Adonis Brothers: The Bunny Bandit

by Void

The Bunny Bandit strikes again! While thwarting a bank heist, Josh and Adam discover a new foe. Will our fearless bulging super-brief-enhanced heroes save the day? Or will they become the next unwitting victims of the Bandit and his evil henchmen?

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Hordes of police cars screeched to a halt almost simultaneously at the scene of the crime. Upon the bustling corner stood the northern branch of the city bank. Inside, a silent alarm had been triggered and the theft was well underway. A dozen frightened customers lay mostly motionless on the tiled floor, while a trio of balaclava wearing men supervised the ‘withdrawal’. The security guards had already been neutralised—transformed into harmless white fluffy rabbits and now cowering behind the ornamental plants in the far corner of the lobby. The heist was the work of the now infamous Bunny Bandit.

Meanwhile, two flying objects converged at speed high above the building. The crowd of bystanders looked up in awe as the two hyper-masculine figures descended to the sidewalk inside the police cordon. Both men were heavily muscled and clad only in tight micro-fibre red spandex briefs that left little to the imagination, neither in front nor behind. Their ample manhoods were prominently on display for all to admire. It was the timely arrival of the Adonis Brothers—or at least, that was the nickname the local papers had given them since they started fighting crime nearly two years earlier.

Josh and Adam strode confidently toward the entrance as the police negotiators watched from a safe distance. Actually, Josh and Adam were not actually brothers—it would have been more accurate to describe them as lovers. Josh was the smaller of the two men, although even he had the makings of a professional body-builder. Their scanty attire was both a uniform and the magical mechanism which granted them superhuman powers and the imposing stature of the stereotypical alpha male. The special micro-fibre briefs formed a symbiotic union with the energy of the testosterone factories of both men, enhancing their bodies and providing the gift of flight. As far as they knew, they had few weaknesses. Being forced to ejaculate into their briefs over and over would severely weaken the men for a time and render them powerless against any would-be captor; likewise the loss of their briefs. Needless to say, they kept this weakness a closely guarded secret.

“Game over boys,” Josh announced the entrance of the two god-like superheroes.

“Whoa! Hold it right there pal… And what the fuck do we have here?” The Bunny Bandit spun around, weapon loaded and pointed at the two super-studs who had just crashed his party. His expression was both bemused and perplexed.

Neither Josh nor Adam was in the mood for a conversation. Seizing the moment, Adam broke rank and strode toward the loaded weapon. The Bunny Bandit pulled the trigger. A thick laser-like beam of white light flashed toward the bare and bouncing pectorals of the hero and impacted his sturdy sternum. The flash caught Adam off guard and he halted his approach, half-way between his partner and the henchmen. He peered down for a moment between his two hairless meaty pectorals. There was a peculiar tingling sensation seemingly spreading outward across his ample chest and across his torso. For mere moments, both adversaries stood motionless as if waiting for something to happen. Alas, for our studly hero, something did happen.

Almost as quickly as the flash, Adam felt the peculiar tingling intensify and engulf his entire body—even beneath his red micro-fibre super briefs. He knew something was up when the room began to spin and a sudden sinking feeling seemed to leave him severely winded as if punched in the guts. Josh watched helpless as his meaty stud of a partner with chiselled features and bulging masculinity was almost instantly transformed, morphing down into a helpless white fluffy rabbit. The rabbit wasted no time scurrying quickly out of and away from, a pair of red men’s underwear.

Gah! Josh was aghast. Apparently the Adonis Brothers had discovered another mortal weakness. Josh dove for cover behind the faux marble planter box of some ornamental foliage. It was now all down to him to save the day, save the citizens of the bank, and hopefully, find a way to restore his beloved partner to his former glory.

Josh swung into action. Using his super strength, he hoisted and hurled one of the small trees in the direction of his assailant. The Bunny Bandit was no match for his speed and copped a face full of dirt, gravel, leaves and faux-marble. He toppled and the dreaded ‘bunny-ray’ went down with him, half buried in the mess of roots and dirt as the planter box came apart on impact.

With their chief henchman disabled, his partners in crime looked once at each other before fleeing for their lives and into the custody of the police who were waiting outside.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Josh felt strange talking to a rabbit. “Here goes pal, I hope for both our sakes this works!” Carefully, he placed the docile fuzzy creature in the cubicle of his shower and turned on the water. An ordinary rabbit might have taken issue with the sudden rain-shower, but this was no ordinary rabbit. In the few seconds the reverse transformation took, it was a decidedly awkward sight. Nevertheless, Adam found himself standing upright, stark naked beneath the cool water of the shower and staring up slightly at his hot almost naked partner.

Adam looked himself over to make sure nothing was missing. “C’mere!” he exclaimed.

Josh and Adam embraced beneath the water and kissed passionately. Without his briefs, Adam was still a trim, strong and fit young man in his mid-thirties, but there was nothing spectacular about his stature at that moment. A single tear exited his left eye as he felt a wave of relief at being back in his human body. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back into the incessant flow of the calming waters as his partner lovingly pleasured his manhood. Strong muscular arms enveloped him as he was forced against the wall, whilst eager lips and tongue devoured his essence.

Again donning his micro-fibre super briefs, Adam relished the sensations of growth that enraptured his entire body. It felt not dissimilar to getting an erection, only everywhere and unimaginably more intense. In under a minute, his ordinary physique was transformed into that of a superman once more—thick veiny muscles bulging everywhere and the outline of a somewhat aroused male package upfront too. It was good to be back to his hyper-masculine self, though he suspected he may have nightmares about fluffy white rabbits for a few months after the ordeal.

“I love you!” Adam locked lips with Josh before he could respond. Their veiny muscled torsos still glistening wet, did embrace once more. The hard bulging cocks of both men pressed into the sides of each other through the skin-tight erotic fabric of their super briefs.

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