Body game: Encounter 56

by matt1008

In a prequel to BRK’s Body game, another set of six hot guys experience the dramatic and unexpected changes the Body Game can produce.

Body Game, #2 2 parts Added Feb 2016 Updated 29 Jun 2019 19k views 4.8 stars (12 votes) 10k words

Part 1 In a prequel to BRK’s Body game, another set of six hot guys experience the dramatic and unexpected changes the Body Game can produce. (added: 17 Feb 2016)
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Based on Body Game by BRK.


Part 1

With some apprehension, Bill arrived at the rusty, half-open sliding door at a nondescript building on the industrial side of town. For a second, he needed to check his phone again—yep, this was the right place. Escaping the dusk-lit outside, he entered a large room with a dramatic spotlight in the middle. Beneath the light, five gleaming silver chairs with small tables on the sides were arranged in a circle like some kind of exclusive hipster internet café. Noting that the two seats facing away from the door were occupied, Bill briskly walked up to the closest empty chair to the right and seated himself. Little did he suspect that it would be the start of a pretty wild night.

Going in, the only thing Bill knew was to expect the unexpected. It all started with his pal, Rusty, one of the hedonistic rich kids who frequented the parties he deejayed. After one particularly great set, Rusty sought out Bill to tell him about the latest, greatest thing he discovered—something called the Body Game. Despite being high as a kite, Bill nodded and took the sheet of paper scrawled with the Body Game’s registration site. The things Rusty told him in a drugged-up haze seemed pretty weird, but it piqued his interest enough to go check out the website the next day. With a few clicks and a surprisingly small payment fee, Bill was given the date, time and address for the next Body Game—and so here he was, sizing up this big room.

Bill smiled and said a quick “Hello” to the two guys chatting nearby. Given what Bill had already heard about the game, it excited him that the other would-be players were both attractive, well-built guys. The military-cut man to his immediate left had even shucked his clothing down to his underwear, showing off his smooth, chiseled physique. That guy and his chat-mate, a caramel-skinned college boy with the beginnings of a wispy mustache, took notice of another guy entering the room just after Bill—an incredibly tall, lanky Asian guy with long-ish hair framing his long face. Wearing his brown delivery-man work uniform, the new arrival didn’t acknowledge Bill and the others, grimly taking a seat and picking up the nearby tablet computer placed by the Body Game people next to each chair. While the underwear-clad man shrugged and continued his chat with the college boy, Bill picked up his own tablet and checked it out. On the screen was a 3D shape which could be spun around with his finger. The shape had various interesting-looking icons on each side, all of which appeared to be greyed out.

With a sudden, loud noise, Bill and the others turned to see the massive door automatically sliding shut, with a flustered last guest jogging in to take his seat. “Who invited grandpa?,” the college boy whispered to the underwear man, who smirked in reply. As Bill got a better look at the new arrival, he thought the poor guy looked awfully out of place—a diminutive, bald-headed, pink-faced older guy in chunky glasses, wearing slacks and a dowdy golf shirt. As he hurried into the last seat (between Bill and the lanky Asian), he looked out of breath and apologetic as he smiled at the others and quietly said, “Sorry I’m late.”

The others didn’t have much time to react as the Body Game launched, with a neutral yet soothing voice piped in from above: “Welcome to the Body Game, Encounter 56. You must stay until the end of the game.” An avatar of a handsome, wavy-haired naked Adonis then appeared in the center of their circle. “That’s some sophisticated technology,” Bill thought as the avatar started speaking. “I am the Avatar. You will be playing the Body Game. Each player chooses a target player. Then you take turns rolling electronic dice that will determine changes to your target.”

Bill glanced around at the others, who looked either delighted (underwear guy) or dumbfounded (old guy). The Avatar continued: “All rotation is clockwise, to your left. We will play nine rounds. After the first round, there will also be overrides that will affect the changes and their targets. The last round will have two overrides.” Bill couldn’t quite comprehend what these changes were about. Another guy started to ask a question, but the Avatar kept speaking—apparently programmed to go through the game’s spiel without interruptions. “For your mutual convenience, I will now introduce you to each other, so that you have all the baseline information you need.”

To Bill’s surprise, the Avatar turned to face him. The other guys looked over at Bill while the hologram spoke: “Player #1 is Bill.” Bill tentatively waved to the others while he continued, “He’s 36, 5 foot 5, and has a 139-pound body with size 16 shoes and a thick cock that is 9 inches long.” Bill looked a bit uncomfortable that the Avatar knew so much about him, especially since he never included all that in his application. Grinning, he sat a bit straighter in his chair, while the underwear-clad hunk to his left smiled and winked in appreciation. “His short, dark brown hair is dyed bright blue, he’s wearing a small blue t-shirt and black jeans, and he’s feeling eager.” This Avatar seems to know everything, Bill thought, as the voice continued. “Please spin for your target, Bill.” Looking down at the tablet, he spun the onscreen shape with a swipe. “The target he draws is… Jim.” Before he could wonder for too long who this “Jim” was, Bill looked up to see the avatar turning to face the hunk sitting to his left.

“Player #2 is Tim,” the Avatar continued. “He’s 35, 5 foot 7, and has a 179-pound body with size 15 shoes and a narrow cock that is 8 inches long.” Tim playfully raised his eyebrows and lifted the waistband on his briefs to peek, while the Avatar robotically continued. “His buzzed hair is black, he’s wearing tight green boxer briefs, and he’s feeling eager.” Tim gave the image a thumbs-up and said, “Right on,” while it continued. “Please spin for your target, Tim.” Tim swiped, and showed the result on the tablet screen to the cute college boy sitting to his left. “The target he draws is… Aaron.”

While the two guys exchanged a high-five, the Avatar rotated to the handsome college boy seated next in his methodical, clockwise order. “Player #3 is Aaron,” it droned on, “He’s 20, 5 foot 8, and has a 173-pound body with size 9 shoes and a thick cock that is 10 inches long.” Before Bill could feel a little awed at all the well-hung guys (including himself!) who showed up, the hologram continued. “His short, curly hair is brown, he’s wearing a loose, button-down casual black shirt with loose yellow shorts, and he’s feeling randy.”

“Damn straight, Avatar,” Aaron jokingly responded with a tug to his crotch, which loosened up Bill and the remaining two players. To Bill, Aaron’s attitude conveyed that he’d played this game before—but who knows? Underneath his loose clothing, Bill sensed that Aaron kept himself as fit as the cocky, near-naked Tim. “Please spin for your target, Aaron,” the Avatar said. The college boy looked directly at Bill, as the hologram announced, “The target he draws is… Bill.”

Meanwhile, the Avatar continued to the withdrawn, somewhat serious-looking tall Asian dude next in the circle. “Player #4 is Jim.” Bill perked up, recognizing the name as the target he drew. “He’s 24, 6 foot 9, and has a 189-pound body with size 9 shoes and a torpedo-shaped cock that is 8 inches long.” Jim looked sheepishly off to the side as Tim and Aaron let out appreciative whistles. “His medium-length, disheveled hair is black, he’s wearing his brown work uniform, and he’s feeling curious.” Jim flashed a brief glance at Bill, who saw a hint of smile on his mouth. “Please spin for your target, Jim,” the Avatar went on. After a flick of Jim’s index finger on the tablet screen, the hologram dutifully continued: “The target he draws is… Tim.”

“Good job, dude,” Tim called across the circle to Jim, which led to a shy glance and another oh-so-brief grin from the scarecrow-like man. “Should be fun, huh?,” Bill called out to the guy, grateful that Tim was showing him some encouragement.

The programmed Avatar then turned to the final player—the older guy, appearing anxious yet less sweaty than when he arrived. “Player #5 is Don.” Bill and the other guys had their eyes on the flustered man as the hologram droned on. “He’s 57, 5 foot 3, and has a 141-pound body with size 10 shoes and a wide cock that is 5 inches long.”

“Can’t win ’em all, right?,” Don smirked to Bill on his left. “His white hair is shaved bald, he’s wearing a casual short-sleeved purple polo shirt and off-white slacks with black tennis shoes, and he’s feeling nervous.”

“Please spin for your target, Don.” As Don peered down at his tablet and made a rather forceful swipe of a finger, Bill remembered how this part was going to turn out. “The target he draws is… Don.” The still out-of-sorts Don turned to Bill and jokingly said, “Couldn’t have asked for a better target, right?” Bill gave him a reassuring smile and said with a wink, “They saved the best for last.”

“New Round,” the Avatar robotically announced.

Momentarily distracted, Bill was surprised to find the Avatar addressing him again. “Bill’s turn.” Bill flicked the multi-faceted shape on his screen, its sides now lit up with differently colored icons. After it came to a stop, a silhouette of two footprints appeared with a flashing “30%” displayed underneath. “Jim’s feet transformed,” the Avatar intoned, “30% more attractive, with override: None.”

Bill and the others expectantly looked over at Jim, who stiffly peered over his knobby knees. “C’mon, aren’t you gonna show us?,” Tim called out. Jim could only reply with a sheepish “Maybe later.” He resolved to keep wearing his brown socks and black athletic shoes. Bill wondered for how long Jim would hold out before he’d lose his modesty.

The Avatar then turned to the player on Bill’s left, confident, underwear-clad hunk Tim. “Tim’s turn,” it calmly announced, while Tim grabbed his tablet and flicked his finger across. Remembering that Aaron to his left was his target, Tim let out a wicked grin and positioned the screen so his curious new bud couldn’t see. “Aaron’s thighs transformed,” the Avatar spoke, “20% stronger, with override: None.”

“Nice,” Aaron nodded to himself and guided his hands over his thighs. While Aaron pulled up the legs on his shorts, Bill and the others were craning their necks to spot any difference. Although Aaron’s low body fat ratio and the small percentage of his change led to not much, visually, he could feel his thigh muscles slightly hardening up under his fingers. “Awesome, thanks,” Aaron said to Tim as his dick chubbed up a bit.

“Aaron’s turn,” the Avatar calmly spoke as the Adonis turned toward the leg-strength-infused youth. Covering his legs back up with his shorts, Aaron took hold of his tablet and spun. Bill got a rush, suddenly realizing that the result of Aaron’s spin affected him. “Bill’s thighs transformed,” it said, “50% more defined, with override: None.”

Whoa, Bill thought, as he actually felt the weird sensation of his upper legs pumping up with more muscle. Looking down, he could see his thighs slowly filling out the legs in his jeans, inflating until they had the beefy proportions of a professional soccer player. Impulsively, Bill stood up and ran his hands up and down his newly enhanced thighs. “Fuck,” he said under his breath, astonished that he got, in seconds, the kind of legs he tried and failed to achieve in years of gym trips. Bill’s reverie was interrupted by a wolf-whistle from Tim. “Lookin’ good, sexy,” the stud said as Bill nodded in the affirmative and sat back down.

Bill was now insanely curious as the Avatar calmly stated, “Jim’s turn.” Tim sat up straighter, awaiting his change as Jim flicked his screen in the most blasé way possible. “Tim’s feet transformed,” the Avatar informed, “30% larger, with override: None.” Tim smugly stretched out his tightly muscled legs, keeping his feet absolutely still as everyone looked on closely. Surely enough, they were growing, steadily, proportionately, until they measured a couple of inches bigger on all sides. “Guess I’ll need to buy some new Nikes,” Tim cracked as he appreciatively wriggled the toes on his now-size-18 feet.

As the Avatar blandly stated, “Don’s turn,” Bill and the other guys turned to the older gentleman. Startled, Don picked up his tablet and swiped, hoping his change wouldn’t be too bad. “Don’s feet transformed,” the Avatar went on, “50% larger, with override: None.” Don got a quizzical look on his face, as he realized his feet were already feeling tight in his shoes.

“Same change as me—cool!,” Tim announced as the others observed Don struggling to remove his shoes. After some awkward fumbling about, Don finally flicked both shoes off in relief. Removing each sock, everyone could see the effects of a 50% enlargement, as his average size-10 feet had grown to an impressive size 15. “Hey, Don, you can wear my old shoes,” Tim playfully said as everyone chuckled.

While Don gathered his shoes and socks and placed them neatly behind his chair, the Avatar announced “New round!” Rubbing his new thighs in his skin-tight jeans, his dick stiffening, Bill came to realize that that this weird interest of Rusty’s was actually real. Although the changes in the first round were relatively mild, he wondered what would come with the overrides and eight more rounds—the possibilities were endless!

“Bill’s turn,” the Avatar coldly announced, and with that the other guys stopped fussing and glanced toward the pocket-sized, blue-haired deejay with now-impressive thighs. Bill grabbed his tablet and took a spin, looking a bit confused with the results. “Jim’s change—transformation into player on recipient’s left,” the Avatar stated, “60%, with override: Only shortest target.”

Bill looked up at Jim, his target, who seemed as perplexed as he was. What did all that mean, anyhow? Their answer came with a slow “Holllly shit.” from Don. The guys all looked over at the older man, who was transfixed by the tightening skin on his hands and forearms. To Bill, it suddenly fell into place that Don was the shortest player, and he was transforming into the player on his left—him! But how would a 60% transformation turn out?

“I gotta see this,” Don blurted out as he stood up and removed his golf shirt. The others could see that he was already looking younger than 57. The white fuzz on the sides of his scalp darkened to a light brown, while his face appeared less pinched, wrinkles smoothing away. Since Don and Bill already had similar heights and weights, the transformation was a matter of the old guy’s flabby physique tightening up and redistributing itself. While Don excitedly ran his hands up and down his darker-skinned torso, the others could see him becoming more like Bill—or, at least, like Bill’s slightly older brother. Don quickly shucked his pants and underwear, excitedly handling his cock—once spongy and average-sized, now a rock-hard seven-incher. Tim and Aaron clapped an whistled in delight at the spontaneous free show.

In the space of a minute, the transformation was complete. Fascinated, Bill stood to have a closer look—Don/Bill was a physical hybrid of the two men. Don kept the same height, enlarged feet, and, oddly, the male-pattern-baldness atop his skull. Everywhere else, he more closely resembled Bill with the younger, tighter build of a 40-year-old, smoother skin tone, a once-smooth chest gone moderately hairy, and a handsome face which had enough of Don’s original features to look quirky. Bill was perplexed and incredibly turned-on at the same time. Sensing this, Don grabbed his neck and French-kissed his semi-twin. As Tim cheered, “Yeah, go for it!,” the Avatar chimed in.

“Tim’s turn,” the hologram calmly announced. While Bill and Don went back to their seats, Tim spun and looked forward to whatever Aaron had in store. “Aaron cock enlarged, 50%” Aaron’s face brightened up. “with override: Only target to recipient’s left.”

“Damn,” Aaron squawked as he turned to his left. Jim suddenly straightened up in his chair and felt the pleasant surprise of the hard-on tenting in his brown pants extending almost down to the hem on his shorts. “I suppose you’re the biggest-hung now, right?” Aaron ruefully asked. Jim just shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I dunno,” but his smile said he was happy to possess a thicker, foot-long torpedo cock.

Soon after the Avatar stated, “Aaron’s turn,” the upset college boy turned his attention to his tablet and gave a swipe. Knowing that he was the recipient, Bill tensed up a bit. He saw Aaron raising his eyebrows and mouthing a “whoa” before the Avatar robotically chimed in. “Bill’s pecs enlarged, 40% … with override: Same change to muscles.”

This took Bill by surprise. “All of them?” he gasped, before staring down at his bloating body and realizing, yes, all of his muscles will enlarge by 40%. His chest and arms slowly inflated, as if the muscles were water balloons. “Stand up, so we can see!,” Bill heard Tim call out. Bill obeyed and shuffled to the middle of the circle, trying to get used to the extra muscle mass. The others observed in mute astonishment while his shirt and pants tightened up. A few seconds later, Bill was packing 40 pounds more muscle onto his small 5’ 5” frame. “Wow,” was all Bill could say as a looked over his impressively muscled chest, barely covered by a painted-on t-shirt. His already enlarged thighs were feeling uncomfortable, so with some difficulty he peeled off his jeans, revealing the kind of legs a pro bodybuilder would envy. Looking every bit the jacked-up stud-muffin, Bill glanced around and saw the other guys in a daze, rubbing their cocks. Thankfully, the Avatar announced “Jim’s turn.” so the game could move on. Bill folded his jeans and put them on the floor by his chair—satisfied with his t-shirt-and-briefs look.

Meanwhile, Jim snapped out of his erotic haze and flicked a finger across his tablet screen. “Tim’s nipples made more cocklike, 40%,” the Avatar stated, “with override: Also next change.” Excited, Tim looked down at his tight chest and tweaked his nipples. Sure enough, they gradually swelled up to a quarter-inch, sending an erotic current down to Tim’s stiff cock. Tim grinned and looked over at Bill: “You wanna try this?” Bill maneuvered his bulk over to Tim’s right nipple and licked, delighted at how stiff it was. As much as he wanted to stay there all night, the Avatar broke in with “Don’s turn.” Bill needed to check out what awaited his semi-twin.

Stroking his stiffy with one hand, Don used the other to spin. “Don’s feet enlarged, 20%,” it blandly stated, “with override: Largest-hung target.” With puppy-dog enthusiasm, Don turned to Jim and said, “That’s you, son!” It didn’t take too long for Jim to realize that his feet swelled up a bit, so he silently bent forward and removed his uncomfortable shoes and socks. Before he could finish, Tim (who also had the change) butted in and proclaimed, “Whoa, any bigger and I’ll be needing clown shoes.” On his already-huge boats, a 20% expansion made Tim’s feet grow out to a size 21, a gain he emphasized by wriggling his long toes. “Too late,” Aaron observed. Meanwhile, Don was having an eyeful of Jim’s attractive, exposed size 10-1/2 feet.

“New round!” Bill could see that he and the other guys were in varied states of horniness, excited over the Body Game’s changes. Using one of his jacked-up arms to stroke his thick nine-incher, he felt a wet spot in his tightened briefs and swooned. He felt just about ready to cum. Since the game was only a third of the way through (!), however, he decided to steel himself up and wait out whatever other changes will come.

“Bill’s turn.” At the cold sound of the Avatar’s voice, Bill came to attention and picked up his tablet. With a brief spin, the graphic settled on an interesting change. “Jim’s horniness made contagious, 40%” Bill looked over at Jim, who squirmed a bit in his seat. “With override: recipient skips next turn.” Jim was looking somewhat confused by this change, although the effects were apparent on Aaron, who slunk further into his seat while stroking the rod tenting up in his shorts. Jim stayed characteristically silent through it all, although Aaron had to speak up: “Shit, that really works.” Don, meanwhile, was in a state of bliss with a bead of precum on the head of his pulsing dick.

“Tim’s turn.” With the Avatar’s placid voice command, Aaron sat back up in his chair, trying to check out what was on Tim’s tablet screen. “No way, dude,” Tim playfully interjected as he positioned the tablet for his eyes only and flicked the onscreen shape. Tim nodded at the results and glanced up at the Avatar. “Aaron’s hair shortened, 60%.” Awaiting the override, Aaron paused expectantly. “With override: Also next change.” Aaron smiled and brought a hand over his scalp, his short hair receding to an almost-shaved appearance. “Looks good on you,” Tim noted with a wink.

As soon as the Avatar announced, “Aaron’s turn,” the newly buzzed student got a bit anxious—his spin would apply to Bill and himself. Hoping that he wouldn’t end up with something weird, Aaron quickly flicked the space-age shape on his tablet screen and braced himself. “Bill’s arms more defined, 50%.” Bill happily raised his stud-muffin arms for a better look. “With override: only target to recipient’s right.” Lowering his guns, Bill looked a bit confused—did the Avatar mean the player to his right, or to Aaron’s right?—only to be interrupted by an “Excellent” from Don, who was feeling up his newly well-defined arms. Aaron was similarly pleased with the results—although since he was already young, tight and buff, his results were less dramatic looking than on Don.

“Jim’s turn skipped,” the Avatar announced. Tim, momentarily crestfallen at the change he missed out on, motioned to Don (still feeling his arms): “You’re up next, stud.” Just then, the Avatar came in with a monotone “Don’s turn.” Still the awkward middle-aged guy in a cute 40-year-old’s body, Don fumbled with the tablet, finally positioning it correct and giving the screen an exaggerated swipe. He looked truly confused by the result. “Don’s change: mouthcock,” the Avatar dryly informed the other guys. “With override: Double.” With that tidbit, a perplexed Don felt his tongue swell up and lengthen whereupon two wet, perfectly formed dicks matching his lower one came slithering out of his mouth. “Mmmph, whppth hpphth,” Don attempted to speak while his hands went to each of his new appendages.

“I’ve gotta have me some of that,” Tim greedily announced as he leapt out of his chair towards the still-confused Don. The dark-haired stud then positioned himself to suck on one of Don’s seven-inchers while stroking the other. His sudden, brazen move at first shocked Don (and the others), but within the space of two minutes he was on a rocket. With a loud moan, he furiously came into Tim’s mouth while spurting from his other mouthcock. Standing up with a shit-eating grin on his face, Tim strutted back to his chair in time for the Avatar to cooly announce, “New round!”

Bill gathered up his composure as the Avatar called out, “Bill’s turn.” After witnessing Don’s incredible double-blowjob, he was rock hard and nearly ready to blow. From the looks of Aaron and Jim, they were on the precipice as well. Tim appeared hot and horny, too, although it dawned on Bill that the underwear-clad stud was smart enough to keep his wits and take advantage of the others’ horned-up states (maybe he’s played this game before?). Bill grabbed his tablet and took his turn. “Jim’s change: pecs thickest. With override: Also next change.” The lanky Asian sat up and stopped stroking his dick. Looking down, he could see his chest thickening and rising, approaching and surpassing the size of Bill’s beefy shelf. Jim cupped in each hand his big pecs, filling out his formerly loose brown work shirt. Bill thought they looked kind of funny on his lanky physique, but Jim seemed happy with it. Tim wolf-whistled and clapped in support.

“Tim’s turn,” the Avatar announced. Tim nonchalantly picked up his tablet and gave the screen a quick swipe. “Well, this ought to be good,” he said as the Avatar chimed in. “Aaron’s change: belly inflation, 60%.” Aaron anxiously glanced over at Tim, a wicked grin on his face. “With override: Double.” In the next few seconds, it was pandemonium as Aaron and Jim dealt with their normally flat fronts suddenly bursting out of their shirts, popped buttons flying into the circle the guys shared. “This is totally fucked,” Aaron ruefully spat out as he stood up to get a better look. His nearly spherical belly now stuck out about 2 feet, a tight mass that lowered the waistline on his shorts in front. Jim stood up, as well, although Bill and the other guys noticed that his inflation appeared less dramatic on the man’s longer torso than with Aaron’s bod.

As he undid the last clinging button to remove his shirt, Aaron heard Tim breaking out in uncontrollable laughter. Aaron glared at him and tossed the shirt behind his chair, maneuvering his bulky form back to his seat (too bad, Bill thought, since the rest of his body with those game-enhanced arms and legs looked awfully nice). Meanwhile, as the Avatar spoke out “Aaron’s turn,” Jim quietly decided to shuck both his shirt and his tightened shorts, revealing his enticing, uncut twelve-incher to the others.

While Aaron continued pouting and saying “totally fucked” under his breath, he grabbed his tablet and spun as Bill awaited his change. “Bill’s change: arms more defined, 40%.” Relieved that he wasn’t hit with another inflation change, he smiled. “With override: Only tallest target.” Bill glanced over at Jim, still towering more than a foot over the next-tallest guy. At first, Jim appeared preoccupied with his newly inflated belly, yet soon he noticed a subtle change to his arms as they became more striated and slightly larger. Gliding his hands over his biceps and triceps, Jim seemed very awed and even a bit pleased.

With the Avatar’s notice of “Jim’s turn,” the only guy in the room subjected to three changes in a row finally turned his attention to his tablet. “Hey, Jim, any more changes and I’ll have to take away Bill’s tablet,” said the somewhat burned Tim. With a lopsided grin, Jim glanced at Tim before swiping the onscreen shape. “Tim’s change: hands enlarged, 50%. With override: Also next change.”

“Better than nothing, I suppose,” Tim observed while lifting his hands up to get a better look. Wiggling his fingers and turning them from side to side, everyone could see Tim’s hands slowly enlarging to a size that nearly matched his enormous feet. “Don’s turn,” the Avatar coldly announced as Tim returned to stroking the bulge in his underwear with one of his now-big hands.

Seemingly hypnotized by Tim and his big hands, Don suddenly snapped into focus. “Oh, guesh itsh my turn,” he flustered through his semi-hard mouthcocks as he picked up his tablet and spun. “Don’s change: mouthcock,” it said, prompting a worried look from the man. “With override: Half.” An astonished look on his face, Don stared down as a third, half-sized mouthcock emerged from his mouth. “Damn, that’s a lot of mouthcocks,” Aaron said. Just then, he heard a moan from Tim. The flattop-haired stud was having a moment with his eyes closed, moving his jaw around. Aaron was surprised to see a longer, thicker tongue emerge from Tim’s mouth—it even appeared to have a ridge around the tip—a partial mouthcock! “Dude, that is so hot,” Aaron softly mentioned to his neighbor, which got an appreciative wink from Tim.

“New round!” As Bill scanned around the circle, he couldn’t help that everyone else appeared to be as full-on horny as he was. Jim was absent-mindedly stroking his foot-long dick while staring across the way at Bill’s own buffed-up muscles. Don was still recovering from his triple-orgasm, yet seemed fully hard and ready for another three (more precisely, three-and-a-half). Meanwhile, Aaron got out of his seat and maneuvered over to Tim for some hot Frenching with the man’s new, partial mouthcock.

Stroking his own rock-hard boner through his tight underwear, Bill thought he was about ready to blow. The Avatar’s robotic announcement of “Bill’s turn” shook him out of his reverie, however. “You ready, Jim?,” he playfully said while spinning the shape on his tablet. Jim could only nod and do his lopsided grin as the Avatar cooly stated, “Jim’s change: balls enlarged, 30%.” The lanky dude stopped stroking his dick, curiously cupping his scrotum with the other hand. “With override: Also to recipient’s right.”

“Hell yeah!,” Aaron shouted as he started kicking off his shoes. Jim and the others were momentarily distracted by Aaron’s outburst, although Bill noticed that Jim was enjoying feeling his nuts swell up a size in his hand. Given his inflated state, he couldn’t see the change, but it sure felt good. Aaron had a similar rush of excitement as he went about shucking his shorts and underwear. Stripped down, Tim, Bill and the others could tell why he was so giddy. It was obvious that Aaron’s balls were already large to start with—this 30% growth resulted in extra-big, heavy nuts that approached the size of lemons. Nine-inch stiffy bumping up against his inflated gut, Aaron strolled over to Tim. “Feel,” he urged, as Tim appreciatively cupped Aaron’s weighty cum-makers.

“Tim’s turn,” the Avatar broke in, as Tim gave Aaron’s dick a long, sensuous stroke. “Hold that thought,” he said. As Aaron stood expectantly next to him, Tim grabbed his tablet and swiped across the screen. Aaron had a deflated look on his face, quietly muttering a “shit” as the Avatar chimed in: “Aaron’s change: nose enlarged, 60%.” Aaron covered up his nose. “With override: Only shortest target.” The handsome student breathed a sigh of relief, before asking, “Wait—who’s the shortest one here?”

“That would still be Don,” Bill replied with some concern in his voice. The guys all glanced over at Don, who was growing a Jimmy Durante-sized honker to match the odd grouping of bloated mouthcocks on his face. Don curiously felt the newly enlarged schnozz with his fingers, although he didn’t seem too upset about it. The man still kept enough of Bill’s cute, pleasantly symmetrical features in his face to appear vaguely handsome. Don and the others then got distracted (again) as the Avatar announced, “Aaron’s turn.”

Choosing to remain standing, Aaron walked over to his area to retrieve his tablet. Standing next to Tim (happily massaging one of Aaron’s muscular butt cheeks), Aaron swiped the tablet and raised his eyebrows at the results. “Bill’s change: cock shrunk, 40%.” Bill shuddered a bit at that news, but he awaited the override. “With override: Only tallest target.” With a faraway look in his eyes as he absent-mindedly stroked his foot-long boner, Jim was the last to be aware that this change affected him. Jim suddenly took notice, however, as his once-impressive 12-inch-long, thick torpedo of a cock shrunk down in his hands to a reduced yet still-hard 7 inches—an inch shorter than what he had when he originally walked in. “Sorry, dude,” Bill said in consolation.

“Jim’s turn,” the Avatar chimed in. Jim gave his perky 7-incher a final shake (at least his balls stayed big, he thought) before grabbing his tablet and taking his turn. “Spin me a good one, stud,” Tim lustily called out. “Tim’s change: hands enlarged, 20%,” the Avatar stated. Tim furrowed his brow, knowing that even a 20% enlargement would make his mitts freaky-huge. “With override: Only smallest-hung target.” Tim was relieved, saying “I think you need that more than I do” to Don, who used his growing hands to squeeze his own enhanced biceps. “Thanksh,” Don replied through his dick-stuffed mouth.

With the Avatar’s cool intonation “Don’s turn,” the eldest player picked up his tablet with some trepidation. Quickly giving the onscreen shape a flick with his finger, he pondered what other change he could possibly get. In this round alone, he had acquired a bigger nose and bigger hands. Thinking it might be nice to have an override affect one of the other guys for once, Don looked in wonder at the results on his tablet screen. “Don’s change: muscle-growth cum, 40%.” He heard someone say “cool,” before the Avatar finished his command. “With override: only lightest target.” Weighing less than the other four guys by a wide margin, Don sheepishly announced “that’sh me” through his mouthcocks.

As Bill, Jim and Aaron sat there, wondering exactly what muscle-growth cum could do, Tim muttered “I gotta get me some of that” and sprung out of his chair towards Don. Although Don was taken aback when Tim got on his knees, spread his thighs and started furiously sucking on his lower cock, eventually he closed his eyes and settled in for his second amazing blow job of the evening. Watching from the sidelines, Bill at first thought Tim the cocky little bastard for taking advantage of Don. As soon as he saw Don enjoying Tim’s ministrations, however, Bill loosened up and peeled off his own underwear. Stroking his own stiffy, he started imagining how much of Don’s cum Tim will take in and the effects it’ll have. Glancing over at Aaron and Jim, Bill saw that they were stroking themselves as well and similarly transfixed. Not letting the Avatar’s neutral announcement of “New round!” interrupt, Tim continued his deep-throating until he was rewarded with a loud moan from Don.

Tim stayed on his knees, making sure to get every last drop. As Tim stood up, Bill could see that he’d already added a few pounds of muscle. “Fuckin’ a,” he quietly said as he peeled off his green boxer briefs. “You want some of this,” Tim whispered to Bill as he strolled over to Bill’s chair. While Bill gave his rock-hard dick a few good strokes, he noticed Tim’s abs coming into relief as the stud brought his hands over them. Before long, Tim sauntered over to Jim’s chair, flexing his arm muscles for the gobsmacked dude. He then moved on to Aaron, who lustily gave him a deep kiss. “Bill’s turn,” the Avatar coldly announced. Bill hastily picked up his tablet to continue the new round, but not before noticing Tim returning to his seat, looking confident-as-fuck with an added 40 pounds of muscle. He made a mental note to get himself some of Don’s powerful cum before flicking the onscreen Body Game shape.

“Jim’s change: cock lengthened, 40%,” the Avatar’s voice momentarily took Jim out of his jacked-Tim-induced erotic haze. “With override: Only blonde targets.” Jim and the others looked around, noting that there were no blonde guys around. “Bummer,” Bill said as he resumed stroking his stiffy.

“Tim’s turn,” the Avatar chimed in. Tim was busy flexing his hard, swollen pecs, but he stopped long enough to motion to Aaron, still standing at Tim’s side and massaging the muscle stud’s neck. “You ready, dude?,” Tim spoke as he ran his index finger across the screen. The two bud smiled broadly at the results. “Aaron’s change: cock-growing cum, 30%” the Avatar stated, “With override: double.”

“Yeah! Now who wants some of this?” Aaron shouted to the group as he hefted his equipment. Before he could finish exulting, however, Jim sprang out of his seat and zeroed in on sucking off Aaron’s pulsing, 10-inch cock. Shy Jim took everybody by surprise (Aaron, especially), grabbing the man’s butt cheeks and sucking away like a super-powered vacuum. It became quickly apparent (thanks to Jim’s contagious horniness) that Aaron was getting off as much as the others. In only a minute’s time, Jim got rewarded with a grunt and a huge load of Aaron’s enhanced cum down his throat. Jim stood up in front of the sweaty, exhausted Aaron, gave him a curt “thanks,” and went back to his seat as if nothing special had happened. While Jim sat down and stroked his newly enlarged member, Bill mentally calculated that Jim must have taken enough of Aaron’s cum to take his torpedo cock up to just a half-inch shy of a foot. The man certainly enjoyed having more to play with!

As the Avatar calmly announced “Aaron’s turn,” the flustered blow-job recipient let out a low “Shit, we still gotta play this,” before getting back to his seat. While Aaron gave the screen a cursory swipe, Bill sat up in his seat and took notice. “Bill’s change: leg-growth cum, 60%.” The beefed-up deejay started stroking his own dick at the thought of having change-inducing cum like Don and Aaron. “With override: recipient skips next turn.”

“I’m fine with that,” Bill said to no one in particular. Horned-up from Jim’s impromptu blowjob/cock growth, Don took Bill’s newly enhanced cum as his cue to take action with the irresistible muscle-stud to his left. “Mind ipf I schid here?,” he breathed to Bill before assertively positioning himself onto Bill’s rock-hard pole. Bill gasped—Don’s ass sure felt good—as the Avatar robotically turned to face Jim with “Jim’s turn.”

Jim seemed a little too preoccupied with stroking his own nearly foot-long cock, but he stopped long enough to pick up his tablet and swipe, curious as to what transformation Tim had in store. “Lay it on me, bro,” Tim said to Jim as the Avatar broke in: “Tim’s change: horniness contagiousness, 40%,” Tim glanced up and gave a thumbs-up to the Avatar. “With override: None.” While Tim’s change didn’t have too much effect on the already horned-up guys in the room, the man jokingly started waving a hand toward Aaron, on his left. “Gettin’ it from both sides, aren’t you, dude?,” Tim mentioned to Aaron, who appeared too far gone in an erotic stupor to notice.

“Don’s turn.” With the Avatar’s cold announcement, Don tore himself away from the great feelings his full ass was getting and picked up his tablet (luckily, he remembered to take it along before seating himself in Bill’s hot lap). As Bill continued happily caressing Don’s torso, the Avatar broke in. “Don’s change: weight gain, 40%.” Don was bummed out a bit by this odd change. “With override: Only smallest-hung target.”

“Thath thill be,” Don said to Bill through his multiple mouthcocks. In a split second, Bill felt Don’s entire body getting heavier on his lap. Continuing with his caressing, Bill had to admit to himself that Don’s up-close-and-personal expansion felt incredibly hot. Hugging his growing belly, Bill planted a few kisses on the back of Don’s neck and murmured, “More of you to love, man.” Within a few moments, Don had put an extra 59 pounds on his five-foot, three-inch frame. Bill felt as if he was about ready to cum. Before he did, he grabbed Don’s chubby neck and swiveled one of Don’s rock-hard mouthcocks into his own eager maw. Bill could hear some cheering (from Tim?), but mostly he was focused on pleasing Don the way Don’s ass pleased him. His reward came pretty quickly, as the two rocked through an explosive, simultaneous orgasm. The two didn’t have much time for post-orgasm afterglow. Bill soon felt the seams on his skin-tight t-shirt ripping apart, then noticed Don squirming in his lap—in a flash, he remembered that both had taken in each others’ transforming cum! While the other guys were transfixed, stroking their own hard-ons, Don and Bill stood up to check each other out. Don’s legs elongated, until he morphed into a strangely proportioned, chubby man with long, long legs standing at 6 feet, 9 inches (Jim’s height!). Meanwhile, Bill burst out of his shirt until he was nude like all the others, his already impressive muscles compounded upon themselves. In the end, he looked like a bulky, compact 249-pound bodybuilder with fantastic, jacked-up thighs that moved around each other when he walked. “Shit,” gasped Tim, sitting next to the similarly hypnotized Aaron—they were no longer the most buff dudes in the room.

“New round!” Bill could only stare down at his mountainous pecs in disbelief as the Avatar robotically came in with “Bill’s turn: skipped.” As Bill waddled back to his seat to position the now-gangly Don atop his waiting cock, the two chuckled at Jim, moaning as he furiously stroked a fountain of cum from his 12-incher.

“Tim’s turn,” the Avatar announced. Still fixated on Bill’s incredible physique, Tim reluctantly picked up his tablet while mentally trying to figure out how to out-muscle his neighbor. “Make it a good one, dude,” Aaron broke in as Tim swiped his finger across his screen. “Aaron’s change: cocks multiplied, x2.” Aaron stiffened at attention, eagerly tweaking the hard-on pointing into his air-inflated belly. “With override: Only smallest-hung target.”

“No way,” Aaron noted as all eyes went on Don. The poor guy seemed perplexed as his stiff cock slowly widened itself, developing two swollen heads and finally splitting into two exact copies. Weirder still, his two-and-a-half mouthcocks followed suit, his jaw extending to accommodate four full-sized and two half-sized hard-ons. Don tentatively brought a hand up to one of his mouthcocks, bobbing it up and down as Tim observed, “Dude, you’re gonna be all cock by the time this game is over.”

“Well, I like it,” Bill whispered as he hugged his seat-mate tighter. “Aaron’s turn,” the Avatar said as it turned to face the bummed-out college kid. While Aaron pursed his lips and gave the screen a cursory swipe, Bill continued playfully conspiring with Don. “You stole his extra cock, you know—payback time might be in order.”

“Bill’s change,” the Avatar droned in, “Age increase, 40%.” Don shifted himself to have a better look at Bill. “With override: None.”

“Uh oh,” Bill softly said as Don shifted himself to get a better look. He could already see fine wrinkles developing on the cute deejay’s face. Bill looked over at Tim and his smug, grinning face. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, buddy,” the guy retorted as Bill surveyed the silver hairs intermingling with the dark brown ones across his forearms. It took about a minute, but in that time Bill aged from 36 to a rugged yet still handsome 50. His bodybuilder’s physique remained, still surprisingly firm, resulting in an appearance which might be described as Bodybuilding Silver Daddy. “How do I look?” Bill quizzed the others. He got his answer from Jim, who stood up to get a better view. “Great,” he quietly answered while stroking his dick. Indeed, despite the wrinkles and the roots of his dyed hair gone from dark brown to silver, Bill looked every bit the seasoned, sexy man.

“Jim’s turn,” the Avatar called out as the tall Asian shuffled back to his seat. Jim stopped stroking long enough to retrieve his tablet and swipe. “Tim’s change: transform to left, physical characteristics only.”

“What the fuck does that mean?,” Tim turned to Aaron (the player on his left), who answered with a silent shrug. The Avatar continued: “With override: Only heaviest target.”

“Fuck, it’s Bill’s time to change again,” Tim blurted out. He was momentarily disappointed—until he figured out that it was himself that Bill was morphing into. Tim was soon grinning madly, curious to see what this particular change would look like.

From Bill’s perspective, he could see the grey hairs on his forearms receding into his lightening, smoothing skin even as the beefy musculature remained the same. “This is odd,” he mentioned to the others, “What’s happening?” Tim spoke up, getting out of his seat for a closer look: “Dude, I think you’re turning into me—only, not me.” Tim ran his hand through Bill’s hair, shortening into a black military cut like his. Bill’s eyes went from brown to blue, like Tim’s, while his nose sharpened and his brows reshaped themselves to look exactly like Tim’s. Bill’s bone structure and muscular build remained exactly the same, however. “Damn, you’re gorgeous,” Tim whispered as he went in to kiss his bodybuilding twin. “Thath enougth,” Don interrupted the kiss with a playful shove at Tim. After Tim smirked his usual smirk and went back to his seat, Don got a better look—amazed that Bill looked adorable as himself with Tim’s smooth, ivory skin and striking looks.

“Don’s turn,” the Avatar spoke as Don turned to retrieve his tablet. “Hopefully it’s a good one, huh?,” Bill spoke as he wrapped his beefy arms around Don’s well-padded middle. “Don’s change: balls enlarged, 40%,” the Avatar announced. “Override: Only dark-haired targets,” it added, and Bill could feel his balls swelling out under Don’s ass. Don didn’t feel any change, however, since the Avatar apparently counted “dark” as the hair color a player had when he first arrived at the game. The couple happily observed the effect it had on the others, however—Tim was appreciatively fingering his swollen nuts in a low-hanging scrotum. Jim’s dick hardened at his own already swollen balls growing to the size of lemons, while Aaron let out a “whoa” as he hefted his baseball-sized nuts. As the Avatar robotically came in with “End of round!,” all five guys were in a heightened state of arousal.

Before the Avatar could chime in with “Bill’s turn,” Tim got up and decided to give Aaron’s supersized balls some release with the aid of his talented, partial-mouthcock of a tongue. It nearly tempted Bill to stop the game and join in, but he thought better of it. As Jim practically drooled at the two fellows getting it on to his right, Bill swiped the shape on his tablet and took pleasure in whatever fate the game had for the once-lanky, now-beefy Asian. “Jim’s change: pecs enlarged, 30%.” While the Avatar spoke, Bill noticed it had no effect on the transfixed Jim. “With override: Only largest-hung target.”

“That would be Jim, anyhow,” Bill whispered to Don. Sure enough, Jim broke his concentration on Tim and Aaron to cup his pecs, already enlarged in Round 4 and now swelling up to veteran bodybuilder-sized. As Jim’s transformation completed, Aaron let out a loud “Yesss!!,” arching his back in ecstasy. “Tim missed out on bigger pecs by only a few seconds,” Bill mentioned to Don. Indeed, once Tim stood over the gobsmacked Aaron, his narrow 7-inch cock was now magnified to a hefty, semi-thick 12 inches. He didn’t seem to notice, however, as he stroked himself and came across Aaron’s inflated belly in several impressive volleys.

“Jesus Christ,” Jim quietly said as Tim gave him a wink and waved his big stiffy in his direction. “Tim’s turn,” the Avatar calmly spoke as Tim stepped back to his seat, his big cock bobbing in rhythm. Tim grabbed his tablet and gave the screen a swift gesture with his enlarged index finger. “I’m gonna give you something good, bro,” he said without lifting his eyes from the spinning shape. “Aaron’s change: legs shortened, 40%,” Aaron groaned as the Avatar droned on. “With override: Only target to recipient’s left.” Jim gulped and felt his legs contracting toward his torso. The guys looked on in silence as he lifted his feet off the ground. Sure enough, his lanky legs were compressing into nearly half their original length. Jim curiously wriggled his toes and found that he could touch them with no difficulty—he had become a 5-foot, 6-inch tall man with short, stumpy legs, a long cock, an air-bloated torso, giant-sized pecs and slightly enhanced arms.

“Aaron’s turn,” the Avatar broke in as Aaron distractedly picked up his tablet, his belly still wet with Tim’s discharge. “This game keeps getting weirder and weirder,” he muttered as he took his turn. “But hotter, too,” he mentioned to Tim with a grin. Bill paid attention as the Avatar broke in: “Bill’s change: face attractiveness increased, 70%.” Bill felt a smile creep across his face. “With override: Only blonde targets.” The guys all let out a sigh. With no blonde targets, they won’t be seeing anyone become model-handsome any time soon.

Jim had already looked at his screen in anticipation when the Avatar blandly came in with “Jim’s turn.” After swiping some of his unruly bangs out of his eyes, he whisked a finger across the tablet screen and smiled to himself. “Tim’s change: cock more attractive, 40%,” Tim eagerly nodded as the hologram gave his commands. “With override: Quantity increase—plus one.”

“Fuck yeah!,” Tim bellowed as he slinked down in his chair and gave his dick a long, seductive stroke. The other guys were rapt in fascination as Tim’s already thick cock slowly widened itself, the head splitting into an identical pair as his double-wide shaft separated itself into two attractive cocks with smoother skin and perfect, symmetrical shafts—hardly any bumps or blemishes between them. Tim took a hand to each cock and closed his eyes, lost in the erotic sensations.

“Damn,” Bill heard Don say through his mouthcocks as the Avatar came in with “Don’s turn.” As the game neared the end of its penultimate round, Bill was wondering what kind of fantastic change would come for his seat mate—and himself, for that matter. Don fumbled with his tablet and finally gave the screen a somewhat clumsy swipe. “Don’s change: height-growth cum, 70%.” Bill’s cock pulsed in anticipation as the Avatar droned on: “With override: Same change to muscles.” Don and Bill seemed momentarily perplexed by that override. For a couple of seconds, Don lifted his arms, wondering if his muscles would get bigger. “It must be in his cum,” Bill announced to the others as he turned Don’s neck and helped himself to one of his stiff mouthcocks.

“Whoa, he’s already got the muscle-growth cum!,” Aaron shouted. Suddenly, he and the other guys put two and two together and piled onto the horned-up Don. As Tim rushed to get himself to sucking on one of Don’s other mouthcocks, Jim and Aaron made a beeline for each of his groin cocks. Don stiffened up a bit, then let loose as all five guys got into comfy sucking positions. Imagining himself being a one-man enhanced cum factory made Don more impossibly turned-on than he ever believed a man could be, in fact. He noted the differing techniques the guys had—while Bill made love with his tongue, erotically caressing every side of Don’s mouthcock, Tim had a quick, steady rhythm going along the top-half of the other one. Meanwhile, Aaron was erotically taking in the entire length of one cock while Jim stayed put on the tip, barely moving his soft tongue along the super-sensitive underside. While the guys all sucked away, Don’s mind drifted to the thought of being all cock—one giant cock!—then he came in the most delirious quadruple orgasm imaginable. To Don, this seemed to go on forever, which surprised him when Tim, Aaron and Jim stood up and excitedly chatted amongst themselves.

When Don came to, he noticed first that his legs looked freakishly long and thin. Bill’s cum did that, he thought, as his seat mate helped him to his feet. He towered over the other guys—although that would soon change. As Bill got up to stand, he felt the wobbly sensation of getting taller and gaining muscle—Don’s cum was taking effect! Looking around, he noticed Aaron seductively tweaking Tim’s cock-like nipples as Jim stared downward, dumbfounded by his own elongating physique. “Fuckin’ a,” Tim could be heard saying as the Avatar blandly came in with “Final round—two overrides per change.” Jim pleadingly looked around at the others, wondering what this final round would bring as they all topped 9 feet in height with several pounds of added muscle (except Don, who didn’t seem to mind). Aaron ended up the tallest at 9 feet, 8 inches, a lean, elongated muscle god. While his blown-up belly resulted in no visible ab muscles (same as Jim), he looked fantastic. Although Jim’s shortened legs resulted in him ending up eye-to-eye with 9-1/2 foot-tall Tim, he seemed pleased with how impressively muscled they wound up. Meanwhile, Tim and Bill looked like magnificently built twins—one a tall and toned, double-dicked stud, the other a jacked-up 408-pound Adonis.

As the Avatar broke in with “Bill’s turn,” the guys all took a moment to retrieve their tablets—after all, they got too tall to comfortably sit back down. Bill’s mind was swimming with the possibilities that two overrides would bring in this final round. Swiping the on-screen shape, he grinned as the hologram duly noted what he saw. “Jim’s change: hair density increased, 60%.” The studly Asian looked cautiously around at the others as the Avatar continued. “With override: Also previous change, and with override: Same change to cock.” Bill wondered what that last override would entail as Jim’s face and body acquired a modest layer of dark hair. “Whoa,” the man quietly said as he glided a hand over his muscled forearm. “Lookin’ good, bud—you’ve also got the magic height-growth cum,” Tim offered with a thumbs-up. Bill had to admit that Jim was looking pretty handsome with a light beard, shoulder-length locks, and a mat of hair across his beefy chest. Looking down, he could see that the second override’s effects merely meant more hair growing around his cock base, resulting in a dense forest of pubes. Jim showed his approval with his usual crooked smile.

“Tim’s turn.” With the Avatar’s neutral announcement, Bill looked over to see Tim, engrossed in his own twin dicks, now leaking a fair amount of precum. Tim got enough of his wits about him to retrieve the tablet tucked under his well-muscled arm, however. “OK, bro, let’s see what’s gonna happen with you,” he muttered with a smile as his finger flicked the onscreen shape. Aaron stood, rapt in attention with his eyebrows raised, as the Avatar coolly spoke. “Aaron’s change: voice made deeper, 60%,” Tim flashed an evil grin while Aaron whispered an “oh, shit,” as the module continued. “With override: Also previous change, and with override: Also lightest target.” With that, Aaron glanced down to see his formerly smooth body growing patches of hair—on his pecs, his arms, his pubic area. It was affecting Don, as well, although he seemed transfixed with Aaron’s jacked physique. Even his scalp grew out to a modest-sized afro.

“C’mon, dude, let’s hear your voice,” pleaded Tim. Aaron glared at him, yet he couldn’t help but spit out, “I don’t wanna talk, man.” The velvety, Barry White-ish voice that came out surprised everyone, most of all Aaron (who resolved to stay quiet). Bill was thinking that Aaron was looking incredibly handsome with a light beard, and he even had to admit that Don, despite his weird proportions and mouthcock-stuffed face, looked better with some added fur. Before he could wonder what Don’s new voice sounded like, however, the Avatar came in with “Aaron’s turn.” Curiously feeling his light stubble, Aaron used his other hand to view his tablet. Bill’s heart thumped a little more at the thought of what his last change may possibly bring.

“OK,” Aaron rumbled as his finger swiped the screen. Bill’s cock throbbed at the brief sound of the boy’s voice as the Avatar piped in. “Bill’s change: Butt enlarged, 50%,” Bill looked around at the others excitedly as the computer droned on, “With override: Also previous change, and with override: Also black-haired targets.” Bill smiled stiffly and gulped, as he could feel his already substantial ass adding on pounds of muscle. “Awesome,” Bill heard Tim say in a deeper, richer speaking voice as he turned around and suggestively wiggled his newly enlarged cheeks at the others. Bill noticed Jim curiously feeling up his cheeks, too, with a grin that said the bearded Asian stud was happy sporting a bigger butt. Bill brought one of his muscled arms around to his backside to feel up his tightly packed glutes, as well, although he became distracted by Aaron. “Glad I didn’t get that one,” he purred in his sexy voice. Turning around, he showed the others the most perfectly sculpted ass they’d ever seen. Bill could hear Don moan audibly as the Avatar chimed in with “Jim’s turn.”

“Lay it on me, buddy,” Tim seductively spoke in his deeper voice as Jim silently readied his tablet. Bill was amused to see that Tim had discarded his own tablet (he no longer needed it, after all) and was stroking his two fat boners, one with each hand. Shifting his weight from foot to foot in anticipation, Bill thought he looked both funny and extremely, indisputably hot. Just then, the Avatar broke in: “Tim’s change: cock thickened, 60%.” The dark-haired stud kept his eyes on his twin 12-inchers as the computer continued. “With override: recurs with each cum, and with override: also smallest-hung target.” Tim let out a long, low moan as he felt his cocks thicken in his big hands. His once-narrow dick was already pretty girthy, being enlarged by Aaron’s enhanced cum, and now Tim and the others observed as his double foot-longs thickened to the size of his wrists. “Feels so good, doesn’t it, Don?,” Tim motioned to his across-the-circle friend. As Don grunted in affirmation, Bill and the others turned to find that Don’s eight (!) cocks had all swelled in thickness. “Shit,” Aaron quietly responded to the sight of Don’s swollen hard-ons. The added thickness did look a little strange on the man’s more average-proportioned endowments, although Don certainly was enjoying the new heft of his mouthcocks. “Yeeeah!!!,” the guys attentions quickly snapped back to Tim, who shot two huge gushers of cum out of his twin dicks. Glistening with sweat, the guy looked as turned-on as any man has a right to be. Meanwhile, the Avatar came in with his neutral-voiced “Don’s turn.”

“Last turn of the game,” Bill observed wistfully. Don wiggled his eyebrows in a funny way as he readied his tablet. Bill looks over his shoulder as the results popped up on screen. “Don’s change: tongue extended, 40%.” Bill could feel the butterflies as the Avatar continued, “with override: none, and override: also shortest target.”

“Nice, man,” Aaron appreciatively said as he strode to Don’s right side, stroking one of his smaller mouthcocks. Bill gasped as Don’s already lengthy, weird mouthcocks stretched and stretched—the two smaller ones reaching a length of nine inches, while the longer ones sagged at nearly a foot each. Don could barely hold his head up with all that extra cock, but he was loving it almost as much as Aaron was getting off on it. As the sexy student hungrily put his lips around the smaller mouthcock he was fondling, the Avatar came in with an announcement.

The guys temporarily broke away from their lustful groping and sucking to pay attention to the disembodied voice. “This ends the Body Game, encounter 56,” the robotic voice said. “Because you all played well and obeyed the rules, the effects of your combined changes shall stay put for another,” the guys looked at each other as the Avatar dramatically paused, “six hours.” Amid all the whooping and cheering from the others, Bill could vaguely hear the Avatar saying something about the targets reverting back to normal at the end of the allotted time, along with fresh, spare sets of clothing being provided at the door.

Freed from the restraints put upon them by the game and the Avatar’s commands, Bill excitedly looked around at his fellow players, marveling at what they became. There was Jim, once a shy string bean of a man, now a bearded, towering muscle stud hungrily having his way with one of lusty Tim’s nipplecocks. Jim was stroking the man’s impressive left cock, while the deliriously handsome, cocky bastard had his huge right hand gently caressing the other one. Tim looked up at Bill and gave him a seductive wink, inviting him to join in—after all, who wouldn’t want to have some fun with his own twin, minus one dick but packed with lots of striated, sexy muscle? Bill gazed over at little Don, his eyes closed in unimaginable lust as he luxuriated in his freaky multiple cocks—upper and lower. And then there was hot, gorgeous Aaron, jacked with more hot muscle than he ever dreamed of, gleefully sucking away at the gentleman that he dismissed as “grandpa” only a couple of hours before.

Bill’s heart beat faster at the thought of what changes will befall Aaron as Don explodes the enhanced seed from one of his mouthcocks down the young man’s willing throat. For now, he decided to accept Tim’s enticing invitation, taking a lumbering, muscle-bound gait towards the man. Bill delivered a forceful tongue kiss to Tim as he heard faint moans of pleasure coming from Don’s direction.

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