Blood lust

by muscl4life

The vampire Drago plots his revenge against his twin brother, Draco, and Kevin, Danny, and Greg get caught in the middle.

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Prologue The vampire Drago plots his revenge against his twin brother, Draco, and Kevin, Danny, and Greg get caught in the middle. (added: 5 Dec 2013)
Two months later
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The City Council held Drago guilty for Treason against The Prince, and his sentence was to be impaled to die at sunrise. No one of the other vampires dared to defend that stranger; they were too scared of the ironclad leadership of Prince Drake  –  a sinister Tzimisce supposed to be over 300 years old who had learned the secrets of manipulating his own body beyond the capacity of most ancient kindred.

Whenever he needed to face physical confrontation, Drake was able to change his usual 6’ tall average frame into an impressive 10 feet tall, 2,500 pounds Warform of immensely strong muscle, and such uncanny size and strength assured his throne for almost two centuries. One night, this small bodied vampire was discovered in the Elysium pretending to be another vampire who had disappeared the previous month.

The Prince actually seemed very anxious to see that intruder executed as soon as possible, and none of Drake’s subjects even suspected that the tiny vampire who was left to die at sunrise was actually their feared Prince’s blood brother, they both had been created by the same sinister Master, the very personification of the vampire mythology, the man who once spread terror upon the Lands of Transylvania as Vlad Tepes, a.k.a. Count Dracula.

Mankind always toyed with the Legend of Dracula, never realizing that it was not just true, it was actually just the tip of the iceberg. Vlad was actually one vampire, and many others still hunted in the darkness, disguised in truncated lies that serve to the purpose to keep us under their control. They took the meticulous to credit the strong evidences of vampire action to a fantastic story of fiction, and soon the terrifying deeds of the Leader Dragon were fused with pop culture icons.

Draco and Drago had once been twin soldiers on Vlad Tepes army, the only ones who survived the mass impaling ordered by the insane Prince in order to crush possible rebel troopers in his legions. Moments before death claimed their immortal souls, Dracula offered them the chance to become a Damned like himself, although they would regret it for their rest of their unlife.

Just like their hatred master, true Tzimisce could not sleep too far from their homeland, which not only provoked serious restrictions on their feeding fields, they also became easy prey for those interested in destroying them. However, Draco and Drago became the only children of the legendary vampire who managed to overcome such condition, despite the fact they both nurtured a profound hate towards their creator.

Because Dracula was obsessively determined to overcome such limitations, he had no scruples to use his own neophyte disciples as guinea pigs for his sinister experiments. For decades the twins had endured all kind of torture to condition their bodies and make their organisms to adapt and develop thousands of years in advance.

As a result, Draco and Drago were the first ones to have developed the Vicissitude discipline, the “Power to Build and Rebuild” that Dracula would obviously claim for himself  –  which meant sucking the blood of his own offspring until they became nothing but ashes.

However, the creature who once had been Vlad Tepes didn’t expect his plans would be frustrated by his very offspring. Despite the difference on their blood powers, Draco and Drago combined powers was so unexpectedly strong that the neophytes were capable to defeat their powerful Elder in an epic combat.

Once their master was slain, the brothers knew the brothers knew Dracula’s enemies would hunt them down because the other vampires were thirsty for their powerful blood and the secrets it contained. For that reason, each one took a separate way.

Draco went to Western Europe and there he became Drake, very powerful Elder kindred that had sensed the opportunity to build his power in the New World. His knowledge of Vicissitude was legendary and he conquered his way to the top until he established his own tyranny over Kindred at the other side of the Atlantic.

Drago escaped to Russia and there he lived many different lives through the centuries, the most famous had to be Rasputin  –  the mysterious advisor for Czar Nicholas who was pointed as warlock, monster and many other terrible things. Sensing that the Russian Empire would collapse, he actually forged his death only to escape to Germany from where he would also fled to America, and there he lived for many decades until he decided to reunite with his brother, in the illusion that they could actually find happiness in that promising new world.

However, Draco had really different plans, his hunger for power was so intense that now he consumed the blood of his very night kindred  –  he became the very abomination that Dracula once has been and his hunger for power forced him to attack the very brother he had invited to live with them in the US.

Drago was cowardly attacked by his own brother, and Draco took the advantage of surprise to start sucking the power of Drago’s blood, practicing the forbidden ritual of Amaranth through which he managed to drain most of Drago’s 6’ tall 200 pounds physique, reducing him to a little vampire of weak built.

Unfortunately, before the Prince could fully diablerize his brother he was interrupted by City Council, which had been alerted by the guards and Draco/Drake had to think fast, so he quickly charged his own drained twin brother of Treason and demanded his execution, and that was how Drago had been sent to death by Sunrise at the top of the Elysium building.

The impaled Tzimisce knew his captors could not witness his execution for that very reason, so he waited to the last possible moment before he used his powers to turn his small frail body into a single puddle of blood that easily drained through the plumbing all the way into the safety of the sewer galleries, where Drago could finally recompose his much weaker body.

Poor Draco, he had no idea the mistake he had committed.

Throughout the centuries, Drago had developed a profound study on their discipline, and he actually developed a technique that could use the blood and the sperm of live very muscular man to produce incredibly and unbelievable strong Warforms that would actually become their very bodies! If Draco only waited more than five minutes before he attacked his own blood, he would be told that it was possible for them to acquire the imbued strength of thousands of kindred!

Drago also knew his plan required a long preparation, so he carefully planned ahead to find the suitable men for his own experiences, and tonight he would actually be given the chance to teach his brother a lesson once and for all.


Two months later

It was a very warm night with a full moon shining high on the sky. The sound of metal plates clanking against each other could be heard from across the street joined by grunting sounds. For most of people it was just another regular night, but for those muscular guys inside “Jake’s gym” it was the last weekend before their big show which a pro card would be handled to the overall winner. It was time to get the final adjustments to their uncanny bodies to get them closer to the judges’ impossible ideal of muscular perfection.

Most of competitors are really stressed about training their weakest parts or dieting so severely to get rid of their extra bulk without losing precious muscular mass in the process. Although most of the audience members are lead to believe they’re in front of inhuman specimen of muscular development, the athletes on stage are weaker and more fragile than ever  –  deprived from food and even water, they force their organisms into dangerous conditions just to look “conditioned” under the (unmerciful) eye of the judges.

That particular year, three local amateur bodybuilders had strong changes to win the show and in order to make sure the pro-card wouldn’t be handled to an outsider Kevin, Danny and Greg decided to join their efforts to support each other and overcome their particular weak sports. Kevin, who is this African-American 23 year old firefighter came in second for two years in a row: at 5’9” 258 massive pounds, that powerful looking guy with wide thick shoulders, great pectorals and humongous legs his major problem was to look really conditioned since he seems to retain a great deal of water film to his immense bulk which cost him the victory twice already.

At 25 years old, Danny is 5’10” and weighs 227 pounds and still has a week of dieting to reach his ideal stage weight of 222 shredded rugged pounds with a flimsy skin that makes every single fiber jump once he’s painted and oiled. With strikingly handsome features and a deep natural tan from his Latin inheritance, Danny is always very applauded once he gets onstage.

Although he doesn’t have any problem to look conditioned, Danny had heard a lot of crappy criticism about the lack of symmetry  –  the judges seem to consider his shoulders too narrow for his chest and his arms too small compared to his calves, which was just ridiculous, but kept him from ranking at 4th last year.

At 19 years old, Greg was the youngest and the heaviest among them, at 287 pounds, but because of his enormous 6’8” tall frame, he just doesn’t “look” as massive as shorter bodybuilders. This “lack” of volume is the greatest challenge for the “Norwegiant” teenager with his pink complexion and long limbed muscular huge physique that always towered over the rest of competitors. They have been kept these encounters secret for a long time, but with the upcoming show people already comment that their combined strategy seem to be producing great results  –  Kevin is surely looking very conditioned, Danny shows much more symmetry than last year and even Greg seems so much bigger in comparison with his first appearance. The victory would probably not escape from their eager six hands.

They had a deal with the owner and for that reason they worked out until very late at night and always locked up after they finished. Kevin was working on his humongous calves, showing his friends how to make them jump properly while posing when the bell rang. Danny went to the reception and saw that weird guy looking at him from the other side of the closed glass door. The guy was a very skinny, wimpy looking lad, at only 5’5” tall and slender like a girl, with really pale skin and messy, longish greasy hair. He wore black tank top and shorts that looked like they were a few sizes too big for him, and he looked like he could still be in high school even.

“Gym’s closed” Danny said coldly to the weird looking guy, since he sure didn’t seem like someone used to work out. But before Danny could return he just noticed the guy was smiling at him, his pearly white teeth and the gentle pink lips were so delicate and moved slower than usual. The guy’s voice was soothing, husky and really low toned, but Danny listened to him perfectly.

“Oh I am sorry, I had heard that there was a 24 hour gym in the area from someone, and when I saw the lights were still on I just assumed this was the place…” The kid replied in such unexpectedly calm tone.

“Well, I’ve never heard of such a gym in town…you might be mistaken…” Danny didn’t actually know why he felt that he owed that creepy looking guy some explanation.

“Really? Cursed luck of mine, I just needed a good pump tonight! Are you sure I can’t just have a quick work out? I bet you know this urge much better than me, don’t you?” The skinny lad’s icy blue eyes looked so big for his face; Danny also noticed he was good looking in a very odd way  –  that sad, almost depressed expression really suited him.

“I…wish I could help you out kid, but this is not my gym and we promised…”

“Why are you taking so fucking long dude?” Kevin’s thunderous voice tone echoed in the silent place. The firefighter’s instinct forced the muscular guy to drop his exercise and go make sure his colleague was safe.

“He thinks this is a 24 hour gym and wants to work out.” Danny tried to explain but it only made the thick muscular man noticed the skinny weirdo at the door and rolled his eyes.

“Get the hell out of here, boy! This is not the place you’re looking for, now beat it!” Kevin showed much more determination than Danny but it still wasn’t enough to scare that tiny lad.

“Hello there, my name is Drago and I would really want to see you guys working out. Would you consider letting me in for just an hour? I can make sure you would not regret that.” The guy said pulling out a big waddle of cash that certainly made the bodybuilders impressed.

“Listen, kid…we are not here for that kind of stuff. We have a great show ahead of use and every second is precious!” Kevin didn’t notice right away but he also felt compelled to argument with the little guy, at the same time Danny wondered if he could use the extra cash to purchase that expensive new paste that could give him the perfect advantage over the rest competitors.

The weirdest part was that the little dude was so patient; he just stood there and waited while they discussed.

Since Danny and Kevin took forever to come back, Greg went to check things at the reception, and soon the three bodybuilders weighed the pros and cons of that unexpected situation. They all realized that little guy was into muscle dudes and just wanted to look at their muscular physiques. Although they surely preferred to keep their training low-profile, the ridiculously weak dude imposed no threat over them, at the same time they wouldn’t mind being regally paid to let that skinny dude see their glorious body lifting heavy weights.

“If you want to see us, you’re gonna have to pay 500 bucks to each one of us, dude. That’s 1500 dollars!” Danny announced the absurd price knowing that in the worst case it would just make the guy go away, but for their very surprise Drago just pulled three Ben Franklins and said.

“Let’s make a thousand each so you guys can buy the supplements you need to build such tremendous bodies!” Drago replied as he rubbed the three gran against his pale long fingers.

Kevin shrugged those humongous shoulders and pressed the button over the counter to let the dude inside, but the weirdo still stood outside.

“Just to make things really clear, you’re inviting me to come inside, aren’t you?” Drago asked.

“Yeah dude, come in already. You’re fucking wasting our time!” The muscular Kevin replied as he waved his hand to hurry the gym to the newcomer.

Drago smiled as he entered the place. As soon as he was within arms distance the three guys begun to feel uncomfortable for some reason. There was something about his guy, something they couldn’t quite describe, and if they had any hair on their cleanly shaven bodies, it would have been standing up. “Here you gentleman go, the agreed amount of payment.” Drago handled one legitimate and valid one thousand dollar bills to each man.

“Now then, will one of you be so kind as to tell me more about your gym routine?”

“This is the last week before the show, so we have to do lots of cardio but also make sure we keep the size and strength to endure all the posing and flexing.” Danny instructed the little guy but when he least noticed he was already in the room along with Greg and Kevin.

“So, how much are you guys benching?” The two bodybuilders rolled their eyes and tried to ignore such obnoxious questions, but since the skinny dude patiently waited for a response, Greg took a deep breath and replied without even looking back at the skinny dude.

“ 350 pounds, give or take a few…”

“So, a guy like you can only lift 350 pounds for bench press? That’s quite…disappointing.” The little pale lad said as he approached the rack where Greg let his heavy loaded barbell. Drago just grinned and looked at the heavy bar which he picked in one hand and lifted from the rack and swiftly raised it over his head.

Right at that moment, the two guys were shocked “Holy shit!” Drago then used the enormous barbell like a 5 pound dumbbell, working it effortlessly.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Greg whispered, taken aback by the unexpected display of strength.

“My, this is a relatively heavy weight….for a normal man.” Drago said as he continued to curl it with ease. “Hmm, but I believe that this is simply too light for me. Do you by any chance have something that is a bit heavier and can give me more of a challenge?

Kevin jumped in his skin. “What kind of trick is that? You can’t lift that weight in one hand!”

The huge guy noticed Drago rolling his blue eyes before he literally became a blurred image in moving incredibly fast around the room, the very next second he was lifting another bar loaded with the same cargo on his other hand.

“So, do you believe it now? “ The skinny guy curled the abnormal weight so easily that he simply threw his head back and laughed sinisterly.

“What the fuck are you?” Greg exclaimed as he felt his spine freezing.

“I’m just much more than you narrow minds can fathom!” The creepy dude said replied.

Kevin threw the bills at Drago “Here’s your money back, now get the hell out of here!” Right at that moment they heard Danny’s scream.

“Shit! Look at that!” Danny pointed to the mirrored wall, and the only things reflected were the barbells going up and down like by some magic trick.

“My, I was wondering when you would notice that I am the only one whose image is not being reflected in the mirrors; you guys are not exactly the brightest of the class are you?” Drago laughed and simply threw the barbells away, the heavy weights crashing into the walls with a heavy BOOM, cracking the drywall.

“So then, which one of you would like to help me ‘pump up’ first?” The vampire cracked his neck and shook his body as if he was getting ready for some kind of sinister work out.

The shocked bodybuilders didn’t know how to react, but after that initial moment of hesitation, they all chose wrong.

Kevin tried to strike Drago directly with a punch but the skinny guy just grabbed his huge fist and crushed it easily. The muscular dude grunted of pain and Drago had the pleasure to bring the huge guy into his knees.

“Please…I just lifted twice your max cargo and you think that knocking me out would be that easy?” Drago teased, turning his own neck in a very wicked angle.

Greg tried to help his friend by hitting the sinister dude with a baseball bat that was kept for emergencies, but it also proved to be the wrong choice, because it felt like hitting a wall of titanium. The little guy’s body was so hard that it turned the bat into a cloud of splinters.

Drago waved his head at the tall blond bodybuilder and simply flicked his fingers, sending the 6’8” tall nearly 300 pounds muscle guy flying across the room. The poor guy hit the opposite wall so strongly that he just went through the dry wall and passed out with half of his body inside the other room.

Meanwhile, Danny tried to run the hell out of that guy, but Drago was there at the backdoor before him. The cornered muscle guy pulled the little cross hanging around his thick neck, but that only made Drago laugh.

“That ain’t gonna help you dude! Vampires are actually fascinated by crosses. What scare us is not really the object but the person holding it, and let’s face it; you’re not much worth of heavenly protection.”

The pale guy smiled as he looked into Danny’s face, there was this powerful, authoritarian presence that demanded to be respected, and the vampire smiled as he found his very first subject for the promising night. He opened his mouth and the silvery glow of his growing fangs was absolutely mortifying.

Before Danny could do anything, he found himself pinned to the wall by the impossibly strong Drago. With one swift swipe of his hand, Drago tore off every scrap of clothing on the bodybuilder, exposing his glorious muscular body. Bringing himself close, Drago inhaled Danny’s scent.

“Mmm…I love the smell of prey in fear. It works up my appetite.”

Danny didn’t even have the courage to process what was happening, he just felt a sharp pain on his chest, and suddenly he noticed the guy was on his strong muscular chest, there was a mixture of intense pleasure and a cold pain with each heartbeat.

The Latin bodybuilder couldn’t see exactly what was happening but he could feel the tongue of that weird guy licking his skin and something flowing from his body, he just moaned while his cock grew harder while Drago drank the blood straight from his victim’s heart.

“Mmm….so good…” Drago said as he drank from poor Danny. As the monster drank the youthful blood from his victim, Danny felt Drago’s body press against his harder and harder, globes of flesh seemingly to swell up like balloons, and then Danny realized that somehow, this little fucker was growing bigger with every gulp, sip and lick!

Horrified and yet somehow turned on at the same time, Danny could only watch as the tiny guy’s muscles developed before his eyes, his shoulders broadening, his arms thickening with biceps and triceps, his previously flat chest barreling outwards into two solid, strong pectorals, his legs filling up the previously loose workout shorts.

Within a matter of two of the longest minutes of his life, Danny witnessed Drago going from a 5’4” tiny wimp to a 5’10” huge 300 lbs. muscleman!

Billy gasped as the now humongous Drago just chuckled while lifting the body of his victim from the ground. Danny wanted to scream, he just knew he had to scream, but at the same time he was so intensely charmed by that guy.

Drago picked the shocked bodybuilder in his arms and flexed his arm, showing how much harder and bigger that muscle grew, it was then Danny realized this kid had somehow gained his incredible definition and the pale complexion seemed more alive with his blood running inside those thick veins. Then, Draco just caressed the shocked guy’s face showing his bright fangs, he kissed Danny’s horrified yet enchanted expression.

The kiss was so intoxicating, and it sent a wild fire through Danny’s body and into his loins. That hard, strong body of Drago and the frightening allure of those teeth sent shivers of pure bliss through him, and before long Danny could feel pre leaking from his cock, and when it did, Drago lifted the big man up so he could drink from the cock directly.

Drago felt the rush of live returning to his body, it had been such a long time since he tasted the life emissions, he had starved his precious body for too long in a desperate attempt to remain unnoticed by humans and worst creatures like werewolves and even older vampires who would do anything to destroy him. When he felt the power in that young man’s blood he knew his sperm would be even stronger.

The vampire worked that fine 7 inches shaft with the acquired skill of decades, soon he brought the little human into the best orgasm he ever experienced, and Drago knew that would give him the power to grow even bigger and more powerful.

“Oh FUCK that felt good!” Drago said as he stretched out at 6’2” and his muscles swelled to over 500 lbs., so much unbelievable mass on his previously puny body. Such raw power coarsed through his veins, and he had barely started his feeding, there were still two more lads left to feast on!

“A-are you going to kill me?” Danny said while his body shook intensely, he realized now that the same pleasure he once had drained his body’s energy and got him tired and weak, as if he hadn’t slept for days. Perhaps he was dying already, who knew what was going to happen to him after being fed on by the vampire.

“Why are you doing this to us?” Danny tried one last question.

Drago grinned. “Don’t’ take it personally, little man, it is just a basic fact of life. Predators need victims and you humans are the best victims of all. After all…there are definitely benefits of being an undead, besides the eternal youth and supernatural strength, a smart vampire can learn how to filter the strength of his victim’s blood and make himself much stronger instead of just feeding the beast within.”

Drago then placed Danny back in the ground.

“And don’t worry, you’re not gonna die tonight. I didn’t drink that much blood from you…only because I want to keep my reserves…” Drago grinned as he petted Danny’s cock, and made the human look at his humongous 12 inches soft member.

“So…what’s going to happen? Am I going to turn into a vampire too since you bit me?” Danny’s mind was racing, remembering all the vampire movies he had seen, or at least what he could remember of them.

“Hah, don’t be ridiculous tiny man! You really think that every single victim would become another vampire? Now that would certainly make our unlife much harder don’t you agree?”

Drago simply picked the man under his arms and lifted him from the ground.

“I decided to keep you alive because I know how many years it is necessary to build a body like yours, all the hard work and the food you had to eat to make your muscles grow. I can feel that in your blood and your cum, and that only gets me bigger…I have been laying low for too long, it’s time to fight back and your strength and muscles will make me undefeatable, but of course I do need to feed my own humongous muscles and what’s best to feed mass than fresh blood and cum? Think about yourself as a lucky bull!”

Drago held Danny with just one hand as he flexed his free arm.

So…so now I’m just a food source for you, like a cow you can milk every morning to feed on?” Danny said his face paling. He couldn’t imagine getting his blood and cum sucked every day for the rest of his life like this, and he was still pretty scared.

“Why do you need me? You’re so huge and strong enough now.”

Drago smiled “Yes, but it’s always nice to keep your herd next to you. We are linked beyond your imagination, little mortal. You will need to serve me in every possible way, and let’s just say that…I am going to enjoy being served by your strong body.”

The enormous vampire said as he lifted the little guy’s head and kissed him again. When the kiss was over Danny’s mind simply was overwhelmed with the intoxicating presence of his master.

“Now, let’s go get your friends ready for me…”

The converted Danny nodded as he proceeded to the free weight area, the unconscious bodies of Kevin and Greg were still there but this time Danny only cared for the kind of growth that his friend’s huge physiques would provoke on his unearthed dark master.

The enormous vampire kneeled and gently shook the tall Norwegian Greg still laying inside the hole his body caused in the wall.

“Wake up sleeping beauty, your nightmare has arrived.” Drago chuckled as he shook Greg, who slowly woke up moaning.

As soon as his eyes opened, however, he found himself looking up at a huge, musclebound giant vampire, fangs gleaming in the light.

Greg tried to yell, but the very image of such humongous muscle monster was incredibly arousing at the same time. The fangs easily penetrated Greg’s muscular armor and the victim simply moaned while his predator consumed the very blood from his heart. Drago’s muscular body shook intensely as he tasted the teenager’s blood, the pure energy of a prodigious youthful bodybuilder made Drago grow much more intensely this time.

“Mmmmm!” Drago moaned as he drank from Greg, his body growing bigger and stronger than ever.

Higher and wider his body grew, reaching inhumane proportions. Danny had to crane his neck back in order to watch this amazing display, and soon Drago’s head got closer and closer to the high ceiling building.

Danny moaned and stroke his hand reached for his cock instinctively, the growth on his enormous master was much more intense this time, and Danny suddenly felt jealousy because Greg fed the amazing Draco much more than him.

“Master…why are you growing so much more from him? I don’t have nice muscles…you’re not thinking on getting rid of me, huh? Please…I will work hard to make your body bigger.”

The humongous Drago ignored the pleadings of his first victim/servant and continued drinking as much blood from Greg as he could, but eventually he realized he could not simply kill such precious gift. The monstrous Drago now weighed 1,750 pounds of humongous muscles and his frame augmented to over 7’4” feet tall, he was at least 5 and a half feet wide, not to mention the uncanny muscular definition on that body.

Drago smiled evilly, those fangs glinting a bit in the light. He liked the ones that struggled, they were always the most pleasurable to convert into his muscle slaves. He pulled away from the teenager’s neck, chuckling.

“Well, how do you feel now, Greg? I’m not so small and puny anymore, am I?” The enormous vampire flexed his massive chest with a smirk.

Greg suddenly screamed and gasped for air “Let me go…” He used the very last bit of his strength to slip from Drago’s massive figure. He limped and tried to run, it was then he noticed his friend Danny, but instead of helping him, the son of a bitch was holding him back. Danny tried to talk Greg into that madness, but the tall bodybuilder just needed to get the hell out of there.

Drago laughed out loud, his enormous body just moved inside the gym and blocked the way from Greg’s disoriented escape route. The monumental vampire lifted his victim again and shook him just to make him focus. Greg’s 10 inches long cock was so hard that Drago knew those heavy shaven balls of the bodybuilder produced some nice stuff, he just wanted to have some great fun while growing.

Greg was mortified, he didn’t want to serve anyone, he kicked and screamed but once he felt that tongue he just stopped resisting, because of the intense pleasure; the humongous vampire then worked his way to stimulate the huge shaft, the fangs also provided indescribable pleasure.

The near 300 pounds muscle man was being handled like a little rabbit  –  Drago felt his muscles were pumping in advance; the thick veins on his pale skin were just enormous and engorged with the rich youthful precum that flowed from that young man.

Greg suddenly felt his hole being worked up as Drago fingered his tight muscular butt, easily reaching his prostate, the monumental vampire finally unlocked the torrent of cum that was kept inside those super heavy balls, and Danny noticed how powerful that seed was when he noticed that Drago’s eyes changed from the usual icy blue into a wild red tone!

The vampire moaned as he gulped down the seed from his newest thrall, feeling his body bulk and swell with new mass. He gained a few hundred pounds in just a few swallows, it was certain that he’d break more than a ton in weight after this!

Drago focused his body to absorb the strength imbued into the emissions of the youthful Greg and his supernatural muscles shone intensely under the glow of his expansion, the hulking features expanded and augmented, while the vampire sucked the cum out of Greg’s balls and it just made him even hungrier for more muscle.

Danny watched in his silent worship while his master grew bigger and more muscular. Suddenly, Greg was dry, his balls were sucked dry by the savage muscle beast. He just felt dizzy as Drago carefully made him stand tall just to witness his new glorious size. Drago stood up to his new huge size, just under ten feet tall, and eight and a half feet wide with a three-foot cock! “ Mmmm, that was a really wonderful load from you, Greg…Yes, you’re a very powerful servant for me. You want to make me bigger and stronger, don’t you?”

Greg just nodded while Danny helped him to stand “Yeah, master, I’d do anything for your body to grow even bigger!”

The young bodybuilder said as he admired the enormous pale body of the hungry muscle monster. It was then Drago noticed that even being so massively powerful his glorious body still reflected no image in the mirrors, he felt angry because he was the only one who deserved to be shown by those ridiculous mirrors.

The enormous vampire then decided that he wants to have all the power he can—his lust for muscle is insatiable and he still had Kevin, a very promising amateur bodybuilder who people believed to be the next Ronnie Coleman. The unconscious Kevin was just getting back from his senses when he was easily dominated by super thick muscles of those arms.

“What…what the hell is going on here?”

Drago grinned evilly as he opened his mouth a bit, revealing his big fangs

“Well, nothing you need to worry about. I’ll just drain you now…” the monstrous vampire bent down, piercing Kevin’s neck with his fangs, drinking his delicious blood. Thankfully Kevin didn’t feel any pain, just a sensation of pressure on his neck.

Kevin’s blood had a different taste for the humongous vampire  –  the powerful genetics imbued in that bodybuilder was more powerful than Drago had estimated, his muscles refined and reframed right at the first seconds  –  he grew even more monstrously muscular thanks to Kevin’s blood, his body engorged with layers of new muscles, his undead solid muscles assumed a living coloration as he drank more from his third victim.

Meanwhile, Greg and Danny worshipped the expanding muscle monster while he drained more size from Kevin, they both noticed that Drago’s monstrous cock grew even harder and thicker, the veins crossed the humongous python while the surrounding room felt each time smaller for the supernatural beast.

“Dormant Lycan’s blood…it’s been a long time since I’ve dined that…” Drago’s mind rushed, he growled while draining in more and more, it was so tempting just to drink from him until he became dust…but no, he had to keep him alive and growing, so he could grow even more from him!*

Kevin felt the pleasure surging through his body and he screamed out of pleasure while his huge chocolate cock got so hard.

At 8’8” feet tall with nearly 6 feet wide and weighing 2,470 pounds of ultra-hard hulking monstrous pounds, Drago just grinned and considered the idea of having Kevin’s cum in a different and maybe even more pleasing way.

“Heh, I guess we found out the secret to your precious genetics huh, puppy?” The immense Drago manhandled Kevin and teased him.

“Argh! Master this hurts…please I’ll be good…please spare me!” Kevin begged for his life, but Drago knew exactly what he was doing. He brought the little guy closer to the window and showed him the full moon.

“We both know why you wanted the guys to train at night, it’s because you feel stronger and wilder when the moon is brilliant and full like that huh, Fido? Just look at the silvery light in the sky, don’t you think it’s calling for you? Come on…I know you want…there’s more to your muscular body than meets the eye.”

Under Drago’s uncanny strong grip, Kevin was forced to look at the moon, he actually felt very uneasy during nights like these, he couldn’t explain the reason, but just looking at the moon and its silvery light made his heart beat even faster. His mind was suddenly flooded with wild thoughts, he felt hornier than ever, especially because Drago rubbed his immense phallus against that perfect bubble muscle butt.

“I am not letting you go until you unleash your own inner beast, Toto!” Drago laughed as he licked the neck of his small prey, he knew by the taste of Kevin’s sweat that his adrenaline surge would just do the trick.

Kevin then felt something breaking loose inside his mind. He grimaced in pain and shook violently, but Drago kept him under his control. Kevin felt his secret wild inheritance waking up at full force. The enormous vampire just hugged the muscular guy’s frame closer to his own immense chest and the warmth of that upcoming change felt so nice for the undead muscle master.

“That’s it wolfie…get angry, get horny…you’re not a little man, you’re a furious beast that wants to come out and play with your master vampire. Your Werewolf essence was lying inside your muscular body for quite long, and a monster like me needs to be fed with the best protein available, and I know just how powerful Lycan’s cum actually is, now it’s time for me to have my own furry milk maker…” Drago teased Kevin even more, because he knew the change in Kevin would be really sexy.

“NOOOOOO…You’re not gonna have me!” Kevin’s body had already grown much bigger, still he was easily contained by Drago’s immense frame, and when the moonbeams hit Kevin’s massive body, they triggered the transformation he never imagined he could undergo.

The black bodybuilder’s smooth skin became instantly hairy, and his muscles augmented, his bones cracked, his facial features changed drastically. The masculine handsomeness gave place to feral brutality and fierce beauty.

Drago enjoyed the whole process, knowing he was too strong for Kevin even under such dramatic change. The muscles on Kevin’s body changed their very structure, becoming even thicker, bigger and more massive, his limbs grew longer and so much stronger, his fingers developed long claws, his face became a muzzle, his ears were growing longer and pointier, meanwhile, his cock which was already 9 inches back in his human form augmented to whooping 24 inches in a matter of seconds, and still continued growing bigger. Drago laughed as he successfully contained the bestial growth on Kevin’s massive frame, because of his own monstrous new dimensions. The vampire noticed that Kevin’s lycanthropic transformation was still not done, and just for the thrill of the experience, he let Kevin go, and the guy’s muscles grew even faster after they were released from such tremendous pressure.

Danny and Greg could not believe their best friend was changing into a freaking werewolf! They were so scared they tried to run away, but just a look from Drago’s red eyes made them stop instantly

“Don’t be afraid, my boys. You really think I’d let anything happen to my precious herd? Just stay behind me and watch how a true vampire trains his pet.”

Drago grinned as he looked back at Kevin, the hairy muscular body bulged and grew bigger by the seconds, his quads assumed the amalgamation of human and lupine, his perfect butt now had a long tail swinging sensually as he continued to grow, his dark chocolate fur could not hide those bulging massive muscles, and the enormous cock was so hard and also became much more similar to the endowment of a lupine, but still so damn huge and powerful that all of them wanted to taste, though only Drago had the power to endure such phenomenal size, since his own manhood was still much bigger than Kevin’s new python.

Kevin’s senses went crazy, he could no longer control his thoughts and actions, he just knew that the immense creature in front of him was a threat, and he would do anything to destroy him. The now inhumanly muscular werewolf assumed his enormous hybrid form  –  a 9 feet tall nearly 3,000 pounds hulking creature with a 3 feet long hard cock and heavy ultra-sized balls carrying the precious nectar which Drago truly wanted.

“Heh, what are you waiting for, doggy?” Drago teased. The howling was horrifying and both Greg and Danny cried out of despair  –  Kevin’s claws attacked the muscular fortress on Drago like they could easily tear them into shreds.

Another primal roar was heard, and this time it was a painful one. The werewolf continued attacking the solid muscular nakedness on Drago with all his might, but he just could not even scratch it. In fact, at the first contact to the uncanny hardness of Dragon’s immense muscles, Kevin’s claws were the ones who broke into thousands of piece. The werewolf cried out of pain, but he still tried to keep attacking the monumental vampire.

“Huh, that’s pathetic you little dog! Your kind should know how to respect the true masters of the Night!” Drago opened his arms to emphasize the fact that despite the effort, the only blood on his body belonged to Kevin, his broken claws rejuvenated quite fast, still they could not produce the effect he instinctively desired.

Drago then picked Kevin’s both hands in his humongous paw and held him in the air. His own cock was dripping lots of precum. He faced the werewolf with the fearsome red eyes and explained the situation.

“Listen up, Rex. You’re not strong enough to beat me, but you’re still gonna mount this humongous vampire.” Drago chuckled as he let go of the enormous werewolf, but Kevin now just stood there, his twitching cock and the humongous muscles bulging, he was a ferocious lethal machine. He couldn’t rationalize the fact that he had been easily overpowered; he remained a ferocious beast that needed to keep attacking!

Kevin launched towards Drago and the vampire simply slapped his muzzle, sending the humongous werewolf through the walls and into the darkness of the night, hitting a dumpster in the back of the gym’s parking lot over 50 feet away. Then, he calmly walked outside while the defeated werewolf tried to regain his senses.

Despite his ginormous size, the vampire moved like a huge blur, soon he was holding Kevin by the neck and brought him close to his face. Their eyes locked for one seconds, and then Drago noticed Kevin struggling with his ferocious demeanor, it was then the new deep voice of the lupine monster begged.

“ huge…so massive…please Master don’t hit me anymore…I don’t want to fight, I just want you to fuck me! Please, I feel so hard…so horny!” To Drago’s own surprise that little werewolf managed to overcome his natural instincts to beg for his master’s mercy, and that actually turned the immense vampire on, so he just picked the defeated monster from the ground by its neck again.

“Heh, you don’t get to decide what I do with you my pet!” Drago chuckled as he lowered the enormous Lycanthrope back to the ground and kissed him passionately.

Although they were straight to that point, the making out between a monstrously humongous vampire and the massive werewolf was so hot that Greg and Danny started kissing each other, totally intoxicated by the combination of pheromone and supernatural energies irradiating from that hideously huge couple was much too strong for the weakling humans to resist.

Drago broke the kiss and flexed for his enslaved werewolf, making sure the furry monster realized his vampire muscles were just impossible to be hurt by the puny attempts of the lupine. Then, as Kevin was relatively calmer and totally under the charm of the vampire’s massiveness, Drago moved sensually and bent over in front of Kevin’s gasping view.

“You’re gonna deliver your precious juice right inside this hard butt, little wolf. I want you to feel me growing around you. Your cum is 50 times more potent than human, and given your own genetics, I am hungry for you NOW!” Drago claimed and Kevin simply mounted the enormous vampire and started humping his glorious muscles.

Drago flexed and moaned, he knew that Kevin was under his total control, the immense vampire simply flexed his butt so tight that he heard the excruciating howl that announced such awaited lupine orgasm.

Kevin threw his head back, unleashing a torrent of cum inside his gargantuan master’s butt.

Danny and Greg felt the ground shaking underneath them, and it was not because they were fucking like bunnies, the ground was actually shaking. Drago’s servants then looked up and noticed that Kevin’s lycanthrope form was slowly fading out, his body shrunk quickly after he came inside the marvelous butt of their monster master.

However, while Kevin simply passed out, his body was still attached to Drago’s growing physique.

The vampire was the one who let a deep howl that sent fear in their hearts, and lust in their crotches. The monumental vampire enlarged at such exponential rate that it was hard to keep track of his muscular development; he just escalated into an even bigger version of his previous monstrosity at each few seconds, building muscle on top of muscle, creating more worshipful mass, more abnormally huge power.

Drago turned around and faced his servants, he was a humongous monster who surpassed 36 feet in height, and now seemed much wider than he was wider! The thickness of his new body surpassed any imaginable figure for its behemoth weight, but Drago knew that he weighed exactly 25,000 pounds of POWER. The painfully beautiful features on Drago’s face now crowned the grotesqueness of his muscles  –  the nearly ten feet long, 8 feet around gigantic cock was still hard and dripping cum.

“Hop up on my cock, boys…It’s time for us to pay a little visit to an old friend of mine!” Drago commanded and both of his servants climbed his magnificent body and they sat on the magnificent phallus which didn’t even move an inch with their combined weight. Kevin was still passed out but the ultimate vampire, told his slaves to take care of him while he just took a massive jump into the glorious full moon night.



Danny got out of the car, his new 6’6” 470 pounds frame dressed in the impeccable customized Armani suit made him look even more powerful. He noticed the sun was about to set in the horizon, which meant he didn’t have much time left.

“Come on guys, the Master will be up soon.”

Greg looked even more massive now that he was a 7’5” 640 pounds humongous blond guy with long hair and a full beard; his own perfectly tailored suit indicated his master actually cared a lot about him, which made him very proud.

Finally, the 8 feet tall 1,600 pounds Kevin joined his fellow ghouls in the entrance of the City Elysium. He was so much bigger than his buddies because of his Lycanthrope ancestry, but fortunately he had his master to tame and control that beast, and he also became a much stronger worshiper for their beloved Master.

The building still needed to be properly restored, but given the last events, it actually resisted much better than anticipated, or perhaps their Master realized he didn’t need to use all the power he initially intended.

The three ghouls entered the Elysium, and promptly were received by their comrades, who used to be amateur or professional bodybuilders from all over the country and now served to a much higher and better cause  –  the feeding of their Monster Master. In returns, they could feed from the infinite supply of Drago’s monumental python, and its blessed juices made them stronger and more muscular.

Most of the City vampires were spared from punishment; after all they didn’t know their Prince had become a true vampire killer. They had been instructed to come to Elysium and worship their new Prince and spread the good news about his ascension. They were still pretty scared of the glorious size of their new Leader, but they would eventually get used, or not, since Drago now was sure that his body was to be constantly augmented and perfected thanks to the efforts of his little ghouls.

The main chamber of the Elysium now contained the humongous resting place of the new Prince. The ghouls entered the place with utmost respect and prepared the nightly obligations. Danny took care of finances, Greg was responsible for logistics, and Kevin would report about other supernatural activities like Lycanthropes, Mages or Hunters.

Danny looked at his watch and when he made sure the sun was completely gone, he opened the window covers, allowing the twilight to invade the sumptuous place that once served as the City Council for Prince Drake. Each man still remembered how easily their giant Master defeated the vampires’ defenses, it didn’t take 2 minutes until they were totally overpowered.

The chamber under the floor opened and from within a massive hand emerged, which was soon followed by even bigger limbs and glorious monstrous forms that quickly filled the main Room of the Elysium.

“DAMN…this place is getting smaller each night!” The enormous Drago laughed as he stretched to his full 66 feet monstrous height, but his muscles were actually wider than he was tall! The uncanny development of his muscles made him look so grotesque tan most of the vampires could not handle staring at their new leader.

Weighing over 80,000 pounds of ultra-muscular matter, he is so grotesquely overdeveloped that his muscles flex in many different shapes and patterns, which move and bulge even while the super bulky monster is relaxed.

The ghouls bowed in respect and Drago picked each one and placed on his humongous chest, from where they sat comfortably. “Good evening, bugs! How is everything going?”

Drago was properly briefed of the latest news  –  the city still didn’t know what caused a 7 degree earthquake less than two weeks ago. Some Hunters were still investigating the case, but their contact would just stall them. The neighbor cities had all sworn alliance to their new Prince, but Drago knew he would have to establish his new order with all the Strength necessary.

The humongous Tzimisce grinned as he looked at his tiny men. “And what about the Prisoner?”

Kevin grinned “He’s still locked up, your highness.”

“Good, bring him over here now, it’s time for his inspection.” Drago said as he sat on his immense throne and his ghouls climbed into his lap to caress his 24 feet long, 18 feet around monstrously huge python.

The Prisoner was brought into the Prince’s presence, a meek 5’4” 120 pounds skinny dude with a 3 inches hard cock and ugly features felt totally humiliated as he saw his twin brother in the full splendor of his monstrous size.

“Brother…I’ve learned my lesson…please allow me to be part of your Court…please!” Draco begged with a very weak voice, but Kevin simply slapped him.

“Quiet, petulant little shit! You have to wait for His Highness Permission to address to him!” The Lupine actually enjoyed the fact that the Prisoner was so low ranked that even a Lycanthrope could discipline him.

Drago laughed and felt the little men shook at the very sound of his voice. “That’s okay, Kevin. The miserable bastard can supplicate as much as he want, it won’t change the fact he’s still a pariah! The only reason why I decided to keep you just as tiny and miserable as you have once made me is for you to realize that one day I might forgive you…or not. But since we are both immortals, that might take a while.

Draco sighed, he hated being so tiny, especially when his brother grew bigger and more perfect each day. Drago also knew the day to forgive his brother was closer than the little bastard could imagine, but first he wanted them all to witness his newest development.

“Danny, let me take a look on my glorious self!” Drago announced and the ghoul obliged, he secretly wished that his master was not mistaken about this. The muscular servant pressed the button and the immense fabric covering the giant sized wall mirror in front of Drago was revealed, which caused Draco to fall on his knees and cry out of misery and pain.

Meanwhile, Drago looked at his own glorious reflection for the first time in hundreds of years, and now that he was such a monumental monster of unheard massive standards, he was more than proud to notice the tiny men climbing him and sat along his cock, many of them playing with his giant cock head, which was always leaking precum constantly.

Drago flexed his arms and several worshippers climbed onto his biceps only to worship the risking peaks, it was always nice to look at perfection, and Drago became perfection in expansion, a Work in constant Progress.

“Yeah, brother…cry your little heart out, I am already in the way of overcoming the Vampire Curse! Soon I’ll be alive again and ascend as the new GOD! And you will be always remembered as the guy who could have had it all, but screwed his chances!” Drago laughed once again.

Happy Halloween!

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