Say cheese and grow

by hyperboi

When Greg and his friends take a picture of themselves using a creepy camera, the resulting image shows them wildly transformed in different ways. They just think it’s a weird glitch, until it slowly starts becoming true.

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Part 1 When Greg and his friends take a picture of themselves using a creepy camera, the resulting image shows them wildly transformed in different ways. They just think it’s a weird glitch, until it slowly starts becoming true. (added: 12 Nov 2013)
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Part 1

Hi, my name is Greg (come on, everyone say, Hi Greg!). I'm 17 and totally screwed. Why, you ask? Well, because of my teacher, Mr. Saur. I'm telling you, he's evil. He really likes to mortify students about things. He's cruel, he's mean, and he has bad breath. You know Snape, from the early Harry Potter books? Well, this guy is even worse. There is this girl who is fat—I mean, let's be good and say she's a bit overweight. After a week of Mr. Saur's bitter comments about saving the whales and the cafeteria not having enough menus for her, she didn't come back. I really hope she's fine.

Then all this happened, which was too crazy. Even worse than last summer, when we were dealing with that evil camera. What can I say? Weird things happen to my buddies and me.

What? You don't believe there might be a camera that's evil? Whether you believe it or not, it's true. This camera took instant photos that were about future horrible events. At first we thought it could predict the future but the truth was worse. It makes horrible things to happen. My friend Sari disappeared for three days because of it and my father had a bad car accident because of it too. It was made by an evil scientist and when we tried to give it back, the camera killed its creator. So we hid it in the same place we found it, hoping nobody would ever find it again. It was a building abandoned for more than 20 years, so we thought it would be safe enough. Destroying the camera? Impossible. It's like the ring from that Tolkien book. It can't be destroyed by conventional methods. A volcano? Yeah, maybe, but there isn't anything like an active volcano near here, and we have our own lives to attend too. So, yeah, good idea. *snort*

Where was I? Oh yeah. The Dinosaur (as we call him), and the fact that I was screwed. Let me tell you a bit more about myself first. I'm quite tall and have and athletic build. I like sports a lot and I'd love to build some serious muscle. I was thinking all through the winter that maybe this year I'll convince my parents about that gym membership since the weight set in the basement is a bit old by now. I've been a fan of muscle since I was little and I've recently accepted that I might be attracted to muscle. Hey, I said I might be. I'm not sure if that makes me gay. Never had a thought about girls before and not really about guys either. I'm always too busy with stuff for that. But if I needed some release, it was muscle which came to my mind, male or female, I don't care.

I was going to start a new part time job in a photo store to pay me a summer trip I wanted to do for so long. My friend Bird (more about him later) thought that I was crazy, wanting to be near cameras after what we suffered last summer. Well, I didn't want that little event to become an emotional scar or anything, so I decided to overcome my fears like that. Pretty radical, huh? In fact, among my friends I'm definitely the most thoughtful and calm. My older brother Terry, who is already at college (thank god, he's an ass sometimes) worked there too so he has already told me about the business a bit. Attending to customers and working a bit in the dark room. Just three times a week.

Well, now back to the being screwed stuff. The Dinosaur is my history teacher. He's a jerk towards everyone, but he had some problems with my older brother when he was his teacher, so the first day he saw my surname in the list I entered his black list. My brother ended changing classes to another teacher, but that option disappeared in the intervening years. I couldn't escape from him. Well, I needed a specific passing grade so I could make my summer trip and I was sure that the Dino would give me less than I expected for my works. He gave me a D every time I gave him a project he should mark at least a B+. I was nearly desperate. With the grades he was giving me I could pass the year if I made a wonderful final test, but it wouldn't be enough for the grade I needed. I bet the bastard knew it. Today was no exception. As the class ended and our last projects were given back, I saw a big F on mine. Others have red marking here and there, with mortifying comments about mistakes which could explain the grades, but mine has nothing else than a big F on the top. I faced him before the bell rang.

“Mr. Evans, is anything you want to discuss with me?” God, his tone was more than irritating.

“Yeah, I'd like to know why my project has this grade. You haven't even pointed up the mistakes!”

“Well, as I didn't even read the whole first page—” he nearly yawned and I nearly hit him.


“The title is such a mistake that my eyes couldn't read any longer.”

“What's wrong with it? You asked us to write about the World War II, so that's wrong with the title?”

His smile got wider. “Two? I don't recall asking an essay about the Second World War. I asked an essay about the world war. Without saying a 2, it obviously referred to the first.”

“No way! We’ve been all this trimester talking about the Second World War. The first one was studied last year.”

“That doesn't change the fact that I didn't ask about the second.” Stubborn bastard!

“Still, if you take two minutes you'll realize that it's still a good essay—”

“Is this going to turn out like the discussion we had about that science fiction novel you tried to pass as a fact?”

“That camera is real! And my friends can…”

“I'm sure your friends will support any fact you say. About your essay—Sorry, but I don't feel like wasting my time. Now, if you excuse me, the class ended a minute ago, so I suggest you to go to your next class.” And he just looked at me, smiling at my defeat.

I had to stop by the bathroom so I could calm myself and after screaming some F-words and splashing some water on my face, I found myself a bit better. Just then, from a stall, came my friend Michael, also called Bird, because he always moves his head like one. There is a legend saying that he can turn his neck as the exorcist girl, but I don't believe it. Still if one of us asks him about that, he just smiles. I call him Bird too but I think calling him Monkey would be a better name, as he's always jerking off. And I mean all the time. Every passing period between classes he had to go to the bathroom to relieve himself. That's all I know about that and I don't feel like asking more. He's more famous for wearing unmatched clothes that a clown would consider painful to the eye. Sari tried once to teach him the basics of colors and styles, but she ended bumping her head to the nearest wall in frustration. Anyway, he's one of my best friends and that's all that matters. He has more of a stocky build than my athletic one but he's not in bad shape. He, Sari and the other friend from our group have another history teacher, the lucky bastards—

We came out of the stalls at the same time. “Yeah, I knew that was your lovely voice, Greg. Nearly killed the mood,” he joked, adjusting himself. “The Dino again, huh?”

I nodded and told him about what the jerk has done. His swearing made me feel a bit better. In the next class I sat behind Sari, the only girl in my group of friends, and the closest to me. She's been living in the house next door since I remember. She's got auburn long hair in a ponytail and she's kind of cute, but I've never tried being closer than friends, and neither has she.

Next to her was Hat, the remaining friend of our group. He was in the baseball team and I've never seen him without his baseball cap. He has a strong arm, which wasn't in concordance with his lack of muscle (and size down there, although we never mention that). He's also a very funny guy, always making jokes.

“Hi, Greg!” greeted Sari.

I mumbled an answer, still annoyed about the class before.

“Hey Bird, The plumber phoned, he said—” but before Hat could finish his sex joke, Bird smacked in the back of the head.

“Dude, there are ladies present.”

“Which ladies?” asked Hat with an innocent smile. This time, Sari was the one smacking his head.

The funny scene nearly made me my old self again, but I couldn't get rid of that jerky face from my head.

Just before the teacher entered the class, Sari turned to face me. “Sorry you have to put up with that asshole, Greg.”

“Yeah, it sucks, but you'll have to bear with him,” added Hat.

“He deserves a punishment.” I fumed. “Not only for me, but also for the others he's torturing. Even using the camera on him wouldn't be enough—” I made that comment without thinking, but my friends’ faces turned white.

“Dude, even I know there are things not to joke about,” said Hat.

“You weren't serious, right?” asked Sari.

“Bud, you should stop sniffing weird stuff,” added Bird.

I didn't say anything more and as the teacher started his lecture, they stopped staring at me. I sat there, not letting go of my anger. The more the time passed, the more I believe he deserved it. When the class ended, Hat was going to say something but Bird stopped him.

“He's old enough, besides, he's as scared as we are about that thing. He wouldn't do it.”

“You just want to stop lecturing him so you can go home and jerk—” but I passed them towards the exit. Sari stopped me in the street.

“Please, Greg. Don't do it. You'll regret it. Remember what happened to me last year.”

“He deserves it. He has to pay somehow.”

She tried to convince me a bit more but I didn't listen to her and took off. I lost her on our way home (I can run faster) and I went straight to the old abandoned manor where we found the camera the first time.

Surprisingly, the old manor was gone!


There were piles of rubble everywhere. The mansion had been demolished! As it's in the outer place of the town, I don't usually pass next to it (and less after knowing what was hidden inside). I walked a bit and sat on a clear spot between the stones, regretting having lost the chance of proving my story and taking revenge at the same time. Right there, a boy younger than I found me.


“Hi—” I replied in a gloomy voice.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just great.”

“Name's Jerry, what's yours?”

“Greg. Nah, it doesn't matter. I'll never find it again between so much rubble.”

“You lost something here?”

“Sort of… It wasn't exactly mine, but I was the last one who hid it inside that secret drawer—”

“You mean this?” he said taking something from his backpack. It was the camera! It was exactly as I remembered.

“You found it!” I quickly got up.

“Yeah, my dad bought the place and dismantled it. I found it in an old drawer when the furniture was taken out. Why did you hide it there? It works.”

“You—you haven't used it—?” I asked, startled.

“Yeah, it makes awesome weird photos, why?”

“You can't! Listen, you'll think I'm crazy, but that camera is cursed, it causes bad things to happen. That's why I hid it. Please, you have to give it to me.”

“Yeah, right. Nice trick, but I won't give it to you. You're not the owner right? His name's on the bottom. Where is he?”

“He's dead. The camera killed him. Please, don't use it!”

As we were arguing I got closer enough to take the camera but as he was still holding it, we struggled for it. Unfortunately, we ended activating it without meaning to do so. The flash blinded him for a sec and I took the chance to take the camera and recent photo and run through the rubble, avoiding the sharp objects. He pursued me but I didn't look back until I heard him screaming. I turned my head to see him on the floor. A sharp metal object had pierced his foot completely and he was bleeding badly. I run away as fast as I could, although I felt some remorse and I asked the first person I saw to call an ambulance for an injured boy there. I didn't wait for the ambulance to come.

I was nearly expecting Sari to come out from her house to question me about if I've been there, but she didn't. I wasn't able to breathe normally until I reached my bedroom and fell on the bed, the camera burning with evil energy (or so it seemed to me) in my jacket pocket. There is a secret hole in one side of my bed that nobody knows about and when I was putting the camera inside, the photo it took from Jerry fell to the floor. As with every instant photo, you can't see it clearly until some time has passed. I could see it clearly then. It was Jerry, on the floor holding his ankle with the bar sticking through the right foot. I sighed. It didn't matter who or when, the camera would always do the same to people. That's why it was better to keep it away from people. Innocent people should be far from it.

But there is one person I knew that wasn't innocent. I couldn't stop grinning the rest of the day thinking about the day after. I even forget to flex after working out legs in the basement. And I kept smiling till I went to bed.

“Dino, you're going down!”

I should have known better.


Part 2

The next day was Friday, meaning I only had that day to use the camera on the Dino before the weekend and I got talked out of it, or talked myself out of it. Sadly, I didn't have class with him, but there will be a chance to get him for sure.

I walked to school without Sari that day because when I rang her doorbell, her mother got out saying she had a cold and couldn't go to school. She also made sure that I would bring her her homework to do on the weekend. Things were going smoothly. Sari would be the only obstacle on using the camera, but she was out of the picture, so to speak. Seeing me looking as relaxed and smiling as usual, Bird and Hat though I had forgotten about using the camera. I even asked innocently about their relieved faces and they shook their heads, so the camera issue wouldn't resurface again.

In our third break, the one after science (which I only shared with Bird) and while he was gone to the bathroom taking care of things, I took the camera from my schoolbag and went slowly towards the Dino's classroom. It should have been a break for everyone, but the jerk liked to hold his class late on Fridays to torture more the students. That thought only reinforced my determination to use the final punishment on him. I thought the door was going to open when a voice behind me startled me.

“I can't believe it!”

I turned to see Bird and Hat, with faces half scared, half angry. The half anger turned to totally scared when the object in my hands confirmed their fears.

“How dare you to bring that thing to the school!”

“Are you nuts?”

“Listen, he deserves it!” I replied to them.

“What if you end up burning the whole school with it?!” asked Hat. I wondered where he took that idea from.

“The last time it was used, it killed a guy!”

“Not really—” I told them about the accident with Jerry and showed them the photo. Their faces showed disgust. Well, it was a disgusting wound.

“See? Now it's getting bloodier!”

I was going to reply when a voice behind me interrupted us and took the camera from me.

“And what this might be?”

Fuck! It was the Dino! And he had the camera!

“Oh… Mr. Evans and his friends… and I suppose this is that ‘evil camera’ you mentioned.”

I was paralyzed. The worst possible scenario was happening. But maybe if I kept my cool, things could still work out as planned. I just needed for him to give it back. That was all. “Hum… yeah, and if you give it to me I can prove it to you that my story is real.” Maybe—

“Sure! Take a picture of me and let's see what happens,” he said smoothly. I couldn't believe it! It worked! He started to hand me the camera and when I was about to grab it, he pulled it back. “On the other hand… Why waste a picture in an old man?” And he put the camera close to his face.

“No—” said Hat

“Don't!” exclaimed Bird

I couldn't say a word as he pressed the button.

Mr. Saur growled, “Say cheese!” and the flash blinded us.

We were paralyzed as if we were deers in front of car lights. He threw the camera at me.

“See? Everything's fine. Now, stop fantasizing about stupid stories and grow up!”

When we recovered our eyesight he was gone. My friends looked at me horrified. I guess my face had the same expression.

“Look what you’ve done!” Hat accused me.

“Now we're gonna die!” Bird looked about to lose his mind.

With trembling hands I held up the picture, which was getting clearer and clearer, as if a thick fog was disappearing from it. At first we could only see three shadows. When the fog was completely away I looked at it with astonishment. Hat's jaw was hanging open and Bird automatically had to adjust himself. The disgrace shown in the picture was that we were holding cones in our hands and the ice cream was in our shirts. But what amazed us was a little detail. Well, I wouldn't call it little. We looked like weighing more than 250 pounds (each) and all of it muscle. Also our crotches were obscenely filled as if we had salamis down there. We were like a wet dream! Well, at least that was what it seemed to me. Bird excused himself to go to the bathroom while Hat looked at it with narrow eyes, as to see the trick in the pic. Even our faces looked broader and manlier.

“And… where is the horrible disaster here?” asked Hat.

“Maybe if we use the zoom—” I didn't know what to think about it.

“Or maybe the camera has stopped doing evil things, maybe it had a limit and from now on it will only do good things!” Hat suggested.

“For some reason, I don't think we'll be that lucky.”

“Can I borrow that picture? For proper inspection of an evil threat, that is.” I saw something in his eyes that, if I added it to Bird's urgency, it made me believe that my uncommon fetish wasn't that uncommon after all. I smiled.

“No way. I'd rather keep all the camera stuff with me. I can keep it safe.”

While we went back to our classroom we discussed about the whole thing.

“I always wanted to be big… I can't believe this is going to happen—” said Hat.

“Same here, but… I don't know. Nothing good had ever come from this camera—”

“Well, it's too bad about the lost ice cream,” he joked. I pushed him, chuckling.

“Hey, tell Bird not to say a thing to Sari. I don't need her grousing at me about the whole thing.”

He agreed. We took our things and headed to our next classes, which were in different rooms. I sat next to the window, looking to my reflection. Will I really grow that big? Was the camera going to make a good thing for once?

Time would tell, I thought, shrugging. But even as I shrugged I watched my shoulders, wondering.

I wasn't sure if I'd need to eat more to grow like that, but I didn't want my parents to suspect weird stuff so I ran upstairs quickly and put under my clothes some extra sweaters, so I looked more bulky. Also, I asked mom to prepare me a big snack, which I forced down, nearly sweating from the heat of the extra clothing. Nevertheless, I got the reward I was expecting when she joked. “If you keep eating and lifting like that, we'll have to buy you new clothes soon.”

I chuckled “Probably—”

“By the way, your brother Terry phoned this morning. He said he'll be coming home today to stay for a couple of weeks, isn't it wonderful?”

I didn't reply her straight away. It's been a year or so that I last saw him, as he was quite glad to be in the big city attending college out from home. Terry was 19 and… well, I guess he is like every older brother. A dick. Don't get me wrong, he's my brother and I guess we share a bond, but when he started to work out and get way bigger than me (I don't mean bigger from being older) he also started acting cocky and like a real asshole at times. But he was usually not like that so I didn't care that much that he was coming back. In fact, I was a bit intrigued about if he has improved his physique even more.

Then I went straight down to the basement where I could change into some tank top and shorts. There was also a big mirror, where I looked carefully to my reflection. I made a double bi pose. I was proud of my 15 1/2 inch guns, but sadly, I didn't see them bigger. At least, not yet. All the gym equipment and the mirror were asked to my parents from Terry, 4 years ago, when he was 15. He has the same genetics than me, and while he started working out then, I only started last year. So you can imagine how much bigger he is than me. Not only he is older, but also has 3 years of more training than me.

I was nearly done with my back workout when I heard some sounds from above. Then my brother came into the basement and before I could even look at him, he gave me a bear hug and rustled my hair. God, I hated that!

“What's up skinny? Trying to build some muscle?” Great, he was in jerk mode… “Make a bicep, little bro!”

I proudly showed him my 15+ inch biceps, waiting for his appreciation, but he just snorted. “You call that a biceps? This is a real man's gun!” And he made a double biceps pose. The bastard had nearly what it looked like it was 19 inches and it was really defined as well. It made the sleeves of his the t-shirt to roll to let the muscle bulge freely. His pecs were also noticeable through the shirt and his leg muscles protruded from his jeans. It was really mortifying, but his display of muscles was turning me on and by his hideous smile, he knew it. He pushed me towards the stairs. “I have to use these little weights to get a pump but I dunno if I'll be able to get a decent one. Now, get lost!”

I went to my room nearly kicking anything at range on my way there. If I had nearly forgotten what an asshole he could be at times, I remembered clearly now. But now he was even worse. I took the photo from the secret hole and stared at it. I was way bigger than him in it. Probably 3 inches more everywhere and somewhere (looking at the crotch) even more.

“We'll soon see who the little bro is.” I smiled at the thought. I nearly got boned at it. In fact I went to the shower and jerked off to the picture in my mind. After the “hot” shower I stared at my naked reflection in the bathroom mirror, but couldn't still see changes. What if any good picture never became reality? Making us to have hope of good stuff happening and not getting it in the end could also be an evil thing to do. With this evil camera, I could believe anything. After getting dressed I phoned Sari.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah thanks. I was more worried about what you could do at school.”

“I don't know what you are talking about.” I tried to sound confused.

“Come on, Greg, I know you went to the mansion. If I hadn't got sick, I—d’ve stopped you.”

“Ok, I went. But it was demolished. Not a clue where in all the rubble I could’ve found the damn thing.” That was true.

“So, you didn't do anything today to that bastard?”

“I promise I didn't do a thing to him. You can ask Hat and Bird, they were with me the whole time.” That was also true.

“You bet I will. And, please, could you bring over me the homework and notes of today's class? Mom has been bitching about it the whole day and she was the one who made me stay at home!”

“I'm gonna have dinner now, I'll stop by after that to give them to you.”

“Thanks, I'll see you later.”

I went down to have dinner with my family dressed with more clothes to seem like I was bulkier again. It looked like Terry's stupid mode had passed already because he didn't mentioned a thing, but he did raise a brow in confusion when he saw me taking seconds and even thirds.

“It seems like somebody is trying to catch me up,” he teased me bouncing his pecs. And I mean, he was wearing a sweater and I could easily tell he was moving them! I glared at him, but then, smiled.

“Who knows—? Maybe I'll do it sooner than you think.”

He just snorted, but didn't say more. When I finished, I took my bag and went to the neighbors’ house. When I gave her the homework, Sari noticed my new added bulk.

“Why are you wearing so many clothes?”

“It's cold outside,” I lied.

“No it's not.” Stubborn!

“You must have still a bit of fever. Anyway, if you feel better tomorrow we'll meet the others.” And without further talk, I went back home.

I'm not ashamed to be the type of guy who does all his homework the Friday night so I have the rest of weekend free and without care. I think Sari does the same, but Hat is quite the opposite. Why get all stressed out at the last moment? And Bird… I can imagine what he does in his free time…

Anyway, it was almost midnight when I finished and I was really tired so I had just enough energy left to put on some short pjs and go to bed.


Part 3

The following morning, I woke up feeling constricted in the bed. I must have moved around a lot during my sleep and the sheets were twisted up around me. It wasn't the first time it happened but it was just as uncomfortable. I kicked my sheets out but the surprising thing was that I still felt constricted by… my pjs?

I looked down and realized that my baggy pjs was nearly skin tight. I had grown overnight! And not just a bit! All my muscles looked nearly painted on my pjs. I thought it was better to see it all in the bathroom mirror, where I took out with difficulties my “shrunk clothes”. I stared at my nearly naked reflection. I was way bigger. My arms must have been 17 or so inches now, my pecs were really creating a shadow under them and my shoulders looked really swollen, giving my back a very wide look. My legs were also thicker and I could see the quads defined and bulging each time I leaned in one foot. By then my briefs were overstuffed by a bigger boner and bigger balls as well. I couldn't help but whistle at my own reflection. I wasn't the type to lose his mind when weird things happen, so I just locked the door and got in the shower, which I enjoyed more and a longer time (and it's better for cleaning any mess, he, he). I dried myself a bit and with just a towel around my waist (with a defined 6 pack, yeah!) opened the door. In that very moment my brother was also opening the door and nearly bumped on me.

“Sorry, skin—” but stopped right there. He blinked twice and his jaw nearly hit the floor. “Greg?”

I chuckled. His reaction was to be expected, as I was now close to the 210 pounds mark and only a bit smaller than him.

He coughed, trying to regain his composure as to not being impressed. “Heh, seems like yesterday I didn't pay too much attention to your gains, but you still have a lot to go to catch me!”

I frowned as I oassed by him, heading for my room. Was it so difficult to get a little praise from him? Why did he had to act all defensive as if I was attempting to overthrow his alpha-maleness? Well if that's how he was going to act, I won't contain myself when I'm much bigger. The jerk—

I throw myself over my bed, making it to crack a lot. I forgot I weighed more. I'd be careful in the future. I didn't wanna break stuff. I wondered how much bigger Hat and Bird were by now. The mere thought made my cock to spring to life again. It seemed that my horniness was bigger as well. My hands were a bit thicker as well but even then, I could feel the increase in size in my cock. I quickly got up (naked with my huge boner slapping my sides) and I took a measuring tape from a drawer. I measured the shaft and almost shouted my amazement.

9 inches! 2 inches more than only less than 12 hours ago! I measured the rest (measuring chest was difficult, I wondered if somebody doing it for you would make it easier—). My bis has grown 2 inches as well, reaching 17 1/2 inches and not 17 as I had estimated at first.


The rest of me had grown in proportion and judging from the picture, it wasn't over. It was so cool. I shot another load while examining myself and when I finished cleaning the mess with the towel, I got a phone call from Hat, who sounded as excited as if aliens had invaded.


I chuckled. “Ok, dude. Now have a deep breath and gear down so I can understand you.”

“I'm bigger! It's incredible! I can't believe it! Can you believe it?”

I smiled looking at my arm and flexing a big arm. “Oh… I think I can imagine,”

“So, you grew too? Awesome! Well, maybe not so much—”

“What? Why?” I asked fearing the camera had a second thought.

“My parents don't understand how it happened and I can't tell them the truth. Could you come over? Maybe if you and Bird came and they see you bigger too, they won't be so worried. I fear they might want me to go see the doctor.”

I then remembered Hat's biggest fear: Needles.

“Ok, have you phoned Bird?”

“Erm… I'll leave that to you, later!”

“Hey!” Sonova—

We all hated phoning Bird because he lived with his nearly deaf grandmother as his parents were always out of town doing business. He didn't care as that meant more freedom to… how could I say it gently? Enjoy himself? Yeah, that would be one way to put it.

I phoned Bird as my stomach growled demanding food and… shit, I'm naked in the hall!

“Hello?” Damnit, his grandma took it. By the way, not only half deaf, but also her mind sometimes was… elsewhere.

“Hi, I'm Greg. Can I talk with Bir—I mean, Michael?” That was Bird's real name.

“Sure, you can.” Great, she took it with her good ear.

“—” Weird, she's not calling him.

“—” Is she still there? Oh, for god's sake—

“Can you tell him I want to talk with him?”

“Sure I can.” Aaaargh—

“Please, DO tell him that I want to talk with him.”



Did she just… cut the call?


Ok… breathe… there'sigh.

Shit, I'm naked in the hall!

Remembering my nakedness, I went back to my room and took the clothes from yesterday. My boxers were a bit uncomfortable as not only my cock, but my balls as well had increased in size, looking like hen eggs. It made a huge bulge and I couldn't help looking at it from every angle in the mirror, but stopped when I felt like boning again. I had more bubble butt than before as well. My jeans were tighter but still fit right. My t-shirt was very, very tight. It felt awesome!!! My pecs and arms were clearly shown! I loved it! I went down to have breakfast and ignored my brother while I ate. Surprisingly, I didn't eat much more than usual. Well, it wasn't a “normal” growth after all. My parents complimented me on my physique and as they compared me with Terry saying I was nearly to his size he frowned but I ignored him again. I took a jacket and went towards Hat's house. It was only some blocks away and the new weight on my body felt great as I walked.

Hat's mom greeted me and also noticed my growth and commented over it. Then Hat came down saying in a deeper voice, “See, mom? I told you teenagers these days grow like this. There's nothing weird.”

But I could see a bit why his mother was worried. Hat was now a bit smaller than me, but if we take into account that he was way thinner than me from the start, his growth had been more intense than mine. His clothes were tighter than mine and he had now a package (I'm sorry to say he was a bit like a Ken doll before). I guessed his growth down there had made him normal sized, but he has still room and time to grow.

When we were far enough from his house he jumped. “This is soooo cool! I woke up with my pjs in tatters and I had a boner I needed my whole hand to jerk off with! And dude, I have muscles!” he looked like an excited puppy, jumping and talking.

“Same with me, except that I now can use both hands he, he,” he punched me but my shoulder's muscle absorbed the impact.

“I'm gonna be impressive on the team!” he said, swinging an invisible bat.

“Maybe you should change to football,” I suggested.

We arrived to Bird's house and found the door open, so we went in and passed next to the living room where the grandma was watching TV with the sound so high we had already heard it from outside. We went upstairs towards Bird's room and before opening the door I smelled something. Something that was way more intense when we entered. It was the smell of cum. It was splashed everywhere. Spots on the carpet, on the walls, on the window's glass… even on the ceiling. But the most incredible sight was lying on the bed. It was Bird. Naked, nearly as big as me and sucking himself. From our position we could see Bird's biggest change in size. His balls were like apricots. Each. And his cock… He saw us and waved us a hand, but didn't stop. Hat and I looked at each other and laughed soundly. Of course the whole vision boned us and Bird wasn't at all shy about watching us while having a good time. We saw his balls literally inflating a bit as he pumped a heavy load down his throat. He licked his lips and smiled.

“Well, what can I say? I've got already too much to clean. Damn Greg, you're huge!”

“And I'm not done yet. None of us are,” I said putting a hand on Hat's muscled shoulder. He nodded.

Then we heard a voice downstairs. “Guys? Are you there?”

“Shit! Sari!” said a frightened Hat.

“Please, buy me some time to dress. Distract her!” asked Bird.

We went downstairs and when she saw us she had to double look. It was so funny I couldn't help but laugh, it was just like those Warner cartoons.

“What happened to you? You grew!”

“It's called a growth spurt,” said Hat.

“Right….” She was suspicious. Damn!

“Maybe it's some kind of allergic reaction—” I suggested but she glared at us, narrowing her eyes. She looked at us from head to toe.


“Can't you be glad that finally Hat stopped looking like a preschooler?” I joked

“Hey!” he whined, pushing me.

She finally smiled. “Whatever, as long as you're fine… and Bird?” she asked

“He also gre—” Hat started to say, but I elbowed him in midsentence.

“He's taking care of something; he'll be here in a moment,” I broke in. She sighed. I quickly added, “It's not what you think!”

After 5 more minutes Hat whispered to me, “Maybe it's exactly what she thinks.”


Part 4

I stormed upstairs into his room to find him with a shirt, some socks and… selfsucking again. I groaned in annoyance, took the nearest towel, grab his cock (damn, it was so thick I nearly couldn't encircle my hand around it… Hey! Focus!), buried the towel inside his mouth and squeezed his cock as hard as I could, watching my forearm's muscle fibers bulge and flex. The towel muffled his moan and he unleashed the torrent of cum so strongly that it hit the ceiling. He needed some seconds to regain his breath. I glared at him. He looked down.

“I'm sorry. When I tried my briefs I couldn't stuff my cock after my balls, there is no space! And as I struggled I got hard and one thing led to the other and… well. It happened 3 times already. Well, twice. The third you made me cum outside and btw, that squeeze felt fucking great! I can feel you’ve gotten stronger dude. Can you do that again?”

I smacked the back of his head, chuckling. “Dude, Sari is waiting. Do you want me to tell her the reason she's waiting? If you have so much trouble with underwear, go commando!”

“Damn, I have to buy new clothes,” he said putting his baggiest pants.

I thought that was a great idea, and after Sari glared at Bird for a whole minute (for making a girl to wait or because of his new size? I don't know which one of the reasons is the right one… probably both) we decided to go shopping for new clothes. Luckily, Sari can't keep her sanity when shopping with Bird. She says he's a threat to fashion, while Hat says he must love fashion as love is blind. So, she decided to split up and meet in two hours (who needs so much time to shop?) to eat. Next Saturday morning and the Saturdays after that would be occupied for me as I started working next Monday (Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings), so I decided to enjoy that one. When she disappeared on a shoe shop, we started doing our shopping plans.

“Ok, first—” I started, but someone cut in.

“—First underwear!” demanded Bird. I smacked the back of his head.

“Wouldn't it be better for you to get a chastity belt?” joked Hat. I rolled eyes.

“Focus, guys! First, remember the size we're going to end up with and pick clothes for those sizes.” I glanced at Bird, who was pouting. “Yeah, underwear too….” I added. We headed out and started our tour. Even if we entered the same shop we dealt with our own clothes. I just didn't care what the others might choose (especially Bird). For tight clothes I chose 2 sizes bigger than what I needed now and for baggy 4. I didn't buy much, just enough for the first days of being huge. I could buy more when I became huge and I knew my exact stabilized size. In the underwear shop we had to run away after Bird made a huge mess in the changing rooms. After getting clothed again in our last shop I was glad to feel my clothes already tighter than when I put then after waking up. It meant I was growing already! Although it felt very uncomfortable in the crotch area.

We ended half an hour before Sari said, so while we decided what to do, Bird made his 6th visit to the restroom (I was starting to worry about his increase in horniness, I only needed to go once to take care of…that). By the time Sari appeared with a motherload of bags (WTF?) I felt constricted in my clothes and I was regretting not having changed into some of the new stuff I'd just bought.

“Hey guys! What have you bou—” but a glance at Bird made her stop. “Nevermind,” she added with a sad look at him.

He ignored her.

“What have YOU bought? The whole Mall?” I stared at the big load of bags that I knew, even with my new strength (that I hadn't proved yet but I could still have an idea), I would have trouble carrying it.

“Everything was on sale!” She said as if it was the most obvious answer.

“Oh really—” commented Hat, more interested in the way his chest made his t-shirt stretch.

“Come on, haven't you noticed the low prices?” she insisted.

We stared at her expressionless.

“The clothes in disorder and the lines?” She tried again

Again the blank expressions.

“The berserk middle-aged woman fighting over stupid ugly unnecessary clothes?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, having just clued in.

“Some were kinda scary—” commented Bird.

“But also funny,” added Hat with a chuckle.

She sighed. “Sometimes I forgot I'm talking with boys.” She shook her head.

“Isn't that sexist?” complained Hat with a smile.

“No, it's the truth. Shall we eat already?”

Sometimes I forget how bossy and pushy she is, but she's usually the one making us to move on as well. We went to one of the fast food restaurants of the Mall to pick some hamburgers. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until we grabbed our trays. Then, some events happened really fast and one after the other. First, Hat's sleeves were ripped by his biceps (HOLY SHIT, HIS ARMS GREW OUT OF THEM!). That surprised him enough to let his tray fall to the floor. That meant the ketchup on his fries fell down on whatever was below, which happened to be Sari's new shoes… which made him step backwards, pushing me, making me fell on my butt and… (I should have seen this coming), the moment I forcibly sat like that, my pants ripped in “that” embarrassing back place. The worst was that the sound wasn't a tearing one, or a ripping one, but one similar to a fart.

Before somebody called security because of the ruckus we were making, I took my tray and quickly sat at the nearest table and dragged Hat with me. Bird did the same with Sari. We ate in silence as we didn't want to draw more attention. Sari was glaring at Hat while we ate, more concerned about her new shoes that the fact that his biceps had ripped through the sleeves from growing. I glanced at Bird and realized that his baggy pants weren't so baggy. Especially in his crotch, whose package had reached such a proportion that it was clear he was boned by what we had just watched. His shirt looked tighter too. He looked as big as I was… in the morning. As I looked down I saw my pecs sticking more than before and the sleeves were skintight. They wouldn't last long before suffering the same destiny as Hat—s. My arms also felt different as my lats were forcing them to stay in another position. It wasn't such a huge a change, but I could feel the difference.

Before we could finish ours, Sari left the rest of her hamburger on her plate and got up.

“I can't stay more, guys. I have to clean this mess before it gets impossible to do so.”

“Sorry, Sari,” said Hat.

“Yeah, whatever. I'll call you later at home.” She shook her head, still annoyed.

“Okay,” I replied. And then she took her bags and left.

“What's with girls and shoes?” whined Hat. “She's never been so angry at me before.”

“Well, you know her. It'll blow over, we just need to give her some time to calm down and everything's fine again,” I told him,

“Besides, that way she didn't get suspicious about your sudden growth,” added Bird.

“It wasn't sudden. I've been feeling my sleeves getting tighter since we finished shopping.”

“Same here,” I agreed. “We haven't stopped growing and from what I can see another burst might happen soon.” I added pointing to our bodies.

“Wouldn't that be incredible to see?” said Bird, adjusting his boner, whose bulge looked bigger than when I grabbed it that morning (stop thinking about that!).

“Yeah, but maybe not in public,” replied Hat pointing to Bird's bulge.

“Your house?” I suggested, looking at Bird.


“Yeah, the only other resident is always in neverland,” commented Hat, smiling.


“She wouldn't even notice if an elephant entered her house,” added Hat

Bird threw a french fry at him, but he ended up accepting my suggestion. I took a huge sweater I just bought and put it around my waist so it hid the rip in my butt. We took our bags and went towards Bird's house. It was quite uncomfortable for me (not sure about the others) because I could feel all my clothes so tight they might rip at any moment (holy shit, I didn't want to create such an embarrassing scene in the street!). I think I heard some weird noises but everything seemed fine, at least until we reached Bird's house and at the same time my sleeves did the same that Hat’s, Hat's jeans tear in the side of his left leg where the quad was located. The same happened in his right side and in both cases he grunted. I knew why. When my sleeves were torn by my growing biceps it was nearly painful, but jeans being a harder material I guessed it could be worse. The three looked at each other smiling… until a button hit my eye.

“Sorry!” said Bird grinning like a bastard. I tried glaring at him, but it was difficult with just one eye opened so I just went into his house, the other two following me, giggling like stupid schoolgirls (which I told them so they stopped doing it).

“Where is your Grandma?” asked Hat as we couldn't hear any TV from outside of the house.

“I forgot that every afternoon she goes to the neighbors’ to play bridge. Well, not that it will make any difference in privacy—” he said calmly, scratching his package.

“Not if you act at home the same way you use your break between classes,” I added hiding a smile.

“Am I so easy to figure out?” he asked, faking surprise.

“Dude, you're the wanker master!” pointed out Hat.

“Which rhymes,” I added.

“It's my hormones’ fault, not mine,” he dismissed it while we got upstairs carrying our bags.

“Dude, we're not going into your room!” stated Hat.

“Why not?” asked Bird, a bit offended at that and my nodding in agreement.

“It stinks,” I answered.

“It stinks worse than your fashion sense,” added Hat with a smile. Bird grunted.

“I had the windows open since morning. Besides, it's bad enough having to clean a room and any other would end up the same way.”

“How practical. Well, we're not as horny as you so it won't end like that,” I said not very convincingly.

“The fuck you aren't. My horniness has increased tenfold and I bet yours has too,” he replied.

He opened his door and entered, waiting for us inside. Feeling my boner in my pants I couldn't deny what he had said so I followed and Hat did the same. We all left our bags in a clean spot in the corner and when Hat dropped his, another tear appeared in his muscle-packed pants accompanied by another grunt. My jeans were painfully tight and I was more than ready to change although it seemed that things never happen as we plan.

“I had enough of these clothes!” Said an angry Hat and he did just like Hulk Hogan before any match with what remained of his t-shirt.

“Woah—” I couldn't help saying. I remembered Hat before his growth from the lockerroom and man, how had he grown. He had heavy pecs, thick arms and neck, a wide back and a nice set of abs. I had to close my mouth before I started to drool over his new body.

“What a bod, dude!” Bird praised him.

Hat smiled and did a double bi pose. “I love this! This is the best thing that has happened to me since… ever!”

Bird laughed. “So true man. Hey, beware of the projectiles!” He then inhaled more and more and his chest inflated until one by one, the buttons of his shirt were sent flying towards us. This time they didn't reach my eyes as I was prepared. Soon he was the second bare-chested. Both were truly a sight. Hotter than anything I've ever seen before (and the internet has a lot to offer, I assure you). Both looked at me, smiling. I grinned. My t-shirt was so tight that it was cutting my blood flow. It was doing it then or it would happen on its own. I made a crab-pose, or as it's also called, a most muscular one. My muscles bulged and my t-shirt ended in tatters on the floor.

In a big mirror nearby (isn't it great having a mirror each time it's needed?) I could see the three of us shirtless and me the biggest although not by much. Hat would really catch my size in no time. In fact, if I recalled carefully, in the picture he was maybe the biggest of the three in muscle. Although looking at Bird's overstuffed crotch he wouldn't end the biggest in other areas. He started rubbing it, looking at me with a lusty smile. But I wouldn't be so easy! I looked at Hat and pointed out to his ripped jeans.

“Aren't you going to flex out of them as well?”

He shook his head. “No way! Jeans are way harder. Making those rips hurt a lot. Instead—” He then, glaring at his pants and while flexing his tight legs (wow), he took the cloth with his hands and did the same as with his shirt. He took a while to do it (yeah, denim is resistant), but I didn't mind watching his muscles struggling with the tearing. I followed his example and soon both of us were in just our undies, which looked several sizes too small on us. Especially on me, he, he. Holy shit, my boner was nearly reaching the end of my hip. How big was it gonna end up being?


Part 5

While we did that, Bird hadn't lost his time and was already naked, on his bed and selfsucking… again. But even if it was easier to reach his cock as it was longer, it was more difficult to swallow it as it was thicker. His pecs were also in the way but he didn't mind having to struggle. I didn't mind either. It was a really hot scene to watch. I was going to make an ironic comment at Hat when I realized that while I've been staring at Bird, he had taken off his briefs and was on the floor, doing the same as him. He wasn't as big as Bird (although you can't call a cock over 7 inches small), but he was more flexible so he was enjoying himself a lot.

And there I was, standing in the middle of the room with a boner so big that hurt inside my tiny boxers while my friends were having a great time with their new bodies. I decided to stop thinking stuff so much and enjoy myself. I took off my boxers with difficulties (I chuckled when my hard cock slapped my abs) as my quads and femorals were so thick now. And my butt was bigger too. Bird, without stopping, patted the bed and I sat next to him. It was a big bed so there was enough space even for the three of us. I watched carefully his pose and tried to do the same. I was as flexible as Hat so it was easy to have my crotch next to my face, although I must admit, it wasn't a comfortable position. I looked at my cock and my cockhead looked at me as well. God, it looked even bigger so close and really thick. Not as thick as Bird, but… I looked at him again. He had such a blissfull expression in his face… and looking down, I could see Hat enjoying it as well. My chin was trapped between my pecs, Damn, they felt so huge! I stopped thinking and after a deep breath, I took the whole thing inside.

I had to take it out quickly as I started coughing and nearly puked. I heard Bird laughing so much he had broken his pose. Hat didn't seem like wanting to be distracted because he was ignoring us. That or he was in a lust trance.

“Don't force it dude! Heh, it's obvious that it's the first time you do that, Greg.”

“Yeah—” I admitted.

“Well, I'm surprised. If I had your flexibility I'd been doing this for years”

“You’ve tried this before?”

“Yeah, but only reached the tip of the head. I could give you a lesson or two… He then looked at Hat, who was still going at it with his own cock. “Well, it seems some are born with the skill—”

Then Hat took his cock out of his mouth. “While others suck at sucking!” and he went on again.

We chuckled at that. Bird put himself in position. “Just do the same I'm doing, dude.” I imitated him. “Start with just the head and after that you can go deeper, a bit at a time. That's all,” he ended stuffing his mouth again with his thick rod.

I glared at my cock. I wouldn't let it go unconquered. I started by licking the tip. The sensation was incredible but I remembered I had to go slowly. I licked more of the head and also part of the rod. While I was doing that I held my pose with one arm holding one leg and the right free hand started exploring my new muscles. I was so lost in sensations that suddenly I found myself with the head inside my mouth and my right hand feeling my flexed left biceps. It seemed that the first time I touched a wrong part of the inner throat with my cock but this time I didn't felt the urge to puke as my cock entered my mouth inch by inch. I sucked myself until I felt the need of release, but it was so sudden that I didn't have time to withdraw my cock and a heavy load flowed down my throat. My cock was so deep inside that I didn't even taste the cum, which I didn't mind (just in case I disliked the flavour). I was lost in the sensation. Never an orgasm had felt like that. I might had gone into an orgasmic brain shutdown as I think I blacked out a little.

Suddenly I found myself with my cock in my mouth and my whole chest covered in cum. Damn I could cum now! I couldn't even drink it all, so much it was. I lowered my legs and took some big breaths on the bed, while I stared at the ceiling (decorated with cum spots) and my new 9 incher (or more probably a 10 incher now) rested on my abs. I closed my eyes for a moment, feeling like everything was right in the universe and right then, I felt a hand massaging my right pec. And then another one massaging my left quad. Both were right hands. I looked down on my… pecs, which were in the way, with a hand on top of them. With the help of my beefy arms I reclined a bit and what I saw startled me a bit. Hat had finished sucking and cum was still running down his face and thick neck, which was way bigger that before. Shit! He looked as big as a bodybuilder, maybe even more although that's difficult to understand. He looked in a trance. His boner, which must have been over a foot long, sagged and slapped his thighs as he got closer to me, massaging both of my quads, which looked as thick as my waist now. Fuck, when did I grow so much?

Then I felt a pressure in my pecs as the hand that was massaging them continued doing so. My pecs felt so heavy it was difficult to breathe. I felt so inflated with muscle that I could barely move. Although something wasn't right, I started boning again and my massive boner went up nearly to my face, just like another cock in my line of sight, only that one was even bigger. It looked like a baseball bat, but thicker. It was Bird—s. Well, an augmented Bird that looked twice as muscular. He was moving his hips franticly as if he couldn't control his horniness. Both his cock and mine pressed into my face as well as both his hands massaging with a lot of pressure my (shit, still expanding) body. Adding Hat's efforts and his body over mine, I had less and less opportunity to breathe and my own growing pecs reaching my face. Each time it was more and more difficult to breathe and the room started spinning—

I shouted and jumped from the bed, breathing with difficulties. I quickly looked around. Bird and Hat were next to me, one on my left and the other on my right. Their bodies were big but not freaky as before and had a worried look in their faces. I coughed and felt as if I had cum inside my nose. My body was augmented but not like before.

“God… Greg, are you alright?” asked Hat with a trembling voice

“Dude you nearly—Fuck! You were lucky I knew CPR. We nearly lost you there!!” said Bird, almost angry.

“What?” Was it all a dream?

“Never keep your cock inside your mouth the whole time you cum! You don't have experience with that!” exclaimed Bird with anger in his voice. I looked at him, surprised.

“You choked on your cum, dude—” said Hat, still scared. “Cum went also out of your nostrils… and you had your eyes rolled up. I thought that… that—” he lowered his eyes as he couldn't finish what he was trying to say. But I understood.

And it scared me. Even more than the nightmare I just had.

“I guess I didn't realize about possible problems adjusting all this… it's all so such a dream,” I admitted.

“I know,” said Hat with a sad smile

“A wet dream!” added Bird with a chuckle.

“Thanks, guys!” I turned to Bird. “I owe you a big one.”

“Hey, don't sweat it, I enjoyed that,” he said licking his lips and winking.

That made me involuntarily to touch my lips with my hand. I blushed.

“Uuuuuh… your first kiss, Greg!” mocked Hat.

“Shut up!” I tried pushing him, but his muscular body barely moved. I tried pressing with both hands on his pecs but he only moved a bit more. Then his pecs suddenly jumped under my hands.

“Woah….” Both I and Bird watched that in awe.

“Hey, did you see that?” exclaimed Hat with excitement.

We nodded and I didn't take my hands from his pecs. “That's called bouncing your pecs,” I informed him.

“You seem to know a lot about this,” commented Bird, looking at me with suspicion.

I smiled and bounced mine, which actually made a little sound, so heavy they were. That made Hat's pecs to bounce as well and our three cocks to harden at once and slap our abs, which I noticed with delight that were getting really defined, mine were nearly an 8 pack. Hat was looking down towards his boner and then towards Bird's and mine.

“Damn, I might have a big cock now, but nothing like you guys.”

I looked down as well. He had a big cock, huge compared to what he had before. I'd estimate 8 inches. But he was right. Me and Bird were at least 2 inches bigger than him.

Bird licked his lips. “I think I'm thicker, but you probably beat me in length—”

He got up, his lemon sized balls looked enormous, hanging real low. He made me a gesture of getting close and I did. We went one in front of the other and he gave a step closer, making our cocks to press into eachother, which sent us both in a bliss drive. One cock next to the other we could see well which one was bigger. I was longer by almost an inch and to my surprise I was almost as thick as his.

“Damn!” he whined.

“At least you have the balls, man,” I tried to cheer him up.

He glanced at me grinning evilly. “You're not lacking there either, stud!” and he gave our both cocks a few strokes with both hands, with made me nearly lose my balance and had to lay my hands on his pecs. It seemed he had learned to bounce them as well. Both odf us moaned. Then another cock slipped between ours. It was Hat's cock. Now the three cocks together so thick that both of Bird's big hands couldn't encircle all, so Hat helped with his right hand. His left hand tried to cover the part that stick out and I helped there with my both hands. The three of us started jerking the three cocks at the same time. Our pecs bounced with the movement and out abs rippled. I couldn't help noticing how big and defined our forearms seemed, with veins everywhere. Soon the bliss was too much to take and we all started cumming at the same time. If one cumshot was so much, the three together was like a fountain. Cum rained over us while we moaned.

We ended falling in the floor on our muscled butts, laughing as if we had gotten crazy. The nightmare moment from before already forgotten.

I took a deep breathe, Not even in my wildest fantasies had I thought about we three doing what we were doing. Hat expressed quite my thoughts.

“Wow, this is so weird… but at the same time—”

“So much fun!!!” ended Bird. He was already playing with his balls and his cock sayed hard.

I laughed. “Dude, don't you ever give it a rest?”

“Why should I?” he replied innocently.

I looked at Hat and he just shrugged. Then, he smelled his pit and made a face.

“Ok, I think it's time for us to shower. I stink more than Bird's fashion sense.”

“Oh really?” He said in a playfull tone. He then jumped on Hat and both started to wrestle or something similar to that.

Did I mention both were boned?

Did I mention I was boned to see them rubbing their bodies against each other, all muscled and boned? Besides, neither of them had a clue how to wrestle, it was only playful pinning. In the end Bird's size imposed over Hat and win, covering Hat in cum, making him to cum as well, adding to the mess. Of course I added my share to the mix on Hat.

Bird got up, still boned. Damn his balls looked bigger than ever.

“Now, you need a shower!” he grinned.

Hat grunted, but nodded and went out of the smelly room. We followed him.

Of course the three of us got in the shower together although once entered, there wasn't any space for movement thanks to our new huge muscles. Still, I can't remember a funnier or hornier shower. Also longer, as each time one of us came we had to start all over again.

An hour later, Hat and I get out of the shower while Bird, using hot water with pressure, jerked off for the millionth time. How many times were there already, seriously? Whatever.

I dried off with a towel without really looking at my body in the mirror. I didn't need to bone again, although just having Hat close didn't help either. In the end, Bird's moans ended boning us, but we just ignored them. We couldn't be the whole day jerking off! But then, looking at Bird, I think that actually would be possible.

I took the bag with new clothes and randomly pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Well, first the elastic boxer-briefs that made the bulge in my crotch look obscene, but that couldn't be helped. The jeans fit perfectly. Maybe a bit too tight but I knew I'd outgrow them before we finished growing. The tshirt wasn't just tight. It was already at the ripping point, but kinda stretchy so it held somehow. I had baggier clothes but I thought that I should wear these while I still could. Hat had chosen baggier clothes although they didn't look that baggy. We said bye to Bird, who replied with another moan and we went home.


Part 6

It wasn't late when I went home, but I found a note from my parents saying that they had spontaneously decided on going away for a week (taking advantage of the fact that my brother was here?) in a kind of holidays stuff. No problem! That way I wouldn't need to be careful with how I looked to them. At least not for the moment.

After I put my new stuff away, I changed to a pair of shorts, more comfortable that those tight jeans. Also, it showed the lower part of my quads in a very cool way. However, the tight undies were a bit uncomfortable so I decided to go without. I was at home and my parents out. Well yeah, my brother was home, but fuck him. What was he gonna do about it? I bet I was bigger than him now. After making up my mind, I took my stretchy boxerbriefs off and stayed like that for a minute, enjoying the freedom down there. For a moment I considered myself staying like that, but my rational mind spoke against it. What if somebody knocked the door? (Besides, wearing a tshirt and nothing else looked silly.) So I just put on the baggy shorts that weren't that baggy after all, as my muscled bubble butt took a lot of space and material and my basket was fully displayed. Shit, it seemed almost obscene, as my soft cock was really thick and almost 6 inches and my balls as big as big lemons. However, I just shrugged. It was really comfortable. A good idea for the time the parents were out.

When I went down the stairs (shit my cock moves too much!!) I heard some sounds from the basement. It seemed like Terry was pumping iron. I looked at my right arm and grinned, going directly downstairs towards the basement. I saw Terry doing bench press. He had a lot of plates on the bar. Something I couldn't lift at all before, but… now things were different. I put myself on the spoting position.

“Hey bro, need a spot?”I told him, surprising him.

“Fuck, Greg! Don't startle me like that!” he complained, struggling with the bar.

“Need a spot or not?” I ignored his rant.

“Yeah, whatever. If you can, that is,” he mocked.

I frowned, and as he was finishing his last rep with trembling hands, I took the bar from him and lifted it. It was heavy, but nothing I couldn't handle at the moment. I estimated I might be as strong as him, at the very least, which made me grin. I waited in the same position over his head while he took some deep breaths with his eyes closed. Then he opened them again and I helped him lift the bar. I looked at him lifting slowly the bar, his pecs flexing and bulging under the tanktop he was wearing. Without realizing my cock reached a semihard state quite obvious for the head that was just under it and could see it clearly from the pantleg. Although he needed a moment to understand what he was watching. He nearly let the bar go on his neck, but I was faster and helped him in the last moment. He got up like a resort, all angry at me.

“What the fuck, Greg?”

“What, Terry?” I asked with an innocent look.

“You're not wearing underwear!” he pointed at my ample crotch

“That's called going commando, bro,” I just shrugged. “Besides, why do you care? Maybe you won't need it, but my big boy need more room,” I mocked him.

“The fuck you say, skinny?” he said, getting inches from me, narrowing his eyes. “I'm bigger than you everywhere!”

I snorted “Yeah right. First of all, I'm as strong if not stronger than you, and about the bigger part… in your dreams.”

“Oh yeah? Why don't you try doing what I was doing? 12 reps.” He pointed to the bench press.

“No problem.” I said putting myself in position.

I took the bar and started doing reps. It was heavy, but I managed to make 6 without breaking a sweat. The rest were more difficult but I managed to do the 12 of it. I was breathing heavily, but I felt great. My tshirt was now barely containing my pumped pecs and I bet it showed it as my brother was looking at them quite angry. Also the rush made my cock to be a bit more than semi, to the limit of getting up.

“Not bad, but that wasn't my maximum,” he said while adding 2 more plates to the bar.

He laid down again and I put myself again in the spotting position, just in case, but the moment he came into view with the inside of my pant leg, he frowned and said that he didn't need spotting. So I left him alone to do that. He managed to do 6 and from the look of his face it wasn't an easy thing. But I wouldn't let that intimidate me.

I put myself in position and start the reps. Fuck, the first was already hard and the second was a real challenge, but I continued while I heard my brother muttered something like “can't be”. I'd show him! I forced my pecs to move and contract and in my fifth rep my tshirt couldn't contain them more as the super pump made them to force their way out to get some fresh air. I heard my brother gasp before I did the sixth rep with the last bit of my strength.

I got up from the bench and went to the big mirror in the wall. The front part of my tshirt was in tatters and grinning to my astonished brother in the mirror, I did a most muscular pose that tore the rest of it. Shit, it wasn't only my pecs, my whole body looked pumped, ripped and veiny, even my legs looked thicker even if I hadn't trained them, my baggy shorts now a perfect fit, except for the hell of a boner that was evident. My brother was directly staring at it. At first I couldn't get what his eyes meant. I noticed a glint of jealously, fear and… lust. Well, that I could tell from the bulge that was slowly getting bigger in his shorts and that he was unaware off.

Let's give him more to be jealous, scared and lustful about!

I winked at him and made a double biceps pose. My biceps bulged enormously. He made the same pose, but my biceps weren't as big as his, they were bigger. And the same was for any other muscle we flexed. Quads were the last, and that part as well he couldn't outgrow me. My grin got wider at his desperate face.

“Oh, and don't forget this!” I exclaimed lowering my shorts and flashing him with my (probably 10 incher) boner. His eyes nearly went out from his sockets. I turned to go, but in the door, up the stairs, I turned a bit.

“If you want at least to act like a big brother, you can start making us dinner, your little brother is starving.” And I left him there, chuckling at his total defeat. Well at least not total, as in some bodyparts we were equal, but I knew that wouldn't last long. Probably by the next day I'd be bigger than him everywhere.

And I loved it!

I was going up to change when I suddenly realized that I didn't need to get dressed. Besides, my dick of a brother needed a bit more of humiliation and the constant reminding of my bigger attributes would do that nicely. Also, I was curious to know to what point did I see lust in his eyes. It would be fun to discover it.

I stopped for a moment. This wasn't my normal behavior. Well, the jerk deserves that and more from his years of humiliation and threats. Besides, it's not as if I was gonna hurt him (at least not physically).

So I changed directions towards the dining room and in my glorious teen muscle nakedness, sat in the sofa and started zapping. Half an hour later, Terry went up from the basement and went straight to the kitchen. I wondered if he was sweaty. Also if he had been doing any more lifting since I left. I chucked at the possibility of him being so startled, that he didn't move in 30 minutes. Wait till he sees me the next day!

My boner hadn't subsided at all and was still angrily slapping my abs, demanding attention. I looked at it and felt like sucking on it, but then I remembered how did I ended the last time (and also first) I tried. I sighed and, choosing a football match, took it with both hands and stating working on it. Fifteen minutes later, the TV screen had half its surface covered in white and also some stripes of cum were on the carpet.

“Shit!” I hope that didn't let a spot. I wiped it the best I could with some tissues and the evidence was gone. However, I told myself to be more careful in the future. Just then, the smell of meat grilling in the kitchen made me forget about everything else and guided me towards the kitchen table, where I sat. I stared at my brother's wide back that stretched his tanktop and his arms bulged as he moved them. His legs were also nicely muscled. All in all, a nice sight to distract with while waiting. My boner, appreciating the view, started slapping the table from under it, making small bumping sounds. At those sounds, my brother looked behind him and saw me shirtless (he didn't see me naked under the table from that angle) and rolled eyes. I winked at him and he frowned, turning again to the frying pan. I noticed the blush on his cheeks and smiled. This dinner would be fun.

He sat with two big steaks on two plates and passed me one, which I started chewing like no tomorrow. I noticed him glancing at me from time to time and once I noticed him adjusting himself. I decided to tease him a little, bouncing my pecs at the same time the sound of my cock under the table was heard. I noticed him becoming redder and redder, until he couldn't take it any longer.

“Will you stop doing that with your legs?” he exploded trying to grab the leg I was using to bump the table. To my surprise (and his) he did take the leg that was making the sound, just not the leg he thought. I could feel during three long seconds how he squeezed it, just to make sure he was grabbing what he thought he was grabbing. Then he let it go as if it had burned him.

“What the fuck Greg!”

“That should be my line!” I complaint, faking annoyance “Who asked you to grab my cock, Terry?”

That took him by surprise. “I… erm… I didn't… I mean, I wouldn't have grabbed it if you had some clothes on, you weirdo!”

“Yeah, cause what you're wearing leaves so much to the imagination. Besides, as you can see,” I emphasize it with a double bi pose and some pec bounce, “I'm a growing boy. I need free space for my growth spurts.”

“Yeah right, as if that was natural. I dunno what shit you're on, but steroids—” he started, but I cut him in mid sentence.

“Steroids?” I got up and shook my 10 incher so close to his face (he was sitting down) that I nearly cockslap him “You think that steroids can give such a beast?”

He nearly fainted from seeing it so close. If he had something to say, he apparently forgot about it. I shook it a bit more, chuckling at the fact that he was following it with his eyes, as if he was the watcher of a tennis game. He seemed like hypnotized. I also showed my swollen balls, as to emphasize the nonsteroid use..

“We're just guys in here, until dad and mom come back, why not hanging free?”

“Yeah… free—” he seemed dazed and I tried controlling the laugh, which was a difficult task at the moment.

“Why don't you start taking off your tank top. It's quite hot here anyway.” I suggested him.

“Yeah… I should… no, wait! What the hell? Stop doing that, it's embarrassing!”

“It didn't seem embarrassing to you the whole two minutes you’ve been staring at it—” I said with a shit-eating grin.

He frowned but instead of replying, he went again to finish his meat (lol) and ignore me. But I wanted to play a bit more with him. So I sat again but instead of placing my boner under the table, I let it pointing up, pressed between my abs and the table, whose eye was clearly seen.

The first time he glanced he nearly spit what he was munching. I faked ignoring him, while eating the steak.


“What now?”

He pointed to my abs, where my cockhead was visible and already with a pre drop in the tip.

I looked at it. “What? You were the one complaining before about the sounds it was making with the table! Isn't it better?”


“It seems you're never satisfied—” I pouted “Oh!” I had a great idea. He seemed to get my evil grin, cause he nearly gave a step backwards.


“What do you say? Let's wrestle! If you pin me to the floor, I wear clothes inside the house,” I proposed.

“Oh—” He looked me all over and smiled. “Deal!” he offered the hand to seal the deal with a handshake but I didn't.

“Wait a second. There is a second part. It's not fair if only you can be rewarded. What if I pin you down?”

“What? Hum—” He tried on thinking something but I had already my evil plan in motion.

“If I win, not only me, you will be naked around the house the whole time as well!”

“No way!”

“Come on, it will be fun! And only till mom and dad come back. Besides, are you that afraid of losing to your little brother?” I mocked him and added some hen noises to the mix. “Buck buck buck buck—”

He narrowed his eyes. “You're on!”

We both spited our hands and shook them. I should be worried about his more experience but I had an ace on my sleeve. Or more exactly, the lack of sleeve was the ace.

We made some room in the living room and looked at each other.

“Rules—except hitting, all is fine. The one unable to get up, loses.”

“Heh, that will be you, runt. I have years of experience while you….”

“Yeah yeah—” I faked a yawn. “Shall we start already?”

“Put on something first!!!” He pointed at my cock that was then soft, its 6 inches hanging free and comfortable.

I shook my head. “No. For that you have to win. Aren't we doing this for a reason? If you want equality, you can undress.”

“Whatever, you're going down anyway,” he stayed in position and I imitated him.

I wasn't at all inexperienced about the sport, I had watched it lots of times and have even tried for the team, but there was a feeling of aggressiveness in it that I disliked. Still I knew enough to stay out of reach in the exact moment and both were trying to get a hold on the other. He took me by surprise and grabbed me by the waist. I did the same, with the advantage that I could grab him from the waistband of his shorts while he didn't had anything to grab (no fat there either) so in the end I was the one pinning him down, but he was able to get away. After some scenes ending like that, he started to complain.

“It's not fair that you can grab clothing while I can't.”

“You know how to get on equal terms. Lose the clothing bro!”

“Shit!” he whined, but ended taking off the sweaty tanktop and the shorts, then, with a bit of hesitation, he took off his jockstrap too. I grinned when I saw his 4 inch softie moving freely.

“That's more like it!”

“Shut up and come here!”

“Aye, aye, sir!”

And we started again. This time I had another ace. Or better said, he had it. One I could use against him. It was evident the first time he had me pinned on the floor. I was facing the floor and he was sitting on my butt using his weight to keep me down. Perfect.

I started moving my hips up and down, rubbing them against his cock that was quite pressed into it by his own weight. He managed to hide a moan and get up enough for me to escape and trying to pin him down. By then both of us had a semi, although mine was 3 inches bigger. I took him, facing the ceiling and made his legs to go up while I pressed my own crotch on the spot between his ass and his slowly growing cock. I used my weight to keep him like that and at the same time, my arms pressing against his arms. At the same time I slowly and sensually moved my hips in spiral.

“Fuck!” he moaned “Stop! You can't do that!”

“It doesn't go against the rules, big bro. Oh yeah, big bro indeed!” I exclaimed, watching his cock going full mast as my own boner massaged that specific spot.

Terry's whole head blushed as he felt his boner slapping his abs. He tried to get free, but he was in a bad position and his arousal didn't let him think as well as usual.

“Stop that! Let me go!”

“You give in?” I teased him.

“Fuck you!”

“Are you giving me ideas?” I happily replied, teasing him more in that spot, feeling the pre wetting that area, getting easier to move it there. He moaned in desperation and the moment a precum drop went out from his own pisslit, he cursed.

“Fuck! Fuck! Ok! You win!”

“So, you promise to accept the meaning of your loss, namely, stay naked indoors?”

“I told you already that you win, didn't I? Now, get the fuck off me!”

“Sure thing, bro.” I said, releasing him. He quickly got up and took some steps away from me.

He touched his butt and felt my pre on it. “Sick bastard…”

“The rules stated that everything goes. If you can't take a bit of teasing is not my problem. Why do you take it so seriously, bro?”

“We're brothers, you shouldn't do that with me!”

“Why not?” I crossed my beefy arms under my protruding pecs.

“Because… well… just because.”

“Okaaay… good reason indeed, because you didn't enjoy it at all, right?” I said pointing to his boner.

“Hum… that—s—” He didn't know what to reply to that.

I shrugged. “Look I don't see why we can't have a bit of fun. Of course I know there are limits! Precisely because we're brothers there should be no problem with a bit of teasing and playing! Anyway, still you lost, so you have to keep your part.”

I went upstairs, leaving him there. At least I managed to get him naked too. We'll see how this goes over the next few days. Before going to bed I went to the bathroom and got off on my body for a while. I didn't put anything on to sleep. Why bother? After a quick release I was in dreamland.


Part 7

When I woke up the following morning, I felt refreshed and full of energy. Also… horny. Way horny. I looked down and by the morning wood that was making a tent out of the bedsheets, I must had a big tool down there. Which was quite true, although I couldn't measure it as I needed release badly. It felt huge in my hands. Yeah, hands. I used both and even so, had room for another one. That made me chuckle a bit until all I could do was moan and get lost in bliss.

Of course when I finished I needed a shower, as I had my big (wow, bigger) pecs and abs coated with white stuff. In that very moment Terry was shaving and I smiled widely, remembering the humiliation from the day before. I was glad he was keeping his part of the bargain, as he wasn't wearing anything and his muscled body and nice cock were on display. He looked awesome like that. I wondered why he hadn't done this before. Oh yeah, dress code. Heh, not this week.

When he saw me in the mirror he nearly cut himself with the razor from the surprise. Looking at myself in the mirror I could understand why. I have noticed I was bigger when I woke up, but I needed to see myself next to him to fully understand how much bigger I had grown. I was clearly bigger than him in all departments and to drive the point home I flexed my (later I'd know it was a bit more than 20 inch) biceps. I made some more poses on the mirror and the display of hugeness, which would not be too out of place in any bodybuilder magazine, made me get hard again. My tool reached past my navel and that made me wonder if I had reached the foot long mark. However, I needed that shower first, so I'd hold off those fun moments for later.

It seemed that Terry couldn't stand my masculinity and rushed out, but the glance of his hardening member made me smirk. Did we had the same tastes in muscle or did I just reach a level of turning on straight guys?

That would be fun to investigate.

After the shower, where I had more fun with my body, I went back to my room to take some measurements. It felt weird, the new thickness of my legs. Not only did it start to make me walk differently, it also pushed my balls forward and my cock even more forwards. And talking about cock. No. it wasn't a foot long yet, but being a bit more than eleven inches was much more than anything I had imagined. Taking the soft measurement was the hard (lol) part. I needed to jerk off 3 times in a row to get it completely soft…. for 2 minutes. I laughed really hard when I realized I was the same size soft that hard was before starting to grow. It was crazy. But at the same time, awesome. I also measured the rest of muscles. My arms were a bit over 20 inches, while my upper torso surprised me at 54 inches. I didn't know if that was because of the huge pecs protruding or the wide back that made my arms not exactly touch the sides of the torso. My waist was less than 30 inches and my abs looked incredibly defined. I'd have a 12 pack soon if that was possible and my intercostals and Adonis belt nearly made me cum just looking at it. My legs were incredibly thick, 27 inches, and my neck was nearly as thick as my head. I was the same (or a bit less) size as the fantasies I used in my jerk off sessions, so just looking at my body flex and move would give me an erection. I realized it was already half an hour since I woke up and I was ravenously hungry already.

Every step I gave downstairs made my pecs to bounce, so I was pretty hard when I reached the kitchen. Terry was already there and the sight of him his naked didn't help to ease my boner. Instead, it made me to start leaking pre. I was more hungry than horny (so you can imagine how hungry I was) so I ignored my wet boner and went straight to the fridge. Terry was biting into some toast when he saw me entering the kitchen, big, boned and ripped. His toast ended in the floor, butter side down, of course. He cursed but just grabbed another piece. I ignored him, as I start taking down milk and cereal, but felt his stares. When my eyes met his, I wasn't sure if I saw just envy… or lust. Probably a mix of them both, but there was nothing I could do to help on that. He would have to get used to it.

Because there was more growth coming. Or at least I hoped so.

“So… I agreed to your little game and I'm not complaining, see?” he started.

I looked at him and arched a brow.

“And I'm your brother, your only brother.”

I didn't know yet what his point was.

“You know I'd like to get huge… really huge.”

I nodded.

“Even bigger than you.”

Okay, that statement made my boner to escape from between my quads and thump under the table, which moved from it. I couldn't help but chuckle.

“So, I'm going to ask you politely, what are you on and where I can get some?”

I sighed and made an exasperated face. He frowned.

“Come on. Nobody grows like that overnight!”

I wondered about that, heh. “I told you I'm not taking anything. You can make me undergo any test. Or you can examine my skin to find any marks from needles. Besides, that stuff made your junk to get smaller.” I got up and made my boner to slap my hips and my huge balls reaching almost mid tight to move too. “I guess that's not the case.”

He looked at it moving as if in some sort of trance before shaking his head. He frowned again. “I don't get it”.

“Look, you're not the only one with a muscle… desire… (I guessed “fetish” wasn't a nice word) “so if I could make you grow like this I'd help you.”

“Yeah, right—”

I just shrugged. My delts and traps jumped, making him to do a doubletake. I finished my cereal and was a bit hungry so I got up again to get something else, but my feet slipped on the wet floor and I fell down.

“Shit!” I cursed. “Why is the floor wet?” But then I realized that I had created a puddle of pre while eating and it covered a nice area under me. When Terry looked down and realized as well, he just shook his head in disbelief and rolled eyes. I frowned at the much smaller, but still there, wetness under his chair that came from his own boner. “You're one to talk.”

He blushed, but didn't reply.

Then I had an idea. “Hey, why don't you at least try getting bigger the old way? I think I'm big enough to train with you and give you the extra push others can't.”

He swallowed with difficulty, and then shook his head.

“Can't you get over the fact that I'm bigger than you?” I asked, quite annoyed.

“I'm not angry because of you being bigger than me!”


“Nothing… forget it… ok, I guess no one can spot me like you. Just give me a minute to grab my workout clo—” but my frown stopped him in mid sentence. He sighed. “You can't blame me for trying.”

I grinned. “Of course I can. Now, move your muscle butt over the basement!”

He grunted but leaded the way. I followed closely, looking at his muscle butt flex and relax as he walked. A week ago I wouldn't have dared to check him out, but now… what could he do to me?

When we reached the basement, he went directly to the bench press.

“Didn't you just do chest yesterday?” I asked, confused.

“You interrupted me,” he replied.

“And after that you stayed here another hour or so. What were you doing?”

“None of your business,” he grunted, blushing a bit.

He laid down on the bench, his semihard 8 incher laying on his crotch pointing to his left hip. I stayed there, looking at the hot jock in front of me with a stupid grin on my face. His glare made me go back to business.

I put myself in the spotting position, not being able to help being hard at such muscles exposed (mine and his) and because of the place I was, my balls and boner were exactly over his face, although not exactly very close. I nearly laughed out loud when I heard him swallowing with difficulty. I wasn't sure if he was glaring at the bar or at my boner and balls.

I helped him to lift the bar the first time (it was still loaded with yesterday's weight) and he started doing on his own the rest. Even seeming a bit distracted he was doing it fine. For the last 2 of 10 reps, I helped him to finish with a roar.

He sat on the bench, breathing hard. I couldn't help to notice the boner on my brother's crotch and also the huge pump he was starting to get in the pecs. After resting a bit more and adding a bit more of weight, Terry started again, this time he needed help for the 4 last reps, the last one nearly failing. I was nearly drooling, not only for the 9 incher slapping his abs, but his chest contracting with each rep, swelling huge from the pump and my own arms that were helping him also pumped and veiny and huge. My boner was so hard I feared it might break the skin. But of course the good times couldn't last much longer.

Just when I was helping him to put the bar in its place, a damned drop of my precum fell to the floor. Or it would have fell on the floor if my brother's face wasn't in the way. It landed in his open left eye.

He yelled so loud I fell to the floor on my muscled bubble butt. I think I have never seen him more angry and even with my size, I feared for my life, so I dashed up the stairs till I reached my room trying to find a place to hide. Luckily, apart from yelling and cursing, my brother didn't do anything more or went out of the basement.


Part 8


And my fucking cock was still erect! Shit. Oh well, I'd take care of it. But then the phone rang.



“Hi Sari!”

“Wanna grab some ice cream?”


“Great! Get the other two and met me in two hours in the shop”

“Two hours?”

“Don't ask. I'll talk to you about it later.”

“Ok, I'll phone the others.”

“Better if you go to their houses. I already tried but none of them answer the phone.”

“Ok, see you later then.”


I went back to my room, noticing the doorframes narrower than a day ago (damn, I'm wide!). I was surprisingly flaccid, so my seven inch softie didn't have much trouble getting into my undies. The problem was not showing a huge bulge, but whatever. My legs were thicker with muscle as my jeans were quite tight and when I tried yesterday's t-shirt I nearly ripped it. Nearly, but it held. However, I decided on wearing something not so tight just in case while I was walking the street it might ri—


Shit! I actually ripped it by flexing! I wasn't even trying to do that. Damn, that's so cool. And hot.

Another shirt felt not so constricting. Lucky I foresaw that coming when I bought baggier clothes.

After getting clothed enough to be seen in public (damn, I looked huge!), I headed directly to Hat's house. My legs rubbed eachother while I walked and my junk had no room but in the front and it was obvious I was more than gifted there. The t-shirt I was wearing was a bit baggy but the sleeves were very short and half of my veined big bulging biceps were on display. Did I mention my lats were pressing my arms weirdly to the sides? I didn't need to wonder if I looked like those bodybuilders already. I knew I looked like one.

And I loved it!

Before I could reach Hat's house I could hear shouts and screams and the nearer I became, the more clear it was that they came from inside his house. No wonder they couldn't hear the phone ringing!

Of course they didn't heard the doorbell with such a loud arguing, so I entered by the opened door. In the living room there was a funny scene. Hat's parents were standing up, arguing with eachother, sometimes pointing at Hat, sometimes pointing at eachother.

“That clinic is no good either! Are you trying to send our son in a third rate place to check his disease?”

“It's obviously an hormonal problem and that's a good place for that! The general hospital won't do!”

“It might just be an infection or an allergenic reaction! Who knows what that might be!”

And they kept on and on with their nonsense.

Hat was sitting in a couch, with two throw pillows pressed to each side of the head, obviously fed up with the arguing. Looking at him, I could understand why. If yesterday he was nearly as big as I was, today he was as big as I was, if not bigger. He was wearing some huge shorts that revealed ham sized calves and a tshirt with the sleeves ripped open, probably from the flexing he was doing while holding the pillows to his ears. I need all my control not to bone there and then and make a show (although I couldn't help getting a semi, making my bulge even more obvious).

Then Hat saw me and his face lit up, relieved. When he got up and headed towards me, his parents realized about me and watching us so close in size they started to ask me questions.

“So you’ve grown too?”

“Are you all right?”

“What do your parents say?”

“Have the doctor checked you already?”

“What's causing it?”

“WOW! Calm down, please! This is just the result of lots of exercise, eating and a growth spurt, same with your son! I'm all right and so is he!” I tried to sound reasonable, but they didn't look quite satisfied.

“Just two days ago he looked normal, skinny even. And now he's huge!” replied his father.

“Maybe you just didn't pay enough attention to his body till now and suddenly you notice his progress—”

“Well—” He still didn't look convinced.

Then Hat took me by the arm.

“Sorry, dad, but you and mom have given me enough of a headache with your arguing. I'll see you later!” And he started to hurry outside, still holding onto my arm. We went out quickly before his parents could say anymore and actually started running.

A couple streets away he let me go and stopped to catch his breath.

“Thank god you came. I'm not sure how much could I have put up with their yelling.” He smiled at me. Then his eyes got wide. “Wow! You look bigger today!”

“You're one to talk!” I replied him “You look bigger than me!”

“Not everywhere,” he said, glancing down to my basket, which looked stuffed to say the least. I just chuckled. I told him about Sari's call and we went towards Bird's house. Along the way he finished ripping his sleeves until his shirt became sleeveless. It looked awesome on him. And I told him.

“Thanks dude. You look amazing too. Man, can you believe it? I'm way bigger than yesterday! It's so cool, although my parents are freaking a bit because of it. If it weren't for you appearing I might be still there till late afternoon!”

“Well, you're the one growing ar a faster rate out of the three of us, I think.”

“Not where it counts,” he replied, obviously staring at my crotch. “Damn, you must have a foot long hiding there,” he added, squeezing his own big bulge.

I noticed my manhood growing and tried focusing in something else. “Dude, stop talking about that or you'll give me a hard on.”


“These jeans can't hold a foot long boner. Or at least I don't think they can.”

“Hahahaa…. Damn, at the rate you're growing, you'll have to give in on jeans soon,” he commented.

“But, I like jeans!” I insisted as we reached Bird's house. When we rang the bell nobody answered. As the door was open (what's with people and open doors?), we let ourselves inside. Of course, Bird's grandma didn't notice our presence and we decided not to say a thing and instead, went ahead up to his room. Right after the stairs, before reaching the door, there was cum smell and when I was going to grab the door knob to open the door, Hat's hand grabbed my muscled forearm, stopping me. I looked at him, but he was looking down on the floor. I followed his stare towards the part of the floor under the door, where it seemed like a puddle of cum was trying to get out. As if the room was flooded with it and it tried to escape from the door hinges.

“Does that mean what I think it means?” asked Hat disbelieving.

“Hum… knowing him… it could be.”

“I mean, we just let him here yesterday afternoon.”

“It's Bird.” I pointed out.

“And for that to happen there must be at least an inch deep pool of the stuff all over the floor!”

“It's Bird!”

“Also, he—” but I cut him in mid sentence.

“Dude, we're talking about a sexually improved Bird!”

He didn't add anything else. He just whistled and shook his head.

I opened the door. It seemed we had imagined too much as there was a huge cum spot on the door with cum running down making a puddle behind it, which made us believe in the cum flood scenario.

On the other hand—

There was cum everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The ceiling and walls were almost painted in white. I mean, Bird's room was blue before. Now it looked like the sky was covered in clouds. Smelly clouds. Also it was difficult not to step ina a cum puddle on the floor, so we didn't go far into the room.

Bird was on his bed, cock in mouth. Nothing out of the extraordinary. Except maybe the part of him looking like a bodybuilder (a bit smaller than me, but not by much), with softball sized testicles and a footlong cock so thick that I wondered how he could stick it inside his mouth.

I noticed my crotch area painfully tight so, fearing my cock tearing through the zipper, I unleashed the beast, which was beating angry red, looking bigger than ever (and it probably was).

Hat misunderstood me and, taking out his own 9 incher (damn, he's growing like a weed down there too, considering he started with next to nothing), he started beating off. I shrugged and started too. Five minutes later we were shooting our loads onto Bird, adding to the cum he already had on his bulging muscles.

“Dude,” I started, “finish already, Sari will be waiting for us in about an hour to get some ice cream”

He nodded but didn't take out the monster from his mouth, and continued shucking.

10 minutes later he was still at it. I looked at Hat and he arched a brow.

“I think we should stop him or we'll never be able to get any ice cream,” I suggested.

“Not ice, but at least, lots of cream,” he joked.

Dodging the cum puddles, we approached him. Hat took his head and I grabbed the monster cock. The thing was nearly as big as mine but way thicker. I needed both hands and the fucker seemed to have muscles there too, so thick and hard it was. The moment I squeezed it, he opened more his mouth with a moan and I took it out.

“Damn…. Sorry. I just can't stop myself,” he apologized.

“Have you ever stoped since waking up today?” asked Hat.

“Who said I went to sleep at all?” smirked Bird.

We all laughed.

“Dude, we have the brawn, but Sari will still kick our asses if we make her wait too much. Get a shower, and I mean just a shower, and clothed.”

“Why don't you join me to make sure I just do that?” he asked me mischievously, grabbing my still hard boner. “Damn, you're always the big guy aren't you?” he squeezed it a bit, making me moan. But I resisted the temptation knowing that getting with him in the shower would take the whole day and we didn't have the time.

“Maybe later.”

“Besides, aren't you hungry? The whole afternoon, night and morning non-stop—”

“I am starving!” he roared and went quickly to the shower. “By the way!” he shouted from there. “I noticed the growth during that time, since I was awake. I noticed and saw myself bigger each hour I looked at me, it was awesome!”

“And aren't you tired?” I asked, still mesmerized by it.

“I am, but I'll control myself more in the future… I hope,” he said while drying off with a towel.

“Anyway, get dressed already dude,” advised Hat.

Bird took some underwear he bought the day before and as he was stil semihard, his 9 incher and huge balls were protruding like… well, there are no words apart from obscene to describe it. I was lucky that my shirt was a bit baggy in the lower front so it hide my bulge and my jeans were so damn tight that I felt like going home and changing, but there wasn't time. Bird put a red tank top and an orange cargo pants, all quite tight, displaying every bulge, and I mean every. He added a horrible yellow belt.

“It's good to see some stuff from you hasn't changed, like your un-fashion sense.” Commented Hat

“Well, maybe Sari won't pay much attention to the muscle if she notices that first.” I said.

“Don't think we'll be that lucky,” added Bird, doing a double biceps pose.

“Show off!” I punched him in the meaty shoulder.

“Hey, if you have it, show it!” he replied.


Part 9

In the end we arrived to the meeting place 15 minutes before the time Sari said and it was funny how people looked at us in the street. I nearly laughed my ass of when a girl did a doubletake from looking at me. It was hilarious. I wondered how people at school would take it. Well, as if they could do something about it.

A deep weird sound startled us. But we laughed when we realized that it came from Bird's midsection.

“That will teach you from not stopping playing with yourself,” I told him

“Yeah, next time call me so I can help you!” added Hat with a wink.

“I'll take your word for it,” he warned him.

“Maybe we can get some ice cream before she comes—” I suggested. They agreed, especially Bird, who got 4 scoops, while Hat and I got one each.

We were just starting to eat when a scream startled us so much that our ice fall from the cone to our shirts.

“What the hell you think you're doing?”

It was Sari and she was angry, but she stopped a few feet before us and looked at us with bug eyes. Sensing the danger of her suspecting something, I started to distract her attention to other things.

“Damnit, Sari. Look at the mess you’ve made me do! This was a new shirt!”

“Sorry, it was just that—” Then she looked at the ice in Bird’s shirt…. And Bird’s clothes. “Oh my Gawd!”

“I told you that you might make her blind with that outfit,” jkoked Hat. Bird punched him softly in the arm.

“Ok, I'm sorry, I was angry you had started without me, let me buy you another.” She apologized and entered the shop. Trying to avoid looking at Bird.

“Make mine a double, please!” said Bird while he licked the ice cream on his tanktop.

“Don't push your luck,” I elbowed him

“Hey guys!” exclaimed Hat suddenly. “We're like the photo!”

“I think you're right,” I agreed. I had already realized it, as after noticing my growth I had compared myself to the me of the photo. “Maybe that means we're not growing anymore… Well, I'm already bigger than Terry, so it's fine.”

“Than your brother? You sure?” asked Hat mesmerized. “Well, it's a pity I won't reach the foot long mark,” he added grabbing his bulge “But at least my parents will stop bugging me.”

“I'm happy as how I am. If my cock gets any bigger, I'll need to unlock my jaw in order to suck it,” commented Bird.

“Aren't you already?” I joked.

We all laughed till Sari came back with the ice cream.

We leaned on a wall while we ate. Bird was laughing at something Hat had just said and Sari was looking at me, suspiciously. I was going to think of an excuse about my growth but when she started talking I realized it was about another thing.

“What about The Dino and the camera?” she asked unexpectedly.

That took me by surprise and I scratched the back of my head, making my biceps bulge so much there was a small rip in one odf the seams underneath. With a low curse, I refocused on her question. If the camera was now doing good things, what was the point in using it on him?

I looked at Sari. “I don't think I'll use it. This camera is unpredictable. Don't worry, nobody will get his hands on it again.” It was true. I'd keep it hidden.

She smiled at me. “Good. I knew you'd finally see reason.”

Still eating our ice creams, we went over to the baseball stadium nearby and sat to see a game some classmates were playing. Hat waved his beefy arm to them, but they didn't wave back.

“I think they don't recognize you,” I told him. He shrugged, making his traps to rise to his ears.

Thinking about it, I was amazed at the extent to which we'd changed. If our growth had been impressive to us, who had seen it bit by bit, how would it look to the people who haven't seen us in two days? I chuckled thinking on the next day at school.

After the game we went back home. I thought about Sari's words as I entered my house. Yeah, the best thing would be sealing the hidden spot in my room so no one would find the camera ever again. I was still thinking about that when I entered my room and found Terry there, looking at something in his hands. A square of paper?

No, looking at it more closely, it wasn't paper but… an instant photo that was still developing!! And the camera was in his other hand! He looked at me.

“Hey, you don't mind me using your camera, right? I forgot mine in the dorm and I thought about making a “before” set of photos to see my future gains.”

OMG. I had forgotten to put the camera away again in its hidden place. And Terry had used it… on himself!!!!!

Fearing the camera had gone back to evil, I took the photo and the camera from his hands, ignoring his protests. Almost trembling I saw the pic clearing—

“You shouldn't have used this camera. It's broken. It makes weird photos.” I stared worriedly at him for a moment.

“What you mean weird? I just made a biceps pose photo and… what the hell?”

Shit! He caught a glance of the photo! I looked at it and I lost my breath. It was Terry, naked, but not doing a biceps pose. He was using both hands to encircle what looked like a 2 liter coke bottle coming from his groin. It was bigger than any fake I had seen on the net. The head was almost reaching his chin (it reached his tongue, as he was teasing the huge pisshole). We both stared at it speechless. I quickly put it in my back pocket, feeling my hard muscle ass as I did so through the tight jeans.

“I told you it made weird photos—” I managed to say, feeling a pain in my crotch. It had grown erect all the way to the hip and it was forcing its way out past the belt. I needed to take it out. Badly.

“Holy shit. That's more than weird! I've worked with photos before and there is no way a camera can do… what the hell u doing?” he noticed me undoing my belt.

“Getting comfy,” I replied in as casual a voice as I could as I kind of peeled my clothes off me, almost ripping my short getting it off, until I was standing there naked, my boner slapping my upper abs.

“Dude!” he whined, blushing.

“You're one to talk,” I pointed to his pre dripping boner. He was just half hard when I came in. Was he like that because of what he saw in the pic, or because of me? Or both? I couldn't stop a smile forming on my mouth.

He got out of my room and went straight to the bathroom. I wanted to take a shower (and also bother him a bit more, hehe). But before I went up, I rechecked the pic he had just taken. How was this possible? And why this? Taking the last pic into account, the camera could well be making true hidden wishes. Had he a monstercock fetish? *chuckle* Damn, if he gets that size… will I be able to stay around him without automatically cumming?

Without a second thought, I entered the bathroom. He was already inside the shower stall. I smiled and opened the door, joining him.

“Get out!” He ordered me.

“Hey, I'm just saving water” I joked as I almost poked his side with my huge boner. Shit, I bet it really is a footlong!

He grunted and turned his foamy butt on me so I couldn't see his boner (he failed). I took out some soap and started soaping my muscled body and after concentrating a bit on my cock, creating moans obvious to him, I started soaping his back, turning it into a massage. His back muscles got tense as iron, which excited me even more. I noticed his fists trembling. His arms tense and triceps bulging. Damn, my arms were way bigger than him now.

“Get off me, asshole!” he demanded, without really trying to push me away.

I grinned and pressed my front into his back, making my pecs mash against his shoulder blades and my cock pressed into his butt and lower back (of course, not entering him, he was my bro after all. I had limits… I guess). Also to prevent him him jumping from the surprise, I was hugging him from behind, grabbing his pecs and massaging them too. He failed at concealing a moan, but he struggled against my bigger arms. There was no way he was escaping me against my will, and after some more struggling, he realized it. He suddenly stopped moving.

“Please stop it, Greg. Why are you doing this?” Haha, I can't believe he's almost begging me to stop.

I smiled. “Cause it annoys you.”

That made him roar with rage and he caught me off guard, with a hand squeezing my cock with such force, it made me cum like a fountain. He took that chance to get away from the shower, with his whole back covered in cum, almost to his hair. I sat on my butt in the shower stall floor, with the shower water running on me, my cock only getting semihard, resting on my leg like a fat veiny hose.

“Aww… you're no fun, big bro!” I whined.

He shook his head with exasperation and rolling his eyes he got out, cum dripping from his back. I lay there for a minute, and then he came back, red like a tomato.

“Get out. I need to clean your… mess,” he said, annoyed.

I chuckled, but did as he said. I guess he had enough torment for the time being. I toweled on my way to my room. There, I hid the camera with the two pics in the secret hole. I had some fun with the big mirror on the back of my closet door, flexing and posing exactly the same as any bodybuilder I've seen in any contest on TV or magazines. And I mean from the heavy weight division. Well. Not really exactly like them, as they don't pose with a footlong cock pointing up at their pecs. After cleaning the big mess I made on the mirror (almost got my clothes inside the closet dirty too), I went downstairs to look some TV.

Terry was there, zapping around on TV while fondling his semi hard cock. I quickly joined him in the sofa, really close to him, and he quickly crossed his legs and concentrated on the Tv. He still looked annoyed at the scene from before, but didn't dare to say anything. He really understood I was stronger (and bigger!!!) than him now.

Even crossing his legs, his 8 inch semihard pole was difficult to hide, even given his big quads. I thought about the pic and also wondered what he thought about it.

“What you watching?”


“Cool, then let me—” I took the remote from him and flipped the channels until I found a cable sports channel appeared with a bodybuilding competition on it. “You don't mind? I wanna see this.”

“Whatever,” he replied.

But after some minutes I could tell he really was interested. I was gonna ask him about his bodybuilding interest, but looking at his red eye I remembered what happened last time I tried to help with that, in the basement, and tried another approach. In that moment, 3 guys were doing a crab pose. I imitated them. I was apparently watching them, but I was also secretly checking his reaction. Aaaaaand, there! A glance.

“You think I could beat those guys?” I teased him.

“Come on, you're not that—hum—” He finally looked at me and could clearly seen that I was, in fact, that big (or bigger, but that will be more difficult for him to accept). I saw him swallowing with difficulty and I smiled at it. I imitated morew of the poses and he was more focused on me that on them. Of course, both were boned and dripping pre and he was quite entranced with me, as I continued to pose and he didn't realize that the contest was already over and there was now some skiing on. I got close to him, swinging my huge hard cock with each pose. I was also very into my posing, almost feeling like I was getting bigger with each pose.

“So what do you think? Big enough to beat any of those guys?” I asked him.


“Ask for a pose, bro. I'll make this your private posing session.” I suggested with a wink.

That broke the trance he was in. He frowned. “I'm not interested in seeing you show off!”

“Hah, you're such a liar. Well, your cock acts like Pinocchio's nose, growing bigger each time you lie!” I joked pointing to his boner, which looked like it was at the bursting point. And in fact… did it look bigger? I knew he was going to get what the pic showed before, but I didn't thought it would be that fast. He probably was thinking about that as well, cause he also looked at his cock as if there was something off in it. I was reaaaaaally curious about what he thought about the pic matter.

“Terry?” I interrupted his hand about to grab his cock in disbelief when he remembered I was there as well.

“What?” he looked away.

“Imagine if you end up like the pic you took before—”

He looked at me very scared. Then at his cock, slapping his belly button (did it reach there before?). Then he shook his head.

“Nah! Come on! That would be too … impractical! Who would want to have a monster cock? Even sex would be impossible with it… probably—” He said that last part sounding not very convinced, staring at his cock. Then he remembered I was there too and jumped from his seat and upstairs towards his room.


Part 10

Damn, I hope I didn't go too far. I just want to tease him and annoy him a bit. Oh well. I took my big boner with both hands, chuckling at the view of the whole head and part of the shaft still peeking and needing a third hand and blew another load on the wall. Damn. I have to be careful or this house will look like Bird's room. I made some sandwiches and I ate them trying not to play with my cock too much and headed to my room afterwards. I smiled when I heard a moan from my brother's room. He would be fine.

The morning wood from the next day surprised me (and the puddle of cum I was bathing in as well. Ew). It looked even bigger than yesterday. But… that was impossible. We had already reached the size we were in the photo, right?

I also felt heavy and constricted, by my own body!

The mirror didn't lie to me. I looked huge before. Now I looked massive. I had the same proportions as before, with the same height, but just a measurement of my biceps reaching 25 inches (cold) told me I was way bigger than the day before. My cock was just over the 14 inch mark boned and after beating off four times it still didn't want to get soft (I needed twice more to get it down). By that time it wasn't exactly early anymore, so I needed to hurry. I quickly got dressed and that part worried me a bit, cause the extra baggy clothes I had bought fit me well, in fact, the trousers were uncomfortable in my inner tights and crotch (not to mention the waddle I did when walking), and my sleeves felt tight and short, rolling on my huge biceps and tris. Also, my back was stretching the t shirt quite a lot. I quickly got something to eat and hurried towards school, not having time to see off Terry, who hadn't gone down yet to the kitchen.

I had mixed feelings while I ran towards school. I was delighted to be this size, but at the same time, people was staring at me on the street, some were even pointing, and at the school I felt so much staring that it was uncomfortable. I arrived five minutes before the first bell rang so I headed towards the bathroom to relieve the tension from all my muscles bouncing while I ran before. I felt the zipper at the bursting point so I didn't focused well on my way there and bumped into a wall. A wall of muscles.

Holy shit! This guy had about 10 or 20 pounds on me, easily! He was wearing cyclist stretchy shorts that rolled on his massive quads showing the whole leg and the ample package was resting in the front, not having any space between the legs. His calves were the size of my head (an inch or 2 more than me) and would rub eachotehr if it wasn't cause the thickness of his thighs that pushed the legs more apart than normal. He was also wearing an elastic tank top that left little to the imagination and I almost lost it right there. It was his head and his baseball cap what told me who this hulk might be.

“Hat? Oh my fucking gawd!”

“I know, ok?” He made a face. “Almost none of the clothes I bought fit me. I bought these just for fun and in the end it's the only thing I can wear… for now. And I can see I'm not the only one,” he added with a sad smile.

“Yeah… we're still growing somehow. I dunno what's going on. Hum… can we continue this in the bathroom? I can't hold it much longer.”

And even less now that I'm seeing you like this, I thought.

He had the same problem as me, so we hurried to the closest stalls and just a few strokes, feling my pecs bounce sent me over the edge, just in time for the bell to ring. We hurried to the class just before the teacher arrived and our arrival made the chatting suddenly break off. I guess we were a sight to behold. And I thought before something like this would be cool, but I felt… a bit of a freak. I mean, I loved this size… but everyone staring like that… not that much.

I felt even worse when I was asked to the blackboard and people complaint they couldn't see what I was writing cause my back was so wide. And even worse yet when both me and Hat had to change seats to the back of the class so the rest of the students weren't distracted (and could see better—Hat's back was even wider).

We shared that class with Bird too, but he didn't come. I shared next class with Sari and she acted just the same as the rest. Astonished.

“What the… Greg, this can't be normal. I also saw Hat in the halls. Have you seen a doctor?”

“Erm… no. But I dunno. I don't feel ill. I feel great! Maybe the Dino will piss his pants when he sees me, hehe—”

She didn't reply, as the teacher came, but she still gave me several glances from time to time during the class.

The next class I really felt constricted in my clothes. Was I still growing? Well, I would buy bigger clothes later. What worried me a bit more was that that class I shared with Sari and Bird, and he didn't come either.

“I bet he went to the doctor,” Sari told me.

I didn't pay much attention on that class cause my seat and desk didn't fit right on my legs. I had to seat with my legs all straight to the front cause my quads were making my desk to go up. Also my muscle butt was making me feel weird seated. Flexing it made me go up taller about 4 inches!! Although someone behind me started whining and the teacher made me switch seats with another guy of the last row.

I said goodbye to Sari as we both went to different classes. I joined Hat on our last class before lunch break. A class we shared with Bird too. But he didn't come to this one either. Hat distracted me a bit. He definitely looked bigger than in the morning. His waddle was clear while walking and his lats pushed his arms up in a weird way. His pecs looked like balloons and if they went on growing they would reach his chin soon. I knew I would have to visit the toilet again just after the class and I barely made it on time. He had the same issue and damn, his cock was huge although he didn't reach the foot long mark yet.

When we finished with that, we decided to go to Bird's house to check on him. His grandma was watching TV as always, shouting something like “Buy a vowel, you idiot!” or something like that. Nothing out of the extraordinary (apart from me getting some small seams ripped on my shirt) until we reached Bird's room.

The sight was so incredibly hot that my instant boner ripped my undies and trousers’ zipper. He was naked, huge, selfsucking and hot as hell. Almost as big as me (which already was bigger than this morning) with what looked like a 15 inch boner as thick as his arm and with balls as big as cantaloupes forcing his massive legs to open wider. The three of us shot a load simultaneously.

Hat and I gripped his iron hard tool and took it from his distended jaw. He grunted as if his mouth hurt and shoot another load from our gripping.

“Dude, what happened? Are you skipping classes to jerk off?” asked Hat, trying to get his not softening member inside his pants.

“Sorry guys. I just couldn't stop myself. I mean, I really can't stop once I've started,” he tried to explain. I saw shadows under his eyes.

“Have you been at it non stop since yesterday afternoon?” I asked amazed

He nodded, showing a bit of embarrassment and waiting for us to laugh. But we didn't. We were in a hell of a mess here. And I'm not talking about the cum flood of the room.

“Guys, we're in serious trouble.” I announced. Both looked at me, already knowing.

“We're still growing, aren't we?” asked Hat, while a bottom of his shirt flew away as his pecs ballooned outwards even more, as if answering his question.

“Even if we were already yesterday the size the pic showed,” added Bird, looking to his bouncing cock like dazed.

“We're going to continue growing forever?” asked Hat, frightened.

“I can't control myself any longer. I can't eat or sleep!” said a desperate Bird.

“Fucking camera!” I shouted. “I knew there was a catch somewhere!!” I looked at them. “I'm sorry guys, This is all my fault.”

“Kind of,” agreed Hat. “But it was the Dino who took the pic.”

“Dino—” I grunted.

“Think about your revenge after we stop ourselves exploding. How did you restore Sari when the camera made her disappear?” asked Bird.

“I tpre up the photo where she didn't appear. I'm gonna rip that photo of us apart!” I claimed, walking towards the exit.

“Wait! Don't!” exclaimed Hat.

Both Bird and I looked at him quizzically.

“What if ripping that pic, tear us? I mean literally,” he said, very scared. “Remember that we DO appear in it.”

“Then what do I do?”

All of us stayed silent.

Then Bird grabbed his cock and put the head inside his mouth again. Both Hat and I tried to stop him, but the moment we separated both sides, he did it again. And the fucking scene turned both on as well, needing to release the tension again.

Hat and I decided to go back to school, but he followed me home so I could change my damaged trousers. We would think about the problem at school. Maybe… we would have to tell everything to Sari, which showed how much desperate we were.

Both of us rushed inside my House. With all the mess, I had forgotten there would be someone else inside. He just hung up the living room phone and turned to me.

“Greg? What are you doing here, don't you have school? HOLY SHIT!” That last part was added when he noticed Hat behind me. If he was shocked to see us (and more of seeing Hat, who was bigger than anyone he had ever seen before), we were even more shocked to see him. Hat didn't know about out little deal. But his nakedness was part of the reason he was stunned to see him. The rest, which made me stunned as well, was that my brother Terry was sporting a soft cock that reached mid thigh. Well, it was soft until he saw us, then he had a hell of a boner that almost reached his pecs. Bigger than Bird's or mine. Of course that triggered our erections as well. Hat was lucky of wearing elastic material, but my already damaged trousers couldn't bear more tearing and almost fell to the floor. Almost cause my huge quads didn't let them to go down. My big bubble butt helped on that as well.

Hat tried to break the tension inside the room. “It seems there is a growth pandemic, huh?”

Terry looked at his boner. “This… can't be real. It's just like that photo… well not exactly like that—, not that big yet. Although it just keeps on getting bigger—” he said those last words to himself while letting his muscular body drop on the sofa. He bagan to absently caress the massive tool, not even hiding a pleasure moan. Hat rubbed his own boner, but I couldn't let the heat reach me as well. I left those two there and ran towards my room where I tried changing to some new bigger undies, which already felt too small. Same with the pants. I also pulled on my baggiest polo, and that fitted me well (for the moment).

When I run downstairs I found those two in the middle of jerking each other off. What the hell? My brother was too shy to even look at me straight yesterday and today he's jerking off with one of my friends. I shrugged and joined them to release the tension built in my balls since my arrival home. His cumshot was like a fountain. Damn!

I grabbed Hat's beefy muscled arm and dragged him out before he wanted seconds.

“Dude, we're almost out of time to eat anything, let's go!”


Part 11

He agreed (reluctantly) and we arrived just in time to grab a burger and go to our next class. I just didn't know where to put my legs. I glanced at Hat who had decided to let the desk lay on his huge quads, making the top of the desk to reach his pecs, which were incredibly big. If it wasn't for the shape they could pass as EE cups.

Noticing movement in my groin, I made myself to stop checking my friend out and try to pay attention, although it seemed impossible. When the class ended, we both had to relieve ourselves. Damn, we were acting the same as Bird before this all started!!

My last class I had alone with the Dino. Maybe he would stop the bitching, scared about my size.

Yeah, right.

The moment I arrived, he had already started, even if it wasn't still the time to do so.

“Oh, Mr. Evans, I was wondering when would you arrive. The whole class had been waiting for you to come so we could start already. Do you think of yourself of so much importance to behave this way? I think I might need to report this to the main office.”


“Maybe those steroid enhanced muscles have deafened you. But now, go to the front and say in front of the whole class how sorry you are for making them to wait.”

I couldn't believe this bastard! Did he sense how little I wanted to make people to notice me now? But how could I refuse when he could go to the main office and invent the lie he wanted. I looked at the people in the class. All of them looked annoyed (at the Dino, of course) and most of them were interested on checking me out, which was already feeling weird to me. I decided the best would be to agree to this nonsense and be done with it quickly.

“Sorry.” I said before heading for my seat.

“Wait, that didn't sound as if you were really sorry. Put more emotion into it!” demanded the bastard.

I glared at him, but didn't have much more of a choice.

“I'm really sorry I made you wait.”

“Hmm. Thinking about, I don't think you're explaining anything that way. Say how sorry you are for being a selfish, greedy, lowlife creature who looks for praising and is inflating his clothes so he could feel more important.”

By now almost the whole class were glaring at the Dino. That was bullying! There was one girl who didn't look annoyed. She was smiling and texting with her cell. Who the hell was she? A new student? Fuck her!

He made me to repeat the stupid claims until half the class had ended. He kept on humiliating me during the rest of the class, making me change sides to I wouldn't obscure the blackboard and making me to end up standing next to the door so I wouldn't be “in the way of learning”. Not a second did he stop watching me and my furious face, so he could enjoy it more. He ended the class saying how much of a drag I was to the class, that thanks to me, they couldn't learn anything that day. He even dared to give me detention after class for being such an annoyance to the class.

Well, I don't need to say how utterly frustrated and angry I was when I went out of my last class. Even closing myself inside a stall didn't help the yelling, scaring some freshmen that were washing their hands. Seeing the hulk I had become wouldn't help calm them down either.

I knew Hat had baseball practice after class so I met Sari in the entance to go together to see it. I explained on the way there the last class from hell I had and her clever puns against the demon teacher made me feel way better. She didn't even have the time to ask me about Bird's absence or our freaky growth, which couldn't pass anymore as puberty stuff.

We waited for the team to get out on the seats assigned to the public, but 15 minutes waiting made us worry a bit. The players were throwing balls to each other and training, but Hat and the baseball coach weren't there.

I told Sari I would go to the lockeroom to see what was going on and she nodded, watching the rest of the players.

Inside the lockeroom there were the PE coach and the baseball coach arguing with a huge guy. Of course the huge guy was Hat, ho looked almost as big as those two put together.

“I'm not cheating or taking anything illegal, I swear!” claimed Hat, who looked about to cry.

“Come on, nobody puts on 200+ pounds of muscles in 3 days without extra help!” said the PE coach despectively.

“I'm not going to tolerate illegal substance or steroids in my team. You're going to undergo those tests or you're out!” demanded the baseball coach.

I stayed there, not knowing what to do. I mean, if you didn't know the truth (or didn't believe it), the logical thing to think was that, objectively speaking. Still, there should be something we could do about it.

Then Hat saw me.

“Greg! Tell them! I'm not cheating!”

Both glared at me. My body was almost as changed as his so what could I tell them so they would believe me? I shrugged. Hat also understood, and with a frustrated roar, passed by them and me and went away, running as much as his waddle let him.

I also ran away. I wasn't scared of needles, but I highly disliked them.

Sari saw us getting away, so she went home as well, very confused. On her way home, I found her. I had been looking for Hat, but no luck. She looked at me and asked to know what was going on.

I had no other choice, as I had no clue to solve this matter. So I told her everything. Well, the sex stuff was softened a bit (A LOT) because that was none of her business. But she got the whole idea. I didn't mention Terry cause there was no way of “softening” that part.

After hearing “I warned you” from her for five whole minutes, she stared thinking about the problem.

“If messing with the pics is out of the question, then all we’ve got is destrying the camera.”

“Sari, don't you remember what Snake (the dead owner) told us? It can't be destroyed.” I reminded her.

“We'll never know until we try. Maybe he was lying. Bring me the camera, we'll use the tools I have in the garage,” she said, sounding not very worried.

I shrugged and parted ways with her. With all our planning I had forgot about Terry's condition, but when I found him selfsucking himself in the living room, my cock reminded me about it. I had to take it out cause it hurt. Damn, it's big! Too thick to encircle it with one hand and too long for just his 2 hands. And Terry—s… massive. He barely needed to bend his back or neck to reach it and I didn't know he had such a big mouth. His muscled body and huge cock had the same effect on me as Bird (or Hat). As he was sucking on his own cockhead, he was rubbing the rest of the shaft with both hands, but he had room to spare, so I offered him a hand (just one, I needed the other for my own).

I almost expected him to push me away, angry and all, but he surprised me, letting go of his cock and tackling me to the ground. I was too stunned to move.

“What the—”

“Damn… you're even bigger than before,” he said with a dazed voice, groping my left pec under my too tight shirt. “Why are you wearing clothes, bro?”

I thought about protesting until he found the nipple and the contact added to the already-at-the-peak-horniness made me moan. He didn't lose time ripping my clothes with his strong hands and rubbing my muscles while his cock let a flow of pre on my neck (and he was sitting on my quads, so imagine his size!).

My cock was beating next to his. Shit! Even if I was already over 16 inches (probably) he was already over 2 feet long and made mine look like a preschooler in comparison. His pisshole was so big I could put my little finger in it (seriously! I had the cockhead 2 inches from my face, I could see it well) and that I tried, making him to groan with pleasure. I kept on playing with his monster cock while he eagerly worshipped my muscles. The I realized what we were doing and what I should be doing instead and (far far away from what I truly wanted then) gently pushed him away.

He almost whined, being apart from my growing huge muscles, but I took his cock with both hands and inserted it into his mouth. He was content enough not to struggle and I could escape.

Shit, I couldn't believe it. Changing a bit phsically is one thing, but to that extreme… Maybe he had been repressing it all this time.

I decided to leave it for after I had finished the camera off, so I found some clothes that still fitted me, although not very well. Soon I'd be the size of Hat, while he… Damn! We have to stop it before we blow up!

I hope Sari can help me make it stop.


Part 12

I took the camera and went to Sari's garage. She didn't ask about the clothes change. I could see she had already prepared some tools, even a bucket of sulphuric acid!

One hour and two torn sleeves later, we had run out of ideas (and tools)

“Shit! Isn't it anything stronger than this damn camera?” I exclaimed out of frustration. But then I saw a tired Sari jumping up from the floor where she was sat in defeat.

“That's it!”


“The camera! The camera has the power to destroy anything it takes a pic about, right?”

I nodded, not really sure what she was going on about with all that.

She rolled eyes, seeing that I hadn't understood it yet. “We have to make the camera take a pic of itself!”

“OH!!! Sari, you're a genius!!!” I was about to hug her, but she escaped me.

“Not so fast, you'll crush me,” she claimed.

I chuckled. She was partially right, I haven't got used to my size or strength yet.

However it was more difficult to make than to think it. Sari had some kind of planning already in process so I just had to help her.

Together we built a wooden box with the insides covered with mirrors. I had to deal with some buttons from my shirt popping out and some trousers tightness but nothing more than that. She even made a hole to insert a stick so we didn't need our hands appearing in the scene.

We put the camera inside, closed the box and took it outside (in case it blew). I was responsible of it, so I took the wooden stick and while she hide behind the garage door, I pressed the switch with the stick. We could see the light of the flash coming from the hole and we waited.


No explosion, no plane crashing on us, no blackhole appearing from particle fission—

Hey, I was just nervous, okay?

Both of us got close to the box (I had jumped away the moment I pressed the switch) and with trembling hands, Sari opened it.

The box was empty! There was no evil camera! Not even the photo it supposedly made of itself. I looked at Sari, all smiles, she was the same.

“Wow! We did It!” She said, almost not believing it herself.

I just nodded and started laughing. So much that I couldn't stop myself. Both ended on the floor, laughing. When we finished we laid there for a minute, then I looked at her, impressed.

“You're quite smart, did you know it?” I praised her.

“Aw, you only say it cause it's the truth” she said smiling.

“No, seriously. Thank you. You saved us,” I told her serious.

“Then I guess that makes us even now, right?” She meant from when I made her reappear again after she used the camera the first time.

I got up and looked at myself. I was still huge. Bigger than anyone I knew (except Hat). But I felt different. Maybe less horny. The effects would probably wear off with time. I'd miss being massive, but I couldn't be helped.

Talking about massive, what about Bird and Hat? And Terry? I should have to apologize to all of them. Well, maybe not to Terry. He had been all these years a dick. Heh, and now he had a hell of one.

I said Sari good bye and went towards Bird's house. I found him in the kitchen. Shit, he was bigger than me! But his cock was soft and he was stuffing his mouth with all he could put inside from the fridge.

“Seems someone is not in heat anymore—” I said, smiling.

“At least until I've eaten and slept for 2 days,” he managed to say between leftovers.

I told him what Sari and I did while I sat in one of the chairs carefully so I wouldn't break it (although more seams from the pants were history after that).

Bird burped and getting close to me, he hugged me. Damn, he's huge, heh, I guess I'm just like him. Then he French-kissed me with such intensity I thought I would pass out. However, I didn't reject it and we kept at it until we had our cocks hard (damn huge!!!!) and leaking pre. Just then, we heard the entrance bell ringing.

“I asked for three pizzas, want a bite?” he said.

I shook my head. I couldn't stay, it was late and I had to find Hat and see how he was doing. I let him take care of that, imagining how he would leave the pizzaboy with his mouth wide opened from seeing him and went towards Hat's house.

I didn't find anyone inside and his parent's car wasn't there either. Maybe they were at the hospital? I felt sorry for him, but there was little I could do. Before going home I went to the store and bought extrabig undies for my brother and spandex for me in case this was the size I ended as.

And talking about my big bro. He wasn't in the living room when I arrived home. I went upstairs towards his room and knocked. He didn't answer, but I had the feeling he was there.


“I'm here,” was his answer.

“Can I come in?”

“I guess so.”

Well, we were back to normal. Probably. I entered. He was lying on his bed, showing his muscled bubble butt and his wide back, which made my cock throb a bit inside my damaged pants. His muscled legs were closed so I couldn't see how big he had ended. He was staring at the wall in front of him. I didn't know what to tell him, so I ended up spilling everything to him. Everything about the year before and the incidents with the camera. Even the spicy details I omitted with Sari, I shared them with him. At least I made him to chuckle.

Then he looked at me.

“Shit, you're even bigger than last time I saw you. You sure you're not still growing?”

“Can't be sure, but I think so. And when you mean last time, you mean when you and I—”

“Hum… yeah… Sorry about that,” he said, looking down.

“Hey, I'm not complaining!” I said half joking.

He threw the pillow to me. Then he sighed and sat facing me. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! His cock was as thick as my forearm, and it was so long it reached just an inch or so before his knees.

Terry saw my eyes getting out of my sockets and smiled bitterly.

“So, this is what I get for taking stuff without asking, huh?”

I chuckled. I tried to control my boner before such hot scene and more when he lifted it with his 2 hands.

“I always had a size fetish. About everything,” he admitted to me.

That made me remember. “Oh! That's why you only dated the girls with the biggest tits! And also why you are attracted to my… hum—” I didn't know if it was too ackward to say it aloud, but he saved me the embarrassment.

“To your hot huge muscles? Yeah, pretty much,” he said shrugging. He didn't seem to mind anymore, as the secret was out already.

“And I guess I'm not the only one getting off on huge muscles… and other things?” He said with a cocky smile he hadn't shown in days.

Yeah, as I said, the secret was already out.

I nodded, not lifting my eyes from his huge tool.

“Were you in the closet? I have no idea,” he said, starting to rub one of the big veins along the surface.

“Not exactly.” Oh shit, his cock is getting longer, it's already at the knee!

“Then you might be like me, with a special fetish,” He smiled, liking how he had me almost in a trance, his cock lengthening another couple inches, getting thicker than his forearms, veins growing as well.

“Co—could be, although I'm more interested in the guys—” I didn't realize I was beating my big cock at the sight of that mighty pole. My biceps and pecs were flexing with each thrust, which sight made my bro's cock to bone quicker, lifting itself up and reaching a final size of… well, dunno, but titanic. “How big—?”

“I don't know. I haven't measured it since this morning,” he said. It rested on his cleveage, an inch more than his neck, almost to his chin. Then it instantly swelled whole inch longer and thicker before contracting again to the previous size. The bastard had bounced it, flexing it as if it was another muscle.


Both of us were stroking our cocks furiously now, although he would do it better with a pair of hands more. Then he stopped.

“What about the no clothing inside the house rule?” he mischievously smiled.

I smiled as well. Getting up, I noticed how my clothes (or what remained of them) were the perfect fit for what I was thinking. I made a most muscular pose and they were history, even my pants. Terry moaned and I could see the desire in his eyes and precum dripping from his mighty pole. Same as me, I might add. This horniness wasn't coming from the damned camera, whose effects had ended, but from hidden, long-repressed urges. I didn't know how far we would let them go, but I was in no state for stopping them.

“Pose for me,” he asked, getting up.

Damn, his cock looks like another muscled arm, pointing up, at about 40 degrees from his muscled torso. I posed for him like in a bodybuilding contest and each time he worshipped my muscles and teased my cock with his own and rubbing my massive muscles and groping my balls and licking my thick neck and fondling my balls and…. oooooh goooood——


Part 13

I woke up the next day before 6 am. Quite too early for my taste, but we were in the bed early too, together, exhausted from our… stuff. My pecs blocked most of my sight below but I was already getting used to it. And I say most because my cock is too big to be defeated by my big pecs. The tent would be visible from the nearest city. Although not like my brother’s tent, which might be seen from outer space like the Chinese wall. Ok, maybe not like that, but from my perspective it was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if I would ever get used to it (and yesterday I got quite a close look, let me tell you).

I lifted the sheets to see his hot bod and a puddle of precum in the middle of his pecs. I groped them a bit, noticing the dense muscle and ended pinching the nipple, almost waking him up, but making his cock to jump. Damn, that thing can really move.

We had also talked last night. He didn’t blame me for his condition. In fact he loved his size. It seems he always dreamed for that, like a fantasy. And he didn’t mind how baggy his pants would have to be in the future. He even joked about the money he could make in porn or in the internet. There are a lot of size queens in the net. You can add me to that bunch. He really thanked me for the bigger undies although I should have bought them even bigger. We arranged a mall encounter for the big sizes after school. We might have fun there.

I took a shower and jerked off to get rid of the morning wood, which felt as good as being in heaven. In the mirror I saw the biggest bodybuilder in history, or the second, as the first place would go to Hat, most surely. I wondered how big had he ended before Sari and I destroyed the camera. I hoped I could see him at school and his parents had stopped freaking out. I also wondered about Bird. I knew I would never see my friends the same way from now on (same with my brother, but what an amazing change!), but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. We’ll see.

I took a huge breakfast. After all, I was a big boy in his teens. Oh, would that mean I wasn’t done growing? WOOOOOO!

I mean, that would be fun to discover. Heh.

The biggest clothes I owned then were a XXL shirt, XXXL shorts that needed badly a belt and a pair of stretchable undies that were very, very uncomfortable. They could hold my meat well, but the fabric wasn’t comfortable. I’d fix it after class.

On my way to class I saw a massive man (even compared to me), who couldn’t be any other than Hat. Controlling my cock from boning as well as I could, I run to catch him and patted his wide back covered in a grey lycra tank top, that was so stretched on his lats and pecs that couldn’t cover half his abs (which were as defined as mine). His bubble butt and ample package, as big as mine, made his huge cyclist shorts to test its limits and his massive thighs, each way bigger than his wasp waist, made the leg material of his shorts to roll up all the way to his crotch and ass. If his thighs wouldn’t make his legs apart to waddle like hell, his calves would do it, as they were as huge as his arms. And talking about his arms, both needed to go into a 45 degree angle, so wide his lats were and they looked to be as thick as his waist. That would make his arms to reach the 30 inch mark. BooYeah! His traps and neck didn’t let him to move too much, but it was enough to see me from behind him and give me the hottest and strongest bear hug I’ve ever felt, I was thankful for my new muscles or I would be split in two.

“Thank you! Thanks for stopping the growth dude!”

“Ugh… can’t breathe man. And if you keep it I’m gonna make a mess in public,” I told him, feeling his muscles against mine and his crotch as well.

He told me that despite the clothing and movement problems, he loved his new body (which was a weight off my shoulders, because the last thing I wanted was to destroy my friends’ lives). I told him about the shopping trip we were gonna do and he eagerly said he’d come too of course. I bet we would have another one joining us if he wasn’t too busy selfsucking himself.

He told me his parents had freaked out a lot and then more, about his last size increase. He had to undergo some tests, that to his dismay, involved needles. The final diagnosis showed a hormonal disorder and an allergenic reaction mixed, but it was already ended. One his parents knew he wasn’t going to change anymore, they stopped worrying and bothering him. He didn’t remind them he was still 17 and not finished “naturally” growing. He just wanted to finish with that freak show at the hospital, where he was started to being called, a medical wonder.

We had almost reached the school grounds when another big guy joined us.

I knew Bird was a bit smaller than me, but that only made me conscious of how big I really was. In fact, later I would discover he wasn’t that much smaller than me. And from his melon sized basket, he was at least bigger than me in the crotch area. And not only balls. At least his fashion choice distracted most of the sights from Hat and me (well, not really that much in Hat’s case, who was probably the biggest guy around by far). I couldn’t stop watching him either. I mean Hat was bigger than him, but since I grabbed his member two days ago, I couldn’t get him out of my mind. Even after my brother’s whale of a cock. This fucker had something different, and from the way he glanced at me from time to time, he might have the same issue with me. We’d see.

Of course when we saw Sari near the school entrance, we tried to hug her at the same time, but she was too smart for that to happen.

“Now you two owe me big,” she told the other two.

I chuckled at their pouting faces, not realizing the jock bullies were looking at us with almost terror.

But the good news had not ended. The best came on a sign in the school announcements board, where a lot of students were cheering.

Remember that fat girl I mentioned time ago? The one so humiliated from the Dinobastard that she had to change schools? Well, unknown to any of us, even her friends, she came back after changing her appearance (even losing most of the fat) and recorded on her cell phone the Dino’s bullying (yeah, it was that girl, I guess she wasn’t mocking me after all). And not only the bullying done to me, but others as well. It was enough to suspend the Dinosaur from his job indefinitely. Heh, so long, Bastard!

The day was almost the same as before all this started. Same boring classes, same interesting classes. Same bad jokes from Bird and his usual absences between classes (although I joined him in one of them, making us almost to go late to next class). We had to deal with the stares and such but that couldn’t be helped.

Oh, and Hat showed his coach a paper where it said he was clean. However he was the one saying he was out. I already understood his mobility and speed wouldn’t be the same, at least not immediately. He didn’t look too sad, though. He said he had another sport in mind where he knew he would succeed.

Can you imagine which one he was talking about? I bet you can.

Anyway, when classes ended Terry was waiting for us in his car, I sat with difficulty on the passenger’s seat and Hat and Bird squeezed themselves on the back seat. I could see my brother’s lust in his eyes when he saw Hat. He was the biggest of us so I couldn’t blame him. However he controlled his erection very well, something he’d have to be constantly thinking about now. He had chosen a very baggy pair of pants but I could see an interesting outline while he was seated.

Buying clothes for our hulking selves was as fun as I had imagined. And the flirting between Terry and Hat didn’t surprise me. I mean Terry liked the biggest and I knew Hat had a fixation with huge cocks, as his had been so small his whole life (till 3 days ago). That left me enough room for my flirting with Bird, or should I say his flirting with me.

Yeah, that camera has made our lives more complicated, but in the end it was worth it, I thought, as I looked in the changing stall mirror, my pecs bouncing with Bird’s two feet long cock in between. The same lust in his eyes as in mine.

Oh yeah, totally worth it.

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