Site Update 9 February 2018

Site Update: 9 February 2018

Hi folks! It’s been a crazy week. I had to replace my computer, and it took forever to reload the OS and migrate all my files and software from my broken old Mac, and then re-setup everything. (I guess I had a “shutdown” this week too.) But I’m happy with how it turned out, and I still managed to write another new superlong installment of “Body game: Encounter 813” in my off-hours this week once everything was all up and running and restored to normal. I'm really taking the scenic route on this one—with the new chapter “Encounter 813” is already up to 27,000 words, and they’re only just now finishing round four!

No other news for now. Next time I hope to post more than one BRK story, including a bit more werebear and probably another continuation, preferably of something I haven’t turned to recently. If you have a suggestion, let me know, especially if you’re on Patreon and you’re one of my worthy and beloved patrons.

Thanks for visiting the site! Please make sure to comment and rate your favorite stories so the authors have some feedback—but don’t down-rate or bad-mouth a story because you don’t like the genre/type of transformation. That would be like a straight person coming here and downrating everything because they don’t like gay erotica. Don’t be that kind of dick. If you don’t like a tag, just move on to another story here—this site has a lot of different kinds of stuff. (just take a look at how big the tags page has gotten.

Tell the authors you like that you think their stories are hot, and tell them what you want to see more of! As a writer I like getting responses, but it’s even more welcome to new writers who feel like their efforts are in a vacuum until they get their first comments.

Next update: 23 February.

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