Mysterious kidnapping

by Joven

 Jared and Derek are traveling abroad when they’re suddenly kidnapped and secreted away in an isolated room… naked. They naturally become aware of each other’s junk, though Derek isn’t too pleased by Jared’s attention. But the situation with their equipment only gets more intense…

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Jared’s summer break was almost over and soon he would have to go back home for his first day of college which was starting right around his 20’th birthday. For the past month he was enjoying traveling the world with his best friend Derek. At least, he had been enjoying his vacation, but now he was tied up and blindfolded. Derek had suggested they shortcut through the deserted part of town to get to a music concert faster. While walking through a back alley they were both grabbed by men with their faces covered, and now he felt like he was in the back of a truck or van on the move.

Jared couldn’t see anything through the blindfold, and he couldn’t talk either with a gag in his mouth. He could hear the men that took him talking, but he didn’t understand the language they were speaking. After a long time, the vehicle came to a stop and Jared was roughly pulled to his feet and pushed forward. Unable to see where he was going, Jared stumbled and tripped, which caused his blindfold to slip slightly and he was able to see that Derek was also tied up and blindfolded and being pushed into a building.

One of the men grabbed Jared and pulled him to his feet, then adjusted the blindfold so that Jared couldn’t see again. Jared tried to speak but was unable to do more than mumble with the gag in his mouth. Helpless to do much while blindfolded and tied up, Jared allowed himself to be pushed inside the building.

After being led along for a while, Jared was grabbed by the men and he could feel himself being strapped down. Still unable to see what was going on, Jared could feel the men cutting off his clothing. Jared tried to fight against his restraints, but he was tied down securely. Jared then heard a loud buzzing sound which he thought sounded like an electric razor. He guessed correctly because he soon felt someone using the electric razor to shave his chest and stomach, then he felt someone take hold of his genitals and start to shave his crotch area.

Jared renewed his struggling, trying to knock away whoever was touching his privates, but his struggling was pointless and he couldn’t do anything but lay there as his crotch was shaved. A few minutes later he heard the electric razor turn off and whoever had been holding his genitals let go. Jared then felt a sudden pinprick on his asscheek, which felt like he was being given an injection.

Next thing he knew Jared was being unstrapped and roughly pulled along by his captors. He was blindly led somewhere else, then he was forcefully shoved from behind, knocking him to the ground. Jared heard a door slamming behind him and the men talking among themselves in that language he didn’t understand, but they seemed to be walking away as their conversation started to fade out of hearing.

Since his hands were no longer tied, Jared quickly reached up and yanked off the blindfold and pulled the gag out of his mouth. Blinking from the sudden brightness after being blindfolded in the dark, Jared then noticed his friend Derek a few feet away, still tied up. Rushing over, Jared fumbled with the knotted rope tying up his friend, eventually getting it loose. Derek then tore off his blindfold and stood up, yelling, “What the hell’s going on?!”

Jared stood up as well and said, “I don’t know! Are you alright?” Jared then realized that the both of them were completely naked. Looking at his friend, then down at himself, Jared saw that their slender torsos and crotches had been shaved completely smooth. Jared blushed since it was the first time he had ever seen his friend naked, and he couldn’t help but notice Derek seemed to have an inch or two on him in the cock department. Jared self-consciously put a hand over his own crotch, covering his soft three inches.

Derek on the other hand stormed over to the door and tried to open it, then began to beat on it loudly when discovering it was locked. Derek was yelling, “Heyyyyyy, open up! Let me out of here!” While Derek was banging on the door, Jared looked around the room they were in.

There were two large beds along one of the walls, a table and some chairs, a barred window, and then on the other side of the room it seemed to be a bathroom area that was built as part of the room instead of being separated. There was a toilet, sink, and a rather large bathtub. Jared walked over to the barred window and looked out, but a thick forest as far as he could see was the only thing visible.

Derek finally wore himself out from beating on the door and gave up, then turned and said, “Where are we, and why are we naked?”

Jared shrugged, then Derek said, “I knew it was a bad idea to come to this shitty third-world country, but you just had to see that concert didn’t you?”

“What? Don’t try to blame this on me,” Jared said defensively. “It was your idea to go through that run-down part of town!”

Giving a loud snort, Derek said, “Whatever, man,” and then he went and plopped onto one of the beds. Not seeing what else he could do right now, Jared also went and sat on the other bed, thinking about their situation.

As the sun was setting outside of the window, Jared heard a sound at the door. Jumping off the bed, Jared rushed over to the door and saw that a small section of the bottom of the door was sliding open and a tray of food was pushed into the room. Before he could get to the door, the bottom section closed again and there was a clicking sound. Jared tried to slide it open again, but it was locked tight.

Derek walked over and picked up the tray of food and put it on the table, then sat down and was about to start eating. “Hey don’t eat that, it could be poison or something!” Jared said.

Derek grunted. “Bah, we’re already locked in here,” he said. “If they wanted to hurt us, there’s a lot easier ways than trying to trick us into eating poison. Besides, I’m starving.”

Jared walked over and stared as Derek started to eat the food. Derek ignored his friend, but then he started to choke and cough while grabbing his throat.

“Hey, spit it out!” Jared said, panicked. “Someone, help!!”

But then Derek started to laugh and said, “Man, I’m just fucking with you, calm down.”

Jared punched Derek in the arm. “That’s not funny, asshole!”

Derek laughed again. “Sit down, eat something,” he said. “It’s actually really good.”

Taking a seat at the table, Jared cautiously picked up what looked like a piece of baked chicken. Deciding what the hell, especially since he was also starving, Jared took a bite. He had to agree with Derek that the food was really tasty, and before long he was gobbling down the meal right alongside Derek.

After they finished eating, Jared got up and started to pace around the room.

“Why do you think they took our clothes?” Derek asked.

Jared paused his pacing and shrugged. “I don’t know.” He ran a hand along his smoothly shaved chest, not used to the feeling since normally his chest was kind of hairy.

Jared saw Derek looking down at his crotch, so he quickly put a hand over it. Derek laughed and said, “I guess now I know the real reason you and Jennifer broke up. Was that little noodle unable to satisfy her?” Derek held up his hand and pointed out his little finger, making a wagging motion.

Jared blushed deeply, now more self-conscious than ever about his little cock, especially with Derek sitting there showing at least five inches, still completely soft. “That’s not why we broke up!” he said.

Jared thought his brief fling with Jennifer, the girl he had briefly dated in high school. The truth was she had never even seen his cock, since Jared wasn’t really into her. He only started dating her because he wanted to be like one of the cool kids, and after he’d brushed off her advances multiple times, she’d dumped him.

Derek laughed again, but while still sneaking glances at Derek’s cock, Jared noticed that it looked like it was starting to get hard. Soon Derek also realized his cock was boning up, so he quickly put his hands over his crotch. It didn’t take long before Derek’s big cock was hard enough to poke up from his groin, too big to be covered up.

Jared kept staring, figuring that while hard Derek’s dick had to be an impressive seven inches long. Derek looked and saw Jared staring at him, so he said, “Dude, no homo, stop looking!”

Jared shrugged. “You’re the one getting hard with just us here.”

Derek put a hand on his hard cock and said, “I don’t know why, but it’s so hard it hurts!”

While he was amused by Derek’s sudden boner, Jared could feel his own cock starting to get stiff. Trying to hide his own erection, Jared walked over to a wall and faced away, feeling his cock pumping up and getting hard. It didn’t take long before it was completely rock hard, and Jared felt like his too was harder than it had ever been. Normally his hard cock was in the four-inch range, but now his cock was so hard it seemed to be pressing up all the way to five inches!

Looking over at Derek, Jared saw that Derek had his cock in his hands and he was stroking it. Noticing he was being watched, Derek turned away. “Dude, I said stop looking!” Jared didn’t think much of it because right now all he wanted to do was grab his own cock and jerk it for all it was worth. Looking around the room, Jared realized he didn’t have many options for privacy, so without thinking much more about it, he took his cock in his hands and started to jack off.

The feelings of bliss went through his entire body as he stroked his cock, and even though his cock was sore because of how hard it was, it still felt amazing to stroke it. It didn’t take very long before Jared’s dick started to blow his load all over his smooth chest. A few minutes to catch his breath, then Jared got up and walked to the sink and started to clean himself.

Jared saw Derek walk up and stand next to him at the sink, and he realized that just like him, Derek had shot a load and now needed to clean himself. Neither boy said anything as they silently cleaned themselves.

More than an hour had passed in awkward silence as the two guys avoided eye contact and didn’t speak. Finally Derek got up and went to the door and started beating on it again and yelling for someone to open up, but no one answered. Jared walked over and put his hand on Derek’s shoulder. “Dude, there’s no use,” he said. “You’re going to hurt yourself from hitting the door so hard.”

Derek twisted and pulled away from Jared, knocking his hand off his shoulder. “Hey, don’t touch me!” he barked. “You just finished beating off with that hand!”

Jared got defensive and said, “Hey fuck you, I wasn’t the only one! You were choking your chicken even harder than I was!”

Derek pushed Jared in the chest. “Yeah? How would you know? You were watching?”

Jared took a step back. “What? No, I wasn’t…” and without even realizing what he was doing Jared snuck a glance down at Derek’s crotch. Even though he was now soft, Derek’s cock still looked as big as it had been while hard, which was mighty impressive looking as it hung at his hairless crotch.

Seeing Jared looking down at his crotch, Derek shoved him again, a little harder. “Dude, stop looking at my dick, you’re weirding me out!”

Jared looked up. “I wasn’t!” he lied, and then he walked off and sat on a bed. Looking down at his own crotch, Jared thought that even his dick seemed to have kept some of its size after it went soft, but he didn’t want Derek to see him touching himself so he was mostly ignoring it. There was also a kind of dull ache in his balls ever since his orgasm as well, but it wasn’t painful, just kind of a minor feeling.

Derek walked over to the other bed, and Jared watched from the corner of his eye as Derek’s cock heavily swung around with each step. Seeing Derek’s big cock made Jared wonder why his friend had never been in a serious relationship with any girls in high school. With a dick like that, he could have had any girl he wanted. As Derek climbed into bed, he then turned to face the wall, blocking Jared from seeing anything else as he went to sleep. Jared then turned over in his own bed, and because the beds had no sheets or covers he couldn’t wrap up like he usually slept. Before long, he drifted off into sleep anyway.

The next morning, Jared woke up to the sound of the sliding panel on the door slamming closed. Looking over he saw that a tray of food had been pushed through again. Groggily getting up from the bed, Jared looked over and saw that Derek had turned over at some point during the night and was now sleeping on his back.

Quietly walking closer, Jared looked with fascination at his sleeping friend’s crotch. Jared figured Derek must be having a nice dream because his cock looked plumped up like it was semi hard or something. The thick piece of meat was arcing over his balls, which were pretty big as well now that he was getting a close look, but Derek’s cock was just something else. Jared leaned in for an even closer look and realized that Derek’s cock actually wasn’t hard at all.

Still looking over his sleeping friend’s crotch, Jared was quietly taking in the sight. Jared had browsed websites for penis enlargement pills in the past in his desperate attempts to make his own bigger, but Derek’s cock looked bigger than even the “after” pictures from those websites. He couldn’t believe they had been friends for so many years and he never realized just how much Derek was packing. Taking a guess, Jared figured Derek’s soft cock had to be every bit of seven inches long.

Jared very quietly lifted his hand and started to move it forward… Just a quick feel before Derek wakes up… but Derek shifted slightly, which startled Jared and made him jump backwards, bumping into the table and chairs. The sound woke up Derek, and he looked over and Jared and said, “What are you doing?”

“Uh, I was… just.. breakfast is here, I was coming to wake you up!” Jared stammered.

Derek looked over and saw the tray of food near the door and his frown turned to relief. “Good, I’m hungry,” he said, and then he got up and walked over to the toilet to take a leak.

Walking over to the door to get the tray of food, Jared brought it back to the table and then looked over at Derek. He saw that Derek had finished pissing, but he was still standing near the toilet with his cock in his hand. Jared was curious what Derek was doing, so he walked over towards the bathroom area for a better look.

Hearing Jared walking up, Derek quickly let go of his cock and walked towards the table. Jared sneaked a peek as Derek walked past and still could hardly believe how much Derek’s cock flopped and swung around with every step he took. Going to the toilet, Jared started to take his own morning piss. After taking a leak Jared reached down and felt his balls, which were still sore, but now they felt really swollen as well. That worried Jared, since it felt like his balls were swollen more than twice their usual size.

From across the room, Derek yelled, “You going to play with yourself or come eat?”

Jared quickly let go of himself, then he walked back over to the table and took a seat. Derek was hungrily scarfing down the meal, and Jared noticed there wasn’t much left. “Hey, you going to leave any for me or what?” he said.

Derek must not have realized how much he was eating, because he said, “Oh, sorry man, I’m just so starving, here you go,” and he pushed the plate of food towards Jared.

There was only half a piece of toast and a few bites of scrambled eggs left, so Jared started to eat it. While Jared was eating, Derek asked, “Why do you think they kidnapped us? They have our wallets, you think it’s something to do with ransom? They do that kind of stuff to tourists in these countries.”

Jared just shrugged. “I hope not. My family is deep in debt, they couldn’t pay any kind of ransom no matter how much they tried.”

Derek nodded and said, “Yeah, my dad can’t really afford it either.” He swallowed a bite of eggs and went on, “Why else would they take us then? I’ve heard of girls being taken for sex stuff, but there’s no reason to take guys for anything like that.”

“Oh yeah?” Jared said. “I bet a lot of people would pay to see your giant dong.” As soon the words came out Jared realized what he had said. Jared couldn’t believe what he had just done and his face turned bright red in embarrassment, a piece of toast slowly falling out of his mouth as it hung open in shock.

The embarrassment seemed to be mutual since Derek’s face was blushing just as bright red as Jared’s, but it wasn’t long before Derek went from embarrassed to angry. He got up from the table and said, “Why would you say something like that?!”

Jared got up too, trying to defuse the situation. “No, I didn’t mean anything, it was…” and even though he tried to stop himself, Jared couldn’t help but taking a quick glance down at Derek’s thick cock hanging there.

Seeing his eyes dart downward, Derek got defensive again and pushed Jared. “There you go again, looking at my cock! If I hear one more word about my dick, or if I ever catch you looking again, you’re going to regret it!” Jared tried to say something, but Derek stomped off across the room and stood near the window, looking outside.

Jared sat back down, still embarrassed that he had said something like that out loud. Reaching down to his own crotch, Jared was surprised to feel that his cock was fully erect. Jared gave a silent prayer of thanks that Derek wasn’t nearby to see that he had apparently gotten a stiffy while they were talking about Derek’s cock. Sliding his chair further underneath the table to try to cover his crotch, Jared glanced over and saw that Derek had moved from the window and was now sitting on the floor on the other side of the bed.

Looking closer, Jared saw that Derek’s upper body seemed to be swaying quickly side to side. Derek’s shoulders and arm, at least from what Jared could see over the bed, were moving like…. was he… jerking off? Jared kept looking at the back of Derek’s shoulders, and soon enough he determined that yeah, Derek was definitely jerking his cock on the other side of the bed.

Jared felt an unusually strong desire to go over there, but knowing how angry Derek had just been, and considering his own cock was rock hard right now, he knew better than to interrupt Derek. Jared did wonder why Derek would choose right now of all times to go and jerk off.

Reaching underneath the table, Jared gently stroked his cock, but with a burst of willpower he pulled his hand away and focused all of his energy to ignoring his boner until it eventually went away.

From across the room, Jared heard Derek give a quiet moan, which he knew meant Derek had just orgasmed, and moments later Derek got up and walked to the sink, keeping his back towards Jared the whole time. Even though it was very obvious what had just happened, Jared decided to play it cool and pretend like he didn’t know Derek was just now jerking off.

After a few minutes at the sink, Derek walked back over to the table and sat down across from Jared. “I didn’t mean to bite your head off earlier, sorry about that,” he said.

Jared smiled and said, “It’s all right man, it’s the stress from us being kidnapped like this.”

Derek nodded. “Did you have enough to eat?”

Jared was still quite hungry since Derek had only left him a few bites of food, but he lied and said, “Yeah, I’m not a big breakfast person.”

Derek then got up and paced around the room a few times, realizing that there really wasn’t much to do. Derek then went to the door and beat on it a few times and yelled, “Hey, what do you expect us to do in here all day?”

To both boys’ surprise, the panel at the bottom of the door slid open and a deck of cards was shoved through into the room before the panel was locked again. Derek picked it up. “I guess it’s better than nothing,” he said, and he walked over to the table and started to shuffle the cards.

“That means they understand English, even if they speak another language,” Jared told him

Derek nodded and said, “Guess so. What are we going to play?”

“Strip poker!” Jared immediately said, but then regretted it, worried it might upset Derek again.

Luckily though, Derek burst out in laughter and nodded towards their naked bodies. “I guess the game already ended in a tie!”

Jared laughed with him, then said, “I don’t care, anything is fine with me.”

Derek nodded and dealt the cards, then the boys spent the next hours playing a few hands of almost every card game they knew.

Their latest card game was interrupted from the sound of their lunch being pushed through the panel in the door. “Oh good, I’m starved!” Derek said, and was about to go get the food, but Jared said, “I’ll get it, you pick up these cards so we have a place to eat.” Jared walked over and got the tray of food and put it on the table between them, then sat down.

Immediately Derek grabbed a handful of the food and started to shove it into his mouth, then he grabbed another, and another. “Damn man, you just ate a few hours ago,” Jared said.

“Yeah, but I’m really hungry,” Derek said with food in his mouth. “Go ahead, get yourself some, it tastes great!” Jared took a piece of fruit and started to eat it, then Derek went back to shoving more food into his mouth. Jared watched with slight amusement as Derek stuffed himself, and even though he was really hungry himself, it looked like Derek was somehow even hungrier, so he let his friend continue to eat.

By the time the food was gone, Jared had only eaten the piece of fruit and a single link of sausage. Everything else had been consumed by Derek. Looking over the empty tray, Derek said, “Did you get enough?”

Jared smiled. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“Allright,” Derek said. “I’ve gotta take a leak, been sitting at this table for too long.”

Jared half expected to see Derek have a pot belly after eating so damned much, but when Derek stood up his stomach was still as flat as ever. What Jared couldn’t help but notice though was the sight of Derek’s soft cock. When Jared had been looking at Derek’s cock this morning, it had looked huge to him, but now… There was no mistaking the fact that Derek’s limp dick had at least two more inches of length, and was much thicker around. The whole log of cock was kind of arching over Derek’s balls which looked even rounder.

Quickly turning away before Derek noticed him looking, Jared wondered how the hell Derek’s cock had gotten bigger. It was big before, but now it looked like one of those fake photoshops online… except that it was definitely not fake. Derek walked to the toilet and then started to piss. Jared kept from staring, not wanting to upset Derek again, but he was incredibly curious. Jared kept waiting at the table, not looking over, but he was starting to wonder what exactly Derek was doing over there since Derek had finished pissing a few minutes ago.

Unable to resist any longer, Jared finally looked up in the direction of the bathroom, but he saw that now Derek was walking back to the table. Stealing a quick glance before turning away, Jared confirmed that yeah, Derek’s cock really had gotten bigger, it wasn’t a trick of the light or anything. Derek sat back down at the table, and once he was seated Jared finally looked up and saw that Derek was looking kind of pale.

“You alright man?” Jared asked him.

Derek quickly nodded. “Yeah everything’s fine,” he said. “Whose deal is it?”

Jared wanted more than anything to bring up Derek’s cock, but there was no good way to work that into a conversation, so he had no choice but to pretend like he hadn’t seen anything. “My deal,” he answered. “How about some blackjack?” Derek nodded, then the boys spent some more time playing cards.

As the sun was setting outside, dinner was pushed through the door panel. “You want to go grab the food for us?” Jared said.

Derek frowned and said, “Nah, why don’t you get it, I’m kind of tired.”

“Tired?” Jared said. “We’ve been sitting here playing cards for hours, how can you be tired?”

“Will you just go get the food? Damn!” Derek snapped.

Jared sighed, then he got up and brought the tray of food over and sat it between them.

Sitting back down, Jared decided this time he was going to get his share of the food, since he was now starting to have hunger pains from eating almost nothing all day. Derek started to grab a hunk of food, but Jared slapped his hand and said, “Hold on, let me divide up the food before you start grabbing it all!” Jared then split up half the meal and gave it to Derek, then he started to eat his half. Jared was so hungry that he was shoving his food in his mouth almost the same way that Derek was, and it didn’t take more than a few minutes for the entire tray of food to be eaten.

Jared then sat and quietly looked across the table at Derek. He had been trying to think of a way to mention Derek’s cock all evening, but he couldn’t think of how to bring it up that wouldn’t upset Derek. Then Derek suddenly said, “I’m going to bed,” and before Jared could ask him to stay and play some more cards, Derek quickly got up and turned away, then walked over to his bed and faced the wall as he got in and laid down. Jared had only caught a glimpse of Derek’s cock when he got up from the table, but it was still looking as big as ever.

Jared stayed at the table and played solitaire for a while until he was sure Derek was asleep, then he got up and went to the far wall and leaned against it. Reaching down, Jared took his cock into his hand, which had been rock hard ever since dinner. Finally able to give himself some relief, Jared started to jerk himself off, enjoying the feeling of his cock in his hand, which seemed to be slightly bigger than usual. Looking down, Jared saw that his balls were still very swollen, but now instead of pulling the skin of his sack tight, his sack seems to have stretched to accommodate his balls and now his whole nutsack hung down further than usual.

With one hand still on his cock, Jared reached down with his other and picked up his balls, letting them roll around in his hand. As Jared was holding his balls, he realized they weren’t swollen after all, they were just…. bigger. Soon the pleasure of stroking his cock drowned out all other thoughts and Jared leaned back and got into the feeling of jerking off. After a while, he finally blew his load all over his chest, and this time he came so much he was actually starting to drip with cum.

Jared did his best to clean up the mess, then went to the sink and cleaned up before getting into bed. As he lay there falling asleep, he decided he was definitely going to have to find a way to talk to Derek about his cock.

Waking up to the usual sound of their breakfast being pushed into the room and the panel slamming shut, Jared slowly opened his eyes. Looking over, Jared saw that like before, Derek had rolled in his sleep and was now sleeping on his back. Quietly getting up from his bed, Jared walked over to get another look at Derek before he woke up.

As he was walking over, Jared felt like his balls were pulling heavily at his groin, and when he reached a hand down to feel himself, he confirmed that his balls had gotten even heavier during the night, but right now the only thing on his mind was checking out Derek. As he got to the side of Derek’s bed Jared had to hold in a gasp of surprise when he saw his friend.

Jared stared, hardly able to believe his eyes, but Derek’s cock, while still completely soft, had to be more than a foot long as it just kind of hung across his hips. Not only was it extremely long, but Derek’s cock had also gained more thickness and was now about as thick as his forearm. The sight of such an impossibly huge package looked especially out of place considering how slim Derek’s waist was in comparison.

Jared reached down and started to shake Derek’s shoulder. “Hey, wake up!” he said.

Derek opened his eyes and started to sit up, but it didn’t take more than a moment before he realized his new size. Derek looked down at his crotch, then he looked up and saw Jared staring at him, so he put a hand over his crotch to try to cover himself and said, “Dude, go away!” Even with Derek’s hand covering his crotch, at least seven inches of cock still hung past his hand to lay heavily on the bed.

Trying to use the most comforting tone he could, Jared said, “Come on man, we’ve been friends since we were kids. Let me help.” Derek still tried to cover his crotch with his hand, though he noticed that more than half of his huge cock was still exposed, so he used his other hand to try to cover up the rest of his shaft, but even two hands still wasn’t enough to completely cover his python.

“How did.. I mean.. you’re so.. that is.. uh..” Jared sputtered, but he really didn’t know what to say. Realizing that trying to hide his enormous cock was a lost cause, Derek gave up and moved his hands away. Derek then took part of his shaft in his hand and lifted it, feeling the weight of his cock and checking out his length before dropping it to the bed again, letting it thud heavily against the mattress. Jared then reached out to get a feel for himself, but Derek jumped up from the bed and knocked his hand away. “Woah, what the fuck, don’t touch it!” he yelled.

Pulling his hand back, Jared said, “Sorry, I just wanted to… I mean, how did it get so big?” Jared stared at Derek’s cock as it now hung all the way to his knees while he was standing.

Derek glanced down at himself again. “How the hell should I know?” he said. “I need a doctor!” Derek then went to the door and beat on it yet again, somehow expecting this time to be different than every other time he had beat on the door. Even from behind, Jared could still see the thick cock hanging down between Derek’s legs.

A few minutes later, Derek gave up beating on the door and started to pace around the room, causing his cock to flop and swing wildly with each step. “You need to calm down,” Jared told him. “Getting all worked up isn’t going to help anything.”

Derek spun to face Jared and said, “Easy for you to say, you’re not the one with the freakish cock!” When he said that, Derek looked down at Jared’s crotch, then he got a curious look on his face and said, “When did that happen?”

Jared wasn’t sure what he meant, but when he looked down at himself he realized what had gotten Derek’s attention. Jared had known his balls were heavier, but he hadn’t really taken the time to check himself out since waking up. Now that he was looking at himself, he realized they had gotten much bigger. Each of his nuts were bigger than a large orange, almost the size of a coconut, and when he tried to pick up his balls with his hands he found out he could barely hold a single ball per hand.

At a loss for words, Jared said, “Uh…” but he had no idea what was going on. Jared then heard a rumbling sound, and Derek rubbed his flat stomach. Walking over to the tray of food, Derek picked it up and brought it to the table, then sat down and started to eat.

“What are you doing?” Jared said.

“Eating breakfast,” Derek answered, stating the obvious.

Jared just stared as Derek started to eat. “How can you eat right now?” he demanded.

Derek didn’t look up from his food. “Because I’m fucking hungry, that’s how.” Jared’s own stomach let out a rumble, so he took a seat and grabbed some of the food before Derek ate it all. Derek still managed to get most of the meal, but Jared was able to get some before it was all gone. After they were done eating, Jared reached under the table and felt his balls, still not used to the feeling of such a huge sack down there.

Looking across the table, Jared saw that both of Derek’s hands were underneath the table as well, so he was pretty sure that Derek was doing the same thing, checking himself out. Jared then took hold of his own cock, feeling that it was still on the smaller side. That gave Jared a brief feeling of envy as he wondered what Derek must be feeling with such a big cock in his hands. Jared suddenly had a strong urge to find out for himself how a huge cock felt, so he got up and walked around the table, stopping near Derek.

When Jared was walking up, he saw Derek pull his hands out from under the table, and then when he stopped near him Derek said, “What?”

“Stand up.” Jared told him.

Derek shook his head. “Huh? No!”

“I’ve already seen it,” Jared told him, “so come on, stand up.”

Derek shook his head again and said, “What for?”

“This could be a sign of something serious,” Jared calmly said. “Let me check for you.”

Derek hesitated, but then he stood up. Moving very slowly, Jared knelt down and said, “Now hold still, let me try to figure this out…” Carefully and slowly, Jared reached forward and took hold of Derek’s huge cock. As soon as his hand touched the shaft, Derek squirmed, but Jared said, “Hold still!” As he held Derek’s cock in his hands, he marveled at how heavy it was and then he gave it a very light squeeze, enjoying the feeling of the thick piece of meat in his hands.

Jared then slid his hand up higher on the shaft all the way to the base of the cock. He was actually glad that both of their crotches had been shaved because it let him get a better feel of the full thickness of the dick in his hands. Jared then slid his hand underneath the cock and started to feel Derek’s balls, but as soon as he did that Derek pulled away and said, “All right, enough! Did you find anything wrong?”

Standing back up, Jared said, “I don’t think so. There’s no uneven swelling or anything like that.” Jared then had an idea and added, “Now I need you to check me.”

Derek’s face went blank. “Huh?”

But Jared pressed the issue. “Come on,” he said. “I can’t see anything from this angle. Check if anything’s out of the ordinary for me.”

Derek seemed to be trying to resolve an inner conflict, but he apparently decided he needed to try to help his friend, so he knelt down in front of Jared’s crotch and slowly reached out a hand towards Jared’s huge balls. The second Derek’s hand touched his sack Jared’s heart began to race. When Derek used his other hand to help lift the heavy balls, Jared almost moaned in pleasure, but he held it in. What he couldn’t hold back was his cock starting to get hard and the moment Derek noticed Jared’s cock starting to pulse he dropped the heavy ballsack and quickly backed away.

Jared was disappointed, but he said, “Did you notice anything wrong?”

“Of course something’s wrong!” Derek yelled. “Your nuts are bigger than freaking water balloons! Why are you being so calm about this?!”

Jared noticed that even though Derek was yelling at him, his enormous cock was still throbbing and starting to get hard. Derek then noticed it as well which made his face go white, then he hurried over to the other side of the bed and sat down behind it again.

His own cock now at full mast, Jared reached down and stroked it a few times, but for some reason he was feeling bolder than usual right now. Jared quietly walked over to the bed and then he walked to the other side and saw that now Derek’s cock was also at full bone and what a sight to behold it was. While he was sitting against the bed Derek’s hard cock pointed up even past his chest all the way to his chin and even though he had it gripped with both hands more than half of the shaft was still left uncovered.

Derek saw Jared standing there and said, “Dude, the fuck, go away!” Instead of leaving, Jared sat down against the bed right next to his friend and then he took his own cock in his hands and started to stroke it. Seeing Jared stroking his own cock seemed to help Derek to loosen up some because some of the tension went away and then Derek resumed stroking his own huge dick.

The two boys quietly stroked themselves while sitting next to each other. Jared kept glancing over at Derek’s enormous dick, but then he noticed that every now and then Derek was sneaking at peak at Jared’s cock, which surprised him. Deciding to take the biggest risk in his life, Jared took his hand off of his cock and moved it very slowly towards Derek’s cock. He expected Derek to knock his hand away at any moment, but to his surprise Derek remained still, not moving to stop him.

Eventually the tips of Jared’s fingers reached the shaft of Derek’s cock and still there was no resistance. Jared’s hand began to slowly close on the huge shaft, at least as much as could fit in his hand. Derek closed his eyes and leaned back against the bed, so Jared decided to go for it and then he took his other hand and fully grabbed hold of Derek’s huge pole and he started to stroke it. The feeling of such a massive piece of meat in his hands was exhilarating and Jared had never felt anything like this before.

Derek began to moan but he kept his eyes closed as Jared continued to stroke his oversized cock. Jared kept up the pace and soon could tell that Derek was about to blow his load. Jared had been holding back his own orgasm for a while and as soon as Derek’s cock started to shoot Jared let himself relax and could feel his own giant balls starting to pump load after load of cum out of his cock.

The result of their simultaneous orgasms was Derek’s cock shooting cum into the air which landed on Jared while Jared’s dick was pointing straight at Derek and was spraying him with the enormous load from his huge balls. Both boys were currently in such bliss from their orgasms that neither even bothered to try to control themselves and they just let themselves cum.

The two boys sat on the floor, dripping with cum, both of their dicks soft for a while now, but neither saying anything. Jared wasn’t sure how Derek would react to what they had just done, so he remained quiet, waiting for Derek to make the first move. Derek was looking away towards the window, keeping still and quiet. Jared kept glancing down at Derek’s soft cock as it lay there, sprawled across the floor like a sleeping anaconda, but he didn’t dare to touch it. Then suddenly Derek stood up and started to walk away. “Where are you going?” Jared said, but Derek didn’t answer.

Jared watched as Derek walked over to the bathtub and started to fill it up. A few minutes later when the tub was filled Derek got in and sat down. Jared got up from the floor and walked over, then he started to get into the tub as well, but Derek said, “Hey, wait your turn!”

Jared looked down at himself and saw the thick globs of cum dripping down his chest and starting to run down his leg towards the floor. “Unless you want this room to have cum all over it,” he said, “I need to get cleaned up too.”

Derek saw the cum dripping from Jared, so he said, “Fine, but stay on that side of the tub.” Jared carefully got into the tub, wincing as he felt his huge balls touch the hot bathwater, but he kept lowering himself into the water, getting used to the heat. Once he was sitting in the tub, Jared wiped away the rest of the cum, then he leaned back, enjoying the soak. Putting a hand under the water, Jared rubbed his fat ballsack, playfully causing it to float around in the water.

Deciding to make a joke to try to break the ice, Jared said, “If we’re ever on a sinking ship, we can use my balls to float to shore.” Even though it was a stupid joke, Derek couldn’t help but smile and start to laugh.

Jared laughed with him, but soon the worried frown was back on Derek’s face. “Enough joking around,” he said. “What are we going to do?”

“Do about what?” Jared said.

“Don’t play dumb!” Derek said.

Jared tried to keep the mood lighthearted. “Aww come on, I’m the one that has the bowling balls, you just have a big cock, which is something every guy wants.”

Derek stood up in the tub, letting his enormous cock hang down right in front of Jared’s face. “Big? Dude, not even horses are this size!”

Jared stared at the cock right in front of him and couldn’t really argue since it looked like Derek’s soft dick was fourteen inches or more.

Reaching up, Jared started to touch Derek’s dick, but Derek pulled away and said, “Stop that!” and sat back down in the bathwater.

“I don’t know man,” Jared said. “We’ve been kidnapped in a foreign country and locked in this room for three days. We both keep growing and I have no idea how or why. I wish I had some answers for you, but your guess is as good as mine.”

“What do you mean, keep growing?” Derek asked.

Jared stood up and put a hand under his balls. “I wasn’t this big this morning,” he said, and Derek looked and saw that now Jared’s balls were definitely the size of coconuts, bigger than before. Also standing up, Derek closely examined his cock and saw that now his fat cockhead was bumping against the middle of his kneecaps, which was probably an inch lower than the last time he had looked.

Still staring at his dick, Derek said, “Fuck! How do I make it stop?”

Jared moved forward in the tub and said, “Let me see,” and he reached up to check out Derek’s cock.

Derek quickly stepped out of the tub. “Dude, you keep trying to touch my cock,” he said. “Cut it out, that’s gay!”

Jared blushed and sat back in the tub again while Derek walked away. Now that he was alone in the tub Jared reached underwater with both hands and rubbed his huge balls, still trying to get used to their size.

After soaking in the tub for a while longer, the water started to get cold so Jared got out and looked around to see what Derek was doing. Derek was at the table eating again. Their lunch must have been sent in while they were in the tub so Jared walked over and took a seat. Looking at the tray of food, Jared saw that it was almost gone so he snatched the tray away from Derek. “Damn, you greedy fucker, save some for me!”

“Sorry bro, I was just really hungry…” Derek said.

Jared began to eat the few scraps of food remaining. Derek got up and started to pace around the room again and Jared watched as Derek’s cock swung back and forth like a pendulum with each step. Something else Jared noticed while Derek was pacing was that his chest was looking more swole than usual. Derek normally had a slim frame with no muscle definition, but now his torso had more of a V shape to it and his pecs had some shape to them. Even Derek’s nipples seemed bigger.

Finishing the last bites of food, Jared then got up and walked over to his bed and laid down. When he turned to lay on his side, Jared could feel his balls hanging across his leg and it wasn’t very comfortable so he turned over onto his back again, letting his heavy nuts rest on the mattress between his legs. Jared reached down and felt his cock, hoping that maybe it had gotten bigger too, but he was disappointed when he found out his cock was still the same four or so inches.

Moving his hand from his cock to his balls, Jared mumbled to himself, “How come you guys got bigger instead of my dick…” Jared then heard his name being called softly. He paused to listen, then he heard Derek calling him again so he looked over and saw Derek in the other bed. Derek’s huge cock was apparently hard again and he had both hands on it, then he called Jared’s name again. Jared got up and walked over to Derek’s bed and said, “Yeah?”

Derek looked down at his enormous boner, then he looked up at Jared and whispered, “You wanna…?”

Jared smirked and said, “Oh, so it’s gay to touch your cock, but when you’re horny it’s all right, is that it?”

Derek frowned and turned to the side. “What? Nevermind!”

Jared hadn’t meant for it to come out like that, so he said, “Dude, that’s not what I meant. I just want you to stay chill all the time. Here, let me help with that…”

Jared reached over and took hold of Derek’s cock. Derek tensed up for a moment, but then he relaxed and turned back towards Jared, causing his huge cock to swing and point right at him. Jared began to stroke it slowly, using both hands to try to stimulate as much of the long shaft as he could. After a few minutes of massaging the shaft, Jared said, “Close your eyes and lean back.” Derek did as he was told, closing his eyes and laying back in the bed.

After a few more minutes to work up the courage, Jared opened his mouth as wide as he could then leaned forward and took Derek’s fat cockhead and a few inches of his shaft into his mouth. As soon as he felt the mouth on his cock Derek sat up and tried to push Jared, saying, “Hey, what are you…” but Jared held his ground and kept sucking. Never having felt anything like that before, Derek leaned back again, moaning loudly as he enjoyed the sensation.

As Jared was sucking he used one hand to continue stroking the shaft while his other hand reached down and picked up Derek’s balls. Derek’s nuts had gotten bigger, but they were only the size of eggs, nothing like the jumbo coconut sized balls of Jared. Derek’s balls were just the right size to fit in Jared’s hand as he gently gave them a squeeze while he sucked on the thick cock. Jared must have been better than he realized at sucking cock because he was caught by surprise when Derek’s dick started to orgasm while inside of his mouth.

With several inches of cock down his throat, Jared had no choice but to swallow the cum that was being pumped into his mouth. The taste was new to Jared, but he liked it so he kept the cock in his mouth and continued to swallow as Derek blew the rest of his load. As Derek’s orgasm finished, his cock started to go soft so Jared backed off, letting the cock flop down onto his lap. Derek was laying back in the bed, obviously satisfied from his orgasm.

Jared’s own cock was still hard and he wanted some release of his own, but Derek looked so peaceful laying there that Jared didn’t want to do anything that would disturb him. Instead, Jared crawled forward and laid in the bed next to his friend, resting his head on Derek’s chest. Derek put his arm around Jared and the two of them lay there quietly.

Hours passed and still the two boys lay in the bed together, not talking. While resting his head on Derek’s chest, Jared slowly ran his hand along one of Derek’s pecs, feeling it. Just a few days ago Derek’s chest had been completely flat, but now Jared’s hand was rubbing on a thick pec that was meaty enough to rise a few inches from Derek’s chest. Jared then lazily slid his hand down to Derek’s areola, which was as big around as a silver dollar. Jared then playfully gave a pinch on Derek’s perky nipple, but when he did that Derek got up from the bed.

Jared regretted doing that because he wanted to lay with Derek some more, but he supposed they had to get up eventually. Jared got up from the bed and as soon as he stood he felt like his balls were weighing heavier than before. Reaching down to feel himself Jared guessed that his nuts were now about the size of melons, so he let out a long sigh. Checking his cock, he confirmed that there was still no change, which prompted another sigh of disappointment.

Looking over, Jared saw that dinner had been delivered and that’s where Derek was heading. Letting go of his balls, Jared hurried to the table, determined to get his fair share of food before Derek inhaled it again. As Derek was walking up with the tray of food Jared got a good look at him and was impressed at how his friend was changing.

Derek’s chest had filled out even more, and his pecs were getting really thick. Derek’s arms were also starting to look ripped with biceps that were visible even though he wasn’t flexing. While Derek’s chest was barrel thick, his stomach was still lean and starting to show signs of a six pack, and the whole V shape was even more pronounced now as his wide chest tapered down to his very narrow waist.

Not that anyone would pay attention to the size of his waist, because spilling out of his crotch was Derek’s ginormous cock. Jared wondered if Derek’s cock had gotten bigger again, but after another look, he was sure that it definitely had. There must have been fifteen inches of soft, very thick sausage flopping between Derek’s legs as he walked to the table. Derek saw Jared staring at him, but Derek didn’t seem to care anymore and instead of telling him to look away, Derek actually paused and let Jared get an even better look.

After the momentary pause Derek placed the tray of food on the table, then both boys sat down. When Jared sat down, he felt like he was sitting higher in the chair than usual, but more troublesome was the fact that his balls had gotten so big they were having trouble fitting onto the seat of the chair. Jared tried to scoot back further in the chair, but it seemed like his ass was taking up more room and no matter what position he tried to sit there just wasn’t enough room for his balls.

Derek saw him squirming around and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just…. never mind,” Jared said, and finally gave up and let his balls roll off the chair to just hang there suspended while he was sitting. It was uncomfortable, especially considering how heavy his balls were, but it was the best he could do. Derek was already grabbing handfuls of food, so Jared put his balls out of his mind and started to claim some of the food for himself.

By the time the food was gone, Derek had still managed to get the bigger portion. As Jared was about to pick up his last bite of pork chop, Derek reached over and snatched it from Jared’s plate and quickly swallowed it down. “What the hell man, that was mine!” Jared yelled at him.

Derek chuckled and sai,d “Guess you should eat faster!”

Jared was still really hungry, so Derek’s playful prank annoyed him more than it should have. Jared got up and went to the bathroom area to take a piss. While taking a leak, Jared looked over and noticed his reflection in the mirror above the sink. After flushing the toilet, Jared walked up and turned to the side, getting a better look at himself. Jared could see in the mirror that his ass had gotten much bigger.

Turning to see himself from a few different angles, Jared saw that he now had a huge bubble butt. Even though his ass was huge, it was still completely firm. It was just… enormous and round. Now Jared knew why he was sitting higher in his chair earlier. Reaching behind himself, he rubbed one of his buttcheeks.

Just then Derek came up behind him and gave a slap on Jared’s rear. “I see you finally noticed your big ol’ ass,” he said.

Jared pushed Derek away and said, “Don’t do that! How long’s it been like this?”

Derek shrugged. “I noticed it earlier, but that bubble’s been really inflating the past few hours.” Derek then started to laugh at his own joke.

Jared was very embarrassed that his ass had gotten so big, and Derek’s laughter wasn’t helping matters. “It’s not funny, jerk!” Jared snapped at him.

Derek stopped laughing and said, “Relax, I think it’s kind of cute,” and then Derek reached out and grabbed a big handful of Jared’s fleshy ass-cheeks with each hand and shook, making Jared’s entire bubble butt jiggle and shake. Jared tried to pull away, but Derek held tight onto Jared’s big ass.

“Get the fuck off me, cut it out!” Jared yelled, and finally Derek released his hold on Jared’s fleshy ass-cheeks. Jared was feeling a mix of anger and embarrassment, and now that he was free he stormed off towards his bed and sat down, facing away from Derek. It felt like he was sitting on a pillow, but now he knew that was because he had so much extra ass he was sitting on… Jared looked down at his huge balls resting in his lap and got even more annoyed. Why did he have such huge balls, and now this ridiculously big ass while Derek got to have a great cock and was starting to look like a bodybuilder. It wasn’t fair!!

“I was just messin’ around bro,” Derek called out from the other bed. “Want to come over here and give me a hand?” Jared turned and saw that Derek was sitting on his bed with his big cock hard and in his hands.

Jared was still mad, though. “Go fuck yourself!” he shot back, and then he laid down on his back to try to go to sleep. Even while laying on his back his hips were elevated a few inches because of his new bubble butt…

When Jared woke up the next morning, he looked over and saw that Derek wasn’t in his bed. Seeing Derek sitting at the table, Jared got up and walked over, then sat down. With his big ass taking up the entire chair, there was no room for his balls, so they had to hang over the edge again, but today it was more uncomfortable than usual, probably because his balls felt even heavier than yesterday.

Derek pushed a plate of food towards Jared. “Look,” he said, “I saved you most of the breakfast!” Jared looked at the plate and figured there was maybe a quarter of what they usually get on the plate, so Derek must have eaten the rest, but at least he had saved something for him. As Jared began to eat, Derek said, “Still mad at me?” Jared shrugged, then Derek said, “Man, I was just playing, don’t get so bent out of shape!”

“Well, it wasn’t funny,” Jared said.

Nodding, Derek then said, “I mean, you can’t blame me, with such a juicy ass right in front of me how could I resist.”

Jared dropped the food he was eating and gave Derek an icy glare. “All right, all right, chill!” Derek said. “I’m not making jokes though, I think it’s cute!”

“Well I don’t!!!” Jared yelled at him.

Derek decided to change the subject. “What do you want to do after breakfast?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Jared sarcastically answered. “I guess we could sit around… or walk in circles… or play our 432nd game of cards. So many options, hard to choose.”

“We’ve been locked in here what, four or five days?” Derek said. “It’s hard to keep track, but we should probably try to get some exercise instead of sitting around all day.”

Jared looked at his friend, who seemed to have bulked up even more overnight. “You don’t look like you need any more exercise,” he said.

Derek blushed, then he rubbed one of his bulging pecs. “It’s kind of weird, huh? I went to the gym for a year in high school trying to bulk up but nothing worked. A few days in this place though and look at me.” He flexed his chest, which made his already big pecs swell up even more.

Jared stared but kept a blank face and said, “Must be nice.”

Derek either didn’t realize or didn’t care at how much he was rubbing it in Jared’s face. “Here, feel this,” he said, and leaned over the table and bent his arm, flexing his bicep. Jared was irritated because of how jealous this was making him, but he didn’t want to miss this opportunity so he reached out and felt Derek’s bicep, amazed at how much muscle he had packed on in such a short time for seemingly no reason.

Enjoying himself as he showed off, Derek then got up from the table and walked around in front of Jared, then he bent forward and flexed his chest again. “See this? Impressive, huh?” Jared put his hand on one of Derek’s pecs and felt it, amazed at how much his chest had developed. Sliding his hand towards the center, Jared then was able to partially sink his hand into the deep crevice between Derek’s thick pecs. Jared then slid his hand lower, letting it slide across the bumps of Derek’s stomach, which had gone from a six pack to an eight pack.

Not stopping his hands’ downward slide, it slid over the last of Derek’s abs and kept going down towards Derek’s crotch. Jared hesitated slightly, to see if Derek was going to react, but Derek kept quiet and still, so Jared kept sliding his hand lower until it reached the base of Derek’s huge cock. Jared continued the sliding motion, rubbing the shaft of Derek’s cock from the base all the way down the shaft until he eventually reached the head before finally pulling his hand away.

“Your muscles aren’t the only thing that got bigger again,” Jared said under his breath.

Derek must have heard him because he reached down and grabbed the shaft of his cock and lifted it, then he dropped it heavily right onto the table. “I think you’re right,” he said. “This does seem bigger.” Jared was shocked that Derek was being so open about his cock and not at all bashful. Looking at Derek’s cock as it lay sprawled across the table made it look even bigger than its already massive size. Jared just kept staring, taking in the sight.

As he kept staring at it, Jared heard Derek say, “You can touch it, I know you want to.”

Jared thought Derek was playing another prank on him, so he got up and said, “Stop messing around!” and started to walk away.

Derek walked over and caught up to Jared and grabbed his arm to stop him. “You think I don’t notice, but I do,” he said. “You’re always sneaking looks at me. You don’t have to pretend, there’s no one else around.”

Jared turned around to face Derek, then he took a deep breath. “I don’t mean to stare… it’s just, I’ve never seen one so…”

Derek then moved closer and said, “I know man, I’m really glad you like it. I was serious when I said I though this was cute…” Then Derek reached around Jared and put each of his hands on one of Jared’s huge ass-cheeks. He squeezed and pulled Jared close. Derek must have gotten a few inches taller, because Jared’s face was being pressed into Derek’s meaty pecs.

Derek began to squeeze Jared’s ass harder as he started to push and pull on his ass-cheeks, causing Jared’s whole ass to jiggle around. Jared never knew that Derek was an ass guy, but he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he squeezed and kneaded Jared’s round ass-cheeks. Jared could feel Derek’s cock brush against his leg as it started to get hard, so Jared reached down and grabbed hold of it, stroking it a few times.

Derek took hold of Jared’s shoulder and then spun him around, then Derek knelt down behind Jared and continued to rub and squeeze on Jared’s fat ass-cheeks. Jared was still embarrassed and self-conscious about his ass getting so big, but there was no doubt that Derek really, really did like it. Jared felt Derek starting to push him forward, guiding him towards the bed, and when they got to the bed Derek gently pushed Jared across it, laying him face down.

Jared had to reach down and slide his balls lower on the bed so they were between his legs, since they were too big to stay under him as he was laying face down, but then Jared relaxed and let Derek continue to play with his big ass. “Man, I can’t resist it anymore,” he growled. “I’ve got to have your ass…”

Jared smiled at the compliment, but he didn’t know what Derek meant. Then Jared felt something start to slide between his ass-cheeks and start to press against his hole.

Looking behind him, Jared saw that Derek had his massive cock in his hands and he was trying to stick it in his ass! Jared tried to turn over, but Derek was on top of him so he wasn’t able to. “Wait, stop,” he said in a panic. “I’ve never done that before! You’re too big!”

Derek tried to calm Jared down. “I’ve never done this before either,” he said. “Just relax, we’ll figure it out.”

Derek then pressed his cock against Jared’s hole again, so Jared said, “It’s not going to fit!”

Derek rubbed on Jared’s ass again. “You’re moving around too much,” he said. “Lie still and help me get it in.” Jared then saw Derek start to rub the thick stream of precum from the head of his cock all over the shaft to lube it up. Derek tried to push his cock in again, but even while slick with his own lube it wasn’t working. Leaning in closer, Derek said, “Man, you’re still too tense, you have to work with me!”

Jared’s heart was pounding, he had butterflies in his stomach, and he was terrified of having such an enormous cock inside of him, but he took a few deep breaths and tried as best he could to relax. When Derek tried to push himself in again, Jared resisted his natural urge to fight it and instead he tried to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. He felt Derek push harder, then there was a sudden stretching feeling and he felt Derek’s cock slide in.

Gripping the bed for support, Jared felt like a telephone pole was being shoved into his ass and he started to gasp. “Just relax, take a deep breath,” Derek said. “You doing okay?”

Jared wasn’t sure if he was going to be table to handle it, but he wanted to try. “Yeah,” he breathed. “Just go slow.” Derek started to push in more of his thick shaft, and now that Derek’s fat cockhead was already in, the rest was going in slightly easier. Jared took shallow breaths, hardly believing the huge cock was inside of him, but even through the pain it felt incredible.

There now had to be at least a foot of cock inside of him, and Jared thought he had finally reached his limit. Derek seemed to want to try to push the entire length of his massive dick inside, but Jared said, “Stop, I can’t take more than that… it’s my first time… it’s too much!” Derek seemed disappointed, and he tried to push another inch in, but when he saw how much Jared was struggling with it he started to slowly pull back instead.

After pulling back a few inches, Derek then pushed back in, then he started to get into a rhythm of fucking Jared’s ass. Jared was starting to get more comfortable with the huge cock in his ass, and some of the pain was fading away, but he still felt all of the pleasure. Derek picked up his pace, starting to slide his long cock faster, and then Jared felt Derek grab hold of his ass-cheeks and push them together, causing Jared’s fat ass to squeeze against the upper part of Derek’s shaft.

Derek began to grunt as he thrust his cock in Jared’s ass, and he started to squeeze Jared’s ass-cheeks even harder. Suddenly Derek let out a primal yell as he began to orgasm. Derek’s orgasm went on for a few minutes until after what seemed like an eternity, Jared felt Derek start to slowly pull out his cock. As soon as the full length of dick had been taken out of Jared’s ass, Derek collapsed onto Jared’s back, laying on top of him, exhausted. Jared could feel the pillowy thickness of Derek’s pecs pushing against his back, and he just lay there, letting Derek enjoy his rest.

Jared continued to lay on the bed with Derek on top of him, but then he heard a snore from Derek and realized he had fallen asleep. Jared started to slowly slide himself out from under Derek, doing his best to not wake him. With some careful re-positioning, Jared got up and left Derek still asleep face-down on the bed. Looking down at his friend, Jared saw that even Derek’s back had toned up and was showing signs of muscle development. Looking further down Jared stared with envy at Derek’s giant cock which was laying on the bed alongside one of his legs.

Unlike his upper body, Derek’s legs didn’t seem to have developed nearly as much muscle mass, and because of that it gave the perception that Derek’s cock was bigger than it really was, if that was even possible. Jared reached down and gave a quick squeeze to his own four inches, and he thought about starting to jerk off right there while looking at Derek’s sleeping body, but he really wanted to get the cum cleaned off of him, so instead he walked over and started to run a bath.

While waiting for the tub to fill, Jared reached down and put both hands under his full and heavy balls. He thought that they had gained a little more size, and they were definitely getting heavier, but then he wondered if maybe it was because he hadn’t orgasmed in a while. Jared hoped that was all it was, because if his balls got any bigger they were going to start really getting in his way while doing even basic stuff like walking. Now that the tub was filled, Jared turned off the water and got in.

When he got in the tub, Jared could feel the huge cushion of his ass when he sat on it. Even if Derek did like it, Jared was still embarrassed by his huge ass, even more so than his massive balls. Jared knew it didn’t make much sense, plenty of guys had big butts, it wasn’t all that uncommon. That didn’t matter to Jared though, he had always though of big butts as something for girls, guys shouldn’t have a big ass. At least having big balls was manly, even if they were ridiculously oversized.

Jared must have lost track of time while thinking to himself in the tub because when he splashed some water on his face he realized it had gotten cold. Jared got out of the tub and dried off, then he went to the mirror and turned to the side, checking himself out again. Jared hated his big ass, but he sighed and walked away, since staring at it wasn’t going to change anything. Between his melon sized balls knocking against his thighs and his huge ass shaking with each step, Jared wished he had some clothes to put on.

Hoping that cumming would help to reduce the size of his balls, Jared walked over and sat on the side of the bed next to Derek, who was still asleep. Jared then took hold of his hard cock and started to jerk it. The motion of Jared jerking off was shaking the bed, which woke up Derek. When Derek turned over, he found himself face to face with Jared’s huge nutsack which was spread out on the bed. Quickly sitting up, Derek looked and saw Jared jerking off so he said, “What are you doing?”

Jared was really getting into it. “It would feel better if you were the one stroking it…” and then he held the base of his dick and pointed all five hard inches of his cock towards Derek.

With surprising speed Derek leaped up from the bed. “Woah, I’m not gay!” he said. The motion of jumping up that fast had caused all sixteen inches of Derek’s thick cock to swing to the side, and now it was heavily bouncing against Derek’s leg before finally going still.

That was certainly not the reaction he had expected, and Jared defensively shouted back, “I’m not gay either!” though he didn’t say it with nearly as much conviction as Derek had.

“Dude, don’t jerk off in my bed, that’s where I sleep!” Derek said. Derek had really killed his mood, and Jared could feel his cock losing its erection. As he was getting up, Jared slid his heavy balls off the edge of the bed, then before he said anything he heard the door to their room open.

Both boys stared at the door as it was opening, not sure what was going on. Then Jared yelled, “Hey, let us out!” and he started to run towards the door, but trying to run with his enormous balls was a mistake and after only a few steps the pain of his balls slamming heavily against his legs while running made him stop and double over in pain.

“Derek… the door…” Jared said, and then Derek finally snapped out of it and he started to go towards the door.

Jared heard some people speaking that language, then he saw someone get shoved into the room, and before Derek got to the door it was closed and locked again. Derek beat on it a few times, but got no response. Rubbing one of his bruised balls, Jared then walked over and saw that the person shoved into the room was a guy and he was tied up and blindfolded, but otherwise naked, just like they had been.

Reaching down Jared untied the guy and took off his blindfold, and as soon as he did the guy yelled at him, “Who are you?”

Jared tried to calm the guy and said, “We’re locked in here, just like you.”

The guy frowned. “I thought I was being released.”

“You know what this place is?” Jared asked him.

The guy shook his head. “No, I was kidnapped two days ago and have been locked in a room. A few minutes ago, some guys came in and grabbed me, tied me up again, then brought me here. That’s all I know.”

Jared sighed, then sai,d “My name’s Jared, and that’s my friend Derek. What’s your name?” The guy looked up at Derek, then he squinted his eyes as he looked over Derek’s overdeveloped pecs, then his eyes drifted down until he saw all sixteen inches of Derek’s python resting along side his leg. The guy’s eyes got wide as he stared in disbelief, then he looked at Jared and then glanced down, getting sight of Jared’s giant balls which were so big they were resting on the floor as Jared was kneeling down.

The guy then looked back over at Derek’s crotch again, then he scooted backwards on the floor away from them. “What the hell’s wrong with you two?!” he said.

Jared stood back up, lifting his sack up from the floor in the process. “We were hoping you were going to have the answer to that.”

The guy kept glancing back and forth between Jared and Derek, not really believing what he was seeing. Jared patiently waited, then asked again, “So, you are….?”

The guy seemed to be getting over his initial shock at seeing the boys, and he finally said, “Vincent.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jared said. “You can get up, we don’t bite.” Vincent slowly stood up from the floor, and then Jared took a good look at him. Vincent was more tanned than either of them, probably about twenty years old as well. He was slender but had the tone of someone who was probably into athletics, maybe track or a swimmer. Jared noticed that all of the hair from Vincent’s chest, stomach, and crotch had been shaved, just like them. Looking down at Vincent’s crotch he was impressed that Vincent looked to have a really big cock of his own, around nine inches soft. It was nothing like Derek’s monster, but Jared knew it was still damned big compared to most cocks. Jared was hoping that the new guy’s cock would have been small like his own so he didn’t feel so tiny, but no such luck.

Vincent took a cautious step closer, seeming to start to relax, so Jared asked him, “You say you’ve been here two days? What about before that?”

“I’ve been backpacking all summer,” Vincent said, “but the other day I was jumped from behind by some guys and they took me here.”

Jared nodded and said, “Just like us.”

Now that he seemed to be warming up to them, Vincent walked over to Derek and said, “I’ve never seen a dick that big before, and I’ve seen my fair share, trust me.”

Derek frowned. “What are you, gay or something?”

Vincent nodded. “Of course, with a cock like that, aren’t you?”

Derek was shocked when he heard that and said, “What? No!!”

Vincent shrugged. “Man, even though it’s right in front of me, I still can’t believe what I’m seeing. I’ve always considered myself hung, and I’ve not yet found a guy bigger than me, then you come along and put me to shame. I’ve topped plenty of guys, but I bet you can really destroy someone’s ass with that thing.” When he heard that Derek gave a quick glance over at Jared, but didn’t say anything. Vincent then let out a provocative whistle.

Derek blushed. “Dude stop talking about my cock! Go stand somewhere else!”

Vincent looked around. “Where? There’s not much to this room…”

Derek reached down and put his hand over his cock, which barely covered five inches of his lengthy shaft, but he still did what he could to cover himself before walking over to the table to sit down. Vincent then walked over and sat at the table as well. Jared was still standing there, feeling left out since Vincent seemed to be totally fixated on Derek and hadn’t really given him a second glance.

The bottom panel in the door then slid open and their lunch was pushed into the room. Jared picked up the tray then walked it over to the table, setting it down in front of everyone. Taking a seat and squeezing his big ass into the chair, Jared saw that Derek was dividing up the food into two portions, and when Vincent reached over to take some Derek smacked his hand away. “This is our lunch!”

“Hey, I’ve gotta eat too!” Vincent said.

Derek shrugged and said, “Can’t help you, there’s barely enough for us and this is our room.” Derek then finished dividing the meal and pushed half of it over to Jared.

Jared looked down at the food, and he was really hungry, but he felt bad for the new guy and wanted to try to make friends. “I’m not that hungry, you can take it,” he said.

Vincent smiled and said, “Thanks man, I’m fucking starving!” Vincent grabbed the food and started to shove it into his mouth. Jared looked at Vincent, then over at Derek, and he couldn’t tell which of them had worse table manners, but they were both scarfing down the food like pigs.

There was a low growl from Jared’s stomach as he watched them eat, but he ignored it. It only took minutes for both of them to completely clear the tray of food. Derek then got up from the table and started to walk over to his bed. Vincent started to follow him but Derek said, “Quit following me around!”

Vincent turned back and said, “What a grump!”

Jared got up and went to sit on his bed, then he noticed Vincent was just kind of standing in the middle of the room since there were only two beds and no couch. “You can sit over here if you want,” Jared said.

Vincent walked over and took a seat on the bed. Jared was sitting with his legs spread wide to give his huge balls more room on the bed and he saw Vincent looking down at them with a somewhat confused expression. Looking up again, Vincent said, “What a day this is turning into, I still can’t believe you two.”

Jared put a hand on his huge nutsack and said, “We don’t know how it happened, but we weren’t like this a few days ago.”

“Oh yeah? How big was your friend before?” Vincent said.

Jared blushed. “I don’t know, we’re not gay!”

Vincent smiled. “Really? Then why do you keep peeking at my cock?”

Jared got red in the face and said, “I wasn’t, I mean…”

Vincent laughed. “It’s all right, I’m used to it.” He reached down and gave a long stroke to his nine incher. Jared could see that Vincent’s cock was starting to get hard, and then Vincent said, “Man I’m feeling horny… you mind if I rub one out?”

Jared blushed and shook his head. “I don’t mind,” he said.

Vincent grabbed his cock and started to stroke it, and once it got hard it must have been over ten inches. Vincent kept stroking his cock as Jared quietly watched, and Jared felt his own little cock getting hard. Vincent noticed Jared’s boner, but he just smiled and he kept stroking himself while Jared watched. Vincent looked and saw that Jared’s eyes were glued to his cock, so he reached over and grabbed the back of Jared’s head and without saying a word he pulled Jared towards his cock and then he pushed his big cock into Jared’s mouth.

Jared immediately began to suck on Vincent’s hard cock, and Vincent chuckled and said, “Yeah, I knew it.” Jared kept sucking on the hard dick, and while sucking he started to scoot forward, causing his balls to slide forward on to bed closer to Vincent. Once Jared had scooted close enough that his balls began to touch Vincent’s leg, he was hoping Vincent would get the idea and reach down to return the favor and stroke his rock hard little cock, but instead Vincent just re-positioned, keeping his cock in Jared’s mouth but moving away from Jared’s crotch at the same time.

Jared kept sucking anyway, and a few minutes later Vincent started to blow his load, which Jared swallowed. Once he had finished, Vincent pulled out, then right away he stood up. “Thanks man, that was nice,” he said, and then he walked off, leaving Jared sitting on the bed alone, still hard. Jared really wanted to ask him to come over and at least give him a handjob, but he didn’t have the nerve for it.

Leaning back in his bed, Jared was relieved that his hunger from skipping lunch had gone away. He remembered something about cum being high in protein, so that was kind of a meal, right?

Time passed slowly for the three boys as they lounged around the room in boredom. Derek spent most of the afternoon laying in his bed while Vincent and Jared passed the time playing cards. “Is playing cards all you guys have to do?” Vincent said “The previous room I was locked in had a TV.”

Jared nodded, then he said, “We talked about doing some exercise, but never got around to it.”

Vincent put down the cards. “That’s a good idea,” he said, and he got up. “Hey Derek, come join us, we’re going to do some exercise.”

Derek grunted, but he got up from the bed. “Why not, I’m bored to tears.”

Vincent seemed to enjoy taking charge. “Let’s start with some push-ups,” he said, and then he got down on the floor into position for push-ups. Derek also got down on the floor in a push-up position, and Jared noticed that Derek had to arrange his cock under him since it was so big.

Jared knelt down and put his hands on the floor for push-ups, and while that close to the ground his ballsack was laying on the ground under him, but at least that supported its weight. Vincent then began to do push-ups and counted out loud, “One, two, three…” and Derek started doing them as well. Jared started to do his own push-ups, but as he lowered himself down to the floor his hips were pressing into his balls underneath him. Jared tried a few more times, but now that his balls had gotten almost as big as watermelons, they were just too much in the way for him to do push-ups.

Getting back up from the floor, Jared heard Vincent say, “Hey don’t puss out on us, you barely even started!”

Jared was too embarrassed to say the real reason he had stopped so he said, “I’m not used to push-ups, I’ll do the next exercise.” Vincent and Derek kept doing their push-ups while Jared stood there and watched them. Vincent’s count was up to “One hundred twenty one… one hundred twenty two…” but then it finally seemed Vincent ran out of steam and he had to stop.

Vincent stood and took a place next to Jared as they both watched Derek keep going with the push-ups, showing no sign of slowing down. Jared could see the thick muscles in Derek’s arms flexing every time he bent them for another pushup and he realized the big muscles Derek had gained recently weren’t just for show.

“This wasn’t a very fair competition with someone as built as you, so let’s even it out some,” Vincent said, and then Vincent got on top of Derek and sat on his back, but even with Vincent sitting on his back Derek didn’t slow down at all as he continued to pound out his push-ups.

While sitting on Derek’s back, Jared watched Vincent slide his hand towards Derek’s ass and heard him say, “I’ve always had a thing for riding muscleboys… if you know what I mean,” and then Vincent’s hand reached Derek’s ass. As soon as Derek felt the hand on his ass he got up, sending Vincent toppling off of his back. Vincent chuckled, but then he got up and said, “All right, let’s do some jumping jacks next.”

Vincent started to do jumping jacks, and then Jared and Derek began to do them as well. As soon as Jared did his first jump in the air, he felt his entire heavy ball sack lift from the motion, then slam heavily when he came back down, which almost made him double over in pain. Jared definitely wasn’t going to try that again, so he stopped and just watched for a second time.

Jared saw that while the other two boys were doing their jumping jacks, both of their cocks were flopping all over the place, especially Derek’s. It must have been uncomfortable for Derek’s huge cock to bounce around like that because Derek stopped doing jumping jacks after only doing a few, so Vincent gave out a loud yell and said, “Wimps, guess this means I win!”

“It’s not a competition, dumbass.” Derek told him.

The door panel slid open, and dinner was delivered, so Derek went and picked up the food and brought it to the table. Vincent then went and sat down and he started to argue with Derek about how the food should be divided up. Jared went over to have a seat, but when he tried to sit in the chair he could feel his ass bumping into the arms of the chair. Jared tried to sit down again, but he ran into the same problem. Looking back, Jared saw that the globes of his big muscle ass had gotten even rounder and firmer, and now he couldn’t fit in the chair.

Jared’s face immediately went bright red and he had never been so embarrassed, but when he looked over he was grateful that the other two boys were still arguing and neither were paying him any attention. Relieved that they hadn’t noticed his latest problem, Jared said, “I’m not hungry, just give my portion to Vincent.”

“You already gave him your lunch,” Derek said. “You have to eat something.”

Jared smiled and lied, “Really, it’s all right, I’m not hungry.”

Vincent smiled and said, “Thanks bro”, and then he started to eat the food that Derek had been setting aside for Jared.

“Well why don’t you at least come sit with us while we eat,” Derek said.

Jared took another look at the chair that his ass could no longer fit in and said, “Nah, I’m going to lie down for a bit,” and then he walked over to his bed and got in. Now that he was sitting in bed Jared could really feel the extra cushion he had in his asscheeks and it felt like he was sitting a few inches above his bed. Scooting back further into the bed, Jared pulled his balls onto the mattress then spread his legs wide and leaned back, trying to ignore the rumbling in his stomach.

Once they had finished eating all the food Derek got up and went to his own bed. Jared saw Vincent walking over, and then Vincent took a seat on the bed with Jared and said, “Thanks man, that’s real cool of you to share your food like that.”

Jared gave a weak smile but didn’t say anything. Sneaking a quick glance downward, Jared looked at Vincent’s crotch while he was sitting on the bed. Jared had intended to only do a fast peek, but when he saw Vincent’s cock he couldn’t help but stare.

Vincent’s cock had very obviously gained some size, at least a few inches of length as well as some thickness. Now the big piece of meat attached to Vincent’s crotch was about a foot long. Vincent absently gave his cock a rub, not minding that Jared was staring. Jared saw that Vincent’s cock was starting to fill out and firm up as it began to get hard, and Vincent said, “How about a little after dinner fun?” Vincent didn’t bother to wait for a response before he grabbed the back of Jared’s head and pulled him forward and stuck his hard cock deep into Jared’s throat.

Jared leaned in, crawling forward for a better position and started to happily suck on Vincent’s cock. Now that he had Vincent’s cock in his mouth there was no mistaking that it was bigger, and it was turning on Jared even more. Jared sucked on Vincent for a few minutes, but then Vincent started to orgasm, which Jared swallowed up. Jared was disappointed that Vincent came so quickly, but he was starting to develop a real liking for the taste of cum and with how hungry he was after not eating he was glad to be able to have something in his stomach.

When Vincent stopped cumming he pulled his cock out of Jared’s mouth, but Jared saw that he was still completely hard. Jared thought that this was now his chance, so he took hold of his own rock-hard five incher and said, “Do you wanna… do mine…?”

Vincent looked down at Jared’s hard cock, but then he said, “Sorry man, that’s not really my thing. Besides, those balls of yours are just… well that’s not my thing either.”

Jared blushed deeply, very embarrassed and he put a hand over his massive nutsack that was resting on the bed, but he knew there was no covering up his size. Vincent then smiled and said, “I do like how much junk you’ve got in your trunk.”

Jared didn’t get the reference and said, “Huh?”

Vincent chuckled, then he made a beckoning motion with his finger. “Come here.” Jared leaned forward, starting to crawl across the bed towards Vincent, then when he got closer, Vincent reached behind him and put his hand on one of Jared’s wide asscheeks and said, “I mean you’ve got a great ass.”

Still self-conscious about his ever-expanding butt, Jared pulled away. “Don’t tease me!” he said.

“I’m not,” Vincent told him. “If those giant balls of yours weren’t such a distraction you would be the dreamiest twink around with an ass like that!” Jared was confused and wasn’t sure if he had just gotten a compliment or an insult. Vincent then told him, “Turn over, I’ll show you just how great of an ass you have.”

Jared still wasn’t sure if Vincent was messing with him or not, but he was horny enough to go for it, so he turned around, then Vincent pushed him forward, making him lay across the bed. Jared felt Vincent grabbing onto his ass with both hands, then Vincent started to massage his ass. “Damn, it’s firmer than I thought,” he said. “You give bubble butt a whole new meaning.” Jared enjoyed the feeling of Vincent massaging the round globes of his ass, then he heard Vincent say, “Brace yourself, I’m going in!”

Jared felt Vincent begin to push his cock up his ass and it slid in easily. “Damn boy, you took my huge cock like it was nothing,” Vincent said.

“Yours isn’t as big as Derek’s,” Jared quietly said.

“Oh really, so ‘Mr. I’m not gay’ has been inside you as well, has he?” Vincent replied. Jared realized he shouldn’t have said that, but as Vincent pushed his cock deeper into his ass, Jared moaned softly. Vincent’s cock may not have been as big as Derek’s, but it was still plenty huge and felt just as good as he pushed it all the way in.

Vincent started to fuck Jared and while thrusting his cock he said, “Damn your ass feels good!” Jared let out another loud moan of pleasure, then he looked up and saw Derek on his bed across the room. Derek was hard and he was sitting on his bed using both hands to stroke his long cock, but Jared noticed that while Derek was jerking off, he was looking over and watching him. He couldn’t really think clearly as Vincent was pounding his ass, but Jared found it strangely hot that he was being watched as he was being fucked.

Jared suddenly felt Vincent squeeze his ass extremely hard so much that it hurt, and then Vincent started to orgasm. When he was finished blowing his load, Vincent pulled out, then he crawled up on the bed closer to Jared and put his arm around him, then said, “We’ve gotta do this more often, that was amazing,” and then Vincent closed his eyes.

Reaching underneath himself, Jared touched his still hard cock and tried to rub it, but he couldn’t do much while laying face down on the bed. He thought about pushing Vincent off of him so he could get up and tend to himself, but he felt so comfortable snuggled up next to the sleeping Vincent that he decided to ignore his aching balls and stay where he was. Would one more night without getting some release really make that much of a difference?

When Jared woke up, he noticed the sun had just begun to rise and shine through the barred window. Still laying face down in the bed with Vincent next to him, Jared considered trying to get some more sleep, but he could feel some of the cum from last night still sticking to him, so he quietly slid out of bed, taking care to not wake Vincent.

By now he was expecting it, but as he got out of bed he could feel that his giant balls had gained some more size again. Standing up straight and bending over to look down at himself, Jared thought his enormous balls were the size of two large soccer balls in his sack. Feeling himself, Jared thought no, they were bigger than soccer balls, probably closer to watermelons. Looking above his sack Jared briefly rubbed his cock, thinking the little four-inch nub looked so out of place next to his titanic balls.

Standing back up, Jared started to walk towards the bathtub, and as he feared, it was getting harder to walk at his current size. The sheer weight of his balls weighing heavily from his groin was one thing, but his whole sack kept getting in the way of his legs every time he took a step. When he got to the tub he started to run the water, then he walked to the mirror and checked himself out.

Turning to the side, Jared looked at his ass that had gotten so big he couldn’t even fit in their chairs anymore. The growth in his ass seemed completely localized just in his asscheeks, which were completely firm. He had a huge, round bubble butt, but looking slightly lower he saw that where his ass met his leg, the curve was sharply defined and his legs had gained no size at all. Because of that, it made his ass stand out even more, and reaching behind himself to rub one of his asscheeks he saw the whole thing jiggle and shake. Jared didn’t understand why both Derek and Vincent thought he had a nice ass, because he thought it looked ridiculous.

Now that the tub was filled, Jared walked over and sat in the water. Jared was only in the tub for a few minutes before he heard someone walking up, so he turned and saw Vincent walking towards the tub. Jared stared in awe as he watched Vincent walking towards him because swinging from Vincent’s crotch was a much-enlarged cock. Vincent’s meat was now hanging all the way down to his kneecaps, and though Jared figured Derek still had him beat, he estimated that Vincent was now showing probably fourteen inches of very thick cock.

It wasn’t just Vincent’s cock that had increased in size. Jared saw that Vincent’s previously slim swimmer’s build had bulked up some during the night, and now he had the same overdeveloped, pumped up pecs like Derek, and the rest of Vincent’s upper frame had put on some bulk as well, but like Derek, his waist was still very narrow.

Vincent walked up to the tub and got in without even asking. Once he was sitting, Vincent smiled and reached underwater and started to hold his enlarged cock. “I don’t know what it is about you guys, but it must be contagious,” he said. “Check this out!” and Vincent lifted his anaconda out of the water, holding it in front of him for Jared to see. “I thought it felt bigger last night,” he went on, “and then this morning, just holy shit. I’ve never been unhappy with my cock size, but man I’m loving this! You think it’s going to keep growing? I wonder if I’ll pass up Derek…”

Jared was really burning up with a mixture of jealousy and frustration. Here he was struggling with his increasingly hard to manage balls and an ass that keeps expanding while Derek and now the new guy were both turning into gorgeous muscle hunks with ultra-sized cocks. Vincent let go of his cock, allowing it to splash heavily back into the tub, then he started to slowly run his finger along his stomach, slowly tracing the outline of his six pack abs that were starting to show.

Having seen enough, Jared got up from the tub and started to get out. Vincent looked up and watched as Jared started to dry off, then he said, “Fuck dude, are your balls still getting bigger?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jared responded sarcastically.

Vincent laughed. “Yeah I guess, that’s so out there, does it feel weird?”

Jared didn’t think that Vincent was intentionally trying to make him feel bad, but it was all the same. “It feels about how you would expect if you were carrying around forty pounds of balls,” he answered angrily and walked away.

As he was walking back in the direction of his bed, Jared saw that Derek had gotten up and was stretching. Derek looked to have packed on some extra muscle during the night, but Jared didn’t think his cock had changed much. Most of Derek’s muscle gain seemed focused in his chest and his pecs were getting so large that it seemed his chest could barely contain them. The top of Derek’s eight-pack abs were actually being covered up by the increased mass from Derek’s pecs.

Jared walked over to Derek and said, “Did you sleep well?”

Derek nodded, then he looked down and noticed how much Jared’s balls had grown. “How are you holding up?” he asked.

Jared frowned, then confided to his friend, “My balls are getting so big that it’s starting to get harder just standing up and supporting their weight.”

Derek saw that Jared was upset. “You have to keep your spirits up,” he warned. “Moping around won’t help!”

Derek then reached back and started to rub on Jared’s big ass, but Jared pushed his hand away. “Stop that!” he said. “My butt’s still getting bigger too, I can’t even fit in the chairs anymore!”

“Huh?” Derek said. “Why didn’t you say something, that’s an easy fix!” and then Derek walked over to the table and pulled out one of the chairs. Taking hold of the chair’s arm-guard Derek’s powerful arms snapped it off as easily as a toothpick, then taking hold of the other arm-guard he did the same.

Vincent was walking up and said, “Why did you do that?”

Derek ignored him and told Jared, “Here you go, try it now.”

Jared walked over and sat in the modified chair, and while his ass was bigger around than the seat of the chair, without the arm-guards to get in his way he was able to still sit in it easily enough. Seeing Jared sit in the chair, Vincent said, “Oh, that’s why.” Jared’s balls were of course still too big to fit on the chair’s seat so they hung suspended in front of the chair again, almost reaching the ground. The incredible weight of his nuts while they hung like that made Jared actually look forward to when they inevitably got even bigger and hung the extra inch or so all the way to the ground so that their weight would be supported while he was sitting…

They heard the door panel open and their breakfast get pushed into the room. “Hey, right on time!” Derek said and brought over the tray. Placing it down, Derek added, “Looks like they increased the portion sizes, so there should be enough for all three of us. Jared, you’re not getting up from that seat until you have some food—no more skipping meals, you hear?”

Jared smiled and said, “Sure,” then watched as Derek passed out the food. Jared couldn’t help but notice Derek gave himself a much larger portion than Jared or Vincent, but he didn’t mind.

Vincent, on the other hand, did mind. “Hey, you didn’t split the food equally, you took more!”

“I gave you plenty,” Derek told him. “I’m bigger so I need more to eat.”

Vincent reached over and grabbed one of Derek’s swollen pecs. “You certainly are bigger, you’re going to need a bra for those pecs pretty soon.”

Derek jumped up from the table. “That’s not funny!”

Vincent got up as well and said, “Yeah, well who put you in charge anyway?”

“Guys, come on, don’t fight!” Jared said, but they seemed to be ignoring him. Jared was getting worried because Derek seemed really pissed, and even though Vincent had bulked up a lot, Derek was still almost twice as muscular as him and he worried Vincent was about to get hurt.

“Sit back down!” Derek said.

“What if I don’t, you going to make me?” Vincent shot back defiantly.

Jared couldn’t believe this was happening, and he started to get up to try to intervene, but suddenly Derek reached out to grab Vincent and force him to sit back down.

Vincent grabbed Derek’s arm and twisted it, forcing Derek to kneel down in pain. Vincent still held onto Derek’s arm while twisting it, holding Derek in place, so Derek did the only thing he could think of while in that position and he reached forward with his free arm and grabbed onto Vincent’s big cock that was dangling between his legs, then he squeezed and yanked as hard as he could. Vincent yelled in pain, letting go of Derek’s arm and backing off a few feet.

Derek got back up, then Vincent said, “Oh so you like to fight dirty huh?” and then Vincent charged Derek, knocking them both to the ground.

Jared kept yelling, “Guys, stop!” but neither paid him any attention and the two muscleboys kept rolling around trying to grab each other. Vincent must have had wrestling experience, because before long he managed to get Derek pinned to the ground even though Derek was much stronger. While Derek was pinned face-down, Vincent reached down and picked up Derek’s huge cock which was laying off to his side, then he gave Derek’s cock a rough squeeze, causing Derek to cry out in pain.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Vincent said. “This is what happens when you fight dirty.” Vincent then let go of Derek’s huge dong, letting it drop heavily to the ground, then while still pinning Derek down, he started to rub his own giant cock, getting it hard. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I got here,” Vincent said. “It’s time to put you in your place.” Jared watched as Vincent repositioned himself while still pinning Derek, and he took hold of his hard cock and started to point it towards Derek’s ass.

Jared watched in shock as he realized that Vincent was intending to assfuck Derek while holding him down. Deciding to put an end to this, Jared rushed over and shoved Vincent off of Derek’s back and said, “I said stop it!!” Now that Vincent had been pushed off of him, Derek leaped up and was about to charge at Vincent again, but Jared stepped in front of him and said, “You too, stop it!”

Derek was fuming and said, “Did you see what he tried to do?!”

Still standing between the two boys, Jared said, “Well, he didn’t, so everyone just cool off.” Derek was about to say something else, but instead he turned and stormed off, getting into his bed and facing the wall. Vincent got up and seemed equally pissed, but he also didn’t say anything and walked off and sat down against the wall on the opposite side of the room.

Jared sighed, then went back and sat at the table. Looking at the breakfast spread on the table still untouched, Jared started to eat and thought to himself at least for the first time since getting here he was going to be able to eat his fill of the food.

Sitting alone at the table, Jared finished eating what he figured was his fair share of the food. Looking over, he saw that Derek was still in his bed and Vincent hadn’t moved from his spot sitting against the wall. Giving a brief pat on his flat stomach, Jared decided he had been generous with his food, but he was still hungry so he went back to eating the remaining food, not giving much consideration to saving any for the other boys. As he kept eating, Jared thought he should be full by now since he had eaten far beyond more than his portion, but it was like his stomach was a bottomless pit and he kept going.

Jared didn’t hear him walking up, but Vincent suddenly sat back down at the table and when he saw that the entire tray of food was almost gone he said, “Dude, I’m starving, let me get some!” Jared paused and looked at the table, realizing that he really had eaten almost the entire meal by himself, but he felt like he could finish off the rest without a problem if he wanted to.

Although he wanted to keep eating, Jared put the half-eaten biscuit he was holding back onto the tray and pushed what was left towards Vincent. “Here you go,” he said.

Vincent was about to start eating, but then he sighed. “It’s silly for us to be fighting, especially since we’re all locked in here together.” He looked over at Derek and added, “Derek you big stud, I know you’re hungry, get over here and have some food.”

Jared knew Derek wasn’t one to hold a grudge, so he wasn’t really surprised when Derek got up and walked over to the table. When he saw that nearly all of the food was gone he seemed to get angry again. “Did you really eat the whole damned tray?”

Raising his hands in mock surrender, Vincent said, “Hey don’t look at me, I haven’t had a bite yet.”

Derek looked at Jared, but Jared smiled meekly and said, “I was hungry…” Derek grunted and sat down, then he took the tray of food and split up the tiny remaining portion exactly in half, pushing one half over to Vincent. Both of them then started to eat their breakfast… and they finished off the tiny portion in under thirty seconds.

“All right, from now on, we split the food up equally, agreed?” Derek said. Jared and Vincent both nodded in agreement. Derek then went back over to lounge in his bed while Vincent went to a clear spot in the room and he started to do push-ups, probably determined to train until he was able to do more than Derek. Jared patted his stomach, amazed that it was still totally flat after consuming so much food.

Getting up from the table, Jared went over to his bed and got in, glad to finally let his balls rest between his legs on top of the mattress. Jared slowly rubbed his sack, feeling each of his watermelon sized balls slightly rolling around inside. Jared’s little cock started to get hard for seemingly no reason, but as it got harder Jared was feeling more and more turned on, but couldn’t explain why. He wasn’t even doing anything except sitting on his bed, but now his dick was throbbing with stiffness and when he put his hand around it, he thought it was so hard it was pumped up a slight amount more than usual.

With his hand on his cock, Jared turned and looked at Derek laying in the other bed, but more than that he was eyeballing Derek’s monstrous cock which was currently drooped across his right leg with a few inches of the shaft hanging over the edge of the bed. Jared then got up and walked over to Derek’s bed and sat on it next to him. Derek looked up, noticing that Jared was erect. “What’s up?” he asked, curious.

“Has your cock still been getting bigger?” Jared returned.

Derek reached down and hauled his cock up with both hands, holding it up for a good look. “Nah, I don’t think so,” he said. “I mean it’s so damned big already it’s hard to tell anymore, but I don’t think it’s changed much since last night.”

Jared was almost salivating as he watched Derek holding his cock, and when Derek let his cock go to flop back down into his lap, Jared said, “Let me check, I can tell if it really got bigger or not,” and then Jared reached towards Derek’s lap.

Derek grabbed his arm and said, “Nah, I’m sure, it didn’t grow recently.”

Jared instead started to reach towards Derek’s chest, and he put his hand on one of Derek’s pecs which had definitely gotten bigger. Jared only got a brief feel of the fleshy, enormous pec before Derek slapped his hand away and said, “Cut it out!”

“Your chest got bigger for sure,” Jared said.

Derek frowned. “No shit, sherlock, did you really think I didn’t notice or something? Why do you think Vincent’s dumbass bra comment got me so angry?”

Staring at Derek’s chest, Jared could see that each of Derek’s pecs really had been filling out disproportional to the rest of his chest, and they were now big enough that his pecs were starting to hang slightly. Derek’s chest was still absolutely male though and his muscular pecs had no resemblance whatsoever to tits, which made it all the more of a turn-on for Jared. Deciding to try a different tactic to get Derek to warm up to him, Jared said, “My balls are still getting bigger too.”

Derek glanced down at Jared’s enormous, swollen nutsack resting between his legs. “Yeah, you mentioned that this morning. That really sucks for you man, but we’ll figure out something eventually.”

That wasn’t the response Jared had been hoping for, so he decided he needed to be more direct. Getting on his hands and knees, Jared turned around and waved his big ass right in front of Derek’s face. “You like this, don’t you? Do you want my ass again?”

Jumping up from the bed, Derek hissed, “What the fuck’s gotten in to you? Keep your voice down before Vincent hears you!”

Jared realized what he was doing, so he stopped shaking his ass and sat up straight, also wondering just what had gotten in to him. Reaching down to touch his cock, which was still as hard as ever, he decided he was too damned horny to care right now, and Derek wasn’t going along. Getting up from Derek’s bed, Jared walked off, heading over to where Vincent was still working out.

Seeing Vincent still doing push-ups, Jared said, “Want me to get on your back, give you some extra weight for your workout?”

Vincent stood up, breathing heavily. “If you got on my back with those boulders of yours, I’d be crushed.”

Jared didn’t even care that Vincent was teasing him about his nuts, and he stared as streams of sweat poured down Vincent’s muscular chest and abs, dripping all the way to his giant cock. Jared figured he would try the same line on Vincent. “Is your cock getting bigger?” he asked.

Vincent’s face broadened into a smile and he reached down, grabbing his swinging dick. “You noticed, huh? Yeah, I think I put on an extra inch. It feels so good to have this much meat, but I don’t know how I’m ever going to fuck anyone again. No one can take a monster like this.”

“I can take it!” Jared cut in.

“Well, you may be the only guy with enough ass to take something like this,” Vincent said. “I stand corrected.” Jared smiled and turned around, then backed his huge ass right up to Vincent’s crotch.

Reaching down and giving Jared’s big ass a hard squeeze, then a slap, Vincent said, “I’m not in the mood right now bro, maybe later.”

Jared turned back around, starting to get frustrated since his cock was beginning to ache, begging him for some action. Jared reached down and took hold of Vincent’s cock. “Aren’t you worried it’s going to keep growing?”

“Kind of,” Vincent said. “I mean there’s fantasy, there’s your wildest fantasy, but yeah eventually it’s just too much.”

Jared started to slowly rub on Vincent’s cock. “How much is too much?”

Vincent looked down, seeing that even though Jared had both hands firmly gripping on his cock, there was still more than half of his shaft hanging underneath. “I might have already reached the too much stage…” Vincent said.

Jared kept stroking Vincent’s huge dick. “You think? Doesn’t this feel good though?”

Vincent’s cock was starting to get hard as Jared played with it. “Yeah,” he admitted, “that does feel good…”

As soon as it had firmed up enough, Jared leaned in and took as much of Vincent’s cock into his mouth as he could fit, sucking it deeply.

“Well, there’s…” Vincent began to say, but he let his words trail off as Jared started to suck harder. Jared could taste the steady river of precum leaking from Vincent’s cock while he sucked it, and he greedily swallowed as much as he could. Jared was able to recognize when Vincent was getting close to the edge of orgasm, and each time he would slow down his sucking to a crawl, not making Vincent orgasm just yet.

The amount of pre-cum leaking from Vincent’s cock was getting even faster, and still Jared kept swallowing it, then when he felt Vincent tense up and about to blow, Jared took his cock out of his mouth and turned around, gently rubbing his bubble butt up against Vincent’s rock-hard dick. With sexually charged strength Vincent took hold of Jared and pushed him forward and across the table, knocking the empty breakfast tray to the ground. With Jared bent across the table, Vincent pushed his legs wide, then he shoved his cock deep into Jared’s big ass.

Jared moaned in pleasure as Vincent pushed himself entirely in all the way to the balls, which Jared was taking without a problem. As Vincent started to fuck Jared like an animal, the motion was causing Jared’s monstrous ballsack to swing back and forth as it hung under the table. Taking hold of his own little cock, Jared started to stroke himself while Vincent was fucking him. Jared felt like it had been days since his last orgasm, and his balls had been building this load for a long time, and before long Jared started to blast cum all over the floor while Vincent kept fucking him.

Soon after, Vincent groaned and also started to orgasm, though his didn’t last anywhere near as long as Jared’s orgasm. When both of them had finally spent the last of their energy, they both let themselves collapse onto the floor, neither having the stamina to get up and walk to the bed. They lay there for a few minutes, exhausted, and soon Jared felt himself get uncontrollably sleepy, so he closed his eyes, not fighting the feeling.

Jared felt someone kicking his leg, then he heard, “Get up!” As he opened his eyes, Jared saw that Derek was kicking his leg to wake him up.

Seeing him awake, Derek said, “You two better clean up the mess you made!”

Jared saw Vincent next to him on the floor, also waking up from Derek’s yelling. The two of them got up from the floor and Jared saw the pool of cum they had left near the table, not to mention all of the cum they both had on them.

Derek was still yelling something about the mess. “Yes, yes, we’ll clean it up, but I need a bath first,” Jared said.

“Yeah, me too,” Vincent said, and then both of them walked over to the bathtub. While he was walking, Jared felt his heavy balls knocking against his legs. He thought that after such a massive orgasm his balls wouldn’t be so heavy, but if anything they felt heavier than ever. Jared also thought about how brazen he had been about trying to get either of the guys to fool around with him, which wasn’t like him at all. He hoped Derek wasn’t upset that he tried to come on to him earlier…

Vincent started to run a bath, and then both of them got into the tub, with Jared carefully letting his balls rest between his widely spread legs. As they washed themselves the bathwater got cloudy from the remnants of cum they had on them. Jared then leaned back in the tub to relax and enjoy the hot water, and Vincent was doing the same.

“You’re quite the little minx, aren’t you?” Vincent said, smiling at him.

Jared blushed. “Sorry, I don’t know what got into me.”

“Don’t apologize,” Vincent told him. “You knew what you wanted and you went for it, and I’m glad you did. That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Jared blushed even deeper, then said, “Yeah, well, that’s not something I usually do…” Vincent chuckled, then he leaned back and closed his eyes. Jared also closed his eyes, still worn out from earlier. Jared must have drifted off again, because when he opened his eyes and rubbed them, he noticed his fingers were all pruned up like he had been in the water for a long time, and the water was ice cold. Looking over, he saw Vincent was still leaning back in the tub with his eyes closed, probably asleep, and across the room Derek was napping in his bed.

Deciding to get out of the tub, Jared started to stand up, and as he began to lift himself from the tub, he felt a heavy tugging at his crotch. Jared used his legs to lift harder, and with some effort he started to stand up out of the cloudy bathwater, still struggling with the weight at his groin. As his waist lifted up from the water and he started to see his balls, he gasped and slipped, splashing and falling back into the bathtub.

The splashing woke up Vincent. “Hey, this water’s freezing, don’t splash!” he said.

“Something’s wrong!” Jared said.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Vincent said.

“It’s my… they’re… got bigger!” Jared said.

“Hey slow down, you’re not making any sense,” Vincent told him.

Jared then stood up again, and as his waist rose up above the cloudy water followed by his balls.

“Woah….” Vincent said.

Jared’s balls had almost doubled in size and his sack was starting to look like a beachball. Jared’s nutsack was so big that it hung just past his knees and the whole thing was wider than both of his legs. Jared carefully got out of the tub, and had to reach down and use both hands to lift his balls up enough to clear the side of the bathtub.

“Dude, you left freaky behind a while ago and now you’re on a whole other level with those nuts of yours,” Vincent said.

Ignoring the usual smart-ass comments from Vincent, Jared was having trouble standing up straight since the weight of his balls was almost causing him to topple forward. Jared heard Vincent quietly snickering to himself, and that made him want to punch Vincent in the face for being so insensitive. Vincent then got up from the tub as well, and when he stood up Jared stared, surprised at what he saw.

Now that he was standing, Jared looked at Vincent’s cock which seemed to have gained more than double its thickness and now rivaled the thickness of one of his legs. Vincent’s cock was hanging down so far than even though Vincent was standing straight up, Jared still couldn’t see the head of Vincent’s cock since it was still hanging down all the way into the water. Vincent looked down at himself, then he gave a yell and said, “What the fuck?!”

Vincent scrambled to get out of the bathtub, and now that he was standing on the floor Jared saw that Vincent’s incredibly thick cock had gotten so long that the head was brushing against the floor tiles. Vincent used both hands to grab hold of his shaft and partially lifted it. “Oh fuck, what happened?!” he said.

Jared frowned. “What, not so funny anymore?” he teased. “I thought everything was a joke to you.”

Vincent was starting to panic and said, “This is… how do… I don’t… just…. fuck!”

From behind, Jared heard Derek say, “What are you two going on about?” Once Derek got closer and he got a look at Jared and Vincent he said, “What the hell?” Vincent was still babbling, barely making sense as he kept pulling and touching his cock all over, trying to make some sense of how it had grown so over-sized.

It was starting to get uncomfortable to stand for Jared, so he said, “I need to sit down, my balls… they’re so heavy.” Derek watched as Jared awkwardly walked over to his bed then had to use both arms to grab hold of his balls and hoist them onto the bed before he could sit and think.

Derek went over to Jared. “Is there anything I can do?” he asked.

Jared leaned forward and rubbed one of his balls. “Not unless you know how I can reduce my size.”

Derek frowned. “Uh… I don’t know… but look, your balls weren’t the only thing that got bigger.” Jared followed Derek’s gaze down to his cock and he looked at it. He hadn’t even noticed, but now that he was looking, he saw that his cock actually had gotten slightly bigger, too. Next to his nuts, his cock looked small, but when he picked it up with his hand he realized his limp dick was somewhere between six or seven inches. Under any other circumstances he would probably be jumping for joy, but now that his balls had grown so out of control he didn’t even care about his cock size.

Jared looked up and saw that Vincent had apparently calmed down somewhat and was walking towards them, and Jared saw that Vincent was holding the shaft of his cock while he walked, probably so the head wouldn’t drag along the ground. Jared silently wondered to himself who had it worse, him with the beachball sized nuts or Vincent with his impossibly long cock. “What are we going to do?” Vincent said as he approached.

Trying to think of something to say, Jared was surprised to see the door of their room slowly open. Unsure what was going on, all three of the boys turned and stared as five men walked into the room. One of the men was dressed in what looked like a very expensive suit, had slicked back hair, and he was carrying a clipboard.

What really caught Jared’s eye, though, was the four men on either side of him. He had thought Derek was getting overly muscled, but Derek was nothing compared to the four brutish looking guys standing near the man in the suit. Each one of the big men had to be seven feet tall, wearing nothing but a tank top and tight-fitting shorts. The tall men were just rippling with muscles, almost to the point that Jared thought they probably didn’t even have full range of mobility to bend their arms all the way. The man in the suit began to speak to the large men in that foreign language, then the four big guys walked towards them. Jared got up from the bed, not even noticing how much his heavy balls were weighing him down since he was worried about what was happening.

Vincent backed up to the wall, but Derek walked forward directly towards the newcomers. “Who the fuck are you, and why do you have us locked in here?!”

One of the big guys said something in a language he couldn’t understand, and when Derek got to them he tried to push his way past but two of the big guys grabbed Derek’s arms and held him. The guy with the clipboard hung back as the muscle giants glowered down at Derek. Derek began to try to fight them, but not even Derek’s heavily muscled body was any match for the hulking brutes that had grabbed him, and they easily held him in place, ignoring Derek’s yelling and cursing at them.

The other two large men walked towards Jared and Vincent. One of them stopped right in front of Jared and stared at him, but didn’t move to do anything yet, and Jared remained still, afraid to do much else. The other big man went to Vincent and took him by the arm, then he said something that Jared didn’t understand, but it really surprised him when Vincent answered back in the same language. Jared suddenly wondered why he had never thought to ask Vincent if he knew their language, but it made sense that he would since he was from around here.

The man that was holding Vincent started to pull him towards the door, and even though Vincent starting yelling at him in their native tongue and fighting, he was no match for the muscled man and he was easily pulled along towards the door. Jared looked over and saw that the men holding Derek had him completely held in place, helpless to do anything. He decided he couldn’t stand there and do nothing so he tried to move forward, but the guy in front of him reached out and grabbed his arm, holding him in place.

“Where are you taking him?” Jared yelled. “What’s going on? Who are you?!”

The man in the suit looked up from his clipboard and said something to the man holding Jared. The man loosened his grip, though he didn’t let Jared go. The well-dressed man then walked closer and said in perfect English, “There’s no need to get upset. Vincent will not be harmed.”

“Then why are you taking him?” Jared asked.

“His condition has advanced beyond the point that he can give you meaningful stimulation,” the man answered, “so he’s being transferred.”

“Huh?” Jared said.

The man then looked over Jared from head to toe, pausing momentarily when he looked at his cock and balls. “We’re very pleased with your progress, both you and your friend. You’re almost ready.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jared said, confused, angry, and scared all at once.

The man then went back to the foreign language and said something to the guy holding Jared. The big guy started to lead Jared towards the bed.

When they got near the bed, the big man leaned over and started to grab Jared’s ballsack to help lift it onto the bed, but Jared slapped him and screamed, “Don’t touch me!” The man in the suit said something to the big guy and he backed off a step, letting Jared get onto the bed on his own. Reaching down and grabbing his heavy balls, Jared hauled his ballsack onto the bed, then he stared defiantly at the two men standing near him. Looking over, Jared saw that Derek had his hands tied behind his back and was laying on the ground.

The man in the suit wrote something on his clipboard. “That’s all for now,” he said, and then he said something in the other language to the three large men remaining in the room. All of them walked out, locking the door behind them.

As soon as they were gone Jared got up and went over to Derek and untied him. Derek got up and said, “What the fuck was that all about?”

Jared shrugged. “Where do you think they took Vincent?”

“How would I know?” Derek said.

Jared frowned, wondering what was going to happen to Vincent. More than that, he wondered what that guy had been talking about. What did he mean about their progress, and that they were almost ready? Ready for what?


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