The escape

by hyperboi

Sam and his brother find themselves taken in their sleep and trapped in some strange warehouse-like space, along with all the other teens in their community. Not only is there no way out, but something is happening to them all...

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Samuel walked faster, knowing he shouldn’t run or his brother would trip for sure—and there was no way he was going to leave him behind. He gripped Toby’s hand tighter and kept going, trying to ignore the writhing masses of bodies groaning all around them, and also trying to avoid stepping into the white icky spots on the grey floor.

He also tried to ignore the rhythmic slapping against his thighs, but that was nearly impossible and he knew if he ran, it would get worse.


He turned to his bother, focusing (or trying to) on his worried face. He smiled at him. “Don’t worry, Toby. We’ll get out of here. I promise.”

“But what will happen to Max and the rest?”

It was a for a second, but Sam had glanced down at his brother’s body and silently cursed. He made himself turn and look forward again.

“Just worry about yourself,” he muttered. “I told you not to step on those spots!”

“But they——” Toby bit his tongue without finishing the sentence, but Sam knew rest of it was going to be “felt so good.” Sam was sure Toby didn’t get why his brother was so against touching those spots with their bare feet. Sam wasn;t sure himself. It felt so good! And if Toby was scared before, Sam could see he was starting to like all those—changes. He hadn’t said anything, of course, but instead evading them as they tried to escape, Toby had started trying to step on them. Sam knew why. Each time it felt better, energy rushing through you, your changes accelerating.

Sam grunted as they shouldered between two moaning forms in the darkly shadowed edge of the huge room. His willful 15-year-old kid brother had already changed a lot. He was bigger, stronger, harder. Sexier. Toby’s cock was already past mid-thigh—a thigh twice the width it had been when they awoke in that place with the rest. And with its loose foreskin, there was no way to know if Toby was getting aroused by what was happening to him, to them. Sam hoped not, because then they would have little time left and then it would be over soon.

He wasn’t sure they could escape. He didn’t even know where they were or what time it was.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Probably some hours ago, he had been in his bed deep asleep. Finally the bombing had died down and another broken day in the cataclysm of World War 4 had ended. He was even dreaming—a fantasy where he was out of the deep and ancient bomb shelter built by his father’s generation to see the earth’s surface in person for the first time, not just in paintings or video-books but really in person. Then next thing he knew, he had been—sleepwalking?—and then he was in an unknown huge dark space, surrounded by lots of teens. Some were older than him, almost 19, while other were younger, like his brother at 15.. And there were no girls in sight.

There were so many of them that Samuel estimated all the older boys in town were there. Another curious thing: they were all naked.

But as he’d latched onto Toby and started fighting through the half-dazed crowd to find out where they were and how they could get out of there, he’d been starting to notice that they weren’t the only people around. Everywhere around them he was seeing groaning musclebound guys with enormous cocks and balls, and they were clearly in some kind of sexual frenzy. Some were jacking themselves, others were in pairs or groups. Not long ago he’d seen a bunch of huge solo guys orgasming nonstop with their cocks towering over their heads and faces that showed pure obliviousness, like their cocks were all there was left to them. Their cocks, and their mindblowing, neverending orgasm.

Toby suddenly pulling on his hand so that they stopped short brought him out of his thoughts. “Sam!”

Samuel turned around and saw his friend Casey with Casey’s younger brother Max. Oddly enough, Max’s twin, Dirk, wasn’t around.

“Boy, I’m glad to see you!” Casey exclaimed as they hurried up to Samuel and Toby. Sam slapped Casey on the shoulders. “Have you seen Dirk?”

Sam shook his head. “Sorry.”

“Where are we, Sam?” Max asked him. The young man looked hopeful—everyone in the bunker always counted on Samuel to know what was going on. He could only shake his head again, feeling guilty and a little peeved that Casey and Max were expecting him to have all the answers.

“How could I know?” he said, looking around. They were in some sort of warehouse with several doorways opening on dim-lighted passageways. Everyone seemed confused and didn’t know where to go. “This is as alien to me as it is to you. But we better find a way out and get back home as soon as possible. Maybe one of those passageways leads out of here.”

Casey looked around too and made a disgusted face. “Just check out those muscle faggots! It’s disgusting.”

Sam felt his stomach sink, not because there were all these oversexed, huge guys getting it on all around them, but because of his friend’s words. They had been friends for years, and every time Samuel felt he could trust Casey enough to tell him about his sexuality, Casey made a homophobic comment like that. He was a great guy in everything else, though, and that was the only reason Sam was still friends with him. That, and, well, that he found him hot. Unlike Sam, who had always been skinny and below average in the cock department, Casey had a jock’s build and a cock over 6 inches when soft (or as soft as it got, Samuel thought).

Samuel just turned away from his narrow-minded friend and, grabbing his brother’s hand again, headed towards one of the entrances. Casey and Max headed that way too. Some of the other teens were heading that way too; others were headed toward other entrances, but a lot of them were staring at the muscled people increasingly immersed in their erotic need.

Sam soon regretted having found Casey, as he kept up a running commentary about the queer goings-on around them.

“Just look at them, going at it like animals!” Casey snarked. “Hey, those two are fucking each other at the same time! Must be a fag trait to be that elastic despite the muscles… Whoa, look at that!”

Sam finally threw an exasperated look at him and what he was looking at, and his jaw almost dropped the floor.

A hugely muscled guy was laying on the ground, fondling his massive soccer-size balls as he was deepthroating his own massive shaft. He seemed to be having difficulties, though, and his jaw looked out of place, but he was still trying with all his might and you could see his neck expanding each time his cock entered him.

Of course the sight was too hot for him to watch and he didn’t want to sport wood in front of his homophobic friend, so he was going to turn when he saw something that made his jaw not only drop to the ground, but right through the floor.

Disgusted, but very impressed by it, Casey had approached the guy, and somehow was fascinated by what he was doing. He clearly couldn’t believe something as thick as a coke bottle would go inside the guy’s mouth.

“Haha, look at that! Go, man! Suck that massive cock! “

“Sam, why is your friend cheering him?” Toby asked his brother.

Both siblings and Max stared at the bizarre scene, not believing their eyes. And what happened next was even weirder. Casey got close enough to touch the guy’s head and he did just that, apparently ignoring the fact that his bare feet were not standing in an especially large puddle of white cream that Sam had no doubt what it was. Then Casey started pushing on the guy’s head to help him out, so he would swallow more of his own cock.

“Come on, go deeper!” Casey was urging, much to Samuel’s amazement. What the hell?

Suddenly Max’s voice broke in. “Dirk?”

Sam and Toby turned to see what Max was looking at, and gaped.

Max had spotted his twin brother, Dirk, standing in the crowd nearby watching two giant guys doing a sixty nine. They had incredibly huge muscles and it seemed like they should have a hard time even moving, but they were as flexible as gymnasts and making damn good use of it.

Max ran towards him. “Dirk!”

Sam checked to see if Casey had taken note of his missing brother’s reappearance, but he seemed out of it, totally absorbed by the self-sucking man. So Samuel headed over to the twins, Toby in tow.

“Dirk, stop doing that!” Max was shouting, tugging on his brother’s forearm. “There are people around! And Casey is right over there!” Max was shaking his twin by the arm but he wasn’t stopping his… masturbation?

Yeah, Sam wasn’t seeing things, Casey’s brother was masturbating while he watched live gay sex. And his brother seemed more bothered by the fact that other people could see him doing it than by the act itself.

Then Sam noticed that something else was off. He had always seen Casey’s brothers clothed, but even so, he had seen their arms many times and up till now, they had been as identical as their faces. But somehow, now Dirk looked slightly more muscular than Max. Maybe not by much, but Sam had good eye, not to mention appreciation, for muscle, and he could definitely tell. Then Sam noticed the big puddle of cum (they were everywhere) that Dirk was standing on.

He couldn’t help noticing Dirk’s boner being huge. Not that it would be unexpected, by the size their older brother showed in the lockerroom and showers, but even so, that thing had to be at least a foot long.

And Sam wasn’t the only one thinking it wasn’t normal.

“What happened to your cock?” Max, hos voice a little awed. He looked surprised and a bit too…. interested?

Finally Dirk responded in a low, smooth voice. “I feel great, bro,” he said. “I love how big it feels.” Then, while still jerking that pole with his right hand, he groped his brother’s swelling cock.

“Idiot, not in front of everyone!” Max hissed. “What’s wrong with you?” Max tried pushing him away but Dirk had grabbed his tool with a firm grip and wasn’t letting go. Suddenly he hugged his brother to himself before Max could back away, then he rubbed his hard, naked body onto his.

Max struggled at first, but as his cock finishing hardening, he started to moan and finally, returned the hug and started rubbing the broad muscles of Dirk’s back. Their lips locked and their eyes closed, as if they’d forgotten everything but each other.

Sam and Toby stared dumbfounded at the twins making out and just when Sam’s cock started to chub, they heard more moaning from behind them

Sam couldn’t find his jaw after what he saw. The big guy on the floor was no longer sucking on his massive 4-foot pole—instead, someone was basically fucking the inside of the mighty cock, shoving a big 14-inch cock into the might cockslit. And that one was no other than Sam’s homophobic friend CaseyThe almost musclebound guy just laid there drooling and moaning while the excited teen fucked the eager tight hole.

Sam was incredibly turned on and he so wanted to join in there—but then he realized he had someone depending on him, right there, right now. That and the fact things were getting really strange helped him in staying calm.

For one thing, Casey looked way more muscular than when he had found them. Also, the cock that was going in and out looked almost as big as his younger twin brothers’ poles, who seemed bigger than they should be. It had to be at least as big as his forearm, though it was still dwarfed by the guy laying there.

Turning back to the twins, he saw that they were still making out; the only thing that had changed in the last couple of minutes was the size difference. Dirk had added pounds of muscle and cock. No wait, that was Max! He was bigger now than his twin had been just a moment ago—and Dirk was now even bigger.

Sam’s heart started going faster and not only by sexual excitement, but the fact people were turning into hugely muscled, oversexed braindeads! The realization was enough to kill his boner, a bit—it was still plump and big, but not enough to get up. Then he cursed when he realized he was bigger half hard than what his usual boner was before all the way hard.

“Damn, just being in this place is enough, huh?” he said to himself. He turned to his brother, who was glancing at all the sex around and was slowly rubbing his dick, which looked like 6 inches already (and he had been a pencil dick until then). He was also broader in the chest and shoulders and his muscles were definitely a lot more defined.

Sam grabbed him by the shoulders, startling him. “Okay, listen Toby!” he said urgently. “Try not to look at anyone. Avoid touching anyone and careful with the cum spots on the ground!”

“I don’t mind getting bigger,” Toby protested. “I’m sick of being so small….”.

“What use is it being massive if you’re trapped here?” Panicking a little, he grabbed Toby’s hand and started to run pell-mell towards the nearest entrance.

He could only run for a few minutes before he realized running made evading the innumerable cum spots difficult, and it also made his cock bounce from one swelling thigh to the other. He tried ignoring how the slapping of his bigger cock on his legs felt so good, not to mention the increased weight of his growing muscles on him.

He cursed, he was enjoying it too much and the hallway seemed endless with so many muscled people having sex around them.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sam shook his head. He didn’t have time for flashbacks, he had to get himself and his brother out of there. They kept going. Sometimes turning to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes passing next to other swelling teens trying to find an exit, but as time passed, it was harder to find people looking for an exit and easier to find people horned up to the extremes, some too muscled to even move and coming like fountains.

Little by little, the crowds thinned out until only he and his brother were walking along yet another metal corridor. He saw some sort of light at the end of the long, featureless expanse and he sped up a bit, not thinking of his muscles and cock bouncing heavier with each step. He ran toward the soft glow. It was a huge window across the end of the corridor. They were running so fast they were barely able to stop in time, and they stood before it, softly panting, Toby’s hand still clasped in Sam’s.

He thought he should be panicking at the dead end, but he was too surprised by what he was looking at. There was a huge blue orb shining in the middle of a dark void full of tiny little dots. It looked just like the images of earth from space he’d seen in books and holograms. But that would mean—

Then his brother let go of his hand and Sam turned to see him. He was so disoriented by the sudden revelation that Toby’s change hit him like a ton of bricks.

Toby’s face was still boyish, but he had a sheepish look on it as he absentmindedly rubbed his hands on his pecs. Pecs he didn’t have not much time ago. They protruded from his ribcage at least 2 inches with nipples as huge as dollar coins and the tips 1 inch long, the kind of nips that wanted to be pinched. His arms flared out at a 45 angle thanks to his massive lats, spreading like wings from his back, and his ripped 10 pack ended in a half hard cock that almost reached his knee. Sam bit his lower lip, feeling his own boner slapping the underside of his own huge pecs. It was a good thing he was so infatuated by what he was seeing, or he would be freaking out at his own changes. This way he could pass that freaking out stage and pass directly to enjoying the muscular and hung male in front of him using his own muscled and hyper body. He just gave in to his desires and forgot everything else.

Had Sam’s mind be clear, he would have only needed to turn his head to look at the scene of the Earth slowly getting smaller, as if they were getting further away from it.

He would have also seen two more or less humanoid creatures, about twice the size of a small van: one green, another purple, appearing from a hidden door to the right, looking at them with interest.

“I’m surprised these two were able to make it this far,” marveled the first.

“In the end, all humans fall prey to their guts,” said the second dismissively. “That’s how they are.”

The green alien frowned at his crewmate, but didn’t tell him off. He just turned to the window and watched the Earth disappearing from sight.

“What a pity, what the humans did to Earth,” he mused. “It was such a pretty planet.”

“Such dumb creatures, destroying each other like that. I dunno why we even freaking bother saving the species at all.”

The green alien couldn’t contain his annoyance at the other. “‘Dunno’? ‘Freaking bother’?”

“Shat yer trap,” the purple one shot back. “Earthling conditioning studies. I didn’t learn their jargon cause I liked it or anything… idiot.”

“Right,” the green one said. “In any case, it seems pointless now, with their planet in that state and everything… with the nuclear winter and CO2 aftereffects about to come, soon it would become a twin planet of the one next to it.”

“They call it Venus.”

The green one nodded. “Odd name for a planet!”

“Weirder was telling us get just ‘fags’ from the place, I mean, there were also ‘bitches’ and stuff.”

The green alien winced. “Please, stop talking like that.”

His counterpart shook his head a bit, grunted, coughed, and stretched. “My apologies,” he said in a more urbane tone.

The green one nodded, quite pleased with the change. “Much better. About our orders to secure only males, you know females never adapt to our environment, no matter the species. And the transition will only work with them oversexed like this.” He paused for a moment, dispassionately observing the two growing young men as they made out passionately in front of the window, sensuously groping each other’s incredible bodies. “Still… you are correct. And that’s why I have secured a female. She is down in cold storage.”

“Do you really think the plan—’make love not war’—will work with them?”

“It’s their second chance. It’s up to them.”

“Do the elders have a place for them?”

“The planet designated Epsilon Delta Epsilon Nu 9001.”

“That is how planets are named!” the purple alien nodded with appreciation.

“Indeed, indeed.”

“Is course set?”

“It is.”

The purple alien regarded his hunky colleague slyly. “Is there time for intercourse?”

The green one nodded sagely. “There is.”

“Then it would be appreciated if we spared some time for that.”

“How do humans call it again?”

The purple one grinned. “They say: ‘Let’s fuck!’”

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