a really great dresser. Even his gym outfit looked perfectly sized and coordinated. Logan considered his hand-me-down outfit and made a mental note, for the hundredth time, to ask his parents for some money for his own clothes.

“Looks like he could use a spotter,” Brian said into his brother’s ear.

Logan smiled and rolled his eyes, “Yeah. Right.”

“Go for it, man,” Luke said, nudging him a bit. “Believe it or not, there’s even more to being an alpha than bonding with other alphas. Eventually your body is going to demand that you spread the seed. You gotta start somewhere. Why not here? Now? Besides, benching 235 for the first time and claiming your first beta? Sounds like a great fucking day to me.”

Logan thought for a second, took a deep breath, and then said, “Yeah. It does, doesn’t it. Excuse me, boys.”

Brian and Luke started loading the bar for Luke’s second set as they watched Logan approach the other guy.

“I am so fucking proud of him,” Brian said. “He never even would’ve considered doing this a year ago.”

“Yeah, and he’s got you to thank.”

Brian looked over at Luke and replied, “And I’ve got you to thank.”

The two alphas leaned over and shared a discreet kiss. Then they looked back over at Logan. He was already spotting Simon as he lifted. From there it even looked like Logan had coached him a little on his form. Brian and Luke finished their chest and biceps workout and by that time they looked across the gym to see Logan and Simon standing and chatting. Logan flashed his smile constantly. Then it seemed like Simon asked Logan something. Logan paused, considering for a second. He looked around briefly, then pulled up his stringer with one hand, showing off his chest and abs, and flexed his other arm in a single biceps pose for Simon.

“Whoa!” came the exclamation from Simon, not loud but still audible from across the gym.

Luke and Brian watched Logan nod “yes.” Then Simon felt up Logan’s abs with one hand and squeezed his bicep with the other for a few seconds before taking half a step back and discretely adjusting his crotch. Logan smirked, leaned in toward Simon’s ear and whispered something. Simon nodded and the two of them headed off toward the locker room, Simon in the lead.

Logan locked eyes with his brother across the room as he walked away. In a quick second, behind Simon’s back, Logan flexed a bicep and stuck out his tongue. With his other hand he grabbed his dick through his sweatpants and wagged it briefly before turning and heading off with his cute, blond beta.

Luke and Brian laughed and shared a high five.

“Lucky, Simon,” Brian said.

“Yeah, agreed.”

In the locker room Logan and Simon got undressed and headed into the showers together. Simon was checking out Logan the entire time. By the time they were clean Simon had to race and grab his towel to hide the semi he had sprouted.

“Damn,” Logan thought to himself. “Luke was right. This is easy!”

They dressed, both of them in jeans and t-shirts, left the gym together and then walked around the back of the building. There was nothing behind the gym but a woodlot, a dumpster and a utility shed. They walked around the utility shed, giving them privacy on all sides then Logan grabbed Simon by the arm, spun him around and kissed him. They stood there making out for a few minutes. Logan had his arms wrapped around Simon, grabbing his butt. Simon kept pawing at Logan’s chest, arms, and shoulders. Logan’s dick got so hard it was practically vibrating. He felt his balls swell and get heavy, felt the alpha lube pump into his shaft. This encounter with Simon was turning him on like nothing he’d ever felt before. His mind was practically blank. His body was operating almost completely on instinct.

Logan broke their kiss and leaned back against the brick wall of the building. He gently pushed down on Simon’s shoulders and Simon dropped to his knees. Logan thrust his bulging crotch forward and Simon took the queue, unbuttoning Logan’s jeans and pulling them down to his knees. When Simon pulled down Logan’s underwear his cock flew straight up and actually grazed Simon’s chin on it’s way, smearing it with alpha lube and leaving a string of it between Logan’s cock and Simon’s face.

“Whoa,” Simon gasped. “Damn, Logan. You got big everywhere this year!”

“Thanks, man. And you’ve got me hard as a fucking rock!”

Logan grabbed the back of Simon’s head, burying his fingers in that mass of blond curls and gently guided him forward.

“Um…” Simon said, looking up with a lusty grin on his face. “Could you… uh… take your shirt off first?”

Logan smirked and said, “Sure thing, dude.”

He crossed his hands at his waist, grabbed the hem of his t-shirt, and pulled it off in one smooth motion, tossing it on the ground. Logan’s ripped abs and pert pectorals came into full view. Then he put his hands behind his head to show off his arms and smiled down, giving his beta the view that he knew he wanted.

“Fuck, yeah…” Simon breathed as he came forward and slurped Logan’s leaking cock into his mouth.

“Ummm… yeah…” Logan said, letting his head fall back to enjoy the sensations for a minute, thrusting his hips slightly as Simon started sucking. Logan was in heaven. Feeling his beta’s lips around his cock, feeling his thick, sticky alpha lube leak out the tip and lubricate everything, feeling his balls swell and churn up a huge load of cum. Then he looked down and saw Simon still looking up at him, his small hands gripping onto Logan’s bare upper thighs. Must’ve been a good view. Then he smiled and brought his hands down, moving one to the back of Simon’s head, running his fingers through those golden locks. Simon moaned and Logan sensed… disappointment. He wasn’t sure how, but he sensed that Simon liked it more when Logan’s hands were behind his head. Then Logan said,

“Good boy,” as he stroked Simon’s hair, Simon sucking for all he was worth. “But I think I know what you really wanna see.”

Logan brought his hands together at his waist, flexing his chest and shoulders. Simon moaned on his cock.

“Yeah, you like muscles, don’t you little dude?”

Simon moaned again. Logan brought his arms up and flexed his biceps as hard as he could. Then Simon’s eyes closed and he really started moaning. Logan looked down at Simon’s crotch and saw that he’d creamed his jeans.

This turned Logan on like nothing else. He grabbed Simon’s head with both hands and really started face fucking this cute little blond muscle worshipper. Logan started thrusting his hips, the veins on his lower abs popping out. His huge balls whipped against Simon’s chin each time he buried the twink’s nose in his bushy, black pubes. His cock felt like it had grown another inch while it had been in Simon’s throat. The shaft was thicker than he ever remembered seeing it before. Simon’s face was flushed. Logan looked into his beta’s watering eyes, thrust deeply a few more times and then…


Logan’s cock erupted and he buried Simon’s face in his crotch so hard, shooting blast after blast of thick, rich alpha seed straight down his throat. Soon Logan felt Simon pushing on his thighs to be let off. Logan removed his hands from Simon’s head and he came off Logan’s cock, panting for air. But Logan wasn’t done shooting. A few more blasts shot out from his cock onto Simon’s face. Logan looked down and smiled.

“C’mere,” he said, pulling Simon to his feet. Then he licked his own cum off of Simon’s face and kissed him, his cum rolling around on their tongues as they made out. Logan’s cock was still pumping out a constant, slow flow of alpha seed as they kissed. He felt it run down his shaft, down his balls, and drip onto the ground at his ankles where his jeans were bunched up.

“Damn,” Simon said, looking down. “You sure make a lot.”

Simon’s voice was a little raw, but he was all smiles.

“Your fault for turning me on so much,” Logan said, squeezing him to his side and giving him another kiss.

“Do you think we could, uh… Do this again?” Simon asked.

Logan smiled.

They did do it again. And again. And again. For the rest of that week at school, Simon followed Logan around like he was his shadow. He found him at every break and lunch hour wanting to hang out with him. By the end of the first week of their new friendship, all Logan had to do was lock eyes with Simon, smile, cock his head, and the two of them would head off to find somewhere private. At every opportunity Simon would suck Logan’s dick and get a load of thick, satisfying alpha seed down his throat, sometimes twice a day. It was like that little blond twink couldn’t get enough of it and Logan knew exactly how it felt –oh, boy did he know. Logan couldn’t believe it. Inside of a few weeks he had gone from not knowing how to flirt to getting blowjobs on demand. Between that and breeding with his big brother almost every morning, Logan was really getting a taste of life as an alpha. But for some reason his alpha’s sense of smell still hadn’t developed.

The next weekend, Simon even invited Logan to his family’s property. The McAlisters owned a horse farm and stables out in the country. Logan had time to do some shopping beforehand, so he finally bought some of his own clothes. Brian dropped him off at the McAlister’s property around noon and would return to get Logan after dinner. Logan walked up the long, dirt driveway wearing a pair of stylishly stressed designer blue jeans that cupped his round, high ass like they were painted on. Above this he sported a sleeveless t-shirt with a cool geometric blue pattern on it. It really showed off is arms and since it wasn’t a size or two too big, Logan’s chest really filled it out too, and the taper from his shoulders to his tiny, compact waist was positively crotch-dampening. He also had his drawstring backpack over his shoulders with a few things in it and his skateboard tucked under one arm. He didn’t seriously think there’d be a lot of opportunity for shredding, but lately he went everywhere with his skateboard. The sun was bright and hot, but a cool breeze blew down from the north and big, puffy, white clouds soared above. It was a perfect day. Logan strutted up to that big, country manor like he owned it. Simon was waiting for him on the front porch.

“Hey!” he called down to Logan as he approached.

“Hey,” Logan said, smiling and dropping his skateboard as Simon immediately crashed into him for a kiss. Logan embraced him and pressed their bodies together while they made out in the driveway for a minute.

“I’m so glad you’re here. You look… great!” Simon said when he broke their kiss. He looked down at Logan’s skateboard and asked, “Why did you bring that?”

Logan shrugged and said, “You never know.”

Simon chuckled and said, “Okay, cool. But you’ll probably wanna leave it here. You’re gonna be riding something way better today.”

Simon walked them to the stables, holding onto Logan’s hand the whole way.

“My parents are gone right now. They’ll be back before dinner, but right now we’ve got all this to ourselves.”

“Cool,” Logan said.

Then Simon introduced him to their horses. Logan got to pet each of them and say “hello” in turn.

“And this is Daisy,” Simon said. “You’ll be riding her today.”

“Hey, Daisy,” Logan said. “You’re beautiful.”

Daisy was an older, chestnut coloured mare with a white diamond on her forehead.

“She’s, like, the nicest and calmest horse we have. Once I show you how to stay on, she’ll basically do everything for you.”

“Sounds great,” Logan replied, grinning. “I’ve never done anything like this before. Setting this up was really nice of you.”

Logan wrapped his arms around Simon and pulled him in for a kiss. Simon felt up Logan’s broad back and shoulders as they made out in the soft, golden light of the stables. Logan felt the contents of his crotch start to swell.

“So… no one’s around but us, huh?” Logan asked, wiggling his eyebrows at Simon.

Simon looked into Logan’s eyes and nodded. Then he reached down, squeezed Logan’s swelling balls through his jeans and licked his lips, his eyes pleading with the alpha in front of him.

Logan smirked and said, “Go for it, babe. You look thirsty.”

Simon smiled and dropped to his knees as Logan leaned back against the wooden wall of the stable, not forgetting to shuck his shirt before they got started. Logan knew how much Simon loved looking up at his muscles while he sucked his cock. Simon undid Logan’s fly, pulled hard to get his jeans and underwear down below his ass and Logan’s half-hard cock immediately flung out.

“Whoa…” Simon said. “It looks even bigger than it was on Friday. And… you’re not even fully hard yet.”

“Yeah, well I’m getting there fast, dude,” Logan said, running his fingers through Simon’s beautiful, curly blond mane.

Simon smiled up at him and wasted no time, immediately taking the alpha cock before him into his mouth. After a full week of practice, and getting alpha lube down his throat almost every day, Simon could go balls deep on Logan almost immediate. The cute, little twink was becoming a world class cocksucker. Inside of a few minutes he was sucking hard and Logan was thrusting his hips slightly to meet him, his big alpha balls flinging themselves into Simon’s chin. Then Logan brought his hands behind his head and flexed his arms as Simon looked up at him. Simon’s eyes went wide and he moaned on Logan’s thick seven-inch dick. Soon alpha lube was streaming out of Logan’s cock, Simon sucking every drop down his throat, and Logan’s balls had swollen to almost twice their normal size, working up a big load of alpha seed. Simon’s hands left Logan’s hips to start pawing at his abs and his chest.

“Yeah…” Logan moaned when Simon found his nipples. “You like those rock hard muscles on your man, don’t you babe?”

Simon moaned and sucked harder, faster, all the while looking up at Logan in worship. Then Logan looked down and saw something that flipped a switch in his brain. Simon’s t-shirt was riding up on the small of his back. His jeans had fallen down below his hips a little and Logan was staring right at the top of the crack of Simon’s ass. Logan sucked in a deep breath through his nose and suddenly he smelled it. Virgin. Beta. Pussy. The strong, sweet smell went straight to his cock and drove him absolutely wild.

“Awwwweee… Fuck, yes!” he moaned, pulling Simon to his feet and off of his cock.

“Strip!” Logan commanded as he struggled a little to pull his shoes through his jeans. Simon did as he was told and soon the two of them were making out in the middle of the stables in nothing but their running shoes, their hard cocks banging into each other. Then Logan turned Simon around and bent him over a wooden bench. Simon immediately stuck his ass out, presenting his virgin pussy to his alpha. Logan bent over him and began rubbing the length of his sticky cock into Simon’s ass crack as he kissed and nibbled at his beta’s neck and shoulders.

“Ohhhhh… Logan,” Simon moaned, thrusting his pussy back into his alpha’s crotch. “This feels amazing.”

“Ready for the main course, babe?” Logan asked.

Simon nodded.

Logan positioned his well-lubed cock and pushed himself inside.

“Ah!” Simon shouted, grabbing onto the bench. “It hurts!”

“Shhhhhh…” Logan said, stroking his betas back and shoulders tenderly. “It won’t hurt for long. Trust me. I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

Logan’s cock was spewing alpha lube like crazy and inside of a minute Simon was purring, pushing back onto Logan and taking in more of his throbbing, rock hard cock. Logan smirked and thrust his hips to meet him. Simon’s own cock, small compared to Logan’s, was hard as a nail, bouncing around and leaking like crazy as their fucking picked up some pace.

“Ohhhh… yes,” Logan moaned as he worked his cock inside of his beta.

It was amazing. Like a whole new layer just suddenly got added to his reality. Not only could Logan smell Simon’s musk, he could now smell his own, too, pouring off of him –primal and powerful, like a wild animal. He could even smell the musk of some of the horses increasing. A couple of the younger colts in the stables had caught a whiff of the bonding happening between Logan and Simon and sprung boners of their own!

The motion of Logan’s hips got faster and deeper and then Simon cried out,

“Ohmigawd… Ohmigawd… Logan I’m… Unghhhh…”

Simon’s cock spasmed and he shot his load all over the dirt floor of the stable. Logan felt his own load rising up from his engorged testicles. As it did he smelled the musk coming off of Simon start to change and diminish.

“Awe, fuck yeah!” Simon thought to himself. “I am owning this little twink!”

He grabbed Simon’s hips, thrust hard a few more times and,


Logan unloaded with such force that Simon squealed and eked out a second load himself. Logan continued pumping, burying his seed as deep as he could, and soon smelled a weaker version of his own musk now coming off of Simon. He smiled. Logan had claimed his first beta.

“Ohhhhh, Logan,” Simon purred. “This feels so fucking good.”

Logan turned his head around and kissed him as he continued slowly pumping his load inside of his beta’s pussy.

Their day only got better. Once they left the stables, riding Daisy and Lightning, Simon took them to a secluded willow grove. He tethered the horses and let them snack on the grass while he and Logan laid out on a big, soft blanket that he brought with them. Inside of ten minutes they were naked and fucking again. But this time it was slower, more tender. They tried several different positions. Their favourites were with Logan on top of Simon or in front of him. This way Simon could flex and Logan could worship his muscles as they fucked, which was something they both really enjoyed. They spent almost three hours there, fucking in the shade, before they rode back. They, and their horses, were getting a little dehydrated.

They stabled and brushed down the horses. Twenty minutes later Logan was back at the McAlisters’ house and meeting Simon’s parents. He couldn’t help but smirk a little as he shook Mr. McAlister’s hand; in his pants Logan’s dick was still moist and sticky from fucking this guy’s son all afternoon. They showered before dinner, together, fucking once again in the shower.

“Damn, Logan,” Simon cried out as his alpha boyfriend bred him yet again. “How many loads have you got in you today?”

Logan just chuckled and flex his cock, eliciting a deep moan from his beta.

For dinner they ate roast beef with Simon’s parents. Simon couldn’t stop bragging about Logan, about how smart he was, about how nice and sweet he was, about all the tricks he could do on the playground and on his skateboard. At one point Logan was a bit worried that Simon wouldn’t be able to stop short of blurting out how great a lay he was, too!

By the end of dinner Simon’s parents were so impressed they were ready to adopt Logan, they liked him so much. It was an awesome day. Logan couldn’t wait to tell Brian all about it on the drive home. His big alpha bro was going to be so proud of him.

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #17 4,961 words Added Dec 2021 12k views 5.0 stars (5 votes)

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