Site Update 9 November 2019

Site Update: 9 November 2019

This week’s story, “Pool Party”, didn’t exactly go where I was originally intending for it to when I first saved a file with that title. (I use Scrivener, and it’s great, but one thing I wish it didn’t do is force you to choose a title when you create the file before you’ve written anything, rather than on first save as with a word processor. Apart from that, though, it’s perfect for how I use it.) Anyway, first I got about 2,000 words into it and realized I needed to completely change the context and setting; then, after I’d started over the characters started asserting their own very firm ideas about what they wanted to have happen, instead of the scenarios I’d been envisioning. I think it turned out pretty hot, though. Let me know what you think.

Lots of other good stuff this week, but special kudos to Mad Dog and Mr. X, who’ve reached a culminating and climactic fiftieth chapter of their long-running story “Spice”. If you haven’t been reading this, you can join in here, but it’s also worth starting at the beginning. Plus there’s some slightly belated Halloween chills, and lots of good old-fashioned size, growth, and sexytimes.

Next update is 23 November—the Saturday before Thanksgiving, here in the States. Maybe there’ll be something relating to turkey, American football, and/or “family get-togethers”; or maybe not. We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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