The swimming hole: legacy

by Azerreza

 When Nick moves to a new city he hears rumours that it had once been partially destroyed by muscular titans. Not believing it at first, he decides to ignore them. But sometimes… rumours aren’t really rumours! And if it were true that there was a way to grow like that, could he use it to seduce the secret love of his life?

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Author’s Note

This story is a bit unusual. Being a big fan of Jaypat’s stories, I imagined and wrote a possible sequel to his story “The Swimming Hole.” As it follows new characters it can be read independently, but some references will be made to the original story, so it’s not a bad idea for you to read that excellent tale before starting in on this one.

Note: This story was originally posted under the title “Muscle Seduction.”


Hello, I’m Nicholas, nicknamed Nick, and I’m gay. I’m 18 years old and I recently moved in a new city. At my new school, there is this guy, Christian, nicknamed Chris. I fell in love at first sight, I have never seen a most beautiful guy. He was 19 and he was the perfection. Perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect hair, perfect smile, slightly muscular, perfect skin.

But unfortunately, even if I thought he was also gay, I don’t think that I’d please him. I’m a nerd and, like all nerds I know, I’m very skinny. But I’ve got a plan.

I am very good in chemistry and I heard this story of these guys who are became muscular giants thanks to a substance, in a near city. Honestly, I thought this information was a fake, and after all it seemed to be a “hulk potion”—seriously, who believed this story? But the rumors were insistent, too insistent even, and above all the testimonies matched well. So I did my research, and the more I learned, the more fascinating and incredible it became. Was it really true? A guy had really created a formula that turned people into muscle giants? My rational mind told me it was bullshit but… my heart wanted to believe it.

I even learned that one of these guys had destroyed his house, which was both hard to believe and kind of scary. But who knows? Maybe I would find more information over there? I thought. So I went there, and yes, there had really a destroyed house, and after many hours I found what I searched for: a sample, in the debris—but only a few drops in a broken vial, which I was sure was too little to create the growth results I was looking for. It was a kind of blue goop, too blue for to be “natural.”

So I took a risk to test a little bit of it, just to make sure it was what I was looking for, so I put a small amount on my tongue and swallowed. Suddenly I felt an electrical sensation followed by heat in my whole body. Definitively, this goop was… special. Damn, were the stories real? Gosh, if it was the case, it was like a wet dream which became a reality!

But I had to calm down. It wasn’t with this small amount that I would become Mr Olympia. I needed more, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any more than that. So I took decision to recreate it and I was very determined to succeed. My goal was very simple: Chris. I had no chance at the moment to become his boyfriend. But if I had the body of a bodybuilder, I was sure my chances would skyrocket. But well, let’s calm yourself, Nick, assuming it works if you show up tomorrow with a body worthy of a Mr Olympia, it will be suspect, very suspect. And it could also scare him. So I have to do this slowly. To pass right away from skinny guy to muscular giant, it will be too suspicious. I want to reach my goal at all costs, so even if the desire is immense, I have to go slowly, in very small doses, and see his reactions.

Well, stop dreaming and get back to work, Nick! This thing will not recreate itself.

On the way back to my town I couldn’t help but look at what was left of this strange liquid, of an intense blue and for sure not natural. It would either be the greatest discovery of my life or my greatest disappointment. The answer came in a few days.

I started to work and craaaaaaaap, it was much more complicated than I thought, but there was no way I’m giving up my goal. I wanted Chris!

After some weeks of reverse engineering and relentlessness, I had an experimental prototype which seemed to be the same than the original. But comes the critical moment of any new scientific product: I needed to test it on a subject. But who, or rather, what? I didn’t dare try it on another human yet, and on myself it was too risky.

Shit, what to do?

Suddenly, I could hear a little shrill noise behind me. Raaah shit, what did this damn rat still want? He is hungry I bet but… wait … a rat? An experiment? A test subject? But…. fuuuuck, why I didn’t think earlier? Test on who? Obviously: on my rat! And it’s a perfect time: he’s hungry. I have just to add a dose in his meal. I only hope that it won’t kill him. I add a generous dose for a rat to his food because I need to really view changes—but not too much, I wouldn’t have a giant rat in my bedroom… Okay, this dose will be perfect. I put his dish in his cage. And now, I have just to wait.

“Enjoy your meal, Carl,” I said, totally excited.

Carl sniffed his meal, waited few seconds… Raaaaaah come on Carl, fucking eat! Yeah… yeah he approaches… yes… yes!! He finally ate.

I fixed my gaze on him with eyes wide open. Nothing happened during next few seconds, then suddenly, Carl froze. I could see in his eyes that he had felt something. Then he started to tense up. He closed his eyes and was shivering. Definitely, he felt something and it seemed to be painful. He turned on his back and began to fidget violently and then still. Fuck, I’m gonna kill my rat… what did you expect, Nick, a serum who that makes you grow? It was so ridicu… wait…Wait? What the?? Then I saw it: I could see him slowly his back move and his paws have swollen. Bumps were starting to appear on his back, which was widening at front legs, giving him quickly an aspect of V. I could see perfectly his belly and… I didn’t believe what I saw: on his belly, I could see several bumps appear. Slowly but surely, and it was swelling, growing, and growing, and growing! Two bigger on top, and several smaller below… Holy shit… holy fucking shit: Carl had pecs and abs! Carl had pecs and abs!! I had a fucking rat with pecs and abs! And he was bigger also, a fucking lot bigger!! Holy shit!! Then it finally stopped.

I stayed speechless: my formula was working! My formula was really working! Holy fuck! It was like a dream became a reality.

So it was the time, time to take my first dose and to launch my plan for seduce Chris! To better see my results, I undressed and moved the big mirror into my room. I wanted to see every pound and every inch.

I calculated what dose I needed for to give impression that I had just started to workout. I won’t hide that I was really tempted to swallow it all and to become Hulk all at once, but I had to remember why I wanted go slow: Chris. A few instants later, my first, modest-growth dose was ready. I stared at it for few seconds, then I drank the vial.

At beginning, I didn’t feel anything. Then came a little tingling. In seconds this tingling had spread all through my body and become more like a burning. And I felt it, I felt all my muscles slowly start to swell. I could see my shoulders became rounder, my pecs gradually emerged from my chest, a central line appeared on my flat stomach… soon I felt my abs slowly push out and I saw the outline of a very slight sixpack. My arms also swelled and became less skeletal, more athletic, and the same with my legs. Then it stopped.

I was a little disappointed—I hoped there would be more changes. However, I know why I had to take my time. As I expected and planned, the changes were not visible when I was dressed. Though I noticed that I was taller, having progressed from 5’6” to 5’8.” That didn’t matter. More changes would come, a lot of changes! But for now, so as not to arouse too much suspicion, I would take one dose per every three or four weeks, enough to give the illusion that the results are due to my working out and slowly getting buff the way jocks did when they started out. Tomorrow we had a gym classes and Chris would be there. It would be a perfect moment to see if my changes will be noticed.

The alarm rang. Class was finished and gym class was next. This was it! In the locker room, I purposely took off my shirt where everyone could see and then and pretended to answer a text on my phone. For a whole minute, nobody said anything and I thought that it was a wash for this time. Then…

“Well well, it looks like someone has finally decided to start working out.”

It was Jake, one of the jocks in my year. I had no problem with him but it was cool that he noticed. Some guys looked me quickly, let out a little breath, then continued. And finally Chris looked at me. He looked for few seconds my chest, then he met my gaze for a few seconds and then went out. I’d hoped for more but it was as expected. The changes were still minor. He looked at me, and that was the most important thing.

The next couple of weeks were torture. Every day I wanted take an another dose. But no, I had to simulate a real progression. Then, after a good month, it was time!

Same as the first time, I undressed myself and stood in front of the mirror almost naked with my precious vial. I drank it in one sip. Immediately I felt this burning, more intense than previously. “Oh fucuuuuuck,” I moaned. I began to sweat. Then it started: I saw my neck thicken and my previously inexistant traps emerge. My shoulders got really round. “Oh goooosssh,” said I. During the whole growth spurt, I was moaning and panting. My biceps and triceps bulged out and my forearms thickened. My back widened, giving me a really good V shape. I saw my pecs grow, like if I had been implanted with two balloons. Below that, my slight sixpack became more ripped, really becoming visible. “Ooooo fuuuucck, oooooh fucking fuck!” My quads got more swollen, becoming really big, and my calves exploded out of my legs. Then it all stopped.

Holy fuck!” I almost yelled, staring at myself in awe. If previously I looked like a guy who just started to have good results, now I was looking like a muscular teen. And like last time, I was also taller: I was almost 6 feet now! And with thick and ripped muscles everywhere. I was excited by my reflection so I took my python.. Holy shit! I didn’t notice, but that was growing too! I began to rubbing. Waves of pure pleasure crossed me. It was not only bigger but also more sensitive, the feelings coming from it more intense. I increased the rhythm and began to moaning. “Oh gooossshh oh fuck ooooooooooh… this feel…….. soooooo gooooooooooddd oooooooooh aaaaaaaahhh ooooooooohhhh.” I felt the climax start to come. “oooooOOOOOOOOOHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!” I came and I came and I came and I came. Finally after one minute of pure pleasure, the torrent decreased then stopped. Shiiiiit, the mirror was fully covered. I had to have to shot one or two liters, oh fucking god!

Earlier that week I had bought a compression shirt. Never before had I thought to buy this kind of clothing but now, it was the best way for to show my progress without having to take my shirt off. And fuuuuck I looked very good in it: I could see the separation of my shoulders, my pecs were really visible, you could see even my nipples where they pointed down. Previously my abs were invisible with clothing but with this compression shirt, you can see the bumps. Not the hugest bumps in the world but you could easily guess that I had a sixpack. My legs were big enough my quads filled completely my pants. And my arms looked so good, there was no longer any doubt that I was working out—well, that I was supposedly working out.

The next day, I arrived in a coat so as not to let everyone see the results right away until I stuffed the jacket in my locker. In class I could hear whispers and even some people saying to their neighbors, “Did you see Nick? I never noticed that he was so big!” At the break, I even had people to whom I never spoken who came up to me to congratulate me and ask for advice.

Then noon arrived. The cafeteria lady even gave me a double ration because “It takes a lot for a big boy like me.” Then I sat down at my usual table. And it’s at this time that I heard a familiar voice. “Can I sit down next to you?” It was Chris. Internally I jumped for joy, but outwardly, I just said, “Of course you can!”

“So, I can see that you started working out recently,” he said, looking me over. “And fuck, your results are really amazing.”

“Thanks!” I said.

“What’s your program?” he asked me.

Fuck! I hadn’t thought this part through. I couldn’t say that I did just some push ups. So I quickly invented a program with a random name and basic exercises that everyone knew.

“And you have this level of results with just this program? Weird. You must have very good genetics.” We talked all through lunch break until the ring rang.

Over the next days and weeks, Chris was getting more closer to me. I saw that he liked my body but I didn’t know if he was in love or not. It didn’t matter: I was going to give him a boost!

I let almost a month and half pass before taking my next dose. I was really excited—logically, after this, Chris would be completely crazy of me. But I had to be careful, I didn’t want to be Hulk. Well, not yet. Okay, a few more drops and I would have good but credible results. I swallowed the vial.

“OOOOO FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK,” I yelled. It was yet more intense that last time. I felt my neck thicken still more, and my traps rose higher. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHH NNNNNGGGHHHHAAAAAHHHHH!” My shoulders became cannonballs, my arms became huge guns that swelled to 17 or almost 18 inches, I think, and with a big vein that ran through them. My back widened and could feel a lot of bulges popping out. “HOOOOOOLLLY SHIIIIIIIITTT!” My pecs became football-sized and fully round. My sixpack developed more—I passed my hand over them and fuuuuuuuccckk, now it was really like I had boulders under my skin. My quads became so big, with a lot of bumps. My calves exploded more out of my legs, my feet grew more. Then, like before, all at once it stopped.

When I saw my reflection, I came instantly. I was huge! Not just well muscular but like a teen bodybuilder. All my muscles were huge and ripped. I tried my compression shirt and holy shit, it was so tight. If I had one more growth spurt like that it would be too small. And shit, if you could guess my buffness after the previous growth, now my compression shirt was like a second skin. Everything was so ripped, so big. I was excited to be back in school the next day.

When I entered the schoolyard, there is a silence like I had never heard. All eyes were fixed me, wondering if it was really me and how I’d achieved big results like this in small time. Weirdly, almost no one came to talk me, like if they feared me. But one did, the one that I had hoped would come. “Shit man, I don’t know how you did it, but fuck yeah, you look so good! Tomorrow, the school gym will be closed so I wanted to see if you could come to my house for workout?”

Yes,” I yelled inwardly. “Yes yes yes yes yes oh fuck yeah yes.” But outwardly, I just said, “Of course I can!” with a smile.

“Perfect,” Chris said. “So we’ll see you tomorrow.”

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I knew probably how it would finish and why he wanted me to go to his house. Yes, we would do a workout, but not only that…

The next day after the final bell rang, my heart beat really quickly. In few minutes, I would be in Chris’s bedroom. And in few hours… maybe in his bed. I left school and went to Chris’s house. I felt full of energy, so to get there quicker I decided to run. Fuuuuuuck, I didn’t notice before, but it was so easy to run, I’m sure that I could run a marathon. Finally I arrived at Chris’s home. I shivered, then rang the bell. When Chris open the door, I thought that I was almost going to pass out.

“Hi! Nice to see you,” he said.

“Nice to see you too,” I asked.

“Ready for our… workout?” he says to me with a small smile.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

We went up to his bedroom. There was some workout equipment. After a little warm-up we started to train. Fuuuuuck, I didn’t realize, but even working out was fucking easy. Before, I never had managed more than 5 or 6 push ups, and I couldn’t do any pull ups. But now, I could do this all day if I wanted.

After 20 minutes, Chris told me he needs a break. Then he fixed his eyes on my chest and arms. “Shiiiiit, you look very very very good.”

“And you haven’t seen how big I get,” I teased, flexing my arms. I could see Chris’s eye widening. “You want feel it?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. Oh fuck, everything was going as I hoped! Hahaha! It was perfect, but was I really going to be able to seduce Chris? We were about to find out in a few moments.

Chris approached me, I could almost feel his warm breath… He passed his hands over my biceps and I heard him moan, “Fuuuuuuuuuck, it feels like steel. Man, you have the best guns I’ve seen in my life!”

“Thanks,” I said, in holding his gaze. Chris did the same thing.

Here we were, in his bedroom, and Chris had his hand on my biceps. We were motionless for a few seconds, absolute calm filling the room apart from our breaths, and then he smiled. I smiled in return. He smiled. I smiled. He smiled… Fuuuuuck, look his eyes, this nose, this mouth, this lips, shit, he was really perfect, absolutely perfect! And the moment of truth arrived: finally, he closed his eyes, opened his mouth and approached to me. I did the same. This moment felt to me like an eternity but finally, the moment I had fantasized about so many times happened: our lips touched and we started a dance of the tongue. I didn’t believe it, I was going to kiss Chris, I was fucking going to kiss Chris! I got hard instantly.

We continued for several moments, then he stopped and opened his eyes. I feared that he would get angry… but he had a big smile, a very big smile. And we started again. I don’t know how long we did it, 5 minutes, 10, 20, 30 maybe, but for me it wanted that he will be for eternity. Finally, we fell on his bed and he took off my shirt. He had a little trouble removing it, it was so fucking tight, and then I did the same. He kissed and licked every part of my body, he started by traps, then my shoulders, my arms, forearms and hand, then he licked my pecs, then my abs where he licked every groove and kissed every brick. And he got to my dick.

Holy shit! What’s this thing?”

“You want see it?” I said.

He just nodded his head “yes”.

I undressed myself and removed my underwear.

Holy fucking god!” he said when he saw my dick. “Fucking shit! It’s huge!”

Then he looked me and said quietly, “Nick?”

“Yes?” I asked.

“I wanted to go slowly with us, but… fuck me.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe what I heard. I knew that we would get to this point but not so soon.

“Nick, I want you fuck me, here and now.”

I didn’t know what say. “I’d hoped you asked me this” I said finally with a smile. “But it will be… my first time.”

“Haha don’t worry, you will see, it’s easy… especially when you are in love,” he said, smiling wide.

Shit, it was one the sentence I hoped to hear more than any—but at the same time I didn’t expect it at all. I thought that kissing him would already be the ultimate goal but…. Fuck him?? What the hell?? It was unexpected, really.

“However, I think I need to be lubricated to welcome this monster, otherwise my hole will remember it,” he said with a laugh

“Hem yeah… of course!”

“Don’t worry Nick, you will see, it’s easy.”

He handed me a bottle. I took it and started to apply the slick to my hard cock and then started working on his hole.

Nick made little moans as I worked. “Haha you see, you are better than you thought! Gnnnnaaaaaaahhhhh!! Even… really good hahaha!!”

“Okay, and now?”

“Now I let you in. My ass is yours. A little advice, though—go slow, it feels better.”

I shifted on top of Chris and naturally, I started to kiss his neck and rub his hair, neck and shoulders. And he was right, very naturally, almost automatically, my train pulled up in front of the tunnel entrance and, car after car, entered into it.

Ooooooohh shiiiiiittt,” he yelled.

Instantly, I stopped. “Crap! Sorry! Are you okay? If it does hurt we can stop and…”

“No no no!” he said. “It’s just more intense than what I was thinking but don’t worry, continue. And no way are we stopping man.”

I started to kiss and rub him and push more of my train into him. Chris was moaning and panting. “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh fuck!! aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…Haha you see? For a first timer you are really good.”

I continue to push until finally, all of my cock was into him. Then I went go back then forward. “Oooohhh fuuuuuuuuuuck,” yelled Chris.

“Are you okay?” I said, worried by Chris’s moans.

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry, it’s just too fucking good.”

I continued like that for next minutes: back, forward, back, forward. And little by little I increased the rhythm. Soon Chris couldn’t stop to moaning. “Oooo shiiiit ooooooooh aaaaaaaahh fuuuuuuccckkkk oooooooooohhhh!” I continued like this for several minutes when I felt the climax was very near.

“I think than I am going to cum, Chris.”

“Try to… aaaaahh…contain.. ooooohh… you, you… oooooooh… will see, it’s.. nnnnggghhhh… will be really… aaaaaaahh better.”

I tried to hold back as long as I could, I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth. My fists were closed, my whole body was shaking as I pumped, again and again and again, until after maybe three minutes had passed I couldn’t contain myself any more. I had just enough time to warn Chris: “Oh fuck, I… I…I’m commmiiiaaaaaaaaAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

I couldn’t see it but damn, I felt like I fired a cannon. Chris yelled like he’d never yelled. I came, and I came, and I came. It seemed unstoppable. At one point I could feel that it was overflowing, but I couldn’t stop it. Finally after three or four full minutes of the most powerful orgasm I had ever known, the torrent ended. We were there on his bed, moaning and panting, covered in sweat and cum.

“Fuck yeah, Nick, that was most amazing thing I have felt in my entire life,” he said to me, panting hard.

“Me too,” I asked collapsed onto Chris, sweaty and sated. Finally, I pulled off him and lay beside him in the bed.

He looked at me, eyes still dark with lust. “It may be indiscreet but… how did you do it?”

“How did I do what?”

“To be honest… I don’t think you got this amazing body from working out, Nick. It’s too much results-wise, and especially in a so small time. I understand if you don’t want to tell me but I’m very curious to know how.”

Oh shit, he noticed. Well, of course he would be curious, especially since he saw me naked. For a moment I was tempted to lie him, but finally, after what we had together, I decided to tell him the truth. It was the best way to keep his confidence.

“I’m going to tell you, but I think that you won’t believe me.”

“Try me, you will see.”

“Really? Because you really won’t believe me, Chris.”

“As I said, try me!”

And I told him all about the blue goop.

When I was done, he held my gaze thoughtfully for a minute, while my heart started pounding again. What would he say? Finally he spoke. “On the face of it,” he said, “it seems really crazy but… I’m going to trust you. And I also know that you would never lie to me. To be honest, I thought it was steroids—but even steroids are not this fast for to have results like this. But I must admit I never imagined this. And this is the maximum you could grow?”

“No… apparently, you could be a fucking 30-foot-tall giant if you want. The more you drink, the more you grow.”

“Holy fuck!! That seems amazing, too amazing for to be real.”

“It’s true, though! Look.” I showed him pics of Carl.

“Fuck?! What the hell?? What’s this thing?”

“My rat. It’s on him that I first tested the formula.”

Holy shit man! But he almost doubled in size. And he is so fucking muscular!!”

“Yeah, like I saoid, you can be a fucking giant.”

“But… why are you not bigger?”


“I mean you could be a fucking muscular giant. Not you are not muscular but your body is a ‘normal’ body for a teen bodybuilder. And you didn’t just grow big all at once either. Why go little by little?”

Shit! He noticed that too… But fuck, I didn’t do anything bad. I had to tell him the truth.

“To be honest… I wanted to seduce you,” I said, blushing.

Chris smiled. “Haha, really? I’m very honoured… but you know, it was not necessary to seduce me because… you already had!”

“Huh? What?”

“You believe that I fell in love with you only since you grew? Nick, I’m been in love with you since the first time I saw you!”

“What? But I’m not…”

“A beautiful guy? But of course you are beautiful, more beautiful than you think. I had just too much fear that it wasn’t reciprocal.”

“Shit! So I did all that for nothing?”

“Obviously not. I’m in love with you, with muscle or not, but I have to admit that you look so so good with. I fucking love that. And for to be honest, I really envy you. I would be a muscular god too! But… maybe not a 30-foot giant, that would be too much.”

“We can arrange that! And for to be honest also, I wanted grow again, but not without you. So I’m very happy that you asked me. I just need to stop by my place—I can prepare the doses and then you can join me in an hour in the woods outside the city.”

“In the woods? Why?”

“More discrete. Even my little doses, I was moaning, so if it’s all in one dose, you will roar. And also… I hope for a second round,” I added, smiling.

“Oh don’t worry about that, you will have your second round!”

“Okay, so in one hour.”

“In one hour, my love.”

I quickly ran home—literally ran, again. Okay, Chris didn’t want to be a 30-foot giant but more than any simple human, so… 8 feet would be good. I prepared his dose and mine and a little extra if he wanted some “supplements.” And I went in the woods. My heart beat very quickly: in few hours, we would be two fucking muscle gods. It was like living a dream.

When Chris saw me, he had a very big smile. I think he was more excited than me.

“One more time, are you sure to do this? There is no going back after.”

“Nick, you have transformed a fucking dream in a reality, who wouldn’t that?”

“Yeah, I though the same thing.”

Nick started to undress himself. “Like this, you will enjoy the show!”

When I gave him the vial, I could have sworn I could hear his heart beat.

“Cheers, Nick!” he said, and he drank it.

Instantly, I saw he widened his eyes and he began moaning loudly.


He started to sweat a lot and I noticed his veins appeared all on his body. Quickly, I could see his pecs swell and his abs pushed out of his stomach. His biceps bulged and started to have a nice shape. His back widened, his traps started to raise up, and his quads bulged. And he grew more, and more and more. Shit, in less than one minute, he looked already like a bodybuilder.

Chris flexed his chest. “Fuuuuucck!!” he said, rubbing his hand on his huge pecs. “They feel like steel!” His hand slid down and he was rubbing his bulged abs. “And these, they feel like a fucking brick wall, oh gooooossshhh!” And it wasn’t finished, Chris could feel they were still growing. His shoulders were pushing out, enlarging, becoming bowling balls. He could feel his back was getting wider and broader, some bumps popped out. His traps began to really erupting from his back and surround his neck, giving him a bull neck.

And Chris felt that his lower body was growing too. “Oooohhh shiiittt ooooohh fuuuuucck my… My legs!” Chris could feel his quads bulking up, swelling like a balloon—filled not with air but with muscle. Soon he could feel that his boxers were getting tight and didn’t resist any longer.

I was just staring my boyfriend became the Hulk, drooling, then gasping and moaning because I was orgasming. It was the most fucking sexiest thing I have ever seen.

“You like it, Nick? Because me, I fucking love it hahaha! Ngggggghhhhhhhhh… and it is not finished, I can feel it!” Chris could feel that the pressure was increasing, increasing a lot. And all of his body started to explode with muscle.

Firstly, his shoulders grew in huge, huge balls of rock hard flesh. His arms bulged bigger and bigger, becoming immense bulbous masses, even his forearms were so fucking huge. And his hand, shit look their hands, they were so big!

His pecs were growing into two gigantic globes of pure muscle. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkk!” roared Chris. I could see his abs grow swollen and became bigger then suddenly, he yelled when the first row literally exploded out. Ho-ly fu-cking shit! They were humoungous!! He yelled again when the second row did same and some later, he yelled for the third time. He was panting and moaning loudly, thinking that it was finished for his abs but suddenly he roared one more time: a fucking fourth row exploded out from nothing, giving him an incredible strong, huge, powerful and very ripped eight-pack. There was no doubt that I would break my fists if I tried to hit them.

And his legs were becoming monstrous muscle pillars. Humoungous massive quads where every striation was clearly visible, huge calves. His boxers couldn’t contain him and literally completely disintegrated, releasing a fucking monster.

And it wasn’t not finished. Chris still had some muscle spams, each adding tens and tens of pounds of pure muscle. “Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Bigger!! Bigger!! Bigger!!” he yelled, and effectively, he was bigger every time he said this word. And every time this voice was also deeper. And finally, he roared like he never roared in a last big muscle spasm, which must have added not far from a hundred pounds.

And it was over. My boyfriend was now a fucking amazing eight-foot-tall Hulk. He must have more strength only in his little finger than I had in all my body. he was a true power monster and it the most fucking sexiest thing that I have seen.

Ooooh my goooooooooooooooooooood!” he yelled. Shit! His voice was so deep, so loud, so sexy. “That was the most amazing feeling that I felt in my entire life HAHAHAHAHA! And even now, the slightest movement feels so fucking good—just breathing orgasmic!! Oh fuck, I’m a fucking god I’m so—aaaaaaaaaarrrrr-rrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!”

And he came. Holy fucking mother shit!! It was like a giant geyser, and it was so powerful: the blow went to hit a rock and made a hole into. Holy shit! If it was me, I would be instantly impaled. The deluge during almost ten minutes before it stops.

Holy shit Chris! You were already so sexy but now… you are the fucking sexiest thing I have seen of my life!” I said while I was gasping because I came into my pants—again.

“Thanks my love, and fuck yeah yeah, I have to admit that was fucking amazing. And all this thanks to you! You are a fucking genius! Now it’s your turn, and we will do that second round!”

Yeah, because right now, it was clear that I couldn’t “welcome” his “monster.”

I got out my dose, looked my boyfriend and says: “Cheers my big love!”

“Cheers my little love but nor for long!” Chris asked me.

And I drank. Instantly, it was like an eruption. Oh shit … oh fucking shit!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! My whole body was lava. Shiiiiiit!! I started shaking and sweating and I realized that I forgot to remove my clothes.

Oooooh craaaaap!! I felt my traps started to rise out while my neck was thickening. My shoulders were stretching out and grew into huge balls of rock hard muscle. I felt my upper arms become gigantic peaked masses while my forearms expanded inti great wedges of muscle. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!” I felt my pecs was swelling and suddenly exploded into twin cannonballs, ripping the top off my shirt.

The pressure traveled down in my midsection and, under my shirt, I felt my ripped sixpack as it grew. “Gaaaaaaahhhhh… Aaaaaaa… Aaaaaahhhhhh … … My… My abs!! Oh fuuuuuuuck!” And then, like Chris, the first row popped out of my stomach. Fuck, the sensation was so fucking good! I roared two more times and, like Chris I pushed a last big roar when my fourth line exploded out. I passed my hand on them and fuuuuuccck, even with my shirt we could clearly see eight huge bricks which were practically blowing out of my stomach. I felt my shirt was in agony. I filled it completely. And when my back started to grow, I could hear a lot of tearing sounds before it completely destroyed. I could feel my back was widening and my lats exploded with bulk, getting huge and thick. And I didn’t notice but I was taller, up to 7 feet already.

I could feel my legs swell quickly, my quads filled my pants and soon we can see even separation. My pants resisted for a few instants and then tears appeared everywhere. A last jolt tore them off completely, leaving me in my boxers, which were more elastic.

Then it stopped, or that’s what I thought. A spasm ran through me and I felt all of my muscles grow. Then another, then another, another, another. I instinctively started laughing. “Ooooohhhh yeeeeess! Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!!” And I could feel my boxers tightening, tightening, tightening. The final spasm, which was more intense than other, destroyed it and released my fucking huge cock that was as hard as it could be.

And it was over. I was also a fucking eight-foot-tall muscle giant. Then I looked at Chris with a big smile and above all a very big desire. He was also very hard.

“Ready for the next round?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yeah I’m ready!” he said to me.

Instantly I jumped on him. We rolled onto each other (and crush everything on our paths), we were exploring every bump (and there was a lot of them). “Can I?” asked Chris.

“Oh fuck yeah you can!” I said. I turned myself over and Chris laid on me. Weirdly, he didn’t feel heavier than last time, even though he must have been almost more one thousand pounds. As usual, he started ruffling my hair, kissing my neck, and rubbing my gigantic traps and shoulders, then my bumpy back. Shit, he may be a fucking 8-foot giant, but he knew how to be tender. I loved those moments, it was the calm before the storm. And the storm arrived when I felt he was entering in me.

Hoooolllyyyy fuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkk,” I roared. I thought I had had the best feeling before, but this sensation was more better. I was moaning loudly when little by little, he pushed his monster entirely in me. And he started to pump. And he pumped, pumped, pumped. Soon, I was moaning continually. I gripped two tree trunks for to keep stability. Chris kept banging me for several minutes at increasing speed. I heard his grunts get louder and deeper and soon I could hear a long moan. This was the storm.

“I can’t hold it anymoooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg-ghhhhhhhhh!!” It was not a human cry, more a bestial roar, almost like a T-Rex. And he shot a true torrent deep inside me. The sensation was so intense that I roared too and completely closed my fists. I heard a big crack: I had completely crushed two tree trunks I had been holding with only my hands. Holy shit, I was so fucking strong. For almost 15 minutes, Chris came, and came, and came, in roaring. Then the flood stopped. When I looked around… Ho-ly fu-cking shit! When we made love for the first time, I was already impressed by the quantity that I had ejaculated but here… he shot more than a swimming pool. Holy shiiiit!

“So, what do you say, my love?”

“Shiiiiiit Chris it was so amazing!”

“Yeah, I have to admit that was so unbelievable. I saw you broke two tree trunks with your hands. I asked myself: Would you like to test our new body? I mean, we don’t know how much strong we are, I want test it. But we need a true challenge and I think that I have what we have need. Do you remember we have a tank at the entrance at the city?”

“A tan…Wait, you are not serious? You are really serious? Chris, you know like me how much does it weigh? It’s the heaviest tank of the world! So yes, I know we are now fucking muscle god but, even, this tank…You believe really we can to lift 415 thousand pounds? 415 thousand pounds, Chris!”

“Yeah I know, this tank weighs 415 thousand pounds! But I want see what we are able to lift. And I don’t know for you but personally, I feel as if I could move mountains—literally!”

“Yeah, the power is just unimaginable! … Okay, let’s try this tank!”

Lifting a 415-thousand-pound tank. A few hours ago, I would’ve found it difficult to lift my previous weight, and now a 415-thousand-pound tank? But I have to say I was curious also.

“Okay let’s go!”

And on the way we had fun: we could run as fast a car and jump of dozens of meters in length and height. In minutes we arrived in front of this monster.

“You want to start?” asked Chris.


I placed my hands underneath one end and started try to lift. As I expected, it was heavy, very heavy. I forced with all my might and I became all red. I was amazed to be able to lift it few inches but I couldn’t do more.

“My turn,” says Chris.

Like me, he used all his might. I could see all bumps in his back flexed, shit it was a beautiful show. And like me, he was just able to lift of only few inches, which was already fucking amazing. Just as a reminder: this monstrous thing weighed 415 thousand pounds!

“I’m little disappointed…” Chris admitted when he was done trying to lift it.

“What? Are you kidding me? Disappointed to be able to lift a 415-thousand-pound tank?”

“Yeah, but I thought we were able to lift completely…but maybe with more…”

Then Chris met my gaze with a small smile and I understood what he was thinking…

“You want grow again, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but just a little. No need to be 20 feet taller or anything. Just 1 or 2 would be sufficient.”

I have to say that I was also disappointed by what we could do with the tank, and we were already 8-foot giants. So a little more, why not.

“Okay. I have what we need.”

I took my two “extra” doses out of my bag and gave one at Chris.

“Want to do it together this time?” he asked me.

“Okay! Cheers Chris!”

“Cheers Nick!”

And we drank. Instantly, we felt this familiar sensation, like if lightning hit us.

Ooooooohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!” roared Chris.

I looked my already huge hands and saw they became more bigger. My forearms quickly grew, shit it was fucking thick! My upper arms exploded into gigantic peaked masses. My shoulders became fucking humoungous! My traps rose to my ears. I could feel them flexing when I turned my head. My pecs became really mountainous, blocking completely my view on my chest. I felt a enormous hard pressure in my midsection. I passed my hand on my abs and I could feel them swell; I suspected what was going to happen and it was quickly confirmed. I swear I even heard the “POP” noise when my first row exploded out of my stomach, giving a fucking amazing sensation. Then I heard quickly three others “POP.” But I felt the hard pressure go down one more time. Oh crap, I was thinking, I was going to have a te… but I didn’t have time to finish my thought because I yelled in same time I heard the fifth “POP.” Holy shit, I really had a fucking ten-pack! A holy fucking ten-pack. God I thought it was impossible (but well, I didn’t think to become a fucking 8-foot muscle god was possible too few days ago).

I heard Chris yelling as the same thing happened for him, and it was a nice show. I could see his already big and sexy abs popped out more, row after row, and Chris yelled at every “POP.” And finally, like me a fifth row appeared from nothing in same time of the huge roar of Chris. It was funny, we looked like Freeza while he was tranforming in his 2nd form: our upper body was disproportionate to the bottom because our legs didn’t grow yet. But it’s not last long when I felt my huge quads exploded with a lot of muscle mass en became fucking gigantic, same thing with my calves and my feet. We were taller—9 feet tall I thought. Oh and obviously, our huge, amazing cocks grew too.

And the muscle climax arrived. A last wave surprised us: forearms, arms, shoulders, traps, back, pecs, abs, quads, calves. All our bodies exploded in one time with more muscle mass. It was so intense we roared so loudly enough for to explode every window on several miles. And finally it was over.

Ooooohhhh fuuuuuckkkk,” roared Chris, flexing every muscle. “It feels so good! So fucking good!”

And fuck yeah, he was right: it felt so so so so so good!! I couldn’t believe it: we were now 10-foot muscle god giants and 7 feet wide. Every move was orgasmic. I bet that I could come instantly just from flexing. It was like our bodies were atomic reactors and every move or flex was a nuclear explosion.

“Ready to retry? I’ll let you do the honors,” I asked.

Chris took his position, placed his hands underneath and lifted—only this time he lifted the tank over his head with absolutely no difficulty. It was like he lifted a toy.

“Shiiiiit, it’s so light!” He tried lifting with one hand and, again, he lifted it very easily.

“You want try? Haha, it’s not even funny.”

Same as Chris, I placed my hand underneath and I lifted. And yes, fuck yeah, it was so easy, even too easy. I couldn’t imagine what strength we had because, fucking shit, I could lift a fucking tank which weighed a 415 thousand pounds like it was nothing. And then I had an idea.

“Hey Chris, do you like soccer?”

“Mmmhh? Yeah, but why?”

“For this!” I put my hands on the tank’s side and started to compress. Quickly, the sound of metal twisting was heard. Shiiiit, I became instantly hard again when I thought about what I was doing: I was crushing a fucking 415-thousand-pound tank… with bare hands. Never I could imagine that. Some minutes later, it was just a ball of steel, almost as big as I had been before. We began to make passes. Suddenly I shot the ball in sky and Chris did a high jump for to intercept. Shiiit! He jumped so high, maybe 80 feet. When he fell and hit the ground, I could feel the land shaking. Chris cleared the ball and, holy shit, it went so far, somewhere in the woods.

“Ha sorry, too far. Want to go after it?” asked Chris.

And we ran towards woods. Crap! We ran quickly, very quickly, even a race car couldn’t outrun us. Then Chris tried to really jump and fuuuuuuuuuckk, he literally flew through the sky like the Hulk in the movie, though we were bigger than him now, funnily enough. Shit, we were unstoppable! I did the same and joined him.

“So I think we lost it,” he said, while he looked all around.

“I just hope no one’s got it on their head,” I joked.

I took a moment to admire my boyfriend and his new amazing body. I remembered him when he looked like a model. Now he was a fucking god. I looked at his fucking legs with their gigantic muscular quads, below there was ten huge boulders, harder than diamond, and two unbelievable gigantic pecs. His shoulders were so fucking huge, and his biceps/triceps—fuuuuuuuuuckk, look these monsters, and his neck with his fucking amazing huge traps which surrounding completely his neck. And then there is only thing which didn’t change: his face. Yeah, it was a lot bigger but it was same beautiful eyes, sexy nose, lips. And his voice was so much deeper.

Chris looked at me, noticed that I was drooling over him, and smiled. “It looks like someone wants a third round… but you will have to catch me haha!” And he ran laughing into the woods so I started to pursue him. We ran through woods. I saw him smash through trees and boulders and shatter them like it was nothing. We were totally unstoppable. Finally, I caught him on a slope and we rolled around, kissing and groping, until we arrived in front of a swimming hole.

“You want to take a bath?” Chris asked with a wink.

“Why not!” I asked, and we dove into swimming hole with huge splashes.

“Since you caught me, you deserve your trophy,” Chris said as we floated, and he turned his back to me.

I laid down on him and like our previous sessions, I started to rub and kiss him. Really, I loved those moments of tenderness. But this time, I didn’t know why, I felt like an electrical sensation, like a strong buzzing. I was rubbing his incredible delts, shoulders and traps, but it felt strange, it felt like it was… moving or… swelling? I stopped all movement to better feel what was happening and… yes, fuck yeah, he was growing, but slowly.

“Chris? I don’t know why but it seemed you are … growing? Do you take another bottle of goop?”

Chris, between moans, said “No… but since we dove into the swimming hole, I felt a funny sensation, like if I was very energized.”

“You too? It’s weird, it feels like our grow spurts but less intense….” Then I looked around and when I saw it, I understood instantly: barrels with a chemical dangerous logo, but it was what was inside which shocked me: blue goop, just like my sample.

Holy shit! I think I found where the original version of this substance come from!! There is a barrel of this goop down there. I think that it’s diluted in the water. That’s why we are growing! We were taking literally a muscle growth bath. Maybe we have to stop and go out no?”

“Stop this? You are crazy? it feels so fucking good! And Nick, we are already 10-foot fucking muscle gods, and it’s less intense than your vial so it’d be another feet or so—heck, why not?”

Yeah, he was right! And we had spent too much time for the appetizer, it was time to move on to the main course. Again, I began to enter him. He roared like a beast. I have to admit that to make love and grow at the same time was so fucking hot and so good. While I was pumping him, in the same time, I could feel my back slowly widening, my pecs slowly growing, my abs slowly swelling, my arms becaming bigger. And same thing happened to Chris, who was doubly moaning, because I was fucking him and he was growing at the same time. I could feel his ass become tighter but my fucking giant monster also grew inside him.

After 20 minutes of nonstop pumping like a jackhammer, I felt that climax was near. Chris understood instantly with my groans. I continued a few more minutes, clenching my teeth and closing my eyes at the end, holding myself back as long as possible, then there is one moment of pure silence and next, two of the most powerful roars anyone had ever heard.


We roared like we never roared. Even a T-Rex roared less. I think our roars could be heard for miles around. It was the most powerful feeling I had felt in my life (I think that it wasn’t the first time I said this, but every time it was more powerful, more intense that previously), even our previous growth and orgasms didn’t feel so good, so intense, it was a god-like level. For a comparison, if my previous orgasm felt like a nuclear explosion, this one felt like a supernova. And it was a deluge which lasted at least 20 minutes. For 20 minutes, we roared, came and grew, roared, came, grew, roared, came, grew. And after an eternity, it was finally over. When we got out, we were more bigger and taller, at least 12 feet.

I looked around, and holy fucking shit: the swimming hole was now the white swimming hole! It was literally a sea of cum. It would take weeks to get back to normal!

Then I looked Chris and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit he looked so fucking good. Everything was gigantic but so beautiful and sexy in same time. I didn’t believe that it was the same Chris as this morning. This morning, it was a 6-foot Chris, a build like a teen model, and now, only some hours later, he was a fucking 12-foot giant muscular god, more than 2,500 pounds and possessing a strength which could probably now move mountains (maybe literally!). And this god was my boyfriend! Never I could imagine this situation could be real, but it was and I fucking loved this.

And it was not over yet.

For today, though, we decided it was sufficient. Really it was already too much (but so fucking good).

When we got home there were obviously a lot of questions: transforming from skinny nerd guy to a 12-foot muscle god did not go unnoticed. I had wanted to keep a low profile, but that was now a colossal failure. But… some bicep flexing and threatening groans later, nobody would piss us off.

In the end, people dealt. After all, we could crush them just with our little finger. So they were forced to set up a warehouse for us because we were too big to go back in our houses. And I’m not sure that my bed would bear my weight—in my opinion, if I tried, I would crush it instantly and the other floors too, and I’d end up with a nice crater in the basement. If we tried that, we would simply destroy everything.

And I remembered that destroyed house where it all started. Maybe the same thing happened to their guys. I wondered how big they were now, and how they had found this strange goop in the first place. Maybe I should go into the city to see if I could find any other muscle giants. I would like to meet them, that could be very cool. And I know Chris, he couldn’t resist taking another bath or vial—but if he had another round of growth like today, soon this warehouse would not be sufficient. But if the end result was that you’d become a 30-foot muscle giant… why not?

Enzo couldn’t stop running his hand through Alex’s hair. God, he was so beautiful.

It had been a few weeks since Enzo had met him. From the first glance, there was something between them.

A few weeks earlier, Enzo had moved into the city to be near his college. He was still in his first days there when he saw him in the hallway. Enzo didn’t know what happened in that moment. Instantly, he froze, it was like he was hypnotized. He couldn’t take his eyes off of him. His heart started to beat fast. Time seemed to be stopped. Brown hair, sparkling almond brown eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips… Never had Enzo seen a beautiful boy like him.

He stared at him for a while before their eyes met, and, like him, he fixed his eyes on Enzo for a long time. The bell brought them out from their hypnosis. But before continuing, he looked at Enzo a final time and he smiled.

Enzo thought of him for the rest of the day. Then when the end of day bell rang and he was going home he ran into him in the street. As previously, his heart started to beat fast and again, time seemed to be stopped. They gazed at each and slowly moved closer. Their eyes stayed locked on each other as they drew close, and finally, instinctively, they started to kiss. Enzo didn’t know this boy from Adam, he didn’t even know his first name… and yet, from this moment, he wanted to be with him forever.

After several minutes of making out, the boy broke the kiss and smiled. “Alexander,” he said, “but you can call me Alex.”

“Enzo,” he answered with a matching smile. And they happily resumed their kiss. That was how Enzo met Alexander. Each 19 years old, and each having come to the city for their studies.

They set up a little hideaway cabin where they could meet quietly, and they met as often as they could. But unfortunately all was not rosy. Their relationship was perfect, but they still some problems.

Other day, they were walking in street hand in hand, when they pestered by a gang of bullies.

“Hey faggots!” said one of guys. “Me and my crew, we don’t like you. I’m gonna be nice this time but the next…” he added with a sadistic smile. “So don’t come back here, otherwise…” But they ignored them.

A few days later they were in their hideout. They had just finished making love, and Enzo basked in the afterglow, passed his hand through Alex’s hair. God, he loved these moments. They were both quiet, but there was no need to speak. They were completely in love, and it was nothing to spend long minutes just looking at each other and caressing each other fondly. Enzo loved Alex’s body. He wasn’t a bodybuilder but he did play some sports so he had an athletic body, very well toned and slightly muscular. Enzo was more thin, closer to the archetype of a nerd. He also had a hotter temper than his handsome jock of a boyfriend.

Suddenly, Enzo’s phone vibrated. Shit! Already? He hadn’t kept track of the time. “Shit, already 11:30 p.m.! I have to go home, I have to get up early tomorrow,” said Enzo.

“It doesn’t matter, I have had an excellent evening. Just like every time with you,” replied Alex in smiling. Enzo kissed him a last time and went back to his apartment.

He was walking down the street, on his way home, when it happened. He had his headphones on and he didn’t hear them coming. Someone patted him on his shoulder, he turned around, and… BAMM! Enzo had received a punch in his face.

He fell on the ground, and from there he looked up and recognized his aggressor: this fucking guy from the gang of bullies.

The bully lifted him by the collar and said, “I thought that I was clear: I didn’t want see you here!”

Then Enzo received a good kick in his belly. “Uuuuurrrrgghhhh,” he grunted—man, did that hurt.

“Next time I will be really angry if you do it again, faggot,” said the guy, who seemed to be the leader. The group wandered off, leaving Enzo on the ground, his face injured and bleeding face and his belly hurting him.

He got up and he walked toward his house. The injury to his face seemed more superficial, but it was still bleeding. He walked with difficulty so he didn’t really look where he was going. And suddenly… BAMM! Fuck, again?

But this time, it wasn’t a punch—Enzo had knocked against something, something very hard. Arrghh, it hurt. He got up and opened his eyes and… Wh… wh… wh… whaaaaaaat??

On the ground he saw a foot but, holy fuck, if it was truly a bare human foot—the size, this fucking size!! It was too fucking big to be a normal human! It was not just big, it was so fucking huge! And what scared him most: it wasn’t the foot of a statue, it was a foot made of flesh and blood… which moved!

Slowly, very slowly, Enzo started to look up: he saw humongous calves, quads bigger than him, something which seem like shorts, but fuck the bulge inside was unbelievable. Then two, four, six, eight… ten… ten?? a fucking ten-pack?? And beyond that, bigger than his head, holy shit!, two fucking gigantic huge pecs, then a fucking neck, if you could still call it a “neck”—it seemed more a muscle mountain. And, finally, a human head… looking at him. It was definitelly a human, but fucking fuck he was a fucking titan. 12-foot tall! Fuck! And holy shit but, he was all muscle, all fucking huge muscle!

Enzo became speechless and his vision went all white. He was totally overwhelmed.

“Hello! Are you fine?” boomed this humongous thing.

“P… P… P… P… Plea…” but he didn’t finish his sentence: he ran, he ran as quickly he could.

Wait!” said the titan, but no, he would never wait—he was to afraid for his life!

“You scared him, I think,” said Chris calmly.

“Yeah, but I can understand his reaction. You never are prepared to meet a 12-foot muscle giant,” Nick joked. “But I am kind of worried. You saw his injuries?”

“Yeah, I saw. It looked like he was in a fight.”

Nick nodded in agreement. “That’s what worries me. It brought back some bad memories.” Hew looked after the long-gone young man thoughtfully. “Maybe with some goop he could…” Nick began to say.

“Bad idea,” interrupted Chris. “We don’t know him. Giving the goop at a bad person will cause big problems”

“Yeah, I know, but… I don’t know, he seemed too innocent…” replied Nick.

“You are too much of a softie,” said Chris. “But I love it,” he added with a fond smile.

Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck, they were real? But it can’t be possible, nobody can grow that tall or that big. Yeah, it must be the shock from being beaten up. Nobody can be so muscular and tall.

At home Enzo sat and calmed his mind as he treated his injuries. He didn’t want Alex to find out about the fight. He’d been such a fool.

A few days later

Loud pants and moans filled their little hideout as Enzo was fucking Alex. Damn, making love was so good with Alex, but at the same time, so sweet.

“Oooooooh fuuuuuuccckkkkk,” said Alex.

After 10 minutes of pumping, Enzo groaned loudly and shot several loads. Alex moaned just as loudly, letting Enzo know how good it felt. Enzo rubbed him all over, his shoulders, his sweat-dampened back, his hair. Gosh, he was so beautiful, so sexy. Enzo was so in love.

Again, his phone vibrated. Shit, the time passed so quickly. Hours seemed like minutes when they were together. But after this wonderful day, it was time to go home.

Enzo was a bit afraid. He didn’t want to meet bad people again. Or giants. Well, he wasn’t sure if what he saw was real or not, because 12-foot giants… not possible, right?

He kissed Alex one last time (God, he loved him so much!) and finally left their love nest to head home. This time, he took another way to avoid running into them.

Halfway home, though, he froze: he had seen one of them just around of corner. Shit! Shit shit shit! But it seemed he didn’t see him. “Okay Enzo, don’t panic…” He waited and when he got to that corner, he peered around it discreetly. Nobody. Okay good, so let’s go. Unfortunately for him, this was the moment when they came of an alley. Shit! He wanted to turn back but there were more of them behind him. Shit shit shit, it was a fucking ambush.

The leader came towards Enzo, sneering. “Well well well, you don’t want understand, I see,” he said. “I thought to told you I didn’t want see you again. And I also said I would be more violent next time. So, seeing as you don’t want understand…”

Enzo felt one of guys take him from behind, while the leader came towards him smiling. Enzo tried to escape but there was nothing he could do. The leader smiled evilly, clenched his fist, and hit him. When he saw his punch coming toward him, time seemed be stopped, but for another reason this time. When the fist hit his midsection, it was like he was out of air. And shit, it hurt. The bully hit him again, and again.

Enzo dropped to his knees from the pain. From this point, it wasn’t only the leader but the entire crew who was hitting him. He received kick after kick after kick after kick… Fuck, it hurt a lot. He could feel the blood flowing from his mouth and his nose and the pain was atrocious. He started to cry.

“Keeeeeeuuuuf keeeeuuuufff… Wh… Why… What did I do? … Why? … I… I didn’t do… nothing… So… why?”

“Why? Are you kidding me?” replied the leader. He grabbed Enzo by his hair. “You are a monster, an error of nature. All of you deserve is to die! We didn’t want people like you in our streets, ever! My name is Ethan—remember it because I will be your worst nightmare, faggot!” The last thing Enzo saw was Ethan’s foot, which was moving towards his head, then a big shock and… nothing, only blackness.

Chris and Nick were walking in the street. They enjoyed of night out walking in city (because to be 12-foot giant, it wasn’t very discreet). At some point, Nick thought he saw something on the ground. Was it like a bag? But no, it was too big for a simple bag… He was getting closer and fuck no, it wasn’t a bag, it was a human… and he seemed very injured.

“Shit, Chris, there is someone here and he seems very injured!”

When Nick was very close, he recognized him instantly. “Crap! It’s the same guy from last time! He’s unconscious… He’s breathing but he really needs to be treated, and quickly! Chris, what do we do? Should we call an ambulance?”

“Does he seem to have anything broken?”

“I don’t think so. But he has a lot of injuries.”

“Okay, we’ll take him with us! We will treat him at the warehouse. I have a bad feeling from him and I want some answers,” replied Chris.

Nick took Enzo delicately up in his arms and they hurried back towards their warehouse.

At the warehouse, Chris put bandages on Enzo and laid him on a mattress with a big blanket. “He should recover, but he really needs to rest. I don’t think we will have answers before tomorrow, but I’m really worried about him. It’s the second time we found him and these injuries, it’s really not normal…”

Chris and Nick tried to sleep, but they were both too worried about the teenager.

Enzo seemed feel light on his face. His mind was so foggy. What had happened? … And shit, what was with this pain? He didn’t remember. He just felt like if he was on … a bed? He moaned slowly and Chris heard him.

“Ah, my love, I think our guest is awakening.”

My love? thought Enzo. And shit, the voice was very deep, almost inhuman.

Enzo heard big noises footsteps which went towards him. “Hello… how are you?”

Instantly, Enzo opened his eyes. fuck! This… this… this voice! He recognized it. Fuck! It was… that fucking muscular giant?!

Slowly, with terrified eyes, he looked behind him… and shit, it was really him!!

Immediately, he scrabbled backwards against the wall. “P… pl… plea… please… d… d… do… don’t hurt me!!” He wanted to escape but he was terrified and of course, it was painful.

“Calm down, calm down, we don’t want to hurt you! Everything is fine, calm down!” replied Nick.

“B..but… it… hurts so bad… is it… you?” asked Enzo.

“It’s justly what we wanted to ask you. We found you yesterday in the street. You was unconscious and very injured. We took you with us and we treated you.”

“You… treated me?” And at that moment, Enzo remembered everything: he had been beaten up by that fucking crew, again. “I… … I remember what happened…” he said.

“Okay, who did this to you?” asked Chris.

“Well… if it’s not indiscreet, earlier I heard you to say ‘my love’… and you seem to be alone here, so you are… ?” asked Enzo

“Yes, we are together,” replied Nick.

“Well.. and, I don’t want to be rude, but… … how is it that you are 12-foot muscle giants?”

The giants exchanged a look. “We will explain it to you later,” replied Chris.

“Well… I’m like you… well, no, obviously I’m not a 12-foot giant but… I’m gay too. A few months ago, I met this boy, Alexander. We fell in love, I mean really really in love. It was a perfect dream,” said Enzo, smiling. “But… unfortunately, there is also this ‘crew’ and… they dislike gays, really dislike them.”

Nick looked over at Chris, who was frowning.

“At first, it was only insults. But I met them in the street and… the leader, Ethan, punched me. That was the day that I met you and it was why I was injured that day.”

“And it’s them who beat you up yesterday?” asked Chris, clenching his fists.

“Yes, and this time it was all the crew. Every time it’s more violent. I’m really afraid. Next time, they said they could kill me,” said Enzo, unable to keep from crying.

Chris gritted his teeth. “Nick, can I talk you?” he asked.

“Of course you can,” replied Nick. He knew Chris was very angry, but was trying not to show it. Both of them went to the back of the warehouse.

“I know what I said other day but… we need to give it to him,” said Chris.

“You sure?” replied Nick.

“Yes. I know what you’re thinking: he could be lying. But I really don’t think he is. Did you see his eyes when he spoke about his boyfriend? It was the same look as you. This guy is really in love, like us. And it’s impossible that he gave himself those injuries. I believe him. And…”


“I never told you but, I was bullied also. It was a long time ago, but fortunately I had good people with me. I got through it but not everyone has that chance.”

“You never told me.”

“Yes I know, it’s a bad period that I wanted forget. But him… you saw his injuries? You know as well as I do that they won’t stop at that. The next bad meeting could be fatal for him. I don’t want that to happen. Ever. We have to help him. I’m wouldn’t give the blue goo to bad people, but with him, it’s very different… he deserves it. No, he needs it.”

Nick smiled. “I’d hoped you would say that. Of course we’re gonna help him!”

“And we should prepare another dose for his boyfriend. Something tells me he will want grow also…” added Chris with a grin.

Enzo waited, trying to remain patient. He had a lot of questions about them, especially about how they became giants. He would have wanted to be like them, but what would Alex think? Finally, he heard them coming back.

“Okay, we’re gonna help you” said Chris.

“Yes, with this!” Nick handed him two small bottles filled with blue goo.

“You’re offering me… what, flavored water?” replied Enzo with incredulity.

“Oh you’ll see. It’s a very very very special water. Drink one of these bottles and your life will be changed, forever.”

But Enzo didn’t understand. Water? Just water? Were they kidding him, or… ?

Nick, seeing that Enzo didn’t understand, said with a smile, “You think we became like this with only push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups? Well, not really…”

“What… ? You mean this water…?”

“Yes! Earlier, you wanted to know how we became 12-foot muscle giants? The answer is… with this,” replied Nick, pointing at the bottles. “One of these bottles will transform you into an 8=-foot muscle giant. It’s smaller than us because, well, 12 feet, it’s too tall, believe me.”

“But why… why would you help me?”

“Because you deserve it,” replied Chris. “Nobody should suffer for who he loves, for who he is. We help you because you are a very precious person. Believe me, you are really good people.”

“Thanks,” said Enzo, tearing up again.

“By the way… what’s your name?” asked Nick.


“Nice to meet you, Enzo! I’m Nick and this is Chris.”

“You will always be welcome here,” added Chris.

Enzo stayed with Nick and Chris for a few days while he healed, and he left the warehouse, promising to Nick and Chris to come back.

At home, he looked at the two bottles. Was he sure? He had really yearned to become a titan, but what would Alex say? Would he like it? Was Enzo ready to take the risk?

Suddenly his phone vibrated. It was a message from Alex: “Enzo where are you? You have disappeared for days, I’m very worried. Please answer me!! I love you. Alex.”

Enzo replied back quickly. “Sorry for my silence, I’m fine. I will join you in our hideout. Enzo, who loves you so much.”

He went to hideout and took the two bottles with him, taking a big detour to avoid the crew. Finally, after an hour, he arrived at the hideout.

“Enzo!!” yelled Alex. “Where were you?” Then Alex was surprised when he saw bandages. “Shit… what happened?”

“I will explain it to you.” And he told Alex all about his bad meetings with the crew. However, he left out the encounter with Nick and Chris for now. How could he believe him?

“Why didn’t you say anything?” asked Alex.

“I didn’t want to get you involved in this.”

“But Enzo, I’m your boyfriend. You can tell anything me! Tonight, I’m coming with you, whether you want me to or not!”

“But Alex, if we met them…”

“Don’t worry, I can defend myself,” replied Alex.

And they started to kiss. God, thought Enzo, he had missed him so much. Enzo couldn’t stop to stroking Alex’s hair. Slowly Alex took off Enzo’s shirt, and Enzo did the same. They laid down on the bed and began a rubbing session. Alex broke the kiss and looked at Enzo with a big smile. Oh gosh, thought Enzo, Alex was so beautiful, look at those fucking eyes, those lips, that smile. Never he had thought he deserved a boyfriend like him.

“Gosh, you are so beautiful!” Enzo gushed as he carded his hands through Alex’s hair. “Why are you so beautiful?” he asked.

“Because someone like you deserves a beautiful boyfriend. And I can ask you the same thing.” They resumed their kissing session, then Enzo broke it again.

“Alex, if I was… different, would you love me anyway?”

“Different how?”

“I don’t know, fatter?”






“An… 8-foot muscle titan?”

Alex seemed slightly surprised by this question but replied, “Enzo, you could be a frog and I would love you despite everything.”

Then they resumed again their make-out session. Enzo turned on his belly and Alex laid down on him. He could feel his hands rubbing his hair, his neck, his shoulders and back. Gosh, it felt so good, so warm. Enzo felt Alex kissing his neck. Shit it was so fantastic, so good, so magical. He wanted this moment to last forever. Alex was so sweet, so sexy, so romantic, so in love.

Enzo felt him enter into him. Enzo moaned with pleasure. He had already had sex with other boys, but then it was brutal, more painful than pleasure. Here, with Alexander, it was completely different, very very different. Here it wasn’t sex for sex’s sake, it was two people who had found the love of their lives and who expressed their pure feelings. It wasn’t painful, at all, it was only sweetness, passion, pleasure—in short it was pure love.

Alex began to pump. Oh fuck, it felt so good, thought Enzo. He moaned every time Alex pushed. He pumped Enzo for several minutes, all the while stroking his back and shoulders, when finally he felt his climax was near. Alex pushed out Enzo’s release with a long groan and Enzo moaned more when he felt several loads, seven or eight, shooting inside him. Then Alex continued to nuzzle him. God, making love with Alex was so amazing. They passed the whole day together, alternating kissing, rubbing, and sex sessions until the evening.

“I think it’s time,” said Alex. “Don’t worry, this time, everything will be all right.”

But Enzo was worried. He had a bad feeling. Just in case, he took one of bottles with them.

They walked down the street, hand in hand, but Alex could feel he wasn’t reassured. They had almost reached Enzo’s house when the latter froze. Alex could feel Enzo’s hand become cold.

“Enzo, are you okay?”

But Enzo didn’t say anything. He looked straight ahead with wide eyes filled with fear. In front of them, there was the crew.

“It’s them, is it?” said Alex.

The sadistic leader stepped toward them, looking pleased and angry at the same time. “Well, you are really bad at understanding, I see. But don’t worry, this time, you will understand,” said Ethan with a malicious smile.

“Not this time,” replied Alex with an angry look.

“Oh, guys, look what we have here, the lucky lover! Or… the unlucky one I should say… You should have stay at home, faggot.” He came forward and tried to throw a punch, but Alex dodged and punched him first.

“Like I said, not this time!” he said.

“Fucking bastard, you will regret that!” Ethan growled. The entire crew swarmed towards Alex. For a while he succeeded in dodging their blows, but in the end there were too many of them. He crumpled to the ground and the crew started to kick him. Enzo saw in alarm that one of the guys had a baseball bat.

Alex!!” yelled Enzo.

“Haha don’t worry, we are not gonna kill him,” said Ethan. “But maybe just make him quadriplegic. Hahahahaha!!”

Enzo began to sob. “Please, stop it, please, we don’t do anything,” he begged. They laughed and kept kicking. “Please! I will do anything if you want but please stop it!! Stop it!! I don’t want to lose him! Please!” cried Enzo. He was in total panic and completely traumatized.

Suddenly he remembered he had the phone number of Nick and Chris. He took his phone and went to call them. But Ethan grabbed his phone from his hand.

“Tut-tut-tut, what did you want to do with this? Call the police? No no no no!” and he broke the phone under his foot.

Shit, Enzo, react! Do something!! As he passed his hand over his pocket, he felt it: the bottle. Fuck, he had totally forgotten! But was he sure? It would change his life forever. Was he really ready to do this? In that moment, he had flashbacks of the day, of this perfect day with Alex, and he saw Alex, on the ground, getting visciously kicked by these fucking bullies.

Fuck, Enzo, what are you doing? he was thinking. What are you fucking doing, Enzo? Your boyfriend, the boy you love more anything, is on the ground, almost beaten to death by these fucking bullies… and you don’t react? Why are you hesitating? Why are you fucking hesitating? This is no time to hesitate! There is only one thing do to: save Alex. So react, Enzo, fuck, react!!

Quickly, Enzo took the bottle out and drank it in one gulp. Ethan saw it and said, in laughing “What the hell was that? A suicide attempt, hahahaha??!!”

“No! Just the beginning of your nightmare, you bastard!” replied Enzo with a glare.

He could feel an amazing burning in all of his body. In mere minutes, these fucking bullies were going to pay for what they had done.

Ethan frowned. “You will wish you hadn’t said that.”

Enzo felt arms wrap around him from behind. Ethan stalked toward him, his fists clenched, and punched him in midsection.

“Nnnnnggghhh… aaaaaahhhh,” he moaned. Enzo didn’t feel any difference from the previous punches… but he could feel his body slowly growing. Soon, it will be different, very different.

Pain became pleasure. He would have yelled in reaction, but not now. He wanted see the the understanding cross Ethan’s stupid face.

Ethan punched him again.

Under his shirt, Enzo could feel his abs pushing out of his stomach. Six bumps, which became more and more prominent and hard with every passing second. He laughed. In a very short time, this asshole will break his fists against an incredible brick wall. “Ahahahahahhahahaha nnngggghhhhh!”

“What’s so funny?” asked Ethan.

“Oh, you will see, you will see very soon…” replied Enzo, grinning.

Ethan hit him again. Enzo felt the punch but this time much less than previously. At the same time he could feel as his muscles pushed against his clothes. It wasn’t yet clearly visible yet but he could feel, oh hell yes he felt it, his whole body was gaining, second by second, pounds of pure muscle… and holy shit, it felt so fucking good. He would have screamed at the top of his lungs if he had been alone, but what he wanted even more was to take advantage of the situation, of seeing their incredulous looks. Already, Ethan was lightly cradling his fist in his other hand. Oh fuck yes, he must have noticed that Enzo had become strangely much harder than at the beginning. Poor Ethan, this is just the beginning! Enzo gloated inwardly as the incredible sensation of more growth made him push a few moans. “Oooooooooooooooohhh nngggggggghhhhhh…”

Ethan, for his part, was a bit surprised. His last punch was a little painful, as if this faggot had a steel plate under his shirt. “What are you hiding under there?” he demanded. He lifted Enzo’s shirt. And shit, this faggot had good abs! Not the most muscular he had seen but decent sixpack abs. He had not expected to see any kind of abs on a guy like this, and yet he had a fucking sixpack that only someone who trains regularly could have. “Well, I have to admit, good abs,” he said. “But if you thought that that would be sufficient to protect you, so I’m sorry for you.” He smiled and punched him harder.

Enzo took the hit. Fuck, hahahaha, again, it really hurt a little less than before. And fucking gosh, his abs were becoming real boulders of muscle. Next time, our dear Ethan will have a little surprise!

Ethan himself felt a weird sensation. It was like if the body of this little faggot was… growing? But no, it must be his imagination.

“Hahahahaha, is that all you can do? You hit like a faggot!” taunted Enzo, deliberately throwing his words back at him.

What did you say? You don’t know who you are talking to. You don’t know who you are talking to, bastard!! And I hit like a faggot?? You will really regret it bastard!! Now that’s a punch!” And he hit Enzo’s stomach with all his might… but this time, Enzo just smiled like he didn’t feel anything. For Ethan, it was another story, he was very surprised: it was like if he hit a brick wall. Okay, this faggot had good abs but even abs didn’t do that. His fist hurt like a bitch. He was hiding something under his shirt, he had to be!

What are you hiding, bastard?” he shouted. Ethan lifted his shirt again and… “Wh… wh… wh… what the… ?” Before, he’d had the abs of a guy who trained regularly in a gym, but now… it was six fucking boulders, more like a pro bodybuilder, even more. Maybe he was flexing but no… it was too muscular. But… it was impossible? How? How?

Enzo laughed and said, “Like I said you, it’s the beginning of your nightmare! .. ooooooohhhhhhh nngggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh…”

And Ethan saw it: he could clearly see as Enzo’s pecs pushed out against his shirt, his shoulders became really round, and his traps started to rose up.

“But… but… but…”

Ricky, the guy behind Enzo, was gaping as Enzo’s back widened, his shoulders slowly becoming cannonballs. If anything, he looked even more dumbfounded than Ethan felt.

“Ethan?” Ricky spluttered, sounding a little panicked. “Ethan, there is… there is… a little problem with this guy, I don’t know how but it’s like if he was… growing? Ethan??”

“Ooooohh gooooooooooooooooooosh!! Hahahahaha…” moaned Enzo. He could feel the way he filled totally his clothes, even his legs was pushing against his pants.

“I… I… I… I must be dreaming, it’s the only explanation,” stammered Ethan.

“Oh no you are not dreaming!” sneered Enzo. “Ooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuck nnnngggggaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…”

Enzo realized he was taller, taller than Ethan, who was staring at the exposed bottom row of Enzo’s sixpack and fuuuuuck, look the size of this fucking bricks—almost the size of Ethan’s fists.

Shit, Enzo felt so muscular. All his clothes were crying in agony, and soon…

*riiiiiipppppp… riiiiiiiiiippppp… riiiiiiiiiiiiiiip*

Tearing fabric could be heard. Fuuuuck, Enzo looked like a pro bodybuilder.

Oooooooooooohhh fuuuuuuuuuuucckkkkk ahahahahahahaha!! Yes!! Oh fuck yes!! More!! More!!” he yelled. The guys kicking Alex had stopped when they heard his yells and were staring him with incredulity. “Hahahaha it’s so ama…” but Enzo didn’t finish his sentences when he felt a big pressure in all of his body.


His body exploded with muscle mass. His clothes had been completely shredded so that he was left only with his straining boxers, which were going to tear any second. Shit, he was way fucking taller, almost 7 feet. He knew that he was not finished. And, fun fact, but he could feel the guy who had grabbed him from behind, only now his feet weren’t touching the ground as he gripped onto Enzo’s muscular shoulders.

He looked at the crew and fuck, now they seemed so small, so weak. They were terrified—well, not all of them. He could see one of these guys was drooling and had a wet patch on his crotch. Haha, he wasn’t the only “faggot” here.

“So guys, who is the faggot now? Hahahahaha!” Fuuuuuck, his voice was so deep now. “Nnnngggghhhhaaaaaaaaa oooooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeesssssss,” he yelled when he felt the pressure of another burst of growth. “It’s so amazing! So powerful so… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg-gggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

And his whole body exploded. His traps rose up, surrounding his neck, his shoulders became beach balls, his biceps were bigger than his old waist, his forearms bigger than his old legs, his pecs expanded violently into two fucking mountains of pure muscle. His pecs were so big they hid his view of his amazing midsection, but he coulod still feel them, and he roared when he felt the first row of his abs literally popping out of his stomach, becoming humongous boulders, then he roared again two more times when the second and third row popped and… he roared again a fourth time! Shit, he had a fucking amazing eight-pack, hahaha!! An eight pack!!

He passed his hand against them. Oh fucking god, it was so fucking hard. Try to hit me now, asshole! Enzo thought, because now it was sure than they would just break their fists on his fucking titanium abs. His obliques grew, becoming really ripped, his adonis belt was like it was carved with an axe. His boxers completely shredded with a lout rip, releasing his humongous, hardening dick. His quads became like redwood trunks, really ripped, and his calves were like two huge boulders implanted under his skin.

Slowly, his amazing growth was ending. Enzo was now an 8-foot muscle titan. God, it felt so fucking good, even only breath was orgasmic.

“YOU!” he said, with a voice which was almost inhuman. He took Ethan by his coat. Shit, he weighed really nothing, he was light as a feather. He brought him up in front of his eyes and said, “So, you want always hit me now?” He could see a wet patch on his pant, but not for the same reason as his drooly crony.


Enzo looked down and saw the guy with the baseball bat—well, what was left of it… He had hit him, and his bat had broken when it met his fucking eight-pack. Gosh, he was so powerful…

“Be careful, kid. You could get hurt,” said Enzo.

The guy was looking at his bat, shaking. He tried to say something but only stammered, completely terrified.

After seeing that, most of guys just ran for their lives, understanding that they had absolutely no chance against this titan.

Enzo was still holding Ethan. “Now, this is between you and me,” smiled Enzo. “So my little Ethan… let me be very clear, if I saw you again on these streets… if I hear you bullied anyone… I will personally take care of you, like this.” There was an iron pole next to him, and Enzo caught with his free hand and began to squeeze. Immediately, crushing noises could be heard and Ethan looked, with wide eyes filled of terror, as Enzo literally crushed the iron pole with only his hand. The iron twisted, completely ruined by Enzo’s overpowering grip.

In that moment, he thought of what he could do with this fucking bastard. He could easily crush him—after all, bones were less hard than steel, but no… he wasn’t like Ethan. He didn’t want to become a bully, even if he could now beat up anyone. And anyway, this fucking display of pure power was making him so horny, and he didn’t want cum in front of these bullies. This growth, though, this moment of revenge, this incredible strength … it was so enjoyable—it was too much! Really too much! He could feel it, feel the pressure increase considerably in balls. His climax was near, very near, and maybe it was time to give a last lesson to this little bastard.

He put Ethan quickly in front of his dick, just as—


He came like a fucking cannon. His shot hit Ethan with incredible force and he was projected back several feet. It was like if he’d taken the full blast of a fire hose, and Ethan soared backward as the cum blast threw him all the way to the end of the street before he hit the ground, skidding backwards on his ass as the cum blast still battered him.

Enzo glared at him and yelled, “Understood bastard? No more incidents, even a small one because otherwise…” He took again the iron pole and started to twist it before breaking it in half. Enzo looked Ethan and roared, “I’m Enzo… and I’m your worst nightmare maggot!” Finally, without saying a word, Ethan got up and ran for his life, completely afraid and soaked with Enzo-cum.

Enzo gloated, holy shit, it was so good! He was tempted to explore and test his amazing body but… there was something more urgent, really more urgent—Alex, who was still unconscious on the ground. Enzo took him up very delicately in his hands—with his new strength he was afraid of hurting him. Alex needed care and, fast as he could, he hurried to the hideout. And honestly he was impressed by the speed that his new legs gave him, well, more like big tree trunks than legs.

Once they’d arrived, he hurried to apply first aid to Chris, cleaning his wounds and bandaging him, and damn, it wasn’t easy with his new hands; but his determination to save Alex did not let him give up.

Okay, now Alex needs to rest, so Enzo put him in the bed, as carefully as he could. It was like handling a porcelain doll, so fragile and yet so precious. Now, he could only wait.

Enzo was torn between two feelings: he waited eagerly for the awakening of his boyfriend and at the same time, he was really afraid of his reaction. He was afraid that Alex would be frightened and run away for good, but he had had no choice but to take the serum—it was either that or Alex would die. And he would rather sacrifice his relationship than Alex’s life.

The night was a long one, especially for Enzo who stayed awake during whole night. And finally, in the morning…

“Mmmmmmmmmggggghhhhhhhh…” moaned Alex blearily.

Oh shit, finally signs of life! “Alex? Alex? Do you hear me? Alex?” Enzo wanted to shake him but thought it was not a good idea.

Alex slowly opened his eyes. He didn’t know where he was.

“Are you okay?”

Where was he? thought Alex. He recognised Enzo’s voice but… it was weird, it was Enzo’s voice yes but it seemed be… deeper and… louder?

“Yeah, I’m fine, but wher…” and Alex turned and saw Enzo. Immediately he opened his eyes wide, backed up against the wall and cried out. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! En… enzo… ?? Wh… wh… what the fucking hell??” he stuttered. “Wh… wh… what… fucking happened to you??”

Enzo seemed sad. Fuck, he looked afraid, like Alex was going to run away… and suddenly, like a child afraid of being scolded he answered in a rush. “I’m sorry, I wanted to talk you about it,” he said, crying. “When I disappeared, in fact, I have been cured by two people, but they were not ‘normal’ people, it was these two huge 12-foot men. Apparently, they became like this with a kind of muscle growth potion and they gave me two bottles. I wanted to talk you before using it, but there were these bullies, and when I saw you, unconscious and near death from these fucking bullies who kicked you, I didn’t think, I used it, my only thought was to save you. I know I look like a freak now, but I would rather be a monster and sacrifice my relationship with you than see you dead! I understand if you choose to leave me but I—”

All at once, Alex suddenly leapt up and kissed him. Enzo widened his eyes, very surprised, but quickly he closed them and kissed Alex back. After several seconds, Alex broke the kiss, looked Enzo and said, “Leave you? You idiot. Enzo, it’s like I told you. Whatever you are, I love you!”

Instantly, tears began to flow from Enzo’s eyes—tears of joy, at last. “Thanks,” he said, grinning wetly at him.

“You see? Whatever you are, you are the same Enzo that I fell in love with!”

“Thanks,” said again Enzo, who couldn’t stop to crying.

“And… a monster? Are you kidding me? Enzo! You are the most fucking sexiest thing I have seen in my life!” said Alex, wiping away Enzo’s tears. “So… what did you do with those bullies?”

“Oh, they had their lesson, believe me. Honestly, when I had the leader in my hands, for one moment I really wanted crush him. But I am not like them, even like this. So I crushed an iron pole instead and let him watch.”

Holy shit, you crushed a iron pole… with your bare hands? Holy fuck!” yelled Alex.

“Erm, yes, I don’t know my strength yet, but it’s really superhuman.”

Alex felt a rush of arousal at that. His boyfriend was now a fucking muscular titan. It was a fucking wet dream come true! He looked down and… oh my fucking gosh, his eyes widened when he saw his amazing cock.

“Wow… your cock… it’s beautiful, though I’m not sure I could take anything that big…”

“Well, in fact, as I said, they did give me… two bottles,” Enzo said coyly.

“Two bottles? Wait—so, there’s more?”

“Yeah, one for me and the other for you. But… I wouldn’t blame you, Alex, if you don’t want I…”

“Enzo, haha, you are a fucking 8-foot muscle giant, seriously, who wouldn’t this? Obviously I want to!”

“Okay.. but maybe we shouldn’t do it here? I wouldn’t want to destroy our hideout, although I must admit that it’s getting a bit small, haha. We need a quieter place, because believe me, you’ll want to scream… Oh, I know! How would you like a quick trip to the auto salvage yard? And come to that, I really want to test my strength, so why not try lifting an SUV?”

Lift an SUV, god, just thinking about it and Alex was really horny. “Oh fuck yeah, I want!” said Alex, excited… but when he tried to stand up, the pain made him wince.

“Maybe we should wait few days,” Enzo suggested. “Time for you to heal a little bit.”

“Yes, I have to say that it still hurts.”

“And don’t worry, no one will mess with us any more,” said Enzo, flexing his huge biceps.

Holy crap! Just from seeing that, Alex creamed his underwear.

Alexander spent the next few days with Enzo, or rather… on Enzo. He took advantage of this time to indulge in long sessions of worshipping his boyfriend. He couldn’t stop to rubbing that amazing muscular chest, feeling the hardness of his pecs and abs, passing his hands down deep crevices, licking his abs, sucking his nipples and, obviously, ejaculating all over Enzo’s muscular chest. He really wanted to make love “traditionally,” but the difference between the two was too much—Enzo would crush him.

But when a few days had passed, Alex decided he was sufficient healed. He was ready!

“Okay, so let’s go!” replied Enzo.

Twenty minutes later they were in the salvage yard. There were several types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, the works. Shit, it seemed impossible to Alex for anyone to lift only a car, so… lifting a truck? It seemed crazy.

“Ready for your dose now?” asked Enzo.

“Yeah, but let me try to lift this car. I know that I couldn’t but I’m really curious to compare before and after. To think that in a few moments I could easily do it seems so… unreal.”

“And yet, I assure you that it is real,” Enzo smirked.

Alex approached a BMW, which he estimated at a weight of 3500 pounds. God, he couldn’t lift 200 pounds at the gym, so 3500…! He placed his hands under the front and tried to lift with all his might but… nothing. He couldn’t lift it an inch, even putting all his strength into it. But soon, very soon, very very soon, it would be a piece of cake!

He approached Enzo, took the bottle, and looked at it.

“It feels strange to think that this is the last time I will see ‘this’ Alex. Well… ready?” said Enzo.

“Ready!” replied Alex. And he gulped it down.

“Oh fuck!!” moaned Alex. He felt a tingling, all over his body, tingling which quickly intensified.

Nnnnngggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Oh crap! Oh fucking crap!!” It was intense, fucking intense. And almost immediately, his whole body started to swell. Very quickly, Alex didn’t look like an athlete anymore but more like a bodybuilder. He watched Enzo staring, knowing he could already distinguish his pecs as they grew out, his biceps filling his sleeves, his traps starting to rise from his back, which had a widening V shape. Under his shirt he could feel his sixpack developing even more, becoming like stone slabs implanted under his skin.

“Ooooo shiiit ooOooOoOoOh fuuUuUuUuUuUuck aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” Alex continued to swell and started to become taller. His pants became too short, his shirt exposing the lower row of his abs, which were really developed.

Holy shit, the burning was becoming really intense. Alex closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. Suddenly, he felt it intensify even more.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh-hhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccc-ccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!”

He turned and leaned against the hood of the car, his handprints pushing into the metal—giving Enzo, he knew, a beautiful view of his muscular back, which now filled completely his clothes. Alex felt another wave through him.


Enzo could see tears starting to appear in his shirt, and the same with his pants. But that wasn’t all: Alex could hear the noise of metal twisting and could feel he was crushing the front of the car, slowly at first but the more muscle he had, the easier it was. And again, he felt another wave…

Hoooooooooooooooooollllllllllllyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccc-cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkk-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!”

He could feel his traps become mountains, surrounding his neck, his shoulders become absolutely gigantic, his biceps become huge peaks of pure muscle, his pecs became so big that they hid his view but he didn’t need to this for feel his abs swell before to literally explode out of stomach, six enormous boulders and quickly, a new row popped, giving him a fucking very hard, big and ripped eight-pack, his legs became wider than his previous body, with fucking big ripped quads.

And suddenly, Alex felt the burning disappear and finally, it was over: he was a fucking 8-foot muscular titan, like Enzo! He roared like a beast.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccc-ccckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

And, like a trophy, he lifted the BMW—but this time it was so light, so easy. Shit! A few minutes before he couldn’t lift it one inch and now, he hoisted the front end up with one hand without effort! He was so fucking strong! And, in speaking of strength, it was time to test it! Repositioning his stance, he lifted the car above his head, then put his hands on both sides of the car and started compressing it. Screeching noises of twisted metal could be heard and Enzo watched in aroused awe as Alex compressed the car with a roar, really easily. Fuck, that made him hornier than it did Enzo watching it. Alex threw aside the carcass of the car, which was now only a big, twisted pile of junk.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh” he yelled. He felt so fucking powerful! “So—ready for a strength contest?” he asked.

“Oh yeah!” replied Enzo in smiling. “We’ll start small, small like… an SUV! You start.”

Alex placed his hand under the nearest SUV and lifted it, and like with the BMW, it was so easy!

Enzo did same thing and had same result. He did like Alex with the BMW and began to crush it, then he launched the SUV like a volleyball, further in the dump.

“Ha an, a van next!” said Alex.

Again his placed his hands under the vehicle and lifted it. It seemed heavier than the SUV, but Alex got under the middle and lifted it above his head. Fuuuuuuuckkk, he was lifting a fucking van. He put it down. He was more surprised when he saw the weight of this monster: 33.000 pounds! 33.000 fucking pounds! They each had the force of Hulk, literally. All this power made him even more horny, and he could tell from Enzo’s equally hard monster cock that he felt the same way.

Enzo copied him with another van. It was easy, even if heavier. They needed more!

But Alex wanted have fun, he punched the van with his fist which went right through, then he gripped the body panel of autocar and ripped it off with bare hands. Enzo saw it, smiled and did same. For 15 next minutes, pieces of van assembly were flying around. It was as easy as ripping up a cardboard box! They tore it to pieces it with their bare hands!

But they hadn’t reached their limit, they wanted more!

They searched for several minutes when finally found it: it was… a fucking tank? A fucking tank in a car dump? But it didn’t matter, as long as it was heavy… and it was heavy: 300.000 fucking pounds!! Oh my fucking god!

“You are sure you want try?” said Enzo.

“Yeah” replied Alex. As before, he placed his hands under and tried to lift it. But this time it was too much. He gritted his teeth and used all his might but nothing to do.

Enzo tried and same, it was impossible to lift it.

“So I think we found our limits,” said Enzo.

“Yeah… wait, I want to try something,” said Alex. He took the cannon from the tank and began to bend it to get it right under the entry hatch.

“As in that scene in Hulk movie,” he said laughing.

“Yeah, but unfortunately, we are not strong enough to lift it,” said Enzo.

“Too bad, it would have been so cool,” replied Alex. Fuck, imagining lifting a tank that weighted more than 400.000 pounds made him horny, very horny. He looked at Enzo and he was in the same state—all this power, this strength, it was so hot!

Alex looked Enzo and said, “And I think that, now, I can take this monster.”

Enzo smiled and in one second, Alex had thrown himself on Enzo.

As usual, they began a kissing and rubbing session but gosh, it was more powerful. Even the simple act of kissing was so much more powerful. And gosh, it wasn’t their old slim bodies but a fucking muscular body. Slim back had become huge valleys, slim shoulders were fucking cannonballs of muscle, pecs were mountains, flat stomachs were now 8 amazing huge bricks of pure muscle, with deep crevices between and god, their cocks were so fucking huge! Alex had never imagined a cock that could reach top of his abs!

Slowly, Alex lay face down on a car, the roof crushing a little under his weight, then Enzo lay down on Alex’s back. The roof couldn’t support this huge, combined weight and yielded. As usual, two lovers began by their tenderness session and gosh, it felt so different from usual in these fucking muscular bodies. Alex’s back felt so strong, so hard, so warm. While Enzo kissed the bull neck Alex had now, he positioned his cock and began to enter.

This time, Alex didn’t just moan as before—it was more of a roar. “Oh fuck! Oh fucking fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! It feels so… fucking gooooooooooooooood!!” he yelled.

And fuck yeah, it felt so fucking good, as if all the sensations were really amplified. Step by step, the car crashed, the weight of these two humongous titans was really too much for this poor car. Enzo was happy: they may have been two 8-foot muscle giants, but their sexual relations were still filled with love. It was not brutal sex, it was the muscular Enzo who showed his love to muscular Alex. There is just more muscle but their love for other was unchanged. He was afraid their relationship to end but finally, it was the contrary, it did like them: it had grown! Enzo couldn’t be happier, because he knew that now, he would spend his life with Alex.

Finally he pushed his entire cock inside Alex, who roared with pleasure.

Ooooooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeessssssssss!!”

Before to start pump him, Enzo stroked him more and asked, “You like, my love?”

“Do I like this? Hell no!” replied Alex.

Enzo was surprised, but quickly Alex added: “haha no, I don’t like it because… I fucking love it! Enzo, fuuuuuck, it’s the best feeling I have felt!!”

“So, you’ll love what comes next even more,” laughed Enzo, which started to pump.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!” roared Alex.

And while Enzo and Alex showed their love, the car was getting more and more crushed. Soon, it would be only a plate of metal.

Enzo increased the rhythm while Alex roared more, his eyes were rolling with pleasure. Enzo continued to fuck Alex for 20 minutes until he felt a big pressure in his balls.

“nnnnggggggghhhhhhaaaaaa… not… yet” Enzo groaned. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, managing to hold on for a good minute before finally losing the battle.

His loads were like cannons shots. No wonder it had projected Ethan several feet down the road. It was so fucking powerful! And that didn’t even take into account their yells:


Enzo didn’t know how long his orgasm had lasted but it seemed to be an eternity. He shot load after load after load after load into Alex’s ass. Shit, there was enough to fill a swimming pool. And they hadn’t noticed but they had reached the ground: the car was completely crushed, it was really to a rectangular metal plate. During this amazing orgasm, Alexander gripped some rocks in his hands, which were instantly crushed in dust by his amazing grip.

Enzo and Alex relaxed happily, gasping for several minutes as they recovered.

“Enzo?” said Alex.


“I love you!” replied Alex.

“I love you too Alexander, I love you more than anything.”

And they kissed and rubbed for several minutes before Alex broke the kiss.

“Ready to return to our hideout?” asked Alex.

“Okay, but before we do that, I would like introduce you two people. I promised I’d go back with you and if we are here today, it’s thanks to them.”

“They’re the ones who treated you, right?” asked Alex.


“Cool. I want to meet those guys.”

Enzo and Alex went to the warehouse.

On warehouse’s door there was a panel on which was written: “If you are more than 8 feet, please don’t knock, we want to keep our door!”

“Looks like they have a sense of humor, too,” said Alex. They went in without knocking.

“Nick? Chris? Are you here?” asked Enzo.

“Yeah, we are here, enter!” replied a big deep voice.

Alex couldn’t believe it. He felt like a titan but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, these was fucking titans! Two 12-foot muscular titans! Alex was like a kid in front of a bodybuilder.

“Ha, it seemed that our ‘little’ Enzo had his growth spurt!” smiled Nick.

“Yeah, and I have you to thank for saving a life. If it hadn’t been for your bottle, Alexander might be dead now. You saved him, so, thank you, sincerely thank you.”

Enzo then told them everything that had happened.

“Don’t thank us, Enzo,” Nick said, “you saved him! Oh sorry, Alex, we haven’t introduced ourselves: I’m Nicholas, a.k.a. Nick, and this here is Christian, a.k.a. Chris.” Nick was looking Alexander over as they talked—clearly he thought Alex was really beautiful and understood perfectly how Enzo could fall in love with him.

“Thank you for saving Enzo before,” said Alex.

“Dude, don’t thank us, really, it was normal to help you. By the way, what do you think of your new bodies?”

“It’s so… amazing! I felt like I could lift mountains. Though, we tested our strength at the salvage yard and we failed to lift a tank.”

At that, Nick looked Chris and they both smiled, as if sharing a memory.

“It’s very hard, isn’t it?” said Chris.

“You know that the tank in the entrance of the city disappeared?” Nick said mischievously.

“Yeah, I heard,” Alex said. “The authorities can’t explain how it disappeared. The monster weighted more 400.000 pounds. Nothing could move that thing.”

“Well… that’s not exactly true…” replied Chris, with a little smile.

It took a few seconds to Alex and Enzo for to understand, then at same time they said, “… No wait… you mean you… !!??”

“Yeah, it’s our bad it disappeared. We tried same thing as you, lifting a tank, but we only succeeded in lifting it an inch or so. So we got a little more… help.”

“You drank another bottle?” asked Enzo, catching on.

“Yeah, when we reached 10 feet we retried and this time, it was like lifting a toy.”

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkk, thought Enzo, they lifted a fucking 400.000-pound tank? Holy shit!

“Is that… something we can try? Another bottle?” asked Alex.

“Hmmmmmm, not any more… You want an ‘upgrade,’ is that it?” replied Nick.

At Enzo and Alex’s disappointment, Chris said, “… Don’t worry, we may have another solution. But before we do that, one question: can you swim?”

“Euuuuuhhh, yes but why do you ask?” asked Alex.

“Follow us. You will see, that tank will not be a problem for you soon enough!” replied Chris.

Four titans went out into the woods and walked a long time.

“But… where are we going?” wondered Enzo aloud. What was the connection with all this?

“We’re almost there,” said Nick.

And finally they reached the swimming hole. “It’s here,” said Chris. “Your ‘upgrade’ is waiting for you.”

“Ehhhhh, okay… but… I don’t understand what we need to do here…” said Enzo.

“Don’t worry, you will understand, very soon. Up for a plunge?”

“Ehhhhh, okay…” Enzo said again. He gave them a look, wanting more explanation, but the two titans just smiled and gestured to the swimming hole.

Shrugging, Enzo and Alex dive into the swimming hole and swam out to the place Chris had indicated.

Enzo looked around. It was weird, it was like… milky water? He frowned. This place was really really weird.

Enzo looked at Alex—gosh, he was so beautiful and… so fucking sexy and hot, even more when he was wet, the way it made his muscular body shine. Enzo smiled, Alex smiled back, and, as usual, they kissed. But the sensations this time were… strange. Enzo could feel a tingling, which he thought at first was the temperature or something like that… but no, that wasn’t right, and it seemed to be getting more intense. Shit yes, it became very intense. This wasn’t normal.

“Alex? … I don’t know if you feel same thing as me but, I feel like a… tingling, and it’s getting stronger. You feel it too?”

“Yeah, it’s the same feeling as when I swallowed this bottle… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Enzo looked at his hands and… yeah, oh fuck yeah they were bigger. Holy fuck! It seemed to be a “magical” swimming hole! They were growing! All of which made them very very horny. Oh fuck it felt so good, oh shit!

Alex looked Enzo: it was the perfect time! He jumped on Enzo and began to kiss him and to grope him all over. And shit it was so fucking weird but so hot at the same time: he drew his hands over Enzo’s traps and could feel them rise up more, his shoulders, already fucking huge, were becoming really amazing gigantic, his biceps became more than mountains with huge veins, his pecs became humongous. He passed his hands down Enzo’s eight-pack and could feel it gaining in size. Enzo did same thing, he rubbed every part of Alex and could feel muscles growing everywhere. Shit, it was so fucking hot, too hot!

Alex broke the kiss and said, “It’s my turn, no?” Enzo smiled and turned to offer his growing ass to his boyfriend. Fuuuuuuuck, Alex had an amazing view of the growing back of Enzo. Look at this fucking muscular shield. He bet that it could stop bullets!

As usual, Alex began to kiss and rub Enzo’s body and fuuuuuuuuuckkkk, this moment of tenderness and growth was so fucking amazing! He entered inside Enzo with a delirious rush of pleasure.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkk-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!”

The feeling of growth and being fucked by his boyfriend at the same time, it was so divine. Slowly, Alex pushed in, inches by inches, his hot, huge member shoving deep into Enzo, who was moaning loudly, lost in immense pleasure.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkk-kkkkkkkhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh nnnnnnngggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooohhhhhhhh”

Then he began again to kiss and rub him. Enzo was completely in a trance, all was so fucking unbelievable! It was tenderness, pure love, sex and growth, all at the same time. He thought to have known the best sensation when he downed that bottle but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkk, this was so much fucking better. And they were taller also, probably almost 9 feet now! Alex increased his rhythm while Enzo was constantly moaning. Alex continued to fuck Enzo for 20 or 25 minutes until he felt the climax was very near.

Nnnnnnnnngggghhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa I… can’t… hold… any longer… !!” He gave again 5 or 6 pumps when he felt a gigantic pressure! He had just the time to yell to Enzo:

Iiiiiiii’mmmmmmmmmm cooooomiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggg-gghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

And Enzo roared also as he came:


Their roars must have been heard several miles away. Enzo, who had gripped onto a large rock to stabilize himself, crushed it instantly. Shit, his strength was so humongous!

Quickly, the water around them became white. At this moment, Enzo understood what it was earlier and smiled: Nick and Chris must have done probably the same thing they did. And it wasn’t all, they became even more muscular: Enzo felt his traps reach his ears, his shoulders became more bigger, his biceps became unbelievable huge, his pecs grew more, and he could feel his eight-pack slowly grew then suddenly, exploded out, row after row, out of his stomach, in adding a new row, giving him a fucking ten-pack like Nick and Chris, his legs were so fucking huge. Oh gosh he felt so fucking good!! The same thing happened to Alex, his whole body grew, and grew, and grew, adding several hundreds of pounds of pure muscle.

Come and grow, come and grow, come and grow… This scene lasted almost 30 minutes before they started to calm down.

The two lovers looked around, gasping. It wasn’t the swimming hole any more, it was the cum hole. All the water around them was completely white.

“Oooooh… fuuuuuuuucckk… it… was… the most… amazing… feeling… of… my life” panted Enzo.

“I’m… agree…” panted Alex, as he withdrew from Enzo’s ass.

Enzo turned to see his boyfriend and fuuuuuuuuuuckkkk, he was so perfect… and so fucking muscular: traps up to his ears, gigantic shoulders, biceps like huge mountains, enormous pecs, a fucking very ripped ten-pack. He was a god, there were no other words to describe him. And god, he was taller, more than 10 feet! Enzo was instantly horny just from this magnificent view.

They looked at each other, smiled, and once again began to rub and kiss, enjoying their new 10 foot, very muscular sex-bodies.

Meanwhile, none of them noticed a small figure, hidden in bushes, who watched them with very envious eyes…

Holy fuck! Fuck! Fucking fuck! Here I was, hidden in the bushes. In front of me, there was the most amazing show: these two titans were here, in this kind of swimming hole, and they were yelling and they were… growing??!! Yeah, they were growing! They were fucking growing with pounds and pounds of muscle. I never imagined it was possible, well, until there is few days. They was we But let me tell you how I arrived here.

It all started a few months ago. I was in my bedroom with my boyfriend, Luis. We loved each other so much! Unfortunately, I have a very homophobic father. He’d became violent, especially since the death of my mother. So when Luis came at the house, I pretended he was a friend, just a friend and we played at videogames. In reality, we did other things, of course. And usually, I locked the door, yes, usually… but not this time.

We were kissing and groping when the door opened.

“Noah! Did you hea—”

Instantly, I froze; I think I never have so cold of my life, and never so fear.

“What… was… that? Noah?! … What was fucking that?? You… you’re gay, Noah?!! You’re a fucking gay Noah??!! Are you fucking kidding me??!!”

“Dad, I can explain you, I…”

Explain? Explain what? You are a fucking faggot?? My son is a fucking faggot!!”

I never saw my dad like this, I was totally afraid.

Luis got up and said, “Mister, please let—”

You! Don’t talk to me!”

Luis approached but my father punched him.

Luis!!” I yelled.

Then my father rushed on me and started to beat me.

Never there will be a faggot in this house, you hear me? Never!!”

And then, the black hole… I don’t remember, I just had pain everywhere. I was in the hospital. My father pretended there was a fight at school but I knew the truth, the horrible truth. He hated me, really hated me.

I was scared to face my father. He didn’t say anything but he looked me with contempt, I mean very hatefully. I tried to contact Luis but I didn’t get any answers. Was he ashamed of me? If he loved me, why didn’t he answer? I felt alone, empty, sad.

So at school, I got closer to these guys, Ethan and some other guys. And one day, he talked about a guy who they had beaten up.

“Yeah, yesterday I saw again this fucking gay guy. But he learned his lesson. One punch and he was on the ground. Haha, so weak. Do you realize where we’re going? Gays in our streets, and then what? Why not a gay pride parade?” he said with ironic smile.

Logically, I should have reacted but I had the trauma of that terrible day in my head, and because of that I disliked what I was. So I ignored his unpleasant talk.

And then that evening happened.

As usual, we were in streets when suddenly I heard Ethan say: “Well, you have trouble understanding, I see.” Then the guy who accompanied the “faggot,” his boyfriend I imagine, said, “Not this time!” and Ethan replied, “Oh guys, look what we have here, the lucky boyfriend! Or… the unlucky one I should say… You should have stayed at home, faggot.”

He tried to punch him, but the guy dodged and punched Ethan. Ethan wasn’t going to like that. The “boyfriend” said, “As I said, not this time!” Ethan, angry, said, “Fucking bastard, you will regret that!”

And then my group rushed on him and started to beat him. I joined them. I don’t know why. Maybe I wanted to express my anger. This guy was like me but… I beat him.

I was totally lost in the moment. I don’t know how much time had elapsed when suddenly I heard Ethan yell, “What are you hiding, bastard?” I looked up and instantly, I stopped. I had to be dreaming. The “faggot” who was skinny a few moments before was now a fucking muscular bodybuilder… I could see how he filled totally his clothes with huge shoulders, traps, big muscular arms—and when Ethan lifted the guy’s shirt, holy mother fucking shit, look these abs! How? How is it possible? I had to be dreaming, there was no other explanation but… no, I was awake!

This guy started to laugh. “Like I told you, it’s the beginning of your nightmare! .. ooooooohhhhhh nngggggaaaaahhhhh…”

Holy fuck, for my part, I began to get turned on by this scene. It was so hot! I had already seen muscle growth like this in cartoons or anime but never would I have imagined that it could possible in real life. Shit, I could see his pecs pushing again his shirt, and his shoulders, fuuuuuuck, they became so big, and look at his traps, they were rising up more and more! Fuuuuuuuuck!

“But… but… but…” Ethan sputtered.

Rick, who was holding this “hulk guy” from behind for Ethan to punch, seemed a bit panicked. “Ethan? There is… a little problem with this guy, I don’t know how but it’s like if he was… growing?”

No, Rick, really? You surprise me… But at the same time: who expects a guy to suddenly become the Hulk? On my side, I was totally hard and I could feel precum starting to wet my underwear.

“Ooooohh gooooosssh,” the guy moaned, fuck his voice was deep, almost inhuman.

Ethan, who was totally confused, said, “I… I… I’m dreaming, it’s the only explanation…”

And yeah, I thought thought that too, but no, it seemed so real but so impossible at the same time. And deep inside me, I hoped everything I was seeing was real.

“Oh no, you aren’t dreaming… Ooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuck nnnnnnggggghhhhhhaaaaa…”

Holy shit! He… he… he was taller! Shit! And fuuuuuck, his shirt was riding up and started to show the bottom row of his abs. Fucking fuck!! Look the size of his abs, it was like two fucking boulders implanted under his skin, and other big bumps were clearly visible under his shirt.

And speaking of his shirt… rrriiiiipppp riiiiippppppp… riiiiiip…

Tears started to appear in all his clothes, like he was becoming simply too big to be wearing anything. The hotness of his amazing scene was too much for me, and I started to cream in my boxers.

Ooooohh fuuuuuuucckkkk!!” yelled this Hulk. Around me, the whole crew stopped beating the other guy and were staring slackjawed at this incredible scene. “Hahahaha it’s so ama—Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!”

His clothes shredded top to bottom, leaving him only in his boxers, which were filled to the maximum. I had an amazing view on his fucking incredible body. Traps, shoulders, arms, pecs, delts, abs, quads, calves, feet, everything was so fucking muscular. And that’s not even talking about his cock—it was a fucking pylon! Shit, holy shit, shit shit shit shit! It was really too much for me, I flooded my pants with jizz, moaning and drooling the whole time.

And suddenly he saw me. Holy fuck! I moaned louder. I think he noticed I was horny—even more than horny.

“So you guys, who is the faggot now? Hahahahaha.”

I would say “Me” but I didn’t say anything.

And suddenly he yelled, “Nnnnnggggghhhhhhaaaaa oooooh yeeeeesssssss! … It’s so amazing so powerful aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!”

I don’t know how much liters I shot but it wasn’t enough for this fucking incredible hot scene. And it wasn’t over. I though the guy was the Hulk… well, he became more than the Hulk. He literally exploded with muscle mass. He became absolutely titanic. I could even see his abs popped out, row by row, and see a new line appear. Shit! His fucking sixpack was morphed in an enormous eight-pack. I though this kind of muscle growth happened only in anime… and it happened now, in real life, in front of my eyes! Fuck!

“You!” he said, looking right at Ethan. Shit, his voice was really inhuman now, no doubt. Holy fuck! He lifted Ethan as if he weighed nothing! Fuuuuuck. “Still want to hit me now?” Ah, certainly not me, I wouldn’t want to break my fists. Because that was the only result there would be with abs like this.

Then suddenly, one of guys, who had a baseball bat, rushed him and hit him hard. I stayed speechless when I saw the bat literally shatter into a thousand splinters against these fucking hard abs. Holy shit!! I shot a few more loads. Shit! I don’t know how I was cumming again but my pants were soaked in cum. Then this titan caught what was left of the bat and said, “Be careful, kid. You could get hurt yourself.” And seeing this the crew started to run. I held back a few moments, I wanted to stay, to admire this beautiful thing… but I knew it wasn’t a good idea to stay, so I began to run too.

A few moments later, I was running when I heard a yell, but fuck, this yell… it was so fucking loud. And suddenly I saw the most “WTF” things of my life: I saw Ethan, projected by what appeared to be a fire hose shot but… it was milky. I took a couple seconds for me to get it: it wasn’t water, it was cum. Holy-mother-fucking-shit!! Behind me, I could hear, “Understand bastard? Because otherwise—” I heard stretching metal noises. Then he added, “I’m Enzo… and I’m your worst nightmare!” Okay, so his name was Enzo. Personally, in my own head he was “Enz-Hulk.”..

We ran as fast as we could. The rest of the gang took another street and disappeared. But not me. I wanted to know, I wanted to know how he became so big. I wanted become so fucking big. So I doubled back and hid, watching them. Enz-Hulk took his boyfriend very delicately in his arms and he ran. Holy shit! He ran so fast! Fortunately for me, I just had to follow the big footprints he left.

Eventually we were out in the countryside, near the forest. And there was a cabin. I approached and I could hear loud breathing. It was the right place. I hid myself and waited. I watched for several long hours but, finally, I fell asleep. I was awakened by someone shouting, “What the fucking hell??” Mmmmh—where I am? And suddenly, I remembered everything that had happened and why I was there.

Enz-Hulk started to speak. I learned he had been taken in by two other muscular giants after the evening where we beat his lover up before. And apparently they gave him a kind of muscle growth potion. It was probably what he used yesterday. I heard that Enz-Hulk wanted leave his boyfriend, who was Alex, because he thought he was a freak now. But after few moments I heard Alex say, “Leave you? Are you a fool? Enzo, like I said you, whatever you are, I love you!”

At this moment, I was overcome with sadness. I thought about Luis, and how he had abandoned me. These two were happy, in love, and me? I was alone, no friends, no boyfriend, just a father who despised me for who I was. I tried to hold back my tears so as not to make too much noise.

I heard Enz-Hulk talk about another bottle and how he wanted to test it in the auto salvage yard. They would wait and go when Alex was healed. So I spent the next few days hanging around this car dump. I wanted see this muscle growth potion and maybe have the luck to drink it. I went every day, but nothing. Then, a few days later, I was on the road when I saw big footprints: there could be no doubt, Enz-Hulk had passed by this way. I was just arriving at the car dump when suddenly, I heard a big yell… “Hoooooollllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy fuuuuucccccccckkkkk!!”

Holy shit, it was so loud, so huge, so bestial! I took a few steps back when suddenly I saw a big shadow in the sky. I was surprised and tried to figure out what it was. Well, it wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t a plane, it was… My eyes widened when I understood what it was: A fucking car! Holy shit! Quickly, I put myself on the side when the carcass came crashing not far from me. Holy fucking shit!! And it was all rushed, as if someone had compressed it!! My heart beat so fast, it started to become really dangerous…

I approached and soon I could heard stretching metal noises and after had seen the previous car, I could guess what they were doing. And sure enough, few seconds later I saw another shadow projected in the sky. Oh shit, not again! Quickly I put myself again on the side and again the carcass came crashing near of me. Fuck, this time it was a fucking SUV! And the next time, it will be what? A fucking truck? And soon I had my answer when I saw a fucking minivan being lifted!! A—fucking—minivan!! Holy shit!! I was ready to run for my life but Alex put it back on the ground. And fuuuuuuck but, how can I describe it… it wasn’t the skinny Alex I helped beat up. Now he was a fucking 8-foot muscular titan. Traps like mountains, arms bigger than my head, enormous pecs, abs bigger than my fist, legs behind which I could hide. Shit!! Alex was now… Hulk-Lex. I became rock-hard instantly. And Enz-Hulk did the same thing, he lifted this minivan. Shit! I didn’t know how much it weighed but probably several tons!

Then I saw an even more incredible show: Hulk-Lex hit the minivan, his fist passed through and he began literally to rip pieces of this minivan. He shredded the metal like a sheet of paper. Shit, I came instantly, it was too much power for me. He did this for 15 minutes until finally there was nothing left of this minivan. Holyyyyyy fuuuuuuuck.

And I thought I was at the end of my surprises but I was wrong… I was totally speechless when I saw they found next… a tank!! Holy mother shit!! A tank!! A fucking tank!! Shiiiiit!! By reflex, I shot a few loads. Each taking turns, they tried to lift this enormous tank. I could see each amazing muscle of their backs flex, oh my gosh, it was a beautiful show! But neither one managed to lift it. Well, what did you think? It’s a tank, a fucking tank! But suddenly, Hulk-Lex grabbed the tank’s cannon and… Holy shit! He bent it and he brought him to the hatchway. Fuuuuuuuck. Again, the hotness of this scene make me came. And I was not at the end of my surprises, Hulk-Lex throw on Enz-Hulk and two started to kissing. They rubbed other, feeling every muscle. Fuuuuuuuck, I began to gasp. And suddenly, two lay down on a car. I could hear the body of the car screaming at the agony. Little by little, they crushed the car under their enormous weights. I was like in trance, gasping, moaning in looking this fucking amazing scene. I don’t know how I did that but my pants literally soaked in an ocean of cum. Then Enz-Hulk positioned his gigantic pylon and entered into Hulk-Lex, who roared!

“Ooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!”

Fuuuuuuuck, I’d never heard a roar like this, it was bestial!

“You like, my love?” said Enz-Hulk.

“Do I like it? No I don’t like it… haha no, I don’t like it because… I fucking love it! Enzo fuuuuuck, it’s the best feeling I have ever felt!!”

And me? I was gasping, moaning, cumming and even drooling on the best sex scene I had ever seen of my life.

“You’ll love what happens next, then,” said Enz-Hulk. And he started to pump Hulk-Lex.

Ooooooooooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!!” roared Hulk-Lex.

They continued until long minutes and finally, the car was totally crushed. Shit, Enz-Hulk fucked him so quickly. Suddenly, I could hear him to say “nnnngggggghhhhaaaaaaa… not… yet.” He fucked Hulk-Lex for one minute when suddenly…


It was as if a bomb exploded beside me. I swear I felt the ground shake. It was just inhuman, powerful, hot. And fuuuuuuck, I thought he’d shot a lot of cum before, but fuuuuuuuuck, it was a deluge! He shot load after load after load. And fuuuuuuck it lasted an eternity! I was moaning, gasping and, obviously, cumming (again!). And while Enz-Hulk was discharging a tanker truck into him, Hulk-Lex grabbed some nearby rocks and crushed them in dust. Fuck, oh fucking fuck, fuck fuck fuck! I never thought I’d see such a hot scene. Finally, after 20 more minutes, their orgasm slowed down at last. They rolled of each other to lay side by side on the ground.

“Enzo?” said Hulk-Lex.

“Yeah?” replied Enz-Hulk.

“I love you,” said Hulk-Lex.

“I love you too, Alexander,” replied Enz-Hulk.

Then they resumed their make-out session for several minutes. Eventually I heard Hulk-Lex ask if they should return to “the hide-out”.

“Okay, but before, I would like introduce you to two people. I promised I’d go back with you and if we are here today, it’s thanks to them.”

“They’re the one who treated you, right?” asked Hulk-Lex.

“Yeah” replied Enz-Hulk.

Shit, they’re going back to meet these two other titans he talked about. I have to follow them!

Even just walking they were a lot faster than me. I had to run not lose them, though really I just needed to follow the big footprints. When you’re a giant weighing several tons, your footprints do not go unnoticed.

Finally, I arrived at a large warehouse. I looked in through the windows and holy fuck! There was Enz-Hulk and Hulk-Alex and… two other Hulks, but fuuuuuuuck they were even more gigantic! They had to be 12 feet! Holy shit! (And I was cumming again.)

“… And… do you have another bottle we can take now?” asked Hulk-Lex.

“Hmmmmmmmm, not any more… You want an upgrade, is that it?” replied one of 12-foot titans.

“Don’t worry, we have another solution. But before we try that, a question: can you swim?” said the other one.

“Ehhhhhhh, yes, but why do you ask?” asked Hulk-Lex.

“Follow us. You will see. That tank will not resist you after this!”

And the four Hulks went out of the warehouse. Shit, again, I had to follow them. It’s really tiring…

I tried to follow them but shit, they were quick, too quick for me, so it wasn’t long before I lost them. But fortunately, as usual, I had just to follow footprints, which brought me deep into woods. But fuck, why the woods? What’s in these woods?

Then I lost the trail of footprints. Shit! Shit shit shit. And fuck, but I’d already been walking for hours. Then finally, I came across a weird object—a really weird object: it was a kind of giant ball, but a ball of… metal??!! What the fuck? It was as if someone had compressed something. It seemed to be a… vehicle? Obviously, I suspected it was them, especially since this huge ball had to weigh several tons! It had even made a crater. For the fun of I tried to move it, pushing with all my strength, but… nothing. I couldn’t move it even one little inch. Then, suddenly, I heard a roar—but fuck, this roar…

Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!!”

Well, no doubt about it, I was on the right track and they weren’t far away.

Soon enough I arrived in a strange place. It was like a swimming hole, though the water looked kind of weird. I could see two 12-foot giants further down along the shore. Enz-Hulk and Hulk-Lex were in the swimming hole and they were fucking. But there was something very strange, they seemed… bigger? No I had to be imagining it but… no, fuck! It was real, they were really bigger! And not only they were bigger but they… were growing?? What the hell??!!

I hid myself in the bushes and I stared out at this holy fucking hot scene.

Now you know how I arrived here.

Hulk-Lex was fucking Enz-Hulk, who was moaning louder. And I could see their muscles become bigger: their traps rose up, shoulders became gigantic, their pecs were absolutely enormous, their incredible eight-pack bulged more, their legs were wider than redwood trunks, their arms were absolutely humongous. Shit! Fucking fuck! It was so fucking hot! I couldn’t stop myself cumming. Shit, I don’t know how much I shot today and how I could shoot so much cum but shit, it was really too fucking hot!

Suddenly, Hulk-Lex winced and said, “Nnnnnnngggghhhhhhhaaaaaaa I… couldn’t… hold… very long… !!” Then few seconds later…

Iiiiiiii’mmmmmmmmm coooooomiiiiaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!”

Fuck, holy shit, shit shit shit, fucking fuck, holy mother fucking fuck!! It was huge, no, enormous—no, titanic! Enz-Hulk shot like a fire hose, he shot buckets and buckets and buckets of cum. Hulk-Lex gripped giant rocks and crushed them like it was nothing. The water around him became all milky. Enz-Hulk had to be shooting more than a whole swimming pool!! And that wasn’t all: I could see their muscular bodies become bigger, and bigger, and bigger! Their traps reached their ears, their shoulders became titanic, their biceps became absolutely enormous, their pecs… there were no words to describe them, I thought I must be dreaming but no… I saw their eight-packs as they bulged and popped out, row after row, and a new row popped, not giving them an eight-pack but… a fucking ten-pack! And their legs… I thought I could hide behind one of them. I was looking this fucking hot scene for 30 minutes before finally, their fucking orgasm stopped.

Really, I don’t understand, why did they grow? It was because of the water? Then I saw it: barrels, with a biological logo. That must have been it! And then it hit me: I could grow also if I wanted! Holy shit! A very big smile appeared on my face. I could grow!! Hahahaha it will be so fucking amazing! I tried to imagine me, a 10-foot muscular giant, crushing rocks in my bare hands. Shit, it was too much! I shot still more loads. But… calm down, Noah. This wasn’t the time to be spotted. All I had to do was wait. Then this swimming hole and these barrels will be mine!

I waited, and waited and waited. Shit dude, get the hell out of here please!

And finally, after few hours…

“Well, I think that was a good day, no?” said one of 12-foot giants. “Don’t worry, we can come back here whenever we want if you want another upgrade, hehe!”

Oh man, don’t worry, I know someone who is going to have a big upgrade! And finally, they went out. I waited another hour, just to be sure that I wasn’t going to be spotted before the big moment. I was horny, very horny, very very very horny. I was shaking. I found it difficult to believe what I was going to do: become a Hulk, for real!

Finally I crept out of bushes. No one was around. I was walking towards the swimming hole, my heart was beating faster and faster. Then I arrived at the edge. Was I sure? Really? I hesitated but… hahaha what a question, of course I was sure!! I entered the water and swam towards the small rocky island at the center with the barrel!

At first I felt nothing as I swam. Then little by little, I felt a tingling, very slightly at first then it was intensifying, soon what was only a tingling became more a burning and I started to moan. Finally I reached the small island. I looked at myself as I came out of the water. Shit! Holy shit! It wasn’t enormous but clearly I had a more athletic body. My flat stomach showed signs of a six-pack, the same kind of improvement with my pecs, and my arms were slightly more muscular as well. Gosh, I just swam in the water for one or two minutes. But soon, very very soon, I was going to become much more!

I approached the barrel, hornier than ever! The lid was slightly open and I removed it. In front of me, there was a kind of goo, blue, very blue, thicker than water. The barrel was completely full and too heavy to be moved, but I guessed than soon I would be enough strong to lift it—because really, I didn’t want to lose a drop! This barrel was for me, all for me! I bent my head for to drink, then a last thought crossed my mind: did I want this? Did I really want to become the most powerful thing on this planet? My life will never be the same after. Then I thought of my father beating me, I thought of Luis who abandoned me, I thought of Enz-Hulk and Hulk-Lex, who were in love when me, I’m alone. Why had I hesitated? My life was shit. So… goodbye weak Noah, hello Noahzilla! And I drank the first sip.

Ooooooohhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkk!!”

Nothing could prepare me for this sensation. Before it was a tingling, which turned into a burning. This was as if I drink molten lava. I started gasping right away and sweating. I looked at my hands, shit, look at these veins and… yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah!! I could see my hands becoming bigger, then… fuuuuuuck my forearms too and… In fact, my whole body became bigger!! And suddenly, I felt an enormous pressure inside me, as if we were blowing up a balloon and I was the balloon!! Oooooh fuuuuuuck this sensation was too fucking good! I was panting, very quickly, my whole body was wet and I could hear it, I could hear my muscles expanding, growing. I flexed my biceps: I had a nice peaks, exactly like someone who’d spent several weeks in a gym and who had his first results. I looked at my shoulder and… holy shiiiit! I could see it becoming rounder. Ooooohh fuck. I put my hand on my pecs, I could feel them growing, becoming bigger, rounder and in seconds I could feel them pressing against my shirt. Gnnnnnnaaaaahhhhhh!! Shit, oh shit shit shit shit soooo goooood!!

I could feel my midsection contracting. Aaaaaah aaaaah! So… so… intense! I could feel each bump slowly pop out from my stomach. I don’t know why, but I was sweating so much that my clothes were sticking to me, giving me a nice glimpse of the performance that my abs offered me. Oh shit, oh fuck, oh fucking shit! I had a nice six-pack, like fitness models. I had fucking six pack, hahaha!! I slid my hand overthem and felt their hardness. Fuuuuuuck, it felt like impenetrable muscle armor! And the show wasn’t over. I moaned loudly as I felt a big pressure in my underwear: my cock was so hard, perfectly straight but I had impression that… no, it wasn’t an impression: my cock was growing, oh fuck, my cock was growing! Fuuuuuuuck! I could feel it pushing slowly against my boxers. Holy shit! Then my legs… Oh fuck the feeling! It was difficult to describe, it was like if I flexed my quads and my calves to max but I could feel them grow at the same time. And shiiiiit, I was taller now—I had to be 6’6” at least!

Nnnnnnggaaaaaahhhhh!!” Here I was, moaning, gasping, sweating. I laughed nervously, it felt so good—and the best part, all this was from only the first sip. Yeah, it was only the fucking first sip and I have a whole barrel for me. All this excitement, these amazing feelings made me shot again, more loads of cum from my huge, super-hard cock. And fuuuuuuuuck, even my loads were more, more in every way: more powerful, more pleasure, more cum. And finally it stopped and I looked at myself. Fuuuuuck, so well, I wasn’t as massive as Enz-Hulk or Hulk-Lex but it already felt so good, as if it wasn’t my own body. Never had I felt me so fine. Goooooosh!! I looked like someone who has been working out for several months in a gym. Just for the fun,

I wanted test this body, so I took some little rocks and I began to try to crush him. I forced and forced and forced but nothing doing. I was not strong enough yet. I began to laugh nervously with excitement. Not strong enough? It didn’t matter hahaha, I had absolutely everything I needed at hand, a whole barrel, just for me!! It was time for a little more help…

I approached the barrel, looked my body, I tried to feel what I felt like. It felt very good but… it was time for another upgrade! And I took a second sip. My eyes widened instantly.


I roared with pleasure but fuck, it was so fucking intense!! Even more than the first time. Hahahahaha!! Shit, shit shit, holy fucking shit! It continued to increase, again and again. Oooooooohhhh fuuuuuck, it became more and more and more intense with every sip. It was so fucking amazing!! I felt like I was hit by lightning. I started gasping and sweating again, more than the first time. I moaned when I felt my body swell.

Ooooooohhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit!!”

I raised my head because I felt my traps rise up and my neck start to widen. “Oh fuck, oh shit, it feels so fucking amazing hahahaha, so good! Oh my fucking goooooood!”

While I said this, I could hear than my voice had changed, it seemed… deeper, louder. And the explanation was simple: my neck was thickening, second after second, it became as large if not larger than my head. Ooooooooh god, ooooooooh aaaaahhhhhh!! Then I felt my shoulders become cannonballs, completely filling my clothes. Nnnnnnnnaaaaahhhhhhh! Quickly, the same thing happened to my arms, which became simply gigantic, putting any bodybuilder to shame. My clothes were straining: I could hear the noise of the fabric, which was being pushed to its limits. And of course, being the good boy that I am… I did a simple double flex and I could heard two distinct ripping noises. Hahahahahahaha! Fuck yeah! I always swam in clothes that were too big, so ripping his sleeves off because my biceps were just too fucking big, it was so fucking enjoyable hahahahahaha…

Ooooooooh shit aaaaah aaah aaaah oooooo fuuuuuuuckkk! I gasped louder as I felt my chest expanding: my pecs pushed violently against my shirt and like with my arms I could hear the fabric groaned. Aaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!! I could feel my back widening, giving me a V form. And that wasn’t all: I could feel myself becoming taller—it wasn’t just an impression, I was really getting taller. Holy crap! My shirt was about to be shredded, it was really fucking tight, and it was also too short, showing the last row of my new ripped abs. My pants suffered the same fate as my shirt: I could feel my legs filling my pants, my huge muscular growing quads pushing against the fabric.

And just as everything was about to be torn apart, the burning growth feeling ended. I thought it was finished, when suddenly I felt another wave. Oh fuck! Aaaaah!! Hahahahaha, and on top of that, this muscle growth wants to troll me? Hahahaha! Damn, I want trolls like that every day! On the other hand, I know some clothes which will not laugh at all, hahahaha!

And indeed, just two seconds later… rrrriiiipppp riiiiiiiipp riiiiiiiippp riiiiiiiippp riiiiiiiipp riiiiiiiip…

Tears appeared all over my shirt and pants. Fuck yeah!

There were a few seconds of silence, only my panting to be heard, when my eyes were widening again: I felt another wave. Oh yes, oh fuck yes!

It was the fatal blow for my clothes. I could hear my shirt tearing all over the place, the same with my pants, and soon they were nothing but scraps of cloth on the rocks below me—only my boxer shorts were still as strong as they could be but clearly, they too were in agony, slowly tearing itself apart.

I thought I was already gigantic, so… let’s continue then! I could feel my traps grow more, my shoulders, already huge, became gigantic, my arms were indescribable, so fucking huge, like tyres, my pecs were so fucking big and… ooooooooh fuck, ooooooooh fucking shit. I could feel a huge pressure in my abs, again, I ran my hand over them and… yes, yyyyeeeeesss! I could feel them swelling. Ahahahahahahaha it felt so gooaaaaarrgggghhhhhhh!!?? What the… ? I felt the first row of my abs literally pop out of my stomach!! I was totally surprised. Oh fuck! But the first row has totally doubled in size! Fuuuuuuuuck they are so big sooooooaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!! Shit! The second row popped out!! Okay… that’s means the third will sweaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhh!! Oh gosh!! Haha it was so amazing, they felt so hard, so powerful soaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh!!?? What the… hell?? A fourth row popped! Fuuuuuck I have an eight-pack haha! A fucking eight-pack hahahahaha. So incredible! And my legs, oh shiiiiiit, oh fuuuuuuck, I felt my quads growing, and growing and growing! Fuuuuuuuuck.

Oooooooh fuck, I had a beautiful view on my amazing body. I was a mega-version of a bodybuilder. “Ooooo fuuuuuck!” Shit! My voice was so very deep, I loved it!!

Here I was, gasping, totally soaked, feeling every ounce of power, I was now a fucking 9-foot huge muscular titan. It was incredible, amazing, just unbelievable!! I ran my hands over my whole body, feeling my mountainous traps, my gigantic shoulders, my astonishing arms, my enormous pecs, my incredible eight-pack, rubbing my humongous python and flexing my amazing legs. I felt like a god.

I was panting, trying to recover my mind after this incredible moment, when my eyes landed on that damn boulder. Ready for a new round, boulder? I caught it with my two giant hands. And if the first time it didn’t move, this time, I found myself lifting it, quite easily too. Fucking crap! But this thing must weigh a ton! A fucking ton! I started to laugh, nervously. And with my new deeper voice, it was almost frightening. And then, without really knowing why this idea came to me, I started compressing. It was still not as simple as I had imagined but I could hear the cracking, and not of my bones, the boulder was smashing into itself. It was cracking, more and more and I could see the cracks appearing. Come on Noah, one more small effort! I clenched my teeth and further compressed and after few seconds…


The boulder exploded. Not broken, not split in two, no, literally exploded into hundreds of small stones! Holy shit hahahahahahaha! I flexed my guns in smiling evilly. Holy shit! Look at me the size of this fucking thing! It was more than a tyre! Even Mr Olympia would have crapped his pants.

But… although giant compared to the average person, I was still below their level, the guys who had led me here. And it was out of the question to stay that way!

I bent over the barrel, again. I stared at this blue goop. I just had to drink its contents and I would reach proportions that no living being will reach. But I wanted to enjoy the trip, it would be less exciting otherwise hehehehe!

I brought my mouth down to the blue goop and… *Slllllllllluuuuuuuurrrrrrpppppppppppppppp*

It hit me instantly, I started to pant rapidly and to sweat gallons. Fucking fuck! Previously it looked like an intense burn, now it was more lava. “Fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!”

The feeling was so intense that tears flowed down my cheeks. “Oh crap oh shit oh fucking shit.” My voice had become even deeper, louder, almost inhuman but above all so powerful!

“Gaaaaahhhhh!!” My traps rose up like huge rocky massifs and were gradually merging with my neck! Craaaaap, I could have been hit hard on the side of the head and it wouldn’t have moved.

“Nnnnnggggggggaaaaahhhhhhh——” My shoulders, which I already thought were gigantic, started to grow again, reaching proportions that I could not even have imagined. And the slightest bending of my arms also induced a flexing of my shoulders, showing all the incredible definition, the striations. Oh fucking fuck!! It was so beautiful!

And talking about arms, they too had started to grow! I’d thought they were already huge, but I wasn’t ready for the rest! Quickly, they were gaining inch by inch—what I was adding every second, some people took years to get that result. In ten seconds, I gained more inches and more power than someone who spent their whole life pumping iron nonstop. Oh fucking crap! And the veins, fucking shit, look at these veins!! Huge, thicker than an inch, I could see them pulsating, pumping out litres and litres of blood for to feed my rocky masses, my Mount Everests of muscle.

The same thing was happening to my forearms: they were thickening, growing, widening, the veins becoming exorbitant. Hahahaha, I laughed when I noticed than my forearms were bigger than biceps of some people I knew! Holy fuck! Hahahahahahaha!!

Suddenly, my laughter was cut short—”Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!” What the hell? My pecs just exploded, without warning and… “Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!!”

Holy crap! Again? And… holy shit! These are my pecs? These things are my pecs? But… they’re so fucking titanic!! They were so huge now that they literally blocked my view on my abs.

But speaking of abs, even if I couldn’t see them, feeling them was a completely different story: I felt my abs flexing, and flexing, and flexing, and flexing! “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh too… too… too much—” And fuck yeah it was too much! I had already tried to flex them to the max, but now, when I thought I had reached the maximum, it turned out I was always far from it. And then, when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I started to feel them swelling. I could feel them fighting for every available space.

Then suddenly, as before, the first row went wild. “Nnnnnnnggggaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!” Oh crap! Oh fucking crap! I had rarely felt anything so intense. And it wasn’t finished, few seconds later… “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!” And obviously, same thing for other rows. “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!” … “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!” I was panting. Oh fucking crap! It was so fucking intense! I passed my hand over my stomach. Fucking shit! Are those abs? Is that really my abs? But fuuuuuuck, their size, oh god! I was sure that if a car hit me right in abs right then that I would not feel anything. (But the car… ).

What could be next? I was so focused on the next part that I didn’t notice the weird feeling below the last row: it wasn’t finished! “What the h… aaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!” A fifth row exploded from my stomach! A fucking fifth row! I passed my hand on them for to be sure—

2… 4… 6… 8… 10! Ten! Holy shit hahahahaha! I had a fucking ten-pack!! Fuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!! Now it wasn’t not a car I could wreck but definitely a fucking truck!


And suddenly, I was forced to steady myself with my hands on the ground: I could feel my back moving, as if it were alive. Bumps were popping up all over the place, and others were added that I hadn’t even had before. My back was becoming a fucking impenetrable muscle shield. “Nnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhh!!” My hands, pressed to the ground, were moving away from each other and for a good reason: my lats were fucking growing.

Fucking crap! My shoulders were amazingly wide! Crrraaaaappp!! And my waist was so fucking small but at the same time extremely muscular and ripped.

When the growth spurt was over, I tried to get up before quickly falling back on all fours: my legs were flexing and growing. And fucking shit, it was intense! “Aaaaaaahhhhh!!” What were already easily the size of tree trunks before were becoming larger, wider, more ripped. Fucking shit! This power was unbelievable.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!! … aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!” My calves had just exploded—well, if you could call these “calves,” honestly it seemed (and felt) more like cannonballs implanted under the skin. At the same time, I felt my feet start to rapidly expand, becoming more massive than I’d ever dreamed.

And it was over. I was sweating, panting, moaning. Fuck… holy fuck!! The sensation that ran through me was indescribably pleasurable, a feeling of absolute power.

It took me several minutes to recover from that growth session. Finally I started to get up.

Oh crap… Oh fucking crap!! Holy shit!! I was 12 feet tall, I had to be… I was a fucking 12-foot ultra-muscular giant. I looked at my hands and what I could see of my body… So this was it, this was what they felt, ho-ly fuuuuuuck, there were no words powerful enough to describe what I was feeling. And the power… god, the power!!

I looked around me and suddenly, I saw another boulder, but much bigger than the previous: if the previous had weighted almost a ton, this one should weight several dozens of tons.

I approached this boulder, grabbed it firmly, and lifted. To my great surprise, it was easy, really too easy. Oh fuck, oh fucking fuck, fuuuuuuuckkkk! Hahahahahahaha!! I couldn’t believe it: I was lifting, easily, a fucking boulder which weighed at least several dozen tons.

Again, I started to laugh, completely euphoric with power. And, almost before I realized it, I compressed the boulder. This time, I didn’t have to do much. Cracking sounds could be heard, faster, louder. And few seconds later: *ccccrrraaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk*

Fucking crap! I had to force myself and use all my strength to destroy the previous one, and here I did it almost involuntarily on a boulder much bigger and heavier.

… Fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha!

Power… this word defined perfectly what I was feeling at the moment. Ultimate power!

And yeah, I could have stopped there… Yeah, I could have… but… I didn’t want to.

Yes, I was a fucking 12-foot incredibly muscular giant, with the incredible power to lift several tons effortless but… I wanted more, much more, really much more! I didn’t just want to reach their level, no… no no no no… I wanted to become the most titanic and powerful thing in the whole universe. And the solution… was right in front of me. It was time to enter in the final phase, to drink every last drop of the barrel. Time to get my revenge! Those who had made me suffer were going to regret it. I wanted to see them stunned, praying for their survival when I faced them. It was time to surpass the status of a god. Yeah, it was time!

I delicately took the barrel, without too much force so as not to crush it, and I began to drink in gulps. If the previous sips had the effect of lava, now, I felt like we were detonating nuclear bombs inside me. There are no words to describe the feeling, even “divine” is not enough. It was unbelievable, really unbelievable. But I used all my self-control to not yell. I had to drink the whole barrel—I didn’t want to lose a single drop.

I could already feel my body growing, much faster than before. I drank, and drank, and drank. The feeling became unbearable. My dick was completely straight, like a cannon ready to fire, but there was no way I was going to miss anything from this barrel. I wanted everything! Even though I was restraining myself, I felt my fingers crushing the metal. My strength was so fucking incredible, beyond anything I could have imagined. Faster, Noah, drink faster! And finally, I swallowed the last sip. Instantly I crushed the barrel like it was nothing. I was going to come, it was certain. I felt an absolutely indescribable feeling in my balls, my eyes rolled back, I fell to my knees, not being able to bear such a feeling, there was a moment of silence and finally…


I couldn’t describe what I felt, it was billions of times more intense than what I had felt. I could feel the ground shaking because of my yell. I provoked a tsunami, I destroyed first rows of tree and those afterwards collapsed. And gosh, it wasn’t load I was shooting, it was missiles and with each shot, I could feel like a muscle spasm, with every shot I got bigger and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and biiiiiggggggeeeeer!! I felt my traps exploded out of my back, my neck widening, my shoulders becoming so titanic, arms biggest than the biggest boulder in this place, pecs which were so fucking gigantic than that they were blocking my view, but I didn’t need to see to feel my already ripped abs becoming even bigger, and bigger and bigger, I felt that several rows were added, my legs became thicker than the thickest of the trees. And obviously, my cock followed the pace: shoot, grow, shoot, grow, shoot, grow, shoot, grow, shoot, grow, shoot, grow, shoot, grow, shoot, grow!! Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh!! It was so fuckiiiiiinggg gooooooood!!

I don’t know how long it lasted, but it could have been an eternity. I must have shot more than all the water in the lake. And finally it calmed down—well, calmed down some… here I was, looking at my hands, gasping, but damn, it was like using a subwoofer, it was so loud. “Oh fuck!” I said. Clearly, my voice was no longer human. It was incredibly deep, and so fucking loud. I was concentrating on the sensations: absolute power, the feeling of being able to lift anything, to crush anything, to do anything. The smallest little thing, like just breath, was incredibly orgasmic.

Slowly, I got up. And fuck, what used to be a big swimming hole was so small now. I was so fucking titanic, really titanic! I started to walk and fuuuuuck, I could feel the ground shaking at every step. I rubbed my gigantic hands over my body. Fuck, everything was so huge… no, not huge, titanic! My biceps were bigger than my old body, my shoulders were so gigantic, my traps reached my ears, my pecs were absolutely humongous, blocking my view, I felt my abs and fuuuuuuck, I was surprised when I counted seven rows, shit I had a fucking fourteen-pack!! And my dick… I think a large tree trunk was thinner. And my legs were so fucking amazing! I tried to estimate my size. I saw a big tree, and I knew this tree was 50 feet high easy. And this tree reached… halfway up my body. Ho-ly-fucking-shiiiiit! 100 fucking feet! I was 100 holy fucking feet tall!! Hahahahaha!! I grabbed this tree, well… ripped it up would be a more accurate term, and crushed it like it was nothing. I was so fucking strong.

Suddenly, I saw on the ground the metal ball I’d passed when I’d arrived. I took it up between two fingers. Hahahaha! Goooooosh, now, it weighted absolutely nothing!! I threw it toward the city. Hahahaha! Finally I was going to have my revenge: be careful Dad, hahaha because… Noahzilla is coming!!

Enzo was in the warehouse, on top of Nick, kissing him, rubbing him and feeling up his new body. Goooooood, it felt so good. Nick and Chris were doing the same thing a ways further down the warehouse. The two couples were in the middle of the action when suddenly, a huge noise shook the walls.

“Huh?? A thunderstorm?” asked Enzo. But suddenly, windows started to crack and then exploded.

“I don’t think a thunderstorm could do that,” said Alex. “Or else it’s a very very very very very huge thunderstorm…”

“Enzo? Alex?” Are you okay?” asked Chris.

“Yeah, we are fine but… what was that fucking shit?” asked Enzo.

“I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling. It’s not normal…”

Then suddenly, all heard a strange noise: Splash… splash… splash…

“What the fuck?” said a surprised Enzo. They went out and it seemed like rain, but fuuuuck it was fucking gigantic drops and… it didn’t look like water. Enzo wanted to approach when he was hit by a drop. It was like someone threw a bucket of liquid on him. And yes, he could confirm it: it wasn’t water, it was white, even milky, sticky and the smell… it was… cum?? What the… fuuuuuuck??

“It’s not water, it’s…” said Enzo.

“Cum…” finished Chris. “And I don’t think that a thunderstorm can do that…”

Chris glanced at one of the puddles on the ground and noticed the puddle trembling, like the scene of T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Then again few instants later. Shit…

Alexander saw something glinting in the sky, it was like a balloon but… no, it wasn’t a balloon, it was spherical but it was bigger and shit it was coming their way!! “Watch out guys, in the sky!!”

Everyone looked in the sky and saw the big “UFO” coming at them. They moved apart and the ball slammed violently on the ground and rolled unevenly on the street.

“Chris… you’re thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Nick, very worried because he thought recognize what it was.

“Yeah it looks like our… tank…” replied Chris. He looked back at the puddle and saw it shake even more. No doubt about it: something was approaching, something big, huge… beyond huge.

Quickly, they ran towards the entrance of the property and out into the city. They came across a lot of people who were running in all directions. What the hell was going on? Then they looked up and understood the reason for the panic and the earth-shaking vibrations. What they saw left them speechless: some distance away they could see a titanic giant walking towards the city—but holy fuck, he was so fucking gigantic.

It took a few moments at Enzo for recognize him. No way! “Fuuuuuck! Guys, I… I… I recognize him! It’s one of guys who beat up Alex before.”

“Shiiiiit,” said Nick. “He must have found the swimming hole.” This was not good, not good at all!! They ran back into the warehouse at top speed, strategizing the whole way.

“Shit! You think we can beat him, Nick?” asked Chris.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think so. But… I know the guys used an antidote in a similar fight. I think I could recreate it, but it’ll probably take me several hours… and we do not have several hours!” replied Nick. He thought a second. “I still have two little bottles of the growth serum. It’s not much but we will be able to grow Enzo and Alex at the same size as us. But it will not be enough to stop him.”

“Okay, we’ll give the bottles to Enzo and Alex and you concentrate on the antidote. The three of us will try to slow him down,” said Chris.

“Chris, you are sure that’s…?”

“Don’t waste time, Nick!” replied Chris.

“Okay…” Before leaving, Nick gave Chris a quick kiss. “I love you, Chris, please, be very careful!”

“I love you too, but don’t worry for us,” said Chris.

“Okay… Enzo! Alex! Catch!” said Nick, throwing then a pair of bottles from a box in the back.

Enzo and Alex caught bottles, looked at them and understood.

“Nick, you want that we…” said Enzo.

“Yes, you will be at the same size as Chris and me. It won’t be enough to stop this guy, but if you could slow him, it will leave me the time for to create an antidote. But, please, be careful guys.”

“No problem!” replied Alex.

“Good, I will try to get you the antidote as soon as possible! Good luck!” said Nick as they were leaving.

Enzo and Alex opened their bottles and drank. “Ooooooooh fuuuuuuucccckkkkkk!!” they said when they felt their bodies grow, and grow, and grow.

“Ooooohhhh shiiiiiiiit oooooooh fuuuuuckkk,” said Enzo, laughing. He knew that wasn’t the good situation for to laugh but it was too fucking good.

Alex moaned loudly, becoming horny even if the situation was not appropriate.

Then, few minutes later, they were 12-foot muscular titans, like Nick and Chris. They wanted explore their bodies, but there no time for that, not now. They joined Chris, who smiled slightly “It suits you well!”

“Thanks!” said Enzo. “Any ideas for how to stop him?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. We tried to talk with him before,” replied Chris.

Suddenly, they heard big noises behind him and…

“Raise your hands!”

They turned back and shit! In front of them, there were soldiers, several tanks, and a commander. They’d been responding to Noah, but they found the three 12-foot giants first.

“I said raise your hands!” said the commander, a tough-looking man with a shred eye.

“Whoooaa, calm down, calm down!” replied Chris. “We are on your side!”

“Really?! I don’t believe you!” yelled the commander.

“Listen!” said Chris, angry. “Do you really think we have time to discuss this? Look what is coming for us!” he yelled, pointing up at the looming Noah still stomping toward the city. “Either we all fight him together, or you fight us—but I think any help will be welcome to stop him, no?”

The commander hesitated, but seeing the situation he stood down. “Okay… what do you have in mind?”

“For now, just talk with him. Maybe we’ll be able to reason with him,” replied Chris.

“I don’t like this,” growled the commander.

“Really, I don’t care if you don’t like it. I’m try to save this city, doing as little damage as possible in the bargain,” replied Chris.

“… Okay. But if you don’t manage to calm him, I will order a full-scale attack!”

Hahahahahaha! Soon I will reach this miserable city and they will see, they will see my power… Mmmmmmh so here is a welcoming committee hahahaha!!

Hahahaha, in this “committee” I could see Enz-Hulk and Hulk-Lex, but gooooosh, there were so small, so weak now, hahahaha it was too funny. Now, it should be Mini-zo and Mini-Lex! I’m sure I have more power in my little finger than their whole bodies.

There was another “mini giant,” and I recognized him as well—it was one of two other “giants” of the warehouse.

“I don’t know what you want but we don’t need to fight,” the third “giant” called up at him.

“What? Us, fight? Hahahahahaha seriously, you are kidding me? As if you think you can beat me hahahaha!”

“What do you want?” he asked.

“It’s none of your business! Get out of my way or I’ll crush you!”

“We don’t have to go there, just let us hear you out. I’m Chris, who are you and what do you want?” the small man replied.

What? Hear him out? Was he kidding me? Where was he when I needed someone to listen? Who helped me? Nobody! Okay…

“I’m not going to say it again. Let me pass and maybe you’ll live,” I said angrily.

“Really, I think we can find an…” said Chris when suddenly…


Suddenly, I felt an explosion against my midsection. I had absorbed the shock but had to take a few steps backwards. Then I looked behind Mini-zo and Mini-Lex. Fucking bastards! I saw several tanks. Then another tank shot. Again, I took a few steps back.

“Idiots! Stop it! Stop it!” yelled Chris.

“Bastard!” I shouted at the three traitors.

“No no no no no! Really, it’s not what you think, trust me! We can help…”

Baaaaaam! And third explosion. Bastard, fucking bastard, fucking bastard! I’ll crush you! I’ll crush you all!

“Idiots, what are you doing? What are you fucking doing?” Chris yelled again.

I saw another one who was going to shoot. But this time, I flexed my abs. Oh fuck, this feeling, this fucking amazing feeling was too good!

Baaaaaaam! The tank shot but this time, the shell comes crashing down against my amazing fourteen-pack. That’s what I call abs! Nothing can stop me, not even your fucking tanks. Then another tank shot, but with the same result: the shell came crashing against my rock-hard abs! The weak little “giants” fell back and disappeared somewhere, taking cover from the flying shell fragments, but the soldiers and talks seemed intent on trying to fight me.

Then I had an idea. You want see power? Okay! You’re going to see power. I have my own cannon! I took my cock in my hands and started to rub it. Quickly I was moaning. I increased the pace then suddenly, I felt the climax was near, so I directed my dick by aiming at one of the tanks that shot at me. And… I fired. “Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!”

It went off like heavy artillery. The tank took the jet and was thrown on its side, half crushed. I aimed another and fired. “Aaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhh!!”

And same result…

I aimed another and fired, then another, and another, and another. Hahahahaha shit, it was so amazing!! Here you go guys, this is a fucking cannon!!

Seeing this power, people were screaming, trying to flee in their vehicles. Okay… it was time to do another demonstration of my power. I bent and grabbed the first tank near me. Almost all but one of the soldiers had bailed out of it. I turned the tank upside down and shook it to get this guy out. Go on, be nice, get out… Ha, there you go. I checked that there was no one else in it. I smiled then I began to close my fist. Immediately, metal-twisting noises could be heard. All the soldiers looked me with wide eyes, totally terrified by this power. I dropped the tank, which was now a pile of rubbish completely crushed.

“So, who want to be next?” I said, in smiling. And suddenly, they all fled. Hahahahahahaha, they are so pathetic!

The three 12-footers had retreated to the entrance of a nearby side street when they started shooting. Now they were watching this titan shot tanks with his dick. Enzo found the show both exciting and scary, because it was clear the army was powerless against him. What should they do?

“We have to slow him! By any way possible!” said Chris. He looked around him and saw a car. “Okay, let’s start with this.”

He lifted the car, really easily, and threw it against Noah. But Noah don’t move an inch. The car on the other hand crashed completely against his titanium abs.

“Hahahaha seriously?” Noah boomed at them.

“Oh, but it’s not over,” said Chris. He found an SUV, lifted it and threw it, but again, no result. The SUV just crushed against muscular armor of Noah.

“Really? Hahahah you have to find heavier vehicle if you want beat me!” said Noah.

Then Enzo looked around him and saw it: an abandoned tank, half-drenched in cum. He smiled as he thought of the tank he had tried to lift with Alex. But now he was a few feet taller and few hundred pounds of muscle bigger and stronger. He approached it, tried to lift it, and yes, he could easily lift it! But throwing it with enough force to knock Noah down would be more complicated.

Then Enzo has had an idea: he grabbed the tank by the cannon, crushing it a bit as he did so, then he began to spin, like a top. He did several turns before to letting go. The tank was projected by centrifugal force and came crashing down very violently against Noah’s abs, who was taken completely by surprise. He was unbalanced, fell, and crashed into several houses. It was like a giant falling on eggs, he completely crushed the houses in a deafening noise. Fortunately everyone had fled in panic and the houses were empty. It was a few moments before Noah got up, bristling with fury.

“Fucking bastards! You want play?? Okay, very well, so let’s play!!”

Hahahahahahahaha look at those ants. They are so weak, so insignificant!! It feels good to be a god, so fucking good!! Hahahahahaha… What the… ??

Suddenly, I saw what appeared to be a car coming straight at me. Pfff, it doesn’t matter, I had just taken some tank fire, so a car? And as expected, the car came crashing against my incredibly powerful fourteen-pack. I didn’t feel anything!

“Hahahaha seriously?”

Next I saw Chris lift an SUV. Ha, if he think that it will be enough, he is wrong!! He threw it and again, the vehicle just came crushing against my abs. Fuuuuuuck, I was so invincible, so strong, so divine. It was so enjoyable, the little weak Noah was now Noahzilla, the most powerful thing that ever existed. Never they could injure me. I’m too powerful, I’m…

Then I looked in front of me for to see… a fucking tank?? And it was coming at me fast, very fast. I didn’t have time to react before it was crashing against me, and this time the shock was much more violent. I took a few steps back to try to stay up but it was too late… I collapsed on what appeared to be a building, or maybe several. I could feel my back crushing everything, nothing resisted. I found myself lying there, debris all around me and on top of me, clouds of dust rising around me. No injuries for me but there was nothing left of the buildings I’d fallen on.

Bastards… they were going to pay for that!!

“Fucking bastards! You want play?? Okay, very well, so let’s play!!”

I looked around for to find something to throw at them. And suddenly, I had an idea. I approached the nearest house that I hadn’t crush in my fall, I put my hands as low as I could, pierced the walls with my fingers and I lifted. I could hear the creaking of bricks, pipes and so on. I had literally just pulled a building off the ground!! I saw their eyes widen—I think those bastards didn’t expect they’d be literally getting a building in their faces.

“Take that!!” and I threw it…

Alex had just seen Enzo throw a fucking tank at this titan. Goooosh! He remembered they had tried to lift one in the car dump but they wasn’t succeeded, and now, it seemed so easy!

“Well done, Enzo!” yelled Alex.

“Thanks, but unfortunately, I don’t think it will be sufficient for to stop him,” replied Enzo.

And sure enough, the could hear big noises and see him getting up.

“Yeah… and now, he seems very angry…” said Alex.

“Fucking bastards! You want play?? Okay, very well, so let’s play!!” yelled Noah.

“… Yes, he’s angry…” agreed Alex.

“Unfortunately, so now, what do we d—What… the… ??” blurted an astonished Enzo.

They could see Noah grip a house and… Holy fucking shit!! He tore it out of the ground!!

Alex became white when he understood what Noah was going to do.

“Enzo… don’t you think we should… run away?” said Alex, afraid.

“Yes… I think we should…” replied Enzo, also afraid.

“Chris!!” yelled Enzo. But Chris had also seen it and understood instantly what was going to fall on them, literally.

They rushed to the nearest building to protect themselves from the impact, breaking down the door. There was a second of silence then a huge crashing noise. The front of the building in which they had taken refuge was partly destroyed.

“Shit Nick, shit shit shit, faster, faster, faster!!”

Nick was trying to synthesize the antidote but it was taking too much time. It was going to be hours at least before the process finished and the antidote was complete. All he could do was watch it brew, powerless to help stop the giant attacking the city.

He saw only one solution: to synthesize more muscle blue goo and use it. But even if that was faster it would take a large amount of it to be equal to this monster.

Suddenly, he heard a big noise. Shit, the fight must be getting very violent. He was very worried for Chris and others. They probably needed his help!! Shit!!

Nick hesitated, he did not have enough muscle blue goo but at the same time, he was afraid that Chris could be injured. Shit shit shit!! Too bad, but he had to help his boyfriend!

Nick grabbed the last drum, half filled with blue goo, and ran towards the entrance of the city. After few minutes he arrived on the street where Noah was and shit: it was a carnage, there was debris everywhere, as if a building had collapsed.

“Chris?? Chriiiiiiis?? Where are you??” yelled Nick, really scared that something happened to his beloved.

“Kuuuf kuuuf kuuuuuf I’m here!!” yelled Chris from inside the debris.

Nick could see his boyfriend, covered with dust but not injured. Oh thank god!

“What happened?”

“Oh nothing, we threw a tank at him and… he threw a building at us…”

“What… the… a fucking building?? Are you serious?”

Well, now it had become really too dangerous, they had to stop this madness at all costs. And Nick knew what he had to do.

“Chris? At the warehouse, in three hours, there will be an antidote, you can use it on him… and on me,” said Nick.

“On him and on you? But why do you want us to use an antidote on y—” but Chris hadn’t finished his sentence when Nick opened the big canister and drank everything in it.

“Nick?? Are you crazy??”

Nick, who was already wincing and moaning, said “Nnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhh!! It… it was… necessary… aaaaaahhhhhhhh——!”

Like Noah, his eyes rolled back because of the immense pleasure that overwhelmed him and he fell on his knee then…


Nick knew they could see him grow very quickly. It was not just several pounds which added every second but hundreds of pounds.

His continuous yell became deeper and deeper and deeper as his neck grew with his body.

Nick could perfectly feel his body growing, and growing, and growing!! Fuuuuuuuck it was so fucking good!!

Traps became mountains, shoulders became planets, arms became as big as a truck tires, his pecs were two titanic muscle blocks, he could feel his ten-pack exploded and become an amazing ultra-ripped twelve-pack and his legs became wider than a car.

And of course, his dick became more wider than a phone pole. Nick couldn’t help but grab it. And he came, with the power of a geyser. The growth and cumming lasted several minutes.

He saw Noah stomping slowly toward him, seeing Nick grow. At first Noah seemed upset that he hadn’t prevented it but finally he seemed happy when he saw that the growth would not be more than his own. He would have a tougher opponent, yes, but he would always be the strongest.

Finally, Nick’s transformation of seemed to stop: its geyser calmed down. He remained motionless for a few seconds, feeling all the power flowing through him. It was indescribable, so fucking good! Then he stood to his full height. Even he was titanic but he was still smaller than Noah. He must have been 60 feet high.

“Yeah, impressive but… still insufficient!” said Noah. He flexed his biceps, which were clearly bigger than Nick’s.

“Why are you attacking this city?” said Nick, with a voice which was also clearly deeper than before.

“I want my revenge. Some people have hurt me, for what I am. And now, they will pay.”

“You do not have to do this. We can help you!”

“Help me? Help me? Are you kidding me? Where were you when I needed you? You know who helped me? Nobody! Absolutely nobody! And now I am the strongest. You want to help me? I have nothing against you but if you get in my way, I will crush you. So a little advice: get out of my way, kid!”

Nick threw himself on Noah, who didn’t move. Worse, he seemed to let Nick attack, wanted to make Nick feel that despite his growth, he was still too weak to beat him. Nick and Noah fell on several buildings, crushing them. They got up and Nick clenched his fist and punched Noah’s abs. But it was like hitting a brick wall.

Noah smiled. “All that for this? I am disappointed. I bet you can do better.”

Nick clenched again his fist and punched again in Noah’s fourteen-pack. “Ah yes, that’s a little better! If you go on like that, maybe you can hurt me… in a few years… hahahahahaha!” said Noah.

Nick tried again to punch Noah but he stopped his fist with one hand.

“Well, it’s getting boring and I have a revenge waiting for me. And like I told you, you can’t stop me.”

Noah clenched his fist and sent a big punch in Nick’s midsection. In spite of his incredible twelve-pack, Nick could feel Noah’s fist digging into his stomach. He coughed up some blood and fell on his knees.

“Sorry you grew up for nothing! You would have needed a few more quarts. Too bad, hahahahaha!” smiled Noah, and he gave a big kick that sent Nick backwards, destroying several more buildings.

“Now it is time to go home! Hahaha, look out Dad, Noah is coming!”

I approached the house. This fucking bastard was going to pay, oh fuck yes he was going to pay, finally, after all these years of suffering.

Then I saw it. He came out of the house, stumbled, and fell to the ground. He watched me. I could see the terror in his eyes and yes, he was right to be terrified. I was going to crush him, very soon.

I walked towards him.

In front of the house, he had his luxurious car. I lifted my foot, put it on the roof of the car, smiled, then I started to mash it into the ground. I could hear the sound of the metal twisting, the windows exploding; I continued until I had completely flattened his precious car and all that was left was a metal rectangle with a large foot print.

I crouched down and brought my face close to him.

“Hello dad! It’s me, Noah!!” I said, with a sadistic smile.

I could see him peeing in his pants.

“No… No… No… No… Noah..wh… wh… wh… wh…”

“What happened to me? Oh nothing, I’ve just had… a little growth spurt, but a very little as you can see,” I said in flexing my gigantic biceps.

“Wh… wh… wh… wh… wh… wh..what… are… are…”

“What am I going to do with you? Oh nothing, just to get back at you after all these years of torture. Look… look what’s become of your fucking faggot of son.” And I got up, making a double guns pose. “So daddy, you don’t have anything to say now? Ah I know, what if you try to hit me like you used to? Here look, try to hit this!” I flexed my fourteen-pack, I could feel each brick become harder, harder than the hardest diamond.

Suddenly, my father pulled out a gun and shot me several times, but the bullets came crashing against my abs. I smiled. “Oh, that’s not nice dad, is that how you treat your son? And … you should be careful with these, you could hurt yourself.” I took the gun between two fingers and with a simple squeeze I crushed it completely.

My father was terrified, unable to move. “Yo… yo… y… you… you are… you are a freak!”

“You said I’m a freak, dad? Oh but well, Dad, you’re right, I’m a freak! A fucking ultra-muscular 100-foot freak! So… say your prayers daddy! Because even God can’t save you! Goodbye!!”

I raised my fist when suddenly…

“Stop! Noah, don’t do it!”

I recognized the voice, instantly I froze. I saw a small guy, only 5-foot-9, running towards me.

“Please Noah, don’t do it!!”

It was Luis.

“What are you doing here?” I said, surprised and irritated.

“Noah… You are a muscular 100 feet giant who’s attacking a city, you’re on the news, on all the channels. And when I saw you, I knew why you were here, I knew what your goal was. But Noah, my love, please, don’t do that!”

My love… my love??!! He had abandoned me and he dared to call me my love?

“How… how dare you? How dare you call me ‘my love’? You abandoned me, Luis!! You abandoned me!!” I yelled, tears in the eyes.

“Yeah, Noah, that’s true, I abandoned you… but not for the reasons you believe. I love you Noah, I’ve always loved you.”

“How… how can you say you love me?” I said, in crying of rage.

“Because that’s why I left you. You think I left you because I was ashamed of you? Noah… of course not! I left you to protect you. I saw how he beat you the night he found us. If I had continued to see you, it would have been worse, much worse! He could have killed you, Noah! I love you, Noah, I love you so much but… your life is more precious than everything. I would do anything to protect you, even if I have to suffer for it. I didn’t leave you because I was ashamed of you, you are and always will be my greatest pride. No, I left you to protect your life because it’s more important than everything, even my love for you. That’s the reason why I left you that night.”

“Luis… I…”

Nick, who’d gotten up and hurried after Noah, now saw an incredible and indescribable scene: Noah, the muscular 100-foot giant, the most powerful human on Earth, was shaking in front of his 5’9” boyfriend. Noah had more strength in the smallest muscle of his body than in whole body of Luis—and yet Luis was the one who had “defeated” him because Noah was not an evil guy, he was a normal person, a gay man who had been suffering for years, who thought he had lost everything but in the end he was wrong, someone loved him and would always love him.

I watched Luis. My hands was shaking, but it was no longer rage or anger, it was regret, sadness and happiness at the same time. Noah, you are an idiot… Shit… shit… shit!! Noah, you are a fucking idiot! Luis never abandoned you, he never betrayed you. He loves you, he always loved you! Fuck, Noah, you are an idiot!! … But then I remembered my father. All this, it was his fault, it was his fucking fault!!

I glared my father. Luis watched me, fearing that I would do something irreparable.

“No… it’s time to end it all.” I said in raising my fist.

“Noah, no!!” yelled Luis but too late: I put down my fist… I put down my fist on this fucking house! It all started there, it all had to end there. I felt my fist smashing through the roof, then passing through the attic, then the ceiling of my room, I felt my fist pulverize my bed, then I destroyed my father’s room. My fist ending up in the living room, crushing everything. The shock wave finished off the rest of the house. They were not even ruins anymore, there was nothing left of the house.

Everyone was looking at me silently, barely understanding what I had just done. Then I bent my face to my father, as if I was ready to eat it.

“Run away, Dad. Run. Run away and never return.”

And he ran. He ran so fast he probably broke the speed record.

It was over. It was all over. I looked at Luis.

“Luis… I… I… I… I’m sorry Luis, I’m so sorry!” I said crying. Few tears fall on Luis, acting like a bucket of water.

He put down his tiny hand on my gigantic palm. “It’s done, Noah, it’s all over!” he said smiling.

Then I bent down to ground level, closed my eyes and he put his tiny lips on mine. When I was going to kiss him, tears flowed on my cheek. It was like a dream but it wasn’t a dream, it was real. This day, this moment, I’ve been waiting for him for months.

Then it hit me: I realised that I had no more house, no more family. What was going to become of me?

“I no longer have a home, I no longer have a family” I said to Luis sadly.

“You have us!” said a voice. It was Alex.

Suddenly I felt guilty. All my rage was gone, and I had hurt this guy, I had beaten him up and even tried to kill him now… and he said, “You have us”?

“Alex… But I… I had beaten you up… I… I mean how could you forgive me? And why would you? I… I… I’m sorry… I…”

“Noah, you don’t have to apologize,” replied Alex.

“What? But…”

“Noah, in this story, you are a victim. You are a victim of the hate, of the fear of the unknown. We would all have reacted this way if we felt alone in the world, abandoned. You are not a freak, Noah, you’re a guy, a beautiful guy who’s been suffering for years. And about your family, Noah, it’s not the blood ties which count, but the people who love you enough to make you their own family, those who are ready to give their lives to protect you. It is the bonds of the heart that make up the family, Noah. So… welcome to your new family!”

And then I cracked. I cried, I cried all the tears I had in me. I couldn’t stop crying, but this time, it was completely different—no more sadness, no, it was joy, only joy.

And they all came to give me a hug. I also wanted to hug them but… it wasn’t a very good idea.

“So what do we do now?” asked Chris, seeing the half of the city destroyed.

“I think we’re going to have some work to do. We’ll have to rebuild a lot of buildings,” replied Nick. “But I think we have enough muscle to make it go faster,” he added smiling. “And I think it would be preferable that you go back to a normal size. Well, normal…” He gestured at his 12-foot friends. “Let’s say you’ll still always be able lift and crush tanks. Is that okay by you?”

“Go back to a normal size? But how?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry, I have an antidote for that, and the growth serum, too. And, of course, Luis will also get his dose, if he wants. I’m not against a few hundred extra pounds of muscle to help us rebuild the city. Right, guys?”

And in unison they all shouted, “Yes!!”—Luis included.

“Thanks! Thanks you so much!!” I said, smiling and crying at the same time. I couldn’t believe it—in spite of everything I had done, they accepted me as a new member of their family, and Luis also of course. Finally… finally!! After all these years of suffering, I had finally been entitled to my happiness, in a true family.

Now, you know my story and you know how it ended. Although… it may not be the end yet… ;)


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