Body game: Encounter 1000

by NBCK99

 For the milestone thousandth encounter, six body game alumni bring their already-transformed bodies to the circle, and discover what the game’s like the second time around.

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Eli sped through the warehouse district as quickly as he could. He seemed to hit every red light, and he fought the urge to curse. This was not the day to be running late, but he couldn’t help it. An hour before the end of the work day his boss had suddenly appeared, saying that he needed a special report for an emergency meeting the following morning. Eli, the diminutive accountant, felt he had no choice but to comply.

That was in the past now, even if only just barely. He needed to focus on the present, which meant willing the traffic lights to change in his favor. The game would start in just a few minutes, and he couldn’t miss it. He started getting hard just thinking about it. His last time playing had been by far the hottest experience he ever had, and it had changed his life in unbelievable ways. In fact, it was quite literally unbelievable. He could still hardly believe it was real. Before that game, he’d been a lanky giant. At 6’8”, he’d towered over the people around him. Everyone always how the weather was up there, which got real old real fast.

Now Eli definitely didn’t need to worry about those comments. People still made jokes about his size, but he didn’t mind. Actually, it turned him on. He couldn’t get over how hot his new size was. Granted, it fed into his habit of deferring to others and being led around, but he was fine with that. He wasn’t even really that small, not compared to what the game could have done to him, but he loved the feeling of being small and powerless. His erection pressed into his pants. He tried to keep his mind on the road. He was almost there.

Eli hurriedly parked in a small lot next to an abandoned warehouse. It turned out he had a few minutes to spare, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He rushed into the building. There he found a familiar sight. There was a little circle of 6 chairs. To Eli’s surprise, he wasn’t the last one there. There were two empty chairs next to each other. The other four chairs were occupied by guys in various states of dress.

Eli took a seat next to a guy around his age who was showing off his toned body. The guy wore only a jockstrap that showed off a pretty impressive bulge. It was nothing compared to the guy on his left though. That guy was a solidly built Asian who was clearly very tall. He wore a tight muscle shirt that exposed his huge shoulders and a pair of compression shorts that showed off an impossibly large bulge.

The next guy over was totally naked, and he had a twinkle in his dark eyes. A truly enormous cock fell just past his knees. Part of Eli wanted think that the man’s cock just happened to be huge, but the rest of him knew the truth. Only the game could make a cock that massive. In Eli’s first game, he’d seen one even larger. He’d seen plenty of other seemingly impossible things too. He became aware that he was still hard.

The last one in the row was a handsome dude with shaggy hair wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. He looked like he might be somewhat muscular under his shirt, but otherwise he looked fairly average. Eli noted a ring on the guy’s finger, and he recognized it immediately. Eli wondered what he was hiding underneath. Eli thought about taking off some of his work clothes before sitting down—he was still wearing his tie and everything—but the last player walked in and Eli froze. The man was huge. He wasn’t just tall by Eli’s standards or even the enhanced standards of the game. The man was simply huge. He was definitely more than twice Eli’s height, plus he was simply big all over. He had a bulky rugby player’s build, but stretched out to match his height. He wore sweatpants and a tank top that somehow fit his huge body.

The last player stooped down right next to Eli, and Eli had never felt smaller. It was thrilling and intimidating at the same time. He was suddenly aware just how much smaller he was than everyone else in the room. The man grabbed the tiny chair, slid it well behind him, and sat down cross-legged on the floor. His head still rose well above Eli’s. As soon as he was settled, a familiar figure appeared in the middle of the circle.

The Avatar was exactly as Eli remembered him—a perfect specimen of manhood, a veritable Adonis. Just like before, he was slightly translucent as if to remind the men that he was not real. “Welcome to the Body Game, encounter 1000,” the hologram said. “You must stay until the end of the game, after which prizes will be awarded.” Eli heard the doors around the warehouse lock. “I am the Avatar. Welcome back to the Body Game. Six Body Game alumni were invited to celebrate the 1000th encounter. As always, each player chooses a target player. Then you take turns rolling electronic dice that will determine changes to your target.

“All rotation is clockwise, to your left. We will play five rounds, with the amount of change on average increasing throughout the game. After the first round there will also be overrides that will affect the changes and their target. The last round will have two overrides. The changes have been adjusted appropriately for return players, and the average amount of change has been increased to create a more exciting commemorative experience.”

Eli could hardly contain his excitement. This was sure to be even more intense than last time. He wondered what special changes the game’s creators had up their sleeves (who were the creators, anyway?) and just how far the changes would go. He didn’t want to think too far ahead, but he wondered if the prizes would be altered as well.

The Avatar continued on as Eli thought. “For your mutual convenience, I will now introduce you to each other, so that you have all the baseline information you need. Players 2 and 5, please remove your rings before your introduction so that your appearance matches your stats.” Eli was surprised to hear that two players were wearing rings. He realized that the jockstrap-clad guy to his left wore a familiar ring. Damn, so his package had always been that size? It was impressive.

“Player #1 is Eli,” the Avatar announced. Eli realized that the Avatar had turned to face him, and he blushed. Eli knew it was a hologram, but the attention from the beautiful nude man still got him going. “He’s 33, 5 foot 4 inches, and 115 pounds with a skinny body, blue eyes, size 7 and a half shoes, and a thick cock that’s 5 inches soft and 9 inches hard.” Some of the guys looked appreciatively at Eli’s bulge. He blushed deeper. His package hadn’t shrunk along with his body in the last game, so it seemed pretty large proportionally.

“He has long auburn hair,” the Avatar continued, “he’s wearing dress slacks and shirt with a tie, and he’s feeling intimidated.” Eli shrunk back as he heard that last bit. Sure, he was feeling extra small, but the Avatar didn’t have to go airing his dirty laundry. “The target he draws is… Maximilian.” Eli wondered which of these guys was Maximilian. Whoever he was, he apparently had a good poker face.

The Avatar turned to Eli’s left and paused. The blond man next to Eli slowly slid his ring off his finger. Several things started happening at once. First of all, the man’s already large bulge started pushing the jockstrap to its limits and beyond. At the same time his face and hair suddenly changed. He had looked about Eli’s age, but now he looked like a fresh-faced college kid. His blond hair brightened until it was a vivid pink.

The giant on Eli’s right muttered, “What the…”

The newly young pink haired man smirked and rubbed his enormous package. “The game de-aged me by several years. I figured out that if I color my hair while I’m like this, my hair stays blond when I put on the ring. It’s great.”

The pink haired guy clearly loved attention, but the Avatar cut him off. “Player #2 is Alan. He’s 22, 6 foot 1 inch, and 165 pounds with a lean athletic body, bright green eyes, size 11 and a half shoes, and 2 narrow cocks that are 15 inches soft and 22 inches hard.” Someone whistled. Eli couldn’t help but stare at Alan’s overflowing jockstrap. Several inches of both cocks were exposed at the base, and Eli almost wanted to lean right over and kiss them. God, Eli loved this game.

“He has buzzed blond hair dyed pink,” the Avatar went on, “he’s wearing a jockstrap and nothing else, and he’s feeling flirty.” Yeah, that sounded about right. Alan had set himself up for a big reveal, and the other guys had eaten it right up, Eli included. “The target he draws is… Soren.” The naked guy leaned over and grinned.

“Player #3 is Jian,” the Avatar said, turning to the tall Asian. “He’s 21, 6 foot 8 inches, and 265 pounds with a wide body, gray eyes, size 14 shoes, and a torpedo shaped cock that’s 12 inches soft and 16 inches hard. He has neatly trimmed black hair dyed blond, he’s wearing compression shorts and a muscle shirt, and he’s feeling excited. The target he draws is… Eli.” Eli shivered in anticipation.

Jian’s cock didn’t look quite as massive now next to Alan’s huge twin bulge, but the numbers were still very impressive. Eli wondered what kind of upgrades Jian had gotten in his first game. He surely hadn’t always had such a thickly built torso. His shoulders jutted out toward the players to either side, almost brushing their shoulders. Eli found himself wishing he could be next to the built man.

As if in answer to Eli’s thoughts, the nude man to Jian’s left leaned over to rub his shoulder against the other man. His hand came dangerously close to the other’s enormous cock, which was held against his left thigh under his compression shorts. Jian responded by silently reaching over and rubbing the smaller man’s thigh. As if sensing that the room’s attention had fully shifted to the nude man, the Avatar turned toward him.

“Player #4 is Soren,” the Avatar said. “He’s 20, 5 foot 10 inches, and 155 pounds with a lean toned body, very dark eyes, size 11 and a half shoes, and a thick cock that’s 20 inches soft and 30 inches hard.”

“Whoa,” Alan breathed, his eyes darting back and forth between his own massive bulge and Soren’s exposed member. Eli guessed that Alan had probably assumed he’d be the most hung one there. Jian moved his hand from Soren’s thigh to his cock, which was starting to chub up. The Avatar continued in the same tone as before. “He has shoulder length black hair, he’s wearing absolutely nothing, and he’s feeling playful.” Soren wiggled his eyebrows at that last remark, his eyes gleaming. “The target he draws is… Alan.” Soren reached across Jian and gave his new partner a high five.

The Avatar turned to the guy in the plaid shirt, but he didn’t speak. Everyone waited in anticipation, but nothing happened. Finally the guy sighed and said, “I’d hoped I could make it more of a surprise reveal.” He slowly pulled the ring off his finger. Suddenly he had two more arms resting in his lap. His shirt fell to pieces as he grew taller and much, much more muscular. His chest and four arms became thick with muscle, and he gained well over a foot of height. His jeans loudly tore as his legs similarly blew up. The man’s underwear just barely remained intact, but it revealed multiple boners. The man was utterly jacked and beautifully transformed. Eli was in awe.

“Player #5 is Maximilian,” the Avatar said.

“Just call me Max,” the built stud interjected.

“He’s 25, 7 foot 10 inches, and 465 pounds with a hugely muscular body, brown eyes, size 24 shoes, and 4 narrow cocks that are 7 inches soft and 10 inches hard.” The cock size sounded small compared to the rest of Max’s stats, but then Eli figured that having 4 made up for that. “He has long shaggy dark brown hair, he’s wearing jeans and flannel, and he’s feeling happy. The target he draws is… Blake.” Eli surveyed the tattered clothes around Max’s chair. He didn’t suppose that ‘wearing’ was an accurate term anymore, but he figured the semantics didn’t matter much.

“Player #6 is Blake,” the Avatar said, turning right to the giant on Eli’s right. “He’s 28, 12 foot 4 inches, and 1240 pounds with a bulky athletic body, gold eyes, size 26 wide shoes, and a fat cock that’s 5 and a half inches soft and 9 and a half inches hard. He has close cropped blond hair, he’s wearing sweatpants and a tank top, and he’s feeling content. The target he draws is… Jian.”

Blake smiled calmly at the other players. His eyes were an unnatural golden color, and yet they looked perfect. Eli couldn’t imagine Blake ever having different color eyes. Blake once again felt truly tiny next to the huge man. Blake’s cock was surprisingly about the same size as Eli’s, yet he still beat the smaller man by half an inch.

The Avatar paused, and tension hung in the air. Eli was already rock hard. He just had to make sure someone’s mouth was around his cock when he came. The Avatar hadn’t told the group about the second change Eli had kept after his game. Actually, he hadn’t made any explicit references to how the players had changed in their past games. Eli wondered just how many more surprises were in store that evening.

The Avatar interrupted his thoughts. “Round One.” All eyes turned to Eli. “Eli’s turn.”

A pair of large, slightly translucent dice appeared floating in front of Eli. Behind them was a clear tube that sloped slightly down and led to the Avatar’s waiting hands. Eli stared and blinked for a moment. That wasn’t what he had used last time. Anyway, it was clear what he had to do. He grabbed the surprisingly solid dice and tossed them into the tube. For a moment he wondered what would happen if the Avatar didn’t actually catch them, but it was a moot point. As soon as the dice fell into the hologram’s hands, they fell flat and stopped as if controlled by a magnet.

“Maximilian’s arms transformed,” the Avatar announced, “quantity (+2), with override: none.”

Everyone turned to stare at the four-armed man. “Oh shit,” someone breathed. Everyone quickly realized that if this was just the first round, things could get pretty crazy pretty fast. In the blink of an eye Max went from four massively muscular arms to six. He flexed his many arms appreciatively. Soren and Blake couldn’t help but reach out and stroke his huge arms. Max used two of his arms to tear off his horribly overworked underwear, and his other four arms went right to work on his four cocks. His huge meaty hands completely engulfed his rigid members.

Max was already breathing heavy when the Avatar said, “Alan’s turn.” Soren leaned over excitedly to watch the pink haired guy. Alan winked at his target before rolling the dice. “Soren’s eyes transformed: green, with override: none.” Soren sighed, clearly disappointed with a relatively simple change, but Alan watched his target’s face eagerly. Soren’s dark eyes blinked a few times, unchanging, and then it happened. They lightened and brightened into a beautiful, vivid green. Alan moved as if to kiss the increasingly beautiful man, but Jian beat him to it. Jian used a powerful arm to pull Soren in for a kiss as Soren stroked Jian’s semi-hard cock.

As Jian pulled away, he blinked a few times as if coming to his senses. “Sorry,” he told the other player. “I don’t know what came over me. Your eyes are just…”

“Mesmerizing,” Alan finished. “They’re perfect. Now move over. It’s my turn.” Alan placed a hand on Jian’s massive bulge as he and Soren leaned in to kiss directly in front of the larger man. The kiss lingered for a while, and Jian wrapped his arms around the two men as they made out directly in front of him.

“Jian’s turn,” the Avatar stated. The dice and tube appeared in front of Jian’s chair, but Soren and Alan continued to kiss a little longer before finally pulling away.

“You’ll get to kiss me more soon, if you give me a good roll on your turn,” Alan told Soren.

Jian reluctantly freed his hands, but Soren and Alan kept their hands on his cock. He rolled the dice down the tube. “Eli’s voice transformed,” the Avatar said, “50% sexier, override: none.”

Eli put a hand to his throat as if he’d be able to feel a change. “Sexier voice?” he asked. “What does that even mean?” All the others’ heads swiveled toward him. There was definitely something different about his voice, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Say something else,” Blake said breathlessly.

“Uh, okay,” Eli said awkwardly. The giant’s gold eyes looked eager. Eli tried to collect himself. “I have the sexiest voice you’ve ever heard,” he said with as much confidence as he could muster.

“You do,” Blake replied dreamily. Eli could hear now that there was a rich, silky smooth quality to his voice. He still couldn’t tell what exactly had changed, but the effects were obvious. The others, but especially Blake, seemed to lean closer when Eli spoke.

“You want to kiss me,” Eli said, feeling increasingly confident.

“I do,” Blake intoned. He leaned down and gave Eli a quick peck, his huge lips engulfing Eli’s mouth.

“You want me sit in your lap,” Eli said, taking things further.

“I just might,” Blake replied. “But not quite yet.” The spell seemed to be broken, but his gold eyes still looked earnestly at Eli. “Let’s see how the next few changes play out first.” That was enough to satisfy Eli.

“Soren’s turn,” the Avatar said.

Soren shook the dice in his hands a few times before sending them down the tube. “It’s going to be a good one,” he told his target. “I can feel it.”

“Alan’s cocks transformed: detachable, override: none.” Alan’s eyes lit up. Soren gasped.

“Shit,” Soren murmured. “Fuck, that’s so hot.”

Alan’s hands dove into his jockstrap, which was already soaked with precum, but Jian laid his hand on the smaller guy’s huge package. “Allow me,” he said gently. It struck Eli that even when Jian was at his most eager and horny he was incredibly gentle. Considering his height and the huge mass of his body, he’d probably learned to be delicate in everything he did so as not to be like a bull in a china shop.

Jian pulled one of Alan’s cocks out of its confines and rubbed it until it came to full attention, reaching its amazing 22 inch length. That didn’t take long at all since Alan was already getting boned up just like everyone else. Its entire length was slicked with pre. With a light tug, Jian pulled the huge member right off of Alan’s crotch. He handed it to Soren, who took it with a combination of horniness and reverence. Precum fell over his hands in waves. “You’ll need both hands to take care of that,” Jian told him. He didn’t need to be told twice.

Jian pulled his boner out of his compression shorts and guided Alan’s hand toward the huge pole. Alan happily turned his attention to Jian’s beautiful cock. Jian reached to either side and stroked Soren’s cock as well as the one still attached to Alan. The three looked like they’d done this many times before even though they had all just met.

“Maximilian’s turn.”

Max rolled his eyes. “I would ask the avatar guy to call me Max, but I learned last game that he won’t listen,” he told the others. “Anyway, here goes,” he said as he rolled the dice.

“Blake’s voice transformed: 60% deeper, override: none.”

Everyone waited for the giant to speak. “My voice is already kind of deep,” he rumbled. Maybe it didn’t have the same innate allure of Eli’s new voice, but it suited the huge man perfectly.

“Blake’s turn.” Blake picked up the holo-dice as delicately as he could in his huge hands and cast them into the tube. “Jian’s cum transformed: 30% increased amount, override: none.”

Jian’s eyes widened. He presumably already came quite a bit from his extra long cock. Precum was already spurting out steadily.

“Okay,” Alan said, “that’s the end of the round. We’re all going to get each other off between rounds, right? That’s a thing?”

“I won’t stop you,” Blake said as he stroked a cock that was comparatively tiny on his body. “I think I’m going to hold out for a while longer.”

Eli decided to test the power of his sexy voice. “Or you could let me take care of you right now.” Blake’s eyes got a little fuzzy. “Take off those sweats,” Eli continued. Blake obeyed. He was breathing heavily by the time he sat back down with his 9 inch boner exposed. Eli quickly took off his own pants and underwear, not bothering to mess with his shirt or tie. He slid off his chair and into the huge man’s lap. Eli’s slim body was dwarfed by Blake’s bulky frame. Eli was very conscious that he was less than half this man’s height and a fraction of his weight. He was engulfed by Blake’s thick torso and arms.

At first Eli sat with his lower back against Blake’s hard cock, but he knew things were only heating up. On the other side of the circle, the trio was already getting into a rhythm. Jian still stroked Alan and Soren’s cock, Alan stroked his own and Jian’s, and Soren focused solely on Alan’s detached cock. Alan’s cocks were still spurting precum like fountains. Eli guessed that there was a game-induced change at play there.

Max stroked his four cocks with four of his hands while feeling up his enormous muscles with his other two hands. He was off in his own world.

Eli reached behind him and used Blake’s precum as lube for his waiting ass. Eli was happy that despite the man’s massive size he had a dick that could fuck Eli’s small body. Blake put his huge hands around Eli’s torso and lifted him up like he was nothing. Eli’s cock twitched and his head lolled back. Blake carefully helped Eli lower himself onto the rigid pole. Eli wanted to stroke himself as he worked Blake’s rod, but he knew he had to hold off as long as possible. Everyone in the room was already so horny that it didn’t take long to get Blake on the edge.

The others were also obviously close. Soren turned to Max and said, “I think you should join us.”

“I’ve got extra hands,” Max said, “but you guys seem like you’re doing just fine on your own.”

“No,” Soren said firmly, “I think you really ought to suck me off.”

Max smirked. “That desperate for a mouth around your cock, huh?”

Soren didn’t change his expression, even as Jian stroked his cock faster. “Am I right to guess that you came here hoping for even more muscle?”

“Look, kid, I came here for the game itself, but yeah, I want more muscle. I don’t think I could ever get enough.”

Soren looked the huge man right in the eyes. “Then you really, really want to suck my dick.”

Realization dawned in Max’s eyes. “Shit, so that’s your other change?”

“Yeah. Cock 200% larger and muscle-growing cum.” Max wasted no time in getting to work. He could barely get the huge cockhead in his mouth, but he did his best to service the super-hung man.

The sucking and stroking reached a fever pitch, and soon all four men were cumming. Jian’s cock spurted fountain after fountain, but the others shot huge loads too. Max’s already thick muscles swelled just a bit more. Eli wondered if the man would become muscle bound, but Max’s movements still seemed fairly natural. His six arms did struggle a bit to move around each other now though.

Eli could feel that Blake wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Eli himself was close too. Very close. He needed to make sure he didn’t waste this opportunity. Blake gasped as he came inside Eli. Eli tried to hold out, but the ecstasy of being fucked by a giant was too great. Just as Blake reached a huge hand down toward Eli’s cock, Eli came all over it.

Blake spoke before Eli could. “So what does your cum do?”

Eli was taken completely off guard. “Wait. How did you know?”

“The game obviously shrunk your body, but I couldn’t see any other likely changes. You get two changes if you don’t take the ring.”

“The game could have changed my eye color or made my hair longer or somethings like that,” Eli countered.

“All right, it was a guess,” Blake admitted. “But apparently it was a correct guess. So what do it do?”

Eli tested his voice again. “Why don’t you taste it and find out?”

This time Blake was unmoved. “What if I want to give the change to my little man?” he asked. Eli shivered. ‘My little man’ sounded so nice coming from Blake. Had they really connected so deeply so quickly?

“It’s cock growing cum,” Eli told his giant. “You could get huge.”

“As tempting as that is, I don’t want to get too big to fuck you. Actually, I like the idea of a cute little guy with a massive dick. I think you should taste it yourself.” Eli balked, but Blake placed his hand inches away from Eli’s face. “Now,” Blake commanded.

Eli felt compelled to do what his giant asked. He licked Blake’s fingers, tasting his own cum and feeling his cock tingle. He didn’t grow a lot, but his semi-hard cock was clearly bigger than before. He realized that next time he got fully hard he would be bigger than Blake, if only by a little. Unless the game had other plans.

“Round 2,” the Avatar announced.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Body game: Encounter 56” by matt1008; or “Body game: Encounter 813” by BRK.


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