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Matt grows up

by Unknown

Matt gets bullied by the bigger guys in school until he grows up—very, very suddenly.

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Part 1 Matt gets bullied by the bigger guys in school until he grows up—very, very suddenly. (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

Matt Tompkins watched the clock in his final period class. Finally, 3:15 pm!

It was the last day of school for Spring semester. The entire Summer lay ahead.

Matt was a few weeks shy of his 16th birthday. He had just finished his Sophomore year at Valley High. He couldn't wait to get out of school.

At almost 16, Matt was what people often called “stocky.” He had yet to have one of those growth spurts so many of his class mates had had. He was still only 5’2” tall. He had a fairly average body, a little thick for his height, but not fat. With an open face, dark brown curly hair, and big brown eyes, his older relatives sometimes called him cute as well.

Despite being almost 16, Matt really hadn't started puberty yet either. He barely had little wisps of hair in his armpits, and almost no pubic hair. His dick had yet to start maturing either—and was short, in proportion with the rest of his body. His older brothers teased him and called him “stubby” when they saw him naked.

Matt hurried home, glad to be out of school for 3 months. As he pulled his bicycle into the family driveway, he saw his brothers were playing basketball up near the garage. Matt was the youngest of three boys in the Tompkins family; no sisters. His brothers, Jeff and Jason, were fraternal twins. Each of them were big men on campus at school, having just finished their senior year at Valley. Both were going to college on sports scholarships in the fall.

Jeff had been a tight end on the football team. He was 5’10”, and built like a young bodybuilder. He spent hours in the gym working on his body, and never wore anything but tight tee shirts or tanks tops.

Jason was a little taller than Jeff at 5’11”, but not as massive. He had been Captain of the swim team his senior year at Valley. He had the long lean muscles of a swimmer. If Jeff was considered good-looking, Jason was considered gorgeous by all the girls at school.

As he got off his bike, Matt wondered what life would be like when his brothers left for college in the fall. Although he hated their merciless teasing, he would miss them.

“Think fast!” came the warning as Jeff hurtled the basketball at his face. Matt caught it, but just barely. He took a shot at the hoop, but as usual, his shot fell short, hitting the side of the rim and bouncing out into the lawn. “I told ya not to bother with him.” said Jason. “Stubby's too short for basketball”

“Yeah, what're we gonna do with you, Stubby?” added Jeff. “And when you gonna start growing'?” Matt just ignored them and walked into the house.

The next morning, Matt was getting out of the shower, and walking back to his bedroom when he noticed Jeff through the partially open door to his bedroom. Jeff was standing naked in front of the mirror, posing and showing off for himself. Matt stopped to watch. He didn't like to admit it to himself, but his brother was hot. Matt was beginning to wonder if he liked boys more than girls.

Apparently Jeff also thought he was hot himself. Every few minutes, as he went through his posing routines, he stopped and pulled on his dick. It was hanging half hard in front of him. Matt was really turned on by the sight of it—it must have been about 4 or 5 inches long, and not even fully hard.

Suddenly, Jeff noticed Matt's reflection in the mirror, leapt for the door, and hauled him into the room.

“What are you doin?” demanded Jeff.

Matt squirmed and twisted and tried to get away from Jeff, but there was no way to escape. He was literally overpowered by his big brother.

“What's all the commotion in here?” asked Jason, strolling into the room.

“I caught Stubby here checking me out” replied Jeff. “Apparently he likes my hot bod!”

“That right?” answered Jason. “Then maybe he should see mine and we should get to see his too!”

What happened next was a nightmare for Matt. While Jeff held his arms pinned behind his back, Jason took off his towel. The brothers proceeded to poke their little brother, all the while insulting his “stubby” body and cock. To make matters worse, they taunted him by comparing their own muscled bodies to his, making nasty comments all the while. First Jason held him while Jeff kept posing, and pulling Matt's face into his flexed muscles. Then they switched positions and Jason showed off while Jeff held him again. Both twins stroked their big cocks, and pointed them right in Matt's face, threatening to blow their loads all over them. They didn't of course, but it was humiliating. It was also a little exciting, as Matt saw that each of his brothers' seemed to have big dicks, with Jason's slightly longer at about 7.5 inches.

Finally, Matt squirmed away, and ran from the room. He could hear his brothers laughing behind him.

“I gotta get outta here!” he thought to himself. So he threw on some shorts and a shirt, ran out to the garage, jumped on his bicycle, and just started riding. He didn't care where he went, he just had to get away!

After what seemed hours of riding, Matt pulled over to rest. He had ridden into the State Park, and was on a pretty isolated trail. As he rested, he noticed a man sitting on a bench facing away from him on the other end of the clearing. Suddenly, the man turned on the bench, and motioned for Matt to come towards him. Matt hesitated, but the man seemed pretty insistent, so he started to walk over there.

“What's your name?” asked the man.

Matt replied, and they started to talk. Matt noticed that the man appeared to be in his fifties, but must have been a bodybuilder at one time. He still had what looked like a good body.

“So what are you really doing out here?” asked the man. So Matt told him about his brothers, how it felt to be so short, and how he wished he could be a big bodybuilder type.

“Oh yeah?” answered the man. “I can understand that. I used to have the same problem. But then I found a solution. Would you like to know what it is?”

“Sure!” replied Matt.

The man reached into his pocket, and handed Matt a tiny manilla colored envelope. Matt spilled the contents out into his hand, and found several multi- colored pills. They were strange looking, each a different color, with speckles on them.

“What are these?” asked Matt.

“Don't worry what they are,” replied the man. “Just take them all, and when you really need it, you will find that you have the body you really want.”

“I know it sounds weird and unbelievable, but it works. Trust me.” With that, the man got up, and walked off into the trees.

“That was too weird,” thought Matt. He got on his bike, and started riding home.

Later that night, as he undressed, Matt found the little envelope with the pills in the pocket of his shorts. He remembered what the man taught him.

“Oh well, what have I got to lose,” he thought. So he went into the bathroom, and before he could think of reasons not to do it, Matt swallowed every pill in the envelope. “Wonder what'll happen now?”


Part 2

The summer proceeded as normal for several weeks. Matt turned 16 early in July, but he still didn't grow over the summer, as so many school kids seemed to do. After hoping to see results from the pills he had taken, and being disappointed, Matt forgot all about them.

It was late July, and the entire family was spending the day at his Uncle Frank's house. Uncle Frank was kind of rich, and lived in a big house with a pool. Hanging around the pool, Matt noticed where his brothers had gotten their great bodies and big dicks. Jason was showing off in a pair of speedos that looked like he had a sock stuffed in them. Jeff, who had spent the first eight weeks of summer working out to get ready for football camp at college, looked like a professional bodybuilder. He was wearing very brief and tight gym shorts, and you could clearly see the outline of his big dick draped across one leg. And Uncle Frank looked like he had a garden hose bouncing around in his loose running shorts. The day progressed, with the boys and his cousins rough-housing at the pool. They frequently picked on Matt to be “it” in their games. Once, Jeff even “pantsed” him, pulling down his jam shorts, and then teasing him about his stubby dick in front of all the cousins.

That night, as he walked to his bedroom, Matt was grabbed by Jeff and pulled into his room. Jason was waiting inside, as Jeff closed and locked the bedroom door.

“I saw you today, Stubby, checking out all the guys at Frank's. What are you, some kinda of queer?” asked Jason. Usually Jeff was the aggressor of his two brothers. It was even worse now coming from Jason.

Jeff chimed in “Maybe we should repeat the lesson we gave him at the beginning of the Summer!” With that, Jeff grabbed Matt from behind, holding his arms behind him.

It was all too much for Matt. There was no way he was going through that humiliation again. He started to squirm, and twist. He couldn't get free. And Jeff was really starting to hurt him.

Matt started turning red. He heard a buzzing noise in his ears. He felt hot and cold at the same time, and sort of dizzy too. Suddenly, with a huge burst of energy, he pulled free from Jeff.

“I have had enough of you guys!” Matt just stood there, panting. He felt so weird. And his brothers were looking at him like he was from another planet. “What the hell are you staring at?!?!?”

Suddenly, Matt felt different. He felt like energy was coursing throughout his body. He hurt all over and felt great at the same time.

He realized he was changing. He was getting taller by the second. And his body was filling out. His shirt no longer was tucked into the waist of his jeans. And it was skin tight. His jeans were tight too.

He ran to the mirror Jeff used for posing, and watched himself. He was literally rippling all over. He was at least 5’6” now, and looked like a little bodybuilder. He flexed his arm, and his bicep ripped his shirt sleeve! What a feeling!

Matt started grunting, and swearing. “Shit yeah, this feels great! Look at those muscles!” All the while, his brothers just stared at his reflection in the mirror, their mouths hanging open.

Matt continued to grow. Rrrrrriiiipppppp. There went his shirt entirely, as his lats popped out, splitting the shirt down the back. Small mountains of traps grew on either side of his neck, while his shoulders took on the shape of bowling balls.

As the shreds of his shirt fell away, Matt ran his hands over the solid bricks of his 8-pack abdominal muscles. He struck a most muscular pose for the mirror, and growled with pleasure at what he saw.

RRRRiiiippppppp!! There went the legs of his jeans. Huge quads now bulged through the rips in the legs of his jeans. The calves were so tight he was sure they were gonna rip too. The jeans were also constraining him, because as he grew taller, they were way too short. The cuffs of his jeans were now like rubber bands around his upper calf muscles. Matt couldn't take it anymore. He reached down, and with an animal grunt, he ripped the rest of his jeans right off his body.

“Holy shit!” he heard Jason whisper in a voice that sounded like he was terrified.

Matt turned back to the mirror. What a sight! He was now at least as tall as his brothers, and could enter any body building contest in the country. And he wasn't done growing. He stood there in white sweat socks and white fruit of the loom briefs that looked like bikini underwear because of the way his leg muscles made them bunch up. And it looked like there was a softball stuffed in the crotch of his shorts.

Matt reached down, pulled the waistband of his briefs away from his body, and peered inside. He couldn't believe what he saw inside. With a cunning grin on his face, he turned from the mirror to face his brothers. He slowly hooked his thumbs in the waist of his briefs, and began to slowly lower them. With a sudden jerk, he pulled the briefs all the way down to his knees, stood straight up, and let the shorts fall to the ground, where he kicked them aside. Eight inches of thick rubber hose dick bounced at his groin, arching forward over testicles as big as tennis balls. Each of his brothers gasped.

Matt felt the intensity of the changes in his body begin to slacken off. He knew the changes must be almost over. He suddenly thought of the man in the park, and the pills he had taken. “Now I know by what he meant when he said I would get a new body when I needed it” thought Matt.

“I think things are gonna change around here!” announced Matt to his brothers. Damn, he loved his new hot sexy deep voice. Matt stepped forward, and grabbed each of his brothers by the upper arm. At 6’2”, he towered a few inches over each of them. He easily pulled them towards himself. “I think you guys owe your little brother an apology!”

“What do you want us to do?” asked Jeff. Jason quickly decided it didn't matter, and lunged for the door. Matt caught him easily. He grabbed him by the waist of his jeans, picked him up off the ground, and threw him on Jeff's bed.

“There's no getting away from me. I think you guys should make up for all the torment you've given me.” With that, Matt grabbed Jeff, pulled him close, pulled his head into his huge pec, and demanded “Lick it!” When Jeff hesitated, Matt lifted him off the ground by the shirt collar, pulled him up to eye level, and said, “You have no choice. Now give my body the tongue bath it deserves, or I'll pound the shit out of you!”

He lowered Jeff, and once again pulled his head close to his massive chest. Jeff whimpered, and started licking. Matt moved Jeff's head around, making him service both pecs, and the big cleavage between them. He would pull Jeff's head in real tight, then flex his pecs, smothering Jeff's face in solid muscle. At some point, Jeff no longer needed to be coaxed. He seemed to enjoy it, moving around the muscle stud's giant body, asking Matt to flex his biceps, which he licked and nibbled. Jeff really started to worship his giant stud brother. He licked Matt's huge biceps, moving under to the triceps, then diving his head into the armpit. A smile crept across Matt's lips as he realized Jeff was turned on by the thick bush of hair that had sprouted there. Jeff continued to move all over his upper body, his hand rubbing one body part while his tongue worked another. What a turn on to feel a guy lick, then even lightly bite, his huge wing-like lats. A low moan came from Jeff as Matt flared out his lats in a lat- spread.

Even better was Jeff's reaction to Matt's abs. As Matt flexed his mid-section, Jeff tongued each and every brick like muscle of the 8-pack. His hand never left off cupping and squeezing the huge pecs above. Matt felt like he now “owned” Jeff.

“Now its your turn!” said Matt turning to Jason, who still lay on the bed where Matt had thrown him. Jason appeared unable to speak, and was trembling. “Quit acting like a baby, and get over here.” Matt ordered. Slowly, as if in a trance, Jason stood and took a step towards Matt and Jeff. Jeff paid no attention, and continued to murmur and make cat-like mewing sounds; He was obviously enjoying tasting every muscled inch of his brothers' hot body. Jason, on the other hand, just stood there.

Matt reached out his free arm, and grabbed Jason, pulling him closer. Then he put his hand on Jason's shoulder and pushed down. Jason tried resisting for a second, but it was impossible. After a second or two, Jason was forced to his knees.

“I think you should service my new monster cock!” announced Matt. With that, he grabbed the back of Jason's head, and pulled it towards his crotch.

Jason felt like a zombie as his face was brushed by the python sprouting from his brother's groin. “Take it in your hands, then lick it!” came the orders from above. The cock seemed to be alive—almost nine inches long now, and still totally soft. Jason reached out and took it by the base. It was heavy. Suddenly, pushed from behind, his head tilted forward, his open lips brushed the shaft of the penis. As if a trigger for action, Jason suddenly came alive, reached up with his other hand, and started stroking the massive member. He couldn't get his hands around it. It was too thick. Nonetheless, the big meat started to really come alive.

Waves of pleasure washed out from the center of Matt's body. This was too much! He could feel the blood pouring into his dick. It was slowly thickening and lengthening, growing to truly gargantuan size. “Take the head in your mouth!” he ordered Jason. Jason did so, and was barely able to get his jaws open wide enough.

More and more blood poured into Matt's huge cock. His brother looked up at him, eyes watering, and drool streaming from his mouth, which was stuffed with the huge prick. And it just kept growing. Jeff finally took notice of what was happening, and looked down at the tower of flesh growing from his brother's midsection. Without any orders at all, he looked up at Matt's face, smiled, then fell to his knees, and joined Jason in working on Matt's huge fuckpole. Jason continued to choke on the head; and the sound of gagging filled the room. Jeff began to rub Matt's balls, while he licked along the shaft like it was a corn cob. Finally, Matt sensed his dick was rock hard, and would grow no bigger.

“Jeff,” he ordered. Jeff looked up. “Go get the tape measure.”

Jeff stood, went to his dresser, got the tape, and returned.

“Now I want you to measure every inch of my body!”

Matt reached down and pulled Jason off his dick. The head was so engorged with blood, it stuck in Jason's mouth for a few seconds, before finally coming free with a loud pop.

Jeff walked back over to the mirror. He enjoyed the way his arms felt, hanging out over the mass of his huge lats. He felt turned on by the way his giant thighs rolled around each other. And God, what a feeling, the way his huge dick, just starting to get soft again, bounced from muscled thigh to muscled thigh.

“Get over here and start measuring!”

Matt flexed his bicep. “20 and a half inches,” announced Jeff.

Matt hit a lat spread. Jeff could barely get the tape around, and Jason had to go stand on the other side of Matt, just to hand the tape back to Jeff. “56 fuckin inch chest, little bro!” Jeff was really starting to get into it

They continued, measuring massive quads, calves, and other body parts. Fortunately, Matt's waist had hardly grown with all the changes. It was only 33 inches.

“Now brothers, get down on you knees before me!” ordered Matt, still facing the mirror. Both boys obeyed, with their backs to the mirror. It was all too much for Matt. He kept on posing for himself in the mirror. He felt super-human.

“Get my monster dick hard! Lets see how big it is!” Matt barked. Both brothers reached up and started pulling on the big meat, which was already partially erect. Finally, when it was beet red, with veins pulsing across the entire surface, and throbbing, Jeff reached for the tape measure. His hands were shaking as he held the tape to the base in Matt's thick new bush of pubic hair. Slowly, shaking, he drew the tape down along the top of the iron shaft. Ten inches, 11…….Jeff let out a gasp when he passed 12 inches, and there was still more to go. He looked up at Matt's face with lust in his eyes. Matt looked back down, feeling smug and superior, and very turned on by his own body.

Jeff continued to unravel the tape measure. Almost there….past 13 inches. Fourteen. “Holy fuckin shit!” exclaimed Jeff. “Your dick's almost fourteen and a half inches long.! Goddamn!”

That did it! It was all too much for Matt. He looked down at his brothers' lust filled eyes, then back up into the mirror at the reflection of the awesome god- like stud he had become. He brushed his brothers' hands away from his dick, grabbed the shaft, and started pumping. He groaned and grunted as he worked his meat. Pre-cum began to flow in a steady stream. It felt so good. So hot! SO AWESOME! He watched in the mirror as all the muscles flexed and bunched while he worked his meat. He noticed his brothers' were stroking their own dicks, now puny by comparison, and they were muttering encouragement like “yeah, do it”

“shoot that load” and other hot comments.

He began to feel his new huge balls tighten up under his dick. He could tell he was gonna s hoot.


He let loose a howl, and started to cum. Blast after blast of white thick cream erupted from his monster meat, showering both brothers who just sat there, getting coated in jism, and staring in amazement. Spurt after spurt kept shooting from his cannon, and it didn't appear to let up. Finally, it began to subside. Even as it slowed, one long continuous stream poured slowly from the softening meat, forming a puddle at his feet; one long strand stretched all the way from his dick to the puddle.

Matt felt incredible. He must have cum quarts. Jeff looked like his hair was full of shampoo. Jason just sat there, with so much cum on his face and chest, it looked like ten guys had shot their loads on him. And that wasn't all—it was dripping down the mirror in several places too. What a load!

Matt looked into the mirror again. What a sight. He looked so hot. His body was coated in a sheen of sweat. His half-hard dick hung out in front of his body, with a long strand of cum still hanging from it. He straightened, and flexed his arm. His huge bicep jumped up in response. It was all so hot, he started to get hard again. With a smug smile on his lips, he lowered his eyes.

“Like I said, brothers, things are gonna change around here. And I think the fun is just getting started!”

2 parts 4,133 words Added Jul 2002 39k views (#222) 4.0 stars (10 votes)

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