Destructive boys: Mason’s fantasy

by MarcusB00

 Everybody has a fantasy, but when one muscular person has a chance to experience his fantasy outside of reality, things can get messy and crazy. Especially messy.

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My power is probably the best thing a human could ask for. Bodybuilders, even porn stars, would want my power. Being the strongest guy on the planet and the horniest? Who wouldn’t want that?

I woke one morning at like 10 a.m. That’s earlier then when I usually wake up. I had a raging morning wood that poked out from my blanket. My cock somehow made a hole in my blanket and it was sticking out. That was weird but that also made me feel more powerful than I already was. Not even an Ikea blanket can resist my cock’s power.

I have this morning nut routine from my bed. My cock can launch cum at a very strong velocity. I either unleash my cum explosion in my room, or try and hold it and bust the biggest nut on the beach tonight. I felt extra horny so I decided to let some out in my room. I could either let it fly all over my room, stock my cock into the hole in the wall I made a while and just fix it later, or just straight up fuck my mattress. My cock is strong enough to plow through anything. Where did you think I got that hole in the wall from?

My cock also looked a little bit bigger than usual. I set my morning wood to be like 9 inches. It looked like 11 inches and pulsing with veins. I didn’t know what was going on with my body. I suddenly felt much stronger and extra horny? The world isn’t ready for extra horny Mason. But I need to cum to get out of bed. If my cock is bigger and stronger, I could probably cum harder too.

Since I can cum so much, an average teenager completing No nut November and finally cumming on Dec 1st is nothing compared to my precum. I let my cum build in my cock and have it leak on my blanket like a faucet. I did that for a good 45 seconds before letting it fly. I let go and pushed very slightly and cum launched it on the 15 ft ceiling. It was a fat and short stream that splattered my ceiling. It was so much it covered my ceiling and dripped semen all over my room. Every object that was in my room was cover in cum. That was precum. Not even my regular cum. How did I do that? What was going on with my body? I’m not one to question about good things, but honestly, I was curious. If my body gets stronger without reason, ill fond that out later. I was going to have fun with this first.

When I let go of the tension in my cock, it was a long stream that went over my head and splatter against the wall behind me. I pushed slightly and it splattered harder and even splash on me. This felt awesome. Knowing you can cum as much as you want and have it fly is such a confidence booster. I grabbed it and my pleasure meter exploded. That feeling exploded through all my body and my cock couldn’t hold it in any longer. My cum shot with enough velocity to make a hole in my wall. It shot through the wall and through the bricks outside and land in my neighbor’s yard. They’re not gonna be happy but I don’t care at the moment. I kept it going for like 5 minutes before letting go, then it return to the endless wall splatter stream.

That. Was. Awesome!!!! And it felt so good!!!!!! All I did was grab my cock and I came harder. The best part of it was that it was all precum. I am so gonna cum as hard as I can on myrtle beach tonight. Maybe I can hit the moon, or the sun, or even the planets in the solar system. Maybe even outside the galaxy. Maybe I can cum a black hole, or even fill a black hole. That would be so dope.

I stopped cumming and got out of bed. God I still can’t believe this was all precum. My room is a fucking mess. Normally I had to actually cum to make a mess of this caliber. I gotta show Robbie, Evan, and Addison. Robbie would be so jealous.

I go to my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. Bro, I can see why I feel so much stronger. I had about 3% body fat, but now it looks like I have none. I pinched my abs and had almost no skin to stretch. I flexed my biceps and they seemed bigger and riddles with more veins. This is awesome!! I wanted to see something else. I grew my cock to my chin. I wanted to cum so bad but I willed myself not to. I’ve read a bunch of growth fantasies of people with hypercocks basically giving themselves a pec fuck. I wanted to turn that into a reality. I put my cock in between my two muscular melons and flexed. The sheer power of my pecs massaging my cock drove me insane. I was grinding my pecs like I grinded Danielle. I was lost in ecstasy from my powerful body. I got too carried away though, I came so hard my cum went through the ceiling and like 100 feet in the air. It came back down and rain over my neighbors house. I got issues.

I got dressed in a black Nike tracksuit with Jordan 15s, and got in my truck. I called the guys up and tell them the news. As the phone was ringing, I look to my left and see my neighbor walk out of her house and see the giant cum lake in her front yard and all over her house. She looks at me and I sped out of my driveway. God, I hope my house hasn’t gotten egged when I get back.

I called the squad up and told them to meet me at the secret spot. Robbie agreed with no hesitation while Evan and Addison reluctantly agreed. As usual. I even called my best friend Darren to come. He’s like my biggest fan.

I pull in the big field to see a car already there. A red Volkswagen Golf to be exact. I know who that is. I park my F-150 and got out, and to my surprise Darren comes out nowhere and jumps on me.

“Woah there, tryin’ to get the jump on me huh?” I asked laughing

“You already know bro. What did you call us for?” he asked. I looked around and looked at my watch. Knowing them, it will be like 20 minutes before the guys get here. Might as well show off for a fan.

“I’ll show you,” I said smiling. My dumb ass thought it was a good idea to wear my good clothes to a muscle meeting. As much as I wanted to rip my tracksuit off, I didn’t. I simply got undressed in a normal manner and tossed them in the backseat of my truck. All I had on was my boxers. I turned the corner and realized leaving my boxers on may have been a bad idea.

“Mason! You’ve gotten more shredded!” he yelled. One compliment in and I’ve already went too far. I hit a double biceps. “Damn bro! Keep going!” he screamed. I still blame him for keeping me going. I then hit him with side chest pose. He yells to me to keep going so I hit him with a most muscular pose. Not only did that send him overboard but that sent my cock into overdrive. My cock was stretching my boxers and Darren noticed. I mean, how could he miss it?

“Mason, do I even have to explain what I want you to do next?” he asked. He loved seeing my cock destroy my boxers whenever he’s around. So I gave him his wish. Threw my arms back and grew my cock completely destroying my boxers. Some parts even flew at Darren. There it was, all 12 inches of my cock in its full veiny glory. Flexing for Darren got me horny and him gassing me up more did not help.

“Damn, Mason, do you work out your cock? It looks like you got muscle tissue on that cannon!” Man, he’s really not helping my case.

“Yeah, I have been,” I said. “Been lifting cars, boulders, steel pipes, even 20 ton weights on each side.”

“Woooow. I bet you can cum into space now!” he says. It’s like he wants a homemade winter wonderland in this field and him be on the bottom. Him saying that instantly increased my horny meter by 1000%. I was hornier than I was this morning.

“You want to see me try?” I asked. I still don’t know why I asked that…

“Launch those lasers!!!” he yells.

I should probably get this out here. One weird fantasy I’ve had and always wanted to do was shoot lasers out of my cock. I know that sounds weird but doesn’t that sound cool? Just imagine that power and how that would feel. Like 1000 orgasms at once. My “lasers” are only like 100. I bet someone at the special forces has that power.

I may have gone a little overboard with the rockets I shot from my rocket launcher. I threw my arms back and shot a long stream of cum like 2000 feet in the air. Had it gone higher, I probably would’ve hit a plane. I’m not reckless like Invert. Who am I kidding? I’m probably more reckless than Invert and Vesmir combined. The stream lasted like 50 seconds and I broke the sound barrier. Every 50 seconds of that orgasm felt amazing. The force of my orgasm created a small crater below me. Dude I might just pass out from pleasure overdose tonight.

I relaxed my body and took a breather. Man that was intense. Darren seemed to love it.

“Dude, that was awesome!!!” Darren says. He ran to me and jumped in my arms. This is when the rest of the guys finally pull up to see the mess I made.

“Well, well, well. You and Darren having fun without us?” Robbie asked as he got out of the car.

“How can you tell?” I said smiling.

“The fact that you look like you have no bodyfat, you have raging boner, Darren is here, you’re naked and it looks like Christmas came early,” Addison says. I look at the treeline to my right and found that some cum was on top of the trees. Huh.

“So you’ve noticed one change about me,” I said.

“You really called us out here just to say you got no bodyfat now?” Evan asked. He was clearly hatin’. I could tell.

“Y’all, I woke up this morning the strongest I’ve ever felt. Not only that, my cock also is more powerful than it was before,” I said.

“What else is new, you horny bastard?” Robbie asked.

“Well, considering I just launched a cum laser in the sky, and broke the sound barrier, I’d say that some new shit,” I said sarcastically.

“Hah I was right!! It was him. We saw that stream a mile away on the way here,” Addison yelled. They saw it? It was that noticeable? That’s dope!

“So you don’t know where this sudden charge-up came from?” Robbie asked.

“I wish I knew so I could do it multiple times. This is awesome!” I said.

“Well, since we’re all here might as well compare now. Evan, you’re in this,” Robbie said.

Evan sighed as he took his shorts off. Darren and Addison sat on the hood of Robbie’s car.

“All right boys, First thing, tree passing. Evan you start.” Evan runs to the treeline and picks the fattest, thickest tree he could fine. He walks back out with a tree on his back and he’s carrying it with two hands. He’s clearly struggling as he’s walking slowly. He eventually gets it to Robbie. Robbie takes the tree and carries it above his head. He’s a master at this and is breezing through this challenge. He starts running in my direction and throws the tree towards me. I’m about to surprise these fools. While the tree is in the air, I jumped up and grabbed the tree by one hand. I landed and made another small crater below me. I held the tree proudly like I just won an F1 championship. They all stood in shock while I stood there smiling. To add salt to Robbie’s pride I threw to tree over the treeline with one hand. I looked at Robbie and he looked a little annoyed.

“Well then, you did get stronger, but did you get stronger where it counts the most?” Robbie’s cock went instantly to the top of his chest while Evan slowly grew his to the same place. I wanted to try something out. If my strength increased then maybe my cock did too. Y’all see where I’m going with this right?

Robbie grabbed 3 steel pipes from his truck with only one hole on the end. Like a pringles can. He tossed one to me and one to Evan. I knew this game. I looked at Darren and he got excited. He knew where this was going too.

“All right boys, next is cock strength. Who can burst this pipe the fastest?” he said. I started to smile because I already knew what I wanted to do. Usually we use it as a fleshlight until our cocks drill through the other end without cumming.

“Here’s a catch though. These aren’t just regular steel pipes. These are special titanium alloy materials from the abandoned Special Forces warehouse. Stronger than all off the materials on earth combined. lets see who at least crack it.” Robbie says. All the more reason to get me excited.

I put the steel “fleshlight” around my cock and went to town, while Evan and Robbie did the same. It was only about 9 inches long so it only got halfway to our cocks. We all were grunting with effort and pleasure ramming our tips on the other side. Evan lowkey enjoying it a little bit too much though. He going crazy.

Time to check my theory out. I let go, flexed my biceps, and grew my cock. My previous max length was 25 inches, all the way to my chin, but now it grew to 32 inches! That’s to my forehead. The max girth I had was 7 inches around, now it grew to a whole 13 inches! I could never do that. It filled the pipe pretty quickly leaving no room for space. I wondered, why stop there? I could keep it going. I looked and Robbie and Evan to see their progress. Robbie is full on slamming that thing on his tip. It didn’t hurt him however, even though it looked like he did.

Ahh! Watch out!!” Evan yelled. His stamina was better than every pornstar combined but was no match for me and Robbie. He got too horny and went too far. He came really hard in the pipe but it didn’t break through. He held it there for like 5 seconds but lost his grip and the pipe went flying towards us, really quick. Robbie ducked and missed him, but that collided with my abs. I didn’t feel anything. It should’ve hurt but didn’t. Robbie looking real salty over there.

Time to finish this pipe off. “Hey Robbie, watch this.” I flexed harder and the pipe cracked like glass. I flexed a little harder and the pipe exploded from the sheer power of my cock. “Ahhh that feels better!”

Everybody looked at me like an 8 year old found out wrestling was fake. Priceless. And funny at the same time.

“Yeah, it’s confirmed, he got stronger,” Robbie says. I smile like a proud father.

“All right, now that you accept the fact, can you stop being salty? You’re still the leader of the group,” I say. Yeah, he’s the leader and still is. I’m not gonna take that away from him.

“I’m not worried about that. What I am worried about is we don’t know where your power-up came from,” Robbie says.

“Yeah, how long before you kill us all?” Evan asked.

“Guys, I’ve been feeling this power for hours now and I have no wish to take over the world, like damn,” I said laughing. Ain’t no way they really thought that.

“Anyway, you’re still gonna shoot into space tonight?” Darren asked.

“Wait, what?” Everyone else asked simultaneously.

“Oh you didn’t know? Every other night I go on Myrtle Beach and cum as hard as I can to see how high it goes,” I say.

“Sounds like a typical Mason night,” Evan and Addison said at the same time. I’ll admit, they’re relationship goals.

“My highest was 1000 feet. I shot 2000 feet an hour ago. Plus I’m more horny than I was this morning and an hour ago combined. I got to at least hit the stratosphere,” I replied.

“You know what? I low-key want to see that,” Robbie says. Wow. It’s confirmed that attention will charge my libido by 10,000%. I got way too horny when he said that.

“How about it, love birds?” I asked.

“Sure why not? But you’re buying the rest of us food. Preferably Domino’s,” Evan said. Really can’t get out of that. can I?

We’re all on Myrtle Beach at midnight. It would’ve been pitch black the light on the boardwalk werent so bright. Darren is watching Robbie shoot cum like a machine gun at the ocean, Evan and Addison are watching Black Mirror while eating Domino’s in their car, and I’m laying on the beach in my naked glory, with my cock in the air, waiting for midnight. I had a goal for tonight. If I actually shot into space I would like to make a crater on the moon. That’s tonight’s goal.

I hear my watch beep and I look at it. 12:00am. Lets get it.

“All right boys, come watch me potentially make history,” I yell. Everybody stops what they’re doing and surrounds me. Darren out of everybody looks the most excited. He should be though.

“All right, for the last 7 hours I’ve been holding my seed in. It took a lot of willpower but I managed to do it. There’s no telling how far it will go up. But I had an idea,” I say, looking at Evan and Robbie.

“Hahahaha, what are you planning Mason?” Addison asked.

“Stimulation will make me shoot my deadly laser stronger and higher. I might break Mach 8 from this.”

“I’m assuming you’ll want us to jack you off until you can’t hold It anymore,” Robbie says.

“I was gonna say you guys just cum on my pole as hard as you guys can,” I say.

“Probably the only thing you said I’ll get behind. Pause though,” Evan says. So he agrees with me on something for once. That’s progress.

“Well in case you do get it into space I got this telescope to see your progress,” Addison says. When the fuck they get that?

“All right guys, time to make Invert jealous,” I say.

“Who?” Addison asked.

“You don’t want to know,” Robbie and Darren say simultaneously.

Robbie and Evan both back up and give me space. Darren stands in between them. I allowed my cock to grow more and get to the top of my head. God it was so big. Evan and Robbie Cocks ripped through their pants and got hard as steel. They both grabbed their cocks and aimed at my giant fuck pole.

“As hard as we can?” Robbie asked.

“Launch those lasers!!!” I yell.

Oh boy why did I say that? Two extremely strong stream of cum splattered against my cock, and they were not done. They were gonna have fun with their bodies too. Every second that went by, the streams got stronger. My cock was twitching from the stimulation my friends were giving me. Me allowing cum to build up in my cock but not come out probably was a bad idea. It wouldn’t be long before the dam burst.

“All right Evan no playing around. Let’s go harder,” Robbie says.

“Let’s do it. Darren you’re strong, hold us,” Evan says. Darren knew what was going to happen. He put both his hands on Evan and Robbie’s backs. With that cue Evan and Robbie let go of their cocks and shot harder. They shot so hard they broke the sound barrier. That pushed them back with their feet dragging across the sand but had Darren to hold them in place. They flexed their biceps to keep the stream going. I wanted to shoot so bad but I couldn’t just yet. I needed to keep going. This feeling of power I had, in all of my muscles and my cock, the best feeling in the universe. I looked at the moon. Then I had a thought. Why stop there? Why not shoot through the moon? It won’t cause too much of damage. I could shoot through the moon and keep going. I could shoot through Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and go further beyond. Fuck making a crater, I was gonna make hole through the core of all the unlucky planets above me. I was ready. That thought drove my horny level through the roof. The meter broke. I flexed my biceps and my cock harder. It grew thicker which allowed more cum to be stored.

“Guys, I’m close, keep going!!” I yelled. Evan and Robbie knew how to drive my horniness even more. At this point my horniness is infinite. They each directed their streams to cover all of my cock.

“Almost there!! Get ready!” Addison looked through the telescope to see the damage I’m bout to cause.

“Darren push us!” Evan yelled. Evan came with that idea? Darren pushed Evan and Robbie with all of his strength and they got closer. That made the streams feel even better.

I bit my lip as some cum dripped down and slid on my cock. We’ve been at this position for about 10 minutes now. It felt like I was charging a laser, like and Kamehameha or a Final Flash. Maybe I will destroy the unlucky planets with my weapon of mass destruction.

“Three!” I yelled. I was too close. It felt too good to even let go but it will feel even better to let my Laser out.

“Two!” Evan and Robbie continued shooting their own lasers and with Darren pushing them. Addison got ready with her telescope. And…


So lemme explain the best way possible. Invert and Vesmir doesn’t have shit when it came to powerful cumshots, not even close. I shot a super-powerful, high velocity, wide radius laser of cum. I broke the sound barrier more powerful than Evan and Robbie did combined. I roared as my cum shot up into the night sky. Whatever clouds was in the way instantly vanished. It pushed through the sky with no effort and got into space. My cum laser collided with the moon and pushed through the core and on the other side and kept going. God must’ve knew what my plan was cuz all of the planets were aligned for some reason. It shot through Mars, collided through Jupiter, shot the rings of Saturn, added more liquid to Neptune and Uranus, and completely destroyed Pluto. It shot through Pluto for a couple hundred more miles before finally stopping. The best thing about it, that orgasm lasted like 20 minutes. That was a long ass laser of cum I shot. By the time it settled down in another galaxy, I kept shooting from Earth. I felt that planet shattering orgasm for a hole 20 mins. That was the best cumshot of all time. No one could possibly do any better.

After about 5 minutes of waiting for my stream to calm back down to earth I passed out from pleasure. My body collapsed and I was absolutely drenched in cum. Wished it could’ve been my own but Evan decided he wanted to cum all over me when I was unconscious. They all looked in the telescope and yeah, they’re holes in all of the planets and shards of Pluto all over space.

“Wow, he really did that,” Addison says.

“He’s amazing!!” Darren says.

“That was low-key awesome,” Evan says.

“All right, who’s carrying him home? His nasty ass is not getting my car,” Robbie said.

“I’ll wash him, Evan you take him home.” Darren says.

“Why me?!” Evan asked annoyed.

“You kept blasting him with your hypercum when he passed out, you owe him something,” Robbie says.

“Fine,” Evan says.

I woke in my bed feeling a little odd. My morning wood was the regular 9 inches, I didn’t a hole in my blanket. I got up and realized there was no hole on my back wall and no hole in the ceiling in my bathroom. I look at my body and saw I was not as shredded as before. I looked at google and didn’t see any reports of the planets being destroyed. My cock only reached to the middle of pecs, and I couldn’t even pec fuck them like a did before.

Bro, it was a dream. Damn. It was a good dream too. It felt so real too. It was awesome. That made me surprised I didn’t absolutely drench my room in cum if I felt all of that

Although my whole power up experience was a dream nothing was stopping me from it becoming a reality. I will get stronger and more shredded. I will be able to make holes in walls from just precum. I will be able to destroy planets with my cock and seed. I will make Robbie salty, and I will be able to shoot more powerful orgasms than Invert and Vesmir combined. They won’t have shit on me.

I’ve been thinking those though ever since. I will hard to achieve those goals. But first, I’m horny. I need to cum hard quick. You know what? I’ll just put a hole in the ceiling. I can fix it afterwards.`


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