Doing what you love

by brazboy

Henrique wants to live his life doing what he loves—a life without worries, a life of being useful. In another time he might have become a monk, but to him what that truly means is to become an object.

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Everyone always told Henrique he should strive to do what he loves.

“Money doesn’t matter nearly as much as people say it does, son. You don’t want to spend the rest of your live working a job that will kill you one day at a time. Chose to do something you can enjoy, something that makes you happy every day,” his father had said before Henrique chose his university major. Less than a year later, he was killed in a car accident, and so Henrique ended up taking his words even more seriously than one might have in other circumstances.

Of course, the inheritance helped—5 million reais in savings, another 25 million in investments, and half a dozen buildings being rented all around the city. Being completely financially independent now, there was no real reason for Henrique to do anything but what he wanted to do anymore. The problem for him was that, despite having lived almost a quarter of a century, he never really found out what that was, until he discovered BDSM. It was then that he found himself—he wanted to be, to become, a good hole for his master. Preferably, one that would be used as often as possible, as nonchalantly as possible, and as thoroughly as possible.

So, when he was a little over 24 years of age, Henrique started building up what he thought would make him happy: a house in the countryside, which he filled with hunks with large cocks which could dominate and fuck him, by offering them a modest salary from his estate and having all their costs covered. They were recruited from local universities and gyms by a small team Henrique hired to select the hunkiest hunks, and the cockiest cocks—and they were good in doing so, after all, Brazil was going through a crisis and who would refuse a good paying job where the main function was ‘fucking’ and the main requirements were ‘being willing to fuck hard and often’?

Through careful planning, Henrique built what was his little paradise. A dozen men, twelve rooms, and a living room where he was tied, remaining immobile there for days at a time, while the men came and used him at will—they fed him cum and food when they wanted to; they sat on him, or fucked him, sometimes they punished him or rewarded him as well. He had his small crew making sure that he was always clean, and that any damage that the men caused was not irreversible, and that food and toys were always available.

There, Henrique lived happy days and months—he had a long, penis-shaped gag which they put in his mouth so he wouldn’t be too noisy when they were enjoying his body. Otherwise, one of the dozen horny studs was almost always fucking him in the ass and in the mouth. The lads recruited by his team came from far and wide, and as such new people came and went and he was fucked by cocks of all shapes and colors, and tasted cum of all types of different balls. Some of the studs were harsher with him, enjoying stepping on his own long cock or gagging him, and even hitting him with instruments such as their leather whip or their canes; meanwhile, others were more caring and would oil his whole body up and even suck on his cock when they felt like it, after blinding his eyes so the sensations from the rubbing would be heightened.

The place was, for Henrique, by all accounts, a paradise.

Indeed, during the 16 months that the lad lived there, he truly enjoyed it, but, in time, he would come to find that this situation was insufficient and imperfect—he, after all, had the ultimate power of money over the men, which always loomed large over his masters whom he effectively employed to please him. Also, as some of the men started to stay for longer periods in the house, he felt the edge of the situation started to slip away, as he could more or less predict what they were going to do and, while he enjoyed it, his mind traveled and craved novelty. Henrique, he realized it himself, was becoming more and more egotistical.

This was not right, nor proper—and yet, he was afraid of letting go of the money, nor could he fully abandon his desires. At this time in his life, Henrique felt a likeness to the old priests who found a calling in serving God in a vow of poverty and obedience, but yet couldn’t let go of their material possessions and worldly pleasures. How could he get fucked and used while at the same time not overcoming his craving of this condition? Having choosing this fate, could he live with that decision?—he worried, as he disbanded the pleasure farm, and went around the world in search of a new master: this time, someone who could be both larger and richer than him, and thus above him in every possible way.

And that’s when he met him: Doctor Andreas Papacutomapau.

Doctor Papacutomapau came from Germany, although he was of Greek background. He found Henrique due to his fame in the underground communities of those of their inclination, as after closing his little farm Henrique had started looking for rich masters who could dominate him, although these relationships didn’t last as his desire to be taken and dominated often contradicted with his sick want of fulfilling his desires. Knowing of this problem, Doctor Papacutomapau offered the Brazilian millionaire an unmissable opportunity.

“I have developed a process through which one can join one’s body with an object, producing a delightful new and unique thing, the mix of an object and a subject, which is both useful and capable of feeling stimulation, while void of desires and consciousness,” said the excited Doctor, to a far more skeptical Henrique. The Brazilian man moaned, as he had a butt plug in his ass then, but his frowning face denounced his fear of being swindled.

“And how many such things have you already produced? How can I know your process truly works and it isn’t just murder by another name?” asked the millionaire, before the Greek doctor smiled and opened his bag.

“Oh, my friend… I have made more than a thousand such objects. My house in Cologne is full of them, and I have even sold a couple to friends. Here is one for you to see,” he said, and then took from the bag a large very realistic pinkish dildo, which was probably about 19cm in length and completely soft. Henrique went and touched it, weirdly feeling the dildo throb and starting to get hard.

“Damn! Are you saying this dildo was a person? It sure feels like a real penis!” he asked, surprised and suddenly biting his lips.

“Yes, indeed, it still is partly a person, although it doesn’t have a mind of its own anymore… just a cock,” said the doctor, and then he started stroking the thing. “You can touch it, feel it for yourself. I had it grown in comparison to the size of the original penis, but this is just a human dildo. I can even lend it to you if you want to experiment with it before you consider going through the procedure yourself, I just ask you not to break it as those are very expensive,” said the doctor with a smile, and then Henrique started stroking the thing, and as it was touched and squeezed, it rose up and hardened! It quickly grew to 28cm in length, and started oozing a crystal-clear liquid. Henrique gasped in amazement, and then lowered his head to lick it.

“It oozes pre!” said the Brazilian, surprised, and then he immediately stood up, lowered his pants, showing his beautiful bubbly ass to the doctor. Without stopping for a second, Henrique removed the butt plug from his ass and positioned his hole so it would align with the large human dildo below him. “By God, I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but here it goes!” he said, and slowly sat on the beautiful, hot, throbbing and oozing dildo. It was so confusing a feeling, so nonsensical and crazy an experience, to have something that so resembled a cock inside him while not having it be attached to a real man, that Henrique immediately started to go up and down on the thick member, moaning as he did so. His own cock started to bob up and down as he sat up and down, and then his member was throb, as Doctor Papacutomapau smiled, knowing this client was as good as taken.

Almost frenetically, Henrique grabbed the giant dildo’s base and started pushing its whole length in and out of himself, completely drilling his ass as his hard cock flied up and down. After doing this for four or five minutes, moaning deliciously with the human-like object in his ass, his balls gave up and he came profusely and hard, panting and moaning, spreading his bountiful thick cum all over his couch. As he was coming, Henrique’s ass twitched around the dildo, massaging and milking it, and then the thing itself came inside his ass! Confused, delighted, shocked and completely overjoyed, Henrique took the dildo off his ass in one swift motion—his hole now drooling warm dildo cum—and handed it back to Doctor Papacutomapau.

Henrique then turned around and, with his stretched and wet using ass, he sat on his couth again, glowing in pleasure.

“Where do I sign?” he asked Papacutomapau, full of confidence. The doctor showed him some papers and soon they were discussing prices and different possible objects for Henrique to become. No later than 14 days afterwards, Doctor Papacutomapau was back to Germany. Henrique followed a few days later, having bought himself a one-way ticket.

Henrique flew to Frankfurt and then took a train to Doctor Papacutomapau’s city. Once there, he was taken from the station by a driver, soon arriving to his residence in the suburbs—a large mansion surrounded by woods where the doctor also had his private laboratory. Henrique, who had been to Europe previously searching for masters, couldn’t think of anything other than the upcoming procedure, and had spent all the last month second-guessing his choice of which object to become.

He skipped through the pages of the catalogue in the plane and the train.

“A bed? Is it really the best choice? What about a table? Sure, it isn’t as frequently used, but the idea of being fucked while someone eats on top of me… I could have my ass and mouth in the underside, my cock hard in the center, for decoration, perhaps with flowers…,” he pondered, before flipping back to the other page. “And a sofa, too, is interesting… with a face on which to sit, perhaps a cock as well. Or a desk, or a cabinet? But then, again, a bed is where one stays for the longest time…,” went his circular reasoning.

When he did arrive at the mansion, Henrique was soon escorted inside by a tall assistant, who, Henrique soon noticed, had a square body under his clothes. His frame was generously covered by the expensive suit that the assistant wore, but nonetheless the squareness of his shape was quite unmistakable.

“I’m sorry to ask but… have you undergone Doctor Papacutomapau’s procedure?” asked the Brazilian, rather curiously, as the two walked down the main hallway to the lower rooms in the mansion. The secretary nodded.

“Yes, but that was some years ago when the procedure was not yet perfected, and that’s why I still have my head and consciousness like this. Do not worry, after you go through with it, your consciousness and with it all your pain, restrictions, passions and desires and such other useless outputs of our monkey brains will disappear and you will be at peace,” said the secretary, with a wide smile, and then the two of them continued walking forward.

Soon Henrique was met by Papacutomapau, who was in the middle of a large laboratory. The doctor came and hugged the taller Brazilian man, excitedly, while the assistant walked out of the large and well-lit room, which was filled with mysterious instruments.

“It’s great to see you here! Do you want to see my previous subject… or, should I say, object,” joked the man, and then he laughed and slapped Henrique’s meaty pecs. “It decided to change into a car seat for its boyfriend, who loves cars, but the boyfriend will only come pick it up tomorrow so you can test it today. You will see again how the objects I make keep all the stimulation and sensorial capabilities, but none of the wicked consciousness that enslaves humans,” said the excited scientist. Henrique nodded, looking around and seeing that many of the machines and pieces of furniture around him were different than usual. In some cases, those differences were down to how technologically advanced they looked, and in other case it was because they had very realistic human-like limbs, mouths, cocks, asses, noses, and other features.

“Yes, doctor, I’d love to see him,” said the Brazilian man, making Papacutomapau frown a little, before he pulled him deeper inside the lab.

“It, Henrique, not him. It’s just a seat we are talking about, not a person… not anymore,” he said and laughed, and Henrique smiled slowly, feeling increasingly comfortable about his prospective future, until he was gleaming with happiness. The idea of becoming free and simpleminded like an object pleased him.

“Yes, it! Let’s go see it!” he said, gleaming, following the doctor.

After walking a little Doctor Papacutomapau signaled for Henrique to stop, which he did. Then, the doctor went a little further and pulled a cart which carried something that was both long and tall, but which was covered by some white linen. He then smiled and grabbed the fabric, waiting a second to create some unnecessary tension—if only he knew how fast Henrique’s heart was already beating, he’d have spared the lad this moment of excitement.

“Here it is!” he said and pulled the white fabric, revealing the sportscar seat which was being carried by the cart. The seat was, itself, unordinary, if not for the face it had on the seating part itself, and the large black cock and balls hanging from the headrest. The cock was soft, but almost incredibly long and heavy, and the balls themselves were gigantic, and bloated, as they contracted and expanded—they seemed uncomfortably full. Soon, the smiling doctor started fondling the huge cum orbs, as the cock reacted and started producing a crystal-clear liquid. “Come, take a seat, you will see how comfortable it is!” said the doctor, while fondling the balls.

“May I?” asked Henrique, only too impressed by the incredible item in front of him, and the doctor nodded.

“Of course! Just take off your pants, this seat was designed for you to seat upon it with your ass naked,” said the doctor, while fondling the two massive balls. Henrique nodded and took off his pants, revealing his nice well-sculptured bubbly ass, and his long and thick 22cm rock-hard Brazilian cock.

“Excuse me then,” he said climbing on the cart and turning his ass towards the seat, before finally lowering his booty on the inexpressive, but handsome and peaceful face. He moaned as his rear got comfortable sitting on a face, and even lowered his hands to help him spread his ass cheeks as wide as possible. Surprisingly, before long the chair’s thick and wet tongue travelled up Henrique’s ass crack and found his tight hole, then licking it and penetrating further to eat and lick and sooth his guts.

Henrique moaned, loud, but that was not all. Doctor Papacutomapau then grabbed the chair’s cock and pulled it to the side and then, as the balls rested on Henrique’s shoulders and his head rested on them as well, he pushed the oozing cock inside the Brazilian millionaire’s mouth, which Henrique automatically started to suckle. As Henrique suckled, the production of pre increased, and it was soon flowing consistently down his hungry throat, as the tongue was also digging up his ass.

“Hmmmm, hmmmm, doctor this is genius! I would love to be sitting here forever!” said Henrique, feeling the cock throb in his mouth, the balls on his shoulders contracting and expanding like regular human balls, and the mouth moaning as it licked his ass. If that didn’t prove the chair felt pleasure, then nothing would; and yet it was such a nice, warm and comfortable regular car seat. Maybe the best sportscar seat in the world, thought Henrique.

“Thanks, but it’s because of this mentality that you will become an object, rather than an owner,” said Doctor Papacutomapau, rather harshly, before laughing, and completing more humbly. “But, you know, many of these features are proposed by my customers themselves. I am only tasked with bringing their vision to reality. I’m far more of an engineer than an architect,” said the doctor, and then he slapped Henrique’s hard 22cm cock as it started to become wet as well. Henrique moaned and panted, with too much happening at once—he could hardly wait for such pleasurable feelings to become his whole existence.

“Ever….hmmmmm… too humble,” said Henrique sucking the seat’s massive cock and then slapping himself with it like the nice bitch he is. The Doctor grabbed Henrique’s cock and slowly started stroking it, making the Brazilian moan.

“So, what is your vision?” asked Papacutomapau. Henrique suckled a little bit more before the impatient Doctor squeezed his balls and he moaned, after which he let go of the seat’s chair and started panting. “Good boy, talk to me… you are not a thing yet,” said the Doctor, and Henrique regained his composure and started explaining what he wanted to be turned into.

The process of deliberation and design lasted a week, during which Henrique stayed in doctor Papacutomapau’s mansion and was able to enjoy several former human objects himself, which the doctor said would “enhance his creativity.”

“People don’t realize, but I do mean it when I say the sky is the limit,” he explained, before slapping Henrique’s ass and pushing his finger inside his hole. “Your size, how many organs you have, which ones… all that is not fixed, it’s changeable. Think of it as designed a hand-made furniture.”

And so, the doctor has seen that Henrique could enjoy many different objects during his stay. His pillow was a former athlete, now reduced to his massive pecs, and Henrique soon discovered that he had never slept as well in his life as he did when using that long and meaty, smelly and kissable, slightly hairy pillow. The chairs in his room also had cocks, each being themselves former people—one, had been a scientist; the other one, a diplomat; and a third, his favorite, has been a spoiled heir like himself. He liked that one specially, because its cock was the longest and thickest, but also because the arms were two hugely muscular male arms, and so were its four legs thick, muscular and long male legs, which Henrique liked to feel under his as he sat there.

Meanwhile, the desk in which he worked and saw the Doctor’s designs had a perfectly positioned asshole for him to fuck on its underside. He felt the hole twitching as he pounded it, and he could only imagine how wonderful it would be to live forever more as a piece of usable, mindless, peaceful furniture. Thinking of that, his balls trembled and he nutted inside the table’s hole, panting.

“Damn, I have to make myself be the best as possible, so that my owner wants to use me as often as possible,” he thought that day, after coming a third time inside his tight desk’s hole, his torso then hugging it from above, only his hips moving as he fucked almost mindlessly.

Eventually, after days of work, Henrique and Papacutomapau settled on one specific blueprint. In preparation for being turned into an object, Henrique entered a special diet, and then fasted for 72 hours, before showering and being oiled by two of Papacutomapau’s servants, as to make sure he was perfectly compatible with the transformation process. Once he was ready, Henrique was brought to the lab, fully naked, and fully hard.

“Are you ready?” asked the Greek doctor, himself smiling excitedly, as he saw the handsome Brazilian walking his way, his sizeable manhood wobbling wetly.

“Yes, sir! I am extremely excited about finally going through the process!” responded Henrique, as his hard cock throbbed and slapped his oily abs.

“Perfect, not that you will be able to regret it afterwards,” said the doctor, before leading Henrique inside a gigantic machine. The opening to the machine was taller than it was wide, and it was surrounded by thick red lip-like cushions.

“Just relax and let me do the rest,” completed the doctor, and then the door of the machine closed like a gigantic mouth, although the insides were well-lit and covered in white tiles, except for a gigantic cushion-like tongue, which stayed fixed for the time being. Papacutomapau then went to the other side of the machine—an equally gigantic mouth, connected by large tubes—to check that the beautiful bed they had agreed upon was positioned there. Doctor Papacutomapau then went and turned on the noisy machinery, which started to make mechanical noises and also electric sounds.

Inside the machine, Henrique felt relaxed, as the tongue woke up and started moving and salivating until it moved to lick his body warmly. Henrique should have been freaked out by that, but being licked by a 2-meter-long tongue was actually hot and soothing, as it was warm and gentle. He then slowly noticed his fingers, toes and nose started feeling numb. He touched himself with his fingers, but he noticed he could hardly feel his own body—”it is okay, the doctor is aware of it, this is only a part of the process,” he thought to himself, while the environment in which he stayed became hotter and hotter, and the tongue was licking him more and more. Soon, it felt like his body was melting, but when he looked down, he noticed that it was only his cock, fingers and toes, and now his nose, that were decomposing into their constitutive particles, becoming liquid, and being mixed with saliva before being sucked by a pipe.

“This warmth… it feels so unique!” he exclaimed, out loud, as his tongue too started to be undone, and then he kneeled, because his feet and then a bit of his legs started disappearing. He used the gigantic tongue to support his body as he lowered himself, and the mega tongue enveloped and licked his whole frame, Soon Henrique was wobbling on the floor, just laughing in pleasure, as his body felt incredible heat, incredible lust, and incredible stimuli. He was disappearing and could feel it. His legs and arms had vanished, and now the same was happening to his head and torso.

“Wow, I wish… I could do this… again…,” said his voice, crumbling slowly as he did, until Papacutomapau heard a moan, long and constant, and Henrique had a series of mental orgasms where he couldn’t cum because he no longer had a dick, or a prostate, or balls. And then, suddenly, the moaning stopped, and Papacutomapau counted to ten before he opened the door to the bed.

When he opened the mouth-door to the other side of the machine, lots of saliva flowed out of the machine. The smell was strong and there was a stark heat emanating from the inside. What he saw there, though, was unmistakably beautiful: a large and luxurious wooden bed, in the middle of which there were two tight assholes, and also three gigantic soft cocks—which clearly resembled Henrique’s one, although vastly augmented. Two of those male members were in the mid-section of the bed, while the third was laying in between the new massive meaty pillows on the top. In the lower part of the bed, almost as feet warmers, one could see gigantic blue balls. About two-third of the way up one could also see not one but two mouths with their large tongues, and the whole bed was covered by—or comprised of—hard and well-defined abs, except for the top which had four massive pecs each with their nice and plump respective nipples.

“It truly is my magnus opus!” said Papacutomapau removing his white doctor jacket and thus exposing his nakedness. He then jumped on the bed, its four mouths moaning lowly as the doctor’s body slammed its abs and as his face was buried on its magnificent pecs. Papacutomapau then touched the gigantic soft cocks and licked each of them testing their taste. “Perfect indeed,” he said, and then saw the two twitching little pink holes.

“Only one thing left to test,” he said and smiled, and then stroked his own cock to its full 17cm before pushing it into the tight frontal asshole, before burying his head on the massive pecs again and using the large soft cocks are blankets with which to put on his back to get himself warm. He then started pushing his rod inside the hole, before pulling out, and then thrusting back in, gasping in surprise by how pleasurable fucking this gigantic bed was.

“Henrique, I… hmmm… I have turned you into the best bed in the world,” he moaned in a self-congratulatory drive, as he drills one of the bed’s two holes, nibbling the bed’s pectoral pillows, and rubbing its gigantic soft cocks. The feelings of laying on muscle, of nibbling and biting muscle, of being buried in cock, and fucking a deliciously tight and 100% submissive yet perfectly responsive ass were just too much for doctor Papacutomapau. In less than ten minutes he was shooting rope after rope of his white spunk inside the bed’s tight ass, feeling it contorting and contracting its muscles around his cock, creating a wonderful massage and tight resistance.

“Fuuuuuck! This is going to my bedroom from today on!” moaned and panted the doctor as he came.

After staying with Doctor Papacutomapau for about three years, the bed that had once been Henrique was auctioned and bought by a recluse millionaire in the US, who put it in his bedroom. The new owner, being the heir to a huge fortune, had no reason to work, and had decided to collect as many items made by doctor Papacutomapau as possible—acquiring the bed, which he had heard about before, was one of his dreams which he finally realized once the Greek doctor had to flee from Europe due to legal persecution.

He had his bed installed and, interrupting his workout session in his personal gym, immediately went to his room and started inspecting it, loving how the unconscious but still sensitive item shivered to his touch, and how its asshole twitched and its cock throbbed when he kissed and licked its large nipples. The billionaire looked at those three gigantic rods and smirked, loving their size, shape and golden color, and decided to take them in, as well as to fuck the tight holes he rubbed with his fingers. The bed, which was capable of self-cleaning and self-lubrication, was already wetting up and its nipples were also releasing small droplets of milk as it hadn’t been used for weeks—between Doctor Papacutomapau disappearance and that moment.

As he noticed that, the young heir bit and suckled on one of the bed’s large nipples, tasting the starchy and delicious liquid.

“It’s like it was made for me!” he said shocked at how much he liked the smell of the bed, the taste of its milk, its texture, burying his head on its muscles, and even liking its tight wet and clean left ass.

The billionaire then removed his clothes, revealing his pumped muscles, and his large 27cm rod, hard as a rock. Slowly, he crawled on the bed, smashing its muscles against his as he moved and then grabbing and stroking one of the bed’s lower cocks, until it was hard enough that it oozed pre. He then licked it and suckled on it a little, while moaning; his feet pushed against the bed’s large full balls. He rubbed his ass on the bed’s muscles, but he soon realized he needed the bed to really fill his ass if he really wanted to relax.

“Hmmm, let’s see how this goes,” he said, standing on the bed’s pecs before lowering his hole on the bed’s gigantic red, hard and wet cock. He was surprised as he sat on it by how well the bed’s cock penetrated and straightened his ass—his eyes rolled back, he moaned and grunted, but centimeter by centimeter he continued engulfing the gigantic 80-centimeter-long cock. Once he felt it was sufficiently deep inside him, he started going up and down on it, before laying on his fours on the bed and continuing to move his body comfortably back and forth on the massive rod, his face looking for refuge buried in the bed’s muscular pillows before also licking, kissing, and finally engulfing the bed’s third and upper cock between his lips.

Now the American billionaire moaned profusely, as his body moved between being perforated through the ass when he moved backwards, and being drilled through the mouth when he swung forwards, his balls dancing and swaying back and forth between his muscular legs as his body moved. This would have been paradise, were it not for his wobbling cock slamming his abs and the bed’s tight and lonely hole near its owner’s knees.

Wanting to increase his pleasure, the youthful jock lowered his body so his long 27-centimeter rod rubbed against the bed’s pink hole as his body continued swaying back and forth, until he pushed downwards in one of his forward movements to suck more of the bed’s delicious cock. He moaned around the gigantic manhood stuffing his mouth; and his legs trembled almost without strength around the bed’s gigantic cock in his asshole, as his pleasure was heightened by his cock sliding in and fucking his bed’s deliciously tight and wet hole, up and down, back and forth; fucked and being fucked, in the face and in the ass now.

The other morning, when a servant came for him, it found the young millionaire trembling in pleasure, still trying to fuck the bed but basically passed out—his mouth and ass were both drooling cum and hugely stuffed with gigantic cocks. His own cock was still buried in the bed’s ass, and the bed was itself covered in cum—no doubt mostly its own but a part of it probably having come from the owner himself.

The servant came and shook the rich jock a little, making his eyes focus as he tried to say something. He was unable to make himself understood due to the gigantic cock in his mouth, and so he removed that one.

“I shall…go for a shower. Make me some breakfast,” said the lad, with his voice a little weird as he tried to stand up, before sliding back into the bed as his cock was still deeply attached to the bed’s tight ass, as was the bed’s cock deeply stuck inside the owner’s rear. He moaned exhausted but loud as his cock fell back inside the tight wet ass, and his own ass sat suddenly around the bed’s gigantic cock.

“Hmmm… get… help me get off the bed… and come clean it,” he asked another servant, who helps pull the houseowner from the gigantic cock and tight ass, as even more cum drooled down the young jock muscular legs, falling on the ground as he recovered his breath. He smiled. “For I will have much fun with the bed later,” he said and then went for a shower.

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