by Jim Hill

A mysterious client has plans for the muscular Danny.

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Danny was sure that this mysterious client was still interested in him. He’d been called back to the Barnes Agency over four times now. Barnes was the best and although Danny was still relatively young, he felt he had what it took. At 6’4”, he was bigger than most of the other guys at the Agency, but his corn-fed good looks and regular workouts made him quite popular. And Danny was ambitious. His Dad and Mom had made it clear they were glad he was a model and just wanted him to strive to be the best.

“Our client is still interested, Danny and that’s good because he’s one of the richest and most powerful men in America.” Greg was the first male interviewer Danny had had at the Agency. He was stunningly handsome and carried his large frame confidently. “He’s very impressed with what he’s seen of you so far and wants to pursue his interests.”

“That’s great!” Danny smiled.

“Indeed. Among other things, you are in a position to becoming a very wealthy young man. There are some aspects of this job which we will need to discuss. These are matters not covered in your resumes and documentation to date.”

“O.K.” Danny offered, a bit wary. “What are they?”

Greg smiled. “Don’t worry, Danny. They’re not things that others wouldn’t enjoy. And we have reason to believe you’re one of them.”

“Really?” They must be very interested if they’d been checking up on him.

Greg pushed some buttons on a console on his desk. A large painting disappeared and a video of an unbelievably muscular man began to play. Danny thought he knew most of the great builders but this guy was unfamiliar and huge!

“This man’s name is Toman. He is not only the most muscular, but by far the strongest man on the planet. If you’re interested, our client would like you to train with him personally.” Danny’s reaction to the video was almost instantaneous. His cock doubled in size and looked for more room in the too tight jeans.

“Toman is 22 years old, 7’2” tall, 410 pounds. You’re looking at 4’ shoulders, 25” arms, a 60” chest, 40” thighs and 33” calves. He works for our client. Obviously, I can’t tell you our client’s name just yet.”

“Mr. X?” Danny volunteered.

“Mr. G actually. Here you see Toman working out. You can see he does not pump iron, he bends it. He doesn’t lift weights. He lifts busses. And he loves to crush things—bricks, logs, people.”


“Just kidding.” Greg smiled. “He’s really quite nice.”

“You’ve met him?”

Greg sighed, “Oh, yes.” Greg pushed a button and the picture went to gray.

Danny shifted in his chair to try and conceal his huge erection.

“What’s he like?” Danny asked quite innocently.

“In addition to his obvious attributes, he’s intelligent and very—“ Greg hesitated. “I have some other footage.”

“Good. Let’s see it.” Danny was like a boy who’s just discovered sex.

“It’s graphic.”


“Danny. Part of the reason you’re here is to monitor your reaction to this video.”

“What do you mean?” Danny crossed his legs.

“It’s ragingly obvious what I mean. And you’re being taped.” Greg said. “Mr. G. is well aware of your many gifts, Danny. And it’s clear from that bulge in your pants that Toman has had quite an effect on you. The desired effect.”

“You mean you guys knew?” Danny uncrossed his legs gratefully.

“Long before your first interview, Danny.”

“It’s not obvious is it?”

Greg smiled at the man’s innocent charm. “What’s obvious, Danny, is that you’re a hot innocent young man with a 12” hard on. Mr. G. likes you. Toman likes you and _”

“That muscle stud knows who I am?” Danny was getting excited.

“Yes. Please let me finish. We have a situation where, in order to complete the transaction. Mr. G would like you to watch the rest of the video and express your appreciation of what you see in a way that—“

“Excuse me, Greg. Would you get to the point?”

“Mr. G wants you to jerk off on camera.”

“Hell, why didn’t you just say so,” Danny laughed.

“It’s not exactly the kind of thing we do here and you’ve never even done an X-rated film and—”

“I’m doing one now,” Danny stood up and started removing his shirt. “Fire up your cameras and let me see the rest of that video!”

The black limo-like vehicle sped to the city. Robert Gamets pushed the remote for the fourth time to watch the boy’s reaction. He knew only too well what was on Toman’s video that made the boy’s eyes widen and his jaw go slack. But he’d never seen anyone shoot that far and so quickly except Toman himself.

And Toman was RG’s project. He’d developed the extraordinary growth serum that Toman had started taking only three months ago. The early results were so unbelievable that RG could barely keep up with the project. Toman quickly outgrew two labs, not to mention his clothes as he grew a foot in height and started being able to bend the weights he had started out lifting. There was so much to keep up with. Balance, flexibility, emotional stability and a sex drive that had nearly caused the death of two male technicians. Toman had simply lost control one night and—well they were better now though still somewhat traumatized.

RG understood that Toman simply couldn’t help himself. How to harness all that strength, drive and stamina? The perfect fighting machine? The ultimate athlete? Astronaut? Diver? Toman could handle all the extremes and more. The psychologists weren’t even worried about the Narcissism or as RG saw it, self-worth. God knows it’s what got the multi-billionaire where he was today. Ask any one of his wives.

RG had talked about it with Toman. The mood swings, the rages. There was some imbalance. Then RG got it. “You need a son. Someone you can train, share with. But there was little time for the normal regime of parenthood and nurturing and Toman’s interest in women seemed limited.

He brought in a collection of photos and let Toman study them. Not at all sure if what RG was doing was for him, Toman picked Daniel S. Tabel and went back to driving rivets into metal with his fists. RG was going to take Danny to the labs personally.

“Jen make sure that Daniel is ready to go please. I want the two to be alone together as quickly as possible.”

“Yes Mr. Gamets.”

“Son. What you are doing here could be a turning point in the development of the human race. I understand you’ve been briefed?”

“Yes sir.” Danny was nervous.

“Good. I’ve promised Toman no cameras. You two are on your own tonight. If you have any problems you can try to signal us with this ring but I can’t promise you we can get to you in time.”

“Thank you sir,” Danny was excited and nervous. “I’m sure we’ll be fine.” He wasn’t really but the ring fit.

He went down the two flights of stairs which circled to Toman’s quarters and punched in the access codes on three titanium doors. “Jesus. These’ve gotta go,” Danny frowned.

There was a kind of entrance way, a kitchen area, a hall which opened into a huge laboratory gymnasium but no Toman. “Hello?” Danny called out. Lights came on The lab area was replete with computers, chairs with electrodes and looked quite hastily put together. The gym area was piled high with bent and torn metal girders, sheets and bars.

Danny listened and thought he heard an explosion. Following the noise out of the lab and down another hallway, Danny could see the light of a TV reflected off the walls along the way. There were plane noises and men yelling and more bombs. Danny turned the corner and there sat Toman on a huge black leather couch. His thick arms caught Danny’s eyes first. Even spread beyond the length of the couch, they were much thicker than the video had looked. Pecs as large as horse’s flanks topped a chest and tomato can abs. A large white bath towel concealed the mid-section, but a huge loaf curved up from beneath. Then those thighs! The light from the war picture danced over plains and meadows of muscle. No man had skin like this. So thin the vascularity was obvious but so aglow, it looked like tanned leather.

“So, my new play toy’s arrived,” came a voice which drowned out the soundtrack of the movie and then the movie went silent. Toman had the remote, but the picture continued to dance into the curves and bulges of molded muscle mass and definition. “Did Gamets tell you they might have me doing that?”

Danny’s mouth was very dry. “Sir?”

“Ooo. Sir. I like that,” Toman chuckled. “They want to make me some kind of Super Soldier,” he explained nodding toward the television.

“One of the good guys,” Danny offered.

Toman smiled. “Think so?” And raised his arms to flex. Massive muscle cables rose to attention.

“Oh, yes, sir,” Danny breathed.

“You had that same expression in your video when you jerked off for me. Thanks. That’s some fine equipment you’re sporting. You always get a woody looking at guys with big muscles.”

“No sir.”

“Wanna show it to me?”

Danny began to undress. “Slower, boy. Take your time.”

“Yes sir.” The way Danny undressed was a study in youthful innocence.

The towel over Toman’s crotch began to stir and rose up abruptly. Toman reached down and lifted it off. He brought it back behind his neck and flexed some more. The material began to tear.

“You’ve got me hard, boy. Just watchin’ you strip. That’s a good sign, isn’t it?”

“Very good, sir,” Danny had never seen an eighteen inch cock before.

“Think we should do something about it?” Toman pulled the towel in two just as Danny dove for his middle. He ran his lips up and down the perfect shaft with veins as thick as cable then tried for the head when a dollop of precum appeared. The involuntary whimpering noises made Toman’s huge balls churn. He wondered if the lad would attempt to swallow the uncircumcised head or just keep running his tongue under the ample foreskin. It was an act of unconditional worship and Toman’s first shot splattered down the TV screen, the war movie still in progress.

“Mighty fine cock sucking, my man.” Toman ran his hands through the thick cum on Danny’s smiling face and proud glutes. He whistled appreciatively as he molded the muscular mounds with hands that could bend steel. Then as easily and gently as he might raise a bowl to his lips, Toman lifted Danny’s hips and studied the thick 12” cock and sculpted balls, then with infinite care and attention started first to lick, then to kiss, then to devour. Danny had already come once when Toman had ejaculated, and this was an act of sincere, controlled desire to sample the lad’s seed first hand.

When it was over, Toman set the boy down like a priceless vase. “I think I’m going to like it here,” sang Danny to himself as he awaited further pleasure.

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