Midmorning augmentation

by Double-U

John is surrounded by muscular college jocks, which he finds distracting. Then, not long after downloading a game app he isn’t familiar with, he wakes up to discover he’s a muscular jock himself.

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My name is John and I’m a sophomore in college. I am gay, well, more like bi I guess. My college is full of muscle jocks running around campus. I love it. But I haven’t really experimented with other guys yet. I’m a marketing major, and just that. Sometimes I kick myself because I should have taken up a minor or something. Oh well. Can’t change the past. Or so I thought. But, I will get into that later.

It is now half way into the semester. One of my classes is in an older building on campus that is falling apart. One of the problems is that it is always boiling hot inside. It sucks. I mean, I’m paying good money to go to college here, and they can’t even fix the A/C, let alone build new classrooms.

But this was a blessing in disguise. See, there is a jock in the room. Personally, I think he is one of the hottest guys on campus. And he always wears these tight tee shirts, and man, he is really sporting a ripped body. He also has a short beard, which is always perfectly groomed. I am nothing compared to him. I have acne scars on my face, and I am not athletic at all. I am like 170 pounds, and pretty fat around my belly. I try not to stare at him so he doesn’t notice my interest.

Like all the other classes, midterms came around. And for the midterm, we needed to write a paper and talk about it with the class. My paper was on Aristotle, and let’s just say, I was really nervous. But, I survived.

But of course, because of his presentation, I get to learn his name. Connor Turnor. And I finally got to hear his voice, because he really doesn’t participate a lot. And I got to look at him for an extended amount of time while he was presenting. He was wearing the same type of tight tee, and it showed off his pecs and shoulders. And his arms, man. They seemed powerful. I wonder how often he works out. And his voice. So deep and masculine. He seemed pretty smart too. Unless if he just copy and pasted from the internet.

After class, I begin walking to the dining hall. I pull out my phone to check my notifications. The new game, XChengo, I downloaded before class sent a notification, saying that it finished installing and there was a new character available for me to use. I am always looking for new adventure games for my phone. Cool. I’ll play it when I get back to my apartment. The game trailer looks pretty good. I press ok to dismiss the game notification.

I look at the clock on my phone. 12:40 pm. Sweet! It is still pretty early. Now I have the whole day free to chill, not to mention- it’s Friday!

I decide to head up to the café and grab a bite to eat, but a wave of dizziness stops me. I decide to turn back and head home. Maybe I’ll make a grilled cheese or something small.

My head is throbbing. I don’t think it has ever hurt like this before. I enter the living room to see that none of my suitemates are here. I rub my forehead and go up to my room. My phone starts vibrating... I guess another notification or whatever. Who cares. I feel exhausted and my head is pounding. Whoever or whatever it is can wait. Maybe a short nap will help dull the pain.

I lie down on my bed and close my eyes. I instantly drift into sleep, which is weird for me because it usually takes forever for me to fall asleep.

I see daylight hit me in the eyes as I now lay completely awake with my eyes still closed. I feel myself in my bed at my apartment. I turn over onto my side, trying to fall back asleep, and journey back to that wonderful sleep. As my face moves to the side of the pillow, my jaw feels fuzzy. I keep my eyes closed, trying to fall back asleep. Wow, I have to remember to shave later. I brush off the feeling that my facial hair was never that full, or that thick and consistent before.

I roll around a few times before I come to the conclusion that I am in fact not going to be able to fall back asleep. So much for trying. I end up lying on my back, my eyes still closed. The sun peeks through the blinds, lighting up the room. I can tell though my closed eye lids. At least my headache is gone. Wait, what day is it? Sunlight only comes through the blinds in the morning.

Friday. It is still Friday, right? Or did I sleep through the whole day and its Saturday? As my mind slowly becomes more awake, I begin to move my legs around under the covers, eyes still closed.

My legs feel weird, actually, like, tighter. I stretch my calves and move my feet. I feel like my skin is squeezing my legs, but not in like a bad way. Huh. I must have pulled something in my legs maybe. ... Come to think of it, why is my beard so long? Didn’t I just shave yesterday? I open my eyes and look over to my alarm clock. 11:30am! Crap! Is it Saturday? How did I sleep that long? Jump out of bed and unlock my phone.

That can’t be right. Saturday? It can’t be Saturday! That means I slept for like 20 hours. I turn to the window and peel back the blinds. Yup. It’s the morning. I look around the room. I must have been really sick yesterday and passed out. I put my phone down and walk to the bathroom, my heart is racing. I nudge open the bathroom door and turn on the light. What the fuck! I catch Connor’s reflection in the mirror, which sends a burst of adrenaline throughout my veins.

I turn around, expecting to see Connor standing behind me, probably laughing at how funny my reaction was. But there is no one. Just myself, standing in the bathroom doorway. Wait, what is happening? I thought I just saw... I turn back around to look back into the mirror. I see Connor starring back at me. Him in his full glory, sporting the same beard, tee, and a pair of gym shorts that he was wearing during class yesterday.

I am speechless. I walk closer to the mirror above the sink. I bring my arm up to Connor’s beard and I feel my hand touching his beard, wait, I guess it’s my beard? And my arm is huge, by the way. This can’t be happening. There is no way... I look away from the mirror and down to my chest. It is a lot bigger than I remember... it’s huge.

I move large, powerful hands and take off my...Connor’s... my shirt. Just look at this stomach, my abs are like cobble stones. And my pecs are, well, enormous. I run my hands across the deep trench that separates them.

My shoulders are rounder and spread wider apart than I am used to. I stretch out my arms and look at my amazing chest, which now resembles a perfect V shape. I inspect my legs, feeling the new sensation of my tight skin wrapped around my huge muscles. It is like I am an athlete. I am Connor, but how? This doesn’t make any sense.

My new reflection arouses me. I outline my square jaw with my index finger and feel my beard along my chin. I make some facial expressions in the mirror and watch as Connor’s face preforms the actions. I look at my new face, which is perfectly smooth and blemish free. I also have a new buzz cut, the same one Connor has. But now I am Connor. I shake my head. Why? How?

This can’t be real. It must be a dream. That’s it. I go back into my room and sit on my bed. Wait, this doesn’t feel like a dream. What the actual fuck. I smile and shake my head, looking down at my body.

I flex a newly huge bicep, playing with its new size and watch as it contracts.

Then an idea comes to me. Wait, if I am Connor, is he me? And did he make this happen? I get up and go to the full length mirror on the back of my door. I move my head side to side, watching my reflection. I wonder. Will people think I am Connor, and will they ask me why I am in John’s apartment? Fuck, oh no. What do I do. I start to panic, my chest heaves in and out as my heart starts to race.

I look over to my laptop. Maybe I should look at my, I mean John’s online profile, see if he is posting as me. I wait for the page to load. What I see shocks me. I look up from the screen.

I am signed in as John, but my profile photo is of Connor. I scroll down and see my normal posts. Wait, what? Everything about me is the same, where I grew up, my age, where I went to high school...

My shock goes to a whole new level. In the pictures, it is Connor with my family and friends. At barbeques, at work, at my friend’s house. I shake my head. So, I am Connor, but just my looks? I am really confused. I put my phone down. I know. The ultimate test to see what is truly happening.

I take out my driver’s license and school ID. You guessed it. They both have the name “John” but they have Connor’s picture. I shake my head, for the thousandth time. This is really happening. I am John. But, I have Connor’s body. His athletic, perfectly sculpted body. But I am still me. Same family, friends, classes, major, interests, likes, thoughts.

What now? I look to my shower towel hanging up in my closet.

After all of that stress, I decide that I need a shower before I do anything else. Fuck. Showering is crazy. Connor’s body is massive. My shoulders kept on hitting the sides of the shower because I was not used to my larger width. I got a hard on just by looking at myself nude, especially the size of my man downstairs. This is me now. Crazy.

I soap up and clean my newly flawless skin. And I could not help jacking off a few times. I look so fucking hot. After, I grab a towel, and go back to my room. Now, what to wear? I’m assuming that all my cloths fit this body, now. I open my drawer. Yup. All of my clothes are different. I put on a blue tee shirt and some jeans. The tee shirt is perfectly fitted to show off my chest.

Man. I look good. I hear my suite mate’s door squeak open down the hall. Wait, so if I go out there, he will just see me as John, even though I look different? Might as well try. It’s not like he will call the cops or anything. I open my door and walk to the kitchen. I feel myself walking differently. I guess that is thanks to those new powerful leg muscles. I also feel shoulders moving back and forth, matching my stride. I got to admit, this feels out of this world. I feel powerful.

I see James, one of my suite mates. He is making himself some eggs for breakfast. “Hey, James. Morning,” I say, unsure of what his reaction will be. My voice the same octave as Connor’s, deep and smooth. I feel a wave of arousal, and I try my hardest to shut it down before I get too chubby down there.

Here it goes. James nonchalantly looks over to me and says, “Morning, John. How’s it going?” He looks at me for a few seconds. I can see the recognition in his eyes. He looks back to his eggs. Well, ok then. He recognizes me, and he called me John. It’s official.

This is going to be so cool. I exchange small talk with him, and then we talk about his weekend plans. As he is talking, I zone out. I am too concentrated on how I feel my shirt getting tighter as my lungs fill up with oxygen with each breath. I finish preparing my cereal and milk, eat it, and retire to my room. He does the same, but leaves the apartment quickly after.

That was that. I’m definitely still me. But, I look like Connor.

I sit down in my room. My phone vibrates and I check to see what it was. It is a notification from that new app, XChengo, saying that new characters are available. Maybe I’ll check it out later. I have more important things to do.

Which leaves the question where is my body? Does he have it? I search for “Connor Turnor” on the internet. I find his profile and click on it. That’s weird. Here is his social media page, but he looks different. All of the information is still the same- his birthday, where he goes to school, where he lives, his friends and interests... But his face is different. How could that be?

I’m not complaining about having a buffer body, but I just want to know who, or what, is responsible and HOW? Maybe Connor has some answers?

How can I find him? I take in a deep breath and put my hand on my chin. I jump back a little when I feel my beard. Stupid. It is just my beard. I guess I am still not used to this. But, I don’t think I will ever get tired of this bod. My stomach growls. I just had breakfast 10 minutes ago. I look at the clock. It wasn’t 10 minutes ago, it was more like 80 minutes ago. Wow, I was online longer than I thought. I guess it’s time for lunch.

I grab one of my newly large hoodies, and head out. I guess I could just go to dining hall. Get in and out, and then start my search. But where? Who knows. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Walking to the dining hall, I can feel my powerful legs propelling me along the sidewalk. My hoodie is large, but it still feels tight around my chest.

I catch a few girls, and even a few guys, staring at me and glancing to my chest as I walk. It feels... new. I never experienced something like that. I kind of like it. No, I love it. I get to the dining hall and pull out my school ID. I see the photo on the front and I get momentarily confused, until I tell myself ‘duh.’ That is me.

I swipe in; I see the cashier looks at me just long enough for me to know what she is thinking. I go over to the food counters and load up a plate. I find myself still hungry after I finished. I go and fill up two more plates, and scarf them down. That seems to do the trick. Man, I am not used to this body’s appetite.

I exit the dining hall, unsure of where to start my search. It is probably pointless, but I can try. If anything, I can just wait until class next week to see Connor.

I figure I could start asking around the student center. Start in the student lounge. Just as I leave the dining hall, I hear someone call my name. I turn around and I see Pat walking towards me. I wave back.

Pat is one of my friends who is also a marketing major. He is also a business major too.

We exchange some small talk, until he comments on my size, saying, “Looking bigger than ever, huh!” Wait, does he know? I start to panic. Wait. No way. How did he know I am John? And the way he said it... no way. I relax. We exchange greetings.

“Hey I wanted to ask you about your workout,” Pat says.

“I try to go to the gym and lift at least five days a week and I take a run every morning,” I say. My workout routine just came to me. But wait. I have never worked out in my life. Why do I remember lifting at the gym almost every morning after a run? That is weird. It is like these memories are new updated ones that match this reality.

“Cool. Cool. Impressive results. Maybe we could lift together sometime.”

“Yeah, yeah. Sure. Sounds good.” I respond. “Anyway, I know that this is a shot in the dark, but do you know Connor Turnor?” Might as well start somewhere. Maybe he knows.

“Yeah, I know him, but not personally. I know him through class. I saw him hanging around the bell tower earlier today. You know, the one by the university square?” Pat says.

“Thanks, man. I owe you one.” I say. I wave and say goodbye. He says something about paying him back by training him.

I start walking towards the bell tower. I can’t believe Pat knows Connor! Let alone where he was!

As I make it to the bell tower, my phone rings. I unlock my phone to see that it is yet again another notification from XChengo. It says something about more characters in my area. I don’t even finish reading it and just dismiss it.

Well, I arrive at the bell tower. If Pat knows him though his business classes, Connor must be a business major. The bell tower is by Greene Hall, which is the business building. He would be here. I walk up the front stairs and into the building lobby. I see a group of guys off to my left. Maybe I should ask them if they have seen him.

I walk over and the group’s attention shifts to me. All of these guys are muscle studs. If I didn’t have this new muscle body, I would seriously be intimidated. “Sorry for the interruption. I’m trying to find Connor. Connor Turnor,” I say. I can hear the wind howling outside.

One of the guys raises his hand, and says, “Right here. Do I know you?” A guy turns around and I recognize him as the same person in Connor’s new profile. Ok, this is getting weirder. Where is the original Connor? The one whose body I have? Sure, this Connor is still huge, but his voice is different. This is not him... or at least the one that was in class yesterday. I mean, he is just as a hunk as the old Connor, if not more. He is wearing a sweatshirt identical to the one that I am wearing, which also seems pretty tight around his chest and loose around his stomach.

“Oh I guess I have the wrong...” I say before I trail off. He departs from his group, who continue talking. Connor gives me a strange look. Why is he looking at me like that?

“Oh wait, are we in a class together, right?” Connor asks.

“Yeah, I’m John...” I say before he cuts me off.

“Yeah! Yeah, John! Good presentation on... ah... Aristotle, right?” Connor says. I am confused all over again. There is no way that this is Connor, but we are in the same class apparently. Though I have never seen this guy in my life.

“...yeah, and ah, you did yours on...” I say. I was testing him to see if he says the correct answer, if he was the right Jesse I was thinking of.

“King Henry VIII,” he finishes. Yup, that is right. And there were no repeated topics for those presentations. This is him. “So, what’s up?” Ok, this doesn’t look good. I should make something up to get out of this conversation before he thinks I am a lunatic. He will probably think I am crazy if I tell him what is happening. Better off just leaving.

“Nothing, really. I just,” I ask, waiting to find the truth. But I feel like I won’t get an answer, I only got another question.

“Is this about class?”

“Ahh, yeah. Could you send me a pic of that last worksheet the professor handed out yesterday when you get a chance?” I say.

“Sure, no problem. You know, my apartment is close by. Wanna take a walk with me to go get it? I am pretty much done here,” Connor says. I guess I could let this play out. I mean, I really don’t need that worksheet, but I can play along.

As we begin to walk to his apartment, dark storm clouds roll in and it starts to rain. Our sweatshirts acts like sponges, absorbing the rain, and clinging to our bodies. We casually talk about our work outs and routines. It soon begins to down pour, as we jog over to his place.

We jog for a few minutes and get to his apartment. Wow, I am not even out of breath! That is a strange feeling.

When we walk through the door, he shakes off the excess water on his clothes. I stare at him as he pulls off his soaking sweatshirt and tee, which reveals his huge torso. As his hands rise up to remove the tee shirt, it reveals his large lats, which make a wide V, even larger than mine. His body is more powerful than his old one, which I have. His pecs act like a shelf before it drops down to six pack. He catches me staring and I look away.

“Don’t you want to take off that soaking sweatshirt?” Connor asks. I guess he has a point. I am practically dripping. I pull off my wet sweatshirt and lay it on the couch. My tee shirt is clinging to my chest. “Come on, it’s in my room.”

I follow him up the stairs, and I feel my heavier weight as my legs pound on each step. As we get to the top, it dawns on me that I am not winded like I normally would be.

Connor turns around and points to a door on his left and gestures me to go in. He enters his room behind me and closes the door. We are alone in his room. Why is he not getting that worksheet? Is he on to me?

He glances down to my wet shirt. “Why don’t you take off that off, you giant hunk so I can wrap my arms around that buff chest,” he says. I am in shock. Who knew he was gay? I give him a questioning look.

“Come on. You don’t think you were possibly fooling me. All of those glances during class? Come on. Could you make it any more obvious?” He says. He motions to my shirt. “Chuck it.” So I was not as sly as I thought. Oh well. Why not. It is not like I will be embarrassed. I may not be as big as him, but I am pretty muscular! I pull my shirt off over my head.

Connor pushes me on his bed and he lands on top of me, feeling all up my chest and sides. The sensation of warm hands traveling up and down my body sends me into bliss. Damn! I never knew what I was missing!

He seems to be enjoying himself as he moves on to my arms and shoulders. “Forgot how big I was before,” Connor whispers to himself. What did he just say...? I look into his chocolate colored eyes and move my hands to his shoulders, then moving them down to his biceps, then his wrists.

“I’m sorry. What?” I say. He has to know something. Did he do this? I mean, I love it, but I just have to know how. Connor sighs. He rolls over on to his back next to me. His chest is definitely thicker than mine. Big time. I have to resist the urge to run my hands along his meaty pecs.

“I’m assuming you have heard of XChengo,” Connor says. That app I downloaded? How could that possibly be connected to any of this? Connor sees the recognition on my face and continues. “You must have hit something after it sent a notification.”

I manage to say “Wha...” before he continues.

“XChengo. It is not a game at all. It is not even an app, really. Well, it’s not like any other app out there. It is some next generation tech.” Connor sits up and turns around to face me. I sit up to look him. I still don’t understand. What does he mean?

“Have you even opened up the app yet?” I shake my head. I was getting to it. “In the app, you can either scan another body to transfer into while still keeping your own life and your past, which is what you did...” Connor gestures to my chest. “...Or you could input new specifications of a new body, which is what I did yesterday after class. And you must have accidentally hit ok after XChengo sent you a notification that said a body was available for you to transfer into, AKA my old body.”

“But how did you know I have your old body?” I ask.

“All members of XChengo are not affected by the reality filter, so I instantly recognized someone else walking around in my old body. And once I saw that, I knew that you were probably someone from class just before I transferred to a new body. And that is why you didn’t recognize me as the Connor from class- you were not affected.”

“And you got a new body because...” I glace at his bare chest. “You wanted to be bigger.” Connor nods his head and gives me an expression as if to say “DUH!”

I have to see this for myself. I grab my phone out of my pocket and open XChengo.

“I got to take a piss. I’ll be back. Take a peek at that app while I’m gone, will yah?” Connor leaves while I explore the app. So, it appears that my phone automatically signed me into this app with my registered email and password. And it turns out that everything Connor was saying was true. I could scan my area for new available bodies or manually make my own. By the time I am done looking through the app, Connor returns from the bathroom. We lock eyes. “So, are you going to change?” Connor asks.

“Nah, I think I will have some fun first in this body.” I say.

I run my hands down my flat stomach and feel my new powerful chest. I flex my thick arms. My biceps and shoulders are round and denser too. I feel my new heavier weight. Damn. I look hot.

Connor closes the door behind him and joins me on the bed. Our chests collide. We passionately make out, rolling across the queen sized bed. I feel up Connor’s melon sized pecs and shoulders. Neither of us realizes that we are close to the edge of the bed and we both fall off on to the floor. Our bodies slam onto the carpet and we both let out a grown.

“If that doesn’t kill the mood, I don’t know what does,” Connor says. We both sit up. Connor looks at me and nods. “So, how you liking my old bod?”

“Honestly, it is like a dream. I feel so...so thick. Ya know?” I say.

“I wouldn’t have put it any other way. So, you gonna stick with the bod you have or are you gonna upgrade to something bigger later?”

“Who knows. I feel like I could still be a bit bigger. Maybe tomorrow. Why rush,” I reply. Connor nods and looks around his room. Connor slaps my chest. When I feel his hand hit my firm pecs, an electric charge shoots up my chest from my cock.

“Come on; get up. Let’s go to the gym. I could use a pump,” Connor says. For the first time in my life, I am actually excited to work out.

We go to the gym and all of my workout memories, well, the ones that came with this new body, came flooding back to me, and I was a pro at lifting. It was also awesome, and not to mention sexy, to watch Connor lift. The rest of the semester is going to be a blast.

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