Spartan muscle

by Anonymous

It was traditional for a Spartan commander to bond with his men in a very specific way.

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Note: according to ancient Spartan custom, it was required for the military leader to have homosexual relations with his inferiors. This story is based on that custom.

Quintus had just joined the Spartan Guard a day ago. At 21, he was tall and well built. He had no want to body build; he was content with his sculpted form as it was. He had an obvious six-pack, larges pecs and bulging arms. He wasn't a muscle freak, just and average middle age Spartan jock. He had brown straight hair that he kept short and olive colored skin.

He was sitting by the campfire with other soldiers, pondering this huge new change in his life.

'Hoy, Quintus, have you 'met' with Maximus yet?' asked an older soldier.

'Uh, no' replied Quintus unknowingly, 'why?' This caused the ring of soldiers to laugh. He heard comments like 'He's gonna rip you apart' and 'you wont be able to move for days' and other phrases that made Quintus a little uneasy about his future. Thinking that Maximus was simply a foreign enemy, he smiled and played along. The laughter eventually died and soldiers wandered off to bed, but Quintus stayed by the fire, watching it die into the night. Soon he too went to bed.

The next morning Quintus woke up to the hustle and bustle of the army life. He slipped into his trousers and stepped outside to see what the time was. The sundial read 6:30.

'Quintus Romulus' he heard his name called out and turned around to see a cute messenger boy handing him a note. The parchment was a summons to meet with the General Maximus that night. Reading it, he realized what the soldiers were talking about last night. But he was still clueless about their comments. He tucked the note away and set about with his new routine of chores.

Later that night, Quintus walked up to the general's quarters with his summons. Standing on both sides of the tent opening were 4 centurion guards.

'Uh, I was called to meet the general.' he asked the nearest guard. With a smile the guard pointed inside. Quintus heard 'Enter' and he walked in through a smiling tunnel of guards. When h stepped inside, he looked up to see the most masculine figure he had even dreamed of sitting before him on an elevated dais. Quintus stood speechless, admiring the god of his dreams before him. Maximus had on an armored skirt and a tight leather shirt, but that was all, leaving the rest of his body bare. His arms were covered in straight brown hair. His biceps were ad big as Quintus' thighs and his calves were diamond shaped and led up to sculpted thighs.

'So Quintus, do you know what will happen here tonight?'

'Uh, no sir.'

'Then to give it to you straight, I'm gonna fuck you. Here, now and hard. So, if you don't mind, we'll begin.' Quintus was astonished. His mind went blank as he watched Maximus walk down to him. Maximus wrapped his arms around the boy and began to kiss him. Quintus could only kiss back. Under his pants, Quintus could feel a huge bulge. He thought he must have been dreaming when he felt it move. How could a bulge that big be a cock? He thought. Maximus pulled away.

'Let's do it' he said. He pulled off his shirt to reveal what only men can dream. A lightly hairy chest made of and 8 pack and 2 massive pecs. The hair below his bellybutton ran down into his pants. Quintus took off his shirt and pants quickly, eager to fuck. He didn't care if this man saw him naked. He felt the air on his free 11-inch cock and hanging balls.

'That's a nice cock you got their kid.' Maximus commented. 'Wanna see mine?'

'God, yes' Quintus sighed. He watched, about to cum as Maximus pulled down his skirt and not one, but 2, foot-and-a-half long cocks popped out.

'HOLY FUCK!' exclaimed Quintus. Kneeling and already licking one of them. The one barely fit in his mouth. He sucked on the head as a child would suck a popsicle. He began to take in more, coaxing the snake down his throat. He gagged a few times, but got half of the rod down. He was ready to take more when Maximus flexed his dick, inflating past its previous size. The shaft filled Quintus' throat and he had to pull out, ending his first act of fellatio. He looked at Maximus.

'Pretty good kid. Ill suck you and them we're gonna open you up for my cocks.' He then guided Quintus over to a bed-mat and put him on his back. Maximus then slowly began to lick the rock hard boner. First, he licked le small flap of skin on the underside of the cock, just below the head. Hearing a moan, he knew he was satisfying. Then he slid the head into his mouth, then the whole shaft. Quintus began to breath quicker as Maximus face-fucked his cock.

With the oral sex over, the couple moved on.

'So listen kid, I know you've never fucked before so we need to open up your ass for these tools of mine. So, come over here and bend over the bed. Quintus did as he was told and bent over the edge of the bed. He felt the man's wet fingers probing his ass hole, then slide in. Maximus slid his fingers around then slowly began to stretch his anus open to the limit. He heard Quintus inhale sharply as he did this. He relaxed his fingers and continued the operation until he loosened up the anus muscles.

'Hold on kid, this is gonna hurt a little.' Quintus closed his eyes as he felt some lube being rubbed onto his ass cheeks and hole. The he flinched as he felt the head of one of Maximus' gargantuan cocks being pushed into his anus.

'Ahh!' he cried quietly as he was stretched apart slowly. He felt as if he was going to burst as the massive rod inched into him. He thought it would never end when it slowly began to retract. He sighed as it slid out, then suddenly; it went back in again, this time a little faster. It still hurt Quintus, but not nearly as much as he accepted the pain and fell in love with his general. Maximus began to pound the younger man harder and faster, harder, and faster until Quintus constantly moaning in ecstasy. With a final yell, Quintus shot his load straight into the air, the white jizz landing all over his chest and face. Then it was Maximus' turn. He grunted as streams of white cum shot out of his two rods, filling Quintus' ass and soaking the bed. Then Maximus pulled out, panting slightly.

'Howdja like that, kid?' he asked.

'Fucking.awesome, sir' was the reply.

'Then let's take a break, I need more jizz and your ass is going to need to recover. So, you can sleep here tonight, we will continue tomorrow. Because if I remember right, I need a new traveling companion, someone ready to fuck anytime I need it. It's a big job, but a great honor, so tell me kid, you up to it?'

'Yes sir' Quintus replied. He couldn't believe it, he was going to be this guy's personal fucker!

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