A most unusual curse

by BeefyBullGuy

Jackson’s misadventures in a Asian shrine to cock lead to an unexpected curse.

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The lead up to current events was, in actual fact, rather bland and uninteresting considering. Jackson had been on vacation in Bangkok, which turned out to be highly ironic. He and a couple of friends had spent several nights partying and hitting up local bars, and women of course, and the days sleeping and recovering, with hopes of drinking and fucking more come nightfall.

Had they stuck to that plan, then this would not have happened. If Jackson had not managed to convince his friends to go sight seeing, he would be perfectly fine, with several new notches on his bed post. But no, they had all agreed to it, to spend the day taking in some culture and bettering themselves.

As it happened, Jackson was rather high up on the attractive scale. standing at 6ft1, with a slender, but toned body, some chest and stomach hair, and an impressive cock which hung at 6 inches soft, and stood at a respectable 8 inches hard, and fairly thick. His face was cute, with a little ruggedness to his features, his dark brown hair pushed back in a modern style.

They had arrived at the temple late afternoon. Most of the tourists had left, and those remaining were hanging around the gift shop, or taking photos with people dressed as characters at the gates. Jackson and his two friends had the temple to themselves. It had been an awful idea, utterly stupid, they had only come here for the laughs. The Tuptim Penis Shrine. A place dedicated to cocks, all shapes and sizes, types and colours. So, what was a young 20-year-old to do? Jackson, thinking it clever and hilarious, climbed atop the base of one statue, a monstrous 10-foot shaft. That act alone would have been bad enough. To mock and make light of an important cultural artefact, but no, it got far worse. His friends were laughing, and as he began climbing down, there was a loud crack. The entire statue split in two. Five foot of stone cock came crashing down, turning to rubble and dust.

Quite how they escaped without being caught was unknown. The three spent the night at the Airport, their bags packed in a rush, and once they were airborne, did they finally manage to relax.

There had been no reports in the news or papers, or even online of what had happened. Perhaps it was a replica, and the temple had plenty more replacements? Either way Jackson had pushed the terrible memory away, though was sure it would come back in the form of a hilarious incident in the future.

That was four weeks ago now, memories of their adventures were fading a little, his friends had returned to their Colleges, and he to his own. He shared a dorm with one other guy. Kaleb was a nice enough guy, fairly quiet and studious, but attractive and muscular as well, spending a good amount of time in the Gym.

Classes did not start until next week, so Jackson still had the dorm to himself, and was currently laid on the couch, some terrible 80’s horror movie on.

He decided that a shower and early night would be good, all day he had been feeling hot and irritable.

The young man stood and stretched, reaching for the remote when a sudden pain shot through his entire body, sending him onto his knees in the middle of the dorm. He gasped loudly, hands resting on the floor to steady himself. The pain had gone, leaving him feeling hot and shaky. “What… the fuck was that?” he gasped, pushing himself into a kneeling position. A cramp perhaps? He had been laying on the couch for some time… yea, that made sense.

Trembling a little, Jackson pushed himself to his feet, only to fall back to his knees, crying out in agony once more. The pain lasted a little longer this time, but faded to a dull ache, remaining in the background of his senses.

Panting heavily now, the young brunette was on all fours, his arms trembling. He felt sick, his stomach churning. He coughed a few times and vomited. Thick, white slime poured from his mouth, pooling on the carpet beneath him. He groaned, eyes wide, staring at the pearly white substance on the floor.

He gagged, and again the thick white liquid dribbled from his lips onto the floor. It had a strong, salty taste to it, and looked extremely familiar. He managed to push himself backwards and sat down, shaking all over. Using the back of his hand, he wiped his mouth and looked at the strange fluid. It was thick, sticky, and pearly white. That was impossible… it looked exactly like…

He cried out in pain once more, falling backwards, writhing and clawing at his Tshirt, pulling it over his head. Sweat was beading all over his body as his temperature rose. He needed to get rid of his clothing, he was burning up. Fumbling with his belt, he soon had his jeans, socks and underwear off.

Jackson lay there, fully nude, trembling in the middle of his Dorm, his chest rising and falling quickly with his breathing.

What was happening?! He felt… well, he had no idea how he felt. Hot, sick, in agony. Another cry of pain as every muscle in his legs cramped and tightened. He managed to sit up, though was unable to move his legs at all. Was he paralysed?! He looked down and froze, eyes wide in horror and confusion.

His legs looked wrong, very wrong. Gone were the slender, perfectly toned legs he knew. They now looked soft, and thick and… wrinkled?! He reached out and pushed at his thigh, the skin puckered and creased. He panicked and tried to stand, his legs twitched and juddered, but he couldn’t stand, or move them much at all.

As he sat there, breathing heavily, he could see them changing. The skin darkening, the hairs on his legs curling, becoming darker as well. After a while, his legs were flat, as though only made of skin, with no muscle or bone at all, just two hairy, wrinkled sacks. This was a nightmare… that was it, there was no other explanation… He slapped himself, several times, each one harder and more desperate than the last.

There was a new sensation now, a heavy, dull ache filling what once was his legs.”Fuck… fuck fuck, no… what’s… oh fuck” he whimpered, too terrified to look, but managed to force himself to. The skin sacks had gotten larger, the gap between his legs had sealed almost right down to what were once his feet. But now they did not look empty or flat, it seemed there were two softballs inside each, which were swelling and growing.

He knew what was happening. It was impossible… but here it was, right before him. More and more the orbs inflated and grew. He only just noticed that his cock and balls had merged into the wrinkled skin as well. Jackson pushed himself back against the couch, tears streaming down his cheeks. Above his waist he was himself, but below the waist, his legs, his feet, his cock and his ass… they were… they had become Balls. A thick, hairy, huge sack, with two beach ball sized balls.

His fear and horror were overwhelming, every month, for three days, he would be this?! No… looking down, he saw it, the beginning of the next stage. His bellybutton had faded away, his flat stomach looked more rounded.

The young man stared, eyes wide, mouth open in disbelief. Occasionally he would cough, spluttering cum down his chest and stomach. He knew, somehow, that this was because he broke that totem statue. Something inside of him knew of his curse now. He was cursed, every month, to become a… cock.

He was a werecock.
Jackson was slumped on the floor, leaning back against the end of the couch, staring down at the area where his legs once had been. In their place, resting upon the floor, was a pair of huge, beach ball sized testicles, encased in a thick, hairy sack. His toned, slender body was coating in thick white cum, which had periodically spluttered from his mouth, as well as streaking down his cheeks from his eyes as fear took him, causing him to cry.

He pulled his attention away from his huge balls and looked down at his body. Between his navel and the ball sack was nothing, just skin, his own cock and balls had been swallowed up by his new sack. Jackson watched as his abdomen began smoothing over, his bellybutton had already faded, but now the already faint hint of a six pack was fading away, his slender waist becoming more cylindrical, and his chest felt tighter. As he watches, his relatively broad best was compacting inwards, becoming narrower so as to form an equally wide shaft.

He had little time remaining as a human, he was sure of that. Help was needed, but who… who could possibly help him with a situation like this?! With a slight grimace, he knew just who he needed. Finnlay, his old friend. The two had not spoken since before summer, they had had a few drinks together, Jackson was heading to Japan for the summer and Finnlay back home to Norway. A few too many drinks and they had kissed.

Jackson was straight, very much so, and had explained afterwards that it was a stupid mistake, he had never meant it to happen and he was just drunk. For some reason Finn did not that it that well, and since that night they had not spoken. Which sucked a lot, Finn had helped Jackson with homework all semester, and the guy was a great house keeper as well. Yes, Jackson used him a bit, he admitted that.

However, Finn was a very smart guy, a little weird sure, but smart. He was well on his way to becoming an Archaeologist or a Professor or whatever… What that guy didn’t know about ancient culture was not worth knowing, so he was Jacksons best shot.

He pushed himself up with his arms and rolled over onto his front with a heavy thud. He found that he could pull his balls towards himself, then shunt forward, much like a worm in a way. Dragging a monster sized pair of balls behind you was no easy task, and it took five minutes for him to reach the other side of the room where his laptop was open. He slumped to the floor, having managed to grab the laptop from the desk, panting.

His arms were exhausted and felt incredibly weak. Looking down at them he saw they were far thinner looking. His torso now had thick veins covering it, with a larger one running up his centre. With a horrified groan, more cum spluttered from his mouth, pooling on the floor next to him. He whimpered and started up the laptop, then opened Facebook.

Jackson: Finn, hey… I need your help, come over now. Please. emergency

Some three minutes passed before the chat window showed that Finnlay was replying.

Finnlay: ???

Jackson groaned loudly in desperation. He reached out to the laptop and had to shimmy himself closer, his arms were receding. “Fuck, fuck fuck,” he whimpered, typing fast.

Jackson: Please, I need help!

Finnlay: Fine, I’ll be there in about half an hour

Jackson felt a little better, then realised that there was still nothing Finn could do to help, not yet at least.

He would be a full cock by the time Finn arrived, so he opened up a word processor and began typing, explaining what had happened at the temple, and what was happening now.

He had just finished typing about how his chest had began changing, when his arms fell limp. He cried out in terror, the short, thin limbs pulling into his narrow body. He managed to roll onto his side, one of his large balls falling over the other.

His neck had widened to the same size as his chest. No… no that was not right, his chest and stomach… his shaft, was getting thinner?! He managed to look down and what he saw confirmed it. His balls were getting smaller, all of him was. Despite wanting to watch his balls shrink, Jackson found his head being forced to look upwards, and there it remained, he was unable to move it or look anywhere.

His vision as distorted now, it felt as though his face was swelling up and growing wider. Everything went dark and silent. This only lasted for a few seconds, however. His vision and other senses returned slowly, fading into being. He could see, smell and hear, though his point of view was very strange now. He was looking up at his laptop, which seemed massive. The strange sensations he had been feeling had all but faded away, and so he was pretty sure that this was it, his transformation was complete.

With trepidation, Jackson managed to pull himself up, sitting on his balls. The laptop screen had gone dark, and so offered a reflection. Before him sat a cock, with balls equal in size to tennis balls, and a shaft which must have been ten inches in length, and beer can thick when hard, though currently he was flaccid, but still impressively sized. His fat, egg sized head was hooded with a foreskin.

Would he remain this way for good? Was this it? Or would he turn back, and be forced to change into this form again? What would cause him to change? There was no full moon or other noticeable trigger. Jackson sat wondering these details for a while, when the sound of footsteps brought him back to reality. Finn was about to enter, and see a cock on the floor…

As swiftly as he could, Jackson began crawling and moved a few feet away, coming to hide under the desk, but was sure to press a button on the laptop and wake it up once more, to display his account of what had happened.

Finn knocked on the door “Jackson? What’s up?” he called, his tone irritable. He gave a sigh and tried the door, finding it unlocked, he entered the dorm room. It was empty, though Jacksons laptop was on the floor. “Hello?” he called, closing the door behind him and headed to Jacksons room, and then Jacksons roommates room, both empty, as was the kitchen and bathroom. “Jack?” he called, a little concern in his voice now. He picked up the laptop and saw his name.

Finnlay, This is no joke. Please, read this and when the words stop, tell me you are finished

What followed was a poorly typed out explanation of his trip to Japan, breaking an idol and… “The fuck?” Finn muttered, reading on. He sat the laptop down, frowning heavily. This was some fucked up joke or something. “Right… I read it all,” he called out.

Nothing happened, or it certainly seemed that way. “Jackson… You’re a dick,” he called out with a sarcastic laugh, then something caught his eye. He looked at the floor by the desk, but it was gone. Slowly he knelt down and looked under. “No fucking way,” he said softly, eyes wide. At the back, trying to hide was, “A cock… You’re… no… how… the idol but… fuck!” he gasped, sitting back, looking amazed and confused and terrified at the same time.

“… Jackson?” he said, looking over at the space under the desk. “It’s all right… come out…” he said, inside of his own head, he was freaking out, but tried to remain calm on the exterior.

Jackson inched his way out from under the desk. Finnlay looked huge, Jackson crawled a little closer, then came to a stop, trembling all over.

“Fuck… this is impossible… it’s amazing,” Finn said, kneeling and coming closer to the sentient cock. “You can hear me then… and see?” he asked, watching as the cock nodded slightly. “Man… I don’t have a clue what to say…. you’re a cock… this is… fuck.” He sat back, running a hand through his hair.

Finn looked back down at Jackson thoughtfully. This guy who had used him and then kicked him aside, was now a pathetic cock. He made a decision, he would help Jackson, or at least, he would investigate what was happening. Reaching out, Finn picked up the now squirming cock “Stay still… You want me to help right? I need to examine you, figure out everything I can,” Finn said, standing up. “Let’s see if you function first.”

Finnlay had his hand out flat, Jackson was “seated” there, his thick, long shaft resting upon his large, egg sized balls. “Okay, well, you are bigger than your own cock, that’s clear,” Finn said casually, smirking a little when Jackson seemed to lower his new head in shame.

“So, you have all of your senses, you are able to move. Scientifically this is impossible so… as stupid as this sounds, it must be magic. Fuck, I am holding a sentient cock which used to be a person—of course it’s magic!” Finn laughed, then rolled his eyes. “Jackson, we will figure it out. Any thoughts on what caused you to change? There is no full moon, no specific cosmic or atmospheric events…”

Jackson began moving, so Finn set him on the floor. He watched in awe as Jackson crawled his way to the laptop and began slowly and clumsily typing.

It took almost fifteen minutes, but finally the Sentient Cock moved back from the laptop, looking rather tired.

[I was laying and watching TV, stood up and a sudden pain shot through me, that is when it began. I did nothing different to every other day for at least a week]

Finnlay read, then looked down at Jackson thoughtfully. He scooped him into his hand and brought him to eye level. After a few moments, Finnlay moved Jacksons head to his lips and opened.

Jackson began squirming desperately, writhing like a thick, odd snake in the other man’s hands. “Hold… still, I am trying to figure you out,” Finn said, then pushed Jackson into his mouth.

He was smooth, warm, just like a flaccid cock should be. After a little sucking and licking, Finn began feeling Jackson changing.

Jackson was still fighting against Finnlay. Being sucked like this only made him feel worse, it cemented the fact that he was a cock, nothing more.

Finn’s mouth action, coupled with Jackson’s own movement, caused what happened next.

He was finding it harder and harder to move. His once fluid, snake like writhing was becoming more jerky and forced. His body was thickening and getting longer. He felt his foreskin pull back, exposing a large, swollen purple head.

Finnlay pulled Jackson from his mouth and grinned “Damn! You are a big one,” he laughed. He stood and carried Jackson to the desk where he took out a ruler.

“Nine inches long! And… fuck, 6 and a half inches girth. Damn, Jackson, if only your cock was this size,” he laughed, setting Jackson down on the desk.

Finn sat down after picking up the laptop, then opened up a web browser. “Keep still, in fact… “ Finn picked Jackson up and wrapped a length of string around Jackson’s balls, tying the other end to his wrist. “There… now let me research.”

Finn began by logging into a web database he had joined a while back, filled with information on ancient rituals and beliefs.

Jackson was finding it easier and easier to move, his body shrinking and softening. He began crawling, unsure if asking Finn over was a good idea, wanting to distance himself, but the string was only about 10 inches long, so he was trapped on the desk.

An hour passed, Finn occasionally reached over and gently stroked Jackson, forcing the cock boy to retain a semi-hard state.

“Okay… nothing on cock curses or… anything like this, buuuut—”

Finn said, opening a page he had saved. “Ancient Japanese curses… kind of obscure… and really badly translated. This one refers to a woman who was cursed to become a cow…” He frowned, reading over it again.

“Okay, she would change twice a month… on the fourth and fifth night…. Hey, that fits! It’s the fourth today!… Anyway, that was for three years until she was… mated… and she then remained a cow for the rest of her life.” Finn said, looking down at Jackson. “I have no idea if the same applies to you but… If it does, then I would guess that you will turn into a cock twice a month for… probably twenty-four hours, unless you… well, cum through intercourse. In which case… yeah, no going back.”

Finn closed the laptop and looked down at Jackson thoughtfully.

“So, I will stay until you change back, and then I will head over just before sunset tomorrow and look after you. Don’t worry man, we will figure this out.”

Thankfully for Finn, Jackson was unable to read his mind. Finnlay had a plan, or at least, an idea, and Jackson would never agree to it.

The rest of the night was spent with Finn talking, taking measurements and making notes. At one point he excused himself and returned half an hour later with a bag, which he said contained some clothes and other such items, so he could spend the night and next day with Jackson. He had been slowly drifting of to sleep on the couch when something woke him.

Jackson had been resting on Finns lap, when a sudden sensation filled his entire… form. He began writhing and shifting around, all the time his shaft and balls swelling.

It seemed to happen a lot faster than his first transformation, and within perhaps four minutes he was human once more, laying on the floor, trembling all over.

Finnlay helped the naked boy to his feet. “Can you speak? How was it… tell me everything you can!”

Jackson sat down and wiped the salty taste from his mouth. “Uh… I… I dunno, I felt weird, awful… I was a fucking cock! A disembodied cock!” he sobbed, throwing himself against Finn.

“It’s okay man… Don’t worry… we will fix this, I actually have an idea in mind,” Finn said softly, running his hand over Jacksons back tenderly. “I will look after you.” Finn stood up and went to the kitchen, returning with a glass of Orange Soda. “Here… get that taste out of your mouth.”

Jackson accepted the glass and downed it in one go. “It… I mean, I felt like myself, my mind and everything, but my body… I felt soft and thick and heavy… when you were sucking me and then… stroking me… it was much harder to move… my balls ached a little and felt heavier too,” Jackson told Finnlay whilst the other made notes.

Jackson frowned, rubbing his eyes. “… Exhausted… uuuuungh.” He felt the glass slip from his hand and shatter on the floor.

Finn smiled, watching Jackson closely. “I… feel weird… is it happening again already?” Jackson asked, his vision blurring a little around the edges.

“No… No, I do not think so… I would be surprised if sleeping pills triggered your change,” Finn said, standing up.

“Sleeping… what? What are… why…?” Jackson stood and swayed, then fell back onto the couch.

“You make for a far hotter cock than you do a human, Jackson… Get some sleep,” Finn said, watching as the young man before him slumped on the couch.

He was comfortable, soft pillows under his head, pressing against half of his face, his body laid out on his bed, on top of the soft, thick covers. There was a slight chill, he was naked, but comfortable, and everything was fine with the world.

Then that small nagging feeling came back, filling his chest slowly. Something bad had happened… something bad had happened to him the day before, but he couldn’t remember what it was…

Jacksons eyes snapped open. He would have thought it had all been some weird, fucked up nightmare, but the ropes wrapped around his wrists and ankles, binding him to the bed made him guess that it had all happened.

His drug induced sleep was hard to shake off, but his mind was begriming to clear slowly. He had changed into… into a cock, a sentient, living cock. Finnlay had come over to help, he had researched and found out some information on a similar curse. Jackson had changed back, but would change once again tonight. His vision had cleared enough for him to see his alarm clock, 6:32pm. Did that count as night? He guessed it would be more astrological than time based.

“Oh, look who’s awake! I was worried you might sleep through it all,” came a soft, deep, smooth voice.

Jackson attempted to get up, but the ropes holding his wrists to the head of the bed prevented this. “Finn,” he coughed, his throat feeling rough. “Finn, what the fuck… I’m not a werewolf, I’m a were… cock,” he grimaced. “You don’t need to tie me down, I can’t attack… why the fuck did you drug me?!” he yelled, remembering fully now.

“Of course you won’t attack me… You make for a big cock, but not that big,” Finn laughed, walking over and sat on the edge of the bed, smiling down at Jackson. “I have an experiment in mind, based partly on the research I did,” he said softly, gently stroking Jackson’s hair from his face.

“Experiment… to cure me?” Jackson asked, a little afraid of the answer he might get. “Finn, untie me, this is stupid!”

A wide grin spread across Finn’s handsome face. “Cure? In a way, yes… I am going to cure you of the dick you are, Jackson.” Finn laughed, standing up. “Because you have always been a dick! Rude, arrogant. I’m going to fuck you, while you change!” With that, Finn began undressing, a good sized, hard bulge forming in his jeans.

Soon Finnlay stood next to the bed, fully naked. His hard 6.5 inch cock throbbing slightly.

Jackson stared at Finn, eyes wide “You’re… you, No… NO! You can’t! You said that… it would be permanent! And if you’re inside me at the same time… Finn, Finn please! You can’t!” He yelled, pulling harder against the ropes tying him to the bed.

“Jackson… shut up, almost time I think,” Finn said in an almost bored tone, looking out the window, then checked the time. “You first messaged be at 7:02, I would guess you began changing a few minutes before that, so let’s get started…”

With that, Finn got onto the bed and positioned himself behind Jackson. There were several large mirrors set up around the room, as well as a video camera, recording the entire process.

Jackson continued pulling against the ropes and struggling as best he could, his body still felt weak from the sleeping tablets, and the ropes were thick and tight. He was tied into a kneeling, doggy like position, his ample butt sticking up in the air.

“Finn, Finn please… no,” he said, tears begriming to roll down his cheeks. “I don’t want… you can’t… please it isn’t fair! I have a life!”

Jacksons argument was cut short as Finn slapped Jackson’s ass, hard. He then spat into his hand and used it to slicken his cock up, which was then positioned right between Jacksons ass cheeks.

“You bastard! This is basically murder!” Jackson screamed, frustrated that no other person was in the building yet to hear him, but hoped beyond all hope that someone might be passing. “I’ll fucking kill you… ahhhg!” he yelped, closing his eyes tightly as that all too familiar cramping feeling filled his body. “No… noo,” he whimpered as it began to fade.

Another pain shot through his body, though this was not caused by the curse. Finnlay was pushing his cock into Jackson, slowly, but smoothly, not pausing or slowing down at all.

“Finn, please, think about w… what you aaargh! What you are doing! I’ll be your cock forever! Please!” Jackson slumped to the bed, shuddering as more and more of Finns cock was pushed inside of him. He gasped for breath and coughed, a salty taste filling his mouth.

“Fuck… almost, there…” Finn grunted, pushing himself as deep as he could go, right down to the base of his very slightly above average cock. He grinned and panted softly, leaning forward to talk into Jacksons ear.

“You will be my cock, that is all you will ever be…. A big, fat, throbbing dick,” He smirked darkly, gently thrusting as Jackson began to sob into the pillows.

Finn continued to thrust slightly, just gently rocking enough to keep Jackson stimulated. Thick, pearly white tears were slowly falling from Jacksons eyes now, and his occasional coughing was accompanied by large quantities of cum, until the pillow was soaked through.

“Yes, damn. Jack, you’re a good, tight fuck… don’t worry, you’ll be doing plenty of fucking soon,” Finn smirked, and then fell silent, looking down at Jacksons ass.

Jackson’s sobbing had stopped as well, his eyes were wide and mouth hanging open.

Finnlay tugged himself backwards, but was unable to remove his cock from Jackson’s ass. A huge smirk broke out across his face as he pulled a little harder. “Oh… oh fuck yes!” he gasped, running his hands over Jacksons ass.

Jackson looked distraught. His insides felt hot and as though they were moving once again, and the weak, hot sensation was filling his legs once more. On top of that, he was connected to Finn… he was actually going to become the guys cock, for good!

He resumed his struggling, cursing Finn and shouting as loud as he could. His legs were burning and, had he been able to see them, he would have seen them lose their shape and become a large sack with slowly inflating balls.

“Fuck, fuck yes… I can feel ya,” Finnlay grunted, running his hands over Jacksons ass and lower back. It was a subtle feeling, but it was getting stronger, he could feel a pleasurable sensation each time he stroked a part of Jacksons body.

Both of their weight on the bed seemed to shift. Finn glanced down and laughed, Jacksons legs had melted away into a huge pair of balls. “Should be safe now,” he grinned, picking up a small knife from the end of the bed and cut away the ropes that had been holding Jackson’s legs, he then reached up and freed the boy’s arms, before tossing the knife to the other side of the room.

Jackson felt his wrists fall free, not that it did him any good. He was fused to Finnlay, he had no legs and… after looking down his body, he could see his bellybutton fade away as his abdomen become slightly more cylindrical.

“Look at this, Jack” Finn grinned, wrapping his arms around Jackson and stood up, with a little bit of a struggle, his massive balls hanging past his knees.

Jackson saw himself in one of the mirrors, cum slowly drooling from his lips, coating his chest. Below that, his abdomen was now almost fully a shaft, thick veins slowly throbbing, and then his balls, huge, hanging low but very slowly getting smaller.

“Finnlay… Why, how… This isn’t fair!” he sobbed through mouthfuls of cum, closing his eyes so he did not have to watch his transformation.

“Open them!” Finn snapped, using one hand to force Jackson’s eye open. “This is the last time you will ever be human… make the most of it.” He grinned, moving his hand to slowly stroke Jackson’s stomach.

Jackson swung his arm backwards, intending on hitting Finnlay in the side, but felt his arm just flop and twitch slightly. The muscle mass was shrinking away, his arms becoming slimmer and shorter. He didn’t have long left. His family, his friends… no one would know where he was…

Finnlay continued to slowly stroke Jackson, running his hands up the boys entire length, right to his neck. Jacksons chest was narrower now, his nipples having vanished and any muscular definition faded away. The boy’s arms were about to disappear fully as well. Finnlay let go of Jackson, then grinned. He was hard, Jackson was supporting himself, nothing but a huge, freakishly big cock with a human head. “Sweet, uncut…” Finn said as Jackson’s neck began swelling to match his shaft size, a thick fold of skin began to form.

Jackson knew he had moments left, if that. “I… hate… y…” He was silenced by a loud, thick gurgle as his mouth flooded with cum. He began shrinking faster now, his features becoming less defined with each second.

Finnlay was frantically stroking Jackson’s body. First using his whole arms, then only his hands and forearms. “Fuck, yes!” he yelled, his huge balls swinging between his legs as, finally, both of his hands wrapped around his new cock.

With a loud, primal groan he came, covering the mirror in front of him with enough cum to half fill a bucket.

Finn fell back and sat on the bed, panting heavily, trying to catch his breath.

He eventually opened his eyes and looked down. “Fuck, holy fuck!” he yelled. Watching for a couple of minutes until he was certain that the changes had stopped.

Between his legs, resting on top of a pair of grapefruit sized balls was the largest cock he had ever seen.

It was semi-hard now, and must have been thirteen inches long, and as thick as his wrist.

Finn stood up, his legs trembling slightly. “Shit Jack, you’re huge, bigger than before!” he gasped, watching his manhood deflate. Minutes passed and finally he was soft. His huge mushroom like head covered with its hood. “You must be, what… nine inches soft! And thick as fuck… shit, I can’t get my hand around you, even when soft!” Finnlay grinned, standing in front of the mirror once more.

Jackson felt his body becoming less rigid, softening and feeling tired. He could hear Finnlay… he could still see as well, so perhaps….

Finnlays cock twitched a little, and then a bit more. It slowly managed to lift itself to look straight in the mirror. “Huh… fuck that feels good,” Finn muttered, but was suddenly aware of how a sentient cock might be a problem…

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