The reform party

by NBCK99

Will attends a gathering that turns out to be devoted to some radical transformations, where the invitees have sexual desires that can’t be fulfilled in the real world and long for their roleplay fantasies to be made real in ways even they don’t expect.

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Part 1: The Reform Party Will attends a gathering that turns out to be devoted to some pretty radical transformations, where all of the invitees have sexual desires that simply can’t be fulfilled in the real world and long for the fantasy of roleplay to be made real in ways even they don’t quite expect. (added: 30 Sep 2016)
Part 2: A Lonely Night With his detachable-parts boyfriend Will away on a business trip, big multi-armed Christopher aches with how much he’s missing him. Fortunately, Will left a little something of himself behind... (added: 14 Oct 2016)
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Part 1: The Reform Party

Will wasn’t entirely sure what had brought him out to the little office complex. The nondescript one-story building seemed to hold more vacant spaces with lease signs than actual offices. There was a dentist’s office toward one end and some sort of call center toward the other. Will had noticed a makeshift sign for an IT firm that was just moving into a space on the opposite side of the building where the driveway turned off from the main road. The parking lot was almost completely empty. That was probably due to the fact that it was an office complex on Saturday afternoon, but Will imagined it probably looked empty even when its sad little offices were all open.

Will automatically parked his beat up old car two spaces away from the little cluster of vehicles in front of office #28. When he stepped out of his car, it probably would have looked like a clown stepping out of a clown car to an observer. He stood up and up, rising to his full height of 6’8” with his lanky, almost gawky body barely filling out his jeans and tank top. His unusually lean body actually worked for him, although his boyishly handsome face did most of the work. At the moment that face was pensive, his light blue eyes looking distant and unfocused. He very nearly got in his car and drove away right then. What was he really doing there in that deserted office park when he could be literally anywhere else?

Will shook his head and suddenly looked determined. He had absolutely no idea what to expect, and he couldn’t help feeling that the whole thing seemed like some sort of bizarre hoax or practical joke, but he decided he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had gone in. If he backed out from this experience now, he’d always be left wondering what he had left behind. So he walked up to the only space where the lights were on and tugged at the door.

The front room was obviously set up to have a reception desk and room for a few chairs, but besides the desk itself the room was a blank slate with empty white walls and not a single piece of furniture. No one manned the desk. Will hesitantly made his way toward the door at the far end of the small entrance space. He had literally no idea what he was walking into. He opened the door and stepped through. The space beyond was... not what he was expecting. It was a fairly large space where all the walls were still unfinished. Three walls were nothing but unpainted drywall, while one was little more than studs and insulation. Above, the ceiling beams were exposed and light came from hanging fixtures with exposed bulbs. In the center of the unfinished space there stood a circle of six small wooden chairs. All were occupied except one.

Because of how the chairs faced, Will could see two of the men clearly, one in profile, and two only from behind. The two who faced Will were an interesting study in contrasts. The one on the left was extremely pale with straight sandy hair swept to the side while the one on the right had caramel colored skin and an unruly mop of nearly black hair. The blond was almost as lean as Will, while the man next to him was a bit blocky. The two men whose backs were to Will had shaggy auburn hair and dark, closely trimmed hair, respectively, and both had muscular arms and shoulders. The one with auburn hair seemed taller than the others, even sitting down, but Will correctly guessed that he was still the tallest of the group.

The man in profile was a god. Will couldn’t think of another way to describe him. The young man had perfectly groomed platinum blond hair, and his beautiful skin practically glowed. He wore a pair of white pants over his long legs and nothing else. His bare torso was lean but filled with muscle, from a set of firm, amazingly defined abs to a pair of thick yet perfectly proportioned pecs. His arms were similarly perfect. Even his large bare feet were beautiful, and Will didn’t usually notice such things. The man’s face was young and smooth, and everything about it was in perfect alignment. He almost looked like the David statue come to life if David had straight hair and a very large bulge.

A voice as smooth as honey brought Will out of his thoughts. “Would you like to have a seat?” Damn, even the man’s voice could make Will melt. The lanky guy mutely nodded and headed for the only empty seat. Just before he sat down, Will realized that his chair faced the beautiful man. He could guess why that seat was vacant. How could anyone look that man in the eye and not sprout and instant boner and become lost in a haze of lust? “Well, you’re all here,” the man said. Will looked at the man’s feet, although those suddenly seemed as alluring as the man’s face. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves?”

That gave Will an excuse not to look at his host. He feared the introductions would be awkward though. The guys all sort of knew why they were there, but they weren’t exactly sure what was going to happen. They only knew that all the other guys there were very kinky. The blond to the right of the host went first. “Uh, hi. I’m Brody.” He paused, but the man next to him didn’t speak up, so he felt compelled to continue. “I’m 22. I just finished college.” Will took a moment to really analyze the younger guy. Will felt he wouldn’t be remiss to call Brody pretty. The guy’s round face was soft and completely hairless, and his bright green eyes were stunning. His tight clothes showed off his slim body. Will noted that Brody had a couple earrings in each ear, and he thought he noticed a tongue ring when the young man spoke. Will looked back at Brody’s tight shirt and found that he could clearly see the outline of a pair of nipple rings.

Brody pointedly looked at the darker man to his right to signal that it was his turn to speak. “I’m Luis,” the man said with a hint of a Hispanic accent. “I’m 26. Damn, you guys are hot.” Luis looked a bit surprised that the last bit had slipped out. He was quite handsome in his own way. He had a naturally thicker build, but Will could now see that there was no excess fat on Luis’ frame. He had an effortlessly rugged appearance, as if he belonged outdoors hiking or befriending wild animals.

Silence once again overtook the room, and Will realized he was up next. “Hi, I’m Will. I’m 28.” Something foreign welled up inside Will, and suddenly he could understand why Luis had blurted out what he did. “I’m glad you think I’m hot,” he told Luis with a wink. “I generally think I’m a pretty good-looking guy, but I feel almost out of my league here.” Luis offered Will a knowing look. There was something about this atmosphere... something freeing but unpredictable. Will wondered if it was good or bad.

“I’m Drake,” the man on Will’s other side said. Will turned to look at the man and found that he was the very picture of masculinity. His close-cropped hair framed a square face with a dusting of stubble, and some chest hair poked out of his black tank top. He clearly hit the gym often. He wasn’t necessarily Will’s type, but he would surely catch Will attention is they passed each other on the street. “I’m 30, and you kids are making me feel old.” Will couldn’t tell if Drake was joking or being serious. “God, this place is feeling stuffy. I feel like we’re all overdressed.” Will glanced down and noticed that the buff guy was already tenting his pants.

“I’m Christopher,” the last of the guests stated. He was quite a man. His thick reddish hair hung nearly to his shoulders and framed a face that could best be described as boy-next-door. Yet there was nothing boy next door about his body. He was clearly over six feet tall, and he was thick with rippling muscles under his freckled skin. His shoulders were amazingly wide, and his pecs stuck out in front of him, clearly obvious under his straining shirt. “I’m 24, and I’m surprised not to be the tallest one here.” He turned to look straight at Will, and that gaze sent shivers down Will’s spine. “I don’t know what the hell’s supposed to happen, but it needs to start soon or we’ll all just end up jacking off.” Christopher blushed a little at his own statement, but he didn’t seem surprised to uncontrollably blurt out his otherwise unspoken thoughts.

“And I am Loren,” The host said with his beautiful voice. Will and the others all involuntarily turned to look at the man when he spoke. He did not say his age. Will thought Loren almost looked 18, except there was a sense of age and wisdom in his eyes that spoke of many years of experience. “Each of you received an email inviting you here for the same reason. You have sexual desires that simply can’t be fulfilled in the real world. You’ve imagined, you’ve engaged in roleplay, some of you have written or drawn or used photoshop. But you’ve never actually felt it, experienced the thing you desired. Until now.”

Will vaguely registered that he was fully hard. He’d read the email, but hearing it out loud... it reverberated deep inside him. Loren continued. “I will guide you into a place where anything is real. In fact, you’re already there.” Suddenly Loren was sitting in a plush, very comfortable chair. The guys all looked around as if to examine their own wood chairs. “You are sitting on small, uncomfortable wood chairs because you believe you are. What would you like to be sitting on right now?”

“Luis’ lap,” Brody blurted out.

Loren quirked a crooked smile. “We’ll get to that in time.”

“Anything more comfortable than this tiny chair,” Christopher said.

Loren looked intently at the large man. “Be more specific.”

“Well, I wish this chair was wider, and I wish it had a cushion.” And then the chair was exactly as Christopher described it. It was the same wooden chair as before but a good deal wider and with a navy blue cushion on the seat.

“I wish I was in a basket chair,” Luis said. “One of those really deep ones with a big giant cushion.” No sooner had he finished the sentence than he was sitting in a very large basket chair.

“A leather lounge chair,” Will blurted out. And there it was. Soon all of the men were in customized chairs. Will was stunned, and yet he couldn’t help but take it all at face value. There was something about the atmosphere that told him everything was real, and it was happening exactly the way it was supposed to. He shifted himself in his seat, and the leather creaked. He realized his choice hadn’t been the most practical, but he wasn’t sure whether he could or should change it.

“Now, picture yourself at your most relaxed,” Loren instructed. “Don’t say anything out loud. Just imagine yourself feeling perfectly comfortable and let your chair adapt accordingly.” Well, this was Will’s chance. He closed his eyes. At his most relaxed, he was sitting at home in his living room. He opened his eyes to find that he and Luis were sitting at opposite ends of a plush sofa. Brody was in a beanbag chair. He looked very comfortable, but he didn’t look too happy when he glanced over at the two guys on the couch. He seemed jealous that he wasn’t the one on the couch with Luis. Drake was leaning back on what appeared to be a slightly more comfortable version of a weight bench, while Christopher was sitting on a mat on the floor with his muscular legs crossed.

“You each know why you’re here,” Loren continued. You have one overwhelming desire. Let it flood your mind. Let it simply happen.”

Christopher pressed his palms together as if he was doing yoga. The large man looked surprisingly good in that pose. He closed his eyes and began to breathe deeply. Will closed his eyes too. He wanted to shut out any sensory distractions like the hot guys around him. He tried his best to completely relax his body, letting go of absolutely everything. Loren continued to speak in the background. “Your desire is all that matters. Your body can and will change to accommodate that desire. You need only to let go of the reality you think you know and believe.”

Will almost felt like he was floating. He knew he was still sitting on the couch that had apparently come from his and Luis’ minds, but he felt utterly disconnected from his body. He heard a soft thud and then a louder plop, and then he felt a pain in the back of his left hand. He reached over to rub his sore hand, but he felt... nothing. Or to be more precise, he felt his wrist and nothing else. His eyes shot open. On the floor in front of him was his left hand, which had fallen onto the couch and bounced to the floor. He tried wiggling his fingers, and they moved. He delicately picked up his hand, and he could feel his hands touching each other as if they were both still attached. That gave Will an idea.

With wonder in his eyes, Will reattached his left hand to his wrist. Just like that, he was whole. Except he’d been whole the entire time. He’d never lost control of his detached hand. With hardly a thought, Will wished his shirt away, and it vanished into nothingness. He grabbed his left arm at the bicep—and he pulled. His arm came cleanly off as if it had always been detachable. The sensation was absolutely amazing. It was impossible and wonderful and incredibly hot. The only problem was he wasn’t sure what to do with it in real life. He glanced around to see what the others were doing.

Drake was now fully naked with his erection rising above his prone form. And what an erection it was. It was at least a foot long and rather thick. It made his muscular body appear smaller by comparison. Then Will realized that wasn’t just an illusion. Very slowly, Drake’s body was shrinking. Will watched as the man’s feet pulled toward his body until his toes barely touched the ground. Beyond Drake, Christopher still sat on the floor with his hands pressed together. Nothing about him seemed to have changed, and yet he somehow looked larger, or maybe he was just brimming with energy. It was as if his body was trying very hard to grow but hadn’t been able to yet.

Luis had joined Brody on the beanbag chair, and they were making out passionately. They were both still fully clothed, but something about them looked... odd. Will couldn’t put his finger on what looked strange, so he continued watching as he tried to figure it out. In the meantime he reattached his arm and started rubbing his boner through his jeans. At some point his jeans faded away, and the only fabric between his hand and his cock was a pair of boxer briefs. Luis and Brody briefly paused their make out session and pulled away from each other, and suddenly Will could clearly see how they had changed. They wore a single pair of jeans with three legs.

The two men looked down at themselves as if just noticing the change for the first time. “Holy shit,” Luis breathed.

“Want to try walking around like this?” Brody asked.

Luis nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Shit, you’re really into this too? Do you know how long I’ve wished to do this with a really hot guy?”

Brody kissed the man he shared a leg with. “Yes. Yes I do.” At first the two were a bit awkward with their three legs and two torsos, but they soon started getting the hang of it. Even once they started moving more gracefully, they couldn’t seem to go more than a few steps before making out for a bit.

Will turned his attention back to the others and gasped. Christopher now had two sets of palms pressing together, one pair above the other. He was also completely nude and rock hard. His shoulders looked even more impressive than before, and they sat above two pairs of meaty pecs with thickly muscled arms. Christopher opened his eyes and began examining his body. He flexed his four arms one by one and then in various poses together. He started feeling himself up all over, but in the midst of his ecstasy, it clearly still wasn’t enough. Will felt compelled to speak.

“Need a hand?” Will offered. He effortlessly pulled off his left hand and reached around Drake to offer it to Christopher. The large man’s eyes widened, but he didn’t truly seem shocked. He wordlessly took it and examined it. Will’s hand felt amazing in Christopher’s meaty paws. As it got passed around between the four hands, it nearly gave Will sensory overload. Finally Christopher reached up and placed Will’s hand on his upper back between his shoulders. Will instantly started massaging the man’s back and neck, and he could feel as Christopher sighed and relaxed his muscles.

Will looked down at his nub of a wrist. He loved being able to give a massage from several feet away, but he wanted more. He closed his eyes, knowing exactly what he wanted, what he needed. He opened his eyes and flexed the hand that was attached to his left wrist. He continued massaging Christopher with his other left hand. It was slightly harder to control now, but Will could still feel each sensation as strongly as ever. Christopher was so unbelievably sexy. Just touching his skin was amazing. Will pulled off his right hand and handed it to the auburn-haired man.

Will must have been looking at Christopher with unbridled lust in his eyes because Christopher knew exactly what Will wanted him to do with his spare hand. While Will’s left hand massaged Christopher’s neck, his right was dropped onto a huge, hard cock. It wasn’t much more than average length, but it was very thick, and even Will’s extra long fingers only just barely wrapped all the way around. Without thinking, Will regrew a right hand on his own body and started stroking himself.

If Christopher’s body and Will’s own amazing ability weren’t enough to get him worked up, he had plenty of other sights to get him going. Drake’s cock was nearing two feel long now, and his balls were growing proportionally. Meanwhile, his body had lost a noticeable amount of size. Not only had he gotten shorter by a foot or more, but his hard-earned muscles were shrinking and losing definition. The look of bliss on Drake’s face and the precum dribbling down his huge cock told Will that the man didn’t mind his diminished size at all.

Luis and Brody were once again making out, but they were quite literally closer than ever. They shared a single normal pair of two-legged jeans, and their torsos seemed to be very gradually melding starting from the waist. They sank onto the couch and wrapped their arms around each other so tightly that an onlooker might not have been able to tell whether they were two men or one.

For the first time since everything had started, Will looked at Loren. He nearly came right then. The man didn’t look at all different from before except that he was naked, exposing his very long cock. The thing that caught Will attention was that there were now three of Loren. Two were making out while they rubbed the third one’s chest and shoulders, and the third one stroked himself. If Loren alone was almost impossibly beautiful, three of him were enough to nearly short-circuit a man’s brain. Will forcefully turned his head to look at anything other than Loren’s multiplied beauty.

Will’s gaze landed on Christopher and his six arms and three large cocks. Will was cumming before his brain even registered it. He hadn’t been prepared for that. The man was stunning with his extra limbs. It looked like he was made for them. And those cocks... Will’s hand started stroking harder, and Will became acutely aware that he could feel one of Christopher’s cocks brushing against the back of his hand. Will needed to be a part of that, to add to it. He stood up, suddenly fully naked, and Christopher did the same.

Will was vaguely aware of Drake in his peripheral vision. Drake’s cock had to be close to three feet long, and his body couldn’t be much more than three feet tall. His body lay limp, all the energy drained from it, while his cock rose up like a pillar. Christopher put two of his hands on Will’s shoulders, snapping the lanky man back to the moment at hand. Thanks to Christopher’s double stacked pecs, the two tall men were eye to eye now. Will leaned in for a kiss before he knew what he was doing. He just knew he needed it so bad. He needed Christopher and Christopher needed him. When the two finally pulled away, Christopher looked Will in the eyes in a way that expressed a million unspoken thoughts. In that moment Will knew that Christopher really did need him. Those eyes silently asked permission, and Will gave the slightest nod of his head.

Christopher simultaneously pulled off both of Will’s arms. He looked at Will questioningly again, and this time Will found his voice. “Do it,” he commanded quietly. Christopher passed Will’s detached arms between his many arms and aligned him to his own body. Then he added them to his own collection of arms. Will felt a shock of pleasure as his arms became part of Christopher’s body. At first Will’s lanky arms looked out of place on the large man’s bulky body, but he felt the strangest sensation as his arms started filling out to match the other six. Will automatically flexed his arms on Christopher’s body, eager to feel his newly developed muscle.

“Shit, that feels weird,” Christopher murmured as his new arms moved of their own volition.

“Oh, sorry,” Will said, but Christopher once again put two of his hands on Will’s shoulders.

“Don’t be. It’s weird but amazing. You’re a part of me. You gave me your arms. Shit, I couldn’t dream this up.”

“They look amazing on you.”

“You know, you look weirdly hot with that lean torso and no arms.” Will looked down at himself. He’d been too lost in the amazing experience of giving his arms to Christopher to think about respawning arms for himself. Christopher seemed to know what Will was thinking, and he said, “Hold on. Don’t do it yet. I want to try something else.” He looked down at Will’s cock, which was already chubbing up again.

“Oh shit. You really want...? Oh god, please do it. Please.” Will suddenly felt hopelessly incoherent, but he knew Christopher understood perfectly. The large man reached down and stroked Will’s cock a few times. And then he pulled. Will’s cock and balls came right off in Christopher’s hand. For a little while Christopher just fondled Will’s junk, leaving Will in ecstasy. Will wanted to reach down and touch his cock, but he didn’t have hands or a cock on his body at that moment. Suddenly Will’s hands were touching his cock, though. He realized Christopher had shifted the detached cock to his borrowed hands so that Will could feel the pleasure of touching himself.

Will just stood there, a head on a torso and legs, as Christopher fondled his cock. Then it seemed Christopher couldn’t take it anymore, and he thrust the cock into his crotch, bringing his total number of cocks to four. Will’s cock was slightly shorter and not nearly as thick as the others, but that soon changed as it adapted to its new body. Will was so desperate to stroke himself that he suddenly found that he once again had arms. He instinctively reached down to rub his crotch, but he only found a smooth spot that was nearly as sensitive as a cock. For some reason he didn’t regrow his cock, instead opting to rub his smooth crotch as he made Christopher’s newest cock harder and harder.

Will decided to take a moment just to enjoy his current form—he was surprisingly content with his body despite not having a cock, or at least not one attached to his body—and survey the room. Where Loren had been sitting, there was now just a pile of bodies. It took Will a minute to discern that there were now five Lorens all lost in each other’s beauty. Everything about them, from their hair to their cocks to their asses to the soles of their feet was perfectly gorgeous. Will started rubbing his flat crotch harder.

Luis and Brody were sitting and chatting, and they were closer than ever in more ways than one. They now shared a single body with two cocks and two heads. From the neck down, they were Brody on the right and Luis on the left. Luis’ darker skin met Brody’s pale skin right in the center, and that line ran straight down their torso. Brody’s side was still slim with a pierced nipple, while Luis’ was still thick. Their two arms kept going back and forth between holding each other, wrapping around their body, and stroking each other’s cocks. They brought their two heads together in a kiss that was as both passionate and tender.

Will’s jaw dropped when he saw Drake. While Will had Christopher, Luis and Brody had each other, and Loren had his other selves, Drake had been off in his own world. Now he was quite a sight to see. His cock rose up four feet or maybe even a little more, and it was easily as thick around as Will’s waist. His balls were a bit bigger than basketballs, and they were still filling up. Drake himself was completely dwarfed by his massive junk. He was almost as slim as Brody, and he couldn’t have been more than a foot and a half tall. He was completely pinned down under his enormous cock, but he still wore a blissful smile on his face.

When Drake noticed Will’s attention, he spoke up for the first time since his introduction. “Will, right?” his voice was so small and soft now, a far cry from the man’s man from earlier. “Listen, you have got to get me off when this is done. Please. It’s going to be unbelievable.”

“Uh yeah, I guess you’re way to small to even think about getting yourself off now, huh?” Will responded.

“No, you don’t get it. A cock can’t just get itself off, know what I mean?” At that moment, Drake’s shrinking sped up. Within seconds he was shorter than a ruler. His cock grew even more, trying to reach for five feet. “When your whole body is a cock, it feels so... so... Will, this is going to be explosive.” Soon he was under six inches, his tiny body seeming being swallowed up by his enormous junk.

Suddenly Will saw an utterly amazing possibility. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you off all right. It’s going to be stunning for both of us.” Will realized he was just talking to a giant cock. “Uh, Drake, can you still hear me?” A sudden flow of precum seemed to answer his question. Will turned to Christopher, who was going back and forth between admiring his eight huge arms and rubbing his four thick cocks. “Christopher, I’m going to need some help.”

Once Will had told Christopher his plan, the two set into motion. Christopher squatted down and attempted to lift the five-foot phallus. As he did, Will slid onto the bench. “Shit, this thing is heavy,” the larger man grunted. “I’ll try to be gentle, but even with eight arms I can barely hold this thing. It’s so slippery from all the pre.”

Will’s smooth crotch and lower belly were impacted as Christopher attempted to lower to huge dick. Within moments Will knew that cock was his own. He could feel every inch of the impossibly large member. “I can confirm that being detachable means I can attach things too, he told Christopher. “Damn, you were right, this is seriously heavy.” The massive cock and balls shrank slightly as they adapted to Will’s body, but they were still insanely huge.

“Need some help with that?” asked a vaguely familiar voice. The figure who approached looked like a perfect composite of Luis and Brody. He was neither slim nor wide, with moderately tanned skin and a well groomed head of medium brown hair. A few things stood out about him. For one, his right eye was bright green while his left was deep brown. For another, his right ear had several piercings while his left didn’t, and his left hand kept reaching up to feel the piercing in his right nipple. Aside from those things, his pair of beautiful cocks, one cut and one uncut, were just begging for attention. “Those arms really work for you,” Luis/Brody told Christopher as he began to rub Will’s enormous cock. “They still won’t be enough to deal with this beast, though.”

“I believe this is the part where we all get off together with the best orgasm we’ve ever experienced,” said Loren as he and his seven clones approached. “Isn’t that right, Drake?” Will’s cock released a huge spurt of precum. “Will, you’d like to lend a hand to stroke yourself, wouldn’t you?” Loren asked as his clones flanked the prone man. Without asking, two Lorens pulled off Will’s arms and put them to work rubbing the huge phallus that was both Will’s cock and Drake’s body. Will concentrated on those two arms and the ones attached to Christopher’s body and used them to pleasure himself. He could feel his/Christopher’s cock throb as Christopher used all of his hands to stroke the huge cock, occasionally taking a moment to stroke one of his own stiff cocks.

Luis/Brody climbed right up on the bench and started rubbing his crotch against Will’s massive pole. Will could feel the merged man’s twin boners rubbing against his own boner, and the feeling was unbelievable. The Lorens who weren’t pleasuring Will and his huge cock got to work pleasuring the other two men. Sexual energy surrounded the men, engulfing them. Will had truly never felt so hot and horny. Just when he thought things couldn’t get and better, Christopher leaned down and kissed him. That was it. Will just couldn’t handle it anymore. He started shooting like a geyser. Before long, Christopher was cumming and moaning in ecstasy, and Luis/Brody had one of his cocks in each sticky, cum-covered hand. Will could hear Loren gasping and moaning in stereo, but those sounds eventually faded away. And Will was still cumming. Spurt after spurt rained down until finally he was spent.

A few minutes passed before Will was finally ready to sit up. A few things had changed in the room. For one thing, his cock, while still impossibly huge, was soft and was about three feet long. Christopher still looked the same, but Luis and Brody had reverted to their 50/50 form where their bodies were split down the middle with two cocks and two heads. Luis’ hand still occasionally played with the nipple piercing on Brody’s side. “We didn’t like that we couldn’t kiss when we were sharing a single body,” Luis explained.

Loren was back to a single body, and he was once again in his white pants, looking perfectly clean as if he hadn’t been covered in cum a couple minutes prior. “Thank you all for coming,” he said serenely. “I trust you all enjoyed yourselves. You may be wondering what comes next. This is a safe space where you may change yourself however you’d like and reality bends to fit the new you. When you leave this place, reality will remain altered to fit whatever your current form happens to be.” He addressed Will’s cock. “Drake, I’m sure you love being a cock, but please be aware that if you reenter the outside world as just a cock, your identity as Drake Scott will completely vanish.”

Will felt a sudden urge to detach his cock. “He wants to change back,” Will said. “I think.” Christopher pulled on his cock, and it came off effortlessly. He set it on the floor, and the two men watched as it shrank and Drake grew seemingly from nothing.

Brody raised his hand, and Loren turned his attention to the conjoined men. “If we walked out like this right now, would we still be able to unmerge?”

Loren shook his head. “Outside of this space you cannot merge or unmerge. You either are or are not conjoined. Or you are a single, brand new entity.”

Now it was Will’s turn to raise his hand, except his arms had ended up on the floor. He raised one of his/Christopher’s arms instead. “If I go out with missing or detached parts, what will happen? Will I be stuck like that or will I be able to reattach myself?”

“I you walk out of here with missing parts, it will be as if you never had them. You will not be able to regrow parts as you can here. Detached parts are another story. If the parts are incontrovertibly you, you’ll be like a puzzle that can be put back together.”

“Incontrovertibly me,” Will echoed. “So my arms that are attached to Christopher...”

“Would be Christopher’s arms the moment he walks out the door. The arms on the floor, on the other hand, are yours.”

Without hesitation, Christopher pulled Will’s cock off of himself and handed it back to the lanky man. “You definitely need this.”

The wheels were turning in Will’s head, though. “Not so fast. I have some ideas. First, why don’t you collect my spare parts?”

A short while later, the men were ready to leave. Luis and Brody had experimented with several forms, but they’d reverted back to their 50/50 form. “I’ll feel weird with only one nipple pierced,” Brody was saying. “We should get yours pierced too.”

“I like that we’re asymmetrical,” Luis responded. Their outfit was as asymmetrical as their body. They wore a regular pair of jeans with an extra large pouch for their double bulge, but their shirt was actually two shirts stitched together in a jagged, intentionally rough-looking pattern. Brody’s side was pastel blue and hugged his slim body, while Luis’ side bore half of a band’s logo. They also had a hoodie that was red on one side and blue on the other. The magic of the room, or Loren, or whatever it was, had allowed them to experiment as much with their fashion as their body.

Drake had only grown back to a little over four feet tall, and his cock was well over a foot long soft. He had gone from having a thick gym body to having more of a swimmer’s build. He was packed with tight, lean muscle, and his smaller frame showed off his bulge that much more.

Christopher still looked huge and amazing with his eight arms and four cocks. He’d given Will back his spare parts, but he’d felt a need to grow some more to replace them. Neither Will nor Christopher could imagine the hulking man without his many limbs and cocks now. His form already seemed to be the most natural thing for him. Christopher pushed a large cart as he stepped through the door and back into the little bare would-be receptionist’s office. The cart carried a plethora of body parts—a head, a torso, four arms, six hands, two legs, two feet, and one cock.

Christopher picked up Will’s head and gave him a big kiss. “Time to put you back together again,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “I can’t believe you wanted to come out of there in pieces.”

“There’s so much I didn’t do when we were in there,” Will said. “I never even got to detaching my feet or legs. And I definitely wanted to keep the extras for you.”

Christopher was taken aback. “For me?”

“Your bulge is already so big with those four cocks that no one’s going to notice if there’s a hand down there too.”

“Oh shit,” Christopher breathed. “When your hand was constantly stroking me earlier... that was amazing.”

“And I figure you could use my cock to amuse yourself too,” Will added with a wink.

Christopher had just about finished putting Will’s body back together. “Wait, you only have one of those.”

“And I’ll feel everything whether it’s on my body or not.” Will rubbed his smooth crotch, and his detached cock perked up. “And my cock will feel that too. I want you to have fun with it. I can put it on when we’re together.”

“Shit,” Christopher said again. “How are you so hot?”

Will grinned and kissed his new lover. “Let’s get out of here and enjoy these new bodies, alright?”

Christopher hesitated. “Wait, where’s Loren? I saw the other guys leave but not him. What’s he doing in there?” Christopher opened the door to find a cramped office space with empty cubicles. “What the...?”

Will pulled Christopher close and kissed him hard. “Never mind that. Let’s get out of here.” The two walked out hand in hand, and Christopher draped two more of his arms over Will’s shoulder.

In the corner of the parking lot, a figure clad only in white pants smiled. He was always happy to make men happy. Eros would be proud. The man vanished in a flash of light.


Part 2: A Lonely Night

Will had been out of town for two days, and Christopher was going to go crazy. The two had been inseparable ever since the strange, fateful day they met. Well, they weren’t inseparable like Luis and Brody, but close enough. At first Christopher had just taken two of Will’s hands with him for company, but before they knew it the two men were moving in together. They’d clicked instantly in ways they couldn’t fully comprehend. Their physical and emotional bonds were equally strong. Then again, maybe the physical bond was still stronger. Christopher had soon gotten to the point where he needed almost constant contact with his boyfriend. Will’s spare detachable hands came in very handy for that. Christopher went to work or out for drinks with one in his pants. He showered with them. They’d scrub his thick auburn hair and massage his scalp. When Christopher was home by himself, he’d sit around naked and just let Will’s hands touch him wherever they wanted.

Now Will was away, and it was torture. Sure, Will had left behind his spare parts as usual, but it wasn’t the same. Christopher was horny all the time now. Maybe it was having four cocks instead of one, or maybe it was just the inherent hotness of inhabiting an augmented body, but he was turned on more often than not. And Will was more than happy to help with that whenever he was around. He had more than enough hands to jerk off all of Christopher’s dicks at once, and he was still finding new ways to pleasure his hulking boyfriend with his own augmented body. Christopher had always been pretty kinky even before realizing his dream of having extra parts, and every hour without Will was putting his desires further into overdrive.

An idea suddenly popped into Christopher’s head. He made is way to the trunk where he kept Will’s spare parts. Inside the trunk, two arms were laying on thick blankets. Will said that having his extra arms in such a relaxed position naturally made him more relaxed. Between those arms was a human cock. Will had insisted on leaving it behind for his boyfriend’s pleasure despite Christopher’s concerns. “Just remember,” he’d said, “If you get me off while you’re getting yourself off, I’ll feel it. This is good for both of us.” Christopher still felt odd being in possession of his boyfriend’s cock. Last night he’d jerked it off before jerking himself off, but he hadn’t been ready to do any more. Now he was insanely horny and desperate for the kind of crazy, sexy experience that Will so often gave him. He picked up the cock, and he immediately felt it twitch in his hands.

Christopher knew that Will could feel his cock in the larger man’s hands. Will usually started chubbing up almost as soon as Christopher touched his cock, whether it was attached or not. Sure enough, the cock quickly responded to Christopher’s ministrations. As Christopher used two hands to rub the disembodied cock, several of his other hands migrated down to his own cocks, which were begging for attention.

Christopher couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He didn’t like to put labels on his sexuality, but he was generally more dominant. Now that he had a boyfriend with removable body parts, he was more in control than ever in the bedroom. One effect all of that was that he hadn’t let someone play with his ass in a long time. Then again, Christopher was still completely in charge this time. He held his boyfriend’s increasingly rigid dick like a dildo. A couple of Christopher’s hands opened up his bottle of lube and soon found their way to his muscular ass. He’d thought about letting Will do this part with his spare hands, but there was something about that idea of control that appealed to Christopher. He was about to use his boyfriend’s cock as a dildo, and he wasn’t going to let Will do any of the work. He wondered what Will was doing as his cock was stimulated miles away.

Will was out for drinks when he felt his boyfriend’s large hands on his cock. He was at a week-long training session for his company’s new integrated database software, and the trainees were taking a much needed break. He was chatting with a cute kid who was also missing his boyfriend. And then he felt it. His cock was engulfed in Christopher’s warm hands. “Are you cold?” the kid asked. Will shook his head. Damn, he didn’t think his shiver of delight had been that noticeable. Still, he was glad Christopher was finally playing with his cock. For one thing, Will was feeling horny and had literally no way to get himself off with his cock halfway across the country. For another thing, Will was absolutely certain that his boyfriend needed to give into his deeper desires and take control of his cock.

This was going to be a fun game for Will. He ordered a second drink as he felt his cock get harder and harder in his boyfriend’s experienced hands. This had been one of Will’s first fantasies when he realized he wanted to be detachable. Sitting in a public place, secretly being pleasured elsewhere. He’d moaned loudly in his hotel room when Christopher jerked him off the previous night. Now he had to wear a mask and try to participate in a conversation as his cock was stimulated. He was positively thrilled by the scenario, and he felt his cock twitch in his boyfriend’s hands.

Christopher gently probed his hole with a lubed finger. He was surprised by how tight it was, although he supposed he shouldn’t be. Neither Christopher nor anyone else had done this in quite a while. He’d have said it wasn’t really his thing, but that wasn’t true. It just didn’t fit in very well with the other kinds of play he enjoyed. Will was more than happy to lie helpless in pieces or to lend his hands to Christopher’s four cocks, and Christopher’s hands were often occupied stroking or massaging Will’s spare parts, so even with all the extra hands, there weren’t usually any left to play with Christopher’s ass. Besides, Will loved letting Christopher take charge. He’d become increasingly passive, waiting to utilize his extra hands until Christopher placed them exactly where he wanted them. After that, Will wasn’t shy at all, but he was more than happy to let his boyfriend take the lead.

Now it was just Christopher and Will’s disembodied cock, and Christopher was ready to indulge himself in ways he hadn’t in a long time. Christopher knelt on the bed and did his best to relax as his finger slid further into his hole. His cocks started getting hard as he played with his ass. A few times he involuntarily clenched, but he relaxed as much as he could as he slid in a second finger. All the while, he played with Will’s cock with two of his hands, keeping the cock rigid and ready. He was an expert in edging, and he used that talent as he fondled Will’s member.

Christopher had gone so long without ass play that he really wanted to take his time indulging, but before long he simply couldn’t wait for the main event. The moment he thought he was sufficiently stretched out, he took his living dildo, which was drooling plenty of precum, and lined it up with his waiting hole. Still, he needed to have fun and play a bit. He let the stiff cock circle his hole and even slapped his ass with it a couple times before lining it up again and opening up his ass as much as he could.

Will suddenly stopped speaking mid-sentence and had to pretend he’d lost his train of thought when he felt the tip of his cock touch his boyfriend’s puckered hole. He’d been hoping this would happen, but it still came as quite a surprise. He schooled himself to stillness as his cock slapped Christopher’s firm butt. He very nearly moved a hand right to his smooth crotch to stimulate himself even more. Instead, he picked up where he had left off telling his new friend about his hometown. He hurriedly asked the guy a question so he wouldn’t be speaking when the inevitable rush of pleasure came. Moments later, he felt his cock slide into Christopher’s waiting ass, and it took everything in him not to moan and roll his eyes back. Christopher’s hand wrapped around his balls, and his ass wrapped around his cockhead. Will could have excused himself to go to the bathroom, but he wasn’t going to cop out. He was going to stay right there at the bar as long as he could before his boyfriend brought him to orgasm.

Christopher had forgotten just how good a dido felt up his ass. Then again, this wasn’t just a dildo. It was his boyfriend’s living cock that pulsed and twitched as he clenched and unclenched his ass. All of Christopher’s cocks were rock hard from the internal stimulation, and his free hands pumped them as they throbbed. Christopher rocked his body and slid his boyfriend’s cock in and out gently at first, and then with more vigor. Just when he was getting really worked up, he pulled his living dildo out. He wanted to enjoy this for all it was worth.

Christopher set the stiff cock and balls on the floor and slowly lowered himself down, using a few hands to steady himself. Now that he was more stretched out, it was easier to ease himself down onto the rigid member. Using all his strength, he pumped up and down, sliding himself further down onto the disembodied cock. His own cocks throbbed desperately, more than ready for release. He sped up his rhythm. He knew he wouldn’t last long now.

Will was trying desperately not to breathe heavily as his boyfriend worked his cock. He hadn’t had his cock inside someone’s ass in quite a while, and it felt amazing. Everything seemed heightened, especially since Will himself wasn’t in control of those sensations at all. Will was now chatting with a group of coworkers, and he gladly faded into the background of the conversation as his pleasure increased. His eyes glazed over and he nearly let out a moan.

Christopher couldn’t take it anymore. All four of his cocks were about to burst. He thrust himself down on his boyfriend’s cock and pumped his four cocks as they sprayed his seed. He felt Will cum inside him, and he groaned with pleasure.

Will clutched his chair with an iron grip as he came. He could swear he saw stars. His cock filled his boyfriend’s ass with sticky cum as he sat there at the bar. “Are you sure you’re alright?” That question from Will’s younger compatriot snapped him back to attention. Will nodded and tried to contribute a bit to the conversation as he came down from the immense high of his orgasm. He’d have to make sure Christopher did this again sometime.

Christopher carefully wiped the cum off his boyfriend’s soft cock before depositing it back in its temporary home. He still couldn’t believe how intense that experience had been. It had been exactly what he needed. He hoped Will wouldn’t mind if he did that again sometime. Maybe tomorrow night. Or in the morning before work. Shit, he already wanted to feel that cock in his ass again. It dawned on Christopher that after several months with his detachable boyfriend, they had only scratched the surface of the sexy possibilities. His mind reeled as he wondered what else he might try by the end of the week.

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