META jocks

by BRK

Two members of a select fraternity full of superhot, multilimbed guys semi-obliviously compare notes on how their powerful cum promotes changes in their bodies—and, it turns out, each other’s.

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Part 1 Two members of a select fraternity full of superhot, multilimbed guys semi-obliviously compare notes on how their powerful cum promotes changes in their bodies—and, it turns out, each other’s. (added: 1 Aug 2009)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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(This is based on a chat, so I decided to keep it close to free-flowing dialog rather than add in a lot of narrative. It's, um, not the most serious thing I've ever posted, but it's fun and playful.)


Part 1

Brian came back to his room at the META, the hottest frat for the hottest jocks on campus, jazzed and energized despite a long afternoon of classes. There was something about being in this building full of impossibly sexy guys, a building that seemed to remember decades of guys, that seemed saturated to the drywall with bodily passion.

Brian had never felt it before anywhere but here, that giddy sense that your body was freed from constraints and limitations. All you had to do was think it, feel it, say it, and somehow you could become more. Brian had no proof of this, yet some thought nagged at the back of his mind that he had changed, transformed, in the months he’d lived at Meta, even if he couldn’t remember it. He kept trying to test it, blurting out fantasies, but he could never remember afterwards what he’d said or if anything really happened.

He entered the room hoping his new roomie, Jack, would be in. Sure enough, there he was, lounging sideways in a bed that seemed too small for his delicious, shirtless frame, his broad, radically tapered back against the wall of the room. Brian broke into a huge grin.


“Dude!” Jack replied, grinning back at him. He was obviously glad to see Brian as well—as Brian glanced unavoidably down at Jack’s overpacked boxer-briefs, he saw the huge bulge swell considerably.

“How are they hanging?” Brian grinned, tossing his books on his own bed.

“My cocks? Both of them are hangin’ fine!”

“Wow, three cocks? I thought you only had two!” Brian teased.

Jack frowned slightly. “Didn’t I say three? I thought I did.” He shrugged his massive shoulders, and the millisecond where they were both aware that Jack had had two cocks, but now had three, fuzzed away and was forgotten. Jack’s always had three cocks, Brian thought. What were we talking about?

“They are all great though,” Jack went on. “I love having them.”

“Well who wouldn’t! Especially if they’re that size!” Then, having forgotten that just tested he’d his nagging, latent suspicion that the building’s ability to make fantasies real only seconds before, Brian tried again. “What you probably didn’t realize is that anyone who moves in with me gains an extra knee-length cock, so…”

“Wow! Now I have four!” Jack exclaimed, lifting up his waistband to peer at the monster cocks packed into his swollen briefs. And the moment passed, and Jack was just enjoying the site of his four cocks, just as he always did every chance he got.

Jack glanced up at Brian a little sheepishly. “You don’t…think they are too big, do you?” he said, blushing.

“Sorry, i don’t understand those words.”

“I guess I’m just being silly,” Jack said, letting his waistband go. because of the size of his incredible package, the waistband no longer slapped back to his supertight abs. “They pretty much look like other guys cock clusters.”

“Well, I dunno,” Brian mused, shedding his own shirt. “They’re definitely the biggest I’ve seen… And most four-armed guys only have the two cocks, so…”

“I know. I always feel so sorry for those guys.” Jack absently brought up one of his left hands to caress his thick right shoulder. “I mean, what do they do with their other two hands?”

“Though they have a good alternate function for them with all that pec-rubbing!” Brian grinned, thinking about Chet—the leader of the frat, and definitely the biggest-pecced of them all. Chet was notorious for constantly feeling himself up.

“All the four-armed guys I see on campus are always rubbing their pecs,” he went on. “I think they think it’ll make them bigger.”

“Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Jack laughed, moving his hand from his shoulder down to his ample, bulging pecs. “Most guys really love developing their bodies. Especially their pecs. I don’t know a guy who doesn’t like to have a pair of big, muscular pecs to stretch their t-shirts out.”

Brian grinned as Jack’s package started to expand even further. “Looks like the thought does something for you.”

“Well, its quite true that the very thought of pecs growing and getting bigger causes distinct swelling in all of my cocks,” Jack said.

“All five of them!” Brian interceded.

“Right,” Jack said, barely noticing the change as he stroked his growing pecs. “But then, with these huge nuts of mine, you can imagine that I get horny a lot. Its something I just have to deal with.”

“Tell me about it,” Brian said. His own balls were pretty massive as well.

Jack decided to take him literally, finally shucking the constraining shorts and ledding his semi-hard cocks burst into the open. Brian stared at them, entranced, as they swelled and got hard. “I like to lean back, get comfortable and stretch out,” Jack said, almost to himself. “My cocks all at their hardest, of course,” he added, and now they were—rock hard, stretched out along his torso.

“I love how the big cockheads all kind of bump together as they throb, leaving little slick trails of pre across my pecs,” Jack said. “I love getting them like this and then just lazily tease and pet them. Letting the arousal grow and grow. Getting each of them, individually, stiff as a steel bar, then leaving it to throb in mid air as i spend some time with the cock next to it. I’m actually a big precummer, as it happens—those big balls again!” Sure enough, Jack’s five monster boners were all drooling on his thick pecs.

“So this actually winds up being kind of a messy exercise. But it feels amazing.”

“The perfect way to spend an afternoon,” Brian agreed, shucking his own shorts and releasing his cocks just as Jack had. He settled onto the bed next to Jack, leaning back against the wall. “Not even thinking about cumming at first. Just teasing those enormous slabs of cock. Covering your long torso with a hot glazing of precum.” Now they were both hard and incredibly aroused, looking at each others’ monster cocks.

“The best,” Brian added distractedly, not thinking much about what he was saying, “is all that pre pumping out and sinking into your skin, stimulating your amazing bod to pump just a bit bigger…”

“Ah…yeah. You know about that, do you?” Jack said saucily.

Brian looked at Jack’s beautiful face inquiringly. God, Jack is hot, he thought. Those are the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen—

“I thought maybe you knew about the secret of precum,” Jack was saying. “I mean, you have an amazing body. I took one look and thought…well, either he lives in a gym or…he’s a big leaker!”

“Yeah, it’s the second one—i spend too much time coaxing precum from all four of my cocks to really work out much!” Brian laughed.

“I hear ya, bro,” Jack said, half-seriously, gazing lovingly at his own drooling cocks and the precum soaking into his skin. “I haven’t been to a gym in, like, a year. Once I learned that I could just leak and grow…its like ‘fuck the gym’!”

Jack glanced curiously at Brian. “When did you find out about this?”

“Well,” Brian said, “I always had two giant cocks… But when the third one burst out in junior high my nuts suddenly got huge!”

“Ah…yeah, I remember that awkward ‘three-cock’ stage,” Jack said.

“I kept drinking my precum just to keep my nuts a reasonable size,” Brian continued. “And then one morning i realized my tee shirt was tight… And i figured it was either from drinking it or from my boners drooling on my pecs all night while i slept.”

“I know that one…its actually kind of tricky to keep proportion in line,” Jack said, stroking his pecs, which were in fact amazingly large and firm. “Your pecs can swell up pretty fast with those cockheads positioned right there. Mine are like sponges. As I guess you can see.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got more of them to share the effect,” Brian said, admiring Jack’s quartet of thick bowling ball pecs, stacked two atop two. “Still, i love how beautifully thick and firm they all are!”

“Aw, thanks, man,” said Jack, blushing fiercely. “You’re no slouch though. I mean, I know what it takes to keep a body like that in prime shape. That’s a huge time commitment. Your arms are driving me crazy right now with all of that sculpted size.”

“Mmm, thanks,” Brian said, enjoying the way Jack stared at his muscle-packed asrms.

“I love how the triceps on your front arms bump into the biceps on the back set. That must feel awesome with muscles that size!”

“It’s a constant turnon,” Brian admitted.

“I can see that, dude. Its a constant turnon for me too! ever since I moved into your room from the big newbie room downstairs.” Jack shifted his admiring gaze upwards. “I’m really digging those big, double-wide shoulders too. Not only broad, but thick! Like two big cannonballs.”

Jack stared at Brian’s bigger, beefier bod and decided to ask a question that had been nagging him. “This is kind of weird, to ask, bro….but …Well, do you think your pre is stronger than mine? I mean….maybe your nuts just churn out a higher octane brew?”

“I don’t know—you want to try using some on your bod and see what happens?” Bruan grinned, nodding down at his cocks, which were turning out a steady stream of precum.

“Gosh…I mean, could I? Is that weird of me to ask, man?”

Brian nodded. “Are you sure? I mean, all four of your pecs are already pretty big and heavy…”

“I know….I’m just looking at that rockin’ ass of yours and those four THICK legs of yours. I just don’t have that kind of mass all over. Well, heh, unless you count my cocks and nuts. Right, dude?”

“Yeah your pecs and your cocks are definitely out of proportion,” Brian agreed. “Which, however, is really fucking hot!”

“Aw, dude. Thanks, man! I kind of think its hot too.” jack grinned crookedly, using a right had to massage his own precum into his four oversized pecs. “I’m not being totally honest,” he said. “I do kind of put a lot more pre on my pecs on purpose. I just kind of started it and…well, it turned me on so much seeing them grow…”

“Bro, i did the exact same thing,” Brian said. “My shoulders started growing at first mostly because my dicks started growing past my pecs. But—well now i’m riled up at the thought of having high-octane pre. Dude, I gotta do something with all this precuim—I am so horned up. Where do you want to test it out?”

“Jeez….I guess I don’t have to worry about how to get the stuff flowing! You’re already leaking by the quart dude!”

“It’s those pecs and those monster cocks of yours, dude. I think my cocks are bigger just from looking at those five steel-hard monsters!”

“Damn, man….you’ve got some big cocks,” Jack said, staring at Bruan’s cock in awe—he’d never realized how big they were. And all jumbled together. “Six, am I counting right?”

“Yep, six glorious boners drooling on my neck and torso.”

Impulsively, Jack started hefting Brian’s nuts in one of his hands. “Uh-oh…looks like somebody hasn’t cum in a couple of hours! Dude…you gotta keep these things drained.”

“Ooo, dude, those are verry sensitive right now—“ Brian momentary choked as his six cock splurged a gallon of pre on his face.

“Oops! Sorry, bro!” Jack laughed.

“Whoooooah, bro! Thanks a lot, now i’ve got two heads!” Brian blurted out.


Part 2

“Whoooooah, bro! Thanks a lot, now i’ve got two heads!” Brian blurted out.

“Ho-lee…. You MUST be brewin’ up some high octane shit down there, man. My juice doesn’t do that!”

“Maybe your meta-jock scent enhances my spunk bro,” Brian mused, consciously choosing to speak with his right head, the one nearest Jack.

“Mmmm, feels hot,” Brian said, the novelty of having two sexy heads slowly phasing into the equally arousing knowledge he’d always had them. “The stubble on my left jaw just brushed against the stubble on my right…. Oh wow, that feels hot!”

“Bro…you’ve got two fuckin’ gorgeous model faces. I can’t make my mind up which one to kiss first!”

“Good, because neither of my hot mouths will wait.” Brian grabbed Jack’s head and pulled him into an incredible three-way kiss.

His arms hugged Jack close, mooshes their cocks together. Both of them are leaking so much the cocks just slid together, cock against cock.

Jack was in ecstasy making out with Brian, three-waying and then at turns individually with both of his hot mouths.

“Mmmf, our cocks are throbbing and writhing together—mmmmf, god, don’t stop kissing me!” Brian exclaimed.

“No worries mmmmpf about mmmmh that!” Jack gasped, running his hands over Brian’s muscle-hunk bod. “God you feel awesome!”

Jack tried to reel in his meta-jock scent so that things don’t get out of hand. But Brian was turning him on so much it just pours out of him, washing over them…turning them both on even more.

“Dude,” Brian said between kisses, “my precum and your scent—we’re grrowing and changing…”

“I know *pant* bro!”

“Can’t stop making out with you—your mouth is incredible—hope my tongues aren’t too long dude…”

“Naw, bro…they taste awesome,” Jack breathed. ”You taste awesome. God you are incredible!!”

Jack’s hands were all over Brian’s body, feeling his muscles swell and bulge as Brian grew bigger…morphing into a larger, even more perfect version of himself. The sensations of his own growing and changing body intensified and he could feel another monster-fat cock spontaneously sprout into the nest of cocks between them.

“Awww, fuck, dude! Fuckin’ just grew another boner, bro!” Jack gasped.

“Yeah i can feel you growing those two new boners,” Brian agreed. “And they’re fucking amazingly thick!”

Jack looked down at his cocks…all eight of them! “Holy fucking shit! Dude…look at ’em all, man!” He resumed their intense, mind-bending threeway makeout. “Fuckin’ HOT!!”

“Yeah!” Impulsively Brian bent down a bit and took the nearest two into his furnace-hot mouths.

“Unnnnhhhh…..” Jack moaned. “Fuck, dude…your fuckin’ mouths, man!”

Brian felt Jack’s cockheads swell up in appreciation of the sensation…but then he noticed they stay swole up….and he realized that they’ve grown bigger…are growing bigger…

“Aw, fuck, man….my knobs!” Jack said. “Shit, they are getting huge!”

Brian pushed his mouths further onto Jack’s growing, bulging, rockhard cocks. As he did so one of Jack’s shivering, slick cocks slid between his hard-muscled necks and started fucking his necks.

“Aw, bro…my cock….between your necks, man!” Jack shouted. “Fuckin’ givin’ me a neck-job! Feels so fuckin awesome!!”

Jack’s hands were everywhere at this point, groping muscle, grabbing as much cock as he could (his and Brian’s) and rubbing, stroking, jacking….

“Dude that’s a lot of hands i can feel …” Brian said, pulling off Jack’s cocks for just a second.

“Thank god we’ve each got eight arms!” Jack laughed. “This is a lot of fuckin’ stud to hold onto!” he added, slapping Brian’s incredible bubble butt.

“And bro,—oh god, yeah, suck them—dude, I think we’re taller! A lot taller…”

“Dude…..Mmmmmmm…..yeah….think you might be right,” Brian said, this time pulling off only with one mouth, while his other head continued to go down on Jack’s biggest cock.

“If we were two hot fuckin’ studs before…wait until the rest of the frat sees us after this!” Jack said excitedly.

“Dude, though—our prrecum and scent are in the air…” Brian said thoughtfully.

“You mean?”

“Everyone’s gonna be bulging like mad tonight!”


“I think our frat’s going to see some changes,” Brian said, smiling wickedly.

“We’re gonna be the biggest, tallest, most muscular, hung frat on campus!” Jack agreed, feeling his cocks get even harder at the thought.

“But dude? That thing you are doing with your necks is….um….. Its making me about to lose my load,” Jack said. “Need to back off for a sec.”

“Sure man,” Brian said, and they disengaged a little, though their arms were still all intermingled.

“Whew…..that was close! I don’t want to cum yet.” Jack looked over their bodies, awareness of their recent changes still lingering because of the extent of the transformation. “Wow….I guess we’ve done some changin’—You’re hot, bro!”

“Tell me about it!” Brian said, turned on just by his own body.

“You were hot before…but damn….these is a whole shitload more of hotness now! Did you have six legs before? I can’t remember.”

“Me neither,” Brian said, frowning at his six beautiful swimmer’s legs.

“I think I’m pretty much the same as before, thank goodness,” Jack mused. “Well, except for the bigger muscles. And the height. And the two extra cocks. Oh, and the much larger cockheads.” Jack grinned at Brian. “Is that it? I always had two heads, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, we were just talking about how super-cute your faces are!” Brian said.

“Awww….dude. I’m so happy I found another guy like me.”

“I think you still have more abs than i do,” Bruan said.

“Yeah…the ol’ ten-pack is hard to beat, dude!” Jack said proudly, slapping his abs and smiling. “Shame no body ever gets to see it with all this fuckin’ cock in the way!”

“Yeah, but *we* both know about your awesome tight 14-pack, so it’s still a turnon,” Brian said. “Puts my 10-pack to shame”

“Oh, I dunno, bro….lemme see,” Jack said. “Hold your cluster out of the way for a sec.” Brian dutifully lifted up his still-hard, wrist-thick cocks. Jack bent down and started counting Brian’s abs with his long tongue. “2…3…4…6….8…10…12…14…Uh oh…!”


“Someones been workin’ hard—16! Dude! You fuckin’ stud! You beat me! I can’t believe it!” Jack started tickling Brian’s sensitive nuts to tease him. “When did you do this? Huh? Huh?”

“Duuuude be careful with those—!” Brian warned, feeling a tsunami of arousal building deep in his heavy balls.

“Why?” Jack said wickedly, smiling and tickling more. “What’s gonna happen?” More tickling. They both wondered what was going to happen. There was no logic, no conscious awareness, and yet there was the the palpable undercurrent that—somehow!—change happened.

“Oooof! awwww man,” moaned Brian, “awww fuck—!” All his cocks erupted with another huge surge of precum, soaking his whole body.

Jack laughed in a way Brian found unaccountably sexy and started in rubbing the precum all over Brian’s tricked out bod with his hands, which in turn turns Jack on and a big surge of Jack’s own sauce poured onto Brian as well.

“Awww dude—my bod—“ Brian breathed, suddenly having trouble focusing his mind. Then his senses cleared, focusing on Jack’s delighted face. “Aw man! You just fucking twinned me dude!”

“Aw darn.” Jack was not sounding the least bit sorry as he gazed at two Meta-jock Brians sitting next to each other on his increasingly inadequate bed. “Who knew that would happen?”

“Yeah, you’re just aching to be a sandwich aren’t you?” The three of them stood up, their cocks all hard and surging out precum, and the New Brian moved behind Jack. They started to mock wrestle, juck like all muscular, horny meta frat jocks do.

“No fair! Two against one!” Jack laughed as the New Brian pinned him on the ground. He started fighting back, groping and teasing, tickling and kissing, feeling all of their cocks throb and pump as they rubbed against each other.

Original Brian and Jack started making out hard as New Brian, behind Jack again, started kissing Jack’s necks and gently licking the precum off them.

“God your tongues dude—thy’re so long and firm—they’re totally like cocks bro!!” Brian exclaimed between kisses.

“Mmmmmmm!” grinned Jack, enjoying the feeling of thick, cock-like tongues in his mouths. “Aren’t they?” He glanced down, adding gleefully, “Just like your nips….they are so hard and big…they feel like cocks on your pecs!”

Brian was too busy passionately making out/sucking Jack’s cock-like tongues to really notice his cock-like nips, but Jack was entranced with Brian’s chest, his hands running up and across all of his pecs, finding and stroking your nip-cocks.

New Brian, meanwhile, was nudging Jack’s legs apart and working his huge cluster of cocks between Jack’s legs, pushing them between his sets of legs and up and between his ass cheeks.

“Good think my cocks are so huge,” New Brian said teasingly. “Eight legs is a lot to get past. They feel amazing between your thick muscular thighs bro!”

“Aw, bro….you don’t know what your cocks feel like down there. Its awesome….they feel so HUGE. swear they are getting thicker!” Jack added in amazement, as if that seemed barely possible,

Meanwhile original Brian was enjoying the electric sensation of his and Jack’s cocks mooshed together between us, with the huge heads grouped around their heads….grown way past shoulder height, raining down fountains of precum on their six heads as they make out like mad.

“Dude….I think you guys are gonna make me cum, man… you want to hold off?” said Jack.

“No man—my cocks between your legs and feeling all our cocks smooshing and the making out/sucking your cocktongues—i’m getting really hot man——”

“Aw, shit, bro…I’m so hot right now…fuckin’ gonna blow HUGE!” breathed Jack as they kissed ravenously.

“Dude yeah—our cocks are gonna explode—!!!”

“So hot you both doin’ me like this!” Jack moaned. “So amazing feeling your cocks precumming all over me… Fuckin’ cock everywhere, man!”

“And thick muscle… And laser-hot eyes…”

“And you hot stubble dude…” Jack was panting, barely able to breath, coated in sweat and their mixed precum.

“Slick-wresting precum drenched metajocks,” New Brian muttered, feeling his cocks swelling between Jack’s thick, muscular legs.

“My huge fuckin’ NUTS, dude! They’re—they’re gonna blow!!”

Suddent both jocks felt their bodies erupt in colossal, mind-exploding orgasms, more powerful, more intense than anything they’d ever felt.

“Duuude!!!” both Brians screamed. “My cocks are—they’re doubling——and exploding between your legs—all over our faces!!!!”

“Oh fuck, dude. Dude! Awwww, cummin’ on me, bro! My cocks are doubling too…and i’m…fuckin’ swellin’ up with muscle!”

Still feeling the intensity, they stopped trying to talk, and started making out again as another burst of orgasmic force shook their entwined, embracing bodies. “Dude we’re so jacked,” Original Brian said, breaking free for a moment and glancing down.

Just the sight of their three incredible bods jolted him again. “Awwww fuck another load!!!!”

“Damn…bro…you shoot like a damn fountain!” laughed Jack. “Holy shit—You just twinned your own twin!”

“Whoa!!!” Brian 1 said, grinning over Jack’s shoulder at Brian 2 and Brian 3. “Lucky you got twinned too,” Original Brian said. “Or you’d be seriously outnumbered!”

“I did?” Jack said. Then he caught sight of an impossibly handsome two-headed metajock over Brian 1’s broad shoulders. “Oh, hey bro! You look awesome!”

His twin shrugged his powerful shoulders and smiled back at Jack. Their minds seem to fuzz slightly and phase into—the way things had always been.

“Dude,” Brian 2 said, “how cool is it that they bunked us two bros with you three studs! This is gonna be the most awesomest room in the frat house!”


Part 3

“Dude,” Brian 2 said, “how cool is it that they bunked us two bros with you three studs! This is gonna be the most awesomest room in the frat house!”

“Yeah, and don’t forget Jared, the other metajock is in with us too,” said Brian 2, his arms still wrapped around Jack 1 from behind. “I can’t wait to break him in.”

“If you’re right about our high-octane juice, he won’t be only 4-armed for long,” added Brian 1.

“Dude…I got some news.” Jack 1 suddenly looked contrite.


“I kinda hooked up with Jared already bro,” said Jack 1. ”I couldn’t resist his six-pec’d swim team hotness! He’s got six arms, though. Not four like you thought.”

“But you should see him trying to get into his speedo with those four monster cocks of his!” added Jack 2. “He says that thing fit him this summer but now it doesn’t.”

“I don’t believe him,” Jack 1 said. “I mean, that’s bizarre, right?”

“I told him….speedos don’t shrink, dude!” Jack 2 said.

“Something else must have changed,” concluded Jack 1, “but we couldn’t figure out what it was.”

Brian 1 scratched his heads. “Huh, weird.”

“Yeah,” said Jack 1. “Just like when Colby…you know, the track dude down the hall…grew out of his letter shirt after one day. I tell you, for a track dude he’s carrying a lot of muscle”

“But he says he’s always been that big,” put in Jack 2. “Just gains muscle super easy.”

“I know, he probably grows just from flexing!” said Brian 3 with a grin.

“We were talking about that the other day in the shower!” exclaimed Jack 1. “He showed me some of his poses. Fuckin’ dude did it to give me a woody… I know he did.”

“Well, it worked,” added Jack 2. “And with the soap and the hot water bein’ so slick… Well, this is kind of embarrasing, bro, but we kind of spooged on him.”

“Dude! Both of you?”

“Yeah. I mean it was just a little bit,” Jack 1 said. “And he’s just such a hot little stud.”

“Well, I guess not little,” said Jack 2. “I mean he’s 6’5” and 250.”

“That makes him the smallest guy in the frat, though,” said Brian 1.

Jack 1 wen t on, “Anyway…that’s when we go to get dressed and his damn letter shirt wouldn’t fit. It was like someone had replaced it with a child’s t-shirt or something. Wouldn’t even begin to fit him.”

“I think someone did it as a joke,” said Jack 2. “You know, him being the smallest guy in the frat and all….leave him this tiny letter shirt. He was kind of sensitive about it.”

“It must be hard being the little guy,” Jack 1 added.

“Yeah, I mean Damon got punked the other day too,” Brian 3 put in. “There was nothing in his closet but two-armed shirts!”

“You’re fuckin’ kidding me!” Jack 1 said. “Who would do that to a guy with eight arms? That’s fuckin’ cruel!”

“We don’t have any two-armed losers in this frat!” said Jack 2.

“I know! And the two-legged jeans were the last straw.” Brian 3 went on.

“Aw come on,” said Jack 1 in disbelief. “Let me guess…did they also leave him with those tiny ‘normal’ briefs…you know, the ones without the extra package room that noone could ever fit into?”

“No, even this guy remembered Damon doesn’t wear briefs!” said Brian 3 with a grin.

“Oh right. He’s so fuckin’ sexy!” Jack 1 said.

“I’ll bet it was those Alphas across the street,” Jack 2 said suddenly. “They must have snuck in to do it as a punk. You know, both of us woke up to find just one pair of each set of our shoes this morning? I mean….come on. One pair?”

“All the rest—gone,” Jack 1 added.

“Wow, good thing Nike donates us those size-16s in quantity—you’d be out a lot of dough replacing shoes for ten feet apiece!” Brian 2 said. His mind was on legs and feet at the moment—his still-hard cocks were rubbing gently between Jack 1’s long train of extra-sexy legs.

“I know! I wasn’t that upset though…i’ve kinda given up wearing shoes, except maybe flip flops,” Jack 1 said. “It takes too fuckin’ long to tie them all up!”

“‘Sides….” Jack 2 added with a grin, “guys seem to think our feet are way sexy!”

“I know we do,” said Brian 2. The other Brians nodded in agreement.

“Hey…I have an idea!” said Jack 1. “Let’s invite those loser Alphas over tonight for a kegger. You know what would really mess with their heads?”


“We get all the metas together and we each jizz into the beer. That way those guys would be over here gettin’ drunk on our spooge, dude!” The Jacks laughed delightedly together. “Then we tell ’em later that they’ve been downing our cum all night.”

“That’ll get ’em back for all of the stupid clothing shit they’ve been pulling!” Jack 2 said with a wicked grin.

“Didn’t we do that last semester though? And they came back complaining about how we’d turned them into freaks or some shit?” Brian 1 said thoughtfully.

“No, that was the soccer team,” said Brian 3.

“What are you talking about, dude? We’ve got the best soccer team on the planet!” Jack 2 said, his hands absently feeling up Brian 1’s chest from behind. “Nobody can touch them.”

“And besides,” added Jack 1, his hands starting to gently stroke the massive cocks between him and Brian 1 without really realizing it, “we didn’t do the jizz-beer thing. We snuck over to their locker room and shot off in their jocks and cleats! Remember?”

“Oh right,” Brian 1 said.

“We only did two shoes for each guy ‘cause we couldn’t find the other six pairs for some reason. They were pissed when they went in and got geared up! All that META jizz on their feet and nads. I’d have loved to have seen their faces!”

“Well, you can’t see their faces anyway, their cocks are in the way,” Brian 3 said matter-of-factly.

“Oh yeah….right. Why did I even say that?” Jack 1 said. “I’m such a dumb jock sometimes,” using a right hand to playfully toss his long blond hair. The Brians smiled.

“It’s just all the blood flowingh out of your heads into your other heads…” Brian 1 said.

“Dude! Stop playing with my cocks!” Jack 1 said, as if he weren;t doing it as well. “You’re gonna get me hard again and then we won’t be able to get things ready for the mixer tonight!”

“And I wanna get those Alphas good,” Jack 2 said.

“You know…Ok, bro, I know this is weird…but hang with me,” Jack 1 said, speaking to the Brians and to Jack 2 as well. “I think some of those alphas are cute. Even though they are so small and wiry…and they’ve y’know….got less of everything than we do. They’re so…I don’t know…kind of cute and I feel sorry for them.”

The others looked at him, and Jack could tell they could kind of understand.

“There is this one guy. He’s probably a little smaller than Colby. But smokin’ hot face and eyes. But he’s a two-armer, two legger! …and only, um, one dick.

Brian 2 stopped him. “Wait—how do you know he’s only got one dick, bro?”

“Our bathroom window looks right into his room, man,” Jack 1 said, a little sheepishly. “I got horny one night while I was in the shower….and he was undressing… I was, like, mesmerized!”

Brian 1 smiled, enjoying the thought of Jack getting an unexpected turn-on.

“It was kinda cute…about, oh I dunno ten inches or so. Maybe about as thick as his wrist. It was so small that it kinda turned me on,” Jack 1 said. “I guess my scent musta wafted over through the open windows because pretty soon he looked like someone had hit him with a hammer. His cock had been soft (which was weird already) but it shot up to its full mast state and he started going to TOWN on it.”

“Wow, i didn’t think normal guys could suck themselves like that!” Brian 3 said.

“Well he could. I think he’s a wrestler.”

“Wait, i know that guy!” Brian 1 said suddenly. “He tried to pledge here, and he was looking at you the whole time the bros were laughing at him and telling him to get out.”

“Yeah…that’s the one,” Jack 1 admitted ruefully. “He’s such a little puppy dog. Dude…I dunno. There is something about him, bro! I think he might—he might be the one.”

“Too bad there is only one of him,” said Brian 1 with an affectionate smile.


Part 4

“Yeah…that’s the one,” Jack 1 admitted ruefully. “He’s such a little puppy dog. Dude…I dunno. There is something about him, bro! I think he might—he might be the one.”

“Too bad there is only one of him,” said Brian 1 with an affectionate smile.

“So that’s my problem!” Jack 1 said, relieved to be talking about his attraction to the underjacked Alpha. “I don’t think it’ll ever work out. I mean, first of all he is so small I’d probably break him in two the first time we made out. Second….I mean…ONE cock, dude. That’s fuckin’ weird. Anyway. Thanks for listening. I know its hopeless…” he added, trailing off.

“I dunno—you obviously have an effect on him!” Brian 3 said.

“Maybe I should just stick with Travis upstairs,” Jack 1 went on. “The one who you walked in on us with last week. I dig him. And those cocks of his are massive.”

“I don’t know how he manages to play rugby with those things in his shorts,” said Jack 2. “I mean, they are always flopping around…and out. I’d be afraid of tripping on them….”

“When you’ve got eight legs that could happen!” added Jack 1.

“Did you see his pecs?” Jack 2 asked.

“Yeah, has he been working out or something?” Brian 1 said.

“Something,” Jack 2 said. “He knows the secret too. He’s got six pecs like you do…but he’s really worked on them. I mean…you’re amazing,” he added, stepping up his multihanded massage of Brian 1’s superthick pecs, “but he’s taken it to a whole ‘nother level.”

Brian 1 didn’t respond—his nip-cocks were responding to Jack 2’s loving ministrations. “You mean like Jim did with his abs?” said Brian 3.

“Yeah….and they are workout buddies. Do the math, dude.”

“It’s funny what an odd couple they are—both of em 8-feet tall and hugely buff, but one with six pecs and one with 12 abs,” Brian 3 said.

“What do you mean?” Brian 2 interrupted, frowning. “They both have six pecs and 14 abs.”

“The thing I always notice about them is their four 24-inch arms,” Jack 1 said. “But there is so much to see on them, I guess its easy to get confused.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what i was thinking!” Brian 3 said. “Actually, does anyone have just 2 pecs?”

“Aw man,” Jack 1 moaned. “Just when I’d stopped thinking about my cute little Alpha!”

“Aw sorry dude,” Brian 3 said.

Brian 1 caressed his faces. “I think you should have a fling with him tonight at the mixer.”

“Bring him up to our room,” Brian 2 said.

“You don’t think the other guys would make fun of us, doing a two-armer/two-legger like that?” Jack 1 said, half hopeful?

“You can pretend you’re going to haze him,” Jack 2 said with a smirk.

“We three will back you guys up!” Brian 2 said, and the others agreed.

“Aw dude! You guys would do that?”

Brian 1 moved in for a four-way kiss. “Anything for our bros, bro.”

Jack 2 felt himself start to get fully aroused witching the others kiss. “Maybe we can wait a bit to set up for the mixer…”

“Now now, don’t get all boned or we’ll never gert anything done!” Brian 3 interceded.

“But dude!” Jack 1 exclaimed playfully, going in for more kisses. “It’s been at least 30 minutes and my nuts are full! Look at ‘em!”

“Heh, they are pretty big,” Brian 1 said, hefting them.

All of them were now fully boned, their cocks drooling with warm, thick precum. “Awwww, man…. That…..that is, um….. Wow….your hands feel awesome!”

“You smell totally hot,” Brian 2 breathed.

“Yeah? You like my jock scent?”

Brian 1 sniffed you long and deep. “it turns me on—i don’t know why, but…”

“Mmmmm…..yeah,” whispered Jack 1, surrounded by jacked Brians. A thought occurred to him. “Dude…you’ve been sleepin’ with one of my old football jerseys. Why is that, man? Don’t try and deny it. I saw you. I woke up and there you were, with it in your arms up by your face. You looked really cute. Were you sniffin’ my scent off that old shirt?”

Brian 1 hung his heads a little. “Well, you were making out with your other head and I didn’t want to interrupt you but—i, i really needed to smell you …. Don’t be mad!”

“Dude….how could I be mad at you? ‘Sides..the damn thing doesn’t fit anymore.” He scratched his heads. “Its like I grew out of it or something. But…..I mean, they just gave it to me at the beginning of the year, so I can’t… Well, anyway. You should have just joined in and sniffed the real thing, bro! Sniff away, buddy!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmffff,” groaned Brian 1 happily.

“But can I have my jammer shorts back? The new ones that fit me?” Jack 2 added. “Dude…its ok, but I know you have them. I found them under your bed. They must reek something awful. I wore them all last weekend and lost a couple of loads in them while I was makin’ out with Travis. Those things must stand up by themselves, they’re so crusty at this point.”

Jack 1 ware barely listening. “Aw, shit…..what are you doin’ to my nipples! Wow….I said sniff not lick! Oh man…..”

“Can’t help it!” Brian 1 said with a wink. “Your scent is irresistible.”

“I’ve been jerking off into your shorts dude,” Brian 2 said guiltily. “Sorry.”

“Dude?! Seriously?” Jack 2 said.

“You’re not the only one who has to cum all the time!” Brian 2 said with a pair of crooked smiles.

“Dude, I’m so fuckin’ watchin’ next time you do that. So fuckin’ hot thinking about you shootin’ off a load in my shorts! And, I uh….I think you ought to wear them tonight at the mixer. Y’know…without washing them or anything. Would that be hot for you? Wearin’ my jizzed-up jammers?”

“Umm …” Brian 2 said, momentarily dumbfounded. He felt his cocks start leaking all over the insides of Jack 1’s legs.

“I thought so,” said Jack 2, grinning merrily. “You’re a naughty, naughty jock. And you turn me on like there is NO tomorrow,” he added, stepping up his fondling of Brian 1’s torso even further.

“But what about Travis?” Brian 3 put in saucily.

“What about him?” Jack 2 said, equally saucily.

All of the boys were feeling themselves starting to get a bit drunk on lust.

“I’ll even let you imagine i’ve only got two arms and legs,” whispered Brian 1.

“Aw, dude! That’s so fuckin’ hot thinking about you shrinking down and getting all two-armed! I know…I’m fucked up in the head, but that’s hot! I’ll bet you’ve even just got one cock down there for me, too, right bro?” Jack 1 added with a wink, despite the evidence of his own eyes and hands.

“But I think you’re much hotter just the way you are,” Jack 1 added seriously. “Besides,” he added with playful tugs on Brian 1’s raging cocks, “being triplets like you…don’t you think there is enough of me to go around? I don’t see you limiting yourself!”

“Well, it’s your fault for having more cocks than i have hands….” Brian 1 said playfully.

“Huh?” Jack 1 said. “God you are such a cute, dumb jock sometimes Count! I have ten cocks and you…work with me here, stud….you have ten arms. OK? How can a guy forget how many limbs he has?”

“Dude, you can’t count! Talk about the dumb jock! You’ve got two cocks—“ Brian 1 said patiently, sucking on the nearest two a moment by way of demonstration, “four,” slurping the next two—they’re really soaked with pre, “eight,” two more, “ten,” next two, then triumphantly—“twelve!”

“Oops!” Jack 1 said sheepishly, while the others laughed. “I am blond, you know.” He smiled brilliantly with both heads.

“And that’s not counting your tongues, which sure feel like cocks when we make out!” added Brian 1.

“That’s silly, dude. Even for you. How can guys have cock-tongues?” Jack 1 said. “Or….wait. I guess that isn’t that unusual. Sorry…with you suckin’ my dicks I’m all fucked up, bro!” he added, giggling.

“I know one thing for sure,” said Brian 2. “And that's that tonight's mixer is going to be awesome.”

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