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When Josh Denny was only ten years old, he was involved in a terrible car accident with his mother, where his mom was killed. The car was struck head-on by a drunk driver, and his mother dead of massive head injuries. Luckily, since Josh was sitting in the back seat, he got off okay.

Josh’s father, Arthur, worked as a scientist for a large medical laboratory near the university. When he heard of the accident, he raced to the scene and arranged that Josh be transported to his lab right away. There, a medical team took care of him and treated the boy’s wounds.

Since Josh had always been short, thin, and small, Arthur decided to use this as a wonderful opportunity to “enhance” his son’s body with special gamma rays, which would increase his muscles and dramatically alter the boy’s physical strength. Josh had always complained about being bullied in school, but his wife had been against Arthur using science to do anything. Now that she was gone, he could do whatever he wanted.

Since Josh was unable to walk due to his injuries, Arthur decided to use gamma to strengthen the boy’s muscles in his legs and in his arms. Arthur would expose the boy to gamma radiation on a weekly basis, every Saturday morning, until the results started to show. Very slowly, his arms and legs grew stronger. His muscles grew bigger and his strength increased. He was still the same height as before, but he was now slightly more muscular than all his classmates.

Luckily, Josh recovered very well from the accident and went through middle school just like any normal teen. Again, he wasn’t any taller than any other boy, but he was just a little more muscular. There was nothing unusual about that. Of course, nobody would understand what affect all that exposure to gamma radiation would have on him, in the long run.

By the time Josh turned fifteen, he entered high school. Once again, he was the youngest guy in school, and the favorite target of the bullies. It wasn’t easy being a freshman all over again. This time, however, all those years of radiation treatments would finally have some kind of lasting effect on his muscles.

One Friday afternoon, Josh had stayed late so he could help out in the computer lab. Since he was a bit of a geek, he would love to hang out in the lab and help the other students with their programming assignments. He had his own computer terminal, and occasionally he would get up and walk around, so he could monitor the others.

One of the other students, Randy, got up, and started shouting at the boy who was sitting right next to him.

“Get up! I want to use that computer! Get up, you moron!” he shouted.

“Hey, HEY! What’s going on?” Josh said.

“The mouse on this piece of crap isn’t working. I want to use that one!” Randy bellowed, while pointing at the computer next to him.

“Well, I’ll get you another mouse! No big deal…” Josh said calmly, as he got up and started to walk over to the supply closet so he could retrieve another mouse.

No sooner had he gotten up, or Randy had grabbed Jim, the student sitting next to him, by the collar, and pushed him off his chair.

“Move over, idiot!” Randy sneered at him.

“HEY!” Jim cried out, as he landed on the floor.

Josh turned around and walked over to Randy.

“Hey! You can’t do that! Jim was using that computer!”

Randy got up and made a fist. He then swung the fist at Josh, but Josh grabbed hold of his arm with both hands.

“Arrrgg!!!” Josh groaned, as he held on to his arm. It was hard to hold him, because Randy was very strong!

Randy just grinned as he got up and continued to push Josh further back.

Then, out of nowhere, Josh felt an odd tingling in his arms. Somehow, he began to feel… stronger? Within the next few seconds, he felt as if new strength began to flow through his arms, but he couldn’t tell because he was wearing a shirt with long sleeves. He was able to match Randy’s strength!

“AAAARRHH!!!” Josh shouted, as he began to push Randy back, before he let go of Randy’s arm.

“Whooaa!!” Randy gasped, as he quickly stepped back. He was very surprised by Josh’s show of strength.

“Listen! Either you behave, or you get out of my lab!” Josh shouted.

Randy stared at Josh with a look of disgust, while he was feeling surprised and confused at the same time. Where did that strength come from? He finally decided to turn around and walk away.

Josh then turned to Jim and helped him on his feet.

“You alright?”

“Yeah… Thanks, man…” Jim said, as he got on his feet and sat back down at his computer.

But, Josh wasn’t satisfied with Randy just leaving. His arms were heavier. He felt different. He had to go and find out what had happened to him. He told one of the other students to watch the lab while he took and break and went to the bathroom.

Josh quickly walked into the men’s restroom and pulled off his sweatshirt. What he saw in the reflection in the mirror just amazed him. He was greeted by two enormous biceps, which were attached to his arms.

“Holy crap! Where did that come from?” he wondered, as he ran his left hand over his right bicep. The muscle was hard as a rock. It was almost as big as a bowling ball. He flexed it a few times, until he let his arm just hang from the side of his body. Then, after a minute had passed, he noticed how his huge biceps slowly seemed to be shrinking.

“Hey! My muscles are shrinking!” he whispered.

As he stood there, he was completely relaxed. He didn’t even more. But ten minutes had passed, since he got pushed around by Randy, and that was when his biceps suddenly grew so big. What had caused his muscles to grow so suddenly?

He looked down and then when he looked up again, his huge biceps were gone. It was as if nothing had happened. Was it all a dream?

Josh decided to put his sweatshirt back on and return to the lab.

That evening, he was watching TV with his dad, Arthur, at home. That’s when he mentioned something to his father.

“Dad? Something happened in the computer lab today…” Josh said.

“Really? What happened?”

“Randy got loud in the lab and he was about to start a fight. I tried to stop him and I grabbed his arm. He started to push me back, when my muscles started to grow…”

Arthur’s mouth dropped wide open.

“And then what happened?”

“I felt like I was getting stronger and stronger! I was able to push him back!” Josh said excitedly. “Later on, I went to the bathroom, and I had these huge biceps! After a few minutes had passed, my biceps had shrunk back to normal again!”

Arthur looked at him with a big smile on his face.

“It has begun… It’s starting… “

“What? What has begun?” Josh wondered. “What are you talking about?”

“Come over to the table and place your elbow here. Clasp your hand together with mine, and I’ll show you…” Arthur instructed.

“You want to arm-wrestle?” Josh wondered, as he sat down, facing his father.

Josh clasped his right hand in the right palm of his father’s right hand. Without saying anything, Arthur started to push his arm down, but Josh immediately began to apply some power. His bicep came to life and hardened right away, holding his father’s arm up, until he felt his father increasing the power some more.

“Come on… You can take it…” Arthur grinned.

Josh gritted his teeth. His bicep was bulging. It started to hurt. He was giving it his all. Then, it happened again!

Josh’s bicep began to grow even BIGGER, as it slowly inflated like a balloon which had air blown into it!

“Whoooo… I feel something…” Josh groaned. “I’m… getting… stronger…”

Josh’s bicep continued to increase in size… inflating to 15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches…

Until he was too strong for Arthur and he easily pushed his father’s arm down and slammed his fist on the table’s surface.

“Hah! I did it! I beat you!” Josh cheered. “I’m stronger than you, dad!”

Arthur let go of his son’s arm and looked at his son’s muscles. Then he grabbed hold of Josh’s hand with BOTH of his arms.

“Now, try it again… two arms against one…” Arthur said.

“That’s cheating!” Josh replied. “You got two against my one arm!”

“Try it anyway!” Arthur said.

Josh gritted his teeth and put on more pressure, while pushing against both of his father’s hands. Josh’s bicep was already bulging with strength. Now, it seemed to be getting even bigger and harder!

“AAAAARRRRRGGG!!!!!” Josh groaned, as he gave it everything he got.

Then, Josh’s bicep stopped growing, and a second lump, located right next to it, suddenly surfaced on Josh’s arm! The lump grew bigger and bigger, and quickly formed into a whole new muscle, which had the same shape and size as Josh’s bicep! He was now growing a SECOND bicep on his arm, which was located immediately right next to his original!

“RRAAAAAHHHH!!!” Josh shouted, as he slammed both of Arthur’s arms on to the table.

“Look at your arm…” Arthur said, as he let go of Josh’s hand.

“Ohmygosh! I got TWO biceps on my arm!” Josh gasped.

“Yes… you suffer from MIDAS, Josh.”

“What’s MIDAS?” the boy wondered.

“Muscle Inflation, Duplication and Shrinking… Whenever you exert yourself a little, your muscles will inflate…” Arthur explained. “If you use your muscles a lot, then you’ll grow new muscles!”

“Holy crap!” Josh said. “For how long?”

“I’m not sure… It depends on what you’re doing…”

“So, if I do something that requires some strength, I’ll hulk out?” the boy wondered.

“That will be one thing which will cause your muscles to grow, my son…”

“Are there other things that will cause them to grow?”

“I don’t know…”

Josh just stared at his father, wondering how his life would change from this point forward…

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