Body game

by BRK

In an experimental story based on changes generated randomly by a computer program, the already well built Marcus is invited to a warehouse where he and four others play a strange game that, turn by turn, makes their bodies randomly freakier and freakier.

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Encounter 317 In an experimental story based on changes generated randomly by a computer program, the already well built Marcus is invited to a warehouse where he and four others play a strange game that, turn by turn, makes their bodies randomly freakier and freakier.
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Author’s Note

This story is kind of an experiment. Using my mad Excel skillz, I created a set of worksheets that generate the outline of a story involving a variable number of characters experiencing randomly generated changes. The changes, their scale, and the twist overrides, as well as the names and physical attributes of the characters, are all completely at the mercy of the program. I then fleshed the skeleton of plot out with reactions and motivations. So it's a bit of a Frankenstein's monster of a story, but I really wanted to try out a tale in which the nature and extent of the transformations were totally unpredictable—even to me!


Encounter 317

Marcus walked into the converted warehouse on the edge of the abandoned Magnus industrial complex feeling like he should be laughing at himself. His workout buddy Larry had gone on about this thing he was doing to him at drinks after work on Thursday—once he was well in the bag, anyway: all about how this “Body Game” thing he’d tried the weekend before was the best thing he’d ever done. Only he wouldn’t actually tell him anything about it, only that it was “wild” and an “amazing rush” to leave everything up to chance, and that someone built like Marcus was, who obviously was into keeping himself strong and hot, obviously “had to” try it. He was still insisting that Marcus really needed to try it even while Marcus was pouring him into a cab.

But even more surprising was Larry’s email the next morning with a link to the sign-up site. Larry had had so much to drink he was surprised that he’d even remembered the conversation, much less followed up on it. But the site didn’t have any information. It was just an empty page with button to click on that said, “Sign me up.” Marcus clicked on it out of sheer curiosity, and the next screen had a simple notice to meet here at Magnus warehouse B on Friday at 8 p.m., and he’d meet the other four players there. Marcus pursed his lips, frowning. This sounded like an elaborate set-up for a sex party, but Larry’s hint that it was for guys who kept themselves fit reassured him. He hadn’t given any information to it, though he assumed at least his IP address was being recorded.

The page refreshed and asked if he wanted to apply the $35 charge to cover overhead costs to the card he had on file at Target, or if he wanted to use PayPal. Marcus cocked an eyebrow at the screen, but $35 was a lot less than it could have been. Hell, in the past week he'd spent more than that just on audiobooks for his train commute. He clicked on the “PayPal” button, confirmed the payment on the money service's website, and then it dumped him out onto Yahoo News.

And now here he was, walking into a chilly, empty warehouse with five metal folding chairs arranged in a circle right in the center of the wide concrete floor. Was this some kind of twelve-step group meeting? Body Changers Anonymous? Marcus wondered to himself in amusement.

But each chair had a tablet computer on it, which didn’t quite fit. He rubbed his jaw, shrugged, and went to the nearest chair, picking up the tablet as he sat down. He woke up the screen and started poking around the Body Game software even as he sensed other men filtering into the room, scraping their shoes on the cement, making the chairs squeak as they sat down. The software wouldn’t give away anything yet, just a revolving cube that spun when you flicked it and a bunch of grayed out buttons, so he looked up and took in his fellow players. They were indeed all good-looking, well built guys, most of them over 200 pounds of muscle like himself, but Marcus felt sure that he was the hottest and the best looking out of all of them. He smiled at them, and some of them smiled back as they caught his eye.

He now noticed to his surprise that while most of the guys were wearing what they probably normally wore during the day, the tall, very buff guy two along from him had already shed his clothes, as if he knew what was coming. Had he done this before, or was he also just assuming this was a complicated sex party? Marcus thought he would give the guy some company, and the other guys something to look at while they waited for whoever was hosting this thing, so he started shucking his Underarmor shirt and track pants, revealing his well-built body. The others watched attentively.

As he was getting down to his shorts, a male voice started speaking from somewhere immediately above them. They all looked up toward the shadowed rafters high overhead, but there was no one else in the cavernous warehouse but the five of them. Marcus thought the voice sounded artificial.

“Welcome to the Body Game, encounter 317. You must stay until the end of the game, after which prizes will be awarded.” As the voice said that they all heard the warehouse door they’d come in through close and loudly lock. Marcus turned back to the others and made a comical “Oh well” face.

“I am the Avatar,” the voice said, and he appeared in the center of the circle, a half-transparent hologram of a beautiful naked man, a wavy-haired Adonis. “You will be playing the Body Game. Each player chooses a target player. Then you take turns rolling electronic dice that will determine changes to your target.

“All rotation is clockwise, to your left. We will play nine rounds. After the first round there will also be overrides that will affect the changes and their target. The last round will have two overrides.” They all stared at the Avatar. One of the guys in the suits started to ask what he meant, but the Avatar just kept talking, as if he weren’t programmed to be at all interactive.

It occurred to Marcus as the Avatar resumed speaking that it was odd the whole thing was relatively inexpensive given what had to have gone into it. Who was doing this, and what did they get out of it? Then he didn't feel like thinking about that anymore, but Marcus was genre-savvy enough to be alarmed by that impulse, too. Then he forgot about it and tuned back into the Avatar's flat but oddly soothing voice.

“For your mutual convenience,” the Avatar was saying, “I will now introduce you to each other, so that you have all the baseline information you need.”

The Avatar turned to Marcus, and all the other men’s eyes turned his way also. He found he liked the attention even more in this context than he usually did, especially now that he was mostly naked and could show off his impressive physique. “Player #1 is Marcus,” said the Avatar, and Marcus waved cheekily. “He’s 24, 5’8, and has a 240-pound body with size 11E shoes and a extra-wide cock that’s 9 inches hard.” Marcus was startled that the Avatar was reeling off such vital statistics, but he recovered quickly and winked to the assembled crowd, which seemed generally impressed—especially the flirty dark-haired Latino sitting two chairs to his right, who was giving him an appreciative, smiling one-over. Marcus hefted his package at him, earning him a wink in return. “He has close-shaved golden blond hair, he’s wearing boxer briefs and nothing else, and he’s feeling confident.” Marcus grinned. That was true enough! This Avatar thing had is number in every way, it seemed. “Please spin for your target, Marcus.” Marcus realized he had to flick his cube, and he did so. It pointed at the naked guy two seats to his left. “The target he draws is … Phillip.”

The Avatar turned his bright, holographic gaze on the player to Marcus’s left, who, Marcus realized to his pleasure, was almost as built as he was under his suit, though a lot taller. “Player #2 is Gilbert. He’s 30, 6’6, and has a 220-pound body, with size 10C shoes and a torpedo-shaped cock that’s 7 inches hard.” Biggest so far, Marcus thought, though he was worried about naked guy, who looked hung even soft. “He has very short red hair, he’s wearing business suit, and he’s feeling horny.” Gilbert blushed at this, but everyone could see the bulge in his slacks. “Spin for your target, Gilbert.” Gilbert spun his cube, and gaped when it pointed back at himself. “The target he draws is … Gilbert.”

The Avatar now turned toward the naked guy. “Player #3 is Phillip. He’s 28, 6’2, and a 210-pound body, with size 10C shoes and a narrow cock that’s 10 inches hard.” Shit, Marcus thought. Well, I’m definitely thicker. “He has close-cropped ash blond hair, he’s wearing nothing, and he’s feeling playful. The target he draws is … Marcus.” Oh!

“We’re body change buddies,” Phillip said to him happily, and Marcus grinned back.

“Player #4 is Carlos.” the Avatar was saying, now facing the dark-haired guy who was at that moment checking out Marcus’s well-built bod. “He’s 20, 6’1, and has a 220-pound body, with size 12E shoes and a cobra-shaped cock that’s 8 inches hard. He has medium-length black hair, he’s wearing long-sleeve tee and chinos with loafers, and he’s feeling flirtatious. The target he draws is … Wayne.” Both Carlos and the Avatar turned toward the last player, who was both a little older and generally smaller than the rest of them.

“Player #5 is Wayne,” the Avatar concluded. “He’s 34, 5’7, and his 170-pound body is that of a swimmer, with size 11E shoes and a thick cock that’s 13 inches hard.” Fuck, Marcus thought. That got everyone’s attention, and they all stirred in their seats. Wayne looked like he was a little tired of hearing about his big cock, or maybe a little tired of dealing with it. “He has brown hair, he’s wearing business suit, and he’s feeling bored. The target he draws is … Carlos.” Wayne glanced over at the dark-haired hunk to his right, who was staring avidly at Wayne’s crotch, and rolled his eyes.

The Avatar paused, then called out, “New Round.” He turned and looked at Marcus.

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said. Marcus flicked his cube. An cartoon image of legs showed up on his screen, with a legend +20% below them. “Phillip’s legs transformed,” the Avatar interpreted: “20% stronger, with override: None.” Marcus watched as his naked target’s legs visibly seemed to harden and thicken slightly, looking more like the legs of a soccer pro. Gilbert giggled excited, running his hands along his newly stronger legs, and for the first time his soft cock started to twitch and chub. Marcus could understand this—his cock was hardening in his boxer briefs too. This was all—real? Or an illusion, like mass hypnosis? Either way it was fucking hot!

“Looking good, man,” Carlos said, and Marcus felt a strange pang of jealousy, as if Carlos shouldn’t be flirting with Marcus’s target.

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. They all turned to look at the tall, built business suit guy to Marcus’s left. Marcus remembered that Gilbert was his own target, and as he realized the ramifications of this game he wondered how weird it would be for Gilbert to change himself. Gilbert flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s arms transformed: thickest, with override: None.” Marcus looked expectantly at Gilbert’s thickly muscled upper arms inside his suit jacket, but nothing seemed to happen. “I think I already am,” he said, looking around at all the well-built but shorter guys in the circle. Still, Marcus thought, weren’t his sleeves just a little more full now?

“Maybe you should take that off anyway,” Marcus said to him in an undertone.

Gilbert grinned at him. “And miss the chance to grow out of them?” He winked, and suddenly Marcus was rethinking having shed his own togs. Oh well, he thought. Maybe I’ll rip out of the briefs at least.

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said, turning toward Marcus’s buff, naked buddy. Phillip flicked his cube. Marcus felt a surge of excitement. Phillip’s eyes went to Marcus’s legs, and Marcus looked down eagerly. “Marcus’s thighs transformed,” the Avatar announced. “80% more defined, with override: None.”

“Holy shit!” Marcus exclaimed, as he felt his own legs gets harder and incredibly cut. They looked a little bigger and stronger too, but most of all every muscle, every striation was suddenly sharply visible. He felt exhilarated, and gasped, grinning up at Phillip, who was watching his legs change with wide eyes and a cock that was almost at its full, narrow ten inches. Marcus realized his own abnormally wide cock wasn’t far behind.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. Marcus looked at the dark haired hunk across from him, and the others did too. Carlos winked at Marcus before he flicked his cube. “Wayne’s toes transformed: 20% more cocklike, with override: None.”

Carlos moaned aloud. “That is soooo hot,” Carlos said, grabbing his own crotch. Marcus had no doubt Carlos was already hard. Wayne seemed to be keeping his face carefully neutral, but his eyes were a bit wide nonetheless. “Dude,” Carlos said. “You gotta take off your shoes and let us see!” Not waiting for an answer he jumped out of his chair and got down on his knees in front of Wayne, pulling at his dress shoes.

“Hey!” Wayne objected, but Carlos already had the guy’s shoes off, and was pulling off his socks. Marcus leaned forward. Did they look any different? To everyone’s amazement Carlos bent and wrapped his mouth around the big toe of the foot he was holding, and Wayne yelped. “Hey!” he cried out again, but he didn’t pull his foot away, and the rapidly growing lump from Wayne’s enormous, growing cock was unmistakable even in Wayne’s loose business slacks.

Carlos looked up and grinned to the rest of them. “It’s true guys! They get bigger and harder when you suck on ‘em! You gotta try this!” But Wayne shook his foot free, looking miffed and aroused at the same time, his cheeks red.

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said.

Wayne flicked his cube angrily. “I hope you get your tongue taken away or something,” he muttered.

“Carlos’s arms transformed,” the Avatar announced blandly: “40% stronger, with override: None.”

“Great,” groused Wayne. Carlos immediately threw his arms up in a double-biceps pose, and got up out of his chair again, this time walking over to Marcus and kneeling before him. He could already see Carlos’s thick well built arms getting even stronger, thicker, and harder. “Feel,” Carlos said, and Marcus wasted no time wrapping his hands around the strengthening, hardening biceps and triceps of Carlos’s right arm. He moved his hand around on the hard peak, doing a little mini-worship, and Carlos drew in a breath.

“Hot,” Marcus said. He was definitely all the way hard now, his nine-inch boner straining against his gray boxer-briefs. “I think I like this game,” he added coyly.

“New Round!” the Avatar announced, and Carlos moved his handsome Latin face closer, his loose black hair falling just a bit in front of one eye. “Fancy an end-of-round celebratory kiss?” he said quickly.

“Sure,” Marcus said, and they both closed the space between them and dove onto a brief, but deep, kiss. Someone—Marcus guessed it was probably Phillip—let out a delighted wolf-whistle.

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos backed away, but stayed kneeling in front Marcus, arms folded on his newly stronger thighs, right hand gently caressing the hard muscle. Marcus decided he didn’t mind at all, though Carlos’s thick upper arms might be a bit distracting. He flicked his cube. “Phillip’s tongue transformed: 40% less wide,” the Avatar said. Gilbert looked like he was going to pout, but the Avatar went on, “with override: All blonds are targeted instead.”

Now was Marcus’s turn to be disappointed. “That’s just me and Phillip,” he said, looking around the others, and even as he said it he had the incredibly strange feeling of his tongue getting narrower and narrower. When it stopped he moved it around in his mouth experimentally. It was still long, but it no longer filled the space between his lower teeth the way it had. He wasn’t sure he liked it.

Carlos was looking up at him, intrigued. “Let me see,” he said, leaving his mouth a little open, and, wanting to be reassured, Marcus moved toward him and let Carlos kiss him again. They let their tongues platy with each other for a second, and then Carlos pulled back, grinning. “I like it,” he said. “It’s like it’s more focused. And I can wrap mine around it.” Marcus grinned back. Even if Carlos was just being nice, it was still good to hear.

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. He and Carlos looked over at the big guy to Marcus’s left. Gilbert flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s pecs transformed: 40% more huge, with override: Automatically recurs every time target cums until the end of the game.”

“Fuck yeah!” Marcus and Carlos said together. They all watched in awe as Gilbert’s already sizable pecs swelled rapidly under his jacket and white dress shirt. It was especially hot to see the loosened tie, askew and draped over his right pec, rise up off his chest, pushed up by raw, expanding muscle. The buttons on the shirt strained and weakened, and then the two in the middle that were under the most pressure shot off his chest toward the Avatar, making a gap through which could be seen a hint of his deep cleavage.

“Duuude,” Phillip said, looking aroused through his whole body, his 10-inch boner hard and leaking.

“Gilbert, man,” Marcus said, “do you want us to keep you from cumming so you don’t get too big?”

“Or do you want us to help you cum so you do?” added Carlos saucily.

Gilbert grunted, straightening out his log of a cock under his slacks. “I don’t think I’ll need much help,” he said, groping his new pecs with his free hand.

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos turned his attention to Marcus, eyes dancing, and Marcus grinned at him, liking having the very personalized audience. Phillip flicked his cube. “Marcus’s hair transformed: white, with override: Half.” Marcus frowned, not sure what the qualification meant, but as he looked down at his the hair between his thick pecs and running down between his carved abs, it looked like his golden blond hair was getting lighter—except as he moved his forearm close to his eyes to get a better look at the hair on his lower arms, he saw that some of hair hairs were white, while others were staying his natural golden color.

Carlos winked and nodded at him, then realized it was his turn and hurried back to his chair where he’d left his tablet, even as the Avatar announced it. Carlos flicked his cube. “Wayne’s legs transformed: quantity (+2), with override: None.”

Marcus gaped as Carlos shouted, “No way!” Marcus turned to Wayne on his right, who was scrambling at his belt, looking like he was already feeling something strange down there.

Carlos was already moving toward his target. “His pants!” Carlos said excitedly to Marcus. “Help me with his pants!” Marcus quickly dove into action, thankful Carlos’s randy forwardness meant Wayne’s shoes were already off, and helped Carlos pull off Wayne’s slacks. By the time they were coming off him Wayne was pulling two legs and feet out of each leg, and they were just barely able to get the fabric off on the end. Marcus and Carlos then both leaned back and looked over the results in hard-cocked wonder. Wayne fell back in his chair looking winded, seemingly sitting bare-assed in his own lap. His monster 13-inch cock stood straight up, curving back some to touch his pale blue dress shirt—and his rear, equally huge monster erection was sticking up vertically, straight up between his front legs and curving back to touch its tip against the shaft of his hard front cock.

“That,” Carlos said, “is a thing of beauty.” His tongue was actually lolling.

“And he’s got more of those toes,” Marcus added.

“Yeah,” Carlos said, “true. But right now all I want is a chance at those.”

“Don’t I get a say in any of this?” Wayne said, sounding more bemused that anything else. Having two huge cocks and balls must take some of your world-weariness away, Marcus thought wryly.

“Oh year,” Carlos said. “You can tell me to do anything you like.”

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. Wayne flicked his cube. “Carlos’s tongue transformed,” the Avatar announced, and Carlos turned toward Marcus, eyebrows raised in anticipation: “40% more cocklike, with override: target to left also.”

“Fuck,” Marcus said. “Wait, who’s to your left—”

Marcus and Carlos both looked at Wayne. “Geez,” Wayne said. “I’m gonna be all cock by the end of this…”

“I can’t wait!” Carlos said. “Oh, shit, it’s starting.” He turned toward Marcus.

“End of round kiss?” Marcus said hopefully. They dove into a hot kiss, and the feeling of his tongue getting longer and harder in his mouth, his own longer thinner tongue ministering to it as if it were a cock, was so erotically charged, drowning Marcus with an entirely new sensation that was easily the hottest thing Marcus’d ever felt, and Marcus actually started cumming right in his briefs, only his cock had actually worked its way free a bit, the head and an inch or two poking out above the waistband as Marcus knelt, and so Marcus was cumming onto his abs.

“Oh, fuck,” Wayne said thickly, and Marcus and Carlos broke the kiss to look up and see his red tongue sticking out of his mouth, watching them intently. With his two huge cocks only the beginning of his sexual arousal, Wayne was looking distressed and extremely horny.

“Mind if I dry that?” he asked Marcus, his tongue hard and thick, protruding a little like Wayne’s.

Marcus grinned and said, “Go for it, dude!” Before the words were even out of his mouth he’d practically leapt onto Wayne, diving in for a kiss that was now eagerly reciprocated, Wayne being desperate for release. Carlos didn’t omit to wrap a strong hand around Wayne’s massive front cock, barely getting his hand around its thickness, and Wayne moaned and then shouted into the kiss, and suddenly Wane was cumming from both of his huge cocks, and Carlos was cumming too from the sound of it.

Marcus glanced down at Wayne’s four big bare feet, wondering if the toes would look like they were all hard too, and they did, a little. Marcus thought that the tips of the toes looked a little damp. Did they cum? What did that mean about Wayne’s and Carlos’s tongue? He was suddenly a bit jealous he’d let Wayne bring Carlos to climax, but before he could think about it any further he realized there was groaning and shouting behind him, and he turned in time to see naked Phillip and big Gilbert both jacking their big cocks, watching Wayne and Carlos getting off. Even as he watched they both came, Phillip shouting a loud exclamation of pleasure in time with the cum shooting over his bare torso.

Marcus grabbed Carlos’s newly thicker upper arm. “Check out Gilbert! He just came!” He and Wayne broke the sloppy, cummy kiss they were still enjoying to watch as Gilbert’s chest suddenly jumped out, getting another 40% thicker.

“Fuck,” Carlos said, his tongue still sounding like it was thicker and harder than usual. “If I hadn’t just cum—”

“New Round!” called out the Avatar.

Carlos and Marcus got up to return to their chairs, leaving half-naked, four-legged Wayne look like he’d just had five orgasms instead of one. Marcus noticed Carlos’s chinos were wet with cum. “You should get rid of those,” Marcus said.

Carlos stood in front of his chair. “But look how it shows off my cock!” Sure enough, the wet front of his chinos was plastered to his 8-inch boner.

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said. Marcus picked up his tablet as he sat and quickly flicked his cube. Things were getting stranger and more amazing than he’d ever dreamed, he thought, with a glance toward the unbelievably hot prospect of four-legged Wayne to his right, and, to his left, the massively pec’d Gilbert. Adrenaline coursed through him, and he wondered what was going to happen to him. “Phillip’s horniness transformed: 20% more contagious, with override: sender also.”

Marcus and Phillip looked at Gilbert, obviously having the same thought. “You’re going to be getting it from both sides, dude,” Marcus said.

Gilbert sighed, fondling his still-hard 7-inch torpedo cock, its shaft, like his mangled shirt, all wet with cum. “As if I weren’t incredibly horny already.”

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. Gilbert picked up his tablet from his long lap and dutifully flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s shoulders transformed: 40% wider, with override: sender also.”

“What the—!” Gilbert said.

“Stand back, she’s gonna blow!” Carlos shouted gleefully. In that moment Gilbert’s muscle-hard shoulders shoved out from his sides, tearing apart his shirt and jacket as if they were made of tissue paper, exposing the hard, bulging brawn of Gilbert’s delts and traps. The hugely wide shoulders meant a broader back too, because his expanding lats were at the same time ripping open the seams of the shirt and jacket both under Gilbert’s arms. He looked extremely pleased but still a little uncomfortable, and Marcus nodded toward naked Phillip on his other side. He and Marcus got up and, with some difficulty, wrestled the shredded remains of Gilbert’s suit jacket and dress shirt off him  –  though they left the tie, just for fun. What they exposed was a 6’6” hunk who’d already been superbly built, and who now had a chest bigger than any Marcus’d ever seen and shoulders that would never fit through a doorway again.

Meanwhile, he was looking at them, still boned with cum on their bare bellies, sizing him up lasciviously. He said in a low moan, “Fuck, you guys really are contagious. If you stay this close I’ll have to fuck someone very, very soon.”

For an answer Phillip grabbed his tablet from his chair and climbed onto Gilbert’s lap, resting his head against Gilbert’s humungous left pec. Phillip wasn’t that much shorter than Gilbert—only five inches, if Marcus remembered correctly—but he looked so much smaller than Gilbert sitting there in the shirtless behemoth’s lap. From his vantage point Marcus could see Gilbert’s big cock throbbing and thumbing against Phillip’s back, and Phillip’s hard 10-incher was equally active.

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Phillip settled against his muscle throne and flicked his cube. “Marcus’s cock transformed: 60% longer—”

“Fuck yeah!” Marcus shouted.

“—with override: sender also,” the Avatar finished.

“Fuck yeah,” Phillip said, nodding at Marcus. Marcus gave him a look. The fact that he was still going to be longer than Marcus was amply compensated by—Whoa, shit, it was starting. He watched as his own unusually wide cock grew out of his briefs, shoving out more and more at an angle along his bare waist until it was sticking out past his body, topping out at its new length of nearly 15 super-fat inches. He flexed his newly massive tool and watched a big drop of precum well up and drop to the concrete floor.

“Not so huge are you now, Mister Thirteen Inches?” Marcus said, turning to my right.

His transformation must have made him more ballsy figuratively as well as literally, because he looked at Marcus sidelong and said, “How many of those you got?”

“Burn,” said Carlos gleefully. His eyes, however, Marcus noticed when he looking over at the dark-haired Latin hunk, were fixed on Marcus’s now steadily dripping, newly enormous tool.

“Thank you, Kelso,” Marcus said. “Hey Phillip, what do you think—” But it was pretty easy to tell what Phillip thought: He had his mouth wrapped around the top several inches of his now 16-inch boner, both hands on the shaft below, and he was energetically sucking himself off. The other four just watched him, sort of mesmerized by the sight. Marcus realized he could certainly do the same now—he’d been able to get the tip in before. But maybe he was too wide? Some of the guys who’s blown him had given up, saying his cock was way to fat for their mouths.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said suddenly. Phillip started guiltily and pulled off his cock, but kept his hands on it. Carlos flicked his cube. “Wayne’s voice transformed: 40% less deep,” the Avatar said.

Wayne started to protest. “What kind of a lame—?” He said. His voice wasn’t that low already, Marcus thought, and he felt bad for the guy.

But the Avatar kept talking. “—with override: All targets cum.”

Suddenly, Marcus felt like he was very, very close. He saw Phillip bending down again, and out of the corner of his eye he sensed Wayne was doing the same, so he grabbed his massive slab of a 15-inch super-wide cock and, with an effort, wrapped his mouth around the head. In seconds he was cumming pints and pints of hot jizz down his own throat, and as he licked the head he felt so much pleasure he felt like he would pass out. And he couldn’t pass out, because even with his mouth around his enormous jizz-spurting cock he had to watch Gilbert.

Sure enough, the second Gilbert came, without even touching himself but just from rutting against Phillip’s back, his pecs started rapidly inflating again reaching a size Marcus had only seen in gay muscle growth cartoons. When Phillip had gotten himself off he collapsed back against then, resting his head a little bit into Gilbert’s mighty cleavage—not that those pecs separated very much at all, given that their size and hardness made them constantly push against each other.

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. Wayne flicked his cube. “Carlos’s hair transformed: 40% shorter, with override: Plus same change to target’s muscles.”

“Fuck, what a gyp,” Carlos said. His hair seemed to pull into his head, becoming short, almost buzzed in places. But what really looked strange was the way his muscles seemed to contract into his body. He’d started out almost as heavy and built as Marcus, but even under his loose clothes Marcus could see that he was getting less muscular.

Carlos was looking down at himself with displeasure. Marcus was already out of his seat and was kneeling in front of Carlos, his tablet in his hand. When Carlos looked up he said, “You look great,” he said. “You’re still totally ripped.”

“New Round!” the Avatar called out, and without either of them having to ask they leaned in to share a kiss. Marcus was thrilled as Carlos’s tongue got longer and harder in his mouth, and he hoped very much to make Carlos cum this time.

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said.

Carlos pulled back apologetically. “We shouldn’t keep Phillip waiting,” he said. “You’d bedder thpin.”

Marcus looked at Carlos’s protruding tongue wistfully and turned to sit at Carlos’s feet, facing Phillip, who was still sitting on Gilbert’s lap, his 16-inch boner still rock-hard. Marcus flicked his cube. The Avatar announced: “Phillip’s thighs transformed: 20% less thick, with override: Sender skips next turn.”

Phillip didn’t seem to care too much as his thighs, thickened a bit in the first round, now unthickened a bit. He just leaned down and licked his cock, giving the rest of them a shit-eating grin.

“Okay, we get it,” Marcus said. “You like having the longest cock.”

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. Gilbert reached his arms around Phillip in his lap and flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s torso transformed: 40% less defined, with override: Only shortest target.”

They all looked over at Wayne, who had a very put-upon look on his face. “Why am I the butt monkey all of a sudden?” he asked in his new, higher voice.

“Because you have two sets of butts?” Carlos asked innocently.

“Fuck you,” Wayne groused. “Well, I’m definitely keeping my shirt on around all you gym gods.”

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Phillip flicked his cube, and Marcus felt a thrill as he realized this would affect him. “Marcus’s feet transformed: 60% wider—” Marcus frowned. Was that good? “—with override: target to right instead.”

Again they all looked at Wayne, the player to the right of Marcus’s usual seat. “What the fuck?!” Wayne cried out. “What, is it fuck around with Wayne day?” He bent down to stare at his four feet, and the others followed suit.

“You think he’ll get wider toes?” Carlos whispered to Marcus.

“Or more of them?” Marcus said.

They watched as all four o Wayne’s size 11 feet got quite a bit wider. Carlos and Marcus were fascinated to see that both of them were right: Wayne’s toes all got wider and bigger, but each of his feet also added a new toe in the middle of the ones that were already there.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Carlos hissed.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos shook himself and flicked his cube. “Wayne’s hair transformed: 80% longer, with override: Also next change.”

Wayne rolled his eyes as his mousy brown hair spun out of his head, twining down thickly on all sides of his head, including his face. He impatiently shoved a hand through the hair covering his face, making all his hair fall back behind him, the longest bits brushing past the shoulders of his blue dress shirt.

“What’s ‘also next change’ mean, you think?” Marcus said.

“The next change that’s spun is applied to Wayne also,” Phillip piped up, “in addition to its regular target.” Marcus nodded, wondering again if Phillip had indeed done this before.

“Sure, why not?” Wayne said, blowing a stray lock of hair out of his face.

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. Wayne sighed and flicked his cube. “Carlos’s pecs transformed: 40% more mass, with override: Sender skips next turn.”

“Gladly,” Wayne muttered. Still he watched with interest as his own chest expended under his shirt. Marcus’s attention, however, was fixed on Carlos’s pecs pushing his tee shirt out again.

“Easy go, easy come,” he said, and leaned in for their end-of-round kiss. This time Carlos was elated to be getting muscle back and kissed him eagerly, his tongue already stiff in his mouth, and Marcus felt both of Carlos’s hands wrap around Marcus’s still-hard fence post of a cock. Marcus reciprocated, unzipping Carlos’s cum-wet chinos and reaching in to find Carlos’s 8-inch cock, noticing it was indeed cobra shaped, wider in the top half. It was his favorite kind of cock to sick, but he was enjoying making out with Carlos’s 40%-cock of a tongue. They only had to kiss and jerk each other for a few pounding heartbeats before they were both cumming, and Marcus was thrilled to taste a bit of cum in his mouth. They pulled back from each other, grinning ecstatically.

“New Round!”

Marcus started to pick up his tablet where he’d set it on the floor, but then the Avatar called out, “Marcus’s turn skipped.”

“Oh yeah,” he said.

They all turned to Gilbert. “Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. Gilbert flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s arms transformed: quantity (+2), with override: Plus same change to target’s cock.”

“Holy shit!” Marcus said.

“Gilbert gets all the best changes!” Carlos said reverently.

“I gotta see this,” Phillip said, climbing down to stand in front of Gilbert expectantly.

They all stared as the 6’6” giant with the double-wide shoulders and pecs bigger than any pecs had ever been grew a second pair of arms by splitting the ones he had in two and growing them to be as huge and thick as before. At the same time Gilbert’s 7-inch torpedo-shaped cock, still sticking straight up from the fly on his slacks, got wider and wider and wider, as wide as Marcus’s and then even wider than that, and then suddenly split into three fat boners spreading his fly as wide as it would go.

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Phillip was still staring at Gilbert, but after a few moments he climbed back up into Gilbert’s lap. Gilbert immediately wrapped his brawny front arms around his naked, contagiously horny friend as Phillip flicked his cube distractedly. “Marcus’s legs transformed: 60% longer, with override: Automatically recurs every time target cums until end of game.”

Marcus clambered to his feet, wanting to see this standing up. He began to grow taller, but all of it in his legs. he finally stopped after growing about a foot and a half taller. He waved down at Carlos, who waved up at him.

“About time someone got taller,” Carlos said. “What are you, 7 feet? More than that.”

“Seven feet seven,” Wayne said, evidently having done the math in his head. “Good luck finding jeans in a 48-inch inseam!”

Marcus beamed down at him. “Just wait till I cum again!”

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos flicked his cube, looking up at Marcus the whole time. “Wayne’s height transformed: 40% shorter,” the Avatar said, and Wayne groaned. But the Avatar continued: “—with override: Switch with previous target.”

Wayne pointed up at Marcus. “Ha, ha!” he jeered.

Marcus felt himself shrinking back down, but this time it was his whole body. By the time he was finished shrinking, he was shorter than before, maybe 4 and a third feet tall, but his legs were still proportionately most of his height.

Carlos was looking at him in amazement. “It’s like you’re a fireplug dude, but only from the waist up! All that muscle—and cock!” Marcus realized that he still retained all of his muscle weight, making his pecs, arms, and other muscles look huge and amazing in their new compact form. And his super-fat cock was still 15 inches, which meant that when he pulled it up straight it now topped out right in front of his face.

“Wayne’s turn skipped,” the Avatar said. “New Round.”

Carlos went in for their now-traditional kiss, but they kept it short this time. Instead of heading back to his chair, he climbed his strangely proportioned body into Carlos’s lap. Carlos, setting down his tablet, immediately set about stroking Marcus’s enormous cock with one hand and groping Marcus’s massive, compact pecs with the other. Marcus hummed happily at the pleasurable caresses.

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said. Marcus flicked his cube. “Phillip’s face transformed: 20% less bearded, with override: Plus last change.”

Phillip and Gilbert both got “Oh, shit” looks on their faces as Phillip, with a newly smoother face, began to shrink just like Marcus had. They all watched in fascination as he shrank further than Marcus, who’s started from an enhanced height over 7 feet; Phillip had been just over six feet, and now, done shrinking, he was well under four feet. He looked dwarfed by Gilbert’s doorbusting shoulders, Plymouth Rock pecs and four thickly muscled arms. But strangest of all, his beloved 16-inch cock was now over his head, no longer in reach of his mouth.

Phillip looked distressed, but Gilbert said, “That’s okay, dude. That one’s mine anyway.” To prove his point he bend down and wrapped his mouth around the long, hard boner, and Phillip’s expression instantly changed into one approximating rapture.

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. Gilbert broke the blow job long enough to flick his cube. “Gilbert’s cuteness transformed: 20% less cute, with override: Half.”

“I can deal with that,” the behemoth growled, and Marcus thought he did look just a bit more rugged as he went back to work on Phillip’s cock.

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Phillip flicked his cube, with Gilbert not letting up on his over-the-head boner. “Marcus’s arms transformed: 40% less strong, with override: Sender skips next turn.” Marcus frowned down at his compressed arms, but they didn’t seem to get that much smaller, since they were so dense; but he did feel a little weaker, even if it was in his head.

“Guess I’m not helping you move your couch tonight or anything,” he said over his shoulder to Carlos, who was still affectionately groping Marcus’s two best assets, his own cock twisting and throbbing under Marcus’s ass. He wondered if he’d get a chance to actually sit on it, and that made him think of Phillip and smile. Would he have to pick one, or—could he take them all? Especially at his smaller size? He bet Gilbert wanted to find out.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos did like Gilbert and bring his tablet around in front of Marcus before he flicked his cube. “Wayne’s cock transformed: 60% thicker,” the Avatar intoned. They all looked at Wayne, who looked, if anything slightly peeved.

“He’s had a bad time being hung huge,” Marcus whispered. Carlos nodded.

The Avatar, however, was of course still saying the change. “—override: All blonds are targeted instead.”

Wayne let out a sight of relief, but Phillip and Marcus exchanged awestruck glances, as did Gilbert and Carlos. “How wide is that horse-choker going to get?” said Carlos.

Marcus shook his head. He and Carlos, both having the same urge to feel the change happened, wrapped both hands around Marcus’s already incredibly wide 15-incher. Marcus had never measured it, but even back when it was 9 inches long it was close to four inches across when he was completed boned. Marcus and Carlos both moaned as they felt Marcus’s iron-hard cock inexorably widening, feeling giddy and hype-aroused as it pushed apart their hands. It kept pushing their hands apart until their fingers no longer met even with two hands. His fat cock was not more than half a foot across—the size of a normal man’s leg—and with all that new skin, as sensitive as fuck.

As they both stroked it, Marcus wanting to go mad from the pleasure of four hands on his enormous cock, they looked over at Gilbert and Phillip. Phillip’s 16-incher, which was more like two and a half inches across before, was now a solid four across, as wide as Marcus had been before. Gilbert was still sucking on the upper reaches of the thing over Phillip’s head, but both of Phillip’s smaller hands and all four of Gilbert’s huge ones were stroking up and down Phillip’s beautiful boner. Before long Phillip was cumming hard into Gilbert’s mouth, his balls pulsing as he pounded cum into Gilbert’s eager mouth, and seeing that Marcus lost it himself. The orgasm seemed to start deep inside some other universe his balls were connected to by a cum wormhole, his whole body seizing up as Marcus’s curvy, wildly oversized cock shot gouts of cum over Carlos’s shoulder, the orgasm shuddering through his body from heels to head.

Then he realized his bare heels were not only on the floor but pushing across them, and he remembered the leg-growth-with-cum change he’d gotten a couple turns back and laughed. “At least I’m close to normal height again,” he said.

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. They looked over at Wayne to see him sucking his fat 13-incher and stroking its hind-crotch twin as he looked back and forth between the two couples. “What?” he said in his new, pleasant tenor voice as they smiled at him, speaking thickly around his thickened tongue. “You guys are fucking hod!” Carlos kissed the spot where Marcus’s neck met his bulging traps.

They all grinned at the four-legged dude, and Wayne rolled his eyes and flicked his cube. “Carlos’s face transformed: cutest, with override: Change recurs next 2 turns.”

Marcus twisted around to look at Carlos, and fuck, he did look stunningly cute. Carlos wiggled his eyebrows. “End-of-round kiss?” he suggested.

But Marcus could still feel Carlos’s eager boner under him, had in fact been constantly aware of its presence and proximity all this time. He had a better idea. “How ‘bout an end-of-round shove that cock up my ass?” Marcus countered.

A sweet grin blossomed on Carlos’s very cute face, and Marcus stood up long enough for Carlos to shuck his cum-soaked chinos. He felt very weird, standing up, now that his body proportions were so freaky. He had been 6’1”, then shot up to 7’7” the first time his legs grew. Then he got shorter, down to like 4’7”, but still with the inseam of someone a foot taller. And now—now he was back to 6 feet tall, but four feet of that was legs!

Carlos’s eyes were dancing up and down Marcus’s surreal body. He pointed to his cum-covered, very hard, 8-inch cobra-shaped cock, which stood up from his lap like a spike. “Sit,” he commanded, eyes twinkling.

Marcus did so, having to figure out exactly where his ass was now on his funhouse body. But Carlos’s cock seemed to slide into his ass as if it knew exactly where it needed to be. Marcus was tight—he wasn’t normally a bottom—and it burned a little as he slowly pushed onto it, and then, suddenly, it felt like the most amazingly perfect thing in the world.

He glanced over at Phillip and Gilbert, to see that they were following Marcus and Carlos’s lead and Phillip was easing down onto Gilbert’s—cock? Cocks? “Hey Phillip,” Marcus called, “How many you taking?”

Phillip couldn’t respond, his eyes having rolled back into his head in what looked like extreme pleasure. Gilbert met Marcus’s glance and, with his front left hand, held up three fingers. “Fuuuuck,” Carlos said.

“I’ll just sit over here and fuck myself then,” Wayne said. But he was smiling.

“Can you?” Marcus asked intrigued.

Wayne grimaced, as if someone had just asked him whether he’d got his four legs from getting fucked by a centaur. “I don’t actually have more than one asshole, asshole,” he said. “If only,” he added to himself.

“I’ll let you fuck me,” Carlos offered. “We can stack up, the three of us.”

Wayne looked at the two of them shrewdly. “I think you two should spend time with each other right now.”

Marcus had no objections to that plan. He twisted around to let Carlos kiss him, and the kiss didn’t stop even after the Avatar called Marcus’s turn. Finally Carlos broke the kiss. “Your turn, buddy,” he said, and Marcus looked at him, a little dazed.

“What? Oh, right.” Marcus flicked his cube. “Phillip’s height transformed: 40% taller, with override: Plus same change to target’s cock.”

“Holy shit, Phillip!” Marcus shouted. He felt Carlos’s boner thrust inside him as they both stroked Marcus’s huge erection, all of them watching Phillip slowly groooow in Gilbert’s lap returning to a more normal height over five feet, still looking small compared his huge friend—while at the same time Phillip’s cock expanded proportionately, so that it topped out at nearly two feet, still over Phillip’s head and even thicker than Marcus had been.

“I love this game,” Gilbert the redheaded giant rumbled before wrapping his mouth around the overhead reaches of Phillip’s flagpole of a cock.

“Shiiid,” Wayne said, obviously aroused.

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. Gilbert, putting his tablet in front of himself and his partner again, flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s tongue transformed: mouthcock, with override: Plus last change.”

Marcus and Carlos looked at each other. The whole last change? As Carlos fucked him and continued groping his pecs and cock and stared as Gilbert’s whole body expanded, becoming even more huge than any of them had ever seen anyone become. Gilbert lifted up his head and let out a roar of pleasure.

“Forty percent,” Carlos muttered. “And he was already 6’6”! He’ll end up—”

“Nine feed,” Wayne said, sounding extremely awed and rather thick in the tongue.

Then suddenly Phillip let out a cry too, his eyes getting huge. “They’re growing—!” he shouted. “Inside me!!”

Marcus went to jump up. “Dude, you okay?”

But Phillip nodded rapidly, and then said, “Fuck yeah!” with the kind of elation that only a man with three seven-inch cocks up his ass suddenly turning into ten inches can feel. Then Gilbert looked back down, and a truly enormous cock, almost the size of Marcus’s old oversized tool, was protruding from Gilbert’s mouth, dripping precum onto Gilbert’s impossible pecs. Phillip twisted around and began kissing him eagerly while Gilbert triple fucked him and stroked his two-foot boner with all four hands.

The avatar announced that Phillip’s turn was skipped, which was just as well, Marcus though—the guy was in another world right now.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos flicked his cube. “Wayne’s feet transformed: quantity (+1 per leg), with override: Detachable.”

Wayne moaned, but Marcus wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or irritation, as each of Wayne’s four legs suddenly grew an extra foot, so that each leg ended in two feet, one at a bit of an angle to the other. They were already extra wide, with six slightly cocklike toes, so that ended up being a lot of foot.

“What is it with this game and my feet,” Wayne muttered. He reached down and grabbed one of the feet on his front left leg, and it did actually wrench off into his hand. He stared at it, perplexed and intrigued.

“Hey, chuck me one of those,” Marcus said. Wayne looked up at him in surprise. “What? Carlos got to try your cocky toes but I didn’t!” Seeming bemused by the notion, Wayne tossed the large foot in his hands to Marcus, then went about removing extra feet from his other three legs so that each leg ended in just one foot. He stacked the spare feet by his chair.

Meanwhile Marcus immediately popped the largest toes into his mouth, and hummed happily as he felt them thicken and harden a little. “Shit, I felt that!” Wayne said, looking up in surprise. Marcus replied by sucking the toes harder, letting his narrow tongue dance between them. Wayne’s eyes fluttered. “Shiit,” he said again.

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. Wayne struggled to focus and, after a moment, flicked his cube. “Carlos’s cum transformed: 80% more power to grow cock, with override: None.”

“Oh baby,” Marcus said, holding Wayne’s foot away from his mouth, “I am going to take so much of your cum inside me.”

“God,” Carlos said. He shuddered. “Just the idea of making you—even bigger!!” And suddenly he claimed Marcus’s mouth in a fierce kiss, his thick tongue shoving deep into Marcus’s mouth even as Carlos came hard in his ass, filling him with hot spunk, and they both moaned into their kiss as Marcus’s cock grew in their hands, ending up being a few inches longer and a little bit thicker. And they both knew it was only the beginning.

“New Round,” called out the Avatar, and Marcus smiled at the extra-cute Carlos as they broke their kiss, even as Marcus leaned back against Carlos’s steel-hard body, his spike still deep inside Marcus as they both slow-stroked Marcus’s 17-plus-inch boner and Carlos continued fondling his compacted chest. “I have a funny feeling about this round,” Marcus said.

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said. Marcus, feeling a little flush of nervous giddiness, flicked his cube. “Phillip’s body transformed: 40% stretchier, with override: Plus last change.”

“Ooo, interesting,” Wayne piped. As they watched there didn’t seem to be much of a change in the 5’2” naked dude with the over-the-head cock planted on giant Gilbert’s cocks—until Phillip stretched his neck a few inches longer, so he could better go to town on Gilbert’s massive mouthboner.

“Awesome!” Carlos said. “Wait, plus last change—the last change was cock-growing cum!” Marcus looking at how Phillip’s almost-two-foot, way-thick cock was now seeming just a bit more rubbery as he and Gilbert moved their six hands gently up and town its cum-slicked straight-up vertical length, but on Carlos’s remark he realized the cum was going to go to waste—Gilbert’s mouth was busy being mauled by Phillip’s.

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said. Gilbert flicked his cube without even breaking his kiss/fellatio, and no wonder. “Gilbert’s cock transformed: 20% shorter, with override: Only tallest target.” Of course the override brought it back to Gilbert anyway, since he dwarfed them all at nine feet tall, so he got the shrinkage. That was kind of a shame, Marcus thought, especially now that the stretchier Phillip could better accommodate Gilbert’s triple boners, but neither of them seemed to mind as Phillip, still macking hard with Gilbert up top, resettled on three torpedo-fat cocks that had gone from 10 to 8 inches—still bigger than they’d been a couple rounds back. And if they could stop making out, the next time Phillip came, Gilbert had a chance at regrowing some of that length!

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Phillip finally had to devote some attention to something other than Gilbert, and they could all tell he was kind of dazed. He managed to flick his cube. “Marcus’s tongue transformed: 60% more cocklike, with override: Affects all targets.”

Marcus met Carlos’s eyes with renewed amazement and excitement. “Yours is already 40% cocklike,” Marcus whispered.

“Mide too,” Wayne said. Marcus spared him a grin, but then dove into a hard kiss with Carlos—a kiss in which Carlos’s tongue became a fully fledged full-on wang, and Marcus’s was more than halfway to one as well. This was so hugely stimulating that in second they were both cumming hard, and Marcus thrilled to feel both his legs and his cock getting longer. But then he opened his eyes wide and pulled back from Carlos’s kiss in shock, still panting from yet another soul-rocking orgasm. He stuck his half-hard tongue out experimentally, and sure enough, it was cocklike enough that Carlos’s cum, delivered up his ass and into his mouth from his 100% cocktongue, had grown his tongue a couple of inches as well!

“Wicked,” Carlos said around the huge cock protruding from his sweet, full lips, and Marcus realized he had been wrong when he’d thought the dark-haired hunk couldn’t look any cuter.

They both looked over at Wayne, who was cumming from his mouthcock, one hand wrapped around the thick boner sticking out from his lips, and from his 13-inch crotch monsters as well, evidently enjoying what he was seeing from the two sets of lovers. “Wait,” Carlos said, “Whad did thad do to Gilberd?”

Marcus realized he was right—how could a mouthcock get 60% more cocklike? But the other pair were still liplocked. “Gilbert!” Marcus called. “You have to show us!”

“Yeah, show us!” echoed Wayne.

Gilbert looked up as he made out with Phillip, eyes glinting at them, and wiggled his brows. “C’mon!” Wayne hooted. Phillip reluctantly unwrapped his mouth from around what turned out to be a mouthcock that was even bigger, sticking out further from Gilbert’s ruddy face, and, awesomely, had two heads.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. They were all staring at Gilbert as he and Phillip went back to making out. Carlos, a little dazed, picked up his tabled and flicked his cube. “Wayne’s abs transformed: 40% less defined,” the Avatar said blandly.

“Oh come on!!” shouted Wayne around his mouthcock, supremely vexed.

“—with override,” the Avatar continued: “Invert amount.”

“Oh,” Wayne said. He used the hand he had had wrapped around his mouthcock to lift his dress shirt, in time to see his abs become noticeably harder and more defined. They were nice-looking abs, Marcus thought, slightly offset from each other to give that interesting staggered look.

“Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. Wayne, mollified, flicked his cube. “Carlos’s feet transformed: 80% more attractive, with override: target to left instead.”

“Wait, that’s—” Marcus started to say.

“What is the deal with my feet?” Wayne said, sounding exasperated and bemused. Marcus looked at Wayne’s extra foot, which was still in his lap and glazed with Marcus’s cum, and realized it was the most alluring foot he’d ever seen. He would definitely have to spend some mouth time with it—after his end-of-round kiss with Carlos.

“Final Round. Two overrides per change!” A thrill of anticipation coursed through the whole group. Marcus looked around the circle: At the nine-foot, four-armed, mouthcocked Gilbert with his three cocks buried deep inside Phillip and pecs that were inhuman in their size and strength. At Phillip, a stretchy 5’2”-plus with a wide, soaring two-foot cock leaking cock-growing cum, his mouth still wrapped around Gilbert’s enormous double-headed mouthcock. At himself, with a 20-inch boner nearly eight freaking inches across and a muscular body that had to be over 8 feet tall now, most of it legs! At Carlos, whose cute face sported a full-blown mouthcock which, along with the rock-hard cock planted deep inside him, sprayed cum into him that just made his cock bigger and bigger, a thought that thrilled both of them into a mutual state of near-orgasm. And at Wayne, mouthcocked as well, who’d ended up with two of his beautiful 13-inch boners and four legs capped in the sexiest feet Marcus had ever seen, a spare of which still sat in his lap. He caressed it idly, taking one of his hands away from the cock he and Carlos were both stroking, and wondered if he could take it home with him, and for the first time wondered about what would happen with all these changes after the end of the game. He knew his buddy Larry looked pretty normal, even after playing this game himself, but the Avatar had mentioned—prizes? Maybe he could claim this foot as a prize…

“Marcus’s turn,” the Avatar said. Marcus flicked his cube, his heart pounding in his chest. Phillip freed himself from his perma-kiss with Gilbert, and looked at Marcus expectantly. “Phillip’s cum transformed: most amount, with override: Reverse last change for target, and with override: Plus same change to target’s muscles.”

Phillip, who hadn’t been paying close attention the last couple of turns for obvious reasons, seemed pleased by the boost to biggest cum-producer of the group, but a little confused about the rest of it. “Let’s see,” Marcus said aloud. “His last change is reversed, and that’s—actually that’s the 60% mouthcock for all targets!”

“No loss there,” Phillip said with a grin. He opened his mouth a slowly stretched out his normal-looking tongue until he’d managed to push it past his chin, at which point it looked decidedly less normal but very, very hot. Gilbert growled deeply in arousal. Even as he said this, the implications of “most amount” to the target’s muscles started to become incredibly apparent, as the 5’2” Phillip’s muscles swelled everywhere on his body, blowing up as if with a bicycle pump, or more likely a high-pressure air hose. His muscles grew and expanded until he appeared as muscular as any of them, and then, his pecs blowing out even more, until he had the same proportions as Gilbert—and then they kept growing. Marcus heard Wayne grunt and realized he was cumming hard, shooting tall streams if cum from his two crotch cocks and his mouthcock alike, and as Marcus turned his eyes back to the spectcle and realized Phillip had to have the most muscle mass of any of them—even the nine foot tall Gilbert!—he started to cum uncontrollably, and Carlos was cumming too, up Marcus’s ass and down Marcus’s back as they both gaped in awe at Phillip’s still-expanding muscle.

With a powerful sense of bonding with Phillip, both of them growing out of control and beyond the bounds of what was sensually endurable, Marcus felt his cock and legs both shooting out from his body as if he himself were some sort of bottomless source of fleshly wonders even as Phillip’s impossible muscles reached unreal, insane proportions—traps touching Phillip’s ears, lats pushing out his gargantuan arms, legs that looked as thick as all four of Wayne’s, and pecs so huge, the amount they stuck out from his body seemed measurable in feet. His phone pole of a cock started fountaining cum all over Gilbert behind him, Phillip tossing his head back in all-consuming ecstasy as the cum sank into Gilbert’s body, and as Gilbert’s exposed mouthcock started to grow—along with, presumably, his three fat cocks buried in Phillip’s ass, judging from Phillip’s ecstatic shout—Gilbert started cumming too, spraying two massive gouts of cum onto Phillip’s monstrous muscle-bound body even as his own pecs slammed up to the next larger size, pushing Phillip forward a bit before he fell back against them, panting but still cumming all over Gilbert.

“Gilbert’s turn,” the Avatar said, untouched by all the escalating boundary-breaking. Shaking with post-orgasmic arousal, Gilbert flicked his cube. “Gilbert’s feet transformed: 40% larger.” Gilbert laughed and they all followed suit—the transformation seemed so prosaic, as if the game had become aware that, unlike Phillip and Marcus, Gilbert simply could not get any bigger or more enticing. This seemed conformed when the Avatar blandly went on to add, “—with override: target to left instead, and with override: target to right also.”

Gilbert, Carlos, and Wayne turned their stares from Gilbert to Marcus and Phillip, who both watched their own feet in laughing amazement as they went from big to huge. Marcus wiggled his far-away, oversized dogs, really only now realizing that thanks to having cum twice in the last few turn his legs were, by themselves, a good six feet long. “I’m going to have to have extra knees installed or something,” Marcus said, a little dazed at how his legs were stretching away before him in one direction and his 20-inch boner was curving away in another.

“Phillip’s turn,” the Avatar said. Phillip flicked his cube. “Marcus’s abs transformed: 40% more defined, with override: quantity increase (+1 row), and with override: a affects all targets.”

“Finally,” Wayne groused, “something good for my torso!” They all smiled at him, and Marcus said, “You got an ab upgrade before. It just got washed away,” he added, and Wayne rolled his eyes as he lifted his shirt again. So even though they other four started with hard, cut eight-packs that were now becoming deep-cut, super-tight ten-packs, it was Wayne’s abs they all watched tighten and expand a row, and when it was done they all clapped for him.

“Carlos’s turn,” the Avatar said. Carlos flicked his cube. “Wayne’s abs transformed: 80% longer.” Wayne’s eyes bugged out, but then the rest of the change was announced: “—with override: target to left instead, and with override: All targets cum.”

Carlos and Wayne both took a second to realize what Marcus understood immediately: his mashed-down torso wouldn’t be quite so mashed down anymore! But just as he was thrilling to the feeling of his torso expanding through the addition of foot after foot of brick-hard abs, the second override started to kick in and all five of them slammed into a universal orgasm that seemed to feed on itself. Marcus quickly wrapped his mouth around Carlos’s luscious mouthboner and started swallowing immense quantities Carlos’s cum even as he felt Carlos unloading even more cum uncontrollably deep inside his ass, and the sensation of his long, strong legs growing another four feet longer was overridden by the wash of sheer elation that the surges of growth shoving his monstrous cock further and further out from his body coming over him again and again as Carlos kept orgasming and orgasming, each climax triggering another. He heard Phillip crying out in rapture as his own cum sprayed over Gilbert again and again, growing all of Gilbert’s cocks further and further into Philip’s unnaturally muscled body.

Finally they all stopped cumming, and as they were panting, sweaty and covered with jizz, they heard the Avatar make its last call of the game. “Wayne’s turn,” the Avatar said. Wayne flicked his cube. “Carlos’s body transformed: quantity (+1).” Carlos and Marcus gaped at each other, then they both grinned wickedly.

The Avatar continued: “—with override: Also double last change for target.” Marcus knitted his brows, trying to remember the last change that had actually stuck for Carlos—a lot of his changes has seemed to have been hijacked by other targets. Then Marcus’s eyes widened and he dropped his gaze to the supercute Latino’s long, fat iron-hard mouthwang.

“Oh fugg,” Carlos said, looking down at what he could see of his mouthboner in awe.

Then the Avatar announced the final twist: “—and with override: Sender instead.”

All eyes swiveled toward Wayne, who gasped and then shouted with a smile around his own big mouthboner, “Yes! Fugg you all, you coubled-up love-fweaggs!” As they all laughed Wayne started to stretch and grow front to back, his head pulling forward into two heads, his chest and shoulders expanding and multiplying, finally ripping apart the cum-rank cornflower blue dress shirt he’d been wearing all this time, then separating into two torsos even as his two big cocks and four legs stretched and doubled. The awesome sight of a stunned and hugely aroused Wayne acquiring a second body sitting on top of his own was so engrossing that Carlos hardly noticed his mouthwang also stretching, expanding, and eventually doubling into twain, as if in sympathy with Wayne’s doubling. Then Wayne stood, both bodies clambering up onto their four extra-wide feet, and faced himself, diving into a fervent embrace and a deep kiss. the others whistled and clapped.

“This is the end of the Body Game,” their wavy-haired Adonis said. They all turned toward the hologram, feeling, Marcus guessed if he himself was any guide, a general sense of euphoric satiation. He had a little pang of regret that he’d have to give up this body, but then, he could hardly walk around as a 16-foot tall dude with nine feet of legs!

Still…Maybe they could keep their bods for another hour or so?

“Because you have all played well and obeyed the rules,” the Avatar said in its flat, almost bored voice, “you all may gift your targets with one of two prizes. Option A is to choose two body parts that the target may keep as they are now, and no one will think there’s anything strange about the change or its effect.” They all exchanged glances, first with their sex partners and then with their targets, and Marcus knew they were all thinking rapidly about what they would want and whether their sender would give it to them.

“Or, you may choose Option B. Option B is for the target player to keep this body, but to have a ring that, while worn, makes player’s body appear to be like it was before the game.”

Marcus knew that he didn’t want that option. It was pretty amazing and surreal having nine-foot-long legs, but he didn’t need to come back to this body. He exchanged a look with his fellow blond, and he knew that they were both on the same page about that.

“Marcus,” the Avatar said, turning to where he sat on Carlos’s lap, “how will you gift your target, Phillip?”

“Well,” Marcus said, sizing his overmuscled, colossally cocked buddy up shrewdly, “I remember how naked boy here was eager to show off his junk even before it got stratospheric.” Phillip grinned. “So if it’s going to be seen as normal, I’m gonna say—keep the cock, dude.” He was staring at the two-foot-long cock, an entire hand’s breadth across, and shook his head. “That’s gonna look so sweet on your normal buff bod. And,” he added, glancing at the muscle giant whose dicks were currently up Phillip’s ass, “a gift for you both: Phillip, you can also keep the cock-growing cum!”

“Fuck yeah,” Phillip said, as his body—still impaled on Gilbert’s footlong boners—morphed back into what it had been when he came in: 6’2” and 210 pounds of hunky naked man, except with a six-inch-wide, two-foot hardon that topped out at Phillip’s hairline. The four of them whistled and applauded the reshaped sex god that stood before them. Phillip inclined his head in appreciation, his enormous cock burbling precum like a drinking fountain that couldn’t quite turn off.

“Gilbert,” the Avatar said, “how will you gift your target, Gilbert?”

Gilbert, more horny than ever despite having cum so many times, was finding it hard to speak around his enormous mouthcock, so he said, very briefly and carefully: “Arms … coggs.” The others watched in amazement, and a little regret, as Gilbert’s body retracted, his beach-ball pecs slowly collapsing along with his oversized shoulders, until he became the 6’6”, 220-pound redheaded muscle dude he’d been when he came in—except with four arms, which he wrapped around Phillip in a tight hug, and, they presumed, his three footlong boners. “Unh,” Gilbert said, kissing Phillip’s neck. “I can build my muscles bigger, but I don’t think I can go back to only one cock.”

“I don’t think I could go back to you having only one cock, either,” Phillip added, and they turned their faces toward each other and shared a long, sweet kiss, causing Phillip’s enormous boner to quiver and spurt.

“Phillip,” the Avatar said, “how will you gift your target, Marcus?”

Phillip broke his kiss and settled back against Gilbert’s still big and muscular bod. He had to look around his own cock to eye Marcus’s very strange body. “Well, the first one is easy,” Phillip said. “That cock!” The others murmured in assent—Marcus’s curving cock was as long as Phillip’s now and even wider. “For the other, it’s either the half-white hair, the 10-pack abs, or the 60% cocktongue—oh, who am I kidding, it’s got to be the 60% cocktongue!” Marcus felt a weird thrill as his legs seemed almost to be sucked rapidly into him, rapidly drawing in from nine feet long to a more normal 34-inch inseam, even as his torso went from stretched long to normal as well—but, surreally, his massive, so totally abnormal cock didn’t change at all, so that it was like his body was changing around his cock. In a minute’s time he was back to being the 5’8” muscle hunk he’d been when he walked in, only with a cock three times as long as it had been and thicker than some guys’ legs.

“You are so beautiful,” Carlos whispered in his ear, fondling the shaft of Marcus’s boner as his own cock flexed inside of Marcus. Marcus, glad he still turned Carlos on, turned and kissed him hungrily.

“Carlos,” the Avatar said, “how will you gift your target, Wayne?”

“I wish I could gift you, babe,” Carlos whispered.

“You will,” Marcus said back in a low purr. “Wanna catch dinner after this?”

“How about we go to my place and order in?” Carlos muttered back in Marcus’s ear.

Wayne cleared both his throats. “Right, right,” Carlos said. “At the wisk of unleashing more Wayne on the world,” he said to his target with a good-natured wink, which got him another eye-roll, “I’m going with—two bodies, and four legs. That way you’ll have more of that 13-incher than you’ll know what to do with alone, and you’ll have to find some lucky dudes to share ’em with!”

Wayne smiled at Carlos almost fondly. His bodies didn’t change much—his chest actually got a little more defined as it returned to its original state, but his abs went from super-tight to more-or-less normal for the kind of fit guy Wayne had been. His feet narrowed, and the extras that were stacked by Wayne’s chair vanished. Although, weirdly, the one in Marcus’s lap, which he’s been caressing all this time, slimmed in width but didn’t vanish—and, weirdest of all, unlike Wayne’s real feet the extra in Marcus’s lap still had six toes. Marcus surreptitiously moved more of his hand and wrist to cover the rogue foot. He didn’t know why the Avatar/Game/whatever had missed it, but he was kind of glad to hold onto it.

“And Wayne,” the Avatar said, “how will you gift your target, Carlos?”

Wayne looked over Carlos appraisingly from the vantage point of both his bodies, taking in the package Carlos presented now, and said after a beat, “I’m going for Option B.” Carlos’s eyebrows jumped up, but then Marcus was grinning, and Carlos nodded and grinned too. “I’m guessing you’re gonna want to bust out that bod and especially those twin growth-cum-spitting mouthcocks every chance you get, dude.”

“Damn straight,” Carlos said. And so Carlos appeared to go all the way back to what he’d been at the beginning—tall, dark, and humpy—except for a new wide silver ring around the ring finger of his right hand. Marcus dove into a kiss with Carlos, and as the kiss deepened Marcus pulled the ring of Carlos’s finger—and thrilled as he felt Carlos’s hot tongue, already well inside Marcus’s mouth, harden and spread and split into two long iron-hard mouthwangs. The transition was so exciting for both of them that Carlos started to cum from both mouthcocks and the spike that was still shoved way inside Marcus at the other end, and Marcus moaned with deep pleasure as each swallow of cum forced his cock to grow, thrusting further out into the universe. Marcus knew right then that he would be the keeper of Carlos’s ring.

“This ends the Body Game, encounter 317,” the Avatar said. “There are spare clothes in boxes by the warehouse door. Good night.” And the Avatar winked out.

With great reluctance Phillip and Marcus climbed to their feet, pulling off their lovers’ cocks. Impulsively they moved toward each other and kissed, and then they were all exchanging hugs and kisses, Marcus noting with interest that Wayne was not keeping his bodies together but was letting them fan out and interact with the others separately. Soon they were collecting their phones to exchange numbers and emails with each other. One of Wayne’s bodies wandered toward the boxes by the door, and seemed surprised to find four-legged jeans in the one marked “Wayne.” The others followed suit, and soon they were dressed and spreading out into the night, Marcus balling up the forgotten extra Wayne-foot in a spare tee shirt. They decided to go together to find someplace to share a late-night meal before pairing off.

They ended up at a Denny’s, and they all had a great time, squeezed into a large circular booth. Marcus was sitting on the end, his cock curving out into the aisle, and they all laughed when, after slipping twice on the little puddle of precum his cock was making, their exasperated waiter brought a small galvanized bucket from the custodial closet to set underneath Marcus’s steadily leaking cockhead.

About a week later Marcus finally emerged from Carlos’s apartment to run some errands and hit the gym. By now his boner was over three feet long when it was hard, which it so far always was, and because of how it curved away from him the thing had to be hugged tight to his torso to keep from slapping people in the face as he walked down crowded streets or knocking cans off shelves in the grocery store. Marcus couldn’t wait to make it even bigger.

At the gym he met up with his workout buddy, Larry. “Hey Larry,” he said. “Thanks for the tip about that game. Nice ring, by the way,” he added, nodding to the silver ring on Larry’s right hand.

Larry just winked, having overcome his reticence about the game now that they were both alumni. “I see you’ve already been working one of your muscle groups,” he said, casually stroking Marcus’s totally normal but nonetheless impressive and deeply alluring curvy and colossal cock, as gay guys had a tendency to do these days if Marcus seemed amenable. “Let’s find someplace private,” he went on in a saucy undertone, licking Marcus’s thick precum off his fingers, “and I’ll give you something to help with the rest of them.”

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