Penis juice

by Josh Dugan

 One of the best drinks ever to come on the market is introduced at the local gas station.

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Somebody must have gotten rich off this idea. It wasn't me, but I don't even care. Nor does anyone I know who's tried the stuff. It's wonderful. I first saw it at my local gas station/convenience store, the one I go to for the good service, but secretly because the attendants are always good-looking there. Anyway, I noticed the stuff in the cold drinks section, in nice-looking glass bottles, with a thoroughly commercial-looking label, nondescript except for the brand name, Penis Juice.

“Try it,” the young guy at the register said, smiling. “You won't regret it.”

Several young guys were lined up for the register, and I noticed they all had anywhere from a bottle of the stuff to several six-packs.

Outside, the handsome attendants laughed and talked to each other as they took long pulls from bottles of Penis Juice from a six pack one of them had bought. Two of them had each other in an arm-lock, while the rest of them looked on, laughing, some leaning an arm across the nearest shoulder.

“Can I drink it before I pay for it?” one of the young guys in the convenience store asked the guy at the register. “Sure, why not,” the clerk answered, popping open a bottle himself. “Mmmm,” he said. “Good!”

“I'll say,” agreed the guy. “It's awesome! Anyone want a sip?”

A couple of guys took him up on the offer. Soon, all the guys were drinking the stuff, and offering it to each other. They paid up as the line to the register moved along, usually asking the clerk for a few more bottles than they had originally chosen. “No problem,” the clerk smiled. One of the guys gave the clerk a kiss for being so obliging, and the clerk returned the kiss with a nice hug over the counter.

“Hey, you're alright!” said another guy, and another young guy agreed, patting the first guy on the shoulder, then sliding his arms around the guy's waist in a friendly squeeze. “You probably just want more Penis Juice,” the customer laughed, feeding some to the owner of the arms. Both laughed, swaying together.

I had been distracted by this when I realized there was a lot of laughing going on outside. The attendants who were wrestling had taken off their shirts and had their heads down, arms around each other, gently wrestling as other attendants and customers took their shirts off also, obviously enjoying the match. They interrupted the wrestlers from time to time to pour Penis Juice down their grateful mouths, while the handsome wrestlers wiped the sweat from each others' brow.

“Hey, someone suck me!” one of the wrestlers cried, and in only a moment a shirtless guy was there with him, smiling as he unzipped the wrestler. There was a general “wow” from all the guys as the wrestler's zipper burst open, his massive penis springing heavily from its prison and heavily falling, bobbing. It quickly swelled to full arousal. “Man, I could suck you standing up!” his shirtless friend declared, and sure enough, he stood up and embraced the beautiful torso of the wrestler, sucking on the sleek head and huge shaft that spanned from the man's huge balls to his collarbone, nestled between their chests as their arms wrapped around each other.

It all happened so quickly. The other wrestler also embraced one of the shirtless guys, both of them with heads down as they, too, sucked giant erections that protruded shouler-height from between them as they embraced. I had to laugh as the crowd inside the convenience store paired off in like fashion, resembling slow-dancers as they embraced, now shirtless for the most part, entranced with the giant genitalia each offered the other.

I had to hug the cashier, who by now was also hugely aroused and urgently in need of a guy, I could tell, and I was dying to suck down his enormous hardon. He gratefully hugged me, his immense penis hot between our stomachs and chests. It was incredible, so huge and hot and running with the arousing tang of precum, and I loved his arms around me. He poured a bottle of Penis Juice down my throat. It really was good, I realized. He fed me a second bottle. I then also realized, as I held him close to me and sucked hungrily at his huge penis, gigantic and aroused between us, that guys were flooding the convenience store and trying to buy bottles of Penis Juice.

Pandemonium was breaking loose outside as crowds of guys held onto each other, their shirtless or nude bodies pressed together to hold their monstrously beautiful penises against each other as they sucked each other, and a steady eruption of huge shots of come rained continuously as the guys came and came, unable to catch all the spurts of come volleying vertically from their enormous hardons. I never expected to feel what I did then, at that moment, as I realized how powerful and potent I felt, and as love overwhelmed me while my own penis ached and swelled, becoming ridiculously huge next to the my friend's beautiful monster as he began sucking mine. Guys begged to pay for the sixpacks of Penis Juice they had grabbed in armloads from the shelves.

“Take it,” my friend the cashier smiled at them, pausing only momentarily from his labors with my huge cock. “It's free.”

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