Ramón the developer

by BRK

Ramón is used to having lusty, eyes-only encounters with the hot and hunky guys in his office, but today everything seems so much more intense, and a little eye-fucking isn’t going to be enough.

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Ramón lingered outside the app development team’s large, open bullpen, feeling weirdly flushed and distracted, smiling for no reason. Something strange had just happened, and it was leaving him feeling very weird. He’d been heading back from the break room when he’d passed that totally hot, fresh-faced intern from the marketing group—Jeff, he thought he’d heard someone call him—and just moving past him in the hallway, slipping through his space at a distance of a few inches, had felt… well, the only thing he could compare it to was the rush he got from making out with someone as hot as he was. Ramón was in no doubts about the appeal of his lanky, well-muscled body and extremely good looks, but what mattered to him was how hot other guys were, and how much pleasure he could give them. The more guys he could share that pleasure with, the better.

Normally, in the office, he limited this to making sure he looked good, and smiling as other guys in the office let their eyes linger on his hot, round ass in his dark, snug trousers, or the way his shirts, like the cobalt-blue tailored number he was wearing today, deftly hugged all the long, enticing curves and subtle bulges he’d worked so hard to perfect in his extensive home gym. He kept his thick black, only slightly wavy hair long because a lot of guys at this firm seemed to like it, especially when he had a bit of stubble—though he knew he gave just as much pleasure when his ideally handsome features were complemented with hair cropped close and a clean-shaven jaw. Seeing the arousal he stoked in other hot guys’ smoldering eyes fed back into his own pleasure, making simple encounters—no touching, except with the eyes—one of Ramón’s favorite turn-ons. There were certain guys it worked especially well with, like Christian, the tall, blond ex-Olympic swimmer on his team, the one with the body that made you want to rip anything he wore covering it to shreds.

Moving past Jeff the intern just now, though, he’d felt more than just the casual reciprocal turn-on he normally felt around other good-looking men. It was like Jeff was erupting with… with what. Sex? Attractiveness? Potency, maybe. There was something swelling in him, Ramón thought, a burgeoning need that was suffusing his muscles, his libido, his entire being. He’d turned to look at him, favoring him with the unstoppable smile of carnal appreciation he usually got from such encounters, only to be hit with what felt like a wave of raw sexual power as soon as he met the intern’s vivid blue eyes, already dark with lust.

He didn’t really remember the rest of his walk through the cubicle maze and into the glass-paneled walls of software development. He felt warm and flushed, and somehow… fluid, like rushing, steaming water from a hot spring was flowing through him, through muscle and bone and thick, swollen cock, like he was of flesh but changeable, rushing to become more of what gave him and others pleasure about himself.

He really wanted to go back and explore this new, heightened level of encounter with this intern, Jeff. It was almost as though Jeff needed him to, like that potency he was experiencing was going to be too much, too intense for him otherwise. His heavy, half-hard cock twitched at the thought. But Christian was here, at his desk in the bullpen, and any moment now he would look up and grin, piercing him with emerald eyes, and the mutual pleasure they got from seeing each other would give them both rush. Only the way he was feeling, he thought it might be even hotter now than before.

He wanted to have another eye-fuck encounter with Jeff, but he wanted one with Christian too. The sense of being rushy, hot-spring fluid intensified, and he was so distracted by this that he didn’t realize that there was a moment when he turned and started moving slowly down the corridor, back the way he came, while, at the same time, he stepped forward into the bullpen, catching Christian’s beautiful eyes as he looked up and smiled.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ramón returned to the corridor by the break room uncertain what he’d see, but he didn’t expect to see nothing at all. Jeff was gone.

He adjusted his now raging erection in his pants, though the way the fabric molded to his form there would be no hiding it no matter what he did with it. Proof of this turned up almost immediately, as Brian from HR appeared from around the opposite corner. Their eyes locked as usual, then dropped to take in each other’s appreciable assets. Brian always seemed to love ghosting his eyes over Ramón’s carefully built, rangy frame, and Brian himself looked especially good today, like he’d been training to become a fitness model and had suddenly leveled up to cover-worthy overnight, straining the seams of a soft pink dress shirt that was now a size too small. Brian’s eyes fell on Ramón’s wide, obvious erection, but it was Ramón’s lips that made him barely suppress a moan, and as Brian lifted his eyes to his they both drank in each other’s smiles of raw, sensuous pleasure.

Ramón turned and watched him as he continued down the hallway, admiring his pert, round ass, and felt momentarily conflicted. He wanted to follow him and throw him against a wall and kiss the fuck out of him. Which… was crazy weird. Today, these encounters weren’t just moments of sharing the simple, mutual pleasure of appreciation. Today, they were pulling him in, drawing him to get closer, calling on him to intensify the interaction. Usually he left intimacy and sex for guys he met on the dance floor; during business hours he just enjoyed the game of brushing eyes with hot guys, in corridors, meetings, offices, and on the street too coming in and heading home. That was a normal day, and Ramón was more than content with the constant, low-grade stimulation that his usual encounters afforded him. But today…

He heard a noise from behind him and realized he’d found his quarry after all. Someone was in the small one-person bathroom right by where he was standing, and from the stifled sounds of surprised arousal he was hearing he guessed it was probably Jeff. He checked the door handle. It was locked.

He remembered that intuition he’d felt during their first encounter, that Jeff maybe was experiencing too much of whatever was happening to him. He didn’t quite understand it, but something tugging at the inner recesses of his mind told him Jeff would spin out of control without him. He knocked softly. “Let me in,” he said, pitching his voice low and sexy, just loud enough to be heard through the door. “I want to help.”

Ramón counted two loud, hard thumps of his heart, the pulses echoing through his huge, aching hard-on, before he heard the soft snick of the little deadbolt being turned. Seconds later he was in the little room, locking the door again behind him as he drank in the mesmerizing sight before him.

Jeff, the young buck of an intern, had grown. Grown wasn’t even the word, because he’d grown everywhere, like an air hose had been attached to him, pumping him with so much virility, so much raw male potency, that his body had just started expanding, jumping to bigger and bigger dimensions. But it wasn’t just overall, it was every part of him. He was huge now, a giant, at least eight or nine feet tall from what Ramón could guess from the way the naked godling sat against the tiles, his back and shoulders taking up almost all the entire width of the narrow wall between the door he’d just come through and the sinks on the other side. But his muscles hadn’t just grown with him, they’d jumped to new levels of hugeness all on their own. His pecs were gargantuan, heavy and strong, the striations of muscle visible under cum-slicked, lightly tanned skin. His shoulders were like boulders, his traps were halfway to his ears, and his arms and legs looked like tree trunks. Between was a tight waist and a crevasse-carved ten-pack that looked tougher than any brick or stone wall he’d ever seen. Like the pecs it was all covered in jizz, and no wonder: pressing hard at the cleavage between those super-pecs was a gargantuan, thick-veined cock as big as Ramón’s arm, red with recent climax and slick with vast amounts of cum.

And that was only the beginning. His body obviously had a need for cock, more cock, vast quantities of cock, and so great was that need that the monster arm-sized erection twitching and spurting against his pec-cleavage wasn’t nearly enough—so Jeff had sprouted new cocks, transforming his nipples into luscious, thick, suckable, pre-dripping hard-ons that drew the rapt attention of Ramón’s suddenly yearning mouth. Even as he ripped his eyes away from them it was like his mouth was still staring at them. Jeff’s face was more handsome, more cutest-possible-man, than ever before, even with spunk on his cheeks and lips and up in his eyebrows.

He met Jeff’s eyes. They were wild, afraid, and full of endless, unslakable need. “Look at you,” Ramón said, his voice betraying everything he was feeling as obviously as the throbbing, swollen erection in his tight, molded trousers. He wanted this guy, he knew, and not least because the giant man before him wanted him more than was humanly possible.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Christian’s eyes raked over him, and Ramón felt it even from ten feet away. They’d had eye-fuck moments before, but today it was much, much stronger. Ramón’s cock was all the way hard in seconds, and Christian’s eyes sliding up the heavy, fat length visible in his snug trousers was like a stroke of gentle hands across bare, hungry skin. Christian’s gaze creeping up his body, the ex-Olympian and world-class coding whiz licking his lips in admiration and anticipation, made Ramón feel as though every possible pleasure center was firing in him at once. He heard his own soft, panting breaths as he stood there letting Christian take him for his own with only those beautiful, uncanny eyes. The others on the team were still at lunch, so it was just them, and Ramón was glad—not least because their overpowering lust would have infected the others, and he wanted Christian and his humpy, perfected body for himself.

“You look amazing,” Christian said huskily, somehow echoing Ramón’s own thoughts about his superlatively hot coworker. “So amazing.” He sounded slightly dazed, and a little confused, as if he was aware the connection between them had become radically intensified without there being a how or a why. He licked his lips again. “Have you—have you been working out, or—?”

Without even finishing his sentence Christian rose, and though his own trousers were looser than Ramón’s there was an obvious, massive erection trying to tent out from his crotch. They stared at each other for a second, both realizing as one that physical contact—sex—release was now unavoidable and indeed imperative. Touching only with the eyes was not even conceivably enough, not when it caused this level of insane arousal, and they both knew it.

Ramón briefly considered letting Christian take him right on the long, double-wide table in the middle of the team room that they used as desks, sweeping all the computers and files aside and submitting to there urges right here, right now. But some sense was left to him. His eyes flicked to the small private conference room at the back of the bullpen that they used for meetings that didn’t need the whole team, letting the others work. Christian glanced that way too, and then back at Ramón. As one they moved toward it. Ramón came in close behind Christian, closing the door behind him and turning the blinds without taking his eyes off the other man.

“I want to touch you all over,” Christian said, and Ramón realized he wanted that too, more than anything.

“Yeah,” he said. His mind was clouded by an increasingly fathomless craving for exactly that, for Christian to touch him, for him to feel Christian’s touch everywhere. He stepped closer, inches away, and though their eyes were locked on each other Ramón’s whole body was quivering, attuned to the touch he wanted like breathing. It came not a moment too soon, a brush of fingers along his hip that broadened to a whole hand. Another joined it, opposite, and Ramón was driven almost to the point of release. He pushed his climax down and focused on touch. His touch, Christian’s touch. Their touch. He lifted his hands and wrapped them around the hard, firm muscles of Christian’s upper arms, feeling the power there, the ability to pull himself through water faster than almost any other human. He was breathing deep and hard now, his big cock straining where it writhed inches from its equally imprisoned counterpart, but he was able to crack a breathy smile when Christian flexed his biceps under Ramón’s grip, showing off a little of what had made millions of fans hot for him. And Ramón had him to himself. He squeezed the the biceps back and began stroking them through the pale dress shirt, even as Christian’s hands began moving, caressing his flanks in a way that seemed to go straight to Ramón’s balls.

But that was only the beginning. A new touch joined the others, as Christian’s hands reached for his chest, brazenly stroking Ramón’s defined chest through his dark blue, tailored shirt as if Ramón’s chest, shirtlessness-worthy though it was, had anything on the square, heavy, luscious pecs of an Olympic swimmer. Ramón mirrored Christian’s action, reaching up and flattening his wide, tan palms across Christian’s Michelangelo-worthy chest, for now enjoying the tease involved in the layers of broadcloth separating his hands from Christian’s pecs, just as he was one layer away from fully and deeply appreciating the thick, sculpted, corded muscles of Christian’s bulging, pool-honed arms.

They smiled, still holding each other’s eyes, drinking in each other’s intoxicating beauty. Ramón reached up another hand and gently cupped Christian’s ever-so-slightly stubbled cheek, and Christian, eyes glittering with passion and desire, did the same with Ramón’s more bristly jaw. Thumbs slid along cheekbones and across full, flushed lips. They were cupping each other’s faces from both sides, now, each enjoying the idea of holding something so exquisite and so dear. They would kiss, soon enough, but now, just the touch, as they held each other with the passion they saw in each other’s eyes, was enough.

More touches, more hands. He felt Christian’s perfect, hard swimmer’s ass, and reveled in the deep pleasure of Christian doing the same. There were more pecs now, another set above the first, and so Ramón had to fondle those magnificent specimens too—Christian’s chest was there to be stroked, to be appreciated with splayed hands, the backs of fingers, with any kind of touch. Of course Christian gallantly followed suit, reaching up to stroke Ramón’s upper chest without, as Ramón had not and would not, neglecting the lower. They were both panting now, their passion becoming a fever as their wonderful sensations seemed to become all that was, all that could be experienced.

Ramón was already feeling ravished, as every part of him within reach seemed to be subjected to Christian’s impossibly pleasurable ministrations, and his own hands felt every part of Christian—and then suddenly there was one more, two more, at the fastenings of his trousers, fumbling to free his desperate cock. Quickly Ramón did the same, struggling with the pre-damp, tented fly of the loose, heavy trousers Christian habitually wore. In seconds each had the other’s big, rigid, weeping dicks free and out and were stroking them urgently. Their breaths quickened as they held each other’s gaze. More hands appeared, fishing out Ramón’s second cock, and his third, and it intensity of the pleasure he was feeling from hands stroking him all over, flanks, ass, chest, chest again, shoulders, arms, face—in seconds it built to the point of being unbearable.

“I’m gonna—” Christian said, even as Ramón huffed out, “Oh god, Christian—!” Suddenly they were cumming, hard, release flooding through them. Jets of hot cum shot from their cocks again and again, and then suddenly they fell against each other, arms interlaced, holding each other incredibly tight as they kissed at last, gasping for breath and then diving in again as their orgasms crested and then leveled out, leaving them in a featureless universe of pure joy, holding each other, panting in each other’s ears, eyes closed tight, as brilliant exultation shimmered around them.

How long it was before they surfaced neither of them could have said, but they drew back at the same time, still holding each other and grinning. They glanced down, taking in the cum-soaked shirts that were plastered to thick, bulging muscles, and laughed.

“Maybe we should try that naked next time,” Christian said.

Ramón kissed him, then pulled back again enough to look into Christian’s bright eyes. “I don’t care if you’re stark naked or all decked out for a royal ball,” he said. “I’m not letting go of you ever again.”

“Deal,” Christian said with a grin.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jeff was still heaving deep breaths. His skin was warmed and red, and his brow was dappled in sweat, like he had only just blasted through the mighty climax the residue of which was covering his skin, the floor, and the walls behind him. His gaze locked with Ramón’s. His eyes were beseeching, but they were already showing the pleasure of their growing connection.

“What’s happening to me?” he asked, smiling a little.

Ramón smiled in return, and he could see the usual turned-on reaction his smile rippling through his giant friend. “You’re becaming a fantasy,” he said. He let his eyes caress Jeff’s amazing form for a moment, causing Jeff’s cocks to jump like he’d actually touched his sensitive skin. “Someone’s fantasy,” he added, lifting his eyes to meet Jeff’s. “Yours?” he asked.

Jeff seemed uncertain. He swallowed and asked, “Do you like it?”

Ramón’s tongue shifted in his mouth, and his eyes dropped to those cocks jutting out from Jeff’s shelf-like, heavy pecs. Fuck, they obviously existed to have a hot, eager mouth wrapped around them. Ramón loved sucking cock. He’d never gone past eye-fucking at work, but there was no way he could resist what he saw before him. “Stand up,” he said, his voice low and rough.

Jeff hesitated. “I think I’m too tall,” he said. But he stood up anyway, climbing to his huge, bare feet. The ripped and shredded remains of his clothes were scattered around him, damp with cum.

Jeff was standing now, looming over him. He did have to hunch a little, but that was okay, because he was looking down at Ramón, his eyes begging him to act. “I came,” Jeff said plaintively. “I came, and it wasn’t enough.”

Cumming by himself had never seemed fulfilling enough to Ramón, either. “Maybe you have to share,” he said distractedly, his eyes on the jutting erection protruding out and down from Jeff’s massive, unreal right pec. It was beautiful, and it right there, at the perfect height for him to like into his randy, excited mouth. It must have been like what Jeff’s cock had originally looked like, thick and fat in the middle, much like the giant version Jeff now sported that seemed to want to snuggle his oversized chest. It was huge, almost as big as Ramón’s fat, uncut 11-incher, and his mouth wanted to wrap around it more than he had ever wanted anything.

He was still feeling that weirdly fluid, hot-spring sensation washing through him, he realized, and it occurred to him that maybe whatever had reshaped Jeff had been such a wild, massive tsunami that it had spilled over, bursting the boundaries of Jeff’s reality and splashing over him. After all, he’d never imagined sucking down a long, thick, beautiful nip-cock before, but right now it was almost all he wanted.

He moved closer, so that the cock was right there, the barest inch from his red-wine lips. He breathed it in. It smelled like cock, and sweat, and so much jizz. His breath huffed across it, and he heard a low “Fuuuuck” from above him. He looked up, expecting to meet Jeff’s eyes for a final confirmation that this was what he wanted. But Jeff’s eyes were fixed on something else. Ramón saw it then, what he’d been sensing, almost glimpsing out of the corner of his eye. He locked dark, lust-filled gazes with the other Ramón standing in front of the equally huge, equally suckable desperate hard-on protruding from Jeff’s mighty left pec.

Ramón smiled and turned to his work, ecstatic that both of the cocks meant for his mouth, and his mouth alone, would be taken care of. That he could lick and mouth and fellate and swallow both of Jeff’s gorgeous, suck-worthy cocks, his hands groping and kneading and caressing the immense, ponderous muscle of Jeff’s pecs and his bunching, stone-carved abs. It would be special each time, more stimulating, more pleasureful, more deeply pleasurable than the best, most talented blow-job, because the spill-over of fantasy had made Ramón the best cock-sucker on the planet, and his mouth was made for these perfect, fat, succulent, insatiable cocks. Jeff could devote his attention to the big one as he stroked and sucked and pec-fucked the bejeezus out of that monster, and Ramón would help, stroking and licking from both sides as they indulged in foreplay leading up to a multicock eruption that would send them all soaring, minds drowned in mental spunk and the real thing geysered out of them in unholy quantities of hot, savory jizz. Ramón’s orgasms would be hard-wired to Jeff’s, all of them sharing the long pleasure that came from exploring each other’s fantastic bodies before they built to a single, shared, galaxy-exploding climax that would bleed euphoria into all the man for miles around.

Ramón found himself coming to his senses, doused in cum like he’d been caught in a torrential rainstorm of cum. He was slumped against Jeff’s giant form—the big man had slid back down the wall to sprawl against it, legs thrown, giant cock mostly soft and collapsed over huge, soccer-ball-sized testicles like a man worn out from pleasant exertion. Ramón grinned—he knew how it felt. Across Jeff’s body the other Ramón caught his eye and grinned back at him. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” the other him said back, like any two buds greeting each other. Silently they relaxed against Jeff’s heaving, red-tinged, sweaty and cum-covered chest and took stock of each other. Given how radically the fantasy sex-potency had reshaped Jeff he was slightly surprised to see he looked more or less the same. More muscular, maybe, and his dick definitely felt bigger. His clothes were intact, he was amused to see—the busting out of clothes thing must have been part of the fantasy that had transformed Jeff.

They continued looking each other over, amused and intrigued by the subtle changes. His beard was slightly heavier; he confirmed this with a curious brush along his own chin and jawline. Someone thought that was hot on him—Jeff, probably. His hair was definitely longer, too. That at least was no shock, as Jeff had already demonstrated a propensity for caressing Ramón’s long hair and carding his thick fingers through it as he sucked him. Taller wouldn’t have been desirable, as he was the perfect height for pleasuring Jeff, and as for the rest—well, he was already Latino hotness personified, right? He grinned wider at the silly thought, but the truth was, he was feeling the rush of arousal looking at his other self that he usually got from sharing an appreciative eye-fuck with hot guys on the street or in the office. Fuck, he really was a turn-on just to look at.

Both Ramóns glanced up at Jeff, who was smiling down at them, tired and finally sated. There might be a lot of interesting ways to share pleasure between the three of them, Ramón mused excitedly. His cock, spent only moments ago, started to tingle and stiffen at the very thought.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ramón stepped into Brian’s office and closed the door. They took a moment to drink each other in. Ramón was sexier than ever, every inch of his shirt and trousers caressing and accentuating a finely muscled body that was becoming pure, unstoppable allure. And Brian—

Brian was everything he found sexy about hot, model-type gym rats who push themselves to become more and more beautiful. He’d shed what must have become an unworkably too-small shirt, and was sitting in his office chair in a thick, painted-on cotton undershirt that exposed an upper body designed to make Ramón flood with arousal. Bigger, sculpted pecs… wider, bulging shoulders… carved, cut abs for days… thick, long and powerful legs… and a package that promised even more sexual potency than the unflagging monster throbbing obviously against his hip. He wanted to feel that body pressed against his. Muscle against hard muscle, flesh against flesh, lips against lips. That was the center, the focus of their shared gratification. Making out with Brian, Brian making out with him—his heart burned for it, and he knew, staring at Brian as he watched Ramón’s luscious, ravenous mouth, his wine-dark lips, the hinted-at movements of his long, adept tongue, that Brian was dying for their first, endless kiss as much as he was, or more.

“Shit, Ramón,” Brian rasped, staring at him with wide, hungry eyes. He stood, moving toward him. He was flushed and aroused, seeming ready almost to climax just from the two of them being near each other. “Fuck,” he said as he stood before him, his heavy pecs seeming to swell in sync with his desire. “I want you so bad.”

Ramón shivered slightly as Brian’s hands began slowly caressing his arms like they couldn’t help themselves, and his massive cock gave a sudden lurch, knowing what was to come. He could not wait to start making out with him, kissing him as their bodies pressed inseparably together, building a long and slow fuck-dark ecstasy toward repeated, intense climaxes that barely interrupted their mutual make-out pleasure.

“Good,” Ramón said, eyeing Brian’s sweet, full lips. “Because I’m all yours.”

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