Smitch swaps

by smitch69

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Jane pushed the heavily built suit into the trunk; it was an exact duplicate of her brother Justin — down to every detail. There was also a duplicate of Justin’s ID, some change of clothes and his “black book” stuffed in there as well.

She found the suit in her father’s cupboard and assumed that her late father had used the suit from time to time to pass himself off as Justin.

Jane had concocted a story saying that she was going to meet a friend, but she really planned to meet up with Justin’s friends for Spring Break. Everything was going to plan as Jane checked the trunk in at the airport ready for her flight.

The 3hr flight was uneventful and Jane was looking forward to the adventure ahead of her, but fate had different ideas.

Enrique was young guy, an illegal immigrant working as a luggage handler — a back breaking job that paid a pittance. Jane’s trunk went past and Enrique looking to make a buck pulled the heavy trunk off the conveyer. As it was the last plane on his shift he took it over to a secluded part of the loading area.

The small guy opened the trunk and was amazed at its contents — could this be a way out of his stinking life?

Enrique knew he had to work fast; he discarded his shoes, and took off his grubby coveralls and t-shirt. Enrique started to pull on the body-suit its mouth stretched wide enough for him to push his feet down inside. He struggled to get his waist into place, making sure his huge dick pushed into the sheath, which seemed to stretch it further. Enrique forced the mouth open wider as he pulled the all-American jocks muscular arms over his own. Soon there was only Justin standing there a hot jock but with Enrique’s head.

Enrique needed to get out of the secured area, and then he had an idea. Enrique pulled and rolled the jocks face back on itself and tucked it into the suit.

Enrique started to get dressed again, he pulled the grubby t-shirt over his head but instead of hanging loose it hugged his new body, next he pulled on his coveralls ensuring his new dick was tucked in the pants. Enrique was only able to fasten a couple of buttons as his new body was a lot larger.

Enrique checked the trunk again and put the clothes and ID into the bag he had brought with him. He checked his reflection in the mirrored surface of one of the windows, Enrique looked back — but different a more muscular heavy built version. Enrique dick was pushing against the leg of his coveralls, he concentrated and the stiffness receded. But there was a problem, his hands no longer matched his face — he pulled on his work gloves and solved the problem.

Enrique went through security; they checked his badge and the contents of his bag and let him through. Enrique immediately made his was to one of the public restrooms. He opened one of the disable cubicles (it would be larger) and walked in.

Enrique quickly shucked his clothes and un-rolled the suits head. Enrique took a couple of deep breaths enjoying how his new pec’s and abs performed, and pulled Justin’s head over his own pulling it and stretching it over his own features. For a moment his vision was blurred, but then it cleared. Enrique looked at his new face moving it from side to side, it was then he realised his dark brown eyes where now blue. He touched his face, and run his hand through his new short hair. It was as if the guy in the mirror was somehow possessed, controlled by Enrique — “Wow!” Enrique said, and gasped, this must be the jocks voice, and it certainly wasn’t Enrique’s. His accent was gone, and it was replaced with a Texan drawl — amazing.

Enrique or should we now say “Justin” pulled out some clothes some cargo ¾ shorts, a white t-shirt and blue polo shirt. The new Justin looked at his reflection — a true all American Jock! Justin checked the wallet, it had ID in there, and $800 in cash. Checking the small black book revealed it had all of the original Justin’s contacts and the hotel details for Jane’s original Spring Break holiday. Justin packed his old clothes into the waste bin, and put his new ID and black book into his pocket.

Justin rented a car, his ID worked perfectly — he arrived at the hotel and some of Justin’s friends spotted him, it wasn’t long before Justin was enjoying his new life with his “new” jock pals.

Paul, James, Sam and Colin were listening to the wrestling on the campus radio station. The four top wrestlers had just given their interviews and said they were heading for the showers — it was time.

The four skinny nerds linked hands and chanted the mantra they had found on the internet. Each felt a tug, and a pulling sensation as their souls detached from their physical bodies. Within moments they arrived in the showers of the gym, each of them floated above their chosen bodies — and then together they forced their way into each of the jocks bodies sending their original owners back to their old skinny bodies.

“Funkin’ hey! It worked!” said Paul from within Jakes body they all laughed, as they finished showering and discovering their new muscular bodies. They finished showering and each went to “their” own lockers and got their jock bodies dressed. It was going to be a great night, as winners they going out on the town with Paul, James, Sam and Colin girlfriends.

“Hello, Steve — it’s me, Mike—I mean Jake” he looked around to see if anyone had heard him.

“Yeah I guessed it was you. I’m glad we tied you up before the swap. With little Jake in your muscle body I don’t think I would of stood a chance!” replied Steve,

“Well look after my body I’m going to want it back in a couple of weeks”, “Sure thing dude”.

The body-swap had worked again perfectly. Mike, previously a 6’3” very muscular 29yr old had his soul ripped from his body and forced an exchange with the 17yr old Jake.

It was a tough transition for Mike forcing his equally huge soul into the 5’9” frame of the boy. Mike used all his strength to push into Jake, invading his body and pushing Jakes soul back to Mike’s soulless body. The young boy’s body shook and convulsed attempting to reject the invader but Mike was too strong and the weaker body buckled to the stronger soul. Mike entered pushing his huge bulk into every last nook and cranny that was Jakes body.

Mike gulped in air as he took control of Jakes body. It wasn’t the first time that Mike had taken control of another’s body but he had never taken one as young as this.

He quickly checked his new body through his clothes, “not bad” he said to himself. Mikes mission had started; he needed to find out as much as he could about his new father — manager of the First National Bank. They had tried to swap with him, but due to a gene failure it wasn’t possible.

Mike continued Jakes life for a week, accessing the boy’s memory when he needed to — a useful side effect of this type of body-swap.

It was only a couple of days before the swap back when Jake got a call. “Hey! Jake” said a familiar voice. “Who’s that?”, “Has it been that long? This is your old body…”. “Where’s Steve? What have you done?”. “Well you see Justin with your strength it wasn’t difficult to overpower Steve and escape, and with your knowledge I’ve transferred all your money to a new account and I’ve decided to live out your life. I now have a great muscular body — you can keep mine” and with that Mike hung up the phone… Justin knew there was no way to get his own body back not without Steve’s skills.

Karl and Colin were brothers. They were tight, and when I mean tight I mean they shared everything.

You see both Karl and Colin had some unique characteristics they were able to share each others DNA. It only needed a touch, and mental consent of the other to swap bodies. It was a good job they were about the same height; Karl always chose clothes that fitted him like a glove whereas Colin preferred the baggier look, so when they did swap the clothes fitted each others body perfectly. Although sometimes to keep up the façade they would normally have to swap shirts (they always ensured they wore the same pants).

It was a perfect partnership, there were no secrets between them Colin was good at the academics, and Karl excelled in all sports. Each of them swapped back and forth to help with each others grades.

But here’s the twist; Colin was bi whereas Karl was straight and being the high profile jock that he was had his pick of the girls on campus. Whenever Colin wanted some straight sex he’d swap and take his brother hot jock body and reputation out for fun. When Karl was in Colin’s skin he maintained the illusion, but made excuses for when one of Colin’s b/f wanted sex — it was a perfect partnership.

“Shit, what a screw-up” I said to myself. As a nomad soul I was able to enter and control another’s body, even access their memories, but I had screwed up this time.

A nomad soul I wasn’t able to instantly travel from one place to another as in astral projection so if I wasn’t to travel any distance I had to hitch a ride. As I am locked into a body for a minimum of 72hrs I vowed to myself to live the life of the body I had taken, for example I wouldn’t take a guy and use him to rob a bank, unless of course he was a criminal already. It was easier this way as my actions while I was in a body imprinted on the person’s memory so when I did leave and enter another there wouldn’t be a big gap in their memory.

Anyhow I’d been looking for a way to get out of the country for a while; the airport had been a obvious choice. I stumbled across Jake a 6’5” jock in a club while I was living in a bear’s body. I took him immediately and after a momentary struggle I controlled the giant that was 6 weeks ago. I had lost my focus on getting out of the country as this guy was damn popular with everyone, but I really enjoyed playing football, and playing around in the showers after the game. Anyhow I needed to continue my journey and explore other parts of the world. I got myself or should I say Jake a job at the doughnut shop in the airport, and started my search for a suitable destination. With everybody that looked suitable I asked their destination Toronto, Dallas, Florida came the replies — then I spotted Dave a 19yr old wear sweat pants and a hoodie. He was quiet well built, I could see his pec’s through his red t-shirt. I asked his destination and he said “London, United Kingdom”, this was it I thought — I pushed him for more information; “Yeah me and the guys are doing a European tour” — Great, load of jocks going on a drinking tour of Europe, This was the one I thought to myself!

As Dave left the shop I made my excuses and followed him, it was my lucky day, he went to the rest room and I followed him in. He turned and looked at me freaked out that I was following him. He started to shout at me, it was time to use Jakes huge bulk and skills for the last time; I flipped him around and put him into a sleeper hold. I flexed Jakes huge bicep and lifted Dave off the ground — I would miss Jakes body but I knew where to find it again if I wanted. Only 40 seconds had passed and Dave’s body was limp in Jakes arms.

I took Dave into one of the larger cubicles and locked the door, leaving him leaning up against the wall while I prepared the swap. I unbuckled my pant and dropped them followed by my boxers. I picked up the still unconscious jock and sat down on the can with Dave on my lap; it was time to leave Jake.

I focused my mind and erased the past 5 minutes, the maximum I could, and put Jake’s body to sleep for a while. It was time to leave; I pushed myself out of the sleeping giant and into the unconscious Dave. Dave’s body twitched and shook a little as I took control of the young jock; I opened my eyes and took a breath.

I stood up and admired the body that I had just left, smiling to myself I took Jakes hand made him grasp his own dick, a bit of fun for when he woke up I thought to myself.

I left the cubical and walked over to the mirror to check my new reflection. I was younger than before but I had a cute face and a fit body. I smiled and created the cheekiest wicked smile I had seem,, I tilted my head perfecting the look. I would have to wait a while for Dave’s full memories to filter through usually about 2hrs.

I checked the ticket, and made my way to the departure gate. I was almost there when I was called; I turned to expect to see a load of jock; but my jaw dropped when I realised the guys were my new Dad and my younger brothers!

I knew instantly that this wasn’t going to the beer tour I had thought it would be. I groaned as Dave’s memories started to filter through.

The kids were already starting to play up, I just reached into my pocket and got my ipod out and turned up the music. I only had another 72hrs before I could swap again… Shit!

“Look Steve, we flipped a coin — you lost, deal with it!” said Kurt. “Yeah I know, but all the girls go for Phil” Whined Steve as he pulled on James’s red shorts.

The two former nerds were getting ready for spring break; the two bodysuits they ordered off the internet had only just arrived in time.

They were expecting Phil and James to turn up before they left for spring break. To keep up their grades coach had “employed” Steve and Kurt to complete their home work, something that both nerds hated.

As if on queue there was a knock at the dorm door, Kurt opened the doors and the two jocks stormed in throwing their books on the table and heading for the fridge; they always helped themselves to beers! This time there were only two beers, laced with a heavy sedatives, the two jocks chugged down the beers and after a couple of minutes collapsed on the sofa.

The two nerds moved the jocks to their beds. Steve and Kurt stripped out of their clothes, and pulled on the jock-suits. It wasn’t long before only the heads of the two nerds remained atop two heavy jock bodies. “Are you ready Steve?”, “Yeah lets do it” replied Steve, and with that the two jocks swallowed the heads of the two nerds and all that remained were the jocks — admittedly two of each.

Each of the new jocks walked over to their respective twin and started to strip the stud and pull on the clothes. With the exchange complete the two new jocks admired each others transformation and smiled at each other — this was going to be the best spring break ever.

“Hey James” Kurt said with a smile, “There’s no reason why we can’t swap suits when we get there…”

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