Destructive boys: Dennis’s Christmas present

by MarcusB00

 Christmas has come around, and Mason has plans for his #1 fan to make his Christmas even better.

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“Dude, we have to!” I said.

We don’t have to do anything! He’s your biggest fan,” Evan said.

“You can give it to him if you want to, you have that power as well,” Robbie said.

“But I feel like if we all do it, it’d be even better for him,” I said.

“I’ll think about it,” Robbie said.

“Me too, but for right now Resident Evil is calling my and Addison’s name,” Evan said.

And they all hung up.

All right, so let me break it down. Christmas is tomorrow and I got something special planned for Dennis. Dennis has always been there to worship me when no one ever would. Not gonna lie, self-worship is always good but it’s even better with somebody else. I always preferred to have a woman do it, but I can let it slide with Dennis.

Dennis isn’t even from South Carolina, he’s a bi dude from New York who escaped from the sad life he had over there. He had no friends, he was an orphan, and he spent time looking for love but every dude and girl he approached rejected him. I remember the first time I met him.

So three years ago back to when I was 20, he was walking alongside Myrtle Beach behind all of hotels. It was midnight and this was before I even thought of attempting to shoot into space. I was just flexing in all of my naked glory until he came up to talk to me. I was too distracted to even hear him walk up to me.

“Oh hey there. How are you…?” Dennis asked. I jumped from fear because nobody walks outside when its midnight.

“Jesus man, you scared me!” I said while covering my crotch.

“Sorry bro, I just wanted to talk,” he said nonchalantly.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I was just wondering why you’re outside on the beach in the middle of the night flexing.”

“It’s too relieve… stress. Yeah stress…” That was definitely a lie.

“I’m assuming some kind of meditation type deal?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s go with that.” I was such a bad actor.

“I know you don’t know me, but you don’t have to cover your crotch anymore. I’m not weirded out at all.”

“Yeah? How do I know that?”

“Clearly I have enough courage to walk up to a muscular naked guy so…”

I slowly uncovered my crotch revealing my 8-inch soft cock. “What exactly are you doing out at midnight anyway?” I asked.

“Walking just because.”

“How old are you?”


“Do your parents know you’re out here?”

“I don’t have parents.”

“Any family members know you’re here?”

“Don’t have any of those either.”

“Any friends?”

“Don’t have friends either”

“Does anybody know you’re here?”

“I’m alone bro.” That made me feel really bad, and I don’t feel that way often.

“I was just wondering if you didn’t mind me watching you flex for a little bit.” My cock instantly got hard. “I guess you don’t mind then?” he asked with a grin.

“Sure, why not?”

He put his bag down and sat down on the bench a couple feet away. I was still a little embarrassed that my cock got hard but it is what it is.

“What do you want to see?” I asked.

“Hit a double biceps.” He replied. I brought my arms up and slammed them into a double biceps very aggressively. It just feels so much better to flex like that. I had a very short attention span back then, so I didn’t even realize my biceps were growing. I felt it but didn’t think much of it.

“Dude are your arms growing?” Dennis asked. I looked and sure enough my arms were growing.

“Maybe…?” I said nervously.

“That so awesome! Can you do that with every muscle?”

“Yeah I can, watch this.” I put my arms to my hips and grew my chest. My pecs began to balloon out slowly and every vein and ridge appeared one by one. I then decide to grow my abs. I only had a six-pack back then but I made it work. Each ab had grown out more, fighting for room. When I was done it looked like a half dozen of giant Hawaiian sweet rolls. This is when I was starting to get more into it. I started smiling and biting my lip every time I flexed something. After that I put my hands behind my back and started to grow my legs. My quads became thicker than two diesel tires and my calves became footballs. Maybe Stephen Gostkowski won’t miss the field goals with my veiny football calves.

I should probably mention now that this was the same day I almost killed this man. How? I decided to give him a little bit more. I was too distracted by flexing for this kid that I didn’t notice my cock grew to 13 inches pointing out in front of me. I hit a most muscular pose and every muscle on my body flared out more and became riddles with veins, including my cock. When I hit the pose my cock exploded. A strong stream of cum launched from my cock and hit the back of the bench and completely tore a piece off. This was extremely close to Dennis’ torso. I stopped for a second and my mind began racing. I really did that in front of a stranger.

Some of the cum splashed on Dennis, and I was too shocked to know what to do next.

“Wa—w—was that your cum that did that?” Dennis asked.

“Yeah… it was… minor side effect,” I replied.

“That is so cool! Wait, can you do that whenever you want? Can you cum at will?”

“Yeah I can.” This was awesome. I had found the one person outside my main squad who’s also a complete stranger not be freaked out about my abilities.

Dennis grabbed his bag and stood beside me.

“Can you please destroy that bench with your cum?”

“Really? You’re not weirded by any of this?”

“Why would I? Having the ability to grow your muscles and cock, and even cumming so hard you can destroy things must be the best thing in the world!” I smiled from joy.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Dennis. Dennis Bradley.”

“Mason Baxter. I can tell we’re gonna be great friends.”

“Wait, really? You wanna be friends with me?”

“Yeah man. You’re obviously astounded by what most people find freaky. The vest part is I have a whole friend group and two more people in that group have the same abilities as mine.”

“There’s more?”

“Yessir, and I bet they’ll have no issues showing off for a fan. What do you say?” I held out my hand but instead he hugged me. Not wasting another second I hugged him back, while my hands was rubbing his back.

“Thank you. Thank you so much!” Dennis said while he’s trying his hardest not to cry.

“All good bro, all good.” We eventually broke the hug, and I stood over him with my hands on his shoulders. “Now you want to see this bench get destroyed?”

“I want to see it get wiped from existence,” Dennis said.

“Say no more.” I planted my feet and grew my personal Railgun to its veiny 16 inches. I grabbed it with both of hands and took aim. The poor bench that was already missing a piece was gonna go missing completely.

“Ka…” Yeah, of course I was going to say that.

“Me…” I was going to wipe a bench out of existence.

“Ha…” it might not be a laser but it might as well be.

“Me…!” If only I could real lasers out of my cock, that’d be dope. Some pre-cum was dripping on the sand.

Haaa!!!!!” A huge splash of cum launched from my cock and completely engulfed the entire bench. The “laser” went past that and collided with a wall 50 feet behind the bench. I ended launching it from my cock for like 20 seconds. I stopped the stream, and the bench was gone. Correction, bits and pieces of it were scattered all over the wall behind it which now a giant dent in it. I looked at Dennis and he was shocked.

“Mason, can you show me more of your power later?” Dennis asked.

“Come back here again tomorrow at midnight. I’ve only showed you a bit of what I could do.” I replied.

Ahhh, memories.

So here’s my plan. I’ll deliver a cock ring to his house tonight. Here’s the catch though, this ring will do wonders for him. This ring has the ability to infuse whatever liquid that is inside it into one’s body. I don’t know exactly how it works, but hey there’s 3 people with muscle growth powers so I was done questioning logic at this point. I was going to rock Dennis’ lonely world.

What did I put inside it? That’s a secret for now, you’ll find out later. I put it in a box and drove to his house. I parked a couple houses down so he wouldn’t see me park. I grabbed the box and got out the car. I snuck to the front part of his 1 story house and saw darkness. Perfect, he’s not in his living room. I picked the lock on his window, and climbed into the living room. You can thank Skyrim for teaching me that ability. I walked into his room and he was completely knocked out.

I had a crazy idea. I took the cock ring out of the box and slid it on his soft 3-incher. I had to work my way though his boxers to get it on there. The ring lit up and I saw the fluid slowly disappear from inside. That’s when I knew it was working. I slid his cock back in his boxers. Good thing he was a heavy sleeper. I put the open box under his empty tree and walked back towards the window. On the way back I looked to my left and saw a bunch of presents and gift bags with our names on them. Even a couple for Lizzie, Lance, and Theresa and he barely sees them. I smiled, chuckled a bit and went back out the window. I even repicked the lock to make sure it looked untouched. Yeah, I cover my tracks too. I went back to my car and started my engine and drove off. I was super excited for him to see that gift. What happened next? I’ll let him tell that story.

I woke up groggy. I blinked a couple times before coming to terms with myself that I have to wake up. I turned over and looked at my clock. 7:13 am. Nothing unusual for me. I always wake up around this time. I sat up, removed the covers, and hopped off my bed. My feet made 2 big dents the in the floorboard. I looked down to see my floor is cracked. Well great now I got to get that fixed. I took a step and a cracked that part of the floor. I took another step, this one is a slight step and dented the floor. What in the world is going on?

I had a full body mirror next to my closet. I looked at myself and noticed something different. I took 3 more steps and made cracks in those steps too. I looked at my body, and my body is toned. I had a slight 8 pack showing, my arms and shoulders were more defined, my chest wasn’t flat, and my legs were thicker. I wasn’t as skinny as I was. I was so confused but surprised at the same time. I began to experiment further.

I flexed my biceps and they were not as skinny as they were. I kept them flexed and they started growing. I dropped my arms, with a look on my face. I was shooketh. Was I seeing things? I flexed my arms again and my biceps were growing again. I stopped and they shrunk to the size they were. I flexed and they grew. They were actually growing! I couldn’t believe it!

My face lit up with joy. My arms were actually growing whenever I flexed. What about other parts of my body? Could I grow them too? Only one way to find out.

Robbie taught me how to flex my muscles even though I was really skinny. I took that into account. I began flexing my pecs a couple times and they started growing too! Each flex I could see and feel my chest grow bit by bit. This is awesome! I began flexing my stomach and each section of my abs were popping out. They were actually noticeable. I ran my hands through the ridges of my pecs and abs. I felt stronger, because I was.

I couldn’t leave my legs out. I flexed my thighs and my muscled quads began thicken and become more vascular and striated. They were actually filling the space I had in the leg holes of my boxers. I lifted my leg up and flexed my calves. I could feel them pulsing as they grew to be bigger than footballs. I put my leg down and my feel cracked the floor even more.

I still couldn’t believe what was going on. I had the power of my best friend, and his best friends. I had the power to grow my muscles! I’m still in total shock! That shock didn’t last long though. Why?

I could feel my cock getting a boner in my boxers. I didn’t think much of it until it wouldn’t stop getting bigger. It was protruding my boxers so much I had to fish it out and poke it through the hole. My cock was so much bigger than it was yesterday! It kept growing and growing, my balls weren’t left out either. They too kept growing bigger and fuller. Eventually it stopped. I had a tape measure on my nightstand because I was installing new shelves in my room so I grabbed that and measured my cock. It was 12 inches now! That’s a whole foot! Pre began leaking from my tip and splashing on the floor. I was in an erotic state of non-stop pleasure. But then I thought, if c can grow my muscles by flexing, could I do the same with my cock?

I flexed my cock and it grew a quarter of an inch longer and thicker! From one little flex! A couple veins appeared all around my cock and I could feel every single one of them. Every vein with blood flowing through them around my cock was like hot water splashing all around it. It felt too good.

I flexed it again and it grew another quarter. 12 and a half inch cock! More pre began leaking and puddling on my cracked floor. I took it a step further and flexed my cock and kept it flexed. I can see and feel my cock lengthen and see more veins appear out every second that passed. My cock began leaking more and more pre the more my cock grew. 20 seconds later my cock grew up to my forehead, riddled with veins, with balls of steel. Literally.

I can feel my cock’s muscles begin to tense and expand. I knew what was coming next. More pre leaked out faster than a sink at full blast. I gave it one more good flex before my cock exploded. A huge tsunami of cum exploded from my cock and crashed into the ceiling. I could see bits of plaster and dust fall along with the giant backsplash that was covering my entire room. I was lost in the infinite pleasure of my exploding cock it felt so good.

It seemed like the stream wasn’t ending anytime soon, so I flexed my cock to see if it would stop. Bad decision. More cum exploded with more force and create and bigger dent in my ceiling. Everything in my room was now covered in my nut, and it still wasn’t stopping despite the fact I wasn’t even flexing my cock anymore.

My next thought was to get rid of the cum in my veiny muscular titanium like balls as soon as possible. I knew what to be done. I quickly covered the tip of my cock with both of my hands, moved my massive body through my house as quickly as I could and got out to my backyard. I only created more cracks in the floor and my walls in the hallway are now stained with cum.

I moved my hands from the still exploding tip and became amazed as to how high I was shooting up. it had to go at least 100 yards in the air. Well it was about to go more than that. I said “fuck it” and flexed my cock as hard as I could and a giant laser like stream exploded from my cock, broke the sound barrier, my massive body creating a crater from under me, and I screamed in pleasure. The stream traveled into the overcast sky and even went through the clouds. I’ve never so powerful in my life.

After launching a cum laser for 50 seconds straight the stream stopped, and I fell back on the ground. I didn’t even feel the cold that was supposed to be there. I was breathing heavily and 30 seconds later all the cum I launched out came back down like rain. I smiled and passed out…

“You saw a what?” Lance asked.

“I saw a beam of light coming from this road” I replied.

“From Dennis’s road? Why would anyone here in this boring neighborhood have a beam of light?” Lizzie asked.

“That’s why I’m driving us three over there to find out.” I replied.

Wrong, it wasn’t a beam of light I saw. I know what I saw, and I know what it looks like because I did it in every condition of weather. I pulled up to the front of his house and we all got out. I instantly went to the backyard because ain’t no way he was crazy enough to put a hole in his ceiling.

I hopped the fence and sure enough, there was a naked muscular Dennis with a muscular soft 8 incher. Lizzie and Lance hopped the fence and saw what I saw. I took the ring off of his cock and tried to wake him up.

“Mason, don’t tell me you—” Lance said.

“Yep he did…” Lizzie interrupted.

After 10 seconds of shaking him, Dennis eventually woke up. He looks around to see his cum covered house and backyard and quickly jumped up.

“What happened?! Where am I?!” Dennis quickly started to panic.

“Dennis it’s okay. It’s just us,” I said to reassure him. He stopped and saw us.

“I… had a dream… i-i-it was like a destructive dream, my feet cracked my floor, I dented m-m-my ceiling and”

“It wasn’t a dream it was reality, I mean look at yourself dude!” I said smiling. He looked at himself and was shocked.

“Wait so I really am muscular? I do have muscular powers?” he asked.

“You liked your Christmas present?”

“Wait… you did this, Mason?”

“Dennis.” I flexed my arms and shredded my hoodie sleeve with my bicep. “Welcome to South Carolina Destructive Boys Group.” I hugged his naked form “Merry Christmas friend.”

“Thank you Mason, Merry Christmas” he said.

“Well now we got four boys with muscular powers to deal with. It’s a ‘Christmas Miracle’,” Lance said annoyingly while crossing his arms.

“Yeah, but maybe he won’t be as reckless as Mason and as deadly as Robbie.” Lizzie said.

“Here’s hoping…”

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