Tim’s adventure

by WordShop

Tim finds romance becomes a little more complicated when muscle growth and hypermasculity is involved.

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Foreword Tim finds romance becomes a little more complicated when muscle growth and hypermasculity is involved. (added: 5 Jan 2018)
Part One: Tim meets Tommy
Part Two: The Trip from Hell Gary makes a discovery about Tim he has trouble believing, even as Tim and Tommy make the long drive home. (added: 26 Jan 2018)
Part Three: Trial by Fire (Revised) Tim’s worries about whether he’ll measure up to his much bigger and stronger lover and his uncles is put to the test as the weather takes a turn for the worse and the men have to scramble to save the animals on the farm. (added: 23 Feb 2018)
Part Four: The Snake and I / Tim’s Gift from Uncle Gary and Uncle Mike As Tommy heals from his injury, he and Tim explore their attraction and feelings for each other—and the prospect of enhanced hypermasculinity and amped-up libido for them both.
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To try and do something that was different, this story is or was written with an actual romantic plot even if it is a simple one. I am also going to try and do this in such a manner that it would permit future installments that could serialize, or stand on their own as the need be, using the same characters. I have no idea even as this is being completed as to how this will work with you, the readers. The only way to find out is to toss something out there and see what happens.

All locations in this story are real and actually exist as of the writing of this story. The only thing that will be fictional will be the people and a few aspects of their lives that we have come to enjoy under the muscle-growth genre. We will, over time, have more than one transformation. We will also have the complexities of relationships and the failings of human beings. as well as the complications in life one would encounter if muscle-growth and hypermasculinity enhancement were indeed real and possible. Enjoy!

Wordshop, February 19, 2007


Part One: Tim meets Tommy

I look back over the whirlwind of the past year that has been a tornado that swept me from a late teen with a stagnant life in a small town in the northern plains states into a physical transformation, and life that I still cannot sometimes believe is real.

It all started when I tried to at least do something to end my boring existence. I was raised in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. It is not really a bad place, mind you, but it is really not the place to be if you are a young gay guy trying to find out where you fit in life and about life itself. My dad was killed in an accident involving a combine when I was eleven and my mom works as a waitress at a local truck stop to support the family. When I turned sixteen, I started working to bring in extra money too, and it was at that time that I began to discover that I was not quite the boy that my grandparents thought I was. My first job was fueling trucks at the ““Flying T” truck stop where my mom also works as a waitress. Little by little, in spite of a secret life that was emerging amongst enough testosterone to float a boat, I managed to make at least a decent enough impression on the owner of the truck stop, Mr. McCready, to earn his respect.

Many might ask about college or school. Well, that went down the tubes when my dad died. There was simply no money, and with all the hours of work, my high school grade record was good, but it was not stellar enough to compete in today’s college or university market. There were no colleges that wanted me. All of the things that could have gotten me scholarships or grants were just inches out of my reach. My grandma and grandpa from my mom’s side helped my mom. My other grandma and grandpa from my Dad’s side did what they could too, but these were not wealthy people and inflation had eaten badly into their respective retirement funds.

The “Flying T” has a Motel attached to it and a few days after my 18th Birthday something happened that changed my life. There was a convention and trade show in town for farm equipment manufactures. I know many of you don’t relate to names like International, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case, Kubota, and an import named Mahindra from India. Here, these names are a big thing, create constant conversation, and are a mainstay of life.

One of the conventioneers with a combine manufacturer brought his Son with him. He was about my age, and the weather was warm enough during the day that he could lie around the Hotel swimming pool. I was working at the Motel one day, and I was told to take a note to him which had been a phone message from his father, and that is how we met. He introduced himself as Tony. Tony was blonde, blue eyed, wearing small speedo trunks and his body was that of a swimmer with good tone, but little muscle bulk. In talking to him, he was almost effeminate in some ways. He had the hand movements and expressions of a girl. He was male and he was not offensive in any way with it, but it was the first time I had seen a guy who was like this. He said that he had made some excuses to his Dad to get out of going to the convention to help. Here I was with my first encounter with another guy that had a really good chance of being gay like me. When I got close I could see that the small bulge in his speedos started to form a different shape. Maybe something may come of this and it would be my first experience. I never considered myself to be anything at all on the side of “butch”, but he somehow thought that I was. I have always hated one part of me. By the time I was thirteen years old I had started to get hairy. When I was fifteen years old, I was just over 5’3” tall and I already had the beginnings of fuzz on my ass and I had hairy arms and legs, the start of a beard, a patch around my navel and in the center of my chest. In the years since then it has just continued to grow and spread. By the time Tony saw me last year at eighteen, I had a full and very hairy chest and at least the fur was growing like weeds even if my height wasn’t. Hell, at that time I was only 130 pounds and 5’6” tall. My dick was probably average at about 5” long, but it was pretty thick, and with my small hands It was a respectable handful for jacking-off. I had been a virgin until I met Tony. It turns out that Tony’s Dad wanted him to follow in the family business selling farm equipment. Tony wanted to move to Los Angeles to go to film school and work in the entertainment industry. I was getting off work, and after I clocked out I was somewhat lonely. I never had time for social activities like most kids because until I graduated I was either in school or was working or trying to do what little study I could. Tony had invited me back to watch some TV in their room and have some soda. He said that he had brought his DVD player so that he could watch something other than the cable that most of the truckers Motels furnished.

It did not take long until we were on the bed and he was kissing me, rubbing my crotch, making me hard and getting me all excited. It was the first time as I had said that I had ever done anything with another guy, even though I had wanted to a million times over. I never turned down work at the “Flying T” and there were times when I had seen things while cleaning the showers in the truck stop that made me get a roaring hardon. I was so hard on occasion that I had to start wearing a jockstrap on a regular basis just in case I was assigned shower cleaning duty. I was afraid that I would be found out. Old man McCready who owned the place was really nice, but he was so money hungry that I was more afraid that he would find a way to market me as some kind of male whore. This guy could find more interesting ways to make money than I had ever imagined. I was literally more afraid of exposure of my feelings than I was of getting fired. I just didn’t want to take chances and go there.

Tony and I did everything two kids just past eighteen could physically do. What I lacked in experience, I made up for in enthusiasm. The thing that was kind of funny was that Tony wanted me to treat him as if he were a female. He loved and rubbed all my body hair and kept telling me it made me look so “butch”. Not having had any experience, I wanted to try everything and not just do it one way, but somehow I managed, and I learned the “in’s and out’s” of gay sex from Tony for nearly a week. We met a bunch of times whenever he could get away from his Dad. It was a week that confirmed for me that I was one hundred percent gay. I was horribly lonely again after Tony left, and with the new knowledge Tony had brought me in some ways it was worse.

By a stroke of absolute luck, old Man McCready had replaced a whole bunch of obsolete computers at the truck stop, and he gave the old ones to the employees for their kids. My Mom got one of these for me, and one for my little Sister. They were great. I quickly got on the net and in my spare time learned about viruses and everything else I could in order to preserve my only link to what I began to feel was the outside world.

I quickly also discovered a world relating to myself as a gay teen and who I at least thought I was. I was scared as hell, but finally I realized that my only chance to make changes was to embrace the world and take a chance on something. I was over eighteen so I placed an ad on a site looking to make contacts. My paternal grandparents knew I liked photography and almost at the same time the computer appeared, so did a cheap digicam. I even had some nude pictures there. I was initially very disappointed in that I had no responses that were from people anywhere near close to me. They were from New York, they were from California, they were from Florida, and the other thing that quickly became evident was that most of the ones answering my ads were older guys that I was not attracted to. They did not help me feel good about myself because they did not like all my body hair. I was told that I should shave it all off and that it would make me look younger. There was something totally weird about this to me. I hated being hairy because it made me different in high school, but, to shave it off somehow made me feel like a phony, and with my strict Midwest upbringing that didn’t feel right either. For a while, I checked the e-mail less and less and just started deleting things that originated from that site.

About three months later, I got a reply from a guy in New Mexico who was about my own age. He sent pictures, and when I looked at them, my cock got rock hard. Like every kid, I had seen bodybuilding magazines and had always secretly been turned on to bodies, but this guy who was about my own age made most of my memories of those images pale by comparison. This young fellow, had been abandoned by his parents, and was being raised by two gay uncles. Tommy (the guy) had sent pictures of he and his two uncles together and a few of himself alone. The two uncles themselves were in their late 40’s or early 50’s and what I later learned were a type of gay guy called a musclebear. They were older to be certain, but they had bodies, and like me they also had hair. It was Tommy, the nephew that made my dick go into hard throbbing orbit. As I said, he was my age, he was about my height at 5’6”, had a cock bulge in his jeans that looked gigantic, and he had hair too. What made this guy different from anything I had ever seen in the past was the size of his muscles. What was even wilder was that when I started writing to him I learned that there were similarities in our backgrounds. We shared likes and dislikes in the kinds of books that we read, the movies we had enjoyed and we even shared the kinds of television shows we enjoyed. He was so sweet, polite and considerate of me.

He said that his two uncles were looking for a ranch hand for their cattle and horse ranch. He wondered if I would be interested in the position. Though I was raised around horses what I actually knew about them as far as serving in that capacity was at best miniscule. He assured me that he could teach me everything I would need to know and do so quickly. He considered himself a gay misfit because like me, he liked the solitary life too. This little 5’6” stud worked at the ranch and in town as a trainer at the local bodybuilding gym. I cannot say how totally bulging with muscle he was, it was absolutely mind-boggling. Here he was, no taller than me and he outweighed me by over a hundred pounds! He was fucking awesome! He seemed really kind, considerate and truly fit the original definition of sweet. Whenever he sent me a new picture, I would get so turned on by him that I had to jack-off four or five times in a row.

The two musclebears Gary and Mike and their nephew Tommy became almost an obsession with me. I don’t know why, but I knew that they would be the key to my life and I don’t have a clue as to why I thought this.

A couple of weeks later, I was scared when old man McCready called me into his office. I thought I had done something wrong. God was I terrified!

He sat me down in a way similar to my Grandparents. (Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.) He said: “Tim, you’ve been with me since you were sixteen years old. You started part time and went full time after High School. In the two plus years you’ve been here you have not missed a single day. You have never in over two years been late for work and you give me eight hours work for eight hours of pay. For a kid your age that is incredible and it is also commendable. The problem is that you don’t belong here. You are far too bright, and you have far too much to offer to spend your life rotting in some obscure truck-stop in the middle of the northern mid- west. Your dad was a great man, and he helped David my son get his start with Massey-Furguson. Your dad fixed trucks for free to help stranded truckers down on their luck, he fixed my wife’s Caddy more than once, and he never asked for a dime. When your Dad died, this community lost a great man, and the least I can try to do is to pay back the kindness that he showed me, and even more, the kindness he showed David.”

“Your mom tells me you’ve never been away from Scottsbluff in your life. You are never going to make your way in life unless you go somewhere and see something. Here is an envelope with a rather large present in it. If you choose, you know you can always come back here. In the meanwhile, at least go out and see something else. I only wish I could do more. I don’t have any great college connections to get you in, but, you’re smart enough to make it on your own. In addition to that, go see Nancy, she has checks ready to bring your pay and two years ‘unused vacation time’ up to date. As of right now you’re on a leave of absence.”

I stood there in absolute shock not knowing what to say. The quantity of money in the envelope was incredible. I had never seen that much cash in my whole life.

Well, time was wasting and the only out I knew of were the two muscle bears and their nephew. Would they be interested in me? How would a hair covered total geek like me be of value to them?

The only way to find out was to ask them.

In his bedroom, in a desert ranch house, Tommy’s heart was pounding. He had just received a e-mail from Tim. Tommy had been very lonely. He and Tim had exchanged letters, pictures and e-mails for a while now and the letters discussed many things on a more romantic level. Tommy’s body could get him all the sex he wanted, and he wanted that a whole lot. But he soon learned that to many who chased him, both male and female that they did not want him because of who or what he was inside, they wanted him because of what he looked like. To them, he was a curiosity or an oddity.

Tommy printed out Tim’s most recent e-mail and headed to the kitchen where he knew his Uncles would be doing things that related to this as a Sunday Morning and to breakfast. As his muscle size had continued to increase, Tommy had become aware that his legs were now so large that they kind of swung around each other and he had a kind of gentle swaying shuffle. His genitals, now too large to be hidden, were shoved forward in to a display that had to be carefully disguised when he went out for social occasions. At work at the gym he just wore two jocks and had learned to calm it down to a rather sizeable lump. He also was able to shower himself in a separate employees shower and bath area reserved for the trainers and counter people.

Gary and Mike had so much money that the ranch was just a place for them to find peace, quiet and contentment. Gary had been a whiz-kid in biochemistry and so had Mike. They met while working for one of the major drug companies and fell in love. In the beginning, both were idealistic, but they had some hard lessons to learn in the form of the politics of the drug business. Both quit, pooling their resources forming a smaller research firm. They did the initial research and testing on some things and then marketed these discoveries to the bigger boys. They had some good lawyers and good contracts. What had made them very wealthy back in the eighties was a preparation using a mineral to ease the suffering of those infected with rhinovirus. They had discovered it’s effectiveness and the marketing and royalties had made them millions of dollars. Each time the same preparation came out in a new form the royalties would be there for five more years.

They had stumbled on many things that they held back. They knew that these items would be controversial and though they would sell instantly, the companies who bought them would only do so to guarantee that they would not be on the market. In the mid- nineties, while working on drugs for erectile dysfunction, they had discovered how to enhance genital growth and a major side effect of that preparation was muscle growth. It was a weird fluke in chemistry that something accidental turned out to do so very much. What it augmented and what it destroyed in the form of “side-effects” was just the right combination of things to create a total “super-male”. In fact, this worked so very well that very little actual exercise was needed. If one actually exercised, the effects were factored up exponentially and this is how Tommy became the muscle monster he had become. He had gone from 125 pounds of teenager to a mammoth 240 in one year. If it had not been for another development that Gary and Mike had also accidentally discovered, Tommy would have been a monument to stretch marks. That in fact is what confused everybody. People questioning the change in Tommy started questioning their own minds because if he had really grown all that fast, he would have stretch marks. He didn’t, so they thought that it must be their own minds making him appear larger than he was.

Based on how Tommy’s growth had taken place, and Tommy’s young age, Gary and Mike had encouraged every part of Tommy’s bodybuilding except competition. Tommy knew how financially smart his uncles were, and had agreed to wait until he was twenty-five years old before competing. It was not easy! Magazines had been to the gym where he worked and trained and there had been some minor controversy over Tommy’s size versus his age. Like another child bodybuilding prodigy, there had been accusations of steroids and on that one Mike, Gary and Tommy had very willingly volunteered Tommy to take every known steroid test. He tested negative on all of them to the great chagrin of those throwing accusations. Because their accusations had appeared in print, they were sued for libel and lost. One major bodybuilding magazine had published photos without permission, not realizing that at the time Tommy was a minor, just shy of his seventeenth birthday. When the photos were published without permission they too were sued and the proceeds from that suit had given Tommy a great trust fund that would support him very well for a very long time. The magazine had appealed repeatedly and lost. Every time they did so, they pissed off the judge and jury and the amount of the judgment against them was increased. Tommy on his own was now a millionaire. If he knew or actually realized it, one would have never guessed it. The funny thing was that Tommy was about the most down to earth non-pretentious teenager that you could find.

Tommy loved working on his own car. He was still driving his first one, and his Uncles had also encouraged him in that area too. When he had first started going through driver training and taking an interest, he discovered that he liked older Ranchero’s and El Caminos. Tommy commuted back and forth to the gym in a totally restored early Falcon Ranchero and at home in the large garage was a piece of automotive love for Tommy. He had saved money he had earned from the gym, and found a 1970 SS 454 El Camino. It was undergoing a full frame-off restoration. Tommy was doing the whole thing himself, and was doing a great job.

Back in the kitchen, Gary and Mike were in serious discussion with Tommy.

There was some part of Tommy that instinctively knew that he was in love with Tim. He did not know why, and at his age he still had that little bit of immaturity that kind of made one look at least initially at only the end result without seeing all the possible ramifications.

Where his Uncles had always supported things, this time they were being very cautious. A life outside their home would be influenced and impacted by the decisions they made. Tommy for the first time found himself fighting for this life.

Tommy was almost in tears as he brought back one of Tim’s more romantic letters and read it aloud to his detractors. When they sat stone faced through this and Tommy felt he was losing, he completely broke down and started crying and sobbing uncontrollably. He had tried and he had lost.

Very quietly, his Uncle Gary walked around behind him and knelt down next to him.

“Tommy, we didn’t say no…”

Tommy was still crying so hard that he did not hear the soft response.

“Tommy, listen to me… You made a commitment to this fellow and you didn’t consult us. Do you realize all the ramifications possible in this scenario?”

Tommy looked up his eyes red from tears and his face discolored and wet from the crying.

“No Sir…”

“Did you keep all of the e-mails and pictures that Tim sent you?”

“Yes, Sir…”

“Tommy, both of us know how lonely it has been here for you. We also know that your needs in that area have gone wanting for what seems like a very long time. Let’s take a look at the whole picture. Go to your room, print out what you have, bring it all in, and let’s start going over all of this together so you have a full understanding, and also so we have an understanding of what has to be done. This Tim fellow is going to have to be really exceptional Tommy, to make it here and even more to be able to deal with your needs, as well as the demands of work here on the ranch.”

Gary and Mike looked over everything, and together looked at Tommy wondering how he thought that Tim was going to make a good ranch hand. Does this fellow Tim have any experience with horses that is not mentioned here on paper?

“No, Sir.”

Gary spoke: “Do you think that you can train him or teach him to keep up the work around here?”

“Y– Y- Y- ….Yes Sir.”

“Tommy, we were hiring this other ranch hand so that you could increase your training time at the gym. We are a little nervous right now that we are hiring a boyfriend for you rather than a ranch hand… and you’ve got to understand that this guy has to be able to carry his own weight pretty quickly. Then there are the other problems related to… well… to you being you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Tommy, think about it……your cock is nearly eight and a half inches in circumference with a hardon, and it is currently over ten inches in length. It is probably going to grow even more. If you jump right into the sack with this guy and try to fuck him senseless, you will very likely put him in the hospital.”

“But you can fix that. . . .”

“Tommy, the only way we can fix that is to basically do the same kind of modification to him that was done to you! In addition, we would have to do a few more to you because we have no idea how big he would grow, and then we could have the same problem in reverse. What if he does not want to be a bodybuilder or have that look for himself? Then there are the other effects…”

“I don’t understand…”

“You know, the beard, the hair growth, the nipple thing… according to his letters he does not like his body hair… do you really think he would want a ton more? Then there’s the acne scarring…. We were lucky with you. This fellow already has acne scarring, and when he is given the compounds it could cause severe acne breakouts.”

“But you can fix that too…”

“Yes, Tommy, we can, but this is going to be a process and we are going to have to do a great deal more with him than was done with you. You were easy, his body chemistry is going to be very different I suspect. That in and of itself could cause problems.”

“Please, Uncle Gary……”

“Then there is the security issues….”

“Don’t tell him!”

“I’m sorry Tommy, waddya mean don’t tell him?”

“Sneak the stuff in his food!”

“Okay, sneak the stuff in his food. In two weeks he’s shaving twice a day, his cock is constantly rock hard, his sex drive is through the roof, he wants to have sex constantly, he’s gaining muscle, his clothing is getting tight…..Don’t ya think he’s gonna notice? Get real Tommy!”

“I think he’s hot now, but he’d be so much hotter if he had muscles like me!”

“Remember that is your opinion, and would not necessarily be his. Tim is a living breathing human being and he has rights! By the way, did he ever say what nationality?”

“His last name is Kelly and his Mom’s maiden name was O’Leary, but she was only one-half Irish her Mother was Megradozian.”

“Shit. Did you ask him for a gene sample too!”

“In a way…”

Tommy disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a lock of very dark brown hair.

“You planning a career with the CIA? Did he just happen to mail you any other necessary body parts?”

“You want him transformed don’t you….”


“From the pictures, he looks like what is called Black Irish, meaning the dark features the eyes, the hair and that combined with the fair skin. The fur coat can be the Irish, but is more likely a gene from the Armenian on his mother’s side.”

“Tommy, go ahead and write to him and tell him that we’ll try him out… although I suspect you’ll be trying out a lot more than we will…..ahem……”

“If you want him transformed, you are going to have to be the one who sells him on the idea. He also has to understand that he can never talk about the transformation, the how or the way it was done. In addition, the best way to avoid questions is to bring him directly here to the ranch and do the transformation and not to let him be seen in town especially around the gym until he is through and is as big as he’s going to get without exercise. You can take him to the gym and do the rest. If nobody has ever seen him in town until afterwards there will be no questions.”

“Tommy, this one is going to depend absolutely on you. One other thing… He has to prove to you and to us that he is absolutely in love with you, and he has to do that on his own before we will consider offering him the transformation.”

“But how…..?”

“If he really truly loves you, we will see it. Tommy, your situation is far from ordinary. You have always had a level of mental maturity that your Uncle and I knew would make your muscle growth not only something you could handle, but something that you could and would enjoy. You were only given the formula and began your ride as you were graduating from High School. The level of physical strength you possess is about six times the average male and about double what another bodybuilder would have if he had your measurements. Your brain was wired for the most part in such a way that you could have handled this correctly when you were twelve years old. In you, that mental maturity was just part of your makeup and who you were and always have been. See, we don’t know this yet with Tim.”

“Tim has to prove himself to us. Do you understand why?”

“Yes, sir…..”

“Scottsbluff, Nebraska? That means up I-25 past Denver and then just north of Cheyenne, Wyoming you would pick up Wyoming 85 over to the Nebraska border. Scottsbluff is on Nebraska, 26. That means you’ve got a drive of about fourteen to sixteen hours each way. Does Tim have a driver’s license?”

“Yes, Sir…”

“When do you want to go get him?”

“I don’t understand?”

“If he understands and wants to come try this out, when do you want to go get him? Write him back and find out when he can leave there and how much he needs to bring.”

“Needs to bring?”

“Planet Earth to Tommy, the kid has personal possessions, he is moving away from home and very probably has never been away from home in his entire life, he is going to want to bring things that give him some comfort.”


Tommy was shaking as he accessed the internet and wrote the e- mail. All of a sudden it sunk in, he was right now authoring a commitment that could last his entire lifetime. The more he thought the more scared he became. All of a sudden he was filled with total stark complete terror.

Tommy’s own mind started thinking of all of the things that could go wrong and though he had been so sure only moments ago, the terror was now there and in abundance.

What if I screw up? What if I am not good enough for him? Oh God, what if I can’t resist temptation and I fuck around on him? How could I live with myself? As all of these thoughts ran through his mind again and again the feelings of terror turned to despair and he started crying.

When Gary found Tommy, he was lying on his bed sobbing in the fetal position.

Gary went to him and started rubbing a huge muscular arm with his hand.

“Wedding night jitters?”

“Uncle Gary, I am really scared.”

“Tommy, I had known your Uncle Mike for years before we made a lifetime commitment to each other. We had lived together and we had committed about every sex act on the planet by the time we actually made it permanent. In spite of the fact that we had been together for years and our commitment was just a formality, it was so bad for me that I spent the entire day before our commitment ceremony barfing my guts out! That was quite a few years ago, and I have never regretted the commitment or the ceremony. Really a romantic start, wasn’t it?”

Back in Scottsbluff, Tim was lying on his bed in a very melancholy mood. Here he was leaving home for the first time. His Mom did not know anything, how could he tell her that there was more than a job and an opportunity to travel a little involved in this. He had never come out to anyone. He was barely getting comfortable with the idea himself.

He would be leaving his sister Cheryl and he would also miss the people he worked with. There was Marianne who worked at the Truck Stop. There was Jake who was one of the mechanics there. Jake worked on his Mom’s car and had been really good to him.

He wondered what had happened to Tony. Tony and he had communicated for a while after his visit for the equipment exposition, but had after a time simply ceased to exist. Tim’s e-mails went unanswered.

Tim knew he was not moving to life in the big city, but that was not what he really wanted anyway. He knew that based on where he would be going that he would see big cities. Denver, Albuquerque, Taos, Las Cruces and El Paso were all places he would see related to what he would be doing.

He wondered what Tommy saw in him. Here he was this little one hundred twenty five pound hair covered geek. He had no right to have a total stud like Tommy. Where Tommy was five foot six inches tall and about two-hundred and forty pounds, Tim was the same height and weighed just barely over one-half of what Tommy did.

Just then, he got up to go to the bathroom, and when he turned the light on he saw his face. There were still active acne lesions and there was scarring. He had started shaving early at age fourteen. That was also when the acne started. His beard grew quickly and required shaving often. The shaving of the hair cut the heads off the pimples and probably had contributed to the scarring he already had. The only feature he had that he thought mesmerizing were his own eyes. Even he would admit that there was something about them that was far different from ordinary. They were this incredible dark brown and they contrasted against his very light skin tones. His skin was really no prize and he was ashamed of that. There were some other kids in High School who had called him “crater face”. That really hurt and it was not called for. One time a health education teacher had heard another student do it. She got mad and the kid doing the name-calling had been suspended. The bad part was that Tim was called in to the nurse’s office over the whole thing and they examined his skin. They called his Mom and said that he had needed a Dermatologist. This was a joke in that Dermatologists were not exactly in Scottsbluff in big numbers and that treatment by means other than “over the counter” would have necessitated weekly trips into Denver. The closest skin man that accepted his Mother’s medical insurance was in Denver.

Tommy would be driving for nearly 14 hours to reach him and then they were going to load Tim’s belongings, turn around, and immediately head back down south again so that Tommy could get back to his job at the Gym. Tim would be driving too and that way Tommy could rest on the way back.

Because of a freak storm front predicted in the Colorado Rockies area, Gary and Mike had decided that instead of his own little Ranchero that Tommy would be driving their Dodge Turbodiesel four wheel drive. The mileage was decent if you kept the speed reasonable and it was so heavy and capable that it would be the safest alternative if things got rough.

When the day came, Tommy was no less nervous. He had an impossibly long drive ahead and in spite of many hours of rest before leaving, Tommy was so stressful that it was as if he had not slept in days.

After a few hours on the road, Tommy crossed the border from New Mexico into Colorado. He would pass through Pueblo, Colorado Springs and then Denver on his way north towards the Wyoming border. He had a Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas with him and he checked it often at fuel and bathroom stops to make certain that he was doing OK. Just North of Colorado Springs, the storm front reared it’s ugly head and tiny white snowflakes begin to flutter and dance over the windshield. The overhead trip computer button was pushed and it said 26 degrees. This was definitely not fun. The good part is that the snow that was falling seemed to be remaining light and it was not increasing. By this time Tommy was admittedly getting tired. He had left the ranch just before the sun began to rise, and he anticipated making it into Scottsbluff somewhere between seven and eight P.M.. He had driven this way before with his Uncles. At that time they were towing a big horse trailer, but he knew the route and it was not completely foreign. It had been when he was on a school vacation.

By the time that Tommy reached Cheyenne Wyoming, the snow was still falling and it was getting heavier. This was not good. He hoped that Tim was an experienced driver. He definitely wanted to sleep through this on the way back. By the time that Tommy made it on to Wyoming 85 exhaustion was beginning to set in. When he hit Scottsbluff, he found the address easily and knocked on the door. A few seconds later Tommy and Tim met in the flesh for the first time. Cheryl Kelly was out with girlfriends, and because of the weather, Tim’s Mom had been forced to go into work. One of the other waitresses was unable to make it because of weather related problems at their farm. She kissed Tim and wondered if she would ever see her son again. She wondered a little when she saw the way that Tim looked at Tommy’s pictures on the internet. Rick, Tim’s Dad had been bisexual and she knew all along. She had never told Cheryl or Tim about it because it was never something that they needed to know. She had always wondered if Tim was going to follow in his Father’s footsteps. He was a great son, and in fact he was too great and this was what made her in some ways suspicious. He cared more about she and Cheryl than dating. In his entire life in Scottsbluff, Tim had never dated a single girl. There were always excuses. There was school, there was study, there was work, there was work to be done on their house. Maybe she should have pushed that issue more, but the family needed the money that Tim earned if he were going to be living there. Tim contributed to everything and even paid for things for the home out of his earnings. Cheryl was just the opposite, if she could get out of work or spend every dime she had at the Mall with friends that was what she would do. When she got home Tim her only son would be gone, but Art McCready was right, the kid had to begin to find his own way in life.

Back at the Kelly’s modest home Tim was not at all prepared for what he saw. Looking at a muscle monster on a computer and looking at him in the flesh was completely different. In person, he looked ten times bigger. The size of his chest and shoulders, the way he had to dress to look nice, the walk, the whole thing made Tim get weak in the knees. The dark shadow on Tommy’s face, the hair on the backs of his hands. All the details that Tommy had not seen in the pictures were almost making Tommy a new person again.

In the living room, a stack of boxes were in the middle of the living room floor, mainly clothing and a few more personal things that were his memories. Tommy walked over to the pile and then to Tim. He hugged Tim in person for the first time. In spite of everything, Tim did not really instantly know how to react. Here he was in the flesh, Tommy, a living-breathing embodiment of his hottest wet dream and it all seemed surreal because of that.

Tim’s reaction initially scared Tommy and he pulled back. Tim felt instantly awful and realized that he had hurt Tommy. Tim felt that the only thing he could do was to be honest. “Tommy, I’m sorry, one could see five hundred pictures of you and it would still not prepare them for how big you are in person. Seeing something in three dimensions is totally different than a photographic representation.”

Even in the loose clothing, Tim could see every muscle expand and change position. Tommy picked up one cedar chest with a puzzled look, but said nothing as he carried it out the door. Tim had used a skate type furniture dolly to move it. Tommy picked it up as if it weighed nothing and threw an old horse blanket over it under the camper shell that covered the chest and Tim’s other belongings to prevent scratching. As tired as he was, Tommy had the truck loaded in record time. For a few seconds, Tim stood at the passenger door of the truck and looked at the front of his home wondering if it would be the last time he would ever see it. Tommy sensed Tim’s feelings and moved in behind him. With the front door of the crew cab Dodge open, the heat from the cab and the falling snowflakes obscured the view of anyone who might have seen if they had chosen to look, Tommy gave Tim a very gentle and nurturing hug and gently and sweetly kissed the back of his neck. Tim broke, and with tears running down his face he turned to face Tommy for the first time and kissed him on the lips. It was such a wonderful soul searching kiss that it shook 240 pound Tommy to his very core.

Tommy handed the keys to the truck to Tim and said: “If you’re going to be our ‘hand’ and ‘mine’, you’re going to have to learn to get along with this giant beast. I guess that now is as good a time as any to learn. I know you’ll do fine.”


Part Two: The Trip from Hell

While Tommy was on the road, his Uncle Gary, on a whim, decided to use some of the lock of hair from Tim’s head to do some genetic testing for compatibility with the various formulae that had been used on Tommy. As his testing continued, and the results of the tests continued to mount, the color began to flee from Gary’s face. One might think that this would indicate bad news. Gary was beginning to think that his eyes were playing tricks on him, and all of his scientific knowledge and experience at doing this kind of analyses had to be wrong. The odds were almost totally against what he was seeing. Tommy, had been a match that had equaled about ninety to ninety-one percent compatible. Tommy’s genetic makeup and his compatibility level had been a total fluke. Tim, this fellow from the blue that had been found by Tommy achieved a ninety-six percent compatibility.

When Mike finally found Gary at the lab, Gary had a look of sheer terror as if something horrible had happened. When Mike initially saw his soulmate looking so completely shaken and distressed he did not know what to make of it. Gary was sitting in a chair just staring at the computer screen, ashen white shaking with a cold clammy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Gary looked at him, and with his voice quivering said, “Please re-check all my figures and matches regarding these chemicals. I need to know for a fact that I have not made some horrible error in my calculations and research. I cannot believe that my testing is coming back with these numbers. I must be wrong, or I must have done something wrong.”

Without question, Mike started checking and re-checking everything. As he checked the information he started becoming uneasy because it was obvious that whom ever this genetic material belonged to would be an ideal candidate for their next transformation and use of their agents. “Who is this guy we’re checking on?” he asked. “One of the college kids from the campus?”

“No!” Gary said.

“Who is it then?”

“I don’t want to tell you,” Gary admitted. “You’d be mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?”

“You would… I know you….”

“Tommy was the highest compatibility we had ever found. Where did you find this guy?”

“I didn’t…”

“You didn’t what?”

“Find him….”

“Who did?”


Mike was baffled. “Tommy who?”

Our Tommy.”

Mike’s mouth dropped open. “You didn’t?” When Gary didn’t say anything he added, “If you did what I think you did… and this is who I am guessing it is… I am truly going to murder my own life-partner! Did you take the hair and…?” Gary still said nothing. “Holy Mother of God! This is just great you imbecile! Do you realize what you’ve done here?”

Gary nodded, not looking at him.

“You are not going to turn the love of Tommy’s life and our new ranch hand into a science experiment… Do you understand? I don’t care if his numbers equal 100%! You are not going to do it! This is not only Tim’s life here, but this is Tommy’s. I told Tommy that Tim has to prove himself. We both had agreed on this, you and I…. You proved him to be the worlds most ideal guinea pig, but he has to prove himself mentally to the both of us and we have to see how he and Tommy deal with their relationship before this is even considered. This is definitely Tommy’s first relationship of any kind and it very likely is Tim’s too! You and I agreed to this, you sat in our library and you yourself were the dubious dean of doubt! Now, you want to turn this around and until he proves himself capable, he does not get it.”

“You saw the results of the brain genetics…” Gary tried.

“I don’t give a fuck about that! Environmental issues may play roles that we don’t know or understand! Tim must prove himself!”

Back on the road, Tim was driving the big turbodiesel Dodge. He had chosen a slightly different route and had taken Nebraska 71 down to I-80 and had connected with I-80 West to Cheyenne, Wyoming, now in Colorado, just North of Fort Collins, the snow flakes began to dance over the windshield again. The snowfall had let up just after they had left Scottsbluff.

Tim periodically glanced over at Tommy, reclined and sleeping in the passenger seat. His huge chest breathing in a state of total relaxation. Tommy was exhausted and had fallen asleep not long after Tim had taken over driving. Tommy and Tim had filled the fuel tank on the Dodge before leaving Scottsbluff at the truck stop where Tim’s mom worked. He wanted her to at least meet Tommy before they left. Sarah Kelly was initially taken back by Tommy’s size and proportions. He seemed very kind, had great manners, and seemed to be a really great person.

As they headed south towards Denver, the snow began to fall and blow harder. Tim turned on the radio to one of the trucker’s stations hoping to get highway reports. Working at a truck stop had taught him well, and having worked a few nights in terrible weather at the pumps, he had taken the time and interest to listen to the truckers and what they did. The Dodge also had a two-way CB radio and he turned that on as well.

Tim very quietly pulled over, and with the ability of a professional, had installed the snow chains on the tires. Speeds were very low now and with the new snow many impatient and inexperienced drivers were creating one accident after another on I-25.

Tommy was in dreamland as Tim drove on.

In Tommy’s dream, his uncles were giving Tim their full and undivided “chemical attention”. Tommy was kissing Tim and had his hand on a lump in his crotch that in his dream was visibly growing by the minute as he rubbed it with his hand. In his dream, Tim’s eyes were glazed and he was moaning and groaning softly, so turned on to what Tommy was doing. If Tim had not thrown a lap blanket over Tommy, he would have seen the other “large part” that he had not yet been introduced to. As the dream sequence progressed Tim’s clothing fell away, and in his dream he watched Tim’s muscles grow and expand as if they were being inflated by an air hose. At the same, time his body hair multiplied and his cock and balls grew larger and larger and yet the cock was still soft.

As Tommy slept, Tim drove on. With the reduced speeds and high stress, Tim was doing a great job, but his energy level began to fade as they reached Pueblo, Colorado. The snow was still coming down hard and Tim was well aware that he was nearing his limit.

He pulled over at a rest stop and gently rubbed Tommy’s arm to awaken him. The light of the first dawn was trying its best to penetrate the falling snow. It was time for a pit stop and Tim made the assumption that both of them would have to piss. Well, in truth, at least one had to urinate while unknown to Tim the other one would have preferred something else. As Tommy awakened he was very aware that his cock was still hard as granite. Right now, in a state of panic, he feared that Tim might be frightened if he saw that part of his anatomy too quickly and fully erect.

In fact, Tommy was so nervous about Tim seeing him hard, that he totally failed to observe that there was about six inches of snow on the ground when he yelled, “Shit I gotta piss!” To keep Tim from seeing his hard-on, he thought that he would bolt across the parking lot to the restroom. Tommy thought that either the hard-on would die, or he would go into a stall and quickly relieve it on the spot. What he did was hit the snow-covered ground in stocking feet, slip and fall flat on his chest. If there was any blessing in this, it was that it definitely wilted the erection! If he had been partially sleepy before, he was wide-awake now! Tommy was mortified with embarrassment at his own actions. Tim, really did not have time to react at all before Tommy had made a fool of himself. Score: Tim one for keeping from laughing, Tommy zero for acting like a total idiot.

By the time that Tommy had reacted to his fall, somehow, Tim had at lightening speed made an exit from the pickup, had gotten to Tommy and as the very sheepish looking Tommy looked up, he looked into the dark eyes of Tim. In Tim’s eyes, he saw real concern, and instantly he also saw true love. Momentarily that frightened him. He knew that he wanted what Mike and Gary had in a relationship, but now that it was staring him in the face, it was still frightening. Here was Tim at less than half his weight trying to help him up. As Tommy stood up he could see the love in Tim’s eyes, and the warm feelings again embraced him. He could also see the fatigue that had come from many hours of driving in the inclement weather and he realized that they had better do what they needed to do and get back on the road. With the snow falling he wanted to get south of the Colorado border and back into New Mexico as soon as he could. He knew that the weather would probably drop off once they were South of I-40. This would, if it were dry, kick the speed back up to 75 and they would be back home soon.

After the embarrassment was over, bladders had been emptied, and Tommy was back at the wheel Tim fell asleep in the passenger seat.

He and Tim had just passed through Trinidad, Colorado, and were at the northern New Mexico border in a matter of minutes. Speeds remained reduced and the trip from Trinidad to Albuquerque took nearly five hours because of the falling snow. During this whole time, Tommy repeatedly looked over at the sleeping Tim and as time went on he became more and more at ease with his own decision. Even in his presence, there was some kind of connection between them. He could not put his finger on it, but it was there just the same. Tommy pulled into a rest stop and removed the snow chains from the tires in a rest stop on I-25 just South of Los Lunas New Mexico. Tim’s level of exhaustion was obvious in that he never awakened during this rather noisy procedure. By Socorro, the snow had stopped, the temperatures were higher, and the speeds had risen a great deal. Tim was still asleep as Truth or Consequences was left behind. Tommy made the exit from I-25 on to NM 26 and headed for the ranch. Tim began to stir as Tommy made the turn off of 26 near the junction of 27 into the gate of the ranch. They had been on land on one side of the highway that his uncles owned for some time. The ranch gate at the highway and the main ranch house were several miles apart. The wide dirt road and the open spaces left Tim speechless. It was hard for him to imagine any one person owning this much land. The ranch amounted to just about 28,000 acres. Some of that was deeded land and some was leased from the Bureau of Land Management, but this was one huge spread and that was certain.

The sky was threatening, and if the temperature continued to drop, maybe snow would be in the forecast for this area too. In Tommy’s mind, this was not going to be good. For Tim, it would literally be trial by fire if they were going to keep warm. He pulled up to the main ranch house, and with surprising speed, Tommy unloaded the bed and camper shell area of the pickup on to the back porch. He quickly pulled the truck under the cover of a long row of garages, noting with great curiosity that both of his uncle’s passenger cars were gone.

For a few moments, Tim was a little frightened. Though he had only been separated from Tommy for what amounted to a couple of minutes, he had a very empty feeling that completely swept over him. The feeling left the moment that Tommy returned to his side.

“Tim honey, I know that this may be moving too fast for you. Do you want to start out with me, or do you want one of the guest bedrooms tonight?”

Tim stared at him. “Tommy, I know I’m gay, but I’ve only been with one other male in my life. With your looks and all you have going for you, I simply can’t understand why you picked a total dweeb like me. You could have probably had anyone you wanted.”

“I picked you, so now shut up and let’s try to get you settled in. It’s late afternoon, my two uncles will probably be back soon. When they see the pickup in the garage they’ll know we’re back too. Let’s get at least a little bit of a nap before they get us both up for dinner. So—my bedroom or your own?”


Tommy went into a bathroom that would now be shared, removed his clothing, and threw on a pair of shorts he regularly used for sleeping. Without knowing that Tommy had done this, Tim remained in the bedroom and did exactly the same thing. When Tommy walked out of his bedroom and saw Tim’s shorts he started laughing. They were wearing exactly the same Wal-Mart shorts!

Tim was seeing at least part of Tommy’s body without clothing for the first time. It was hard to comprehend this much muscle on a frame of this size.

“Tommy, I’m really kind of nervous. You do turn me on a great deal, and I might embarrass myself. I’ve never been with anybody as big as you are.”

“Once I go back into hard training I will probably get a whole lot bigger.”

“Really?” Tim asked, awed. “I wish I could have muscles like yours.”

“First, off, there is a down side to this, but if you are willing to work for them and really want them that bad, you probably can. The problem is you really knowing that this would be something that you would want. Looking like this is not all it’s cracked up to be, and in time you’ll see some of the problems I have to deal with on a day to day basis because of my size. I love you, and now let’s try and get a couple of hours of sleep.”

The temperature in the room was cool and when Mike and Gary arrived home, they saw Tommy’s bedroom door open. When they peeked in, the comforter was pulled up and the much larger Tommy was curled up with his huge arm draped over Tim cuddling with him. Both were sound asleep.


Part Three: Trial by Fire (Revised)

“In School you get the Lessons first and the Test Later.”
“In Life you get the Test first and the Lessons Later.”

For a few minutes, Mike and Gary could not help but stare at the two sleeping bodies. There was a wonderful peaceful beauty to what their eyes beheld. It was as if Tommy was holding and cherishing Tim or even protecting him in some way. The look of total peace on Tim’s face, and the fact that over the couple of minutes that Gary and Mike had been standing in the doorway, there, there was no movement. This indicated that Tim was either in total exhaustion, or that he found great security and comfort being in Tommy’s arms.

In spite of great tension between them over what had taken place with the illicit research, seeing this display brought back memories to both Mike and Gary. When they first established their own relationship, it was one based on real love and affection.

“We need to do that….”

“We need to go start dinner is what we need to do…”

“I need to go on-line and pay some bills….”

“I made pot-roast a week ago and threw the entire thing in the freezer. I also have a couple of containers of my home-made French Onion Soup, the bread machine has been occupied, and while you were asleep I cut up some fruit for a giant fruit salad for desert.”

“The one with the melon?”


Both men let the two young adults sleep after their long drive. Gary flipped on the rear yard flood-lights while dinner was being prepared, and kept looking out the kitchen window.

“What’re you looking for?”


“We were not scheduled to get any, as of earlier today.”

“The temperature has dropped like a rock in the last couple of hours. It is now in the high twenties outside.”

“You know the rules of New Mexico weather, it only takes fifteen minutes for weathercasters to be wrong.”

“Anyway, I am not going by weathercasters, I am going by prevailing winds and the stuff that Tim and Tommy hit farther North.”

Just as this was said, Gary could see the first snowflakes beginning to dance in the light. The house was a little chilly, and without even giving thought to the fight earlier that evening, Mike went into the family room and begin to build a huge fire in the fireplace.

“For us?”

“Not really, would you make a big pot of herbal tea for the two lovebirds?”

“After they wake-up for dinner, it is going to take them a few hours to wind back down again.”


“Don’t worry, I already hauled a pile of wood into our bedroom and started a fire in that fireplace too….”

“What about for the woodstove in Tommy’s….Tim and Tommy’s room?”

“Their wood bin is full just in case.”

“Should I read anything into you starting a fire in the fireplace in our bedroom?”

“Only that I love you!”

“That cuddling idea sounded good, and just some plain love and romance sounds even better.”

“Up at what time tomorrow?”

“Depends on the weather.”

“If we get a bunch of snow, you know what we’re going to have to do with the cattle.”

“Tommy work tomorrow?”

“His gym clients don’t restart for a couple of days.”

“I hope that this Tim works out…….”

“Shit…So do I….”

As dinner preparation progressed in the kitchen, the weather outside the ranch house began to deteriorate. Mild falling snowflakes initially began to dance in the very light breeze. Suddenly, the intensity of the snow began to increase, and wind speeds began to pick up as well, starting in gusts, then as the storm came in it started to blow harder and more steadily.

Mike turned on The Weather Channel and during the progression of the storm tried diligently to get an ear to the local weather forecasts. It seems original predictions had changed and a low-pressure area had come in over their area.

Tommy and Tim awakened simultaneously a few minutes later. Tommy heard the wind outside and, after lightly pulling back the heavy comforter, he stepped out of bed immediately looking out the bedroom window. He could see the blowing snow and his heart sank. He knew what this would mean. He turned back to Tim with a sad and sullen look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Damn fucking snowstorm!”

“I know, does that mean something special?”

“I’m afraid it does….”


“This is a cattle operation, and when this happens, the wells, watering troughs, and pumps can freeze solid, and the cattle can’t get water. In addition, these animals are unable to get food, so we have to literally do ‘home delivery’. Now, to do this, it means that I need to get my ass out of bed before first light. Uncle Gary and Uncle Mike and I will have to go out and take an axe to the frozen watering troughs, and make certain that the livestock is able to get food and water.”

Tim hung his head….

Momentarily, a fragrance came wafting into the bedroom.

Tommy could smell the wonderful culinary creations being prepared in the kitchen. He got a robe out of his closet and placed it over his own shoulders. For a moment, Tim did not know what to do, or how to react. The robe that was covering part of Tommy was a dark Royal Blue, and a few seconds later he grabbed another one that was a dark burgundy in color, and made from a velour-like material.

Tommy walked towards Tim with the robe, and as he did, Tim stood. The line about “one size fits all” definitely did not apply to these robes. Where Tommy’s would not cover all of his massive torso, and he couldn’t have closed it over his pecs if he had wanted to, the second one placed on Tim looked like a circus tent.

Tim walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He was, as always, unhappy with what he saw. His beard had grown into a very heavy dark shadow, and his hair looked like it’s last stylist had been a 220-volt electric socket. He saw his fur coat as a solid mass from his extremely hairy but bony chest sticking out around the collar of the robe and with no break connecting with his beard on his neck. His doubts again surfaced, and his basic insecurity started making him doubtful of his own ability to be everything Tommy wanted. He was scared.

As if there was some kind of mental transmission from Tim to Tommy, Tommy sensed something was wrong, and with Tim engrossed in his own feelings, Tommy walked very gently up behind Tim and wrapped his massive arms around the one he had chosen to be his life mate.

Lost momentarily in doubt and some self-pity, Tim did not really realize what had happened until he again felt the huge arms wrap around him and affectionately cuddle. Without asking, and with a level of gentility that surprised Tim, Tommy turned him around to where they were face to face and nose to nose. Tommy very affectionately placed his lips against Tim’s and gave him the most romantic and soul-searching kiss. This kiss was unlike anything Tim had ever experienced and it reached his soul penetrating areas he had never known to exist. His spirit left his body and was soaring above looking down upon the two living forms. As this spirit soared it recognized the spirit of Tommy soaring. The two souls simply held hands and watched the embrace taking place below, knowing….

As the kiss finally had to end so both participants could come up for air, Tommy very gently reached around and placed his arm behind Tim, escorting him out into the large ranch home to meet Mike and Gary.

Like Tim and Tommy, in the time that had passed, Mike and Gary had changed into robes and shorts. Though nothing like Tommy’s body, Tim noted that both of these older guys had bodies that almost qualified as “eye candy” too. Tim’s insecurities about his own body image and appearance welled up inside. He knew that he had to prove himself and he knew that he was totally in love with Tommy. What he couldn’t understand was why Tommy was in love, or at least appeared to be in love with him.

Over dinner, with the Weather Channel in the background coming in via satellite dish, nothing was said. Conversation was kept to the more immediate tasks involving food.

To Tim, the quantity of food on the table looked like enough to feed a small Army.

As Gary and Mike retired to their bedroom, Tommy and Tim were seen in the living room toasting marshmallows in the huge fireplace. After the pot of tea, they were also drinking hot chocolate and just quietly talking.

At about 4:45 in the morning, Tim was awakened when he felt the bed move. He saw Tommy head for the bathroom. Tommy was getting up even though it was still dark outside.

For a few seconds, Tim did not know what to do. He quickly reached the conclusion that he really needed to do something. He stripped off his robe and this time he took the initiative padding into the shared bathroom in the nude. Tommy was startled and did not really know how to initially react. It was the first time that both had seen each other totally nude. Tim was a little startled, but it was Tommy who was pleased. He looked at Tim’s much smaller and extremely hairy body instantly thinking how cute it was now. It had it’s flaws, but Tommy looked at it as incredible transformation material. Tommy evidently loved body hair.

Tim just looked at Tommy and smiled. He walked around him and turned on the water in the large shower. He figured that there was no time like the present to start showing that he was not some wallflower.

“Come on, let’s not waste hot water….”

Tommy initially did not react, standing kind of in limbo with regards to what Tim had said. When he finally spoke it kind of came out in such a way as to make him look stupid.

“But…but…but…all we’re gonna do is go deal with the cattle.”

“If I’m gonna get dirty, don’t you think I should start out clean?”

“Now get that big muscle butt in that shower and I am going to wash you!”

“But…it was just Uncle Mike, Uncle Gary and we’re gonna do this…..you haven’t had any time to learn how……!”

“Shut up husband!”

Mike and Gary had already dressed, and they heard the exchange from the hallway as they walked past Tommy’s bedroom door towards the kitchen.

Mike turned to Gary and chuckled:

“Yup, sounds like Tommy got himself married, that little guy has some guts.”

Tim soaped Tommy’s body with Mane-n-tail and then handed Tommy the washcloth. For a minute, Tommy did not know what to do. Here was this big monster-muscle-boy standing there looking at Tim dumbfounded.

“Okay, I just soaped you down… wouldn’t it be a kind thing if you returned the favor?”

“Yeah… okay… anything you want sweetheart….”

Tommy gently soaped Tim’s body taking particular note of the patterns of thick and dense hair on Tim’s butt. It took most of Tommy’s self-control not to get hard and start “playtime” right then and there.

In the back of the ranch house, in one of the huge equipment sheds was an interesting toy that Mike and Gary had bought for the ranch. It was a Government Surplus two and a half-ton, M-35A2 military truck. Mike and Gary had hitched two large hay trailers up to the pintle hitch on the back of it. They used it on the ranch, but also had restored it and had shown it in some local car shows. The neat thing was that in the rare occasion that the ground became more difficult, it had the pintle hitch which worked real well for farm four wheel trailers. The Deuce had three axles and drive on all ten wheels. A few telephone calls had a large hay delivery, on a huge double flatbed semi-truck at their rear service area. The area was still flooded with very bright work lights from the surrounding buildings, and the driver of that truck was already using ranch equipment transferring part of the load from that truck to the two trailers and the open bed of the Army truck in the blowing snow.

In one of the horse barns, Gary and Mike were throwing saddles on two of the ranch horses, fully expecting that Tommy would drive the truck. They had called the hired help, and a few of the farm laborers would knife and spread the hay bales as Tommy drove the truck and trailer combination along the open range in low gears. Well that was what they thought. Because of his weight Tommy rode a much larger mount. “Gypsy” was in a different barn because not unlike Tommy her size made it necessary. “Gypsy” was a very large Belgian draft that stood over 18 hands and was immense. She could easily carry three hundred pounds on her back without injury. Tommy, on horse-back, rode up to Gary and Mike. They were shocked…

“Who’s gonna drive the truck?”


“Does he know how to drive something like that?”

“I wouldn’t put it past him….”

“Where did he learn?”

“Remember that he worked for a huge truck terminal.”

“I know… but…”

By now the engine on the duce-and-a-half was idling.

Tim looked at all the data plates on the dash and figured out that this was just an “almost ordinary” 5-speed transmission. Though why they chose to reverse the 4th and 5th gear positions seemed stupid.

Tim, intending to get “three horsemen” to lead him gently honked the electric horn and they started moving. Gary and Mike were thinking that he did not know how to drive it…….

“See, we didn’t think he knew how to drive it….”

All three rode up to the driver’s window.

“You’re gonna have to lead me… I don’t know where I’m going with this.”

“Tim was sitting all bundled up in the driver’s seat and waiting….”

“Tommy just chuckled…”

“Blow the air-horns twice.”

As Tim did what he was told, a group of about five laborers quickly scrambled to get on the truck. A couple more laborers appeared on horseback. Two more appeared in a rusted out old Ford 4X4 pickup.

Tim slowly brought up the engine rpm on the deuce and eased out the clutch. He ran along for a few minutes at about two to three miles per hour and then found a gear that the engine pulled comfortably without lugging at the pace set by the other vehicles and horsemen.

The snowflakes were still dancing gently over the windshield as Tim maneuvered the combination off the ranch road through a sixteen-foot wide gate into one of the first pasture areas. As Tim came to a small group of cattle, he took a wild guess and reduced his speed to a slow walking pace. As he did this, the laborers without signals cut the bales and started throwing the hay off the back of the rear most trailer. Tim, not knowing what else to do aimed the truck and trailer combination for another herd grouping that was about one quarter mile away. Again as he approached the group, he dropped back down again in gear, again the laborers repeated the process. By now, at least the engine in the truck had built enough heat that the heater would work. Tim found the controls and turned it on. He also learned that an M35A2 had a weird heating system. This particular truck had a cold weather package meaning it had an auxiliary cab heater as well. It was not done by engine coolant, but it instead was powered with a burner that directly consumed diesel fuel

While looking for the heater controls, Tim noticed that a walkie-talkie had been placed on the seat next to him. He turned it on and discovered that Gary and Mike had another one on them.

Be it by dead instinct, or divine guidance, Tim operating on just plain intuition repeated this procedure again and again until both hay trailers and the bed of the truck had been emptied.

When he had finished what he was doing, he picked up the walkie-talkie, and called:

“Tim to horsemen… errr… what else?”

“Turn it around and head back to the ranch house for another load, Rogelio’s crew will load it for you.”

The light of early morning sun had illuminated the snow clouds, with a filtered blue light, and snow was still falling as a second load of hay was placed on the truck and trailer combination. When Rogelio finished, he waived in the snow-impaired visibility of the drivers rear view mirror. Tim again gave two short blasts on the air horns, and five laborers scrambled back on to the two towed farm trailers. Tim eased out the clutch and lumbered along at about ten miles per hour over the snow-covered ground.

He re-traced his steps, and as he passed by the area where he had first distributed hay, he could see contented cattle chewing on the feed that had been distributed over the ground. When he still did not see Tommy or the other parts of the group he grabbed the walkie- talkie and placed a call.

“Tim to Horsemen… Where are you? Over.”

This time he was relieved to hear Tommy’s voice come over the radio.

“Horsemen to Tim… proceed back along the pasture road you were just on for about two miles, and we are in the process of breaking the ice on a well, you can’t miss us, we’re the one’s by the tower on your left freezing our asses off! Over” You may not be able to initially see us, but you can see the top of the pump tower from the road. Turn through the gates there. I noticed that Rogelio had Miguel on your crew. Yell at Miguel to get the gates for you.

“Okay, Tim clear…”

At safe speeds, it took Tim a few minutes, but he rounded a bend with the two trailers in tow and had to slow down to figure out how to maneuver through the gates to get the hay to the cattle. Evidently, thirsty from the well being frozen, and, realizing that water would soon be available the “well detail” had about fifty head of “helpers” that had congregated around the frozen water well and frozen watering troughs.

From the calls they were making, patience was not one of their greater virtues. Tim saw a pathway where the ground crowned from the road on the hillside, and that pathway would allow him to get the tandem trailers down to the flat area where it could be distributed to the cattle without much danger of roll-over.

From a distance, Gary, whose back had been hurting straightened up momentarily. As he did so, he saw Tim maneuver the Truck and tandem trailers to the crowned area. He poked Mike and for a moment Mike straightened up too.

“That damn kid is one smart little dude, no instruction in any manner and he just instinctively knew what to do… Bravo Tim!”

Tommy watched what Tim was doing and what had been recognized by his Uncles. The complement that had been paid Tim by his Uncle Gary meant more to Tommy than it probably would have meant if it had been directed toward Tommy himself.

When Tim downshifted gears to a slow walking speed, the laborers had picked up the hint and started the “food delivery”. This was great for the well detail because the cascading food got the attention of the “bovine fan club” and the cattle that had been crowding around the well now headed over to have a munch on some fresh feed. A few stragglers seemed like they couldn’t make a decision regarding water or feed, but being herd animals their curiosity towards the feed won out and cleared the area around the well. This distribution was very extensive and there were several hundred head that needed to be fed.

When this distribution was finished, Tim called again on the walkie- talkie”.

“Tim to horsemen…..What now? Over.”

The answer came in Tommy’s voice:

“Horsemen to Tim, head back here to us… Over.”

“Affirmative… Tim. Clear.”

It took Tim about ten minutes of driving and he was back at the water well and trough.

When Tim rolled to a stop with an empty truck and two empty trailers he set the parking brake, and let the diesel engine idle.

He reminded himself that he was not really in the best footwear for snow travel. in tennis shoes, but he didn’t have any heavy warm boots, those would have to come later.

In minutes, Mike and Gary had sent the laborer detail back to the bunk-houses. The footwear he found quickly was tennis shoes. The few ranch hands that were on horseback took off, and the rest piled in the old rusted out pickup. Soon, it was just the three men and the sounds of an idling diesel and “bovine conversation” in the background.

Gary and Mike approached Tim and in succession each one picked him up giving him a big bear hug.

“You are one amazing little dude Tim where and how did you learn how to do what you did this morning, none of us could have done a better job!”

Tommy was beaming from pride.

Tim finally found his voice and figured that the truth was the best explanation

“Well, when I worked at the truck terminal there were these girls that used to er….well….come around the lot to do a ‘lube and oil change’ on the truckers themselves.

The damn guys would get so ‘hot to trot’ that they would leave their rigs at the fuel pumps, sometimes with the filler nozzles still in the fuel tanks. Necessity being the mother of invention, I just started moving and parking the rigs myself, locking them and hanging on to the keys until the guys had their ‘pork smoked’ and then they got their keys back. When Mr. McCready found out that this was happening, he was really pissed, but not at me! It became the unofficial ‘policy’ that if a truck got left at the pumps they either owed me twenty bucks to park it, or old man McCready would shut off their sex period and have the local law enforcement clean out the “lot lizards”. I learned to handle most transmissions, how to handle ‘doubles’ and to get these things away from the pumps to keep the pumps from being blocked up. I never had a problem, so it was something I did at times whenever I worked out at the pumps. The summer months when the humidity was high was the worst time of year for it.”

“I also basically like learning, so I tried to learn as much as I could about the rigs themselves, the driving part and whatever else I could do to make small talk. Even with high flow pumps, it still takes quite a bit of time to pump out three hundred gallons of fuel. If the drivers were tired, it was my way of helping.”

“Tommy, will you see if one of your old pairs of work boots will fit Tim?”

“What’s your shoe size sweetheart?”

“Depends on the maker, but between a seven and and one half and eight and one half depending on the maker.”

Uncle Gary: “I might be able to find some of my older stuff before my calves got so big that just might fit.”

“Gary and I are going to ride up to the north pasture gate. We want to make certain that the gate has been latched, and that there are no stragglers.”

“Why don’t you guys just head back in to the house.”

“Uncle Gary, do you want us to unhitch the trailers?”

“Nah, just pull the combination through the equipment barn and remember to plug in the engine block heaters. There is no way of telling if we are going to have to repeat this again tomorrow or not as yet.”


Without saying much, Tommy turned Gypsy towards the lightly snow covered dirt road and galloped off towards the ranch. Tim just shrugged his shoulders, quickly threw the truck in first gear and took off. This time, the speed back to the ranch was substantially increased, and as before, Tim handled the truck and trailer combination as if he were a seasoned veteran. Tim followed Tommy. When they reached the ranch compound, Tommy took Gypsy back to the barn area where he had gotten her. One of the laborers was there mucking stalls. He handed Gypsy’s reins over to the man and plucked a bill out of his pocket. Tim saw the man laugh and Tommy then scrambled to the passenger side of the cab of the truck. He opened the door and hopped in.

“Head towards that gray shed over there and circle around the back of it”. “When you get around the back you’ll be facing the door of the equipment shed that they were talking about. Drive into the door of that shed and pull the truck all the way forward to the door on the opposite end. If we are lucky, you’ll get about three feet on each end and that will allow us to close the building doors. The wind chill will take the heat out of this engine block more quickly than you’d think.”

During their ride home, the wind had started to pick up again and the blasts of wind were very cold.

“Why did you give that man money?”

“Doesn’t he get a salary?”

“Well, Uncle Gary and Uncle Mike have rules about the horses. The rider is the one responsible for cleaning up the animal, dealing with the saddle, bridle, bit and cinch, and any other tack necessary. It takes about an hour to fully clean up an animal under some circumstances. In Summer you have some types of biting flies near the cattle, if we are in the monsoon rainy season here, the animals can be covered in mud from the knees down. During Winter, if there is snow again the pastures are soft and the mud and cow dung can stick to the hooves and be kicked up into the rear legs. Because it isn’t part of their regular duty, the rule is that if you’re in a hurry and want one of the hired hands to clean up the aftermath of your ride, it costs you ten bucks.” In the summer with the monsoon mud the cleaning can take a long time, in the Winter the main thing is simply a quickie with warm water from the heated hose and in the heated barns everything will dry off relatively quickly.


As he was talking, Tommy watched Tim pull the combination through the shed, edging the nose of the truck as close as possible to the door opening. Before Tim even had the parking brakes set and the engine shut down Tommy had made a fast exit from the truck cab, and was quickly uncoiling a very heavy extension cord towards the hood of the truck. Tommy opened it and plugged the extension cord into a pigtail located on the left side.

Tim checked the cab of the truck to see that he had not left anything behind, and got out.

The action of the clutch on that truck had been very stiff, and as Tim hopped down from the fuel tank step on the driver’s side, he realized that his left leg was shaking and a little weak from the unfamiliar level of exercise. In the minutes that had passed, as Tim was closing the doors to prevent heat loss on the engine, the wind outside had picked up and it was blowing hard again.

Tim had survived a trial by fire, but as he thought about the events of the day, he wondered if he would over time be able to keep up.

Tommy’s body had a great deal more insulation on it from the cold. As both young men walked back towards the ranch residence, the cold was penetrating Tim’s attempt at layered clothing and his core temperature was dropping. By the time he reached the back door which was about one hundred yards from that particular equipment shed, he was shivering and shaking uncontrollably.

Tommy looked at Tim and realized that he needed to get Tim warmed up quickly or he would be in misery for hours.

As soon as Tim got inside the door, Tommy playfully grabbed him and picked him up in his arms as if he weighed nothing.

Without saying anything about the shivering, Tommy said: “I want to take my gorgeous other half and clean his adorable hairy little Gorilla body in the shower, then I want to take it to my bed and I want to make mad passionate love to it.”

“You may not love it, but I think that your built in fur coat is really hot!”

Tommy took Tim directly to their bathroom. He turned on the shower and quickly started undressing Tim. Tim had dressed in layers, but there were flaws in what Tim had done. He should have had thermal underwear, gloves, a pair of jeans with a different cut, and far better footwear for the exposure than what he had. While Scottsbluff Nebraska was equally cold or maybe a little colder, Tim was not working in the same capacity there.

The whole time that Tommy was undressing Tim, he was kissing him and nibbling at him to the point that it distracted him from his shaking. In what seemed like 15 seconds Tommy had shed his own clothing and took Tim into the shower. He cuddled with Tim and moved him into the stream of hot water.

It took about 15 minutes to get Tim fully warmed in temperature. The cleaning became more play as Tim grew more comfortable.

As his core temperature increased so did the effects of Tommy’s play.

Soon Tim’s cock began to erect and his sexual temperature was heading up faster than his cock was.

Tommy gently dried Tim off and then took him to the bed that would be shared from now on. By the time Tommy finally got him into bed, Tim’s desire for his hugely muscled lover had reached a level that had caused Tim’s eyes to go out of focus and his cock to stretch so hard he thought it would rip the skin.

Tommy padded around to the other side of the bed and crawled in under the covers. Still thinking that Tim needed warmth, he pulled Tim to him, cuddling his own massive torso, including the stimulating effect of his own hard nipples, massive pecs, and hairy chest into Tim spoon fashion.

As he did this, he noticed that Tim was breathing hard, almost panting, and, before Tommy could react to ask if anything was wrong, Tim flipped around to face his other-half at lightening fast speed.

Tim’s mind was lost in lust for Tommy. Tommy had worked him up to where he wanted sex and he wanted it now. Yet the feelings continued to increase.

Tim was on another plain of existence.

He had reached a level of sexual excitement so high and unfamiliar that he was now operating on lust and adrenaline. He went for Tommy with a vengeance. He pushed Tommy onto his back, and crawled on top of Tommy taking a role of dominance he did not even recognize or associate with his own abilities. Before Tommy could utter a sound, Tim was all over him and started working the huge body as if he were playing a violin. Not unlike his abilities driving the truck only hours ago, Tim had no idea where his intuition came from, but he was doing things to excite Tommy that by guidance or instinct were pushing the buttons on Tommy’s erogenous zones at fever pitch.

Tim was on top and his small but extremely hard erection was between Tommy’s legs and was rubbing against his hairy perineum, just far enough down to tickle the edge of Tommy’s anal canal.

Tommy had never in his life experienced this level of erotic stimulation before either. He was now discovering that it was turning him on, more than he ever dreamt was possible. Soon, Tommy was lying there with the much smaller Tim humping against his body. Tommy, for the first time in his life heard moaning and whimpering, and to his shock and dismay discovered that the moaning and whimpering was coming from him!

In the past, Tommy had always been the top and in control of the situation. He was now in a position that he had never even considered. His huge chest was rising and falling, gasping for breath, his mammoth dick was rock hard and leaking pre-cum by the gallon at the friction between his and Tim’s hairy bellies, he was moaning and was so turned on that his ability to control his own body was leaving him. As Tommy spiraled higher and higher…………..involuntary spasms shook his huge musculature.

Tim had taken total control sexually and Tommy’s mind was doing a complete meltdown. Without realizing what he was doing, and again almost by instinct, Tim would take Tommy up the spiral to the edge and then back off just enough to let the momentary energy subside, but to keep the total energy building.

While this was going on, Gary and Mike had dealt with their respective mounts and had entered the ranch house from the rear service porch. By the time that they reached the family room they could hear the sounds of animal level sex coming from Tommy’s bedroom. Thinking that they would be rescuing Tim from a Tommy, out of control with lust, and in danger of injuring him, they rushed for the bedroom.

The two younger ones had not even bothered to close the door. When the two Uncles reached it, the sight that greeted them almost caused their own knees to go weak! Tommy was obviously on the bottom and it was Tim that was in total control!

“Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Pleeeeease…….oh fuck! Pleeeeeease….Uh….Uh…Oh! God! I can’t take any more! Damn! Ya gotta give it to me……Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Ya gottaaaa fuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!”

The audience could see Tim’s very hairy ass and crack bouncing up and down and thrusting in powerful arches against Tommy. The light was at such an angle that they could see the sheen of sweat on both Tommy’s hairy chest and Tim’s back and butt.

In spite of the facts, the scene was such a turn on that both Gary and Mike felt their own cocks growing very quickly hard as rocks.

Tommy’s voice was almost sobbing……

“Uh….Uh….Uh….please Tim, I think I’m gonna die, Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….I’m fucking begging you…..Uh….Uh…AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!”

Tim continued the foreplay. He was hoping that Tommy would turn the tables on him, but what he didn’t know was that Tommy was way too far gone. Tommy’s massive strength had been completely drained by his much smaller other-half.

Tim did not even notice the audience when he scooped up a ton of pre- cum from Tommy’s hairy belly and leaking from the end of Tommy’s rock hard cock. That cock was so hard now that the veins were throbbing and it was actually painful from the duration and strength of the erection. It had stretched and actually was bigger than normal.

Tim used the copious quantities of pre-cum to lubricate Tommy’s ass and his own cock. To give Tommy only a tiny break, Tim shoved his tongue down Tommy’s throat and continued to make love to him.

Tim, thinking back to his only other sex partner, grabbed Tommy’s huge legs and managed to get them over his shoulders. By now, Tommy, who had never been fucked in his entire life was panting, eyes glazed, and in the worst case of “heat” that he had ever experienced.


Tim had penetrated Tommy’s virgin ass.

Tommy looked right at his two Uncles but did not see them. His face was cyanotic from lack of oxygen and from all of the stimulation he was receiving. His breath was coming in ragged gasps and his huge pecs and upper chest did not seem to be able to get enough oxygen at this point.

Tim was now entering his chosen life-partner slowly, and with great tenderness.


Tommy was moaning and groaning loud enough to be heard by the cattle in the pastures outside the ranch house a mile away.

The moans and groans were really getting to Gary and Mike. Normally they would have given Tommy and Tim complete privacy, but the act of seeing the much larger Tommy totally sexually dominated by the much smaller Tim had worked like a gallon of crazy glue to their feet.

“Should we do anything to rescue Tommy?”

“Rescue him from what?”

“He’s ass virgin….he’s never been fucked.”

“No he’s not…”

“Whose fucked him?”

“Tim, starting about 10 seconds ago!”

“You have a point.”

“By the way sweetheart, let’s give them some privacy because I think that doing what they’re doing is far more fun than watching it!”

“Isn’t Tommy supposed to go back to work at the gym tomorrow?”

“No, I think he has one more day off….”

“Remember that his main function there is as a Personal Trainer.”

“Yeah, he can move clients.”

Tim had given Tommy a few seconds to get his breath back. He was lying forward bracing Tommy’s legs with all of his body weight. Both were now so covered in sweat that it was almost slimy between them. Tim’s small cock had not lost any of its hardness, and he slowly began to withdraw it after the first penetration. Tommy’s body and face were making involuntary twitches and spasms.

The inside of Tommy’s ass definitely was an erogenous zone. Tim slowly began to thrust in and withdraw from Tommy trying to feel for a reaction or a response other than the involuntary contractions he was already feeling.

All of a sudden Tommy reached up pulling his knees farther down towards his own chest to allow Tim a greater level of penetration.

“Fuck me baby! I want you to fuck me hard!”

Tim had no way of knowing that what was happening was that Tommy’s level of stimulation and lust had totally wiped the pain of penetration.

Tim started to pick up speed and to give Tommy his wish.

Tommy’s cock, which had gotten soft momentarily from the pain of penetration had started to harden again, and if that were possible, to get even harder than it had been at its peak only minutes before.

“Oh Shit! Oh Fuck!”

“Oh….Oh….Oh….Oh….Ah….Ah….Ah…..Ah….Uh….Uh….” and with each thrust Tim completed. Tommy’s excitement level continued to increase. Tim was getting so close to an explosion himself that he had to slow and then later, again pick up the pace to prevent it. In trying to keep himself from blowing his nutt too soon, he did not realize that he was edging Tommy beyond all control.

Tommy was lost. He lay there, various muscle groups contracting involuntarily, moaning with his eyes rolled back in his head almost being fucked to delirium. His cock, hard now for a period of several hours hurt from the strength of the unsatisfied erection. The contractions had sapped all of his strength and he was too tired to reach up and even touch his own erection to bring himself off.

Tim could not hold control much longer. His muscles began to take off on their own without his participation and his own cock strained from the internal pressure of the erection. This made the coronal ridge grow which stimulated Tommy.

All of a sudden, Tommy started a rapid spiral up the ladder and he sensed that the coming explosion was going to be frightening in its intensity.

Tim started shaking, and from the base of his vocal chords came a kind of moaning wail as it was time for him to release his load. The sound of Tim’s impending orgasm was like lighting a Saturn Rocket to Tommy who was accelerating to an incredible explosion.

Tim had taken over Tommy’s chant of….. “Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….”

Tommy was getting louder and louder as the damn began to disintegrate.

“Ah…Ah….Ah….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH which escalated to nearly the level of a scream!”

As Tim shot into Tommy, Tommy’s enhanced sexual equipment literally started spraying like a fire-hose. The orgasm was so hard for Tommy that as he neared the end, the muscle contractions, of incredible strength, stimulated by hours of edging caused him to momentarily lose consciousness.

For several minutes Tim was not capable of getting up off of Tommy. Tommy was not capable of movement in any form. He was so exhausted that for a short time he did not even feel the love of his life lying on his sweat and cum soaked chest.

Tim and Tommy both fell asleep with Tim lying on top of Tommy and his cock still lying between Tommy’s legs against the perineum next to his ass.

By the time that everything began to wind down it was late afternoon. There was some evidence that the snow was not going to hang around, and though the temperatures outside were still cold, they were above freezing and no more effort towards the cattle on at least an emergency basis appeared to be needed.

Tim awakened first. He was stuck to Tommy in the slime, sweat and cum. Every muscle in his body ached and ached badly. As he began to stir, so did Tommy. Tommy was in the worst pain of his life.

Tommy’s ass felt like it was absolutely on fire and he had to go to the bathroom to take a “dump”. He had memory of what they had done even though it was somewhat foggy. The main memory was of the incredible sex.

Tommy was scared! If this was what it was like with Tim as small as he was, what would have happened if Tim had been his own size? Oh Shiiiiiiiiittttttt!

Tim, very stiff from the position and his hairy torso very stiff from the unwashed sweat and dried semen finally was able to move. Grunts and groans could be heard as shoulders, hips, thighs, arms and legs not used to extreme exercise were feeling the aftermath of lactic acid buildup.

As Tim started to move, he saw his own dick covered in something that made his heart stop. There was blood. Oh God! There was blood! He had hurt Tommy!

Tommy started to get up, and, based on the size of his muscles, the pain level was scaled up accordingly. His ass was absolutely in agony. He could hardly walk and what little he did was so painful.

Tim ran quickly to Gary and Mike who were cuddling after their own sexual encounter.

He was in panic and was in tears: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I think I hurt Tommy.”

Gary and Mike moved quickly and arrived at the bedroom to see Tommy almost howl in pain as he tried to get out of bed. They could see the stains on the bed-sheet. As their nephew stood up they could see the intense pain written all over his face. He was ashen in color and not doing well.

Tim started crying at the sight of Tommy’s misery.

Tim was so worried at what had taken place with Tommy that he had forgotten or blocked out his own pain.

Before he could get to Tommy’s side, Mike and Gary had placed themselves on both sides and were helping Tommy to their home lab and the examination bench that Tommy had used many times.

As Tommy bent over, a sharp pain went from his ass all the way up his spine.


At this, the cry of pain coming from Tommy went directly to Tim’s heart and he broke and started crying again.

When Mike did the examination he looked at Gary with disgust.

“Okay, Tommy!”

Gary tried to soothe the crying Tim. “Tim, honey you did nothing wrong. Tommy had never been fucked before, and because of the level of excitement, you did not have enough lubricant or a good enough lubricant. He is disgustingly healthy, but he is going to have a sore ‘pooper’ for a couple of days. I have something that will help him, but you can take care of him yourself.”

“I’ll do anything!”

“Mike handed Tim some anesthetic in a tube.”

“This stuff is nuclear powered and will deaden his butt pretty thoroughly.”

“Get his ass and all the other attached parts into a warm bathtub and he’ll be just fine.”

“Tim, let’s go get that tub running and I will give you a little instruction on how to apply this stuff to his anus.”

After Gary had gotten Tim out of the room, Mike went to Tommy and faced him.

“This is not in the normal sense of the word a good thing. There is however another side to this and I want you to think about it. Here you had a relatively small cock probably just over half the size of your own shoved up your own virgin asshole. You were so turned on that you accepted and begged for it willingly. Tim, under the same circumstances would have done the same for you. If this had been reversed, that huge bat between your legs would have given Tim pain exponentially far worse, and he would have had to have-been hospitalized. Tim’s lust and love for you could easily kill him, and you need to use this little experience as a reminder of what could be if you were to ever let things get “out of hand”.

“I am going to give you a couple of shots in your ass right now. These are going to hurt like hell. The first is a mild anesthetic, the others are a couple of compounds that will prevent this from ever happening again.”

“Those are going to be tough, let me warn you ahead on those two.”

“I want Tim to apply the local anesthetic cream as well, so you’ll have to endure that too.”

The anesthetic shot hurt, the two others were so bad that Tommy nearly passed out from the pain. He cried out, tears were running down his face and he sobbed a few times before he regained control.

Fortunately Tim had missed these moments of intense pain. He had returned for Tommy, who was not walking at all well at this point. The local anesthetic had deadened the pain of the other shots, but it still felt like he had a hot poker shoved up his ass. Tim applied the cream anesthetic as he had been instructed, during this, Tommy was biting the pillow and trying everything not to react to the additional rectal penetration. Mike and Gary watched Tim apply the cream to Tommy’s butt but remained silent.”

Tim had a great deal of trouble steadying Tommy, because Tommy was nearly double his body weight. Gary and Mike tagged along, but let Tim do the work. Had he needed help they would have been there intantly.

Tommy was doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances. His Uncles had always cared for him in the most loving and caring of ways, but to have a real life-partner doing this. This was new to Tommy. It was also in some ways terrifying because it made him again think that his life had now undergone a major permanent change. This was fucking reality man. Could he handle this? In his mind all he could feel was stark terror at how his life had changed.

If getting Tommy into the bath-tub was hard, getting him out of it was even more difficult. It took all the strength in Tim’s body to help Tommy get out of that friggin’ tub. He strained on a level he did not know he even possessed. He did manage to deal with Tommy on his own, and he shouldered the responsibility.

Tim toweled Tommy off, and in the time that he had been in the tub, Tim had completely cleaned up their bed, changed the sheets, and made a nice comfortable place for his ailing love.

All of this did not go unnoticed by Gary or Mike. In fact, there was some discussion in the kitchen.

“I think that I am a little disgusted with our nephew.”


“When I looked at his anus there was some very minor tearing of the lining, but his performance is exceeding the visible damage by such a wide margin that I am looking at one of the biggest ‘cry-babies’ I think I have ever seen.”

“His level of pain is really disproportionate to what it should be.” Do you think he is faking?

No, I think he is just not being all that brave in the face of how should I say…ahem ..’adversity’ “.

“I can only speak for myself, but that kid Tim has really impressed the hell out of me so-far. He has shown tremendous character, drive and a willingness to work.”

“In some ways, he is almost making Tommy look bad.”


“Well maybe bad is not the best wording I could have chosen….”

“What if I revise that to the words ‘spoiled’ or ‘pampered’ “?

“If this continues, I think that Tim may in fact be a good candidate for our next transformation.”

“At least he would be able to carry Tommy’s body weight a little better.”

“This means that maybe your premature examination gets forgiven.”

Tommy had to take two more days out of his schedule as a PT and double up appointments over the next few days after that.

While Tommy was at the gym, sore ass and all, Mike and Gary decided that they better teach Tim how to ride a horse.

Teaching Tim how to ride was almost like Mike and Gary had stepped into some weird science fiction movie. There seemed to be a genuine communication in some manner between Tim most any mount he was on. In a period of only about an hour Tim had mastered the basic commands, and had several different mounts performing, answering every command he gave without confusion or hesitation. Tommy loved animals and it was thought that teaching him was easy. Tim was astounding. Admittedly, Tim was riding horses that were very well trained, but, still to master things in the manner in which he had was eerie. One of the horses that Mike and Gary personally used was a retired race horse named “Ranger”. Ranger was letting Tim know that he was “inconvenienced” and he was not the easy mount that the others had been. Ranger was in some ways threatening towards this “new guy”. Tim would not give in one inch to a cantankerous mount! He handled the problem by intuition as if he were a seasoned pro.

All was peaceful, and during the days of Tommy’s recovery. Mike and Gary started acquainting Tim with the duties he would have as initially an “assisting ranch manager”.

Instead of using one of the ranch ATV’s or Jeeps, Tim preferred horseback. In some ways, this was even a wee bit unnerving to Mike and Gary. Nobody worked harder to learn than Tim did. What was weird was that where most people learn by doing, Tim it appeared had to be shown only once, and he had it down.

The other thing that became quickly obvious was that Tim truly loved what he was doing. The contact with the animals, the contact with the laborers, the fresh air and the beauty of the country he was in.

Two mounts were predominately used by Tommy because of his increasing weight. Gypsy and another Belgian they called Rosie. Rosie, the “at times not so gentle” giant gave Mike another surprise. Where Gypsy bonded with Tommy and showed affection, Rosie never would. She did what she was supposed to do, but for Tommy she was difficult to saddle, did not always want to take her bit, and made no secret that she was doing what she did with little to no enthusiasm for her job. Her performance was always just “Okay”, but never stellar with any of them.

Mike had taken Tim to the barn that Gypsy and Rosie called “home” and noticed great agitation on the part of Rosie when Tim came near her stall. Before Mike could caution him, Tim had opened the upper portion of her stall gate. A huge head came through that gate. She rubbed up against Tim with genuine affection and then placed her huge head and neck over his shoulder very gently nuzzling up against him and closing her eyes. Rosie had never done that with anyone! Rosie herself was doing everything to bond with Tim! A horse that was rather close to being sold had just without any rhyme or reason unwittingly saved herself.

After Tim stroked her, she calmed down completely.

Mike said: “Tim this is out and out weird, she has never behaved like that with any of us, and she only barely tolerates Tommy. She is a pain to get her bit in and sometimes she has to be chased around a pen to get a saddle on her.”

“Would you come to the tack room with me and get her bit, let’s see what happens if you try and do it?”

When Tim left the stall, closing the stall door behind him, Mike took him to the tack room and pointed out the bit that was Rosie’s. Rosie looked out of the stall door towards the tack room and was somewhat agitated again when Tim left her.

“Now, the next thing I am going to ask you to do is going to sound really weird”. “She needs to be able to imprint your scent totally. I want you to think of the sweatiest part of your body right now, rub your hands in the perspiration and then handle the bit so that she can get your scent drowning out any others that happen to be there.”

Tim did as he was instructed.

“Going to this extreme is not always necessary, but in this case it will prove something with this particular horse.”

Gary picked up a bottle of a mixture of honey and molasses. Horses that did not like bits often liked the taste of the honey and molasses mixed together and would not fight the bit as much.

Because of Tim’s relatively short stature, Gary wondered what was going to happen.

“On this, I need to stand back and let you do this one-hundred percent. Do you remember when I showed you how to place the bit on Ranger?”


“You’re going to do exactly the same thing with Rosie. Let’s see if she will let you.”

Gary stayed back and Tim walked in to the stall pouring a tiny bit of the honey molasses mixture over the bit as he had been taught.

What happened next made Gary’s knees start to shake. Rosie walked towards Tim dipping her head down, and, after getting Tim’s scent, she not only allowed him to place the bit, but in fact appeared to actually encourage it.

Gary was now certain that Tim had some weird power over animals. Horses were never this cooperative.

The horse and Tim both looked at Gary when the only words he was able to utter were: “Pinch me I must be fucking dreaming!”

Between the trip, Tommy’s butt, and Tommy trying to catch up all of his training clients there was little time for them to be together for about a week. Tommy, in an effort to have some time with the love of his life started moving some appointments to where he had two days completely fee. These were Sunday and Monday.

Because of his physical size, it was difficult for Tim to do some of the physical chores or labor on the ranch, but, when it came to organization and management skills he absolutely excelled.

In one week, both Mike and Gary had little by little tried Tim in many areas and it became almost routine when he, with a perceptive ability far above normal, would very quickly either know how to do something almost automatically, or learn it the first time he was shown.

Tim had also bonded almost completely with Rosie. She would actually get excited when he greeted her in the morning. She was like a big spoiled child and wanted some kind of praise or a treat (which she usually got) when Tim came near her.

On Saturday afternoon, Gary and Mike both wondered where Tim was. They were flabbergasted when they found him on a wash rack in one of the barns giving Rosie a bath. From a distance they watched as he talked to her, and they watched as she answered verbal commands with actions. When he came close to her shoulders or neck with the warm water from the hose they heard “down girl” and in a second or two Rosie did what was necessary to lower the part Tim was working on to a level where he could reach it to clean and brush. He held up a household brush and rubbed her right front leg and shoulder. She immediately lifted that hoof presenting it to him for cleaning. He did not use a standard hoof pick, but instead a medium and odd shaped bristle brush. This was repeated at all four legs. He talked to her as if she was another person and laughed as if really enjoying her company. When he laughed, she responded in kind occasionally making some kind of toss of the head or other noise in her throat to acknowledge the laughter. It was then that both Gary and Mike noticed almost simultaneously that she was barely tied at the rack and there was a great deal of slack in the lines. Rosie was making no effort to be uncooperative.

It looked to the two observers like both Tim and Rosie were having a great time!

If there was one person who had been unintentionally left out of the loop it had been Tommy. Gary and Mike had both discussed telling Tommy everything that had been going on while he was recovering and playing “catch-up” at work. The problem is that neither one of them could figure out exactly how to do it. Nobody in their right mind would ever have believed the events that repeated themselves again and again that week unless they had seen them in person!

As the sun set, Tommy left the gym. His butt was still sore, and because of the shots he had received, he had himself been on a somewhat limited training schedule. Until additional healing had taken place, he had been told to avoid a few exercises that could delay his healing or cause him additional discomfort. Courteney, one of the girls working behind the counter, had handed him a sports drink on his way out the door, saying he looked like he needed some rest. She was probably right, Tommy felt kind of weird and the world was a bit surreal. He had totally caught up all of his clients and in spite of his own fatigue, he looked forward to getting home. He wanted his butt to heal because he had to begin to teach Tim how to ride a horse. He was really looking forward to that. It was a little tough on his ego. It seemed that Tim already knew how to do almost everything. Tommy was now feeling horribly inadequate, like he was this big extremely dumb muscle “himbo” next to the super brainy Tim. Here was one time where he could instruct the one he so desperately loved.

Tommy walked out the gym door and looked at the little jet black Falcon Ranchero he had restored. He had worked very hard and really did have something to be proud of. He had studied the world of car collecting and had found that total complete restorations without modification had the highest values. This little car had the original thirteen-inch, four-lug wheels, dog dish hubcaps, and he had upgraded to whitewall radials simply because they gave better fuel mileage and lower rolling resistance. He grabbed the keys into his left hand, shut the door, and placed his keys in the ignition. The engine fired immediately, and he placed the column shift initially into reverse, let out the clutch and backed out. He then headed out of the parking lot and for the street. It would be about a thirty-minute drive from the gym to the ranch.

He made the few turns that would place him initially on the northbound highway, and then the turn-off to the eastbound secondary road that would take him to the gate of the ranch. Once on the secondary road, the size of the acreage each home or ranch occupied became larger and larger. The late afternoon sun was to the rear of him, and he could see the clouds in the sky in front of him glowing with that unique reddish cast against the blue skies and the glow of the setting sun on the mountains to the east.

One thing about the State of New Mexico, the sunsets and the sunrises were absolutely legendary for their colors and their beauty.

The speed had picked up to about sixty-five. It would not be long and Tommy would be skirting the property boundaries of his uncles’ ranch. As Tommy turned off the highway, he realized he had forgotten to get the mail from the Post Office.

“Damn! The Post Office was on my way too!”

The ranch gate had a bridge type sign over the top. The sign simply said M&G Shadow Mountain Ranch. A small sign near the entrance gave more detail. “M&G Shadow Mountain Ranch Bison and Prime Beef,” Right now, the herd was primarily Herford cattle, but depending on the markets at the time the composition of the stock varied. They had also inherited a ton of Corriente Cattle from an Estate in the next County.

Tommy pushed the buttons on an automatic opener, and the gates began to part for him. As he drove up the main ranch road, he glanced to his left, and in the afternoon sun he saw a small man riding a horse in the distance. The man on the horse saw him, and, the animal and its rider turned and began to gallop towards him. He kept driving along the road, but was flabbergasted to see in the long distance that the animal in question appeared to be the ever-temperamental “Rosie”. Tommy pulled over until the horse and rider started to get closer. As the distance between the Ranchero, the horse and rider began to decrease, Tommy was certain that he was beginning to see things. He had been particularly sore today and had taken a pain pill. As the horse and rider got within one hundred yards, Tommy’s heart started racing. This was proof he was losing his mind! He had to be having a hallucination! The horse was definitely “Rosie”, but the rider looked like Tim. No way man! This was a bad nightmare! His eyes were playing tricks on him. It had to be the trainer his uncles had talked about for the animal. As the horse and rider galloped in and began to slow in the last 50 feet, Tommy’s hands were shaking, and he was certain that his mind had been lost. When Tim brought the horse up next to the Ranchero, Tommy was ashen white and completely speechless. All of a sudden Tommy had these horrible feelings of sorrow and remorse, and a feeling of being a total failure.

Depression swept over him in a cloud of despair. He did not know why but he started crying and could not stop. The more he thought of Tim on top of “Rosie” the harder he cried. Tommy loved Tim and wanted to share in every moment. Now, it was obvious that someone else had taught him how to ride a horse, and taught him how to ride very well in a time that was literally unheard of. He wanted to teach Tim, he felt helpless and left out. In addition, Tim was such a great rider and Tommy had not taught him. How the hell had this happened? He knew that Tim had never ridden horse before. Who? Where? How? How could a non-rider be made into one that definitely looked like an experienced ranch rider in this short period of time? Then there was the undeniable fact that Tim had mastered a horse that had played every annoying and cantankerous game a horse could play on its rider. The combination of all of this sent Tommy over the edge. The intensity of Tommy’s emotional outburst continued to escalate. He was crying so hard that he was gasping for breath. All Tim knew was that there was something really seriously wrong with Tommy. Tim had a two-way walkie-talkie on him and after several tries, finally reached Mike. Mike was there in only a couple of minutes. As Mike and a stunned Gary extracted a nearly hysterical Tommy from the Ranchero, and got him into a ranch Jeep, Tim handed the reins of the horse over to Gary fully intending to be with Tommy.

“Tim, honey, we got a problem! The only one that “Rosie” gets along with is you. I know how you feel, at this moment, but the safest way is to have you get that love-struck equine idiot back to her barn and I’ll get the Ranchero back up to the garages.”

At this, tears started to run down Tim’s cheeks.

“What’s wrong with Tommy?”

“Tim, honey, I don’t know and I don’t think that Mike does either…… yet.”

“When we get back to the house, we will try and sort this out.”

When Gary got into the Ranchero, he noticed a partially consumed bottle of sports drink on the seat. He started the engine, placed the shift lever in first gear and eased out the clutch. Then were the shifts to second and to third gears. In a matter of a few minutes he was moving along and Tim was at a full gallop on “Rosie” headed in as fast as practicality and kindness to the animal would allow.

When Gary exited and locked the vehicle he took the bottle of sports drink. Normally, he would have thrown it away, but this time he took it to the lab just in case no other explanation for Tommy’s breakdown became evident.

Tim handed the reins of “Rosie” over to one of the ranch laborers, who was obviously frightened of this particular mount, and, at a dead run headed for the house. Gary was walking far more briskly than normal as he left the Ranchero now parked in the garage.

When Tim and Gary reached the home, they could both hear sobbing and more subdued crying coming from Tim and Tommy’s bedroom.

They rushed in to the bedroom just in time to see Mike give Tommy an injection.

“What was that?”

“A mild tranquilizer.”

“What caused this?”

“I don’t know.”

“I picked a bottle of sports drink off of the seat of the Ranchero, do you think that there is any chance somebody slipped something into that?”

Mike and Gary both stepped into the hallway and faced each other.

“I doubt it, I think that Tommy is madly in love with Tim, and based on his own past, he feels as if he is failing Tim in some way. Remember, he’s just past his twentieth Birthday, he has had zero success at anything resembling a relationship, he worships the ground that Tim walks on, and somehow his sense of self-worth is zero. I think I got that much. This has something to do with him being or feeling like an “absentee husband”. Because he himself was more or less abandoned, Tommy has incredible issues psychologically over abandonment and or not living up to promises.

Gary and Mike both walked Tim outside the door and said;

“Tim, I think that you’re the key here and I also think that Tommy will talk to you far more quickly than he will to us. Go to him, comfort him, and see what you can find out.”

Tim went back into the room and stripped down to his shorts. He crawled in bed next to Tommy and put his arms around the person he most loved. For a few seconds, Tommy pulled away and then began to relax. Initially Tim was a little hurt and as Tommy calmed down his own feelings also began to relax.

“You awake sweetheart?”


“You want to tell me what happened?”

“I…..I…….I……don’t really know how….”

“I’m getting a little sleepy……..”

“The tranquilizer shot is making you that way.”

“Why did I need a tranquilizer shot.”

“Because sweetheart you were hysterical and your emotional state was escalating rather than coming down.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Neither do any of the rest of us…..”

“What upset you so much?”

“Realizing that I’m a total miserable fucking puke failure…”

“Now, I am really confused….failure? How?”

“I wasn’t there for you…I….I…failed you.”

“I wanted to teach you how to ride….It was so very important to me.”

“It was the one thing I was certain that I could do.”

“I wanted to have that time with you…I wanted to share a skill I have with you, I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment teaching you something that I knew how to do. Right now I just feel like a huge muscle-bound dummy ‘himbo’ that isn’t necessary and can’t do anything right.”

“How could you ever be in love with a loser like me……that’s all I am is this giant musclebound freak…”

“You know Tommy, when it comes to self-confidence issues we have a lot in common.”

“What do you mean,” Tommy said, looking startled and wiping the tears again from his eyes.

“You know, I understand your feelings more than you can imagine. But just maybe there are some things that you never thought of. There was once this geeky freak teenager from Scottsbluff, Nebraska. He is or at least was a short, ugly, crater-faced geek, who had nothing. He is on top of all of that gay, afraid, inexperienced, and one day on the internet he meets the most handsome prince. The prince he meets, is, in his eyes, successful, intelligent, sweet, kind, unpretentious, and is physically in every respect the ‘wet dream’ of this poor little crater-faced gay geeks dreams. This little geek then as time goes on falls madly in love with a man that to him would have been absolutely unobtainable and so far out of his league as to actually make the little geek think that it is somebody playing a vicious and cruel joke. The little geek is again dismayed when everything appears to be real and that even more strangely, the man of his dreams actually for reasons completely unknown finds the previously and nearly always rejected little fur-ball geek actually attractive. The geek is totally terrified, but takes a chance, when the affection seems genuine, and the man of his dreams offers him an actual “real life”. A fluke then happens that throws this little geek out into the ‘real world’ for the first time. This little geek is away from home and on his own for the very first time, with only the person he loves, but does not really know, moving to unfamiliar surroundings to start a job he knows comparatively little about.”

“Talk about scary!”

“Now, there is so much I do not know that I am constantly unsure and doubting myself. Events that have taken place since I have arrived here have been literally in the realm of the supernatural.”

“I know how to drive a truck because I worked at a truck-stop. What I know on this subject would never allow me to drive an eighteen-wheeler on the highway. I have the skill to drive an eighteen-wheeler around a parking lot, and to maneuver it enough to get it away from an area where it could not remain. What I had to do with an old military truck had a great resemblance to moving one of the old eighteen-wheelers with a set of doubles around a parking lot. My abilities with that truck were not based on brilliance, but on the phrase, ‘necessity being the mother of invention’, from bad moments with a former job.”

“Because I have to start carrying my own weight ‘such as it is’ around here, your two Uncles not knowing that my horseback riding skills were a ‘sacred cow’ to you, and as God is my witness I did not know it either, took time from their busy schedules to patiently try to teach a totally uncoordinated fur covered geek-dufus how to ride. Now, you think that I am this monster rider who is so fucking gifted. You should have seen me on “Ranger’s” back. Let me tell you, it was and is not poetry in motion, it is a horse and a rider barely tolerating each other, and that is it. If you think I looked great at this, blame your fuckin’ ’ Rosie’ for that! Who would have ever predicted in a million years that a horse who evidently has loathing and contempt for every single human on this ranch would fall madly in love with me! It was a total fluke!”

“The one doing their best to teach me how to ride has been ‘Rosie’! I have had my ass (which is also sore as hell by the way) in a saddle on ‘Rosie’ as much as is possible simply because I can see that I need my own riding skills to not be something I even think about. To be effective as a Ranch Manager, I have a very difficult job. I not only have a very short time to learn what my job is, I have a very short time to earn the respect of the other hired help. I need to impress on these men that I am not some idiot that was hired for my relationship to you, but that I was hired because I have some semblance of competency. Just for the record, my ass is so sore from that idiot Rosie that I think I have blisters. I am riding her constantly because we have to, I am told, bond and ‘become one’, and she is the one having an absolute blast! Not me! My ass hurts!”

Tears again started streaming down Tommy’s cheeks.

“As usual, I fucked everything up……it was…..it was my screw up…..I just wanted to have the privilege of teaching you something I knew.”

Tim held Tommy while he sobbed softly.

“I wanted to start teaching you how to ride and it could have been something we could have done together.”

As Tim comforted Tommy………

“You know sweetheart, there are going to be many times in the future when you and only you will be my mentor for different things. As soon as my life-partner’s butt has healed from the injuries I inadvertently caused, I would far rather you and I take two horses and go out somewhere on horseback and just enjoy a picnic lunch.”

The next morning Tommy found himself bent over a bench in the lab with his ass in the air, and his ass was being examined. It was Saturday morning and Tim was still asleep in bed unaware that Tommy was not in bed next to him.

“Tommy, this is healing well and the special shots we have given you are really beginning to kick in.”

“Are you still in pain this morning?”

“No, Uncle Gary I’m not.”

“Well, maybe a little….”

“The tissue regeneration and modification will prevent this from happening again.”

“How soon will I be well enough to ride?”

“Is tomorrow soon enough?”

“However I suggest that you give another try at bottoming at least another week or two.”

“Tommy, in a way I want to apologize to you, Tim told me what happened.”

“I had no idea that teaching Tim to ride was something that was special to you.”

“Your Uncle Mike and I both discussed it, and to us, we thought that getting this out of the way was something you would have wanted.”

“Tim told me what you had said, and there are no words or apologies that are really sufficient.”

“The idea was to lighten your load.”

“Uncle Gary, so much has happened in the short time since Tim got here. I feel like a total jackass because I simply have not been there for him. It’s been work, it’s been my clients, it’s been most embarrassingly my sore ass, it has just been one endless stream of things keeping me from holding and loving the one I love most.”

“The other side is that I have managed to screw up things multiple times and embarrass myself in front of Tim.”

“By the way, you are definitely going to be mentor to Tim in one area where we can’t help.”

“You mean?”




“How soon?”

“Well, Tim is well on his way to proving himself to us. I don’t think it will be very long at all. We just have to be comfortable that Tim is part of the family for good and not something that passes in the night.”

Tommy hung his head in sorrow.

“I don’t really understand?”

“Why don’t you just enjoy that picnic lunch.”

“You overheard?”


“Tommy you are one lucky bastard! Tim is a really great person, and you my young friend are the one that got him.”

“What I witnessed this week with the riding lessons, ‘Ranger’ being almost threatening towards Tim, and all the rest and he still held his ground.”

“Many would have been a big wuss….., not him, he toughed it out and made me damn proud, and, even more grateful that you found him. I can train in the duties and the job, I can’t train in the willingness, the acceptance of new challenges, and the greatness of the man. Oh, by the way, he is definitely a young man. You my friend may have found the ideal mate. Just as with your Uncle Mike and I, we both have different qualities or weaknesses and strengths which complement each other.”

“In the years we have been together, I have managed to embarrass myself more than once, and so has your Uncle Mike.”

“There is something else to think of Tommy.”

“You know my fondness for classical and all organ music. You also know how much I enjoy playing the pipe organ.”

“Your Uncle Mike and I could afford anything we want.”

“Many years ago, I wanted a real pipe organ.”

“I have this great friend who is one of the best, and a professional musician.”

“He said something to me and it was the best piece of common sense advice I have ever heard.”

“What he said was: Do you want to play the keyboards or do you want to play in the chambers.”

“What he meant by that was: Did I want to enjoy playing and performing on the instrument by creating the music, or did I want to have the enjoyment if it was enjoyment to constantly be maintaining or tinkering with the mechanics.”

“I wanted to play the instrument, not be the one maintaining it. As you well know we have a huge 4-manual sound sampled digital electronic organ.”

“You should be grateful, instead of having to deal with the day to day things with Tim, you have been left free to work towards your own goals in bodybuilding.”

“You have the enjoyment of the time you have with Tim without the hassles of the day to day things.”

“As you work towards your own goals in the sport, your time here on the ranch will become less, and this will be particularly hard on your relationship when you are competing.”

“I am trying to set it up so that the time you and Tim have together will be all for the both of you.”

“You will discover that the hardest thing you ever have to endure is separation from the one you love most.”

Tommy hustled back to bed and cuddled up against the one he did love most.

Tim backed up against him, and with this, Tommy started feeling a stirring in his dick.

Tommy simply wanted to cuddle, sex was on his mind, but it was not an out and out fuck that he wanted. What he wanted was more geared toward romance than towards brutal sex. The funny thing was that he was beginning to realize something and that was that a relationship contained both sex and romance. They were two parts of something much greater. As he thought of the sleeping body he held, tears were slowly dropping down his cheeks as he really began to realize what love was.


Part Four: The Snake and I / Tim’s Gift from Uncle Gary and Uncle Mike

Sadly, the private picnic lunch for Tommy and Tim did not happen on schedule. At about 8:30 the next morning, Gary received a telephone call informing him of the death of a very good friend. About a half-hour after that, Tommy received a telephone call informing him that he needed to work the booth that his boss had taken at the County Fair. All in all a screwed time for all concerned. The woman who had died and her husband had been friends of Gary’s for over thirty years. Her husband had expired first, and Gary had been the organist for his Catholic Funeral Mass in the San Fernando Valley in California. When she passed, she had been over ninety years old, and Gary would serve as organist for her memorial as well. Mike had taken Gary to the airport in El Paso where he was booked on a flight to Hollywood-Burbank Airport. In Los Angeles, he would do the Enterprise Rent-a-car Rumba and drive to the San Fernando Valley for the Memorial he was to play. People do not as a general rule pick when they are going to leave this world, and the timing of this particular death was bad for both Mike and Gary. Gary had to make up a music program for the memorial service and perform this program on an instrument for which his only feeling was contempt.

The additional work time for Tommy at the County Fair had been totally unexpected. Tommy had not even known that there was going to be a booth for the gym at the fair. The owner of the gym where Tommy worked as a personal trainer for the first time rented space to promote his gym. He was deathly afraid that one of the big chains of bodybuilding gyms were going to set up shop near him. Right now, he was the only game in town, but how long would that last? He wanted to do a big membership “push” to try and get everyone he could before that happened. Tommy was literally exhausted between his clients, his own training, and then every free moment left over at the fair grounds. It was hell week for everyone, Gary in California, Mike also got stuck at the fair because of their livestock, and Tim was then of course thrown to the wolves running the ranch totally on his own without any help other than a cell phone for the very first time.

The week was especially hard on Tim and Tommy. Tim was out and on horseback by the time Tommy awakened from sleep. In the beginning, until he knew each of the workers, he was himself going to be there to begin to see what he could trust them to do, and to see where he needed to keep an eye on things.

The county fair closed its doors for exhibitors at nine P.M. and this meant that by the time Tommy got home at night, Tim was already in bed fast asleep. Tim had been literally living on sandwiches, soda pop and fruit juice, and this was beginning to get to him.

Mike had brought home such incredible culinary delights as The Colonels Chicken, Pizza, Taco Treat, and even a visit to Burger Queen. All of this crap was definitely counterproductive to Tommy’s training, but there was little opportunity for decent food during this time crunch.

Tim had to drive the one hundred miles from the ranch to El Paso to pick-up Gary at the Airport that Friday, Tommy’s penance for the gym would not end until Saturday. Mike was the worst off supervising the handling of stock not only for their ranch, but for the ranch of one of their neighbors because of an injury that the neighbor had suffered during the week. Mike would be stuck with fair commitments till Sunday afternoon.

Tommy had already re-scheduled his Monday clients, and he considered both Sunday and Monday to be “off-limits” to anyone or anything that would take him away from Tim. Tim had planned for Sunday, but, did not know that Tommy was going to expand their time away from the pressure and their time WITH each other through the next day.

On Sunday morning Mike was still a little down from the funeral, but, he was awake and writing bills when Tim in a bathrobe padded in to the kitchen.

“Mornin’ sport!”

“Did Tommy tell you anything about our miniaturized get-away?”

“Only that if you were disturbed that we would hear the scream without amplification wherever we were.”

In the bedroom, out of sight, Tommy looked at the things that Tim had packed. The one thing that bothered Tommy a great deal were the two cell phones. At this point in time, he did not want to be disturbed and he wanted time to be with Tim that was not going to be interrupted.

Tommy removed both cell phones placing them in the drawer of his nightstand out of sight. He was not going to permit any type of interruption no matter what it took. Oh No! They’re not going to get us and if there is no buzz, vibration, ring, or other signal there would be no interruption.

Tommy had a place in mind that was at the northeast corner of their spread. The altitude in that area was a little greater, things were a little greener and there was a stream up there with decent water. Tommy packed some overnight things for Tim in his own gear because he had not even told Tim that this was going to be an overnight “camping” trip.

Tim had tried to bribe Rogelio to saddle up Rosie, and as usual he was afraid of the animal. He did however bring the saddle to her stall, and Tim was surprised to see that the saddle was different than the one he usually used. Rogelio had been told not to tell Tim that they were going to pack into the little cabin and stay overnight by Tommy, so when Rogelio handed Tim a different saddle for Rosie, Tim wondered what was up. Rosie, the over wrought spoiled equine juvenile delinquent would only let Tim do the honors so he had to bit, and attach all the rest of the hardware for their ride. After Tim went back into the ranch house, Rogelio added the rest of the supplies to the packsaddle that Tommy had left there earlier.

While taking a leak in their bathroom, Tim wondered what would happen between Rosie and Gypsy. The horses had never been together in this way before. Would Rosie nip at Gypsy’s flanks? Rosie was a certifiable pain in the ass to everyone but Tim. She absolutely hated Mike and Gary, would kick at the hired help if given the opportunity, and just tolerated Tommy.

Initially, Mike had suggested Ranger instead, and Tim simply stated that we have to know what she’ll do in this circumstance, and there’s only one way to find out. There was also no bond between Tim and Ranger, which in spite of her problems, made Tim feel safer on Rosie.

When Tim went back to the barn and saw all the supplies attached to the packsaddle, he did not really have time to argue with anybody. Tommy and Gypsy were nowhere to be seen and he needed to mount and get his ass moving.

Tim could tell that Rosie was not in love with the packsaddle because she continually turned her head to look at it trying to figure out why it did not feel like what she was used to. Each time she did this, Tim talked to her softly and laughed telling her that everything was going to be all right.

Tommy was waiting near the front of the ranch house for Tim. When they were at each other’s side, the trip began. The ride took about an hour and there was no hurry on the part of either one of the riders. The weather was still a bit brisk, but the daytime temperatures were actually kind of nice, with the nights in the lower forties. Cool yes, but definitely not dangerously cold unless wind chill were a factor. The winds were calm. They picked a place that was one of several gathering places, used when cattle roundups were in progress. There was a little weird one-room cabin with no electricity and no running water. It did provide shelter and it did have beds and a chemical toilet in it. There were ice chests, which (thanks to Rogelio) had some fresh ice in them. And, there was a wood burning pot-bellied stove that would allow very primitive food preparation. The only lighting was a couple of kerosene lamps and one far brighter mantle-lamp.

There were also two corrals and horse shelters for the animals. The cabin, if one could call it that, would serve as a place away from people for the next twenty-four hours. Tommy and Tim tended to the horses and Tim noted that there was some feed and water for them in each of the corrals.

Inside, Tommy took two of the beds and pushed them together. He then tied the legs so that they would not move apart. The next thing he did was to lay out some blankets over the plastic covered mattresses. To Tim, the place actually looked almost clean. (Little did Tim know, but Tommy had cooked this up and had heavily bribed Rogelio’s wife Luisa, to drive a jeep up there, and do a clean-up before they arrived.) Over the top of this bed arrangement Tommy unrolled a very large sleeping bag that was large enough for both of them.

The wood box was well stocked and was kept that way year round. Gary and Mike periodically used this as an escape themselves when they absolutely had to have some peace and quiet.

As the sun began to set, and the temperature began to drop, Tommy prepared the fire in the pot-bellied stove and also started to prepare a meal. This time Tommy was determined that he was going to do this and to not look like just a muscle-bound idiot. He needed at this point in time to prove again to himself that he had value. He was still feeling down and like he had badly neglected Tim.

By nine P.M. both had retired to bed.

This was a very special time for both as it was the first time they had been together without interruption since Tommy’s injury. Tommy’s butt had healed completely and he wanted Tim to ride him till he couldn’t stand it any more. Mike had checked Tommy’s butt and the treatment he had received would prevent any injury from ever happening again.

After a few hours of sleep, Tommy awakened to add some wood to the fire in the stove. The little cabin did have a great deal of insulation to help with heat conservation in inclement weather. Mike and Gary had installed thermo-pane windows to help as well. The temperature outside was above freezing, and the horses were under shelter where they would be fine, but the temperatures that needed soothing most were those of the occupants inside.

The kerosene lamps were turned down low, and the flames dancing through the glass door of the wood stove cast moving shadows over the walls and on Tommy’s massive physique.

Tommy had the room temperature in the mid-seventies and was working it up towards the low 80’s so that he and Tim could dispense with any kind of coverings.

Tim was asleep, and Tommy felt that he would wake him at the appropriate time.

Because he had been exerting himself with the firewood, and his proximity to the wood stove, his chest back and abdomen were covered in a very light sheen of perspiration. The weight of the wood in a strange way had also started to give him one of the feelings he loved most, and that was a “pump”. This feeling always gave Tommy a partial hard-on, and it, to him, had a very sensual quality to it.

Tommy decided to see what he could do in this circumstance to really pump himself up for Tim’s pleasure. He had brought some cable exercise equipment with him just for that purpose, but with his massive strength, wondered how really effective it was going to be.

Basically, this equipment was simply a number of lengthy “bungie cords” tied to some handles and Tommy had modified these with additional cords for additional tension.

As he began to put himself through a pump inducing basic workout, he noticed that the sleeping Tim had shed the sheets that had been covering him, obscuring the view of his body. Tommy was so turned on by Tim as he was, that he did not know how he was going to have any control over himself when Tim began to change with the transformation yet to come. The mere thought of Tim growing more muscular and adding to all of those qualities that already made him very masculine soon had Tommy’s cock as hard as a piece of granite. Tim, in his sleep, had just rolled on to his side, and Tommy’s view was of Tim’s ass. Tommy’s transformation had brought considerable body hair with it, but his own ass had remained relatively hairless when compared with what Tims looked like right now. Small as Tim’s butt was, the swirls of dark hair spread from the crack between the two cheeks out and towards his hips. His legs were already covered with dark hair, evenly distributed from the tops of his feet all the way up. Just then, Tim rolled over and Tommy while exercising was treated to the front side of Tim’s body. The pubic bush Tim had was so thick that one could not see skin. His lower belly had a nice coating of hair reaching up beyond his belly button and then fanning out over his small chest. Based on what had happened to Tommy’s body as he changed, Tommy became even more turned on, his already hard cock literally was throbbing and trying to reach an even larger erection. Tommy’s state of rut was based on what he was guessing was going to happen to Tim.

Tommy remembered what had happened when he started his own transformation. His Uncles had been very knowledgeable and thoughtful trying to help him through this phase. He was provided with several “Fleshlights”, and a number of other toys electric and otherwise to try and satisfy his insatiable desire for sex. He remembered how it had started with him. The subtle and sensual desire multiplied and grew exponentially until it, for a time, dominated his life. Tommy had never considered desire for sex until his growth and hypermasculine traits had been initiated. He had sex drive, but it was in no way a preoccupation. He jacked off a couple of times a week and that satisfied him. During the time he underwent his first transformation which brought him most of the way to his present state, he remembered that as the days past, his preoccupation with sex and his sex drive became almost insatiable. He never completely lost his erection. It simply wilted down to where it was sore, still full sized, and it perpetually stayed there. He reached a peak of hourly jack-off’s and his semen volume had reached astronomical numbers. The more he thought of Tim in this the more his own state of rut increased.

Finally Tommy could take no more, he was pumped and surprisingly the cables did work. His cock was hard and with every throb the veins could be seen pulsating slightly and his erection bobbed at an angle reaching nearly straight up his belly pointing towards and almost reaching his pecs.

Slowly Tommy eased his way over to Tim and crawled in next to the one he loved most. In spite of his own sex drive at the moment, he gently started rubbing Tim’s back and butt again feeling the hair already there.

As Tim awakened, he looked into the eyes of Tommy and his own more modest endowment made a quick trip into erection. Tim reached for Tommy’s neck and pulled his head and face towards his own. As the two mouths came together it was a soul-searching kiss that moved worlds. Where the last sexual encounter had come from total unbridled lust, the current romantic coupling was going a very different way. There was lust to be certain, but there was also romance.

The one thing that had been obvious from the first physical contact between Tim and Tommy was that this was something far more than just sex. It almost reached some sort of “out of body” experience.

Tim had not fully awakened as yet and he was being aroused and awakened at the same time.

Tommy really wondered what it was going to take to get his Uncles to begin Tim’s change. He wanted Tim to be able to take what he could dish out and more importantly as he was also discovering he wanted to be able to take what Tim could dish out too.

There was a side to Tommy that was emerging and it both frightened and excited him at the same time. He had experienced dreams of Tim, his Tim with massive muscle mass and even more hair. This Tim was forceful and had tied him up in chains he could not break. The mere thought of sweating profusely with his muscles pumped and straining struggling against chains to try and break free excited him. He only could imagine what he would look like his massive chest and upper body pumped to the max struggling against chains, and a much bigger Tim getting ready to ride him into the sunset, Tommy the monster unable to have any control or say no.

With his imagination running wild, he was amping up his own sex drive at an incredible rate. Tommy’s dick was as hard as granite, and there was a weeping of pre that he had never experienced before. Everything with regards to his arousal just kept multiplying.

Very Gently, Tommy turned Tim over. He grabbed a jar of Albolene and lubricated the area between Tim’s legs and the edge of his extremely hairy butt. He knew he could not fuck Tim, but, he could get off and give Tim a sample by using Tim’s hairy legs to create the friction. Initially Tim was frightened at what Tommy was going to do, but, he placed his trust in Tommy’s common sense.

Tommy gently pushed his throbbing erection down between them and below where Tims ass contacting his dick could have resulted in penetration. He then pulled Tim against him and in so doing his granite hard cock slid between Tim’s legs, rubbed Tim’s balls and presented itself in front of Tims view. Tommy’s cock was so large that in spite of the distance of penetration between the legs, it still reached enough distance to be longer than Tim’s dick was at present. To Tim it looked kind of weird, but there was a sense to it that gave him a subconscious preview of what his own cock might look like as it grew.

This thought began to add fuel to Tim’s fire too! Tim looked into Tommy’s eyes and decided that he wanted to take charge again, he wanted to dominate and he was determined to do it.

The next morning both awakened in each other’s arms. Tim was curled up almost in the fetal position, with the larger Tommy fit in behind him spoon fashion.

The air in the cabin was a little nippy, not really cold, just enough to make nudity a wee bit uncomfortable.

Tommy slowly eased his way away from Tim to begin to fix breakfast. He did not want to wake him.

Tommy’s mind was having trouble taking in the events of the previous evening. Without his even realizing it, Tim had totally taken charge and the more submissive he became the more dominant Tim had become. The roles were like a drug to both of them. Tommy had become so aroused at one point he actually ejaculated when Tim had taken apart the exercise cables and tied his hands behind him. Tommy had no idea how he was going to be able to cope with a huge hairy muscle dom in Tim. Just the thought again had his dick throbbing and rock hard.

He wanted to calm down so that he and Tim could go riding.

Tommy had prepared a decent breakfast of bacon and eggs and served it to a stunned Tim in bed. Tim really did not know what to make of this behavior, but, it was nice to have someone you loved really care for you and pamper you once in a while.

At the end of breakfast, Tommy had disappeared for a few minutes and with few words came back in to drink some juice.

When Tim walked outside the cabin he saw that both horses were already saddled. He was wondering how Tommy managed to saddle the “problem child”. He was not going to question it.

Tim re-adjusted the stirrups and checked the cinch on the saddle before mounting the horse. The puzzle that really got to him was why this horse had taken to him in this way.

They had been riding for about 15 minutes when they came to the entrance to a hillside trail. The trail had been well used and was in reasonable shape, but there were rocks and ledges to the left side of the rider and a slope off to the right as the trail ascended about one-hundred and fifty feet.

As they started to ascend the trail, both horses started to act nervous and jumpy. Tim was more sensitive to this than Tommy. As the rock face to the left side became steeper the nervousness in the horses seemed to escalate.

All of a sudden without warning Tim saw a flash out of the corner of his left eye and immediately Rosie reacted. Tommy was totally unprepared and momentarily lost his balance. Tommy was thrown, and soon it was obvious that the horses had sensed the presence of a common rattle snake. Tommy was down on his back and in obvious pain.

Gypsy remained calm, and as soon as she was past the danger, the stomp of a hoof brought an end to the snake.

Rosie again remained calm while Tim dismounted and ran to Tommy. The pain was beginning to ease, and then it was noticed that there were two small holes and some blood on Tommy’s left calf. The holes could have been from a snake-bite, but, nobody was certain. Tim immediately went into his saddlebag looking for the cell phone. The phone was not where he had packed it.

At this point, the color fled from Tim’s face. If the snake had bitten Tommy, his life even now could be in peril.

Realizing what Tim was looking for, Tommy turned ashen white and went into a total panic himself. Why had he taken the damn phones out. Tommy was freaking inside because he had just screwed up again!

Tommy was still in great pain and getting back onto a horse right now was going to prove impossible. From this location it was a good hour ride on horseback to get help. Even with a relatively fast four-wheel drive, it would take by the back roads about 30 minutes for help to get to Tommy.

Tim simply could not leave Tommy and he knew he had to get help.

Tim looked at Tommy with stern eyes and a look that Tommy had never seen before. It was a strange look, one of dominance and one of sweetness at the same time. Tommy was so scared that he was on the verge of fainting. His heart was pounding.

Tommy could not believe that Tim who weighed one hundred pounds less than he did managed to get him up into a standing position. What he did not even comprehend was how Tim managed to get him back up on the back of his horse. Tommy was in a mental fog and going in to shock. It was not snake venom at this point, at Tommy’s weight, it would take a great deal longer for that to take effect.

The next thing Tommy knew or remembered he was in a hospital bed and hooked up to enough equipment to feel like an old CRT television picture tube!

Tommy was starting to come around and was still a little groggy.

Tommy looked over to see Mike, Gary and Tim talking to the doctor. He overheard what was being said.

“If he had not been so large and with so much weight and muscle, the outcome of this might not have been this good.”

“He’s going to have a very sore calf for a couple of weeks, but we should have him out of here within the next 24 hours.”

“There is, thank goodness no cardiac involvement, his unconscious state was not a result of the snake venom, but from shock and fear.”

“Basically his mind could not cope with the thought of this being some kind of end and he was in fear that there was no way that help could be obtained.”

Physically Tommy was kicked out of the hospital quickly. The tiny amount of venom that had been injected had caused a great deal of soreness in his left calf, and that placed him with a cane, but it would be over soon as it healed.

The mental state Tommy was in was not as good as his physical one. He was just reaching the reality that if the snake had chosen to bite Tim instead that he would have already been planning a funeral. The more this reality hit him, the harder it hit him.

He did not know how he was ever going to face Tim. His desire for romance and privacy had overruled his common sense.

Tim had not gone to the hospital to pick up Tommy when he had been discharged. When Tommy saw the car there without Tim, the panic started to set in again, and tears began to stream down his face.

Tommy started crying so hard after he got into the Lincoln that both Mike and Gary wondered what the hell had happened now.

“I fucked up!” was all that Tommy said.

“You certainly did.”

“Tim packed the cell phones and I wanted privacy, you know that the gym has my cell number, I didn’t want interruptions……”

“I took them out and put them in Tim’s nightstand.”

“How did you get on that horse?”

“I didn’t….I don’t remember getting on at all…..God! Uncle Mike I don’t remember!”

“What do you remember?”

“All I remember is getting this really weird feeling, everything spinning and then Tim’s arms around me, lifting me……”

“That’s it?”

“Tim doesn’t really have memories of it either at this moment.”

“He doesn’t?”


“The only thing we can figure out is that somehow under the influence of a 55 gallon drum of adrenaline, Tim somehow picked you up and shoved you up on that horse.”

“There are some marks on the saddle that kind of make it look like that is what happened.”

“Oh God!”

“Is Tim Okay?”

“He must hate me……..”

“I feel so incredibly stupid!”

“Why isn’t he here?”

Just as this came out the waterworks started again, and Tommy started crying really hard. He was now terrified that it was over between he and Tim.

“No we wouldn’t let him come.”

“Why not?”

“Because we have to talk to you.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“Well Tommy, we both understand what you wanted to do, but why couldn’t you just turn the cell phones off?”

“That way they would have been there in an emergency.”

“Why do you think that we gave cells to both of you guys?”

“Tommy, do you realize what would have happened if Tim had been bitten instead of you?”

“I have been doing a lot of crying over that one, yes, Uncle Mike I do now realize that one..”

“Right now I feel like I would be better off if I was dead.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because I am going to have to face Tim……….”

“Why, are you afraid?”

“Uncle Mike, I have never been so terrified of anything in my life.”

“Because of all the ruckus around the house, and you in the hospital all I can tell you is that the one we were more worried about was Tim.”




“Tim was like a caged animal, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, his stomach was upset constantly.”

“He also was so sore all over, and he described it as feeling as if he had been run over by a truck.”

“The only thing that could account for that is the adrenaline reaction we most fear.”

“I don’t understand Uncle Mike?”

“Tommy, the quantity of adrenaline that would have been required for him to do what he did could have cost Tim his life.”

“Oh God………..”

“When that much adrenaline pumps in blood pressure elevates, heart rate increases exponentially, and strength under the right circumstances can go up exponentially.”

“Tommy, there have been many cases where people have lifted automobiles off of their children to save the children from eminent peril.”

“I’ve heard about that.”

“We will be back at the ranch in a few minutes.”

“I’m still afraid of Tim….”

“Well, we’ve decided to give Tim the transformation….”

“He’s proven himself a thousand times over.”

“When are you going to do it?”

“As soon as your leg is back to normal.”

“Have you talked to Tim?”

“Yes, but we were not specific because you and he have got to both heal from this mess first.”

“So I screwed up what I most wanted him to have, didn’t I?”

“Well, you certainly delayed it.”

“What did he say?”

“He would do anything for you…….”

“I don’t understand?”

“He was initially really pissed at you, he really has little memory right now of how he managed to get you on to that horse. He is worried that if you keep growing bigger he is going to have to be around to deal with you if you screw up again.”

“Oh God!”

“Am I that bad?”

“Not really, he loves you more than life itself, and he more than ever realized that what he accomplished out on that trail all alone and without help was a miracle of God.”

“He knows he somehow did it and he wants to be there for you.”

“There are several places a life-flight chopper could have landed and picked you up.”

“Oh God!”

“Tommy, when he got you down to the ranch we were all so scared.”

“We were afraid you weren’t going to make it.”

“We had no idea how much venom had been injected into you, and Tim had no options but to do what he did.”

“Do you know how you got from the ranch into the hospital.?”


“You, my idiotic nephew, still had had your first helicopter ride!”

“Oh God!”

“That little ride kid is very likely going to cost our medical insurance somewhere between three and five thousand dollars.”

When the car pulled up behind the ranch house, Tommy tried to get out. He was in great pain from the left calf and he stumbled. He grabbed his cane and tried to walk as he had been instructed, but, this wasn’t going to be easy.

“How the fuck am I gonna get to the gym tomorrow?”

“Tim is driving you.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, what do you mean?”

“Earth to Tommy!”

“Okay, the Ranchero is a stick shift, and your left leg and a clutch won’t get along.” Certain movements in that left calf muscle is going to feel like somebody jabbing a knife in it!”

“I have to have the Dodge dually because I have some stuff to do out at the Fair Grounds.”

“You pulled the tranny on the El Camino to get the trans done….remember?”

“And Tommy, you’re my beautiful other half has to have the Lincoln this week for an overnight trip up to Santa Fe, but we maybe can negotiate things next week?”

“Tim mentioned some ideas, but, at the moment he mentioned them there was some venom in his voice.”

“I am just going to leave that one alone and I strongly urge you to just leave it alone and let Tim do whatever he had in mind without pressure.”

“Damn, I am going to feel like a total wuss!”

“For this week Tommy, you are a total wuss!”

“Damn this damn calf hurts like hell!

During this whole exchange at the back of the house, Tommy’s eyes were darting all over wondering where Tim was. He was no where to be seen.

The absence of Tim made Tommy’s heart start to pound and the longer he remained absent, the more nervous and upset Tommy became. His color was getting worse and worse, both from the pain in he was experiencing and his terror of facing Tim.

Tim was in fact, in the barn completely bathing and grooming both Rosie and Gypsy. He wanted to do this to at least try and work off the anger he had for Tommy at this point. Gypsy was rather “ho-hum” over the whole thing, and Rosie was watching the attention that Gypsy was getting from Tim and was becoming jealous.

In the few hours that Mike and Gary had been gone, Tim had completely cleaned and dressed the tack, cleaned and dressed the saddles, checked the hooves and cleaned the frogs. He had shaved the faces, trimmed the manes, and after all that the anger was still very strong in him.

Tommy hobbled into the bedroom in a great deal of pain. He was in a cold sweat and his color was an ashen gray. He started removing his clothing to get in bed. And the tender leg was just driving him crazy. As he reclined into the bed he touched the side where the bite had been and yelped in pain. He had pain medication, did he remember to take it?

Where was the bottle of that stuff anyway? Damn the nerves were making him nauseous as well.

Tommy took a pain pill and tried to lie down again. This time, as his head hit the pillow the room started spinning and wouldn’t stop. In a matter of minutes Tommy’s stomach and digestive tract started to reverse direction and he started feeling vomit heading back up where some cola had been washed down. Tommy tried very hard to control his throat and reflexes to get to the toilet before the event took place. If it had not been for the game leg he would have made it too.

Just as Tommy tripped at the doorway to the bathroom in his shorts, Tim was in the hallway headed into the room. He entered the room just as Tommy fell on the tile floor of the bathroom heaving his guts out.

Tommy totally broke at this feeling totally helpless. He was so upset he was crying, blaming himself, and cussing up a blue streak all at the same time. He was totally unaware that Tim had witnessed the whole thing.

In a matter of moments, Tim had returned with help and was trying to soothe Tommy. Tommy was so upset that he was almost out of control in despair at his present situation.

The level of despair was so great that he initially had not even realized that Tim had been present watching him fall, heave and then go “off the deep end”.

Tommy was mortified, lying face down on the bathroom floor in his own vomit, the room spinning, sweat and a cold clammy feeling overtaking his body and now there was his first love. Was he dying and this was additional punishment?

Tim reached out with a damp towel and started to mop the sweat off of his love. Seeing Tommy suffering like this had ended all of his anger immediately. Tommy was paying a horrible price and it was obvious that he had inflicted punishment upon himself to a level that Tim could not even begin to comprehend.

It took an hour to get Tommy calmed down, cleaned up and back in bed. It appeared that the combination of an empty stomach and a pain pill which was supposed to be taken with food had taken a rather hefty toll on Tommy.

As soon as Tommy’s head hit the pillow he was out cold.

“What time does he have to be to work tomorrow?”

“Eleven A.M.”

“What am I driving?”

“The Ranchero, Tommy pulled the automatic transmission out of the El Camino and had it rebuilt.”

“He just had not managed to get it put back in.”

“The parts all there?”

“As far as I know.”

“There is some special kind of torque converter that he had saved for, and some other linkage parts that were new old stock that he had collected.”

“He feels that his independence is being taken away.”

“Look, Mike and I could get the tranny put back in that thing, but if we did that he would not have finished the job he started himself.”

“Unfortunately he needs the automatic transmission right now.”

“How long has the car been sitting?”

“Not really all that long……probably no more than six months.”

“You know how to do that job?”

“I have my ways.”

“I wonder how Tommy would react if you did his work?”

“It is either I work this thing through, or he has to be driven around like the bodybuilding communities answer to Miss Daisy”.

“Which do you think is going to damage his highnesses ego more?”

“Probably the Miss Daisy act.”

There was not a great deal of communication between Tommy and Tim that night. Tommy was too embarrassed over the trip and throwing up to even face himself. Let alone Tim.

The next morning when Tommy awakened, Tim was already out dealing with the duties of the ranch, and again Tommy felt somehow that he had let Tim down horribly. He winced again in pain as he placed weight on his left leg and stepped over to the mirror. As he stood there, for some unknown reason his heart sank and the tears began to form. This upset Tommy because he knew that there was no real reason for this emotional state. The only thing he could figure was that he was again in fear of somehow losing Tim.

Why did love have to be so painful?

The mood was strange between them when it was time for Tommy to go to work. Tim was worried about getting the transmission back in the El Camino and Tommy was afraid to say anything for fear of doing something more to make an ass out of himself.

Tommy’s fellow gym workers greeted him enthusiastically and wanted to know all about the snake-bite that had thrown him into the hospital. He was in some ways given a hero’s welcome. Tommy did not really feel all that great about it perceiving himself as a stupid idiot in the whole affair and the cause of his own problems.

Tim got the ranch hands doing what had to be done and then got his keys to head into the shop area where Tommy’s project El Camino was sitting. The vehicle was properly supported on jack stands and other than a light coating of dust was pristine. Tim grabbed the creeper and dusted it off. Sitting next to the creeper was a mechanics drop-light. Tim grabbed the drop-light and after dusting it off, noticed that it was still plugged in. The bulb shone brightly. Tim went down on the floor on to the creeper and rolled under, looking up at a big blank space where the transmission would normally be. The transmission had been removed properly and all of the linkage pieces and mounts were sitting on several sheets of heavy cardboard under the truck engine area.

Tim had some experience on cars because of the truck stop. He had been around when Jake had taken the transmission out of old man McCready’s wife’s Cadillac. This looked kind of like the same transmission that he remembered.

Tim then found the completely rebuilt transmission on the bench next and in a box was a brand new high performance torque converter from a Company called “B&M”.

Tim had the basic concepts, but not the particulars.

“Hello Jake?”

“This is Tim Kelly.”

By two-thirty P.M. Tim had taken numerous breaks to see to it that the work around the ranch was being completed on schedule, and with the help of his friend Jake who was one of the mechanics at the truck stop Tim had also gotten the automatic transmission and torque converter mated, the seals installed properly and the transmission installed in the El Camino. Right now, the El Camino battery was on the charger and a small portion of the automatic transmission fluid had been put back in the transmission. Jake gave Tim all the instructions and said to call him back when he got the engine in the car started.

At the gym Tommy was training a kid by the name of Andy Briggs. Tommy really felt sorry for Andy because he was the classic “hard gainer” Andy had some kind of problem and though he had graduated from High School last May, he was still living home with his parents. He in spite of all of his efforts at the gym he weighed no more than 125 pounds. He was small in many ways and as a result he was constantly being picked on by the other kids. The diet was hard for him, the lifting was hard, and it had taken Tommy six months to get Andy from 110 pounds up to 125. The kid worked so hard and tried so hard that he had driven himself to vomiting more than once, and he just kept digging in and trying harder. Tommy wondered what it would be like if his own genetics had not been “re-programmed”. Would he have been a hard gainer too?

Tommy was appreciative of his gifts, and was in some ways saddened that it was not yet the time to have a kid like Andy in line to benefit from the same thing he had experienced.

Back at the ranch. . . . . . . .

Tim poured a little gasoline down the carburetor and after a few tries the engine of the El Camino came up running. It was not running well, but it was running. Tim knew enough to know that something was wrong here, and this presented another problem.

Though there was a light covering of dust on the intake manifold it appeared that the manifold had been off the car recently.

He knew well enough what to do. He shut the engine down to again let the battery charge more. He then started looking for a can of starting fluid to begin to check for vacuum leaks.

He finally found a case of the stuff, and after removing a can from the case, he returned to the car and restarted the engine now somewhat cooled down. As he went around the engine quickly waiting for the engine speed to change not much was happening. When he sprayed around the carburetor gaskets at the base of the carburetor the engine sputtered and the speed came up quite a bit. Tommy had missed something!

At about five-thirty P.M. Tim had the transmission in and it was shifting perfectly. The removal of the carburetor and the repair of the vacuum leak would be something he would have to do later in the evening. He would have to do that after he picked Tommy up from work and he would need Gary and Mike’s help to create enough of a diversion.

Not much was said when Tim picked Tommy up from work. He had been using a cane, but his leg and calf were hurting badly where the snake had bitten him. The pain pills helped, but they were not doing the job as well as Tommy would have liked. By the time Tim got there with the Ranchero, Tommy was hurting and winced as he sat down on the seat of the little car. Tim slowly eased away from the curb, and the two drove from the gym back to the ranch in virtual silence. The radio station was an oldies station “101 Gold” out of El Paso, Texas. The station was playing a tribute and as they drove he heard the Shirelles do “Soldier Boy”, the Tornados do Telstar, and finally Del Shannon with Runaway. At least for a time Tommy lost himself and his problems in the music.

Tim pulled up to the back of the ranch home and dropped Tommy off before taking the little Ranchero to the garages. He had worked it out with Mike and Gary in a sense. All he said was that he needed them to create some activities to keep Tommy busy for a couple of hours so that he could finish the El Camino.

The more they tried to keep things going, the more upset Tommy became. He was certain that Tim was still violently angry with him, and that he had completely blown it.

Tim was very concerned and did not want to hurt Tommy, but the El Camino was needed and needed right now. Mike and Gary had independently visited Tim in the shop and saw how hard he had worked to get the El Camino back up and running.

Good or bad with regards to how Tommy was going to take it, both Mike and Gary had to agree that Tim deserved the transformation and that he was the best thing that had ever come into Tommy’s life.

Tommy repeatedly asked where Tim was and he was told that Tim was working out in the barn repairing damage that had been done to the saddle when he had been hoisted up on top of it. The truth was it had taken Tim about 20 minutes to repair the saddle and it had been done days before, but, the subject was not something that Tommy wanted to be anywhere near when he was around Tim until he felt that things had calmed down.

Tim walked into the ranch house just before dinner. Gary asked: “How did things go with that saddle?”

“It should be ready to ride easily by the time Tommy has to go to work tomorrow morning.”

Tommy was thinking……..What now? I don’t get a ride, and I am going to be reduced to a horse? He did not dare say anything for fear that this would be a correct assumption!

The next morning Tommy was still moving kind of slowly, especially when he first got up. Things in his left leg were really stiff and he had been told that this would last a while until the tissue had time to repair itself.

By the time Tommy was out and ready to eat Tim could not be seen. Tommy was still afraid of Tim and that he had really screwed the relationship up. He was so in love, he could not image life without Tim. The mere thought of that brought him to a cold sweat.

Tommy went back to their bedroom and began to get dressed. Tommy’s love for Tim had become very painful because he simply needed the love and closeness that Tim supplied.

Tommy had his lunch packed and was ready for Tim to take him to work when a rumble was heard from the shop. Soon a familiar sight came from he shop area. Tommy was certain he was losing his mind. There was an El Camino the same as his headed toward him. When he had installed the new intake manifold there were problems, and he had not had time to sort them out. The car he heard was running perfectly. He could hear the rasp as the 454 breathed into the exhaust headers, and the distinct rumble as the sound was transmitted back to the mufflers.

In the previous few minutes, without his knowledge, Mike and Gary had appeared behind Tommy to observe his reaction. Standing behind him, they could not see the tears running down Tommy’s face. He was not mad at all. He realized instantly that all the games had been so that the El Camino could get fixed and running because it had an automatic transmission.

Tim pulled up to Tommy and opened the door. As he did so, Tommy momentarily forgot the pain in his left leg and almost ran towards Tim with his arms outstretched. When he grabbed Tim he hugged him and kissed him repeatedly, thanking him again and again.

Mike and Gary looked on and realized that Tommy had learned something about relationships and helping each other is not an invasion, but when done at the right time it is help to the person needing extrication from a bad situation.

Tim was elated to have Tommy’s arms around him. They felt wonderful.

Love is a strange thing and nobody understands all parts of it one hundred percent.

The running El Camino was a total sign of forgiveness by Tim to Tommy, which was the real beginning of Tommy’s healing. The mental healing launched the physical healing into “warp drive” and this was a new beginning. Things now started to turn around and as each day passed, with the pressure off, Tommy’s leg and mental outlook began to improve more and more.

By the end of that week, the cane was no longer necessary and the tenderness was still there, but it was improving quickly.

That Friday night, as they were lying in bed, Tommy reached over and just gave Tim a gentle hug.

“I need to apologize to you.”

“For what?”

“For a lot of things.”

“I don’t know why you’ve stayed here or with me?”

“Because I love you…..you big oaf!”

“No really!”

“I look back on all of the things I have done and I’m ashamed.”

“You’re ashamed of what?”

“The mess over Rosie is one example.”

“I was so upset that a horse I could never get close to decided she was in love with you.”

“I could not cope with the thought that you could come here and learn things so quickly.”

“I couldn’t cope with your natural abilities or at least what I perceived them to be.”

“I have acted like a spoiled child at times and I’m really severely ashamed of that.”

“When you moved here, I expected and wanted to be the husband or life-partner of your dreams, and I have at times failed you miserably.”

“I have come off like some neurotic soap opera character.”

“Uncle Mike and Uncle Gary said that they talked about using the same stuff on you that they used on me.”

“What did they tell you about the side effects?”

“More hair probably, some chance of making the acne really bad, tons more muscle, raging sex drive, bigger dick, and some fatigue if the growth exceeds a certain speed.”

“They can deal with most of the side effects and the acne will be gone forever when they are finished.”

“I know, I have always seen myself as this little ‘crater-faced’ geek!”

“I don’t consider myself good-looking at all.”

“I have never been wild about the body hair because it made me even more different in High School and I was picked on.”

“What are they going to do to me with this stuff?”

“The first week will be a series of injections to alter your skin, fix the acne, and take care of other things that will make the growing part safer for you.”

“The shots will be in numbers and every day for that first week.”

“The main thing at that time is to get you ready for the next phase.”

“What is that?”

“That is where the growth begins.”

“The first shots of that phase take about a week again and this time you only get one a day.”

“The changes will start happening by the end of the third week.”

“You won’t get any more shots for a while, but there will be some blood draws.”

“The first thing that you will have happen is your sex drive will go through the roof.”

“In the beginning it is kind of fun, but, in my case it kind of took over my life for a while.”

“It may be different for you, but that is how it was for me.”


“I’m expecting help on that part.”

“I’m looking forward to helping you.”

“How long will it take to make me as big as you?”

“There is no way we can tell completely, because you and I are not genetically identical.”

“Before I started I was smaller than you are now.”

“I gained over 100 pounds of muscle and after you’re transformed, they want me to do another round.”


“Exactly, major wow!”

“When were they planning on starting?”

“I will probably be totally back to functioning by next weekend.”

“The first shots will probably take place next weekend.”

“That soon?”

The following week was a blur, and Tommy was excited at what was coming with Tim. He didn’t want to think of anything negative. He knew that Tim had a very dominant side and with what was coming may give him some things that would make him difficult to handle. It could also go the opposite direction and cause him to be like a cat in heat on his back with his legs in the air. Nobody exactly knew which way it was going to go.

While the anticipation grew in Tommy the fear of the unknown grew in Tim.

What would it be like to be this muscle monster jock?

What would it feel like to have a huge cock swinging soft between his legs?

By the next weekend, Tommy’s leg had a few sensitive spots, but was for the most part back to normal.

Mike and Gary had a very work filled week, but the most important part was what was coming with Tim. On Friday afternoon they took some blood from Tim and the work on the genetics and cell programming started. This would be the first of many things going into Tim, and it was going to be a new adventure for all of them.

It was not until Sunday that the first series of injections were ready.

What was unknown to Tommy was that a few special injections had been prepared for him as well. These were preparatory for his additional transformation, but, they were more engineered for the enhancement of Tommy’s abilities to cope with what was coming in Tim than anything else.

On Sunday afternoon, Tommy and Tim both went to Mike and Gary’s Labs. The blinds were drawn so there was no way a stray eye could ever see what was about to be done.

Tim received two injections this first day, and Tommy was surprised to be told to drop his pants for two I.M. injections. He got one in each cheek. He made the assumption that his two injections were just some vitamins or necessary inoculations.

Tommy left the Lab and he and Tim started preparing a special steak dinner for all four of them for dinner that evening.

Tim and Tommy worked together as a perfect team and it was a thing of beauty to watch, almost like a well oiled machine.

Tim turned to Tommy and said, “I feel a little bit hyped, it is kinda weird!”

When Tommy reached down he could feel that Tim’s cock was hard as the granite counter tops in the kitchen. It was a condition in which Tim would find himself more and more often for a while.

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