The curse of the SuperJock

by SuperBlimp

When a mysterious Warlock transforms Lucas into a massive god-like superhero, he realizes too late that his new abilities come with an insidious catch.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: The curse by muscl4life.

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Lucas was not looking forward to this Halloween party.

He had told some old acquaintances from work that he’d go, but really he just wanted to stay home and watch horror movies with his boyfriend Devin. They were both small skinny guys, Lucas with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes at 5’7”and Devin with chestnut hair and green eyes at 5’9”. They lived together in a small house on the outskirts of town and loved every moment of each other’s company.

But tonight they would be forced to be social and go to a stupid Halloween party filled with cocky dumb jocks and drunk douchey bros. Hopefully they’d only have to stay for an hour or so.

But before they could head out, Devin had asked Lucas to run to the convenience store and pick up a six pack of beer for them to bring to the party. He took the shortcut behind their house through the woods—it was only a ten minute walk through the forest as opposed to a twenty minute walk on the road.

Lucas was wearing a generic superhero costume he had bought at a discount store. It was blue nylon, and didn’t have any particular character branding. On his chest there was just a plain gold star—no symbols from any of the Marvel or DC characters. He had bought the superhero costume because it was only 5 bucks in the clearance bin—the cheapest outfit he could find. Unfortunately it was far too big on his skinny frame. Instead of a skin-tight super suit, it looked more like a baggy tracksuit. Devin was apparently just going to dress as an accountant for Halloween.

As he walked down the path through the dense trees, Lucas suddenly saw a strange green glow just off the trail. He felt oddly compelled to follow the glow, and stepped into a small clearing with a burning bonfire of brilliant green flame.

Standing on the opposite side of the fire was a man. He had red hair, strikingly handsome features, a tightly cropped beard, and he wore long flowing black robes.

But the most remarkable thing about this strange man was his eyes, they glowed bright green like shimmering candles.

The mysterious man was both sinister and strikingly beautiful. He held Lucas in his gaze and the slender man in the nylon superhero costume was unable to turn his head or walk away.

“Wha—who are y-you?” Lucas asked, transfixed.

The man with the green glowing eyes just smiled, and floated across the bonfire like a ghost. No part of him seemed to touch the ground as he levitated in front of Lucas. He floated around the skinny helpless man like a cat circling a mouse.

Then he leaned in and whispered in Lucas’s ear. “Such a small pathetic boy. Always weak. Always overlooked. Always chosen last.”

Lucas felt the ghostly man’s hot breath in his ear and smelled a scent like smoldering embers mixed with fresh flowers. The man smelled rough and masculine but also sweet and alluring.

“Yeah, I’m small. What of it?” he said, wincing in the glow of the strange man’s eyes. Although Lucas didn’t want to believe it, he was starting to think that he was in the presence of an ancient Warlock.

“How would you like to not be?” the Warlock asked in a sing-songy voice. “How would you like to be the biggest man in the room? How would you like to always be the strongest? How would you like to be the most potent male that anyone has ever fucked? How would you like to be a god amongst mortals?”

He floated around Lucas, and ran a long finger across Lucas’s flat chest, taunting the bewildered boy.

Lucas struggled against the magical bonds holding him in place. This was too freaky, but he had always hated being the smallest man in a room. He wished his coworkers had to look up to make eye contact with him. He wished he had to worry about his shirts getting too tight, rather than worrying about them always being so baggy.

“Y-you can do that?”

“My dear sweet boy,” the Warlock chuckled at him, “That’s what I do! It’s what I live for. To help poor pathetic little men, like yourself.”

The Warlock snapped his fingers and the green bonfire suddenly morphed into a burning vision of a man. A skinny hunched-over man. But then the warlock snapped his fingers a second time, and the flaming man grew and expanded until he looked like a world champion bodybuilder. He raised a fist in the sky, and the muscled fiery figure flew up out of the bonfire, above the treetops, and up into the night sky.

Lucas felt his heartbeat quicken, his cock twitched. This was unnatural and frightening, but he wanted to be that big powerful man. To feel his slender body surge and grow with virile mass and power.

The Warlock leaned in close to his face, almost blinding Lucas with his glowing green eyes.

“Do you accept my gift?”

Lucas paused. “I-I don’t k-know.”

The Warlock sneered. “If you refuse I’ll just find another boy.”

“Yes! Yes! I accept your gift.” At the thought of having this chance taken away Lucas felt like he couldn’t say no. He almost didn’t believe himself as the words left his lips, but he had to experience what this magical being was tempting him with.

“Excellent!” The Warlock snapped his fingers, and the spell was cast.

Suddenly, a green glow enveloped Lucas. He felt his body tingle, and a rush of energy flowed through his skinny frame. His muscles ached, but he felt power surge into them. His limbs stretched and strained, as some invisible force pulled them longer and forced him to grow.

He became aware that his body was expanding, his muscles inflating like a champion bodybuilder. The flow of magical energy into him became stronger and more intense as he rapidly grew taller and more muscular. His chest puffed up, and his flat ass grew into two meaty globes. His arms ballooned with muscle mass and he turned his head to see his biceps and triceps swelling like engorged melons.

He even felt the magic starting to engorge his unremarkable cock, plumping it up and elongating his man meat into a bloated python, while his growing balls tingled and throbbed as they stretched his scrotum.

As he grew, his cheap generic superhero costume was also changing. Instead of baggy nylon, the blue fabric had become tight and stretchy, and now clung to his expanding body like a second skin. He looked like he had been shrink-wrapped in sky blue spandex, with every distended bulge of muscle perfectly defined. Pulsating veins which cut across his swollen muscles were clearly visible under the skin-tight fabric and as he gently touched the blue spandex it felt as smooth as his own skin.

The Warlock watched Lucas growing and grinned at his handiwork. Now it was time to add the finishing touches to his transformation.

The Warlocks eyes flashed and he gestured upwards with his index finger. As he did an opening appeared in the crotch of the stretchy blue spandex suit. Lucas’s package flopped out, with his soft cock now over 8 inches long and his heavy nuts swollen as big as eggs. The fabric around the new opening in the suit began to tighten and cinched around the base of Lucas’s enormous cock and balls, gripping his package tightly like a cock ring.

As Lucas felt the cool night air on his enlarged dick, the Warlock snapped his fingers again and a strip of yellow fabric materialized between Lucas’s powerful tree-trunk legs. The yellow fabric magically rose up, and cupped his new equipment in a stretchy spandex basket, while behind him the yellow fabric pulled deep into the crack of his meaty bubble butt. Lucas felt the new strip of yellow spandex force the blue spandex suit deep into the crack of his gravid bubble butt, squeezing against his tingling hole. A metallic golden belt then materialized at the waistband of Lucas’s new yellow thong.

With another finger snap, yellow boots materialized around Lucas’s legs, rising up his calves and stopping right above his knees. A golden mask appeared on Lucas’s face, just covering the area around his eyes. Lucas’s hair changed from dirty blonde to platinum, and magically swept back in a perfect model-worthy quiff.

Then the Warlock snapped his fingers one last time.

In place of the generic star on his now powerful chest, the letters SJ superimposed over each other in iridescent gold.

Lucas ran his large meaty hands over his transformed body and couldn’t believe he was feeling himself. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined he could be so powerful and muscular. His deltoids and biceps looked like boulders under his suit, and his thimble sized nipples pointed straight down beneath watermelon-sized pecs.

But the real shock came as he looked down.

He was floating. And it wasn’t from the Warlock’s magic.

The warlock’s shining green eyes smiled up at him.

“I-I-I’m flying!”

“Congratulations, you are now the world’s sexiest new superhero. SUPERJOCK.”

So that’s what the SJ on his chest stood for. SuperJock. Lucas fondled his new massive bulge and grinned. This had to be a dream, but somehow it was the most lucid experience of his life. He looked like the classic ideal masked superhero, but somehow even more muscular, taller, and more virile. His emblem was shinier, his boots were higher, and instead of plain briefs over his blue spandex he was squeezed into an impossibly tight thong.

He willed himself to float higher, and he effortlessly did. Gravity could not touch him. Lucas then flew over towards a massive oak tree a few yards away. Without landing, he seized the oak tree in his hands, and then yanked it out of the Earth like it was a twig. He threw the enormous tree across the clearing with almost no effort. The powerful impact shook all the trees around the clearing.

He wasn’t just bigger and more muscular, he really was superhuman now.

He flew back over towards the Warlock and landed in front of him as if he had done it a million times. The soles of his yellow boots barely made a noise as he touched down on the forest floor.

“You’ve really turned me into a superhero!” Lucas said, barely even believing the words he was saying.

“Yes, SuperJock.” The Warlock smiled. “This is my gift to you, you’ll be the most beautiful and powerful man in the world, with abilities to save others from imminent danger. But remember, you’ll have duties now.”

Lucas chuckled. “Yeah I know, blah blah, great power, great responsibility. Doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun being built like this!” With that he flexed his bowling ball sized biceps, watching them pull the sky blue spandex so tight it almost burst.

“Just remember,” the Warlock said, “power always has a price.”

And then the green-eyed Warlock disappeared in a flash of flame, leaving no trace that he or the mysterious green fire had ever been in the clearing.

Lucas floated back off the ground. What had the Warlock meant by “power has a price”? He brushed It off, if he had responsibilities as a superhero, he could handle pulling a few people out of car crashes now and then. Not that big of a deal when you’ve got a body like this. How had he even considered refusing this?!

The newly transformed superhero laughed, and flew up above the treetops like a rocket ship. The SuperJock symbol on his chest twinkled in the moonlight as he curved around through the sky back towards his house.

Devin was stunned when he saw his boyfriend come back to the house.

Gone was the skinny twink who had left to get beer half an hour ago, in his place was a hulking mountain of a man, looming taller than the door frame with inhumanly huge muscles bulging through his straining spandex. A real life superhero, inhumanly large and powerful. He had to be over 7 feet tall, and his pecs and ass were so big and round they almost made him look like an overfilled parade balloon.

Even Lucas’s face was different now, squarer, with an unbelievably sharp jawline, high prominent cheekbones which gripped his golden mask, and a deep cleft in his ultra-masculine chin.

But his eyes were the same, there was no denying who it was. It was Lucas, just pumped with power and grinning with pride.

“Check out the new me, babe,” Lucas winked as he bent over to enter their house. “Let me introduce you to SUPERJOCK!”

Devin was speechless, his boyfriend was now so tall his head almost scraped the ceiling of their living room. His muscular shoulders were so wide he had to turn sideways to get in their front door, his bull neck was far wider than his head and his abs were cut like rippling cobblestones.

But most shocking of all was his bulge, hanging heavy in his yellow thong, the thin fabric left almost nothing to the imagination. Even soft, Lucas’s cock now looked to be almost 10 inches long, and Devin could see pulsing veins cutting across it under the yellow spandex. His balls were now easily the size of oranges, and fought for room between his powerful tree trunk thighs.

It was practically obscene, but Devin immediately felt himself get hard as his eyes darted between his boyfriend’s eyes and monster meat. He even saw the python twitch when Lucas noticed him staring at it.

“But-h-how?!” Devin asked in wonder as he reached up to gently touch SuperJock’s enormous pec, brushing his hand over a thimble-sized nipple which was trying to poke through the spandex.

“Let me tell you on the way,” Lucas said with a grin. “We’re late for the party!”

With that, Lucas seized his boyfriend as if he was a doll, crashed through the door frame, and flew them both up into the night sky.

Devin legitimately thought he was dreaming. Not only had his boyfriend been pumped up into a hulking superhuman hunk, but he was now flying him through the night sky high above all their neighbor’s roofs. It was magical and unreal, but as he felt Lucas’s warm breath against him and their lips pressed together he knew he was awake.

As they flew, Lucas told Devin of how he had met the Warlock with the green eyes in the forest. How he had transformed him into this superhuman God of a man, and then disappeared in a flash of green flame.

He didn’t bother mentioning the warning that power has a price. He figured the Warlock was just being dramatic.

Devin was stunned, and wouldn’t have believed the story Lucas was telling him, if he wasn’t being flown through the night sky by a man whose biceps put Mr. Olympia to shame. Impossible as it sounded, his boyfriend really had been transformed into a living breathing superhero.

But as they flew, Lucas became aware of a strange pressure in his balls.

His massive nuts started to feel uncomfortable in their tight yellow spandex pouch, almost as if they were fighting to get free. The discomfort spread from his enormous genitals out into his torso, and he winced a bit from the strange sensation. His belly began to feel bloated as if he’d eaten too much at dinner.

He figured his costume was just too tight, and he’d stretch when they landed. SuperJock brushed the odd bloated feeling aside, and focused on finding the house where the party was.

Lucas landed in the yard of a house just down the street from the Halloween party. He gently set Devin on the ground, and then turned to adjust his package. It was now absolutely aching in his thong.

To his surprise, he realized that his balls had gotten significantly bigger while they were flying. They were now even bigger than grapefruits. His cock had plumped up too, swelling to almost a foot long and as wide as a soda can.

Devin watched his superhuman boyfriend struggling to adjust his swollen package in the yellow thong, but he noticed something else as well.

“Hey babe, what happened to your abs?”

Lucas hadn’t even noticed, but suddenly he realized that his washboard abs had disappeared. In their place was a soft smooth gut, bulging over his Golden belt. He put his hand on his stomach and felt its soft smoothness, drastically different from the rippling muscle that had been there just a few minutes earlier.

“What the fuck?” He muttered in confusion. He didn’t just feel bloated, he was swelling up.

“Babe are you getting bigger?” Devin asked.

“I-I think I’m getting f-fatter!” Lucas said in confusion as he felt his new belly expanding against his hand.

He looked at his arms and saw they had lost some of their impressive muscular definition. He was now soft and smooth all over like an off-season bodybuilder. As he stepped forward he felt a slight jiggle in his now blubbery bubble butt. Even his chiseled face was becoming softer and rounder, and his sharp jawline was being obscured by smooth fat.

What the hell was happening to him?! Lucas’s engorged balls ached desperately as his belt dug into his newly plump flash. If he kept growing like this it wouldn’t be long before his belt popped.

“Fuck, babe!” he said in a panic. “What’s happening to me?! I’m not supposed to be a fat superhero!”

Devin didn’t understand why his superhuman boyfriend was bloating up like a powerlifter at a buffet, but the extra pudge on Lucas was making him even more attractive to Devin. Devin had always had a weakness for plump boys, and he had never imagined anything so hot as watching his supersized boyfriend fattening up before his eyes. He stepped up towards Lucas and gently fondled his package through the yellow spandex.

“Don’t worry, babe, you’re still the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

Lucas just moaned as Devin caressed his bulge, the pressure in his ponderous balls was becoming unbearable, and his increasingly round gut was threatening to burst his belt at any second.

But Devin didn’t care. As he gently stroked Lucas through the thin spandex he felt the newly minted superhero begin to get hard. Lucas’s cock grew and grew, until it tented his yellow thong at almost 16 inches long. Hot sticky pre oozed through the straining fabric, tempting Devin to lick it. The stream of pre continued gushing through the spandex, dribbling down onto the grass and filling Devin’s nostrils with the smell of fresh spunk.

Lucas’s eyes rolled back in his head. “Get me out of this thing!” he grunted, gesturing to the tortured yellow thong.

Devin obliged, and pulled the insanely tight thong out from the crack between Lucas’s ass cheeks, and gently pulled it off of the superhuman’s massive member.

There was a crotch opening in the sky blue spandex that covered Lucas’s entire body, which allowed his package to stand free. It looked like there was a cock ring sewn into the blue fabric, which tightly gripped the base of his throbbing dick and bloated scrotum.

Devin dropped the yellow thong on the grass, admired the massive man-meat staring him in the face. It was well over twice the size of any cock he had ever seen, and pulsed with angry veins as wide as pencils. He could feel heat radiating off it, he could smell its intense pheromones. He had to taste it.

Devin got on his knees, and put his lips on the apple sized head of SuperJock’s cock. It was almost hot on his tongue, and immediately the steady stream of salty pre began to ooze down the skinny man’s throat.

Lucas moaned, feeling his knees slightly buckle. “Fuck yeah babe. That feels so good. Deeper. Deeper. Suck it out of me.”

Devin could barely even get Lucas’s cock head into his mouth, but his tongue worked its oozing slit as hard as he could.

Devin’s hands stroked the massive pulsing shaft, while Lucas fondled his melon sized balls with one hand and massaged his plump bloated belly with the other. As Devin sucked him, he reached up and felt one of his pecs through his spandex. It was now soft and squishy like rising bread dough. He knew he should be alarmed that he was getting fatter by the second, but somehow he didn’t care. As long as his dick was in Devin’s mouth, it didn’t matter how flabby he got.

The steady stream of pre from Lucas’s huge dick was getting more intense, and Devin’s jaw ached from trying to keep the throbbing head in his mouth. Even his stomach was starting to feel uncomfortably full from the steady flow of pre into it. Devin’s belt tightened as he became slightly bloated. If this was all just pre, how much was Lucas’s actual load going to be?

Lucas moaned again, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he knew he was close. This was surely going to be the biggest orgasm of his life.

“Get ready, babe, I’m going to blow.”

With that, Lucas’s engorged balls pulled up tight to his torso, his dick pulsed, and a torrent of hot white cum shot into Devin’s mouth like a firehose.

Devin was shocked at the enormous amount of cum filling his mouth and quickly surging down his throat and his stomach. He tried to pull his face off the erupting dick, but Lucas’s powerful hand rested on the back of his head, and forced him to continue swallowing the load.

“That’s it, babe. Guzzle my load. Suck up every drop of SuperJock cum.”

Several seconds went by, and Lucas was completely lost in the fog of his orgasm, gushing cum down his little boyfriend’s throat as he held him in place. Devin couldn’t even cough, or scream, or gag. He was helpless as SuperJock’s spunk surged into him.

It was then Devin noticed that Lucas’s belly was shrinking. As he continued to cum, the fat gut began to melt away, revealing some of the superhero’s muscular definition once again.

Lucas didn’t seem to notice, he just kept moaning. “Fuck yeah, babe, take it all,” he said, holding Devin even tighter in place.

As he was forced to guzzle cum and watch his boyfriend’s gut shrink, Devin became aware that he was now expanding. As Lucas got slimmer, he was getting fatter.

The superhuman semen was filling up his stomach, bloating him like a water balloon. His belly swelled out, and his chest plumped up into fat juicy moobs. His ass inflated, and soon the seams on his pants were bursting off as his thighs grew thicker. Even his fingers were fattening up like overfilled sausages. His newly fat hands grabbed at Lucas for help, but went unnoticed.

Devin looked up at his boyfriend with pleading eyes as he was continually forced to bloat with gallons of spunk. Lucas wouldn’t even meet his gaze—the superhero was still completely transfixed as he continued gush out a fire hose of cum.

As the enormous load poured out of him, Lucas’s abs re-emerged. Veins appeared on his arms again, and his plump chest tightened back up into striated pecs. Even his balls deflated, shrinking from the size of melons back down to the size of plums. Finally, after several minutes, there didn’t appear to be an ounce of flab left on Lucas’s ripped superhero body.

After what felt like an eternity, Devin finally felt the surge of cum start to slow down. The torrent of seed slowed to a truckle, and then with one final spurt Lucas was empty, and he released Devin’s head.

Devin gasped as the mammoth dick head slipped out of his mouth with a wet POP. He felt hot cum running down his chin, but it was just a small fraction of what had been pumped down his throat.

Both men were panting, disoriented from what had just happened. Then Lucas looked down at his boyfriend and gasped.

Instead of the skinny twink who had been kneeling there a few minutes ago, Devin’s body was now fat and bloated like a 300 pound Sumo wrestler. Thick rolls of flab covered his entire body, and his shirt and pants had exploded off his swollen frame. Even his face was now plump and round, with pudgy cheeks and fat lips. The skinny twink with chestnut hair was now a distended dough ball.

Devin looked up at Lucas, stunned. “What have you done to me?”

“I-I don’t understand,” Lucas said, using his super strength to help Devin stand up.

But then he looked down at his washboard abs, ripped and vascular, without any trace of the bloated gut that had been there just a few minutes earlier. Even his nuts were now shrunken back down to a comfortable size. It didn’t seem possible, but there was only one explanation for what he had done to Devin.

“Holy shit babe… I—I think I blew you up with my load.”

“Yeah no shit!” Devin said, gesturing at his bloated round belly. “You inflated me with your cum!”

“I—I don’t know how this is possible,” Lucas stammered. But there was no denying what had happened. All of the weight that had been bloating him up, had now been pumped into Devin. And on Devin’s much smaller body it made him look absolutely obese.

The inflated boy’s clothes had completely exploded, except for his straining white briefs, which were now buried deep in his swollen ass like a thong.

Lucas pulled his own yellow thong back up over his package, and felt it settle into the crack between his perfectly formed muscular ass cheeks, pulling the blue spandex deeper in with it. He stared down at Devin’s fat body, and had to admit there was something very sexy about how the slim twink had been blown up. His boyfriend was now pumped up with his seed. Every bloated roll, every bulge and love handle, was filled with Lucas’s spunk. His own fat cum balloon.

“Please babe, there must be something you can do to fix me,” Devin pleaded. “What are people going to say when they see me all fattened up like this?”

“I really don’t know,” Lucas said. “Maybe you’ll just have to work it off. Like go to the gym a lot.”

“Work it off?! But this isn’t even fat in me! This is all your cu—”

Yo dude!!! Check out those costumes! Those are sick!”

Devin was interrupted by a man in a werewolf costume walking up the street on the way to the Halloween party a few doors down. A few buddies were with him, one dressed as a vampire, and the other as Frankenstein.

Devin grimaced, he didn’t want anyone to see him in this swollen state, but now it was too late. The drunken bros had seen them.

Holy shit!!” the guy in the werewolf costume gasped. “I’ve never seen such dope costumes! Bro you’re huge!” He gestured at Lucas. “What superhero are you supposed to be?”

Lucas smiled and cleared his throat, he put his hands on his hips and thrust his bulge forward.

“I’m SUPERJOCK! The world’s most powerful stud!”

The werewolf bro laughed. “Sick, man! That’s the kind of new superhero we need! And that’s an awesome muscle suit. Must have cost a pretty penny!”

Lucas smirked at the idea that his muscles were actually a costume, but he played along.

“Oh yeah, these muscles came with a big price,” he said flexing.

The costumed bros then turned to Devin.

“And you man! That’s the most realistic fat suit I’ve ever seen! Like something out of a movie!”

His eyes darted down to the overstretched briefs clinging to Devin’s ass.

“You make an awesome Sumo wrestler dude!! Such a great costume idea.”

Devin pretended to smile, he played along, “Y-yup. I decided I’d be a Sumo wrestler for Halloween.”

“You gotta tell me where you got that fat suit bro, it looks so real! Maybe I can try it on and be a plump porker too!?”

But then the werewolf bro felt a large powerful hand on his shoulder. The unmistakable scent of sweat mixed with semen filled his nostrils, and he swooned as Lucas whispered in his ear.

“Maybe I’ll show you where we got our costumes after the party, now let’s go. We’re late.”

He gestured to Devin to start waddling, and the swollen boy had no choice but to follow.

Lucas smacked Devin’s ass as the werewolf, the vampire, Frankenstein, the Sumo wrestler, and the SuperJock, walked up to the Halloween party.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The party’s hosts were a wealthy couple who had briefly known Lucas at one of his old desk jobs. They had invited everyone in town they knew, and there was so much activity in the house it seemed like half the town was there.

Even with his gold mask, there was no way they possibly would have recognized Lucas in his transformed state. they just assumed he was some jock friend of the werewolf bro’s wearing elevator shoes and a four figure muscle suit.

The huge superhero and the bloated sumo wrestler made their way around the party, completely unrecognized even by some of their friends. But everyone was amazed by what they assumed were elaborate costumes. People poked Devin’s belly and squeezed his ass, while they fondled Lucas’s bulge and cupped his pecs. Lucas tried not to let his enormous dick twitch too strongly as the party guests grabbed it. Everyone commented on how remarkably real their costumes looked. The most impressive fat and muscle suits anyone had ever seen outside of Hollywood. Neither one of them challenged that assumption, after all, how could you easily explain their new bodies?

Lucas sipped a beer and looked around the room, he stood over a head taller than any other man at the party, and his shoulders were almost as wide as the archway into the living room.

Even though most of the people here thought he was just a normal guy in a muscle suit, he knew the truth. He was superhuman. Unlike all the other weak men here, he was a God, and he could cum more than all of them put together.

Even Devin seemed to be having a nice time, chatting with a few guys in the corner sipping a fruity drink. The swollen man was relieved that everyone just assumed his plump body was a professional fat suit, and he relaxed—temporarily forgetting his bizarre transformation. For now it was just a costume, not 150 pounds of superhuman semen filling him up.

Lucas looked over at Devin from across the room and winked. Devin smiled back at the hulking hero in blue spandex. They both felt their hearts quicken admiring each other’s expanded bodies.

But then, slowly at first, and soon unmistakably, Lucas’s balls began to ache. His nuts swelled and fought for room to grow against his rippling thighs. He struggled to adjust himself as he was talking to some jock dressed as a football player. The jock looked puzzled, as he had assumed the massive yellow bulge was an elaborate prosthetic.

“Uunnhh, fuck,” Lucas muttered, feeling his nuts fighting for space in the yellow thong.

“Dude? Are you good?” the football player asked as Lucas struggled to adjust himself.

But then Lucas felt an ominous pressure spreading out from his balls into his abdomen. Slowly his belly was bloating up again, filling with hot cum overflowing from his pulsating scrotum. In a few minutes it would be impossible to hide that he was fattening up.

“Oh no nooo,” he whimpered, feeling himself bloating once again with his own seed.

The football jock was totally confused, how was this guy’s muscle suit swelling up before his eyes? Unless… no, that wasn’t possible.

“Dude, what’s happening to you? Is that suit inflatable?”

Without saying anything, Lucas turned away from the football jock and pushed through the crowd. He tossed men out of his way like dolls, shocking the crowd as he ran over to Devin.

“We have to go,” the superhero said sharply.

“But—wh—?” Then Devin looked down at Lucas’s balls. They were once again engorged like grapefruits, straining the yellow fabric of his thong. It was also clear that Lucas’s belly was once again swelling up, obscuring his cobblestone abs.

“Oh no,” Devin said. “Not again.”

“Now!” Lucas said sharply, gesturing towards the back door.

Devin had no choice but to follow him. The swelling stud was visibly agitated and sweating from his increasingly plump face. The party guests stared in confusion as the superhero and the sumo wrestler squeezed out of the back door.

As soon as they were in the backyard, Lucas grabbed Devin and soared up into the sky. Devin was significantly heavier than he had been a few hours earlier, but Lucas still carried him like he weighed nothing.

Everyone in the party just watched in stunned silence as they took off into the night.

“...How’d he do that?!” the football player asked.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Please, babe,” Devin pleaded as they flew quickly through the night. But Lucas ignored him. Devin could literally feel Lucas’s belly swelling and plumping up in the tight blue spandex. Cum was already surging out of Lucas’s nuts and forcing his body to swell all over. His balls pulsed and throbbed, while his golden belt dug into his bloating gut.

As they flew down close to their house, Lucas didn’t even bother trying to land and go in the front door. He just crashed through the wall of their bedroom, and threw Devin unceremoniously on the bed.

Devin yelped as they rammed through the wall of their house, and looked up at his boyfriend with a mixture of awe, fear, and desire.

Lucas ripped off his mask and yanked off his yellow thong. SuperJock’s outrageously huge cock bounced out, protruding like a cannon from his blue spandex suit. He could barely even think at this point, the only thing in his mind was the desperate need to blow his load and deflate his swollen body. He gripped his monster dick and felt it pulsing and throbbing as it grew bigger and fatter in his hands.

Devin stared up at his boyfriend with a mixture of intense fear and overpowering lust. Lucas’s belly was once again swollen up like a yoga ball, and soft squishy flab covered his powerful muscles from head to toe. His ultra-masculine face was once again plump and round.

But now Devin knew, it wasn’t fat that was filling Lucas, it was cum. SuperJock was once again inflating with his own seed.

Lucas’s mind was quickly being completely lost in a fog of pressure and lust as his superhuman body expanded. He gestured to his dripping cock.

“Suck it, fatboy.”

“Babe, I can’t! You already made me so big! If I swallow another one of your loads I’ll be too big to move!”

Lucas scoffed. “Fine, then. We’ll do this the easy way.”

He leaned forward and with two hands, he picked up his cum-fattened boyfriend like he was a sex doll.

“Babe!!! What are you d-doing??” Devin yelped in a panic as Lucas held him in the air and positioned him so his ass lined up with SuperJock’s massive cock head. Devin was completely helpless, being held like a toy above the monster cock.

“I can’t take that!!”

But Lucas didn’t care, he felt Devin’s warm puckering hole on the tip of his dick—already being lubed up by a continuous stream of pre. The stream of pre increased in volume as Lucas felt the opening to Devin’s warm hole on his apple sized cock head.

But then for a moment, he remembered who he was. And he remembered who Devin was. He looked in the pleading eyes of the man he loved so much who he was about to impale on his superhuman rod. What was he about to do to him?! What was he thinking?

But it was too late. The animalistic need to blow his load into Devin was too strong to fight. “Sorry babe.”

With that, he slammed Devin down on his massive dick, forcing him to take all 18 inches of it at once.

Devin howled. He felt like he would be split apart by Lucas’s dick, but amazingly, his hole stretched and he was able to take it. Lucas bounced him up and down like he was a sex toy.

Uuunnhhh fuck!!!” Lucas moaned in pleasure as he slammed his fat boyfriend up and down on his dick with wet sloppy popping sounds.

This time, cum began surging into Devin before Lucas even reached his orgasm. The stream of pre swelled to a torrent, and Devin felt his body begin to bloat up in Lucas’s powerful arms. Even so, it wasn’t enough to stop Lucas from swelling too, and both men continued to bloat and expand as SuperJock bounced his fattened boyfriend on his dick.

Fuck yeah babe! Take it!” Lucas grunted, levitating a few feet above the ground. He could feel his arms being pushed apart by Devin’s expanding body as the helpless man ballooned up bigger and bigger with seed.

He could feel Lucas’s powerful hands digging into his expanding sides. All the cum-filled flab in his body sloshed as he was slammed up and down on Lucas’s dick while they hovered in the air above their bed.

“Oh fuuuuuuuu—!!!” Was all Devin could say as Lucas pumped him.

Then Lucas dropped Devin back onto the bed, which immediately collapsed under the weight of the spunk-fattened boy. He was barely even recognizable now, easily bigger than a 600-pound man, and swelling more by the second as the cum invaded every corner of his once skinny body. But now his moans of fear were turning into moans of utter pleasure.

Lucas forced Devin onto his back, so that the inflated man’s hole was pointing straight up at the hovering superhero. Lucas hovered above him and slammed his enormous meat in and out of the fatboy’s hole. The sloppy noises got faster and louder as the pressure in Lucas’s balls and belly increased.

As more and more of SuperJock’s seed filled him, Devin felt his fear and apprehension melting away. He was totally helpless, but he was happy to take his superhuman lover’s outrageously huge dick. He wanted Lucas’s load. He wanted nothing more than to be a dump for SuperJock’s seed. And he wanted all of it.

“That’s it, babe,” Devin muttered as he expanded on the collapsed bed. “Give me your load. Fuck me. Fill me. Blow me up.”

I’m gonna cuuuuuummm!!!” Lucas yelled, throwing his head back and floating in place, vibrating as a fire hose of cum erupted into Devin.

Devin’s body quickly blew up like a balloon attached to an industrial air compressor. Every inch of him distended and stretched from the enormous pressure. His back swelled out, his legs puffed up, and his flabby chest tightened up into a smooth curve. Within a minute Devin had inflated completely round. A spherical ball of cum as wide as he was tall.

“That’s it ,babe!! Blow the fuck up for me!!” Lucas yelled, watching his dick pump his lover like an air nozzle inflating a pool toy.

“Oh fuuuuuuu—- gove it to me, s-superjock! M-make me h-huuuge!”

By now, Devin’s limbs had been completely absorbed by his distended body, and his puffed up hands and feet sunk into little dimples in the sphere. Even his head was sinking into his throbbing round form, and soon he was completely unable to move it.

His skin got tighter and firmer, stretching and creaking like a balloon as red stretch marks appeared across his belly.

Finally, when Devin was sure he was about to explode like an overfilled water balloon, the torrent of spunk from Lucas’s dick slowed to a trickle and stopped.

Lucas pulled his cock out of the balloon with a loud wet pop, and gently landed at the foot of the collapsed bed. His ripped muscular definition was back, perfectly cut muscles once again shrink wrapped in his tight blue spandex. His scrotum ached from being stretched so much, but his nuts were deflated back to plum size. They were dripping with sweat and hung almost down to his wobbling knees.

But then he looked at Devin.

Before him all he could see was a 6-foot wall of throbbing flesh. A smooth perfect sphere of tight skin with a puffy dick and a glistening oozing hole. Devin wasn’t even a man anymore. He was just a helpless blimp. A human sized condom balloon full of seed.

Lucas felt a wave of panic brewing in him, what did he done? This was Devin, his boyfriend, his life partner, his best friend! He could have popped! How could he have done this to him?

“B-babe, a-are you okay?” Lucas asked the throbbing balloon.

But Devin couldn’t even speak, his face was too swollen with cum, and his mouth had sunk into his inflated body.

A slight whimper was all he could get out.

Lucas gently rested his hand on his inflated boyfriend. “I—I didn’t m-mean to. I don’t know what came over me.”

But the huge balloon didn’t say anything back, the pressure inside him was too great for him to even process words. He was just a big dumb cum blimp now.

“What am I gonna do?” Lucas whispered out loud, gently rubbing Devin’s tightly swollen side.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Suddenly, Lucas looked up through the shattered wall of their bedroom and noticed a green flame in the sky high above him.

There was no mistaking what it was. The Warlock.

He didn’t even bother pulling his mask and his yellow thong back on. With lightning speed his feet left the ground, and he flew like a bullet towards the Warlock.

This wasn’t what he thought he had signed up for, and he was angry.

A mile above the city he confronted the green flame, out of which floated the beautifly sinister man in black robes with glowing green eyes.

“Enjoying your new powers?” the Warlock said with a smug grin.

“Something’s wrong!” Lucas yelled, hovering in place. “Your spell—my powers! I keep b-blo—”

The Warlock raised an eyebrow and folded his arms.

“I keep getting fatter and swelling up. And when I fucked my boyfriend it all went into him! He first inflated like a sumo wrestler! And now he’s a freaking blimp! He can’t even speak he’s so swollen!”

The Warlock looked off into the distance. “Well, every magical gift has a price. I did warn you.”

“What the hell do you mean? Is this some sick joke?”

“The cost of your fabulous new powers, of course. You’re huge, invulnerable, beautiful, and powerful, but like all good superheroes you have a weakness. You’re the most potent man on earth, but your nuts will continually produce massive amounts of cum. There’s no way to stop it. Ever. As your scrotum fills it will begin to push into your superhuman body, plumping you up and making you expand.”

Lucas felt that ominous gurgling in his balls which spread out into his torso. Once again, his abs began to fade away into a soft gut. His veins and ripped striated muscles disappeared under the soft pudge.

“I’m just going to continue swelling up with my own cum?” he said, looking down at his powerful body once again becoming fat and soft.

The Warlock sneered. “You will, and the only way to save yourself is to pump it into another man, just like you did to poor Devin. Whom I’m genuinely surprised didn’t explode.”

“Well, screw that!” Lucas yelled, floating slightly further away from the Warlock. He grabbed his bloated cock which was already dripping pre onto the streets far below them. “I’ll just jerk myself off! Easy enough! I won’t have to blow up any other dudes.”

The Warlock laughed. “Good luck with that! You’ll find that a condition of your powers is that you’ll never be able to make yourself cum. You can jerk yourself for days and you’ll never orgasm. To get all that excess semen out of your body, you need to pump it inside another man. Otherwise…”

There was an ominous pause, Lucas raised his eyebrows, unsure what was coming next.

“Otherwise, within two or three days… boom.” The Warlock made a popping gesture with his hands.

Lucas felt sick to his stomach. “You mean, if I don’t pump all this spunk into some other poor men I’ll… keep growing…. and explode?”

“Absolutely. I’d give you 72 hours at the absolute maximum. By then you’ll basically be a helpless ball like Devin anyway. The pressure inside you will get so intense you won’t be able to move. You’ll stretch and swell to your absolute limit and then finally you’ll explode in a tidal wave of your own seed.”

“But I don’t want this!” Lucas yelled, “take it back! You have to change me back! I can’t just constantly blow up guys with my dick! And I don’t want to swell up into a huge freaking cumballoon and explode!! This is fucked!”

“I’m afraid once my spells are cast they’re irreversible! This is your gift and your curse my boy. The price of being the most powerful man on Earth. But I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding plenty of guys to pump up. I did make you breathtakingly gorgeous after all.”

“But what’s going to happen to Devin?! Is he going to be okay?! Will de deflate?”

The Warlock chuckled, “Oh, now you care about your inflated boyfriend? Well, his body will slowly metabolize all that cum, but he probably won’t be able to walk—or waddle—again for at least six months. And if you fuck him again before then he’s probably gonna pop. So maybe go find some new balloons to fuck first!”

“I don’t want to pop anyone!” Lucas yelled, flying in circles.

“Please, I made you a god!” the Warlock said, his eyes flashing, “What are a few burst balloons to a superhuman like you? You’re above them, Lucas. And besides, I don’t think you have the willpower to abstain from fucking and let yourself swell up and explode.”

“But I wanted to be a hero! Not a monster! I thought I was going to save people, not curse them to be swollen balloons!” As Lucas spoke he could feel his belly expanding against his golden belt.

“Who said the world needs heroes?” The Warlock winked and poked Lucas in his swelling pudgy belly.

He swooped around behind Lucas and squeezed his engorged ball sack between his legs.

“I look forward to hearing about your exploits, and all the men you’re going to blow up with these nuts, but I don’t think you and I will ever meet again. Goodbye, SuperJock.”

With that the Warlock gave a wicked chuckle, kissed Lucas on the cheek, and disappeared in a flash of green flame.

The powerful superhero was left floating alone in the sky, feeling his body gradually fattening up with his own seed and realizing that in spite of his powers he was helpless to stop it.

Lucas didn’t want to go home to face Devin yet, so he decided to just fly gently through the sky above the city. He looked down at all the buildings beneath him, and all the Halloween parties continuing late into the night. He felt the cool night air blowing against his sticky cock as it flopped out of his suit without the yellow the thong to hold it in place. He sighed. It was peaceful up here.

But then suddenly Lucas heard a scream from an alley down below him.

He swooped around and saw a mugger in a balaclava pointing a gun at a frightened young couple. He was threatening to shoot them on the spot if they didn’t empty their pockets for him.

With breathtaking speed, Lucas landed between the mugger and the couple. The criminal was suddenly confronted with a wall of engorged muscle over seven feet tall. The golden SJ on his chest glimmered in the streetlights while his exposed cock now stood at full mast and dripped hot pre.

He turned and stared down at the mugger over his bloated pecs, while his dick pointed at the frightened man’s stomach like a cannon. The gun went off, but the bullet bounced off of Lucas’s belly as if it had hit cement.

“Well, that’s not very nice. I think you need to be taught a lesson about respect.”

He didn’t care that he didn’t have his golden mask on, it didn’t matter anyway. As far as he was concerned now, Lucas was dead.

He looked back at the couple. “Run away you two!” He said with a fast hand gesture, and they quickly did.

Turning back to the quivering mugger, his mouth curved up into a wicked toothy grin.

“Now it’s time to introduce you, and the rest of the world, to SUPERJOCK.”

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