The changing

by NBCK99

After an encounter with an ancient book of Irish poetry that sure seems a lot like a spell grimoire, three friends discover they’ve set something in motion that will change everything—for themselves and, before long, for everyone else as well.

2 parts 5,286 words Added Jun 2016 10k views 4.8 stars (8 votes)

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Part 1 After an encounter with an ancient book of Irish poetry that sure seems a lot like a spell grimoire, three friends discover they’ve set something in motion that will change everything—for themselves and, before long, for everyone else as well. (added: 22 Jun 2016)
Part 2
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Part 1

The Changing is so commonplace, so expected now, that it’s automatically associated with puberty. Contrary to popular belief, the two are not actually directly related even though the Changing usually happens toward the end of puberty. Scientists have never figured out the cause of the Changing, and while some are still curious most have simply accepted it as a natural part of human development in males. The ones who still search for answers are doomed never to find any. The answers lie not in genetics or viruses but in deep, dark magic. For the most part, people have simply forgotten what society was like before the Changing. People no longer remember the way it spread from person to person across cities, nations, and continents. When it first started, it happened so quickly that it was nearly impossible to trace the origin. Only three men know the truth about how a little bit of fun in a small Pennsylvania town changed the world.

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“Hey Reever, check this out!” Quinn called out excitedly.

Rob Reever didn’t turn his head away from his computer screen. “Hold on a second, Quinn. I’ve got a dragon chasing me, but I’m not really leveled up enough to face it. I’m trying to see if I can lose it by running into the next city.” In truth, Rob was fairly certain that his game was more interesting than whatever Quinn had to show him. Quinn was one of his best friends, but when the scruffy brunette got obsessive over one of his nerdier pursuits, he wouldn’t shut up about it until he had explained every detail. At the moment his obsession was ancient books, and Rob just couldn’t see what the big deal was. Real life rarely turned out to be as interesting as fantasy, which was why Rob was putting his full effort into evading a dragon on his computer.

Quinn knew his brief obsessions could get a bit out of hand, but he was largely oblivious to his friend’s indifference. He was sure he had found something special this time. “Is Stein coming over?” he asked. Quinn wanted both of his best friends present when he showed off his discovery.

“Of course,” Rob replied. Rob Stein was the other part of the nearly inseparable trio. They were on the soccer team together, they played video games together, they did basically everything together. Back in middle school, Rob Stein and Rob Reever had both insisted that they wouldn’t go by another nickname like Bobby or Robbie, and so everyone had started using their last names instead. Quinn, Reever, and Stein weren’t quite jocks—the soccer team didn’t really count as part of the cool crowd—but they weren’t really nerds either. Quinn had his love of ancient history, and Reever had his love of fantasy books and games, and Stein had a nearly obsessive knowledge of Star Wars, but they mainly kept their nerdiest interests contained to their small group. In school, they were very social, especially Reever and Stein, and their looks attracted attention from both guys and girls.

Reever, with his boyish good looks and his shaggy blond hair, was the “cute one” according to all the girls, but Stein’s body responded the best to his regular exercise, and he loved to show off his long, well-defined legs and his perfectly sculpted abs. Quinn was the shortest, and he looked the closest to a stereotypical nerd, but he had sort of a boy next door look and a naturally charming personality that drew people to him. That natural warmth was probably why Reever and Stein put up with his stranger whims. He would get all excited and grin adorably, and they’d find themselves going with him to some antiques store because it supposedly had an authentic piece of an ancient Grecian urn. When Reever started to lose interest, Quinn knew full well that he could get his way by staring with his big green eyes. Unfortunately for Quinn, Reever was still focused on his computer screen at that moment, which meant the eye trick wasn’t an option.

The two boys heard a door open upstairs, and they knew Stein had arrived. As Stein descended the stairs into the basement, the smell of freshly baked cookies came with him. “Again?” Reever asked before he even said hello.

Stein shrugged his wide shoulders and held out a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. “Your mom says they just came out of the oven. We can’t let them go to waste, can we?” He picked up a cookie and took a big bite.

“Ever since we started mostly hanging out at my place, my mom’s baking cookies practically every day.”

Quinn reached out to grab a couple for himself. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Stein turned his attention toward his diminutive friend. “Hey Quinn, what did you want to show us?” He was far more indulgent toward Quinn than Stein was.

Quinn hurriedly finished off his cookies and brushed the crumbs off his hands. He got that gleam in his eye that always appeared when he got really excited. “Okay, so you know how I’ve been studying Celtic languages?” Stein nodded his head. “And you know how I’ve been looking for old books from Ireland and Scotland?” Stein nodded again. “Well, check this out! I found it at this little used bookstore in Philly. It has to be a few hundred years old. And I can actually read some of it! Well, some individual words, at least.”

Quinn carefully pulled a paper-wrapped parcel from his backpack. He unwrapped it to reveal a thick tome with a worn and faded cover. “You can tell from the thickness of the pages and the quality of the binding that this has to be authentic,” Quinn informed his friends. “Actually, the cover is newer than the pages, which just adds more proof. It looks like it was rebound at some point, but even this cover must be well over a hundred years old. You can just barely tell that it used to be bright blue, and you can see the remnants of what looks like a really intricate symbol that was probably put on with a stamp.”

By now even Reever was interested in Quinn’s treasure. “It looks like a book of spells or something,” he said.

Quinn rolled his eyes. “This book is actually from Ireland, not some video game developer’s fanciful interpretation of Ireland. It looks like a book of poetry.” He carefully opened up the fragile tome. “See? It’s all written in verse.”

“Like spells,” Reever replied. Reever expected Quinn to respond with a flat stare, but the history lover got quiet.

For a little while Quinn seemed to be lost in thought, but finally he begrudgingly said, “That might explain some things.” Reever and Stein both perked up at that. “Well, I haven’t tried reading much of it yet, but various words that all basically mean change seemed to pop up all over the place. And one page seemed more like a list of ingredients than a poem.”

“And you didn’t think the list of ingredients seemed a little odd in a book of poems?” Reever asked.

“I guess I was so excited that I could read any of it that I didn’t really think about what I was actually reading.”

“Anyway,” Stein interrupted, “a book of spells is still just a book, right?” He always prided himself on being the level-headed one. “I mean, we all know magic doesn’t really exist.” The other boys stayed silent. “Right?”

Reever chose to ignore his friend. “I wonder who wrote it? We should try reading one of these spells.”

Quinn snatched the book away from his friend. “What? We don’t even know if this really is a book of spells. And I can hardly make out what most of these words are.”

“Besides, magic spells aren’t real,” Stein interjected. The other guys paid him no mind.

“All the more reason to try one,” Reever insisted. “It can’t do any real harm, and I bet it will sound really cool.” He turned to Quinn. “You can at least pronounce all the words, right?”

“Well yeah, but what’s the point in reading something I don’t understand? And what if these really are spells? What if we’re messing with black magic?”

“Magic isn’t real,” muttered Stein.

“Just think of it,” Reever said, gesturing grandly. “A secret meeting in a basement, whispering ancient incantations and performing taboo rituals.”

The other two guys stared at him. “You’ve been reading way too many fantasy novels,” Quinn remarked.

“There’s no secret meeting,” Stein added, glad to finally be included in the conversation again. “We’re just hanging out in your basement eating cookies.”

Reever deflated like a balloon. “Geez, when did you guys stop having an imagination?” he huffed.

Stein and Quinn shared a brief look and then sprang into action. They both hated to see their friend sulking, and they were very good at communicating silently. “Maybe it could be kind of fun,” Stein said slowly.

In an instant, Reever perked up. “Really?”

Quinn piped up and said, “I know a couple words at least. Maybe I can look for a spell where some of the words look familiar.” He picked up steam as he talked more about his most recent hobby. “It’ll be good practice, anyway. I haven’t really had a chance to speak this stuff out loud yet.”

As soon as Reever knew his friends were on board, he became a whirlwind of movement. Within seconds, he had pulled an old wooden end table into the middle of the room, and he had set a desk lamp on it. In a flash, he dashed to the stairs and turned off the main lights. He sat down cross-legged in front of the table and gestured impatiently for his friends to do the same.

Stein and Quinn were surprised by their friend’s actions. He rarely showed so much enthusiasm for anything. They joined him around the small table, and Quinn opened up the large tome to a random page toward the middle. Suddenly he was gripped by apprehension. “Are you sure this is safe?” he asked.

“Magic’s not real,” Stein murmured.

“I’m getting good vibes from this book,” Reever said. “I’m sure it’s not black magic.”

Stein very nearly threw up his hands in frustration. Apparently he was back to being ignored. Quinn just nodded slowly and flipped through a few pages. He was looking for words that seemed familiar, but he wasn’t actually certain why he stopped on the page he did. He had hardly even scanned its contents when he decided to read from that page. Reever watched with anticipation, and even Stein got pulled into the atmosphere. Quinn was surprised how easily the words came to him. It was as though they had already been on the tip of his tongue. The spell or poem or whatever it was turned out to be a lot longer than Quinn had realized, but the more he read the faster the words came.

Quinn’s voice was mesmerizing to Reever and Stein. Reever became more convinced than ever that this really was a book of spells. The strange words sounded almost hypnotic. As Quinn droned on, Reever and Stein could swear they could almost understand some of the words. Certain sounds evoked thoughts of words and phrases in English. “Power of the male body... manifold gifts... physical perfection... grow and multiply...forever and ever...” Even as the boys heard those phrases, they didn’t really comprehend. Quinn’s voice washed over them like a verbal waterfall. Only when Quinn spoke the final sentence did the boys become aware. All three clearly understood. “And with these words I unleash this forbidden magic upon the world.”

The three boys stared at each other in silence. Quinn looked petrified. Reever looked more worried, while Stein’s face showed pure shock. Finally Quinn spoke. It came out like a whisper. “I don’t think we should have done that.”

“Nah, man,” Reever said, his voice overly boisterous. “It’s fine. I’m telling you, I got good vibes from that book. It’s good magic.”

“It’s forbidden magic,” Stein said quietly. The other two stared at him. “What? We all heard it, right? I kind of have to believe if I hear it with my own ears.”

Somehow Stein’s sudden defensiveness helped break the tension. At least he was acting like himself. Quinn spoke up again. “Neither of you actually felt anything, did you? I mean, I know what we all heard, but it doesn’t seem like anything actually happened.”

Reever got up and turned the lights back on. Quinn was right. Everything still seemed totally normal. He looked back at the table. Suddenly the ancient tome was just a very old, very worn book. Reever tried to remember the words that had flashed through his mind, but it was all a blur. The last few minutes suddenly seemed totally surreal, as if it had all been a dream. Quinn and Stein looked totally dazed. It seemed that they too felt as if they had just woken up.

Stein, ever the level-headed one, quickly came up with an explanation. “What if that was some early form of hypnosis?” he suggested. “It already feels like it happened forever ago, but it literally just occurred a couple minutes ago.” Quinn slowly nodded, but he wasn’t satisfied in the least. He could clearly recall his sudden apprehension when he opened the book and the way he had just sort of mindlessly found his way to that particular page. He never did anything mindlessly. He didn’t voice his thought, though. Stein and Reever seemed to feel better now, and Quinn didn’t want to ruin the mood. Still, everyone was a little on edge.

Suddenly Reever piped up, “Hey, who wants to play Halo?” All three boys shoved their fears as far into the back of their minds as they could.


Part 2

Rob Stein groggily searched for his alarm clock with an outstretched hand. When he finally found his target, he was careful not to hit the snooze button. He had done that twice already. After he had turned his alarm off, he lazily left his arm hanging off the bed. He stretched his other arm up to the sky as he raised his hands to rub his eyes. His eyes flew open. He stared at the two hands in front of his face. They were definitely his own. He slowly retracted the hand that had been stretching up toward the ceiling. He counted the hands in front of his face. Three. Three hands. His shoulder was starting to hurt from the way his other arm was hanging off the bed at a weird angle. He lifted that arm up and brought his hand toward his face. Rob’s mind went blank. He didn’t scream or tremble or get scared or excited. His half-asleep brain just shut down. A few minutes later, when Rob’s arms were getting sore from holding all of his hands in front of his face for so long, he mechanically stood up. He bypassed the full-length mirror on the back of his bedroom door and trundled into the bathroom. He dimly noticed that he automatically used his rear right arm to shut the bathroom door before stepping into the shower. He used his front arms to shuck his boxers. Then he turned on the water and just let it wash over him.

Rob’s brain gradually came back to life as he stood under the pouring water. The first thing he noticed was that his morning wood hadn’t gone away. In fact, it was throbbing painfully. He instinctively grabbed it with his rear left hand, and he felt his bicep rub against his tricep on his front arm. He found himself writhing in pleasure. His front right arm moved of its own volition, and he started rubbing his left biceps and shoulder. He felt strangely powerful. His rear right hand started rubbing his pecs, and his cock got even harder in his grip. Rob reveled in the strange sensations. His pecs felt wrong. As a soccer player, all of his bulk had always been in his lower body. His upper body was very toned, but he didn’t really have pecs. Now he felt two small but solid slabs of muscle on the front of his chest. He began to realize that his arms were bigger too, all four of them. He experimented with moving in different ways to feel his muscles rub against each other. His shoulder muscles had become especially large to support two strong limbs on each side. He pumped his cock faster and faster as three of his hands explored his newly improved upper body. His four arms were amazingly easy to control, and they moved with a combination of strength and grace that Rob had never possessed before. When Rob shot his load, he came more forcefully than he ever had before. He raised his four hands up to his face once again. He knew exactly what must have caused his strange condition, but even as fear bubbled up inside him he smiled.

After Rob had finally remembered that the point of a shower was to wash up, he dried off and checked himself out in the mirror. The fear was turning into a huge knot in the pit of his stomach, but the sight of his amazing arms helped calm him down a little. God, he looked hot. Rob flexed one arm at a time. He had never really tried to bulk up his upper body for fear that it would slow him down, but now he had the arms he had always wanted. And he had gotten an extra pair too. He did a crab pose with his front arms and a double bi with the others. He was already getting boned again. He hurriedly put his boxers back on and went into his room. Suddenly it dawned on him that he had to go to school with an extra pair of limbs. He was a freak. He darted for his phone and called Reever.

Rob Reever had just gotten dressed when his phone started ringing. He wondered why his friend could possibly be calling him. It had to be either very long or very important if a text wouldn’t suffice. As soon as he picked up, Stein started talking very excitedly.

“Reever! Listen, yesterday... Are you okay?”

Rob was thoroughly confused. “Yeah, Stein, I’m fine. Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? Uh, I don’t know. I mean, it depends on what you mean by wrong. Weird is a better way to put it. But it’s good though. At least I think it is. What will everyone else think? I don’t even know.” Stein was rambling faster that Quinn when he had just found his newest hobby. “Listen Reever, are you sure you’re okay? I mean are you feeling totally fine? Completely normal?”

Rob had never heard his friend talk like this before. Stein was supposed to be the calm one. “I’m definitely fine,” he said. “Are you completely normal?”

“No!” There was a pause on the other end. Now Rob was getting really freaked out. “Reever, you have to come over here before school. I’ll explain when you get here.”

“Explain what? What is going on?”

“It’s the spell from yesterday. It worked.”

Rob’s mouth fell open. Before he could respond, Stein hung up. Rob dashed out of his house as fast as he could.

Rob Stein stared at his reflection in the mirror. A tank top wasn’t exactly appropriate for the fall weather, but he couldn’t imagine another option that would work. The deep blue shirt had already been form-fitting, but now it clung to his newly grown pecs. The tank top actually made his wide shoulders and four arms look more impressive. He hoped Reever wouldn’t freak out too much. He had tried calling Quinn, but he had only succeeded in reaching his friend’s voicemail. Quinn had sent a text saying, “Running late. See you at school.” Rob couldn’t think of anyone else who actually used punctuation when texting. Rob heard a knock on the door, and his mom answered. It suddenly dawned on him that he would have to find a way to explain this to his parents. For the time being, he just had to explain it to Reever.

Reever ran up the stairs to his friend’s room. “Let me in, Stein,” he called. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Stein replied as he opened the door with one of his front hands. Reever’s eyes got huge. He stood awkwardly in the doorway until Stein pulled him in and closed the door. Reever was still gaping, so Stein spoke. “This is what the spell did to me,” he said, lifting his back arms. “It must have happened overnight.”

“Are they real? Can I touch them?”

That was not the response Stein was expecting. “Uh, sure.” Reever’s face looked like the embodiment of the phrase ‘shock and awe.’ Stein chuckled under his breath. In the midst of the weirdness, at least his friend could provide some amusement. Reever reached out and held one of Stein’s back biceps. Stein flexed automatically, and Reever gasped.

“You... wow... you look so good like this,” Reever said. He took in Stein’s chest and shoulders. “It suits you.”

“Is it okay though? I mean, am I presentable to go to school?”

Reever’s voice took on a strange tone. “Presentable? Yeah, you look just fine.”

“What will we do? What will people say?”

“They’ll say it’s awesome. What else would they say?”

Reever was still staring at Stein’s body. Stein noticed that it was having a surprising effect on his friend. Stein knew from the locker room that Reever was pretty well endowed, and now the bulge in his pants was growing. Stein decided he needed to sidetrack his friend. “Hey, we’re going to be late. We had better hurry.”

Reever shook his head as if coming out of a trance. “What? Oh, yeah. Let’s go.” As he turned away, he tried to discreetly adjust himself, but Stein’s sharp eyes noticed.

Stein managed to avoid his mom on his way out of the house. He figured dealing with a few hundred teenagers would be good practice for having to deal with her. At the bus stop, everyone gaped, but no one said a word. The same thing happened on the bus. When the boys got seated, Stein couldn’t get his back arms comfortable until he finally raised his rear arm and put it over Reever’s shoulder. Reever fixedly stared forward, and Stein was concerned that he was being awkward. “Sorry,” he whispered. “I just couldn’t get comfortable.”

Reever shifted his body so that he was leaning into Stein, but he kept looking straight ahead. “It’s fine,” he replied quietly.

When the bus pulled up at the school, Stein knew he was about to get labeled a freak. All the guys who made themselves feel better by messing with people who were different would be hanging around outside until the last possible minute. As he’d guessed, he became the center of attention the moment he stepped off the bus. Most just stared, but a few muttered to each other, specifically Darren Grissom’s posse. Darren was the biggest jock and biggest bully in the school. The buff guy was far taller than Stein, and his thick, powerful body made him a central part of the school’s football team. Stein could clearly hear Darren and his friends.

“Dude, check out that freak.”

“What the hell happened to him?”

“He’s some kid from the soccer team, right?”

“Yeah. Josh Stein. Or Bobby. Something Stein.”

“Are those things real?”

By now everyone except Darren’s group was completely silent, and they were all awkwardly shifting their attention between the hulking jock and the four-armed guy. Stein had to do something to diffuse the tension. With courage he’d never felt before, he walked right up Darren and casually leaned against the wall. He crossed one pair of arms over his chest, showing off their new size and definition.

Suddenly Darren wasn’t the ringleader anymore. He was mesmerized by the sight in front of him. “Dude, are those real?” He asked. “Can I touch them?” Stein recalled his earlier conversation with Reever. This could get real old real fast. Still, he nodded his head and uncrossed his arms. Darren reached out a trembling hand. In that moment, the brutish jock looked almost meek. Stein flexed each arm as Darren touched it. The jock got pale in the face.

“Dude,” Darren breathed. “This is so... you’re so... holy shit... oh shit, I think I’m gonna—” He passed out and crumpled to the ground before he could finish his sentence.

Stein looked around frantically. Everyone was staring in awe. Suddenly he realized that Reever was still right next to him. His friend’s eyes were glazed over. Well, at least no one was calling him a freak, but this could still get out of hand real quickly. Stein glanced down at Darren, who was just coming around.

“He should probably go to the nurse’s office just in case,” Stein told on one in particular. He looked down at the huge guy. Darren was a linebacker, and he probably weighed at least 250 pounds. Stein carefully scooped him up with all four arms. Even with his new limbs and new strength he felt like he was going to drop the huge guy any second. He turned to Reever. “Hey, can you at least get the door?”

For the second time that morning, Reever shook his head as if coming out of a trance. And once again he tried and failed to discreetly adjust himself. For some reason, it didn’t really bother Stein that he was turning his friend on. Anyway, he didn’t really have time to think about that. He practically ran to the nurse’s office and deposited Darren on a bed. By that time Darren had fully come back to reality. He stared hard at Stein. “Dude, how did you get those?”

Stein shuffled awkwardly. “It’s a long story. Uh, listen, I’d better get to class.” As he slipped out of the nurse’s office, he could feel Darren’s eyes on him, more specifically on his four arms.

Stein and Reever hurried to homeroom before the bell rang. Mr. Johnston stared awkwardly as Stein took his seat, but he didn’t say anything. Once Stein had a moment of stillness, he had to figure out what to do with his arms. He found himself resting his rear arms in his lap and using his front arms as he normally would. It was nice, feeling his hands sitting there just above his crotch during the whole period. He enjoyed feeling the weight of his arms, and he liked the way his front arms rubbed his back arms whenever he moved. A few times during class, Mr. Johnston just stopped and stared, prompting stares from classmates, but for the most part things felt pretty normal. The bell rang, and Stein started gathering his things with all four arms as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Reever sidled up next to his friend. “I can’t wait to see how Quinn reacts,” he said. Stein almost dropped the book he’d just picked up. He would see Quinn in history class in just a couple minutes. He still had no idea what had happened. For a moment Stein wondered if the magic had affected his slim friend, but he quickly rejected that thought. Quinn would have been even more eager than Stein to talk to his friends about his change. Stein maneuvered through the hall, trying to keep his four arms to himself, but he seemed to constantly get nudged and bumped. Reever followed close behind.

Quinn was already in the classroom when the other two got there, so Stein sat next to his friend as casually as he could. Quinn hardly glanced as his friend at first. “He guys. Stein, why did you call me this morning? You never—” He suddenly cut off when he actually looked at Stein. “The spell...” he murmured. Stein just nodded. “Did you just wake up like that?” Stein nodded again. “Are they...”

“Yes, they’re real.” Stein was getting very tire of answering that question.

“I wonder if that’ll happen to me and Reever.”

Reever, who was sitting on the other side of Stein suddenly perked up. “You think it could happen to me too?”

“We were all there. I don’t see why the spell would only affect one of us.”

Stein shook his head in disbelief at the conversation. He couldn’t exactly try to say that magic wasn’t real anymore. He was the living proof. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” he told his friends. He was mostly looking toward Quinn, but out of the corner of his eye he caught Reever adjusting himself yet again. Did this whole scenario turn Reever on that much? Stein recalled his shower earlier that morning. He couldn’t claim that he wasn’t turned on by his change. He began to wonder if his two friends would really both end up with four arms.

“Shit,” Reever muttered just as the bell rang to signal the start of class.

“What?” Stein whispered.

Reever reached a hand down to his crotch and adjusted himself again, seemingly not caring who noticed. “Nothing,” he whispered back. Stein shrugged and turned his attention to the teacher, but Reever’s attention was fully on his cock. He wasn’t even fully hard, and yet it seemed to be completely filling up his pouch. Reever had a pretty good sized cock, but he was more of a grower than a shower. He looked pretty average down there until he got fully hard. Except now he felt positively huge, and he only had a semi. He wanted to run to the bathroom to check himself out and maybe even jack off, but he couldn’t really do that when class had just started. He tried to shift his focus to the teacher, who was already speaking, but his cock still felt extra-large and extra sensitive. He glanced next to him, where Stein was naturally resting two arms in his lap. He could feel his cock trying to get a little harder. This was going to be a very long period.

2 parts 5,286 words Added Jun 2016 10k views 4.8 stars (8 votes)

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