Destructive Boys: Robbie’s revenge

by MarcusB00

Robbie has held a grudge against a past bully for a couple years, and he gets informed that the bully is back in town. Time for some well-deserved revenge.

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I may have this power now, but I wasn’t always the strongest or the most muscular back in school. But I also wasn’t a skinny nerd or a twig back then. I had a rather slim build but wouldn’t even be strong enough to make the football team. I’ve always wanted to work out but I was always busy with school and I had an after school job working at Publix.

Just like any other kid who wasn’t big I was targeted for bullying. Now this just wasn’t being picked on or got called mean names, it was worse than that. The main squad of friends I had were Mason, Evan, Lizzie, and Lance. This was a time before Evan met Addison and Mason found Dennis. We always picked on each other, roasted each other, because that’s what friends do. Friends make fun of each other to a point where it wouldn’t be personal. Why? Because at the end of the day we don’t mean what we say.

Parker and his goons constantly jumped me. Of course they were like 6’6” and on the football team. Why wouldn’t they be? Me and the squad would hang out and watch the game and then hang out in the parking lot afterwards. That was the perfect time for the Parker gang to strike, whether it be just directed at me or get through my friends to fight me. My punches would do nothing and it made the ass-whooping three times worse. Now we usually made a beeline to our cars after school but his goons Alan and Bruce would be there waiting for us. They didn’t have a sixth period like most of us did but they would wait just to nearly kill us. What made it worse is that Mason, Lizzie, Evan, and Lance would also be targeted just for being associated with me. We told the teachers about what was going on but they were the best bullshitters in the damn school. When we finally graduated, it was the best thing in the world to not see them again.

I’m usually one to not hold a grudge, but when you’re constantly going home with bruises and sores and black eyes, it’s hard not to. The one thing that made me hold the damn grudge was when my mom asked me where all the bruises came from. I told her that I kept getting jumped by parker and she called his mom. Of course parker being a politician bullshitted out of that one. My mom still believed me though.

Two days later, and I decided to drive to Walmart to pick up something I ordered. What I didn’t realize is that I was being followed. Fifteen minutes into the drive and I couldn’t find my wallet. Thinking it could’ve just dropped in between the seat, I pulled into an empty parking lot of a park so I could look. When I got out to check between the seats, the goons did a drive by with a baseball bat to my head. I fell back down on the ground, and while I lay there in pain, they all got out and stomped me out. When they were done stomping me out, Parker grabbed my collar and repeatedly punch my face. I thought my head was gonna get punched off my head by how hard he was punching, while Alan and Bruce were going in on my stomach. Every punch I was getting my teeth broke, my jaw dislocated, and my breath getting punched out of me. it felt like I was wearing a shitty bulletproof body suit and were getting lit up by Tachanka’s machine gun. I thought I was going to die at this rate. They finally stopped and threw back on the ground. Parker told me to never snitch on him again or he would kill me, and all three of them spat on me. They got back in their truck and sped off laughing.

There I was, laying on the ground, broke, out of breath, can’t move or speak, and blood spilling on the asphalt. I saw my vision go dark. I was passing out. I prayed that I would wake up again. I did in a hospital bed hours later with my mom and sister, Samantha who was at college at the time beside my bed. I had broken ribs, teeth, sore ass limbs I could barely move them, I was near death but the doctor said I’ll live. My mom said that Parker and his gang moved out to there college dorms right after they nearly killed me and she still believed me that I was them. I held the grudge and never let go.

Today was the day I got my revenge.

You probably don’t know but I’ve been fucking a lot of girls recently. I’ll admit it, I’m basically becoming a fuckboy. But I can’t help it when I have bunch of girls enjoying my muscular body and my equally big and muscular cock. But I started catching feelings for this black queen named Theresa. She’s everything I’ve been looking for in a girl. Smart, dependable, cute, she even has that Louisiana accent I find hot. She could be my next girlfriend if I do this right.

Although she did go to the same school, she had her own groups she hung out with. They still hang out to this day and I’m excited to meet them if I get the chance. However they too were bullied by Parker and his gang though not as severely as us, but they had the same grudge that I had.

Theresa was out in the mall shopping for a new purse. She was alone but that’s how she liked it. She had found a coach purse she liked and picked it out. While she was on her way to checkout she had to pass the men’s section. She was walking through passing all of the typical Nike, Adidas and Xersion sports clothes she happened to look to her left. She had seen a couple boys messing with each other and play fighting so she thought nothing of it. Then she looked again out of curiosity. It was them. It was Parker, along with Alan, and Vinny. She couldn’t believe it. It was them. She ducked behind a rack of adidas joggers, put on her sunhat and glasses and called me. She struggled to click my contact as she was shaking from anticipation. For some reason.

I heard my phone ringing and saw that it was Theresa. I was always one to call her because she never called me so this through me off. I quickly answered and I could hear her hyperventilating. For some reason.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Robbie! Robbie! They’re here again!” she said quietly.

“They’re here? Who’s here?”

“Parker! Parker and his gang! They’re in town again!”

I nearly dropped my phone from shock. Why in the hell are they back in Charleston?”

“Where are they at?” I asked.

“At the mall!”

My cock really tore through my pants I was wearing and I shot a stream of cum and splattered against the wall 20 feet away. I even made a dent from the point of impact. The shocking part about it was that I didn’t try to do that. My body did that on its own. I guess I was excited to hear the news.

“Hey Theresa, what do you say about a little revenge?” I asked while smiling.

“I’m right behind you on that one.” Theresa said.

“Great! Follow them around but make sure you don’t get seen, chances are they stay at a hotel.”

“All right I can do that.” And she hung up.

My cock practically exploded with no effort from me whatsoever. It was a long steady stream of cum splattering against my wall causing the drywall to crack. I give my cock a quick flex and it jumped and pointed straight at the ceiling and I came harder. My cum went through the ceiling and the roof and kept flying into the 5:00 sky. I actually had to will myself to stop cumming, but holding it in replenished my balls instantly. Which is more than enough to do what I’m gonna do to those assholes.

After about 5 minutes the boys stopped playfighting and left. Theresa rushed to the checkout to pay for her purse she followed. The boys just so happened to park a couple cars down from where the boys are parked. It seemed like Parker got a new truck. A silver 2019 GMC Sierra, fresh off the lot. Theresa got in her car and acted as normally as possible. Parker back out and soon after, Theresa Backed out. She had kept her sun glasses and hat on even though it was overcast and it was starting to get dark outside. She stayed hind a little bit even though she doubted they would pay attention to a black woman in a red Chevy Malibu. 15 minutes later Parker pulled into a Marriot hotel. Theresa sees them get out and go inside. A couple minutes later she can see them in their window goofing around. She immediately calls me and tells me to get over here, which I did.

The 20 minute drive over there was a pain though. I was super excited to get my revenge, and my muscle and cock desperately wanted to be exposed, but I willed myself from unleashing my power and saving it for them. I pulled in and I can see Theresa sitting in her car. I got out of mine and went to hers.

“Why are they here?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I guess they didn’t want to stay with their parents,” Theresa said.

“Which room are they in?”

“I don’t know exactly which room, but I know the room is that window right there.” She pointed to a window which is at the top floor.

“Nice, I have an idea.” I was going to explain to her my idea but we see Alan and Vinny walked outside. They open the door to the trunk cab and sit in it and start smoking.

“You know what? I got a better idea,” I said, and I explained the idea to her. We get out and we start walking towards Alan and Vinny. I took off my shirt, exposing only some of my muscle power with abs barely starting to show, and Theresa took out her phone and started recording. My plan was to record me humiliate them and I can show it to Evan and them later.

“Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of Exposing Bullies. Today’s adventure is to take care of two bullies who were real dickheads in the past. The two in question are two gentlemen sitting in the back of a truck,” I said as we were walking towards them. I made no effort to hide what I was saying and they both turned around to look at me and Theresa.

“What are you talking about sir?” Alan asked.

“I’m here to take care of two assholes, and those assholes are you two,” I replied.

“Assholes?” Vinny asked.

“Shit, he ain’t talking to us,” Alan replied.

“What other assholes would I be talking about?” I asked.

“Not us or your ass would’ve been beaten right now,” Alan replied.

“Oh, is that so? Then what’s stopping you from preventing me from doing this?” They each had a blunt in their hand so I jumped up and quickly took it from them and threw them over the building. They didn’t like too that much.

“Dude, that was authentic L.A. Kush!” Alan yelled.

“Frankly my boy I don’t give a damn” I said smiling. I look back at the camera quivering with excitement.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Vinny yelled. He got up jumped out of the bed of the truck and ran towards me.

He cocked his fist back and punched me in my face. Two things: one, I didn’t even move because I didn’t feel it, and two he stepped back in pain grabbing his hand since I’m pretty sure that broke his knuckles. I put my hands on my hips and smiled at my victims.

“As you guys can see, his punches have no effect on me whatsoever,” I said to Theresa’s phone.

“Vinny was always the weaker one. You clearly haven’t been punched by me!” Alan got up and tan towards me. He started threw a punch at my face and started to rapidly punch my gut. After about 30 seconds he started to get tired. I stood there smiling as his punches basically tickled. Alan stood back with his knuckles bleeding.

“All right then, Mr. Top Heavy, but no one can withstand this!” He stepped back a few times and got a running start. He sprinted as fast as he could and delivered a field goal worthy kick straight to my balls. That was probably the most pleasurable things my balls has ever been through. I could feel my balls tighten and drop as I wanted to cum so bad from that, but I held it in.

“What the hell?” Alan stood back, shocked.

“Well, you all have tried your efforts but now it’s my turn,” I said. I ripped my shirt off and revealed my muscular body. I flexed my 21-inch biceps to intimidate them and it worked.

“What the hell are you, man?” Vinny said as he backed up in fear.

“Oh, Vinny,” I said. That raised his eyebrows in confusion. “You seriously don’t remember me? you don’t remember the guy you tortured in high school?” I said as I feel my biceps tingling.

“I beat up a lot of people in high school. We did jump this one kid by the park that one ti—” Alan stopped as a lightbulb went above his head. “Robbie Santos?!” Alan replied.

“The man, the myth, the legend himself!” Theresa said.

“And Theresa Jackson?!”

“The very same,” I said. I looked at the camera.

“All right guys, now we get to the fun part. Lance, you’re gonna love this.”

I run towards Alan and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him down to my face.

“You’re gonna pay for what you did to us, especially me,” I said smiling. I quickly delivered a knee kick to his gut which caused him to cough up blood and punched his face causing him to fly back towards the parked truck. Vinny looked over at Alan who was curled up in pain and looked up to see a Black Air Force 1 shoe flying towards his face. That kicked caused him to fly back into the bed of the truck. I jumped up and landed in the bed, I actually caused a small crater when I landed. I sat him up and punched his face, the force knocking his head back into the window and cracking the glass. I punched him three more times until his head finally cracked the glass. No shards in his head though, I wanted to make sure I didn’t kill the guy. He’s on the verge of passing out. His face already has bruises, mouth and nose is bleeding and he lost a tooth. I picked him up and tossed him off the back of the truck. I could feel my muscle swelling with excitement and my cock really wants to explode. I held it in but it won’t last much longer. I could feel it growing, fighting to be exposed. It was this feeling of power that took over me. I was going to make these guys up.

I saw Alan start to get up from the pain I caused him two minutes ago. I jumped and punched him on the back of the head on my way back down. my feet created two small craters when I landed. He fell on his hands and knees, taking big breaths. He got up and tried to swing on me but I caught his fist in my hand. I tightened my grip and twisted his hand. I twisted it slow to make sure he felt it, and he did. He began screaming as I looked him in his eyes. With one quick final turn I heard a crack. His wrist broke. Success. I let go and he fell back on the ground in pain. I kicked him in his stomach which caused him to roll a couple times and laid him with his stomach on the ground. I took this opportunity and ran and jumped on his back. The impact cracked his spine, but he could stand straight up if he really wanted to. I didn’t completely obliterate it. I rolled him over on his back, and did a double axe handle on his stomach. This caused a big bruise on his stomach and he coughed up blood.

“P-p-please… no more…” Alan said.

“No more, you asked? It’s ironic that you are the one pleading for mercy. But I’m not quite done with you yet,” I said. I looked at him like the pathetic insect he was. I grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him. I walked to Vinny who was still on the ground fighting to stay conscious, and grabbed him by his shirt. I walked towards the side of the hotel and grabbed each person by the neck in each of my hands. I had the idea of recreating one of the tortures I went through in high school. I cocked back both of my arms and pushed these two assholes into the wall. Their bodies became wedged into the brick wall. I backed up and asked Theresa to get a close up angle of these two idiots. I could see them wiggling to try and escape. I’ll give them credit for one thing, through all the pain they’re suffering from, they still have the capacity to try and move and withstand the pain to escape. that adrenaline is hitting them. I took both of my arms and held them out sideways and used my arms to restrain them into the wall.

Adrenaline hit me but for the wrong reason and in the wrong place. At this point I gave in.

“Well, sorry guys my cock is aching to be released from its two-layer cotton prison. If I don’t, things could get messy,” I said. And with that my cock tore through my boxers and shorts and grew to my chest. I could feel every vein on it pulsing, and it was hard as steel.

“You really are a f-f-freak…” Alan said. Him saying that threw my cock into overdrive. I was fighting to not cum but I wanted the pleasure to increase.

“Yeah a freak that can do this” I said. I flexed my cock to stand out in front of me. I closed me eyes and gritted my teeth and began slowly drilling my cock into the brick wall. The rough surface surrounding my cock as I made a hole in the wall was euphoric. It was more incredible that fucking that diesel engine from that rest stop. The pleasure was the best I ever felt. I really needed to cum. I wanted to cum but I didn’t. the pressure was increasing and multiplying by the second. Thirty seconds of driving my cock into a wall I reached my balls. Alan and Vinny both stared at what I was doing and was shocked. I took my cock out and pointed it at another point in the wall. But instead of slowly drilling it, I slammed my cock into the wall, I even made an imprint of my balls into the wall. I began fucking the wall like it was the best pussy I ever had. Alan and Vinny were beyond confused but also scared. If my cock could do this, what else I could do?

“Jesus man, what are you doing?!” Vinny asked.

“Building the pressure for the grand finale,” I replied as I was fucking the wall. The pressure was indeed increasing. I was so excited I could probably destroy Jupiter with my cum laser. I could blast a hole right through it.

After about two minutes of fucking bricks I backed up and took a look at the scene. Blood on the street and the truck, a broken window, glass everywhere, two moaning dickheads wedged in a wall… the sight was beyond amazing.

“And, cut,” I told Theresa. She stopped recording put her phone in her pocket.

“Well… only person left is Parker,” Theresa said.

“Yep, and I know exactly what to do,” I said. My cock twitched with excitement. I jumped up and grabbed the ledge of the window and saw Parker was talking his girlfriend very loudly. I was able to create a small circle with my fingernail and push it in. Thankfully it didn’t break on the carpet and he didn’t notice me. I jumped back down and told Theresa a plan I had. She went in through the front door and went upstairs to knock on his door. I gave Vinny a quick punch in the gut and jumped on the ledge. I peeked inside again and he’s at the phone sex stage with his girl. What a loser.

Twenty seconds later Theresa knocked on the door. Parker told his girl to hold on and he got up. he was still fully clothed when he was having phone sex which was strange to me. He opened the door and saw Theresa but didn’t know it was her.

“Hello, are you Parker Williamson?” Theresa asked.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Parker replied.

“Cool!” She takes out her phone and starts recording again. “I’ve been such a huge fan of you since high school. You don’t know how popular you’ve gotten since then”

“I didn’t know being the number-one wide receiver in the state would get me a fanbase,” Parker said.

“You have no idea. In fact, there’s someone who’s really excited to see you and he asked me to film his reaction.”

“Huh cool where is this fan?”

Right here!!” I yelled. I smashed through the window like tissue paper and presented myself in my now full naked glory. All of my muscles were shaking with anticipation, even my cock grew a little bit longer as pressure kept building by the second.

“What the fuck? Robbie?!” he asked, shocked.

“Smarter than your goons, I see. They didn’t even notice who I was at first glance,” I replied.

“And I’m here to witness the beatdown!” Theresa said. She took off her hat to reveal herself.

“Theresa?! What the fuck is all about? Why is Robbie naked?!”

“All of those questions is none of your business. The real question is how much pain are you going to endure before I finally decide to stop?” I said.

“Is that a threat?” he asked.

“Take it how you want to take it,” Theresa said.

“I don’t know how you got so shredded in only a couple years, but rest assure I will happily do what I’ve done to you both back in the past but only WAY worse.” Parker said.

“Is that a threat?” I asked.

“That’s a promise,” Parker replied.

I looked at the camera. “Well you’ve heard it first folks. Parker just promised to torture me worse than he did in the past. It must now be known the pain I was going to inflict him is going to be at least five times worse. At least,” I said. I could feel more veins popping all over my body.

“Oh, is that so?” Parker asked. He wasted no time. He charged at me and tried to tackle me. I didn’t even move. Taking quick notice that that didn’t work he did a full blown uppercut. I once again didn’t even move but I felt that one. It tickled. He stood up and stepped back.

“You call that a tackle?” I said. I charged at him full speed and threw myself at him. We both flew until he crashed into the back wall and made a hole. I backed up and he got up.

“Now that’s a tackle,” I said.

“What the hell was that?” Parker asked as he was rubbing his head.

“Only the beginning of my revenge.” I dashed and punched him in the stomach causing him to fly back into the same wall, making an even bigger hole. I then grabbed him by his neck with both hands and tossed him up, causing him to face plant into ceiling. As he was falling back down I jumped up and delivered a punch to his spine, cracking it. He flew into the TV.

I had totally forgot he was on the phone with his girl Becky. I didn’t notice until she was calling Parker’s name.

“Parker? What’s that noise? Is everything okay?” she asked. I grabbed the phone and answered her back.

“Parker will have to call you back,” I replied.

“What did you do to him, you monster?”

“If you want to see him again, come by the Marriot by Rosewood Avenue in a couple hours.” And I hung up and crushed the phone.

Parker got up with blood on his face and a damn near broken arm. He turned around and saw my hulking naked figure in fear. I was smiling the evillest smile I ever done, and I only ever smiled like that to Mason because he thought that prank he pulled was funny.

“Are you planning to kill me?” he asked breathing heavily.

“Maybe. I could kill you, or torture you, or just straight up do both. And if you’re wondering where Alan and Vinny are, they are currently incapacitated downstairs outside. They can’t help you,” I said. I slowly began to walk towards him. “Every punch, every kick, every ounce of pain you will feel will be far, far worse, then the pain you’ve caused me and my friends combined. You’re lucky Evan and Mason isn’t here to have fun because they would’ve killed you by this point. Three whole years, you’ve caused me nothing but pain, both physical and emotional, and for what? To establish dominance? Ha! Don’t make me laugh!” Every muscle began to twitch and my cock was super close to exploding all over him. He began to crawl on top of the dresser that the now broken TV was on.

“Aw look at him guys, the number-one wide receiver in high school now cowering in fear. Is this your king?” Theresa said.

“Robbie, please don’t hurt me no more…” Parker requested.

“Really ironic how you’re the one pleading for mercy and not me. Why would I give you mercy when you never gave me mercy for three Motherfucking years?!” I asked.

He didn’t waste no time and did the smartest but also dumbest thing since I’ve been here. He pushed me away and ran out the door. I smiled again and my muscles were twitching even more than they were.

“Theresa, stop the recording and go back downstairs with his goons. I’ll have a bloody Parker over there soon,” I said as I was walking out. I saw parker running down the hall and my cock twitched with excitement. I bit my lip and walked towards him with malicious intent. He got to the end of the hallway and turned around. He saw me smiling and walking towards him. He screamed and hit that corner. Four seconds later I heard the elevator bell ring. I ran as fast I could and turned the corner. I saw parker in the elevator mashing a button. I ran towards him but he got the door closed before I reached him. He escaped, or so he thought.

I pried both of my hands between the elevator door and shoved them both outwards. He watched in shock and fear as I stood inside.

“Oh, running away are we? You didn’t even get to meet my friend” I said as the elevator doors closed. I pointed to my 16 inch cock. The pressure was now becoming too much I ever handled before. I began leaking pre like a fountain. It began to pool on the ground.

“See my friend is very excited to play with you,” I said.

“Please don’t rape me…” he said. I was absolutely disgusted.

“I don’t know what animal you take me for but I’m not gonna rape you. I’m fucking straight! Why would I do that?” I asked.

“So then what are planning to do with your penis then?”

“This!” I thrust my hips forward and my cock head punched him in the stomach. He was stuck in a corner. I began punching him with my cock over and over again. Every punch delivered a multitude of pleasure to my cock. I was holding back explosion as much as I could. We reached the first floor and I delivered one more powerful cock punch and it sent him flying out the elevator and crashed into a wall. he was beaten bad, blood running his nose, bruises on his torso and face, missing teeth, he was not having fun, while I was having the most fun in my life.

He got up slowly and tried to run to the front door. He was so beaten down, he was holding his left arm and was limping really fast. I walked behind smiling like a serial killer. The front desk dude was watching this and was about to call the cops before I stopped him.

“You better put that phone down. You didn’t see nothing, you didn’t hear nothing. You know what happens to them snitches, right?” I said. He put the phone down and went into the backroom.

Parker made it outside and made a bee line for his truck. He got to it but saw his friends wedged in the wall. before he could make another action, I saw kicked him in his stomach and he flew a couple feet away from his truck. I bent down and grabbed his shirt and dragged his bloody body to the wall where his boys were at. I stood him up and headbutted him into the wall. He became wedged into the wall as well. I know that impact hurt.

Theresa began recording again.

“Well here you have it folks! Three assholes wedged in a wall, currently in immense pain, but I’m not done with them yet. I have one more surprise for them. Mason, you’re gonna love this part,” I said.

“One more surprise?” Alan asked.

“The fuck is gonna do with us?” Vinny asked.

“I don’t know boys…” Parker replied.

“Parker only got a taste of what I can do. It’s about time I show you what I can really do,” I said.

I walked over to his truck and grabbed the back bumper. I pulled it over in front of them with no effort. I began to poke holes in the truck with my cock. After 30 seconds I made like 20 holes in the side of the truck.

“Please! Don’t hurt my truck!” Parker pleaded.

“Too late Parker!” I said. I grabbed the truck by the front and laid down. I was holding the truck above me as I was laying on the ground. I grew my cock to be 22 inches, sticking from my body like a golf club. I then slowly lowered the trucks grill onto my cock. I bit my lip as the pleasure was too awesome. I lowered the truck all the way to my balls and my cock was surrounded with a bunch of plastic and steel engine parts.

“He really did that,” Vinny said.

“He really is a freak,” Parker said.

“This is the best part,” I said.

I put my hands behind my neck and flexed my cock. I shot a long stream of cum that quickly filled the inside of the truck. I shot harder and I completely shot through the other side of truck. I shot even harder and the hole became bigger, like I was shooting a Kamehameha. I stopped shooting and I flexed my cock even more and it lifted itself outside of the truck. It ripped through the engine and hood and landed on my pecs. The now totaled truck landed on top of me. I lifted it off of me and stood up. I threw it up and it crashed back down. it was no longer drivable in the slightest. The dickheads all jaws were opened and Theresa was smiling.

“That felt awesome!!! But that was only precum. You guys will get first-hand experience of what my actual cum can do,” I said smiling.

I began walking over to the boys while rubbing my cock. I’ve been waiting for this moment for the longest. My revenge was almost complete, and I was going to get immense pleasure for what was next.

“You guys heard him. Get ready for bullet hell. I would close your mouths,” Theresa said.

“Damn right, bullet hell then laser hell. Evan, you’re going to love this part,” I said.

I stood 15 feet away from the boys and they were all panicking. They began to wiggle and try and break from their brick prison. My cock began leaking pre again.

“Robbie, Please!” Alan yelled.

“Please don’t kill us!” Vinny yelled.

“We’re sorry! We’re sorry we tortured you for years. Please! Please don’t kill us!” Parker yelled.

“Funny how now since you’re restrained and can’t attack me do you guys apologize. I know you’re sorry, but I am too.

I aimed my cock at them, threw my arms back, flexed my arms and unleashed millions of cum bullets at the boys. I screamed in pleasure and anger while they screamed in fear and pain. The pellets were being launching at like 300 mph, more dangerous than a 50cal Mini gun. Every punch I endured, every beatdown I took, every lie they’ve told, all the abuse was put into my cumshot. Call me metal, but their screams only made me shoot harder and faster. Their suffering excited me. I was making them suffer for the 3 years of torture. Feeling those cum bullets launch from my cock was the most pleasure I ever felt. The fact I got a personal machine gun, Laser, and rocket launcher and it being my cock is the best thing in the world.

After launching billions upon billions of cum bullets for 10 minutes I stopped. The smoke cleared and the wall was completely destroyed and covered in cum at the same time. The 3 boys were plastered to the wall. Don’t worry I didn’t kill them, I only shot enough to bruise their bodies. I made sure to not shoot to hard at their bodies. They were beyond broken. To my surprise they were all conscious.

“P-p-please… no m-more…” Parker said.

“I’m only halfway done, we still haven’t done laser hell,” I said.

I aimed my cock again and shot cum again. Instead this time it was one long giant stream that completely covered all three of their bodies. I was shooting so hard my feet were dug into the street and I was being pushed from the force of my ‘laser’. I could feel me calves working overtime to keep my feet from dragging and destroying the asphalt.

Honestly feeling my calves bulge and work hard made me shoot harder and made my calves work even more. Feeling my muscles bulging and feeling every vein come out was a very erotic feeling. Plus shooting one giant stream nonstop was a whole lot better than a machine gun.

After another 10 minutes of shooting my ‘laser’ I stopped shooting. They were more plastered then they already were. I could honestly shoot more but I decided not to. I felt like my revenge was done. I went up to their bodies and they were knocked out cold. They were even more bruised then they were before I launched ‘laser’ hell.

“And that my friends is how you deal with three assholes. That will conclude today’s episode. Be sure to tune back next week,” I said. And Theresa stopped recording.

“Satisfied?” Theresa asked.

“Yep! Made them suffer and they’ll never treat anyone else like that again. I hope so at least…”

“Isn’t his girlfriend on the way?”

“Yep, so we should probably bounce.”

Theresa and I made a bee line for her car and we left the crime scene. My revenge was done. I feel so much better from it. Parker and his goons will never fuck with me or anybody I know ever again. if they do…

Then I might actually kill them.


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