Friday Flashback: Hit the Showers

Friday Flashback: Green-Eyed Guys 

Weekly Update 20 February 2021
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Weekly Update: 20 February 2021

For this week’s story, another Patreon commission but one more open-ended than usual where I was asked for something “random”, I set out to write something where randomness was an element of the story itself. The plot, however, kind of took on a life of its own—appropriate given the subject matter—and I ended up writing something I wasn’t expecting at all, which is always fun. Maybe randomness was being exerted on me by the meta universe… or maybe there is neither randomness nor free will, and I was always destined to write this exact story. Hmmm: an interesting plot idea, an author of fantasy smut trapped by fate. I’ll have to write that one. (And maybe that last sentence is true in a literal sense. When it comes down to it, how would I know, one way or the other?)

There was a Friday Flashback yesterday, this time celebrating the sexytimes that can arise out of a good shower scene in the various kinds of stories on this site. The next update is a week hence, on 27 February; in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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DeadGuy by BRK Wyatt downloads an app called DeadGuy, which is supposed to be the app responding randomly to your questions in the voice of a fake cartoon ghost. What Wyatt doesn’t know is, the ghost isn’t fake at all. 3,502 words Added Feb 2021 8,342 views 4.8 stars (12 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•App•Suggestion•Merging•Ghosts•Supernatural•Complete

Abyssus Abbey 2, Part 3 by Pen Darke After a long wait, Hob returns to Tuco. Can his plan for releasing him from the Abyss really work? And if he were to return to the Abbey, what would he find there? 18 parts 132k words (#10) Added Feb 2021 Updated 23 Sep 2023 25k views 5.0 stars (80 votes) •Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Prehensile Cock•Wings•Muscle/Strength•Anthro/Furry•Demons•Incubus/Succubus•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Horror•Pagan gods•Supernatural•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

Adonis Brothers: The Bunny Bandit by Void The Bunny Bandit strikes again! While thwarting a bank heist, Josh and Adam discover a new foe. Will our fearless bulging super-brief-enhanced heroes save the day? Or will they become the next unwitting victims of the Bandit and his evil henchmen? 1,155 words Added Feb 2021 4,585 views 3.0 stars (1 vote) •Muscle/Strength•Transformation•Human to Animal/Anthro•Nonconsensual change•Superhero/Supervillain

The formula, Part 4 by hyperboi The boys get home in time for their father’s bodybuilding contest. Mike decides to help his dad out, but things soon get out of hand. 4 parts 15k words Added Jan 2021 Updated 13 Feb 2021 27k views 4.9 stars (32 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Self-suck•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Age Difference•Incest•Brothers•Father/Son•Twins •t/t•t/t/t...

Reality Pack, Part 14 by Thorn All seems to be going well in preparation for the Valentine’s Dance, until some big things occur back at home. 15 parts 79k words (#34) Added Nov 2020 Updated 27 Feb 2021 55k views 4.9 stars (41 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Pec Fucking•Muscle Breast•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Butt Growth•Belly Growth•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•App•Age Difference•First Time/Virgin•Incest•Brothers•Father/Son•Valentine’s Day •M/M•M/M/M

Spice up your life, Part 3 by Musclesaber Today’s the day of the barbecue. Finally after months of quarantining, Collin and Sam are seeing their friends. All is going well until a problem occurs just when Sam finishes preparing all of the food. 8 parts 22k words Added Feb 2021 Updated 7 Aug 2021 26k views 5.0 stars (23 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Butt Growth•Belly Growth•Getting Taller•Fourth of July•Set during the Pandemic •M/M

An unexpected inflation, Part 30 by UberPump Dirk, having his cock and balls nearly burst, heads to the showers to wash up. Michael and Keith follow behind. Dirk runs into trouble being able to reach areas of his body due to some unforeseen side-effects of his massively bloated genitals. Everything about him begins to swell… and we mean everything. Will Michael and Keith witness something truly explosive? 41 parts 99k words (#24) Added Apr 2020 Updated 10 Jun 2023 130k views 4.9 stars (61 votes) •Cock Growth•Cock Pumping•Cockfucking•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Cum inflation•Cum Milking•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Addiction•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Pec Fucking•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Public Nudity•Increased Libido•Breast Expansion•Getting Handsomer•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Forced Growth•Size Increase•Inflation•App•Nanotech•Incest•Brothers•Bisexual•Hetero Sex•Nonconsensual change•Bodily Fluids•Dildos/Toys•Infectious •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/F

What a dear deer boy, Parts 1–2 by Thatbadwriter Eric’s undersized brother Jayden finally hits his growth spurt—then keeps hitting it. 5 parts 12k words Added Feb 2021 Updated 13 Mar 2021 25k views 5.0 stars (19 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Butt Growth•Giants•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Human to Animal/Anthro•First Time/Virgin•Incest•Brothers•Hyper Pheromones•Anthro/Furry •M/M


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