It hides in the woods

by brazboy

An innocent hike in the Peruvian highlands is visited by a mysterious monster, leaving four friends to flee for their survival – but it is as they say, you can run but you can’t hide.

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Part 1: It Eats You Up An innocent hike in the Peruvian highlands is visited by a mysterious monster, leaving four friends to flee for their survival—but it is as they say, you can run but you can’t hide. (added: 29 Oct 2022)
Part 2: It Changes You All Over
Part 3: It Comes for You
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Part 1: It Eats You Up

A group of recently graduated university students was ready to take some time out and go for a backpacking journey across eight countries to celebrate their having survived college life. Between small towns and large capitals, the lads were experiencing everything South America had to offer—from the rich cultural life of Buenos Aires to the vast wine valleys of Chile, the amazing salt plains of Bolivia, and then, now, the rainy stone towns nested in between the gigantic white mountains and the green valleys of the Andes in Perú.

In one of those towns, the four lads got stuck for the weekend after missing the only weekly bus that left for the capital at 9 a.m.. After having noticed their misfortune, the lads turned around with all their massive backpacks and materials and thought of walking back to the small inn where they had been staying, to rethink and regroup, and maybe also relax a little, but on their way out of the bus terminus, an old man approached them—he was short, at close to 160 centimeters of height, and wore a long hat which hid most of his face, even in the shadow.

“You lads missed the bus to Lima? You guys can take the next one from the neighboring pueblo down the valley. There is another bus from there that leaves at 7 p.m. It takes one only 5 hours to walk there… and that’s for an old man like me, you lads, muscular and strong as you are, will probably take only half as long!” he explained, and the men then glanced at one another and started asking the old man for information. He walked with them to a large map on the outer wall of the bus terminus, and showed them the route—just following the road, going downhill, until they arrived in the neighboring village; it seemed simple enough.

Ian, the tallest and most proactive of the lads—at 193 centimeters of height—and also their unofficial leader as he was the only one who spoke passable Spanish, glances at the map, checks the information on his phone, and then ponders the benefits of not having to stay in this godforsaken village for another week. He sighs, as he glances down towards the old man.

“We just follow the road then, and walk 20 kilometers to the next town?” Ian asked, his flexing his thick muscular arm as he points to the big map on the wall, and the old man nods.

“Just make sure not to steer away from the road, and everything will be all right. You don’t want to get lost in the hills here,” he responded, and Ian turned to his mates and they started debating in Portuguese.

“You think that will work?” asked the shortest lad, called Iago. Out of the four of them, he was the second most athletic and had an incredible ripped body, but he was also smaller in height and felt oftentimes that he tended to step back and let the other lads take the lead just because of that fact, a habit he was trying to fix. His skin was brown, as was his beautifully curly hair, but his eyes were green like a field of grass.

“We can save… a lot of money. The hotel up here is expensive, and it sucks, and honestly, we have seen everything they have to offer in this town, pretty much. I vote we continue on,” said Tiago, the second tallest of the lads after Ian, at 189 centimeters of height—a veritable giant in the Peruvian highlands. He had a vivid white skin, pitch black straight hair and thick red lips which stood in contrast to his narrow black eyes—and a furious ragging erection he was acutely aware hadn’t been beaten in two days as the warm water ended in his turn to shower and this whole area of Perú was quite cold at night.

“Worst case scenario, we sleep in the next town over and think about what to do there,” commented Uriel, as he sighs, actually yearning for the possibility of a nice countryside hike, as he was absolutely the most active of them, being a swimmer, a jogger, a tennis player, and an amazing fucker, all in one handsome package complimented by the largest of all their four cocks by a nice margin. Despite that, he was not the tallest or the most muscular of his friends, having a more average built and, at 179 centimeters of height, beating Iago by only 3 centimeters.

And so, the four of them consented on the idea of leaving the bus terminus, walking over the main street towards the road, and then outside of the city, passing small country farms and then large sections of forested area and of llama pasture. They chatted along the way, as they watched the local farmers working in the distance; as cars passed by them every few minutes; and as they took in the beauty of the landscape—several villages dotting the mountains and valleys in the distance, as the sun shone stronger and stronger above them with the passing minutes, as lunch approached.

“Should we perhaps walk under the trees? Here it’s fucking hot and all those cars passing by make stones fly at us, besides all this asphalt dust!” suggested a slightly sweaty and incredibly annoyed Tiago, and Iago bit his lips.

“Come on, let’s stick to the road as the old man said. We don’t want to get lost!” said Iago, as his friends stop walking and formed a circle to debate. He sighed, annoyed.

“We can always walk under the shadow of the trees while keeping the road on sight,” said Ian, as he put down his massive backpack to take off his shirt, wrapped it around his forehead, and put the bag back up on his back. As he turned around, all the over guys could see his delicious sweaty muscles and Iago decided to do the same, except that after doing that he gets a step closer to Ian who smirks at him as Iago’s hand slaps his massive biceps. As two of the friends flirt, Uriel shrugs.

“Worst case scenario, we trace our way back come return to the road,” commented the most athletic of the bunch, as his cock throbbed with his friends’ physical flirtation, until Ian pulled Iago closer and their bodies bumped and they started laughing. Barely paying attention anymore, Ian nodded and said, “Yeah, let’s do that, then,” and they started following a smaller trail which seemed to be parallel to the road but that descended down the hilly landscape, towards the forest, passing under the shadowy canopy.

The lads walked for many, many hours. They started getting distressed as they got lost, and following Uriel’s original logic, they decided to walk back up the trail, passing through a beautiful clearing on their way back to the road. When they got to the road, however, it was too late to reach the village before it got dark; the best shot they had would be to take those 1 or 2 hours of sunshine they still had and set up a camp.

“We should go back and sleep in that clearing. It’s nice and safe and we have a lot of materials with us in our bags. We can make a fire and a tent or something, and cook ourselves something to eat for dinner… tomorrow we reach the next village and see what we do from there,” suggested Ian, and the other men accepted his advice as they returned to the trail, tracking a few hundred meters back to the clearing. By now, all the lads were shirtless and disgustingly sweaty, so the first thing they did was ditch all of their clothes and walk proudly naked to a nearby stream where they washed themselves in some surprisingly warm mountain water. Despite the chill of the mountain air, their members were soft, fat and proud, except Tiago’s which in addition to its weight and pride was characterized by its persistent hardness.

“Man, come on, just beat that shit once and for all, before it pokes someone in the eye!” said Uriel to his taller friend, after having quenched his thirst drinking from the warm stream, as he watched Tiago’s hard 23-centimeter cock throb and slap his sculpted abs. Looking around and seeing Ian and Iago chatting naked on top of a rock, rubbing each other’s muscles as their cocks became more and more turgid, Tiago shrugged and started masturbating, jacking off his delicious hardon until his balls swayed up and down, trembled, and he coated some Andean bushes in his white hot juices. As Tiago beat his rod, it was Uriel’s turn to get hot and bothered, and he fixed that awful feeling by watching the delicious movements of Tiago’s butt and his thick powerful arms, as well as the chocking of his thick rod, and starting to stroke his own member. As Tiago came and moaned loudly, Uriel shocked himself by being brought over the edge by his friend’s orgasm, except that his own thick ejaculation hit and splashed against Tiago’s butt cheeks and the back of his muscular thighs and calves. Uriel was mortified for a second, even as bliss overcame his body, but feeling the warm juices hit his skin Tiago just smirked, looked back, and lowered his body in all fours to lick Uriel’s oozing 27-centimeter-long cock, cleaning it.

“Damn man, I must say I missed hot milk. Backpacking for 3 months with the dudes was harder than I thought it would be,” said Tiago, his voice muffled by rod as his fat lips stretched around Uriel’s nicely proportioned cock as his tongue licked it. Uriel moaned in delight and surprise.

“I didn’t know you were gay, man!” said the athletic lad, as his hand fell on Tiago’s head, stroking his hair. Tiago smirked, as he licked and sucked cock, before moaning.

“Yeah, I made sure to keep that quiet but… I don’t know... something in the fucking air here is making me get so hard all the time… I just said fuck it,” responded Tiago as he turned his head around to let Uriel’s fat wet rod slap his face as he nibbled the shaft and licked it, lowering Uriel’s foreskin with his lips.

“Yeah… fuck us,” said Uriel, moaning, and then Tiago smirks and started raising his body up above Uriel’s, and soon the two men were making out naked, their muscles rubbing and their cocks smacked between their abs, sliding against one another, as the friends kissed and felt each other’s bodies. Soon, Tiago lowered a hand to grab his cock and point it towards Uriel’s asshole. Uriel moaned, his eyes rolled feeling his friend’s hot body humping his and their muscles colliding and clashing, their sloppy his wet and dreamy. He grunted as his hole was poked by Tiago’s manhood.

“Maaan… never thought I’d ask this.. but push that thing inside me!” said Uriel, grunting of desire, and Tiago was happy to oblige and thrust his cock forwards, forcing it to pop inside Uriel’s exquisitely tight hole, as the taller hunk started fucking his tight athletic smaller friend, the two sweating and kissing all along, their moans filling the Andean mountains with human noise.

Somehow, Iago and Ian ended in the same way, except Iago exposed his ass for Ian’s 31-centimeter-long cock to pierce and ravage as they mated like horses on the banks of the small Andean stream, instead of fucking like lovers. Iago panted and grunted as he was impaled in the biggest cock he had ever seen, not even questioning how his body had even been able to welcome such gigantic member without pain having previously been virginal on its rear.

After all four friends orgasmed—Iago and Uriel getting covered in cum inside and out -, they cleaned themselves and returned naked to the clearance where Uriel and Ian collected wood and set them a fire, and Tiago and Iago set up a tent and got their food ready to cook—instant pasta using the water from the nearby warm stream. The tent is improvised with linen and some study fallen branches of the local trees, but it does a decent job protecting the lads from the climate, provided that they also used their trusty sleeping bags. They ate around the fire, naked, and chatted—never before did the friends venture talking so much about their bodies, now comparing their cocks, their arms and chests, and almost frotting before they started kissing each other for kicks. They got hard again and fucked one other once more, and then another time, swapping the pairs, and sometimes forming trios and quartets. They felt an incredible energy that they had never felt in their lives before. They felt happier than ever as if they had found what they were searching for during this trip: themselves? Each other? Even they didn’t know, but it felt good, whatever it was.

And then they went to sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The lads slept in the dark Andean night, only the stars outside and the dying fire giving off any light. Ian woke up surprised in the middle of the darkness, his cock throbbing hard, and frowned as he seemed to hear a weird noise—some wood cracking, gasps. He sat up and glanced over his mates, feeling some cold mountain wind entering their improvised tent, and then shouted in horror as he saw a shadowy figure near his feet, almost crushing them with its weight. As Ian shouted, Tiago also woke up and sat up immediately, filled with confusion. As Ian’s eyes adjusted, he saw the shadowy figure was not bag or one of his mates, but a weird and gigantic pink thing, a thing that he couldn’t name and that his mind could hardly process, much less describe with language.

“Fuck!! Fuck! What the fuck is that….?!” screamed a confused and freaked out Tiago as he crawled away and out of his sleeping bag, seeing the figure himself, understanding it, and finally processing what it was doing. It was a huge blob—no, it was a gigantic blob-like cock-shaped animal; its end was squishy, red, like the crown atop a male penis; it was split by a slit, so large a person could fit inside, and one did! It was Uriel’s legs that were poking out of the monster’s slit, while the handsome stud’s body was swallow and slurped by the grotesque creature—his upper half already inside it. Horror! And where is Iago, he is nowhere to be seen!

“Where… where is Iago?!” asked a shocked Ian as he shakes his head unwilling to apprehend the situation he was living through in its complete form. Maybe it was a nightmare—he was probably just too horny and it was a fact that his cock was now harder than ever. Still, still he couldn’t deny the awful groan and mumble that the creature’s slit emitted as it devoured his friend, its prey. Ian stood up and went to grab on of Uriel’s legs, trying with all his force to pull back the lad, bring him out of the creature’s interior and its dominion—its cock, its body. But Ian wasn’t strong enough to beat the creature’s powerful sucking and swallowing,, and seeing the futility in this attempt, Tiago grabbed Ian’s thick arm and pulled him away from Uriel’s quickly vanishing legs.

“Fuck this, man, he is almost gone already, man… he is gone. We have got to get out of here… now… now!” Tiago shouted making Ian snap out of his state of despair and inactivity, and the two hunks got out of the tend dismantling it with their furious and hurried scape, letting the improvised construction fall atop the gigantic beast, covering a part of its cock-like body. Furious mostly with himself Ian didn’t look back and Tiago, he hardly did, but he glanced enough to see that more than half of the monster’s body laid outside of their tent, 4, no, 5 meters of a cock-shaped frame with two majestic ball-like organs trembling and digesting their meal. Atop the gigantic body Tiago could distinguish many smaller cock fully hard and oozing pre—he knew not for what those were there, but they seemed to be five of different sized. The way they bobbed reminded Tiago, for some reason, of limbs—as if they were human legs, arms and… weirdly, a head? But in perfect cock form, oozing like cock, trembling red like cocks.

He gasped then, as the creature’s body started rising, like a normal erection but one of biblical proportions, and Uriel’s delicious rear and struggling legs slid inside its massive wet urethra, lubed by the creature’s abundant pre, being quickly swallowed as gravity worked alongside the creature’s evil designs. Uriel’s legs still seemed to resist, trying to kick the creature as the vanished, but even his feet quickly disappeared and the broadest part of his shoulder seemed to create a bump which traveled downwards through the creature’s cock-like frame, until the thick rod-shaped creature swallowed the once lively lad entirely, and Uriel could be said to have vanished without a trace.

“My God… it devoured him! In one go!” said Tiago, and Ian frowned, grabbed his arms, pulling him as they ran towards the trail and the road beyond.

“I know! Fuck, it ate him, it probably ate Iago before as well, and now it has its mouth empty and drooling for more! We need to get the fuck out of here, now!” agreed Ian. The two lads nodded and ran as the creature let its whole body fall on the ground again, smacking whatever was left of the lads’ bags and backpacks with a big loud thud, crushing all their pretty clothes, travel food and modern electronic devices. It then slithered its way wetly through the grass towards the running hunks, smacking down trees as it hit them, crushing branches, smashing everything in its pursuit of man meat.

“Fuck, the thing is so fast!” screamed Tiago, genuinely scared, and then Ian gasped as the massive moving cock jumped suddenly onto him. Tiago’s eyes widened in shock as Ian was crushed under a mountain of half-hard and oozing hungry rod, which warmly compressed his handsome form between itself and the cold ground.

“Fuck, fuck!” said Ian, desperate, as he tried to crawl to freedom from under the creature, but he was unable to lift its gigantic weight from over his back. He was compressed down and could hardly breathe, his head and upper torso getting progressively covered in abundant pre as the thing seemed to taste him with its red glans-like top, as it went about licking the back of Ian’s body.

“Man, fuck, man!!!” said Tiago, as he teared up seeing the being lift its own lazy body, ready to smack Ian down once and for all. Tiago bit his lips and took that second to extend his hand and pull Ian back up on his feet, and then the two started running once more, as the beast furiously waved its tubular cock-like body around smacking a couple trees down, creating a lot of noise, as if annoyed its meal had just scaped. Birds flew away as the trees fell, pre flying everywhere. The lads ran, sweating, their cocks slapping their abs harder than ever before, their balls swinging between their hardy legs. Their feet were bleeding from running without shoes on sharp stones and uneven ground, stepping over all sort of rough terrain.

“Thanks, Tiago… you… saved my life!” said Ian, and Tiago didn’t even respond but just smiled, proud of himself, as his heart beat faster and louder than a drum. After quite a bit of running the two lads noticed that the sound of the swirling cock following them had vanished, and, confused, they stopped to catch some breath and look back, seeing the gigantic rod in the distance rubbing itself to hardness against the deliciously rough tree trunks of the Andean highlands. As they looked the cock-like creature seemed… spiteful? But also so full of self-assurance.

“What is it doing?” asked Ian, and Tiago watched the creature for a second, as it trembled and throbbed rubbing itself against a few trees, getting harder and harder itself, longer and longer, wetter and wetter with pre. Tiago frowns.

“That thing wants to ejaculate…,” he said softly. “Maybe it’s our chance to flee!” he announced and Ian nodded, the two of them recovering their pace and running up the trail to the road, not too far away from where they were. The gigantic beastly cock throbbed and trembled, and then its gigantic twin balls contracted, and it lowered itself in a perfectly angle, before shooting the first, second and third volley of abundant sticky warm cum. The liquids measured in hundreds of liters and flew high and fast—perfectly aimed at Tiago, splashing him down and making his delicious muscles and long limbs be stuck in gigantic amounts of sticky cum. They started swirling, confused, as if overwhelmed in sensations.

“Fuck… its… warm… so… fucking nice!” said the lad as his own cock trembled and ejaculated on his already completely cum-covered abs as he feltt the warmth and smell of cum all over and around him. It was so sticky and slippery, he couldn’t get away from the shooting volume of juices landing on him again and again, and getting him and that piece of the woods even more covered in cum. Ian watched as his friend lost his mind to bliss, his muscles contracting to ejaculate time and again, and he tried to extend his hand to help Tiago.

“Dude…grab my hand, I’ll pull you away!” shouted Ian, and Tiago tried to lift his hand but then another jet of amazingly delicious cum fell on him with such force that his arms spread, warm pre splashing even Ian. When they tried again and their hands did touch, the sticky slime was too amazingly slippery for there to be any grip. Eventually Ian saw the gigantic cock aim at him and, biting his lips, he hid behind a tree and started to just run, and run, and run, as far and as quickly as he could.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ian woke up by the side of the road with a lantern on his face; his naked body was completely soaked of sweat and dried up cum, his cock trembling, needy as ever. It was the old man from the bus terminus who was looking at him.

“What… what happened?” asked the lad, his mouth as dry as the cum on all his hairs. The man shook his head.

“I told you boys to stick close to the road,” said the old man in Spanish, and Ian started tearing up as he remembered the night before, despite not truly believing what his memory told him.

“Are… are my friends all right?” asked Ian, tearing up, his cock throbbing against his abs—he hadn’t orgasmed since the four of them had fucked around the fire. The short elder sighed deeply.

“I don’t think so, son… I couldn’t find a trace of them down there,” said the man and then he looks away towards the woods deep in thought, “I think they were taken by the mamamozos.”


Part 2: It Changes You All Over

Tiago was completely covered in monster cum as he moaned and orgasmed time and again, his balls aching as they became empty and exhausted, but his body still unable to control its impulses. The sticky liquid around him was so abundant that he thought that he was going to drown, but the penile creature slowly creeped its way towards him, and then its cock-shaped body ingested his right foot, and started swallowing him whole. Tiago trembled; his mind somewhere else entirely as those male juices seemed to have changed something in his body—he was now delighted at the idea of being consumed by this beautiful mega-cock in front of him. And indeed, that was what happened as his foot and then leg entered the creature’s body as its muscles massaged the handsome lad’s limbs.

Slowly, the rod-like creature sucked Tiago’s thick legs in, and then his hips slid inside the creature—his buns rubbed warmly against the creature’s urethra, making it tremble in delight. Tiago moaned as his sizeable cock poked against the inner side of the creature’s body, and the monster seemed pleased with it too as it squeezed and shook around Tiago, compressing him further, as if it grunted and moaned, producing a deep guttural and sexy noise. Tiago continued sliding into the creature and being swallowed by its powerful inner muscles, but he found time to orgasm another time, and to lift his hands to massage the creature’s red, needy and soft but powerful glans—even grabbing some sticks glued to it from when the creature rubbed itself against trees and throwing them away, as the lad feasted on the creature’s warmth. Tiago moaned, tried and managed to hug and lick and worship the majestic cockhead, even if temporarily as his body more or less quickly vanished inside the monster cock eating him, until only his arms and head were out, and then even they were slurped in as a waterfall of pre continued to ooze out of the creature’s hungry slit.

“Owhhh, fuuuck!” moaned Tiago as his head disappeared in the musky darkness inside the creature’s cock, surrounded now by the wet, warm and meaty male cave, pre overflowing around him and filling his mouth and then his lungs. What a warm and pleasant way to die—he didn’t want to die, but dying inside a cock, compressed by cock, drowning in pre, was perhaps the best way to go for him. He didn’t resist as his body was squeezed, but not hurt—his nerves and brain were too numb for pain. He then fell inside one of the creature’s balls, and his skin started tingling, and then he felt it getting smooth, soft, and then melt. Tiago felt his eyes and mouth and nose vanish, as his limbs became smoothed out. He felt like he was shrinking, shrinking away… and then his cock throbbed, the last sensation he had.

Tiago’s body changed completely, and his mind went from confusion to euphoria, overwhelmed by a perpetual orgasm as it did so. He didn’t die, as the balls around him contracted and expanded—he was changed and was reborn. His legs and arms and even his head became elongated and fat cocklets—each, now, only about 25 centimeters in length, give or take 5 centimeters depending on which specific former limb we are talking about. But his own rod throbbed and grew, it never decreased a single millimeter. It became 50, 75, 100 and then 150 centimeters long, fat like a log. It swirled and snaked and swam inside his father’s balls, transforming, shifting, becoming something new. Something else entirely, which it hadn’t been before, in full bliss and orgasmic pleasure the whole time.

Then, Tiago was abandoned, propelled outwards, ejected. Daddy was spitting, throwing, ejaculating him. He fell on his nest, swirling like a gigantic wet penile snake alongside his two smaller brothers, each of their cum-soaked sticky remade bodies swirling and contracting and locking around each other as the massive living cocks they were. They felt cozy and protected in their nest as they rubbed between each other, but they knew they’d have to go out soon, at night, to hunt. They knew they were missing one, their other brother.

They had to get him for daddy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When the sun came out Tiago, Uriel and Iago found themselves waking up naked, covered in dry cum, their limbs intertwined and hugging one another, their cocks completely hard and throbbing of want. For a second it almost felt normal, but then they remembered their lives had changed forever and that they were now brothers. This form they held now—so similar to their old form—was only theirs during the day; their true form was now their night form; they were mamamozos.

“Come here, I know you are hungry. Transforming takes a lot of energy,” said a deep voice which the lads immediately recognized—daddy. Their father as mamamozos, their master. They heard his order and jumped over each other to go eat the food he had prepared for them—so abundant, so delicious. They noticed that they were in some clearing somewhere in the mountains, but that around them there was a nice chalet and ahead of them a big table filled with juicy human food. The man speaking to them was himself not a local—he told them he was also a traveler, but he came from Italy many years ago. He was 49 years old now, but his aging seemed to have slowed down since he became a mamamozos 15 years prior. He never went back to Italy, he lived in Perú now, in these very words, amongst others like them, and he hadn’t planned on transforming the lads they just… shouldn’t have been out in the valley having gay sex during the night. It was known. Gay sex attracts the mamamozos.

“Nobody warned us, daddy,” said Uriel, in such a natural way that it almost surprised him, except that it didn’t because it did feel so natural, “Well, someone kind of did, but not about gay sex, just about being out there, I guess,” he pondered. Daddy shrugged, and Tiago swallows some meat as his normal cock throbbed against his abs.

“Although I don’t quite understand how we… I mean, I was always… gay, but the other guys, I never expected them to like men,” said Tiago, as his two new brothers ate eggs, bread and fruits, along with some soup. They shrugged, as if being unable to even conceive or remember what it was like before, when they weren’t extremely attracted to men—although, in fact, Iago had always been bisexual. Meanwhile, their daddy glanced at the handsome studs and sighed.

“You guys swam in a river, didn’t you? The rivers here in this part of the valley are all contaminated with mamamozo pre. It would make any healthy man get horny and a little gay, although the impact is stronger on…,” he started, and Tiago bit his lips as he remembered his ever-lasting and unabating erection.

“…on lads that are already gay, daddy? Is that it?” he asked, and daddy nodded. Tiago grimaced, his sizeable cock bobbing up and down and slapping his abs. “Will I now be able to… put my erection to rest, Daddy? It seems to only have gotten worse since yesterday and… now even Uriel and Iago have their cocks red and throbbing too… but daddy’s cock is soft and limp…,” asked Tiago, and the daddy sighs, patting Iago in the head as the lad moaned and rubs his head against daddy’s arm—his smell was delicious, stringent and attractive for his sons.

“You guys came in four, and you four fucked in the woods; you are connected. I am connected to you too as I transformed you three, but the connection is stronger between you guys,” explained Daddy, as he laid his hand on Iago’s hard member and stroked it. “Guys like us can’t really orgasm in this form, as this here isn’t the true shape of our cocks. No matter how much you jack it off or use it to fuck someone, even if you ejaculate, you guys won’t get any relief anymore, unless you do it in your night form. I think, well, I have a hunch that you three won’t be able to really transform until you don’t get me that fourth friend of yours—your brother—and I transform him too,” he explained, and the lads glanced at each another, distracted by their hard cocks, overwhelmed by such news.


Part 3: It Comes for You

Ian was sleeping all bothered in his bed at an inn in the village further down in the valley. His cock was rock hard, 31 incredibly thick and red centimeters of throbbing man-meat—and yet no matter how much he beat it, he couldn’t get himself to orgasmic achievement. He woke up in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat and warm pre, as his cock shook in need atop his abs—and as his mind remembered his mates, which populated his dreams now. He sighed, went to the bathroom, and washed his face.

“Will I really never see you guys again?” he asked himself, extremely bummed out, as his cock throbbed and slapped the cold ceramic sink, oozing pre into the bowl; his muscular image in the mirror in front of him repeated the same movement. He looks down and sighs, now even seeing his throbbing erection reminded him of them—and how could it not? They had all jacked and fucked together in the mountain before; they had found something out that day—and Ian had finally been able to admit to himself that his rod throbbed a little fatter when thinking of lads. He sighed, grabbing his member with his hands. “I can’t believe we only did it together once, we wasted so much time…,” he thought gloomy. And then he heard some small stones being thrown against his window.

Confused and a bit annoyed, Ian went to investigate the cause of such sounds, and glared in shock as he saw his three fully naked friends standing outside, their backs and cocks all standing upright, their faces blank, their skin quite pale, under the night’s sky.

Ian was very shocked at what he saw, having thought that his friends were dead, consumed by the cock-bodied monster—but he was also very excited that he had been wrong. His cock throbbed, happy, and he opened the window, “Guys, guys, you are really alive!” he shouted, before running downstairs and out of the building to meet them, his cock bobbing up and down with every naked step he took. Once he was outside, Ian jumped and hugged Tiago and Iago before pulling Uriel together too, but their bodies were mostly irresponsive.

“Guys, come on, what happened? Tell me! I was so worried!” he said, but the guys didn’t talk, don’t move their mouths, or even blink. Ian started getting worried, when he felt his friends’ cocks trembling against his abs, his cock, and his legs. Clearly, they wanted to communicate; perhaps they simply couldn’t. It was like moving their mouths and eyes had become impossible to them, and at most they could shake their heads slightly, like a cock. With difficulty, his friends wobbled their bodies, moving their legs up and down, walking away from the inn. Tiago managed to even move his arm a little and rest a hand on Ian’s cock, squeezing it, and pulling him behind them as the lads walked away from the village and into the forest.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ian was freaked out by his friends’ behavior but he trusted them and decided to follow their lead—if they had come back for him then they needed something from him, and he wasn’t about to let them down. They all stopped wobbling and moving as soon as they got to a clearing a few hundred meters away from the inn. Ian’s eyes were adjusted to the darkness now, but he could see no reason why they would stop there.

“Guys… what is happening?” asked the hunk, as warm liquids dribble down on him. He gasps and his hand touches the liquid that now travels down his skin. “Is it raining… wait, no? This smell…!” said Ian with growing levels of fear, as he tries to move now, but his friends grab his arms, his torso, containing his movements with their own large masculine frames; then, as he looks up, he notices a gigantic beastly fat oozing cock-shaped monster swirled around the trees and supporting its gigantic and long body on sturdy branches. The elongated body moved down now, towards Ian’s body, and the lad tried to resist, to kick his friends away, to punch them down, but even in their current zombie-like state they can resist his urgency, even because Ian doesn’t really want to hurt them.

“Guy, why… why are you doing this to me, are you still even there?!” Ian asked tearing up, his cock throbbing against Uriel’s as his friends hold him in place. He feels pain and betrayal, as the gigantic slit-like mouth approaches his head from above more and more, drooling hot pre on his body, lubing him up perfectly for a quick swallow. It indeed didn’t take long for the rod-like form to engulf Ian and restrain the lad’s muscular arm with its tubular hole, and then to swallow his hips and legs, engulfing him whole as the penile muscles work to move him towards his destiny. Ian moaned, cried, and then panted and grunted as his head was filled with pre, as his cock rubbed against the insides of the monster’s cock-like frame—the jock even starts humping the gigantic soft throat, unable to orgasm as he was ingested like the man meat he was, his feet disappearing inside the thick anaconda-like cock.

“Why… why did you guys do it to me?” he asked himself right when his mind turned from logic and reason to pleasure, not knowing that outside his friends were now falling on the floor and contorting themselves in bliss, as their limbs lost their usual shape and became smaller, but rounder and more sensitive, except for one.

As Ian fell inside the monster’s gigantic balls, his friends’ bodies started trembling and changing; as his own frame started dissolving into a multitude of cocks, his friends grew in the most important organ, while their irrelevant limbs changed form. Ian mutated, his arms and legs became smooth and shrank, as he cried in silent orgasm, as his throat became a urethra. Only one part of his body grew, his cock, and it being night he felt his consciousness moving there, expanding like his engorging growing member, which throbbed and fattened, growing from 31 to 62 and then 93 and 124, 155 and finally 186 centimeters of fat swirly wet penile length. As Ian became a monster himself inside of daddy’s balls, his friends became his brothers, transforming outside, becoming their true nightly shape.

Soon, throbbing and oozing daddy shook—it trembled, and then ejected Ian’s transformed up body, a snake slithering out of a bigger snake’s hole, so fat and so proud, and so wet of oozing pre. Ian’s new body fell to the ground between his smaller but older transformed brothers. Smelling each other with their glands, the lads couldn’t help but swirl together feeling complete as their warm bodies were covered in spewing daddy pre. Now, their minds were still consumed by incredible want and desire, but one could spot their different personalities in how Ian’s cock-body trembled particularly hard or how Uriel’s body swirled rubbing against all his brothers in a particularly excited fashion.

Then, all the lads and daddy rose to attention, their glands smelling something deliciously sweet in the cold air of the Andean nights—gay sex, somewhere in the village. Daddy trembled; his mind being the most developed of all of them, he knew they shouldn’t enter the village, not if they wanted to avoid a huge, big mess—but this smell was so sweet, and their desires were so large. Especially those of the oozing, swirling sons of his. The lads needed this, daddy noticed, as mischievous Iago slithered away from their swirly wet mess of penile bodies towards the townlet. Daddy acquiesced and lowered his gigantic body on the ground, and started slithering towards the village too, his sons coming excitedly behind him.

It was fag hunting season for the mamamozos, and not a single gay lad in the Peruvian highlands would survive these nights without at least glancing at the shadows in the corner of their rooms, as they fucked, and wonder if those mysterious shapes were of these swirly, sexy beasts wanting to engulf and transform them too.

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