The Interview

by MutaBear

 A college-aged jock decides to go for an interview that offers high pay with no real qualifications. What's the worst that could happen?

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“Hmm...” Caleb said, looking down at his phone. The address was right, but this didn’t seem like the right place. He’d come to Ursa Labs LLC for a job interview, but the plain brick exterior of the building with the address he’d been told to report to didn’t look like a clinic at all. It looked like some sort of boring three story office complex

He was 22, and had a solid build. His black hair was buzzed to the scalp, and he had a short but messy beard that hadn’t been trimmed in several days. He wore a ratty muscle shirt, with the sides slit, that had his fraternity letters on the front. Through the side you could see his impressively hairy torso, starting to show signs of his diminished gym time and increased beer consumption. Caleb sported a pair of gym shorts, somewhat sweaty and clearly not washed since his morning workout, again with his frat’s letters printed on the right calf. A pair of boat shoes completed his look.

Caleb found himself in need of a job after already burning through all his summer savings on parties and alcohol with his frat buddies. The position said that it was… unique, and would pay beyond his wildest dreams. It didn’t really list any skill-sets though, so he wasn’t sure what it was about. Still, he had an open mind, and wanted to try it out.

He entered the building cautiously, looking at the potted plans and plain signage, and navigating past the lobby to the listed office from the online ad. After entering, he spotted an older beefy man wearing a barely fitting nurse’s set of scrubs sitting behind the counter. He seemed to be fiddling with his phone like he was bored.

“Can I help you?” he asked, glancing up casually as Caleb stepped into the door.

“Uh yeah, I’m here about the job?” Caleb asked. The man rolled his eyes, standing up silently and walking into the back. Caleb couldn’t help but notice the man’s bulge as he moved. How could a daddy like him have a package that size? It looked obscene, almost as big as a basketball, and the man seemed to not notice how erotic he was to the startled frat boy. He shook his head, trying not to think about it.

“Hi!” Caleb heard a voice coming from his right. He looked over, spotting a thick, heavyset bear cub with blue streaks in his sandy hair, a thick bushy goatee, and a disarming smile. He was wearing a lab coat, and only a lab coat, save for a pair of goggles on the top of his head. He had a package that grabbed Caleb’s attention, and while it was not as large as the nurse’s, it made his mouth water.

“Oh! I… I’m sorry, I…” Caleb said, looking away awkwardly.

“Oh don’t do that.” the cub said. “I’m Dan! Matt said you were here for the interview?”

“Uh… yeah… I’m Caleb…” Caleb said, turning to face Dan awkwardly, extending his hand to shake his. Dan didn’t return the gesture.

“You’re not a prude are ya, Caleb?” Dan asked. “We’re a bit… unconventional here.”

“No! I just didn’t expect…this,” Caleb started, gesturing at the barely-clothed cub, following after Dan as he silently waved for him to follow him.

“Good! Now I’ll warn you, this is gonna be an unconventional interview process, but I

promise you if you get the job, you’ll never have to worry about anything again!” He looked over his shoulder, almost a devilish grin on his face as he led Caleb back past several other heavyset men in scrubs at computers to a back room.

“That sounds nice. But I am mostly looking for a simple summer gig” Caleb said nervously, looking at the various closed doors on either side of the long hallway he was leading him down.

“I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a college boy to show up.” Dan said. “I’ve seen a lot more daddies and daddy bears here”

“Daddies?” Caleb asked, raising a brow.

“Yea, yea you know what I’m talking about,” Dan said. “I couldn’t find any hot DILFs, so you’ll hafta do.”

Caleb wasn’t quite sure how to interpret that. He felt a little insulted. Why would an older guy fetch a higher salary? Wasn’t that discrimination?

“Still though, I have a much better idea for you than I had for him.” he said, spinning around just at the door at the end of the long hallway, giving him a devilish grin, his tone flirtatious and energetic. “So come in!”

“Howzit Matt?” Dan asked casually as he strolled into the room. Matt, the thick nurse was standing at a terminal, looking bored as usual. The room was mostly empty, save for an odd-looking leather chair, an exam table of some kind, and some various pieces of lab equipment.

“Almost ready, sir,” Matt said casually.

“That’s what I like to hear!” Dan said gleefully.

“Now, here’s the unconventional part,” Dan said, looking at Caleb. “I’m gonna need you to get naked for me. Think you can do that?”

“W…what?!” Caleb asked, his eyes growing wide, his cock growing hard at the very mention. What was he going to do?? “Uhhm… I…”

“C’moooon! I think you’ll be a great fit! You just need to play along my little frat star.” Dan said in a flirtatious tone, leaning his weight on Caleb’s shoulder, his hairy pecs touching Caleb’s back. Caleb could now catch a strong musk coming off Dan, his cub pheromones making Caleb’s heart race and his crotch twitch. He took a ragged breath, his cock throbbing in his gym shorts, begging to come out.

“Good! Now take off all your clothes and sit down in that chair over there. K?” Dan asked, standing proudly away from him, watching him, his lab coat open, showing him everything. He sported a semi, and his abnormally hairy sack seemed to be hanging nice and loose, shaking as Dan moved. Caleb was struggling to breathe, the situation excited him. More than he thought such a thing would. He undressed, taking off his muscle shirt, then dropping his gym shorts to reveal he was going commando, and then kicking off his boat shoes. The room started to fill with the scent of a sweaty frat boy, as the add had asked Caleb to come straight from the gym without showering.

“Oooh look at this, Matt!” Dan said, gesturing to Cakleb’s throbbing uncut shaft. “He’s already a big one!”

“Sure looks like it,” Matt said flatly, only momentarily glancing at Caleb. He covered himself with his hands as he pointed out his manhood, cautiously making his way over to the chair and sitting down, his hands still in his lap.

“Okay!” Dan said, walking over to Caleb, leaning over him, his furry chest dangling in front of him. “I’m gonna need your hands here… and your feet….. heerrree…” he said, gently moving his hands to the arm rests and spacing his feet apart. “Perfect! OK Matt!” he called, looking over his shoulder. Matt pressed a button on the console he was at, the sound of a loud click ringing out from the chair as heavy restraints burst from the chair, pinning Caleb’s arms and legs.

“H..hey! What’s..??” Caleb asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, you won’t need them long,” Dan said casually as he slid a large dome-shaped object down from the ceiling. It had a bluish hue to the inside, like anodized metal.

“W-what kind of interview is this?” Caleb asked nervously, having second thoughts about coming in.

“It’s simple really. I describe something, and all you have to do is picture it in your mind!”

Dan said, nodding at Matt. Matt pressed a button on the console, the blue anodized globe above Caleb beginning to hum gently. “If you do well, you get the job! It’s that simple.”

“Wait, what is this job? Am I some sort of lab rat? I didn’t sign any forms for this!” Caleb panted, beginning to feel weirdly relaxed. More relaxed than he’d ever felt.

“Sshh don’t you worry about that. Just listen to me and picture it in your mind. Okay?” Dan

asked with a smirk. He grabbed a stool, sitting down on it with his legs spread open, Caleb’s eyes were fixed on his crotch, the dripping thick piece of cut cubcock looking like a welcome treat.

“Now… I want you to think about your cock.” Dan said. “It’s hard. It’s so hard. It’s throbbing… you want to touch it. You wanna cum, you have to! But… you can’t.”

Caleb began to breath heavily, looking down at his cock, hard and throbbing and craving release. He could smell the musk coming off of Dan, and knew his own scent was filling the room too. The musk of a randy frat boy, still coming off of his sweaty pits, crotch, and ass was almost a visible haze in the small medical examining room.

“Now, feel that sexual energy, feel it building up inside of you, filling not just your crotch but your entire body.” Dan continued. Caleb closed his eyes, grunting as he felt his balls beginning to tighten.

“Now, feel your cock growing larger, harder, arching ever closer toward your body.” Dan said, his hand finding its way to his own crotch, grabbing his nuts and squeezing, then massaging his fat orbs in a slow circle. Caleb leaned his head back, wincing as he felt what Dan was saying, rapidly reaching the point of no return. With a cry his cock erupting in thick white cum as it grew, becoming larger as it angled toward his body.

“Now, imagine being a cock. Not your just your penis but your whole body, lost in the ecstasy of it. You don’t need your arms anymore, they don’t do you any good.” Dan continued. Caleb continued to breathe heavily, his arms beginning to grow shorter. The hairy, well-muscled biceps began to deflate, like they were being pulled into his furry chest. His pits seemed to stay unchanged though, blasting the room with male pheromones making even stone-faced Matt start to leak through the front of his scrubs.

“Your cock is still hard, it’s so hard, you want to become your cock. You want it to absorb your body, to take it over. You wanna make your dick your whole world.” he continued. Caleb’s hair, short as it was, began retracting into his scalp followed shortly by his beard. His lips were stuck open, a low lusty groan emanating from them as drool began trickling from the corners of Caleb’s mouth as his cock continued to grow, the cum still oozing from its tip as it grew closer and closer to his body. “Feels good, huh?” Dan asked, aggressively squeezing his sack now, his other hand roaming Caleb’s changing body. Caleb’s eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as a wave of lust wracked his body, a tide of erotic energy flowing from his dick down to his toes and fingertips.

“Keep your eyes closed. A cock doesn’t need eyes.” Dan said, watching as Caleb’s cock finally touched his chest, seeming to begin to meld with it, the cum slowly sputtering to a stop. His legs began to shrink too, and his balls started to bloat up, pulling his sack along with it. IIt actually seemed to be getting hairier, as thick follicle sprouted and grew all over the folds of musky skin. The frat boy’s torso was coated with sweat, jizz, and fur, and it seemed to be throbbing with a massive, body-wide heartbeat. “You don’t need those legs anymore, your balls are all you need. Let them go. Let it all go. Stop worrying, stop thinking. All you know is lust, all you are is a big fat frat boy cock.”

Caleb’s eyes seemed to be disappearing from his face, his jaw becoming more rounded as his body hair began to recede into his body, his arms now just mere stubs along his slowly rounding torso, his feet now inches above the restraints. His sack had been bloating up as Caleb’s legs shrank, spilling out in front of the boy. His once average nutsack was now half the size of a trash bag, hairy and rank with nutsweat and jizz from Caleb’s massive bromeat. Thick veins began forming at the seam of sack and dick, starting to trace their way up the frat boy’s changing torso. The muscles and fat were becoming something else, something more cylindrical and throbbing with more lust than Caleb had ever experienced in his entire life.

“You don’t have a name, you don’t have a life. You’re just a cock. A strong, musky, hairy horny cock that has to cum, always has to cum and throb and leak and sweat.”

Dan said this as the last of Caleb’s arms disappeared into his body, his fur having thinned on his torso, leaving his skin pink, his body becoming elongated and rounded, his head melding with his neck as his jawline disappeared, his mouth slowly taking a rounded shape. A fold of skin was growing from his neck, all wrinkled and growing up over to Caleb’s cheeks.

“You’re doing so well!” Dan said, stroking Caleb’s shaft-torso. Dan leaned in to run his tongue from the base of Caleb’s sack to his neck, letting out a loud and satisfying smack as he switched to openly jerking off to the frat cock in front of him. “Imagine all your cares and all your memories just washing away. You’re just a hard, horny cock, engulfed in a sea of lust.” he continued.

The last of Caleb’s feet disappeared, his testicles having melded with his legs, and thick clear stream of precum beginning to ooze from what was once his mouth. His head was changing shape as a slight rim began to form around it, resembling a glans, and his skull looked soft and squishy. His nuts reached their full size, stretching down on the floor as droplets of frat boy sweat dripped off of them along with precum, making Dan stroke all the harder.

“Good! Now imagine cumming. Melt the last of your brains down into thick rank bro batter! You want to cum! You’re locked in this forever, the slightest touch will make your quivering body erupt in glorious climax!” Dan cheered, standing up and walking toward the door. The twitching cock that was once Caleb erupted, wave after wave of thick cum flooding from his head, pouring thickly onto his shaft and testicles, as well as the chair and floor.

“Good!” Dan said, reaching down for a taste. His eyes rolled in the back of his head and his own dick erupted, adding its average sized load to the colossal one left by Caleb. “You’re done for now. Feel yourself becoming soft, becoming calmer you need to keep getting off, and you might need some help with that” he continued. The cock began to become flaccid, starting to get smaller in the chair, finally reduced to a third of its erect size.

“You did well.” Dan said, walking through the thick cum that lined the floor to fondle the quivering flaccid bro cock and balls that now lay limply on the chair’s seat. “I think you got the job.” He massaged Caleb’s nuts, feeling the cock shudder, its nerve endings telling it to start getting hard again.

“Matt, let’s get the cart. I want him in the basement, near the rest of the fat cocks. He’s gonna make so much thick cum! I wanna get him hooked up to the milkers straight away. There might not be the same demand for frat boy spunk that there is for daddy dick juice, but I think he’ll earn us a ton anyhow. And he’ll get everything his new body wants, so it’s a win-win.”

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “The interview” by TreborNawoc.


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