Site Update 30 March 2018

Site Update: 30 March 2018

Hey folks, here it is at last, the second March update, in almost under the wire. This time out I have, by request, an update to “Fortitude”—a very old story but a personal favorite, and I enjoyed returning to the characters and digging a little deeper into them and their situation; plus a new chapter of “Cool Bracelet, Bro” that spends a little time with Pete’s two recently-changed (and yet always-that-way) lovers, Márcio and Alex, in the lead-up to the three of them all pouncing on each other and doing naughty things together.

Plus, as promised, an extra story. It’s called “Playing with Fire” and I… really dunno where this story came from. I started out to write a kind of suggestion story, and there was also a story-germ about a vulcanologist floating around in my head, and then… it all smashed together and went in a completely different direction. I wrote this story and I’m still all like “Where the heck did this come from?”

Anyway, hope you like the new stuff. I thought I was going to be short on submissions for this update, but it turns out we’re replete with new offerings, from continuations of existing popular stories to all new stuff from familiar authors to the replenishment of missing chapters from an old classic. And if you feel like something you’ve written fits in with the Metabods universe, by all means send it in! The only thing better than a wide and varied readership is a diverse college of authors to match. And please, leave comments and star ratings so we author types know what works!

Deep thanks to my Patreon supporters, without whose encouragement I would not be writing nearly as much or as enthusiastically. Thank you, thank you, thank you to them, and to all of you for visiting. Be safe this weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

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This week’s new stuff:


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